Extinguishing a Thousand Points of Light, One at a Time. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Wooooooooooooooow. What a night! What an absolutely unbelievable night!

I know there’s going to be more than a few members of the #QArmy waking up to a bevy of posts – and the recent news – and wanting to know what exactly is going on, but man… What an incredibly night. (And yes, there were 17 drops tonight. #NoCoincidences).

(That said, I think we can chuck the “count-down” theory from the last post out the window! Q does what Q wants, when Q wants)!

And if you follow me on Gab, you’ll know I’ve taken to posting the #QDrops on Gab as soon as I see them, so you may have seen some of these screencaps already, but the commentary is fresh, as are the Anon posts.

So get ready to dig in!

Let’s do #NewQ:

Trump gave the word earlier:

And John Solomon had the leak on Hannity:

A 2nd #ClintonFoundation Whistleblower!!

Oh, what a wonderful surprise!

Q didn’t seem too upset with the “leak” but he was stern; DO NOT reveal more.

And this comes hot-on-the-heels of Comey’s efforts to challenge his own subpoena, requiring him to testify on Monday as well. Comey, as we all know, has tweeted out a lot of grandstanding about making the hearing public – which would (conveniently) allow him to skirt around any questions regarding classified material, as well as allow other bad actors to coordinate their stories.

Of course, the judge involved postponed the ruling on the matter until Monday, too, lol:

Judge postpones ruling on Comey challenge to GOP subpoena

A district court judge on Friday postponed issuing a ruling on former FBI Director James Comey James Brien Comey Comey challenges House GOP subpoena in federal court Is Mueller team bludgeoning to get narrative it wants? Dershowitz: Firing Mueller ‘would not be an impeachable offense’ MORE ‘s effort to quash a GOP-issued subpoena.

A district court judge on Friday postponed issuing a ruling on former FBI Director James Comey’s effort to quash a GOP-issued subpoena.

Judge Trevor McFadden gave the two sides the weekend to provide additional information about their arguments. The court will reconvene Monday at 10 a.m. for a ruling.

Yeah, this is going to give Comey absolutely no time to respond, should the ruling come out against him (meaning… Comey has to testify).

(Which, I can’t imagine a scenario where a judge would try to entertain overruling a Congressional subpoena).

I just want to take a moment to immortalize #TapwaterTravis’ idiocy here:

Yeah, if vaudevillian mustache-twirlers are all you get from a #QAnon post, nobody should be listening to you.

ESPECIALLY when you consider this post within its broader context of all this evening’s posts:

More on that in a moment…

No more leaks. Almost showtime!

#TapwaterTravis isn’t very smart…

I can guarantee you he doesn’t see this coming.

Q then posted this:

And then made a cheeky “correction:”

As for the math…


Hard to know what “math” is the correct approach here, Q. We don’t exactly have a set pattern to follow. And then there’s the #QClock stuff that keeps popping up, so are we talking about the hour marker? Or are we just going by the date?



Here’s my best guess:

Q’s post was on the 25th.

Comey’s “challenge” post was on the 29th.

That’s 4 days difference.

Plus, Q spelled DEC[L]AS with L, the fourth letter, in the killbox back on Nov 11th (IIRC).

So… I’m seeing evidence for a December 4th declassification here, which would be what I said before. I put it after Lynch testifies, but it’s not 100% necessary, as it would still be after Comey.

My guess is still the 4th, but it’s a… rough guess.

Other anons calculated the difference between the tweets to be s 3 days 20 hours and 20 minutes – which lead them to the conclusion that, in s 3 days 20 hours and 20 minutes, everything would be declassified… which would land at Monday, around 6 PM.

Which is still after Comey testifies… But now it’s on the 3rd.

Seems silly to be cryptic about this, given the blackhats DEFINITELY know how to do “the math” we Anons are uncertain about.

And honestly, I don’t get why WHY WHY! Q does this, and I’m probably wrong with my guess, anyway. Watch it all get declassified before anyone testifies, anyways. Or watch Trump just dangle the threat declassification over their heads like the sword of Damocles the whole time. Your guess is literally as good as mine here, because it’s just not clear what approach we’re supposed to take. Once again, there’s Q’s trademark infuriating lack of clarity, leading us down frustrating dead-ends.

(And then there’s the possibility that Q’s not actually talking about literal math at all here, and just speaking figuratively, thinking the conclusion should be obvious to everyone… except… it’s NOT!)

Look, if anything definitive comes out and sheds some light on this, I’ll update, but right now… this is what I’ve got for this drop.

(When this is all over and one, I’ll simultaneously want to hug, and punch Q. I swear).

That said, it’s not the first time Q has put [y] in the killbox:


For those who may just be joining us, that goes back to the Y-posting Q did a long time ago, about the “cult” these guys are all in; concerning owl/Minerva symbology:

Ancient Qhistory here, guys, so if you need to, go back and review!! But the important part to know is that Q is, once again, purposely putting the Y in the killbox.


Yeah, I’ve been thinking for a while now that the bit about –

“If RR is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.
If Mueller is dirty, RR must also be dirty.”

  • miiiiiight just be one of those instances of deliberate disinfo.

After all, there’s nothing precluding ONE of these guys from flipping.

And if RR had flipped, unbeknownst to #TheCabal, having Q say something like this would have extended whatever cover RR had already, allowing him to maneuver more freely, unsuspected – even protected, for a time.

Yeah, so right now, I’m thinking:

Mueller = Blackhat
RR = Whitehat.

Despite what Q has previously said, knowing that (as he, himself has admitted) he has to sometimes play the role of an unreliable narrator.

Good to know. Let’s see when these charges drop.

Bongino actually had a TON of great info about Mueller in his podcast on the 29th. I’ve been trying to follow Bongino along more closely, ever since his video went viral, and yeah, he’s a smart guy – worth paying attention to. I pull the episodes from his RSS feed and listen to them at double speed, so they only take like a half an hour out of my day.

But for those who don’t remember, Mueller was in charge of the FBI during the Uranium1 scandal – before Comey took over. He probably knew about what was going on, and probably turned a blind eye to everything.

So, yeah. Charges would be nice to see.

But look for a moment at how Mike Rothschild twists the truth to suit his own purposes:


Q never said anything about charging him on MONDAY. He just said he would face charges.

Is basic English syntax too much for you to handle, Mike?

And I’m demoting you from #MercenaryPropagandist to #90LbWeakling while we’re at it.

I want to see the likes of Charles Atlas kicking sand in your face at the beach, next time you dare expose your pasty, emaciated frame to the sunlight.

No new info here, as far as I can tell.

Reminds me of a recent #POTUS tweet:


And this was huge, today. I’m sure you’ve seen it already; the photo @VP posted of himself, with the sheriff wearing the #QAnon patch! What a tremendous #QConfirmation!

The MSM subsequently freaked out.

As did pretty much all the #MercenaryPropagandists, (who are still not showing any sign of becoming self-aware just yet).

The view of these guys – these guys right here – is that Trump and his administration are just cluelessly bumbling around, blissfully unaware of what’s happening with Q right under their noses.


They’re just…

(Are you ready for it?)


(Ohhh!!! Ahhh!!! Scary word!!! How sinister!!!!)

There’s no other possibility for them. Either Trump is stupid, or he’s devious.

Their ideology prevents them from seeing the obvious: that Q is real and they are wrong!

They’ve simply sunk too many hours into denying Q. They’ve staked their reputations on it.


Sad to be on the wrong side of History, I guess! They’ll have to delete their social media accounts just to save face once all this is through!

And this was the big post, because this was the post that pre-empted the announcement of George Bush Sr.’s death by…. 17 minutes.

Good riddance:

George H. W. Bush Dead at 94

George Herbert Walker Bush — whose career in politics spanned more than three decades and culminated as the 41st President of the United States — has died. His office says the former Prez passed away Friday at 10:10 PM in Houston. His death comes 7 months after the passing of his wife of 73 years, Barbara Bush .

Anon had quite a tremendous post re: Chongqing over on v/QRV. It’s well worth the read, because it identifies some key players, and why we might be focusing in on that area specifically:

The upcoming funeral for GHWB will be all about distraction, like this. Don’t pay attention to the testimonies happening in front of congress! Pay attention to this big media event about Bush dying!

That said, I think POTUS has more bargaining chips in the upcoming dealings with China at G20. I’m hoping things turn out favorably for us – and for the Chinese people.

Pence shares picture of himself meeting a SWAT officer with a QAnon conspiracy patch

November 30 at 9:48 PM The photo was posted in a prominent venue so the symbol did not go unnoticed for long. Vice President Pence tweeted a picture of himself greeting SWAT team members of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Friday.

Lots of Bezos-funded anti-Q propaganda.

But they’re becoming more unhinged. They can’t ignore it any more – which is what they would like to do. Think of how quickly they turned out this article.

Some guy named Eli Rosenberg churned this piece out in record time – but I’m surprised they didn’t go to #TapwaterTravis again, considering his past body of work for the Washington Compost.

The Details About the CIA’s Deal With Amazon

A $600 million computing cloud built by an outside company is a “radical departure” for the risk-averse intelligence community. The intelligence community is about to get the equivalent of an adrenaline shot to the chest.

Bongino mentioned this great article by Lee Smith the other day, and it sheds some light on how the NSA was originally tipped off by the CIA going through its system to make all its FISA spying requests – and this is important, because it shows how Amazon fits in to all of this:

Robert Mueller’s Beltway Cover-Up – Tablet Magazine

News that special counselor Robert Mueller has turned his attention to Erik Prince’s January 11, 2017 meeting in the Seychelles with a Russian banker, a Lebanese-American political fixer, and officials from the United Arab Emirates, helps clarify the nature of Mueller’s work. It’s not an investigation that the former director of the Federal Bureau of …

And now some intelligence and data experts believe that the CIA cloud is how the Obama administration could have minimized its trail after unmasking US persons. “The NSA database, with its large and ongoing collection of electronic communications, can be accessed through the NSA’s cloud,” says one former senior intelligence official. The NSA can audit it and find out if analysts are violating rules. The NSA does not audit the CIA’s cloud, which is audited by the CIA’s IT people and Amazon Web Services employees who are given security clearances. Says the former official: “There are people in the CIA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the National Security Council staff who can move information from the NSA cloud into the CIA cloud. That seems the likeliest scenario to explain how Obama officials first unmasked US persons and then shared information without leaving a trail that could be audited independently, or immediately, at every step. Since unmasking, by itself, is authorized for lawful purposes, it’s the processing and sharing, as with Susan Rice’s spreadsheets, that tell us if the information was being misused.”

Presumably, the owner of Amazon is not eager to have Amazon customers see that the company with their credit card data and buying and viewing habits on file may have facilitated the US government’s spying on American citizens to advance a campaign of political warfare.

Now you have a motive for why Bezos is fighting all this tooth and claw.

Hmmm… wonder if #Travis will pause and think about all this for a moment…

Everyone soon started reporting on the Pence photo:


Got news for you, #Anon. Bush Sr. didn’t die on the 26th.

Comey’s original tweet was on November 14th.

Anon figured it out on the 26th, and we all learned of it on the 30th.

In other words, he’s been dead for over two weeks, now.

That said, Q seems to be alluding to a Nazi connection here, which, as many in the “Conspiratorium” (to borrow a term from Lionel) should already know, is not that far fetched.

(See: https://www.neonrevolt.com/2018/04/18/spiritcooking-barbara-bush-and-the-birth-of-a-moonchild-matriarchalsatanism-at-work/)

After all, Prescott Bush helped fund Hitler (and also tried to overthrow FDR with the “Business plot,” in the hopes of installing a fascist dictatorship), George Bush Sr. is, in all likelihood, George Sherff, and Hitler probably escaped to Argentina (as some declassified FBI files show) – down to a town called Bariloche.

(Heck, if Bush Sr. didn’t choke on a cyanide pill, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he actually fled down there, somehow, in all of this).

But Anon elaborates further:

And then you have to consider that the CIA was really the OSS absorbing a lot of the Nazis with Operation Paperclip, and then you have to remember George Bush, Sr. having his career with the CIA, his potential role in the Kennedy assassination, his hamstringing Reagan behind-the-scenes as VP, and him promoting the NWO and the “thousand points of light” to the whole world during his tenure as president.

#NoCoincidence then, that Hussein would call both him and Barbara Bush out two “points of light that never dimmed.”

And then there was Trump referencing it directly:

Somehow… I don’t think POTUS is too torn up over this “loss.”

It is my sincere hope that we see a lot more of these “lights” extinguished for good in the very near future.

Ahhhh, QAnon, extinguishing the thousand points of light, one at a time!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today!

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130 thoughts on “Extinguishing a Thousand Points of Light, One at a Time. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Actually, Jeff Sessions CANNOT be a judge at a military tribunal. Why? Because he is already familiar with the case details, the prosecution’s case. This would give him biased opinions. However, he CAN be the prosecutor, a Judge Advocate General, or JAG, in military terms. And this is exactly what he will be.

    • Good catch. It could be possible that the judge is going to be Robert Mueller while it is also possible that he is a White Hat who’s job is to provide a distraction for the media while the real investigation continues. I doubt that Mueller was involved in the Uranium One scandal because that was a deal between the State department, Iran, and President Obama.

    • Wouldn’t Sessions NOT be aware of case details? If Huber and Mueller is doing all the work… Sessions just kept the lid on operations and executed orders that came out, or were cases that were unsealed…

  2. The closer we are to unrooting the filth that is the deep state, the more desperate they become. So many moving parts here that it is mindboggling. Neon, you mentioned Bongino. I watched a recent video in which he was pumping his new book and laying out the SpyGate case. In the end he gives us the good/bad news. The bad news: “NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO ANYONE” involved except a few players like McCain and Comey. Everyone else is insulated. The “good” news is, and I shit you not, that when we go to meet God, we will know that we were on the good side.
    What the fuck is that shit?!

    I got suspended from twatter for telling Brennan that he is a piece of shit and will hang for treason.
    He should have the Mussolini treatment, as well as every single one of his comrades.
    If it comes to pass that nothing happens, as Bongino suggests, and DJT is taken out by douchebag DemonRats or d s, the blood will flow like a fucking river.
    God can judge us all.

  3. Okay, a couple of clarifications here… trying to help you in understanding. DEC[L]AS doesn’t have to do with Hillary Rodham Clinton but with Adam Schiff… as in Little Adam Shit. That’s why the ‘misspelling’ of his name last week in POTUS’ tweet.

    Next, timestamps about Comey and his subpoena. Comey put in for a lawsuit in regards to his subpoena, and having to testify before Congress behind closed doors, or public, hoping for a delay in having to appear before Congress. Didn’t work, as the judge who is hearing this issue postponed the hearing until Monday, at 10 am, which is the same morning as when he is to testify. This leaves no room for Comey to respond, and he will be FORCED to testify before Congress, as originally planned, behind closed doors, which means that there will be no coordination of stories. Then the FISA Declassification happens… remember, Adam Schiff was the one that was brought out by his puppet masters (Muslim Brotherhood/CIA creation) to deflect the revelation of the FISA declassification by Devin Nunes, et al, back in January… so that’s how he’s connected. FISA confirms whether or not Comey is telling the truth in his testimony. It’s a perjury trap for Comey. He tells the truth, or he doesn’t… either way, he’s toast. Lynch will have to corroborate the FISA documents, or she, too, will fall in the trap. But they pretty much know what she’s going to say, since she’s already flipped, and has provided the rest of the details. Comey, however, is still on the wrong side of the fence, trying to figure out which direction he’s running in. In fact, he’s the one that told the Deep State to terminate George H.W. Bush, in his ‘Benji’ tweet on 11/29/18… to provide another distraction (false flag) event from his testimony, Lynch’s testimony, the FISA declassification, and Huber’s testimony on Wednesday, the 5th. Hence, Q’s reference to Bush’s USSS name ‘Timber Wolf’, and the relation to the domestic dog… Comey’s ‘Benji’. Bush was the master Puppet Master over ALL of the Deep State operatives here in the United States… NO one makes a move without his approval, not even Bill Clinton or George Soros (and all three, along with his son, George W. Bush, are in the Steering Committee of 300 of the NWO, which, Queen Elizabeth II is the chairwoman of said committee, and guess who reports to her, as a member of Mi6, ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, but Christopher Steele, the author of the fake Russian dossier). You talked about some of this in some of your own posts. Comey’s reference to ‘friend to an entire big family’ was reference to the Deep State ‘family’ of George H.W. Bush’s control, in his tweet about ‘Benji’.

    • Rhonda, I like your point about why Sessions cannot be a judge and many others you make. But I’m wondering if “Okay, a couple of clarifications here… trying to help you in understanding” is a bit immodest, since it seems to me that rather than “You talked about some of this in some of your own posts”, it’s more like ” You talked about MOST of this in some of your own posts.”

      I’m not sure that the misspelling of Schiff’s name is enough evidence to suppose that declas has nothing to do with Hillary.

      Also, if Joe M is right that GHWB died over two weeks ago, that would rule out the supposition that “[Comey’s] the one that told the Deep State to terminate George H.W. Bush, in his ‘Benji’ tweet on 11/29/18”.

      • Maybe the chain of command in the United States passed from Bush 41 to Obama. That could be a reason for last Tuesday’s meeting. That would make President Obama the new puppet master. I think the title of puppet master went this way from the turn of the 20th Century to now.

        Theodore Roosevelt-1880s to 1919: It is quite possible that he could have won the 1912 election had he not been shot. Teddy loved a good war and the United States would have been in World War I from the very beginning in order to help Great Britain. Plus he would have helped secure the Federal Reserve Act and not feel guilty about it. Recall that he was involved in trying to drum up war with Spain in the 1890s.

        Franklin Roosevelt-1919 to 1935: Stepped down as puppet master so the FBI director can run the operation.

        J. Edger Hoover-1935-1972: It is very possible, and there are rumors to this fact, that Hoover ordered the death of JFK because the President threatened to fire him.

        George H. W. Bush-1972-2018: It is also possible that President Bush’s power as puppet master ended when Hillary Clinton took her office as co-President of the United States in 1993 and it transferred back to Bush 41 in 2017 when Donald Trump took office. HIllary is still alive but she is a complete and total liability to the NWO.

        Barack Obama-2018-Present: He is a basic community organizer, and he will likely choose the next President of the United States. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to get Trump out of office with Michelle Obama as the next nominee.

  4. Thanks again for another excellent report of last night’s amazing events. The key, in my mind, was Comey’s tweet about the death of his dog. Hard to believe that these people would put the body in cold storage, to use for optimal effect. On the other hand, it is also hard to believe that GHWB would actually attempt to take out Reagan so he could ascend to the presidency. The kind folksy Bush, was one of the most evil men ever to assume the presidency. I don’t think he’s alive. While these devils can extend life, I think Bush was beyond saving. Thanks Neon for all that you do.

  5. The plot thickens! Richard Spencer’s family has been close to the Bush’s! So they are trying to popularize Nazism!

    I guess GHWB and Obama had something in common, Both were foreign born so both were illegitimate Presidents! KEK!

    I’ve always strongly suspected that Spencer is a CIA operative, The cool demeanor under adversity like being punched or never wavering when questioned all seems to be trained in by CIA training, They had a vehicle ready if an extraction was necessary and sure enough he was hauled in a vehicle quickly…

    I never identified with the Alt-Right and always felt there was something off about it, Something very unnatural.

    I do know Red Ice is on our side and they have identified themselves as Alt-Right in the past but cast this off as I’m sure they discovered how the CIA was deeply entrenched in the ‘movement’.

    They know identify as Identarian which is what I am, I’m not sure how they feel on the Qanon thing but they have delved into conspiracy theory before they became focused on western identity.

    But I’m going off on a tangent, The Bush’s have wanted a Fascist renewal for a long time now so it’s no surprise that they were close to the Spencer family.

    Perhaps this is also the reason that elites like to travel to Antarctica because there’s rumored to be a Nazi base in Neu Schwabenland and this would imply that both the D’s and R’s are in on the Nazi renewal, The D’s would create an atmosphere of anxiety with white people that they will be replaced while simultaneously exterminating and enslaving blacks, R’s are mostly neocons trying to subvert vulnerable youths on the chans.

    I’ll leave it there for now and I’ll do some more thinking about this. Good article as always Neon!

  6. Damn it! my last reply disappeared due to a server error!!
    I’ll have to summarize.

    The plot thickens, Bush was a former Nazi (like Soros) and the Bushes have been close to the Spencer’s, Richard Spencer’s family.

    I always suspected Richard Spencer is a CIA asset (CIA of course having Nazi roots) and he was instructed to popularize Nazism.

    Elites travel to Antarctica where Neu Schwabenland has been rumored to have a secret Nazi base.

    Both D’s and Neocons are complicit in popularizing Nazism with D’s creating the proper conditions such as migration to create a demand for Fascism while Neocons set up the police state.

    D’s are also systematically annihilating black populations with PP and other direct targeting creating favorable conditions for crime to arise.

  7. The ChinaAnon quote mentions Neil Heywood worked through Hakluyt & Company with MI6. Alexander Downer was with Hakluyt for years, and was a UN Envoy to Cyprus where he was involved in some kind of pipeline shenanigans.

  8. Good work Neon. Have been trying to submit comment regarding the tree lighting, though you seem to be under attack and the comment apears to not be getting through.. During countdown of tree lighting, twin red lights on left lapel, if blinking morse, reads MSHI. Board of directors and corporate/global partners consist of many of the usual suspects.

      • Not certain of MSH inc. significance. The acronym was resolved from twin red blinking lights on lapel during tree lighting countdown, and could mean anything other than what first flashed to mind (morse). That being understood, below follows information of MSH inc.

        Bilateral partners, such as USAID, CDC, and DFID, are instrumental in supporting MSH’s wide variety of health programs, which have supported maternal, newborn, and child health; promoted access to medicines and health technologies; strengthened integrated health systems delivery; and combatted infectious diseases to save lives and improve the health of the most vulnerable. Through our track record of achieving results through innovative, evidence-based approaches, we have become a trusted partner of many organizations and government agencies around the world.

        MSH supports the Sustainable Development Goals and is proud to have worked with many multilateral institutions, such as the World Health Organization, World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, UNFPA, and UNICEF, in pursuit of them. As a member of many international working groups and committees, including the Global Health Council, United Nations Working Groups, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), InterAction, the US Global Leadership Coalition, the Reproductive Health NGO CEO Group, and the International Family Planning Coalition (IFPC), MSH actively engages with the international community to remain informed on the latest developments in global health

        Lawrence K. Fish is the former Chairman and CEO of Citizens Financial Group, Inc., a multi-state commercial bank holding company headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. During his 17-year tenure, CFG grew 30-fold and became one of the 10 largest commercial bank holding companies in the United States in total assets and deposits. It operates its branch network in 13 states through its Citizens Bank and Charter One brands, and has non-branch retail and commercial offices in about 40 states….

        Dr. Barbara Bierer is Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston and a hematologist/oncologist. She is the faculty co-chair of the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center at Harvard University (Harvard MRCT), a study center whose purpose is to improve the ethical, logistical and regulatory aspects of international clinical trials, with a special focus on the emerging economies, and the Director of the Regulatory Foundations, Ethics and the Law Program of the Harvard clinical and translational sciences center….

        Former executive vice president and chief financial officer for Covidien, a publicly traded medical device and supplies company, Charles J. Dockendorff was responsible for the company’s global financial management activities, including Corporate Accounting, Tax, Treasury, Financial Planning and Investor Relations, as well as Internal Audit and Information Services….

        Mark Dybul, MD, has worked on HIV and public health for more than 25 years as a clinician, scientist, teacher, and administrator, most recently as the Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Mark is one of the founding architects in the formation of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, better known as PEPFAR. He currently serves as a Professor of Medicine and the Faculty Co-Director of the recently launched Center for Global Health and Quality at Georgetown University Medical Center.

        Robert E. Hallagan is Vice Chairman and Co-Leader for the Board Leadership Services Practice at Korn Ferry, the world’s largest talent management firm, with 80 offices worldwide….

        John Isaacson founded Isaacson, Miller in 1982. John was diverted from his natural career in his twenties by an academic and civic engagement, which took him to Dartmouth for a BA; to Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship for a BA/MA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; and to Harvard Law School. Following law school, he chose a career in public service….

        Paula Doherty Johnson is a Senior Research Fellow with Harvard University’s Hauser Institute for Civil Society at the Center for Public Leadership, where she leads research on the growth, practices, and impact of global philanthropy. Ms. Johnson has twenty-five years of experience in global philanthropy and international development, with particular focus on the nexus of the two fields. She has conducted extensive research on and analysis of global philanthropic growth, institutions and practices….

        Dr. Katherine Luzuriaga is the UMass Memorial Health Care Chair in Biomedical Research, Professor of Molecular Medicine, and Vice Provost for Clinical and Translational Research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS). She is a pediatric infectious disease physician, whose research has led to the development of new prevention and treatment strategies for pediatric HIV-1 infection and informed global treatment guidelines and policies. As Director of the UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science, Dr. Luzuriaga leads efforts to translate scientific discoveries into products and approaches that improve individual and population health.

        Dr. Bernard Nahlen is Director of the University of Notre Dame’s Eck Institute for Global Health and comes to MSH with decades of experience in research and disease elimination programs around the world. Prior to his recent appointment as Director of the University of Notre Dame’s Eck Institute for Global Health, Dr. Nahlen served as Deputy Coordinator of the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) from 2007 to 2017. From 2005 to 2006, Dr. Nahlen was Senior Advisor, Monitoring and Evaluation, at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria….

        Miriam E. Nelson is the UNH deputy chief sustainability officer and director of the Sustainability Institute. Most recently, Nelson served as associate dean of Tufts University’s Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service and professor of nutrition at its Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy….

        Dan Pellegrom’s career in reproductive health spanned more than 4 decades including Presidencies of three different organizations, concluded with a 26 year tenure as President and CEO of Pathfinder International. Dan is widely respected for his experience in both management and advocacy….

        Anjali Sastry is Senior Lecturer in system dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management and Lecturer in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She teaches and researches global health delivery and management, focusing on systems thinking and practical business-based approaches for increasing medical and prevention services in low-resource settings, carrying out numerous field studies while developing teaching


        Marian W. Wentworth is President and Chief Executive Officer of MSH, a global nonprofit that works side-by-side with leaders in low- and middle-income countries to build strong, equitable and sustainable health systems that save lives and improve health outcomes. Since joining MSH in 2017, Marian has focused on developing a new strategic vision to guide the organization’s broad, decades-long technical expertise in addressing evolving challenges in leadership, health systems management, human resources, and access to medicines.

        David Humphries is Chief Communications Officer at Management Sciences for Health. Since 2000, David has led strategic communications and government relations teams, and has led communications strategies in countries across Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia in the nonprofit, government and private sector….

        Dr. Douglas L. Keene is Vice President of the Pharmaceutical Management and Health Technologies Group of MSH. This group builds MSH’s pharmaceutical management innovations and develops key areas of health technologies (e.g., diagnostics and devices). Douglas oversees a diverse and international staff of about 700 employees, 75% of whom are based in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central and South America.

        Colleen McGuffin is Chief People and Culture Officer of MSH. Colleen has extensive leadership and culture-shaping experience from a diversity of global roles. Most recently, she served in various Vice President roles at Merck & Co, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Colleen’s roles at Merck span over a decade in customer engagement, marketing, vaccine strategy, in addition to global medical and policy affairs.

        Craig Molyneaux is Chief Financial Officer of MSH, where he plays a broad and strategic leadership role in the organization’s overall growth and development. He serves as financial advisor and partner to the CEO, leadership team, the board of directors and its audit and finance committees on matters relating to financial status, risk management, and long-term planning. Craig comes to MSH with more than 30 years of financial management experience, having held CFO roles in diverse business environments, including public, private, venture-backed, and non-profit organizations….


        Dr. Dubuche, MD, MPH, is a medical doctor, an obstetrician and gynecologist, and a public health specialist. He first joined MSH as Technical Director for the USAID-funded Santé pour le Développement et la Stabilité d’Haïti (SDSH) Project and has served as the MSH Country Representative in Haiti since November 2017.

        Olumide Elegbe became the MSH Country Representative for Nigeria in February 2018, after serving in an acting capacity from September 2017 to February 2018. Olumide first joined MSH in July 2016 as senior manager for Corporate and Foundation Relations. In this role, Olumide worked extensively with the private sector to create new partnerships and expand the scope of MSH’s work on many projects.

        Suleiman Kimatta is currently the MSH country representative for Tanzania. Suleiman works as MSH Tanzania’s senior program associate for the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) project, specializing in maternal and child health. He has over 23 years of experience with child health programming at institutional and community levels.

        Dr. Negussu Mekonnen is the Country Representative of MSH in Ethiopia. Previously he had served as the Chief of Party for USAID’s Systems for Increased Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS), Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS), and Rational Pharmaceutical Management Plus (RPM+) programs in Ethiopia….

        Herbert Mugumya is the country representative for Uganda. He has more than 24 years of hands-on experience in public health, having managed complex, multi-component U.S. government development projects in several countries. Mr. Mugumya is responsible for leading and coordinating all MSH efforts in Uganda by working in partnership with key in-country stakeholders and partner organizations….

        Spencer Ochieng is the country representative for MSH in Kenya. He has more than 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He is widely experienced in business development, management of franchised primary healthcare clinics, and commercialization of innovative solutions tailored at underserved communities.

        Mohammad Khakerah Rashidi has 30 years of experience in public health and health systems in Afghanistan. He joined MSH in 2004 and is currently responsible for developing Afghanistan’s strategic roadmap for the organization. He provides technical leadership and strategic guidance to the health system, specifically with TB-related projects, and develops and maintains partnerships at the national level.

        Philippe Tshiteta is the Country Representative overseeing all projects in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). As SIAPS Country Director, he led the activities that made the DRC Drug Regulatory Authority to start functioning normally and fully, developing the national database of registered medicines and controlling the registration of new ones. Dr. Tshiteta has Bachelors of Medicine, training in Surgery, a Post Graduate Certificate in “Managing Health and Social Care,” and a pending Master’s Degree of Public Health.

  9. I wonder how the mysterious death of one of Bush’s cardiologists plays into all this?
    Re: that Spencer guy, he really blew his cover when he mistakenly tried to claim Depeche Mode was the band of the “Alt-Right”, when I think he was referring to other group of the same era, such as New Order (? I’d have to look it up, as I’m not real familiar with alternative music from the 80’s that didn’t get mainstream airplay.)

    • Also find myself revisiting and wondering about that murdered doctor. My conspiratorial brain goes something like this: gay lover who supplied adrenochrome and other substances to Popi, and was about to speak about it all and provide evidence, before he was so unfortunately killed on his bike.

      Damn it’s hard to be awake.

  10. Well if Senior was a usurper, I doubt if he ever bothered to attain any kind of legal citizenship therefore Junior is also a USURPER since he would not be a “natural born” citizen as his father was not a citizen.

  11. “…Service to country…
    Devotion to family…”
    I notice President Trump does not say “our, this, his” country or family; just a vague nod towards serving some country? Which Family? Wasn’t The Family a cult? “…to country, to family…” sounds like George could have been an alien in service to Antartica. Trump’s words count. I think this is much more scripted than we can imagine. Great article! (As ALWAYS you do excellent work Anon!) I have such a hard time with making Qlues into the “BIG” picture. I am better at chasing squirrels hahaha.
    Also, on QPost 2505, I put the whole thing in the gematria calculator and got some interesting results. I think the Q team has manipulated their messages to coincide with the most-used calculator. It matches what people are looking up. Mostly it matched headlines. News unlocks? Anyhow, it also matched: “Yeah though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me.”

  12. Interesting anon points I saw today:
    Gemantria of “peas & carrots” from txgiving tweet
    Carrots=gitmo zip code
    Re: red Christmas trees after referencing q chongdoin Hyatt recency w Christmas tree.
    Codename evergreen
    Hence “red christmas” 4 hrc?

  13. “As did pretty much all the #MercenaryPropagandists, (who are still not showing any sign of becoming self-aware just yet).”

    Neon I love you dearly brother, but you have to stop giving these people credit!

    These people are VERY self-aware; they only ACT like they have no idea, as to perpetuate the narrative that we’re crazy! They pretending to be ignorant, they are not!

  14. When I heard Bush Sr. talk about the NWO and a thousand points of light…it gave me the CHILLS. And to be honest, at the time, I had no idea what he was talking about…but it did NOT ‘feel’ right to me. Now…people still seem to think he was talking about a “kindler, gentler nation”. Wow. Like a serpent…hypnotizing it’s prey before killing/eating it.

  15. Another superb post! BTW, if the “GHW Bush is Scherff” story is true, and if you follow Dr. Judy Wood’s findings that Tesla’s creation of directed energy destroyed the Twin Towers, then you could infer that “Curious George” got hold of Tesla’s directed energy technology for the Fourth Reich’s Deep State. And they may have also be employing it to start and direct the California fires. http://drjudywood.com/towers/

        • I saw picture after picture of vehicles, burned, melted in the front, and pristine in the back. Open your eyes and look at the pictures. Then tell me that it was not directed energy which came thru like a wave. It is obvious. I also see the same distinct line of fire in California. One house is pristine, and the trees in the yard are gone along w the neighbor. When you see a perfect heat line, and one melted side and the other side untouched, it is obvious.

          The Towers came down in their footprints, melted for months afterwards, firemen’s boots melted by walking on the top, everyone sick at the toxins, and vehicles parked on the street, half melted, and the other half, just fine…..you get the sick feeling in your stomach that not only is the “news” lying to you, but your own government is lying as well. Now, it turns out all of the entertainment actors are all whored out, as well.

          Sad state of affairs. This directed energy thing is far more dangerous than nuclear weapons, which are now obsolete and expensive to get rid of. Well, unless you drop the bombs on more civilians, somewhere far away……(sarcasm).

          • Like I said, I don’t think Judy Wood was presented with the evidence of multiple simultaneous fires or (if real) photos of blue lasers in the CA fires and she didn’t say she had proof DEW wasn’t used, just that there were other explanations for the evidence you cite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DOJtITaJ-c

            I think there’s a good chance DEW was used, especially considering Deborah Tavares’s reveal that PG&E planned a solar generator in space to beam RF waves down to a receptor site in Sebastopol, CA.

            For sure DEW is the invisible new weapon replacing nukes. I think a lot of Tesla tech has been weaponized. Tesla said of his “earthquake machine”, “With this principle one could split the earth in half like an apple”.

            As Dr. Wood wrote:

            We stand today at the dawn of an entirely new age. Man has in his hands a method of disrupting the molecular basis for matter and the ability to split the earth in half on a moments notice. (It gives the term, “scorched-earth policy” a new significance.) The technology that was demonstrated on 911 can split the earth in half or it can be used to allow ALL people to live happily ever after with free energy.

            However, he who controls the energy, controls the people. Control of energy leads to destruction of the planet.

            But we have a choice. And this choice is real. Live happily ever after or destroy the planet. This is why I have been studying the evidence of what happened on 9/11. This evidence is central to it all. 9/11 was a demonstration of a new technology; free energy. It can be used for good, but we need to make that choice and help others to as well.

            We have a choice.

      • I agree with you Dizzy, about the twin towers, too many expert witnesses, there at the time of 2nd tower and building No. 7 say thermite explosions and an almost impossibilities for 3 buildings to come down in their own footprint, naturally. Plus, how blind are people to think a Forest fire leaves trees untouched next to cars where the wheels are melted?

        • Judy Wood’s POV: “The demolitions of WTC 1, 2 and 7 were different yet [Steven E.] Jones treats them implicitly as if they are alike. The perpetrators essentially destroyed WTC 7 from the bottom up in a gravity-assisted collapse, while WTC 1 and 2 were primarily top-down, virtually unassisted by gravity and destroyed by a combination of conventional and unconventional devices.” https://tinyurl.com/yf3ord9 I think she was presented with insufficient evidence re. the fires (she lives in Canada).

          • You could be right, Kathy. I don’t know what happened, but I do know that there was NO CRIMINAL investigation of the largest mass homicide in the history of this country, or other nation.
            The remains were shipped off to China. Apparently, they were recycled.
            The 911 Commission Report is not a criminal investigation and it lacks credibility, given the Laws of Physics.

            I lost friends that day, and I am still looking for justice. They just missed me, as I was at the Towers the day before…..and noticed something was up.
            How dare they lie so blatantly and people ignore the obvious?

  16. Just want to point out an error on the Power Point visual about Lucifer being the Son of the Morning. When referring to Lucifer, it should read son of the morning — no capitals. (Isaiah 14:12)

    ““I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”(Rev. 22:16)

  17. Y = their horned god: baphomet / satan

    follow the symbols … ex: where have baphomet statues been erected? remember michelle obama’s dress w/baohomet in the print, beyonce’s baphomet ring & body suits, and on and on

  18. Another tidbit about Prescott Bush (George Scherff Sr) as Nikola Tesla’s assistant who was stealing info for Hitler and then had Tesla murdered via his involvement with Nazis…..



    Bush death will further prepare people for the coming disclosures since it caused more to research and blog about the truths of his family…..and for those believing about JFK Jr. being alive, set the stage for that disclosure since now the unredacted JFK assassination files can be released. All coming together slowly but surely — but not so slowly now……..

    • Thank you, NC! Many things here I was not aware of. I read that Gehlen was instrumental in creating the Cold War, playing Russia and the U.S. off against each other after WWll. Just like Deep State may be trying to do now to kill off the super powers and take over. Part of the 4th Reich plan, I suppose. Tesla said that his inventions could alter the weather and, a few years later, there was the uncanny, monumental 1900 storm that leveled Galveston, TX. Reading the details in Eric Larson’s “Isaac’s Storm: A Man, Time and the Deadliest Hurricane in History”, I wondered if it was a Deep State test of Tesla technology (his arch-rival, Edison, filmed the aftermath– see Youtube). Some say maybe the SF 1906 earthquake, as well, since he did create a small quake in 1898. Many believe his technology is being used to alter our weather — and then there’s the wildfires. Not what he had in mind!

  19. Wow! I never knew George H.W. Bush was sent here by Hitler to befriend, spy on, and murder Nikola Tesla.
    What a lot of people don’t know is that President Trump’s uncle, John G. Trump, was called upon by the FBI to investigate the personal papers of Nikola Tesla when Tesla died in 1943.
    John G. Trump was a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) from 1936 until his retirement in 1973.
    There is also a leaked classified document that also connects Professor Trump to the flying saucer that crashed at Roswell in 1947.
    Professor Trump’s expertise with high voltages and radiation was widely acknowledged by U.S. authorities, and he was very familiar with the requirements for working in classified government programs.
    I think it’s highly probable that John G. Trump was instructed by higher military authorities to cover up the secret revolutionary technologies in Tesla’s papers and helped develop many of the technologies that are being used today.
    Tesla supposedly worked on a death ray and I can see its modern day realization by simply looking at the Paradise, California “fire” tragedies.
    Those weren’t just fires but directed energy weapons that used such concentrated microwave radiation that it incinerated people in their cars and reduced them to skinless skeletons in a matter of minutes or less!
    I could go on about how unnatural those “fires” were but I just hope Trump stops the Deep State soon because they’re not only making it obvious they’re at war with the American people, they’re showing what kind of sophisticated weaponry they have at their disposal.
    It’s also really fascinating how far back the Bush, Trump,Tesla and Deep State connections go and the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper with time.

    • Thanks, Warrior777. I knew about Trump’s uncle and the Tesla papers, but not the UFO connection. I’ll have to look for that. I know that a CIA whistleblower delivered 9/11 info to Trump, including the DEW argument, but who knows what Trump made of it. Most of those arguing for DEW and the fires are using Dr. Wood’s 9/11 evidence to bolster their arguments, but, ironically, she disagrees, saying there could be other explanations. I don’t think she was presented with the blue laser photos (if real; I haven’t looked into it) or multiple simultaneous fires evidence, though. I live in NoCal and noted that, just after Trump met with co-perps Brown and Newsom, saying the fires would stop, it started to rain after another long dry spell. Yes, if he doesn’t stop Deep State we’ll be paddling up a creek resembling the streets of San Francisco.

      • Thanks for posting the link to that article, Kathy. That was the article I used for the info in my comments and since I don’t know how to embed links I really appreciate it. I just learned how to do line breaks a week ago! Ha ha. Nevertheless, everybody should click on the link and read the article because it really gives a really cool and interesting history of Tesla’s revolutionary technologies, John G. Trump’s role in further developing Tesla’s research, and how President Trump was influenced by his uncle in making policies for this country at the present time(for example, Space Force).

        • It’s a real rabbit hole link that, once again, makes you wonder how major players are connected over the generations. There may be a lot more to the Trump story than we can guess! Myself, I’m a boomer techno-idiot, other end of the spectrum to cyberNeon.

  20. If talking was art, then a lot of these #MercenaryPropagandists are talking themselves into a corner. It’s just the usual from WaPo. Make incendiary article. Use it as a dog whistle for all the bigots to come ridicule.

    Then watch as the Anons come flooding in. Why do they keep doing it? It’s almost like they’re gluttons for punishment. Democracy might die in darkness, but the Compost might struggle to keep the lights on soon too.

  21. 2 things ‘re pence pic That caught my eye:
    Pic is in BROWARD co Florida
    “Sheriff”- looks like “scherf” in less clear/1st glance pic

  22. Speaking of Tesla, guess who got his hands on the Tesla scientific papers after he died. President Trump’s uncle. There’s also a theory positing a connection between Trump’s family and the Sonora Aero Club, which was a group of mostly German immigrants doing research on exotic technologies in the lat 19th century.
    That photo of all the ‘Nazis’ is obviously phony. Bush is a German name already. Many have connected HW to the Hannover-Battenburg clan that was installed by the totally contrived Act of Settlement. You don’t need to be a Jacobite Stuart legitimist to see that the “WIndsors” are not legitimate heads of state.
    Also- the best evidence is that Hitler was moved to Argentina and then made his way to Indonesia, where he posed as a physician in charge of some obscure clinic. Who else has an Indonesia connection? Boys from Brazil, anyone? The Nazi movement posed as an ostensibly nationalist organization dedicated to national renewal,( and I would ague many of its adherents were serious about it) , but it was manufactured by the Thule Society- a cult right out of an HP Lovecraft novel. Hitler was an Army Intelligence agent connected never more than two degrees from Thule. A researcher is hard put to make a final assessment about what Hitler himself actually believed or thought was his mission or origin. He lied to everyone all the time. And as we all know, such people lie most convincingly to themselves.
    What beast devours the sun at Ragnarok? The giant wolf Fenrir, who at last is slain by Odin’ son. Hitler referred to himself as the “Wolf” frequently like Fenrir his spirit guide or something. As a heathen myself, it seems to me, Hitler an Himmler’s little death cult was a Norse version of Satanism. That is, actively adoring and seeking to draw power from a spirit entity that declared itself evil an corrupt and dedicated to destruction.

    • This Sonora Aero club and Trump family connection sounds interesting. I’ll check it out. The photo may be phony, but I don’t think necessarily so. Yes, the Windsors are not what they seem. I never heard of Hitler posing as a doctor. If he was mentored by Mengele, I’d hate to be his patient. FWIW, Henry Makow thinks there’s strong circumstantial evidence in the book “Hitler Was a British Agent”. Definitely the Nazis were occultists and you likely know about the SS trip to Tibet, inspired by the Thule Society. Some say Hitler was also in the Order of the Templars. Moon and Nichols tell the most elaborate tale in “The Black Sun: Montauk’s Nazi-Tibetan Connection”. It seems more and more to me that Jim Marrs and others are right and the NWO is the culmination of the Fourth Reich. I agree, Thule does seem like satanism. A stinking rose by any other name (le fleur du mal) ….

  23. As to the Y-cult, I think the spiritual side of this war may be far more meaningful than the mundane. We are all so focused on the political side of it when the spiritual requires our attention and understanding.
    The Y probably has many overlapping meanings. Minerva was Zeus’ daughter whom was prophesied to destroy him. But most of these figures simply mirror an earlier time, likely biblical in nature. It seems to be a cult venerating a female figure from the past, to whom they believe they should sacrifice and torture children, etc. It could align with the one of perdition from revelations and their spirit cooking-up/bringing back the moon goddess.
    Maybe they hoped to produce this goddess and raise and control her as a source of power/oracle.
    Only, they failed. In fact, not only did they fail, but it seems the good guys succeeded. So, if this goddess is tangentially on the Q team, it seems the bad guys have ZERO chance at this point. Q mentions a stealth bomber and it does always seem as if he’s able to play with time/lines.
    When no name/Cain died they went into a tailspin. They haven’t yet fully realized they should just stop trying to fight the inevitable? Satan lied to them about the goddess anyway. She would never have been in their control and everything they’ve done to worship her is the polar opposite of her being. Their own actions damned them, nothing more. Satan is so sneaky and they have been made fools of for generations.
    Her powers derive from God alone, if they had her should would quite simply be powerless.
    Trump said it and no one listened, the queen of soul worked for him on numerous occasions, lol.
    They don’t have her, they are powerless. They should just give up, repent and hope for the best. They also should have read their bibles more carefully, lol.
    God bless all. Look up, your redemption draws nigh! Stay on the right track.
    When I see paYseur I see an empty railway running to the eastern horizon.

    • “Satan lied to them…” Yes, he is, after all, the father of lies. Because they don’t read the Bible, I sometimes wonder how well the cabal understand their god, Satan, or, even, the nature of evil. Just because they sacrifice children to him, why would Satan not double-cross them if it suits him? If he cannot love, he feels no loyalty. Isn’t evil the absence of love or maybe what’s born in the vacuum created by the absence of love? There’s no honor among thieves, after all. Which is why I think it might be easier for them to turn on each other when indictments loom rather than stay loyal to their cause as a point of honor.

  24. For anyone interested —
    This is a prophecy given on 11/14 about the death of Bush & changes to come. Some have pointed out that they think Dec. 5 will be the official day of mourning for the death of the NWO! Plus – note that Comey sent his tweet about “Benji” dying that day – whom many think he was saying Bush in code…which happens to be the same day this was prophesied!

    Prophecy by a Christian, Charlie Shamp – Nov. 14, 2018

    The Bush Dies and the Branch Withers Away
    I heard the Lord say, “Surely, this President’s term will not close without a passing of a former President. It will mark the changing of the times and the seasons for the United States of America. Watch the time and set the season, 20:19 is it now a time of acceleration for a nation. Is it not a door that I will walk through and bless you, America?

    They will not lock me out or plot their course back to the old days of ruling the people through lies and deception. ..
    Some will say, ‘Look what has taken place… the bush is dead and the branch withers away, but this wild branch it blossoms and blooms! We must stop it! What are we to do?’ Yet I say to you, watch what I will do. The wind of change shall blow upon the bush and it will be blown out of the way.

    The Republican Party will be changed and never look the same.


  25. What if D5 is mass arrests immediately after the funeral where all these scumbags are present. Better yet and I ED to take care of the lot of them under 1 roof! December 5 🙂

  26. Hi Neon. Great article for talking points again. Do you think the Comey tweet about the dog named ‘benji’ could be Benji Netenyahou, who is being indicted for many things besides fraud, I believe?
    Also, the millions and millions of documents captured from Arkansas and transported by plane(s) could, possibly, contain evidence of GHW Bush (Scherff) vile crimes against USA. As the Clinton mafia were controlled allies with whom he could safely trust to hide all paper trails.

  27. I wonder if anyone caught on this extra proof concerning Comey’s dog tweet referring to George Bush. Remember Comey said that the dog was a rescue. Well, GHW Bush was shot down by the Japanese during WW11 and was rescued at sea making him a rescue also. Coincidence you think?

  28. NEON In my honest opinion Muller is a white hat Rod – is not. “Disinformation is needed” –
    Q ( regarding U1 and Muller going to court). Proofs: 1. So far Muller has been going after the Deep State “plants” including Corsi.
    2. In the Q MEGA MEME folder Q has posted a lot of Memes about Muller being fliped by Trump. Please reconsider. You said ” RR is a White Hat, Muller a Black Hat”. I think it is the oposite or both are Blacks.

  29. The time between drops being 3 days 20 hours and 20 minutes immediately jumped out at me as 322, which is the number under the Skull and Bones secret society logo. Symbology is everything to these people.

  30. I’ve never had a love for Bush Snr. Ever since I saw his 1000 points of light speech as a young boy, and having no concept of politics and history, I still felt something wasn’t right about him and that I’d find out more about him as I grew older. That has definitely happened. I don’t know which part disturbs me more: From his Father’s background to his history in secret society, to life as a CIA lackey (to eventual director) and to his foray into Iraq. Where was he on 9/11, never mind his son.

    Quite surreal to be witnessing the day where this world no longer has him as one of it’s citizens. Perhaps in a future far away this man will be known universally as infamous. He deserves to be known as just that, even if we’re not being told so now – at least not loudly enough. I admit, being a foreign ally has availed me the ability to look at the achievements of each administration with a relatively aloof eye. That’s why Trump has earned my respect. Results certainly matter most, and in the things that are most important for America’s sake right now, he’s actually over-achieving. Hard to believe it’s only been 2 years. We need to continue to keep him in our prayers.

    Thanks for another great post Neon. There have been some crackers lately and I know that Q got busy again the last few days. I can’t wait for these testimonies. They are well overdue.

  31. Anononon – grow up

    [By Anna Von Reitz Dec 3 2018

    The attack on Big Lake was only 10% of what they planned to deliver. The other 90% of the strike was deflected in the Upper Atmosphere and harmlessly jettisoned into space.

    Their intention was to make a new Seal out of Anchorage and Big Lake and Wasilla and most of South Central Alaska, in retribution for our work removing the Seventh Seal, and at the same time, trigger a humongous seismic event, one that would open up the entire West Coast system of fault lines like a zipper.
    But it didn’t work out. Instead, they’ve shown their hand. And we know who did this craven attack.
    Several weeks ago the perpetrators contacted me and told me that their plan was to leave only 144,000 people alive on the planet. Of course, I was invited to be one of the “lucky” survivors.

    I told them that the Sirian Capture Fleet has agreed to extend its mission here and to stay until full deployment of the new planetary Guardians. I also told them that the Mixed Array Fleet of the Devic Kingdoms under King Bryan Brychan is deployed and ready to engage and prevent any such murderous rampages by the “gods”. I suggested, mildly enough, that they just continue on their way.

    My Visitor looked discomfited and amazed. Earth has been their playground and cat box for thousands of years. They were looking forward to killing off almost all of seven billion people and harvesting all that “anomalous” energy.
    Instead, they have had two big setbacks in as many weeks. First, their plan to “Open the Gates of Hell” on Long Island fell through, and now this.
    Being liars themselves, they assume everyone else is lying, too.

    I wonder when it is going to occur to them that I told them the truth?
    And that the third attempt to create misery, death, and destruction isn’t always “a charm”?

    Sometimes it’s just the Final Straw.

  32. With the hearing being postponed until next week, we are in grave danger of a major false flag a day or two before. Another death? Another shooting?

  33. In the meantime, all efforts by the Cabal to erradicate the SWAT QAnon incident have been implemented. The SWAT team member has been demoted, Mike Pence has deleted the photos and tweets, and all the mangy mutts have been let out of the pen to shit all over the Q.

    For all the question marks I see hovering above QAnon, its this sort of behavior by the worst of the worst that replenishes my confidence.

    Loved the Nazi spy theory about GHWB. I don’t buy it, but its sure good fun!!

    • At least Q said his name was setup to fast track if he decided to apply for a job with the FBI or Secret Service. Cool that Q took notice.


  35. I forgot to add be prepared to spend some serious reading time on the article I just posted the link to. It is very VERY in depth and pretty detailed. Well worth the effort though

    • I’m not positive, but I thought I saw something about Fox cancelling 3 guests that night because of GHWB news. Maybe one was suppose to leak something with Hannity.

      • How do you expect to have revealed to you, information that is behind closed doors?

        It was done that way to ensure Comey couldn’t complain about sensitive information being released in a public setting, like he did last time, and since all members of the committee had a clearance to know, there was nothing he could do but front up. That, of course, doesn’t mean he’s going to tell the truth, but if the pile of evidence gained and shared between all government departments contradicts him, then he’s in trouble.

        • I understand what you’re saying but it is a moot point when Comey has an FBI Lawyer beside him telling him not to answer. What’s the point if he can’t or won’t answer the critical questions? I say put him on a plane to Gitmo and let the Military Tribunals have at him.

          • Well, that’s more the point, really. Whilst he wasn’t under oath, he certainly was on official record, and that will likely be used against him later. He also had DoJ lawyers telling him to not answer some questions due to matters being under investigation, but that’s more because of DoJ members having been involved, from Lynch to FISA and Justice Roberts. Obviously once this link is established officially, DoJ oversight will seem inappropriate, and some cranky JAG is going to deal with this swiftly.

            The revelation that the committee are calling for the declassification of an email chain that involved Comey and DoJ officials about the FISA court applications, and the possibility of it being used as evidence could only have happened via intelligence channels, and would have been buried had Hillary been POTUS right now.

            It will soon be apparent that using bleachbit and hammers on hard drives was the real moot point, but yet just another black mark on her stint as StateSec. This is a setup. A nice big perjury trap, and it’s hard to be envious of the position Comey is in, as his culpability will implicate the other aforementioned (including Roberts), leading them all off to the same place: GITMO.

            To his (dubious?) credit, he’s not folding over on them all, but it’s looking pretty bad for him when he has to take the HRC defense of “Don’t know, can’t say, don’t recall” line of replying. Am almost wondering if at some point he’d ask:

    • The Clinton Foundation whistleblower was scheduled to appear on Hannity with John Solomon and Sara Carter. The three guests were pulled because of the Bush funeral coverage. I’ve never hesitated to criticize Q when he has made a prediction that didn’t amount to anything, but this doesn’t fall into that category. Q doesn’t control Fox News or its production decisions. And we obviously don’t want any big stories to break at a time when the media has a good excuse for ignoring them (a state funeral).

  36. When viewing my surroundings, I don’t focus. I zone out. Then you can see things that are out of place. Best of luck to you, Neon.

  37. I don’t think the FISA was ever going to be released. I think its a tactic to draw them out. Use up the Deep State ammo.

  38. Hello to all of you truth seekers out there,
    I am at bit of a fork in the road and unsure of where to place my faith. Not in God or Jesus, but in this movement altogether. I want to believe this narrative that there’s white hats doing good things behind the scenes, but I watch a fair amount of channels dedicated to Gematria and showing us how our whole language, headlines, and events are encoded numerically and I’d be a liar if I didn’t say we were being duped. I just watched a video posted today of Paradise, CA on total military lockdown. Tons of people are missing, most likely dead or dragged away to God knows where. People are being zapped out of existence by DEWS, lasers, whatever. While I want to believe Trump and the military are going to save us, the people in government that have come from the CFR or the Trilateral Commission have weeded out anyone they could that still has an ounce of integrity prior to Trump’s election. Trump has all the Jesuit and Free Masonry upbringing that the rest of the A-hole former Presidents have. I’m always reading,”Trust the plan.” Well what if the plan is to kill all of us, or really enslave us and re-educate us? What if this whole story you want to believe is being played out so as to keep you complacent? How do I know I am not being played by Q? The one thing we have going for us is our numbers. Wouldn’t it be great if they picked us off with DEWS, diseases, and rounded us up in FEMA camps. Whatever the agenda is, it seems to have started, and no one is going to war with these A-holes. We are all sitting here hoping God or Q will do something. We need to be like the Parisans and rebel. Where do I place my faith here? Is Trump one of us or one of them? Are we being saved or deceived? Are we watching a revolution or a movie of our own demise? I just want to know what others think. Thank you in advance.

  39. Fake News “Blue Checkmark” Flunkies Trying Desperately to Discredit Q
    5 Dec 2018 – 2:27:27 PM
    The ‘blue checkmark’ FAKE NEWS Twitter personalities are out in full-force today attempting to push another FALSE narrative that arrests were supposed to occur today.
    Controlled Narrative?
    How much attention does “Q” receive from the FAKE NEWS MEDIA?
    Why are they working so hard to try and discredit something they label as a “FAKE CONSPIRACY.”
    People awake are what they FEAR THE MOST.

  40. News MSM missed?

    “The IMF, which has functioned as “The U.S. Department of the Treasury” since 1946, owes us $190 Trillion USD, which it can’t pay.

    This is essentially because the Federal Reserve didn’t pay anyone for anything for almost a hundred years, just operated on I.O.U.s and at the end of the day, declared bankruptcy and skipped town.

    The IMF let them get away with this behavior because they thought that, hey, the Americans have been asleep for 150 years— what’s the chances of them ever waking up again?

    The IMF “collected the debt” and smiled, thinking that at the end of the day, the Priority Creditors (the good old US of A) would never show up and never claim back its assets.

    At that point, all our wealth and assets and everything that is owed to us would become fair game for the Secondary Creditors — as “abandoned assets”—-and, “abandoned debts”.

    They were thinking of most of that $190T as a credit for them, and that they could shuffle off another round of debt for our weary shoulders to bear as “U.S. Citizens” — but now, it turns out to be their debt instead. Oh, my!

    On December 1, the IMF defaulted on what it owes. Three days grace time….December 2, December 3, December 4….. and on December 5, it becomes official. The Municipal Treasury is defunct. And now the Territorial Treasury, too, goes the way of the Dodo.

    Conveniently, most of the “U.S. Government” will be shut down on December 5th, for the funeral of GHW Bush. ” Anna Von Reitz a few days ago

  41. Just watched a youtube vid on the WarDrummer channel. IThe vid is called the most important… don’t know if you know InTheMatrix but he was presenting stuff I read here a month ago. Kinda pissed me. Just so you know bro.

  42. Lot of Q drops since Neon’s last posting. Is he waiting for the Big One? Could he be writing up his opinions as the Q drops pile up? I hope he has not moved fully to Gab. I don’t do social media of any flavor and do enjoy what Neon has to say. I do not enjoy it enough to sign up for any social media, even Gab.

    • Q posted on Gab today, “for the next few weeks, I don’t see myself writing any articles…The first, and primary reason is this: I have to get the book I’m working on done…Second: Trying to write this book is like trying to hit a moving target…Third: The drops and current events are almost moving too fast now…
      As such, I’m going to continue to do what I’ve been doing on Gab…”

  43. Q – questions like why is that relevant make sense. What do you want for chistmas is confusing……but – lightning strikes so wtf – need 2PS4+&2RDR2 – I am enjoying the show but the plot is discombobulating – my guess code monkey found keyboard again.

  44. The fact that the president just nominated a Uniparty squish (someone that Jeb Bush would have nominated) to be the new AG seriously undermines my belief that anything is going to happen to the Clintons or the rest of the Deep State. There is NO reason to believe this guy is the type who will go after DC insiders and power players. He may take down McCabe and Comey, but he’s not going after Obama, the Clintons, or Mueller.

    • Can a Uniparty squish change tunes? Have you ever worked for a particular group of people, and then company ownership changed and you had to work for a different group of people, or else quit? If so, did you stay and work with the new owners, or did you quit? Is there ever room for flexibility, new information, new alliances, new values, being set free from old guard? Maybe it is time to open our mind to this.

    • Barr is deep state,Nueart is an Israel first cum bucket bimbo…NeoCon war mongers Haley Bolton Pompeo…all Trump hires…he lost the house and abandoned his base…Jared Kushner chabad lubavitch Zionazi… Trump is now cornered…Q is a psyop meant to recruit….Trust the plan is the big red flag..we don’t trust.. we are skeptical…Q just a big con…

  45. Neon, as a screenwriter when Q asked, “What makes a movie good?” And then asked, “Actors?” Did you think the answer should have been “conflict?” Consider one role of Q is to awaken the public, how would you do that in a movie? You raise a question and then you create conflict to keep your audience interested. The question raised that keeps the left going is “Will Trump be impeached?” This of course keeps Trump supporters engaged as well because they do not want him to be impeached. If so, then how much of this is scripted? From Avenetti to Maxine Waters, to Pelosi, to Elizabeth Warren? I watch these people as they take their own political careers and personally destroy them by being ridiculous. Is that part of the script(plan)? It would be a pretty awesome script(plan) don’t you think? Q says to them, “You will destroy your own career. You will do overtly what you have been doing covertly for decades so the people can SEE it?” Is is possible that Q already totally controls the media and is using it to do the same…create conflict to keep the nation watching. Q said to the Media corporations, “Destroy yourself. Give your reporters free reign to overtly be biased and encourage them to hate Trump. Do what you were doing covertly but now do it overtly. Let the people SEE.” We know that this is occurring to some degree with Sessions, Mueller, and Rosenstein. All playing roles to keep the conflict going but more importantly establishing the timeline for the movie. If so, what an extraordinary movie? Not to mention all the B stories. I can’t help but wonder how long ago this script was written? To get it all to crescendo like this is nothing short of brilliant from a screenwriter’s viewpoint. They must have had the data for quite sometime to be able to create the script. Has the plan been going on so long that Mueller is actually a white hat who was acting as a black hat to trap the DS? I mean at this point I’m so blown away by their use of conflict to engage the public and control people’s behavior that I’ll believe anything that supports the brilliance of Q, Q+ and the script (plan). I can’t wait for your book and of course, the movie adaptation. Although, I’m sure there will be many movies trying to capture what has occurred, your perspective will no doubt be the one that rises to the top as historical not just for what the Q team has done but also capturing the importance of the contribution of the Anons. Keep up the great work!

    • Have you seen France, lately? Belgium? It is spreading world wide. The world is watching. They were chanting “We want Trump”. All that and more………..it is working. Frexit…Brexit….the end of the EU.
      Even Merkel is OUT. It is about time. People have realized that there are more of us, than there are of them. Trump won a rigged election bc of overwhelming support of the People of this country.
      We are so lucky that we did not get pinned into more tax, which was the sum affect of the so called “Global Warming” effort.

      They are done. It is just a matter of dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s.

  46. do you know Max Hirshfeld? what is going on with you guys. let Q be pls. Q has brought hope to a tone of people, let these poor people have their hope, come back in one hundred years.

  47. I agree with Ed, Q is nothing but a massive psyop and he had me going along with his lies for months. I first started to realize with Q, there was always something imminent, something big going to happen and it just fizzled into crap. And the pattern just repeated itself over and over again.

    I think we are watching kabuki theater, just a massive stage play and we’re all being played while all these actors usher in the NWO.

  48. I’m on the fence as to whether Q is legitimate or not but, either way, this has created a movement of Patriots and worldwide too. People are uniting for a noble cause, destroying the NWO, spreading truth and righteous anger at the worldwide NWO cabal.

    Plus, it is pretty darned interesting. It’s have met the most amazing people because of Q and MAGA and, where I do hope that the Q proofs are real proofs and Q is real, I think all of this has been worth it. Look at the nations in Europe and the people donning yellow vests in protest of the NWO, mass migration that has all but destroyed the nations whose people are pissed. There is nothing wrong with righteous anger. This is going to make a difference, one way or another and people will be talking about it until the end of days.

    End of days, I guess would depend on how successful we are at stopping them.

    May God bless you and yours my brothers and sisters. Merry Christmas too.

  49. Rick, I cut off friends and family because of my initial support for Trump and strong dislike for the Clintons …8 years of Obama and his bowing down to Goldman Sachs and with Trumps failure to declassify among other things…too much…the red flag was trust the plan.. time to regroup…Q is a recruiting movement….never anything tangible…Q superman prosecutor Huber was MIA for the hearing…the appointment of Barr bad sign..Q is an industry….books,hats,t shirts…


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