A Picture is Worth Many (Prison) Sentences. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

I think all members of the #QArmy have a sense that things are starting to heat up, and that the stakes have been raised higher than they’ve been for a long time. You’ve got the media in overdrive, pressure at the border, looming collapse in the financial markets (thanks FED +Payseurs!), and election upheaval on top of all that.

Despite what the haters and the detractors would say, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve learned over these many months of “training” to recognize the moves, the players, and the ulterior motives by now.  We are, as of this writing, just 7 days away from Huber dropping his testimony.

However, you’ll notice this article comes a bit slower than is typical for me, and when that happens, you can bet it’s because I’m having a hard time understanding Q’s intended meaning.

I think you’ll get a sense of where my frustration is coming from as we get in to it (but I’ll still do as best as I can in trying to “decode).”

And the reason I write these, even when I’m frustrated and confused, is not just to whine and complain (as some shills accuse me of doing), but it’s in the hope that someone on the Q-team, whoever it may be, will get a better sense for where the QCommunity is at right now, in regard to their level of understanding. I think I tend to be a half-way decent barometer for that, and sure, there are others who are far more intelligent than I, but I think my readers understand that I try to seek out those people, glean what I can from their insights, and pass them on in a way that’s understandable to the masses. That “translation” and curation is no easy task.

And if the “translator” ain’t gettin’ the message, neither are a lot of people!

But again, I try my best, and leave the rest for another day.  You know as well as I do by now that the immediate meaning is not always apparent, until days or weeks later, so it’s our job to just try to follow along as best as we can in the meantime!

First, Q’s screenshot:


Q states:

Everything stated has a purpose.

Think timing of Tweet (above) v last drops [HouseOfCards] re: Maggie NYT re: WL ‘Maggie’ drops re: WL attack re: ‘Q’

This is the tweet “above” Q referenced:

But 42 percent?

Isn’t it upwards of 80 percent?

I talked a little bit about that on Gab at the time:


And then, Q references the Wikileaks attacks on Q:


Here’s the thread referenced by that last Wikileaks tweet. The TLDR of it is that they’re saying QAnon is just confirming people’s biases:

X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)

But I honestly don’t see how any of this connects.

Q asks “do you believe in coincidences?”

Frankly, I’m not seeing any “coincidences” here.

Literally, here’s the timeline:

Maggie Haberman posts about the “Q train.”
Q posts about D5.
Trump goes after the Clinton Foundation
Wikilieaks attacks QAnon.

I… just don’t see the chain of causation between these events.

Coincidences, Q? You want me to spot the “coincidences??”

How about some clarity, first? What’s the common denominator here?

Oh sure, we can speculate. We know, for instance, that the Clowns control the Wikileaks twitter account. But again, how does that connect to Haberman? Is it just because she’s talking in clown-code on twitter, too? Is that the connection we’re supposed to see?

(And the koala pic in the bottom right of Q’s image is strange, too, because the Brave browser doesn’t put user icons like that in any kind of overlay. That had to be added to the screenshot, manually, with photoshop or something).

The whole Corsi thing is just too weird to me, now. I don’t understand what the angles are any more, what they’re hoping to accomplish, and what’s motivating the different actors to say what they’re saying. It’s almost impossible to tell who is trustworthy at this point.

I mean, we know that Corsi is untrustworthy, but then you see headlines like this:

Corsi tries to go on offensive against Mueller, DOJ, asks lawyers to file ‘criminal complaint’

Jerome Corsi, the conservative author accused of lying under oath to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators, instructed his legal team on Wednesday to file a criminal complaint against ‘Mueller’s special counsel’ and the Department of Justice, alleging prosecutorial misconduct.

What’s he playing at, exactly?

Q talks about his plea deal, and then Corsi goes and rejects the plea deal.


Like, we already know that Corsi is Mossad due to Mel Rockefeller’s testimony. We’ve already seen his past efforts to subvert (and then make nice) with the QAnon community:

Corsi, A Rockefeller, Mossad, and B’nai B’rith. #MISINFO Everywhere! #QAnon

And remember, Q also had this to say about Corsi and Alex Jones:

(I don’t think we #Anons ever quite figured out what was ever in that first blank killbox with 11 spaces, for the record. So, another missing piece of the puzzle, it seems).

And that seems to make all the difference in all of this, because if we don’t know who is behind all this, we can’t accurately predict Mueller’s goal in all this, or how Corsi is collaborating with him, even while seeming to issue a legal challenge to him.

So what does it all mean now?

Again, ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

I’m really frustrated with these drops guys.  Again, it’s why I’ve taken so long to get this article out. I was hoping some clarity would come over the ensuing days, but there’s been next to nothing in regards to these drops. Oh sure, there’s been a ton of bits of news to keep track of, but nothing related to this that’s really decipherable, or anything that would contribute towards getting a clearer understanding of how these things are unfolding, as far as I know.

I know Q’s got a lot of factors he needs to weigh out when posting, but I REALLY wish he’d do a better job on the clarity front.

Still, Corsi’s subsequent meltdown on twitter in response to Q’s posts was entertaining, at least:

And while we’re still in the drop, here’s the link Q included:

New book by Trump advisers alleges that the president has ’embedded enemies’

“Trump’s Enemies: How the Deep State is Undermining the Presidency” reads in part like the president’s Twitter grievances in book form. Corey R. Lewandowski and David N. Bossie portray Trump as a victim to disloyalty on his staff and “swamp creatures.”

So while it’s hard to tell who you can and can not trust, the way I read this is that… Lewandowski is telling the truth (at least on this front), and can be trusted here (at least on this matter).

Personally, I’m with a lot of anons on this issue. I think it will come out before Huber’s testimony, but after Comey and Lynch’s testimony – so, late on the 4th.

But to be honest, there are too many variables for me to even hazard a guess as to what’s more advantageous. One of those variables is what exactly is in those to-be-declassified reports, because we don’t know who that will affect – not just nationally, but internationally.

Two anons had some good thoughts on the matter, however:

I would think trapping individuals would be more advantageous (mostly because I don’t see too many legislators having the cojones to take anyone down head-on). Plus, the trend has, for the longest time, been to seemingly allow these people to testify and set the trap for later. Take, for instance, all the tech hearings with the likes of Zuckerberg and @Jack on Capitol hill. Total perjury traps.

But… if, for instance, Lynch has flipped and is going to spill the beans, it might be more advantageous to declassify before her testimony.

Anyway, I think it’s it’s way to hard to say here.

As for the UK/AUS, obviously the deep state there is allied with the deep state here – but like so many Americans, the citizens of these countries aren’t quite aware of all their deep state has been doing. Think Five Eyes. Once the crimes have been exposed, there will be outrage and charges of treason.

But as to the specific meaning of koala, well, Anons had some competing ideas:

One thing to remember: Turnbull resigned earlier this year. Preparing, perhaps?

How Turnbull’s exit could cripple the Liberals

MALCOLM Turnbull will bid adieu to politics today and retire to his multimillion-dollar harbourside mansion. Scott Morrison is settling into his new role as PM and the Liberals are battling to win back the faith of a disenchanted voting public.

Another theory from #Anon:

This would align with a lot of what Fiona Barnett has said over the years.

And yet another theory from #Anon:

One problem with this theory: It’s a letter-O. Not a zero.

But yeah, neither of these nations will want to be on the bad side of the world’s greatest superpower, so they’ll soon be flagellating their treacherous leaders in the streets by way of making penance, I imagine.

Honestly, this sounds like Q is talking about busting the Dems for election fraud prior to the new House being sworn in on January 3rd.

It could happen. The DHS report is due on the 22nd. If the Dems really did engage in fraud, you couldn’t let them be sworn in. You just couldn’t.

And the new Tribunal manual goes into effect on January 1st.

That leaves like… 2 days.

So… does that mean POTUS is going to declare Martial Law and stop the new congress from being sworn in?

I literally couldn’t tell ya what powers POTUS can claim in this situation, because I’m not a legal expert, and this scenario is so beyond the pale, I don’t even know where to go looking for the answer. No one on the boards did, either, from the look of things (and I’ve been monitoring for days now, as I always do).

This is the kind of question I wish Q would just come out and answer directly, because 1) it’s not like the law is hidden from bad actors and 2) it would help anons not waste time going off on wild goose chases, and save us all a lot of frustration. I don’t see the point in dressing up posts like this in cryptic language. Anons (eventually) get frustrated and skip back off to /pol/ or vidya, hoping someone else will find the answer – which rarely happens, frankly. (See the killbox with 11 blank spaces from Qdrop 2102 from back in September, above). It’s maddening, because the answers are NEVER found – and it’s not for lack of trying.

But at the very least, it does sound like election fraud is going to be exposed before the Dems have a chance to claim the house.

At least, I hope so.

Hyatt Regency in Chongqing.

Not sure this was a message for us…

Anons had a bunch of theories on what the stringer meant, and I liked this, when I saw it:

The “picture” in question is Trump’s recent tweet:

And obviously, “sentences” means “criminal sentences.” That’s the play on words here, in case anyone missed that.

But I’m not clear if SC means Supreme Court here, or Special Counsel.  (Maybe both, in this instance)?

As for “who is” loaded… Anon thought it meant POTUS:

I’m not so sure. I’m thinking it might be Lynch, ready to flip. It might also be Huber.

Honestly, part of me wonders if this is not a reference to RBG. I can’t imagine her being around much longer; not if tribunals and election fraud are about to be exposed. If you’re going to talk about SC lock (assuming SC means Supreme Court, in this context), I would imagine that she would have to go before then – because the Conservative majority right now is really thin, and judging by John Roberts’ recent comments to #POTUS, I don’t think we can exactly count on him to come through for us in a pinch.

No, I would think we would need another seat, and who knows? Maybe RBG will be pulling a #NoName in the very near future.

In related news, Trump tweeted out a pic of the Christmas tree in front of the White House yesterday, and Anon noticed some funny business going on:

One caveat with this Anon’s post: the G20 was not cancelled.

Anyway, here are the images he included with his post:

And here’s the image from Twitter itself, so you can download and replicate the steps Anon went through, if you so desired:



And before we go, another anon noticed that the days between Q’s posts seem to be counting down.

A previous set was on the 20th.
The next on the 25th.
Today’s was the 29th.

That’s 5 days, then 4 days.

If the theory is right, the next post (the 3 day delta) will land on the 2nd.

After that, the 2 day delta puts us at the 4th.

And then you have a one day delta landing us on the 5th…

It’s an interesting theory. Let’s see how it plays out.

POTUS is in Argentina for the G20 for the next couple days.

Despite my frustration with some of these recent posts, I’m still very much excited for what’s about to unfold next week. In the meantime, I’m praying for POTUS and #FLOTUS, and everyone involved with these monumental movement. Even if I don’t completely understand these drops, it still feels like we’ve turned a corner. So expect things to get very interesting, very fast!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today!

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116 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth Many (Prison) Sentences. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Still no wall,lost the House,no troop withdrawal, failure to declassify, Rosenstein avoided testifying,Comey told Congress stick your subpoena,Republicans grandstanding,Trump threatens Declassify if he is investigated,Trump on the Lolita Express and friends with Epstein…Wow how does anyone not see that Trump,Q are as fraudulent as all the others.. No big surprise as Q kept promising…Huber Kabuki theater soon…just sad the damage Trump and psyop Q has done…more people walking away from Trump…2 years and nothing ..

    • ..Trump results in the first year alone with 93% negative stories and outright lies by media and deep state, not to mention EVERY government agencies infested with moles, trolls, and treasonous vermin yet still able to:

      The Q list of all the CEOs, RINOs, alphabet agency top shelf that have been ousted in various ways
      Restore oil and gas drilling on federal land overturning Obama’s 5 year ban.
      Fire more than 500 corrupt VA employees
      Campaign pledge: Law cutting grants to cities ignoring American immigration laws pass in House
      Campaign pledge: Kate’s law passed in House
      Policy to export energy production for economic growth turning around decades of dependence on OPEC cartel
      SCOTUS reinstates executive order banning immigrants from 6 Obama-declared terrorist countries
      VA accountability allowing non-performing bureaucrats to be fired & whistle blowers protected.
      Canceled Obama’s Cuba deal that propped up Castro’s military and government
      Got Comey to admit Trump was NEVER under investigation and Comey outed himself as leaker.
      Rescinds DAPA -Obama’s program to give amnesty to 5 million illegals with anchor babies
      Out of Paris accord.
      Out of TPP
      Conservative put on Supreme Court—(spent almost the entirety of 2018 getting republicans elected in senate for an easier SCOTUS nomination process)
      Wall prototypes solicited, bid and being evaluated despite little help from congress
      Increased funding for military and border security
      America exports oil, we are not oil dependent on mideast
      Obamacare mandate removed, IRS told not to require answer on tax forms. McCain manages to ruin what would have been a major campaign promise on obamacare, but where is he now? i could hazard a guess
      EPA regulations removed/weakened, noose on businesses finally easing up
      Two old federal regs must be removed for each new one!
      Obama / UN landgrabs of state land undone
      NATO countries agreed to pay fair share, negotiation to pay past due amounts
      By Trump’s efforts Arab states ordered Qatar to kick out Muslim Brotherhood and stop funding terrorists.
      Establishing framework for a degree of peace in middle east
      Stock market value up $4+ trillion and businesses reporting record profits based on Trump easing regulations and plan to lower taxes
      More than 1 million jobs added in first year with billions of $ of investment pledged
      Renegotiated NAFTA
      Negotiated trade deal with China favorable to US
      Kim Jun-Un dealings. Guam still there
      Cut more debt for longer period than any president in history.
      Allowed for lowered health insurance premiums for individuals allowing sale across state lines.
      Decertified lousy Iran deal
      Stopped Obama’s illegal bribes to insurance companies
      Lowest unemployment in 43 years
      Highest consumer confidence in 16 years
      Stopped US taxpayer’s wasted funding of UNESCO
      Eased Obama punitive regulations on coal power plants which punitively increased electricity prices on poor and middle class.
      DOJ gave “last chance” to sanctuary cities that protect criminal illegal foreigners preying on American citizens.
      25% increase in stock market since his election (which was supposed to crater, remember?)
      Ordered release of JFK assassination files.
      10/21/17 – defeat of ISIS in self proclaimed capital of Raqqa, Syria. Amazing how quickly it happened once terrorist sympathizer left the White House.

      most of this list should be legit, if you see anything amiss, let me know and if anyone is keeping an up to date comprehensive list, i would appreciate any input. Trump needs us to trumpet, since MSM refuses to acknowledge any accomplishments

      • Thank you lj! You have to be practically dead or oblivious not to see the amazing things that have been accomplished! Nothing worse than whining concern trolls who are proverbial victims! Keep morale high patriots! The light always wins when people seek the truth as darkness cannot exist in its presence!

  2. Ed – go back to sleep. 2 years and nothing? People walking away from Trump? Your delusions are confusions. I’m not even going to bother enumerating how much Trump has accomplished. Did you think this would be easy? #Troll

  3. Did you catch the news? Merkel’s plane has been tampered with. Maybe the G20 was supposed to be cancelled because of Merkel dropping from the sky ..?

    They’ll blame Russia, no doubt …

    • Maybe the G20 was supposed to be cancelled because of Merkel dropping from the sky ..?<<

      that would be too good to be true!
      In my opinion the right penality for her treason to the German people.
      Best Regards from Germany

  4. Good analysis of this semi-unclear phase . there are some irritating loose ends,empty brackets and some names in brackets, still unaddressed.some phrases like watch the water are unclear to me. [D]ec 5 has us waiting for December 5th,but I also like the idea that it means Avalanche category D5.maybe it means both. I am ok not to understand Everything in real time at all times. In fact the way the story is being told, as Future proves Past, Many clues are left unclear because they wont be confirmed for many months, One has to learn patience when following a story like this. Q said that not everything can be told to the public.Many times I’m amazed at what profound things Q actually has revealed. and it seems the most shocking is yet to come. The vast array of puzzle pieces will all likely connect,in the right way at the right time. Its political/military Master Chess. I feel the public is priveledged to be allowed to witness the unfolding story in this way.

    • Your comment made me stop and ponder where my thinking might be now if not for Q. I’ve talked to a couple of people who don’t follow Q, listen to Rush and Hannity and semi POTUS tweets. And I’m amazed how much they still don’t know what is really going on. I think to myself, “there go I except for Q”…

  5. The screenshot with the Koala in the bottom corner is taken directly from a youtube channel called stroppy me.

    Stroppy is an Australian that does videos on the latest q drops and q releated news and is also one of the most popular q-tubers on youtube.

  6. DJT held back FISA Declas so that any election gains would be attributed to him – yuge mistake. Only recourse now is to get it all out now including election fraud.

  7. I wouldn’t say Trump has done nothing. I wish we were further than we are BUT all hell is coming out against his agenda for America. So the things that POTUS has done within 2 years: Repeal Obamacare mandate (thank you), North Korea isn’t threatening us with firing off missiles, Signed VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act, expanded VA telehealth services, walk-in-clinics, and same-day urgent primary and mental health care, withdrew us from TPP & Paris Climate Accord, Confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Last month, the FDA approved more affordable generic drugs than ever before in history. And thanks to our efforts, many drug companies are freezing or reversing planned price increases. Reformed the Medicare program to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income seniors on their drugs—saving seniors hundreds of millions of dollars this year alone. Signed Right-To-Try legislation.Increased our coal exports by 60 percent; U.S. oil production recently reached all-time high. United States is a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957. Gas prices are much lower in my area. etc

  8. The hiring of Pompeo,Bolton further evidence of adding to the swamp.. Trump’s daughter married to son of America’s most influential Zionist and Trump prays at the altar of Saudi Arabia/Israel which are two of the world’s worst human rights violators…Yes there is a major surprise coming in October…but it didn’t happen. So more Kabuki theater until the next election cycle and election.. Great article about pedophiles and human trafficking and yet how do you reconcile Trump’s friendship with Epstein and his Lolita Express participation? Some inconvenience in truth…The D5 another distraction from all the campaign promises that never happened…remember lock her up and the turn about they are nice people..Lol…

  9. Neon,
    Just want to encourage you to not be so frustrated! Q is not being “plain” and explanatory because he/they know that you anons/autists will figure things out. It is all the bad actors who need to have this made simple because they can’t figure it out.
    But here is a thought….that 11 space in the killbox on Q’s previous post (2102)….could this possibly be for….Jerome Corsi (space included to equal 11 spaces)??? Hmmm….
    And as for the declass….I personally think that they should drop that early Saturday morning, Dec. 1, just before all the testimonies. Advantage? Have them cornered! Comey wants “transparency”…..give it to him! Then watch him try to wiggle out of his testimony with more lies. As for LL, if she has flipped, then this will confirm her testimony. And….it will not look like POTUS is being vindictive after all testimonies, but, instead, it will show the world his desire for transparency…..why keep it away from the public any longer? After Dec. 5, with Huber’s testimony…..start those arrests to prepare for the Jan. 1 changes in military law?? Happy holidays!!

    • Sure William now it will be January 1….keep moving the goal posts….no October surprise…no red wave because Trump would rather threaten through tweets… Kabuki theater…

        • I enjoy using critical thinking skills…I enjoy reading Neon…yout do not own the planet and I go where I choose…truth is bigger than you and always will be…

          • Except you don’t employ critical thinking, Ed. Unless by critical you mean to say ‘whiny’, which you seem to do all the time.

            It’s pretty daft. The smallest minds reject ideas despite evidence. The bigots resist violently, even if only verbally. Did you find out what happened between Trump and Epstein after that time? It’s public knowledge if you bothered looking. He banned him from Mar-a-logo for abusing a young girl there. They’re not buddies. You’re just choosing to hold to that notion.

            Just like how Saudi Arabia has new leadership yet you complain because of your bias held over many years. You don’t acknowledge the CHANGES, Ed. That makes you ignorant. By definition. It’s painful to watch.

            “But, but… Human rights!!”

            New leadership in charge Ed, and the old guard don’t like it. That’s why the MSM want to paint a bad picture of the young bin Salman at every turn.

            “But, but… Israel”
            “But, but… Syria”

            Haven’t you noticed about ISIS? They’re not there anymore causing the same strife. Who created ISIS? Why would Trump dismantle them if he was in bed with them?

            Just ignorance, Ed. I’m sure you’re the type of person that complained that he made a deal with Kim Jung Un, and yet isn’t it just that much more peaceful not having to worry about the Korean peninsula being blasted into ashes?

            Another example: Military Tribunal regulations take effect on January 1. That’s why Lindsay Graham asked Kavanaugh about it. Yet for some reason it doesn’t even get acknowledged by you. Wonder why? Same reason. Not paying attention? Or just selective in your thinking (which is the very definition of bias).

            But you mistake actual gains as political posturing/kabuki theater. Pretty poor effort from you, really, but I’m sure that’s intentional. Otherwise you should speak less and LOOK MORE.

  10. Hey Neon! You wrote “I mean, we know that Corsi is untrustworthy, but then you see headlines like this: Corsi tries to go on offensive against Mueller, DOJ, asks lawyers to file ‘criminal complaint’”
    I recommend reading AW9s Post#36 and rethink [Mueller] https://www.serial.rocks/post-36 For me this analysis was key to some of the questions you have asked as well in your article. As SerialBrain said in his last post: “it is important to understand the political chess board has ‘living pieces’ and as the game progresses in time, these pieces evolve and mutate depending on realities on the ground and pressure points.”
    I think Mueller is such a mutant.

    Love your work! I´ll keep you in prayer!

  11. During countdown of tree lighting, twin red lights on left lapel, if blinking morse, reads MSHI. Board of directors and corporate/global partners consist of many of the usual suspects.

  12. If you go to https://centipedenation.com/, he has an analysis of what the stringer of numbers and letters are.
    6X-382-NTP0038-3u2 – Cracking The Code To Reveal Hillary

    Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on November 30, 2018 7:35 am
    Subject: All, Deep State, Hillary, Qanon, Trump
    Categories: Analysis and Reports

    This Qanon decode was fun, and hopefully helpful to those that haven’t yet settled on a solid theory yet.
    Q’s Latest Breadcrumb Features Code and A Picture
    This puzzle will be fun. Let’s explore the clues. First, the easy part.
    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: ba2ad5 No.4070652 – 2503
    Nov 29 2018 05:49:55 (EST)

    We know.
    Decoding The Photo
    HRC = Hillary R. Clinton
    The Evergreen is a nod to Hillary’s Secret Service code name.
    The floor reflects the lights & tree. Think mirror.
    Now onto the code.
    Decoding The CODE
    Why did Qanon give us a strange code? Qanon dropped a breadcrumb with a code (6X-382-NTP0038-3u2) that had the internet buzzing. Many anons figured that if you pop it into Google Books and do a search, you will get 2 books as a result.

    But Is It Really That Easy? No
    Let us show you what the code really reveals.
    Let’s break this down using gematria and logic. In order to crack this, we need to work in reverse. Think mirror, as Q’s picture told us.
    3U2: 3 + 21(u) + 2 = 26 | 2 + 6 = 8
    NTP: 14(N) + 20(T) + 16(P) = 50 | full reduction = 5
    0038: 12:38 time
    The result so far is: 8/5 @12:38 AM (August 5 at 12:38 AM)
    If we explore this date, we find Qanon’s post #1818. If we visit that post, we will see a picture with the file name: HRCTweet3820.png. Did you miss it? 382 is in the filename – which is part of the code.
    So what does 6X mean? 6X is the Post #. Let’s explain.
    6X is 6 times itself, meaning 6×6, which equals 36. What else equals 36?
    Post 1818 is 18 twice, which equals 36.
    Hence, Post #1818; Think Mirror
    The Conclusion:
    6X-382-NTP0038-3u2 = Post #1818 – img 382 – on 08/05 @ 12:38am
    Note: To help, I have highlighted the reference of the code below in red:
    Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: cd5377 No.2465633 – 1818
    Aug 5 2018 12:38:26 (EST)


    For those wondering about 382, Q wasn’t linking to that specific tweet, Q was just using it as an anchor to get to the post.
    So why would Q reference this post? Let’s continue exploring. Post #1818 references Hillary Clinton and her racist past. This post is anchored by the latest Q post #2503. This ties to Trump.
    Trump Puts Up A Mirror
    What event happened that matches up with Q’s post? On November 28 – the day before Q’s post #2503 – Trump retweeted 3 Hillary-related tweets. 2 of the retweets were of Hillary at an event exposing her racism. The interesting thing about Trump’s retweets was that he posted them back-to-back, and they were mirrored; meaning, in one of the tweets, Hillary is facing the left, on the second tweet she’s facing the right. See below:

    The 3rd tweet was one that said: “Thankful for every day Hillary Clinton is not President!”.
    So What’s The Reason For Post #2503?
    Q was having fun with us and was letting Hillary know that “We know” of her evil past. She’s not fooling anyone. Simple, isn’t it?
    What Else Did POTUS Tweet That Day?

    This ties into Q’s next post #2504
    Let’s explore.
    Welcome To Q Post #2504
    Pretty self explanatory. The picture that Trump posted (see above), is worth many prison sentences. Like the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.
    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: ba2ad5 No.4070722
    Nov 29 2018 06:01:45 (EST)
    A picture is worth many sentences.
    Has POTUS ever made a statement that hasn’t been proven to be correct (future)?
    Think timing.
    Think Senate lock.
    Think SC lock.
    Locked & (who is) Loaded.

    • “Q was having fun with us and was letting Hillary know that “We know” of her evil past. She’s not fooling anyone. Simple, isn’t it?”

      While it’s an interesting exercise, how can anyone believe that a code like that is “simple” enough to be a message to Hillary Clinton?

  13. How about the code for the secretary of labor who protected Trump friend and pedophile trafficker Epstein?Acosta,who is on Trump’s list for Attorney General…let that sink in… what does Q have to say about that? Trust that plan?

    • Ed, you are really annoying. But that is your plan, so I’m sure you will hang around and spew your deep state garbage. Trump is no friend of Epstein and you know it. If they had honeypotted him, he would have never been able to run for President. Our entire government has been corrupt for decades, so if you think Trump can just find experienced, unblemished candidates for high level positions you are a fucking moron. People do things under duress (blackmail) that they may not otherwise do. Take your whinging somewhere where people want to hear it. Go play on DailyKos. Your ilk are welcome there.

      • Abbey you are as intolerant as those you supposedly oppose… Human beings acquire critical thinking skills..if you choose your scripted narrative that is your choice…It must be terrible living inside of your intolerant mind.How does your therapist cope with it?I enjoy Neon…if you do not like disagreement,get off the planet…2 years Abby…lost the house Abby..deep state Pompeo Bolton Haley… you are the problem Abby…where is the declassify? your crabby feeling you created..or it could be hormonal…try supplements…more exercise less intolerance…

    • It is more than a little obvious that busy boy Ed is here on assignment, lifting his leg all over the comments section. Didja remember to punch the time clock before posting, Ed? There was a time when this lightweight psych 101 Demoralization Op would have borne fruit. Those days are gone. You seem quite invested for a guy who’s so disillusioned. Or, just bad at what you do.

      • Enjoy your scripted narrative… don’t use your critical thinking skills…You still believe in the left/right red/blue construct…while forgetting the moving of the goalposts…It must be terrible living in your anti-truth mind.How does your therapist cope with it?

  14. The Koala image is from the YouTube channel “Stroppy Me.”

    Agent Qi and Field McConnell endorsed Stroppy Me on Abel Danger on Nov 19th.

    Qi spoke of Stroppy Me and his excellent daily updates on Q posts.

    7 days later Q-Anon featured StroppyMe by dropping screen capture from his YouTube video.

    There are no coincidences.

    Colonel McConnell has a license plate “Q Minus” which was his rating as a graduate of Top Gun.

  15. Everybody needs to chill, Q was all about military to military comms, then the public picked up on it….so they ran with it,but it is still military to military comms. You will not understand till it is all over, remember no leaks,everything starts and ends Dec ,then martial law Jan thru April…..unless things change?………..

  16. My personal opinion is that these communications aren’t for us and won’t make any sense with the information we have. I think someone at that hotel is probably trying to determine if they will be protected by China’s extradition laws.

  17. I also posted on the boards about AF1 strange takeoff pattern, where it did a big caret (>). Mirroring it, it was was directly across from Merkle (wildlife sanctuary).
    Shortly afterwards, Fox announced the “mechanical problems” with Merkel’s plane and the raud going on at a German bank for money laundering .

  18. The Koala pic is the avatar of YouTube user Stroppy Me. There’s also an old Australian pedo investigation called Operation Koala. Hyatt Regency Chongqing = HRC?

  19. C’mon Ed, nobody cares what you have to say. We all know your real purpose here. Who ever is paying you is just wasting their money. Give up. It’s almost over.

  20. Don’t be mad at me for not following through.. I have not surrendered my critical thinking skills for a scripted narrative. Trump and the Psyop Q have let the people down… Perhaps you are a recipient of financial gains through the sale and marketing of Q products or Trump is a father figure for you..either way I question everything long before Trump and Q..

  21. Considering your questions regarding the Raid on the Clinton Whisttle Blower’s house I believe this is an important step in what’s to come. If the whole purpose of this long drawn out process is to avoid a full blown civil war, the information that is conveniently omitted by the MSM must somehow become mainstream. The only way that happens is if the MSM reports on it… such a raid would also place the burden of correcting the perseption in the hands of the Deep State which as any Republican knows; makes one come off as a conspiracy theorist. So by going through this seemingly illogical exercise the following is accomplished:

    The Press must acknowlege the Clintons had a Whistle Blower on some kind of nefarious efforts. (Previously covered by plausible deniability through no media reporting)

    The Left must accept that such information will elicit an investigation. (Previously unjustified in their eyes)

    That investigation is now justified by the perception that new information has come to light. (Even though it’s been before Congress for some time; a fact to which the Committee Dems must ignore or look complacent in the sins of Omittion)

    This now starts the ball rolling… the ball rolling!

  22. Neon, You do an awesome job.
    Please don’t take “Ed’s” disruptive and divisive posts as a benign annoyance.
    His trolling is not “free speech”. There’s a plan and a method to his actions.
    Sure, he’ll come back as Ted or Fred or Ed2 or whatever but you just keep cutting back the growth until it withers and dies.
    Think about it, Please.

  23. Sorry ya’ll but we’ve been tricked. Q is a deepstate pawn designed to keep us complacent.

    If thats not obvious to us at this point, then I pray for you.

    A ex diehard Q follower

    • Yes.. those of us who supported Trump have been duped…time to move on…too many big surprises that have not happened…too many broken promises…too many deep state hires Pompeo, Bolton, Haley,Jared and other orthodox Jews pushing foreign policy.. whining and threatening declassify and nothing..Lock her up cheerleader and after 2 years…it is why he lost the House..now he can play the victim until the next election cycle…Trust the plan…

    • G A they are worse than the people they oppose…If you use your God given critical thinking skills you are labeled a troll..Their Q Psyop and father figure Trump can not stand up to scrutiny… Bombastic Trump and Psyop Q produce the same disgust the Obama regime produced…The bankruptcy prone son of a real estate mogul has let the people who supported him down…Trust the plan as you pointed out is a major red flag…It is easier to fool people,than it is to convince people they have been fooled as Mark Twain said… Keep up the good work GA I enjoy your writings…

  24. Meant Wallenbergs, very powerful family from across the pond. Involved in many things. Someone with more time and capability than me might want to dig in

  25. There may be a problem w/comments. Posted one last nite with no profanity, containing only observations on timing of events & it went down the hole.
    Just so you know.

  26. I’ve got no answers either, and while POTUS and the Q team know a whole lot more then your average anons, patriots and allies. But the fact remains, nobody can really predict how this plays out. Who knows for sure how the American people will react to these incredible disclosures involving people at the highest level of the food chain. This event that is coming is really a “carpet bomb of events, and none are like anything the world has ever see. NOBODY KNOWS. That is why NeonRevolt deserves our gratitude for exposing the likely truth and immensity that is coming. The insiders may be surprised by the outcome. We are a resilient people. Pray.

  27. Isn’t it a coincidence that Maggie was the nickname that BO called is little ‘girl’ friend and Maggie is the name of the correspondent warning the leakers not to use the Q-viewing internet except for emergencies?

  28. Thinking over what name could be intended for those eleven spaces in brackets. Jerome Corsi and George H W Bush both fit, but only one really makes sense in the context of the drop. Just a thought.

    Neon, you’re obviously doing something right. Ed trolls your posts like it’s his job. Oh, wait…

  29. Yes Lisa anyone who uses critical thinking and questions the scripted narrative is a troll.. So spend your time trying to figure out the importance of spaces in a psyop..that is the limits of your critical thinking skills..

  30. O Hai! Ed Krassenstein! Trump walked away from Epstein when they met when he found out what he was all about, I think Epstein offered some underage girls to Trump which is the way to suck people in, Once they can be blackmailed by Epstein he makes them do increasingly vile acts to make them even more blackmailable and Trump refused to do so.


    I’m having problems finding the exact source since it’s been a long time since I found it, But Trump’s comment about Epstein was made a long time ago when Epstein was trying to court Trump, When Trump saw the trap laid in front of him he bailed on Epstein.

    • Yes it is so because you said so…Why is Acosta a member of Trump’s cabinet?Did Acosta engineer the fix for Epstein?Trump is controlled by the Saudis/Israel and the NeoCon Zionists as evidenced by his remarks regarding the Ukraine….Trust the plan? Trump received $135 million from Adelson…. how about that?what happened to the big surprise?Why the constant threat to declassify?So let us see about the new surprise on 12/5/18….

  31. Ed, CNN is looking for some more fake interviews and crisis actors.
    Use your unlimited talents there and really help the type of Americans who need your help.
    You have so much to give. Give where it really makes a difference.
    Thanks for your incredible service. Good bye…..

    • Once again Skijake you are wrong…I do not follow CNN or any MSM propaganda….I question all narratives, especially scripted ones that promise and don’t deliver… Trump is controlled by the NEOCON Zionist warmongers as evidenced by Pompeo,Bolton,Haley,his taking$135 million from Adelson,Jared Kushner,his recent remarks regarding the Ukraine ….bankruptcy prone son of a real estate mogul…He did not deliver….he will only declassify if he is investigated, not because the American people have the right to know…

  32. Must be Qincidence I took your advice and did as you say LOOK..here is what I found..candidate Trump said the war in Afghanistan was a disaster and then increased Defense spending and hiring war monger Bolton…all of your talking points are hollow…where is the declassify? do you benefit financially from the Q thing?

    • Wrong again, Ed. You’re not paying attention.

      Why would Trump say the war in Afghanistan was a disaster? It’s a war that never ends, for what purpose? Why would they want to be there in the first place? Like usual, the old guard where only ever there to make money. That’s why Iraq. And Syria. Different commodities to Afghanistan, sure, but they’re there to make sure the war never ends.

      He increased defense spending for various reasons, and Afghanistan was pretty low on that list. He increased it because of the dilapidated state and lack of resources the aforementioned wars had taken their toll on. What is now 17 years of constant war on multiple fronts will do that to you. At least he hasn’t started yet another war, right? Because his alternate (HRC) would have seen to a war with Russia and North Korea if her blundering as Secretary of State was anything to go by.

      Yet, you aren’t happy. Are you expecting perfection? You’re projecting your inner delusions on the man, Ed.

      “But, but… hiring war monger Bolton”

      Where’s the war, Ed? If he’s such a war monger, how come there isn’t one? If he is as you claim then he must be pretty unhappy to have watched Trump avert two of them. Or is it more like:

      “it is so because you said so”

      Which would be worse than hypocritical. It’d be ironic.

  33. He can initiate troop withdrawals and declassify right now…If we do not hold Trump accountable after giving him our support,we will lose our opportunity to heard… you can not be happy with Pompeo,Bolton and other NeoCon influence that front for the globalists…so let us see about Whittaker,D5…

    • What part of perjury trap do you not get, Ed?

      Pompeo was the one that was sent over to North Korea to hammer out a peace deal, right?
      So why shouldn’t I be happy with him?
      How s that helping the globalists?

      Your prejudice blinded you long ago, and nobody who claims to be a critical thinker has that problem.

      • You have been recruited and you have chosen a side…I do not believe in the right/left,blue/red construct…I look at the complete spectrum critically…I refuse to be obedient..We will see what transpires within the next 72 hours regarding Whittaker…I am not the one who has broken promises and threatened declassify since before the most recent election…the House was lost not because of me…now Trump will be under seige.. Pompeo,Pence, Bolton do not represent the interests of the working citizens of the USA…question everything and everyone…

        • You are refusing to answer the question Re: Pompeo, Ed.
          Same with Bolton. Yet on you go like a stuck record.

          Adelson is yet another problem where your bias comes in to play. Just because someone donates money to a political cause doesn’t mean they get what they want. Besides which, are you insinuating that the US should turn their backs on both Saudi Arabia and Israel, based on what you yourself have perceived as an historical problem?

          This despite Netanyahu’s current legal issues, as well? I reiterate that you are not using critical thinking in the logical sense. Just the poster on the wall, and you keep repeating the propaganda ad nauseum. Look out the window instead, Ed. The world is still turning, and is not glowing with radiation.

          Be grateful for that, at least.

          • Trump lost as soon as he bombed Syria…..The Trump cult has a bias towards reality…Just fail to see supporting Saudi Arabia/Israel just like all the other leaders before him… Kavanaugh is a Patriot Act Bush Neo Con.. Trump is Bush 2.0…..Trump was elected to build the wall,jail the ones who betrayed us.. instead filled his cabinet with a Rothschild Banker who bailed him out in the nineties… and now pushing for regime change in Iran..bring the Troops home lead our country not be the emperor for more Neo Con wars…so many people are disappointed…

          • Again with Syria… What happened with ISIS, Ed?

            Are you always this ignorant? It sure looks like it.

            “now pushing for regime change in Iran”
            Gee, I wonder why, Ed? You’re not a critical thinker at all. Notice how they went all quiet? Where’s the war, Ed? You’re a disappointment, really. Nothing more than a propagandist on a creaky soapbox, with no explanations for what he’s seeing, but keeps repeating his continued biases of PREVIOUS administrations. Results, Ed. That’s what matters. Not your stuck record.

          • Trump folding on meeting with Putin at G20 was the final nail in his coffin…Since his initial meeting with Putin,Trump has gotten smaller and smaller…His handlers allowed the one meeting with Chinese and it is of no consequence..

          • Trump has no America First policies…. Now we have John Bolton pushing empire and Israel First … Pompeo and Bolton are in charge. Trump held some rallies for the mid terms and the mid terms ended in disaster…

          • Oh, that must be why China just reduced their tariffs on US imports of cars, Ed. Nothing to do with putting America first, huh?

            Big tail between legs at the G20 huh?

            You must be confused, now. Perhaps that will lead you to screaming that Putin is a globalist. Don’t stop now.

          • You make some good points and then lose all credibility with your support for Saudi Arabia/Israel…Are you AIPAC affiliated?Where is the declassify? What are you expecting from Whittaker? Should be interesting….

          • You’re ridiculous, Ed.

            You’re not paying attention. The above video clearly shows relations between two countries that 3 years prior seems unfathomable. THe old Saudi regime were running amok in Yemen, and supporting ISIS alongside the bad elements of the last US regime, and also Israel.

            Yet you’re incredulous. AIPAC? I’m not even American, and I can see the good that this means, Ed.

            “Where is the declassify?”
            Ask Rosenstein.

            “What are you expecting from Whittaker?”
            To take the place of Sessions, in overseeing Rosenstein.

            Too complicated for you? Of course it is. Yet you think I’m supporting Israel? This must be because I’m not entertaining the idea of cutting alliances with them? I understand if you don’t like these countries, Ed, but I don’t think it’s useful to cut them off just because you say so. How does that affect relations, Ed? Maybe you just long for Trump to be the one to destroy these relationships? Real critical thinking there, Ed.

            Of course you don’t even think of these things, because personal relationships just aren’t your jam, are they?? It must be lonely living your life.

          • You say you are not American…interesting…Trump is continuing the disastrous Bush,Obama policies in the middle East and Crimea/Ukraine… When you try to attack me personally by reference to a lonely life,that is a red flag.Is it because you have a stake in the disinformation Q psyop?Are you an agent of Israel recruiting or a recipient of financial gains from the selling of Q? What is going on with Whittaker, declassify,D5 among other things?

          • Naturally your next question is whether or not I’m Israeli. Because I must be AIPAC, right, Ed? You’re so paranoid. The amount you repeat yourself, you almost come across as a drunkard. Forget which country, Ed. You’re not even guessing in the right hemisphere.

            “When you try to attack me personally by reference to a lonely life,that is a red flag”

            No, Ed. You behaving the way you do here on a site you claim to like reading but can’t seem to agree with the patrons on… well… much of anything, is the red flag. Maybe you need me to just come out and say it:

            You don’t belong here.

          • What a disappointment Trump is…He continues to contradict himself in his tweets and hires NeoCon war Hawks and banksters…Mattis, Bolton,Pompeo,Haspel,Haley, Mnuchin… just continues with Bush/Obama foreign policy… shills for Saudi Arabia/Israel…how is Jared Kushner a negotiater for middle East?Real Estate grifter…so continue with the Q disinformation campaign and moving of the goal posts..

          • I enjoy the dialogue and you make good points.. I just don’t agree with all of your points.. You get upset and emotional when you are challenged and that is something you have created within yourself…Try not to make others responsibile for your feelings…Who are you to determine where I or anyone belongs?

          • This isn’t upset or emotional, Ed.

            This is me mocking you. I think I’ve had enough of watching you being a bore to all and sundry here, so think it’s about time someone reminded you of just how much. You needed a cyber-slap.

            What kind of deluded moron wastes their time trying to come to this or indeed any Q-Anon related site and try to spend every waking minute of their time there trying to discourage the masses.

            Are you a Soros-paid rentboy, Ed?

            See how this works? Because I don’t have to spend all my time here trying to discourage what is actually free-market transaction for a person that is deserving of it. What is wrong with the idea of supporters gear? The Boston Red Sox would laugh at your idea, then give you the middle finger.

            It’s just a website, Ed, but web space isn’t cheap when it deals with thousands upon thousands of daily hits. Even you’re here, even though you don’t fit. So many people have pointed this out to you already.

            You’re a complete bore, Ed. You know that, don’t you?

          • Yes so there we have it…Supporters Gear…You are emotionally and more importantly financially invested in keeping the Q psyop going…It is easier to fool people,than it is to convince people that they have been fooled…In your case fooling people involves selling them baseball hats and t shirts…Lol….just a total pimp,with no moral baseline…Wow…I believed you were a stand up person who had conviction and believed in something…just another 2 bit low end retailer of junk … have you no shame?

          • No, I didn’t say I bought one, Ed. But I’m not going to hate on anybody doing so. The only psyop is the one that you’re peddling. I don’t sell the shirts, or buy them, but I’m more than happy to support this place by the sharing of information, even to a dimwit like your supposedly great critically thinking self, Ed.

            Proof of concept: What you’re considering as “good points” in this dialogue are not really good points, but rather observations of the bleeding obvious. The geopolitical world has changed, and you IGNORED IT. This is an ongoing theme with you. You’re so hell-bent on keeping up with your previously held prejudices, that you are unable to accept the reality of what is happening at the current time.

            This is not, and never will be, the hallmark of a logical, much less critical thinker. Just another brainwashed pleb.

          • Yes the world is changing as it always has.. What has not changed is the distractions like the Q psyop and the tactics of your either with us or against us…Rather like George Bush saying you are either with us or you are with the terrorists.. You employ that tactic when you suggest my questioning the existence of the Q and Trump’s failures,that I support Soros…That is very narrow minded…There are many people who see the Soros and Trump agendas and support neither.. Still waiting for the declassify, Huber etc..T shirts and hats just another form of virtue signaling… Those patrons wake up tomorrow go back to the demolition derby and continue their wage debt existence…their so called leader mean while continues to not follow through on his promises…they are waiting for the next Q drop…very obedient ….trust the plan…

          • “What has not changed is the distractions like the Q psyop and the tactics of your either with us or against us”

            No, we know you’re against Q-Anon, Ed. The question is why you bother to exchange points of view here?

            Nobody is making you stay here. It’s a free choice thing.
            You have to wonder what mental illness you have when you insist on sticking around on a creaky soapbox, Ed. That’s why Soros. Nobody else is doing that. You’re not even trolling properly, if indeed that’s what you’re trying to do. It’s lame. You’re lame.

            “T shirts and hats just another form of virtue signaling”
            Just what do you have against free enterprise, Ed? Your anti-capitalist undergarments are showing, and now we’re seeing the fake and gay mask come off.

            If you’re doing it for free, then seek psychological help.

          • Yes bunch of hucksterism wrapped around the idea of free enterprise…just shameless promotion of junk…everything is a commodity including your half baked support of a bankruptcy prone son of a real estate mogul….Yes big event coming up..the new Q t shirt…find gainful employment…

          • Besides which, it’s quite strange how you’d assume the vocation of someone you’ve never met based on what seems to be on not buying merchandise in the internet? I’d suggest for someone that is here spewing non-sourced dogmatic nonsense on a daily basis, that you’re the one that needs a vocation of your own.

            You’re both strange, and completely wrong, Ed. Like usual. To paraphrase:
            Go home, you’re drunk.

          • Don’t be mad at me…I didn’t appoint Barr and add to the swamp…There are many people who wanted Trump to follow through on campaign promises… build the wall,bring the Troops home,root out corruption,drain the swamp…what did we get? Lying Pompeo, Israel first NeoCon war mongers Haley,Bolton… Orthodox Racist Jews negotiating foreign policy…a son in law who has no experience except as a real estate grifter…the Barr appointment further proof that the Neo Cons are leading Trump…you are happy because the continuation of the something big is coming,D5 Q psyop enables you to sell more t shirts… like the Mueller investigation.. Comey just gave a big eff you to Trump…all Trump does is tweet…

          • You’re repeating yourself again, Ed. Without sources. Or examples of evidence. Bring facts, Ed. Not that I mind opinions, but Facts > Opinions.

            If your opinion of them goes against their actual track record in Trump’s administration, then what good is your opinion? Try again.

            Re: Comey: He just put it on official record – but not under oath, “I don’t know, can’t remember and don’t recall”. The HRC defense, and I’m afraid it won’t do him much good at all. The perjury trap is laid, if it can be proven that he did know, didn’t forget, but just chose not to tell this committee. The committee now want Trump to declassify an email chain involving Comey that proves that he knew all about it.

            Fact: All intelligence agencies share instantly all correspondence, so Hillary taking hammers to hard drives didn’t mean anything but bad news for her. Same deal with Comey. And Lynch.

        • ed, you have a simple mind. good thing that you are not calling any shots, bc you have too low of an IQ to think too far in advance.

          In case you missed it, Zionists murdered JFK. Zionists want Israel. They are to be dealt with last for good reason. For one thing, their little state has failed, and will continue to fail bc it is based on religion.

          Trump needs them to stay viable long enough to fix more errors made by previous traitors.

          For another thing, a full frontal attack on Israel would cause massive heart break and violence.

          Trump is a deal maker, and a realist.

          He is all you got, Ed, so you best get with the program. You like to think that you are so special bc you quote X Files.

          Start typing, and show your ignorance, Ed. You can’t answer bc your boilerplate response always ignores any counter argument. This is the hallmark of a low IQ person. You remind me of Maxime Waters.

          Furthermore, nothing is going to be according to your deadlines, as you lack planning ability and the intelligence to see around corners. If it was your plan, we would all be in trouble.

          • No swamp creatures locked up.. Goldman Sachs cabinet… NeoCon Pompeo,Bolton, Haley hired..Attacking Syria…where is the declassify?

          • Rothschild Banker appointment… Market manipulation…Massive tax cuts for mega corporations and Wall Street..Flip flop on Assange…

          • How many more years Katz?It is effective to have reasonable expectations and Trump is losing more of his base support….

          • You know what, Ed? She’s right. You are a simpleton. It’s obvious that you’ve been spoon-fed information that you simply have seen change. Can’t believe I have to repeat myself, but you’re not acknowledging the changes that are going on around you…

            Besides which, for someone so dogmatic as you are, it’s a suprise that you haven’t even bothered to source anything that you’ve been saying…

            What: Do you just expect us to believe you because you’re a self-appraised critical thinker (appeal to authority is already a logical fallacy, it’s true, but when you consider yourself that authority without any PROOF, it’s even worse).

            And now you’re repeating yourself, like a drunk. If you’re not drunk, then you’re a blowhard of the dullest kind. And you wonder why nobody is taking you seriously?

          • Sure Katz.. Kushner for chief of staff…Are you also sucking the NeoCon Zionists?Dual citizenship chabad lubavitch…eff you…idiot..

          • Neon bailed and Huber was a no show.. what happened to Q’ s superman prosecutor Huber? Katzenbootz you must have a part in the t shirt sales…Trump is compromised…JFK Jr is dead…that was a wacky red flag… just bizarre..

  34. Ed Ive read your comments about Trump. You never supported him. Please stop posing. Additionally, you’re conclusion that Trump is a zionist because he has jews in his administration betrays complete ignorance of zionism. Even 4 chan would mock such nonsense. Haley was hired for the useless position at the UN to get her out as governor of SC so a Trump supporter could replace her. She’ll be gone this month. Boton is there as a pit bull to give Trump leverage. If he was surrounded by Rand Paul types he would lose the leverage of having other countries be uncertain about what he’ll do if pushed. Think North Korea. Its similar to a mom reminding a child that dads on his way home in order to encourage the child to work with her in a reasonable way. If you were as smart as you think you are and as sincere as you claim to be about seeking the truth you could have figured this out yourself.

  35. Cozette Trump received$135 million from Adelson… Trump is very close to Netanyahu and Jared Kushner is front and center…..Here is reality…People use their critical thinking skills…I question everything and that includes people I support…If you choose to be recruited that is your choice… Maybe you can not tolerate the challenges that are ahead…Try to keep an open mind… Your willingness to rationalize the neocon hires like Bolton indicates you have shut down a big part of your critical thinking…Let us see what Whittaker has in store and if the promises of Trump and Q come to fruition?Fact is many of Trump’s support was lost because of claims of declassify coming and Q promises broken. I did not do that..Don’t be mad at me…

  36. When Q posts don’t make sense, when the puzzle is vague, when it seems like he’s saying the hammer will drop but then it doesn’t – maybe that is intentional. Think of how many times Q dropped something that didn’t make sense until months later when Q gave the answer. Think about how drops made one day were meant for an event that didn’t happen until later (No Name’s death being a good example of this).

    We need to remember that the DS is reading and interpreting Q drops just like the rest of us. They are also reading the blogs and vlogs of “Q-interpreters” (like yourself, Neon Revolt). Q isn’t dropping the posts for the pleasure of our knowledge; it’s a war tactic. Part of that war is educating the masses, yes. But the bigger part is capturing the Cabal. Part of capturing them is throwing them of track, confusing them, saying things that will make them panic and make stupid mistakes, etc. Please consider these words from one of the members of a Q Facebook group:

    “Listen Up Anons! For all that are down hearted by Q “missing” dates, please read.. it’s a little long but it’s worth it.

    “Q has NEVER stated a date that something would happen. Think about it.. D5 became 5 December… Q didn’t say 5 December, “we” decided it would be 5 December. We “projected”. Maybe “we” fell into one of Q’s traps or at least helped spring it on the DS,,, they read Q drops and analysis as well. Q counts on our “eagerness” and vivid imaginations. Remember, they have psyops folks on their team and are experts at misdirection and deception, think of how, on a huge scale, it “sold” the narrative!

    “Remember the Flynn pic that says something like, “in charge of a digital army”? Well, supporting the “narrative” is probably the main function we are suppose to fulfill. We are Q’s soldiers. Can you imagine how hard it is for the DS to ignore a Q drop when 100M folks start burning up the net with posts about it and what it “might” mean?

    “Stay calm and watch the show.. it will play out as it should.”

    [I will correct that Q did say “[D]ec 5 / D5” at one time, but he never said what was happening on Dec 5 other than the Congressional testimonies.]

    Q confirmed that D5 was bait, and they expended their ammunition (HW’s death) to prevent D5 from happening. So our interpretation mistake definitely helped Q set that trap good!

    So, it seems reasonable to accept that the QCommunity does know where our level of understanding is at. But that’s all a part of the plan. Our confusion helps keep the Cabal confused!

  37. I’m fairly new to the #Qanon movement and have recently in the last couple weeks been doing as much digging as I can to the point where i’m near borderline obsession. I would love to ramble on about how much I understand, or at least try to understand here and frankly I’d say 95% of the information goes over my head. Things take time to understand and patience is not easy, getting rid of the Deep State//Cabal is going to take time, patience, etc. etc. etc. Just want to say thanks to #Neon Revolt for taking the time to research and put together the articles that you have it’s been “eye opening”……I’m not extremely up to date on all the online lingo but I’m trying.

    p.s. @Ed——-> You come across as a hack with your pants around your ankles and cry wolf when you chose to get f****ed in the pooper due to the fact that your talking points are the same thing over and over and over and over again…….yeesh….. Why can you not answer a question that is asked of you & instead go to answering with a question and repeating I use critical thinking skills!!!! Deep state shills, LarPs, I’m just going to safely assume you’re 60 years old and still breast feeding having been given participation trophies for your mediocre acolades of bitching, whining and complaining for years. Do everyone a favor and either leave here and go live your life, or keep posting on here an exposing yourself for the hypocrite you are 🙂

    I may be a fool and don’t have as astute of an intellect as you do Ed, yet Im an honest fool (not 100% but I believe it’s a work in progress) please grow a pair and grow up.

    • Firefoot…trust the plan is a red flag.. you are right you don’t know because you are a follower. Without critical thinking skills….what happened to Huber?he was Q’s superman prosecutor and was a no show…. you have joined the serial amnesiac club..just be obedient it fits you….pathetic

    • Firefoot you are sexually confused with your analogies…Why are you projecting your sexual confusion on to other people?Find gainful employment because that will help you get a girlfriend.. another wage debt slave…stop shopping at Walmart…

  38. Just continue the wait and trust the plan… Lying Pompeo,War mongers with Bolton..Many of the Psyop Q bread crumbs end up in limbo to be reconfigured as the followers forget..Bolton, Pompeo Israel firsters and Trump’s bag man Adelson, pushing for more war against Iran and supporting Saudi Arabia/Israel…be obedient,trust the plan… Buy more shirts…..what happened to the military parade 11/11/18? Lots of talk and a t shirt..

  39. When does it stop with the bizarre Trump appointments? Now there is Heather Nauert,who like her predecessor Nikki Haley,is a NeoCon Israel first cum bucket bimbo…ABC and Fox news geopolitical no nothing…Q big event coming up for 11/11,11/22,12/5… never materialized…

  40. With Kelly leaving there will be another opening in the Zionazi government…Satanyahoo will be unemployed and he could become another dual Israeli/American citizen like Kushner, Schumer,Nadler etc…..He will get along well with President Bolton…

  41. It was Kelly who was a counter weight to Bolton and Bolton who intentionally sabotaged relations with China…The NeoCons are in charge..How is the plan?

    • Ed, you were abused as a child. You’re probably the one everyone talks about in hushed tones at holiday celebrations but you are too stupid to realize or care. If your so right, shut up, watch and see what happens. Let others actions speak for you. If Q is a larp…….so be it. After the next two former presidents drop dead we’ll know what to expect…or if sleepy Bader goes beneath the top soil. You have to admit the information gatekeepers are a changing and there is nothing you can do about it!

      • Aunt Bea you are a follower who is repeating talking points you heard in your echo chamber… Developing critical thinking skills will help you break your mental slavery… you will still wake up tomorrow and go to your demolition derby dead end job and continue to be a wage debt slave… your choice…by the way you probably still believe JFK Jr is alive…mental case in Mayberry is Aunt Bea…Qs superman prosecutor Huber was a no show. Spin that Bea… you are a NeoCon Zionazi government enabler….

  42. D5 turned out to be nothing…Now Trump is considering hiring Jared Kushner for chief of staff.. That tells you everything… Trump is done…All of the Q followers have themselves to blame by encouraging the nonsense..


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