Your Frustration is THEIR TORMENT! #MercenaryPropagandists like @Travis_View @rothschildmd @WillSommer @JaredlHolt @jordanuhl WILL FAIL! #NewQ #QAnon #NEONREVOLT #PANICInDC #GreatAwakening

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t sure how to begin this article.

I went back and forth for a few days; wrote a few thousand words up and and then tossed it because, somehow, I wasn’t getting to the heart of what I was trying to communicate.

I think it’s safe to say almost all #QPatriots have been experiencing a lot of frustration over the past week or so, in the wake of the Midterms and 11/11.

It’s beyond frustration, actually. It’s moved into the territory of despair, as we watch those who hate us – who wish nothing but death and destruction upon our heads – seemingly succeeding across multiple domains simultaneously. Elections are being stolen. California is burning. And where is Q in all of this?!

I want to do something I don’t usually do, and start by asking my readers a few serious questions.

No, we’re not going to go over reasons for believing in Q again. I did that in the last article, so if you need to read something along those lines, go there; read that.

No, what I want to know is this:

Do you understand that we are at war?


The weight of that question falls upon me pretty keenly, considering we just went through Armistice day; a time of remembrance for the end of WWI; called “The Great War” at the time, because it was so savage and terrible, the world thought there would never be another war to match it, let alone supersede it.

To describe the battlefields of WWI as anything other than a human meat grinder is to not fully appreciate the depth of destruction that befell the continent of Europe.

And so again, I ask you, do you understand that we are, at this very moment, at war?

Do you believe that our enemies are real, and want nothing for us than utter ruination? That they’ll stop at nothing to see our lives extinguished and our children enslaved?

Do you believe that brave men and women have already sacrificed their lives in fighting what are, perhaps, the greatest enemies this nation, and indeed, the world, has ever faced?

Helicopter pilot killed in Buckinghamshire mid-air crash named as Captain Mike Green

One of the four people killed after a mid-air collision between a plane and a helicopter has been named as Captain Mike Green. He was a senior instructor with more than 30 years of experience, and a member of the Helicopter Services team based at Wycombe Air Field in Buckinghamshire.

You know our enemies’  capabilities. And what’s more, you know (thanks to Q), their intention for us.

You know what they would have done, had they retained power.

And now I ask you another question.

Would you rather settle, and live under their rule? Or do you believe that we deserve a fighting chance?

Something clicked in me these past few days. At first, I’ll be honest – I was feeling a bit like everyone else. A bit down. A bit underwhelmed. A bit disappointed.

And then I saw the behavior of our enemies.

I saw article after article shot across the web by what I’m now dubbing #MercenaryPropagandists, berating #QAnon and his followers; those “pathetic rubes” in fly-over country gullible enough to buy into all these conspiratorial horse-feathers. “You know the type,” I could almost hear them saying between the lines, barely able to keep their smug insinuation and sense of (nearly) unbridled self-satisfaction contained. had a particularly keen beef with Voat, citing, literally, some random nerd with little-to-no following (and little-to-no screen presence) named Mike Rothschild, who literally just repeats mainstream pablum so boring, so trite, and so smug, of course it’s going to get recycled in some half-arsed blog for clickbait:

QAnon’s true believers are devastated as the conspiracy theory goes down in flames

The “QAnon” community is falling apart. Perhaps no conspiracy theory has thrived more readily in the dark corners of the internet since it was first born last October on the infamous troll message board 4chan, following President Donald Trump’s vague remarks last year at a military dinner that it was the ” calm before the storm.”

And on the subject of Mr. Rothschild, I’ll say this much: I don’t think the 90-lb dweeb is connected to the actual Rothschild family. He’s just an unwatchable gangly smarm-machine with literally no other talents, getting attention for no other reason right now other than he’s repeating the things the Media Masters want people to hear, like he’s some kind of authority on the subject.

He’s not, and he’ll go down in history as such.

The point I’m trying to make is that he was shilling pretty hard against Voat, and then taking one or two random shill posts (which literally any one of the 2+ billion people with internet connectivity in the world could have posted), and presenting them as representative of the whole community.

Fear-mongering nonsense, instantly transmuted into Clickbait Gold! Gold, I tell ya!

But then I saw this announcement over on Voat by the site’s administrator/owner:


Now everyone here knows the transition to Voat was anything but smooth, but transition we did.  If you’ve been around for any length of time, you know how much heat I took for that, and the constant stream of downvoats that eventually came my way, effectively censoring and crippling my account there.

And then one day, before this announcement, I logged in and ALL my negative account points were erased. Just, gone. Deleted from my account.

I had to come to the conclusion that, in order to try and stop my efforts there, my efforts to direct people to the right mod team, the right subverse, #TheCabal leveraged an entire botnet against me and against the larger community to disrupt and sow discord at every possible turn.

I’ll give them this: it worked for a bit.

But in the end, we beat them at their own game.

We BROKE their botnet.

And I will say this: I encourage the folks who enjoyed and utilized /r/GreatAwakening to hop on over to /v/QRV because the quality of the content is really improving – especially as this botnet has now been effectively wiped out. And more participation there is only going to make it better and better and better!

But the larger point I’m trying to make here is that I spent enough time living in #Obamaland.

I don’t know about you, but I’m DONE playing by their rules and accepting their terms, like they’re somehow welcome at the table. They don’t get to censor us any more. They don’t get to tell us how to think, or how to speak, or what to read or write. They don’t get to SHAME us into conformity, just because they’re beholden to their favorite political idols and blinded by that near-religious devotion to moronic “progressive” ideals.

No, what grew in me today – and I think some of you may have observed it on gab – but what grew in me today was a righteous anger.

To see how these people scheme and manipulate; to see how they work every day to actively shame good, hard-working, honest people…

Well, let’s just say I’m adopting something of a take-no-prisoners approach with my writing from here on out. And again, because these people are so dishonest, they’ll take anything out of context to distort it into a “call-for-violence,” or “extremist rhetoric,” I disavow all violence and violent acts. I disavow.

Oh, but I will gladly take every single last one of these dishonest #MercenaryPropagandists to task for the harm they are inflicting on this nation, and I will personally make sure the nation never forgets until 1) they all post deep, heartfelt apologies recanting their former deceit, AND 2) delete their twitter/gab/mastodon/instagram accounts.

Those are my terms. And I’m letting them know this up front, because they are going to have to conform to them.


Because I won’t be the only one who’s angry.

I’m just the herald of that #RighteousAnger they will ALL experience when the entire world learns the truth. They will NEVER live this down, until they recant, apologize, and delete.

And I’m SO GLAD to see other #Anons starting to feel the same way; starting to really feel that same righteous anger bubbling up inside of them.

I’m reposting something #Anon wrote the other day on the research boards here, because it really gets at the heart of things:

We, Q and Anons, are Their cruel and unusual punishment.

I am regularly and repeatedly frustrated and discouraged when the plan doesn’t proceed according to my understanding/expectations. I occasionally lose faith in the entire operation, and I find myself embarrassed for predictions and explanations I have offered to friends and family. It can make me incredibly depressed at times, as I start to question everything I think I know about the world.

Have I been “had”? Am I being manipulated? Am I more susceptible to brainwashing than I believed I was? What nefarious ulterior motives am I assisting? Have I wasted a very good chunk of the past year of my life?

I always come back to this board, however. I come back, not because I have “faith”, but because I have seen too much for any other explanation (besides the explanation offered on this board) to make sense. Clearly, there are gaps in our understanding. That said, we have the biggest, clearest picture a semi-layman will find anywhere on earth.

So why am I venting my feelings? Because I know that They have them too! We live in a country where cruel and unusual punishment is outlawed (thankfully). But we all know that death and eternal humiliation are far too comfortable of an end for the truly evil people that have been running this country/world. So let’s torture them a bit – oh wait, we can’t. Not in the traditional sense, at least.

I believe that this whole operation is certainly about “taking them down”. Evidence is being gathered for their past crimes, and as many anons have speculated, perhaps new crimes are required due to secret pardoning by Obama upon his leaving office.

But I believe that Q and anons are playing another vital role in this operation as well. WE ARE THEIR CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!!!!

When Q says “Panic in DC”, we aren’t just talking about “oh, darn, things aren’t going according to plan” for these people. We are talking about shear, unfathomable terror on their part. This terror that they are experiencing isn’t quite on par with the terror that they instilled in their victims, but it is the next best thing.

These people know what is coming for them. And we play an important part in reminding them. We send them memes constantly and we chant at rallies. They know we are waking the public up. It is absolutely terrifying for them. POTUS does a great job of taunting them on the daily, as well.

I know most of you have seen how Obama has greyed in his hair over the last couple years. You’ve seen him bumbling and stammering like a pathetic madman at rallies during the midterms. THIS IS HIS CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!!!

So the next time you feel disappointed or let down that things haven’t gone as you expected with regards to the plan, take solace in the fact that They just got a small glimmer of hope in their hearts – only to be cruelly ripped away from them again. YOUR FRUSTRATION IS THEIR TORMENT!!!

In this case, justice is a process, not an event. Their punishment is being implemented right this very moment.

They WILL be imprisoned, they WILL be executed. They will be humiliated for all of eternity, and YOU WILL BE VINDICATED. In the meantime, enjoy this moment as much as they are hating it. You deserve to enjoy their punishment after all they have done to our society. So start enjoying it. Enjoy your moments of frustration and second-guessing. Enjoy the embarrassment you feel when your predictions to family and friends don’t pan out. Enjoy the rage you feel when you see known criminals smiling on TV still. Enjoy it because THIS, MY FRIENDS, IS THEIR CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!

So this brings me to my last question.

Do you believe we can win?

The #MercenaryPropagandists certainly don’t want you to believe that. Why, they’d rather have you believe pretty much ANYTHING other than that.

And like the anonymous shills you’ve encounterd on the boards and Voat, they all have their favorite tactics. Yup, they break out “ol’ reliable” whenever they feel the urge to score a few “points.”

Take #RaitTailTravis’ (who I’ve since redubbed #TapwaterTravis – switching back to the old name because I like it better) favorite, go-to tactic. He likes to talk on and on about all of QAnon’s “failed” predictions (without really ever mentioning what they are – outside of there being “a lot” of them).

Here’s a sampling from his twitter profile:


I could show you a bunch of posts along these lines, and really, it’s nothing you haven’t heard rehashed a million times from deep within the bowels of the internet armchair “skeptic/atheist/neckbeard” community before. (Stick a banana in it, and you would practically have a Truetube-ready video).

Aaaaaaanyway, #TapwaterTravis’ would have a leg to stand on… if his premises weren’t so immediately idiotic. In it, he assumes a couple things about Q’s efforts that are just… flat out wrong.

What are these premises?

1) That there’s no possible way Q could be true; therefore, it’s just an elaborate LARP.

They say this, despite the well-known fact that Trump has operated on the Chans for a very long time, and the Chans being a home for Trump support online. Is it that far of a stretch to think that MILINT would harness the power of this community? But this is more to write about these Journalists’ inherent bias than anything else. Because no one has done anything like this before, they assume that there’s no way it would be done by Trump.

Because… you know… he’s so the kind to be behold to these “norms” of behavior. He totally fits the mold out of which every President before him has been cast.

2) That Q is trying to predict the future. You know, like some kind of Zoltar cabinet at the county fair.

This is ridiculous. Q never claimed to be able to make exact predictions – especially on citizens’ timetables. Oh sure, there’s a lot of expectation and hope in the community that such-and-such would happen by X date… but that kind of prediction rarely comes from Q himself.

Q is a military operation responding to real threats, in real-time, world-wide. Any “predictions” made need to be understood within that context of action-response-action-response. So, for instance, one thing these AntiQuated folks like to harp on is Q’s “failed” Kavanaugh vote confirmation prediction of 53 – 47, when in reality it came in at 51 – 49.

Forget the fact that, yes, Kavanaugh was in fact approved by the Senate (at a time when it was unclear whether or not he would be).

It was because Q was “off” by two votes that shows… he’s just a LARP with no credibility whatsoever!

This belief is predicated upon another assumption these AntiQuated types make:

2) Q is “just” talking to regular Americans.

If Q is real, doesn’t it make sense that every single evil force in the world that Q is struggling against would be following his every word?

If I were the likes of #DiFiChiSpy, I’d be sitting up late at night, glued to my monitor, weak and teary-eyed from all the exhausting emotions and dread I’d be experiencing…



Moreover, if I were one of these evil actors, I’d be fighting Q, tooth and claw, every step of the way while I still could, using every dirty trick in the book I could… like lies, blackmail, intimidation…

The truth, however, is not as simple as this. Context matters. Understanding context matters. The context of #QAnon’s posts aren’t always immediately evident to us, the average American citizen. And that’s consistent with what we would expect if someone at a high level of government intelligence (someone aware of the lives at stake, and aware of evil people listening in) was trying to communicate publicly with the average citizen.

Anyway, since Travis likes to go on and on about failed predictions, I figured we would take a look today at one of his failed predictions today.

I found this interview #TapwaterTravis gave to this irrelevant, wannabe-NPR-styled podcast (hosted by #SorosRentBoy @JaredlHolt – more on that in a bit) about, what else, #QAnon:

Episode 26: Infowars And 1A(9/3/18) ft/ Ken “Popehat” White & Travis View by SH!TPOST Podcast

In this episode, host Jared Holt and co-host Jack explore the day’s news. Ken White (a.k.a. Popehat) joins us to talk First Amendment law and Alex Jones. Then, Travis View breaks down how QAnon went unhinged after it hit the mainstream.

And in it, Travis makes a bold prediction. See, he likes to go on and on about Q’s “failed” predictions, so let’s talk about one of Travis’ today:

At 43:08:

Interviewer: “Have you seen anything else that sort of clues us in to sort of the fanaticism? Because my impression is that, you know, QAnon has made these various predictions ofr things that would happen on specific dates that didn’t come through. They were very hyped about the Military Parade which is on delay at the moment, thanks to D.C. Government. You know, I feel like this is sort of pushing people to extremes. Have you seen any other examples of sort of the extremes that people who are following this conspiracy theory and oftentimes dedicating hours of their day-

Travis: -Yeah.

Interviewer: -to quote-unquote “researching” the, uh, tenacity of these claims have pushed themselves to?

Travis: Yeah, I mean, that- that’s sort of, uh, the other concerning thing – is that, they may not explicitly say that, you know, they’re willing to die, but they sometimes talk about, like, the massive investment and sacrifice they’re making into this insane conspiracy theory, in the sense of the number of hours they spend talking about it; they’ll talk about how they go late into the night doing decodes, or researching, or what they call “digs,” which is, you know, a deep-dive into a particular subject, and you know, and you look at the uh- a-or-a-uh, it sometimes even hurts relationships. People talk about how it hurt their relationship with their spouse or their fmaily, and how it would make them more – a little bit more isolated and, that’s also kind of dangerous. Because when these people whoa re really super into Q are already pretty isolated. And when they get even more isolated to the extent that the Q community is all they ahve, then, you know, thats’ kind of concerning.

Interviewer: So, what do you see for the future of this?

Travis: Uhhehuh, you know… This is- This is really… I mean, ugheugh – the-the parallel I make is with Pizzagate. And from the sense- In the sense that, uhm, it’s- I wrote, I wrote an article for, uhm, for uh Ark Digital Media and it sort of talks about how this just this is like a carb- this is just a copy of Pizzagate, but, like BIGGER and everything’s more elaborate. And if we’re going to sort of assume that, uh, that what happened with Pizzagate is also going to happen with QAnon, then… what we’re gonna see is that the CRAZIEST CLAIMS that are gonna happen about a week before the coming election. Cause that’s what happened with Pizzagate. In Pizzagate, the most bonkers stuff, which was like Spirit-Cooking, and allegations that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were, you know, devil worshipers, and they participated in Satanic rituals – those popped up just four days before the 2016 election. Uhm… As like, I’m not saying, I-uh-I don’t know if this, ah-e-uh- well… If we’re gonna say that what happened with Pizzagate is also gonna happen with Q, with QAnon, then we can sort of assume that the craziest, most bizarre claims are yet to come.

So what actually happened with Q’s posts during that time?

He told us he wasn’t in violation of the Hatch act, that Democrats had a volatile history of racism, that Democratic voter fraud largely relied on illegal immigration, he linked to a bunch of people donning Q gear, he told everyone to vote and meme, and he said that there would probably be a bunch of angry AntiFa mobilizing soon…

Which, they did, when they doxxed a bunch of Conservative pundits, and swarmed Tucker Carlson’s house.

BREAKING: Antifa Group Shows Up At Tucker Carlson’s House, Tells Him He’s ‘Not Safe’ (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Fox News President Jay Wallace and Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott have responded to the incident. “The incident that took place at Tucker’s home last night was reprehensible. The violent threats and intimidation tactics toward him and his family are completely unacceptable. We as a nation have become far too intolerant of different points of view.

(Amazing how that somehow doesn’t count as a successful #QPrediction in Travis’ fluoridated brain. Why, it barely garners nary a mention on his timeline).

But hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I wonder how Travis feels about his prediction now, in light of this tweet he made over a year ago?

Gonna gloss over your own big miss here, now, Travis? Or maybe, somehow, when you do it, it doesn’t count.

(By the way, I like how you COMPLETELY AVOIDED the massive #QConfirmation today. Surely you’re aware of it, Travis. You spend sOoOOooOooOoOo much time on the boards and immersed in Q world, after all. You couldn’t have missed it).

But seriously, folks, do you see the pattern here?

Not only does Travis not have to hold himself to the standard he deems necessary for others (read: hypocrisy of the highest order) but he gets to inject FEAR FEAR FEAR into the narrative for MONTHS – and he never gets to be held accountable for it.

In fact, NOTHING EVEN REMOTELY RESEMBLING Travis’ bold prediction took place.

Yet he felt justified spouting off at the time, and gets tapped by the like of Bezos’ rag to bloviate about how dangerous people who believe in unfounded ideas are.

That’s because the TRUTH has no bearing on what these people do. They have no interest whatsoever in pursuing the Truth. The #QMovement is, at its most basic and fundamental, a research movement. And has any one of these clowns ever even bothered to try and accurately represent that?

No, they distort facts and inject fear and terrorize the average American with disinfo – because that’s what they’re paid to do.

And the thing is, folks – you can’t actually expect these #MercenaryPropagandists to ever give up; not as long as the rent checks keep coming in and they’re willing to suppress their conscience.

Why, they’re even branching out with their efforts:

Well now, isn’t that interesting? A WHOLE PODCAST dedicated to debunking QAnon!


I’m sure we can expect this to be a totally honest and critical look at the QAnon Phenomenon, right?

Well, let’s look at those names #TapwaterTravis mentioned:

Jared Holt is our #SorosRentBoy; the one who interviewed Travis in that other podcast linked earlier in the article. He also works for Right Wing Watch.

Right Wing Watch is owned by People For the American Way (which is a 501(c)(4) lobbying group… which means it doesn’t have to disclose its donors.

However, People For the American Way is heavily funded by George Soros’ Open Society, which has poured millions into the group since its founding.

Holt’s salary LITERALLY comes directly from #Soros’ pool of money.


You’ll recall that Will Sommer manufactured this distorted screed a few months ago:

QAnon, the Crazy Pro-Trump Conspiracy, Melts Down Over OIG Report

A man armed with a rifle and a handgun drove an armored truck to the Hoover Dam last Friday and started blocking traffic. He brought a homemade sign with him that said, “Release the OIG report.” Except the report was already out.

And as it says in his profile, he writes for The Daily Beast. Just yesterday, he produced this mess:

Conspiracists Blame California Fires on Airborne Laser Guns

Some corners of the right-wing internet are already cooking up a grand conspiracy theory to explain the fires in California: airborne laser attacks meant to clear the way for high-speed rail. Videos promoting the conspiracy theory have earned hundreds of thousands of views on sites including YouTube and Twitter since the fires started.

And like the #90LbDweeb before him, Sommer dishonestly takes one random post online, claims its representative of the larger community, and uses it as a means to discredit the entire movement.

Really, Will, anyone who isn’t lobotomized across 4 intersecting planes knows the DEW posts have been shill slides. Heck, even the GUY YOU QUOTED said he was just memeing – a fact you quickly mention in one line at the VERY END of the article, after presenting the whole thing as though he was being serious.

Yeah, Will is a grade-A-A-hole. Just take a moment to peruse his “curriculum vitae:”

Beyond that, it should come as no surprise to anyone here that The Daily Beast is owned by IAC, and the Chelsea Clinton sits on the board of IAC.

Another #SorosRentBoy – this one works directly for

You might even call him the “Chief Propagandist” for Soros, considering his role there:

God, I swear I have more testosterone flowing through my veins than all FIVE of these #MercenaryPropagandists put together. Look at what a bunch of weak, little liars we have here. The deserve a name, I think.

How about the #MildBunch!

And all that’s to say that THESE are the #Soysapiens they’re sending after you, in order to terrorize, demonize, and demoralize you. THESE are the laughstock #Estronauts who they’re sending to intellectually intimidate you.

It’s laughable. It’s an utterly laughable tactic.

But the only way it ends is if YOU stand up and call out their hypocrisy and their lies and distortions.

Remember that #RighteousAnger I was talking about?

Yeah, get yourself some.

Then channel, direct, and focus it.

Why I’m STILL the only major pro-QAnon guy calling these reprehensible  con artists out is beyond me. It’s time for YOU all to step up. And yeah, I’m including the other BIG pro-Q names out there. Whatever medium you work in – be it text, on forums, through video or podcast – it’s time to start speaking out against these deceivers.

It’s not enough to just stick with trying to decipher Q and hoping the Military and Trump will just magically solve everything. It’s time to start going on the offensive in the war of ideas.

It’s time to start calling out the hypocrisy and double-standards on social media. These jackbooted crackerjacks think they enjoy a nice little bubble on social media – and especially on Twitter.

POP THAT BUBBLE and disabuse them of any and all illusions.

Hold them to a standard; use their own words against them – because they certainly aren’t going to hold themselves to any standard. No, no tactic is too low for them!

They are NOT the majority.

They never were.

And when this is all over, they will bend the knee.

Or they’ll never be able to find dignified work ever again, because EVERYONE in the country will know of their stupidity and their treachery.

So to answer my earlier question… Do you believe we can win?

Oh my friends, I believe we can do so much more than win.

I believe we ARE already winning, and we will send anyone who attempts to oppose us running for the hills with the tail tucked between their legs.


Can you believe all that was just the wind-up?

I’ve still gotta do the #NEWQ posts from earlier in the week!

And to do that, I’ve got to go back to 11.11 – the day of great anticipation.

First post of the day was an explainer post. You’ll recall that Trump wasn’t able to show up at a particular Armistice Day celebration in France, and that it was blamed on the weather grounding his helicopter.

Yeah, nah. It was an assassination threat he was dodging.

And this was the post that Q had been hyping for the longest time. Sessions stepped down. Whitaker took his place, and now, as a placeholder, it was his turn to act.

There was also some speculation that the [L] here referred to this maneuver by Air Force One, upon returning from overseas:

Anons noticed it flew right over the crash site of Trump’s #Arkancide’d friend, JFK Jr.

Either way, whether this was the L reference or not, this was certainly a terrifying signal to #TheCabal.

In all honesty, I don’t believe any Anons actually found any specific answers to Q’s specific questions here, regarding blank ballots. But I think Q’s larger point is clear: there’s massive, ongoing election fraud, and they can prove it.

#Bezos and his #MercenaryPropagandists would prefer you to think otherwise:

Without evidence, Trump and Sessions warn of voter fraud in Tuesday’s elections

November 5 President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday issued strong warnings about the threat of voter fraud in Tuesday’s elections, echoing the president’s baseless claims that massive voter fraud marred his 2016 election and prompting accusations that his administration is trying to intimidate voters.

In the meantime, however, after a protracted week of recounts and electoral nonsense, both Gillum and Abrams were forced to concede their respective elections – so there’s been some good news on that front. We don’t need more radical communists running states like Florida and Georgia.

You know, I feel like anything I could add here would just be trite. So I’ll leave you with Q’s words for this post.

And after this, came the indictments:

Now, this was a lot. We all know there are an absolute ton of sealed indictments right now, but to see Q now naming some of them, and what they covered…

Well, the consensus on this seemed to be that Q was having Whitaker (the placeholder) start the unsealing process.

Now, I’m no legal expert but I’m not sure we’ll see any real “evidence” of this having taken place until AFTER some high profile arrests take place. (After all, there’s a reason these indictments are sealed in the first place: to prevent runners).

But even the normies are starting to sit up and take notice that something different is going on:


The DC docket shows dozens of sealed criminal indictments. Are they from Mueller?

More than three dozen sealed criminal indictments have been added to the federal court docket in Washington, D.C. since the start of 2018. Add Russia Investigation as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Russia Investigation news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

Q heavily signalling here that Trey Gowdy will take over as AG…

But, in all fairness, Q’s been talking about that for while now.

Yeah, I’m gonna mark this down as one of the biggest #QProofs on the planet if this actually goes down.

And it’s gonna get a big, fat #QPredictedThis hashtag in the title, too!

Then can more orders for Whitaker.

I really want to see the fully unredacted OIG report soon.

Dems didn’t have a #BlueWave. They had a #CrimeWave instead, when they stole some seats.

Don’t worry, I believe Trump and the DHS allowed them to make the moves they made in order to bring them all to justice – and then turn around and use it as a basis for passing a #VoterID law. There’s been a lot of talk about this all across the boards for some time now, and I’ve thrown a couple great threads up on Gab – but with Trump’s twitter post today, I have more reason than ever to believe this to be the case.

More on that in a moment.


You better believe we’re the biggest threat to #TheNarrative and #FakeNews.

It’s why I wrote that long diatribe before all this. It’s why I made you aware of not only who these people are, but how they’re coordinating and who they’re financed by.

You want to take back full control from these smug little dirtbags?

You can have it whenever you want. All it takes is a little bit of brains, and a lot of gall.

Why, I may even have to start some kind of podcast myself! Imagine, one random guy with a 90 dollar mic he already had sitting around, taking on the billions poured into the establishment by the likes of Soros! I may have to get a few of you guys on the show, too (If – and that’s a big if – I go down this route!)

Bill Mitchell has long followed all the numbers behind the polling and elections, and tweeted something similar to this post out earlier the same day. And you know what? He was absolutely right!

I can’t wait for the day when Bill #TheEternalBoomer (and I say that with much love) Mitchell gets onboard the #QTrain.

Hey, if I start a podcast, maybe I’ll have to have HIM on!

And then came the last post we saw from Q.

This landed at a time when many were feeling pretty despondent – and the #MercenaryPropagadists wasted no time capitalizing on that.

In fact, #TapwaterTravis had been capitalizing on Q’s “error” for the longest time:

See, #TapwaterTravis had been sowing discord and fear for well over a month at this point. He didn’t want anyone to take a closer look at this. He didn’t want anyone to wait patiently and see what would come of it.

No, he wanted you to dismiss it as “wrong” and leave it in the dust!

But then…

OH, but then!

Then came the tweet:


Not only did Q call the results of the Midterm election over a MONTH in advance, but this shows definitively and undeniably a remarkable level of planning and coordination with #POTUS himself.

I said it before, but it’s not any one proof that has me believing in Q right now. It’s the preponderance of evidence that just keeps stacking up that has me knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that all this is real.

And an earlier version of this tweet even had a missing [h] in it, which was itself a reference to an earlier Q post:

Full Size:

This IS Military planning at its finest, folks. This tells me that, even with the “loss” of the House, this was known and planned for – and not only that – but that everything is proceeding according to #ThePlan.

Rest easy, guys.

Abandon hopelessness and despondency.

Our cause is Righteous, and we are WINNING.

And start channeling some of that #RighteousAnger in the right direction. #TheCabal is terrified of your power and influence, and no amount of #MercenaryPropagandists they throw your way will stop the TRUTH from coming out before all.

They’ll just end up looking more the fool than they already do, and you will be vindicated!

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  1. please Neon do a podcast, there are so many half baked/uninformed / disinfo players on YT, please start one off!!

    • Well you lost me on the holocaust diatribe style link. Those of us who know, knew, or have been related to survivors of the disgusting scourge called holocaust hardly blink at the know it all’s who said it never happened or it was just a blip on the map instead of a big event.

      Yes, it may have been smaller than 6 million.

      Yes, there were MANY others in the camps some who were not Jews.

      However, the concentrated effort to minimize this atrocity makes me wonder if they are yet again preparing for history to repeat itself and creating a dubious attitude toward it so when they do, no one will give credence to the warnings and eyewitnesses.

  2. Neon,

    SD over at Conservative Treehouse has exposed Trey Gowdy as ‘controlled opposition’ time and again. Even calls him ‘Rooster head’.

    And like Issa and Chaffetz, Gowdy’s ‘congressional investigations’ predictably went nowhere, because they were never intended to go anywhere.

    The tactic is time-tested and explained very well by Sundance, and Gowdy is a full partner in the decepticon script.

    So every time I see people touting TREY GOWDY — the MOUTH of the SOUTH and a TRAITOR — to be the next AG or take any other position in the DJT administration, it is very frustrating.

    I don’t know if it’s because people don’t KNOW about Gowdy (i.e., they’ve fallen for his schtick), or what the deal is, but Gowdy is as corrupt as the worst of the RINOs — or he’s part of a reverse ‘long-con’, a white hat who has been masquerading as a black hat within the Deep State, until an opportune moment.

    And that’s a WHOLE LOT less believable than the simplest explanation, that he’s a black hat and always has been.

    • I have long thought Gowdy a tool of the DeepState/GOPe/establishment; all bark and no bite. Just look at Benghazi………… Unless he IS part of a reverse ‘long-con’, he will be terrible choice for AG. Need someone who is NOT, and HAS NOT BEEN, a politician.

      • I’ve been wondering the same thing about Gowdy, but when I see his press conference on Benghazi, it’s hard to believe that a black hat would speak like this. The media, as usual, did not cover it.

    • Conservative Treehouse banned me after I wrote pro-Q comments in response to an anti-Q hit piece by Sundance. I’m genuinely sad about it because I thought they were one of the non-comped ones, but apparently not. I have no strong opinions on Gowdy, but I question everything coming out of Sundance these in light of his recent anti-Q turn.

      • Hi Sadie,

        I thought that I saw your posts over at Wolfmoon’s new website, but when I checked several threads just now searching for your screen name, I couldn’t find you.

        I was banned last week. LOTS of people have been banned recently, mostly long-time members. Nobody knows what’s going on. They even banned SYLVIA AVERY, if you can believe it.

        Sylvia, of all people!

        Many of us have found our way to Wolfmoon’s new WordPress website, which is not hostile toward Q or Anons, as CTH has suddenly become.

        If you haven’t found it yet, here’s the link:

        Everyone is welcome. Lots of familiar ‘faces’, and many new ones too

        • Thank you for the warm welcome, Scott! I had no idea former Treepers were gathered elsewhere and likely wouldn’t have found it without your comment. Much appreciated! I’ll be sure to subscribe.

          • I’ll see you over there. Here at Neon Revolt and over at Wolfmoon’s new website for banned CTH members are two of my daily regulars to check on now.

            Wolfmoon’s website was not actually created for banned CTH members, but at least several of us have met up there.

          • This would not be the first time there was an exodus due to SD’s behavior. I used to write on that blog occasionally, before the Trayvon Martin thing blew the site up. A lot of what had been the community bugged out at that point due to some behind the scenes behavior from that lot. I’ve tried to refrain from talking sh*t about SD and team because they do a lot of good work, but they have some huge blind spots and absolutely refuse to have the humility to recognize them.

            I’m sad to see that this is still a problem.

        • Since last week, my WP account suddenly stopped working only at CTH. They must’ve targeted a group of us who appeared pro-Q based on comments and votes. SMH. Thanks so much for providing the link to Wolfmoon’s site.

          • “Since last week, my WP account suddenly stopped working only at CTH. They must’ve targeted a group of us who appeared pro-Q based on comments and votes. SMH.”

            Yes, they absolutely targeted a bunch of us who defend Q, and nobody knows exactly why or what got into SD, that he would just up and ban so many long-time members.

            I mean, they banned Sylvia Avery… one of the least confrontational members of the entire CTH. So something very strange is going on at CTH right now.


            “Thanks so much for providing the link to Wolfmoon’s site.”

            Glad to ‘find’ you, more and more appear to be finding it, and those of us who have are trying to spread the word. Please alert anyone else if you are able, and look forward to seeing you there (and here)

    • Conservative Treehouse banned me from commenting after I left pro-Q comments in response to Sundance’s recent anti-Q hit piece. I’m genuinely sad about it because I thought they were one of the few non-comp’d websites, but apparently not. I have no strong opinions on Gowdy, but I question everything coming out of Sundance these days in light of his recent anti-Q turn.

  3. Do people really expect team Q to publish their exact plans online for everyone to understand ? if so those people should get some military training then you’ll understand hurry up and wait nothing ever runs according to your expectations but it does happen when the time is right

  4. Love it, Neon, and you are so right. Throw open the windows and yell how mad as hell we are and we’re not going to take it anymore. I do hope you do your interview show, but am amazed and grateful at what you even consider taking on. They have inculcated despair and cynicism in us, such that it’s hard for us to believe anything good can happen and anyone out there can be believed to be good. Especially since WWll they’ve tried to demoralize us. They’ve also weakened us, softened us, so that it’s hard for us to have any resolve, any balls, any stamina for a fight. They try to estrogenize us all. I like your patriotic fighting posters and video clips. I was a Berkeley leftist agnostic and now a believing patriot because you don’t miss your water till your well runs dry. We are fighting those trying to bring an end to the world or turn it into Satan’s fiefdom, nothing less. The stakes couldn’t be higher. I believe we will win because God wishes it so and because what is being attempted cannot happen quickly and because it makes no sense for the Q and Q+ messages to be a LARP and the proofs are abundant. Everything was going their way, so why not just let it run its course? If this doesn’t pan out, Trump and allies lose everything. And the hatred for Trump and Q couldn’t be more visceral. It’s obvious they’re terrified. This is a mass exorcism of deeply-embedded demons. That takes time. But they are howling as they go down. #No Mercy.

  5. I must say that my faith in Q is not altered in any way shape or form by these shills, they only reinforce my belief when they attack Q using the conspiracy label which only proves that Q followers are a real danger and they are scared shitless of the Great Awakening which has worked phenomenally well! Trust the plan 100%

  6. Hi Neon- love your site. I’ve been watching The Man in the High Castle series. What are your thoughts on what it is related to the here and now? Nazis are a big theme now – time travelers and other timelines.the dots keep connecting in my head. Philip K. Dick was certainly shedding light on something.

  7. Can the president issue “secret” pardons”?
    “…the President appears to have the authority to issue a pardon that is not officially made public…the only requirements for a valid pardon are that (1) the President grant it and (2) the recipient accept it….o while the President might issue a “secret” pardon, the recipient would ultimately have to produce the pardon in order to reap its benefits.”
    “secret” pardon.
    Can the President pardon himself?
    Maybe but maybe not if a ” President acts to pardon himself for a criminal offense”

    • I was looking into this yesterday as well when I saw Assange release. I think that they are using him as a stool pigeon to kick off the process. Several commentators on the Q movement mentioned that they thought it was the deep state trying to release this info as a distractions. the whole story is predicated on sloppy cut and paste court filing – not for JA! This is a set up. There is credible evidence tied with Q posts that he has been in US custody since this summer. How can Q team get JA full cooperation? Give him a secret pardon in hand and let him sing!

    • Interesting read although much of it is speculation. As a pardon is a command to the executive branch to not take action against a person, acceptance on the part of the person being pardoned seems pointless much less required.
      A self-pardon seems perfectly legitimate as the President is not acting as a judge. It is an executive action, not a judicial action. If not, one must ask the question “who has the power to question a self-pardon?” Impeachment for issuing a self-pardon does not reverse the pardon.

      • “A self-pardon seems perfectly legitimate as the President is not acting as a judge. It is an executive action, not a judicial action.”

        But the president is not above the Law.

        Suppose the president murders someone, right there in the Oval Office.

        He can’t pardon himself for murder. It is and would be a grotesque perversion of the Law, the letter of the Law AND the spirit of the Law.

        The president is not an emperor, he is not a king, and he is not God.

        And if a president can ‘self-pardon’, it amounts to nothing more or less than a LICENSE to commit whatever crime he pleases, as often as he pleases, throughout his presidency — as Hussein did.

        It would be, in fact, a LICENSE to violate his OATH of office and his Constitutional obligations.

        And that completely violates both the specific and general intent and spirit and reality of the Constitution which the president is sworn to uphold.

        • Thank you for the thoughtful reply. The “President is not above the law” argument is usually the first place people go when trying to refute the self-pardon theory. I would submit that a self-pardon does not place the President above the law. The constitution deals with the President specifically. The power to pardon is unambiguous. The founders had a chance to include the words “except for himself/herself” and dd not. The impeachment clause states how to deal with a rogue President. That language is also unambiguous.
          As for the oath, I think you trip on your own argument. If a self-pardon is a license to violate the oath, then why have the oath in the first place? We assume the oath has meaning and anyone that took that oath would take it seriously enough to not murder someone in the oval office. Yet you use “Hussein” as an example to support your argument. He took the oath, violated the law yet didn’t need to pardon himself. So much for the spirit of the law. In fact, reading some sort of spirit into the law got us the New Deal and the wreckage that has ensued since then.
          I will take my chances that a self-pardon is the exact remedy for the Mueller investigation which I am sure that most folks on this site agree is an affront to the rule of law and the oath that those federal officers took when they assumed office.

          • “Thank you for the thoughtful reply.”

            You are welcome, it is an interesting subject.


            “The “President is not above the law” argument is usually the first place people go when trying to refute the self-pardon theory.”

            Probably because it seems self-evident.

            It occurs to me that Nixon was pardoned by Ford, Nixon did not pardon himself. I’m sure that has been recognized by many others with regard to this subject, but I don’t know what their explanation might be, or how they reconcile it with the idea that the president can pardon himself.


            “I would submit that a self-pardon does not place the President above the law.”

            But as a practical matter, it does. Knowing he can pardon himself, the president can violate the Law at will, which is 100% contradictory to everything the president is obligated to do by Oath of Office.


            “The constitution deals with the President specifically. The power to pardon is unambiguous. The founders had a chance to include the words “except for himself/herself” and dd not.”

            That is like people, wanting excuse to do as they please, claiming that if the Bible does not specifically say “Thou Shalt Not…”, then it must be okay. That’s bad logic, and while you might be able to convince members of your congregation to buy that theory, the important test of that doctrine is Judgment Day.

            Perhaps the Founding Fathers thought it was self-evident that a criminal could not pardon himself of a crime, otherwise it would be a license to commit crime.


            “The impeachment clause states how to deal with a rogue President. That language is also unambiguous.”

            And as people love to point out, impeachment is a political process, not a criminal process. Crime is a criminal process, and the remedy for crime is prosecution and conviction and punishment.

            A pardon is for a crime, and we’re right back where we started from, that a president cannot pardon himself from a crime, because if he can, then he is above the law and commit crime at will, pardoning himself every day if need be. It makes a mockery of the rule of Law, and no Law (much less the Constitution) is established with the objective of making a mockery of the rule of Law.


            “As for the oath, I think you trip on your own argument. If a self-pardon is a license to violate the oath, then why have the oath in the first place?”

            Cart before the horse. The establishment of the office, and the oath of office, are way before and more important than the powers granted to the office.

            The need for an oath is self-evident, and is not just for the president, but for every public officer. No other public officer (excluding governors) has the power to pardon.

            The conflict is plain: if you can self-pardon, then you can absolve yourself of any crime, ergo no law applies to you, ergo, you are above the law.


            “We assume the oath has meaning and anyone that took that oath would take it seriously enough to not murder someone in the oval office.”

            But the oath does have meaning, no assumption needed. Whether you take the oath seriously or not, the Law does, and if the Law is enforced, people learn very quickly how serious that oath was. Civilians don’t seem to take their oaths seriously at all, because it appears a ‘tradition’ has developed that there is no penalty for violating one’s oath. That ‘tradition’ is basic corruption, pure and simple, and needs to be rectified.

            People in the military take their oaths more seriously as a general matter, because violating your oath in the military has consequences which are not overlooked.

            I only used ‘murder’ as an extreme example to make the point. The Law is the Law and either it applies to everyone equally (equal justice under law), or the bedrock of our Republic is sand.

            The argument is not whether the president takes his oath seriously enough to not murder someone and then pardon himself.

            If the president jaywalks, and a police officer sees him and gives him a ticket, the president ought to pay it.

            Severity of the crime is not the issue. The issue is equal justice under law.

            Either we are all subject to the law, or we don’t have a Republic, we have a monarchy with one Sovereign and the rest of us are subjects.


            “Yet you use “Hussein” as an example to support your argument. He took the oath, violated the law yet didn’t need to pardon himself.”

            We don’t know what all that criminal and traitor did yet, but you can be confident it will shock the conscience when we find out.

            If it turns out he did not pardon himself, I will be shocked. There is no scheme in the book of which that traitor would not attempt avail himself.

            When all of his crimes are revealed, the only penalty suitable will be death. Not only for the severity of the crimes (treason, mass-murder, crimes against humanity, espionage, and that is not even the tip of the iceberg), but to make an example out of him, that no man can expect to do such things and get away with it.


            “So much for the spirit of the law. In fact, reading some sort of spirit into the law got us the New Deal and the wreckage that has ensued since then.”

            Spirit of the Law is a critical concept, and it has nothing to do with the twisting of the Law by Leftists.

            If the Law says thou shalt not murder, you cannot prosecute someone for murder if the death involved was accidental, because that violates the spirit of the Law, which was clearly intended to punish murder, not manslaughter, which is and has always been a lesser offense.

            The result is the same (death), but intent matters in Common Law, which is what our Constitution and our ORIGINAL system of Law is based upon.

            Intent does NOT matter in many of the codes and statutes which HRC violated, and which corrupt Comey tried to excuse by saying he could find not ‘intent’, which was a completely bogus and intentional mangling of the Law. Our civil miscreants CONSENT to those codes and statutes when they accept the office and all the benefits and privileges that go with it.


            “I will take my chances that a self-pardon is the exact remedy for the Mueller investigation which I am sure that most folks on this site agree is an affront to the rule of law and the oath that those federal officers took when they assumed office.”

            I certainly agree that Mueller’s investigation is a complete fraud, worse, it is part of an ongoing attempted coup against the president of the United States.

            But a self-pardon is unnecessary when no crime has been committed.

            Further, if a pardon (of any kind, self or otherwise) is utilized, it comes with the implication of guilt, when no guilt exists. The president is keenly aware of this. To accept a pardon would cast a permanent shadow on his presidency, and will not pardon himself (or accept a pardon from anyone) for a crime he did not commit, because it would be tantamount to admitting to a crime that never happened.

            The way to defeat Mueller is to expose Mueller and the entire coup attempt, which will occur with declassification.

          • It is not clear how this comment thread works. But here goes.
            I found the following:

            This answers the Nixon question quite clearly.

            Now for the rest, does a federal prosecutor have the authority to indict a sitting President? Who runs the executive branch? How can a subordinate exercise power over his superior, constitutionally?
            You covered much ground but your focus was quite narrow. It seems you that you make the argument that the President must adhere to a higher standard than subordinates. Do you suggest that a federal prosecutor in New York can derail the presidency by simply bringing charges? Why have an impeachment clause?

            I did find this part interesting: “If the Law says thou shalt not murder, you cannot prosecute someone for murder if the death involved was accidental, because that violates the spirit of the Law, which was clearly intended to punish murder, not manslaughter, which is and has always been a lesser offense.”.
            The spirit of the law is not violated because we have the law of manslaughter. Further definition was required and we did it.
            It’s getting late and your comment deserves more time than I can give, but I will close with this, the presidency is the most unique job in America. Only one person can carry out those duties. That a federal prosecutor or a “special council” can derail that role is antithetical to the constitution. The self-pardon power is the one antidote to such an abuse of power. Otherwise, what can a President do to fight an unconstitutional usurpation of power? Does he admit guilt by doing so? Does any pardon based on prosecutorial malfeasance constitute an admission of guilt? I don’t think that it does. It appears that you hold the President to a standard that cannot be met, but would allow subordinate (non-constitutional) officers the ability to violate their oath of office to use the law to diminish the power of the presidency. I can never agree to that. I will take my chances on having one bad actor instead of a whole agency (not mentioned in the constitution) of bad actors.
            Be well.

      • “As a pardon is a command to the executive branch to not take action against a person, acceptance on the part of the person being pardoned seems pointless much less required.”

        It may seem odd, but ACCEPTANCE is definitely REQUIRED.

        I read about this a few years ago, there was a case (I don’t recall the specifics, but it may be unique, so shouldn’t be too hard to find) where a pardon was issued, and it was refused.

        The intended recipient of the pardon did not accept, and so he was not pardoned.

        Offer and acceptance, basic contract law.

        I have also seen it as an analogy to a Christian being saved. God offers the pardon (forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ) to everyone, but it is not FORCED on anyone.

        We have to accept the pardon, according to His conditions.

        Some believe doctrines of ‘predestination’ where certain people were chosen to be saved against their own will and nothing they can do will change that, but that is a doctrine of Men and not of God, because it cannot be supported with Scripture.

        Some people freak out at the idea of ‘conditions’ to salvation, claiming it makes ‘salvation’ a ‘work’ instead of by God’s grace. These are all excuses to NOT do what God requires, both by command and by many examples:

        Hear the Gospel (Rom 10:17, John 6:44-45)
        Believe (Hebrews 11:6, John 8:24, Acts 16:31)
        Repent (Luke 13:3, Acts 2:38, Acts 17:30)
        Confess Christ (Matt 10:32-33, Romans 10:9-10)
        Be baptized (Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38-41, Acts 8:12-13, Acts 8:35-38, Acts 10:47-48, Acts 16:14-15, Acts 16:30-34, Acts 18:8, Acts 19:1-7, Acts 22:16)
        Remain faithful (1 Cor 9:27, 2 Peter 2:20-22, Rev 2:10)

        Pray for forgiveness when we sin. We are all sinners, and we all stumble.

        Back to the acceptance of a pardon.

        I believe you will find that it must, necessarily, be accepted. I am not certain, but there most likely is an expiration on the offer of pardon, as well.

        Just as there is with the offer of salvation. That offer expires with our last breath.

        • “I believe you will find that it must, necessarily, be accepted. I am not certain, but there most likely is an expiration on the offer of pardon, as well.”

          It appears that you refer to US v. Wilson.

          “The decision was that if the prisoner does not accept the pardon, it is not in effect: “A pardon is a deed, to the validity of which delivery is essential, and delivery is not complete without acceptance. It may then be rejected by the person to whom it is tendered; and if it is rejected, we have discovered no power in this court to force it upon him.”[2]

          The fate of Wilson is unknown.[3]”

          What a wonderful case to discuss. We have a court deciding that denying a gift means that the gift was never given. What a fine example of a court overstepping it’s bounds. The pardon power power is absolute. Where does a court or a judge find the power to impose itself on such a matter? I await the text that justifies this action.

          • “What a wonderful case to discuss.”



            “We have a court deciding that denying a gift means that the gift was never given.”

            It seemed like basic contract Law to me. Offer and acceptance. It happens all the time, all day long, in everything we do. It’s such an integral part of daily life that it’s entirely subconscious most of the time, except when it is formalized on paper for more important (usually monetarily, but not always) transactions.

            The analogy to Christ’s offer of salvation is to the point.

            Another analogy making the same point is Oprah giving away a free car to everyone in her audience (which, apparently, she actually did at the end of one show).

            Every person in the audience was ‘given’ a brand new car.

            But not without conditions.

            First, the offer had to be formally accepted, and the conditions would include:

            1) paying the taxes on the gift

            2) accepting and signing the Certificate of Title, which comes with its own conditions, like proof of financial responsibility (insurance or bond)

            Oprah can’t just drop the car off at your house, you have to accept the offer and then take lawful possession of the car.

            It’s a “free gift” (as is the free gift of salvation), but you still have to accept of your own free will and meet the conditions necessary to take possession.

            Why would a ‘pardon’ be any different?

            Do you not have a say in the matter?

            Can it be forced upon you?

            What if the thing you did (which led to the ‘pardon’) was ‘just and righteous’ in your eyes, and the ‘pardon’ would negate your free will action?

            Utlimately, all of these analogies and observations come down to this:

            Offer and Acceptance.

            It is not a one-party transaction.

            Both parties must consent, or the intended recipient is powerless, a prop, an automaton, without free will, and that leads to other problems, such as whether someone without free (or mental competence) will can lawfully contract at all.


            “What a fine example of a court overstepping it’s bounds.”

            I disagree, it is a fundamental principle of contract law, ‘offer and acceptance’. It’s foundational not only to commerce, but to almost everything we do that involves the ‘consent’ of someone else.


            “The pardon power power is absolute.”

            The power may be absolute, but without willful ‘consent’ or ‘acceptance’, the recipient is just a stage prop, just clay on the Potter’s wheel, with no say in his destiny.

            If Christ’s offer of ‘pardon’ was not conditional upon acceptance, then EVERYONE is necessarily saved, regardless of their sin, or repentance, or whether they even obey the Gospel and become a Christian.

            There are a lot of ‘liberal’ (i.e., apostate) churches today, but I don’t think many are so far gone that they teach EVERYONE is saved, no matter what…


            “Where does a court or a judge find the power to impose itself on such a matter? I await the text that justifies this action.”

            I don’t see how the Court imposed itself in this case, but rather recognized the inviolate nature of free will and basic contract law (offer and acceptance).

            Imagine for a moment if ‘acceptance’ was not required in response to an ‘offer’.

            Suppose your house is up for sale, and you are asking $500,000.

            I offer you $100.

            Do you have to accept my offer?

            Because if you do, that’s really good news for me… until Joe or Tom or Jenny or Dave or Jesse or anybody else turns around and does the same thing to me.

            Everything is contract.

            Contract, of necessity, requires ‘offer’ and ‘acceptance’, and in order for the contract to be valid, it must be willful, without duress, and done by someone who is of lawful age and mentally competent.


            I realize your position is being argued from the standpoint of justifying DJT’s ability to pardon himself. I am a huge DJT supporter, but that doesn’t change reality of basic ‘offer and acceptance’ of contract law.

            And to pardon himself would be SEEN and PORTRAYED as an admission of guilt (even though he broke no law), and that is not someone like DJT is going to play this hand.

            He is innocent, and an innocent man requires no pardon.

            In fact, those who sought to falsely accuse him, according to the Old Testament standard, ought to suffer the fate they attempted to cause their intended victim.

            “If a false witness rise up against any man to testify against him that which is wrong; [17] Then both the men, between whom the controversy is, shall stand before the LORD, before the priests and the judges, which shall be in those days; [18] And the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and hath testified falsely against his brother; [19] Then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shalt thou put the evil away from among you.” (Deuteronomy 19:16-19, KJV)

            I am not suggesting that we live under the Old Testament Law today, we do not.

            But the foundational reasoning and logic underpinning Common Law (which is what our Constitution and our entire legal system was designed and intended to be), is nearly if not completely sourced in Biblical principles of equity, justice, fairness, due process, making one who suffers unjustly whole, etc.

            All of that reduces to free will, personal responsibility, and the capacity to contract.

            Contract is offer AND acceptance.

            Do you see?

          • “Trump pardoned Jack Johnson. Of course he is dead and cannot refuse the pardon. What does that mean?”

            It means nothing in practical matters, certainly not to the object of the pardon, Jack Johnson. He is gone from this world.

            But symbolically, it means a great deal to his family and to the cause of Justice, and for posterity, to ‘right’ an historic ‘wrong’.

            That is the ‘human’ response to your question.

            ‘Wrongs’ happen to people all the time, every day, all over the world, including to you and me. The difference is that the wrong committed against Jack Johnson was of a high enough profile that it remained in the ‘public eye’ (through the efforts of his family and supporters) long enough for a sympathetic president to ‘hear their case’ and do whatever was in his power to make it ‘right’.

            Something which, let the record show, the Hussein did not do, in eight years.

            He could have. But he didn’t care enough to be bothered. He was too busy tearing our country apart.

            The technical response to your question might be along these lines:

            A) Jack Johnson is no longer alive to consent to any proposed ‘pardon’

            B) Jack Johnson cannot benefit from, nor be harmed by, any proposed ‘pardon’

            C) there is no ‘offer and acceptance’ possible in this scenario

            D) however, the ‘family’ OR designated ‘power of attorney’ (or similar) COULD certainly ‘accept’ the offer of ‘pardon’ ON BEHALF OF Jack Johnson.

            And this, I suspect, is what in fact occurred.

            Someone had to ‘sign’ for it. Someone had to ‘accept’ it.

            Does that make sense?

          • Again, thanks for taking the time to respond. Please do not mistake the brevity of my response as dismissive of the time and effort you used in making your comment. I just don’t believe that a pardon is a contract with the person pardoned. The President is commanding the executive branch to cease and desist all activity or to undue all activity against a citizen.
            As much as I respect contract law, I don’t think it applies in this situation.

    • That would really suck if Obama pardoned a bunch these criminals. That would force Qteam to either expose Obama as foreign born to invalidate the pardons (which Q has already said they would not do because of the chaos it would cause), or let these people slide because that’s the law. They were pardoned. Maybe those are the ones that Q was talking about who “would not be able to walk the streets”. They would still be free to do so, but would perhaps not feel very safe while in public.

  8. Neon, I appreciate your optimism during this time of apparent inaction. The criminals remain smug, and in many cases double down. I wish I could share your optimism and enthusiasm, but as an old, jaded, citizen, decorated with many battle scars, I will keep my weapons clean and ready, and will cover you in case your optimism doesn’t work out.

  9. I feel the same way. I fight so hard to stay encouraged and think, what’s the alternative? So I find myself remembering ancient text, scripture Psalm 118:8 “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.” I always heard that man will always disappoint or hurt you. I am sure we all could share stories of disappointment and hurt by those we thought had our backs or those we loved. And so, as I journey along in this current timeline of “reality,” I too feel the disappointment of where we are as a country or a movement around the world and then I turn to God. That’s where my hope and trust is. And you may not believe in God and that’s ok. I am just sharing my experience in hope of giving someone out there “hope.” Cause if we lose hope the enemy wins. So I go to scripture to edify myself and remember what has God done for me in the past and that helps me go on. All I can do is Trust God and not “The Plan,” because “The Plan,” is mans plan for Humanity. While I do agree with this “Plan” it still has brought me to this point of frustration, where I think many of us might be. So I have a plan of my own that I will do the best that I can do to love and care for my family, my neighbors, my community. To be the “Salt & Light” to those who are down, to help when I can, and encourage those who feel lost. I think it is there where our power lies. I have been unplugging from all the chaos, news and alt media only taking it in doses because I feel it is a distraction. I have been spending more time in silence and it is there where I find my peace and at times wisdom and clarity to navigate these stormy waters we are sailing on. That is also my prayer. I pray for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and clarity daily. I hope no one gets offended by this post. I’m not trying to convert anyone. I am just sharing what helps me through these uncertain times and can only hope that in my sharing it may give someone a little hope. Peace.

    • That makes perfect sense and fie on anyone who would be offended by it. I still watch the “alt news” proceedings, but I’m glad you wrote this because I also rely strongly on prayer. I hope that even those not mentioning prayer (like I) are engaging in it because we need God’s help in this and, even if you don’t believe, as Trump said to black voters, “What have you got to lose?”

  10. Some things have to be believed to be seen.
    “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1).
    Yes, we are at war, and some of us have been at war for over thirty years with the things that are only now manifesting on a national/global scale. You want to talk about being a lone voice in the wilderness?
    Remember Michael Ruppert?
    Your work is a blessing to millions Neon.
    Thank You.
    Stay cloaked, stay safe.

    The CCP policy at VOAT is just another form of censorship; why use it at all ?
    Isn’t simple disinterest the best way to punish Travis, et al?

    Last year I re-read Solzhenytsyn , just to get some perspective on the possibilities awaiting U.S. if the Democrats/Bolsheviks came to power. I recommend him to all, especially vol. 1 of the “Gulag Archipelago.”
    As a boy, in the mid 1960’s, I found a copy of “None Dare Call it Treason.” At the time, and for many years thereafter, I dismissed the premise of the book, which is basically one of the “enemy at the front door”, but over the ensuing years have come to see it as an undeniable treatise on the origins of our current political predicament.
    I will leave you with a quote from Solzhenytsyn:

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn showed us our future, which is already nigh at hand.

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: ‘What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?
    Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!
    If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    Think that it can’t happen here ?
    In June of 1917, they were laughing at Lenin.
    Then came October.

    By the way, until early 2017, I had voted straight-ticket Democrat in every election.
    I do consider my self a conservative Republican, but only in the sense that I wish to conserve our Constitutional Republic. The blow dried idiot fundamentalist politicians, for the most part, are as dispensable, and culpable , as the Democrats. After we get free again, perhaps we can work at eliminating the duopoly that we have allowed to enslave us.
    Thank God for Donald Trump,
    Thanks again Neon.

    • Thanks so much for the Solzhenytsyn quote, as well as referencing “None Dare Call It Treason”. As you probably know, Jordan Peterson recommends Solzhenytsyn a lot and his home is liberally decorated with Soviet propaganda posters. I came upon a remarkable blog, most of whose material I haven’t vetted, from sources claiming that Kissinger was accused of working for Soviet intelligence and CIA’s Cord Meyer’s ex-wife was trying to mind control JFK into supporting a one-world government. As you say, this diabolical unfoldment has been in the works a long time. I was a Berkeley radical who, fortunately, loved researching reality and so I voted for Trump in 2016 and straight Republican in the midterms. CIA whistleblower, Robert David Steele, and liberal ex-Dem rep Cynthia McKinney run a campaign against the two-party system called #Unrig. Steele wanted McKinney as VP on Trump’s ticket and I’d love to see that in 2020. She spoke against Deep State at Red Pill Expo. I’m now a proud supporter of our precious constitutional rights and a believer in God (though I don’t proselytize).

  11. Q. Do you understand that we are at war?
    A. Yes, we are in a Global Spiritual War of Good vs Evil. More practically speaking, we are in a Global War of Freedom vs 2 Evil Agendas.
    1. The Ultra-Totalitarian New World Order
    2. Islamic Jihad and Restoration of the Caliphate Globally
    Both of these scourges against Mankind are intertwined and using each other to advance their respective Agendas with the New world Order Evilists believing Islam will be vanquished and/or absorbed into their Luciferian religion after Islam has fulfilled its purpose in helping to destroy Western Civilization, vanquishing Christianity and Judaism and eliminating both the white and black race and through inter-breeding creating a Uni-Race of people similar looking to the Ancient Egyptians ala Barack Obama.

  12. Influence is not the same as power. Deplorables know this.

    Trump lacks the power to revoke Acosta’s press pass. Trump lacks the power to close the border. Trump lacks the power to build the wall.

    Meanwhile, Soros puts Salvadorian’s on the fence. Looking down, laughing at our troops. The impotence of American armed forces against the invasion does not help project strength in Helmand Provence or the South Pacific.

    None of the ringleaders have been locked up. Not cankles. Not Soros. Not one election thief in Broward.

    Trump seems to be caught easily again and again by their rules. He hasn’t defeated the legislature. Hasn’t defeated the judiciary. Hasn’t defeated Acosta’s media. For “the plan” to work Trump needs more than influence. He needs power. And he’s still disempowered in his executive branch. He hasn’t unleashed a military offensive in this war patriots at home can read about. Not for 2+ years. Imagine that in WWI or WWII. No positive propoganda against the enemy for 2 years? Captain America never would have sold a single war bond! Let alone been published after WWII!

    Respect the enemy. They meme hard too.

    • Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Nov 16: The Military will soon take over the civilian government but that will be a good thing, it is not really a coup. OPUS 99 RAW

    • I share your frustration but then again I retired from Milint in 89 and I can assure you things are going on that you & I have no clue it’s happening until it slaps us up side the head. There are some articles you might like to read on a site called about Trump and some of the things he is doing. Some sound pretty crazy also.

  13. Q. Do you believe we can win?
    A. It is a spiritual Law that Good will always Triumph over Evil but the Devil will use Lies and Deception to convince you otherwise. It’s up to you to look Evil in the face and say. No way, Jose, You Lose.
    Isaiah 54:14 King James Version (KJV)

    In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression; for thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come near thee.

    Ephesians 6:13 King James Version (KJV)

    Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

  14. I went online to watch footage from 11-11 in Paris. I also read Sarah Sanders on Twitter saying Trump arrived separately due to security protocols, and then heard the news announcer say Putin also arrived separately. When Trump arrived I saw something in his eyes, and on the faces of Merkel and Macron, and I thought to myself: “Holy shit these guys have tried to assassinate Trump.” I’m a bit intuitive and have always had the ability to receive information from people’s eyes. I always thought I had a wild imagination about the things that would pop into my head when I looked in someone’s eyes. But I looked on Voat and saw no mention of an assassination attempt. It did not seem to be a topic of discussion. Maybe it was and I missed it? Anyway, reading your article I’m jumping up and down in my head screaming “I was right!”. I’ve noticed the mood change on Voat. I’ve stopped going there as regularly as I used to. I started just checking QMaps and your site. There is a lot of nonsense posts on QRV and hardly any deep insight like what you and others provide. I don’t have time to research for myself, so thank you for your time and effort. I’ll buy your book one day.

  15. Normie here. Following Q since Jan. So here is my issue. I have been out of the military since the 70s. So if I understand correctly ,and that is questionable, I am to believe Military Intelligence and I guess the QAnons are good guys taking on evil billionaires who can hire the best talent in the world for any job. If the good guys do control the NSA that would level the field some but I am afraid only some minions will go down. That will delay them and drive the labor costs up for the evil ones but that is about it. Hope that is incorrect. Tell me what the plan actually is that would be helpful.

  16. Nice work, Neon.

    I hope someone asked Q sooner rather than later about being JFK JR… because he is not.

    His real identity would be even more confounding to people.

    There are UFOS being spotted everyday… increasing all the time… DO YOU UNDERSTAND ITS CONNECTED?

    Research who the Pleiadians are. Connect the dots. They are here now. This is all part of the Great Awakening.

    Q is JFK. JFK is Pleiadian, just as many souls incarnating here are.

    There are many things happening with the liberation of our planet happening in secret. The dark forces are reawl – demons/archons… this the root of the problem. The hidden hand that has played both sides for thousands of years.

  17. Brother Neon, who cares about nobodies like “Travis” or “microchip”? I’ve only ever heard of them because of you constantly writing about them. You waste so many words and so much energy on these meaningless feuds with insignificant people. Frankly, it’s boring.

    As for Q, his connection to President Trump has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt, at least to me and, I think, to anyone who is paying real attention. Q (and therefore President Trump) has told us that patriots are in control, they have it all, and nothing can stop what is coming.

    So true justice and a last chance for our nation will either come, or it won’t. If it doesn’t, then our president was bullshitting us. However my intuition and discernment still tell me that Trump was elected to do good and bring justice. There is nothing to do but wait and see. Meanwhile we cannot abandon hope.

    If it turns out that Q and Trump were frauds deceiving us for some sinister reasons, then welp.. we’re all screwed. Our country will fall to perverted satanic communists, and the world will follow. All of us who outed ourselves as MAGAots can hope for the best cots in our assigned FEMA camps, if we are allowed to live.

    So keeping trusting in Q because at this point we have no other choice.

  18. I hope Q is right, but instead of waiting around for declassifications, indictments, arrest, secret videos, honest elections, unbiased media, stock markets that aren’t manipulated, honest money, etc. I donate to Tom Fitton @ Judicial Watch. Imagine what he could accomplish if all of the Q followers gave him a dollar or two.

  19. Hi Neonrevolt. I always look forward to your research and perspectives. Thank you

    Btw how do you read the comments of the anon 8chan board. The format has changed and I cannot figure it out. Can you help?

  20. I’m even more ‘righteous’ wishing than you. Q an team said some of this horrible stuff is just too horrible.
    I do not care. If I were a 9/11 family member of a deceased….I would want to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If I were a parent of a child killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, I’d want to know the name, address, phone number of ALL those involved with the false flag shooting. I would want to be in that ‘viewing’ room when they inject sodium thiopental to induce unconsciousness, pancuronium bromide (Pavulon) to cause muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest, and potassium chloride to stop the heart….to ALL OF THEM!
    I want that horrible cutting off of the child’s face to be made public!

    But, this will be kept from us. And I do think wrongly so.

  21. I know your jokes about Boomers are in good humor, but consider the idea that many people, like me, were awake twenty or thirty years ago when a lot of the Q followers were in diapers.

    Talk about lonely days. I worked as a reporter and news broadcaster and in 1997 I started noticing the news—as well as politics and policies—took a huge and noticeable turn left. So much so that I’d rewrite news from the wire so as not to sound like I was brainwashing people. I had a woke news director and we were like the dynamic duo, fighting the cabal and progressivism from our little newsroom more than 20 years ago.

    I see a lot of Boomers out there fighting this fight with the tech savy youngsters, and I truly believe we help form a good foundation upon which a lot of this movement rests on: Hannity, Rush, Icke, etc.

    Some of the Boomer truth leaders laid the foundation to question progressivism more than 30 years ago, and that, thankfully, has engaged the 50+ crowd who are a bigger part of this movement than many even realize.

    We bring a lot of wisdom and a strong backbone to the fore.

  22. I was telling someone just yesterday, we are at war. The ppl love Trump, it is only a small noisy minority that hate him. The person that ‘wrote’ TRUMP in huge capitals letters in the first snow at a lib college yesterday, this is how we fight. 🙂 Hillary is not prez and no name is still dead. And we ROCK at memes. This internet war, we got it. We are good at it. Thank you, Neon, excellent reporting!!

  23. 53-47 has been posted twice. The first time was 2 October before Kavanaugh vote and the second time on 13 November after Kavanaugh confirmation.

    Trumps tweet on 16 November also mentioned 53-47 about the final Senate election results. Trumps tweet on 16 November is 45 days from Qs post on 2 October.

    So was the 53-47 Q has posted twice about Kavanaugh confirmation or the Senate election results?

  24. What about the unsealed indictment on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange? I believe he is on the side of good, exposing the evil ones doings, the corruption in our govts. Yet, here is the Trump administration charging him?? Thoughts?

    • Because Trump is a deep state sell out…bankruptcy prone son of a real estate mogul reimagined as self made billionaire….buy a hat trust the plan….2 years of the BS from Trump and the psyop Q…

      • Ed. Yaaaawwwn. You do realise you sound like a parrot, don’t you?
        Trump’s a con Q’s a psyop. Trump’s a con Q’s a psyop Sqwark!!
        You must bore yourself shitless!!
        But thanks for the entertainment. #EddyTheParrot

  25. Thanks Neon. As I think of your article, the results of the election and the Q movement in general, I have been unsure about where a Normie like me fits into this. First, “Trust the Plan.” I don’t know what the plan is except that I do trust that this great evil will be destroyed sometime in the near future. For example, I did not go about telling family and friends that 11/11 will be a significant day and that America will be unified once again nor that President Trump meeting with Putin is signifying some great event. (though I think it does and will). I’ve cried wolf too many times and no one believes me. Nevertheless, there is too much evidence that has proven to me that Q is legit and that President Trump knows what he is doing and will not stop until this evil is destroyed. I originally thought my job as a normie was to “redpill” people and let them know about the movement but that has backfired spectacularly as family and friends just roll their eyes at me when all the failed predictions don’t happen. I’ve learned not to talk about the day to day predictions from Q’s posts as I have no idea what is true and what is not true as far as “the plan” is. I don’t talk about Q with as much fervor as I used to, because I feel my efforts have done more harm than good to the movement where the likes of #TapwaterTravis gain a lot of ammunition. I am not blind to the fact that their combined effort to discredit Q serves as a great Q proof. If Q wasn’t dangerous, they would not bother. Your article helps me to understand why the Q movement is dangerous though I don’t have the tools to fight back like you describe. I copypasta memes and write comments after articles in the press. I still tell people about Q and the mission to defeat this globalist evil. I just warn them that the Q posts are full of disinformation and you don’t know what to believe. I have to go up to the 40,000 foot elevation and get away from the day to day predictions. From 40,000 feet, it is clear to see that incredible progress is being made with the plan. But, when arrests are going to happen, when FISA will be declassified or if it ever will be declassified, whether Mueller and Rosenstein are white hats or black hats, whether Trey Gowdy will be AG or whether he is a deceiver etc. . ., I just don’t get involved in that anymore or at least I don’t tell others about those things anymore as no one knows what is really going on. For example, it seems that a consensus is building that nothing is going to happen until after January 1, 2019 due to the EO changing Military law effective on that date. However, in the back of my mine, I think this is disinfo as well to allow the black hats to think: We’ve go time – when in fact they don’t.

  26. Neon,

    While the following is Yesterday’s News…..

    and as you are out front of the herd on most things…

    Do you have any comments re: the alleged “Operation Hot Musket” that has been buzzing about on the Web? Especially in respect of earlier Q posts re: opening sealed indictments; NG & US Mil; Martial Law may be necessary in certain areas, etc.

    Begin at the 12:00 minute mark:

  27. NR,

    As always, you’re right over the target in terms of your content and topic choice. Thank you for articulating exactly what this movement is all about.

    We are indeed, at war. Yes, we can win!

    I’ve lurked for years, and at times have also been one of the loudest voices for freedom.

    A proud Red_List member

    These #MercenaryPropagandists are undoubtedly part of the massive shill invasion of the chans. Shills post divisive messages, subversive content, gaslight newbies, concernfag it up, and like clock work…Twitter and the blogespher comes alive with postings highlighting these messages.

    For the love of everything we hold dear, continue with your work Neon.

  28. #RighteousAnger is right where I am. Your insightful and articulate words entice me from the brink of despair and hopelessness over the enemies stronghold, back to hope and trusting-the-plan. Much needed today. Thank you!

  29. Hi Neon,

    2 things.

    1) Bill Mitchell has come out in-line with Q on numerous occasions on Twitter. Especially with his #SlowWalker hashtag

    2) Did you catch it? the typo in Trump’s tweet? “… an[d] epic victory: 53 – 47.”

    [d] [H] s?

  30. I too am really tired of reading about the likes of Micro and Rat-tail. Its boring as hell. Why you continually give them exposure is beyond me. Its like you play right into their hands. I also notice you did not even comment on the thumbs-up Putin gave President Trump. How could you miss that? I think it is quite significant. Not one of your better articles to be sure.

  31. Another brilliant analysis NR! Thank You! I was in prayer the other day pacing with despair & anxiety, & I regrefully will admit doubt as well. Yet I heard most strongly & pointedly within my spirit a voice say, “We are at war, a silent war & the greatest war the world has ever known.” We have to stay close to God our Father, Jesus who is the Christ, & The Holy Spirit, & with each other. God Bless & Be with You All Anons!

  32. From the Halls of Montezuma
    To the shores of Tripoli;
    We fight our country’s battles
    In the air, on land, and sea;
    First to fight for right and freedom
    And to keep our honor clean;
    We are proud to claim the title
    Of United States Marine.

    Our flag’s unfurled to every breeze
    From dawn to setting sun;
    We have fought in every clime and place
    Where we could take a gun;
    In the snow of far-off Northern lands
    And in sunny tropic scenes,
    You will find us always on the job
    The United States Marines.

    Here’s health to you and to our Corps
    Which we are proud to serve;
    In many a strife we’ve fought for life
    And never lost our nerve.
    If the Army and the Navy
    Ever look on Heaven’s scenes,
    They will find the streets are guarded
    By United States Marines.

    The Yanks Are Coming…The Yanks Are Coming…

  33. As a long time Patriot and Q follower, I totally enjoyed the past few weeks. The D’s election fraud has been revealed to the world, and it is clear that DHS and FBI have been way out in front of the investigation, and are simply waiting for the Report on election Fraud to come out 45 days after the election. HRC has been ordered to answer questions under oath and important documents concerning Benghazzi and the truth of that treason has become to leak out for both Hussein and Hillary. Of nothing else, they will hand for Benghazzi. And as you said , sealed indictments have begun to be unsealed in DC. All of these are signs to me that the DECLAS is imminent, and events will quickly begin to unfold. Love your articles.

  34. Q stormed into our lives and shook us awake. Now that we are ‘awake’ and want a different way of life, we need to show the world how it’s done. Be the cure! If we want to change this country we need to go out and get married and have LOTS of kids. Homeschool and don’t waste money. Stay off of social media and start reading and playing board games. Keep our family close and pray together. We must teach them American values, traditions and respect for others and their property.
    We have to stop funding Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter. Instead go to church and get involved. Set a good example and practice being happy. This is the way to rebuild the U.S.A. community by community in the same way it was torn down. In 20 years WE can change this country dramatically.

  35. Please don’t give up writing if you do a podcast. I’m tired of quality content moving to podcast that can’t be easily searched and require large chunks of time to consume.

  36. A lot of folks are familiar with the motto of the state of New Hampshire. It’s written right there on their license plates for all to see: “Live Free Or Die”. I couldn’t agree more. I’d rather die fighting than live on my knees. But there’s more to the story, and more to the quote.

    The full quote is from General John Stark, a true Patriot Son of the state of NH, in his younger days a member of the famed Rogers Rangers (yeah, read about them, the original badasses), and a key player in the Revolutionary War viictory in the Battle of Bennington.

    “Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils.”

    I couldn’t agree more with the full quote, and it’s something we, collectively, need to take to heart… Now! If we don’t, we’re screwed.

  37. Nikki Haley under going her intensive AIPAC training… Trump one of the pro Israel/Saudi Arabia anti humanity puzzle pieces…Q moves back the goal posts…big event that never happens….DOJ to prosecute Assange while Trump does nothing.. Assange hero… Trump deep state sell out for Zionists..

  38. Prior to last week, my take on Q was weighted as follows:

    Q IS legit
    Q IS a Larp

    After last week, with illegals jumping fence, no declass and rampant voter fraud, a new term, unwelcome possibility inserted itself.

    Q IS legit
    Q IS an energy sink/psy op
    Q IS a LARP

    For those not familiar with the term ‘energy sink’ an example will suffice. During the Tea party ascension , Dick Armey pocketed a cool 3 million constructing the online community Freedomworks. It exploded in membership and it ended up accomplishing nothing. What it did do was absorb the intensity and energy of a bulk of Tea Partiers and dissipate it.

    For another example, look at the IRS targeting hearings that result3d in no punishment for anyone involved .

    Q IS probably NOT an energy sink but last week it felt like an energy sink.

    Now, if declass does not happen, if the caravan is not repelled, if the blatant voter fraud is not prosecuted “now” then my weighted scale will change to

    Q IS an energy sink/psy op
    Q IS legit
    Q IS a LARP.

    I pray Q IS legit

    • If Q is an Energy Sink for anons and patriots, then we need to consider whether Q might be passive-aggressive because passive-aggressive persons become energy sinks for those with whom they have relationships. Oh wow, and Oh no! It’s too easy to build half a case: Q says negative gossipy things about the Deep State, e.g. you would not believe how sick; Q uses hostile humor, e.g. trolling is fun; Arguably, Q uses the silent treatment, although also arguably, the motive has another explanation; Q manipulates with disinformation, this is admitted; Q targets a Patriot’s soft spot: Justice, this is also a given and is vintage passive-aggression; Q intentionally withholds information, again the motive has another rational explanation, but no denying that information is being controlled; Q derives pleasure in frustrating the enemy, even to the point of causing pain, another vintage example of passive-aggression.
      This is horrible! It is like fitting three fingers of OJ Simpson’s glove! But two digits that do not fit: Q has never played the victimhood card; Q has not become disgusted and walked away, whereas any ‘normal passive aggressive’ would when faced with this degree of opposition. Rather, Q says fight,fight, fight, and never, ever give up.

      So, Timothy, in conclusion it seems that Q is All of the Above. Q was designed to be a psyop, Q is part-LARP toying with the DS, and at times, is an Energy Sink to Patriots. But as long as I can believe Q is motivated by Good and opposes Evil, Q will be legit. A totally legit psyop with a healthy sense of schadenfreude.

  39. Presidential Executive Order on the Establishment of Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity
    Issued on: May 11, 2017

    Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election
    Issued on: September 12, 2018
    I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with this threat.

  40. We the people of Q…NEED one person that HE called out to be ARRESTED and charged,,,,then maybe believing is a better option than waiting …ONE…imo

  41. Do you understand that we are at war?
    I do. But politics & social media did not reveal it to me. This might be too borderline-mystic for some think-logically people to accept, but I learned there was a war when I saw feminist-control entities at CPS. Children’s Protective Services is a misnomer; the agencies are infested with the demonic. Of course, twenty years ago there was little desire and no evidence of any plan to raise up a standard against them. I have since learned that there are many battlefields in this war; it is global, but that was the one I recognized first.

    Do you believe we can win?
    Not alone. It is a spiritual war; triumph is in the heart of God. With Him it will be won. And Neon is right about this: using their own words against them is a formidable weapon. I could argue that in God’s eyes, hypocrisy can be worse than murder.

    These people know what is coming for them. Maybe a few do; they are the quiet ones. I think most are unnerved, but believe their lawyers have a handle on it.
    Hillary is another story. She has no concept. When Mr. Trump said, “Because you’d be in jail,” during the debate, she had no idea that was a promise made to be kept. I’m certain she thought it had no more real meaning than her own campaign promises.

    • Q has exposed levels of evil that we couldn’t even imagine. Of course, God is on the side of reining it in. I think we are seeing what happened in OT Israel when a good king came on board, not everyone was going to be happy about it.

      Hillary has lied and done so much, you wonder how she can still show her face. She is so used to getting away with everything. It will totally boggle her mind if she is convicted.

  42. Today, 11/17, is Day 666 of President Trump’s Presidency. 11/11 was Day 660. In hindsight, we probably should have expected this to be a rough week.

  43. We have been awaiting a “BOOM” for so long now that it is hard to continue. I was much calmer and less agitated when Q stopped posting for 20+days. Should you consider a podcast, why don’t you attend as a guest on Dustin Nemos, Dauntless Dialogue, We the People, to see how it goes and then pursue it. It is a big commitment, but would love to hear from you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  44. The thing that keeps me trusting is knowing that Q’s posts are for two reasons – to encourage, let us know what they’re able to, build patriotism, etc. AND to use as another tool to keep the Deep State in confusion so they can flush out more and continue their plan. We forget what Q warned about how the “world” is watching and naturally they can’t give out their plans and “disinfo” is necessary.
    For example one that really got everyone all excited was the one “are you ready for arrests?!” as if it would finally happen right away. No, it didn’t but it served the necessary purpose to make the DS make more panicky stupid moves bc they can’t afford to take any chances – which helps Q. I’m sure they don’t like doing that either but it’s just necessary.
    Re SD at Conservative Treehouse – beware. I used to blog there regularly back before Pres. Trump ran bc I thought he was so great at his knowledge of all the secret “workings” in DC and Deep State. I was always respectful, etc. but he banned me too for just stating facts he obviously didn’t like. I noticed he was doing that to many others as well. Common complaint. Never could figure it out. So don’t trust everything he says. He was proven wrong back then sometimes and he never takes that well. An enigma.
    Re how these lefties will finally realize we were right, etc. Realistically, don’t expect all of them to react in “normal” ways. They’re all psychopathic to some degree and aren’t “wired” normal. Don’t think they’ll ever admit it to themselves or if they’re even capable. We’ve seen how Hillary & crew act – they’ll probably be defiant, argumentative & arrogant to the end with no remorse. McCain seemed to be. However, I’m sure some are indeed very scared and panicked. It doesn’t matter. Yes, we know we are right in our righteous anger no matter how they react.
    Yes, I continue to “trust the plan” and even hopeful about JFK Jr. being alive. Dark to light………

  45. To be fair Neon, Jordan Sather is constantly being challenged out by anti-Q bunch Clif High and Joe from the Carolinas among others, and he has no problems calling them out on their bullshit on Twitter.

  46. What is weird is that while it feels and looks like we are losing, the FISA wasn’t declassified and the OIG report is going to be a bust, illegal immigration is at record highs, the election fraud, no one is doing the perp walk, everything just generally sucks.

    The other side of the coin is that the military is finally securing the border much more effectively than any wall could, Trumps China trade policy is crushing China, the big statist companies like Google, Facebook and the big tech companies, while simultaneously boosting our economy. Those are two monumental and transformative accomplishments, solid wins that can’t be denied.

    What isn’t going to happen is huge numbers of arrests and a general draining of the swamp. The government simply isn’t going to Decimate itself instead it simply intends to wait Trump out. Sitting around sipping coffee and watching porn all day is what they are good at anyway.

    What is going to happen is that Trump is going to veto the next Budget and shut down the government and he is going to blame the Democrats. Trump will then use the government shut down to transform it, the Department and job losses will be real, not the usual paid vacations of the past. The Democrats will rue the day they took control of the purse strings and painted a target on their backs.

  47. If you want to take back full control of your life, develop a critical eye instead of being a Q sycophant hawking Q Ball Caps and T-Shirts.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hawk my own books and I enjoy your analysis of the Q Posts. I’ve been in the Q game for over a year now, and you bring some good insights to the Q Posts to the table.

    I’ve been in this game since 1989, and like I tell all ANONS, welcome to the fight.

    Here’s my resume:

    Q is definitely Trump and it is definitely a PYSOP.

    An ANON wrote this:

    I find myself embarrassed for predictions and explanations I have offered to friends and family.

    What nefarious ulterior motives am I assisting?

    Have I wasted a very good chunk of the past year of my life?

    My observations:

    Yes, The Plan is to destroy our credibility.

    Forgive yourself, we were probably duped.

    No, you are simply an adult trying to make sense out of the political system that rules over you. Congratulations on being an engaged citizen and forming your own strategy and opinions outside the norm.

    But you have to wake up to people with nefarious motives. In today’s world, who the fuck would blindly trust some asshole who simply says. “Trust the plan”? This was the first major Q Red Flag for me. I always thought he was making that case to the wrong crowd.

    Set your benchmarks and draw your line in the sand. Hold Q’s feet to the fire. Think Desert One.

    November 11, 2018 was a fail, and my last line in the sand is November 22, 2018. I hope for the best, but know the world too well.

    Go to that Website and find out why Q might be the most dangerous PYSOP in history.

    • Thank you GA.. When you use critical thinking and challenge the Q psyop you are called a shill, traitor etc. Trump is the bankruptcy prone son of a real estate mogul who has been reimagined as a self made billionaire…. Trump is in on the Q psyop…The indictments,the declassified FISA documents,trust the plan, cheerleader leadership, stealth Sessions,lock her up…Q keeps moving the goal posts…2 years of nonsense….. Trump no longer deserves support.. He is owned by the same people who he blames…It was all the selling of a dream…There are many who benefit financially from the Q charade.. buy a hat…

  48. @Sadie Slays wrote: “Conservative Treehouse banned me after I wrote pro-Q comments in response to an anti-Q hit piece by Sundance. I’m genuinely sad about it because I thought they were one of the non-comped ones, but apparently not.”

    I used to post at CTH but was banned (I guess) during the flap over Milo for saying that his comments were not helping the conservative cause. My comments were removed. I politely emailed three times asking my status, but got no reply. But even before that, I saw others’ comments being removed for no apparent reason. One was an ophthalmologist who respectfully wrote facts that contradicted a far-fetched theory Sundance had posted about Hillary’s wandering eye movements during the campaign. After a few hours, his comments disappeared.

    At that site, I get tired of people bowing at the altar of Sundance. Some people there are threatened at any alternative views and seem to wither if anyone disagrees with SD or proves him wrong on a particular point. And, in my opinion, that attitude is fostered by those who run the site (SD and the moderators or whatever they’re called there). The removal of posts and banishment of good, conservative posters who have some alternative views seems reactionary.

    In contrast, people justifiably praise Neon and look forward to his insights, but Neon doesn’t put himself on a pedestal.

    SD does good research and sometimes presents thoughtful commentary that is unique, but my impression is that there is an overriding desire to be “the” one who finds the nugget or comes up with a unique theory or scoop. The problem is that no one can top being inside the President’s inner circle, as Q is. I can’t speak to anyone’s motives, but it seems that some are threatened by Q or afraid Q will detract from their own enterprises. (That is the impression I’ve had of Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi, and I know there are others.)

    And a pet peeve I’ll get off my chest since I can’t post it over there: SD needs to understand the proper use of semicolons. They are not interchangeable with commas. There, I said it, LOL.

    Bottom line, in my opinion: There are some good insights at TCH, but take things with a grain of salt. SD is not a soothsayer, but he fosters a site full of people who hang on his every word. And some of his arguments against Q are not even factual. That is the biggest red flag for me. If you’re going to present an argument, do the necessary research and present it accurately, not prejudicially.

    scott467: Thank you for the link to Wolfman’s site.
    Neon: Thank you for all you do. I look forward to your articles.

    • Leland, I guess you don’t want anybody raining on your delusion. You sound like the Left, BAN anything that bursts your little bubble and makes you think.

      Some of us are flying over your head everyday protecting your ass and making America better every minute of the day. You don’t have the right to judge anybody’s patriotism.

      • Thank you GA …Leland and others reveal the limits of their political,social conciousness and ultimately their lives.They lack true insight into why they are guilty of the same things they accuse their so called opponents of doing…They have been duped by the Psyop Q and the bankruptcy prone son of a real estate mogul who is reimagined as a self made billionaire…As you have pointed out the trust the plan ruse is a major red flag…their argument is built on attacking others and denying the half baked, broken promises of Trump and Q.. Because buying a hat and burying your head in the sand does not make you a Patriot….

      • Thank you Margaret…It appears your organic table could use a big helping of insight… Perhaps your digestive system is clogged up with the half baked promises of Trump and the Psyop Q…eating healthy does not guarantee an open mind… Critical thinking,the best meal Maggie..

  49. G.A. Stewart…u attempt to sound patriotic & perhaps u r, but as someone who NeonRevolt has banned in the past….Ultimately I was addressing NeonRevolt & giving him a suggestion to control Ed idiotic posts more like NeonRevolt used to do to me☻

    PS I notice u haven’t mentioned antthing from my posted links….Perhaps u don’t understand certain censored history very well?

    “Saving Israel for LAST!” #916

    • Leland you are guilty of the same things you claim your opponents do…GA has offered insight..You try to disparage GA by pointing out bans.. You and other board fascists should read the Constitution..Try not to be anchored to the past…Q duped many people,Trump did not deliver.. Time to move on from Q and Trump…

    • As you know, LeLand, I judge anyone that I want. The ones who whine about being potentially banned for asshat behavior are never missed. They also tend to distract decent discussion.
      I say, LeLand is right.

      • Katzenbootz decides what is decent discussion..Heil Katzenbootz…how about the unredacted FISA documents, declassify,Huber,the 60,000 documents?Are they decent for discussion?Katz you and many others are anchored to the past..Q duped many people for 2 years.. Trump kept the charade going and many of his initial supporters stayed away from the midterm elections because Trump let them down… Trump is finished…lost the House… only thing left for Trump is Twitter and rallies….. Trump is a bankruptcy prone son of a real estate mogul who is reimagined as a self made billionaire..Let that sink in… Declassify anyone?

    • Dude, I’m in the game for real. 43 years worth. You’re just a talker.

      Anybody that steps on someone else’s opinion by not allowing them to speak or share their viewpoint is in it only for their ego.

  50. Can’t wait for the 53-47 to become official and we can throw it in the faces of the damned. We need some FISA reports to start coming out and cause the blood to drain from their stupid minion faces. We need to keep lists of all these people trying to sabotage the QAnon movement so we can come get them while they dream of sugar daddy’s dancing in their heads. Think that 63,220 sealed indictments doesn’t have any of their names on them? They only wish.

  51. I just scroll past Ed, and ignore his mercenary propaganda. Whether or not Q is real or a larp, isnt as important as what Q caused to happen..the anons leaped into research. They united in their search for truth and exposing evil. We red pilled ourselves. We may not have all of the details, but we are awake. Ed’s multiple comments on each Neon post is just more confirmation. The “Q Conspiracy” attacks across all media, is just confirmation. So what will happen if Q is a larp? We still know that evil needs to be vanquished! Are there enough of us to take matters into our own hands? Can we unite and bear arms, march to DC and drag these traitors into the streets? Maybe that is what it will take. I pray that the righteous will prevail. I pray for the day the arrests and trials happen. But I also think we need to consider what will we do if the plan is SNAFU’d.

  52. After 2 years of Trump we are still in Syria and Hillary is still walking free… Trump orders tomahawk missiles at Syria to placate his handlers the Wahhabists in the Saudi Kingdom and the Zionists in Israel…Trump Zionist shill Bolton deflects by blaming Iran… American tax dollars for the 2 countries that have the worst human rights violations… Trust the plan? Not that plan…

  53. The Justice Department, which will charge Assange,is part of the Executive Branch of the federal government.Trump is in charge of the federal government.Trump is not going to make America great again.He is a traitor like those who preceded him.

  54. The killing of men en masse in the field stops, but the war rages on. And does not stop . And hasn’t stopped , certainly not since WW1… that was my take away from Armistice Day. We Are At WAR.

  55. If Julian Assange rots away in that embassy or is extradited and sentenced here, would you still trust the plan? If Nikki Haley ran as Trump’s VP in 2020 would you still trust the plan? What would it take? I used to believe… I guess 2018 still has a chance to be glorious but if it doesn’t end with a bang, I’m done.

    • Exactly…Why did Trump say Snowden should be executed?Assange exposed Clinton,Podesta and a lot of corruption….We supported Trump and the lack of following through on Trump’s part,along with the Q misinformation says everything… Just a blatant sell out…

    • Nikki Haley is undergoing her intensive AIPAC training… Trump says Saudi Arabia is a good ally… Trump is deep state.. compromised and an errand boy for Netanyahu…already moved the embassy for Bibi..Americans do not get their interests taken care of…but Israelis do…

  56. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the naysayers are right: That Q anon is a LARP that Donald Trump and military intel concocted to basically fool the base and to discredit them.


    What does this mean logically? It would mean that both Donald Trump and Robert Mueller work for the same people. If they both work for the same people, then why is one employee of the Cabal attacking another employee of the Cabal? What is the point of this exercise?

    Sure, one can argue that this is all just Cabal theater designed to fool the public and to keep it occupied while Cabal business does what it does behind the scenes out of the prying eyes of the general public. Surely, there could be other more subtle ways of conducting business? Seems like overkill, doesn’t it?

    The biggest problem that the naysayers have, however, is this: if Trump is truly turned and compromised, and is now merely playing a role for his new masters, then how exactly did he manage to negotiate himself into a deal like that? What exactly is he being offered to play this new role? More importantly, how does he know the Cabal will keep its end of the bargain once it gets everything from Donald Trump?

    After all, whether Trump is actually fighting the Cabal or is merely pretending to fight it, the counter-strategy for the Cabal is still the same: to utterly destroy Donald Trump, both as a demonstration of its own power and as a lesson to those who would challenge it. What possible deal, then, could Trump negotiate for himself that would signal a willingness to do Cabal business in the short run, an orderly exit from the Presidency in the long run, and a guarantee that, once deprived of the powers of the Executive branch, the Cabal’s new government would not simply destroy Trump and his family after he leaves office? How does Trump not have the choice but to defeat this enemy, which would at least hint at Q’s legitimacy?

    In the end, the Cabal got everything it wanted with Jeb and Hillary. Why would it need Donald Trump?

    There is a further element to consider. If you’ve cracked the proverbial German Enigma code, then are you really going to advertise it? If Q is a LARP, then why would Cabal want to call attention to it?

    • You raise some very good points that are difficult to figure out…We were expecting results from Trump and he has not delivered to the people who supported him.We have the right to be disappointed and angry and will not be intimidated by being called names when we use our God given critical thinking skills.Trust the plan is a cop out.Where is the declassified FISA documents?The Huber Investigation?Why the continued moving of the goal posts by Q?

      • Ed,
        You have some good points about the seeming lack of anything going on, but you have to consider that the other side has its own version of Q: it is Mueller and Avenatti. Oh, sure, they are certainly more out in the open and they can operate with a level of impunity that Q certainly cannot. They do, however, fulfill the same role that Q does.

        How effective have they been, with all of their resources, in finally establishing the Russian collusion narrative? Or, successfully splintering Trump’s family? Yes, they’ve taken some scalps: Flynn, Papadopoulos, Cohen and Manafort, but our side has taken scalps too: Comey, Strzok, McCabe, Ohr, etc.
        Overall, Mueller has barely made a dent. Doesn’t this indicate the level of defenses with which each side is fortified? Doesn’t that hint at a war of attrition Q is fighting?

        • Map you and I know how nefarious the Clinton Crime Cartel is and that Mueller is and has always been a bag man… Obama and his eight years really set the country back and Mueller is an attempt to cover for Obama/Jarrett…We supported Trump to move forward..When do we see the move towards declassify?Huber?Why prosecute Assange?The House was lost…Trump is going to be a one term president because he did not follow through…Haley,Bolton,his CIA head are his hires…Q most likely a Mossad psyop…He has a bunch of orthodox Jews in key positions… What is that for?

          • 1) The biggest obstacle facing Trump is the Republican Party: the NeverTrumpers; NeoCons; RINOs and cucks. They are unpredictable and an impeachment by these people is entirely possible. Trump had to maneuver around them and a declassification push was just the excuse they needed.

            2) The House was lost because of Paul Ryan and his bone-headed move to repeal ObamaCare when Trump wanted a repeal and replace.

            3) Huber’s investigative resources and results are moving to the Senate.

            4) Assange will probably go into witness protection. He is theater, to see how the Cabal will react. Assange knows who his contacts are and can verify information.

            5) Haley’s job is to annoy the UN. She did a good job.

            6) Bolton is, in fact, criticizing DHS for its lack of initiative at the border. Not sure what Bolton’s role is but managing the Saudi coup probably is a factor.

            7) Why is Mossad messing with Q as a psyop when they can just fabricate evidence of Russian collusion?

            8) Being an appointed head of the CIA is like being appointed head of DOJ…it does not make you a career insider.

        • Map I read everything you write and admit that you have provided fantastic insight and your analysis is spot on..Waiting for the tide to change….

  57. Without Q, I’d be very depressed and despairing of the world ever turning away from becoming a Luciferian hellhole.

    As for more speaking up – YES! It is time! We are very blessed to have you, Neon. I will not say lucky. You are truly a blessing.

    The good news is that I’ve never seen so many normies pushing back. They/we are finding our voices.

  58. How do Americans deal with hypocrisy today?

    You might live in a warm place and own a new car listening to good music with an excellent stereo after you ate a delicious dinner and feel pretty good about living in a free country, but how does being tracked and wiretapped 24/7 feel?

    Americans may feel like they are good people even when they commit three felonies a day just by existing.

    How do Americans justify paying taxes when their taxes fund rising debt, Obamacare, food stamps, regulations, US wars, illegal immigrants, nanny state laws, security cameras, license plate readers, checkpoints, redlight cameras, speed cameras, FBI facial and voice recognition, curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, CISPA, SOPA, IMBRA, private prison quotas, no knock raids, take down notices, no fly lists, terror watch lists, Constitution free zones, stop and frisk, 3 strikes laws, kill switches, National Security Letters, DNA databases, kill lists, FBAR, FATCA, Operation Chokepoint, TSA groping, civil forfeiture, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, secret FISA courts, FEMA camps, laws requiring passports for domestic travel, IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, gun and ammo stockpiles, laws outlawing protesting, police militarization, chain gangs, boot camps, and Jade Helm?

    Americans might feel like they live in a moral country, but how can a nation that tortures and launches endless wars take the moral high ground on anything?

    How could Americans not feel responsible for US wars, debt, and tyranny?

    How would the founding fathers think about the collapse of the USA?

    The American default reaction to hard facts seems to be to not think and to silence those who speak the truth, but facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.

    Future generations will ask why Americans didn’t resist when the US became a police state.

    One thing worse than learning that you live in a police state is finding out that no one cares.

    The only realistic option left for a moral American seems to be to renounce your citizenship.

  59. When is Trump going to stop talking about WHITE MEN, WHITE PEOPLE as the “forgotten Americans?

    He goes on and on about black, Hispanic, women….and now Asian unemployment (are Asian’s ever unemployed?)….he NEVER mentions white men. Our Founders would be PISSED to see the “browning of America”…..which is another way of admitting America was white until they killed Kennedy.

    When are we going to get to things like the Kalergi Plan and the take down and destruction of a certain race of people? White men’s testosterone has been lowered by 52%…..NO other race is having that problem, WHY? (I have some ideas as to why…)

    White girls of breeding age are at 2%, and all we see are race mixing ads…we are about to be wiped out…..go check the NIH on the mental health of raced mixed kids, not good….you also can’t get organs or bone marrow for mixed raced kids….why are THEY pushing race mixing..?

    ..the deadly genocidal Kalergi Plan needs to be exposed.

    Europeans call it the GREAT REPLACEMENT as countries go dark….the Left calls it CONSPIRACY and tries to POUND into us that we have ALWAYS been brown and black….lies….

    as more and more white countries turn dark with 3rd worlders and our history is re written. In the case of Sweden, a black woman and a Muslim are MELTING DOWN Viking history.

    Our healthcare in America has gone 3rd world…and it is now the leading cause of death. Coincidence?

    When do we ask about JFK being killed so LBJ could do the Hart Cellar Act and change our immigration policy? I see the murder of JFK as an act of war and I see the shipping in of MILLIONS OF non whites into our countries as WEAPONS of war…..can we ship all these ppl out who came here over that time? I want them REMOVED! I am tired of diversity in white lands while China, Japan, Korea et al all get to remain homogeneous. NONE of these countries have “diversity in their govt or military….only white ppl have to do this crap.

    The Founders didn’t see Punjab’s, Mohameds, Jose face when they said PROGENY…..they saw mine. The Founders were at WAR with those ppl…..WE are moving them in and spending TRILLIONS on them while ignoring our own……military men are in the streets and illegals get EBT cards.

    Building a wall isn’t enough….we have to ship back MILLIONS of people who have no right to be here. Just like MILLIONS of Europeans have no right to go settle in China, Mexico, Afghanistan, Peru……white lands are not for all people…..MY AMERICAN HISTORY is not the globes history. I am tired of listening to people like Dinesh Disouza tell me about OUR FOUNDERS as if he can relate to them as his own….insane!

    …..MY FOUNDERS shipped ppl like him OUT of the country. They were TOTAL white nationalists. I don’t become INDIAN if I move to India….and Dinesh ISN’T American. He thinks eating a hotdog at a baseball game makes him American. He has no clue what it is to be American….we came from Europe to set this up….we did not come over here as a rainbow of people from the 3rd world to build America.

    I am also ready for the truth of WHO DID THE SLAVE TRADE to America. I am glad to see the chans posting about the Jews and the African slave trade.

    I feel like I am about to explode soon. Listening to the historical lies has been exhausting for me. Watching my country go dark….and now my once SAFE and WHITE neighborhood is also going dark (I am in St Louis….Ferguson WAS a beautiful area until it went dark….now, my area, one of the last white areas was targeted for blacks to move into…it is heart breaking to know I will have to leave, this is the way of St Louis and white flight….)…..this is really taking a lot of energy from me.

  60. Q’s “Isael is last” is happening at least it seems in Ben Fulford’s latest report 11/19/18

    Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
    by Benjamin Fulford
    Archcriminal Netanyahu seeks immunity by squealing on his bosses
    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports  35 Comments
    Mass-murdering war criminal and Satan-worshiping Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to reach a plea deal to save his own life by squealing on his Rothschild masters, Mossad sources say.  The impending fall of Netanyahu means the final collapse of the Khazarian mafia is now in sight and it will not be long before the French and Swiss branches of the Rothschild family and their hidden allies are brought to justice.

    The fall of Netanyahu is just part of the ongoing collapse of Khazarian mob rule which will remove a whole series of Western leaders, including Emmanuel Macron in France and Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, as we shall see below.

    First let us look more closely at Netanyahu’s case.  On this front, the Israeli police have recommended filing criminal charges against Netanyahu for three separate issues, the latest coming last week as part of a media corruption scandal.

    Until now Netanyahu has been able to use his position as Prime Minister to prevent his own prosecution.  However, now that he has lost his Parliamentary majority, his ability to prevent his own arrest is coming to an end, say Mossad sources.

    Netanyahu’s downfall was precipitated by his quickly defeated offensive against the Gaza Strip, Pentagon sources say.  This offensive was aimed at distracting public attention from the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, the sources say.  Instead however, it backfired as the UN, Russia, Jordan, France, the UK, Egypt, and the U.S. all united against his rogue activities.  This will be “the final nail in Netanyahu’s coffin,” the sources say.

    The fall of Netanyahu comes as an Arabic-speaking Christian, former U.S. Central Command head General John Abizaid, was named as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Pentagon sources say.  This means he will “effectively be the military governor who may de-nuke Israel and partition Saudi Arabia while allying with Turkey, Iraq, and Iran,” the sources say.  The aim is to …
    … put an end to the blasphemous Khazarian mafia plan to rule the world from a greater Israel running from the Euphrates to the Nile, the sources say.

  61. By the Gods! This was a good read, its good to see someone actually doing some strategy. Like getting some REAL patriots on the offensive and taking the fight to them is what we need. Like STGReport is aight-ish and X22 is decent but there needs to be a firebrand kinda. I know youtube won’t really allow that but bitchute sounds good and gab/Minds seems to be gaining.

  62. We are at WAR! Where is Captain Q?!
    I do miss our Leader – wait – the LORD is our Leader!

    #QPatriots have been experiencing a lot of frustration, even despair, as we
    watch elections being stolen, California burning.

    QPatriots have sacrificed their lives in this war to regain America!

    RIP Mike
    Captain Mike Green was the helicopter pilot killed in the UK mid-air crash with a plane in which ** Jacob Rothschild was killed November 17, 2017. ** Roths have never admitted publicly he’s dead. **

    Good job NR!

  63. I wish I had your optimism. First Q promises BIG things coming in October and November and then nothing happens. And then Q vanishes for weeks. Yes, they don’t need to put their strategy online but in that case, it’s better to say nothing at all than promise things that aren’t coming.

  64. I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is just a figurehead who serves as a distraction for the REAL shadow government which is lead by Obama, Hillary, Soros and the Deep State Intelligence Agencies.
    Every executive order Trump writes is struck down by any local Demonrat judge that feels like it and Trump has no power to override these Obama loyalist judges’ rulings.
    How do these small-time judges have more power than the POTUS?
    Answer: The Deep State is in control, not Trump.
    Yes, there have been a lot of firings and resignations in the government and major corporations, but that’s just the Deep State reshuffling their major players.
    Ask yourself: Has anything really changed after all these firings and resignations? Hell no.
    The Deep State is winning every major battle even though Trump retained the Senate.
    Now that 11/11 has come and gone Q has “jumped the shark” and seems to be the NSA’s way of calming down truthers like us and giving us false hope that someday the “bad guys” will be brought to justice through mass arrests.
    Trump is supposedly unsealing indictments and starting mass arrests in January of 2019 but I’m not holding my breath.
    The day I see some major Demonrat criminals in orange jumpsuits being led into Gitmo in handcuffs, THEN I’ll truly feel vindicated.
    Until then I’ll still read Q drops and read about investigations about Obama and Hillary, but I’ll shrug them off and view them as entertainment and nice little stories.
    I really hope I’m wrong and major arrests do happen but after seeing how Demonrats have been hysterical for 2 straight years with no letup and keep controlling the narrative through all forms of media, and the dwindling resources for conservative opinions through constant censorship, I think only regular people will be the true agents of change, not Trump or Q.
    I personally see America becoming more and more of a extremely censored and controlled, micro-chipped police state in the future.
    It’s sad but I think all of us have to ask ourselves if it’s even safe or worth it to stay in this country because the Deep State is herding us into major cities for a reason: to control us more and more until we’re nothing more than overcrowded, unsanitary, unhealthy, uneducated human factory farms.

    • Yes…he’s just a figurehead whose decided to put his life on the line to make a deal with acabal that will, in no way, honor it.

      What does Trump get out of just being a “figurehead?”

      • I honestly think Trump has the best intentions and wants to save this country.
        He’s the first and only person I’ve ever been compelled to vote for and I want him to drain the swamp as much as anybody.
        I also definitely think he DIDN’T make a deal with the Cabal.
        I think he was asked by a group of whitehats in the government to run for President and through him, systematically weed out all the corrupt criminals in the Deep State.
        In every rally, Trump spells it out when he says “I didn’t have to run for President and go through all this trouble, I could have just kept running my businesses and enjoyed my life.”
        Unfortunately, Trump and these whitehats underestimated the power, the finances and the resources of the Cabal and they’re realizing that they’re far outnumbered and overpowered.
        Trump, however, is being used as a distraction for both sides.
        The Deep state is using him as the big, bad, white boogeyman that the Dems can blame all society’s ills on while they continue their hidden war against freedom and the American people.
        The whitehats, on the other hand, are using him to take all of the flak and the brunt of the Dems’ verbal and legal assaults while they secretly investigate the scope of corruption and build their case so they can present the evidence in military tribunals, hopefully, and very soon.

  65. You make some good points…Why would Trump pardon a drug dealer recommended by Kim Kardashian and yet his DOJ moves to prosecute Assange? Assange is why Trump won…Trump is not who we thought he was/would be.Q thing big Mossad psyop…Jared is an orthodox Jew,whose belief system is discriminatory against Christians…

    • If the U.S. does get Assange extradited here and prosecuted, then it will definitely be proof that the Deep State is in charge because Assange DID help Trump win and deserves Trump’s protection and loyalty. As far as Jared, I never trusted him and think he’s spying for Netanyahu and making sure Trump stays the course for Israel’s Zionist agenda. I’ve seen actual stories on One America News how Israel is hyper-inflating taxes on Christian churches in Jerusalem, causing them to go bankrupt and that showed me Netanyahu’s true intolerant attitude towards Christianity.

  66. I know righteous anger and righteous judgement. I am mad. we are the power if we will choose to be so. I stand with you. I don’t have a reach to tell people about the POS’s that are writing against us. However, I am trying to reach people to free themselves. I am praying to teach people about freedom. Thank you for your willingness to step up. I have a youtube with my real name. I am not anonymous. I am known. And I intend to lead. Thank you for who you are. God speed.

  67. It’s not despair, it’s that all this is for not. I keep saying this…….IF COMEY IS NOT PROSECUTED AND HELD ACCOUNTABLE NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

    And I don’t mean firing or losing security clearance. I mean outright trial and jail.

    Justice delayed is justice denied.


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