Sheep No More! Crushing Evil with #NewQ! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Well, if you’re back, I’m guessing the Midterms didn’t scare you off. That’s good! Because things are not slowing down one iota, and there’s so much to talk about.

If you’re following the news, you know of the #VoterFraud situation in Florida, in Arizona, and, increasingly, in California – but this is most evident down in Broward County, where the entire election process has just gone off the rails. And it’s put the media in a funny position, because the only thing they can do is wax philosophic about “counting everyone’s vote,” even as Gillum and Steyer’s minions work overtime to try and skew the final tally in favor of #TheCabal.

And the fraud is just so overwhelmingly obvious. Not only did Brenda Snipes get caught illegally destroying ballots in 2016 (which should be enough to disqualify her in any rational state), but she’s now defied a court order demanding she allow Republicans to be able to examine the outstanding Broward ballots. How she’s not in jail right now under charges of contempt is a wonder.

And remember when that woman in Florida got that footage of ballots being loaded from an insecure vehicle, into a truck, in the middle of a parking lot?


Amazing how a truck with that EXACT SAME LOGO just happened to show up outside the Broward County Elections Office the very next day!

The Dems are now even arguing in favor of counting votes made by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Gillum and his cadre are literally saying NON-CITIZENS should be extended the privilege of voting.\

And Rep. Gaetz has been an absolute champion down there in Broward, where he was first forcibly removed from the Elections office:

Matt Gaetz on Twitter

BREAKING: I took this video as the riot police removed me from where trucks were secretly loading stuff in/out of Broward Supervisors office. All this while they are violating constitutional rights & a court order! #BrowardCounty


And if that’s not infuriating enough, Rep. Gaetz was later on CNN later, and had this to say:


Rep. Matt Gaetz on Twitter

65 of the 67 counties got it right; it wasn’t broken for them, they got it right. Orange County is huge, they got it right. Our most populated county, Miami-Dade, did everything right. This is not a Florida problem. This is a Broward County problem. #FloridaRecount2018

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: There’s something rotten in the state of Broward.

Hopefully whatever gangrene is eating away at the soul of America from deep, down there will be excised quickly, and thing set right in short order.

That said, Q’s back, and I don’t want to fall too far behind, so let’s get in to #NewQ:

QAnon Referenced by Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill Trump

A man charged with allegedly making threats against Donald Trump and the Trump family made several references to the QAnon conspiracy theory before his arrest, according to Twitter messages obtained by The Daily Beast. Pennsylvania State Police arrested Jeffrey Gardner Boyd, 55, on July 31 in Berwick after finding a loaded handgun and ammunition in Boyd’s truck.

A man charged with allegedly making threats against Donald Trump and the Trump family made several references to the QAnon conspiracy theory before his arrest, according to Twitter messages obtained by The Daily Beast.

Boyd had initially driven from his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma to Pennsylvania, according to a police report, because he had become convinced that a Pennsylvania woman who posts about QAnon on Twitter was being held hostage by shadowy forces. Boyd allegedly told the woman that he planned to go to Washington, D.C. to shoot Trump or other members of the Trump family, claiming that he was being mind-controlled by the CIA.

Boyd’s arrest appears to mark the latest appearance of the QAnon conspiracy theory with a dangerous real-life incident. In June, an armed QAnon believer used a homemade armored truck to block traffic on a bridge near the Hoover Dam.

The growing conspiracy theory, which is based on a series of cryptic clues posted on online forums, portrays a world in which Trump is engaged in battle against the CIA, top Democrats and Hollywood elites, pedophiles, and the “deep state.”

Remember this guy? We covered these events in the Gold Star Anon article a while back…

Though there was lots of speculation that this may have been an instance of manufacturing a crisis in order to get close to the President… Many Anons speculated at the time that, while Boyd was definitely a loon, he may have been working with #GoldStarAnon in order to make #GoldStarAnon look like a hero, gain access to #POTUS, and then perform a hit. She had like 15 different twitter accounts, and there was just… a lot of weirdness with all that was happening. I still don’t think we ever got the real story of what was happening with this – needless to say, the #DeepState was involved with at least one of the pair, and after this, the Secret Service started screening everyone wearing a Q-related shirt, and only allowing a select few in to #POTUS’ various rallies.

And if the Clowns can’t get a hit out of their failed plot, they’re certainly going to milk it for all the propaganda mileage they can.

Anyway, you should know by now that Chelsea Clinton sits on the board at The Daily Beast, so it should come as no surprise that they’re sending their disinfo lackeys to sling untruths in your direction.

But as for P-A-I-N – and this came up the other day on Gab, where I referenced a post on /v/QRV – but the consensus seems to be that PAIN stands for: PAIN stands for: Privacy, Authentication, Integrity, Non-Repudiation

You can follow the rest of the conversation over here, at:

I wanted another way to address this post, but I am having difficulty synthesizing anything from it. Let’s do a line-by-line instead:

A) How can arrests occur prior to removing the corruption from the DOJ & FBI?

They can’t. But I don’t think we understand how much corruption is left in the DOJ and FBI. I would hope that, by now, two years in, all the bad actors would be removed already, but, I guess not? Or maybe they have, and it just hasn’t been announced yet. In truth, we have no idea what “percentage” of these orgs are still corrupt, so we don’t have any way to figure out how long it will be before arrests can happen.

B) How can arrests occur prior to safely securing a majority in the SUPREME COURT [CONSTITUTION – RULE OF LAW]

So Ginsburg’s gotta go, too, at the very least.

C) What is the role of the SENATE? puts it succintly: “The U.S. Senate proposes and considers new laws, approves or rejects presidential nominations, provides advice and consent on international treaties, and serves as the high court for impeachment trials.”


Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

Role of GOWDY?

House Oversight Committee Chairman, and House Intelligence Committee.




The only possible advantage to this is it frees them up to take up other positions.

Who did SESSIONS appoint in NOV 2017?

“#GrandInquisitor” Huber.

Sessions: Federal prosecutor evaluating alleged FBI, DOJ wrongdoing, no second special counsel for now

Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed Thursday a federal prosecutor was evaluating certain issues involving the FBI, the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, but said he would not appoint a second special counsel at this point. In a letter directed to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, Sessions revealed that he asked U.S.

Who is HUBER?

A one man special counsel.


The Senate.




I’ve never considered it important, personally. But you Q guys seem to think it’s important, so it probably is.

Mandate charged to HUBER?

Investigate Carter Page, the Clinton Foundation, and Uranium One.

Which… you can see rapidly spiraling out, which is why he needs 470 investigators working for him.

Resources provided to HUBER?

Yeah, that whole team. The 470.


“#GrandInquisitor” Horowitz – Inspector General US DOJ.

Mandate charged to HOROWITZ?

Uhhh… Oversight into the DOJ?

Resources provided to HOROWITZ?

No idea.


#MrClean, Matthew Whitaker.

What were the responsibilities of WHITAKER?

Worked with Sessions on pretty much everything.


Pfft… you’ve got me. I hate all that organizational BS. I have a vague sense that he’s like #2 behind Sessions there; someone helping with decisions and acting as a sort of filter, but as to actual day to day work, and the assigned responsibilities… I have no idea whatsoever, and have no idea where one would even find that out.


Speculated on it two articles ago: Whitaker was the “Stealth Bomber.”

What is the advantage of having a ‘temp’ (‘acting’) in a leadership position?

They don’t require Senate confirmation…

Anthony Scaramucci: Fired after 10 days

Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci lasted only 10 days as White House communications director, a brief time but enough to prove controversial. The appointment itself, on 21 July, triggered a shake-up at the Trump White House. Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and spokesman Sean Spicer both left their posts over his hiring.

“The appointment itself, on 21 July, triggered a shake-up at the Trump White House. Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and spokesman Sean Spicer both left their posts over his hiring.” —Mission Successful

I… don’t see how this is the logical result of Mooch being made Communications Director.

Laser designator(s) locked on target(s)

Weird phrasing…

Who was assigned directly to SESSIONS by POTUS?


Mandate charged to Ezra Cohen-Watnick [Defense Intelligence Agency]?

National Security Adviser. NSC’s Senior Director for Intelligence Programs. Beyond that, not sure.

NAT SEC ADVISOR TO SESSIONS [counterintelligence and counterterrorism]?


Who briefed NUNES on classified intel re: HUSSEIN spy campaign v. POTUS?


Trump reportedly ordered the Justice Department to hire a controversial aide previously ousted from the White House

President Donald Trump ordered the Department of Justice to hire a national security official, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who was ousted from his White House last year. Cohen-Watnick drew public scrutiny when it was revealed last year that he briefed Rep. Devin Nunes on classified intelligence concerning the Obama administration’s incidental surveillance of Trump transition officials.

Who briefed Goodlatte & Gowdy on classified intel re: DOJ & FBI?

White House Council lawyer (who previously worked under Nunes) Michael Ellis, and –

Deputy Assistant to the President, NSC Legal Advisor, and Deputy Counsel to the President for National Security Affairs John Eisenberg.

And of course, Watnick.



Oh yes, yes it will.

Judo, once again. POTUS probably could have prevented the fraud if he wanted to, but that would have been a temporary win. Instead, they opted to play the long game and capture the fraud, expose it to the people, and use that to permanently put the Dems out of commission!

It’s anti-Q stories being promoted, for the most part:


Frankly, I’m sick of seeing this kind of dishonest reporting everywhere. These reporters can be scrutinized just as hard, if not harder, by a veritable army of #WeaponizedAutists, and we can start writing exposés against them, personally, so that they get permanently discredited. I’m talking thousands of Anons digging into their past, digging into their connections, diggin into their networks, and putting their lives under a microscope the likes of which the world has never seen before. The result would be withering!

If they’re going to attack us non-stop, I see no reason why we shouldn’t expose their individual corruption, completely discredit them, and turn them into utter laughingstocks.

It’s why I wrote this, the other day.

Because frankly, a man who actively chooses to work for a #RapeEnabler should not have ANY credibility when it comes to our movement, and what we’re trying to accomplish.

And again, I have to be clear here, because there’s some gutless wonder with no integrity waiting for me to slip up and say something damning so they can slander me in the media: I AM NOT advocating for violence or harassment here and I disavow such tactics.

Keep all actions to research, articles, memes, pictures, and forums!

After all, this is a conversation they want to insert themselves into.

They shouldn’t be surprised when, in the course of that conversation, they’re shouted down, and all their lying hypocrisy exposed as a result.

Not the first time this has been posted. You’ll recall:

Considering the context… Looks like a setup for catching Election Fraud.

Hmmm… Q posted this again, too…

Wonder who the message is for, this time…


Anon did a nice decode for us:

Stunning numbers. I didn’t realize it had gotten so bad. Obviously, not all these are those terrible, raging fires you see on the news – but still – California has been turned into a veritable tinder box by the #LunaticLeftists in this country – and why?

All to commit what amounts to “insurance fraud,” but on a National scale. Disgusting.

Whitaker taking out Rod and Bob (and potentially others) next week? (One can only hope!)

Officials who have left the Trump administration

Donald Trump’s campaign had its fair share of staff shake-ups before the election and that continued into his administration. Add Trump Administration as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Trump Administration news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

Sad to read about all that in the context of Spicer, though.

Come to think of it I really don’t know when the White House leaks officially stopped. Wasn’t it around April or May of this year?

That would be after Shulkin and McMaster left…

I’m guessing it was Watnick’s handiwork, seeing as Chelsea Clinton’s rag was pissed off enough about it to do a write-up on the subject.

White House Aide’s Plan to Stop Leaks: Spy on His Co-Workers

A former National Security Council official now slated to work for Attorney General Jeff Sessions explored ways to surreptitiously monitor the communications of White House staff for leaks or perceived political disloyalty to Donald Trump, according to three former Trump NSC officials familiar with the effort.

Indictment unsealed against McMaster??

I couldn’t find any definitive information on this, so I’m kind of taking a stab in the dark here. Regardless, I think you get Q’s point.

This halfpol screenshot was flying around the internet the other day (I grabbed it myself, and reposted on Gab, given how succinct and striking it was). Glad to see Q liked it, too!

Prominent terror cases with ties to Florida

Sept. 11, 2001:A South Florida man known as Adnan El Shukrijumah was wanted by the FBI as a suspected al-Qaida combatant due to his possible connection with the Sept. 11 hijackers. He also was under indictment for planning a suicide bomb attack in 2009 in the New York City subway system.

Sept. 11, 2001: A South Florida man known as Adnan El Shukrijumah was wanted by the FBI as a suspected al-Qaida combatant due to his possible connection with the Sept. 11 hijackers. He also was under indictment for planning a suicide bomb attack in 2009 in the New York City subway system. Family members said El Shukrijumah went to Trinidad in 2001, but formerly studied computer engineering at Broward Community College. He sometimes prayed at Al-Iman mosque in Fort Lauderdale and Darul Uloom in Pembroke Pines. He was reported killed during a raid in northwest Pakistan on Dec. 6, 2014.

March 2015: Raees Alam Qazi and Sheheryar Alam Qazi, two brothers from Oakland Park, pleaded guilty to planning a terrorist attack in New York City and assaulting two U.S. marshals while they were in custody. In addition, Raees Alam Qazi pleaded guilty to providing “material support” to al-Qaida. The duo was arrested three years earlier in Broward County.

#Anon had this to add:

And another Anon noted this:

Full Size:


Here’s the scribd link if you want to use that terrible site:

But I won’t subject you to that. Here’s screenshots of the PDF:

So, without a doubt, election fraud is par-for-the-course for Broward County officials. They’re seasoned in pulling it off, and have made it happen many times before – because they have a whole system in place, with “the right people” manning their fraud-stations.

I think it’s telling that even now, five days after the election, they still haven’t got their act together this time around.

That should tell you right there that they’re scrambling, and things aren’t operating as they intended.

And Gillum, that treasonous, Steyer-backed Commie, he thought he was being so smooth by conceding that night – thinking the Democratic minions would handle everything for him afterwards.

Well, that’s not gonna pan out. Not this time around. QTeam has had YEARS to prepare for this.

Trump is not going to allow them to steal a Senate seat.

QPatriots are EVERYWHERE!

Cool symbols, AP.


How do you like mine?

I’m eagerly awaiting news on this front – as, I’m sure, are you.


Comey had “Sensitive” FBI Emails on Private Gmail Account – Dan Bongino

At least seven messages on former FBI Director James Comey’s private Gmail account were so sensitive that the Department of Justice declined to release them. The New York Post exclusively obtained 156 of 1,200 pages of messages in which the former FBI director and his chief of staff James Rybicki discussed government business.

At least seven messages on former FBI Director James Comey’s private Gmail account were so sensitive that the Department of Justice declined to release them.

The New York Post exclusively obtained 156 of 1,200 pages of messages in which the former FBI director and his chief of staff James Rybicki discussed government business. DOJ refused to hand over seven of the messages because they “disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions.” Another 363 pages were withheld because they contained privileged FBI communications or out of personal privacy concerns.

The messages–which span from 2013 to 2017, with many highly redacted–were obtained by the Post after conservative watchdog, Cause of Action Institute, filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit seeking Comey’s work-related emails from his private account.

The emails–according to the Post–show that the former FBI director used his personal email throughout the Clinton email investigation.

You’ll recall that half a day after the original drops about game comms, the entire Xbox network “inexplicably” went down. Same thing happened with the Playstation network shortly thereafter.

Funnily enough, #Anons found a list of James Comey’s favorite games here:

The only online games listed there as having some kind of chat system are Halo and Overwatch…  And give that Overwatch is the newer one, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was being used for voice chat. Comey’s favorite character is listed as Bastion there (which officially makes him a dweeb – on top of already being an Overwatch dweeb).

As for re-reading the drops… there was one line that caught my eye, from August 16th (drop 1907):

Drops equate to reaction/action?

I think Q was clarifying on that point when he said today:

Sometimes people need to see the future in order to save the past.

I read this as… there was important data in those game comms that these various Cabal actors needed to pull of the network and preserve, while also purging it from the network. So what did they do?

They called up Bill Gates and had MSFT cull all that data from their profiles, dump the plaintext into some kind of file or database, throw that new file on to a drive, and ship it to the individuals requesting it – maybe on a thumb drive, or something similar (probably hand-delivered. It would be too sensitive to Fedex, for instance).

In other words, get them to freak out. Then then try to cover their tracks. This then sets them up to be caught late, with hard evidence later. (And by “later” I mean either by a spooky white hat, probably recording with a camera, by spy satellite, or by LEO raid. Whatever the means employed, I think you get the picture).

But that’s just pure speculation on my part.

Alright guys, it’s 11/11.

It’s been a long-time coming. You know how long Q has hyped this day… And even our favorite #SorosRentboy is starting to figure out that something is up!

Ah, you can almost feel the panic in those tweets!

Should we tell him?

Should we clue him in?

NAAAAAHHH!! It’ll be funnier to watch his reactions that way!

But you know… You just know something big is about to happen when even the #LunaticLeftists start to get clued in!

I can’t wait!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today!

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  1. As always, it is a pleasure to read your post, Neon. Keep up the good work. You are more apreciated than you know.

  2. Tell Soros/rentboy Bubba is licking his lips in anticipation of his taking up residence in his new neighborhood but not to worry Bubba has him covered

  3. What a big con job….yes the indictments,the declassified documents….blah,blah,blah..j just stringing people along like Trump the real estate grifter….Jared Kushner, Netanyahu control Trump….and all you care about is selling hats…

    • Oh, I spoke too soon. Poor Ed is getting mad, again. ROFLOL Calm down Ed. We don’t want to have to see u melt down so early in the day. You are gonna have a heart attack if you keep this much hatred all inside you this way.

      • Yes,so now when you confront people about their attempt to dupe others,it is hate.. that is the limit of your life…where are the so called indictments, Trump cares more about protecting Israel…Jared Kushner,Netanyahu,Adelson,you refuse to see it….. Trump and Clintons are grifters…no nothing has changed… you and other people enjoy being strung along as if buying a hat is making a difference… sure Trump was going to declassify…bl blah blah blah…

        • Ed – you are using the redundant NPC programming language and we are all bored with the cliche’. Go back to your libs and try to enjoy what limited time your leaders have left before their engagement with BUBBA!. The entire world of elitists are on edge waiting for what your real estate grifter has planned for this day, as it appears you are also. It will be very apparent soon and the seas will overflow with your salty tears. The sound you will be hearing will be millions of patriots around the world cheering for our freedom and our love of our military, our country and our POTUS. BTW, don’t forget to wish the Marines a Happy Birthday! Happy Veteran’s Day…. I hope it will be a day that will live in lib infamy! lololol tool

          • Not liberal or conservative.. you have to frame things in the limits of that construct…my bias is truth…after 2 years…nothing.. Obama care still exists,lot of whining about memos and dossiers… sure the sealed indictments… buying a hat does not make you a patriot… makes you a follower as bad as the other so called choose your blinders with the psyop… now Schiff and others will create more kabuki theater for the modern day mouseketeers….Haley,Bolton,Pense are not Patriots..bunch of Zionist war mongers like Trump and his in laws..fact…

        • Did not say I have a problem with Neon or anyone… just pointing out the fact that nothing has changed…where are the so called indictments?declassify?the big event that is just around the corner and yet never happens…how about the money taken out of your paycheck that goes to the chosen people in Israel so they can murder people in their concentration camp called Gaza…Trump and Kushner,Netanyahu are using your tax dollars…Q is a psyop and the game of selling shirts,hats depends on the myth…Trust the plan…

  4. PEOPLE!!! WAKE UP!! OPTICS AND NON BIAS IS KEY TO THIS OPERATION!!! ANY BIAS TURNS ATTN TO TO THE TRUMP ADMIN GIVING THE DEMS CREDIT OR AMMO!!!!!! NOTICE IT IS A FIGHT FOR NARRITIVE CONTROL. IN ORDER TO CONTROL INFORMATION THE TARGET AUDIENCE MUST BE LED OVER THE TARGET AND INTENDED OUTCOME. Like leading a horse to water. THE media majority of time is bias against trump and will of people, you expose them by magnifying their lies to where appears to just the normal reg IQ individual , that hey no way this is true. Once people have any doubts. Any subsequent small details or other actions r magnified to that individual, it’s called common sense. The human then draws a conclusion to this. Trump is not a politician, and so far has mostly kept his promises and does not lie like every other politician for last 70 yrs. This whole thing is a carefully choreographed script but every outcome and action is carefully coordinated and planned for. Prob for more then cpl decades. Dis info is necessary to control and counter the criminals narritive. Such as the lawyer who stated the non citizen cannot be counted for dems. That was in front cams and public record. A plant maybe. The media cannot spin this because it is matter of public record. Now trump has the upper hand because is already planting a narritive in the public’s head even before the dems get there recount that illegal votes are just that illegal and not counted. Then now u can see braindead dems now stating that every vote counts…. hmmm , that’s interesting….there catching on to are scheme, the public, coupled with fact now u have communist Gilliam and lawyers now trying to have illegal votes counted…. Why would that be…?????? The avg person a is not on this level of stupid. Every move is planned, the dems have seemed to catch on now but it’s too late. There goose is cooked.

  5. Great work, as usual, Neon! I look forward to every one of your articles, and I find myself going back to drill down on the voluminous info you offer within each. Look forward to what this day shall bring.
    God bless our vets and their families. Our freedom is secure because of them. Never forget that.

  6. Neon, I have been following for years. Sundance posted this article yesterday.

    I don’t understand why he is taking the stance that he is. You would think with the level if research he is used to employing it would be easy for him to determine Q’s authenticity.

    Please read and let us know your perspective.

    • Thanks for linking this. Seems like quite a few prominent visible personalities are deciding to distance from Q. Many plausible reasons for this at the moment. It’s basic brand management. They can always change their tunes down the road as more people are forced to wake up.

  7. @Ed, cutting and pasting the same bullshit assertions. If you think that this is such nonsense, why do you read Neon’s work? Troll.

      • Ed, have you noticed who is in Congress, yet? Have you noticed who occupies the DOJ and FBI and worst of all, the CIA? You can blame everything on President Trump, all you want, but in order to actually make changes in personnel, it is going to take a bit of time. Thus far, we are rid of many cretins, and for myself, I just noticed that our true enemy is and always has been the British. Now, the Chinese are taking over, mainly bc they are the smartest group of people on this planet, and they are competitors in the world market.

        The only one that has done anything to correct this sinking ship is the movement created by educated people, and Trump.

        Meanwhile, you sit and whine about spoiled milk. Where the heck were you after 911? or even after the murder in public of JFK? Perhaps you missed the bombing of Bosnia? Maybe you missed Ruby Ridge? Did you also miss Oklahoma Bombing, or perhaps Waco? This has been going on since the founding of WW1. Yesterday, they had a big memorial for the mess the cretins/Globalist machers have made out of this planet.

        Did you also miss the underground religion and the child abuses of horror?

        Here you sit, taking up your own brain time, trying to minimize and infantilize your anger into something focused on one man, who is trying to help us recover from decades of abuse.

        Not all will come out at once. Even the history books lie to us, and have been doing so for a long time.

        But, that’s OK. You can continue to be sour, and angry and think whatever you want. So far, this is not Germany. People make all kinds of stupid statements.

        • Yes the big event is right around the corner…Trust the plan… When someone disagrees with you, you have to label them as being angry.. that reveals your limits..Q is a psyop whether or not you can see it… Trump cares more about protecting the borders of Israel than America… your paycheck gives tax dollars to the chosen people in Israel so they can murder people in the concentration camp called Gaza… Trump,Kushner, Netanyahu keep supporting them ..All Trump does is whine..thought he was going to declassify.. what happened…the whole Q thing sells shirts,hats…all a con job…Clinton’s and Trump’s are grifters… Kabuki theater…the 60,000 indictments…11/11 has passed… same as it ever was…

  8. On the “Importance of partisan optics” Q line item, Brenden Dilley laid it out pretty well in a Periscope the day after the mid-terms, where leveraged opposition is better than loyal supporter, and it is easier to red-pill and non-violently transition to reasonable results for America by always having partisanship optics, because half the country will blindly follow a leader like Pelosi.

  9. Gillum wants to be Governor, not Senator. Rick Scott, current Governor, but term limited, ran for Senate seat against Democrat Bill Nelson. Both are in play with this voter fraud after the Republicans won on Tuesday night. Per Q, both the Senate and Governor placements are essential! They would love to have Cabal/Socialist Gillum in here preparing for 2020. So much fraud (votes and bribes) already known about Gillum as mayor of Tallahassee. Odd that Pam Bondi – Attorney General of Florida announced that she would be investigating Broward county Sheriffs office diligently after the Parkland shooting. Then the Deputies vehemently came out against Israel (one young Deputy was killed under mysterious circumstances) but never heard another thing about it. They even bought a Billboard on a major highway (I think) and asked people to support them in getting rid of Israel…but nope he’s still the Sheriff of Broward! I sincerely hope they are going to be successful in getting this situation finally handled.. they have been doing this for far too long….and I am sure that Georgia and Arizona with same thing going on (Demo counties still counting votes trying to overthrow Repub wins) need to be handled this time. The 2016 fraud Brenda Snipes was found guilty of was an election that led to re-election of DW Schultz of course….she was found guilty in May but still remained in her position through this election. TIME FOR THIS TO BE RESOLVED ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

  10. Even the most lemming of lemmings has to start wondering about Broward County!! They’ve overplayed their hand. Thanks, Neon, great write up!!

  11. Have to agree with johnny5 on partisan optics. Like trump using laws and EOs with Hussein’s signature to attack the deep state, so too must he use Hussein’s appointees to take them out. They cannot be attacked for politicizing their offices or covering for Trump’s administration if they were appointed by and served Obama. Trump just kept them on to minimize open vacancies. Besides, weren’t the Demonrats going to maintain rule by stacking the deep state with “their” guys? Wasn’t it risky to keep them around? The corruption must be really bad for them to turn on the guys who hired them.

    It’s not just Huber. Admiral R. is there too.

  12. Hey! Neon. Need I say it, Mr. Excellent writer? On another note, what’s this I’m hearing about China buying up previously devastated by fire, million acre land. Apparently, citizens asking Cali gov’t officials not to sell to China. Which Cali gov’t officials do we know with ties to China? Do you know anything about this Neon?

    • ROFL! Does the name Dianne Feinstein mean anything to you???? Senator Dianne Feinstein? The one with the Chinese chauffeur for 20 years, and she played dumb, when it was revealed that he was, in reality, a spy???

  13. Hi Neon, great review. I found one of Q’s most interesting comments to be “Sometimes people need to see the future in order to save the past”. You’ve provided a good explanation for that.

  14. this has become so absurd, to have modern day election rigging going on in full public view is insane. may all the perps be taken swiftly to their cells, and remain there till they die.

  15. Really great post. Not so much interested in your personal opinions on why Q is not on target or why you don’t understand the Scaramucci maneuver. I worked in government at high levels and there are all kinds of plays people run to get things done. Priebus was there because of deals cut with the RINO’s and RNC. He was leaking. Sounds like Spicer was in the same category or they blew him out because he was just terrible at the job, which was glaringly obvious. Scaramucci was like a bowling ball that took out two pins. And then he bowed out. It was planned.

    • Spicer was the deal for Priebus to come into the Trump administration. Priebus made it a stipulation to have Spicer there, or he wouldn’t come, and he wouldn’t help the Trump administration if that deal wasn’t done.

  16. Neon, another awesome post. Thank you.

    Q post 1314 in May had the picture of an artillery piece firing munitions. Q post 2465 in November has a gavel on it’s base. So military secure. Now judiciary?

    And what about the CA elections? Gavin Newsome, Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, was declared governor with less than ten per cent of the vote tabulated and Cox leading? Remember in Grumpy Old Men when Jack Lemon puts a fish in Walter Mathau’s backseat? Something stinks!

    Regards, impeccable research and reporting.

  17. Neon, you made one glaring error. The team of 470 DOJ staff belong to OIG Horowitz NOT Huber. But “DOUBLE H” will become known as the greatest tag-team in the history of profession prosecutions.
    If you are a newby here Q has repeatedly referenced an article on why this setup is far superior to a Special Prosecutor. It is a must read.

    • No. The 470 attorneys are under Huber, in Salt Lake City, UT. Horowitz is providing the leads for those attorneys to follow up on.

  18. Neon,

    Not sure how important this is, if at all, but if you’ll notice the timelines in the three drops you imaged they all contain the number “23”:

    Q # – 1314 – Cannon – 15:46:23

    Q # – 2465 – no image – 20:23:10

    Q# – 2466 – American flag – 18:20:23

  19. And wow! We have our own Soros paid shills on this site.

    We all know what that means; Neon, you sir are doing something right. Over the target.

  20. I still fear that Q could be an Illuminati play against us. We are told about election fraud surveillance while election fraud is happening in plain sight. Confidently we await action…while the Illuminati steal the election in the days AFTER the election. I want to believe just the same as all of you…but can you not see the danger? By the time we realize we have been played their hand is stronger…and they will not tolerate us any longer…conveniently all this Q following would make it easy to locate all us…patriots…for relocation to the very US gulags we have all known are coming. This can go either way…but no one is sounding the alarm that Q could just as easily be Illuminati as a white hat.

    • Q is a psyop…2 years of whining Complaining and Trump slogans…where are the indictments? Trump and Clinton grifters… Mouseketeers buy your hats..

      • Hey Ed, how come you never mention W? Or Bush Sr? Of he who has no Name? Or Nacy P? Or Diane F? Or that super ugly Waters? She is worth 640 Million on a six figure salary. What about LL? Or lovely Valerie? The big moose, Michael? Or her/his alleged husband, Soetoro? what about Rumsfield, or Dov Zacheim, or Colin Powell? Perhaps you overlooked Soros? Or the cretins in techworld, the billionaires? That damned Bezos? So many to look at for so much……

        you keep looking at a corner, and not the picture. I take that back, you look at the frame, and not any part of the picture.

        Further, stop saying the same thing over and over. If you want to make a point, give us your facts, if you have any?

  21. Neon, I was watching a sermon this morning and a scripture stood out to me, “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” John 14:2. If it were not so, I would have told you is the part that stood out. I believe POTUS has the heart of the American people. He wants what is best for the country. If God is working through Trump, then I believe Trump would have told us if Q was a LARP. Therefore, I wait in anticipation of what God will do.

  22. the role of the #2 depends on the strategy. But when you use the Good Cop/Bad Cop strategy – the #2 is almost always the bad cop. For all intents and purposes, MrClean is the bad cop and he is being given the reigns.

    Longshot – but what if Trump nominates Sessions for Supreme Court? All of the Limas “love” that don’t want to see him go – how do they fight that one?

      • That is assuming they are not prematurely murdered like Scalia, don’t forget.. The prayers can not stop for this to continue to work.

    • Sessions will be reactivated into the US Army, which can be done under the conditions of the war on terrorism, declared by Congress on 9/14/01, and not been lifted, AND the national emergency that POTUS declared, on 12/21/17. With those conditions, a veteran can be recalled into active service. Sessions was a captain in the US Army, from 1973-1977. Military tribunals can only have active military officers serve in them… either as judges, Judge Advocate Generals, or jurors. So, this was the plan, all along. That’s why the military tribunal guidebook was revised, changes effective January 1, 2019. That’s why the discussion between Lindsey Graham and Brett Kavanaugh, during Kavanaugh’s committee confirmation hearings… about military law vs. criminal law, when it comes to US citizens being tried as ‘enemy combatants’, when they seek to overthrow a duly-elected government, such as the Democrat party and leadership is attempting to do… in a military tribunal. It’s the military who will arrest these enemy combatants, and it’s the military who will try them. Sessions will not serve a judge, nor will he serve as a juror, because he has seen the evidence against them, thanks to Huber… so he is already biased. That leaves him to do what he is known best for… the Silent Executioner… prosecution of criminals… as a Judge Advocate General, or JAG. He’s either going to be actually doing the prosecution, or he will be the equivalent of what he just resigned as, Attorney General over the civilian equivalent, the DOJ, but over a team of JAGs.

  23. Q says the midterms are safe, but it doesn’t look like Rick Scott is going to use any of his authorized powers as Governor to stop them. Maybe he is a RINO who has been secretly working for Dems all along.

  24. Its odd that in todays “electronic universe” the d’s are resorting to the old new-mexico-style voter fraud. “Hey! our candidate is down by 1300 votes in both Dona Ana and Sandoval counties. We need some more ballots”. So poll workers who were so tired after the election, put the boxes of ballots in her car trunk, and went home and slept for two days. Voila! And a win from behind!!

  25. Wow there is a lot of denial going on.. Trump has had 2 years of substantial control of the government and no demoçrats indicted, just a bunch of slogans….lock her up blah blah blah….Q is a psyop….keep buying hats mouseketeers… explain the constant lack of action…. Trump and Clintons are grifters.

      • Trust the plan,trust Wray,trust Sessions..I understand keep the game going..sell shirts,hats..sell all the Q riddles,the sealed indictments…a lot of people financially benefit from the nonsense… just doesn’t make you a patriot… makes you a grifter like the Clinton’s,Trump’s,his in laws…Bibi Netanyahu bunch of war mongers… Kabuki theater… something big just around the corner.. oh wait another week…wait until next year..

        • Ed, I suppose you have all the answers, but have no facts. I think that for you, everything is simpler than it is for me.

          Good thing we have such superior citizens like you. You remind me of a reverse SJW. Same anger, same superiority complex, same niggardly fact insufficient statements, over and over and over. Directed at people who are trying to change things for the better.

          Good luck. I just gave up on you and your simplistic reasoning.

  26. neon,

    wasnt the deal with Huber getting re-commisioned by the Trump admin (after being appointed by 0bama admin)
    to ensure that anything Huber does NOW is not nullified, should to some extent, the 0bama admin et al is found to be illegitimate? He had to be ‘cleaned’ so to speak?

  27. Do it Q! I can’t wait! Also, it was Clinton who started forest mismanagement in CA.
    ” “In 1990, the Fish and Wildlife Service listed the northern spotted owl as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act. Largely in response to this listing, the Forest Service implemented a new “ecosystem management” policy, which resulted in a further reduction in timber harvests. Then, shortly before he left office President Clinton introduced a rule that severely restricted the use of existing roads and construction of new roads on 49 million acres of National Forest, limiting the ability of the Forest Service to thin the dense thickets of trees that resulted from almost a century of fire suppression – or even remove dead trees.”

  28. Ok, how blind can you be? A) How can arrests occur prior to removing the corruption from the DOJ & FBI? When you use the military to arrest them, and try them in military tribunals! Can the exchange of Lindsey Graham and Brett Kavanaugh, during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, be any more obvious, in answer to the second question: B) How can arrests occur prior to safely securing a majority in the SUPREME COURT [CONSTITUTION – RULE OF LAW]. Military law vs. criminal law? Military tribunals vs. a corrupt civilian criminal court system? Come on, Neon! Logical thinking!!!! Pay attention.

  29. I wanted another way to address this post, but I am having difficulty synthesizing anything from it. Let’s do a line-by-line instead:

    A very useful writing tip for life.

  30. NEON,

    You missed the interesting part per Q link. Huber was “hired” by sessions (according to the story) to look into U1. Check.

    Mueller is SC. Check.

    Mueller = U1?

    Conflict of interest much?

    Is Huber investigating Mueller? Is Mueller investigating Mueller?

  31. Yes…the sealed indictments… declassify..why are you threatened when your narrative is challenged?Who hired Sessions,Haley, Bolton…. just denial…Trump works for Adelson,Netanyahu,Kushner…how about doing some research…those people are not Patriots…more like Zionists…go fight for Israel..

    • Wesley…Q is part of a game….all the riddles,trust the plan,sealed indictments,trust Sessions,trust Wray,there is a big event coming….wait until the new year… shirts and hats are a distraction…Tr Trump had 2 years…and just bluffs…he did not declassify anything…. Trump had his chance and proved to be a part of the problem…he bombed Syria for what?Doing Israels dirty work… Just another grifter like the Clintons..Q is a psyop….

      • Whatever, ED. I read Q before I read Drudge. I read Neon before I read Drudge. Then I look at youtube and a few of the analysts. Call it whatever you want Ed. It is an information aggregate. I am not sure that “psyop” is correct in description, unless you have never read Q drops.

        You have to do your own research. It is hard to find any lamestream source of actual news, so we do what we can to share as private citizens, citizen reporters and analysts. Nobody pays us to find the facts, and if you want people like Neon to put time into writing privately, then you have to support his efforts and buy a hat. So, Ed, buy a god damned hat and redeem yourself, you maniac.

        Even then, we only see part of what is actually going on. We get glimmers of truth. That is what we hunger for…….honest facts.

  32. I am thinking there was a serious assassination plot in Paris that Trump had to avoid, did not go as planned since he changed plans. I am thinking BIG 11/11 was talk/deal/info passed with Putin. I do not think the President would release damaging info on the 100 year anniversary of Veterans Day/WW1 ending. Wait for Tuesday.

    • I think you are right, Dean. Something was off. Even FLOTUS seemed off. Her eyes seemed very serious, as did President Trump and President Putin.

      That French President Macron is a tool. Pathetically obvious, the way he flits around. And, his wife was pissed. I’m not sure what was her problem, but she was seriously angry at something. She is a rich wauman, from what I understand, much older than her cut out husband…..the handler perhaps?

      Globalists trying to re establish their New World Order in the face of exposure and ruination???

  33. Faith in something has to have a foundation, and that foundation was the election of Donald Trump under insurmountable odds. We have the right to hold the faith that we do in this man because of what he has said and done. I find it incredible that we and a very large number of ordinary people totally understand President Trump and yet so many highley educated people republican and democrat alike can’t seem to figure him out. I’m beginning to believe that it’s a condition of the heart that is allowing people to see who this man really is. Yes, I believe Q is real and yes he is part of the plan because I have faith in what is good and what is just. Pray for everyone, believers and unbelievers because we are all brothers and sisters and we are all worth it. KEEP THE FAITH!

  34. After the “BOOM BOOM BOOM” week came and went without anything happening, and then “Stealth Jeff” Sessions’s forced resignation (with none of the promised “Pain” being inflicted), and now 11/11 coming and going uneventfully, my faith in Q is pretty much depleted. I’ve read the attempts to explain away the Sessions firing (and that’s what it was), but they just seem like desperate attempts to come up with some scenario that allows Q to keep some credibility – just like people tried to explain away Q’s first post that claimed that, on Oct 30, “Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.” Since none of that happened on Oct 30, 2017, some speculated that he might have meant Oct 30 of this year. But, again, nothing happened.

    I don’t know what Q is or isn’t, but he has not proven trustworthy in his predictions.

    • You are pointing out the obvious…Q is a psyop… stringing people the plan blah blah blah..there is a big event coming.. nothing happens…buy more hats.. when you confront the Kool aid drinkers you are labeled angry.. Trump chose not to declassify.. just likes to whine on Twitter..

  35. Can someone explain to me, why should we keep following Q? Dates are given…dates are passed, nothing happens! Obvious crimes are being committed in Florida and Texas…nothing being done and there is barely any coverage. Everyone keeps saying “oh, the traps are being set…just wait!” “Red October “ “stealth bomber” “white hat” “ black hat” “sealed indictments” “pedogate” “military tribunals “ “Q proofs” Q clock” “future proves past” then nothing ever happens…except FFs, more corruption from both sides, and a new date when “it all comes down” I’ve been awoke and redpilled since after 9/11, I’ve been disgusted with Bush, sickened by Obama, and have been proud of voting for Trump and I’m starting to get the feeling Q is just a soap opera ( I pray that it’s not) know “tune in next week, same bat time…same bat channel for the next exciting episode. Im becoming more and more convinced this is just a internet game. I understand if this is real…that it will take time to “drain the swamp” and “disinformation is necessary “ but this is getting silly. Can someone explain how I’m wrong and don’t use “ trust the plan”…

    • We don’t have another choice. The only choice is revolt, doubt that will workout for us. I don’t follow closely anymore. I am well aware Trump could be one of them. I am looking out after myself its all I can do anymore.
      Trust Jesus and trust the plan he has for you/us.
      The worse things get the stronger my faith becomes.

      • Trump is a Zionist…Jared Kushner,Netanyahu enemies of Christ…tha t is who Trump supports… Israel runs Trump..war mongers..

        • Ed, your obsessive fixation on Israel and constant blaming of the Jewwwws is much nuttier than believing in Q. Your posts sound exactly like the guy who shot up the synagogue recently. If you start getting any ideas along those lines, seek professional help.

          • You are a shill…Israel controls Trump… AIPAC controls are in denial and most likely benefit from selling hats…Q is a psyop…what happened to the indictments?do some research and critical thinking….the Nazis in Tel Aviv are not Jews..they are Ashkenazi…. you have been indoctrinated by the same MSM you criticize…

          • Ed,

            There is clearly something wrong with you. You’re obsessed and wrong. Calling me a shill and pretending that you’re smarter than everyone doesn’t change that.

          • Yes Rick when your narrative is challenged and other people disagree with you,there must be something wrong with them… not you.. you employ the same tactics that your so called adversaries use…have you heard the latest with the DHS, Kelly and the chaos…Q fake is as bad as the DNC.. just Kabuki theater…where are you in the Q financial chain?hat production?shirt distributor?What happened to the declassified documents,FISA reveal?why is Q moving the goal posts?Why is Whittaker looking for a recusal?Rick it is obvious to people who exercise critical thinking…get some..

          • Because your children are not murdered in the Israel Gaza concentration are just beyond help… taxes from your paycheck supports that….maybe you support it..

    • Dear Patriot,

      You either choose to have faith, and you keep that faith, or you let go of that faith. It’s a choice. Ask yourself if you will be able to handle following Q or if you’re better off moving along and ignoring Q and just following visibly identified red-pilled people who research and report without mentioning Q. MANY are reading Q, MANY are not actually talking about Q. Do what you need to do for yourself. Faith is not always easy. War is never easy. This is an exercise in faith and resilience.

      Fellow red-pilled patriot

    • Trust your instincts… you are being played.. Q is a psyop… trust the plan..the 60,000 indictments, trust Wray, Sessions…the mid terms…all Kabuki theater…all hoping you buy more hats,shirts, Trump tax cuts for his friends.. Clinton and Trump family are grifters

  36. J West- same here. My beloved state of Arizona is being stolen from me, and no one is doing a thing about it. WTH is going on? The rug is continually being pulled out from under us, who have been extremely patient. President Trump is the only one I trust. God protect him.

  37. J West…….i am right there with you.

    I was/am a huge Q believer but the patience is about gone here too. I personally know of 5 or 6 HUGE Q fans that have now turned away and admitted its all been a ruse and they wont even discuss it anymore. That makes me think Q is losing followers in droves now.

    This election fraud stuff going on after Q told everyone “the mid-terms are safe” has pretty much been the nail in the coffin. Losing the house was now “part of the plan”??? Thats absurd. This idea that all the bad stuff is all part of the plan is almost hilarious now.

    Perhaps it will all work out in the end. But thats not very likely.

    I love the idea (optics) of President Trump and Putin working together. But who knows…that may have just been kabuki theater as well.

    The broken promises of “BOOM”s and the moving of the goal-posts and timelines has pretty much worn out some of the most ardent Q and President Trump supporters.

  38. On California fires. Trump was right didn’t go far enough. It isn’t mismanaged land management, its NO LAND MANAGEMENT. We have 100 million trees dead after the drought and instead of clearing them they just left them up there. You can see them poking out of the forests as you drive the highways.
    The guy down in LA criticized the Presidents words saying “These aren’t forest fires these are Chaparral urban
    fires. We don’t see any big companies wanting to log that.”
    Paradise fire started on Camp Creek Rd in the Plumas National Forest. Redding fire started in Lassen National Forest.
    My niece and nephew both lived in Paradise and both lost their homes. Paradise has a very large elderly Veteran community. People who have a very difficult time getting out. They leave the dead trees as fuel. This is all about UN Agenda 21/30 to get you off the land and into the mega cities. Remember Cliven Bundy who fought the BLM over not maintaining the land but charging grazing fees which they used to buy other ranchers out cheap and the Hammonds who were burned off the land.

    The Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa was MUCH worse in person, it look liked nukes went off. Nobody I know up there believe those 4 fires in that area were natural. Many have been told they can’t rebuild so the only buyer is the State or Feds. Oddly they didn’t burn their sacred vines in Napa Valley, just all around them.
    Terrible times, this is Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn closing in on the USA Pluto in Capricorn. Expect more of this. We won the midterms, that will be revealed down the road.
    I have been in California since the early 1950s and what a place it was back then. I no longer feel safe here on any level, the night of a fire transformers were blowing up in my neighborhood and the entire sky was neon green then lights went out for 6 hrs. There were sparks that came down all over the neighbors yard and in his giant redwood trees that are very dry now.

  39. Now Whittaker is backing down.. Mr.Clean looking to recuse, just like Trump and his excuses not to declassify… just more Kabuki theater.. trust the plan…big event coming.. Trump sells hats,defends Israel for Jared,Bibi all the chosen people… not Americans… Trump bombs Syria for Bibi..

  40. Because Trump is hanging with the same crew that killed JFK and the WTC…Trump cares more about the Nazis in Tel Aviv and their concentration camp in Gaza..Trump the draft dodger doing Netanyahu bidding in Iran…complete shill for the Zionists…facts..

  41. If you guys think that this ĺeft/right, dem/GOP, evil/good paradigm is Truth, unfortunately you are all misled. The “powers” control both “sides”. Q is a psyop. “Not Q” is a psyop.

    Herding you where they want you to go like good sheeple. Right to the BRICS. But don’t worry, they are the same as the “Establishment/swamp”.

    Wake up, people.

    Redefininggod dot com

    Read that. Don’t fall for it.


  42. We can not even get an indictment in Florida when the election officials BREAK State LAW…how in the fuck is federal law going to be enforced….we have waited to long and yes we the people will have to use our 2 nd A in the streets since there is NO stopping the Dems from anything….seems the ‘art of war’…will be in play by us….as planned…..IF Q and the plan is going to work..the DECLAS needs to be before Thanksgiving if not then it will NEVER be….imo

    • Trump bailed on us ..He says one thing and then no action…He acts to help Israel…hires Bolton and now Whittaker is backing down..Trump cares about getting license agreements in China…Q is a the plan… except Q keeps moving the goal posts..Trump backed down on declassify..lost the House…does Israels bidding for his son in law…protects the Nazis in Tel Aviv…no friend of Christians…

  43. Qanon is Now the 2nd Most Attacked by Fake News (POTUS Being the 1st)
    12 Nov 2018 – 10:13:00 PM
    #1 attacked person by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]?
    #2 attacked entity by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]?
    As of 3:02 pm est today, “Qanon” is now the #2 most attacked entity behind POTUS within the U.S.
    Logical Thinking > WHY?
    Congratulations, Anons!

    [Ps Hey Mister Ed…who do work for?]

    • I work for myself Leland.. Question everything…No one is beyond critical thinking..Why is Trump not declassifying?Why is Bolton an apologist for Saudi Arabia/Israel?Is Trump a NeoCon Zionist?Why does Q keep moving the goal posts?Why do you fear having your narrative challenged? Trump just playing to the audience…2 years and not one major change… except tax cuts for the wealthy..draft dodger…a hat does not make one a Patriot..

  44. So, in today’s Q disappointment, the Democrats have successfully stolen the AZ senate seat and filled it with an America-hating socialist bi-sexual. And the Q team is indicating that
    1. They know it was stolen (post 2492)
    2. The Dems will get away with it (post 2493)


    • Why is Whittaker looking to recuse?Rick why does Q keep moving the goal posts?Why did Trump pass on declassifying?Question everything….

    • Wow…now DHS secretary to be fired…Trump chaos Rick…outside of his family Trump can not assemble an effective team….his family and friends look like they came out of a Tel Aviv phone book…trust the plan…sell more hats….

      • Ed,

        You’re just spewing talking points. “White House chaos!” Please.

        If you think your point of view is so compelling and that people will find it valuable, start your own page instead of constantly trolling this one. You repeat the same nonsense every day, multiple times a day. It’s a credit to NR’s restraint that he allows you to annoy people as much as you do. It would be one thing if you actually had something of value to add. You apparently don’t. You just come across as a neo-Nazi with Tourette syndrome.

    • Never interrupt your enemy when he’s in the process of destroying himself. Sun Tsu. It isn’t over yet…but the D party soon will be. Patience is a virtue. For great info watch the video by Blessed to Teach on YT on this – it’s a 2 parter and well worth your time. God’s got this.

  45. Neon,
    Sir, could it be that the dems are desperate to use voter fraud in FL, GA, and AZ in order to protect their “gateways” for the child trafficking? These states are crucial for them and for that?? Just a thought (also because this is based on a dream – “Election Map Dream” given to me in Nov. 2012)….God is preparing to do great and mighty things. And Q and POTUS are just tools in His hands! Patriots, Q, Q Army and POTUS, Sir, keep praying!

    • Trump supports the Nazis in Tel Aviv…God is not for that…what happened to the indictments?why is Whittaker looking to recuse? just more Kabuki theater

  46. Another terror-related event that is often overlooked…the January 2017 mass shooting at Ft. Lauderdale International airport. The (ex) military guy, from Alaska, who flew via Mpls/St. Paul with his firearm, and killed five people in the terminal baggage area. Said he was under “government mind control” and supposedly influenced by jihad propaganda.

    He may be just another schizo lunatic, but I thought the incident was worth mentioning here (and yes, by here, I mean Broward County….such a delight to live here with our negligent and criminal Democrat leadership) to add to your list. BTW, he plead out to life in prison in exchange for the Feds dumping the death penalty.

  47. After the midterm results, the voter fraud, and the Democrat/MSM non stop attacks, It is hard to “trust the plan”. What good does tens of thousands of indictments do if nobody of note is being arrested? When are the FISA and other documents going to be released? There has to be some real movement on these issues, not just words from Trump and vague drops from Q.

    • Exactly…Q is a psyop…just selling Trump supporters dreams and a hat…modern day mouseketeers…did not declassify,Q keeps moving the goal posts…Trump moves Embassy to Jerusalem…because he is a NEOCON Zionist like his father Fred…

    • Trust the plan=get duped by Trump and imaginary Q….Trump will distract by saber rattling against Iran for Netanyahu…Trump family,in laws and friends straight out of Tel Aviv phone book… Trump is no friend to Christians….he bows down to the Saudi/Israel Arabia oligarchy…draft dodger…

  48. Kelly soon to leave Trump staff,more chaos,spin trust the plan…buy a hat…the indictments,just another Q Trump distraction because there was never a plan….just beyond category…

  49. Hey Ed, why do you care? looking out for all of us “special” folks, who need only you, to clue us in to what is not real! Well, bless your heart!! In the meantime, even if Q were a LARP, or Psy-op, the movement sure has pissed off a lot of apparently, soulless “people”. Wow, project much? Maybe Q is dropping just enough info to get you clowns to freak, and try to cover your arses, because God, and everybody else knows, you and they are as guilty of exactly what they are accused of. Yahweh God has sent his servants to clean house. Can you feel it, Mr Krabs? I do. WWG1WGA. Have faith my brothers and sisters! Our prayers have been heard! Godspeed Mr President!!

  50. Now Trump hire Bolton chief spokesman for the Zionist Neo Cons is covering for the Saudis… Trump sells more weapons to the Saudis,while his son in law tries to get financial backers from the Middle East to rescue his failed real estate endeavors…some Patriots.. bunch of grifters.. what part of the plan is that…Trump in with a Kingdom that discriminates against Christians and a country Israel that is racist against all non-jews… What does Q have to say about that…lot of deceit…no action for the people who supported Trump…empty slogans,empty promises,tax cuts for his friends.

    • Again, thank you for being NRs’ own lil Jiminy Cricket!! Does the fact that a movement that gives hope of justice, and love for ones’ country, cause you some kind of pain? Normally, I would not feed the trolls, but the shrillness of your demented ravings against those who think differently, speaks against anything you profess to believe in!! Sure, Q is what ever you want him to be, or not be! Do you see him now, Ed? is he hovering over my shoulder making me chuckle at your desperate pleadings for sheepness? If Q is real, do you have pedo history as well? Is your very life dependent on us not following the info Q drops? Things that make you go….Hmmm? But you go ahead on and preach, Eddy! BTW, I don’t have a hat, but I LOVE my TS NR shirt! Now that you mention it, I do need another hat to go with my 4 MAGAs’!! Actually only 3, my son wanted one. XXXXOOOO!! Paul Revere got nuttin on you mr Ed!

    • Johnny… what is the latest Q drop?when is the declassified documents happening? How about the big event that never happens?Can not have your scripted narrative challenged Johnny?Have you given up your critical thinking skills,so someone else can do it for you?Yes Q is infallible…. just enjoying the discussion…

  51. Alrighty, I’m a first time poster to Neon’s board here but have been a follower of his and Q’s since mid Dec 2017. This whole week reminds me of the TNG final episode where Q looks in the primordial soup pool and says oh so close but Piccard changed the time line and the first chemical reactions to make organic proteins did happen. So it is with the Q posts, they push and we retreat, they push more and we retreat, again and again. And nothing happens.

    I thought the greatest stroke job of the 20th century was believing Roberts and the 5-4 majority would determine that the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional. Ah, didn’t happen then, stopping the vote rigging in FL and AZ not going to happen either.

    Faith is all you have left when you ain’t got nuttin left. Well my faith is being sorely tried and I’m tired of retreating. I am tired of the double talk meadow muffins. I’m tired of being ridiculed, humiliated and PC’d at every turn. It’s about time to Stand Our Ground and it ends here in FL, in AZ, in GA. (full disclosure I lived in Chicago/Illinois for 22 years and have seen machine politics up close and personal under the Daleys and Rahm.) If they have a trap spring it for crying out load. Restore the faithful.

    Spin Drift

  52. Trump could have headed all of this off at the pass by releasing the declassified FISA documents they have been sitting on for 2 months…What is he waiting for?the Democratic Party to take over the house in 2019?What is the Q riddle for that? Just hoping people remain gullible so he can go to rallies next year and chant lock her up…he has sold out his supporters…flim flam man…

  53. Has Q mentioned that it was a Rothschild Banker who bailed out Trump,Taj Mahal, in 1991.That was Wilbur Ross,the commerce Secretary…nice reward…flim flam man…keep drinking the Trump/Q koolaid… don’t think for lazy…buy a hat…does not make you a Patriot..

    • Ed, I’m sorry to say this, but after reading your illiterate posts, I have come to the conclusion that you are an asshat. I understand that it is not nice to insult people, but in this case, I am simply stating the fact.

      I find your opinions to be less than enlightening. If this was my blog, I would bar you from coming here. Nobody needs a baby, or a traitor like you. I don’t want to see you in my foxhole. You are the type that would shoot a commanding officer in the back.

      • To your way of thinking pointing out how Trump has betrayed his supporters,makes me a traitor… wrong…speaking of foxholes,Trump never served he is a draft dodger.. Do some research and you will find that Q and Trump are just stringing people along…After so many times of moving back the goal posts, people are catching on to the Trump/Q scam..Trump should be seen for the charlatan he is and the Q charade is a bunch of vague nonsense….

        • Ed, you disgust me.

          This is our first chance at draining the Swamp. Ron Paul was too weak.

          Q is an aggregate. As for Vietnam? Please let me know why we were in Vietnam? To this day, I don’t know….other than as a disaster capitalist feast.

          As for string along? Seems like you are projecting.

          • Katz you do not disgust me…I just do not buy the scripted narrative…Question everything…Why do you want to shut down others who point out that Q and Trump do not deliver? What happened to Mr.Clean?The so called indictments?Why did Trump not release FISA documents?After 2 years Trump can not assemble an effective team…. What about stealth Jeff Sessions? Trump and his ineffective approach to really releasing the evidence resulted in losing the House…people stayed away because they saw that Trump is what he rails against…a politician and a member of the ruling class..he is finished and the people found him and Q out… rallies mean nothing…hats and imaginary figures like Q do a lot of damage..

  54. Doesn’t the US have an elections regulatory body? This is making you look like you don’t care what happens to your country. Surely that’S not the case. But based on what has been done, well, a lot is becoming questionable. The good guys always just seem to be sitting back drinking coffee while telling everyone that everything will be fine. Proof please. If the many people who are supposed, and deserve, to be in jail right now have in fact been pardoned well, what’s the point of a justice/legal system?

  55. I love President Trump, he is easily the best President ever, but I am concerned about Q. It is reminding me of the TV show Lost, huge build up, bizarre plotlines, and nothing ever solved. Is this a JJ Abrams production? Something big and tangible needs to happen soon or this will be determined as a fraud. Will this be going on until the 2020 election seriously? Again I am a huge Trump supporter, so I am not a shill like ED, but really people, where do we draw the line between faith and gullibility? I want this to happen but I still need to question things. You know, thinking for myself. Any thoughts? At what point would you consider this a bridge to nowhere? Peace and prosperity to all of you Patriots

    • It is reminding me of the TV show Lost, huge build up, bizarre plotlines, and nothing ever solved.

      Bizarre plotlines sure. But nothing ever solved? Except that some people do manage to escape the island in the end…at least one person did it twice. And the malevolent force on the island is finally vanquished after thousands of years. Did you watch the final season DVD with the extra episode that tied up some additional loose ends?

      Let’s at least accuse Lost of doing what it actually did…which is that it was a sci-fi show with an overtly Christian theme in the end that tricked a lot of people, who don’t like sci-fi and don’t care for in your face Christian themes, into watching it.

      • David…great analogy….Orange man want us to be lost,while he stays boss….His rallies resemble the hate hour in 1984 where everyone screams at Goldstein and goes back to the drudgery of their lives..A plan is a list of things that never happen…

        • David…great analogy….Orange man want us to be lost,while he stays boss

          You are mistaken. Trump never appeared on the tv show Lost. You are confusing it with his appearance in the movie Home Alone 2 : Lost in New York. Kevin’s refuge when he gets separated from his family in New York City is the Plaza Hotel, which Trump owned at the time. Rather than keeping Kevin lost, Trump is the hero who provides the protagonist with a place of safety.

  56. First of all, this is an underground war. We experienced a coup et tat on 911. Perhaps further back it happened first when they murdered JFK.

    Second of all, these criminals are dangerous, have money and are not going to give up. Witness the stolen election.

    Just the fact that so many have been fired, and deleted, is a gain.

    Not everything is going as planned, as you may have noticed. Do we jump ship when we take a hit? What kind of “patriot” is that? A weak kneed baby demands like Ed.

    I’m tired of it. In order to survive this 3 D chess match, you have to make deals. If you keep your eyes on the prize, you might win. However, with people like this Ed person, you will lose faith, hope and go back to useless apathy.

    Ask yourself: Do you want to continue this charade in apathy? After all, you did nothing about the murder of JFK and the ridiculous Warren Commission Report. You did nothing when they took down the Towers.

    You did nothing when they misused our military in unending wars of aggression. You do nothing when they abuse our troops. You do nothing at all, as long as you can still get your paycheck and have your little amusements.

    But, this is war, don’t forget that. The people who are trying to stop this attempt to fix it are not playing around.

    • Katz you are referencing events that go back to JFK…. you are anchored to the past..Trump did not release the FISA documents and could have…where is the push back from Trump on the election fiasco? Now Mr.Clean Whittaker is looking to recuse just like stealth Jeff Sessions…just a big charade until the next apprentice/election show with celebrity guest Q….vague riddles,now the Democratic Party has the house and Trump can blame others…

  57. White House staff once again in chaos… Trump can not assemble an effective team outside of his family and friends….Trump is very supportive of his cronies by way of tax cuts… not so much for his supporters..same as it ever was…Trump playing to the audience…just talk and vague riddles from Q…and if you question it so called self appointed Patriots like Katz and others attempt to shut you down…question everything…don’t wait for a plan…

  58. Katzenbootz… calling someone a slut is silly you rascal…Ask yourself, Trump got involved with Stormy and tried to play the aggrieved Party in that personal fiasco..with Trump someone else is always to blame…Trump just another self entitled solid gold plated phony…. little rich boy who never grew up….and what is Q? modern day wizard of Oz…fact…..No more hats,No more shirts…The people have been patient…They want results,not tax breaks for the wealthy..

    • SHILL alert – neon / Hollywood anon — ban creepy shareblue Ed from posting

      Nobody needs shills cloggin up this good board

      The funny part is – shills learn nothing. Even if Q was 100% not tied to POTUS and just some random patriot anon (he’s not, Q is 100% real but just saying) — guess what — 90% of the anons wouldn’t care and would keep pushing and thinking critically like Q showed us until we win (good guys win, fyi).

      We support trump and the military patriots all the way through till the end

      Spoiler alert for those that arent patient —— Satanists lose. God wins. Enjoy the show, all u anti-Q anti-American idiots 😀

      We anons are comfy and always will be comfy 🙂

    • Yes..follow the script… don’t question,that makes you a shill when you think for a hat because consumption is the key to the revolt….going on 2 years… maybe the next election cycle or next tax cut for Trump and his family…

  59. Was excited to see many comments but come and see it’s all a shil named “Ed” pushing fear porn and nonsense. Bummer. Usually comments on Neon’s posts are one of the good reasons to visit this site.

    • Yes when you use critical thinking and do not follow the prepared script, you are a traitor,shill etc. I call BS… you are guilty of the same things you accuse the opposition of… critical thinking is bigger than a so called Q or a flim flam real estate grifter who has not followed through on delivering for his supporters,but made sure his cronies got their tax cuts… Buying hats and slogans do not make you a Patriot…yes the 60,000 indictments….the next big event..the next Q drop…stealth Sessions…2 years of complaining on Twitter… unwillingness to declassify… just more Kabuki theater…

      • Hey Ed, I sure hope you’re not considering yourself a Patriot. Being a centrist doesn’t make you a Patriot. Being mistrustful of everybody in politics doesn’t make you a patriot, no matter how you formed your opinions of them. Repeating the same lines every day on Neon’s posts doesn’t make you a patriot.

        Results matter, right? That’s why I don’t care much for your opinion, and instead see what Trump has achieved. It’s that simple. Take the MAGApill

        You ought to be be grateful that it’s not Queen Clinton at the helm, even without all his promises that you believe he’s broken, and dreams he’ll not fulfill. It could have been so much worse. You could have had a truly unrepentant, self-righteous malevolent carpet-bagger on your hands then!!

        Be grateful.

        • Why do you need to use labels like centrist?Why do you use the example of Hillary Clinton could have been worse?That is a distraction meant to avoid the obvious….Q and his so called predictions are as empty as Trump’s.When critical thinking is used you have to assign a label.. centrist.. forever making excuses for Q and Trump….it is always someone else at fault… Clinton and Trump are grifters… Trump can not assemble an effective team outside of his family.. you just are in denial because you probably benefit financially from the so called Q charade…many people are questioning Q and the half baked promises.. you try to shut down the questions because you can not tolerate a light being shined on the scripted narrative….after 2 years people stayed away because Trump let them down…keep spinning it,but people are not as gullible as you think they are…no 60,000 indictments,no declassified FISA documents,lots of tweets,tax break for Trump’s in-laws and cronies..more bombs for Saudi Arabia and more tax dollars for Israel… Trump supports the country with the most human rights violations…bombed Syria… wonderful… now 2 more years of Trump tweets and Q riddles….

          • Gee Ed, It’s as if you refused to even look at the website I posted. On second thoughts, maybe you shouldn’t,or your brain might not forgive you for it.

            I’m not the least bit surprised you’d bring out the hypocrisy within your first reply. You forgot that grifter is a label too, huh?

            Oh well, I guess that makes us both wrong. Trump isn’t a convicted fraudster, and thanks to your ideological twitching, you seem to take exception to a freelance blogger selling clothing to finance his medium (website space isn’t free you know). So I guess you sound more like a Commie to me. Are you a closet Commie, Ed? No i=other reason why you’d be so quick to make Clinton look innocent as a dove. That’s fine if you think that Ed, Imean, thoughts are free, but just how seriously do you think this forum will take that point of view?

            You might be getting your jollies off trying to wind up the others here, Ed, but I’m going to have fun poking the borax at you, Ed. It’s too easy. Who else is mentally deficient enough, and delusional enough to attempt the shepherding of people who’ve spent months learning otherwise, is someone who doen’t understand critical thinking, no matter how much they claim it.

            Did you lose your way on the interwebs? Only delusional people spend all day talking nonsense to people they don’t know about things they don’t understand, making an embarrassment of themselves in the process.

            “no 60,000 indictments”

            Have proof? Here’s mine, that you’re wrong…


            “no declassified FISA documents”

            Trump ordered them to be declassified after Rosenstein released a partially redacted version. Is it Trump’s fault that it hasn’t happened yet? Or was it Rosenstein’s? Either way, two years is an awfully long time to get nothing on Trump, isn’t it?

            “tax break for Trump’s in-laws and cronies”

            Aaaah, there we go. Closet Commie took the mask off. You’ll be doing the Kalinka next I’m sure of it, You know these tax breaks have affected more than just just “Trump’s in-laws and cronies”, right? Or is it just easier to forget that America is currently at it’s lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, and the highest number of employed people, EVAH.


            Did we need to mention that the GDP is far more likely to pay off the burgeoning debt than what Trump’s predecessor managed? It certainly helps when your manufacturers decide to come back home again, huh?

            Your ignorance of geopolitical relations is also showing through. You conveniently omitted that Saudi Arabia purged the corrupted royalty aligned with the Cabal. Completely forgot that Korea is no longer threatening war. That ISIS are now silent.

            These things on their own are reason to rejoice, but not you, Ed. These are all things that not only did Hilary not promise, but Barack deemed were impossible.

            Carpetbagging scumbags, both.

            There’s a label for you, Ed. Not the carpetbagging bit. But the scumbag. Who decides to walk into a Conservative forum and spout their Commie nonsense and expects converts?

            Delusional. Maybe you should buy a hat to hide your shame, Ed. I promise I won’t look.

          • “Why do you need to use labels like centrist?”
            You seem to dislike both sides of the House. Perhaps I’m wrong. In fact, I’d say that you’re not a centrist, because centrists don’t dislike the idea of personal enterprise, and think that the idea of someone selling merchandise in order to fund their website is an abhorrent idea worth mentioning in every posted comment. It’s tiresome, Ed, and pretty silly.

            “Why do you use the example of Hillary Clinton could have been worse?”
            If you actually need to have this pointed out to you, then you’re pretty ignorant. Even now, 2 years later, she’s still blaming everybody else but herself for the failed 2016 attempt, and won’t even entertain the idea that it was all her fault. That’s most likely why she’ll try again, and likely fail again.

            “Trump can not assemble an effective team outside of his family.. you just are in denial because you probably benefit financially from the so called Q charade”

            Pathetic. I’m not doing anything with Q or Trump for money or fame. I’m doing this for the love of truth. Something that you’re quite selective about seeing. That’s pretty bad on your part, Ed. Do you understand? It’s ignorant. Allow me:

            “no 60,000 indictments”
            Incorrect. They definitely exist.

            “no declassified FISA documents”
            Rod Rosenstein was suppose to hand that over. He already gave a redacted version, then a partially declassified version, and Trump asked him to give a completely unclassified version. It’s not up to Trump (or Q) to arrest him. I guess it’s easy enough to overlook that.

            “tax break for Trump’s in-laws and cronies.”
            Same as everybody else. Typical for you to ignore that magapill I asked you to swallow. Time for the force feed then. This includes:

            More People Working Now Than Ever Before

            Lowest unemployment rates for Black and Hispanic people in history

            Lowest unemployment for women in 50 years

            Including a GDP rate that not only did Clinton not campaign on (much less promise), but Barack Obama claimed was impossible, then wanted to take all the credit for when it happened. Barack also never managed to get manufacturers to flock back home like Trump has, because he’s hopeless. More on him in a bit.

            “more bombs for Saudi Arabia”
            Saudi Arabia’s Ruling House of Saud have been decimated. Regardless of whether or not you understand this, if you’ve actually been paying attention with both eyes, and not just one, you’ll know that.

            “and more tax dollars for Israel”
            Well, I’m not predisposed to what they do here. Israel and Saudi Arabia are Allies after all. You do know the House of Saud are Jewish, right?

            “Trump supports the country with the most human rights violations”
            But not the regime. There is a difference between the two. Get China’s help with Kim Jung Un, yet ensure tariffs are enforced on trading. A world first that Peace agreement, and yet something that Barack Obama couldn’t do, and he’s a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, just by speaking a bunch of empty platitudes. As I was saying: Useless.

            “bombed Syria”
            Right. That must be why we don’t hear from ISIS anymore, am I right? Yet another thing that Barack Obama dithered over for how many years? Utterly useless.

            Same as this spiel of yours, Ed. You might consider yourself an independent thinker, but I prefer the word selective. We were both wrong. You’re not a centrist. You’re a closet commie. It’s the hats thing, Ed. You’d wax indignant all day everyday about that. By that token, HRC was an independent thinker too. She’s still the only one that thinks she’s not the reason she failed. She’s the only one that doesn’t get it. A bit like you, Ed.

  60. For those who are wondering who Ed the Shill truly is, there are a few shills who fit the bill. The first, and most likely culprit, is Ed Krassenstein. If you go back to Neon’s October 25th 2018 article called #Magabomber, he mentions how Ed Krassenstein regularly shills for Hillary Clinton, Then you have Philppe Reines, who is Hillary’s best friend and personal paid shill. Finally, you have #RatTailTravis, who regularly shills Neon on GAB. If Ed is truly lazy and stupid then it’s probably Ed Krassenstein because he didn’t even change his real first name. I personally don’t even care who it really is because if this person truly was a truthseeker like most of us he would be talking about all the truly evil shit Hillary and Soros have done instead of Trump who never killed people and destroyed countries’ economies like the other 2 have. By the way, all 3 shills appear in the same #Magabomber article from October 25th if you want to go back and refresh your memories about these 3.

    • Thank you Warrior you are wrong….I am not any of those people who you have mentioned… You choose to distract by railing against Clinton,Soros and it is a feeble attempt to minimize the con job Trump and imaginary Q are running.. Trump chose not to declassify,Q has endless riddles and people are questioning…No lie can live forever.. We are aware of the Clinton and Soros evil..We are applying independent critical thinking to those who are telling us to trust the plan.. blah blah blah..3 D chess.all the nonsense.. You can not tolerate independent thinking… Trump and Q can not deliver.. just looking for the next election cycle and the selling of more dreams and hats… some patriot…more like the Communists with your stifling critical thinking..

      • Ed, if you are really a nobody and you aren’t a paid Hillary shill then that’s really sad because you’re spending all your time attacking everyone on this board and you’re not even getting paid for it!!!. Your repetitive comments are like a broken record and you’re never going to change anyone’s mind by constantly forcing your beliefs on them like an annoying Jehovah’s Witness. Your constant commentary seems like a desperate cry for help, so seek out a licensed therapist, take your Zoloft, listen to your MK-Ultra programming and go back to sleep. What I’d really like to know is why are you so threatened, Ed? Your never-ending attacks really speak volumes and it makes everyone on this board even more suspicious of you and more inclined to disregard anything you have to write about.

        • You can not tolerate critical thinking.Other people have challenged the Q scripted narrative and empty predictions and your talking about Zoloft is a clear picture of someone who is interested in shutting down dissent.Do not be concerned about what I and others choose to do… Keep pushing your false narrative and others will rise up and challenge the falsehoods within the convoluted Q/Trump show…are you benefitting financially from the ongoing Q/Trump show?Hats? Shirts? How about the indictments? Whittaker backing down?FISA?IG report?No more Sessions to be the fall guy?

  61. Hi Neon. Another great article. Sounding more chipper these days despite some of the discouraged peeps. Goes against the grain. I’m enjoying catching up on your recent posts, including the expose on rentboy. What a piece of work.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, that the chief of staff’s primary job is exactly how it’s described – kind of like a Director of Human Resources. They get to pick who gets assigned to where for what duties. I know that is supposed to have been Sessions job (in this context), but that’s not always the case. In fact, the same job falls to a Major in the Army, as opposed to the General.

    So Whittaker is (or was, but still is) actually a very important man. It’s no wonder the Dems are getting stir crazy right now. They probably don’t know what to make of him, with him being a former Talking Head for you know who.

    I’m still bummed about the midterms, but so long as action is taken against those doing the most harm, I’m happy enough. I’m not sure what would be an appropriate punishment for fixing elections. You’d think a very long jail term would be a deterrent, but on the other hand, it’s injurious to a nation, and ought to be considered traitorous. And we know how that ought to end up. I expect one of the two to happen before the next election cycle even gets into 2nd gear. Because if we’re still talking about, and witnessing the same crap then, by the same people ([DWS] et al.), with Soros still hiding in the shadows, then it’s a fail on the part of the White hats.

    Stay fresh, Friend.

  62. Frankly I am disappointed with this post. I did not see anything fresh or insightful about this post as it has all been posted and commented on way before you got around to it. We are all angry about the the obvious voter fraud not just in Florida but at least a dozen or so other races. Why is it that in early voting and election night results many republicans were ahead but in late counting and recounts only democrat votes were added? We hope the q theory that this was all one grand sting is actually true. But so far the federal government has shown little or no action. In addition to the voter fraud nothing is happening: no declass of anything, no releasing of any documents , no unsealing of indictments nothing nada. Even Q decides to take a post election vacation. If things don’t happen soon civil war will be our only option.

    • Yesterday, President Trump introduced a bilateral bill for Prison reform. The day before, he went to France and was insulted by Macron. The Globalists are losing ground and now they want to arm the UN against the USA. Our true enemies are making themselves known. Who do you think is behind all this?

      Look at EU. Look at Merkle, Macron, and GB’s notorious elite.

      To say nothing is happening is incorrect. The world is still in play.

  63. Neon, first off, thank you so much for all your hard work on Q decodes, and connecting so many dots. The one about the Shroud of Turin was my favorite, very inspiring. This is my first post, long time lurker. I’ve followed Q since lat Oct/early Nov 2017, when it started. I have been getting an uneasy feeling that has grown since before the midterms. For so long, Q has beat the drum for 11/11. And what’s happened since then is it feels like the Dems have stolen several elections in the House and Senate. Part of me assumed based on the 11/11 meme, that things would be WAY out in the open by now (I was hoping Pizzagate level shit would be out by now, much less all the Bongino-narrative about the Russiagate being a total political trap), but we still have not seen a FISA declas, or anything major that would sway normie-level public to the ‘these people won’t be able to walk down the street’ level. I still think the power is in the sealed indictments, which are not a LARP, but Q’s tone has changed. He/it/they seem more like Boomer Posts the last several months, and shit-tier Fox News posts. As a 9/11 truther, I’m only Republican b/c of Trump, and will return to the abyss that is Libertarianism if the NeoCon-RINO types get back in. Q set these expectations. Where’s the beef? The MSM isn’t going to cover the election rigging, they’re going to talk about Jim Acosta while we turn into a banana republic. Perhaps Q team is still keeping its powder dry until the enemy is right on top of them for max damage, but at this point, I feel like I’m making excuses in my head…this chick let me get all excited, we set the date, and I’m in her driveway, but the lights are all off and I’m…waiting. The world needs a reboot from all the evil that seems to have bubbled into every power position, and Q and the mil intel narrative made total sense, this was do or die, but I just have the sinking feeling that girl isn’t coming out of her dark house to get into my car in the driveway. I hate to blackpill anyone, and that’s not my intent, but holy shit, it’s way beyond time to release the hounds publicly. Thanks again, and feel free to ignore me, but I had to weigh in!

  64. Consider fisagate cannot start showing without military tribunals (martial law).
    Consider anons work done in awakening (even if incomplete)
    Consider the silence as martial is being executed
    Consider the guilty cannot be allowed to still be free when fisagate is now showing

  65. “To say nothing is happening is incorrect.”

    I think his point is that nothing GOOD is happening. There’s obviously lots of bad stuff happening. Meanwhile, Q is constantly saying good things are juuuust about to happen…but they never happen. On Monday he said, “Something big is about to drop.” How long do we give him before “just about” expires and we can conclude he doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

  66. The FISA reports still have NOT come out after Q had promised us they would happen before the elections and here we are still waiting after the elections. If you want to get rid of the DOJ, FBI garbage then the FISA reports have to come out to get rid of them. It’s actually that fucking simple.

  67. Like I said a few days ago, the shills are really on fire this week. I’m all for questioning everything, but it must be done with a critical eye. Indiscriminate spraying of shill-shells won’t cut it here.

    Besides, just because things don’t follow the timeline we imagine they should, or things don’t look the way we imagined they would, doesn’t mean they aren’t real. This is why Jesus said stay busy while waiting for him, otherwise you’ll drive yourself nuts.

    Ignore the shills, keep your head down, remain faithful and work hard. If you have trouble keeping faith in Q and POTUS right now, then just keep faith in God.

    2 Corinthians 12:10
    Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

    • Yes you can not tolerate an open discussion.Everyone is a shill when they use critical thinking and point out that Q and Trump have not followed through with declassified FISA documents,IG report…Trump lost the House because of his half baked promises and now Whittaker says the Mueller probe is fine… complete con job… WikiLeaks and Assange we’re instrumental in Trump’s election and if Trump allows the DOJ to extradite and prosecute Assange,then Trump is as criminal and self serving as the Clintons.Trumps epic support of Saudi Arabia and Israel further evidence he is compromised and in fact deep state…No plan,No trust.. 2 years of wait for the next big non event…It is why people stayed away from the mid terms . Trump let them down…

      • Ed, you do not discuss anything, you just ramble w your negativity. Everything that I have said to you has been ignored, bc you don’t have an answer.

        Yet, you post over and over with more and more venom. None of what you say is worthy of discussion bc it is so simplistic and puerile.

        I’m sorry you hate Trump so much. It is sad for you, bc to have that much unrelenting hatred for anyone only hurts the holder of the hatred. As you may or may not know, nobody cares about you.

        As for the last election? We all voted and the vote is ONCE AGAIN fixed.

        If you want to have any cred, you are going to have to stop the NPC repeater volume and get real.

        Also, you are taking up a lot of space with nothing to say, so maybe it’s time to find a new venue. Like I said before, you are lucky that this is not my blog bc I would X you so fast your head would spin.

        At this point, I find you a detestable person and don’t like anything you say and will not read anymore of your shill on a shingle. Have a rotten hate filled life.

        • Yes we should only discuss what you consider is appropriate to discuss… only Katz can decide what is PC… Assange exposed corruption….Trump has done nothing…Q said the midterms were safe Lots of smoke signals from Q…I thought Whittaker was going to be Mr.Clean? You Katz are part of the problem…We should just follow blindly…trust the plan… Trump has done nothing to challenge the corruption….He does not go after Clinton and goes after Assange….what a farce… You are an enabler….

  68. Trump won because of Assange and WikiLeaks… now that Assange has been indicted you see how self serving Trump is as it is the Justice Dept that has indicted Assange..Why hasn’t Rosenstein been fired?Trump is scum..Q is total bull crap… Bunch of delusional koolaid drinkers defending lying Q and back stabbing Trump… Whittaker says everything is fine with the Mueller probe… bunch of corny hats with your heads in the sand….Trust the plan of Trump selling out…

  69. Trump was very vocal about prosecuting Assange and Snowden…It was WikiLeaks that enabled Trump to win… Trump just another deep state sell out … Q throwing up smoke signals…. Whittaker is worse than Sessions… What a train wreck Presidency…Trump cares about the Saudis and Israelis….son in law is a dual citizen of Israel…

  70. Pre election Trump says lock her up…Post election Trump says these are good people….What is Whittaker going to do?When does the release occur?We supported Trump and have expectations… Looks more and more as if Q is a Larp and once again we have been lied to….

  71. Late to read this, but I found this on Quora:

    Tyler Parris, Author, “Chief of Staff: The Strategic Partner Who Will Revolutionize Your…”
    Answered Jun 28, 2016

    In my book, “Chief of Staff: The Strategic Partner Who Will Revolutionize Your Organization,” I give a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is that a chief of staff is a catch-all role, filled by someone with exceptional organizational and people skills, who handles all manner of tasks not covered by an existing member of an executive’s leadership team. Special and cross-departmental projects are a couple examples. But, the specific benefits derived from the role will differ depending on a number of factors ranging from size, rate of growth, complexity, geographic dispersion, org structure, and leader’s style and strengths. Some will focus on strategic and operational planning. Others will have emphases in comms, HR, or finance. There are also differences in the particulars within and between government, military, nonprofit, academic, and corporate chiefs of staff, although I’d argue the short answer stands regardless of which context the chief of staff is in.

    I tried to paste a screenshot but couldn’t so, just copypasta’d.

    Thanks for a great article.


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