A Liar’s Legacy. “#RapeEnabler” @noahoppenheim’s #AttackPoodle, Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) Targets American Patriots for Mockery and Derision. Acceptable Behavior, @NBCNews? Or Par for the Course for #FakeNews? #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

So, for those not in the loop, Noah Oppenheim’s #AttackPoodle, Ben Collins, is the unfortunate pleb who has been tasked with dishing out serving after serving of sycophantic hit-pieces on #QAnon to the general public for the past few months. He takes the facts, boils them in snake fat, mixes it with herpes, and serves the resulting mutagenic slurry to the “feeders,” hoping they’ll gulp down his sorry messaging without protest or remorse.

The effort has produced such transparent #LegacyMedia “gems” as this:

What is Qanon? A guide to the conspiracy theory taking hold among Trump supporters

Signs and T-shirts emblazoned with some variation of the letter Q dotted a rally for Donald Trump in Tampa on Tuesday. Paper printouts declaring “We are Q” occupied small sections of the crowd. One rally-goer named Tyler held out a large coin with Q on it and explained the letter’s sudden prevalence among Trump supporters.

And this:


And this:

Who is behind the Qanon conspiracy? We’ve traced it to three people

In November 2017, a small-time YouTube video creator and two moderators of the 4chan website, one of the most extreme message boards on the internet, banded together and plucked out of obscurity an anonymous and cryptic post from the many conspiracy theories that populated the website’s message board.

More recently, he’s been joined in on the media-dogpile against Gab (which, as we all know, was little more than an attempt to silence #QPatriots – many of whom had been #Censored on Twitter for the most banal things [such as yours truly, who got banned for a Sam Hyde meme, of all things] – who were now making use of Gab instead, and frankly, causing it to grow at a tremendous rate).


All Collins’ “handiwork.”

And why would he be doing this?

Could it have anything to do with the fact that his boss, Noah Oppenheim, might just be guilty of protecting not just one, but TWO serial rapists/sexual predators on the national stage, for years upon years – and that Oppenheim himself might has a sealed indictment waiting for him at this very moment?

Why, Oppenheim himself has specifically voiced approval for Collin’s work, in a memo sent out to NBC News staff:

Dylan Byers Joins NBC News To Cover Hollywood, Silicon Valley

Byers will cover Silicon Valley and Hollywood, with focus on Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix and emerging players. The former media reporter for Politico and Adweek has been at CNN since 2015 where he was hired to focus on media and politics.

He will be joining us during an exciting time for our tech and business teams, who have amassed dozens of exclusives this year and are adding to that tally every day. Recent wins include stories on whistleblowers from Facebook and Google by Jo Ling Kent, the uncovering of more than 200,000 deleted Russian troll tweets by Ben Popken, the recent exclusive reporting on the origins of “QAnon” by Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins, and Claire Atkinson’s regular scoops. The team has also secured interviews with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and just this week, with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Now we previously covered Oppenheim’s Hollywood garbage here at length:

But for those who want the quick-and-dirty, yeah, looks like Oppenheim has some familial ties to Weinstein. Now, to be clear, Noah Oppenheim says he was not protecting serial rapist Harvey Weinstein when he spiked Ronan Farrow’s expose on him, and that all speculation along these lines is just simply untrue.

And yet…

Lance Oppenheim just happened to be working at the Weinstein Company from 2012-2013.

(He’s since removed this from his facebook bio – at least on his personal page).

Perhaps Noah was hoping to advance his own career in Hollywood by protecting Harvey?

And then there’s the issue of Matt Lauer, and the fact that he had a “rape button” installed under his desk, which locked women in the room with him.

And Oppenheim had no idea any of this was going on for years and years and years?

No one said… anything?

What else does Oppenheim allow to go on at the news agency he purports to run, “in his own house?”

What other behavior does he tolerate?

Well apparently, Oppenheim tolerates his reporters maligning everyday American citizens on twitter for having the audacity to join an online research group:

Let’s be clear: the “QAnon boss” referenced by Collins here has done absolutely nothing wrong. No laws have been broken. Doodling on pizza boxes is hardly harassment, by any stretch of the imagination. The worst thing that can be said about her is that she’s concerned about human trafficking.

And this is somehow being picked up upon by a national reporter?

This is newsworthy??!

Why would Collins be seeking such stories?

At the very least, it looks like Collins is using his platform to harass, intimidate, mock, and deride average Americans – Americans who want to make sure children are being kept safe and aren’t being subjected to abuse, or worse.

On one hand, these hatchet-men who call themselves “journalists” will feign outrage, and proceed to clutch their pearls when #POTUS calls them out as the Enemy of the People.

And then they’ll take to twitter and attempt to police people’s thought processes through mockery and derision.

It’s outrageous behavior from someone who calls themselves a Journalist.

Here’s an idea, Ben. Maybe put down the “Mormon Feminist” literature, put down your smug, smarmy, fart-juice lattes, and try doing some real journalism for once instead of thinly-veiled attempts at character assassination and the ideological intimidation of good people; of everyday citizens.

Maybe try looking into your boss for once, if you have even an ounce of decency left in your soul.

For truly, the only thing that could possibly save your reputation at this point is you writing a massive expose of all the corruption at NBC.

But you won’t do that. You’re too much of a coward, and far too beholden to the organization to even attempt such work. It’s far beyond your skill or your pay-grade.

Alternatively, you could always ask #POTUS “#TheQuestion.

Considering all your “work” covering Q, you should know exactly which question I’m talking about here, but in case you don’t, read up, buttercup:

Ben, your deliberate manipulation of the truth is disgusting. Your body of work here is tantamount to treason (because there’s SO much more going on behind-the-scenes, that you’d rather we didn’t know about), and once #QAnon is confirmed by #POTUS, at the bare minimum, you’ll be laughed out of every newsroom in America for the rest of your life.

A Liar’s Legacy – that’s what you have.

And to my regular readers – don’t worry, another QAnon article will follow the most recent drops. But I couldn’t hold my tongue on this subject. #FakeNews like what Collins churns out is so vile, and then for him to turn around and attack you decent people… Well, I just had to speak up and say something. And far from this being a “call for violence” (I’ve repeatedly disavowed all calls for violence), this is a call for you to use your words, speak up, and be heard, too.

The National Conversation goes both ways (much to the chagrin of fake news peddlers like Oppenheim and his minions – who would much rather you sit down, shut up, and passively absorb their unilateral programming), and there is nothing wrong with calling out the fork-tongued liars where they stand.

As far as I’m concerned, Ben’s already ruined his reputation.

He just doesn’t know it yet.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today!

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51 thoughts on “A Liar’s Legacy. “#RapeEnabler” @noahoppenheim’s #AttackPoodle, Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) Targets American Patriots for Mockery and Derision. Acceptable Behavior, @NBCNews? Or Par for the Course for #FakeNews? #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Tell me Neon, why Do the Very Fake Media employ such lame ducks?
    Is it because they haven’t got enough interllectual intellegence to know any better, do you think?
    It sometimes stuns me that ordinary, average IQ citizens can see the blatent hypocracy and yet, “they” don’t seem to be able to.
    What do ya reckon, me old mucker?

    • They feel safe, backed by all their clown buddies down on “the farm.”

      Once they’re in the club, they become entrenched.

      It’s not that they can’t see the BS. It’s that they’re wanting to make sure YOU don’t see it.

  2. One of the coments in the previous piece was “The Antichrist has not arrived yet”. Here is something I have been holding on for a while. And now I will tell you a story not many are aware of. We were all suposed to be dead by now. The Antichrist was Obama. The “plan” was to kill Trump before 21 Jan 2017. Pence can not take over. Marshal Law decleared. Obama stays in power, blames Russia and starts WWIII. The facts open source. Vanga(Bulgaria prophet) said in 1974. US will have a ” Black in Power. And the 44 will be the last”. On 13 Jan the Qeen was decleared dead on her web side by her son Charles( later removed). This is a “signal” WW for the Cabal to start. She is on the top of the list of the “300 Club”. And her official death is a start signal(researched info is online). In Jan/Feb 2017 “whatdoesitmean dot com” and Lucid Dreamer tube channel published a piece about Trumps hand written note sent by his personal friend to Putin in Moscow. “I don’t think I will survive for another week”. Very informative. And I read in the russian news(yes I know few languages) two very strange news in mid Jan 2017. “Russia has put on full Red Alert all AirDefences around Moscow” this is not a training and recalled all mil. serviceman from leave. The other one was “Hundreds of GRU officers and Special Forces officers are retiring and joining the biggest Russian Security Company. That company has a contract with a US Sec.Company that provides agents to the Secret Service.” (I forgot the names of both Companies but I remembered news). In total 436 russians are providing protection for Trump and his family”. (all with perfect english I guess). So in Jan 2017 Putin prevented Trump’s assassination and WW3. Ever wonder why midia and Cabal hates Putin so much? This is the main reason. All this peaces have been on the back of my mind and when rhe last one came in the end of 2017( the peace about Trump’s Note to Putin) it all clicked and came together for me. Now you have it too. Do not shoot the measenger!(sorry of any grammar errors)

  3. Modern day journalism degrees at college must be indoctrination/brainwashing programs! It’s the only explanation for these MK ultra’d reporters. Either that or they’re selling their souls for a sh_tload of money. If that is the case, then they are the whores of Babylon and deserve society’s utter contempt!

    Keep up the good investigative journalism Neon. I hope the day comes where you, and others like you, are truly given the public recognition and accolades for the work you do. (and maybe a nice salary).

    • I was in college working toward my journalism/R/TV/Film degrees in late 80s and it was true then. I had profs that LITERALLY hated America – one was South African, one was Brett Musburger’s cousin. I came very close to being indoctrinated, I’d already been taught that global warming was gonna kill us all any day.

  4. I suspect most people know by now the MSM is Fake news. and most twitter posters know it as well, So I wonder who the MSM shills think they are still brainwashing. Citizen Journalists are the new truth reporters.
    Neon Revolt is a good one. The public is well along the way in getting red-pilled.

  5. The thing is Trump is a real estate grifter and has not done a damn thing…all he does is string people along…He is a Zionist and a traitor…. keep selling hats….

    • Most of the NPC folks hate President Trump, but they never really know why.

      Look at poor old Ed. He says that President Trump is a real estate grifter. That sounds nasty. It is a personal attack, but lacks any connection to reality. In point of fact, President Trump is amazing. He works on so many projects and gets them done. Witness his successes, as they are numerous, but in order to do all that he does, he has to be starting very early in the morning, and he is most likely a workaholic.

      Next, Ed thinks that President Trump is a Zionist. Perhaps he has to support Israel, at least openly, or he would already be dead, as Mossad is nasty and probably was the bigger part of 911. He could not be doing what he does, without making a deal with Israel. It won’t matter, bc in the long run, Israel is a failed state, on it’s own. No state can succeed with as many black eyes as this one has in about 60 years, it has managed to make anyone find it repellant, even though it has a lot of controls on the world, most smile it it’s face and hate it behind it’s back. But for the Jews, it would have no power at all, bc it is supposed to be an establishment of a Promise from God. Whatever, most people don’t even believe that little story. Not only that, but Q has already said that Israel is going to be dealt with last, and for good reason.

      Next Ed says that President Trump is a traitor. Sure, a traitor for getting the economy back for ending unfair trade agreements, and for ending the Damned extra tax for no healthcare for millions. I doubt that you have ever been in the position of having to not be able to afford health care payments and had to pay the ever increasing tax penalty called the INDIVIDUAL MANDATE, which is actually a forced purchase from a private entity or pay penalty. There are so many things that President Trump has done for me, personally, which has trickled down to me, and mean a lot to me. Now, he wants to cut taxes for the Middle Class. I’m all for that. But Ed says that President Trump is a “traitor” Well, Ed, that is insulting to everyone who has any IQ above 60.

      You then come here and insult NeonRevolt and make a sideways remark that he is only interested in making money on hats. Surely you are joking, Ed, but that is a bad joke. You should apologize to NeonRevolt, as he works very hard on his posts and blogs, and does a whole lot more for people than you do Ed.

      Shame on you, Ed. You need to stop believing the Lamestream media, as they are liars from the start.

      Ask yourself, how many lies do you need to be shown to finally get a clue of the reality of life?

      • Bravo, Katzenbootz! True and well written. All the cabal/left have and do are deceptions, fake news, frauds and lies. There is no truth in them.

      • Excellent response i wish we could get him over here in the UK .
        On another subject i watched the brilliant new movie the 2nd Assassination of JFK by John Barbour last night. Absolutely stunning work and essential viewing showing the complete cover up and disinformation by the MSM. Coincidentally the UK branch of the corrupt MSM are running another exclusive investigation into the killing tonight at Prime time.
        Gee i wonder what that will say?

  6. Fortunately we don’t get this serpents turd filled bile here sounds like he’s shooting for anal retentive stardom

    • Why did you say “AntiChrist was Qbama”? Q has nothing to do with that. Obama is too stupid to be the AntiChrist, and too ugly.

      Besides, he works for MI6. The AntiChrist is probably one of the British Royal pedophilic Satanists. Obama/Soetoro was and is a puppet.

      Also, Obama/Soetoro is not Black. He is probably Indonesian.

      As a side note: Valerie Jarret is not Black either. She is Iranian. She is also Barry’s roommate.

      • There is always an antichrist on standby, the devil doesn’t know when the trib will start. Antichrist is like Mr. Smith. Some poor soul that will morph at the right time.

  7. Media influence goes beyond viewer/reader numbers. They create background noise on news feeds and in public places with headlines, tickers, tweets, etc. It’s just a simplistic orange man bad back beat, but it creates a vague undefined negativity in people who are largely uninformed or disinterested in politics. It’s more subconscious than actual information, but that lets influence people who are disconnected from, or even distrust, the media.

  8. Fake News is all around, and unfortunately so many people swallow without questioning. Most of my neighborhood friends are in that sad category. This is why I so value independent writers such as you, Neon. I can come her and get information not available elsewhere. You make me think. Thank you.

    • Sundance has been dying to write that article since last December. He doesn’t like the Q movement, at all, and doesn’t actually understand it, at all. He’s a great guy but blinkered in this regard. There are a certain type of people who will think they know when something is a fake and will then look for any smidgen of information to back that up to throw in the face of those who are on board with that something as if that undoes all the opposite evidence to the contrary. He hasn’t and won’t address the obvious. If Q was a fake, and harmful to the MAGA movement, Trump would simply denounce and that would be that. But he hasn’t. Sundance is being a modern day Eyore when it comes to taking down the Deep State bad actors. He wanted his retribution quick and pretty, a few arrests a year ago, perhaps Strzok and McCabe tossed in jail for 18 months. Q and Trump have much much grander plans. When even my wife saw through the CTH hit, it must have missed the mark. In case you haven’t noticed, there are no shortage of Q-deriders out there in conservative land. Sundance has been mocking QAnons for the last year, this was just him doing it directly instead of tangentially.

      • Hard to argue with your response. Still, the clock is ticking. When will it be time for “the plan” to take effect? Declassification before January would be a great start.

        • I believe the plan is in effect and has been for quite some time. Just because you don’t see any “action” doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Fixing this mess will take a serious amount of time, subtlety (for the enemy is powerful), and much of it will occur behind the scenes. This is not a TV show that wraps up in 60 minutes, but real life.

        • jst1,

          One important EO does not go into effect until Jan 1, 2019, and I’ve figured for a long time now that major arrests will not happen until Feb or March 2019. Lots of minor arrests, plus some catch and release arrests have already happened (interrogation). They need more judges in place.

      • Cybernetic,

        Your comment was very good, but I’ll take it a bit further, as Sundance is a CivicNationalist without all the inside info on just how nightmarish and widespread this all has been. Sure he understands the economics side of this in spades, but does he really understand the uglier sides? Trump is a CivicNationalist too, but with being filled in on all the horrors of the globalists to an extreme degree, so he is a bit of an exception to the usual CivicNationalist, head in the sand, normie attitude. Many know this is “about the children,” beyond all the surface stuff. Has CTH ever dealt with the pedo side of things, or would he just nod toward “Conspiracy Theories,” not worth his time?

        Sundance has taken a GATEKEEPER stance on what is MAGA. He could also be a role player, so I’ll give him an out.

  9. There have been many AntiChrists throughout the years. Napoleon and Hitler are 2 examples. Satan always has multiple candidates waiting. If one goes down, there is always another waiting to be presented when the time is right.

  10. Neon, I was shocked to read one person call out Obama as the Anti-Christ. Because on Election night, in 2008 as the votes came in, I told my friend who was watching with me, Obama is the Anti-Christ. I’m not a religious nut, but I saw pure evil wrapped in a skin suit with a silver tongue, saying words that folks wanted to hear. He repelled me instantly, and not because of the color of his skin. I saw beyond the linguistics, to the evil that directed him. As his presidency wore on, every Executive Order drew us closer to chaos. As he was elected for his 2nd term, I was demoralized, but I also knew McCain was a snake. When I saw the Trump prophecy by Mark Taylor, I was once again hopeful. As this movement has continued, I see the epic battle being played out, Light vs Dark. Good vs Evil. I commend you for your continued devotion to this battle, every day I go to your gab or website and cannot wait to see your take on things. Thank you seems trivial, but seriously, God Bless you Neon. God Bless Q, God Bless Trump and AMERICA.

    • The perception of Obama as the Anti-Christ is actually pretty common. If you go to Youtube and type in Obama Anti-Christ, you’ll find a lot of average, everyday people having dreams and visions of Obama as the Anti-Christ. When you consider how Obama destroyed the entire world by literally starting the Arab Spring by telling all Muslims in the Middle East and Africa to rise up against the U.S. and Western civilization and how he made it acceptable to hate the white race, Christians, and straight men(male toxicity), it’s truly sickening. Regardless, it’s said that the actual Anti-Christ is actually a man in his 20’s or 30’s living in Iran who’s actually alive at this moment and waiting to make his official debut on the world stage in the next few years. We’ll just have to see.

    • I don’t know if he is the Anti-Christ, but he appears to be the Lord of Flies. How many pics of him speaking outside with flies landing on his face are out there? Always thought that was odd and seemly appropriate for his message was always crap. Never seen that happen to any other president and I’ve been here for many administrations.

  11. Recently redpilled Patriot…..I appreciate how you provide both objective facts and opinion, and then discuss the basis for opinions. Don’t doubt how much your work is appreciated! Bought a hat, and will likely have to order some for my fellow Patriots when they see it.

  12. Sundance at CTH is now using MSM talking points that Q-team is a threat to MAGA and PDJT with his “Adverse Interests – The Danger Within the “Q Phenomena’s” Current Messaging…”

    Might be worth looking into soon.

  13. I have been following Sundance for years, and very much admire his work.

    HOWEVER, the recent attacks on Q smell like envy and have lower intellectual content than most his work.

    Something else is going on….

  14. German Translation:

    9.November , 2018 von Neon Revolt

    Für diejenigen, die nicht auf dem Laufenden sind, ist Noah Oppenheims #AttackPoodle, Ben Collins, der unglückliche Prolet, der in den letzten Monaten damit beauftragt wurde, die Portion auszuteilen, nachdem er der Öffentlichkeit die schmierigen Spitzenwerke auf #QAnon serviert hat. Er nimmt die Fakten, kocht sie in Schlangenfett, mischt sie mit Herpes und serviert die daraus resultierende mutagene Gülle an die “Futterautomaten”, in der Hoffnung, dass sie seine traurige Botschaft ohne Protest oder Reue verschlingen.

    Der Aufwand hat so transparente #LegacyMedia “Edelsteine” wie diese hervorgebracht:https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/youtube-search-results-list-celebrities-hijacked-conspiracy-theorists-n895926

    Und das:

    In jüngster Zeit wurde er an dem Medien-Hinterhalt gegen Gab beteiligt (was, wie wir alle wissen, kaum mehr als ein Versuch war, #QPatriots zum Schweigen zu bringen – viele von ihnen wurden auf Twitter für die banalsten Dinge zensiert [wie die deinen von euch, die ausgerechnet für ein Sam-Hyde-Meme verboten wurden] -, die jetzt stattdessen Gab nutzten, und offen gesagt, es in einem gewaltigen Tempo wachsen ließen).

    All Collins’ “Handarbeit”.

    Und warum sollte er das tun?

    Könnte das etwas damit zu tun haben, dass sein Chef, Noah Oppenheim, sich nur schuldig gemacht hat, nicht nur einen, sondern ZWEI Serienvergewaltiger/Sexuelle Raubtiere auf der nationalen Bühne jahrelang zu schützen – und dass auf Oppenheim selbst in diesem Moment eine versiegelte Anklage wartet?Warum, hat Oppenheim selbst in einem Memo an die Mitarbeiter von NBC News ausdrücklich seine Zustimmung zu Collins Arbeit erklärt:

    Er wird uns während einer aufregenden Zeit für unsere Tech- und Business-Teams begleiten, die in diesem Jahr Dutzende von exklusiven Materials gesammelt haben und jeden Tag dazu beitragen. Zu den jüngsten Gewinnen gehören Geschichten über Informanten von Facebook und Google von Jo Ling Kent, die Enthüllung von mehr als 200.000 gelöschten russischen Truppen-Tweets von Ben Popken, die jüngste exklusive Berichterstattung über die Ursprünge von "QAnon" von Brandy Zadrozny und Ben Collins sowie Claire Atkins' regelmäßiges Schaufeln. Das Team hat auch Interviews mit Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg und erst diese Woche mit Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey erhalten.

    Nun haben wir zuvor Oppenheims Hollywood-Müll hier ausführlich behandelt:

    Soros’ Hollywood Rentboy – @FranklinLeonard – Exposed by #BlacklistAnon! #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

    Soros’ Hollywood-Mietjunge – Enthüllt von #BlacklistAnon! #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT 19.10.2018

    Neon Revolt Neon Revolt

    Aber für diejenigen, die es schnell-und-dreckig wollen, sieht es so aus, als hätte Oppenheim einige familiäre Verbindungen zu Weinstein. Nun, um das klarzustellen, sagt Noah Oppenheim, dass er den Serienvergewaltiger Harvey Weinstein nicht geschützt hat, als er Ronan Farrows Exposé auf ihn ansetzte, und dass alle Spekulationen in dieser Richtung einfach unwahr sind.

    Und doch…..

    Lance Oppenheim war von 2012-2013 zufällig bei der Weinstein Company tätig. (Er hat dies inzwischen aus seiner Facebook-Biografie entfernt – zumindest auf seiner persönlichen Seite).

    Vielleicht hoffte Noah, seine eigene Karriere in Hollywood voranzutreiben, indem er Harvey beschützte?

    Und dann ist da noch das Problem mit Matt Lauer und der Tatsache, dass er einen “Vergewaltigungsknopf” unter seinem Schreibtisch installiert hatte, der Frauen mit ihm im Raum einschloss.

    Und Oppenheim hatte keine Ahnung, dass all das jahrelang so weiterging?

    Niemand sagte…. etwas?

    Was erlaubt Oppenheim sonst noch in der Nachrichtenagentur, die er angeblich leitet, “im eigenen Haus”?

    Welches andere Verhalten toleriert er noch?

    Nun, anscheinend toleriert Oppenheim seine Reporter, die amerikanische Alltagsbürger auf Twitter schlecht machen, weil sie die Kühnheit haben, einer Online-Forschungsgruppe beizutreten:

    Damit das klar ist: Der von Collins hier erwähnte “QAnon-Chef” hat absolut nichts falsch gemacht. Es wurden keine Gesetze gebrochen. Das Kritzeln auf Pizzakartons ist kaum eine Belästigung. Das Schlimmste, was man über sie sagen kann, ist, dass sie sich Sorgen um den Menschenhandel macht.

    Und das wird irgendwie von einem nationalen Reporter aufgegriffen?

    Das ist eine Nachricht wert??!!

    Warum sollte Collins nach solchen Geschichten suchen?

    Zumindest sieht es so aus, als ob Collins seine Plattform benutzt, um durchschnittliche Amerikaner zu belästigen, einzuschüchtern, zu verspotten und zu verhöhnen – Amerikaner, die sicherstellen wollen, dass Kinder sicher gehalten werden und nicht missbraucht oder schlimmer werden.

    Auf der einen Seite werden diese Axtmenschen, die sich selbst “Journalisten” nennen, Empörung vortäuschen und ihre Perlen greifen, wenn #POTUS sie als den Feind des Volkes bezeichnet.

    Und dann werden sie auf Twitter gehen und versuchen, die Denkprozesse der Menschen durch Spott und Hohn zu überwachen.

    Es ist ein ungeheuerliches Verhalten von jemandem, der sich selbst Journalist nennt.

    Ich habe eine Idee, Ben. Vielleicht legen Sie die “mormonische feministische” Literatur nieder, legen Sie Ihre selbstgefälligen, schmutzigen, furzigen Milchkaffees nieder und versuchen Sie, ausnahmsweise einmal einen echten Journalismus zu betreiben, anstatt dünn verschleierte Versuche der Charaktermordanschläge und der ideologischen Einschüchterung guter Menschen, der Alltagsbürger.

    Versuchen Sie vielleicht, einmal in Ihren Chef zu schauen, wenn Sie auch nur noch ein Gramm Anstand in Ihrer Seele haben.

    Die einzige Sache, die Ihren Ruf an diesem Punkt vielleicht retten könnte, ist, dass Sie eine massive Enthüllung der gesamten Korruption bei NBC schreiben.

    Aber das werden Sie nicht tun. Sie sind zu sehr ein Feigling und viel zu sehr der Organisation verpflichtet, solche Arbeiten überhaupt zu versuchen. Es geht weit über Ihre Fähigkeiten oder Ihre Gehaltsstufe hinaus.

    Alternativ können Sie auch #POTUS “#TheQuestion” fragen.

    In Anbetracht all deiner “Arbeit”, die Q abdeckt, sollten Sie genau wissen, über welche Frage ich hier spreche, aber für den Fall, dass Sie es nicht tun, lesen Sie weiter, Butterblume:

    The Return of #VIPAnon, and #Q+ Confirmation! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

    Die unerwartete Rückkehr von #QAnon!!!!!!! #NewQ #GroßesErwachen #NEONREVOLT

    Neon Revolt Neon Revolt

    Ben, deine absichtliche Manipulation der Wahrheit ist ekelhaft. Dein Werk hier ist gleichbedeutend mit Verrat (weil es hinter den Kulissen noch so viel mehr gibt, von dem du lieber nichts wissen würdest), und sobald #QAnon von #POTUS bestätigt wird, wirst du für den Rest deines Lebens aus jeder Redaktion in Amerika ausgelacht.

    Das Vermächtnis eines Lügners – das ist es, was du hast.

    Und für meine regelmäßigen Leser – keine Sorge, ein weiterer QAnon-Artikel wird den letzten Drops folgen. Aber ich konnte mich zu diesem Thema nicht zurückhalten. #FakeNews wie das, was Collins herausfindet, ist so abscheulich, und dann, damit er sich umdreht und euch anständige Leute angreift… Nun, ich musste nur etwas sagen. Und weit davon entfernt, ein “Aufruf zur Gewalt” zu sein (ich habe wiederholt alle Anrufe zur Gewalt abgelehnt), ist dies ein Aufruf an dich, deine Worte zu verwenden, dich zu äußern und auch gehört zu werden.

    Das Nationale Gespräch geht in beide Richtungen (sehr zum Leidwesen von gefälschten Nachrichtenverkäufern wie Oppenheim und seinen Dienern – die es viel lieber hätten, wenn Sie sich hinsetzen, die Klappe halten und ihre einseitige Programmierung passiv absorbieren würden), und es ist nichts falsch daran, die gabelzungenbetonten Lügner dort herauszurufen, wo sie stehen.

    Was mich betrifft, so hat Ben bereits seinen Ruf ruiniert.

    Er weiß es nur noch nicht.

  15. I loved the intro as well.

    I wonder if perhaps it was not the boss doing the doodling. I think he may have meant that the Employee was trolling and egging her on hy doodling to see if she could get fired, or try to force more “bizarre news worthy behavior” out if her boss, and make a big deal. I bet collins is the one who told her to do it.

    It could be the other way around of course. That was just how I read it.

    im sure you probably already know but for those who don’t, Collins is either one of the top 13 families or is a frontrunning competitor to become one. The name appears on many lists alongside names like Dupont, Rockefeller, Lee/Li, Reynolds, Rothschild, etc.

    Just an interesting factoid.

  16. Awesome article brother♡ … also how about that guy Justin Hendrix ” it’s the believers that are dangerous”… yep, ((they)) are trying their best to sell the “snake oil” …. but we Stand for our POTUS , Q, God, and our America the Beautiful.
    Meanwhile…I have my eye on the “New (crooked, lying, cheating) elections”…

  17. Neon Revolt, I have some gear requests:

    add the hat line:

    keep tbe white rabbit on the side


    offer visors … some people, like myself, don’t wear ball caps, but i do wear visors!!

    Thanks for considering and for all you do!


  18. Neon, haven’t time atm to read comments (I always read them, and will on this article, too!) so forgive me if anyone has mentioned this. Are you aware that the (mainly 1970’s) actress Jill St. John’s real surname is Oppenheim? Jill was linked for years to the actor, Robert Wagner, whose wife, Natalie Wood, died under suspicious circumstances during a boating trip Wood, Wagner, and Christopher Walken were on. Only other person present was the captain. What I’m getting at is the Oppenheim name has been around the media for years, albeit a bit incognito. Wonder if there is any relation as it’s not that common of a name, and we know that birds of a feather flock together.

  19. That these media types promote the idea that Q followers are prone to and fomenting violence is completely asinine. Q has made it abundantly clear that THEY have the power and that they are in charge. Q will do the heavy lifting. We know there are 61,000 sealed indictments. Those HAVE to be prosecuted at some point. Q’s followers know it would be counterproductive to take matters into our own hands.

  20. Pm me when the new article up regarding recent posts. Family stuff lately. Saw PF got replaced with only the recent what today and yesterday posts? Anyway nice read

  21. Good job, Neon! I kinda felt sorry for decent journalists, when you called this idiot a “national reporter”. Is this an official term? These types of human garbage will never understand that they are garbage, so sad

  22. Lance Oppenheim born and raised in South Florida? Wouldn’t be Coward Bounty, err, Broward County, would it? At this point, it would not even be ironic.

    At a bare minimum, you deserve a PhD in journalistic science.


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