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You know, I’ve been listening to Christmas music since after Halloween. I know it’s early, and you would think after years of working retail I would be sick of it, but the truth is, I have my favorites, same as everyone else. And right now, it’s the Carpenter’s Christmas Album.

I know, I know, one day I’m posting death metal, the next, I’m posting cheesy music from 70’s variety TV specials. (Actually, that doesn’t do the album justice. It’s really well done).

But the point I’m trying to make is that… it kind of feels like Christmas – almost two months early.

There’s an energy in the air; an anticipation (or, if you’re a stinkin’ Leftie, a sense of dread) and I’m being totally serious about this, but I’m getting excited for what Election Day will bring us!

I’m praying hard for a full Republican sweep across the country. We’ve never had a better chance at restoring the Republic. I’ll be getting up and voting (and I hope you will be, too) and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

Okay, #NewQ! I don’t think I’ll be having a ton to add to these drops, but again, I’ve gotta post this stuff for posterity! We’re writing history together!


In other words…

Ahhhh, dusting off the ANCIENT MEMES TONIGHT! 

But there is one thing I’m concerned about:



MSNBC Puts Florida Governor Race Vote-Total Graphic Onscreen A Wee Bit Early

MSNBC on Monday briefly put a graphic onscreen that showed “vote counts” for the Florida gubenatorial — from the election that is being held Tuesday.

Don’t let them get away with that kind of nonsense, Q.


#Anon made a nice infographic:

I love this little inside conversation. For those watching the rallies today, Trump dropped a number of #QAnon references. And with each one, the likes of #RatTailTravis died a little more inside, because he’s slowly realizing that he’ll have to delete his entire Twitter account, lest he be laughed out of every single newsroom for the rest of his life.

Anon also made this helpful infographic compiling all the references for us in one convenient image:

Full Size:


And here’s the video of Trump pointing at the Q three times.


Do you hear that, Travis?

Billy on Twitter

@LisaMei62 @realDonaldTrump Cleveland rally

That’s the sound of your rent checks bouncing for the foreseeable future.


Hmm… I wonder what #RatTailTravis thinks about this sentiment?

Just kidding. No one cares what #RatTailTravis thinks.

The swoosh. The “#MagicWand” forming the tail of the Q!

This is hilarious:

Oh, how I hope they’ll never escape that easily…

But we’re over 61,000 sealed indictments now:

Shoutout to PrayingMedic!


They can’t stop the memes!

I posted this in a few places, but you’ve got to listen to the Bongino interview with #PapaD to get a fuller version of the story here. It’s absolutely insane!

The George Papadopoulos Interview You’ve Been Waiting For – Dan Bongino

In this special episode I interview George Papadopoulos and his answers are explosive. Don’t miss this.

Here’s the article PapaD linked:

Why Is the NYT Suddenly Opposed to Declassifying the FISA Docs?

In February, one reporter filed to have information about Carter Page’s warrant released. Now? The paper worries about ‘security concerns.’

In the article, author Adam Goldman suggested that the remaining redactions of the FISA warrants regarding Carter Page should stay under wraps, given the concerns of the “intelligence community and members of the law enforcement.” The intelligence crowd, you see, were angry that redacted versions of the FISA warrant applications had been declassified and released by the Trump administration in July. Goldman wrote that they “believed that the information should not have been made public and that its release set a dangerous precedent by making public secret methods of investigation.”

Yeah, that’s BS.

The media just wants to cover up their complicit role in trying to take down a duly elected President, the traitors!

Hahaha, that’s a great reaction, when she realized Q had posted her link!

Did you catch the #MAGA Patriots all start singing Amazing Grace tonight, at Trump’s last rally?


Truly our cause is a just and noble one!

Stay safe, PapaD.

You gotta help us capture some clowns, still.

Oh, yeah, for those who missed the memo:

Germany’s Merkel To Step Down After Humiliating Elections

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is to relinquish control of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in December, sources have claimed, after yet another humiliating performance in a regional election Sunday.

Ding-dong, “Frau Hitler” is gone!

We’re here, Q, and we’re ready.

It’s going to be biblical.


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83 thoughts on “THE ENTIRE WORLD IS WATCHING! WE MUST RISE AGAIN! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #ElectionDay #RedTsunami”

  1. When I hear Karen Carpenter singing I have to stop and listen. Her voice and her brothers choice of songs were close to heaven. Hell, they could sing Alinskys RFR and make it sound good!

  2. Am I the first to comment? Always love a Neon article. The crowd singing got my eyes all leaking and shit. Did you feel the power? I honestly felt the Grace in that moment. Solidarity, bravery, and faith in the face of evil has always done that to me. I think I was in a big war in a past life. Loyalty to ones Commander always gets me. Your articles always make me laugh, especially when you smack rattails or someone. I don’t have much of a comment. p.s. geez man, I made the mistake of mentioning your articles on Voat a couple of times recently and got attacked. Keep up the good work! I’m gonna have to get me one of those caps!

  3. Amazing Grace sent a shiver up my spine God Speed President Trump and all American Patriots GET OUT AND VOTE RED from South Africa

    • Praying for South Africa and the safety of her Patriots. You have a bitter road ahead of you…stay safe, please.

      • Praying continually for people of ALL colors in South Africa. Wow! What a battle for survival y’all fight, everyday. From Houston, Tx to South Africa. BTW, Harris County/Houston got wiped out in the Beto/Blue Wave vote. Now, All judges are Democrats looking for revenge. Sort of what S A citizens live through.

  4. A little early for Christmas music for my taste, but Manowar’s Warriors Of The World album has been on repeat at my place lately, highly inspirational these days.
    Today is one of the most important days of our lives people, stay safe out there, and thank you Neon, for everything!

  5. Racism is the center of Democrats msg which revolves around there main goal, not only power, but even more so money and wealth. Remember money is the root of all evil. The hunger for more power and money only leads to one thing, unspeakable crimes when u have unlimited wealth and law breaking because u think u r untouchable and laws do not apply to u. The American people allowed it to get to this point with alot of complacency in media and help. Today the american people will reject socialism because trump has affected their wallet and jobs and has brought the situation in clear regarding the real reason behind Democrats push for open borders. The people have seen gov fail for 40 yrs with most presidents not having there best interest in mind. The dems are affecting peoples money with there agenda which unfortunately doesnt bod well with voters. They dont have a chance in hell and sad that all this revolves around the all mighty dollar. The federal reserve is the real enemy and make no mistake it is the primary target of trump, q anon and the American people. After today , the interest rates will continue to rise and the american people are in for a rollercoaster as trump sets his sights to destroy the central bankers.

    • this is all so well said Johnny5.
      Money makes a great servant but a tough taskmaster. the Love of money is the root of all evil. I often think about heaven. what will be the coin of the realm? none. longing for that day.

    • “Remember money is the root of all evil.”

      If you are going to quote something make sure it is accurate. One word can make all the difference.

      The LOVE of money is the root of all evil – that is the accurate quote. I know, I know you meant well. The problem, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

      Happy voting RED day.

  6. Re: johnny5
    Actually, the Bible says that “the LOVE” of money is a root of all sorts of evil…
    Someone can do that without having a penny to their name.
    Great points in your post, nonetheless. With love and respect.

  7. Let’s toast to a less corrupt USA once today’s polls are closed and the votes counted. Even after Andrew Jackson defeated the bankers, they came back 80 years later. It is what evil does.

  8. NR,

    Everyone I follow on GAB has either had their comments/posts/everything wiped completely like in NRevolts case or stripped of everything for the last 10 days.
    I see fuckery afoot.

    Anyone else having this experience on GAB?

  9. I just woke up this day (11-6-18)and after I prayed about the day,(something I do every morning,it’s like spiritual breakfast-the most important prayer of the day !) I turned on my phone and saw that a new Q post awaited my perusal .I was amused by Neon’s “CARPENTERS CHRISTMAS”obsession,and I WAS VERY TOUCHED BY THE SPONTAINEOUS SINGING OF ‘AMAZING GRACE’ AT THE RALLY AND THE PRESIDENT’S HUMBLE RESPONSE TO IT,(to me this is a spiritual signifier of things to come !).I too have a song in my heart and in my mind for this momentous time in our history,it is an obscure old battle rallying song of the Charterite Movement ,a working class poor movement of the 1840s in BRITAIN ,The lyrics are a litany of grievances and bitter complants about the nobility,and factory owners and their,”BACKROOM DEALS”to supress and control the factory working poor of their nation .The song is very relevant for US AT THIS TIME IN HISTORY BECAUSE HISTORY VIA HUMAN NATURE HAS A WAY OF REPEATING ITSELF IF LEFT UNCHECKED AND UNOPPOSED !!! The song is now considered a British folk song but it relevance is TIMELESS !! That song is,”DANCE TO THE NEW SAINT GEORGE “!!! IT SEEMS THAT EVERY GENERATION HAS NEW DRAGONS TO SLAY AND THIS TIME WE FIND OURSELVES IN IS CERTAINLY NO EXCEPTION !!! If you care to hear this song and gain a stronger fighting spirit ,you may find it on You tube by many folk performers BUT I RECOMMEND ,’THE ALBION BAND’and theirs is a medley of sorts in that they have tacked an old french folk tune called la Rotta onto their rendition of DANCE TO THE NEW SAINT GEORGE so they would be listed as ,”THE ALBION BAND ~ DANCE TO THE NEW SAINT GEORGE/la ROTTA” !!!SURELY A BATTLE SONG FOR TIMES SUCH AS THIS !!! “YOUR KINGDOM COME ,YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH,,, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN !!!!!!! AMEN !!!!!!!

  10. Thank you for the article this morning….VOTING DAY!!! I too am praying for our country, our POTUS, PATRIOTS, and that everyone is safe – and that the voting places are well protected from fraud and violence. It is really odd, for the past 2 days I felt like there is a joy in the air above the fray….just like the day before Christmas -and that something really good is happening! And NEON….every year I only play Christmas music from when they start playing it on the radio…gets earlier every year as it is rare to hear Light-filled music on the radio. I think it is so AWESOME you are loving the Carpenters!!! When Karen Carpenter sings the Christmas song I cry every time! Unmatched beautiful voice. Thanks for all you do to help bring Q lovers together 🙂

  11. I’m not sure if it was voter fraud, but I sent my absentee ballet in over 2 weeks ago for the Pa midterms because I thought I was going to be out of town. I didn’t have to leave until this morning and went to the polls just to check since I never voted that way before. Luck that I did. They didn’t have my vote cast. I had to vote again this morning. I don’t know if it’s fraud, but if everyone who voted through absentee ballot (I went all Red) assumes their votes are being counted and the same thing happens, it has to be.

  12. Love your articles!!! TY Neon, you will be famous along with many others for your truth & courage to the world…We can’t thank you enough….God Bless you sir!

  13. My apologies to GOOGLE (this time)I posted a comment to NEON REVOLT at 11:47 est. and it was slow in being published ,so I hastily (and prematurely as it turned out)posted an angry post in an attempt to get a comment through where I implied that GOOGLE was PERHAPS censoring me.I WAS WRONG AND I APOLOGIZE TO GOOGLE ON THIS OCCASION FOR MY ERRONIOUS IMPLICATION .


    • I was going to tell you to be patient, it takes a few minutes to get through the spam filter to post. But while he’s talking about your new heading Neon, I must say I do not like it. It’s only because I have a very irrational fear of the s word. So I have to put a towel over the top of my monitor until I can scroll down enough to get it off. You’ll never see a purse, shoe, belt, etc in my closet made from the s-word or even a fake pattern of it. But that’s just me and I know it’s irrational but a genuine fear.

  15. How i love your articles brother Neon…so many things happening..i am so full of praise and thanksgiving…we are SEEING the Red Wave happening in real time…and you are documenting it!!! ❤ Praying hard here in California…haven’t heard much media coverage .(except Orange County). Going to go vote in a few minutes…and Praying for a miracle here and everywhere. In the Blessed Name of Christ.
    ” Oh the overwhelming, never ending, reckless Love of God”

  16. I know what you mean about an early Christmas,this present time i feel as hopeful & anxious about getting that present i really wanted when i was a little boy and today the same applies as an adult wanting the gift from God of Peace & Justice…

  17. We are all making IT happen. This is the day. God bless America. Death to all traitors, Death to the Cabal. wwg1wga.

  18. Once I hear any song from the Carpenters Christmas album, I know Christmas is officially here! Speaking of songs, when the crowd started singing Amazing Grace last night, I started crying. Tears of pure joy..

  19. I’m seeing all kinds of oddities at Gab with Neon’s site. First I don’t see anything fill the screen. Then I see some posts, then I don’t. Then I saw some crazy N-word posts that looked exactly like something Micro would have typed, which had me thinking that Neon’s gab was hacked, but then that disappeared and I think I’m going crazy.

    I’m not going back there for a few days until I’m sure the site isn’t comped.

    • I had Neon’s site at GAB saved in my Favorites list in Internet Explorer on my desktop where I would click on it to access it and after GAB was taken down it would just show a blank white page for me as well. I can only get it to work right by clicking on the GAB link on so I’m thinking it’s a problem with the Internet Explorer browser. I couldn’t even get it by searching for Neon Revolt in GAB’s search bar so I think I have to use Opera as my main browser instead.

  20. nobody else is worried MSNBC will give the wrong election results? Remember when bush was elected his second time all the stations called it for his opponent and then Busch’s brother was head of fox and a fox station called it for George Busch then the rest of the stations changed theirs’s to say George won.

  21. Following Q since day one, from the Baltics. This has been prophecied long ago from all sorts of ancient tales and channelings. The energy from the States is teaching to Europe. People are waking up, finally. As always Neon, love your work and sharing it everywhere.

  22. Q just posted a twitter link to a pic of a Patriot’s son wearing what looks like one of your hats, Neon.
    Also, that little convo with POTUS Q posted last night….I’ve read it 100 times and LOVE it. It was like a peek behind the curtain. There’s definitely a spark in the air. Like I tweeted earlier, hubby went to a diner today and spoke to a group of waitresses who said their checks were bigger, their tips bigger, their insurance less expensive and that they’d never vote D again.
    Also, one more thing, last night Hannity was live from the MO rally and I heard Streisand’s ‘Memories’ playing in the background. She must have been so stressed out she crawled into a party sized bag of Lay’s. I mean, she DID blame Trump for her weight gain. I thought it was master troll level and then I looked at the lyrics. Interesting….
    You’ll understand what happiness is
    Look, a new day has begun

  23. OK, I just listened to the whole PapaD interview. Wow! He was very young, gullible, naive, reckless, etc. I can’t imagine continuing to go to these crazy meetings which were obviously setups. I sure hope he’s learned a lesson. I’m sure he has. They targeted him because he was an easy target!!

  24. The local classical station in Chicago just finished their annual pledge drive, and one of the CDs that they were offering was this fantastic Serbian Christmas choral music. Just amazing stuff. Here is a sample from the church choir St. Steven of Dechani, Novi Sad, Serbia.

    “This is one of the most popular traditional Serbian Christmans Carols. The language is Old Slavonic. Composed by Tamara Petijevic”

  25. Neon, I’ve been following you for just a short time and admire your writing. I felt I had to comment on Q’s response to the plea for help from Canada and says “The world will follow.” I knew Merkel’s election results were poor but not heard her stepping down. Such great news, because we’ve got Obama Lite up here doing just as much damage so I do hope the world will follow! Turdeau was recently in the Netherlands, doing who knows what and he and the Netherlands president had a presser, both proclaiming how important it was to have ‘free press!’ Implying that Trump’s calling out the Fake News is ultimately trying to shut down free speech! Typical Saul Alinsky!

    Also know that along with the UK, Australia, possibly NZ, that Canada’s intelligence gathering was also involved with the fake dossier. I hope that after declassification, Trudeau will be exposed.

  26. Congratulations, your hard work has been rewarded. Might be the best sales photo ever. Two odd things noticed in exit polls. Democrats overwhelmingly reported losing money on the tax cuts, and being less safe with stronger immigration enforcement. Odd.

    This one was especially well pulled together and polished.

    It appears that Q is a Capitalist after all.

  27. Disheartened and disgusted at my home state. Reelected a pedo Senator #PedoMenendez and my solidly red district for my entire voting life just turned blue. Prayed. Voted. Family and friends voted. What. THE. sweet. Hell. Tsunami my fat ass.

  28. It has been a long year, but 11/11 is in 4 day. Tonight, I found myself pondering life, and decided it is time to bring Joy to the world just as I am coming out of my shell, since Q arrived, I have started and am half way through a undergraduate degree, found our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, that was the hardest, finding faith after all that was beaten and tortured into me about God being the reason I was going through this great pain was because it was his will, never will I bow down from what I know is right, and I will never allow another to keep me in captivity. Back to tonight, I officially came up with a company name for a custom speaker and audio equipment builder and installer, you guys ready for it, I will post on MeWe later on, it is called Que Dude Speakers, applied for a LLC through my trust and am going to do this part time at first if it takes off, I will become my own boss.What do you guys think? Made a design and everything, I think I have the transmission line speaker figured out, I have 2 prototypes made and gain +1 db in bass resonance on each one, A combination of old technology, with mathematical equations to speaker size, with ohms, air movement, and edge refraction smoothed, not completely eliminated. Be cool my brothers and sisters. @WWG1WGA @realdonaldtrump

    • Uncle John and your band: this made me laugh a lot. coffee out my nose laugh. i love leveled humor that sneaks up on you.

  29. @Andrew, good luck to you. Do yourself a favor and learn from Pat Flynn over at SmartPassiveIncome[[dot]]com. His free course on how to set up a blog is well worth your time.

  30. Disappointing night. I know Q said the Senate was the target and that’s good, but with the dems in the house issuing subpoenas like cheap toilet paper, how much progress can actually get done? I expected and predicted a Red Tsunami. It didn’t happen.

  31. I guess I should follow up a bit. I’m not disappointed in Q, but in our nation’s people. After all the revealing of who the dems and elite are, they still voted for them! It’s as almost as if we have two very distinct nations living and occupying one space. That can’t last and I’m afraid it will come to bloodshed. The thing about civil wars, innocents get caught in the crossfire and die. I really don’t want to see that, but that appears to be the path we are on.

    • @ReluctantSkeptic I concur. What a disappointing night. How people can still vote for Warren or Feinstein after they showed their true colors, is totally beyond me. So many people are too lazy in the brain to think for themselves. It’s a real shame.

      The Q clock is quickly coming to an end (11/22). I’m trying really hard to keep the faith in Q team but how to overcome people too lazy to think for themselves? I just pray we are on the right path. We have been lied to sooo many times in our lifetimes, I pray this isn’t another one of those times. My gut tells me it’s not, but I’ve been fooled before.

      God Bless All.

      • 33 Million illegal aliens…..and the DACA people…..many many many voted illegally. it’s on tape on youtube. they want what they want. half of them use taxpayer money. we educated DACA and paid for it. these are their handy voters. they need to get the voting straight, if they had a real vote, there would have been no contest bc the Deep State utilizes astro turf. they buy votes, people and groups. not real…only illusion.

  32. LOL, Trump has the Dems right where he wants them. He holds all the power, even though the republicans do not control the house. They will not be able to stop him and if they try they will look like absolute obstructionist fools committing political suicide. The DEMS don’t realize it yet, but they again have been walked right into a rop-a-dope. Who is the rope-a-dope master….?? Whats brilliant is they are going to destroy themselves and now trump can appoint conservative judges quickly. It is quite obvious that the dems cheat by using sanctuary cities and trying to flood the country with massive amounts of asylum seekers.. It almost makes me chuckle… u can see whats going to happen if anyone had half of common sense, brain and understands trumps MO which dems lack. Trump is going to push critical issues in which he controls the judicial branch. Which in turn will push the cases into the conservative supreme court for speedy resolution such as 14th amendment which is reserved for slaves not migrants. This party is just getting started. The dems control the house but really can only start an investigation, have no power to finish or subpeona. Remember dems we live in a republic, innocent to proven guilty. The dems r in big trouble and i wouldn’t be surprised if obama is looking for way to get out of america and to non extridition country quickly. The criminals and evil ones should start packing cause law enforcement is coming soon, count on it!

    Another MO of the cheating dems is close races and recounts. damn cheaters

  33. Q

    If you’re reading this, know that judging by the comments on the web (GLP etc) your supporters are starting to despair.

    You have to give them something.


  34. Deep state IS more powerful than Q. Every race being that close? BS!! Nothing is going to happen Q is bullshit. Sorry, but I am awakened from my awakeness and nothing is going to go down.

    • how can u see it that way, considering how far we have come? what would it take for you to be loyal and true to the values that demand righteous government?

      You are just tired. you can’t build Rome in a day.

    • Trump must use the justice system to destroy the criminals. reread q. they did not feel comfortable with sessions and there current majority. as in jeff snowflake, now gone. sessions bites the dust, his replacement has already said mueller has overstepped his authority.. checkmate! This will take time and everything will not go as exactly as planned. You must remember that some of these democratic localities are controlled by non other then dems. It looks to me like there is substantial voter fraud in the democratic controlled cities and states. I would assume that in the background the trump admin has been paying very good attention to voter rolls and polls for there case against voter fraud. trump must pass votor id in 2020 and gain majority. he will have control of full government and bye bye dems. when americans given a choice about freedom and socialism, even though there are some stupid people, the majority will go vote for it (freedom). i smell a hell of alot of illegal votes here.

  35. Breaking news: Trump just officially fired Sessions. So much for the Stealth Elf. Trust me, people, Rosenstein, Mueller and Wray are all blackhats as well and part of the Swamp. Trump seems tired of waiting for the arrest of even a single big fish like Obama and Clinton so I guess he’s taking it upon himself to find a pitbull Attorney General who will act fast and start by declassifying the unredacted FISA reports to get the train rolling finally. These are indeed exciting times and I can’t wait to see what Trump will do now because major shit’s about to go down.

  36. I’ve been pretty Q-agnostic these last twelve or so months. But, [Trust Sessions] is clearly B.S. and accordingly Q is looking more like B.S. as well.

    I certainly trust Sessions not to stab Trump in the back, but he’s clearly not moving out on Deep State fuckery.

    I absolutely do NOT trust Wray, he looks like a typical ass-cover guy.

    And, worse for Q, I absolutely do NOT trust Mueller, which if you recall Q implied we could based on his USMC status.

    I’d love for Q to be real; I wish that the Deep State would get what they deserve; but, enough fortune cookie nonsense. Q or Q not.

  37. Oh! My life, Neon, what the hell’s going on? You got the Senate and i do believe Q team wanted Dems to take the house, to carry on destroying themselves while the Republicans got a decent amount of judges through before they Declas, as Q says.
    I began to believe you about Rosenstein and Meuller being good hats because if Rosenstein is bad, Meuller is bad so if Rosenstein is good, Meuller is good. But Sessions??? I was defending him all over the place! Was it disinformation? He seemed pretty pallie with old Rodders.
    That was one of the reasons I thought you could be right. I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me. I’m hoping, either you or Q can explain it for me.
    I’m now, officially, lost.
    I’m waiting for Q’s next post. I’m hoping he mentions it, in some way, at least.
    Loved your article though. Brilliant and humorous, as always!

  38. I agree with katzenbootz – massive voter fraud. (((They))) have been doing it for over 50 years in the USA and other nations. It will come out when the full truth is revealed – just adding the gigantic list of their crimes.

  39. Thanks for your hardwork in research and posting. I like everything, the pics and glad to hear you love Christmas music still and love Jesus. Praying for you.


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