The Unexpected RETURN OF #QAnon!!! #NewQ #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Guys, I wasn’t expecting this at all.

So much has happened recently in the #QAnon-related space that… it’s almost been hard to keep up, even with Q’s absence.

And you’ll recall that I said I thought Q was going to return on 11/9, but man-oh-man, I was wrong.

Sort of.

Q came back with two drops today, after 23 Days of silence. Why?

You’ll recall his “leaked” password on May 19th which read “NowC@mesTHEP@in—-23,” after which, he changed his tripcode.

So yeah, Q’s last post was on October 9th. 23 days later, he posted two posts.

First thing Q asks us to do is review drops about polls, so, very quicky:

Polls are #FakeNews! Never forget that.

Literally just fabricated lies! Don’t believe a word. When #POTUS says #FakeNews is the “enemy of the people” he’s not exaggerating. They’re a treasonous, subversive force working in tandem with rogue elements of various intelligence agencies, not to advance the American cause, but to advance the cause of those who are Anti-American; ie, Globalist enemies.

And then, an excerpt from Qdrop 2030:

Every battle is won before it’s ever fought! Polls, in the hands of the Fake News media, are just a psychological weapon designed to demoralize good Americans and instill cynicism in the populace. Why? Because then many will think it’s just useless to even show up on voting day, and that makes the Globalists’ job that much easier! Less genuine voters means the fraudsters’ jobs are that much easier.

It’s really sinister.

Attached to Q’s post were two links to #HatchAct related pages:

Full Size:



Now, you’ll recall that we anons were speculating that Q was silent during this time so as to avoid any Hatch Act violations. I had posted on Gab a bit about it, but finally aggregated the sum of those thoughts in a quick article here:


So why is Q back now? (Beyond the 23 day #Qconfirmation, I mean).

What I’m thinking Q means by this is that certain messages are allowed. Telling people to stay together, vote, and to re-read stuff doesn’t exactly violate the Hatch Act in any way that I can see. I’m willing to bet these drops were well vetted by a team of experts before they were sent.

#Anon made this side-by-side to help clarify even further.



Before we I have to say, #QOTUS’ campaign schedule during this time has been unreal. It’s like 2016 all over again. He’s a force of nature. He’s holding something like 11 rallies in 8 different states, before the 6th. It’s unreal. I’ve never seen a President do anything like this before, and it’s fantastic.

And his rally today in Missouri is no exception to this:

He attacked everything; the caravan trying to get into the country, birth-rite citizenship, chain-migration, human trafficking, job numbers, and much much more.

But yeah, even while Q has been away, the media has still be attacking:

Will QAnon Go Down as the Dumbest Story of the Year?

Qanon, latest in political quackery, doesn’t just create an alternate reality using existing conspiracy theories – it ties them all together

The QAnon legend assigns every terrible thing in history to a blue-state plot. Liberals killed JFK Jr. to make way for the Clintons, shot Reagan, murdered Seth Rich, organized lots of kid-buggering operations (Pizzagate was just the tip of the iceberg), pulled off the Las Vegas massacre and allied themselves with an array of villains, from Julian Assange to JonBenet Ramsey’s killer. Into this mass rave of evil comes Donald Trump, a fat Christ sent down from right-winger heaven to clean the temples.

Aw, look at how close he came to getting it right?

(Don’t worry, I’ve saved this idiocy for posterity).

#NoCoincidences, Q.


And that’s it for Q for tonight. It will be interesting to see when he posts next and what he posts next, especially as, while the Hatch Act still applies, he seems rather restricted in what he can and cannot say.

Of course, as you saw above, the provision doesn’t apply to #QOTUS, so we may be getting some more Q+ posts, if anything important needs to be said right away.



Q came back with one more post, pointing out something I missed.

The original use of Q’s phrase is from exactly one year ago, on November 1st, 2017. Pretty cool!

Okay, quick updates.

You all know by now that Gab got wombo-combo’d hard last week, and went down as all its various service providers started pulling their services from it. Hosting, domain name, payments, pretty much everything went poof overnight, and Gab was forced offline. It was the equivalent of corporate #Censorship.

In the wake of it, the founder of Gab, Andrew Torba, was viciously maligned by the media and terrorized at home, when his parents learned that someone had broken in to their house and left the gas running in an attempt to start a fire.

But of course, mission forward.

I still have to post somewhere.

I announced it on Gab, but I’m assuming not everyone saw it: I shifted over to MeWe during the time Gab’s been down. Now, I had the MeWe page up and running before, but it wasn’t as large as Gab (12,000 subs vs 2,000, at the time  – now over 3,000).

But, with few other choices (and there were a few routes I could have taken here), I opted to hop back on to MeWe for my regular postings,as I only expected Gab to be down for a short while:


Seriously, go there, sign up, and subscribe to the group. It’s got a lot of great stuff from the past few days there, including the stunning #ProjectVeritas videos that were like atom bombs against the Beto and Gillum campaigns. (Can’t wait to see what else they put up this week!)

Being back full-time on MeWe’s actually been pretty great thus far. I’ve always enjoyed using the platform.

That said, there’s no Free Speech guarantee on MeWe, and it’s run by people who are basically Bernie-Sanders-tier socialists. While they claim to be open to anyone posting legal content, that claim has yet to be tested. I’ve been burned too many times by Facebook, and can very easily see someone of a Leftist persuasion labeling my account that of a “Right-Wing Extremist” manufacturing “hate speech,” and taking down the account.

So while it’s been great in the interim, I fully intend on returning to Gab once it’s back up and running.

Because, simply put: Gab guarantees free speech. MeWe does not.

And, judging by Gab’s Twitter account, it looks like they’re almost ready:

And it looks like they’re adding a layer of redundancy by utilizing a tor service, as well. Meaning, even if ISPs decide to start blocking it, you can still access it:


And this all comes with a warning:

One other thing.

I posted this on MeWe as well, but it was chart showing the price action and moving averages on #FANG stocks.

The striking thing? They’re all set up for a move technical analysts like to call a “Death Cross.” Basically, that’s where the price falls below the 200 day moving average. It’s a rare signal, and one that portends a long-term bear market.

Full size:


This disturbed me, because, as #Anons noted on the boards today, it looked like someone was trying to lower the Amazon price to 1666, and just overshot a little:

Remember the day they dropped the market 666 points not that long ago? Anons were speculating that this was a signal.

And then there was the post the other day about how #RedOctober actually happened on November 7th…

So combine all that with the numbers above and, well…

I’m being very cautious in this market. Looks like a setup for the perfect storm.

Could be a “Black Friday/Bloody Monday” scenario. But we’ll see.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today!

Guys, POTUS just confirmed that he is Q+. We are on the verge of the #GreatAwakening going mainstream, and your support is more important than ever! Gab just lost their Paypal and Stripe Payments integration, so I can’t take donations through Gab right now. The site will remain online for the foreseeable future, but every dollar definitely helps me do what I do.

And one way you can support my efforts with the site is through the purchase of a shirt or an awesome QAnon Hat, which you can order in the Neon Revolt Shop! These hats are great, with 3D puff embroidery, and I’m working with great manufacturer to get these made and distributed. People love the hats when they get them.

Shirts are still available in the sidebar, too, naturally.

Thanks so much for your continued support through this wild ride we call Q!

61 thoughts on “The Unexpected RETURN OF #QAnon!!! #NewQ #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. I believe the real reason for bringing up the hatch act is because, fake news and fake polls is a violation of the hatch act when you consider operation mockingbird and obama legalizing propaganda.

  2. Oh yeah, go start a page.

    It is fb, twitter, youtube, and paypal all in one spot. Free speech. No extremist marxism, nazism or islamism.

    You can get back monetization that way, even red ice is setting up there.

  3. NR, your analysis of Q/Hatch Act is similar to mine. Q was posting general voting information and generally encouraging people to vote. Little to nothing too partisan about it.

  4. Great to have you back Neon. I’ve had tummy trouble thinking about 11/6, but I’ve put it all in God’s hands and calmer. Q’s returne also helps.

    • Did anyone else notice how many times the present said “I’m trying to be kind” in his rally speech last night? “Kind” was also the last word in the scripture quotation that was in the reference q post from months back.

  5. Neon, in chat room on WeMe someone posted link to the Q clock about days 23 and 24 that seem to be indicating something big might happen tomorrow. Did you see it. If so, what is your take on this.

    • yes, I think that something bid will happen! way back when Q first started – he stated that the Podesta and Huma indictments will be released 11/3 and 11/4. He did not say what year…

  6. While I’m more optimistic than ever, have had a bad feeling since Q has been off AND Gab down at the same time.
    I actually have more followers @jacksarmpit but I now only post there thru Gab, and WOULD NOT give anyone there the benefit of more traffic after censoring us Gabbers.
    There is no way to rid ourselves of Centuries of this Luciferian Crew without on helluva STINK, so I’m prepped for near anything.
    Looking at tonight’s Q posts as a First Sergeant giving a quick pep talk, while tacitly nodding to readiness check list.

  7. Wonder if there is a specific reason why he is not using the 747 AF1 these days.
    could it be that the older planes don’t have the ability to be remote controlled?

  8. Did you see the financial articles yesterday all talking about Red October? Duck “stock market red october” and you’ll find quite a few hits from the likes of Fortune and Financial Times etc.

  9. Glad to see you on MeWe. I hope the potential censorship issues get worked out, because I like the MeWe functionality. The offer still stands to help proofread your book drafts.

    • You people need to drop this idea about JFK, Jr. Where in the hell did this idea come from? Quit reading scifi.

  10. I too thought Q would stay quiet til after the elections, glad we were wrong. We needed that rallying cry! #WWG1WGA

  11. The polls are certainly designed to create the outcome the Mockingbird and the deep state intends by manipulating the sheeple. But, especially in 2016 they seemed to be designed to match the deep state’s desired outcome. In which case the polls would have been seen as an entirely accurate predictor. Of course, this is before Q saved the election in key precincts, which they did not foresee. This time around, the blue wave seems to have dissipated rather quickly meaning the deep state knows they can’t rig the elections. Of course they are still trying to manipulate people with fake polls.

  12. Thank you Neon. I agree with your Hatch analysis. Did Rolling Stone let the mask slip a bit? I have seen everything but analysis on JonBenet Ramsey’s killer on various sites. There is a lot and I could have missed it, but, you know…Cheers!

  13. I must of missed the Q post about JonBenet Ramsey. Lol. Thanks for the update Neon!! Good to know GAB is on track.

  14. With the illegals launching a lawsuit against POTUS regarding their “rights”, the Dems are just the gift that keeps giving. They never know when to stop. When your opponent is trying to kill themselves, move out of the way.

  15. Point of clarification here from a stockfag. A “Death Cross” is when the 50 day moving average crosses below the 200 day moving average. 😉

  16. Thanks for the update NR – with gab down, I came to you. Unwilling to use MeWe due to Saunders conx. Thought: could Hatch Act be reference to illegality the dems & silicon valley are doing

  17. Great to hear from you today! And of course Q….a quick question about the Rolling Bones article.
    Mr Loomis, states “The ‘crumbs’ are disseminated mainly by meme and tweet, and designed to travel on a spearlike trajectory straight into the brains of the modern media consumer.”
    First, I love his spear reference… Special ops “tip of the spear.” So thank you Senor Loomis for the slight acknowledgment that Special Ops May be involved…
    Second and most importantly, Who sends memes? And Who sends tweets? Q refers to a ton of Tweets from POTUS, but I don’t think Q has a Twitter? I think that Q pulls memes from 8chan, but rarely makes them himself. So Who is creating memes?
    I think we need to get to the bottom of who Q is and what are his motives. Come on media… we demand you find out who this Q is!!! Because if he is a LARP, I owe a shit ton of money to my ex friends…

    Keep up the great work.

  18. The “Great Socialist October Revolution” celibrating the Bolshevik victory is commemorated on November 7th because Russian, uses the Julian rather than the Gregorian calendar.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the end of the disasterous and criminal Bolshevik revolution also commenced on the 7th of November?


  19. The Hatch Act applies to covered employees. It deals with activities while in the workplace. Are we to assume both of those things apply here? Why would the Act apply now and not 6 months ago? Why would it apply at 2044 yesterday? The McCain Feingold bill is time sensitive to elections, the Hatch Act is not. Something doesn’t smell right.

    • Hatch Act applies to me in my work place…. I had to take my #NeonRevolt sticker off my car as my leftist peers complained to the manager…. MOST of the federal employees I work with in Colorado are far far far left…. we are being taken down in the purple mountains by leftists…. pray for CO!!!

  20. Your reliance on the Hatch Act to explain Q’s silence doesn’t make any sense. If Q is a covered federal employee,then the Hatch Act applies to him at all times, not just in the immediate run up to an election. So if he is afraid of violating the Hatch Act, he wouldn’t be speaking at all, not just in the month of October.

  21. release.

    Oct. 1: Quantum Financial System (QFS) became active and ready to convert.

    Oct. 22: Trump declared National Emergency, Military on High Alert & troops to border.

    Oct. 29: After all restrictions were removed from the Iraqi Dinar some groups were being paid out. The Pentagon deployed additional troops to border (now some 7,000 total, with at least a possible 15,000 more).

    Oct. 30 midnight EST: New currency rates were to appear on bank screens.

    Oct. 31 2018 9:00 pm EST China began exchanges and paying out. Iraq expected to RV, along with the deadline for banking elite to return their stolen gold, while major indexes posted sharp Stock Market losses of $2 trillion for Oct.

    Nov. 1 at 8:30 pm EST the 800#s were put on Alert Status.

    Nov. 2 late morning EST the new rates should be settled on the bank screens.

    Nov. During this chaotic time we would be able to redeem our Zim throughout the month of Nov

    Nov. 4: National Broadcast System Alert activation with GESARA announcement (Nov. 6 would be a back wall for this event).

    Nov. 6: Midterm Elections, after which it was expected that paid rioters, the situation at the border and the new QFS would combine to cause public chaos – perhaps leading to Martial Law.

    Nov. 11: With over 60,000 indictments filed in federal courts this year the public purge of Cabal would begin with the unsealing of indictments, arrests of suspected criminals and their transportation to GITMO.

    Nov. 12: Tier 5 (general public) would begin exchanges.

    Jan-Feb. 2019: Military Tribunals.

    This is the home page., The Social Network For Free People. No Censorship, No Shadow Bans, No BS. Speak Freely.

  22. love your work and know you that you don’t try to sway or mislead readers, so I want to make a correction. Torba said that s-one turned on the gas to his parents grill and let it leak out. To me this sounds like an outside BBQ not an inside stove. Hope you don’t take offense as that is not my intent. Peace.

  23. Neon: I think we did not notice that the HATCH ACT excludes, “the President, the Vice President and certain high level officials”, per Anon’s side by side of Hatch Act….soooooo, guess Q must fall into the group of one of these.

  24. Why is Q back now?
    Could it be that the first major arrest or unsealed indictment happens manana???
    Remember from the beginning that Q said that Podesta and Huma will be indicted on 11/3 and 11/4.

  25. Use common sense. The Hatch Act only applies if the identity of an individual is actually known. Since Q is 100% anonymous then how in the hell would Q ever be found guilty of violating the Hatch Act? This is the most ridiculous excuse I’ve heard yet.

    • Q is -currently- 100% anonymous. If, in the future, the indentity/identities are revealed- and let’s just say it turns out to be a high-ranking gov employee- then legitimate charges of election-tampering (“Hatch Act”) could be raised. IF this Q silence IS about H.A. boundaries, then it is extremely prudent and demonstrably law-abiding (as we should hope).
      Think a bit harder before telling reasoned people that they’re ridiculous, eh?

  26. From YouTube to Twitter to Gab to MeWe… whack a mole. And you’re the mole.

    Learn who really owns the internet and you might profit.

    Ellison, Valentine, Hecker… not Schmidt, Zuckerberg, Dorsey.

  27. Neon I really like your hats and would like to purchase 2 of them. The problem I have is I do not do anything with Amazon. I don’t like helping Bezo and his company in anyway. If you have another way that I can purchase your hats please let me know. Thanks

  28. Friend i relay on you for my main info now and there aint no lol behind this but we have let this happen. Lets change this people because when MSM is outed for what it is??. We need to act.

  29. (((ROTHSCHILD’S))) Publication – The Economist 2016 The World If Donald Trump Was President
    The North Korean Regime Collapsed
    Flashback 1988 “Get Ready For A World Currency by 2018″ – The Economist Magazine
    Special drawing rights SDR refers to an international type of monetary reserve currency created by the International Monetary Fund (((IMF)))
    2347 (((WWG1WGA))) VIPAnon Photo (Trump = Q+ signed (((+)))
    I sure hope I’m wrong!

  30. (((ROTHSCHILD’S))) Own Publication The Economist Magazine

    The Economist 2016 the world if
    Donald Trump was President
    The North Korean Regime Collapsed

    Flashback 1988 “Get Ready For A World Currency by 2018″ – The Economist Magazine

    Special drawing rights (SDR) refers to an international type of monetary reserve currency created by the International Monetary Fund IMF in 1969

    (((WWG1WGA))) VIPAnon Photo Trump signed (((+)))

    I Truly Hope I’m Wrong!

  31. Post a single picture of a US flag – no words, no frames, no other picture elements in your instagram, twitter, FB, social media feeds.
    The picture by itself will encourage people to think of the US and vote R.

  32. Curious post from @getongab

    “Gonna laugh real hard when the Pizzagate guys are banned from Twitter and no longer have a platform. Will anyone even listen to them or care about what they say ever again?! Probably not! Anyone with an IQ above 85 recognizes this. FRAUDS!”


    I bet I am one of those above 85 IQs.

  33. Wow! My tweet was one of a group of #VIPanon tweets in Q drop 2414 and I’m wearing your shirt Neon! Thanks for the shirt and thanks for all you do. Everyone in my family will be getting Christmas gifts from your store. #WWG1WGA

  34. Please take Pope Benedict out of that picture of globalist ghouls. You only have to read his extensive writings and understand how close he was to St. JP II to know that he is no globalist, evil ghoul.


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