#QAnon’s Extended Silence is Well-Founded – #QDay is Coming – #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

#QAnon’s Extended Silence is Well-Founded – #QDay is Coming – #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

It’s not the first time #QAnon has gone dark. And actually, I’m quite /comfy/ right now, watching things play out, and taking the time to expose corruption, rankle #LunaticLeftists across the web, as well as dive into some topics I’ve been meaning to explore for a while. (I’ve got at least one other major article I want to get out soon, but it’s very research intensive, so I don’t have a date set for that, yet).

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Why do I preface with that?

Because I was asked the other day:

The Hatch Act! I had tried to spread the word about two weeks ago:

But today #Anon expertly expanded on the subject, and I’m publishing this now, here on the main site because I want to make sure everyone in the #QArmy is well aware:

Makes sense to me! Wouldn’t want #TheCabal getting off on some kind of technicality like The Hatch Act, now, would we? Could you even imagine?? No way that’s happening. #POTUS and #QTeam have planned for EVERY eventuality.

Again, my thinking is that we’ll probably hear from Q come 11/9, but that, of course, remains to be seen. Could he come back on 11/7? Sure. But I’m thinking we’re gonna be celebrating, and he’s gonna want to wait for that to die down a bit. Of course, he won’t keep us waiting too long.

He’s got to prepare us for 11/11, after all.

What I’m tentatively calling #QDay!

As for what 11/11 is?

I think it’s the day Q finally goes public.

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91 thoughts on “#QAnon’s Extended Silence is Well-Founded – #QDay is Coming – #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. People just have to trust that Trump has a plan and he is carrying it out. He is steps ahead, is aware of all the possibilities, has contingencies for every possible sidestep that could happen. Sometimes being a team involves trusting the leader and remaining steadfast at your post. If we cannot do anything to specifically help at least we can keep from undermining him with our doubts and fears.


  3. NeonRevolt, You are my #1 guy, and that’s no joke, but hears a riddle (out of the mouth of the eater, comes fourth fruits meat)

  4. Neon, I’m being blocked from accessing you on Gab?

    Tried my link, tried your link in the above article, tried with my VPN, tried with my VPN and private browser. Cleared my Cache also. All to no avail. Down For Everyone: shows Gab as being up. I was able to access Gab directly but a search for NeonRevolt sez no such user. Might be my local ISP?

    So, FYI.

    Anyone else?

    • I can’t log onto gab either, but I can visit and I visited NR with not problem. I’m not fond of gab so I rarely visit it. Hope that helps.

    • Try searching Neon Revolt, and instead of looking in right pane, find a post my Neon Revolt, click on name, and choose follow.

      • I can’t log in to Gab for some reason. It doesn’t recognize my password and I tried resetting it twice and never got the reset email either time. I can read Neon’s TL but can’t like or repost

    • I’m seeing a very disturbing trend here. Neon confirmed that GAB is being attacked and I just read that Google bought out Duck Duck Go and is now censoring searches like Google. It seems like the Cabal is trying to destroy all alt-tech websites and platforms so that there are no opposing narratives to their own and unfortunately the Cabal is succeeding. People like Kim Dotcom are trying to create a truly free, uncensored, independent internet but there doesn’t seem to be any billionaires to finance that kind of huge undertaking. Until righteous billionaires step up to the plate to help finance a new, uncensored internet I don’t see how we can realisitically achieve that.

    • I can’t access Gab, My iPad Safari took it off of my Most Visited list, even though I go there all the time. Both Gab.ai or Gab.com just lag and won’t connect. When I try to connect through Neon’s link, Gab won’t recognize me and wants me to log in. I try to log in and I can’t. I noticed others are having problems with it on QRV.

      They are really getting attacked.
      Stupid Deep State.

  5. I agree. Q went dark because of the Hatch Act. So much at stake on the 6th. Everybody pull together and get the vote out.

      • Please vote paper ballot, Soros Machines are everywhere in California. As a california native I will be voting for John Cox via paper ballot. If you trust your mailman isn’t bias then mail from your home, if not drop it off at the post office or box. I don’t trust handing paper ballot to my assigned voting spot. #LA Patriot #MACGA

    • Yep, that’s what OUR job is to do… vote at the polls on the 6th, for ALL of the candidates that POTUS has endorsed and rallied for. Those are the ones that have pledged to help him accomplish his agenda. Get them elected, and watch what happens, after the 1st of the year, when they’re sworn into the 116th Congress. The wall, the immigration issues, the military tribunals… all that we’ve been waiting for, will happen. God willing!

    • It was the military parade date, but I am under the impression that was dropped as ‘poor optics.’ And Trump’s meeting for Putin is scheduled then, and he’d not miss his parade. Plus, that is a Sunday this year.
      Anyway, I think the Q-calendar was readjusted at some point in late summer and the best “parade” in November just might be along the Mexican border.

  6. Neon if you need something else to do in the mean time I have a suggestion! I remember you said you had posted info on Facebook regarding early Q posts. If you have “decodes” or articles about the early Q posts please drop them here! I think I started following you in February or March but I would love to read anything you have from before that. Thanks so much for all you do!

    • Unfortunately, all of that work was on FB, and FB abruptly shut his page down, and took it all with it. That’s why he ended blogging here, as well as on Gab. There’s a couple of other places, but all of that previous work is lost.

  7. I, also, could not pull up neonrevolt on gab. I went to neonrevolt.com for the articles. Great articles. So much research. Amazing how deep it goes!

  8. Hi – long time follower and enjoy your work. Just a thought about something that may be related to the deep state. Another area I follow is geoengineering and weather control, comparing hurricanes (east/gulf coasts) during Obama’s years in office (2009 thru 2016) and Trump’s almost 2 years (2017 to current) finds that there have been the same number, 6 each. The 6 during Obama’s time were either category 1 or 2, while during Trump’s time 2 at category 1 and 4 at category 4. Could be weather warfare to put pressure on the Trump administration. Maybe something you and the other Anons could look into further?

    • I second the request to talk about the weather! In Texas, we’re getting sprayed chemtrails every 2-3 days…drowning in torrential rain…36″ in a month. That’s not normal for us. They even spray at night! It’s making everyone have respiratory issues along w a bunch of other issues. Please write about this!

      On a separate note, FYI there’s a tunnel network of highways that Walmart uses for moving goods across America… Ever notice how we don’t see Walmart trucks on the highways anymore much?

      Thanks for all you do you’re the only column I have a chance to read !

    • I have wondered the same thing. I have read that our weather CAN be controlled by man. My thoughts went directly there, when Florence came through… It’s odd that a cat 4 hurricane can go to a cat 1 that quickly. Then we have Michael going up through FL and it definitely did it’ damage. I had read that Texas and Florida were the intended aim for these 2 hurricanes because of the Red state / Blue State thing… Blue states that Trump won in. I even remember Trump saying something at one of his rallies about how unlikely it was for Florence to go from a cat 4 to a cat 1 so quickly. It would not surprise me at all if this is the case… Look at what’s supposedly going on at CERN.

  9. 11/11/18 is the 100th anniversary of the first attempt by the Cabal to create a world government (The League of Nations).

    They had 100 years to do it and failed. That’s why it is such a special day.

  10. Makes PERFECT sense Neon. I completely agree. Many thanks for putting this out there! I sure do miss Q though…I thank the Lord ALMIGHTY that you are here keeping us informed brother.
    Also, ANYONE out there not following Neon on Gab….you are MISSING OUT BIG TIME…so much good stuff!!!!!!
    Praying night and day for our beloved President, Q, Neon, the Midterms, the Illegal Caravan to Go Back, and Patriots everywhere. Come back soon to us Q. ♡ Psalm 91 suround all of us! In the Name of Christ. Amen

  11. There are no words to express the difference following Q has made in my attitude about ANY news I read and my life in general. I no longer have fear, because Q, president Trump and the anons, including NR have all the intel and know everything the enemy is doing. Imagine there is a battlefield 500 years ago, but one side has helicopters and full knowledge of where the soldiers are, etc. Even though she didn’t win, A J was still misleading us using fear of assassinations and useless intrigue all throughout 2017. Only in January, discovering Q, the clouds finally parted. President Trump, acting alone, could never have defeated this cabal. It’s a miracle! Thank the Lord for his blessings and providence.

  12. Read Q post 1009 then you should understand what is being done here. They are using the same trafficking lanes that are used to smuggle drugs, children,ms13 etc.. This is why Jeff Flake, and the executed No Name were against POTUS. They know what is about to happen. Connect the Dots People.What if POTUS knew in advance about the Invasion of Immigrants, and is allowing the ‘caravan’ to proceed as part of a bigger plan? Just the fact that we seem to be inching closer to what has already been deemed a National Emergency would lead one to believe that the next step would be POTUS imposing temporary Martial Law to deal with the emergency. This would fulfill what Q stated about The Plan; FISA DECLAS, Martial Law, Military Operation, National Guard, unsealing of indictments and subsequent round-up of deep state players. It all makes sense and the timing appears correct.

    • Agree with you. How many times has Q said “We have it all.” We know POTUS and team/MI are the smartest minds around – absolutely brilliant, genius level and they’ve proven it over and over again. It’s coming soon – thank you LORD God!!! “2018 will be glorious.” What an amazing time to be alive!

  13. Friend i’am really thankful for guys and girls like yourselves who put pen to paper so well and express what most of us feel at this time. I thank you for all you do with your articles that provide honesty with evidence and facts. Keep up the good fight.#REVOLT

  14. For those that are having trouble finding Neon on Gab, there are a couple of funky things that Gab has to work out. I know that I regularly check Gab on my iPhone (browser not app because Apple sucks). I get logged out after a period of time or bouncing connections and have to log back in. They used to have a login link from gab.com/home or gab.ai/home but for whatever reason it is gone. Just select the URL bar and backspace out the /home and it takes you to the page you can log in. Once logged in, just search @NeonRevolt and select the one with the check mark and the *Premium Content creator tag. Select follow on his page.

    • I did a bit of preliminary looking into that… until all the negative bunk started affecting my joy in real life; at which point it wasn’t worth pursuing. [That realization of knowledge being not-worth-it actually helped me understand how Q could think somethings have to be kept hidden.] But as far as I got, it’s like an inoperable cancer where the tumor is so close to a vital system that there are no good fixes. Apparently he has messed with more than America and his globalist reach goes to, yes, Russia also.

    • Not only should Soros’ accounts be frozen but he should be arrested, interrogated, tortured and executed for all the evil he’s inflicted on this world. I’m sketchy on the details but it’s said that Soros has Trump by the balls because he loaned Trump a huge sum of money when Trump’s casinos were going bankrupt and Jared Kushner actually worked for Soros earlier in his career so I doubt there’s any chance in hell Trump would go after Soros. Soros has endless financial and political resources so Trump is probably afraid of the infinite ways Soros can retaliate against him if Trump rocked the boat.

      • It would be a real ‘cluster-##ck’ if Gyorgy found himself in the custody of Vlad, but at least Trump wouldn’t have to worry about the messy details.

  15. No one will actually ever be able to understand the identity of Q just yet… a team of humans helping at times, sure…. but this goes much, HIGHER.

    Q will not be revealing himself anytime soon. We have years to go before people are mentally ready for Disclosure, and what Trump has really been up to.

  16. Keep in mind that Q mentioned this around this time and day last year. 11/3 and 11/4 are special dates for Huma and Podesta. Q did not say what year…

    Also, with the military deploying with riot gear in the CONUS at the border, do you think that the circus at the border is a warmup act? He also mentioned that martial law was coming (we thought at the time he was talking about 2017).

    If I were them, and there was a risk of rioting – I would choose to do it right about the time that winter is setting in. Just so happens that this is supposed to be one of the coldest on record.

  17. You read the Hatch Act to broadly. Official duties are not suspended. You don’t suspend the enforcement of law because of elections. People are being harmed because official duties are being suspended!

  18. This is how I was able to follow Neon on GAB:
    at the top of this website, click on Menu,
    then click Follow on Gab.

  19. I’ve figured out who ‘Q’ is, and as the ones in the administration told the patriots at one of the rallies, ‘You’d be surprised to know who!’ 🙂 But for the sake of his safety, I’m not going to say who it is. He’s already had at least ONE attack on his life that I know of… and the Secret Service and FLOTUS got right on it.

  20. Yeah that is a #metoo with Gab. Can’t log in, and could only find you by clicking on a third party reference to you. Search did not work when I was dumped at the Home page as a lurker. Asked for a password reminder and email was never sent so AT is having some weird issues over there.

    • Same EXACT thing happened to me. Happened on my main laptop. But I keep an old laptop on my treadmill and for some reason I’m still logged in on it. But I tried resetting password on main laptop twice and never got either email. WTF

  21. 11 and 9 are very important numbers to a group, that although has 1776 as a year of very high meaning in their history. Please have a look at the Veterans Memorial and all the symbology (Phoenix, Arizona yt /CMGgTWr3yTI ) – I can only pray, that Trump is not the “false prophet, right hand to the antichrist, that everyone will applaud to”. I still think, that Hussein was this guy, but prohecies are tricky. When all the resistance thinks “this is our time, finally, this is our guy!” – what bigger deception could it be? I give that possibility only a 0.1% chance from my perspective, but it is an option anyway… These people might not be as dumb as we where supposed to believe.

  22. Dag nabbit Neon. Missed 3 posts on NeonRevolt.com. DuckDuckGo kept sending me to old post. I’m useless at tech though. I sponsored you on Gab.ai but can rarely find you. Just comments about you.
    That Giustra expose was bloody amazing, like the Leonard Shit Franklin one.
    I don’t know how you do it. I can’t sleep properly, thinking of those kids, men and women.
    I do believe Q thinks all you Anons on the Chan’s are ready to go it alone, personally, with just a hint or two now and then. But, of course, there is 11/11 yet to come. We can’t wait for anyone to save us though, be it God or Pres. Trump. I hate the way some people are equating him to a saint or something. I’m sure it embarrasses him. We have to help save ourselves or, at least, support those of us who have the brains to do it.
    By the way, I’ve got that T-shirt of yours at the rally. It’s great. I proudly wore it to the Tommy Robinson Rally at the Old Bailey. Fantastic, peaceful rally, whatever Fake News says.
    I hope you get enough comments supporting you to give you the energy to keep fighting Neon. I will wait patiently for your next expose.

  23. I am interested in the timing of the so-called mags bomber. He registered in 2016. He was photographed at a couple of Trump rallies. He has pictures on his van of trump. Give me a break. I want to know if he is another CIA stooge.

  24. NR, I am going to have people responding to this in a nasty way.
    I have been calmer and more focused since Q has been silent. I am tired of the riddles. I am tired of stuff not happening when there has been a bread crumb, a clock Q, a whatever that has led us down a rabbit hole that did not come true. The anticipation and disappointment has been grave.
    Q’s greatest contribution is that he/she/it has brought us together. Other than that, I am glad for the silence.

  25. I was thinking this silence was to avoid acusations of election tampering, now I see why. Also I believe the executive order to use military tribunal is not effective till after jan. 1 . Would this not require holding arrests intended to be tried in this manor be delayed till january. It would not be wise to allow any of these players to be tried in civil courts polluted with all manor of deep state puppets.

  26. Do the number of Booms Q has dropped in recent months correspond to the number of duds delivered? Can someone do an audit and verify? It would be interesting to know. MSMedia has to take hook, line and sinker before the truth can be revealed. MEGA MAGA!!!33

    • I just looked at Wiki page for Gab – I know, but it was the quicker link – and I don’t see where/if Gab is owned by FB. I did see Tila Tequilla referred to as a white supremicist, which is weird.

  27. I look forward to your posts and visit you on the gab web page regularly.

    You mentioned a while back about looking in to Fritz Springmeir and William Cooper. I’ve listened to many of their YouTube videos and enjoyed them. Both remarkable and I wonder where they are coming from. I hope you might have a different perspective on them and perhaps comment.

  28. I would not get my hopes up about 11/11 it could be a document being signed, or a [meeting], either way, we only see a small part of the [action], 11/11 may well fall under that not seen umbrella that turns significant later. Also T will make a deal for relative peace, so, please realize this is big league action and as such, frustrating for [everyone] involved.

  29. WTH GAB. I sure hope they get their server bullshit together soon. They best compensate with a free month minimum for my PRO membership. I didn’t breech my contract with them. Frustrating because I love GAB.

    • GAB was forced out by the company that provided their server space, Joyent.com. This should enrage all free speech lovers across our great nation. How many unhinged terror-promoting leftists have gotten to remain on Twitter and FB? Too many to list.












  31. I’m not buying the Hatch Act excuse for no arrests. Because Q could have just as easily made this exact same statement early in October. Instead what Q did was ask everyone, “Are you ready for the pain?” And yet here we are at the end of October and absolutely NOTHING has happened aside from the fact the lunatic left continues to control the narrative day in and day out. Nothing will happen before the midterms because there is nothing that is going to happen at all. Q has done nothing but move goal posts from day 1 and I am sick of their bullshit.

  32. Oct 4th Q Post 2344:

    Are you ready to see arrests?
    Are you ready to see PAIN?
    Are you ready to be part of history?

    Bullshit Q. You are full of shit and I’m fucking sick of your bullshit. Been here from the beginning and even drove a TON of traffic to Neon (whom I love) but Q is stringing us along.

    THIS is the promised “Red October”? What a joke….on us.

  33. Some research should be done on WHO that person at Joyent is and their ties/connections.

    Ironic, I thought about Gab’s hosting situation a couple weeks ago and if it was stable or not. If they want to “be a player” it’s gonna need to be bullet-proof so that one dipstick whose panties are in a twist can’t bring it down.

    Good on ya for having a free speech site – fail for not thinking it through on the hosting.

  34. What prevents a future Dem or RINO president from pardoning those who will be jailed by this administration?
    I’d like to see a long piece done on statutue of limitations. Which crimes have already beyond the limitations and which are not. Are there ways to get around the limitations, etc..

  35. Please publish the portion of the Hatch Act that shows the dates where such activities are forbidden. My guess is that you find any. It is always illegal for federal employees to engage in partisan political activities in the workplace. If it is illegal in October it is illegal in July.

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