Layers of Evil. The #PoisonDwarf #FrankGiustra, and the #Clinton/#Soros Connection. #CabalProfiles #QAnon #GreatAwakening #REDOctober #NEONREVOLT

First up, if you missed my #BlackListAnon article, be sure to catch up with that first, because we’re gonna be exposing another Hollywood Fraud today:

I was very pleased with the response this article got, because initially, I wasn’t sure if anyone would really care about the things I was seeing. After all, Franklin Leonard is something of a behind-the-scenes player, albeit an influential one.

If anything, I think Leonard’s own toxic tweets damned him more than anything else. Everyone could see the vile hatred seeping out from in between each and every word he tweeted out, and that, in conjunction with acknowledging an experience every single person has had – revulsion at modern Hollywood films – really exposed this villain for what he is: a #Soros lackey peddling divisive ideology online and using his influence to infect the film industry with this ideology.

And at first, Leonard didn’t react. I think he was secretly hoping it would just go away and disappear, but when the tweets started piling up and piling up and piling up – the hundreds of tweets – it became clear that he had to address it, because now… the rank and file followers were beginning to see it.

Of course, he reacted with stereotypical smug pomposity, which is about what I expected from him:

Also, a sad attempt to wear it as a badge-of-honor:

Note, though, he didn’t actually answer any of the charges, and disclose any of his ties to Soros. This was really all he had to say:

But most telling fact in all this?

That the entire Reinvent website went down after I published my expose.

Remember the infographics from the original article mapping out all the Deep State/Cabal members? These ones?


Yeah, that site was completely gone from the internet completely for quite some time after I published my article.

Why did it go down? Mere “coincidental” technical issues? Or perhaps they were frantically scrubbing info from the page in the wake of my expose?

At any rate, Soros and his many tentacles keep getting exposed, so what better time for #TheCabal to conduct a #FalseFlag attack!

Conspiracy theorists who believe George Soros is behind many of the imagined machinations of the “deep state” have doubled down on targeting him for blame following an apparent attempt to harm the billionaire philanthropist and liberal activist.

Authorities on Monday responded to Soros’ suburban New York home after one of his employees discovered in the property’s mailbox a package with an explosive device. The device contained powder and was “not a hoax,” a law enforcement official told The Associated Press.

But believers in the right-wing conspiracy QAnon blame Soros for the device, flocking to Twitter, 4chan boards and the primarily alt-right website Gab to promote that assertion without any evidence.

Oh, you better bet they’re all sitting up and paying attention, now. They can feel the Wrath of the Righteous bearing down on them, with each passing day.

As a sidenote, this HuffPo article mentions a “Travis View” who, according to the article, is “a researcher who tracks QAnon,” complete with a completely soy-infused, #NPC-tier hot-takes for the #MockingbirdMedia to repeat, ad infinitum:

Looks like a “Travis,” doesn’t he?

All that’s missing is a little rat-tail, draped across one shoulder.

Ah, that’s about right. I can practically smell the photo through my computer screen, already.

Smells like…


…Axe body spray…

And seasonal depression.

Anyway, I was interested to see what #RatTailTravis had to say about me, a lo-and-behold, I was not disappointed:

Yeah guys, careful around all those redpills. They’re awfully potent. Wouldn’t want you breaking out of Leftie ideological conformity, so we’ll just pretend to be incredulous and keep tweeting from the relative safety of the Blue Checkmark Bubble for the time being.

There are few things I despise more than hack “journalists” who intentionally mislead people, instead of, you know, asking questions and testing theses, no matter how uncomfortable the conclusions may make them, or how much they may challenge their preconceived notions.

#RatTailTravis, it’s utterly dishonest to even call yourself a “researcher.” You don’t seek out information and adjust your worldview accordingly, no.

You only seek to confirm your bias.

Go back to blogging about Game of Thrones episodes you absolutely useless, hack-tier tap-water goblin.

But back to the #BlackListAnon follow-up.

While Twitter has banned me outright, I can still track your responses, and I have some great Legionaries. I saw some great stuff being posted.

Here was one of my favorite responses to Franklin Leonard:

Oh, nothing would please me more.

You guys did great. Truly.

And if to top off all this, if you watched #POTUS’ rally down in Houston yesterday, you may have caught a #VIPAnon in the front rows, repping #QAnon with my QAnon – Tigerstripes design!

I was so excited when I saw this. The shills who constantly call me a “Paytriot” for selling shirts can go eat a bowl of donkey turds for breakfast as far as I’m concerned. THIS is what it’s all about, and the criticisms of those #DNBs don’t amount to a hill of beans in the long run.

And you know, you just KNOW there was NO WAY he was placed there without the Secret Service’s knowledge and approval.

Right in the front row, for the entire world to see, for all the video feeds to capture with their cameras.

That’s #VIPAnon status in my book, and I just feel totally vindicated in everything I’ve tried to do over the past year.

To me – and I’m not saying this is the official interpretation – but to me…. I doubt he’ll ever say as much, but there’s no way they don’t know that was the shirt I designed. There were plenty of other members of the #QArmy they could have positioned there. This has just simply got to be deliberate, and that… I can’t help it! It feels like a nod of approval from the QTeam!

And with that in mind… you can bet your bottom dollar that QTeam read my last expose on Franklin Leonard.

Franklin Leonard has a decent poker-face, but he should be shaking in his subversive boots right now, because it’s all a matter of public record now.

Anyway, today, I wanted to talk about another #LunaticLeftist today, another #SorosRentboy, the #PoisonDwarf himself, Frank Giustra:

Now, Giustra, you might have heard from previously in relation to Lionsgate, that very large film studio that still somehow qualifies as “indie” despite its size, but that’s not his background. Giustra started out working for Merrill Lynch in the late 70’s trading mining stocks.

It’s no surprise then, that the majority of his career has revolved around mining.


Fun fact – Goldcorp wasn’t the company’s original name. Nope. It was 222 Pizza Express Corp.

Uh-huh. More on that later.

But did you catch it up there? Listed among this man’s assets?


Honestly, Wikipedia gives a great summary, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel:

Recall from Q:

What I’m hoping to do in this article is peel back some of the layers here, and show you exactly what Q is talking about and how this man, Frank Giustra, is tied up in all of it.

How it worked is this:

While Hillary was Secretary of State, she brokered a deal to sell off 20% of the US Uranium reserves, ostensibly to Russia. This Uranium was processed and handled by UraniumOne, which brought it up through Canada, and over to its Rosatom partners.

In exchange, Giustra started donating millions to the Clinton Foundation, through a foundation of his own.

Besides the backdoor, corrupt dealings, and the sell-off of our most strategic resource for personal profit, you have to remember that the Uranium didn’t just end up in Russia. No!

It ended up going to Cabal bases in places like Iran, Syria, and North Korea.


Because again, you have to frame this in view of the #16YearPlan Q previously talked about.


Here’s the part you should be focusing on, in case it isn’t clear:

Blind-eye NK [nuke build]
[Clas-1, 2, 3]
Blind-eye Iran [fund and supply]
Blind-eye [CLAS 23-41]
Stage SC [AS [187]]
U1 fund/supply IRAN/NK [+reduce US capacity]

HRC [8] WWIII [death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED][population growth control/pocket billions]

In other words, in order to build nukes and start WWIII, they had to supply and move the Uranium to rogue Cabal bases, where the weapons would be built before being utilized against the US mainland. And then, once the US had been bombed, because the Uranium had been moved through Russia, various intelligence agencies would report back that they had tracked the path of the Uranium through Russia, using various spy satellites. This would, predictably, enrage the surviving populace, and set off a war between US and Russia the likes of which the world had never seen.

Even more incredible is that all this was coordinated across Hillary’s private e-mail server,set up for her by the likes of Eric Schmidt.

Makes more sense now why she would need Comey to cover for her. Otherwise, her treason, and Obama’s treason, and the treason of everyone else involved would be made evident before the entire world.

In the meantime, those “in-the-know” were shifting their assets and operations to the Middle-East – such as we say in the BlackListAnon article, where Bernard Tapie was building up Iran’s telecom network using French funds the IMF allowed him to basically steal from the French people.

Anon had this to say about the whole affair… back in January.

(Yes, I save screenshots that long lol).

Get a load of how they pulled this off:

The Clinton Foundation’s $20 million off-the-books mystery

The inner workings of a mysterious off-the-books arm of the Clinton Foundation were partially revealed in the hacked emails of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The little-known Haiti Development Fund, an LLC incorporated in Delaware in August 2010, was created by the Clinton Foundation with an initial endowment of $20 million from shady Canadian mining mogul Frank Giustra and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

The inner workings of a mysterious off-the-books arm of the Clinton Foundation were partially revealed in the hacked emails of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

The little-known Haiti Development Fund, an LLC incorporated in Delaware in August 2010, was created by the Clinton Foundation with an initial endowment of $20 million from shady Canadian mining mogul Frank Giustra and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

The Fund was supposed to supply desperately needed seed money to Haitian entrepreneurs after an earthquake devastated the country in January 2010.

But The Post found only one project that it funded with a fraction of the start-up cash.

Since the Fund is incorporated as a private entity and not a non-profit, it is not subject to the same disclosure rules as a public charity.

And the Clinton Foundation never disclosed the Fund as a “related entity” on its tax filings as required by IRS rules. It was only after the Clinton Foundation, under mounting scrutiny and media pressure, “voluntarily” decided to refile five years’ worth of tax returns in 2015 that the Fund appears on the forms.

Reminds me a lot of the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, actually, which positions itself as a charitable group, but is really a private LLC. And now we’ve got a Haiti connection!

We’ve talked at great length about the Clintons and Haiti in the past, but the basic gist is… they traffick children out of there:

And this, of course, connects back to Q’s drop:

Layers (U1, Iran, Human Traffic, Haiti, Corruption, etc etc).

#Anon helps us with the Haiti connection:

(Reminder that Carlos Slim owns the New York Times, which has been shilling #FakeNews against Trump from the get-go. Now, you’re better understanding why he’s been shilling so hard against Trump).

Here are the relevant sections of the Wikileaks e-mails mentioned by Anon above:

Anon connects the dots for us:


So yeah, it looks like Clinton sold Giustra the Uranium, which he helped move, and in return, he donated a ton of cash to the Clinton Foundation, which was then used to create all sorts of “partnerships” throughout the third world, all the while, the people they claimed they were helping never really got any help at all.

In other words, it looks like a massive money laundering/human trafficking front. I’d wager money on possible drug trafficking involvement, too, what with all the Columbia operation expansion, via Carlos Slim.

It’s important to note, though, CGSGI isn’t the only partnership Giustra has with the Clintons. No, there’s also the Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership.

Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) is a social business builder that brings entrepreneurial solutions to global poverty. We build from scratch, invest start-up capital, and manage agribusinesses that work with smallholder farmers and fishers.We improve the livelihoods of farmers and farming communities by improving agricultural productivity, creating job opportunities, and facilitating long-term market linkages so they can prosper.

Months prior, Anon had this to say about the Clinton-Giustra Machine:

In a rare moment of honesty, the NYTimes had this to say about the Partnership:

Canadian Partnership Shielded Identities of Donors to Clinton Foundation

Aides to former President Bill Clinton helped start a Canadian charity that effectively shielded the identities of donors who gave more than $33 million that went to his foundation, despite a pledge of transparency when Hillary Rodham Clinton became secretary of state.

Aides to former President Bill Clinton helped start a Canadian charity that effectively shielded the identities of donors who gave more than $33 million that went to his foundation, despite a pledge of transparency when Hillary Rodham Clinton became secretary of state.

The nonprofit, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), operates in parallel to a Clinton Foundation project called the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, which is expressly covered by an agreement Mrs. Clinton signed to make all donors public while she led the State Department. However, the foundation maintains that the Canadian partnership is not bound by that agreement and that under Canadian law contributors’ names cannot be made public.

The foundation cited that restriction last weekend in explaining why it did not disclose $2.35 million in donations from the chairman of Uranium One, the subject of an article in The New York Times last week. The article examined how company executives and shareholders had sold a majority stake in the company — and with it a significant portion of American uranium reserves — to an arm of the Russian government in a deal that required the approval of the United States government.

The partnership, established in 2007, effectively shielded the identities of its donors — and the amount they gave — by allowing them to bundle their money together in the offshoot Canadian partnership before it was passed along to Clinton Foundation programs. The foundation, in turn, names only the partnership as the source of those funds.

Welcome to the world’s most destructive kickback scheme!

But this is just par-for-the-course for the Clintons and Giustra. Counterpunch had a great article detailing some of their exploits over the years:

President Clinton’s Close Colleague Joins US Oil Sands Board

Frank Giustra – key power broker and close colleague of former President Bill Clinton – has taken a seat on the Board of Directors of U.S. Oil Sands, an Alberta-based company aiming to develop tar sands deposits in Utah’s Uintah Basin. U.S.

Giustra’s self-serving philantrophy also took him and Clinton to Kazakhstan in September 2007, as documented in a January 2008 New York Timesinvestigation.

Paralleling their Colombia activities, Clinton played the role of “doorman,” opening doors for Giustra to meet key leaders in the giant Central Asian state.

“Within two days [of the beginning of the trip], corporate records show that Mr. Giustra also came up a winner when his company [UrAsia Energy Ltd.] signed preliminary agreements giving it the right to buy into three uranium projects controlled by Kazakhstan’s state-owned uranium agency, Kazatomprom,” wrote The Times.

“The monster deal stunned the mining industry, turning an unknown shell company into one of the world’s largest uranium producers in a transaction ultimately worth tens of millions of dollars to Mr. Giustra.”

Like in Colombia, the deal was a win-win for Clinton and Giustra.

“Just months after the Kazakh pact was finalized, Mr. Clinton’s charitable foundation received its own windfall: a $31.3 million donation from Mr. Giustra,” The Times further explained.

And from the NYPost article from earlier:

Giustra, one of the biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation, is also no stranger to controversy. In 2005, he and President Clinton traveled together to Kazakhstan to meet with the former Soviet republic’s authoritarian leader. Days after that meeting, Giustra acquired uranium assets in three of the country’s state-run mines — a venture valued at more than $3 billion. Both Giustra and Clinton have denied that the former US president helped him cement the Kazakh deal.

Makes you wonder how long they were cooking up this 16 year plan, no?

But what about that “creepy org in Greece” that Anon had mentioned before. What is he talking about?

Why, Elpida, of course!

Elpida is funded by the Radcliffe foundation (which we’ll talk more about in a moment), but it’s also important to note that Elpida was founded by a Clinton-alumni:

And the Radcliffe Foundation?

That’s Giustra’s”charitable” foundation, in the same way the Clinton Foundation is a “charitable” organization:

Giustra started the foundation in 1997, which then partnered with the International Crisis Group in 2005.

The International Crisis Group positions itself a sort of war/crisis prevention group, but really… It’s just another Soros-operated shell. How do we know this?

Well, just look at the people involved:

Board of Trustees

International Crisis Group’s Board of Trustees has 43 members drawn from 33 countries. They bring a wide array of perspectives drawn from their experience at the highest levels of government, business and philanthropic institutions. Their wisdom, influence and global reach lend weight to Crisis Group policy recommendations to prevent, manage and resolve deadly conflict.

Soros and son, and their favorite Open Society lackey:

It’s important to remember that Mark Malloch-Brown also heads up Smartmatic, the voting machine company responsible for so much voter fraud:

There was a great post on /r/The_Donald back in the day that really took a deep-dive into this topic, and it goes into Bosnia, Russia, and the resulting human trafficking and sex slavery as a result of the Soros-fomented conflicts there, so I highly suggest you all take some time to read it:

And a quick side note – the above post also links to this post, by the same author. It’s about the Soros-funded Tavistock Institute, Ritual Abuse, and “Asymmetrical Warfare.” Well worth your time to digest:

But beyond the Soros-funded International Crisis Group, the Radcliffe Foundation has its tentacles spread to a number of other enterprises:



Note, the pedo-symbols.

And wouldn’t you know it, but #CDAN verified a while back what many have suspected for a long time

Oh, did I not mention that Giustra is, in all likelihood, bisexual?

BC, in case it isn’t clear here, is Frank Giustra, and the director in question is none other than serial underage-boy abuser/murderer-in-hiding Bryan Singer.

The club in question? Boys Club Network, listed above in the Radcliffe Foundation list.

Here’s a blurb from Giustra’s site about the Boys Club Network:


More of the usual suspects also pop up in relation to Giustra: here, George Clooney and Richard Branson, who recently resigned from Hyperloop One.

And yeah, hate to break it to ya, but Clooney is a pedo-rapist, too.

That crash from a few months back?

Watch the moped that misses the truck first:


Yeah, the rider who dodged the truck that Clooney hit was the 15-year-old boy Clooney was with at the time.

Wonder if he picked him up from Giustra’s olive oil estate out there…

And so we see how the web grows…

It’s staggering corruption and serial predation upon the weak and the vulnerable, world-wide, by these elites, under the guise of philanthropy.

In a recent editorial in the Vancouver Sun, Giustra said:

Frank Giustra: Are we becoming the society of The Hunger Games?

Most of us are familiar with The Hunger Games – the story of a fictional future society where an elite has everything and is oblivious to the suffering all around them, beyond an occasional peek at their ubiquitous screens to see the tragedies unfolding beyond their borders.

Tyrants are now taking advantage of this public-interest vacuum to perpetrate astonishing atrocities against civilians, destabilizing whole societies and holding power — as the International Crisis Group recently outlined in its paper, Misery as a Strategy.

A dumbed-down public can be manipulated, fooled, and distracted more easily, allowing those in power to get away with murder, quite literally and on a massive scale. Robespierre said it best: “The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.”

I should be shocked he can even say that with a straight face, but in truth, nothing shocks me any more.

Layers (U1, Iran, Human Traffic, Haiti, Corruption, etc etc).

Layers, upon layers, upon layers, upon layers…

Layers of evil.

Happy to say that the Redbubble store is up and running again, so if you’re in the market for a new shirt, definitely check out all the offerings. And as things cool down, maybe consider something with a longer sleeve, like this Men’s Baseball ¾ T-Shirt, or the Zipped Hoodie!


Thanks so much!

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  1. These fuckers are into everything and anything goes for the life of me i don’t understand why Soros hasn’t met with an accident ? you know the type ? one from which there is no coming back from and as an old biker myself that hit Clooney took i felt it all the way through the internet

  2. Not related to this brilliant article, but Neon… what do you make of the “Bretton Wood 2” meeting in New Hampshire?… planning on tanking Trumps economy and having a post collapse contingency plan to usher in the new currency etc..

  3. wonder what trump and team have in store for these evil villans

    i have known without facts that clooney is gay
    marriage is fake and fake kids

    just watched a video on youtube about how pretty much all of hollyweird is gay and lezzy
    especially back in the 40s,50s thru now

    but now we can add pedophilia and slave traffick ,running drugs to the hollyweird crowd

    all run by the likes of the clinton,obama/illuminati/one world order crowd

    all this makes me want to puke,i feel helpless knowing that kids are being drugged,raped,tortured,and there is nothing that i can do about it

    i just pray for trump and his team to continue this fight against this evil and that GOD sends his fiercest angels to protect them and guide them with strength and wisdom

    this is definitely a fight between satan and GOD for control of the earth and our souls

  4. I have been following Travis View and have had long Twitter conversations with him and his followers. I got sensitized by setting up Google notifications on the search term “QAnon” and seeing disinfo articles written by Travis View and others. Travis definitely suffers from confirmation bias, but I think I have slightly red-pilled him.

  5. Please keep the exposure coming Neon! I left you a couple messages on gab regarding some discoveries I have made. Thanks for all you do. I wait with abated breath for the next one to be drug into the light.

  6. 1 Peter 4:8

    “And above all things have fervent love for one another, for love will cover a multitude of sins.”
    Forgive me brother for casting aspersion on you.

    Where We Go One We Go All

  7. You would think by this time I wouldn’t be sickened by new revelations from Q. I proudly state I am a believer in an Almighty God who’s name I know and I pray to. I have to believe He knows all of this and whether I live to see it or not these perpetrators of abject depravity against kids WILL be punished for all eternity!
    In the meantime thank you NEON for waking me up keeping me informed (although I have to admit at times I wish I wasn’t).
    I will solder on and tell others.
    God Bless you ALL who fight this fight you ALL are in my prayers for protection,strength, integrity and faith.

  8. All these exposes by you and Q are great, and I appreciate them. However I’m at the point where I don’t want to read any more exposes or decode any more clues. For me it’s time for justice.

    Q talked the talk, now it’s time for him to walk the walk.

  9. Neon, I want to ask what you can say about the Khashoggi thing and MBS. Some say MBS was killed in April. Any ideas on that?

  10. So glad to see Giustra exposed. He has seemed untouchable in this realm till now, with a few exceptions (Liz Crokin). He lives down on the waterfront in West Van, my brother lives up above him on the hill and feels he is a philanthropist (poor, darling brother). People who correct postings annoy me, but it is “Giustra”. There, I have annoyed myself.

    Thanks so much for unearthing this worm (sorry, worms, no offense to you).

  11. Thank you for exposing some of the Swamp in smug & clueless Canada. At some point I hope you take on Trudeau, who is neck-deep with the Clintons, Soros, China, and the dirty Canadian Establishment.

  12. As the camera panned the crowd, I saw your shirt. Amazing what the eyes can see in an instant when the image is already gone. I’m in Houston and watched the crowd for familiar faces. There you were. Have you heard from the honored wearer of the shirt? Where We Go One We Go All!

  13. I am so excited for you! Yes! Q knows who you are. Yes! The Secret Service (and Q+) placed your shirt strategically there. Yes! Q was validating your posts. By the way, I have that shirt. It fits great. Great quality. All those following you should buy one and wear with pride. (Now I will read the rest of the article.)

  14. Another great post which I’m sure helps fill in the blanks for certain people following this site. I have that exact shirt, fits great and feels great, top quality! Watch your back, these people are sick!

  15. Your work is truly exceptional. Bravo.

    I would like to thank you deeply for all you do and all the time, effort and undoubted anguish you have gone through to do the work you do.

    I particularly like your writing style. It is so splendidly readable and has just the right level of humour and sarcasm. . . which often has me genuinely guffawing to myself.

    One day. . . one day soon. . . I dream of the time when we move from research and setting up the gameplay to the game starting in earnest. While of course it will be messy, I then look forward to the time when the dust begins to settle on the bright new world that, as the human race, we should have inherited from the beginning.

    I know you will read this. . . and I hope it gives you another little energy boost in the face of the hostility and madness that litters the internet against you.

    Blessings Brother/Sister/Being


  16. Your research and exposes deserve awards. Don’t ever stop.

    Those who know cannot sleep. Those who know, will not stop fighting.

    When a friend’s (wealthy) wife threw a gathering recently to promote her pet project: fund raising for humanitarian efforts in east Africa, I was unable to view this charity as worthy of donations. Had to remain quiet and wondered if she was fighting for good (and what her motivations were). Am now unable to see any charity with an open trusting mind.

    Neon, have you read the latest stories to come out this week on the “More Than Me” organization by “award winning” Katie Meyler. Worth seeing. I was surprised to see Time and NPR covering any of the dirt they did. Big wealthy names praised her, while Chase gave her $1M. The darkness exposed, along with the use of careful propaganda cover up used, is eye opening and makes you wonder what wasn’t being exposed. If those wealthy names really wanted to fix the education and poverty in these countries, they could have done it ten times over by now. Obviously more “long game exploitation” with the usual self promotion as cover. The biggest shocker is that any of the story is being told. Trying to get ahead of the real story, perhaps.

    Whenever a wealthy name is connected to international humanitarian efforts you can bet it is something else entirely.

    Will the world be able to wake up?

    Thank you for fighting the good fight.

  17. “tap-water goblin” Heh heh…takin’ that one….this must be the result of a fluoride lobotomy, or a vaccine cuck-boy

  18. Has anyone else noticed how much Guistra looks like Clooney? It’s all in the eyes. That first pic you posted of him in this article looked just like Clooney to me just shorter and with grey hair. Same cocky carriage too.

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! I thought the same thing J…especially the eyes.
      This subject just makes me feel sick… but it Must be brought to the surface… and Exposed. These evil people THINK they are untouchable …
      As always my dear Neon, excellent job…your ” screenplays” are being read the world over ♡ …and they are the truth! EXPOSING THE EVIL
      Psalm 91 surround you in JESUS Name amen

    • Thought the same thing – Giustra and Clooney definitely share DNA. They even have that same smug look on their faces in pics.

      And Malloch….almost like Moloch, the Biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice.The name of this deity is also sometimes spelled Molech, Milcom, or Malcam. Canannite as in Cain, the seed of satan.

  19. Their evil knows no bounds. One would think that the money and control would be enough. But no. These motherfuckers use their satanic blood to cause infinite pain, suffering and destruction throughout the world. I pray every day that all of them meet their ends in the most public, humiliating and painful ways known to man.

  20. OK Neon,

    I think you’re an insider….with vast knowledge. I am so DAMN glad I stumbled upon you when I did.

    What a time to be alive.

  21. Nobody researches connections like you do Neon! The FBI should pay you for your work!
    And while I’m at it, I’d like to apologize on behalf of Canada for Frank Giustra and the Bronfman family.

  22. Neon, I can’t tell you how good and informative your articles are! They supply the perfect wisdom to us so we are not ignorant and are the greatest tool for us to educate our fellow people when they are trying to be ignorant. You make it much better to “red_pill” people because it is knowledge way out of the scope of other posters and analysts. Your posts are loaded with facts and give great large pictures of what is really going on. Keep up this great work and if I can on a limited budget, I must contribute to your work to support your efforts. I applaud you.

  23. If you ever want to read an article that is FILLED with sauce, you need look no further than Neon Revolt. I am certain that when this has all passed into history, you will be in the history books as one of the “Great Ones”. I sincerely mean that, and you have definitely earned a place in that future history book. Your articles always have so many other avenues to dig into as well. The Smartmatic article about Lord Mark Malloch-Brown had a sentence that caught my eye: He is a visiting “Distinguished Fellow” at the ‘Yale Center for the Study of Globalisation’. So, I googled that. And from there, right on the front page is a link to a “Peace and Security” section that is titled “New World Order Emerges”. I visited that link and was somewhat amazed at how out in the open they are about the demise of America. It is filled with the inane trite dribble of hogwash that is typical on these kind of pages, but some of the lines were astounding. They equate the New World Order to a multiplex cinema where many movies are available to watch, and the audience “has a choice of shows”. They then go on to compare our current world as an ‘old neighborhood cinema where you watch one movie at a time. They then make this quote: “After the British run, the movie America has been showing for a while. The multiplex world with its shows and interdependent setting has no precedent in history. Instead of wishing for a rerun of America, western analysts and policymakers should ponder its implications of our multiplex future and get ready “to boldly go where no one has gone before.” The bastards are essentially openly calling for the end of America as we know it. Guess what? There is a new Sheriff in town, and I am ready to fight with that Sheriff harder than ever to preserve our Constituion and the concept of Freedom. ThanQ Neon for your hard work!


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