Soros’ Hollywood Rentboy – @FranklinLeonard – Exposed by #BlacklistAnon! #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

I have a little confession to make, Anons.

Keep in mind, I never chose the name for myself, but… it stuck. And more importantly, it worked. Because what I’ve stumbled across, as a result of so much digging, is a deep state apparatus that is so well hidden, and so nefarious, it’s hard to comprehend.

After all, what did I always promise you?

Smoking gun = Expose.

Smoking gun = Takedown.

That’s right, dear readers.

I am #BlackListAnon (That is why you see all the (You) notations next to the post index above; meaning, I’m the one who made those posts) and today, I intend to deliver on that promise.

I’m actually somewhat surprised no one guessed it beforehand. After all, how many times have I said I’m a screenwriter that previously worked in Hollywood? Who better to approach this subject with the laser-like focus of #WeaponizedAutism, than someone familiar with all the faces and players?

And it’s because of that familiarity that a while back, even going back years now, I started to notice a disturbing series of coincidences that, upon the advent of Q, would lead me down a dizzying rabbit-hole that leads straight back to international finance and foreign intelligence agencies.

Far from being a mere personal vendetta, what I’ve uncovered is disturbing and sinister; an indication of a far bigger agenda at play.

But I didn’t have everything I needed at the time to publish what I’m about to publish now.

For those who feel I may have been somewhat disingenuous with them, remember, I didn’t pick the name BlacklistAnon for myself. I was merely presenting my research as one more Anon during a time when #QAnon himself was not posting (which I was, and which I am). I was convinced I was on to something big, and as such, was seeking help in digging, trying to curry as much interest as possible by echoing Q’s distinctive style in the hopes that we could blow the lid on a self-styled Hollywood Marxist Gatekeeper.

Taking a page from Q’s playbook, I carefully planned and spaced out the drops over a number of days, effectively creating an index of #BlackListAnon posts so that they would be easy to find and research.

All these drops were planned over the course of weeks; each word and image chosen carefully.

And in the meantime, I continued to do what I always did: watch, wait, and observe; hoping for the time when my quarry would slip up and make a mistake.

And boy did he ever make a mistake.

So let’s get in to “BlackListAnon’s” drops, shall we?

Ah, the first post. (Also, big thanks to the anon who screencapped these. Saved me a bit of work, though I did go back to get the ones that were dropped at a later date).

What does it mean to be on the Black List?

This would be my starting point.

See, for those who don’t understand the screenwriting world, there are actually very few ways to “break in” to the business. Firstly, you have to write something spectacular; that goes unsaid. Beyond that, you generally either have to know somebody, break in with a big contest win, or, more recently, get on of the several “lists” that circulate around Hollywood.

The most “famous” of these lists is The Black List, which styles itself as an annual list of the “best” unproduced scripts in Hollywood.

In other words, we now have a basic timeline:

Worked for Leo DiCaprio.

Created a List because he was bored.

List went “viral” because everyone else was bored.

And this became a business whereby Leonard suddenly found himself a gatekeeper in Hollywood.

So what’s the problem with this?

The problem, having observed Franklin Leonard and his behavior for a number of years, is that the man is a Rabid Marxist/Leftist, with deep, subversive instincts, Radical Islamic sympathies, and a profound Anti-white bias. Because his list is “esteemed” (and we’ll get into that a bit later), it allows him to unilaterally make or break writers, effectively walling out Conservative/Right/Traditional voices, and replacing them with subversive Leftist ones. The list, far from being the barometer of quality it claims to be, has actually turned in to a political tool used to demoralize the United States and the world at large.

But don’t take my word for it. The man’s twitter feed is a goldmine of Marxist snark and bloviation:

Think he’ll call this expose oppression by the time I’m done with him? What level of “privilege” does a sentient right-wing statue have? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Oh, but I’ve been watching him for a very long time.

Remember that disaster of an adaptation, Wrinkle in Time, that tanked hard at the Box Office? The one where they included all kinds of forced diversity into the book, while simultaneously eroding the spiritual messages of it?

Translation: according to FL, if you didn’t like that movie, you’re a racist bigot.

No surprise then he’s no fan of Trump.

Nor does he like his supporters very much:

From, the official site of the Black List:

The Black List, an annual survey of Hollywood executives’ favorite unproduced screenplays, was founded in 2005. Since then, more than 400 Black List scripts have been produced, grossing over $26 billion in box office worldwide. Black List movies have won 53 Academy Awards from 262 nominations, including 4 of the last 10 Best Picture Oscars and 10 of the last 22 Best Screenplay Oscars.

Wonder how many Trump supporters were included in that list?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Hey, remember Superbowl 51, when the Patriots won, and libs were butthurt because Brady supported Trump?

The man can’t even tolerate Trump supporters winning at a sporting event. Do you really think he’d knowingly let one succeed in the industry?

Nahhhh, he’s totally open and unbiased right? He wouldn’t let anything like that affect his creative judgement… would he?

Hey, remember that time Hamilton the musical put out an “open” casting call, but basically told white people to stay at home:


Take THAT whyte pipo!

Of course, he’s thrown his weight behind every Leftie cause over the past few years, including the likes of BLM and other “revolutionary” movements.

But his silence can say just as much as his tweets.

Remember the time that mentally disabled man was kidnapped by four BLM supporters, tortured, beaten, burned, and made to lick the inside of a disgusting toilet.

Facebook Live video shows disabled man tied up, beaten as captors yell ‘F— white people!’

Chicago police on Thursday were considering filing hate crime charges after a mentally disabled white man was bound, duct-taped and tortured by four African-Americans who yelled anti-Trump and racial slurs while broadcasting the heinous ordeal on Facebook Live. Police Supt.

Was Franklin Leonard quick to condemn the act? I mean, this is something pretty much everyone can condemn, right?

Nah, he never even touched the subject.

Instead he was retweeting snide posts about Jackie Evancho’s album sales dropping a while after she sung the National Anthem at Trump’s inauguration.


But seriously, the man is a walking #NPC.

So yeah, more Marxist ideology.


But once again, everyone who disagrees with him is a sexist/racist/nazi/bigot:

And this barely touches the anti-Christian rhetoric plastered across his feed for the past few years

But I think you get my point. The man’s a total Marxist jackwagon, through-and-through. Still, that’s not exactly against the law. He’s entitled to his own opinions, right?

Well, stick with me here as we get into the rest of the drop.

Who is SS?
SS helped usher in a Renaissance.
SS son?
Son Black Listed?
By Whom?

Remember when I said that FL was leveraging the Black List as a political tool?

Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in this line of questioning.

First, who is SS?

Why that, my friends, is none other than Susan Sher.

Speakers: Susan Sher, Frmr Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama | LAI

Susan Sher, Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff, is a long-time friend of the Obamas and widely regarded as a solid strategic thinker. Originally hired as the President’s associate counsel, Sher was part of President Obama’s healthcare reform team before transitioning to the East Wing.

Susan Sher, Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff, is a long-time friend of the Obamas and widely regarded as a solid strategic thinker. Originally hired as the President’s associate counsel, Sher was part of President Obama’s healthcare reform team before transitioning to the East Wing. There, she proved herself an integral player in the White House, from overseeing the First Lady’s healthcare and anti-obesity agenda to coordinating with the West Wing on Michelle Obama’s role in elections.

President Obama said in a statement, “Susan has brought tremendous skill and dedication to the First Lady’s office, as well as my Administration’s outreach to the Jewish Community and our efforts to pass healthcare reform.” The New York Times also wrote that Sher was the First Lady’s most effective advocate in the East Wing. In her lectures, she draws from her experience, sharing anecdotes from her time in the East Wing. She addresses healthcare, other current policy discussions, and the inner-workings of the world’s most powerful residence.

See, it was actually Sher who discovered Michelle Obama in Chicago all those years ago. (You’ll recall, Michelle Obama’s Secret Service codename was actually “Renaissance,” thus my reference).

Sher was (and still is) good friends with subversive Muslim Brotherhood member Valerie Jarrett. See, they both worked together in the Chicago Mayor’s office long ago, which is how Sher met Michelle.

So what’s that got to do with Franklin Leonard and The Black List?

It’s her son. Graham Moore:

Who is Susan Sher? Head of U. of C. Obama library bid, mom of Oscar winner

Susan Sher was at her son Graham Moore’s side in Los Angeles over the weekend, beaming as he won an Oscar for best adapted screenplay. Next month, Sher will be after a prize of her own. As senior adviser to University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer, she is leading the Hyde Park school’s campaign to bring President Barack Obama’s library to the South Side.

Oh would you look at that? He’s an Oscar winner.

Wonder what movie he got that for…

Thus, the Imitation line.

You’re starting to catch on to how I worked this, I see.

So, construct a timeline.

Moore writes this script based off a book.

It gets “Blacklisted” in 2011.

It gets picked up and turned into a full fledged movie by 2014.

And by 2015, Moore has an Oscar in his hands.

And it juuuuuuuust so happens that all this occurs at the height of the Obama presidency, with this good fortune falling on the son of the woman who helped bring the Obamas into the limelight.

Why, here’s a photo of Moore being congratulated by Valerie Jarrett.

It should be noted that Moore hasn’t had anything produced since then.

But Franklin Leonard the Black List is totally objective, and a totally unbiased indicator of quality. He didn’t have any ulterior motives for helping out a dear friend of the Obamas, right?



Next drop:

We all know by now of the lurid Harvey Weinstein scandal.

But if you’ll recall, the “journalist” who first brought that story to light, and subsequently won the Pulitzer for it, was Ronan Farrow.

Ronan Farrow first went to NBC with the story, and none other than NBC News president Noah Oppenheim spiked the story.

NBC’s Noah Oppenheim killed Ronan Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein exposé to protect his Hollywood ambitions: report

NBC News let a Pulitzer Prize-winning story slip away because honchos at the Peacock network didn’t want it to see the light of day, a former NBC News producer told the Daily Beast.

In the website’s bombshell report Thursday, NBC News producer Rich McHugh, who was working with Ronan Farrow on the reporter’s investigation of alleged sexual misconduct by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, claimed that an order to stop pursuing the scathing story came from “the very highest levels at NBC.”

But according to The Daily Beast, it was NBC News president Noah Oppenheim who made the decision to nix Farrow’s piece. The exec reportedly didn’t want to upset a Hollywood powerhouse such as Weinstein when he had ambitions of returning to the movie industry.

Now, the funny thing about all of this was that I learned a while back that Franklin Leonard and Noah Oppenheim actually went to Harvard together!


What a remarkable coincidence.

Even more remarkable, did you know that Noah Oppenheim just happened to score second place on the 2010 Black List?

Wow! The guy must just be remarkably talented or something, right?

And what script did he write?

Ah, “Lace.” Jackie Kennedy’s Secret Service code name.

The thing about Oppenheim is he actually did go on to write a few more scripts after this. Mostly off-brand YA adaptations looking to become the next Hunger Games. And he did all this despite his deep, and naturally demanding roles at NBC.

Now, Oppenheim swears up and down that he didn’t spike the Weinstein story out of any sort of hidden allegiance. Well, listen to exactly what he said, according to CNN:

Who’s who in the NBC News vs. Ronan Farrow saga

Those people have conflicting accounts about what went wrong. Right now it’s the word of Farrow and his producing partner, Rich McHugh, versus NBC executives. Farrow took his work to The New Yorker, helped spark a national movement against sexual harassment and won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting.

Noah Oppenheim, the president of NBC News, has denied McHugh’s account, telling theTimes that Farrow and McHugh were told repeatedly that “the standard for publication is we needed at least one credible on-the-record victim or witness of misconduct” andthat”we never met that threshold while Ronan was reporting for us.” Oppenheim said he even encouraged Farrow to pursue the story, and offered tips.

Elsewhere, Oppenheim said:

NBC News chief denies passing on Weinstein bombshell

The head of NBC News responded to Ronan Farrow’s claim that the network passed on his ​Harvey ​Weinstein bombshell, saying Farrow’s ​​reporting at the time was “not the story” that he eventually published in the New Yorker.

“The stunning story, the incredible story that we all read yesterday, was not the story that we were looking at when we made our judgment several months ago,” NBC News Chief Noah Oppenheim told staff Wednesday, according to sources.

“The notion that we would try to cover for a powerful person is deeply offensive to all of us.”

And yet… here I am with my Weaponized Autism calling BS yet again.

Because, Noah, you did know Harvey Weinstein, didn’t you?

And you were covering for him, weren’t you?

Because I just so happened to stumble upon someone by the name of Lance Oppenheim…

Also from Florida, same as Noah…

Also attending Harvard…

Who also works in film and who juuuuuust so happened to have interned at The Weinstein Company from 2012-2013…

And yet, we’re to believe that this is all just a random coincidence…

You weren’t protecting sexual predators to advance your own career at all! This is all just a big misunderstanding.

Why, you don’t have a history of that at—


I mean, someone had to sign off on the requisition order for Matt Lauer’s rape button, right? You know the one I’m talking about, Noah. The one that locked women in his room remotely, so he could assault them in private and they couldn’t escape. That one.

I mean, you had only worked at NBC since 2005, and then later became President of NBC News.

How could you have known, right?


But going even further back into these Florida-Oppenheims turns up some more interesting gems…

Now, these folks are related to Lance, and while I only have a circumstantial link between Lance and Noah, Roy Oppenheim is Lance’s father (IIRC) and is a big shot lawyer down in Florida, and… yes, this is him:

But this isn’t just some massive web of collusion between #TheCabal and Hollywood. No! Why, it’s all just coincidence after coincidence after coincidence!

Next drop:

We covered the Oppenheim angle already, but we’re about to go deeper.

The Black List, which was just a PDF, soon grew into a website, where hoards of desperate readers could pay cash to submit their works to professional readers and get graded on their work, and then producers could log in and view whatever was highest rated/recommended. Some scripts have been sold this way, and some even make it onto the annual Black List PDF. But mostly, it’s a moneypit for writers, and one I’ve dubbed “The Black Hole.” Besides, they do ridiculous things like note if a script passes the “Bechdel test” or how many LGBTQ+ roles a script has in it. AKA, more forced diversity BS to pour down the gullets of an unsuspecting American public.

For those unfamiliar with the Bechdel test, it’s a thing that “woke” writers tuned into a few years back. It was started as a satirical joke by a lesbian comic book writer, and she said that basically a work of fiction passes the Bechdel test if it it has more than a woman talking to another woman, about something else other than a man.

You know, like Showgirls does.

Obviously, you can see how highly I esteem this particular test, which is usually just used to bludgeon and marginalize otherwise great works of fiction. And the thing is, the creator of it created it as SATIRE. She never intended it to be a literal rule to apply to actual works of fiction. Yet, the PC police adopted this (and many other rules) as a means of evaluating the “woke” quotient of a script.

But as I always say, #GetWokeGoBroke. Nobody wants forced diversity in their stories.  It’s one thing if it’s natural. It’s another thing entirely when it’s included to tick off a little box to appease some Marxist pencil pusher.  Raiders of the Lost Ark will never need to pass the Bechdel test, and it would only lose some of its core essence by cramming that nonsense into it.

But that’s just a note to help you, the reader, understand why garbage keeps gurgling up and out of Hollywood these days (well, one of the reasons, anyway).

The interesting part is who Franklin worked with in order to get the Blacklist website, this system of categorizing and storing up tons of metadata on writers, in order to control and direct the narrative on the silver screen up and running.

See, Franklin doesn’t have any actual coding skills.

He couldn’t build a website if his life depended on it.

No, he depends on others, and pays hefty sums of money in order to get these kinds of things up and running.

The person he enlisted to help build the site was one Dino Simone.

Anon did find the answer:

Dino is the one responsible for building the algorithm that drives The Blacklist website. But it’s odd, because there’s really no way Leonard should have known Simone. They didn’t go to school together. They didn’t run in the same circles. And, at the time, Leonard was relatively unknown outside his circle of peers.

Despite this, Leonard admitted to meeting Dino through a “mutual contact” in another interview.

That likely contact?

Aida Sijamic.

Dino’s sister.

See, “Simone” wasn’t Dino’s original last name.

He changed it from Sijamic to Simone.

The problem?

Sijamic sounds pretty Iranian.

Anyway, guess where Aida went to school.

Just guess.


Here’s her curriculum vitae, which is freely available online:

Oh wow, Harvard once again makes an appearance. What a coincidence!

And remember Q’s early drops:


If Aida is a Muslim (which, judging by her profile, and the name she took from her husband, “Wahid,” she is), and graduated from Harvard…

And Franklin Leonard needed someone technically proficient…

He would go to his network, right?

What is that network included his various Alumni associations?

What is FL was involved in the Harvard University Muslim Association and reached Aida Sijamic through it, who then turned around and said, “Oh, meet my brother!”

It was about this time in my research, I noticed a disturbing trend regarding the people surrounding Franklin Leonard. We’ve already established his seething hatred for White people and Christian values, just by looking at his own tweets.

But what if he was lying about who he was to everyone, in order to keep this charade going?

This one took a while for #Anons to connect, but I was grateful they were paying attention by this point.

Now when I said I went down a dizzying rabbit-hole, I meant it. I scoured every corner of the web I could find, researching everything I could think of along the way.

This lead me to explore the other various organizations to which Leonard is connected.

Boom___, in this drop, connects to Boomgen studios, another film business founded by… Iranian Muslims.


Now, the average reader stumbling upon this article for the first time, with no exposure to Q, and no exposure to this site, might not immediately grasp the significance of the preponderance of Iranian Muslims surrounding Franklin Leonard, but, very quickly, Iran has long hosted Cabal/CIA-affiliated bases and blacksites. When Trump recently attacked Syria, he was bombing Iranian bases in Syria, where work on nuclear materials was being conducted. Likewise, this also relates to the infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the government, and into positions of power and influence around the US – including social media.

I’ve written a number of articles detailing these activities, but I’ll leave it to you to search out the particulars here, if you’re curious.

Regardless, the fact of the matter is Leonard has now surrounded himself at an organizational level with Iranian Muslims – one of which was, until very recently, employed by #FakeNews CNN in order to systematically erode Western and Christian Values, by presenting and normalizing pagan and extreme non-Western degeneracy:

These are the men with which Leonard associates himself.

Anon hit the nail on the head with his summary:

Next drop:

This one should be obvious if you watched the video at the beginning of the article.

FL was hired by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Why do I bring this up?

I would later drop this nugget:

For those who don’t know, The Standard Hotel is a Cabal-affiliated venue, and host to so much debauchery, it makes the stomach churn. Catch up here on that subject, if you need to:

Politics are downstream from culture.

This is what The Cabal has always understood. This is why they’ve been so successful over the years. And this is why they insert their operatives and build their insidious, subversive networks over the years.

You’re starting to get the picture, but my findings would eventually go even deeper than this.

In case there was any doubt as to his political affiliations…

He also was quick to adopt the anti-Kanye, pro-John-Legend line on twitter, when Kanye really came out in favor of Trump.

Snide derision seems to be his favorite tactic on Twitter. And I highlight this in particular, not only because to shows his “Democratic Plantation” attitude, but because of the obvious Cabal ties with John Legend.

If you don’t know what #QAnon has said about John Legend, oof, you’ve got a LOT of catching up to do:

The fact that this self-imposed Hollywood Gatekeeper is publicly aligning himself, yet again, with a known Cabal associate, well… you can’t dismiss that.

And this is also emblematic of the way Leonard functions, using his twitter as a weapon to advance Marxist ideas and messaging, every single day. One Anon observed:

At this point, it seemed good to remind everyone following along what Q had previously said about Hollywood/Media assets and #OperationMockingbird…

At this point, I was pleased to see how one #Anon started to put the pieces together:


But it doesn’t just end with movies. Twitter is one of the largest mass messaging tools at the disposal of the Cabal today, and Leonard is no stranger to utilizing that tool:

Now, I’m going to start jumping around here in the drops, and streamlining the presentation because, frankly, now that I have the info I need for this expose, it’s easier to present and follow along this way. I’ll be excluding a few of the more tangential posts, but if you want to follow them all, they’ve all been archived at various venues. You’ll have to dig them up!

Now, #OscarsSoWhite was a freebie. Again, you can see the Marxist playbook at work, to divide and conquer, playing in conjunction with his own anti-White bias:

Leonard is also directly responsible for helping the #MeToo hashtag get off the ground. And far from being some virtuous cause, it really is just another weapon in the Marxist toolbox, used to elevate more extreme Leftists to seats of power. As we’ve already seen, Leonard publicly lauds and supports Noah Oppenheim; the man who is either 1) the most clueless man in the universe running one of the biggest MSM outlets in the world or, 2) the man who protected Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer (despite his claims otherwise), in order to advance his own career. Leonard’s not interested in holding his friends’ feet to the fire, if they’re in the wrong.

In case it wasn’t obvious by now, FL took that photo.

Leonard is awfully comfy weaponizing his blue-checkmark for Marxist causes, and is awfully cozy with Twitter leadership:

In the course of my research, I started probing his social network. This photo, coming from Michael Latt’s public facebook profile, shows Leonard with the actress Tessa Thompson at the #BlackoutFestival.

What’s the Blackout Festival?

I’m glad you asked.

It’s the 2016 “Blackout for Human Rights” and was supported by Array and Ava DuVernay (director of the aforementioned box office bomb A Wrinkle in Time. You know, the one laden with a forced diversity payload, that FL basically said you were a racist if you didn’t like. DuVernay’s another one we’ll be addressing soon).

Oh, by the way, Blackout for Human Rights was funded by #George Soros through his Open Society Foundation.

One Anon would note:

Yeah, it’s the same regurgitated “revolutionary” crap you’ve seen over and over and over and over. And look at those names on the list. Who is up there in the middle? None other but on John Legend, yet again.

Amazing how we keep running into these same names over and over and over, and yet, this must all just be yet another series of coincidences, right?

And it’s not just Twitter and film, but Legacy Journalism as well:


All variations on the same rehashed Marxist BS.

Next drop:

Leonard seems awfully political for a guy ostensibly working all the time to get great movies made, and great writers recognized.

It’s almost like he prefers politics to film. Which is odd for a film exec.

It’s almost like he was never planning to work in film at all. And he wasn’t. Not really. Not when you hear his history.

And look what network he recently appeared on, in order to criticize President Trump. Think his college buddy Oppenheim was calling in a favor?

Next drop:

This is just… profound.

We’ve been waiting for RBG to go next, as per Q, but the Cabal has seen the writing on the wall, and fired up the propaganda mill a while back in order to support her:

‘Black List’ CEO Feared Ruth Bader Ginsburg Would Die at Sundance: ‘She Must Stay Alive’

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s recent appearance at the Sundance Film Festival made one prominent Hollywood executive fret that she could take ill and even die, a devastating proposition to him given President Donald Trump’s say in picking the next high court’s member.

The 84-year-old Ginsburg attended Sundance on Sunday for the premiere of the documentary about her life and legacy, RBG, and received three standing ovations from the progressive crowd, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

But “Black List” founder and CEO Franklin Leonard worried about her presence and the possibility of her dying.

“It is cold and slippery, and everyone has the flu,” Leonard told the Reporter. “If they could have brought her in a bubble or a Popemobile—a Ruthmobile—then fine. Otherwise, it was literally the first time that I’ve ever questioned Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s judgment. I mean, she must stay alive.”

The desperation is palpable. It’s only a matter of time, Leonard!

It was past 4 AM when I had finished up this first batch to drops, so I had to step away for a bit, and hope the Anons would come back with something I had missed, something big… a Smoking gun. I had started to put the puzzle pieces together, and began to see the outlines of what I was missing… but I didn’t quite have it all yet. My hope was that Anons would see what I was seeing, and be able to find something that I had missed. I left them with this, for the night.


The next day, the boards were abuzz in the wake of these drops. Q had been silent for an extended period of time when I had started, tending to more pressing matters, and all that excess mental energy had to flow somewhere.

What I was not expecting to happen was to have NBC News fire back in the wake of these drops, the very next day.

My drops started on July 17th…

You’ll recall this NBC article, published on July 18th, which attacked, of all things, T-shirt sales.

Well now.

It’s not every day you help spook an international news organization into launching a flailing, ineffective attack. I mean, it’s hard to hit back at a target who is anonymous. I have to wonder if Oppenheim was sweating bullets that evening, frantically making phone calls to one of his “journalistic” hatchetmen.

Amazing how the Clowns keep harping on that the T-shirt angle, too. (Voat-turds, pay attention).

So naturally, I had to return the following day, and attempt to clarify some of the things Anons were still sorting out:

Without a tripcode at my disposal, it was helpful to get people paying attention again by employing the same style of drops and going over some details that had been missed.

And jumping ahead just a little bit:

Katie Couric says Matt Lauer wasn’t the only NBC exec with a button under his desk to close the door

Katie Couric said many revelations have come about in the “painful time” since Matt Lauer was fired from NBC for alleged sexual assault and harassment. One point, however, she said has been misrepresented. The infamous button under Lauer’s desk that he reportedly used to close his door was commonplace at NBC, she revealed.

Anon noted:

The plot thickens…

People always seem to forget this little detail about the Weinstein scandal:

The Obama family is closely connected with Harvey Weinstein

Former President Barack Obama has been silent so far on the firestorm surrounding Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer and major Democratic donor who was accused last week of three decades’ worth of sexual harassment. And as Republicans and Twitter users continued to blast him Monday for not commenting, a few brought up a unique connection the ex-president has to Weinstein: His daughter just interned for him.

Connections, connections everywhere. I continued with the drops, showcasing what I had found. And this is where things start to get really interesting.

First, you’ll see Leonard here with #SethRich murderer/Former DNC Chairwoman, #Noodles Wasserman-Schultz:

And then… out of the blue, here he is with HEAD OF THE IMF, Christine Lagarde.

This one made me reel a bit when I saw it.

Of course, I had already done the prerequisite research. But I genuinely wanted to see what other anons could come up with:


Needless to say, this is a subversive Cabal witch, with deep ties to, where else, Iran – as you’ll see in a moment. But, odder still, she has ties to Hollywood, even being given a special thanks in Despicable Me… which was a…

Wait for it…

NBC Universal picture.

Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde, Self: Inside Job. Christine Lagarde was born on January 1, 1956 in Paris, France as Christine Madeleine Odette Lallouette. She was previously married to Wilfrid Francis Lagarde.

Remember when I called all this “incestuous” in the first drop?

One anon noted at the time:

Glamour women of hollywood, g-20 summit, etc.

main funding for gate keepers? IMF = soros directed and roth controlled for ‘UN’ and world gov’t purposes.

debt = enslavement. follow the money of hollywood to discover psyop origins.

To which I responded:

People underestimate Ivanka. She can totally be a stealth bomber when she wants to be.

Total Rothschild puppet. Here she is when Baroness Rothschild:

Who, for the record, yeah, is part of the cult:

And the money I referred to? Yeah, that’s all Bernard Tapie related:

So basically, this Tapie guy, former owner of Adidas, essentially cheated the French People out of millions of euros, and was allowed to because this woman, Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, allowed him to.

(Wait until you understand what they did with the money).

That said, the French people were outraged, and subjected Lagarde to a Tribunal:

Except, she got off with a slap-on-the-wrist.

Pays to have friends in high places, I suppose.

But back to Tapie and all that money. Where did that end up?

The man in charge of Orange Telecom at the time? The one pushing into Iran to become its largest telecom giant?

Bernard Tapie.

Beginning to see how this works?

Now, we already know from Q, and from months of tracking CEO resignations, that so many of these businesses were planning to move into Iran in order to prep for the destruction of the US and Russia. They knew of Hussein and HRC’s 16-year-plan for America, and were making their moves YEARS in advance.

When I saw this connection, my jaw nearly hit the floor.

If I had my doubts that Leonard was affiliated with The Cabal before, I had no doubt now.

About that time, I decided it was good to drop this:

You’ve seen the pic before, but did you know that Oppenheim was a Republican during college, when he wrote for Harvard’s newspaper? Odd, then, that he should seem to be promoting HRC on his personal Twitter feed, right?

Or it would be, if you didn’t understand the way the Cabal works…

Around this time, I was pleasantly surprised by what an Anon had dug up:

That “Array” cause from before? The one that FL had signed on with, along with Ava DuVernay? Anon here had noticed a link from that page, to the Aspen Institute, which is another one of Soros’ “progressive thinktanks,” populated by all sorts of deep-state and cabal types.

Board of Trustees – The Aspen Institute

The Board of Trustees is made up of high-level individuals from the public and private sectors who have been elected by a majority of the membership of the board. The board is responsible for providing counsel to the President, as well as governance over the business, affairs, and property of the Aspen Institute.

The National Review had an article on the Institute back in 2006, which discussed how it was funded by Soros:

George Soros’s Two Left Hands – Ethics & Public Policy Center

In addition to supporting the Aspen Institute, billionaire George Soros has been a major funder of the Community Rights Counsel, a left-wing “public interest law firm.” The Community Rights Counsel has been the most vocal opponent of educational seminars for judges operated by anyone other than federal bureaucrats or bar associations.

In August 2004, according to this article in the liberal New Yorker, “a clandestine summit meeting took place at the Aspen Institute, in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The participants, all Democrats, were sworn to secrecy” and included five billionaires who “shared a common goal: to use their fortunes to engineer the defeat of President George W. Bush in the 2004 election.” The wealthiest of these “hard-core partisans” was George Soros, who had been a “leading crusader for campaign-finance reform.”

Soros, through his Open Society Institute, provides support for the Aspen Institute, which runs various activities in support of its stated mission of “foster[ing] enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue.” Among these activities are its “Justice and Society Seminars,” which often have federal judges as participants. The Aspen Institute has waived the steep seminar fee (currently up to $6,950) for participating federal judges, and also has covered their expenses for travel, lodging, and meals.

And if you take a look at the Board here, you’ll find all sorts of usual suspects. Madeline Albright

And once again, I noticed yet another NBC/Obama connection:

And, wouldn’t you know it?

Our friend, Franklin Leonard just coincidentally appears with a Soros-affiliated group yet again!

TAKEOVER 3: Franklin Leonard with DeRay Mckesson and others – The Aspen Institute

Franklin Leonard (founder, The Black List) interviewing his guests about the role of art in creating social change.

Melody Barnes: Former Obama staffer interviewing Franklin Leonard at a Soros-funded venue.


And yes, it looks like she was instrumental in getting Kehinde Wiley to paint Obama’s disgraceful presidential portrait.

You know, the one with the hidden sperm vein on his forehead.

At a certain point, my drops were becoming too powerful, and some anons were thinking I was part of Qteam.

I had to clarify explicitly”:

And later:

Anon would later say of my drops

And while that’s about the highest praise I could have received on the subject, just you wait, Anon. It gets even crazier.

(And, just as a side note, we’re now transitioning to my personal screenshots, which are a bit smaller than what the other Anon capped, and missing some images [because, honestly, I capped them late, and the images weren’t archived with the text]). Still, I have all the missing screenshots, so I’ll be adding them where relevant and necessary:

Ah, Clowns. They tend to flock together, don’t they?

The next day, I returned, and wanted to get in to the subject of Ava DuVernay, because it shows the real witchy side of what’s going on, and perfectly encapsulates how far back it goes.

DuVernay had worked a lot of publicity going back some 20 years before she was finally given the chance to direct her own film – and what did she start with but with Selma, a Martin Luther King Jr. biopic that first appeared, where but the Black List in 2007.

Black List 2007's Best Liked Screenplays

Today was the release of the annual Black List which is distributed in the movie business. It’s compiled from the suggestions of over 150 film executives and high-level assistants, each of whom contributed the names of up to 10 of their favorite scripts that were written in, or are somehow uniqu…

The film was finally released in 2014, and this served as a stepping stone to bigger projects, namely, her awful bastardization of A Wrinkle in Time, which is why I said:

Distort meaning.

Distort history.

Distort faith

Distort truth.

But this is really just par-for-the-course for DuVernay, who, as I alluded to above, directed Jay-Z’s Family Feud music video. In this drop, I would lay out all the blatant Cabal propaganda in this video

This video in particular celebrates a dystopic inversion of Western Civilization, where all our traditional values have been turned on their head, as well as presenting a timeline for revising the Constitution and stripping the people of the right to protect themselves.


It doesn’t get more transparent than that, folks. And as you should be aware, Jay-Z and Beyonce are murderous OTO Satanists who serve as Cabal propaganda assets through-and-through.

This was the photo I attached to this drop, to underscore the Matriarchal Satanist iconography. You should immediately be reminded of Marina Abramovic, of #SpiritCooking infamy.

What’s more, her “founding mothers” concept in the video isn’t even original. She’s ripping it off of a radical feminist organization (yet again, with ties to Soros), who gave her a participation trophy:

Yes, the Gloria Awards were hosted by the “Ms. Foundation for Women,” and right now, the woman who runs it is a Soros alumni:

As for the organization itself? This is where DuVernay ripped the “Founding Mothers” concept used in her music video:

Which is why I then said:

Her next project would be about “The Central Park Five,” and hosted on Netflix.

The move should come as no surprise, given the radical Left’s frothing, irrational hatred for Trump. Believe me, this was less about the five, than it was about giving the finger to Trump.

And it makes sense, consider you’ve got former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice on the board at Netflix – which is little more than Leftist propaganda beamed into almost every home in America. Going to an earlier drop, I asked:

And they’ve only doubled-down on their disgusting propaganda.

PTC Calls Netflix’s ‘Desire’ Movie “Child Porn,” Asks Reed Hastings To Remove It

The Parents Television Counsel is calling on Netflix to remove the controversial Argentinian film from the streaming service, saying the company is placing profits ahead of corporate responsibility in distributing what it considers child porn. The film depicts a 9-year-old girl masturbating for the first time and experiencing an orgasm while watching a John Ford cowboy film with a young friend.

How ‘Big Mouth’ and Planned Parenthood Teamed Up to Fight an Abortion Myth

Last year, two creators of Netflix’s animated teen comedy “Big Mouth” went to a talk about Planned Parenthood – and heard about its frustrations with being known largely for abortions. So they decided to help. The two creators, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin, built an entire episode around Planned Parenthood’s other services – like providing birth control and STD testing and counseling.

Seriously, it’s time to #CancelNetflix. They’re testing the limits and trying to push basically whatever they can get away with. It’s classic demoralization techniques, through and through.

That was all I had for the 20th.

I would come back the next day, unplanned, because that was the day when Renegade appeared.

If you missed the Renegade threads, I capped everything here:

There were many at the time who criticized me for posting Renegade’s racially-charged posts, but frankly, having worked in Hollywood myself, there was too much valuable info in there to ignore. I can’t verify with 100% certainty everything he said, but I tried to impress upon my readers that his drops were certainly worth paying attention to.

At this time, I figured I would drop what I had heard:

The Oakwood is an apartment complex in Burbank designed for short-term stays. It’s typically used by actors from out-of-state who need to living in Hollywood for a few months at a time. I stayed there at one point, and while I was there, I noticed a super-abundance of Disney-channel-styled adolescents all over. Like, dozens of them everywhere.

No surprise then, it runs a somewhat famous child actor program:

And while I didn’t notice anything out-of-the-ordinary while I stayed there, I later heard the rumors:

I was hoping Renegade would speak to this subject, but he did not.

These last few were not directly related to Franklin Leonard, I know, but I wanted to include them because I posted them at the time, and wanted this to be a more complete reflection of my efforts.

And with that last post, that was the end of my BlackListAnon drops, for that was all I knew at the time.

And while it may have passed from Anons’ collective memory, I didn’t stop. I kept working, digging, and researching.

I may not have found the “smoking gun” I was looking for on the boards, but Anons had helped me in a few areas, and I would begin to explore this further on my own.

So far, we had seen Obama connections, Soros connections, Muslim connections, and more. And, much as I thought, his political rhetoric would only intensify over the coming months, and, as ever, his Twitter account was a goldmine for leads:

I started investigating every organization and group I could find that FL had ties with.

The imagery of one group in particular disturbed me greatly.

So Franklin Leonard was part of the board of this group, Young Storytellers.

Young Storytellers positions itself as a group bringing writing/acting/directing skills and activities to underprivileged, inner-city youth. And I need to be exceedingly clear here. They may very well just be that.

But man, I can’t ignore the symbols, and I can’t ignore some of the other things I’ve found.


Remind you of anything?

This same girl would also be featured in an LA Times article about Young Storytellers:

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying anything nefarious happened to this girl. I honestly don’t know.

But there’s enough here, in terms of symbols and people involved that it’s setting off some warning bells in my head.

So I decided to then look into the founder of this Young Storytellers group, and it’s a guy by the name of Andrew Barrett.

Info on him is hard to come by, but it turns out he was a musical writer who hit it big with a couple mainstream songs, and who now has enough money (apparently) to throw at “charitable” causes aimed at children.

Oh, he’s also a homosexual degenerate, spreading degeneracy through his “art.”

And this is probably my most tenuous bit of research here, but I include it because, again, warning bells are ringing in my head. Let me be exceedingly clear: I have no hard evidence connecting what comes next, but in searching for Andrew Barrett, I came across another Andrew Barrett…

Who just so happened to also be from Los Angeles.

And who was also a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Masonic player out in the West Coast.

So I have to wonder… is this a relative of the Young Storytellers’ Andrew Barrett? Is Barrett a legacy mason? Is Young Storytellers a Masonic operation??

And then again, I decided to start researching the Soros-related angle more in-depth. It literally came down to searching Franklin Leonard’s name in conjunction with known Soros organizations.

And one day, while randomly searching “Franklin Leonard” and “Ploughshares” (A Soros outfit), I hit pay dirt:

ReInvent – by Peter Leyden.

This is another one of those think-tank styled institutes, and yes, once again, its profoundly tied to International Financial Terrorist George Soros:

Reinvent was founded by Peter Leyden, and right there on his site, it says he worked for George Soros at Next Agenda, from 2008-2012, helping him establish the “Institute for New Economic Thinking.”


And what follows is a list of their network, culled directly from their site.

What I was surprised to discover (though in hindsight, I shouldn’t have been), however, was a tangled web of deep state assets, academics, Soros-funded influencers, literal CIA MKUltra programmers.

The amount of information was so overwhelming, and so diverse, I decided to create infographics based on their page, color-coding each relevant individual, and providing notes when necessary.

By all means, do not consider this list authoritative. The way Soros in particular works is through shell companies and hidden groups. I may have very well missed details or relationships here. And just because I didn’t highlight someone, doesn’t mean they’re not relevant to what we’re talking about here. For instance, there’s a Hardware lead at Google featured on this list. Still someone with a very notable position for what we’re talking about here.

Other times, the connection might not be so obvious, but still extant.

For instance, in this list is Ari Wallach of Synthesis Corp. On the surface, it may look like they’ve never worked with a Soros-related Org, but in actuality, they were partners on Obama’s Partnership for Refugees. See:

So yeah, that goes down as a connection.

Others, like Nikki Silvestri (of Soil and Shadow), on the surface, seem to be independent. But if you dig back, you find she previously worked at Van Jones’ Green for All, which was a Communist Climate group funded by Soros’ Open Society, Al Gore, and Nancy Pelosi.


Life after divestment: how to spend the money saved from fossil fuel investments

As more US colleges divest from fossil fuel companies, a new question arises: what to do with all that cash?

This January, Swarthmore asked a group of experts – including myself; environmental educator David Orr; former JP Morgan managing director John Fullerton; Nikki Silvestri, executive director at nonprofit Green for All; 

Soros Money Financed Communist Van Jones

When the list of donors to the Van Jones “Green for All” organization is examined, one name stands out-the Open Society Institute of billionaire George Soros. The Green for All 2008 annual report is also notable for the pictures of the powerful people who associated with Jones.

When the list of donors to the Van Jones “Green for All” organization is examined, one name stands out-the Open Society Institute of billionaire George Soros. The Green for All 2008 annual report is also notable for the pictures of the powerful people who associated with Jones. They include House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Vice President Al Gore.

While the Open Society Institute was supporting Green for All in 2008, when Jones was running it, the Soros-funded organization was financially underwriting the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights when Jones was in charge of that group. The Open Society Institute gave the Ella Baker Center $151,800 in 2006 and $140,000 in 2007. Jones ran this group during the years 1996-2007. He then emerged as a senior fellow at the Soros-funded Center for American Progress.

Other funders of the Green for All group included Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, the Rockefeller family, Men’s Warehouse, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the New World Foundation, the Schwab Charitable Fund, the Streisand Foundation, the Service Employees International Union, and the Tides Center and Foundation.

With all that in mind, understand, the web I uncovered here is staggering:


Full Size:

Full Size:

Full Size:


In other words, Franklin Leonard – a man ostensibly working in Hollywood to promote the best content – is utterly and completely surrounded by Soros lackeys, Globalist shills, Silicon Valley technocrats, Deep State assets, Mockingbird Media men, Subversive Islamists, Democratic politicians, and Cabal associates.

But even if you wanted to believe all this was just coincidental, and that he had just blindly wandered in to this unfortunate situation like some kind of unwitting fool, failing his way upward in life, I’m about to disabuse you of that last delusion.


For one day, I finally found the smoking gun.

And in his arrogance, Franklin Leonard delivered it to me himself in the form of a retweet: – the granddaddy of all Soros-funded operations, right up there with his Open Society Foundation.

And who worked on this video, again?


What was that name?

Ah right. Our old pal, Franklin Leonard.

MoveOn on Twitter

The Senate has always asked for ALL of the records of SCOTUS nominees. Now they want you to believe that 10% of Kavanaugh’s records are enough to confirm him for a lifetime position. Call your Senators now 202-224-3121 & demand they #ReleaseTheRecords

Here you have the man publicly admitting his ties to international Financial Terrorist Soros.

Folks, if there was any doubt in your mind before now, please understand; this is how the Cabal controls the narrative in Hollywood. They have layers of operatives at all levels, networking to create what amounts to little more than subversive propaganda, used to demoralize and control you.

If you’ve ever wondered why so many movies coming out of Hollywood absolutely suck these days, here’s one of your primary culprits.

They’re not concerned with making good art or presenting good stories. They’re concerned with ruling over you, and keeping their flow of money and influence circulating.

They’re not going to step down from power willingly. The only thing we can do is continue to drag them out, kicking and screaming into the light, and exposing them as the Swamp creatures they are.

Franklin Leonard is a biased tool of the Marxist Left, most likely using his power and influence to murder Conservative/Right-Wing/Traditional narratives in utero before they’ve ever had a chance to get off the ground. His nepotism is readily evident, as he leverages his platform to curry favor from Leftist power players – power players who, until recently (as per QAnon’s drops) were on track to literally genocide hundreds of thousands, if not millions of YOU, in a nuclear holocaust.

Far from being the unbiased arbiter of the spec market he claims to be, Franklin Leonard needs to immediately disclose all of his, and his businesses’ ties, to Soros-affiliates and groups.

Was The Black List itself funded by Soros?

Likewise, Leonard also needs to disclose all his ties to Marxist/Revolutionary groups.

Does this even go further, into CIA or Mossad territory? The evidence suggests so, and is worth exploring, in my opinion. If you are a whistleblower with insider knowledge about Franklin Leonard’s activities, I encourage you to speak out.  You can always reach out to me, here on the site (but be prepared to present your evidence), or better yet, you can publish your work on any number of publishing platforms, and bring it to my attention.

Guys, believe me when I say that at first, I was willing to believe that Franklin Leonard was just another useful idiot playing at “Revolutionary” ideology, but upon digging deeper and seeing where his loyalties lay, it’s become clear that he’s chosen a deliberate, sinister, subversive path, working with like-minded evildoers. He is little more than “Academic AntiFa” who somehow established his little Marxist fiefdom in Hollywood. The layers upon layers of corruption could not be more apparent.

What did I say, guys?

You’ll laugh when you learn who this is.

And you can be proud because together, we just exposed one giant tentacle of the A.R.M. working overtime to destroy America from the inside, out.

And now?

Nothing in the world would please me more than to see this arrogant Marxist sympathizer/deep-state-affiliate/associate-of-The-Cabal go down hard for his years of deception.

Franklin Leonard, Soros’ rentboy, now exposed for the entire world to see by #BlackListAnon.


Happy to say that the Redbubble store is up and running again, so if you’re in the market for a new shirt, definitely check out all the offerings. And as things cool down, maybe consider something with a longer sleeve, like this Men’s Baseball ¾ T-Shirt, or the Zipped Hoodie!


Thanks so much!

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    There are similar players in the protestant churches – especially Episcopalian. Who is James A. Pike and what does the “A” stand for? Where was he born? What did he push and how? How did he die? Is the Kennedy bloodline involved?

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  15. VERY interesting article. A couple points I wanted to add.

    I immediately recognized Stewart Brand. Jan Irvin and co. did a VERY in-depth expose on him a while back in their Burningman Mk-ultra series. I HIGHLY recommend it. I did my own (extensive) research on the guy. He is a MAJOR player. I’m not sure which episode it was, but here is the first one in the series:
    Susan Eisenhower is the mother of Laura Eisenhower who is a big time “whistle-blower” on in the UFO world (here’s the proof ). She may well be a whistle-blower, but she’s always struck me as a disinfo operative within that community. She specializes in hyper-complex, gobbedly-gook material that no-one can really understand.

    Either way, her mother Susan is involved in all sorts of space-related “stuff.”

    A significant amount of the people in the REinvent infographics are associated with “exotic” types of subjects. Including: A.I, suppressed tech, space exploration, alternative energy, “controversial” sciences, (gene splicing, cloning, mind control, etc) and more. There are more of those players than in most cabal think-tanks. REinvent is based near Silicon Valley (and has a very occult logo).

    I’ve already mentioned Eisenhower. Vivienne Ming is associated with Socos (an A.I think tank) and she is on the faculty of the “Singularity University.” Andrew Hessel is also a part of Singularity University, and worked with the Human Genome project. Kevin Kelly is involved with A.I, Jane McGonigal is involved with Virtual Reality. Chris Anderson is involved with A.I and Robotics and worked for the secretive government research lab: Los Alamos National Laboratory. David Brin is a space scientist turned Sci-Fi author who lectures for the DoD and the CIA. Douglas Rushkoff makes documentaries that promote a tech dystopia (and attack religion). Neil Gershenfeld is into everything from nano-tech to quantum computers. Stewart Brand is involved with EVERYTHING listed, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on.

    You stumbled upon the “Area 51” of the Soros Orgs.

    And, just as a side note, could you please blow those infographics up? I literally had to zoom into 200% on my browser to read them. Thank You.

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      meanwhile, Michael Obama still parades around pretending to have new clothes……and people accept him. LIARS, Thieves, murderers……….running the show. Not enjoying this show, sorry Q. Get with it.

  17. I’m a screenwriter too and about to break into the film and television industry with several online series and a feature in development, and I have avoided the Black List because it stank of a money scam. Besides all this, it’s been a couple of months since I was awakened to the truth about Hollywood and I just want to cry and honestly I’m still debating walking away from all these projects in development. I don’t want to be near this world. But at the same time part of me feels like there has to be a transition of new era filmmakers taking over once these demons are eliminated by God. I’ve already come up against prejudice in the industry because I’ve clashed with certain very prominent left black activist, writers, no-talents who have been boosted into the spotlight because they have extreme anti-white bias. Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve managed to make it through the cracks. Maybe it’s God’s will. My first producer was a LGB+ who pushed me to include more of that junk in my scripts, and by some miracle that producer stepped away after learning I’m not so “progressive” but luckily I had another – more powerhouse – producer on board who, while still progressive – is a bit more moderate. Or maybe this producer just sees the $ signs because of the network interest. My lifelong dreams are about to come true but I just want to abandon it. Not trying to virtue signal, but I’d rather keep my soul in tact.

    • Never stop pushing, friend. You’re doing important work. They don’t get to delegitimize you. You get to have complete authority and autonomy, if you would but will it.

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    150M immigrants (legal & illegal) to the US since the 60’s makes minorities about 50% of the population now.

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    Choose to do good patriots for the glory of God the Father and His glorious Son, Jesus!!

  25. I guess all the shills that posted on Reddit and now on Voat, claiming you to be the ultimate LARP, can go suck it! Maybe this will be the piece that has Q giving you a direct shout out, too.

  26. I hope Q+ does the same kind of wrap up some day. Which clues were missed completely, which clues were misinterpreted, which clues returned data new to the q team.

    • YES! Book and at least 1 movie…or rather a mini-series…needs to be done covering all aspects of the Great Awakening so that it’s around for all to read / see until the end of time. Mankind must never again allow this to happen and to be so deceived / trusting since the evil one and his ilk will always take advantage of that.

      Another FANTASTIC job, NR !!!!! Thanks for all your hard work to save our Republic and our world. May God protect you and yours and richly bless you!

  27. I used to work at a private members club in West Hollywood (we also have a location in Malibu) for people who work in media. back in 2013. I know this guy from there… Franklin. Incredible work!!

  28. Great stuff! Well done.

    I had a visual of FL’s face when he sees the hammer drop. It may be because of the dreadlocks, but my visual was from the movie Predator 2. It was the look on King Willie’s face when he was confronted by the Predator. It’s one of those proverbial “sh!t or go blind” looks.

    The next scene is the Predator walking away carrying King Willie’s head with an even more terrified look on it’s face.

  29. You are one tenacious SOB, Neon. I mean that in the best of ways and say it with much admiration. Perhaps you have a dog in this fight?

  30. So many of us knew that Hollywood was a Marxist et al propaganda machine for a long time. This is the first time I have seen anyone actually dissecting this machine as a machine. Seeing it now as a machine like this changes everything. I thought I couldn’t be more sick of Hollywood than I was after Q’s revelations. I’m even more repulsed now!
    I don’t know what to say beyond what others have said, but – THANK-YOU for your hard work, sacrifices, and everything you did to bring this to light!

  31. I liked this article a lot. I submitted a script of mine back in 2014 to the Black List, as I didn’t know what other avenue to which I could turn at the time — I had nothing to do with film since college. Any of my contacts just didn’t have the clout/network to get my script to the right people. Needless to say I never sold the script and while I have wasted $50+ on things that provided me no benefit… still sucked. Looking back on it I was pretty stupid for paying money just to have someone not like my script for undisclosed reasons.

    Anyway, I’m not surprised at all after reading all of this. FL can go take a helicopter ride.

  32. Outstanding body of work Neon. Their layers of deception are crumbling every day. They will no longer be able to walk down the street.

  33. As I was reading this, I was struck by the number of people involved in the organizations. I could never figure out why there were so many sealed indictments, there weren’t that many politians…but these orgs that Soros is sponsoring…now it’s starting to make sense.

  34. I am forever thankful to you NEON. This all runs so deep that i am not only overwhelmed, but disgusted by all the things you have uncovered. There is NO WAY regular folks (much like myself) could ever, ever have even begun to scratch the surface of what you have here. So… this normie has got to read and reread this thread as it is so worth my while to be informed of ALL THE EVIL that is HOLLYWOOD and POLITICS. God bless you every day young man. You are a true patriot.

  35. I was wondering where you were… Now I know. Like T Soprano said… “back at work”

    The biggest problem is that, MSM/Hollyweird aka “the cabal/DNC/Marxist/Socialist, newsletter” will cover for their puppets right up to the point where the world burns. One day MSM will report news and not openly push Marxist activism/agendas. I just don’t know how to get there from here. I pray the 57k sealed indictments and the 70k non-sealed indictments include MANY of the names you have uncovered here.

    It’s mostly in the Merciful Hands of ELOHIM, and “the hammer” known as PRESIDENT TRUMP & Co.

    Good work #BlackListAnon

  36. Hi Neon , thank you for all your research and hard work . I very much appreciate it . I read it all yesterday and i felt totally wiped out when i had finished. I felt like crying , for all of humanity that we have been so controlled for such a long time , for the young people who have been abused and ruined ,for the good people who have been corrupted and drawn into the horror of Hollywood, for the people who have been killed ….all so a few can make truck loads of money and have power. I can no longer watch movies and shows without watching for the agendas . This awakening can painfull, sad and lonely at times . My consolation is this that although I’m an Aussie having a man like Donald Trump as the US President gives me hope for the future of our world . Unfortunately for Aussies our media are just echo chambers of the US MSM . So most believe the crap written about him . I see slight change in attitude recently ,we are heading for a change in Gov soon and i have no idea who to vote for anymore they are all so corrupt with their heads in the trough. Im wondering if you have heard of the 5 star trust accounts . They were set up by the founders of the CIA and hold so much money its unfathomable to comprehend even just the interest every month. Anyway thanks again for your insight . Much love to you #MEGA make earth great again.

  37. Another amazing article from you, NR! HUGE thanks to you. In looking at the photos of Christine Lagarde, I was struck by her resemblance to Jacob Rothschild. We know these evil ones have both illegitimate children and also have sex with anyone so I suspect she is another hidden Roth. God’s best to you, my brother!

  38. NV, or should I say blacklistanon, you astound me. The view I now have is from above, clear and very troubling. The cabal are further entrenched and more manipulative than I had hope for. This is going to be a very big monster to crush. With the spotlight you just put on them, they should be nervous. Every one of them now has a big fat on them. Nowhere to hide after being outed as a Soros lackey. Great work! I’m rereading every one of these connections you put in. The puzzle is almost complete.

  39. Noah Oppenheim shows his “connected to the most bizarre thing everl face. He is the executive director for PC Federation of Fisherman’s Associations. This is Trumps new push on “watch the water”. Donald Trump | AP Photo
    Operations of dams and canals that make up the Central Valley Project will still have to comply with endangered species laws or be subject to court challenges like the dozens environmental groups have waged in the past. | AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
    Facebook Twitter Google + Email Print
    President Donald Trump is jumping into Western water wars on the side of agricultural interests just weeks before the midterm elections — a major political gift for GOP incumbents in some of the most competitive House races in the country where water supply is a top campaign topic.

    The effort appears aimed at helping endangered Republicans including California Reps. David Valadao, Devin Nunes, Tom McClintock and Jeff Denham, as well as Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the sole woman in House leadership who is facing an unexpectedly competitive race.

    Story Continued Below

    Denham, McClintock, Nunes, Valadao and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined Trump in Arizona this afternoon for theclosed-press signing of a presidential memorandum. The memo sets a swift new timeline for reviewing the environmental impact of the dams and canals that pump water to central and southern California farms and communities and seeks to streamline all such reviews. It also addresses water supply and hydroelectric projects in Oregon and Washington.

    “This will move things along at a record clip. And you’ll have a lot of water. I hope you’ll enjoy the water you’ll have,” Trump told them, according to a White House pool report.

    It is Trump’s latest foray into California’s long-running water wars and comes as the region has become ground zero for Democrats’ bid to take back control of the House. With his immigration, trade and health care policies deeply unpopular in agriculture-heavy regions like the Central Valley, the water move may let GOP incumbents boast about their influence with an administration that supports farmers over environmentalists and city-dwellers.

    “From my perspective, today’s action might be the most significant action taken by a president on Western water issues in my lifetime,” Deputy Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said on a call with reporters ahead of the signing.

    Environmentalists and fishermen blasted the move, which comes just weeks after the Commerce Department declared a federal fishery disaster for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

    “Western water mismanagement has been horrendous for commercial, recreational, and guide fisheries in California. Water users have sucked our rivers dry for far too long, and the fish have been paying the price,” Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations Executive Director Noah Oppenheim said in a statement.

    Denham, whose Central Valley district is rated a “toss up” by the Cook Political Report, has touted his efforts to secure the region’s water supply in campaign ads and during visits from Trump administration officials including Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. He held a meeting in his district Friday morning with the political official who oversees the Army Corps of Engineers, an event he left early to hop on a plane to meet the president in Arizona.

    “The future of the Valley is at stake,” Denham wrote to Trump in a September letter urging his administration to fight the state’s plan.

  40. Now I understand why you are such a good storyteller. Entertaining too! Did any of your scripts make the Blacklist? They should have, or better yet, made into movies in the first place, or were you a known Conservative in HWood?
    I really enjoy your posts, Neon.
    And great research too! I wouldn’t be surprised if Q has a soft spot for you…

    • i know that I DO! I doodle “neonrevolt” in my notebook and I’m 63. <3 <3 <3 I hope Neon gets to write the script for this movie.

  41. Neon, you are absolutely amazing. I have tears in my eyes, and I’m not sure why. I think it’s because of all of the work you do, to bring this horror to light, so we are prepared to fight the evil in our midst. Your patriotism. Your love for your fellow man. Your intelligence, intellect and writing ability. Your love of God. I am so proud to be here, at this time. Woke, reading and hanging on your every word. I don’t blindly follow anyone, but I proudly follow you. I was rather woke when I found you, but feel blessed to have you in my life/our lives, every day, to confirm or deny everything we’re questioning. Thanks to you, I am more awake, totally awake. I have you to thank for that. I abandoned modern-day Hollywood, in favor of Golden Era Hollywood a long time ago. Yes, Hollywood had their issues then too, but they weren’t trying to brainwash the public and they put politics aside to sell War Bonds and visit our servicemen, attend dances, etc…during WWII. They accompanied our heroes on their way home by bus, train, and plane. My Dad was one of those who had Anita Louise on his train when he arrived stateside from the South Pacific. My Dad had had a mental breakdown in the Philippines, and was being sent home with a Section 8. He was in a train car where they had drawn the drapes because the men within had mental health issues. Sad, how they were treated. But Anita Louise visited with them anyway. Bless her heart. My Dad never forgot, and neither have I. I’m looking forward to the time when Hollywood has risen from the ashes and begins producing good stories borne of good screen writing, with no agenda other than sheer entertainment value. Thank you Neon, my friend, for all you do for all of us. You are truly appreciated.

  42. A tip of the hat to you good Sir. Well done! We have all known a situation like this was the case, but unless you can prove it you have nothing. Thanks for all the hard work. I am quite sure you will be rewarded for all of this one day, in fact this reward may very well be playing out right in front of you. EHFAR!

    • so well said, yes. we have all strongly suspected this level of infiltration, the rewriting of history, the pc messages being so pushed so constantly, but what Neon has done by documenting and staying with the project over such a long time period…. extraordinary research work.

  43. Good one! Note: Soros died in October 2017 but he has a team in place to carry on his agenda (Thomas William Intel). Me: When all his welth got transfered into his Open Society Foundation in 2017 – means the lawyers were executing his will.

    • Really!
      When Soros met in DC to plot against Trump Nov 2016 my gut told me to look at his chart, the chart of his sons and ex wife. I said he won’t last a year since Pluto was opposing Uranus 10th he is removed from public life and the ruler of his 8th house of death and Pluto/Pluto opposition along with Neptune conjunct his Moon.Plus Pluto square to his ascendant the physical body. I don’t like to look for death in a chart because I am very good at this craft and it’s kind of creepy but that is what I saw. Few eclipse hits and I figured he was outta here.
      October 17 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution-fitting.

  44. WTF did George Soros do that he can spend a brazillion (1 followed by a 0 for every person living in Brazil) dollars on seemingly everything under the sun? Is he even a member of one of the 15 families that control everything on earth?

    • ENDLESS CIA-Deep State slush funds. That is, the taxes and money belonging to Americans, used against American & the world, for Soros’ Satanic/ one-world agenda.

  45. Amazing digging Neon! When I tried to post this link on Twitter, I got a temporary “This account is suspended” message. I finally logged in to Twitter again, and was able to post it.

  46. @CursingFish…Soros gets his money, like the rest of the Cabal, through funds appropriated from you and I. Whether it’s “government foreign aid”, “international charities”, IMF/UN “aid money”, or plain old CIA illegal drug money…it all gets funnelled into the Globalist agenda, administered by Soros, Rockefellars, Rothschilds and the rest of their ilk.

  47. Some very interesting comments to this outstanding piece, obviously VERY heavily researched! Some tend to forget that “EVERYTHING is connected”!! Maybe not exactly Q’s words, but close. TY Neon!

  48. Mega post. Neon you are a true Patriot. The more light on these ghouls, the more we can awaken the people all over the globe. wwg1wga.

  49. This is brilliant! Also an interesting perspective companies establishing an Iranian presence. I have been trying to figure out why the mass exodus of CEO’s. Thank you, Patriot!

  50. Thank You Neon.
    This post made me think of “The Big Short”; I hope that you are able to fashion a similar work from all that you have discovered.
    In the 60’s, I came across the book “None Dare call it Treason”. I read it, and its sequel, “None Dare call it Conspiracy”, later . I was unable to believe the premise of either book, that the US was being systematically destroyed by Communists, thinking that such a chain of events would be impossible to stage, let alone execute.
    The past 35 years, with emphasis on the past 25, have completely changed my mind.
    Your work has transcended itself, and has morphed into a testament for your own, and future generations.
    May God Bless and Keep You Well,

  51. Thank you Neon. I love how you took down LF so eloquently and thoroughly.

    What does Q mean when he says We have the servers? Are we jumping to conclusions that it means computer servers? thank you to anyone who feels like responding. GB

    • I believe Q was talking about Hillary Clinton’s private internet servers that she used to carry out hidden illegal transactions with various domestic and foreign Deep State criminals across the globe. Q also meant the servers of all the Illuminati Cabal members just mentioned who interacted with Clinton and each other to push their Luciferian New World Order agenda.

    • i strongly believe that the servers refers to HRC’s servers, there are total 4 as I recall, one being in her home in Chappaqua NY. i believe that Neon went into this in detail a few months ago.

  52. As Always amazing work. This is another reason I believe your interview would be crucial and I can’t wait until the day you do it. I have already decided you I can’t even allow myself to think otherwise at this point. SC

  53. None of this stuff surprises me, its all over not just Hollywood.
    It is demonic, it is satanic, it is destructive.
    But guess what I predicted this shit 30 yrs ago.
    Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter will conjunct in Capricorn which rules the Jewish demonic people. Now I am not saying all of them, you know who you are. Will be utterly destroyed in 2020 because the rare conjunction occurs on the South Nodes of both Saturn and Pluto at 22* Capricorn. They know it because their priests use astrology along with numerology, sorcery. That comprises the Kabbalah.
    And let me tell you if Jesus is coming back now would be that time with the lineup like no other in the outer signs. After the mid terms Jupiter is home in Sagittarius, Saturn home in Capricorn, Neptune home in Pisces. You will see things that blow your mind.

    You are lucky they reject you take it as a badge of honor. Hollywood is a putrid place. My uncle was doctor to the stars and he lived in a beautiful custom mid century modern house in Hollywood. We went to visit when I was a kid in the early 1960s and I was repulsed by them/him and the place. It felt wicked because I a an intuit and felt it.
    I have only been to LA about 3 times in 60 yrs even though I am in CA. Don’t forget it is right on the 33* parallel as is Las Vegas, Chicago, Hope Arkansas (Bill Clinton birth), Dallas (JFK) Los Angeles (Ambassador Hotel RFK)Tripoli, Damascus, Iraq, Tunisia (arab spring started) Abu Garab prison, Israel, ancient Egypt, Nagasaki Japan.
    It’s the death sacrifice line.
    Be happy the door is closed. My sister always said “if you can write you can always get work”

  54. Neon, not sure if you got it, but check out the American Medals of Freedom recipients from Obama. You’ll be amazed. You don’t have to post this comment. Just dig.

  55. Epic post and awesome as always, Neon. Out of curiosity I watched the Jay-Z video you posted and it was really disturbing because it shows how the Dems would have gutted and rewritten the Constitution had Hillary won. Their sick fantasy of living in a society without white people was pretty obvious as well. I would like to recommend a topic of investigation for a future post if you don’t mind. It seems like no one has ever seriously looked into Big Agro companies and how they are poisoning us on purpose to further their Agenda 21 of depopulation. It seems like every day there is a new food recall and our food supply is being bombarded with so many pesticides, insecticides and various other chemicals and cancer-causing food dyes, I don’t know what is safe to eat anymore. I just know that Soros(with his ownership of Chobani yogurt and God knows what other food companies he owns) will be heavily involved as expected but it would be nice to shine a light on all the other hidden players who are hiding in the shadows.

  56. Stewart Brand and I, in the 1980’s, shared the same Literary Agent, John Brockman. Brockman annually gathers a consort of “brainiacs”(the Edge Foundation) in a discussion of futuristic projects that might be interesting to you for the people invited to participate and the topics discussed. If you have in mind writing a book, sending him a one-page Proposal might spark his interest.

  57. Franklin Leonard
    Franklin Leonard
    They didn’t call the Klan animals.
    They don’t call Nazis animals.
    They didn’t call the Las Vegas shooter an animal.
    Quote Tweet
    Ali Rogin
    .@PressSec doubles down on President Trump’s use of the word “animals” to describe some illegal immigrants. “I don’t think the word ‘animal’ goes far enough.”
    1:15 PM · May 17, 2018
    Franklin Leonard
    Franklin Leonard
    May 18
    Replying to
    They’re not calling Dimitrios Pagourtzis an animal either.
    Not Nick
    Not Nick
    May 18
    Replying to
    The first time president Trump used the word “animals,” he was talking specifically about MS-13. He then made a video clarifying that he was calling specifically MS-13 “animals.” You hate the president to the extent that you take quotes out of context and are delusional.

    • Generally uncucked. I like most of his earlier films. The DC Universe isn’t suiting him well, and I felt bad for him when his daughter died.

  58. If the Q team is reading here: If you all had anything to do with Walker dropping his run for Alaska governor, THANKS! Now could you all please take down Murkowski? That family has been a disaster for the state and the country.

  59. Not sure if you saw on the fox phoenix Web stream of the Cruz rally but there was a huge close up of one of your Q tshirts during Trump speaking on Fake News

  60. Thanks is an understatement for your work. You have me wondering, I think you said “remember that Michelle’s CIA name is Renegade” and Renegade is a black man posting in the chans. No relation whatsoever, or am I onto something you intended? Or did you make it obvious and I missed it. I took several days to read this article, and read every linking article and even the linking articles there in if they were ones I’d never read. This was about a 3 day excursion for me. While it is a ton of information, it made some amazing connections for me and some new knowledge, such as MJ helping the kids. That made so much sense to me I began crying for his life and the horrible lies everyone believed about him. To say this is the most sick and disturbing stuff I’ve ever begun to understand is becoming hardly enough to describe it all. I badly want it all to end, and I’m praying God will use me in an impactful way. To be armed with the knowledge is the first step. We depend on you and your work. God bless, and God speed


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