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I’ve got a bit of catching up to do here.

Thank you for your patience as I recuperate. Truth be told, I have some health issues that, well, because I don’t have insurance (Thanks, Obama) can take their toll on me at times. If it seems like I get tired quite a bit, yeah, that’s something I deal with, and without going in to too much detail, it’s part of a larger issue at play here.

I’m not trying to complain. Everybody’s got something they deal with, and there are many far worse off than myself. I’m not here to whine. Normally, I just push through, drink coffee, and turn on some heavy metal, but every so often, I get knocked flat for a bit.

If anything, it makes me incredibly jealous of #POTUS’ #HIGHENERGY. Seriously, the man’s a bottomless well of energy.

So again, thanks for you for allowing me the freedom to play catch up with #QAnon when I need to.

Now, some people were upset with Q because his “prediction” of 53-47 votes didn’t “come true.”

I actually never really expected it to, and considering what was going on; what’s been going on, people need to realize – we’re at war, and this includes an information war. It goes all the way back to Sun Tzu, and The Art of War. “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” My thought when I read that post by Q was that he was sowing a seed of hopelessness in the minds of Lefties around the country, and throughout our government. It was a move to demoralize them.

And it worked.

They weren’t able to organize well enough, move fast enough, or unify in any one area to crack the Republican consensus. They were utterly gutted the entire time, scrambling around in total panic mode. And when you see your enemy panicked, it helps make your allies a little bolder, because they all feel a bit safer. Case-in-point: Lindsay Graham.

And yeah, to a certain extend, Jeff Flake, too. Hate on him all you want, but in the end, his vote did come through.

And the bonus side effect is that normies are so disgusted with Democrats’ behavior, they’re all starting to #WalkAway, priming us for a Red Tsunami in November:

Okay, #NewQ:

You saw the meltdowns, post-Kavanaugh:


Remember, these are the same people who are saying he’s an “illegitimate” #SCOTUS Justice because of his “temperament.”

I chronicled a lot of the more hilarious postings at the time that were popping up on social media over on Gab, but seriously, any time the Left loses, they throw a tantrum. It’s why I’ve officially dubbed the Democrats the #SaltLeft.

But there’s a scary thread highlighted in the video there, and it starts with the guy shouting, “We don’t have to be tolerant of intolerance.”

There’s this idea circulating among Lefties that they now have the “moral imperative” to exercise violence over others, because… their ideas are “right” and they lost in a democratic process.

I can’t tell you how many variations I read of this comment across all social media platforms, in the wake of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Forget the fact that these people won’t really be armed, and will be itching to go up against people who 1) actually are armed and who 2) actually know how to use their weapons; they’ll find other ways to spread chaos and violence, and feel like they’re justified in such behavior.

And look again at that comment above. Did you catch it? Oh, it was slipped in so subtly.

I’m talking about, of course, the link to Yup, this comment has Soros’ written all over it. How much do you want bet some Soros-funded lackey for David Brock’s Media Matters had this comment prepared days in advance of Kavanaugh’s confirmation?

And we haven’t even started talking about Soros-rent-a-thug operations like The Other 98% and


Some anti-Kavanaugh protesters were paid, Vice journalist reveals

A journalist embedded with anti-Kavanaugh protesters says that some protesters were in fact paid, as President Trump has alleged. “A lot of them were normal people who were mad,” said Vice D.C. bureau chief Shawna Thomas on ABC’s “This Week,” adding, “We also saw people who were organized.”

A journalist embedded with anti-Kavanaugh protesters says that some protesters were in fact paid, as President Trump has alleged.

“A lot of them were normal people who were mad,” said Vice D.C. bureau chief Shawna Thomas on ABC’s “This Week,” adding, “We also saw people who were organized.”

She pointed to activists who confronted Sen. Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican, in an elevator late last month before the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, who has since been confirmed.

“That moment with Jeff Flake on the Hill,” Ms. Thomas said. “We talked to one woman who works for UltraViolet who was paid — she helped steer people in the right ways to be able to confront senators.”

“There were people who were paid by organizations like UltraViolet to try to harness that energy in a way that would make the viral moments that we ended up seeing,” said Ms. Thomas.

And Ultraviolet, too, huh? I’d be remiss if I didn’t include #Anon’s dig on that subject here:

But they also don’t want you acknowledging Soros role in all this. Why?

Forget that Soros was a literal Nazi collaborator for a moment.

Dontchya know that attacking him is tantamount to antisemitism!!

Rudy Giuliani backs calling George Soros the ‘anti-Christ.’ Is that anti-Semitic? | Opinion

When President Trump and his close allies blame Jewish billionaire Soros for funding and inciting anti-Kavanaugh protests, is that a dog whistle for anti-Semites?

Opinion | President Trump’s ignorant attack on George Soros

To paraphrase Michelle Obama, when the Republicans go low, Donald Trump goes lower. Earlier today, the president may have reached a personal worst, by tweeting that the women who confronted Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) in a Senate elevator, were “professionals” who were “paid by (George) Soros and others.”

This is how they police your thoughts and speech. The only answer is to continue your assault on them, unabated.

Implicit in all this is a threat of violence, of course:

Clinton: ‘You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for’

Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that civility in America can only begin again if Democrats win back the House or Senate this fall.

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”

Unreal, right?

Sen. Cassidy had the right hot-take on the issue:

And not even Brooke “Who is this Four-Chan?” Baldwin could spin this fast enough:

Free Beacon on Twitter

Does driving people out of restaurants and banging on the Supreme Court walls sound “pretty mobby” to you?

And that’s kind of the predicament the Left is in right now. These Cabal Elites want footsoldiers to throw their bodies in front of them on the frontlines, but they can’t actually look like they’re calling for violence. So it’s just endless lies, spin, and projection.

Expect the rhetoric to ramp up in the coming weeks.

When the memes become reality:


Betchya Ford really wants this all to go away now. Wouldn’t want any messy perjury charges cropping up now, would we?

Of course, this hasn’t stopped the media from painting her like a victim in all this.

Uh-huh. Sure she is.

So is Murkowski, for that matter.



This is the thing that’s most important to realize: if they can’t impeach him, they will smear him six ways till Sunday, saying he’s illegitimate, and thus, every ruling he participates in is illegitimate. They’ll demand he recuse himself from literally every trial, because they just won’t accept any ruling from his “tainted” seat.

Rush was talking about this yesterday, and he said he remembered back to the Bush II years, where they painted him as an illegitimate president, and ground his administration to a halt.

Now, I’m no fan of Bush, and we’re talking about one Justice here; not a President, but I think he’s on to something here.

The most important thing that can happen now is the removal of RBG from the bench, followed by Sotomayor and Kagan. You need a Conservative majority so overwhelming, it wouldn’t matter if Kav was there or not.

The wrap-up smear?

Is she talking about what the Democrats are doing to Trump concerning Russia?

You heard the man, archive this clip!

Here it is again, if you need to grab it!


Trust yourself, because they will lie to you at every single turn, and rely on exploiting that “herd instinct,” hoping you won’t speak up, oppose them, and inspire others to oppose them!

I’m hoping for a Rosenstein resignation this week, but we’ll see.


We covered the Sussman/Baker thing back here:

He’s the guy who engineered the whole Crowdstrike cover-up, too, so if you need to get caught up, do so soon!


We owe a debt of gratitude to Roseanne Barr here, because without her tweet – you know the one I’m talking about (and the one I defended at the time) – half the homes in America wouldn’t have a clue about Valerie Jarrett.

Roseanne took a LOT of heat for that, and it wasn’t deserved at all.

I hope Roseanne reads this and scrolls back up to the “Smear Attack” video put out by Pelosi, because that’s exactly what the Dems scrambled to do, once one of their own, more hidden operatives was suddenly exposed to MILLIONS of people overnight.

You have absolutely nothing to apologize for, Roseanne, and history will vindicate you.

Beyond the Roseanne issue, we talked extensively about Jarrett and her “red legacy” here, on the site before, including some of the links Q added:

FBI Files Show Valerie Jarrett’s Hardcore Communist Family

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government. Jarrett’s dad, pathologist and geneticist Dr. James Bowman, had extensive ties to Communist associations and individuals, his lengthy FBI file shows.

Jarrett is an Iranian Commie Muslim Brotherhood subversive, through-and-through. She should be executed for her treason.

That’s Randall Coleman, former assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, for the record.

Top FBI Official Made ‘Crimes Against Children’ Note in Connection to Weiner’s Devices

The former assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, Randy Coleman, wrote a note saying “Crimes Against Children” in connection to the digital devices of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Coleman’s notes, which were obtained by the Department of Justice Inspector General, were taken on Oct. 4, 2016.

The former assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, Randy Coleman, wrote a note saying “Crimes Against Children” in connection to the digital devices of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Coleman’s notes, which were obtained by the Department of Justice Inspector General, were taken on Oct. 4, 2016.

Just over a week earlier, on Sept. 26, the FBI obtained a search warrant for Weiner’s iPhone, iPad and laptop computer related to crimes of “transmitting obscene material to a minor, sexual exploitation of children, and activities related to child pornography.”

From Coleman’s notes, the exact context of the “Crime Against Children” is unclear, as well as the mention of the Clinton Foundation.

For context we’ll back up to page 293 in Q’s linked PDF:

Note the triple +’s in Q’s drop, too. +++ has, always to this point, been linked with the House of Saud.

I do believe Q is, yet again, linking the Clinton Foundation’s crimes against children (the phrase here marked with the +++) to #TheCabal  in Saudi Arabia.

Now, recall:

And we also know that the Clinton Foundation has been (all but) caught trying to smuggle children out of Haiti (see my previous articles on Laura Silsby). What is +++ is Saud and +++++ stands for Haiti?

Did they smuggle children out of Haiti, into Saudi Arabia for their “#BloodyWonderland” event?

Sickening stuff no matter what.

If a Democrat had managed this, he’d have Nobel Peace prizes monopolized for the next decade already.

How long have I been saying that he’s going to resign??

Shhhh… Nobody tell resident Gab-dunce and Mossad conspirator Microchip. He doesn’t read, so he’s been going on about RR not getting fired for literally weeks now, thinking he’s “trolling” me, when really, he’s just revealing his stupidity over and over and over and over. I’ve got dozens of screenshots of his idiocy now. He’s just that slow on the uptake – even when I’ve written it out a dozen times, over the course of months. But again, he doesn’t read!

Or spell, for that matter. “Gong.”

What a #Nimrod.

Hmm… Maybe El Rushbo was reading Q before his show.

Could be. Could be…

Dems wage war on Kavanaugh, court: New battles over legitimacy, impeachment, recusal

The narrow confirmation of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend marked a major political victory for President Trump – and the beginning of a new battle for Democrats, who are now shifting their message to threaten possible impeachment against the newest high court justice and question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court itself.

Over the weekend, former Attorney General Eric Holder said the court’s legitimacy should be brought into question with the addition of Kavanaugh.

“With the confirmation of Kavanaugh and the process which led to it, (and the treatment of Merrick Garland), the legitimacy of the Supreme Court can justifiably be questioned. The Court must now prove—through its work—that it is worthy of the nation’s trust,” Holder tweeted, referring to former President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee whose confirmation process was blocked by Republicans in 2016.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., top Democrat on the judiciary committee, also tweeted that confirming Kavanaugh “in the face of credible allegations of sexual assault that were not thoroughly investigated, and his belligerent, partisan performance in last Thursday’s hearing undermines the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.”

Some in the media advanced another argument to question the court’s legitimacy under its current makeup. Newsweek wrote that Kavanaugh is now the “fourth out of nine justices nominated by a president who did not initially win the popular vote”—referring to President Trump and former Republican President George W. Bush.

Yeah, that’s the other push I’ve seen a lot of, recently; this idea that “the majority” should win because… mob rule.

This, despite the fact that the ENTIRE SYSTEM was created to balance out population centers like cities dictating policy for the rest of the nation.

It’s called a Representative Republic for a reason, Lefties, and remember – the harder you make life for “flyover country,” they can always just turn around and… let you starve.

/ourguy/ John Solomon knocks it out of the park again:

FBI’s smoking gun: Redactions protected political embarrassment, not ‘national security’

To declassify or not to declassify? That is the question, when it comes to the FBI’s original evidence in the Russia collusion case.

Before you judge the DOJ’s and FBI’s arguments — which are similar to those offered to stop the release of information in other major episodes of American history, from the Bay of Pigs to 9/11 — consider Footnote 43 on Page 57 of Chapter 3 of the House Intelligence Committee’s report earlier this year on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Until this past week, the footnote really had garnered no public intrigue, in part because the U.S. intelligence community blacked out the vast majority of its verbiage in the name of national security before the report was made public.

From the heavy redactions, all one could tell is that FBI general counsel James Baker met with an unnamed person who provided some information in September 2016 about Russia, email hacking and a possible link to the Trump campaign.

Not a reporter or policymaker would have batted an eyelash over such a revelation.

Then, last Wednesday, I broke the story that Baker admitted to Congress in an unclassified setting — repeat, in an unclassified setting — that he had met with a top lawyer at the firm representing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and received allegations from that lawyer about Russia, Trump and possible hacking.

It was the same DNC, along with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, that funded the unverified, salacious dossier by a British intel operative, Christopher Steele, that became a central piece of evidence used to justify the FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign in the final days of the election.

And it was the same law firm that made the payments for the dossier research so those could be disguised in campaign spending reports to avoid the disclosure of the actual beneficiaries of the research, which were Clinton and the DNC.

And it was, in turns out, the same meeting that was so heavily censored by the intel agencies from Footnote 43 in the House report — treated, in other words, as some big national security secret.

There is now a concrete storyline backed by irrefutable evidence: The FBI allowed itself to take political opposition research created by one party to defeat another in an election, treated it like actionable intelligence, presented it to the court as substantiated, and then used it to justify spying on an adviser for the campaign of that party’s duly chosen nominee for president in the final days of a presidential election.

And when, nine months later, the FBI could not prove the allegation of collusion between Trump and Russia, unverified evidence was leaked to the media to try to sustain public support for a continued investigation.

Least I heard, [RR] can be brought in to testify as early as the 11th:

Mark Meadows: Rod Rosenstein testimony could happen Oct. 11

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could testify before two House committees on Oct. 11, a Republican member of one of those panels said Wednesday. Rep. Mark Meadows, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, disclosed details about the upcoming joint hearing in an interview with The Hill.

Fitton talks Soros-backed protesters in this breakdown, using taxpayer funds to subsidize his subversive activities:

Tom Fitton on Twitter

HUGE Soros find: Docs show Soros operation and State Dept working hand in glove (with your tax dollars). @JudicialWatch does the heavy lifting in court to get answers…

This is for the Reagan video.

I took a count the other night of the “Election” video:

Just for the record, this is what it’s at now:

(That’s assuming Google isn’t cucking with the numbers, of course. Which, come on. They are).

I’m not super-encouraged by those numbers, however. The US has a population of about 328 million people.

And we’re barely cracking 100,000 views in 24 hours?!?

Might be helpful for Q to post a video that the Qboards haven’t seen before; something new. If you keep reposting the same video to the same people… they tune out and go, “Seen it already!” and move on.

Peggy Grande: Dianne Feinstein shows her true colors in the Kavanaugh fight

Senator Dianne Feinstein has had a long and illustrious career with moments of great leadership, but in the recent Kavanaugh hearings, the California Democrat exposed herself as a standard partisan hack, leading the charge into an unnecessary, and losing battle.

Bit of a #boomer-tier article, tbqh. Better relegated to the likes of Drudge. Anyway, the audience this is intended for – I’m assuming a modern, neo-liberal, ostensibly “feminist” women – will never read article, just by virtue of it being published on, meaning… only Boomers (WHO ALREADY RIGHTLY DESPISE #DiFiChiSpy) are going to read this.

In other words, a bit too much preaching-to-the-choir.

Reminder to stay away from FANG stocks for a good, long while:

Google Exposed User Data, Feared Repercussions of Disclosing to Public

Google exposed the private data of hundreds of thousands of users of the Google+ social network, though it didn’t find evidence of misuse. The company opted not to disclose the issue this past spring, in part because of fears doing so would draw regulatory scrutiny.

Facebook Security Breach Exposes Accounts of 50 Million Users

SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook, already facing scrutiny over how it handles the private information of its users, said on Friday that an attack on its computer network had exposed the personal information of nearly 50 million users. The breach, which was discovered this week, was the largest in the company’s 14-year history.

Twitter says bug may have exposed some direct messages to third-party developers

Twitter said that a “bug” sent user’s private direct messages to third-party developers “who were not authorized to receive them.” The social media giant began warning users Friday of the possible exposure with a message in the app. “The issue has persisted since…

Reminder that Trump is using Obama’s own Executive Order against him, here, making the victory that much sweeter.

Yeah, it’s not just Google+ affected, like their PR people would like you to believe. It’s if-you-had-a-Google-account, you were spied on.

Report: Google Hid User Data Breach from Public out of Fear Congress Would Take Action | Breitbart

“Google exposed the private data of hundreds of thousands of users of the Google+ social network and then opted not to disclose the issue this past spring, in part because of fears that doing so would draw regulatory scrutiny and cause reputational damage, according to people briefed on the incident and documents reviewed,” reported the Wall Street Journal, Monday.

That said…

At least two U.S. attorneys general investigating Google glitch

(Reuters) – At least two U.S. states are investigating a breach at Alphabet Inc’s Google that may have exposed private profile data of at least 500,000 users to hundreds of external developers.

Expect more pain for GOOG in the near-term.

Reminder that Yates is one of the FISA signatories:

This tells me Rosenstein is almost done, and they’re moving on to the next target.

Former FBI lawyer: Plot to record, remove Trump not a joke

By John Solomon Opinion Cotributor Don’t tell former FBI general counsel James Baker that those now-infamous discussions about secretly recording President and using the tapes to remove him from office were a joke. He apparently doesn’t believe it. And he held quite the vantage point – he was on the inside of the bureau’s leadership in May 2017, when the discussions occurred.

Boy, that video attached to the article is depressing. “Most Americans aren’t following it that closely, and they don’t want the Bob Mueller/Special Counsel investigation to go away.” OOF. That’s what I’ve been saying for MONTHS now. This stuff is just too complex and goes over the head of the average normie – which then turns them into easily angered and confused Lefties who just want to rant about “white privilege,” because it’s the new, hip way to virtue signal.

I honestly don’t know how you even begin approaching that problem, but it’s gotta be something big. Bigger than what we’re seeing.

What, personally, makes this all worse for me is my belief that this is all just an act on Rosenstein’s part, since I still believe he’s a white hat in all of this. So it’s just kind of constantly just waiting… and waiting… and waiting… for him to resign.

Anyway, you know all the facts in this article already. You’ve read them a billion times. I’m not picking up on anything new here (which isn’t to say it’s bad). I just have to consider it more fodder for the normies.

I got mad at Q for this post, because I literally picked up on some of these connections THE VERY DAY he posted it, some 11 days ago.

I even wrote about it in my article, following the post:

And I said it on Gab – I’m aware that Shenzhen and Shanghai are different places… but they’re also not that far from each other. My thinking is that this could very well be photos from the same trip.

Here’s what Trump’s ethanol plan means for farmers, refiners and motorists

President Donald Trump’s plans to allow the sale of a higher concentration of ethanol in gasoline throughout the year would appease U.S. corn farmers who have been stung by low corn prices and the U.S.-China trade dispute and likely even lead to lower prices at the pump.

Nice #QConfirmation at the Trump rally, but I… really hate ethanol in my gasoline.

I would prefer ZERO corn-based ethanol in my engine, where it gums everything up, where it costs more per gallon, and where it gets markedly worse mileage while reducing the lifespan of my vehicle.

That, and subsidies suck pretty bad, because they always distort markets. How many farmers are going to plant corn this year who otherwise would not, because Trump just mandated E15? Or rather, how many farmers will keep planting corn, when the market would normally have they seek out another crop to grow.

And frankly, most of our corn growers are growing GMO corn anyway, which gets turned into HFCS, which is terrible for people to consume. You get the high sugar content and the glyphosate double-whammy. The Standard American Diet (aka SAD), which is VERY heavy on GMO corn-based diets, is really wrecking our health as a nation. I would prefer these farmers switched crops to something healthier, something better, but I also understand the pragmatic issue of… we’re dealing with a bit of a trade war.

Just one thing I’d ask, #POTUS.

Please reverse this as soon as you are able. I understand why you had to do it now, but long-term… this can’t get entrenched.

Ethanol genuinely sucks and no, this is not concernfagging.

#Anon had an interesting bit about Shenzhen:


And after the #TrumpRally, Q came back with one post:

Trisha Anderson, Charles Newman – Weddings

Trisha Beth Anderson and Charles Lawrence Newman were married Saturday at the Clifton Inn in Charlottesville, Va. The Rev. Scott E. Davis, a United Methodist minister, officiated. The bride, 35, who will keep her name, is a senior counsel to James M. Cole, the deputy attorney general, in Washington.


Fired FBI Official authorized perjury investigation against Sessions

Sources tell NBC former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe authorized a perjury investigation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions nearly one year ago, looking at whether Sessions lied in his testimony about contact with Russian operatives.

You know, I’ve been following Q since the early days. Almost a year now. I’m in this for the long-haul.

But it’s hard to “use logic” when Q engages in disinformation.

Logically, to me, Bob Mueller and Rod Rosenstein being black hats make no sense. Trump literally just flew with RR on AF1 earlier this week. Q signals for months that Trump may fire Rosenstein, presenting it as a viable option, whipping the likes of Rep. Jackson Lee into a fearful frenzy… at least, until recently, when he’s now saying that it’s a “red line” that he won’t cross.

Remember when Q was saying “Fly [RR] fly!”


That was a bluff for #TheCabal. POTUS had no intention of firing him then. Q just wanted The Cabal thinking he was going to fire him.

So I read this drop… and I think to myself… I just can’t take anything written here about Mueller at face value.

Just go back to post 1008, where Q flipped out that it had been revealed too early that POTUS wasn’t a target of Mueller’s investigation any more:

That was back in the beginning of APRIL!

And then we’ve had-






What has Mueller been doing this whole time?!

So yeah. I believe that Q is describing what the Dems thought they were installing with Mueller.

But I’m just not convinced I can take it at face value.

I mean, come on. Mueller was there to help set up GoFundMe pages?!?

Like… PLEASE, someone total up all the money all the GoFundMe pages have made, and see if it really amounts to anything substantial. I’m guessing you’ve got a couple million in there, between the likes of Stormy Daniels and Blasey Ford.

In other words, Soros-chump-change.

And that’s one of the secret reasons for Mueller I’m just supposed to accept?

The alternative view is that I’m supposed to believe Trump and Q and MILINT didn’t know RR was a bad guy until too late. Why?



Oh, was Trump just BUMBLING along, clueless that whole time?! How come Q just “happened” to skip over the fact that Rosenstein offered his resignation on March 10th, 2018??

(For the record, Q had THIRTY-NINE POSTS THAT DAY – and not one of them about Rosenstein).

GOD-@#$%^@$#%^-@#^@$%@^ the LAYERS of DISINFO going on here! Look at the stylometric data I compiled the other week! Look at Rep. Jackson Lee’s reaction! You want me to think about this logically, Q? Logically, I almost feel like my intelligence is being insulted every time I read one of the drops along these lines of this RR thing.

Look. It’s hard for me to get emotionally invested in this particular issue at this point (which is partially why I’ve consistently taken the contrarian position here) and the only thing I want right now is this:

I just want it to be over already.

I almost don’t care about the details any more. I don’t care if I’m right or if I’m wrong. I don’t care how Rod and Bob go. I just want them gone.

Still, I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding here when Q says: “We understand that there is extreme fatigue and frustration re: the wheels of justice [slow].”

For me, personally, it’s not the amount of time that’s involved in any of this that’s got me a bit let down. I’m very patient, and very deliberate. I can endure for the long-haul.

It’s the combo of the disinfo, combined with the disappointment from the predicted “booms” that never seem to culminate in any measurable gains that make me want to throw up my hands and go, “Whatever!” and… honestly, wash my hands walk away from NEON REVOLT and QAnon forever.

With the rate of progress we’re seeing, some cynical part of me is wondering if I should just tune out until after the Midterm elections.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know “things are happening.” I know Swamp Underling No. 64 is slated for yet another closed-door Congressional committee sixteen-to-thirty-five weeks from now. Someone in DC will crack open a partially-unredacted fortune cookie somewhere, and it will make headlines for a week.

But Q. You said on Sunday this was going to be [BOOM Week].

It’s already Wednesday.

I didn’t see any booms on Monday or Tuesday, and the only thing I’m seeing on the horizon that could even possibly equate to a Bang (let alone a Boom) is RR’s testimony on Thursday.

In other words, Disinfo + Disappointment = Disillusion. 

That’s what you guys over there at the White House are sensing. It’s not mere impatience or fatigue, though delay does exacerbate all that.

It’s a deeper kind of cynicism. I know I’ve certainly been feeling it, especially as whoever on QTeam took over posting as Q has taken it upon themselves to serve up dozens of links to the normiesphere every day, offering us little more than what we could find for ourselves by visiting, or Drudge every day. (God, that task alone – forcing us to read yet another screed by some journalist who has had all the personality sucked out of their writing by years in journalism school – is enough to make me not want to come back until after Midterms). And honestly, #Anons would find this stuff anyway.

Last week, with Kav getting nominated? That was truly a Boom Week, and everyone could feel it. That was when we finally saw some progress being made and good guys scoring.

This Rod and Bob stuff?


But I look forward to the day when we can dispense with the disinfo pretenses and finally see some measurable progress on this front. I know it can’t happen just yet, but I also know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Happy to say that the Redbubble store is up and running again, so if you’re in the market for a new shirt, definitely check out all the offerings. And as things cool down, maybe consider something with a longer sleeve, like this Men’s Baseball ¾ T-Shirt, or the Zipped Hoodie!


Thanks so much!

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  1. Referring to your feelings about Ethanol. Although I have no proof, I always considered this was added to create smog and further the global warming narrative.

  2. Neon, your burnout makes sense. I guess now Q feel they have to play to the normies, to some extent, but that dilutes everything. Sorry to hear about health problems. So many of us have them now. Diseases of Modernity, they often are, meaning of toxicity. FWIW, # Dietrick Klinghardt, # Greg Nigh. Thanks for your note on ethanol. May it be a temporary fix.

    • I’m growing a little concerned with some of the high powered voices like Neon and Sundance (over at The Last Refuge – CTH). We are ALL growing impatient for things to happen faster. That being said, we ARE NOT privy to the details of “THE PLAN”. This is not the time to lose hope – to lose faith. We must rally and bolster each other to do what WE CAN DO. We can get out and vote and drag our neighbors and friends with us. We can talk up all of President Trump’s successes and honestly, THEY HAVE BEEN YUGE!

      We now have a 5/4 conservative split on the Supreme court, something that was integral to The Plan. I believe that most of the small fish named in the 55,000 sealed indictments are headed to GITMO for military tribunals. However, the Big Fish like Hillary, Valerie Jarret, the Podestas and yes maybe even Obama are headed to criminal trials because the nation will need to see their crimes laid bare. All of the Big Fish will fight right to the Supreme Court, but alas will find no solace or relief there because of President Trump’s 5/4 split.

      The left is destroying themselves daily and President Trump is not about to interfere with their progress. Whenever he chooses to unfold the leverage of declassification will be the RIGHT time. I am absolutely thrilled with President Trump’s accomplishments and I thank God everyday he is leading the nation. This is a time for celebration and great joy. Just look how far we have come in LESS THAN TWO YEARS! The cabal has had decades, actually centuries to install the forces of darkness in every corner of the world. They ARE being routed out and we are WINNING! Let’s show this brave warrior President Trump that we have his back. GET OUT AND VOTE!

      Anytime you are feeling a little low about where we are, listen to the words of this fabulous song by the band Klaatu. It is simply titled “Hope”. Hope is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

      • This DC government has lied to start wars of aggression, bombed innocent civilians, tortured and imprisoned random people w/o lawyers and w/o charges, actually tortured some people to death, instigated the worst criminal homicide in the history of this nation on 911, and then lied about it, and continues to lie about it, allowed JFK to be murdered and lied about it, lied about all the HRC crimes, lied about all the W Bush crimes, lied about all the Bill Clinton crimes against humanity, and continues to lie about various wars in Syria, and other assorted crimes against humanity and war crimes. You ask me to have “faith”? Seriously? I’m watching. I was hopeful that President Trump was going to disrupt things in DC, but he is aligned with the Bushes now. We shall see. The proof is in the pudding. The jury is still out as to this “plan”. I will wait and see, as there is nothing more that I can do. However, these leftist paid mobs have got to be arrested and serious consequences for treason imposed, or I will not have “faith”. It is time to stop the abuse of the media, as well. I can’t take anymore of this lying state. Tell the truth for once. Be honest about what is really going on.

        • Well, you can cry, and whine, and complain, and curl up in a ball and die because things aren’t going your way, on your schedule, OR you can fight and do all you can to deliver an overwhelming majority for President Trump in congress and the senate.

          Life is not fair – never has been. I’ve lived long enough to know that precious little justice is delivered here on earth. That DOES NOT mean there is no justice. You HAVE to have FAITH. I hate to tell you this but the quote is not “Vengeance is yours…

          I think you need to read this poem by Robert Service called “The Quitter”
          Here’s a taste:

          You’re sick of the game, well now that’s a shame,
          You’re young and you’re brave and you’re bright,
          You’ve had a raw deal, I know, but don’t squeal,
          Buck up do you’re damnedest and fight!
          It’s the plugging away that will win you the day,
          So don’t be a piker old pard,
          Just draw on yer grit, it’s so easy to quit,
          It’s the keeping your chin up that’s hard.

          Heres the rest (that was only the middle verse):

      • I agree, but I LIKE that the leading voices of the Q movement question Q. They should. We haven’t questioned our leaders hard enough forever. Now that we are, why should we stop because /our guy/ is in charge? Q is not a one way comm platform. The Trump/Q Administration monitors the leading lights of the revolution. Considers their views, values their opinions. Something many of us have rarely seen the from the Federal Government. I think the skepticism and relentless inquiry is healthy

  3. The Trisha Anderson / Newman wedding. She is the daughter of Betty Anderson and Howard B. Anderson of Cranberry Township, Pa. The bride’s father is the commodity and energy risk manager in Pittsburgh, at Del Monte Foods, the San Francisco food production and distribution company. Who own’s millions of dollars in Del Monte stock? Nancy Pelosi.

  4. The bride, 35, who will keep her name, is a senior counsel to James M. Cole, the deputy attorney general, in Washington. Until July she was a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. She graduated from Yale and received a law degree from Harvard.

  5. I totally agree about the ethanol and I find it disgusting that they champion it like they are helping the economy or something….it takes more to run compared to non ethanol…the way I understand it is that ethanol has 2 carbons per molecule that are the contact point of burning and regular gas has 8 so ethanol can’t burn as efficiently and the non ethanol gets more done with less so I pay more for it at the pump knowing I refill less often…I wish I had the vocab to explain it. I first heard it on a yt video years ago which I couldn’t refind just now to repost. Iowa is the corn state and I did tweet Grassley once about the molecules but I can’t explain it well. In MN you can’t even find non ethanol so to me that indicates which states are deeper in the nwo deep state control. I don’t like it!

  6. Ok, NR, im from Australia. Now, with regards to your energy, fatigue meltdowns. Look at a product called Fullerene Carbon C60 in Olive Oil.
    Made in USA. “Carbonc 60in olive oil 100mls, 99.99% pure”.
    Some very good brands around. (Purple Power is one).
    Trust me it will really help.
    Thanks for your work.

  7. Hey, wait a sec.. when was that Fly [RR] Fly thing? A marker When RR is on A1? Gotta get to the Q clock and look it up…

  8. I’m sorry to hear that you have been feeling under the weather. I hope you are getting healed and back to normal, soon. Sympathy hugs and virtual support going your way from here….

    I’m bored w Q. The past few days, while you were not well, I have been watching Game of Thrones. It has a much better plot, even the second time that I have watched it.

    I could not get excited about Kavanough. The W connection made me not like him, and he looks like a closet case to me, and I don’t like liars, hiders in closets or those to attempt to be something other than true to themselves.

    I am also sick of the RAH RAH stuff. The circus is boring. I don’t like the pussy hatted women either. The skanks are so ugly too. How it is that such a crowd of ugly women can come together to scream at the top of their lungs, and embarrass all women in the nation?? I detest them.

  9. Regarding having no health insurance. We are self employed and got rid of the $$$$ BCBS a few years ago. We use Samaritan Ministries, a Christian based needs/share plan. It’s worked out great for us. Solidarity is a very good Catholic needs/share plan. I know lots of people who use both of them.

  10. Neon,
    I, too, can understand some of your frustration. It is a bit like having chewed up food given back to you. But there is a reason for all of this….there has to be. For Q to repeat what has been posted these past couple of days….perhaps this is the coming BOOMs?? Such as the connection of that “final arrival” in the black car in CHINA, no less?? Do you think all this going on with China is all about the “trade wars”??
    Also, something else I noticed. Perhaps it is nothing but….in post 2380 – it says that Mueller was “designed to stall for time” until the midterm elections to terminate all ongoing investigations. This had never crossed my mind! Think of it….he has been at this for HOW LONG?? Stalling?? But….since POTUS is “in control” and using many of their own “weapons” against them….and you are correct in that he is a white hat or has flipped….this may truly be a BOOM week?? RR to testify on Thursday….tomorrow?? BOOM! And then drop the declas this week?? BOOM!! Mueller brought to a stop?? BOOM!
    Many options here and time is running short! Q needs to tell the cabal…..that sand in the hourglass is running out! Their time is that short! LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

    • Healthcare? No, it’s disease management and destruction of health/brain/life by the evil cabal’s big pharma and their insurance companies. The Bible states, “pharmakia is as the sin of witchcraft.” We weren’t paying attention and chose man’s way over God’s once again.

  11. Neon,
    And between you and me… be encouraged!! And I pray that our Lord Jesus will strengthen you! Joshua 1:9!
    There is Hurricane Michael about to make landfall in Florida….how prophetic is THAT?? Think of it! I believe that this is a “sign” of a greater work that is being fought in the heavens! And now it is manifesting in the natural realm….Michael to make landfall! Michael will cast out that serpent….and then think about your new logo at top!! Hmmmm…..but this does not mean complete victory….only that a major battle is landing! The defeat of most of the cabal?? I believe so!

  12. It’s funny that I’m thinking exactly the same. I’ve been following Q. Q gave me hope. How this Q strategy works for a red wave this November I can’t understand. Q said they have everything, why is HRC ALLOWED to be free? Where are the arrests? The normies I speak to don’t care about the RR/Mueller investigation, they still hate Trump. It’s depressing. I need some BOOMS and soon.

    • You are correct, they don’t care. I work with one and she wouldn’t care if they hatched an assassination plot. ONLY the knowledge of pedos and pedovores would get her attention. That has to be the endgame.

  13. NR, take care of yourself as you are no good to anyone else if you are no good to yourself.
    Definitely, our definition of BOOMS and Q’s are different. I have been embarrassed so many times by warning my friends something big was going to happen and it didn’t–making me really look like a conspiracy theorist. However, Monday was the formal swearing in of Special K, Tuesday was the ethanol deal and Nikki Haley resignation. I have lowed my expectations for a baseline. And, I don’t share that data with anybody. I have lost enough credibility through this process. We are 4 weeks away. Surely, we can keep marching until then. #WWG1WGA!

  14. Patience is a virtue and a duty. Hang in there, Neon. We are praying for you and our nation.

    [Rev 6:9-11 KJV] 9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: 10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? 11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they [were], should be fulfilled.

  15. Hi Neon, a couple observations. The first is about 53-47. I wonder if that was related to Sessions and not Justice K? Sessions vote was 52-47, with one “present” vote. Would Pence have made it 53? Or Sessions have voted for himself if he could? Next, I think there was a possible confirmation from POTUS this week in speech to police chiefs. Use of the word “flawless” about Justice K (you talked about Dims calling him “lawless” a few articles ago and comments section mentioned “flawless” as alternative). Finally regarding the 23% unsure, Rush says the reason POTUS gets people to care about boring/complex topics (like trade) is bc he teaches as he informs. Rush also teaches. Hannity OTH is almost unbearable to listen to on radio. No teaching, just repetitive talking points that people tune out. When he does have a guest that starts to explain things, he interrupts and gives another talking point. It’s important the faces talking to normies are good teachers! Thanks for all you do and feel better:)

  16. Really appreciate your analysis and also your frustration, especially as you have been on the train for so long. I’m a bit new to Q, so still in the stage of just being relieved that someone with the ability to pull the necessary strings is doing something about all the crap that I have seen, if only through a glass darkly, and felt so powerless about, so I’m very willing to believe that stuff is happening and I don’t need to know all the details – I probably don’t want to know all the details! Best wishes with your illness – with no family history I was diagnosed not so long ago with an “auto-immune” disease, which is what modern treat-the-symptoms-not-the-disease medicine calls long-term micro-infections caused by other illnesses (the older infection-based theory that treated the disease). So they’re destroying my immune system rather than strengthening it. I’m being made content, though, because symptoms are under control and I can’t afford the treatment that would actually cure the disease. Again, best wishes to you and take care of yourself!

  17. Thanks for the outstanding analysis as ever Neon. I echo your sentiments entirely ref disinfo burnout. How can I redpill normies when I tell them to keep an eye on Iran and Rouhani and nothing happens? “Big Week” and nothing happens…bye RR…you get the picture.

    There is only so much redpilling one can do with deltas.

    #2380 really pissed me off – especially after “Are you ready to see PAIN?” then nothing – only to get a lecture on anons being impatient. Forgive me Q if you whoop us up with Michael Buffer tier hype, don’t deliver and anons get jaded. I’m ready to take a few days off because at the minute every drop is a let down telling me what I knew from Q 6 months ago.

    As an aside have you gotten any further with S&Banon because that was golden?

  18. Neon, hang in there man. This is a war. The heroes don’t make a big show when it’s easy, they do it when it’s hard. Hang in there. This will all come to light soon.

  19. DMWT, I’m in the same boat. Several times warned friends & family to look for something big only to have it end up being a tiny firecracker instead of a big BOOM.

    I understand a lot of things need to be in place before the major offensive begins but one thing that bothers me is the Declas. It was a big story when Trump signed the order. Three weeks later we have nothing. Where is it?

    I also understand the need to motivate people to vote but on some level it’s starting to feel like that is the only purpose to all of this. If you want to motivate people to vote and demoralize the Dem base then what would be better than to Declass and publicly expose the treasonous deep state scum NOW? Trump/Q have a huge arsenal of MOABs and are not using them? Why?

    I’m still optimistic and hoping for things to heat up soon but if they continue to “tease” all the big revelations and do not deliver before midterms then I would expect the next phase for Q will be to explain how we can’t really arrest all these people because it would be too disruptive and dangerous and we need to just get them out of power and “heal” as a nation, and accept all the gov secrecy because the “good guys” are now in control and can be trusted not to abuse it.

  20. The problem with Q all along has been that the enemy gets to read the posts as well which means that Q is condemned to posting disinformation along with some truth. It is frustrating for sure but there is still enough good information to keep me coming back for more.

  21. After years of seeing nothing done to push back evil, I can’t give up yet bc it’s not even 2 years since the inauguration. I’ve read about secret Obama pardons. What if that’s true what would they charge anybody with?
    I red pill people with the fact that President Trump has kept 64% of his promises and that we are all doing better. I also point out that he hasn’t done any crazy thing internationally except make better deals and create peace.

    • Obama was an illegal, illegitimate president so everything he did is null and void – that includes Kagan and Sotomayor on the SC.

  22. I’m a cynic also and some alarm bells have started ringing. The can does keep getting kicked down the road a lot, what happened with all those sealed indictments, are they just sitting on ice FOREVER???
    If things don’t pick up after the red wave in November then I will be truly totally disappointed in the Q team and Trump. Still no wall as Ann Coulter reminds us, we are still being systematically replaced in our own country by 3rd world immigrants. Still being displaced and having wages reduced by H1B Visas…………………………

  23. Hope you get to feeling better soon and thanks for your awesome posts. I also like some of the stuff you put on Gab but I don’t post much. Anyway, when you get frustrated I feel like you are saying exactly what I am thinking. I also want to tune out and do so at times because I feel like our emotions are being messed with. Last week’s post about “are we ready to see arrests?” had me excited but things seem slow this week. Also, the Ethanol announcement had me cringing… Still holding out hope for more this week though…

  24. To expand on your exasperation thing, unless they are SUPREMELY Confident that the culmination of ,(and timing) of their “plan” will reap a Tsunami of red votes, they are currently pissing away momentum that likely won’t be recovered before election day.
    I get the complication thing, but anal retentive management is not the stuff of Transcendent Movements.
    Shit or Get Off the Pot.

  25. I suspect the #difichispy pics also have something to do w the backdoor microchips into all of our electronics, & where they are made (g province shown by q pics).
    Difichispy is also e.g. there by silicon valley, so she knows where China’s silicon v is as well.

  26. Neon, take care of yourself. You do a great job, but your health comes first. That woman’s face has become a MEME -Triggered Melted Snowflake. In a way I feel sorry for her. If I were her, I’d be embarrassed as shit -but she is probably loving the notoriety – narcissistic snowflake

  27. Something weird I’d like to share. Last night my in Google Chrome gave a blank page with some cartoonish stuff, pretending to be hacked. “Pay bitcoins”-rubbish it said.
    Next, all my related links like Neonrevolt, Gatewaypundit, Truepundit and some others, gave the well known error-page. Can’t open them anymore since. In Google Chrome that is.

    I opened them in Microsoft Edge, no problem. But I don’t want ME, so I’ll download Firefox soon.
    Anybody got the same? No problems at my work with opening them in Chrome, so it seems “personal”. Kaspersky Internet Security installed, but that wasn’t enough, so it seems.

  28. The 53 – 47 vote: Q would have been right if not for:

    Daines would have voted Aye if not for his daughters wedding – So 51
    AlaskaLisa would have voted Aye if not for DiFiChiSpy – So 52
    Heidi would have voted Aye if not for someone convincing her to rewatch Kavanaugh’s testimony in mute mode (WTF) – So 53

    Who could of anticipated this crap?!

  29. No boom this week? Check out Breitbart scoop on Google The Good Censor project, appeared 10/9 evening, still there this morning. Not a peep from msm.

  30. As far as perjury charges against Blasey-Ford go, I would hold off – maybe not even go after her. But I would go after Debra Katz, her lawyer and the Dem pols who put her up to it. What about that other slime ball – Michael Avenitti (not sure if I spelled his name correctly). Ford is possibly a victim of CIA mind-control – the people behind her should get the punishment.

  31. NR, thank you for this article especially referring to Q’s last post. I feel the same way. It is very hard for those of us that have been trying to get our friends and family red pilled and into the Q movement only for dis info to in sue. I don’t understand why get us all hyped about arrests for nothing to happen. Does Q not understand that literally discredits every Q proof we have? Or are we supposed to apply the arrests post to the clock? I am confused and frustrated especially with the amount of shilling on the boards the last several days. I just lurk over there and can sense the frustration. I wanted to go the rally last night I only live a few hours from Council Bluffs, right in the heart of glyphosate country on the Go Big Red side. I too have multiple health problems and my son was home sick with a temp. I don’t know what it will take for the government to ban glyphosate. I can’t tell you how many young farmers I have helped take care of with lymphoma. Last year it hit to close to home whith my husband. The lymphs in his neck were terribly swallow so we have to go through the whole biopsy and cancer testing. The surgeon came out of the OR and told me he had lymphoma. Thank God he was wrong! They still don’t know after tens of thousands of tests and dollars spent why they are so inflamed but as of right now it is not lymphoma, but he has a high percentage that it will become lymphoma. He works in AG. He has stood in spills of Round Up! The government knows glyphosate is just a watered down agent orange. So I am also a little impatient because I know they have the cure for this shit!!! I was praying after the big lawsuit in CA the government would ban that crap but nope they got to keep killing us! Sorry for my long rant just to tell you that you are spot on again!!

    • Thanks for your post. You had the best reason for losing patience and demanding the destruction of the global population STOP NOW.

  32. I feel the frustration too, but there are some things we have to remember. President Trump has to get control of the Executive Branch, and that takes time. The branch, from senior leadership to the grunt at the desk, is in full rebellion both openly and covertly. Trying to clean them out takes time, then he can use the full weight of the branch to bring justice for our Republic. This isn’t a TV show that resolves its self in a hour. This is real life and President Trump has to clean out the branch of over 40 years of corruption. They will not make it easy for him, for their livelihood is at stake.

    Yes Q has to put out disinformation. Yes the enemy is reading his posts along with us. Deception is required to keep the enemy off balance, to spend their resources in the wrong place, and to misdirect. It’ frustrating for us because we all want to know “the plan.” Operational security says we can’t. I wish we could, but we can’t. All we can do is red pill as many as we can. That is our role in this war, our mission. You are doing that mission well Neon. Don’t give up. You helped red pill me, and I’ve red pilled several myself. What you do sends out ripples that turn into tsunamis. You are making a difference!

  33. If things progress any slower I’d be Benjamin Button… wake me when FISA gets declass until then “Nothing to see here”.

  34. Buy a Tesla & get solar panels & you don’t have to bother with ever buying any crappy fuel again. The electric engine is so much more energy efficient. Only 30% of combustion engine’s energy is usable. Even when all electricity for electric cars are generated by coal plants they’re still 40% more efficient in terms of energy use. The latest Roadster 2 has a 600 mile range, 0-100 km/h(60mph) in 1.9 sec. Once this industry reaches full economy of scale it will annihilate the combustion engine industry. This has nothing to do with the climate change carbon tax hoax – it is simply a better way to go.

  35. The Chicago communists continue to affect the libel laws. Alan Stang, my late husband, wrote the article that changed the libel laws. When our second son was in U of Houston, the class professor stated the same. lol, he didn’t know that one of his students was the son of the hated Alan Stang. The suit was actually against the magazine because Gertz was identified as a communist in a caption, inserted by the editor.

  36. And I was bashed for using the 6000 yr old tool astrology the precursor to astronomy.
    Here is how election day plays out. Some fear of vote fraud early in the day, reports of by voters. Maybe some fights at the polling stations. By 8pm eastern it is called for some important states/districts. And BOOM riots start with Mars on US Moon Aquarius, because we sweep. Uranus moves back into Aries for the street fighters.
    Marxist tears to bathe in once again.

    ~your welcome

    • Only one person said something mean to you. Ignore him. If we are forced to read Revelations, when people quote that book, why would anyone have anything to say about your post? You keep on, and post as you wish. I appreciate you and your posts. Don’t let one person censor your voice.

    • Marie S, I’m glad you spoke about my past criticism of your past post here; as I’ve been unable to wade through those posts to speak, again, there. I wish to ask for your forgiveness for my rude comments. I was wrong! This is America where we all enjoy our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Freedom of Religion. The very things that the Deep State would love to steal from us all & why we all fight them so hard. It’s those freedoms that make our country so great & the envy of many. I failed to remember that fact, in my past response to you, and I am very sorry. I should have shut my mouth & continued scrolling without comment. I am very sorry I did not & I sincerely apologize for my rude bullying of you (with my remark). Peace & blessings to you, Fellow American Patriot!

  37. Hey Neon, I feel you. I get so pissed off with the pacing of this movie. Its frankly a little boring and I’m not sure why Q started a year ago. Apart from the socratic method talk at Defcon 2017 and other presentations but I digress… Step away from the narrow plot of Trump and FISA for a while (it will drop at the time of maximum impact for midterms obviously) and go digging in other rabbit holes. For example, loads of info on human smuggling around the time of Saudi purge. They don’t need to import from Haiti. They get children from Africa and export them through Djoubiti and Somalia (and the blight of Benin on the West Coast). Its why the war is happening in Yemen and why US have been in Djoubiti the last year or two. If you need some R&R I’d recommend any documentary from Adam Curtis (they will explain a lot, especially hyper normalisation) and the original Flash Gordon on YouTube from 1937. Trump, Qanon, it really is a film plot and its way older than many imagine. Oh yeah, if you do watch it, Trump had a polo team in the 80’s. Anyway, chill. This is much bigger than you can imagine. All this stuff with Trump is just exposition. Anons genuinely don’t realise it but they are about 3-4 years ahead of normie. They will probably catch up quick though. Stay safe. Rest up. Have fun with it, go digging, meme more… Oh yes, I have a load of stuff about Hugh Hefner and Playboy if you want it. Dropped some months ago but it never got traction on the chans as there were happenings a plenty at the time. It’s a fun rabbit hole to dig in, bloodlines, OSs, CIA, paperclip nazis, the Astors, naked busty spy girls, 2 way mirrors with spy cams, lots of fun.

  38. I think it is becoming increasingly obvious that the main aim of the Q drops is to provide a visible and credible platform for the black hats to be fed disinfo.

    The stated aims of disclosure and awakening to the sheep are evidently second priority. That’s why so many of the posts are nonsensical to the average, non-acclimated joe.

    I completely understand from a dispassionate, military operational point of view, but it doesn’t mean I enjoy being a pawn being used by white hats in addition to the black.

    WRWY Neon. You rock as a writer.

  39. Woww, so glad it’s not just me! Q’s posts are worse than boring, now. It’s like he’s using the posts as disinfo against the cabal! And I’m sick of BOOM,BOOM,BOOM!! One boom, last week, doesn’t make BOOMBOOMBOOM!!! I’ve just about stopped reading the posts. This last long one, I just scanned it. Is Q trying to make us tune out?? I don’t like disinformation, even if it’s hurting the enemy! I’ll shut up on that, now. Ethanol!!! A seriously bad idea! It was when Bush introduced it and now Trump is making it worse. There’s nothing worse than burning your food. Rule #1: Never burn your food! Now farmers have more incentive to not plant food crops! The farmers start farming energy!! Not even good energy!!! And the prices for food go sky-high and people start starving. OK… I have more but I think I’ve ranted enough… Thanks Neon! I’m amazed how your thoughts match mine. I’M FRUSTRATED!!!!

  40. Neon, I totally get where you’re coming from here…the repetitions are grinding on me too. Regarding the Ethanol though…my initial reaction to it was laughter and I still don’t take it seriously. I’m in the UK and it was the equivalent of DJT giving the finger to former ‘allies’…something is definitely going to give.
    Q said that the President picks the timing and I trust Trump…he’s not a politician, he’s a ‘player’ and a really good one. He may have gone through bankruptcies but he’s never been broke. 😉

  41. It’s tough – I imagine they didn’t just create QAnon only for us patriots to keep us informed as much as they could but also as a platform to use to further their “plan”… posting disinformation at opportune times, etc. to confound the enemy. So we’re stuck with the disinfo a lot.
    But yes we all relate – it really does get “old” about saying there will be humongous “booms” soon and then aren’t.
    I don’t think you need to do that in the way they do – especially this last one about being ready for the arrests like it was going to be the next day or two and then nothing. They come off as cruel teases & think they could’ve worded it differently. Don’t know — we’re not in their shoes — I’m afraid it’s back to the old “time will tell” phrase…..and hopefully not too much more time! We do appreciate all your efforts and sacrifice….

  42. Thanks Neon for your Article. You have a keen sense of putting into words what many of us are feeling when comes to this movement and the Q phenomenon. I think disillusionment is the best word to describe it. I understand that disinfo is necessary and we don’t know the full plan but I believe all good commanders know how to keep their troops energized during the inevitable “waiting-periods” of war.
    I think it is times like this that we need encourage ourselves in God’s ultimate plan through his Son Jesus Christ. He has the ultimate end game and He will be the one to finally put down the Cabal. All of what we are seeing now culminates at Revelation 19:19. So the challenge is to keep our eye on Him and he will keep us in perfect peace.

    Lord bless Neon. I pray that you continue to send the Holy Spirit to encourage him and activate his gifts in service of the Kingdom. I pray that through all his ministry and work his relationship with you will grow stronger.
    In Jesus Name

  43. When you’re up to your ass in alligators it’s difficult to remember the original idea was to drain the swamp. Start killing alligators and it will go faster.

  44. Ok,maybe I’m just blind as a bat, but can anyone tell me wth was in Feinstein’s mouth? Also ,in the wedding article,I noticed his mother worked for Cygnus. That rang a huge bell and i can’t place it. Yup,I’m burnt too,and blind and daft. Still gonna forget forward though,I haven’t come this far to give up now.

  45. Thanks for all you do Neon, I look forward daily to your posts. If Q reads this thread, here is an idea to reinvigorate Q followers. Hey Q how about leaking some more tidbits about 911. Without proper closure on 911 (public arrests). The country will never ever ever heal, while generations living at the time are still above ground. This would also red pill a great portion of the brainwashed zombie leftist hordes

  46. “Whatever!” and… honestly, wash my hands walk away from NEON REVOLT and QAnon forever.”

    Stop being such a fucking buzz kill…this isn’t all about you and your precious feelings!

    Help motivate or shut the fuck up…

    • So much wisdom (and patience) from such a young man. In the same vein as your post, here is “Stealth Jeff’s” take on [RR]. Do I trust RR? No frickin’ way. You just have to look at his past and his connections and you know he is filthy. Does Trump trust him? You gotta be kidding – but can he USE him? Does President Trump have leverage over RR? Ya think? For all we know the President may be using RR until he uses him up. What I think is hilarious is that RR probably thinks he’s pulled the wool over Trump’s eyes. Suuuuure.

      What every talking head and pundit THINKS Trump is doing is of no importance. It all comes down to this: Do you TRUST President Trump or not?

    • Jordan is no longer as good as he was with the whiteboard. He is preachy, and egotistical. He does not do good research, like he used to, and posts way after the fact, and only randomly. I can’t watch anymore of his “secret space program” stuff, as most of it is garbage. Sorry, but no longer a fan of Jordan Sather. Last year, he was tops. This year, he is boring. Most of his videos are about himself, his view and his opinion, while he looks down on everyone else.

  47. Wow, some real crybaby specials puking up the comments. Anyway, I’m with you on this waiting for trigger break.. but timing is literally everything, so we wait! Thanks for always providing good info on the drops.

  48. Some grand design is being woven. Two great factions are vying control for a world empire. For those frustrated, I think we can be guaranteed to see some big fireworks aplenty and soon.

  49. Neon I wish you would take your influence more seriously. You are putting out toxic, demoralizing energy rather than choosing to be uplifting and encouraging to those Sunshine Patriots who are getting frustrated. If you can’t uplift because you are sick perhaps you could edit out your negativity. I find Im dreading reading you now just as soldiers used to dread Tokyo Rose broadcasts during WW11. She would lure them in with great music as you do with snippets from the anons but the price to be paid was her demoralizing comments designed to break their spirits and feed their doubts. You have the same impact based on the comments I’ve read and my own reaction to your negativity. If you need to take a break, do it rather than poisoning good hearted people. As an Orthodox Christian it seems you may be spiritually depleted. Are you attending the Divine Liturgy, taking Communion, listening to “Orthodox” hymns and chants, reading the daily Orthodox Bible verses, saying the Jesus prayer? Even your comment that YOU were mad at Q was shocking. Mad? You? You are mad at a man risking his life to defeat a 6,000 year old Death Cult of unspeakable EVIL. Are you serious? Hubris check yourself. Pride goeth before a fall. You are very close to the precipice imho. Please reflect and pull back. Get healthy physically and spiritually. Beware of the energy you are putting out. Right now it is NOT positive. No one needs you for Q. We can do it ourselves or go to many other sources who don’t insert a black pill with the decode. Take a break, please and when you come back please post that its safe to read you without bracing for your Tokyo Rose interjections or at least post a warning before they begin. God bless you and heal you.

  50. Myth No. 2: Ethanol production reduces our food supply. ——————————————————-

    False. Only 1 percent of all corn grown in this country is eaten by humans. The rest is No. 2 yellow field corn, which is indigestible to humans and used in animal feed, food supplements and ethanol.

    Specifically, a bushel of corn used for ethanol produces 1.5 pounds of corn oil, 17.5 pounds of high-protein feed called DDGS, 2.6 pounds of corn meal and 31.5 pounds of starch. The starch can be converted to sweeteners or used to produce 2.8 gallons of ethanol. DDGS displaces whole corn and some soybeans traditionally used in animal feed. The United States is a large exporter of DDGS to China and other countries.

    Five Ethanol Myths, Busted

  51. NR, I share your frustration. I’ll admit the Kavanaugh confirmation and the Haley resignation qualify as BOOM’s, but, everything else was just flea-farts i.e nothing worth getting excited about. If Trump really wants to make a serous BOOM or a MOAB, he should do the following: take over all the t.v. networks and using the Emergency Broadcast System, broadcast the Dems caught red-handed doing their various crimes for all the world to see. Show an edited version of the supposed Hillary/Huma snuff tape, or the alleged picture of Obama pointing an AK-47 at Americans, or how Kirstin Gillebrand’s father was a high-ranking member of the woman-abusing sex-cult NXIVM. Q even said there’s footage of pedovore rituals from Epstein Island that the NSA caught through someone’s smartphone. If these shocking things were brought to light, I guarantee you these Satanist Dems would never show their faces in public again.

  52. Neon – thanks for your comments about your disillusionment. I was thinking this afternoon: “Well, it’s already Wednesday, I’m getting really tired of the “Big Week Ahead”, “Boom Week”, “Enjoy the Show”, etc.

    In the last few days I have considered staying away from GAB, Q, and NeonRevolt and just watch cat videos until after the mid-terms. There have been a couple posts on GAB/NeonRevolt asking questions like; “Where are all of the arrests” and several other questions like that and the original poster got clobbered for asking them – well, clobber me because I’ve had the same questions for a couple of months.

    It’s time – past time – wwwaaaaayyyyyy past time. I know …. it takes time to build a case. Yeah? Tell that to Mueller, he seems to have been able to get arrests and indictments (the content of those is not as relevant as the fact that he has been taking action – as infuriating as it has been). This is supposed to be a 4 boom week – if it’s not, I’m out.

  53. I’m writing to you about a group, the National Liberty Alliance. They’re working

    to effect change in our court system, which is a fraud under a gold fringed flag.

    We need to go back to natural law of the land, instead of admiralty law of the sea

    that has fraudulently replaced it. Few people know anything about this, that has to

    change, people need to know what a giant scam they’ve pulled off. The group wants

    to take their fight right to the Supreme Court, which has had a lot of press lately.

    They need help getting the word out, articles and Yourtube podcasts since main

    stream media would never touch the subject. Here’s the site and contact information,

    please do what you cam, thanks~!

    Questions or other concerns call Jan (814) 531-5363; [email protected]
    Technical Isues call Karl 518-300-3655; [email protected]

    Mailing Address
    National Liberty Alliance
    3979 Albany Post Road, Suite 107
    Hyde Park, New York, 12538
    Fax – 888-891-8977

  54. [1] either
    [T]he God Emperor, has flipped [rr]
    [RR] has won.
    Based on the evidence at hand I lean towards the former.
    learn to live now with a [compromise] an [infestation] may need one (look at all wars –> compromises are always traded for victory).

  55. It is frustrating that it seems everytime Q projects something big is going down. It never happens. Like the FISA application still not declassified is the latest. When you see post like are you ready for arrest or are you ready for pain? Then say justice moves slow. Why give anons those expectations if your not ready? You can over play your hand. If you have everything but they take the House and possibly the Senate then what? It seems if something else drops that shows more evidence that Dems are corrupt on the heels of the Kavanaugh confirmation. It would encourage more #walkaway and drive Republicans out to vote. The Dems have sussessfully made it to the mid-terms without any major drop of evidence.A small victory would go along way to affirm we are fighting and winning. Especially for those very skeptical that any of the top level lefties will be held accountable. We will never give up but it seems we are already on the verge of major civil unrest. No matter how you go about it. They are going to throw a tantrum. I just hope there will be some action soon against the traitors. Thanks Neon for all the time and effort you put into this. In the end we will win.

  56. Nope. You are not alone. I take into account the amount of the sick terrorizing of kids, and the raping and murdering; and I’m exhausted by it and want to see something done. I don’t what I expect to see, though, as this is an ongoing thousands years long issue. I also know I only got on this crazy train a few short months ago, which seems a bit early to burn out, perhaps, but maybe it’s all the time I needed to be here. Sometimes, I think God places us in a place for a time. During that time, we learn some new things and learn how to rethink some things. Then, we look at our own lives and think, maybe I am supposed to be done with this particular part now, and now it’s time to move into something a bit more tangible or thought provoking or life changing for others. For me, Q and Trump and all this politicking, isn’t for me to stay and spend much more time on. I’m on a fast track to some very big things. God has been preparing my heart, however, and some of these things I had to learn in order to take the next step. Perhaps, you’re needed for more. While I love what you’re doing, I would happily see you change it or even end it to do the “more ” God is calling you for. Prayers, friend.

  57. First of all, let me state that I’m 1,000% happy with EVERYTHING Donald Trump is doing! I’m a bigger fan of the president now than I have ever been. He’s truly doing an amazing job.

    As for Q on the other hand…I’m giving him till October 17th, and if nothing happens in terms of DECLASS or any of the other big things that have been promised, then I’m going to start my own #walkaway movement….from Q. I’m tired of all the talk, and absolutely NO action.

    But at least, thanks to Q, I discovered your site and all the great information you are providing. And this past week seems to be proving your assertion that Rosenstein is a white hat, so great job there! Q been dishing “heap big” disinformation on [RR] for quite sometime now. And that makes me wonder….what else might be disinformation in terms of those who Q constantly supports, like Jeff Sessions perhaps? The “conspiracy theory” that Graham replaces Sessions, and then Haley replaces Graham is looking like it just might have a whiff of truth about it. I know I would be EXTREMELY happy to see that happen, as Graham has been more activated than anyone these past few weeks.

    So yeah, you’re not alone. Q needs to put up or shut up now. The clock is ticking…

    As for your site, just switch away from what Q is saying, to what The Donald is DOING.

    Peace out.

  58. There are a lot of drops from Q in the Q MEGA drops folder. Hundreds of photos, mems etc. And Q team drops there almost weekly. Not many people on youtube address those drops. It would be good if Neon attacks at least one of the many folders and gives us more info. Also, stay away from Google, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft as your search engine. A lot if things you are searching for you will never find due to the embeded algorithms and censorship. Use Russian search engines like YANDEX. William Mount channel has been banned by the Nazi-Youtube a week ago and I am pissed off.

  59. Neon. Long (very long) time reader.

    Just a heads up on a possible decode.



    FBI Arrested a man who was building a 200 pound bomb that he planned to detonate in D.C.<

    Could be [BOOM WEEK] was not meant for Anons. Could be a message for white hat operators to “defuse” a threat. A temporal proximity marker of sorts.

    I’m still under the impression that Q team is utilizing a form of Quantum Computing to predict long-term variables. Especially since Quantum computing is not necessarily restricted by temporal factors (Entanglement, etc.)

    I also think Q is, itself, a method of decoding and encoding output/input for their computations. Possibly a reason for the more abnormal and cryptic elements, and why Q seems to thank Anons for relatively “mundane” accomplishments sometimes.

    Could be that they didn’t see an answer/variable adjustment right in front of them, as the input/output of a Quantum predictive machine would likely be extremely cumbersome to analyze and/or make logical sense from (since all predictions are inherently abstract in nature).

    Just had an urge to respond to an article of yours, for once.

    Hang in there. I understand the burn-out. I really do. Just keep up the good fight. Trust the plan.

    -A grateful observer.


  60. NR,
    Just a thought….have you seen this video? I am not one to watch many as I prefer to read it myself and do my own thinking….but this is….interesting!

  61. Perhaps you need to stop gauging behind-the-scenes progress of one of the most critically important military operations of our time by the intensity of dopamine rush your brain receives from reading and deciphering Q posts. You’re DA receptors are obviously desensitized to the point of being resistant; like the tastebuds of someone who’s eaten way too much BBQ sauce.

    As you may recall, this is about a worldwide military operation of epic proportions; if you believe it’s legit then try to remember that this is about saving our Republic from the infinite depths of the abyss it was speeding toward… that’s it’s about saving Earth and its inhabitants from eternal spiritual darkness… it’s NOT. ABOUT. YOU.

    So, lay off the BBQ sauce or, at the very least–pretty please with sugar on top–STOP COMPLAINING.

  62. I’m not thrilled about the ethanol but if it helps decimate China’s hold on us, so be it. A bit of comfort as it will irritate DiFiChiSpy. We aren’t seeing a lot of FFs, good good. And every time hillary opens her mouth, Repub’s chances go up. The EO goes into effect Jan 1, yes? Let’s hope for a Happy New Year.

  63. I miss the days of Angela Merkel, Epstein Island, flight logs, SkyKing, frantically rummaging through Insta before accounts were taken down. I’m bored of the politics.

  64. Medi-share, Christian Ministries and Liberty-share are healthcare co-ops starting at $149/month. Liberty-share has a $500 deductible. This is what I do because I wasn’t going to pay $750/month with a $6500 deductible. I use the GoodRx site to purchase medication. It’s sometimes less expensive to do this than to go through one’s insurance carrier.

  65. Think the film Hustler. Minnesota Fats character defeats the cocky talented pool shark by exhausting him mercilessly.

    Let’s presume Q is military intelligence. Mil Intel knows all strategies. Q is methodically jabbing at the enemy – wearing them down. As much as we would like to see them knocked out by a glorious haymaker it is more efficient to wear them out until they reach a point, like Paul Newman in Hustler, where they give up. They go away broken and blackballed.

    I’ve been reading you for awhile. You are a very good researcher and an entertaining writer. What the movement needs is a 5 minute video on what actually happened – DNC, Clinton, Dossier, Collusion plan, etc… You have reiterated this info repeatedly in your articles. Put together a counter argument video to the Russian collusion narrative pushed by the press. The normies need a pill to swallow.

    This is like Inception. The normies aren’t going to investigate the reality of what happened when the press hypnotizes them on a daily basis on what they are supposed to think. Humans are insecure. They fear being in the wrong. They won’t question the narrative. They won’t go against the herd mentality. Remember the videos taken by the whistleblower who taped interviews with abortion clinic staffers. Those videos woke normies who had no idea about the abortion business. We need a video that outlines what “likely occurred” in the steps leading to surveillance of the Trump campaign. We have more information than we know. You know more than most. A five minute video that is easy to consume would implant the possible truth into the conscious of the normies. They begin to question the narrative by the press. They send the video to their congressmen, ask is any of it true. The truth starts to spread. Please consider making a short digestable video on what you suspect occurred given all your research.

    Keep pounding.

  66. Corn? Because China? ok Anons, find out who got their butt saved in the futures markets and who cleaned up with insider knowledge of this announcement.

  67. Appreciate you, Neon. War includes weariness, rest, recharging.

    This morning’s news included a mention that one of the charges against Harvey Weinstein has been dropped. My first thought was he is singing about bigger fish. October is/was slated to be NEXIUM reveal month. Really hoping The Plan hasn’t been revamped to the point of not being recognizable.

    Patience, rest, vote.

  68. Obviously he keeps posting it because there is something people haven’t figured out about it yet. Or something relevant to a future event. He really wants us to have this video memorized for some reason.

  69. You are not alone with feeling the fatigue. I too have reached my limit regarding Booms, Sky is Falling, and Red October Hopium. Is Q a Psyop, Larp? I don’t really know at this point. But like you, I have been following Q since late last year, at the same time I was following MegaAnons posts.

    I will retreat for now as I do not see any “Promises Made” with Qs posts. Weiner is being released from Jail. The Clintons are going on a freaking tour. How is that winning? Since most of the Q team are military, I’d like to understand why if the “enemy” is losing are they allowing them to regroup? As for Trust the plan, what plan specifically? The one with disinfo mixed with real info, wherein real info is really hard to decipher? How long ago was the promise of the Fisa declass, about 3 weeks ago? Now there’s talk that because the Republican party is energized, Potus may not declass FISA until after the mid terms. I’m thinking of withholding my vote to see whether or not this is true.

    I’ve tried to redpill family members and friends. Have been successful with my mom who voted for Hillary. But have been unsuccessful with anyone else because with all the Trust the Plan message, what does the Q team have to show for, in regards to winning?

    What I didn’t anticipate is feeling the pain of disappointment. The pain of no arrests, lackluster booms of hopium. Ironically, I had thought the pain was meant for the DS.

  70. ALL I CAN SAY IS ‘ME TOO’ NEON. I can’t sleep at night while children are being raped by unsealed indictments on hold until this game they are playing is over. No booms, no resignation, no information, disinformation. I feel like you have been reading my twitter but see that they took your/that account away too.
    Bastards. Trump knows they are silencing us but google/youtube/twitter double down. Blessed to teach, justinformedtalk, stgreport, etc… NO INTERVENTION BY TRUMP while youtube takes away a man’s ability to feed his family by demonetizing all of his vids – that’s theft. Seeing an old man nearly murdered by a mob in Portland was frightening- as “Trumps” police officer sat idly by tweeting. Seeing the Republican train nearly killing the entire GOP- nothing again. On and on. Really, Trump, Sessions, someone needs to act. We have every right to be afraid, pissed off, and now hopeless still not able to stick our bumper stickers on our cars and trucks.

    So burned out on Q with you. Boom bull.

    I hope the Presidential emergency alert will go off stating Martial Law has been initiated and turning on tv to see perp walks on the new news channel set up for patriots and the complete takeover of all MSM.

    These are unrealistic hopes. I need to focus back on work and not waste one more spare minute on Q stringing me along.

    I spent 3 months at a cottage on a lake in Canada w no wifi, tv, and barely a radio signal. Just returned Friday to find I missed nothing at all.

  71. I thought there was a slim chance that Sessions was a white hat, but yesterday Trump reportedly was asking about firing Sessions, so it seems the Stealth Elf isn’t becoming activated and is going back to the Keebler Elf House instead. In addition, McConnell stated that if Sessions was fired, he would be replaced by someone not in the Republican Party, i.e. a Democrat, which really confuses me. Therefore it looks like Q’s advice to “Trust Sessions” was just more disinfo and when Sessions is fired, he’ll be replaced by some Demonrat who will be even worse. I think it was a mistake to call this Red October because November will be way more intense and the Dems are going to get bloody and violent regardless of the Midterm election results.

  72. So, you are channeling our thoughts or are we channeling yours? Or is it just true! A boom to Q seems to only excite lawyers and Intel guys. The average citizen doesn’t get it because they don’t know what the crimes are or what is at stake! THOSE are the booms we need, and the more graphic, the more people will wake up. I get that the law and politics doesn’t work like that, especially when trying to clean out corruption. I get that it is slow, but then Q shouldn’t promise big booms. It is a HUGE commun ou cation gap, as you, Neon, have hinted at. People don’t care about FISA declass because we’ve never heard of it. Thanks to Q, 100,000 people now know but Q has to reach hearts and minds. I quit telling people it is a big boom week because they already think I’m a sucker for following. I just want it to be over, too. I appreciate Q, and without Q we would think POTUS was a lame duck, and without POTUS I do believe we’d all be dead, but I don’t believe we shouldn’t worry or that Q Team has this war in the bag, and we are just watching a movie.

  73. NEON, the obvious connection: #FlyRRFly# is in june. How did Q know that RR was going to be on AF1? Why would RR get onto AF1 at all, if he is the demon sent to destroy Trump? Think about it, “gee rod, instead of we just talk on the way to the copter, why not get on the plane with me, oh and it will mimic #flyRRfly#”. Read the drop, that june drop is where we are. Read carefully, in reverse…

    “designed.” The key word in the entire drop, “designed…”

  74. Thanks for your comments on ethanol. I absolutely detest it and I agree with everything that was stated. I was very upset and for the first time, angry at the President for this decision. Hope it’s not permanent and I will definitely be writing to him about this one. I was surprised that there wasn’t more pushback on this.

  75. I was frustrated with Q. I am in the bag for the long haul with Trump like I was with Perot. Saying that, I know why Q isn’t batting 100.
    Here is my theory on Q:
    He satisfies the technology requirements, insider requirements, and build a movement motivation requirements.
    Think about it….He is building a base of voters he needs to wake up to the truth. I don’t consider it doxing like 8 chan boards scolded me for. Actions and cryptic messages tell me they know who they are fighting…the rest is all timing. I can wait till I see something obviously wrong with the team I am cheering for! Hopefully we win and real change can occur. WWG1WGA

  76. Hi Neon. I’m replying to your GAB post about Boomers. (I am an extreme Normie and find learning new systems difficult. I basically turn my computer on and hope for the best).

    But I just wanted to say, don’t let them get you.

    Because I think they got you.

    Reading the intro to 8Chan I learned that there are ‘shills’ who will post negative things to hurt you and make you cave in to their darkness. That way, they win.

    I think they have done that to you. Here.

    You are such a sensitive soul, that is why you fight for justice with such a fierce and unrelenting fury. You want to protect the helpless and the weak. And that is good, because they need you and they need protecting.

    Please do not let them turn you.

    Every second that they can get you to spend on Microchip, is another minute you aren’t working on defeating the #Cabal (I see that everywhere btw, you really coined it!). You soundly trounced that loser weeks ago, yet he still comes back for more. Why?

    To distract you. Any delay is a win for them. They want to stop you. And if they have to masquerade as #Boomers to do so, then they will.

    They don’t want you to finish your QAnon book.

    But we do. We want you to.

    They don’t want you to finish your #Cabal profiles and tell the Normies what you know, and even more importantly, what you understand.

    But we Normies do. We want to hear. We want to know.

    It is not an overstatement to say that you and Q and the 8chan Anons have changed my life.

    I have learned that nearly everything I knew and believed to be true was a wicked wicked lie. But it is not frightening to me. Do you know why? Because we’re all in this together. No one here is alone.

    Please don’t let these shills fracture us.


    This is already a big news week outside of politics. No reason to put out any booms given the media coverage of a serious natural disaster and a stock market losing over 1000 points on the Dow in two days. Let the patriots take a break, we all deserve it. The carpet bombing will begin soon (I hope). Don’t be discouraged. 4 Weeks before the election is still a long time. My struggle is trying to figure out what is meant to be revealed before the election and what is the administration saving to be revealed post election…
    I think this will be an interesting month. Rest up while you can.

  78. Google is harassing me big time because I’ve been filing complaints with the FCC against both Google and YouTube for their overt left-wing bias and their covert methods of controling the political narrative instead of just being an apolitical communication enterprise.They just don’t seem to get it .They have stop notifying me of new Neon Revolt posts,they freeze up YouTube sites that happen to be conservative ones,or else they just freeze up YouTube all together.They act as though they’re providing internet service to me as a favor rather than because I PAY THEM TO !!! I’m tired of fooling with them.I want the FCC to impose a regulatory panel to force them to be fair and unbiased or I want the government to just NATIONALIZE ALL COMMUNICATION AND INTERNET COMPANIES AND ALL NEWS BROADCAST COMPANIES ! It’s the only way we (conservatives)are going to get a level playing field.Barring that then I propose we just dissolve the Union and permanently portion the country.After President Trump,I’m not going to put up with this “progressive”socialist madness ANYMORE ! Progressing to what?Sodom and Gommorah?Ancient Rome at it’s most decadent?Supreme Court Justices that actually favor pederasty(Ruth Bader Ginsburg) Witchcraft organizations attended by our politicians and leaders?GOD FORBID !!! Our forefathers broke away from Great Britain for much less serious problems than we are contending with today !

  79. Marie S your posts r sure more uplifting than KatzZenBooze’s typical 4 or 5 of late here, but then hindsight tends to be 20/20 in astrology

    Fulford gave the possible childtrafficing boom earlier this week & Kanye West in the White House, plus Trump’s executive order on childtrafficing certainly qualifies as a definite ‘BOOM’ week in my Q-boom-book

    “watched trump’s human trafficking talk today.. pretty good “

    • Nice, Leland roth. You post a lot, and mostly boring stuff. You have the nerve to criticize others, and then you post Fulford. LOL! Good thing you are so much better than the rest……and sit in judgement of who may post what, and how much.

      • BTW, Leland roth, I would not have to post so many times, if there was an “edit” key on this site. As soon as I finish my post, I usually think of something else. I could consolidate the posts to one, and edit them for spelling and grammar, but alas… edit.
        Sorry if you are perplexed by my posts, they are not meant to be uplifting, as I am not a priest. They are an attempt to communicate with people who understand what I am talking about. Not too many places a person can find to do that. I’m sure you understand that.

        I was thinking, this past election was the first time that I did not put a political sign in my yard. That was because I knew I was voting for President Trump and I did not want to get vandalized. I should have taken more note of this, bc that fear is very wrong.

        It is time that we stop waiting for Q, and start returning the favor to these astro turf morons in pussy hats and standing around with misinformed and ignorant opinions. If they can approach me in a restaurant, then I can get in their face and school them on the risks of attacking unknown strangers.

  80. Central and South America are mentioned in the trafficking talk but nothing about the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The Arabs and Muslims are some of the greatest offenders.

  81. NR, decided to come back and visit on Friday,10/12. Another Non-BOOM week. Praying Medic says he has no “expectation” from Q posts. Why does Q post this stuff if there is not a level set of expectation? Yesterday, when [RR] did not do a thing other than defer, obstruct, and not show up, I shake my head and wonder why the constant tease? Even the President said in a recent rally, “the things you learn in the next couple of weeks will shock you”. I learned that Kayne is not the idiot I thought he was. That is not shocking. I further identified that the left is virtue signaling a rally cry to physically attack the right–not new. Sad.

  82. Thanks Neon, keep up the good work. I champ at the bit every day now to apprise others of your existence, when in the course of conversations that lend themselves to such.

  83. Neon,
    Perhaps POTUS has been waiting on this so as not to be blamed?? Should we keep an eye out for that pic of Hussein??

    And would this be a “BOOM?”
    We know that not all the criminals will be tried in the military tribunals. This will depend on which crimes they will be charged. So it will be needed to use up some criminal courts. And this is interesting as well, although it pertains to a court case with illegal aliens.

  84. Hey KatZeNBooze….i was right…u did post 5 times here as I post usually on an average once an article…& on rare occasion twice.

    NeonRevolt knows my spiritual persuasions & I am QUITE sure Kanye West chatting from the WH was a pre-arranged event & worthy of a BOOM WEEK according to Q standards in winning the mid terms along with this p.o.v. contining fwd

    Judicial Watch
    Judicial Watch
    BREAKING: A federal court ordered a hearing for tomorrow (October 12th) on JW’s request for testimony under oath from Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, & other State Department officials about Clinton email searches in JW’s FOIA lawsuit about Benghazi. (1/6)

    • Leland roth make it six times……not sure why you are the “counter” of posts…….however, thank you for your ongoing monitoring of my posts. Please stop calling me katzenbooze, as I do not drink, and alcohol is the direct cause of my husband’s death, so try not to insult me w any association with booze. Thank you for your consideration.

      As for the “booms”? I am not concerned w “booms”, as my interest is elsewhere. You might want to address that information to someone who cares about “booms”.

  85. Neon,
    Another train of thought for you anons/autists…..
    The reason why things with DiFiChiSpy are so serious and, I believe, the trade wars are a cover for what is truly going on….setting China free?? Who knows. But the cabal has been working diligently (all while the “believers” have been complacent and lulled into a stupor so as not to spiritually combat these true forces – “these people are evil!”) to overtake this nation!

    Here are several links: (taken from several articles)

    We cannot forget this old commercial:

    POTUS is fighting to stop them!

    So much more!

  86. Neon I feel your pain about no insurance. However did you not realize insurance is nothing but a private tax? Most of my life I have not had nor needed health insurance. If you add up the thousands of dollars you pay in any given year and compare it with the amount you would have paid out of your pocket or if you have a job how much more in your paycheck you would have if your employer gave more cash instead of subsidizing a premium you will realize that for 99% of your medical needs you have overpaid by thousands. Catastrophic insurance is about the only insurance I condone.

    I am also frustrated with the booms in the Q posts. When you look at most boom drops the booms are very small compared to what we expect. So I would read very little into boom drops. One has to ask themselves if there is always an excuse for why the booms did not happen then when the f are they ever going to happen? I still will follow q because I still feel like I am getting useful intel and enlightenment from the drops.

  87. Q announced that it would be “boom week.” It’s Friday afternoon and things haven’t gone boom yet. “Red October” in terms of the stock market, though, is looking rather ominous. Applying some logic, here goes:
    1) The week isn’t over. If nothing of consequence happens tonight or tomorrow, then maybe it was boof week after all.
    2) Q only said “boom week,” not “boom boom boom boom week.” I’m thinking only one boom is on the horizon, though four are ultimately planned.
    3) Red October on Wall Street is a real threat to Q’s side’s / POTUS’s side’s election hopes. Nobody wants an angry electorate to get dispirited by seeing its collective retirement evaporate. Wall Street had diarrhea on Wednesday and Thursday, and it definitely cramped up for a while midday today. Would Q and POTUS do something that could essentially treat Wall Street’s diarrhea by giving it an emena? I’d hope not! If they do something this evening or tomorrow, though, the US markets have until Monday morning to regain a calmer mind.
    4) Announcing “boom week” likely made the cabal show its financial hand and sell a sizable chunk of assets in case it really had to sprout wings and flee. Who could make the markets move like they have? Soros and Rothschild surely come to mind. The one problem here is, if I’m right, their assets, though insignificantly reduced, are now quite a bit more liquid. They’ve also made it clear with such a move that, if they go down, they intend to bring our economy down with them.
    With all of these thoughts, let’s hold out hope that maybe something qualifies as “boom” in the next 32 hours, now that Wall Street is taking the weekend, or let’s otherwise hope that Q posts something about plans delayed, we really can’t control the weather, etc. That particular comment would be particularly nice to see, come to think of it.

  88. I have sons who are probably your age. One of them, up in my face, blames my generation for many if not all of the things you brought to bare upon boomers in your Gab post.

    I’ve thought long and I’ve thought hard about this accusation of his; and subsequent accusation of yours, towards the boomer generation. And there is truth in this accusation, yes.

    I can make this same accusation of my own parents. And they of theirs. And there would be truth in it. Truth in all of it. how do I know this?

    Men and women like you, Q, the 8chan boards, the great awakening. All being instigated by and with a big shout out to a president named Donald Trump.

    I told my son, yes, damn we were asleep at the wheel! We were so busy working working working to try and achieve (we bought our first house at the age of 36, not 22 and our second car at the age of 34.) had a ton of educational debt. My husband was the first in his family to graduate college.

    Just trying to paint a picture for you here Neon, I’m not boomerfagging. I just don’t think the scenario you described for boomers represents most boomers out here in the heartland at least not the ones I grew up with and the ones we raised our families with and around.

    We were asleep at the wheel. And like the generation before us (the ‘Silent Generation’ for gods sake why didn’t they speak up?) many of us could not even conceive of the evil that was creeping up on us.

    I watched my friends families fall apart as the factories left and with them the jobs and then the small businesses. I kept asking why? This is crazy!! I read everything counter popular culture I could get my hands on, seeking an explanation. I watched competing town newspapers become one voice. They slowly did away with international news.

    WE HAD NO UNIFIED VOICE. They lied and lied and lied and took our tax money and we worked and worked and worked even harder. So that at the age of 36 we could afford a house. Maybe one family vacation a year, you know, the kind where you can afford to stay in a hotel and not at a relatives?

    I am grateful for you and to you and grateful to the thousands of other independent voices I have found in my search for truth. We boomers didn’t have this forum. That’s why we are here now. It is both the blessing and the bane of our contemporary culture.

    Q knew this. Q in a stroke of mastery brought us all together. A force for good, because Q ain’t shitting us, that evil is out there and fighting back with full fury.

    Neon? I’m sorry we screwed up. I’m sorry we let those bastards take over our education system and the minds of our most valued treasure. But I can tell you, as a parent who fought back every fricking step of the way, my god, the tide was against us. You cannot imagine. Please understand this. Too much complacency? Yes enough of that to go around also. But mainly we were all working so hard just to live that American dream… that we would be better off than our own parents. (Another lie, by the way.)

    So please allow me to tell you what I said to my son. I said: Yeah. You’re right. And I’m sorry. But there are millions like me out there who see the big picture now, see what has happened and we aren’t going to sit around taking this crap anymore. We are fighting to make it right. We need you. Together we can win.

    WWG1WGA Neon. Thank you. For all that you’ve done and all that you are doing. You are valued by all of us. Remember that. Even when we piss each other off.

    • Thanks for that, and fair enough assessment, this. I’m from Gen X too, and yet I can’t really blame my parents for the conditions of inflation that didn’t really exist in such an extreme manner like it is today. Sure, they may have been asleep at the wheel, but that’s primarily from the ignorance of those that actually had their hands on the wheels while giving you the illusion that you did (the banksters).

      You just made hay while the sun shone, and we can’t really blame you for that. It’s part of the reason why it’s far wiser in this day and age as a young person to get the education, house and amenities paid for before even thinking of having kids, rather than back in your day you having the ability to get things done a lot easier.

      Is it the impatience of this generation? Entitlement, that I keep hearing foisted upon us from the baby-boomer generation? No. It’s the purchasing power of today’s money versus even 10 years ago, never mind 50 years ago. What you get with today’s money is a pittance in comparison. It’s a slow throttling death of the middle class, and the political class have the most to blame for, but of course, have the least accountability for the very real problem. This feudal system of left and right may very well have something to do with it, a the Right decide to give the taxpayer’s money to people that don’t need it while the Left spend the same money on pet projects that don’t bear any use to the majority of people. Imagine how the world would be if we were allowed the ability to right this problem, of no accountability from the political class?

      Frankly, if there is any justice in this world, the carpetbaggers alone would be promptly taken to the nearest town square and made a very public example of. Sorry I digress. What is the actual solution to the, what is now age old problem? If Q is being truthful about it, then the overwhelming greed of those that have heaped up their treasure via fraudulent means is the first step. As an economic question:

      If 10% of the people have 50% of the money, then why are 15% of us starving?

      Ages old problem. And we wonder why the middle class is dying.

  89. Maybe some anons are missing some action this past week because their expectations are for perp walks and such. The formal launch starts with the DECLAS. PDT’s timing is impeccable. A lot of other things were taken care of and observed this week including the unplanned Michael Hurricane. RR was a no show and Mueller’s questions for PDT are being whittled down. Soon – IMO.

  90. Well, now that the week is over, I’m wondering what Q’s 4 BOOM’s were supposed to be. You are not alone in feelings of disappointment (over and over again). But at least tonight we got something – HRC and some aides losing their security clearance!

  91. After listening to ” Trump’s Strategy is Working. The Dan Bongino Show 10/12/2018″ at
    I’m starting to think Q’s last post to us was a way to put us all at ease & asking for our continued patience. The most frustrating & boring thing about hunting is the amount of patience & waiting required! Sometimes you just have to sit quietly –hold your breath– & wait for the prey to simply walk into your trap. I believe Q’s post created (with P. Authority) was to tell us –without tipping his/her hand to the Deep State– that we will be in a holding pattern for a while. The post was a way of letting us know that things will be quiet for a time while POTUS prepares the next hammer to fall, while giving the Dims & the Deep State just enough rope with which to hang themselves with. And the way they’re mouthing off, (about being “uncivil & violent”) they’re certainly shooting themselves in the foot with regards to achieving any election victories. So many hard core Dims are now actively Walking Away from them. Red Wave coming in hard & fast! Much prayer for our MAGA victory & the safety of POTUS & Patriots.

  92. OK, the only thing that went boom this week, was my patience…..gotta work on that. Presumably there are quite a few more things going on in the background that we are unaware of. Q indicated that Sessions has un-recused himself and obtained SCOTUS approval. That would indicate that the White Hats are locked and loaded.

    I was under the impression that the bullets (most of the key ones) would be fired prior to the elections. Perhaps that was wrong. If the DECLAS is to occur prior to the elections, they better get a move on. Will not look very good if occurs to much closer to election.

    If the DECLAS is not to occur prior to elections, …..WHY? Why not expose these crooks prior to the elections? Why not cuff the perps prior to the elections?

    Are we awaiting the firing of the remaining 7 or 8 lower level people cited by Q in last post? Fire them, now and get on with the show.

    Regardless….why speak of “Boom Week”, and allow people to think that this past week was Boom Week? Was Boom Week last week and something went wrong….or delayed its occurrence (including testimony of RR and Simpson before Congress)? Or is Boom Week forthcoming…..and soon?

    If Boom Week is forthcoming, tell us. If it is to occur prior to elections, tell us. If it is to occur after elections, tell us.

  93. Neon,
    Forgive me but this will be a bit lengthy. And it is for you to chew on. Curious to see where this may lead, if anywhere? (No need to post as this is for you)

    Dear Neon,
    I have been wondering whether or not to send this to you as this may seem a bit far-reaching or grasping at nothing….but here goes.

    POTUS signs this bill on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 – Save Our Seas Act

    This “triggered” something in my memory from a book which I had read a few years ago. I enjoy historical books, whether fiction or nonfiction. This particular book (after searching all my books to find it!) was written by Steve Berry and titled: The Jefferson Key
    I found it a bit fascinating as it had to do with a particular fictional character(s) which had this paper handed down in their families over a very long time. You do not have to read very far into the book to get a good understanding, but, on page 90 (yes, I actually read it to find this part for you!) was what I remembered most. It simply told you what this “letter” was about. Please, bear with me as I type out a bit of this page.

    This particular “letter” was very old and it had to do with “Letters of Marque and Reprisal” as stated in our Constitution of the United States. In Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 is where you will find this. I have searched and have not found any sort of amendments or even removal of this particular clause. I did find that it was attempted to be brought up as recent as 2000 and 2007! Was POTUS “pointing” us to something when he signed this bill on Thursday? Is this a first step? Is this thing still being used? To whom were these particular letters of Marquee given?…..Rothschilds?? Rockefellers?? We know that, as with this fictional book, the cabal/elites hide things “in plain sight” and they use predictive programming. But it is the Spirit of the Living God Who pulls back the veil of understanding to expose their evil works! (Eph. 5:8-13)….”dark to light”???

    Pg. 90 –
    “Letters of marque have existed since the 1200s,” Hale said. “Their first recorded use was by Edward III in 1354. It was considered an honorable calling, combining patriotism with profit. Contrary to pirates, who are but thieves.”
    That rationalization was interesting.
    “For 500 years privateering flourished,” Hale said. “Francis Drake was one of the most famous, devastating Spanish shipping for Elizabeth I. European governments routinely issued letters of marque not only in war, but in peacetime. It was so common a practice that the Founding Fathers specifically granted Congress the power to issue such letters, and the people approved when the Constitution was ratified. That document has been amended twenty-seven times since our founding, and never has that power been modified or removed.”
    End quote

    Some believe that these letters were done away with when the Treaty of Paris was signed, or rather the Declaration of Paris. But this nation never agreed to that as far as I know. The actual Treaty of Paris was signed in 1815.
    (Note: The Marquis of Sausbury – 1871 – stated that “We must see how we are to get rid of this rubbish.” He was referring to the Declaration of Paris.

    Another note – A letter of marque grants the holder legal protection.
    And these “glorified pirates” – privateers pillaged financial accounts, stole assets, devalued companies, raided, looted….etc. According to this book….this group of men, descendants who have possession of letters of marque are searching out for something having to do with Andrew Jackson…..hence the title of the book. Supposedly Jackson made it impossible for those letters to be honored by our own government (what intrigue! LOL!) But it does make one wonder….

  94. Take a breather when you need it, Neon. This is one of the last places I follow since the Reddit group got killed.

    All three Voat groups are dumpster fires full of conspiracies unrelated to Q and adding up every number they can find to get “17”. I can only dig past so many “nggerkkes must die” and “women are farm animals and should be treated as such” posts every day. You patiently explain how we’re trying to red pill fragile normies, and they go into apoplectic fits of autism and declare “the sheeple are unworthy of our glorious truth”.

    The chans are annoying because geeks think user hostile interfaces are “advanced.”

    It’s just gammas and omegas everywhere. Secret kings as Vox Day calls them. Useless. Ghettoizing themselves relentlessly.

    No idea where all the good general discussions went. Say what you will about the Reddit group, I got some normies thinking outside the box with it. With the Voat subs I might as well hand people a sh*t sandwich that confirms everything the ProgLeft claims about “deplorables”.

  95. Im here to make a new prediction. It just hit me.
    The next thing we are going to see when Jupiter comes home to Sagittarius (quest for truth/law/justice) which will begin after the midterms, Neptune is home in Pisces (truth/brainwash/illusion/cults) and Saturn home in Capricorn (large institutions) with Pluto is some one of these SJW’s will sue a university for brainwashing them. You see how they shield their lab rats, holding their arms out in front of them, kicking conservatives at any cost from speaking in the laboratory.
    That will be the game changer.
    If you don’t like astrology just keep scrolling.
    thank you

  96. The problem with BOOMs is that a person can claim almost anything is a BOOM, or that nothing is. If I wanted to say there was a BOOM last week, I could point to Kanye. There is no doubt that Kanye West is opening the door to more and more black people abandoning the Democrat Party. If the Dems lose just 15% of the black vote, it will be catastrophic for their party. I think they are at risk of losing a much higher percentage than that. So, Kanye’s visit is a BOOM!, in my opinion.

    That said, the context of Q’s “BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM” post was Rod Ro’s offer to record the president. So, one would expect at least one BOOM last week related to Spygate. The closest thing we got was Hillary giving up her security clearance. I wouldn’t even rate that as a puff, much less a BOOM.

    On the whole, I would rate last week’s “BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM” promise as one of those times Q has failed to deliver on the clear implication behind a post. I started paying attention to Q late in the game and had to do some background research to come up to speed. One of my first thoughts, reading his posts long after he had released them, was that he frequently says something big is about to happen, and yet it keeps NOT HAPPENING. And that would be fine if he would stop giving the impression that something huge (BOOM!) is finally right at the door.

    This whole Q thing is a conundrum.

  97. As soon as I posted above, it occurred to me that we also need to keep in mind that Q isn’t a god. He’s a person (or group of persons) who works for other persons. So, Q might post something like “BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM” based on the current plan, then his boss comes in:

    Boss – “We’ve decided to hold off until ___ because of ___.”
    Q – “But…based on what you said in this morning’s meeting, I posted at 10 AM and told everyone to expect big things this week. This will seriously undermine what we’re trying to do with the ‘Q Effort.’ How can we engender trust if we don’t deliver?”
    Boss – “Sorry, but it can’t be helped. Do some damage control. Do one of those things where you and POTUS post at the same time.”
    Q – “Those are losing their appeal. I’ll probably just post a general call for patience and point to the progress we’ve made in ‘draining the swamp.’ But, honestly, failing to deliver on our promises seriously hurts us.”

    Anyone who has ever worked for a corporation has had conversations similar to this. Maybe that’s what happened to our BOOMs.

  98. Neon,
    I have been praying over this for DAYS!! There is something in my spirit about this and I perceive that there is great significance. I am not anointed or gifted by God to do the research as you are, but God has put the “dots” or puzzle pieces together on quite a few things for me to understand more.
    There has been quite a bit of information about the Payseurs. And a couple of days ago on your Gab, you had shared from “intheMatrixxx” – his thread:

    In this, he states, or rather asks…..”the Payseurs own everything. How do you take down a group that owns 95% of everything of tangible assets.”
    The information states that all of that begins with Daniel Payseur (1785-1860)
    Then Lewis Cass Payseur or L.C. Payseur (1850-1939)
    And then we are led that the Payseurs have used “proxies” to do their works, i.e. Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.

    The Constitution was signed on Sept. 17, 1786 (…a year after Daniel was here??)
    But according to Article VII, the document would not become binding until it was ratified by 9 out of the 13 states.
    Government under the U.S. Constitution would begin on March 4, 1789.
    George Washington was inaugurated as America’s first president on April 30, 1789. (This was in New York City, across from what is now the Stock Exchange. There is a statue at Federal Hall of Washington at the exact spot where he gave his inauguration speech at the second floor balcony. The original building is no longer there but was replaced by the one which is at this location.)

    Could there have been some letter of Marque given to the Payseurs or their proxies? Where DID they get all of their wealth??
    Think of the Titanic and other false flags….”to destroy their enemies, or enemies of the government”… is believed that the Titanic was not the actual ship, but the sister ship and that the purpose of sinking it was to remove the bankers who were not in agreement with the Federal Reserve Act….a possibly enemy of the government??
    And then a couple of days ago, the British Museum has a public headache (not certain if you have heard about this?)

    Please, bare with me. Supposedly, from this book which I previously had mentioned, our nation used these “privateers” to assist the government (as they were a bit short on armies and money to deal with them). They were to wreak havoc on our enemies….exempt from the law! These certain four families were given these letters of marque, signed by President George Washington. They were handed down to their descendants to continue. One of those families had built up a massive corporate empire that involved manufacturing, banking and retail. It was one of the largest landowners in the country and he was worth billions. The privateers assisted in the War of 1812, the Spanish-American War, and both world wars. When the national intelligence community was created after World War II, they were recruited to assist them.

    This book says also….”Of late, for the past twenty years, we have plagued the Middle East, disrupting financial activities, stealing assets, denying funds and profits. Whatever is needed. Obviously we have no sloops or corsairs today. So instead of sailing off in ships armed with men and cannons, we travel digitally, or work through established financial systems. But as you can see, the letter of marque is not explicit to ships.” (page 89-90)

    I began to reread this book after scanning through it to write to you that last bit of information. I find this too…..coincidental. For me….there is no such thing as coincidence as I serve the Almighty God, Who is All in All and His Son, Jesus Christ!! He is still gloriously seated upon the Throne!! So….no coincidences!
    But….what IF this had some “truths” to it? Such as a bit of “in plain sight” sort of thing?? Direct this to the Payseurs and their puppets?? Feel free to let me know what you think or if you would just discard this. I do thank you for your time and all your work which you have done and are doing! May God continue to strengthen you and bless you, Neon!

  99. Not feeling this “BOOM WEEK” . . . Avid follower of Q and NeonRevolt… but WTF has happened?.. apart from the #LunaticLeftists and #FakeNews fk wits going crazy over Kanye West’s visit to the WH.

    Is anything actually gonna happen to these Satanist peado monsters????…… or are we going to be left deflated with shitty perjury charges and slaps on wrists…..

    #WWG1WGA #MAGA #POTUS #Qanon and I’ll throw in #Brexit as I’m a British patriot fighting the EU nob-jockeys….

  100. No Boom Week, No Q, No Neon Revolt (not even so much as a one liner to let us know he’s taking time off). I don’t get it. I don’t need any hand holding, I just get curious when all of a sudden the comms stop for no apparent reason, nor any common courtesy offered?

    • Yea, I think we all were expecting fur to fly in advance of the Midterms. I have to wonder if the Kavanaugh delay pushed the DECLASS etc. back. If they were to pull the trigger now, the Deceivocrats would scream Hatch Act and move to impeach Trump. I would also like to believe that the Q silence means that Q Team is playing cat and mouse with the Black Hats….and that chess men are being relocated on the board behind the scenes in strategic moves.

      I recall an early Q post to the extent that Podesta was going to be arrested sometime in early Nov…..we thought it was Nov of 2017…..hopefully, it is of 2018.

  101. Boom week has been a bust. Booms are supposed to be noisy, dusty and destructive. We’ve gotten none of those. Q has been useful and encouraging, but I’ve learned to expect absolutely nothing when Q says boom.


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