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Is anyone else’s head swimming, trying to keep up with everything that’s unfolding, minute-by-minute? I had to step away for a bit. The news is one thing, but trying to keep up with Q, Anons, the research boards, and everything else… phew… It’s daunting some days.

And I can’t believe I missed this, but apparently, I caught MediaMatters’ attention a couple months ago:

A list of the right-wing amplifiers of the QAnon conspiracy theory

While the unhinged conspiracy theory known as “QAnon,” or “The Storm,” has been gaining traction online among President Donald Trump’s supporters since October 2017, it was Tuesday night when it finally jumped to the mainstream in the form of shirts and signs that were prominently visible at a Trump campaign rally in Tampa, FL.

This was very funny to me, and the ex-boyfriend of James Alefantis (of #Pizzagate infamy) David Brock must be in an absolute panic to pay attention to little-ole-me.

Attached: actual file photo of David Brock, attempting to swim towards Epstein’s Island:

Alright, enough joking around! Let’s pick up with Q where we left off:

Red Cross?

We’ve gone over some of the Red Cross’ more nefarious dealings in the past, but if you’re new to the site and surprised to hear that, yes, the Red Cross isn’t quite what it seems, you’re really going to have to catch up here, first:

The Red Cross, Double-Cross, and So Much More! On Today’s #NewQ. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

The only thing I saw with regards to the Red Cross that was compelling enough to mention in (in conjunction with everything we’ve seen over the past few weeks) is Sen. Grassley’s Red Cross oversight bill, which he introduced in March, 2017:

Text – S.494 – 115th Congress (2017-2018): American Red Cross Transparency Act of 2017

Text for S.494 – 115th Congress (2017-2018): American Red Cross Transparency Act of 2017

If passed, the bill would basically give the Comptroller General unrivaled oversight over the entire organization, including access to all records, and the ability to interview anyone working with the organization, at any level.

Given what we know about the Red Cross from the previous article, this would throw a massive monkey wrench in #TheCabal’s pipeline.

One #Anon noted that they’ve been less-than-honest with their past financial statements:

Red Cross’ Latest Claim Includes ‘Donations of Blood’ – ProPublica

For the Red Cross, 91 percent is a magic number. As ProPublica and NPR detailed in a story published today, the American Red Cross has often claimed that it spends 91 cents of every dollar donated on services. But that number wasn’t true and after inquiries by ProPublica and NPR, the Red Cross removed the statement from its website.

If you ask me, that looks like they’re having trouble hiding their “alternative” sources of income. Much like how Facebook and Twitter were being paid by the Deep State, and hid that cashflow under “user growth,” when that flow was subsequently cut off, they were forced to frame it as losses in their user-base, making for that spectacular stock dive you saw a few months back.

As for Grassley’s bill, it’s been sitting in the Senate Judiciary Committee (the same group that just oversaw the Kavanaugh hearings) since it’s been introduced, and well, nothing’s happened with it since. I imagine the bad actors in the committee would stall things in regards to it, and so, in order to get it passed, you need to remove people like #DiFiChi Feinstein, #Leatherface Blumenthal, and #OhNo! Hirono first.

Watch how fast the bill moves once they’re gone.

Moving on, here’s the link Q posted:

Behind the scenes of Jeff Flake’s decision to call for an FBI probe into Kavanaugh allegations

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake surprised his colleagues on both sides of the aisle when he called for a delay in the Senate floor vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, after releasing a statement earlier that morning saying that he would vote to confirm Kavanaugh.

But… yeah, Q, not buying it.

A lot of TV series follow the “will-they-or-won’t-they” subplot for a few seasons. The Office had Pam and Jim. Frasier had Niles and Daphne. As long as the writers’ room can milk that conflict for a few seasons, they can repeat their formula, keep the show going, and everyone remains gainfully employed for the time being. It’s been replicated dozens of times.

With #QAnon, it’s the “Is RR a White Hat, or a Black Hat?” subplot. It’s not that Q doesn’t know. It’s that he wants to keep everyone else guessing.

Well, by now, you know how I feel about this, and #Anons’ postings on the matter only further solidified my view:

Watch Feinstein’s confusion again, at the end of this vote:

Now, I don’t like Flake, but if there was someone ostensibly on your side who was known for being, well, a flake, wouldn’t you leverage that to your advantage when writing your new “movie?”

Something tells me if he was really as bad as some make him out to be, he would be underground with Sen. #NoName right now.

Nah, I think RR helped coordinate pulling a fast-one on the Dems. Flake played his role as bamboozler, and Grassley saw his opportunity and swooped in for the kill shot (there is no way they left that to chance). They got their quorum, advanced Kavanaugh to the Senate floor, and now, we’re just watching this FBI investigation play out.

Speaking of which, ImperatorRex had a good thread about all of that:

I think he’s correct, and yes, Imperator, your account will be banned outright, very soon.

Best make the full jump to Gab ASAP, and I know you already have an account: https://gab.ai/Imperator_Rex.

#POTUS comms.

Oh, we’re watching alright.

Anons weighed in on what Q was saying:

Reminder that, according to #CDAN, Chris Evans doesn’t just wear a leather costume coughcoughahemcough on the silver screen:

So just… keep that in mind whenever you read anything from him:

Sorry, “Cap.” We don’t need your kinky-thinkin’ here!

I’ll be honest: I have no idea what crashes Q was referring to, here.

I saw a few posts about some smaller aircraft crashing, but certainly nothing the size of a 787 Dreamliner. These were like… Cessna-sized things, AFAIK.

Even then, the amount of crashes really didn’t seem outside the standard deviation. These little planes crash all the time.

So, yeah, Q. No clue what you’re getting at here.

If you guys know something I don’t, post it in the comments, but this is a big, fat blank for me right now.

This post honestly only served to give me more questions than answers.

Primarily; was Barlow a clown?

If not, did white hats make any effort to save him?

If they did, why did they fail?

If not, was he deemed unworthy/of too little value to be worth saving?

And I still don’t understand why they wanted him dead in the first place. Was it just to gain control of the Freedom of the Press foundation, by moving Snowden up the ranks?

Very little of the Snowden-related stuff makes complete sense to me, even still, because again, like the RR stuff, I just don’t know whether to take Q at face value or not sometimes, and I don’t see how he ties into things, still. Even Anons were confused by this drop, asking Q is Snowden was a “double-double” agent.

So that’s two big blanks for me, with this set of drops.

Called it on Gab a while back. With all the connections her family has to the CIA, she was bound to be an #MKUltra victim:

Honestly, it was her rocking back and forth in the chair, doing the baby-voice, and trying to appear all “cute” that just… it made me think of the “kitten” alter we read about a while back, even though there was nothing overtly sexual about it:

Open Season for White Rabbits… #QAnon #GreatAwakening #MKUltra #Pizzagate #Pedogate #NOMORE #NeonRevolt

Elsewhere, Springmeier has said that sexual alters fall under the “beta alter” category, and all see themselves as cats, and there was just something in Ford’s physicality when she was delivering her testimony that reminded me of something cat-like.

Beyond that, there’s also this messy issue of hypnosis at play in all this”

If Christine Ford’s ‘Memories’ Were Recovered Through Hypnosis They Are Not Admissible in Court – Would Be Thrown Out

Guest post by Joe Hoft “Dr.” Ford is not turning over her therapist’s notes to the Senate regarding her suppressed memories about Judge Kavanaugh abusing her decades earlier. This may be because if they were obtained through hypnosis then they would be “absolutely inadmissible” in the court of law in many states, including New York …

And then there was the research paper Ford herself published about self-hypnosis and implanting false memories:

Ford Co-Authored Paper Pushing Hypnosis, Using To Enhance Memory

Trauma is a terrible thing. It can be devastating and its effects should never be played down in the public mind. However the phenomena of introducing false memories, or manipulating memories of those who have experienced trauma, is a subject that has been treated with kid gloves in the mental health field for decades.

This is all MKUltra territory, folks.

Fox News on Twitter

Senate Majority Leader McConnell delivers remarks on Kavanaugh hearings https://t.co/aZCZgXOey2

Three days left in the week. I certainly hope we don’t see the can kicked down the road yet again!

The Libertarian in me is shuddering a bit at this video (and Kavanaugh’s comments on spying on American citizens and 4th Amendment violations, frankly).

I never wanted the US to be the police of the world – and neither did the founders.

On Kavanaugh, I can compromise. I can’t realistically expect every single SCOTUS nominee to conform directly to each and every ideal I hold, and he seems like a good enough man. I would hope that Libertarian ideas they would be represented somewhere, of course, considering those Libertarian ideals are really just part of this country’s founding doctrines and documents…

But the Reagan speeches in the video just… they smack of globalism a bit too much for me to even pretend to be comfortable with them.

Now, I understand #TheCabal is global, which means our enemies are global, which means then that our response has to be global.

But billions of our tax dollars are still shunted to foreign nation-states who spit in our faces and return the favor with subversion. This is a scary line to tread, and we the people have very little recourse in all of it.

We usually just get ground up in the process, with our blood lubricating the gears of the state.

Now, some people are gonna get down on me for not going “Rah-rah! USA numbah wahn!” with the video, but these people haven’t followed me since the beginning (so they wouldn’t recognize my consistency in this), and are generally mired in basic-b*tch Conservatism; ie, the kind of materialistic politics that have spent the past 60+ years racking up loss after loss after loss, while effectively compromising on every important battle, and leaving a mess for the likes of my generation to mop up.

Look, the short of it is this:

Read some Bastiat, and then get back to me, Boomers.

You guys know how I feel about #QConfirmations. They’re… fine. They don’t really jazz me up that much, because there’s always that layer of plausible deniability they include in there.  They’re never undeniable proofs, like #POTUS tweeting out, telling everyone to read QAnon.

They’re always… incidental, for lack of a better word. They kind of just preach to the choir. And that just keeps the scale of them too small to excite me at all.

They’re like little sardines, and sure, we’ve had a lot of them now.

If they jazz you up, that’s fine, too.

Like… Okay. The average normie is going to look at this (if they’re even aware of it – which… they’re not), and think it’s an oversight and coincidental. That’s what I mean when I say these proofs are “incidental.”

A proof, for it to really be worth anything, has to be weighty.

A good proof has to be tangible.

It has to be undeniable.

And you need to be able to slap every idiot within a 50 foot radius across the face with it until they crumble into a submissive heap. (Otherwise, you get these idiots who, for instance, to this day SWEAR up and down that the economic recovery we’re experiencing NOW is because of Obama).

Imagine, in your mind, the ideal proof as a 50-pound carp.

(I’m going somewhere with this, I promise).

If you were to slap someone across the face with a 50-lb carp, they won’t soon forget it.

All these little Q proofs? Where we dance around and go “Yay! Proof!” They’re fine and dandy, I suppose. But they’re little, itty-bitty sardines.

You slap someone in the face with a sardine, they get mad at you for making them smelly and uncomfortable and they never want to talk to you again.

And no, the quantity of “sardines” doesn’t compensate for the lack of impact here. You need a big proof to make a big impact.

I want to be like John Cleese at the end of this video:


That’s what I want to do.

Where’s a 300 lb tuna when you need it?


Now I want to know who Anon was…

Like, this poor guy. If you’re having trouble understanding my aversion of Reagan’s globalist soundbites, at least understand this: being the world’s police means more men like this will become gravely wounded (or die), fighting for people they don’t know, in countries not their own, at the behest of leaders who, until Trump at least, did not have their best interests at heart.

Heck, you can even write off my thinking as idealistic isolationism if you want, but at least understand where I’m coming from in all this – and at least have the guts to march off to Mohammabad Turkghanistan yourself, where you can get your arms and legs and face burned off by improvised body-bombs, instead of advocating to send some poor kid to die in the desert, just so you can maintain your status quo of mini-malls and Starbucks.

It’s the “All seeing Eye of Providence” at the top of the arrow, in case you’re looking for it:

Anon noticed Twitter was engaging in some symbolism of its own, too:

Envelopes sent to Mattis, Navy chief test positive for ricin

Two envelopes addressed to Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson have initially tested positive for the deadly poison ricin at the Pentagon’s mail facility, according to a report. The packages, which were delivered Monday, were intercepted before making it into the sprawling headquarters of the Defense Department in Virginia near Washington, DC, spokesman Chris Sherwood said Tuesday.


Not just Mattis, but Cruz, Richardson, AND POTUS, too.

Ricin detected in mail sent to Pentagon

Two pieces of mail delivered to the Pentagon mail facility on Monday have initially tested positive for ricin, according to a US defense official.

As long as they’re not Uniparty hacks, I intend to.

Looks like some red-state Dems flipped. And it will be interesting to see where Flake falls in all this.

But if this total remains accurate through the vote, well…

This could finally be that 300 lb tuna I was talking about earlier.

Don’t forget; the FEMA text alert is tomorrow. It starts going out at 2:18 p.m. ET.


Why you’re getting a Trump text Wednesday: FEMA’s new test alert, explained

Don’t worry: The government isn’t spamming you. The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System on Wednesday will send a test message to everyone using a phone in the US that runs on a network operated by a carrier participating in the the Wireless Emergency Alert system.


You have to love that Trump is, at least partially, commandeering the #Payseur’s infrastructure (AT&T) to make it all happen.

Gotta wonder what it’s going to say. Doubtless they won’t let the opportunity go to waste! We’re two days in! Let’s get #RedOctober rollin’ already!

Hey guys,

I’m really thankful you have all allowed me to take this break over the past few days. I really needed it to just veg out, and recoup. I was burning the candle on both ends, and just needed to sit down, hang out, play some vidya with friends, and recover. But I’m back and feeling rather pumped right now for what’s ahead – and I think you can tell as much by the dramatic tonal shift in my writing today.

But, while I was gone, you may have noticed something was amiss. If you had been eyeing a shirt here on my site, and you had gone to click the links in the sidebar or at the end of one of my articles, you may have realized… hey! Neon’s store is gone!

That’s right! Threadless REMOVED my store!

When I pressed them why, they kept giving me different answers and beating around the bush. I could show you the whole e-mail chain, and you’d come to the same conclusion I did: they’re a bunch of #LunaticLeftists looking to censor all-things-Q-related.

This was also compounded by Voat trolls striking out against my account, and presenting false information to Threadless. So now, not only are they disgusting roaches on their own site; they feel the need to spread their infection all over the web!

So, what do I do now?

Well, you’ll remember my Redbubble store is still active, and has all the same products available! I’ve also notified them of the situation, so… I’m going to direct people to Redbubble for the time being!

At some point, I may just end up shifting everything to my own, private, interminable producer (if need be), but for now, Redbubble did great work in the past. So if you want to check out the offerings there, please click the image below!

I’ll be sure to change the links in the sidebar soon, and I thank you for your continued support!

81 thoughts on “#REDOctober Redemption. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. N.R., been following you for 5-6 months now. Here’s my perspective. You have to throw some bones to the newbies and that is what Q is doing. Discovery needs to be personal. Your platform has grown tremendously and you consistently link back to previous articles by you. It brings your audience up to speed.
    So, if Q thought it was a critical step to make a spectacular drops to true anons you would be hyped. But to newbies discovering Q proofs in front of their eyes makes them part of the team.
    Enjoy your stuff NeonRevolt. It is right. (sometimes wrong but you do have the right stuff.)

  2. Yea, I’ve missed you. Great post. Thank you. I do disagree with you about your stance on the fact that, like it or not, we are the leaders of the free world. Taking into account all of the evils that you can ascribe to those who have misused our military, if your ‘libertarian” ideology was the rule, there would be no Q and we would not be powerful enough to take on the globalist movement and defeat these satanists. If we were not so overwhelmingly powerful militarily, we would not be able to simply push entities such as the EU around as they are not powerful enough to protect their globalist ideology. We are too strong for them because we have the Reagan doctrine. I feel that it has been a heavy price to pay as so much blood and treasure has been wasted, not just wasted, but used for evil purposes. I believe it was necessary to allow us to be in the position we are now in as we are a force than cannot be defeated because we are the leader of the free world. Another example is the NSA and the hive that they have in Utah. It’s been used for terribly nefarious purposes by the Deep State. But without it, we could not have the wealth of intelligence to bring them down. As Q says over and over – we have it all. That would not be possible without the NSA.
    Now, I couldn’t agree more with you about the Q proofs and your fish slapping clip had me laughing so hard while also being amazed at the power it gave to cement position. Nevertheless, when I was a newfag, these proofs had a very powerful impact on me, a sustaining power to help validate something that was almost impossible to believe. However, I’m done with sardines, I want to see a huge carp. I think we’ll get that in October.

    • A couple rallies back (Ohio?) where we were told to watch at a certain VIP Patriot timestamp (that turned out to be incorrect in the linked video anyway) I heard the Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil” very early after the doors opened (much before POTUS). I had to reconcile that one, with some struggling. Curious WHO is responsible for playlists at rallies?

      “I shouted out ‘Who killed the Kennedys?’ Well, after all, it was you and me”.

    • “For there would be no courage were it not for Hope…”

      When ever things seem too dark to carry on I listen to this song by Klaatu simply called “Hope”. Listen to the words closely – this could truly be an anthem for the WWG1WGA movement!

      “All is lost if one abandons Hope!”

    • Interesting. Could be a message to Lindsey Graham, for his outburst last week in the committee. Could also be a message to Trey Gowdy. Graham, however, lives in Central, SC, which is southwest of Spartanburg, over in the western part of the state.

  3. The plane thing is in regards to the attempt of deep state to pull the False flag by taking remote control of Passenger jets and using them as weapons. It also had to do with the sub par parts used in all jets including Airforce one.. so Since the USSS figured this out they are going to be less air disasters … That was my understanding anyway … Thank you Neon!

  4. Q drop 234 – “Simple. We made it public. Operation closed and cleaned. Coincidence post drop? Coincidence No Name [exact 30]? Coincidence Sen. Graham activated? In the end, you will be ‘shocked’ to learn what you’ve ‘essentially’ witnessed. Think NYC bomber ‘fireworks’ hours prior. WWG1WGA! Q”

    On one of the Q Facebook groups, someone posted an interesting theory on that. The NYC ‘fireworks’ refers to a bomber who failed due to a poor detonation device. The posts Q responded to had to do with someone being murdered, and the collateral damage to get to him. At the Kavanaugh hearing, some activist actress (I forget her name) was sitting behind K. None of the public in the room is allowed to carry in a protest sign, yet she somehow had one (given to her once inside by a Senatorial staff member?). Security took it from her. She began videoing the hearing with her cell phone, scanning the room – was it to give someone the layout of the room? Security caught what she was doing and told her to put her phone away. Someone gives her a second sign (staff member?). She was poising herself to spring into action when security again took the sign from her, but now they were noticeably surrounding her. Some guy, I forget his name, tweeted about this, speculating that she was playing the role of a decoy – draw attention to herself then someone else would do some real dirty work (i.e. set off a bomb?). Reading Q’s post above in this light puts a different twist to the whole thing. (“Operation closed and cleaned”?) What if Feinstein was behind this – and Q knows it? Security was definitely on top of things.

    Interesting how the night after the hearings, Q posted a picture of Feinstein and said, “[FEINSTEIN] THREAT TO MURKOWSKI? EVIL BE GONE.” That’s the kind of talk Q was giving to No Name!

    It is a theory. But a lot about it does make sense, sadly.

    What do you think?

  5. Hey Neon – what do you think about the “Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein [payment in full]” meaning he has played his role and is off the hook? That’s what I thought immediately. Would reinforce the White Hat theory.

    Thanks for all you do. #WWG1WGA

    • White Hat? Or merely surrounded and conceded defeat? Agreed [forced] to play an assigned role for his terms of surrender to avoid a much more unpleasant outcome? Look, if No Name can get a funeral reserved for the highest of dignitaries then ultimate victory is more important than the terms that some people work out along the way.

    • It would confirm that RR is a black hat, trying for redemption, which would make him a grey hat. I think RR and Mueller have a deal with the Trump WH, to provide cover for the administration while they complete their investigations into the Deep State players. Feinstein’s was the final payment for RR, since it was RR who met with Jeff Flake, prior to his stellar performance in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s chambers to snooker the Democrats into the confirmation vote, when they all said they wouldn’t be there for the vote. RR was the one who told Flake what to say and do, but Flake made it his own speech. He accomplished the job, and that what’s the WH wanted… to get the Democrats to agree to the ‘delay’ in the FBI investigation, as they wrap it up. That’s why it was ‘limited’ in time… they only needed a few more days.

  6. I know what you mean about the veterans. My husband served as a Marine and it destroyed his body. He just got his second hip replaced and still needs both knees. The VA didn’t want to replace his hips becamuse he’s only 38, and it was only because Trump made it so veterans could go outside the VA that he was able to get them done. Still fighting them to get his rating up, and SSDisability has denied him twice. I watch him ignore the pain in true Marine fashion, try to make sure he knows how much he means because he thinks he’s worthless, and watch in silent fury as our government bends over backwards for illegals.

    Veterans are the real heroes.

    • Sam…..If he has that much pain…Do some research on CBD (cannabinoid). He can take the CBD with low levels of THC(0.3 % or less) …. Amazing for reducing inflammation(which is much of the cause of pain). It works!

        • Homeopathy – more powerful than opoids, all natural and safe – the cure for incurable and impossible to cure for more than 200 years. God bless you guys!

          • Homeopathy is quack medicine. The illness runs its course and people credit the watered down “homeopathic “medicine” as the cure. Don’t you believe it.

    • Sam, have you tried to contact the National Veterans Legal Services Program (nvlsp.org)? They work with veterans to try to get them the benefits they deserve. I am honored to assist them on a volunteer basis to write legal briefs on appeals from benefit denials to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

  7. Exactly a hundred years ago,my hero and best friend,my Grandpa was,”in the middle of the hell that was the ‘Meuse-Argonne Offensive’the last battle of WWI .As a boy I questioned him closely about everything that occurred to me to ask him about his experience.He had an exceptional memory and told me of many fascinating stories relating to “the Great War” including the American troops arriving in the port of Liverpool,England around Christmas 1917.He actually claimed to remember marching down Penny Lane and seeing schoolgirls clamoring over the wall of their school to watch the passing “Doughboys”on their way to the inferno.And I believed him because he wasn’t given to tall tales and later in my life I researched as much of his backstory as possible and everything checked out.Relating to Neon Revolts 10-2-18 posting re;the Red Cross,my “Pap”had nothing but contempt and distain for the Red Cross whom he stated that among other grievances and callous treatments of our soldiers,actually charged them money for Hershey Bars !He never had anything good to say about the Red Cross but much preferred the Salvation Army because of their devotion to our boys”OVER THERE”.(see you in heaven soon,Pap!!!)

  8. I enjoyed the Feinstein video – hilarious to see that she didn’t seem to understand what was happening around her when the committee was voting!! I guess being 85 years old, the Dems were lucky she was awake…

    • I think that was the message… standard deviation is because there HASN’T been any plane crashes of any notoriety.

  9. I don’t buy RR is a white hat. He is the one who approved the special counsel. If he was a true white hat he would not have approved the special counsel without a valid crime. Q proofs make me Yawn. Q is well established at this point and so far in a year we have seen no post that is an obvious fraud. He could use a negative proof and challenge anyone to prove Q is a Larp. It has been a year and Q is yet to be discredited that by itself is proof.

    • I think the verdict is out on RR. If he is a white hat he is being used to play a specific role. They have so much dirt on him that he can be easily controlled. Keep in mind that the special council could be investigating ANYTHING.

    • “I don’t buy RR is a white hat. He is the one who approved the special counsel. If he was a true white hat he would not have approved the special counsel ” Robert, during the Presidential Debates, Candidate Donald Trump told Career Criminal & Candidate Hillary Clinton that one of the first things he would do was appoint a Special Counselor” to look into your (Hillary’s) situation. And that’s exactly what Trump did via A,G, Sessions recusing himself and Rod Rosenstein appointing Mueller. Everything Team Trump did was Stage Crafted to trick the DemocRATS & Deep State into a false sense of security. Meanwhile President Trump was signing serious Executive Orders to confiscate the Assets of the Corrupt & Sexual Deviant and setting the Stage for Military tribunals while expanding Guantanamo Bay. DemocRATS were fooled and couldn’t complain as they believed everything was going according to their Plan to take down President Trump.
      Rod Rosenstein was a favorite of the DemocRATS while Jeff Sessions was not, Mueller was flipped by Team Trump when Mueller met with President Trump in November 2016 ostensibly to be interviewed to replace the recently fired FBI Director James Comey, but Mueller was already Term Limited out of that possibility. Once Mueller was appointed to be SC. he filled his “Investigation Team” with Anti-Trump Lawyers keeping them all in a box from which their activities could be monitored. Meanwhile the Criminals in the DOJ & FBI were being outed and removed. Some became cooperating witnesses. While Mueeler’s Investigation was supposedly focused on President Trump & the Russian Collusion, the real investigation was going on. Additionally, I.G. Horowitz and his Team of Investigators were working their own Investigations with zero leaks. Then A.G. Sessions quietly brought in an outside Prosecutor from Utah who was given a Team of hundreds of Lawyers all working in conjunction with I,G, Horowitz with zero leaks. DemocRATS and almost everyone else believed that Sessions was asleep and Mueller was closing in on Trump. Did the DemocRATS not notice the long list of sudden CEO resignations and Policians from both parties either resigning or declaring they would not seek re-election? All has a been Show and a magnificent Show at that. DemocRATS will be SHOCKED when it all plays out.

    • We have been told repeatedly that the investigation is not about TRUMP by Comey, et. al. Who do you think is going to investigate the “witch” in the witch hunt if not Mueller? Connect the dots. It is an illusion. It is a show. It is theatre.

  10. Hey Neon,

    Very interesting, as usual.

    RE: the sardine can Q proofs, I agree that they are nothing to get excited about individually, and while they are fun to notice (insofar as we keep perspective and don’t immerse ourselves too deeply in the inevitable echo chamber – as our colleagues on the left are wont to do), collectively they begin to take on a bit more weight. And while they don’t prove Q conclusively, the continued trickle serves another purpose: they’re a good indication that Q has not been compromised and that the original Q team continues in control. I find this comforting in the face of the continued attacks… someone even managed to start a false bread on qresearch yesterday (10/2) afternoon. I would, however, like to see more long term proofs, like the cloud pictures from the window of AF1.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  11. I was wondering if Flake acquiesced to demands for a FBI investigation to placate D.F.so as to really have a pretext to launch an investigation into Ford and by extension Wrinklestein herself plus all her minions if that was the reason surely she couldn’t be that dumb as to think that it wouldn’t backfire on her but then again i guess Q is right THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID or in this case DESPERATE i reckon at this stage Wrinklestein must be about to have a fart attack when she discovers she’s been played

  12. Hi Neon – really enjoy your site and your posts, fascinating stuff that helps me understand the world we really live in.

    A general question that I hope you can answer – if the Cabal is so all-powerful, how come HRC lost the election and they ‘let’ Trump win? By the sounds of it she had jumped through all the hoops to get the top job, so why has she missed out?

  13. Like… Okay. The average normie is going to look at this (if they’re even aware of it – which… they’re not), and think it’s an oversight and coincidental. That’s what I mean when I say these proofs are “incidental.”

    Exactly. People will accept the proofs that Q and Trump are providing if and only if they accept that some people use symbols to ‘dog whistle’ their association with a particular group or cause in public without explicitly telling everyone what they are doing.

    When the normies are shown explicitly how Trump has been signaling about Q all along, the enemy’s symbolism will be their downfall.

  14. I was just cracking up watching the video of the senate panel voting to advance Kavanaugh! The Dems started asking questions, all confused, and as the camera was panning across the faces of the Senators, there’s Lindsay Graham sitting quietly, staring straight ahead with his best poker face on, but he looked like he was going to burst at the seams trying to contain his laughter! Then the next shot was of Senator Lee looking up at the ceiling!

    And then when Grassley suddenly wrapped up the meeting with the obscure “2 hour rule” which no-one had heard of, but they didn’t want to look stupid asking about it… ROTFLMAO!

    • I want an in-depth analysis of that. Feinstein was befuddled. Right Side Broadcasting’s feed split the screen while Flake was speaking, putting Booker on the other panel, standing up and staring daggers. Looked like he was ready to loose all control. Was Flake saying something contrary to what Booker was expecting/promised? What-all was going on?

  15. I know there’s very little that can be taken at face value here but re: John Perry Barlow I think that’s exactly what it is. I believe in his motivations and the steps he’d taken to further liberate us from the clutches of the swamp/deep state/shadow government yada yada. And Snowden in my opinion is just a pawn caught in the middle.

  16. About the globalist issue, note that Trump at the Mississippi rally specifically called out the ‘globalists’ as opposition. Clearly. The Reagan speech about HAVING AN OBLIGATION to the world is just that. As the strongest, we are morally responsible for the weakest.

    In a community, do you not have police? Even if police are part of the problem sometimes, aren’t you glad there is someone who will enforce some order? Not everyone on the world stage is aware of or cares about a moral case for protecting the innocent, and being able to do so. America is that. As the strongest in any realm has the (moral) obligation to protect the weaker. This isn’t interventionism that requires all libertarians (who really?) to say NAP NAP … it’s about being a Responsible Nation, as the most powerful one on the planet.

    Do you believe that China or Russia or whomever else is going to help others with less self-interest than America? Would you trust the local gangs in your town to be benevolent or enforce some law and order? Libertarians need to grow up a bit, and the boomers remember COMMUNISM, which never went away. NAP is an immature or idealistic goal – one day humanity may reach that, but until there aren’t others who will be aggressive, there needs to be those who are strong and protect the weak. (Yes, there are problems in purity of implementation, but its the right direction.)

    Thanks for your work.
    Boom. 🙂

  17. I don’t really know how long Red Cross has been ‘bad’ & cabal controlled. I know my dad’s childhood buddy’s wife ran it for awhile…

    I will ALWAYS give Red Cross respect during WW2 for NOT lying or changing their historical records to suit the fake gas chambers mythologies & ectera – ALL of us were brainwashed by the Zionists to believe (or else )


    Have fun Q fans

  18. I know there’s very little you can take at face value but re: John Perry Barlow that’s one case that you can, I believe in his motivations and the steps he took to liberate us from the deepstate/shadow government. And Snowden is just a pawn caught in the middle..Love all you do !

  19. Hi Neon. Delighted you posted Imperator Rex’s tweet thread, opining that the FBI have been investigating #DiFiChiSpi + Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser “Dr” Ford since 12 September.

    In light of Rex’s thread, Flake’s video is even more interesting.

    Check it out at 25 secs in. Flake appears to slip up, saying he wants to delay “for up but no more than one week, ah, in order to let the FBI um, continue, ah, to do, an investigation limited in time and scope”.

    So, he accidently says the FBI investigation will continue, then quickly corrects himself to, “to do” (ie to start it) – which appears to validate Rex’s theory.

    • You caught that, too! I’ve been sharing the heck out of that video, asking people to listen to it, the Freudian slip that Flake said, the reactions of Feinstein, even her aide had to come and tell her, they’re voting on the nominee! And all the way to the end of the video, when she is asking Grassley to clarify to her, ‘did we just do the vote?’ And he said to her, ‘Yup.’ The Lord Yah SNOOKERED the followers of Satan!

  20. I was thinking by the plane filename BAHW meant Booz Allen Hamilton Whistleblower since it was followed up by Snowden stuff. I was thinking that meant he was finally brought back to the US.

  21. What is CASTLES LOCK??? Who can do this??? WHAT is our future with out Truth/SYNTAX??? WHO HAS ONE FOOT ON LAND AND ONE AT SEA? ???

  22. Article over at CTH linking Dr. Fraud to a letter from previous boyfriend naming her life long BFF (McLean) who just so happens to be recently retired FBI. The article gives meaning to prosecutor Mitchell’s questions to Dr. Fraud about where were you when you wrote the letter and did you write the letter by yourself. Hopefully Lou Dobbs, Hannity, etc. will cover this in the next 24 hours. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/10/03/christine-blasey-ford-friend-in-delaware-was-career-fbi-agent-and-likely-together-during-accusation-letter-construct/#more-154865

  23. Sorry to burst y’all Buble but the message will only say this:

    “Presidential Alert,” the screen will say. “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

    It’s just a test anyway, but if it’s successful, they’ll use it again for when the “Storm” hits. Take that to the bank!

  24. Just a reminder, Neon… were you not paying attention when POTUS was at the UN GA last week, listening to his speech on Tuesday, as the US took her place as the head of the UN Security Council for the next 6 months’ rotation? One of the reasons why Pakistan started protests against him and America these past few days, saying we’re starving them? Because we are cutting off those nations that take our money, and then bite the hand that feeds them, and he told them so, in his speech, last week. Many nations were NOT happy about that.

  25. Regarding the pic of inside a 787, there have been no “military” planes that have been shot down since that pic was posted, except the one in Florida.

  26. Neon: For those who want conformation of when Osama Lin Laden (the real Tim OSS/MAN) was Assassinated refer back to an interview by David Frost of Bennizer Bhutto (then President of Pakistan) Where she named the assassin and when it happened. Not the Bin Laden (Body double) targeted by Obama/Clinton.

  27. Dr Fraud’s wild ride on the Senate floor was so cringey, I don’t know where to begin. From her weird breathing, to the cutesy-wootsey act which made her “professionalism” as a PhD, null & void, to her “legal team” on her left & right side, motioning to her, then telling her to stir her sweetener into her coffee, then actually stirring the coffee FOR Dr Fraud. I’ve watched that time & again… weird AF.
    Self hypnosis?… #MKULTRA? or so freaked out by the sheer volume of lies coming from her pie-hole that she couldn’t act in a manner normal to any other human being…

    On another note, #NeonRevolt …
    1.) how TF you pump out the tonnage of articles you do, amazes the shit out of me. Thank you.

  28. Neon I appreciate what you’re doing and hope, as a fellow Orthodox Christian, you recognize the love with which I offer an unpolished observation. At times I notice you employ 2 logical fallacies; strawman arguments and ad hominems. By design, logical fallacies misdirect from the truth. I do not believe that is your intent when you use them, however that is the result. For me it requires making the effort to course correct so I stay true rather than get distracted by the fallacies as I continue to read what you’re saving. For more impressionable, more trusting readers the fallacies may get them off track and keep them there. As annoying as it is, those of us with followings have an obligation to be mindful of our influence. I look forward to watching how quickly you’re able to eliminate the fallacies from your otherwise delightful articles. May God continue to bless you and grant you His peace.

  29. Just a thought. Q left posted the suicide hotline number. There is a new show called “A Million Little things” which is about a suicide. During the show there is a long explanation of the JFK jr plane crash (official version of course). At the end was the same hotline number that Q posted. Could that have been what Q was referring to?

  30. NR, as fast as things are happening now, you may have to take on an apprentice. Just a thought. Still President of your fan club. Cheers!

  31. Just for fun I read the Wikipedia entry for the ‘Eye of Providence’ (which I was really almost not believing when I saw in the the Reddit pic) and it is so weird to read. I know some things about Christian Iconography, and the eye isn’t at all related to Christian Iconography. God the Father is represented as a hand of blessing coming down from heaven, or rays of glory or some such… the eye… not so much. It is obvious and badly done disinformation. In the ‘proofs’ of it being Christian Iconography there is a modern Rosicrucian temple and a Jewish grave… huh…

  32. Benjamin Fulford 1 Oct report and Q 29 Sep drop hinted an assasination atempt on POTUS. No 787 crushing because it was prevented. Israely submarine fired a missile towards AF1. Missile intersepted, sub destroyed.

  33. You need to see the graphic where an anon mapped the locations on Trump’s tweets and Q’s tweet. Connect the dots and you have a Q.

    Glad you’re refreshed and back!

  34. NR, if we knew the status of RR and RM, the Deep State would know, too. So it’s to Q’s advantage to keep everyone guessing. I think they are black hats forced into the role of being white hats, while appearing to be black hats, and at the end they will be exposed as black hats and take some kind of disgrace and shame for it — but they secretly agreed to it!

    Glad to add to the confusion.

  35. Keep up the great work my friend.

    Question: What are the chances Judge K signed a portion of the 50K sealed indictments?

  36. Neon, I have very few complaints about how you do your job. Your research is deep and your conclusions often insightful. Today, I have a burning question that, perhaps, you can answer. Before the question, I will say that you are correct about Dr. Ford and how she has been used by the System. What I found interesting was the testimony by both Dr. Ford and Judge Kav. Her testimony I got … no surprises really, considering all we know. No, it was Kav’s testimony that really super bothered me. Before that, his testimony was calm, even, and measured. BUT that all changed when he began to refute the allegations against him. This man – this married man with children – this 53 year old man – this well-educated, well spoken, and obviously knowledgeable about the law man – basically lost his shit in front of the entire world. What happened to that even, measured, thoughtful man from before, I have no clue but this new Kav seemed to be the REAL guy. The perfect example of what one of the “Boys will be Boys” club grows into. If he had been able to remain calm, cool, and composed, NO MATTER WHAT, I would support his nomination 100%. But that isn’t what happened … So, my question is, Why are people (like you) NOT DISTURBED AND DISGUSTED by his unhinged response to the allegations set before him? I mean, imagine this guy drunk. It isn’t hard to do. Complete fluffing fraternity drunk a-hole. Did he outgrow it? Doesn’t seem from his state of mind during his testimony that he has matured much since high school. So, please enlighten me. Why don’t you see the drunk, toxic male, unhinged git that I do?

  37. After watching Judge Napolitano talking about how the government uses the Patriot Act to spy on Americans and also considering that our Intelligence agencies helped build Google and Facebook in order to spy on Americans even more, I have one big question. Should we really expect the government to just stop or dramatically decrease spying on innocent citizens? It seems like even though Trump has good intentions, the Deep State is still going to be in control and force the microchip, or Satan’s mark, on every citizen no matter what happens or who is in charge. Here in New York we have speed cameras, red light cameras and general police surveillance cameras almost on every street corner, even in the suburbs, so I don’t see this Police State ever going away in the future.

  38. They call this the “crap sandwich” approach to management:

    You are an invaluable member of this team. Your contributions cannot be quantified.

    But you are still young and there are things you do not understand. America IS the worlds police. It’s not something you can just quit at. Do you know what chaos would erupt if America just packed our bags and went home? That chaos would overflow onto our very shores. If anything we need to tighten our grip on the planet and bring the extremists to their knees. Of course, with bad men are at the helm, this operation hasn’t gone too smoothly. Hence your utter distaste at the mere thought of continuing.

    Oh and those sardines add up to 500lbs by now. The normie can dismiss this confirmation, sure. But why would you only show them one, NEON? When there are dozens? Not so easy to dismiss.

    Ahem- Uh… let’s see… Although the things you miss are sometimes puzzles of their own merit (as in, how the hell could he not see this? that’s a head scratcher) The things you nail more than make up for it. I actually love you brother because I find you to be a genuine truth seeker like myself.

    (this concludes my crap sandwich)

    But are you willing to follow the truth WHEREVER it leads? EVEN if it leads to the fact that abandoning the world police mantle would essentially be suicide? And Trump is the one with the cahones to tell the world “Look, we aren’t gonna put up with the nonsense anymore. This is how its gonna be…” Which is why our Space Force is going to be CRUCIAL if we are to root evil out from our world.

    Its not enough to save America if there are still children being abused rampant with no justice.

    We expell the deep state from our presence and they will just recoup and come at us again.

    No. This is IT. With or without you, we are going to destroy “evil” for lack of a better term, once and for all.

  39. Neon Revolt says he’s waiting for the real proof DJT is working with Q and yet here it is. It’s a link to Trump’s twitter account from Nov. 8th 2017 which he posts a picture of himself with others beside him making a thumbs up. But when you right click onto that photo from Trumps account and try to “save as” look at the address that pops up for that photo. It says “DO IT Q”. So unless someone else has access to Trump’s twitter account; Trump was the one who placed that address into that photo he posted on his own account. How much more proof do you need Neon? Here’s Trump’s photo from his twitter account. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/928325667556548608

  40. Just seeing a post on instagram from officer red pill: John Perry Barlow was good friends with JFK Jr. Not sure if someone has posted about this. He was a mentor and friend, even going on double dates with John and Carolyn with his fiancée Cynthia, according to Wikipedia. Just wondering if this is a hint from Q about JFK Jr. not being dead after all or if it’s just what the post reads about freedom of the press, etc.


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