Hey guys, this is just a quickie full article, but I wanted to take some space to let you know of something MAJOR that has just happened.

In a nine-page memo released today, Maricopa County Special Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell basically just exonerated Judge Kavanaugh regarding Ford’s allegations!

Click to access Rachel-Mitchell-s-analysis.pdf

God bless this woman. And look at that timeline she assembled! She picked Ford apart and left the corpse for the buzzards.

And we can’t forget this (potential) leak from earlier on 4/pol/:

And I reposted this to Gab as well:

Guys, I feel pretty good about calling a lot of this yesterday, but watching it unfold in realtime is still spectacular!

Mark my words: you’ll be seeing #JusticeKavanaugh confirmed very soon.



  1. Neon, really, thank you so much for your reporting. I am from (and in) Sweden and I am constantly following what is happening. Through you reporting (among others) and Q since jan 2018. I took my “red pill” at about 2010. People are slowly waking up over here, but it is problematic. The corruption you have is institutionalized here, that is why the Sweden Democrats (a conservative party) are deemed racist. Yes, they sprung from that but have since 20 years transformed and cleansed the party ranks from “idiots”. Now they represent “make sweden great again”.
    I really hope you have the energy to continue your work, it is fantastic,as we are fighting here, in the USA and ww. Bless you brother patriot.


  2. Is it just me or is there only one page of PDF that I can access? Can’t get PDF to open and can’t find online. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Wasn’t it the What’sapp that busted the comptroller and the reporter on leaks? I remember reading that somewhere, and would they have not figured out that there was nowhere they can hide, speak, or act without Q and 45 knowing about it, I want some more #Boomstick be it Graham or Trump, that should be the new smack down verbiage for now on. I love the Army of Darkness, and believe me it is just as hilarious when the #boomstick comes a callin’. #WWG1WG#Boomstick I know I forgot the A!

  4. Well it’s great to be a part of this page in history! but I have to warn people that the next few weeks will be grievous for everyone I have been following the Nostradamus prophecy and everything that is happening in space right now and it looks like this one is going to come true.

    “the gods making it appear to humans that they are offering a great war before heaven, seen clear, sword and lance that towards the left hand making great affliction”

    The left is prepared to incite riots and kill conservatives. https://youtu.be/ZWkDbkODQPk please everyone who reads this tell your family and be prepared because the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan when the truth comes out! stay safe Patriots and take comfort in the fact that WWG1WGA

  5. Wow i have to be honest and say when it was reported B.K.was to be investigated again i was initially disappointed but thinking about it a little i realised that this time the FBI had been mostly purged of the bad actors and thought this could be bad for the demons especially when President Trump gave reporters a Q+A just before heading to the rally he didn’t seem particularly worried about the outcome i knew then they had been played by the Q team and President Trump once again

  6. I just keep thinking of that lord of the rings scene, when gandalf comes back and says, “i come to you at the turning of the tide”. nice work neon!

  7. Glad I heard the beep of the email alert of your post. We may just confirm him this week. I pray for Judge Kavanaugh & his family every night so I know God’s got this. Thank you Neon. Another short but very sweet post.

  8. I am going to tell you how this ends, have been predicting this for decades.

    First most liberals would have rejected this a decade ago but Saturn the planet of control, oppression rules the democrat party, the Jewish people. Jupiter the planet of law, expansion, religion and abundance rules the Republican party. Forget the leaders since we have had uniparty but those are the underpinning of both. The unraveling began at Occupy in 2011 it was just a test or a dry run for the big show. You can see the two opposing belief systems in that event. That was at the cardinal square and Pluto in 2009 (Obama) entered Capricorn where the system will be dismantled, but the kicker is Pluto destroys everything in his path that is diseased, were talking institutions here. Long standing institutions. How he works is by giving them enough rope, he observes them from a secret location. Then mid sign he begins to unmask them, 2015 and mocks them, howls at them. 2016 (Lock Her Up) then the chasing them down begins 2018 and finally utterly destroys everything that is diseased leaving that which is healthy intact 2020.

    Saturn entered Capricorn also this year and conjuncts Pluto in 2020 the conjunction at 22* Capricorn is at the south nodes of both planets, Jupiter moves into Capricorn and joins the party. Now we are only 5* out from the US natal Pluto (1776) most countries don’t survive the Pluto return, it will be the first time for the USA. The country is dying as we knew it, at this point everyone can see that.
    The Great America Eclipse of 2017 changes the country forever, its how I knew in 2011 Trump would be 2016 winner, his Ascendant is conjunct the eclipse degree along with his natal Mars. His progressed Sun is right on top of it. He is destine to be a part of this process.

    The last time you see a big sky like this was 47AD when Paul went to Damascus, there is your clue. I believe the final outcome is Christian Nationalism with no separation between religion and state. I see an attempt to expand the court next year when Jupiter enters Sagittarius the planet of law. I think the left is floating this idea now.

    I will just leave this here.

    This cabbie in New York and often talks to his fares. He picks up this man very well dressed and fit looking in his mid to late 30s. He asks him what he does for a living and the man said “I own a private security company that provides security for executives” said he was former special forces. So they start talking about politics and the man says “You know we are going to have a civil war. Think breakaway nations like the entire gulf coast now you have breakaway military bases. Millions of people will die. Don’t you think it would be better to take out 100 people at the same moment in government, finance, business and avoid that?” He got out of the cab and disappeared into a sea of people in Manhattan.

    • Sheesh… {face palm} and people wonder why we’re referred to as ‘conspiracy nuts’; you’re witchcraft is not helping the cause.

      • There is nothing conspiracy about astrology it is unedited truth which why it has been around for 6000 yrs. genesis is chalk full of astrology which is the precursor to astronomy. The missing Gnostic texts were too.
        Witchcraft, are you kidding nobody is asking for something to happen, you are looking at what will happen.

        You’re very hateful and not helping the cause.


      • Another thing they call you that because you are trusting posts on the internet. Astrology is the study of the movements of the planets I can see every night and has been around for 6000 yrs vs 1 yr.
        Come on dude…lol

  9. Wow, got a sniff of this from praying medic Friday. Flake Snow Murkowski need to come back. This should do it. Felony lying investigations opened is what must happen if you are to believe and uphold the Constitution, “equal justice for all”.

  10. I think RED OCTOBER, refers to, not the movie, but more like the “Red Wedding” in Game of Thrones…
    A massacre…
    Mass arrests are coming… it will be a ‘blood bath’…
    What’s that number to the suicide hotline again?

    • Red OCTOBER refers to the Russian Revolution of 1917 where the Bolsheviks (mostly Jews) murdered the royal family and anybody connected to them.

      It does refer to a bloodbath, so it looks like you deductive skills are ok, but your search skills need work.

  11. (EXHALES)

    Thanks ! We have learned enough about Trump to expect a head fake. Remember when Trump ‘caved’ on DACA during the heated budget process prior to the SA takedown?

    I figured Trump was doing the same thing here. Appear to give ground while pursuing a larger, more devastating plan.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  12. God has the world in his hands.R U ready for this? Great things happen behind the scenes. Bless u Neon. I give you a big TY your way of writing is so helpful. So happy I found your site .I pass it along.
    Namaste Barb

  13. This Kavanough matter is getting boring. Of course, it is a set up, what else is news? Besides, I don’t like the guy anyway, due to his affiliation with W Bush.

    I’m sick of the small stuff. Get on with it. What about 911? Do you think that a guy who traveled everywhere with W is capable of presiding over anything related to 911? I doubt it.

    All this is just smoke and mirrors. Plus, this guy is a drunk. Look at his face, at all the red from the “beer” that he loves. Just what we need, another alcoholic judge.

    And, that so called “woman” who looks like an ugly drag queen…..what the heck is that? Her baby voice alone is disgusting.

    • If all this circus is to get people to go vote, remember this: Hillary lost a fixed election. She did not think that the machines would allow her to lose. If the machines are the same hackable machines, and the vote is fixed, where is the investigation into that? When are we going to have a fair decent election?

      What is the point? I have not seen the investigation that Trump started when he got into office, or the audit of the Pentagon, which is missing some 23 TRILLION DOLLARS. Where is it?

      All this is just kid’s stuff, so far. Even the HRC deal is nothing compared to Hussein’s treasonous selling out of the nation to Iran for a few Billion taxpayer dollars.

      Not to mention 911…..or all these wars of aggression, in violation of Article `1, section 8 of the US Constitution. They want to say we are under Marshall law, since 9/14/01? Are they insane?

      How long are we going to have these expensive wars of aggression for the sake of the British oil leases? You know we did not net out one oil lease in IRAQ, and we paid for the entire genocide.

      Meanwhile, all we get is more and more corporate propaganda, endlessly debating whether or not some stupid bizarre mentally ill woman had a bad high school experience at the hands of this Bush judge.

      • and….I repeat: He never touched her, unless she was a he, and is now gender changed….as he has no interest in women. He prob never even saw her before, ever.

    • Plus he’s a Catholic, which means he believes the Pope is the king of the world and thsyst where his true loyalty will always lie. You like the idea of the Pope calling in SCOTUS decisions?

      • Yeah, that too! A Jesuit, no less…..that finds it OK to torture, bomb civilians, wage wars and violate Congressional Resolution 1443 which stated that it was OK to bomb Iraq, if the UN Security Council approved it……however, after Colin Powell presented a plagiarized master’s student’s thesis from the 1980’s, as “NEW” evidence of Iraq having WMD, which they did not…..whoops~!

  14. This just gets better and better. Possible use of LSD….Sounds more and more like MK Ultra.


    Christine Ford’s Yearbook: Dangerous Hallucinatory Operation of a Motor Vehicle by Christine Blasey Caused Potentially Fatal Crash in High School – The Washington Standard

    • Laura Bush ran over and killed her former boyfriend, in high school. No charges were made……..some of these women are really not very good.

  15. None of us know what our president is doing behind closed doors but I guarantee he has it all under control. He is a chess player so his moves are unexpected but comes out the winner with a surprise move..He is many steps ahead of the evil ones..

  16. All you’re doing is making yourself look like a jerk. Trump supporters can show their good faith by admitting that Ford’s testimony is definitely true and urging Trump to find a non-criminal justice who doesn’t believe that presidents are above the law.

  17. I can’t always tell the shills from the fearful, so I figure they just cancel each other out, leaving those who are grateful for the blessings of an Almighty God. Who time and time again comes through with awesome victories.

    • Thank you Mark! That was a great description of ritual defamation. Reminds me of what happened to Roseanne, and what happens to President Trump, everyday. Also, to Q. Also to anyone who does not agree with the LGBTQ agenda, or the BLM agenda, or any of the other astroturf agendas…..

  18. I’m wondering if this is the beginning of “the hunters becoming the hunted” It’s driving me crazy trying to figure that one out and anxious for the article you promised to help solve that puzzle! Thanks, Neon – I rely on your posts and check for them every day. May God bless and keep you always.

  19. Benj Fulford report 1 Oct hints what Q was hinting as well. Israely sub tried to kill Trump with a missile. Assasination atempt failed. Submarine got destroyed.

  20. I wore your Q shirt to the Johnson City, Tennessee Trump Rally tonight! It was great! There were about 25,000 people there! Only 8,500 were allowed in. The people standing in front of me in line and the people standing behind me all follow Q and all follow Neon Revolt! It was amazing! Thanks, Neon

  21. Since Ms Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto with 9 PhDs, thus in her quiescent opinion is a perfect seer – has predicted a Christian perfect future for America – I thought another somewhat similar yet quite divergent viewpoint might be of interest to readers here by an acquaintance of mine

    “On Saturn.

    Like Jupiter, Saturn at its life bearing frequency level is not a gas giant but a big, solid
    planet. It has a crisp, clean atmosphere, and despite the planet’s size, gravity feels to
    its inhabitants no different than earth’s does to us. This is what I encountered in my
    visits to all the planets: the sensation of gravity at each planet’s inhabited level and
    the body shapes of the population appear pretty much the same, as if by adjusting to
    the planet’s vibratory frequency human bodies take on the ability to function normally
    in its gravity.”


    • I’m not sure why you feel it is OK to attack someone’s belief system, esp considering all the Christian proselytizing that goes on………however, you may need to reexamine your motives, and perhaps be a bit more open minded about things that you may or may not subscribe to.

    • “has predicted a Christian perfect future for America”- Only for some. Read it again, she predicted a civil war and balkanization.

      • True. I tend to overlook all the Christian dogma. Thanks for point that out. Either way, let people believe what they want. Live and let live. as long as they don’t hurt people, cats or other innocents.

  22. Copied from someone else.

    “Well, this is possibly interesting:

    Who Is Dr. Sydney Allison Randall?

    I haven’t seen the name of Christine Blasey Ford’s marriage counselor posted anywhere. Could it be Sydney Allison Randall (nee Hunter)?

    Dr. Hunter is a marriage counsel who graduated from Purdue University in 1965 ( Psychology Today ). Through some feature in Google maps, her name popped up when I clicked on the house at 3872 Duncan Pl, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Guess who lives there? So, I did some digging and found that Dr. Hunter is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California and in Oregon. The addresses shown are not at 3872 Duncan Place.

    But I also found a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number for her showing her living at 3872 Duncan Place, the home of you know who. That record was updated in July 2007.

    How long did Dr. Randall live there with you know who? According to Zillow, her currently listed home address last sold in 1998. It was listed for rent in March 2017 and the listing was removed that May.”

    At a minimum this is indicative of unethical behavior, living with a client. At the worst, her “therapist” could be a complete fictional character.

  23. Upon taking office in January-2017, President Trump discovered that many powerful Democrat Party lawmakers in the US Congress were not complying with the FARA statute to describe their foreign connections and affiliations, thus necessitating his needing to obtain FISA Warrants against them to discover what they were doing—and among whose targets are:

    Democratic Party US Senator Dianne Feinstein—whose secret dealings with a Chinese spy in her employ for nearly 20 years has yet to be fully explained.

    Democratic Party US Senator Dick Durbin—whose wife, Loretta Durbin, was discovered to be a lobbyist for clients who received “favors” from her husband, one of whom was the Mexican government’s National Museum of Mexican Art who funneled millions-of-dollars to Senator Durbin and his wife for reasons still not known.

    Democratic Party US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand—who received a mysterious “gift” of nearly $500,000 from her father-in-law Sydney Gillibrand—who is a British citizen and former chairman of the UK defense giant Amec Foster Wheeler (AMEC)—with it further left being unexplained about Senator Gillibrand as to why the Mexican government protected her father Doug Rutnik—who has ties to the leader of a sex cult President Trump forced the Mexicans to deport back to the United States.

    As astonishing as it may seem, but is nevertheless true, US Senator’s Feinstein, Durbin and Gillibrand are three of the most powerful Democratic Party lawmakers deciding the fate of US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh—and whose fellow radical leftist Democrat US Senate Judiciary members joining them in publicly executing Kavanaugh include:

    Democrat Party US Senator Richard Blumenthal—who last week asked Judge Kavanaugh whether he knew the legal term “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus”—false on one thing, false on all—but in the past lied for 15 years falsely claiming that he served in Vietnam and was a hero, despite the fact that he sought multiple deferments and then signed up for the Marine Reserve to avoid going to war.

    Democrat Party US Senator Cory Booker—who, in 1992, wrote an article for his collage newspaper wherein he bragged about groping and molesting a drunken 15-year-old girl child.

    Democrat Party US Senator Kamala Harris—who as the Attorney General of California in the aftermath of the 2007-2008 financial crises, set up a task force to investigate banks for their crimes, then quietly closed out her investigation without prosecuting anyone.

    Democrat Party US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse—who made a fortune on a deal over a bill called the 21st Century Cures Act by buying shares in pharmaceutical companies while he was sitting on a US Senate committee overseeing health care—and the day after President Obama signed the bill, saw him then selling his pharmaceutical stock.

    For links to articles and photos see Whatdoesitmean.com. While the site has been criticized over the years, the specific facts above, are not in dispute. The Booker article is there, as a photo shot.

  24. Hello!
    Just a question. I am German and i dont know nothing about it all. I read in Wikipedia Cavanough is Jesuit and member of Yale´s Skull&Bones where he studied and his wife is private secratary of the Bush-Clan.
    And, please forgive me, why is Hillary and Obimbo still free after 2 years promising that she would go to jail?
    And why does US-Army defend ISIS in Syrias Idlib?

  25. Well, Katzenbootz – the 911 self proclaimed 911 expert here – here is a ‘feel good’ aftermath & recent story on 911 u might have missed


    Delta Flight 15, a true story about 9-11

    Delta Flight 15

    This is not political. It is a little-known true story about 9-11 and a good read. This read will make you
    proud of the vast majority of humanity. Here is an amazing story from a flight attendant on Delta Flight
    15, written following 9-11-2001.

      • I’ve read this account before but, after seeing the venomous events of the past week, it was great to read it again & remember that there truly are Godly people left in this world. Thank you, Katzenboots, for sharing! Peace & blessings to you as well. xox

  26. Hi NR, This may be of interest:
    “Sylvia A. Randal Ph.D. practicing psychotherapist 30+ yrs. She is the previous owner of Blasey’s palo alto home and continued to operate business from that location Couples Resource Ctr to at least 09/2016 but get this: she moved to Linn, Oregon by at least 04/20/2007 when her license No. 1735 was issued. She operates from her OR home and yoga hypnosis therapy at Sachi Wellness Naturopathic Medicine.

    Blasey lied under oath when she gave her occupation as “research psychologist” she is NOT licensed, never has been and Stanford CHANGED her job title from “Phy/General Psychiatry Research Psychologist” to “Affiliate, Psychology Dept.”

    I think, but I cannot prove, that Blasey was running that therapy business from her home… and that is illegal; kind of like saying you’re a CPA and doing someone’s taxes, when in fact, you have no license.

    They scrubbed her online footprint and she’s been very hard to trace, but I agree she’s probably a spook.”

    The above was sent anonymously to our website. Keep up the great work!


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