The Twitter Battlegrounds! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Ah Twitter, that bastion of free thought and expression:


Isn’t that just lovely?

Rep. JJ was right:


But it’s not all bad out there in the twitterverse (at least, for now). A few of our favorite talking heads have been absolutely killin’ it for the past day or so, in regards to the #KavanaughConfirmation, and I wanted to highlight their contributions before @Jack gives them the boot (which, if you read the Q drops already, you know is bound to happen, soon.

And I know this is a lot here, but trust me; each of these is worth the read:


And we can’t forget the God-Emperor either, in all of this:

But while all that was happening, #QAnon was dropping, so let’s get right in to #NewQ, starting where we last left off:

I had a feeling yesterday that the whole FBI investigation into Kav was a setup, and I said as much on Gab. I have more evidence than ever that RR is actually a white hat, and when I heard that Flake had a meeting with RR… I mean, come on! (I explained a lot of this in my previous article, so if you haven’t read that yet, please do).

Moreover, we know to “Trust Grassley,” as Q says. Grassley would have never recommended an FBI investigation, and the vote to pass Kav to the Senate floor was not contingent upon an investigation. That’s very important to understand here. The senators in that room had no authority to open up an FBI investigation. It was just a pass/fail kind of vote. Either the Senate Judiciary Committee would approve passing Kav to the floor, or they wouldn’t. Flake got to save face, the parties voted along party lines, and Kav got through on an 11-10 vote. And while I was angry at Flake at first, I tend to think that Trump may have even managed to turn him! (Or is, at the very least, using RR to manipulate him in the direction Trump wants Flake to go).

It’s actually almost staggering how MORONIC the Dems have been throughout all of this. Remember: Wray controls the FBI now. He’s had MONTHS to clean house. Wray will make sure the investigation goes exactly where it needs to.

And I said it before, but it’s looking more and more like this is going to supremely backfire against the Dems:

That doesn’t read like they’re investigating Kav. That reads like they’re investigating Ford!

Again, refer to the ImperatorRex tweets as well:

I said it yesterday, but Trump simply won’t allow a cloud of doubt to hang over his nominee, and over the Supreme Court. There needs to be no doubt that this was a major conspiracy against Kav. His false accusers and their co-conspirators need to go to jail.

You might actually see a few Dems actually lose their senate seats because of all this. This goes waaaay beyond censuring.

And it all might go down in like… the next week and a half.

Here’s the clip Q wants you to watch, of that insipid little Hirono midget:

I have to say, this rotten dumpling has annoyed me more than any of the other dems during the past two weeks. Every time she talks, I find myself wishing her head would spontaneously combust and explode, like in Raiders of the Lost Ark. And that’s really saying something when you’ve got #Sharticus in the room, hamming it up for the TV cameras with his false sympathy. Alas, I’ve not been so fortunate to witness such a volatile-cranial-spectacle, but one can always dream.

Again, I think Q is engaging in a bit of disinfo here in order to rally the troops: here’s the enemy’s tactic. Here’s what we’re gonna do in response. Trump controls the FBI. Wray has oversight over his agents. I’d be willing to bet that supplemental investigation is going to turn out either Pelosi or #DiChiFi as one of Ford’s co-conspirators, and that Trump/Grassley/and co. knew that going into all this, which is why they’re allowing it to happen in the first place.

Heck, even Trump is calling the investigation a “Blessing in disguise” now.

FBI contacts second Kavanaugh accuser as part of newly authorized investigation

The FBI has reached out to a second woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault — a day after President Trump ordered the bureau to conduct a new background investigation. An attorney for Deborah Ramirez, who claims that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a Yale college party several years ago, said that the FBI had reached out to her.

Before heading to West Virginia on Saturday for a political rally, President Trump expressed confidence in Kavanaugh.

“I would expect it’s going to turn out very well for the judge,” he said. “There’s never been anybody that’s been looked at like Judge Kavanaugh.”

Trump said he had no backup plan concerning his nomination, and didn’t need one.

How much more proof do you need?!

But the important part is that we can’t get lazy here and rest on our haunches. Just because we have an upper hand doesn’t mean we’ll win by default – which is, I think, Q’s point in all this:

Prepare the meme cannon, folks, and make sure you have plenty of ammo for the week ahead.


As as I’m writing this, it turns out Grassley is making criminal referrals already for Kav’s accusers!

I’ve never been more glad to have adopted Gab so long ago. I keep encouraging people to make the switch, but I can’t deny that Twitter is a major battleground in all this. It’s bigger by FAR, and has a much bigger impact.

You know what’s at stake; you don’t need me to remind you. You know these technological oligarchs are complicit in so much evil, so they’re desperate to save themselves. If the Dems lose the midterms, these oligarchs lose their protection.

And the censorship is already happening.

Why, just a day or so ago, @ThomasWictor had his account purged from Twitter entirely. @realJamesWoods is still suspended for daring to post a meme. It doesn’t matter what you post; these sites have such vague guidelines, they’ll come up with any old excuse to censor whoever they don’t like.

You can’t expect the likes of @Jack and #Cuckerberg to fight fair. They’re willing to endure any lawsuit, any investigation, so long as it means keeping their scrawny behinds out of hot water. This may be all fun and memes for us, but for them, it’s life and death.

And like Q warns, expect Trump’s own twitter account to go down as well. I imagine they’re saving that play for a key moment; one where it will put his account out of commission for a few hours, and then, like Q says, they’ll reinstate it and blame the outage on a “renegade employee,” just like they did before.

Here’s how a low-level Twitter employee was able to deactivate Donald Trump’s account

A rogue Twitter employee deleted Trump’s Twitter account for a brief time on Thursday. Hundreds of Twitter employees, including contractors, have had the ability to delete accounts and tweets for years. But it would be much harder for a rogue Twitter employee to send a tweet or private message from an account like Trump’s.

(As a side-note, Q, I know Gab is still young, and #POTUS has to maintain certain optics, but seriously consider having him make the leap to Gab. Maybe even just maintaining a placeholder for now).

Q’s last post for the day was this mysterious airline interior, and a few stringers:

#Anons quickly honed in on the make and model of the airplane: a a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A lot of Anons thought it was, specifically, a United Airlines flight, but I’m seeing less evidence for that, especially when you consider the TFC portion of the stringers.

See, some Anons believed TFC was the IATA code for Taormina Harbour airport. One big problem: United doesn’t fly to TFC…

We’re still in the process of trying to hunt this specific flight down. We don’t know when this pic is from, so that makes it more difficult.

This #Anon noted the image’s filname:

Many thought the BAH portion represented Bahrain International Airport, meaning, we now have two potential points for this flight: Bahrain for takeoff, and Taormina for destination.

#Anon, however, provides another more compelling interpretation (by my estimation). Even though it’s more complicated… I found it fit nicely with other, previous Q drops:

At which point, anon noted:

Frankly, this is the interpretation I’m leaning towards.

Another anon had some other ideas here – and while I disagree with his Sept 26th part, I think he’s spot on about a missile being involved:

And also note: TFC could very well mean “Temporary flight corridor” and not Taormina Harbour airport. The airport is so small, so remote, it doesn’t show up on most online map searches. I didn’t think it could handle something as big as a Boeing 787.

But a Temporary Flight Corridor accomodating an international Boeing 787 flight to Heathrow…

Now that makes A LOT more sense! And it fits with Q’s previous drops about #Skyfall.

And given Q’s penchant for movie references, I can’t ignore the fact that Skyfall is about MI6 being infiltrated by a former agent turned master computer hacker, who is now threatening to release the identity of every embedded field agent in the world, before ultimately blowing up MI6 HQ:


Knowing what we know about embedded MI6 agents, how British Intelligence created and “legitimized” the Trump Dossier – do you think it’s possible Q is sending a message here?

Yeah, I think a whole lot of MI6 dealings are about to be exposed to the world, very soon.

Also of note in regards to this the QDrop:

Trump’s tweet about Sen. #Leatherface Blumenthal followed Q’s post here by 17 minutes, making it yet another nice #QConfirmation.

And finally, before we go, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the #TrumpRally in West Virginia. The whole thing can be watched on Trump’s twitter feed:

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Fox News @FoxNews

Fox News (@FoxNews). America’s Strongest Primetime Lineup Anywhere! Follow America’s #1 cable news network, delivering you breaking news, insightful analysis, and must-see videos.

POTUS is particularly hilarious talking about Cory Booker now wanting to run for President. But remember what Q said: certain people will announce their runs in order to gain a layer of protection.

And if you’re eagle-eyed, you’ll be able to spot a couple Q-related T-shirts in the photos he posts:

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Thank you West Virginia – I love you!

Get those memes ready, folks. We’re gonna need them, this week.

Hey guys,

I’m really thankful you have all allowed me to take this break over the past few days. I really needed it to just veg out, and recoup. I was burning the candle on both ends, and just needed to sit down, hang out, play some vidya with friends, and recover. But I’m back and feeling rather pumped right now for what’s ahead – and I think you can tell as much by the dramatic tonal shift in my writing today.

But, while I was gone, you may have noticed something was amiss. If you had been eyeing a shirt here on my site, and you had gone to click the links in the sidebar or at the end of one of my articles, you may have realized… hey! Neon’s store is gone!

That’s right! Threadless REMOVED my store!

When I pressed them why, they kept giving me different answers and beating around the bush. I could show you the whole e-mail chain, and you’d come to the same conclusion I did: they’re a bunch of #LunaticLeftists looking to censor all-things-Q-related.

This was also compounded by Voat trolls striking out against my account, and presenting false information to Threadless. So now, not only are they disgusting roaches on their own site; they feel the need to spread their infection all over the web!

So, what do I do now?

Well, you’ll remember my Redbubble store is still active, and has all the same products available! I’ve also notified them of the situation, so… I’m going to direct people to Redbubble for the time being!

At some point, I may just end up shifting everything to my own, private, interminable producer (if need be), but for now, Redbubble did great work in the past. So if you want to check out the offerings there, please click the image below!

I’ll be sure to change the links in the sidebar soon, and I thank you for your continued support!

57 thoughts on “The Twitter Battlegrounds! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Amazing work you are doing and have joined the MeWe group NeonRevolution – everyone is behind you.
    Stay safe and dont let the trolls get to you.

  2. Great breakdown – I was following the same except for the chans. I think we are seeing another Suicide Weekend on it’s way, as Ford has now become a liability. I knew POTUS was setting them up yesterday and we were watching Kabuki Theater. Grassley is coming on strong in his final days in office. Freedom is a great feeling, I’m sure. The fact that he is going to hold these false accusers to the letter of the law will scare the new ones from coming out of their dark corners. Can’t wait to see Feinstein go down in a heap. Her husband is on some board at Palo Alto College where Ford “teaches trauma” or statistics or maybe how to make a morning after abortion pill. This snake is about to bite it’s own head off and you know WE have it all! Oh yes, 2018 is going to be glorious.

    Glad to hear you took some time for yourself and are feeling better. We all have to return to our regularly scheduled lives at times. These rabbit holes can be very defeating to our spirits.

    Have a blessed day!

    • to be honest if people was going to give my car back – sure have a stupid way of showing it. also i dont consider that nothing – i got plenty to say but i already resigned myself to never speaking to particular people, you say late than never – late and unimpressive – NH is a celebrity to me – i will wave at him – anyone who is confused by the flow of the reply. dont trip.

  3. One of the most exciting articles i have read bringing the end closer with clear visible results and the master plan behind it is astounding whilst we all watch it unfold – enjoy the show…i am!

  4. Nice one Neon! You’ve inspired me to create some memes!! And to finally use twitter!! And to go bk on FB too to do the same:D That anon has got it right I reckon with the London theory. There is a fabulous English bloke on YT , Swilliamsm , he is a tour guide in London and he’s been doing videos for some years about the goings ons and the symbology in London relating to Skull and Bones etc . He did one quite recently about the new American Embassy being moved to nearer the M16 building!!! Am slightly concerned about him actually as he’s not posted for a while..maybe like Bill Smith? Has anyone heard from him?

    • After your reply I began to think about the British Embassy here in Canada as they were place in a obscure location of an industrial building complex area away from the Ottawa core where most embassies are located.
      Why would Canada do this with an alley? I will watch his videos to get a better picture.

  5. Neon,
    Just something for you and the anons/autists to possibly check? No one has mentioned a possible connection with…..
    Hussein>>>Hawaii>>>cult/Marxist teachings/training?>>>
    Then you have Ford interning in Hawaii for a year??>>>>
    And then Hirono>>>>from Hawaii???
    Any connections??

    • Astute observation. Neil Abercrombie, former Gov of Hawaii, was one of the founders of the Progressive Caucus in DC when he represented Hawaii. His claim to fame is that “he was present at Obama’s birth in Hawaii.” Which we all know is BS. When he was Gov, his original Dept of health chief was on the phone with the morning DJ’s that everyone listened to. DJ’s asked, “Hey, why don’t you just release the damn birth certificate so we can all get on with our lives?” Health Dir says, “We CAN’T release it. WE DON’T HAVE IT…” He was fired the next day. In his place, Loretta “Deliana” Fuddy became new Director. Within a week she released a statement that the [forged] BC was legit. Shortly after that, a “Certificate of Live Birth” was released. All the CLB does is verify THAT you were born, not WHERE you were born. Coincidentally, Fuddy, Abercrombie, Dunham, Barry Soetero, and Barry “Malcolm X” Shabazz were all members of the Subud Cult in Indonesia. [Go play with that one anons if you haven’t already.)

      Also the Democrats have run Hawaii for decades. Senator Daniel Inouye was the godfather of Hawaii and one of the longest running senators and power brokers in Hawaii. Mazie was a protege. If you want to get her goat, just send a little innocent tweet that says, “Hey Mazie, what did you do when that hairdresser was sexually harassed by Senator Inouye? Did you take his side?” [yes] She’s a loose cannon and a loser. Because of her No vote on a rail project that was nearly already funded and ready to go, way back in the early 90’s, it was delayed for more than a decade and wound up costing billions more. She makes me crazy. I’m thinking of sending her a note that all my mainland friends have now said they won’t every visit Hawaii because with leaders like her it’s not safe for any white males to go there.

      IMHO Miss Mazie is running for some other office or she wouldn’t be doing this. Japanese usually don’t stick their nose in things. The Hawaii motto for Japanese is “the nail that sticks up is the one that gets pounded down.” Then again, I’m sure she is taking orders. She doesn’t have one original thought that I’m aware of.

    • It is random but isn’t it odd that no-name was married to his wife disabled by a car accident, went with other big elite players to HAWAII and meets Cindy there where he quickly proposed to her before he was even divorced? HAWAII. Again.

  6. Any memes for pumpkins? I’d like a flaming Q design but I’m not sure how to get that right using standard tools. (Yes, I know the middle will need to be held in place with toothpicks.)

    • I would like to remove this comment I made it before I got further down. That’ll teach me to source properly hah. sorry.

  7. Has Q said if any of the anti-god actions will be reversed…10 commandments being stripped from public buildings/schools, prayer at football games, etc?

  8. Neon, I missed ur intelligent decoding. Glad that ur back and reinvigorated. I am finding thru u and some others I have definitely evolved in my interpretation of drops. This comes at the perfect time when I have opportunities to redpill them. For some very very newbies I give them Praying Medic since u may too far advanced for them right away. I’m finding that thes that want to know the truth, they advance to u very quickly. For all others U are the master and I am grateful for the work that u put into everything u do. Others who are interpreting Q and the vile and vicious rhetoric that spews out of these demonrat mouths give u credit for ur deep diving & interpretation skills when they use ur messages. U should & will b proud of all u have done not only now but when this mess is cleaned up. We are! WWG1WGA

  9. Hello Neon,
    For a while now I’ve been a regular reader of this site. I found about about it via voxday, that I also regularly read.
    I think you’re doing a great job and I hope all this crazy shit will become public same day – the sooner, the better – and all these pedo-cultists to get what they deserve.
    Neon, I have a crazy and very far-fetched request. Here is the context:
    In Romania, on the 6th and 7th of October this year, there will be a referendum to update the constitution related to the definition of marriage. Currently, marriage is defined very vaguely, as a contract between spouses and the referendum asks the voters if they agree that marriage should be defined explicitly between a man and a woman. Here’s a link with more information:
    This is great and desirable, as to delay the LGBT and pedo agendas in my country, BUT all the local MSM, tv stations, leftist NGOs are simply blocking any news related to this very important event or they present it in a very derogatory manner. They know that if people knew, they would vote for it. I believe most people don’t know because MSM refuses to provide the public with honest debates about the subject. There is a hidden consensus between multiple actors: MSM, LGBT NGOs, politicians, actors, musicians and intellectuals (not all, but most of them) to hide even the EXISTENCE of this referendum to the wider audience, that will mostly vote for the change, because most people here are conservative. This is a form of tyranny and it breaks my heart and I’ve done all I can to popularize and inform people I know, but it’s not enough. The media is refusing to inform and debate this issue, despite being required by the law. They prefer to pay some small penalty and get away with it. I’m desperate and I find this completely immoral!
    And now, for the crazy request: is it possible for you to tell Q to tell POTUS to tweet about this? This would be like another Q confirmation and will be greatly appreciated! It can be linked to US midterm elections or something – but people at that level know better how to communicate. I know I’m asking for something almost impossible and you probably think I’m crazy or arrogant, but I’m not. This is very important and the Romanians deserve to know and vote.
    God help US and God help Romania!

  10. Hirono went to the University of Hawaii Manoa – graduated 1970. Not sure what year Ford interned in Hawaii. All info is scrubbed. However, there was info that she stayed at an apartment in San Souci Beach. Closest university is University of Hawaii Manoa. I’ve been screaming for weeks for someone to find out if they know each other. Hirono is way too focal. So is Ted Lieu.

  11. This is what EyeTheSpy said IMMEDIATELY after Q posted

    1 target destroyed.

    Patrol high-in the sky.

    Unknown aircraft traffic

    Thats what is said here.

    Z[des_TFC]381 means destroy traffic.
    Z381; which is a Zlin381/C106

    A C106 is an unknown aircraft code.

    It means; destroy unknown aircraft traffic.

    I know you don’t like EyeTheSpy, Neon, but he has proved WITH PICTURES that he has been onstage w/POTUS, and in the control room of the rallies.
    You’re assessment of him IMHO is incorrect

      • That’s it? Potty mouth?

        I just gave you the fact that he has photos of him in the rally, photos of the console/rally that appear nowhere else, and in addition, he posted a week ago a photo that matches the exact time of the Feinstein/Murkowski photo (BUT FROMTHE OTHER SIDE!)
        In other words, it appears that HE is the guy partially hidden by Feinstein in the white shirt/black pants BEHIND HER.

      • I forgot to say that that Feinstein/Murkowski photo WAS POSTED BY Q. The companion photo from the other side of Feinstein WAS POSTED BY EYETHESPY

  12. Stay strong Patriots. Truth and Freedom are on our side. 2 things our enemies don’t have. Lets MAGA like crazy this week. wwg1wga.

  13. This was a very good read, Neon. Nicely put together. By the way,Thomas Wictor is on Gab.
    “When the sky falls we shall catch larks.” -English proverb

  14. Glad to see you again, NR!
    Everybody needs time away from the intensity of this stuff. And, I always like the fact that you are able to temper it with humor.
    The SkyFall movie trailer “Mommy needs a hobby” is hysterical especially when you think of liberal Judy Dench.

  15. I think we should start a think tank, Neon, Serial Brain, and Spaceshot 76. I bet you guys could be 5 seconds behind Q on every move. While you don’t all agree, and who cares, those of us deplorables just love the clever insight you all provide and your attempts at decodes. I don’t have time to do the research myself, but wake every morning wondering what you three have found. Just an educated redneck here in Texas. I will have every human I know vote in November so we can keep having all this fun. If we don’t they will ban all your channels and ruin our fun. My slogan “You can Beto our ass I am voting for Cruz”. Wish I could vote for Lynsey Graham, what a transformation after his handler No Name was delivered to Satan. I thought about buying a roadside advertisement with that on it, but doubt it would ever get approved by libtards on those committees.

  16. Democrats are cornered rats now. They will through up sexual harassment claims to anyone who looks like they will beat them in Nov race. I looked at the race for Montana Senate seat and I see Jon Tester will lose his seat but looks like his Repub challenger Rosendale might get a fake accuser.
    Dems have nothing to lose by doing this because they are going to lose it all in November anyway.
    They never cleaned house like the Repubs did. I said that back in 2008 that it was a good thing with Tea Party, Ron Paul, then Trump.
    This is the only senate race I looked at, if you have one you think is close I can look at it for you.

    God Bless~

  17. Haven’t yet read this article but wanted to get this posted right away. The Duran released a video eight hours ago stating that UK PM Theresa May has talked President Trump out of releasing FISA warrant for Page and any and all supporting documents. (Insert my WTF! face here).
    Feedback? Has anyone else saw or heard anything in this regard?

  18. You’re still ignoring the 800 pound Go-Rilla in the room. They are the MSM, newspapers & networks, why are you hiding them Neon?

  19. Fabulous work, as usual!!! Every time I hear that POTUS is travelling, I worry. I pray for POTUS, the Q team, all of the Anon’s working SO HARD, all of the people like yourself who are interpreting this stuff for the masses, all of the ]few[ Patrioits in Washington, and for all of the Patriots who are reading, following, researching, and seeking opportunities to redpill others. It gets frustrating at times, but no way in HELL am I going to walk away and give up. Never!!!!

    • I can’t imagine why anyone would dislike this website unless they are either jealous of success or are on the wrong side of history.

  20. After the Rally last night and elated at watching Sweet West Virginia Folk. I found myself in a horrible debate with not enough substantiate material about the Kavanaugh case with many of my resistant family folk. But from reading your article through my tears today, I have come away joyful knowingly all along the Faith and with the information I am able to spread that facts and I believe in God and Truth Prevails. Thank You! I would like to support you but my income is meek and sporadic. I am saving up to help you out in the near future and planned to buy a shirt.

  21. Interesting that #Anon’s map of London creates an elongated number “5”. MI5 is the counter-intelligence unit alongside MI6.

  22. @NeonRevolt…great work! I have been saying on CTH for a long time that Mueller and RR are quite possibly white hats. They both have said that Trump is not the focus of their investigation, but no one is listening to them. Mueller’s actions vis-a-vis Manafort make sense if you think that Manafort was, knowingly and willingly, sent as a plant into the Trump campaign, and that Trump knew this, put him on for a short time with an aim toward exposing the folks who were plotting against him.
    Normies were agitated when they heard that Mueller raided Manafort with warrants, but that was the ‘story’ to cover the objective, namely corroborating evidence against the coup.
    I have posted a dozen+ times about evidence: the first thing a prosecutor asks the investigator when he sees the evidence of a crime is “Have we obtained this legally?” Mueller obtained evidence of Manafort’s participation in the coup legally.
    As soon as I heard the Flake/FBI investigation gambit, I thought of the parallel. Now, not only the witnesses who have committed perjury but all those who have suborned and abetted perjury, or committed other crimes, are subject to investigation and completely legal gathering of evidence. This is an economy-sized can of worms for these perpetrators.

  23. Great article, Neon. About an hour after I read it today, Q dropped a couple items (#2299, #2300) which seem to call [RR] to front and center. I think we’re about to learn the truth about his white hat / black hat status. #Popcorn

  24. Hey brother, the seat layout looks like the layout the Clintons’ were pictured in by an Anon and posted on Q, remember everyone talking about their money was taken they had to fly commercial airlines? What was the date of jpg., could it tie to Avenatti and MR.YUCk Brennan tweets about the assasination attempt. Just pulling from Memory, but the Clientons’ were sitting against a wall in the back of 1st class.

  25. Awesome report !! I seen where Flake went with Coons and both up on stage speaking. Flake told the crowd you can confront me on an elevator anytime. They boo-D him. He make me nauseous

  26. Hmm. Steve Bannon gave an interview to ABC Australia. In the interview his support for Trump was huge destroying the anti-Trump narative portrayed by MSM in Australia for the last 2 years. The next day the CEO of ABC got fired. (ABC is a Government TV news network in AUS)


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