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I have to say, I had the privilege of watching the full 9-or-so hours of the Kavanaugh Committee Hearings today, and live-gabbing (live-croaking?) the whole thing with my thoughts, responses, and the absolute best memes you could find anywhere on the planet. At the end of the 9 hours, I had over 120+ posts on Gab, so if you’re interested, definitely be sure to check that out. It was a lot of fun:

But you would think that the statistical likelihood of three separate women all simultaneously emerging from the woodwork to accuse Kavanaugh of profane and depraved criminal acts would normally beggar belief, but this is #ClownWorld we’re talking about. If you’re not marching for Sharia law arm-in-arm with Linda Sarsour in #ClownWorld, if you’re not incessantly lamenting your #WhitePrivilege like it’s some kind of unbreakable ancestral curse instead of the cultural inheritance it actually is; if you’re not storming restaurants with you dreadlocked, patchouli-stanked, genderconfused BLM rejects to shout down Ted Cruz and his wife as they enjoy a meal together, all to fulfill your deluded “revolutionary” ambitions and “win” one for the “#Resistance,” then I’ve got news for you: you’re on the “wrong side of history,” bud. Or so the screeching mouthpieces of the radical left would like you to think.

Guys, I broke down here just a short while ago how Leftists were signalling a “go” for assassinating Trump across social media.

Did you really think character assassination was below them?

The problem isn’t ever how low they can go. Understand this: they will always use whatever weapons they have at their disposal. The problem is: how much will the American people tolerate before it becomes a blatant bridge-too-far? Before all Americans of every stripe start recoiling in incredulity?

Evidently, this is much further than most expected, given the Democrats have really pulled out all the stops, and have had their preferred narrative propped up by 24/7 assistance from the #AmericanResistanceMedia.

But even leftie rags like the New York Times are starting to have trouble toeing the party line.

BREAKING. New York Times Nearly Calls Bullsh** On Avenatti’s Story

A little earlier today (today…it seems like this has been going on for a month) Michael Avenatti asked us, on Twitter, to please respect the privacy of the previously anonymous woman he’d just outed: Here is a picture of my client Julie Swetnick. She is courageous, brave and honest.

As the saying goes, you can only stack sh*t so high. Even the staunchest dems are starting to catch a whiff.

And like Q has said many, many times, none of what we’re seeing is normal. What did Kavanaugh say during his testimony today? That he had answered more questions than ALL the previous Supreme Court nominees COMBINED.

None of this is normal. It’s why Michelle Obama is campaigning under the guise of registering voters in conjunction with her book tour:


Michelle Obama on Twitter

There’s a lot at stake this November. If we stay home, critical issues that affect our families and communities get ignored. Today on #NationalVoterRegistrationDay, register to vote and then get to the polls on Nov. 6. Text WeAllVote to 97779 to get started. #WhenWeAllVote

And look at all the names of those working with her. You’ll notice some familiar faces:

And the kicker? It just so happens that the group behind her is the Soros-Backed “Act Blue.”

That’s right; go to her page, and you’ll find it in the fine print – but only on the Donate page – where they’re legally required to post it:

ActBlue “Charities.” Oh, they’re more than happy to separate you from your money, despite having a billionaire backing it.

The truth is this: there is no depth the #LunaticLeftists won’t sink to, and the fact that this still surprises so many, in fact, surprises me. What’s missing from most people’s understanding is that the #KavanaughConfirmation is declaration of war against the deep state. Kavanaugh represents an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to their established order. Remember what he said to Lindsey Graham during the initial hearings about Military Law applying to US Citizens who helped foreign states to try and subvert or overthrow the US Government:

Uhh… You think that applies to Feinstein and her Chinese buddies? Is it any wonder she conjured her witness and this story out of the ether?

Feinstein’s head is LITERALLY on the chopping block here. ALL of their heads are. It shouldn’t shock anyone that they’re pulling out all the stops here.

But it’s even more nefarious than that; it’s not just an effort to assassinate the character of Brett Kavanaugh, who, according to any reliable testimony (and the no less than SIX background checks he’s already endured from the FBI). It’s an effort to discredit every single white, male Republican sitting in that room. It’s an attack on all fronts.

(Which is why I thought it was a GENIUS move to bring in Rachel Mitchell from Maricopa County, to conduct the interview live, for the lot of them. Notice; Dems can’t tell all these “old white men” to sit down and shut up now, because none of them did any talking during Ford’s testimony. It was a perfect outflanking of their identity politics).

Recall, just a few days ago, what Sen. Hirono said:

Which made this moment that much sweeter:

But God bless Kavanaugh today. Seriously. The man fought for his honor and his family valiantly. There were a few times there when I got choked up; who couldn’t? The man gave a powerful testimony, and if there’s one part of the whole thing you should watch, it’s that:



And how can we forget Sheila Jackson-Lee’s underhanded swap with Ford’s lawyer?

The other major highlight, of course, was Lindsey Graham’s amazing, take-no-prisoners lambasting of the Democrats:

Boy, it’s almost like removing McCain from the equation really unshackled him. I might have to start calling him #Boomstick Graham or something, because he basically just took out every evil swamp creature in the room in a righteous blaze of fury:

The whole thing was amazing to watch from beginning to end; not just the above, but getting to see all the machinery in motion for the entire nine hours. Dems had a clear playbook; with Ford, they thanked her for her “bravery,” repeatedly reminded everyone about the likes of #MeToo, and reiterated that they needed an FBI investigation (so their deep state buddies could forestall and sabotage the nomination). To counter, Republicans yielded Mitchell, who proceeded to pick apart and find a number of inconsistencies in Ford’s testimony.

With Kavanaugh, every single Dem in the room tried negging Kavanaugh into accepting an FBI investigation (Come on, Kav. These Gestapo guys… they’re really nice and they’ll be really fast! I promise! You won’t end up in jail on false pretenses!)

And Republicans, for once, really showed some spine (Jeff Flake withstanding – but that’s understandable, given his previous proximity to #NoName). It was nice to see them taking scalps for once.

That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve learned over the past few years, watching Trump. While it’s great to have a leader who charges into the front-lines, a solitary leader doesn’t win battles. You need a coalition making a beachhead and aggressively taking territory. Dems haven’t had to fight that kind of battle in a LOOOOONG time, and it shows. They’re used to blackmailing their way, to get what they want. That has made them fat, entrenched, and lazy.

In other words, they’re sitting targets.

Much could also be said about Ford herself (and her decisive lack of tears, despite the expert vocal tremble she mastered). Needless to say, I can’t wait for Bombard’s Body Language video on Ford’s testimony. She doesn’t like it one bit:


Bombard’s video is available HERE:

Body Language – Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Accuser Dr Christine Blasey Ford

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

But for now, all you need to know is that… yeah, she’s a total CIA Spook, with multiple ties to the Deep State.

CIA Honeytrap set – Kavanaugh accuser CIA ties

Global Intel Hub (Zero Hedge Exclusive) — 9/23/2018 — A Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh is tied up in a controversy that can prevent him from being elected to the Supreme Court for life.

Oh, and did you catch when Pelosi contradicted herself in her own testimony? I’m glad someone cut these videos down, because I had a moment where I said to myself, “Hey, didn’t she say the opposite earlier?” Saved me a lot of work! BEHOLD!

Benny on Twitter

You must be joking. Feinstein asked if she or her staff leaked Dr. Ford’s allegations. “I don’t believe my staff would leak that. I haven’t asked that question directly that I do not think they would do. WAIT – My staff just told me that they did not leak it, OK?”

Mike on Twitter

Dianne Feinstein “I did not hide Dr Ford’s allegations” Also Dianne Feinstein “and I held it confidential until SHE decided she would come forward” Everyone knows either Dianne Feinstein, or someone close leaked Dr Ford’s identity.

Lying on a Senate Supreme Court committee – grounds for expulsion?

One can only hope!

(At least give her a good heart-attack with that, Q).

But before I get into #NewQ, I have to double-back and cover the three drops I previously held off on. Don’t just skip them, though! There’s a lot of new stuff in there, that I think you’ll really enjoy reading:

So… The latest news is that the RR removal has been delayed yet again. That never surprised me. I expected that, frankly:

Trump, Rosenstein delay meeting to avoid Kavanaugh interference

The highly anticipated meeting between President Trump and deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was postponed until next week because it clashed with the Senate hearing on Brett Kavanaugh. Trump summoned his deputy AG after it was reported Rosenstein suggested wearing a wire in the White House in 2017 and discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

But you remember my white hat theory?

I know a lot of you hate it, but I’m finding more and more reason to double-down on it – because the more I look at it, the more I think #QAnon is intentionally spreading disinfo about RR in order to throw the Dems off the trail.

You’ll recall the recent “resistance” op-ed penned by an “anonymous” White House insider? And how RR published an essay against subsidizing drug abuse just a week prior?

(Here’s both links in case you don’t remember:)

Opinion | Fight Drug Abuse, Don’t Subsidize It

Americans struggling with addiction need treatment and reduced access to deadly drugs. They do not need a taxpayer-sponsored haven to shoot up. By Rod J. Rosenstein Mr. Rosenstein is the deputy attorney general of the United States. Almost 64,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2016, a shocking 54 percent increase since 2012.

Opinion | I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

The Times is taking the rare step of publishing an anonymous Op-Ed essay. We have done so at the request of the author, a senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is known to us and whose job would be jeopardized by its disclosure.

Well, as a writer, I know that you can pick up on certain writer’s styles based on what’s called “stylometric” data. Basically, you can use computers to find similarities between written pieces and come to a pretty reasonable approximation of whether or not they were written by the same person.

Reading these pieces,  you’ll recall that I had a hunch these were both written by RR.

Well, now I have the data to back it up.

I ran both essays through a stylometric analysis program called Signature, and came out with some striking results:

Look at that. They line up almost perfectly in every measurable domain.


Come OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON. You know what we say about “coincidences” by now!

And that wasn’t the only program I used. An online stylometric tool gave it a pretty high grade, as well:

You can try this out for yourself, as well. This was enough to convince me, but feel free to independently verify on your own.

But remember Sheila Jackson-Lee’s panic a few months back that Trump was targeting RR to be fired? And how she got that intel because of the bugged iPhone Trump was using to feed the Dems false info?

Her reaction only makes sense if SHE and the entire Cabal believe RR is /theirguy/.

Otherwise, why would she panic when she was fed the false intel?

Having RR suggest using a wire; THAT was planned – because they have the #DemonicDems’ #InfernalPlaybook.

Even @StealthJeff arrived at the #WhiteHat conclusion on his own:

Did you catch that? McCabe leaked to the Times in order to discredit Rosenstein, publicly.

I struggled to make sense of this at the time, because I had been vacillating on the whole white hat/black hat thing (after clinging to my white hat theory for forever). McCabe’s move just doesn’t make sense if RR is a black hat. I postulated that he may be throwing him under the bus, but even this rang hollow at the time.

No, McCabe’s actions only make sense if RR is a white hat.

And note: Stealth Jeff doesn’t follow Q (to my knowledge). He hasn’t made the McCabe leaks connection, yet. He just knows there are leaks going on, but not from whom.

Roll this back again to the “Resistance” article (which, using stylographic analysis, we showed was written by RR, in all likelihood).

This means, once again, Trump was controlling the media – this time by using Rosenstein’s “Resistance” article as journalistic catnip. He knew exactly how to bait them.

Heck, this likely extends even further, to people like Omarosa:

#TheMoreYouKnow! Same playbook!

Guys, Q was intentionally posting in order to throw the Dems curve-ball after curve-ball after curve-ball. They didn’t know what to believe, and now… it’s too late!

I fully expect Rosenstein to step down soon (he won’t be fired) – voluntarily. There may be some back-and-forth, depending on how they want to time things – but once Kavanaugh is confirmed… I don’t see much else obstructing the path to total #FISA declassification any more.

And if RR is a good guy, you know what that means about Mueller:

We did, and it paid dividends today, #BigTime!

I loved seeing him smack the Dems around today, when they kept on trying to gaslight Kavanaugh into accepting an FBI investigation.

Step Down!

Rachel Brand was removed for timing!

Noel Francisco is set to take over!


If Rosenstein Resigns, The Democrat’s WORST NIGHTMARE Would Oversee The Russia Probe

If Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein resigns from his post, the man Democrats fear most would oversee the Russia probe. That man is Solicitor General Noel Francisco, the No. 3 at the Department of Justice who previously served as a prominent conservative lawyer.


That man is Solicitor General Noel Francisco, the No. 3 at the Department of Justice who previously served as a prominent conservative lawyer. He also previously clerked for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and is reportedly a strong supporter of Trump’s agenda.

He worked for the DOJ under former President George W. Bush before moving back to private practice. Francisco is also no fan of special counsels, and has argued that a president has the constitutional authority to shape the bureaucracy around him.

This will not sit well with Democrats.

#BOOM! Love it!


And, #Anons are just amazing.

One #Anon located the Chinese province the car came from

That’s actually not too far from Shanghai; maybe a couple of hours…

So I have to wonder…

Remember this?

Looks like we’ve got a match, buckos!

Yeah, putting that one down as a MAJOR #QConfirmation.



They thought they were getting away with it!

I think they’re about to have a rude awakening – as early as tomorrow morning!

Blackmail doesn’t work any more!

So now, she throws a tantrum, like some schoolyard bully.

I like my version better, though, Q:

Remember what I said? Character assassination failed. Real assassination is on the table.

Keep praying for Kav and his family. They’re going to need perpetual protection until ALL these criminals are PURGED from positions of power and influence.

(Now, these next couple of posts I grabbed from, because was acting up. Same content. Same numbering – and I mention this to not only weed out any potential sources of confusion, but to once again let you know that multiple QAnon aggregators exist).

I love watching #POTUS grill old #Leatherface. (And you thought “Cankles” was a bad nickname!)

But Blumenthal’s line of questioning tonight was particularly irksome, precisely because basically everything he asked was addressed by Kavanaugh in his opening statement. Blumenthal was just twisting things around, in order to suit his own purposes. It really was a pathetic display.

Richard Blumenthal on Twitter

HAPPENING NOW: Judge Kavanaugh must honestly answer my questions about the serious accusations of sexual assault made against him. The American people deserve to know the true about this #SCOTUS nominee.

And that question at the end; that limp, mistimed Parthian shot… “Do you believe Anita Hill?”

Are you joking right now?

Press the #WalkAway stuff hard, folks. More people are disgusted than ever with the Democratic party.

Wide awake, Q.

Kavanaugh did say the Clintons were involved.

He was RIGHT!

And, quel surpise! Snopes is lying about it!




FACT CHECK: Is This a Photograph of Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyer with Hillary Clinton?

A photograph shows Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer, Debra Katz ,walking out of a house with Hillary Clinton. In September 2018, a number of attempts were made to smear the reputations or motivations of various women who came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Seriously, look at the nose of Katz, and then look at the nose of Kinney. They’re completely different. One is round, and more, for lack of a better word – bulbous, and the other is very sharp, thin, and angled, with an upward flare to the nostril. Compare!

Snopes wants you to believe it’s Kinney in the photo – but again, the nose, and now, even the angle of the eyebrows don’t match!

But again, compare, this time with a profile pic at rougly the same angle:

Sure, they both look like masculine dogs, but we shouldn’t be surprised that Hillary surrounds herself with so many butch women.

Regardless if you believe it or not, there’s no denying that the Dems just made one of their worst enemies:



It certainly won’t be a #BlueWave!

11/11 was supposed to be the date for the Military Parade… but that got moved to another date.

I have to wonder if this is the day

Riots are coming! Stock food, ammo, water, etc. before midterms! SERIOUSLY!

MRE’s are a good option. Don’t forget a first aid kit, either!

So… is Q confirming that D5 = 45 then?

After all the theories about avalanches and rockets and god-knows-what-else, it’s just… FORTY-FIVE?!?

OKAY! Moving on!

#ASCENDEDGRAHAM! You better believe we did!

“Judge K will be confirmed regardless…”

Nice proof here. I did catch the misspelling the other day, but I did miss Anon’s request during the Q&A, so I didn’t make the connection. Extremely glad other Anons did, though:


This is a great #redpill article to lob at your Leftie friends on social media, and it’s from /ourguy/ John Solomon:

Mr. President, tear down the wall hiding those FISA abuses

Every president faces moments where the risks and rewards are uncertain. Perhaps public sentiments are fuzzy, advisers are risk-adverse, or the enemy seems poised to pounce. In those moments, a president is left to rely on gut instinct.

Every president faces moments where the risks and rewards are uncertain. Perhaps public sentiments are fuzzy, advisers are risk-adverse, or the enemy seems poised to pounce.

Donald Trump faces such a decision: whether to declassify the documents showing what the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) really did to start and then sustain the Russia collusion investigation two years ago.

The president’s instinct, as he told me in an Oval Office interview last week, is to side with transparency and release documents he admits he has not been allowed to read.

Some of his Justice Department advisers are dead-set against a release. And so, too, are a couple of allies — Britain and Australia, to be specific — who seem to fear what the documents might say about them.

When the Russia scandal started, it was fairly certain that Moscow had engaged in a digitally centered counterintelligence operation — particularly hacking and psy-ops through Facebook ads — to influence the 2016 election.

The prevailing question was whether Trump and his campaign conspired to help them ensure victory over Hillary Clinton. At the time, the lame-duck Obama administration’s intelligence community assured the public there was good reason to investigate.

Now, two years and millions of dollars later, we know the core evidence that drove the collusion investigation was a piece of uncorroborated political opposition research written by a Trump-hating British ex-spy whose employer was paid by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party to harm Trump’s election prospects.

But to get to Q’s point about the Full Weight of the House:

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) — a member of Congress’s “Gang of Eight” that was briefed more than anyone else about the inadequacies of the Russia evidence — believes you should declassify. His office told me so today.

“Upon redaction of sources and methods, the speaker supports the president’s decision to declassify the documents to bring about more transparency regarding potential FISA abuses,” he said.

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), long a respected voice inside your party on issues of law enforcement and security, promises the documents will prove that the FBI and DOJ committed a fraud upon the FISA court.

“I urge the president to release them. I believe what it will show is that the FBI and the DOJ held back important information from the FISA court and that some of the information they gave turned out to be misleading,” King told Hill.TV’s Alison Spann. He added that “there is nothing there that would really hurt any foreign government.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) insists the documents will prove the FBI and the DOJ signed applications for FISA warrants to surveil the Trump campaign that omitted essential derogatory information about the sources and exculpatory information about the accused.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), a lawmaker whom the president’s party has entrusted with high-profile investigations in the past and who has read much of the classified evidence present, goes further. He not only advocates releasing the documents, he provocatively suggests it may raise questions about former CIA Director John Brennan’s conduct.

Reps. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), two more Republicans who are deep into the evidence, are certain that the evidence will prove the FBI used its “crushing” investigative powers just to further flimsy political opposition research.

And what did I say, earlier?

That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve learned over the past few years, watching Trump. While it’s great to have a leader who charges into the front-lines, a solitary leader doesn’t win battles. You need a coalition making a beachhead and aggressively taking territory. Dems haven’t had to fight that kind of battle in a LOOOOONG time, and it shows. They’re used to blackmailing their way, to get what they want. That has made them fat, entrenched, and lazy.

You’re seeing it here. There was a reason Trump proclaimed “FREEDOM” to all those Reps. during his State of the Union.

Now, they’re loyal. And they’re repaying the favor.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Sen. Graham knew (at least in part), then, when he was asking that question.

Sen. Graham knew much more today.

Hey guys,

I’m really thankful you have all allowed me to take this break over the past few days. I really needed it to just veg out, and recoup. I was burning the candle on both ends, and just needed to sit down, hang out, play some vidya with friends, and recover. But I’m back and feeling rather pumped right now for what’s ahead – and I think you can tell as much by the dramatic tonal shift in my writing today.

But, while I was gone, you may have noticed something was amiss. If you had been eyeing a shirt here on my site, and you had gone to click the links in the sidebar or at the end of one of my articles, you may have realized… hey! Neon’s store is gone!

That’s right! Threadless REMOVED my store!

When I pressed them why, they kept giving me different answers and beating around the bush. I could show you the whole e-mail chain, and you’d come to the same conclusion I did: they’re a bunch of #LunaticLeftists looking to censor all-things-Q-related.

This was also compounded by Voat trolls striking out against my account, and presenting false information to Threadless. So now, not only are they disgusting roaches on their own site; they feel the need to spread their infection all over the web!

So, what do I do now?

Well, you’ll remember my Redbubble store is still active, and has all the same products available! I’ve also notified them of the situation, so… I’m going to direct people to Redbubble for the time being!

At some point, I may just end up shifting everything to my own, private, interminable producer (if need be), but for now, Redbubble did great work in the past. So if you want to check out the offerings there, please click the image below!

I’ll be sure to change the links in the sidebar soon, and I thank you for your continued support!

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  1. Neon… Q keeps saying that every vote counts. Here in MI we have R state reps and st senate pushing National Popular Vote and Article 5 Constitutional convention….. THE REPUBLICANS are the ones pushing this. This can’t be part of plan, and MI is a state that is needed to assure re-election in 2020. Can you please help get this info to Q or the team. I’m not comfortable on the chan board and not sure how to get this important info out there. Thank you for all you do. God bless and God’s speed.

    • Its easy to on the chans but dont cross post from 4-8 or vice-versa, they dont seem to like that so just pick one (you most comfortable with) read the introduction on how to post anon. find the proper thread and post away, fuck em if you break a lil “chan” etiquette, getting the information out is what counts

  2. Outstanding work, Neon. So glad you’re back! I just watched the Body Language video too. Just WOW! I’m so glad I watched it. I can see, now, I have a great deal more to learn about BL. I actually believed her story; I just don’t believe it was Mr. Kavanaugh. I thought it was mistaken identity.

  3. I watched most of it myself here in UK and am glad you’ve written’s excellent! You do an outstanding amount of work and i am not surprised you needed to recharge.
    God is clearly alive in Brett’s heart and it is beautiful to see those other senators showing the same. It will continue to grow… we are tipping the balance of dark to light incredibly♡

  4. I’ve been of the view Mueller is a White Hat since MegaAnon wrote it on /pol/ in June 2017, just weeks after his appointment as Special Counsel. As FBI Director from 2001 – 2013, Mueller is the epitome of The Swamp, up to his eyeballs in criminality, and knowing where all the bodies are buried.

    Mega explained that when President Trump met with Mueller the night before his SC appointment, Trump agreed to exonerate/pardon him for his litany of criminality, provided he helped bring down The Swamp/Deep State.

    Mueller hiring 13 Clinton lawyers both isolated them from the REAL investigation by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, while conflicting them out from acting for the Clintons when the hammer falls. Remember too, Mueller is a key witness in Uranium One, having headed the investigation for 5 years before Hillary/Obama quashed it to allow the sale of 20% of US uranium. I’ve been a lone voice for 15 months advocating this position!

    Q says “If RR is corrupt, then Mueller is corrupt” (words to this effect).

    I’m still in 2 minds on RR, but I’m tending towards White Hat. I believe he signed the 3rd Renewal in June 2017, to allow White Hats to continue gathering evidence of criminality/attempted Soft Coup of POTUS by the Deep State.

    If the theory that Obama pardoned everyone just prior to President Trump’s inauguration on 20 January 2017 is correct, then AG Sessions had to start from scratch building cases against everyone from that date forward.

    • Well said, I have been suggesting the same thing back when Omarosa first came on the scene too. What a great “squirrel” (Up reference) distraction for the media while the real action is happening elsewhere. I felt it was no coincidence she thrust herself in the public eye during weeks of heavy hitting being done by the Q army. I agree with you and Neon that RR and Mueller are white hats–Mueller more willing and RR more forced.

      Reading her quote from a Variety article at the 11/9 premiere is interesting:

      I think the results of the Mueller investigation are going to rock Washington in a way that no other investigation has,” Manigault Newman said. “The midterms, if he loses Congress, will make Trump very petulant. I think the investigation will show the kind of corruption I witnessed with my own eyes.”

      She has to mention Trump somewhere to still be a left star for now, but the rest of her quote is ambiguous enough to make you wonder who in Washington will be rocked and what corruption she saw with her own eyes. should be interesting to see how this plays out.

  5. This is one of your best hit pieces on the lunatic leftists!! Loved every minute of reading it Thank Q for spelling it out for us. Wish you would go into the Alyssa Milano story, there are a couple of youtube videos saying she was going to scream and had an optic to do harm to Kavanaugh. Anyways loved the article!

  6. Fantastic once again, NR! Blown away that RR is a good guy. Who would have thunk it?! Thanks for such great work. What an amazing time to be alive.

    • If the Qanon/Conservative community are still uncertain about the two, then it means the optics are doing what it was intended to do. Now mirror that to the Demonite community, it implies they are that much more confused, pulling their hair out and in a total cluster fuck. The tower of Babylon has descended upon the Demonites and they are now babbling amongst one another! 2018 riotous and glorious!

  7. Glad you have come back stronger and pumped. I felt your frustration, but we nearly there. We can’t give up the fight ,but we are winning.Praying for Kavanaugh and Trump and Q and all patriots. God bless WWG1WGA roll on the perps walks to GITMO glorious 2018. I am wearing my Q t shirt today I got from you via Redbubble.

  8. I would love to have had Kavanaugh as a brother (I have plenty of sisters, but no brothers).

    I do wonder why his accuser was wearing “very cloudy lens” glasses. You know, like “very fake news”…

  9. Hi! Your friendly copy editor here. In the section where you talk about Weinstein contradicting herself, you started paragraph by saying it was Pelosi. Should be Weinstein. Yeah, yeah. They are both evil witches and easy to confuse.

  10. So if i’m reading this correctly the accusations against B.K.were deliberately allowed to play out in this hearing to not only discredit the obvious false claims but also to expose the sleeping sheeple or normies to the corruption of the Demons and to prove it beyond doubt in the minds of those that are not extreme leftists but can’t quite figure it out yet and make B.K. aware of what lengths the enemy will go to in order to get their way so Mrs Wrinklestein what have you to say about contradicting yourself about the leaking oh what tangled webs–etc

  11. There is a great big hole in this woman’s story that no one seems to be paying attention to and that is, where did this happen? Wasn’t her house or his house or anyone else she claims was there but it had to be someone’s house, right? So who’s house? This very simple question cannot be answered because it never happened.

    • Where did it happen?
      Why no witnesses or memories?
      How did she even know Brett K?

      The answers are simple. It never happened.

  12. What was truly beautiful to watch was Lindsey Graham’s explosion. He was ON FIRE! Long overdue. Anyone who can vote Democrat in November has no sense of honesty, integrity and justice.

  13. Aussie here, keep up the good work Neon your analysis is invaluable. I’ve got a theory for you…Is it plausible that the recent leadership spill in Australia which saw the removal of Malcolm Turnbull (ex Goldman Sachs) from the Prime Minister spot is related to Q’s FVEY UK/AUS references? Also related to Trumps “Allies called” comments regarding FISA declas? Were the Australian Liberal (similar in outlook to US Republicans) Party leadership tipped off to potential ramifications for them if Turnbull was still PM when declas occurred? The FVEY surveillance of Trump occurred on his watch, was he complicit? Further, does this explain why the Libs didn’t promote ex Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to the role of PM (Aust Libs currently being criticised by the Left for lack of female leadership roles)? The FVEY surv. occurred on her watch also. Finally, Turnbull in the weeks prior to his removal made an unexpected grant of $444 MILLION AUD to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation (his wife is a patron)! Hope it helps.

  14. Hi Neon,
    I’m going to introduce you to what I think are two more white hats:
    Stormy Daniels (yes, she is NXIVM), and Avenatti

    (The name Stormy should have triggered you like it did me a long time ago. I believe Trump met her at some party a long time ago, through Clinton or something).
    Now look at Avenatti’s bio. Yes, I know about Rahm. But, LOOK AT THAT BACKGROUND. WOW. The BEST OF THE BEST in everything he does!

    Then, think about it. The way this operation went is classic CIA, but done by Mil Intel. Provide an “inside expert” that gains the trust of people because he gives 80% truth (limited hangout). Guide the people along with this expert, and at the end, the guy goes crazy, thereby destroying people’s trust in the “expert’s” theory.

    Same idea here. Stormy+Avenatti got the Deep State’s trust. He was a “good guy” to them trying to take down Trump. Notice he ended up on every MSM telling salacious stories with Stormy 24/7. The public got to know what a “sleezeball” Avenatti is. Stormy and Avenatti are now household words.

    Next, knowing the Kavanaugh hearings would be sabotaged, and Q having already got the public to know Avenatti (both righties and lefties, anticipating Ford), they can put the plan into action.
    Yep. Feinstein sets up Kavanaugh. Out comes the CIA asset Ford. (By the way, of course, she was MKUltra herself, as well as a programmer.) Now, the stage is set for Avenatti to come out with the MOST EXTREME UNBELIEVABLE NONSENSE POSSIBLE, with the back story that “he got “had” by 4chan. [Aww comeonnnnnn] Even his shutting down Twitter to act like he knew he got had was masterful. How else do you think Lindsey Graham came up with the line, “Are you a serial rapist?!?” That was all part of the plan/SCRIPT! The Q/Avenatti plan to DESTROY Ford’s testimony in the minds of most Americans. Even Feinstein was complaining about Avenatti LOL.

    You see: Avenatti actually, through the most extreme nonsense have most Americans thinking, “What a load of nonsense. The Democrats set this whole thing up with all these women.” Lindsey played it FANTASTIC;SEAMLESSLY.

    • If the porn lawyer and his gf are “white Hats”, I will eat my hat. There are hardly any more disgusting and creepy people in this drama, than them. The porn lawyer reminds me of Little Finger. The Stormy ho, reminds me of a gutter snipe.

  15. Regarding Ford’s testimony-that I did not watch live, but only on Bombard’s BL video, I can say with 100% certainty that if this had truly happened to her, and she “carries” it for the rest of her life, she would NOT need a script from which to read–even live, in front of the entire world. Because like Kavenaugh, she would have been able to passionately recite from memory EXACTLY what happened. How do I know? Because I have been there. I am roughly her age, and have endured far more in HS than this deep state actor has weakly conjured up in her mind.

  16. Great stuff as always. Wanted to point out that when Sheila Jackson-Lee slips the lawyer the envelope, she is actually holding 2 envelopes. You can make out both envelopes when she is handing one to him, then you can see her pull the second one back just as Ford turns her chair to block it. Probably a pay off to the other lawyer.

  17. Great job as always NR! I loved your memes today during the hearing. I was balling listening to Judge K today and praying for his family. I really hope the lying, treasonous, POS dems will be exposed for the scum they are. Why can’t POTUS just release emails and phone calls of these freaking evil schmucks to show the normies this has all been a setup? We know it was from their playbook but seriously the normies never will. I can’t believe how stupid people are for believing the Demo and CPL ( Michael Avennti).I hope all of this will come out. We need the truth. Too many people are still asleep. I really don’t know what will wake them up but it is frustrating to watch.

  18. So glad you’re back, really missed your writing. You are my “go to” site first thing, but I knew you would be back after the hearing. I have never prayed as much as I did yesterday for the judge. You are being criticized and maligned by getting too close to the truth, for having a lot of followers and having intelligence. I followed you to Gab and know you are the real deal! Evil thrives in darkness…Let’s turn on the Light!

  19. Lindsay Graham has been red-pilled for sure. COLD ANGER. Makes me wonder if No Name made a final confession to LG before he passed.

  20. Wondering why I’m still in moderation? Is it bc the first time I posted I used my name and then asked you not to post? Sorry for that, but I am newer to all of these boards and when it asked for my name, I just put it. I guess I just really wanted you to get my encouragement. I don’t care if the others see it. Thanks, Neon.

  21. Jeff Flake (Sen. AZ) is holding up the vote. He’s scared of the left wing-nuts. Let’s (politely) encourage him to do what is RIGHT with our calls, faxes, & emails.
    Email here:
    Washington, D.C. Office
    Senate Russell Office Building 413
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    P: 202-224-4521
    F: 202-228-0515
    Phoenix Office
    2200 East Camelback Road
    Suite 120
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    P: 602-840-1891
    F: 602-840-4092
    Tucson Office
    6840 North Oracle Road
    Suite 150
    Tucson, AZ 85704
    P: 520-575-8633
    F: 520-797-3232

  22. Fairly new to the site, and I am addicted to it. As a veteran, who loves his country, this movement is so overdue. But Thank God, (for DJT, and true justice warriors) such as yourself! I must have gotten one of the last shirts from the old supplier, I expect to get a Tigerstripe in the mail tomorrow. Godspeed NR!

  23. So glad you’re bad – missed you!

    Thanks for your analysis on RR and Omarosa. I have been following the theory for many months that RR is white hat so I am going to be watching closely at how this unfolds. I also have thought that there was no way Omarosa would turn on Trump – I watched her on the Apprentice, so I know how she plays. Another interesting player to watch.

    And lastly – I enjoyed the link to my favorite body language expert Bombard! She was booted off YT some months back, so I was surprised to see her in my YT feed recently. She is always very thorough in explaining how she arrives at her conclusions.

    Would love to know more about Feinstein in and around Singapore. Still wondering what that whole incident was about and why she would be there.

    So much more in this article I enjoyed!

  24. I’m glad you watched the whole thing so I didn’t have to!! I did watch the highlights, though. I don’t see how the Democrat party can survive. 11:11!

  25. Great work Neon! Much appreciation!

    I agree with what you said that people should NOT be surprised by what Left/Libs do without conscience. Trump told us point blank that he & the MAGA voters pose an EXISTENTIAL threat to them – as in, obliterating their existence: their past power & influence – their relevance. Thus, I see their attacks on whoever is in front of them likened to an attack on their perceived executioner; and that is why they easily do what they do.

    Sad, but not sad, because it means that THEY know they are losing. Only desperate, fear-ridden people act as they do. Everyone needs to remember this & know that the war was won when Trump won. Now it’s really just a matter of discovering & exposing all the leftover landmines, detonating them & cleaning up the mess!!! #MAGA for the benefit of the world!

  26. IMHO, this entire thing was a charade, with each party playing his/her part. She lied. He never touched her. He strikes me as gay. When he said he traveled everywhere with W, I was convinced that he is gay, as I believe that W is gay and likes a certain Jeff Gannon type of man, and that would include Kavanugh.

    It was fun to watch. As a TV production, it had everything to gain attention, including sex, children, and lies and counter lies.

    Feinstein is a witch. She is probably in the same coven as HRC. Her hair annoyed me. Why couldn’t she at least dye the roots, if she knew she would star in a drama? The hairspray alone was hard on the eyes, as I was thinking her hair was going to come off like a hat.

    The, we have that Sheila Jackson Lee slipping a payment. That was really obvious. Seems like a lot of people got paid for their part in this.

    Booker and his side kick, (forgot her name? Kamala Harris?), came off like a pair of cucks. If either one of them thinks that he/she should run for President, they can forget it. I learned to hate both of them.

    The little blond tranny did not act in a convincing manner. People feeling sorry for her, was a waste of emotion. She is a lying cuck. She knows it too. She makes it hard on real victims while she cries “Wolf”.

    I was thinking, not only does she not know where, when or how, but she says she was wearing a one piece swimsuit under her clothes. What was she doing w that? No kid, worth a damn wore a one piece suit, unless they were fat, or old. A 15 year old kid is going to be wearing a two piece. Why was she at a house, of who’s??, which kid owned the house? They didn’t break into this house. Who drove her? For what reason was she wearing a swimsuit. What made her think that two girls should go to a stranger’s house with four boys that they do not know? Even if something happened to her, so what? She was not raped. She got away. She should have felt empowered to get over on two stupid boys. Why didn’t she tell someone and get them in trouble?

    I don’t know one woman who has not had a man try to force himself on her at some point in her life. That is why I always tell women to take karate and learn to defend themselves. Stop being victims. You teach people how to treat you, IMO.

    Anyway, it’s a morality play for the public. I’m not thrilled with Kavenough, but then again, who cares? He didn’t do that.

    • Also, Kavanough was very emotionally unstable. I realize that he has been accused, but crying? Seriously? He is considered for a Supreme Court position. That crying thing was unnerving. I hope he is not unbalanced, as a norm.

      • This is a color revolution which is an ambush using digital media so it spreads like lightening. It is actual Jewish lightening which has always been weaponized.
        It won’t stand we are at Judgement Day, evil always has the opposite effect of it’s intent.
        This is the time I predicted decades ago…Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter (in 2020) in Capricorn conjunct the south nodes of Saturn and Pluto.
        Game Changer Globally
        I think Trump will end the Fed in Jan 2020 that is the global earthquake.

  27. Senate “Russell” office building….Russell is an Illumaniti family. Methinks there are lots of bldgs, streets, etc. that will be renamed after the truth comes out. We need and deserve a clean slate. Thank God for His intervention and again His salvation of His creatures and entire creation!

  28. I really don’t think that that is Debra Katz with Hillary Clinton. I strongly believe that it was Barbara Kinney based simply on the fact that Katz always wear business suits… You’d be hard-pressed to find a picture of Katz wearing anything other than a business suit. I personlly cannot find any pictures of her wearing anything casual like that. Furthermore, you can’t really compare noses when her face is stretched in that picture, but I think the hair is a good indication that it is, in fact, Barbara Kinney.

  29. I’ve been a long time lurker here and didn’t feel I had much to offer, comments wise. However, the subject of Robert Mueller being anything but a Machiavellian operative just makes me crazy.

    His sordid history as head of the corrupt Boston FBI office resulting in the rein of terror of one Whitey Bulger, as well as his willingness to promote the false testimony of a known hired gun for the Mafia kept three men in prison for 30+ years for crimes they didn’t commit. Yes, they were small time hoods, bookmakers, and con artists, but to knowingly allow those men, two of whom died behind bars, to remain even after the truth was revealed is despicable. I refuse to believe this leopard would change his spots.

  30. What if Grassley already ordered an FBI report as soon as he knew about Ford and it came back with some really bad info on her. If you reveal the info then the left screams that you’re attacking the victim, BUT if Grassley uses Trumps playbook then you let the Democrats throw a continuous tantrum because there wasn’t an FBI investigation done, and they’re demanding one is done immediately. Not only that, but you also have the victim request one under oath. Then you very reluctantly agree to it as the only way to get the nomination out of committee. You wait a day or two and reveal all the results, when the democrats begin their meltdown, you say, we didn’t want to do this, this was your idea, you own these results!!! This could explain why Trump, Grassley, Graham, etc. are taking this so calmly….almost as if they didn’t mind being forced into this. Just a thought!!

  31. Thanks, Neon. Got a question – you had said in a Gab “tweet” (sorry, I don’t know what those short messages are called on Gab) to keep in mind that every person on that panel knew that McCain had taken the Erwin Rommel option. How exactly does that impact the behavior of the individuals on the panel?

  32. Let me tell you about the 2nd front door.
    She lives in an Eichler, I know most of you don’t know what an Eichler is so what it is a mid century modern house built by this guy Eichler he was not the architect but the builder. They are mostly in California, I live in one. They are very cool he hired top architects to design for the middle class. He was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, but more affordable. He also did not ban minorities from buying these homes which is why he is a god for the left. So there is the cult of Eichler who police the neighbors from altering the house especially the front of the house. When you buy one you pay in her area a 25% premium because it is an Eichler. They say Steve Jobs grew up in an Eichler which was why he had the minimalist vibe for Apple products/advertising. The cult of Eichler says he was raised in a “Likeler” not real. If you change the front of the house or raise the roof you destroy it’s value. She did both.

    2 doors which she insisted on because she was so damaged is pure bullshit. I know this house, it is heinous she did this to make an Airbnb rental. That is what the remodel was about an entrance from the street so they didn’t enter the main house. If you look on Google maps you see the weird door and cheap windows in the front of the unit. They had to add sq footage because they lost footage doing this. One pic they have a soccer net on the freaking roof as storage. They sacrificed the double garage to do this. Palo Alto won’t let you add an inlaw unit so this was the only option, the plumbing is there, the sewer. If you realize this is a lie, its all a lie because the door was part of the “trauma”. She said “We host Google Interns” Airbnb owners are called “Hosts”. She has a therapist doing sessions in this house, most likely out of this unit. Her husband has move out.
    If you are not living in CA near Tech jobs you don’t realize how much money you can make off rentals. I don’t know how big the unit is but it can be as high as $3000 per month. Her crisis is financial. Yeah she is a PHD but she is crazy so how much income can she make? She has gotten near a million off of left corporations for this fake accusation. The Judge has gotten 65K.

    I sent this to Ted Cruz, hopefully he forwards this.

    For the astrological, damn Kav has a T-Square with Uranus/Pluto Virgo 60s (seeding time for Marxist revolution) with Mars (sex/rape/violence) so does Ford. By transit his Neptune in Scorpio (sexual fantasy/twilight zone/lies/booze) is activated by Jupiter (Big Law) now. I don’t know his time of birth but this is past life stuff and when the karma comes due next life you don’t know why. I don’t think he did this stuff, but maybe in the past so he pays now. Now she seeds her karma with Neptune false accusations. I find this painful to watch on every level.
    We are going to have to fight, as Christians we don’t want to, but we have to. This is the pain.
    God Bless

  33. Hi Neon, I tried to tip you on the gab page but once the amount was highlighted, I clicked “continue” and nothing more happened, it seemed stuck, did it three times, same thing. I will try again soon. In the meantime, I want you to know, I thank god I found you. You have helped me decode things I was so frustrated not to understand. I always count on you to bring me up to speed. A true blessing. I wish I could spend the time you do delving into research because I am simultaneously spellbound, sad, and angry at the state of our country. I feel sick that I contributed to this mess by being asleep at the wheel for all of my adult life. I don’t want to leave my 6 children a world decimated by my inept neglect – so I am fully committed to paying attention now and being a better informed watchman. I am trying to do my part as a digital soldier (best I can, don’t know how to meme) and to speak up more, share, Vote (can’t get there fast enough), and pray in this epic war for the soul of our nation. (and World) For now I send my sincere thanks to you for distilling the massive amounts of information and synthesizing it into the digestible bites for those of us hungry out here in normie land. You do a great service and even add moments of humor we need to lighten the deathly serious commentary. I am proud to support your work Patriot. Keep up the good fight.

  34. God bless US! These recent events give me a little hope for the near future! Neon, I have a very unusual request, so feel free to ignore it, but please read the whole comment. I wouldn’t make this request if I didn’t think it was crucial to the future of my country, a very close US ally. In Romania, after much stalling – with the help of the politicians and lobbyists (they stalled 3 years!) – there will be a referendum to modify the country’s constitution law. Currently, the constitution says that marriage is ‘between spouses’ (no number, no sex) and the referendum asks the voters if they want to change this vague definition with ‘marriage is between a man and a woman’, thus assuring that the politicians will never make any substantial change to the definition of marriage without making another referendum (because, at least in my country, the constitution can only be changed via referendums). The results of the referendum are effective immediately if quorum is met. More specifically we need 30% of the voters to participate. The people here are conservative (87% agree with this classical definition of marriage) and they would come and vote, BUT MSM has completely blocked any televised debate about this and also are blocking and demonizing any online channels that try to spread the information about the EXISTANCE of the referendum even. I have never seen such a completely silencing campaign from the MSM, most of the politicians, the lobbyists and the secret services that control some of the MSM channels. Whether you agree or not with this classical definition of marriage, you probably agree with democracy and the will of the people to live and raise their children according to their own beliefs, and not being bullied, silenced, threatened both physically and legally and having LGBT and gender theory agendas shoveled down their throats. I have never witnessed first hand such a unified campaign, across all mediums (TV, internet, blogs, NGOs, written press, etc) to suppress the information that a referendum even takes place, or to demonize its supporters, to influence people not to vote or to spread disinformation about it so hard! And now, here is my unusual request: can you please ask Q to ask POTUS to tweet about this referendum in Romania? There, I’ve said it. We really need to break the MSM blockade. I know you have your hands full and I wouldn’t make such a request if I wasn’t desperate. Thank you! God bless US! God bless Romania!

  35. Great analysis once again Neon. Didn’t agree with you on RR but, beginning to think you have something there. Then I think, if RR is whitehat, Meuller is. THAT’S a harder pill to swallow. Then again, why did Meuller meet with POTUS the day before appointment? Never been answered to my satisfaction. Hmmmm. Keep it up kid, but break more often. Just saying. I’m selfish, don’t want to lose your posts. Got 2 of your t-shirts, wear them to London rallies against establishment shit.

  36. I don’t understand this white hat black hat dilemma. RR is not either a “white hat” or a “black hat”, there is another alternative that is much more likely. RR is a black hat that has made a deal to save his own ass… He is therefore playing his part…

  37. Great post. I worked in government for 40 years (not in the US) and I’m not surprised by the pychotic tactics of the Dems. However, what troubles me is the amount of support they have from American citizens. That’s scary because these people seem to believe they will escape the potential purge – they will not. Everyone will become a target of the Democrats, not just the people the left hates.

  38. Hey, Neon, I couldn’t look ad your page on Gab today (Saturday noon), you didn’t show up on Gab search results. What the heck is going on?

  39. Hey Neon!

    Did gab just delete your account? I get 404 when trying to view you, and I can’t load any of your old posts that I reposted or commented on.

  40. As a “survivor” of sexual abuse, you don’t forget any detail, at least during the attack. Fear is a powerful thing, you remember with all 5 senses. That’s how the brain works in survival mode…. So she is full of it, and her voice was fake as hell.

  41. Neon what should we be prepared for? What do you think is going to happen. Living in a rural community we don’t have riots and protestors etc. here. Most everyone has a carry permit, so that would be a very poor decision on their part.

  42. I do believe that picture is of Barbara Kinney. Look at those side burns in the Kinney and Hillary photos. Katz does NOT have sideburns.
    The definition of Kinney’s temples compared to Katz– Kinney’s match.
    I’ve noticed you spell “sew” like “sow” several times in your previous posts and it’s driving me berserk because I pronounce it like “sAOw” instead of “so” in my head. It’s very distracting and I have a hard time moving on from it. Not normally and grammar nazi, but this one jumps out at me every time. Thanks, bye.

    P.S. I’m still not sure if I trust you. 8chan, youtube, and voat users have SEWN the seed of doubt in my mind.

  43. “WAKE UP” – Q. This is a one in a life time oportunity. Many years from now we will look back and think “Why I did not do more?” No time for rest. As the old saying goes: “We will rest in our graves!” So…..FIGHT, FIGHT FIGHT….and never stop learning.

  44. Thanks again Neon! I was missing ya. I hope you enjoyed your mini vacation. You are great source of information and you will be a part of history. God bless brother!

  45. Wonderful post. Loved reading all of your hard work. Thanks so much. I learned a lot and you make so much sense. So many things have been confusing. I now feel less confused.

  46. Great work Neon! You ran around in my brain with a cattle prod and forced all the rampant thoughts into a pen where they could gather and organize. Thanks.

  47. As always an insightful and important analysis. I actually used the paragraph in which you call the Democrats an existential threat in a letter to the editor of the Wichita Eagle and they printed the letter. I sent the letter with your paragraph in quotation marks but they printed it without the quotes and didn’t reach out for clarification. Thanks again for being a Patriot and working so hard in our cause.


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