We are at the Precipice #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been called a lot of things. Notably:

White Nationalist

More recently, its been things like:

Conspiracy Theorist

Over the past ten days, it was more like:


And the most creative one of all:

That I was “pullin’ a Corsi” and that I was somehow a profoundly elaborate deep state operation months in the making.

None of these are true of course, but the most recent were, obviously, all in response to my most recent article.

I’ve picked up a lot of followers recently, so perhaps not everyone realized this, but no, I’m not always happy with what Q is laying down. I’ve given my honest reactions over the months on more-than-one occasion, and each time, the reaction from my readers and the broader community is the same. Some get mad with me. Most understand and stick with me. And then there’s a very vocal group that screams from the highest hill they can find that I’m a psyop. This was the biggest reaction by far this time (which kind of surprised me, because the previous article wasn’t NEARLY as harsh of some of my older ones) but I think some perspective is needed.

Here’s what I initially had to say on Gab, today:

It’s simple human nature: people are not going to have the same reaction to every single thing Q posts.

There has to be room in your thinking to allow some people to react differently.

With yesterday’s post – I was pretty clear: I’m still pro-Q. I still follow him. I didn’t contradict him.

I simply wrote out my criticisms and concerns. I expressed my frustration and my annoyance.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m beginning to understand that some people simply can’t handle that, when it comes from me…

And that concerns me.

Obviously, I don’t want to disappoint my readers, or the broader community. But at the same time… I have to balance writing out what I’m genuinely thinking and feeling as I read Q’s drops.

And think about what you’re asking me to do, otherwise:

The alternative is to literally churn out propaganda 24/7.

I’m not here to do that. I’ve never wanted to be a propaganda channel. I’ve been covering Q for these 11 months because I used my head, recognized Q’s import early on, and I’ve been using my head ever since.

If my head starts telling me that I’m not liking what I’m seeing: I have a moral imperative to speak about that.

If I didn’t; I’d be lying.

Of course, there’s also an element of shilling going on here, too. The shills smell blood in the water, they look for their opportunity to attack, and pretty soon, it’s a feeding-frenzy, with regular old readers buying into the lies. An article like this can ignite a cycle which gets exacerbated – and I realize that. (I even saw BlessedToTeach jump in on this, and I was pretty shocked. Dude could have at least tried to reach out to me first).

But guys, I want you to know: it’s 100% fine to disagree with me on things.

I strive for accuracy, but I don’t hit the mark 100% of the time.

If I was annoyed by a post that really excited you… Okay! There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re allowed to have different reactions.

I had hoped I wouldn’t have to explain this again, but here we are:

There is a profound difference between expressing your doubts and concerns, and calling Q fake.

I did the former. Not the latter. Go back and re-read if you need confirmation.

Honestly, at the end of the day, the way I feel about it is like this:

I beat Backchannel17.
I beat EyeTheSpy.
I beat Microchip.
I helped establish the Payseur link.
My site is an absolute treasure-trove stacked to the brim with easily-digestible redpills.
Q has grabbed images from my site – same filenames and all – on at least 2 occasions.

But most importantly:

And Q has had ELEVEN MONTHS to call me out, if he wanted.

Do you really think he’s unaware of what I’m doing?

Do you really think he doesn’t know my identity, or what’s going on behind-the-scenes?

Of course he does. (Believe me, some guy with a WordPress blog isn’t dodging the NSA’s scrapers).

And like I’ve said before – Q is big enough, and understanding enough, to handle the pushback from little old me.

In fact, I’d go a step further and say that the kind of feedback I offer in those kinds of posts is necessary. It’s not the endless, vapid circlejerk you see elsewhere – and that alone is why it’s invaluable.

Imagine if your significant other was order Chinese takeout every day for a month. And at first, it’s fine. You like Chinese.

Then… you start to grow tired of it.

But you remain silent, hoping your significant other will get the hint.

They don’t. Eggrolls just keep showing up at your doorstep. Wontons are now sprouting from your ears.

You ask one day, “Hey, can we get pizza today?”

But your paramour stops you. “Sorry, already scheduled a a pork fried rice delivery.”

And you stuff down the Chinese food another day.

And then, one day, your lover comes in to surprise you with breakfast in bed. You think, “Oh, how sweet!”

That is, until you lift the cover and find a plate full of General Cho’s staring you in the face.

You might grovel and gratefully accept.

But me?

I’d decapitate my significant other with the tray and force-feed the chicken down their still-spurting neck-hole with chopsticks.

(That’s hyperbole, for the record. Just so the shills don’t start going “Oohoohooohooh Neon is violent!”)

Look – and I’m not trying to relate myself to any Saint with the analogy here, so… understand me in context here – but part of the reason the Gospels are considered accurate is because they make the Apostles look bad.

Peter disavows Christ and runs away out of cowardice, for instance.

The women (and this is BIG in the 1st Century Middle East) are the first to tend to Jesus’ grave – not the men.

The portrait it paints of the founders of the faith are often unflattering, at best.

And there are inconsistencies from Gospel to Gospel.

None of this is to the detriment of the faith; rather it supports the testimony of the Gospels as authentic, precisely because they are so human.

Rather than painting a picture of superhuman founders, it shows us the flaws of real human beings.

Rather than having everything line up perfectly from book to book, the differences reflect the differences you might see between eyewitness accounts of the same events.

These “difficulties” strengthen their testimony as true.

As such, if I really was a deep-state operation; someone hellbent on tricking you after 11 months of groundwork… do you really think I’d pull the rug out from you with a post where I voiced what was tantamount to mild frustration with Q’s posts?

Or would I just keep working, just keep stringing you along, just keep cheerleading and churning out propaganda you approved of?

That’s how you got the #FakeMAGA people like Posobiec and Microchip.

I have no intention of joining their ranks.

And while we’re here, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the Voat drama now.

I’ve been attacked for a week and a half straight now due to the Voat drama, on all sides. And I’m really grateful Q finally stepped in and said something, and ordered what he order.


These mods right here:

You may be shocked to learn that these are the same ones who helped create v/TheAwakening.

You may be shocked… but you shouldn’t be.

What did I say in my previous articles??

I didn’t want to doxx anyone at the time, not even just a little, so I couldn’t name names.

But now it’s all public, so I’m not doxxing anyone. So shills – please – listen to me plainly, where you didn’t before:

You’ve got the EXACT SAME PEOPLE who helped create v/TheAwakening now running v/QRV.

And that’s good. Make no mistake. I still trust these people.

Go ahead and double check the archives of the articles, if you don’t believe me. Disgruntled Goats archived them enough out of sheer spite.

But you had to shill me to death for a week and a half straight before Q stepped in and put the issue to rest, so that you’d end up in the exact same situation; just ten days later.

And then I see nonsense like this being peddled by know-nothings who don’t have all the facts straight:

Qanon Requests New Subverse After seeing NeonGayRevolt Take All followers and Move them To Location where they can be manipulated and censored without reprocussions. | GreatAwakening

Voat – have your say

Now some may run and check the mod lists to try and say “AHA! Gotchya again, Neon, you dirty liar! The mods are totally different.”

Listen to me plainly: The current mods had enough on their plates running 8ch’s research boards. They delegated the task to v/TheAwakening’s mods in the hope that they wouldn’t have to do this all themselves.

But now, because no one was happy, you’ve gone and had Q place a double-burden on this trio’s shoulders.

I’m sure they’ll sort it all out, and figure out a way to manage everything (and I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw some familiar /v/TA mods return – though I haven’t heard anything officially along those lines yet, so don’t take that as gospel).


But basically, it goes down like this:

I try to step in and help redirect the community (IN THE EXACT SAME WAY Q DID TONIGHT), and I get crap for it for 10+ days.


The bitter irony is, at least one of these mods are no longer talking to me for the article I wrote yesterday, after receiving 10 days of unmitigated crap.


It works like this:

I try to help – I get crap.

I do my own thing – I get crap.

Damned if I do; damned if I don’t. Doesn’t matter what I do. I can’t please everyone.

What would you do, in my situation?

(Me, I’ve just got to be me. That’s all I’ve ever done. That’s all I can do).


And by the way, Q could have once again called me out regarding my efforts with the Voat migration. He could have done that at any point over the past 10 days.

Once again, he did not.

You would think some of you would be able to pick up on the pattern by now.

Guys, I’ve got an 11 months track-record of honesty and sincere efforts here. Q could have called me out at any point during these past 11 months if he wanted to, but instead, he’s done things like rip images off my site, and confirm major research.

The main takeaway I want you to come out of this with is this: People are going to naturally have differences of opinions on Q’s drops. We don’t have to march in lockstep here. That doesn’t mean we’re now mortal enemies.

To be perfectly honest, I was hoping people would approach all this logically.

I was expecting a bit more from people in the way of loyalty.

Perhaps I expected too much.

Let’s do what I always said I would do, and get into #NewQ:



POTUS ultimately has the authority to declassify everything. He doesn’t need to wait for these people, if he doesn’t want to.

Once Kavanaugh’s confirmation is out of the way, I expect the declass, shortly thereafter.

That said… we might have to wait a while…

Grassley grants Kavanaugh accuser another extension

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley late Friday night granted another extension to Christine Blasey Ford to decide on whether she will testify to the committee. The new deadline was unclear, but Ford had requested that a 10 p.m. ET Friday deadline be extended until Saturday.


Looks like Trump is sowing dissension in the ranks of our foreign adversaries with a bit of false info. Trump said “key Allies called to ask not to release.”

I doubt those calls actually happened.

It’s like the Mafia with the code-of-silence. It only works if no one’s ratting out the others. But if someone rats, well… the others start to panic and try to position themselves. Frantic phone calls, emails, texts, etc.

And again, recall Trump’s recent Executive Order:

Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election | The White House

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) (NEA), section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (8 U.S.C.


Newt Gingrich: Texas offers a blueprint for a red wave election in November

I have been writing a lot about the power of a big-choice election in November. This week, Texas Republicans won a special election for a state Senate seat in a district along the Mexican border. Every Republican campaign in the country should study this race carefully.

This portends well for us. Maybe I was too negative yesterday about Trump’s endorsement of Jay Webber…

So every Republican candidate, campaign, professional and activist should look carefully at this Republican victory in Texas. They should realize that election night on Nov. 6 could be an even bigger upset – with even more shocking and decisive Republican victories – than election night 2016 was.

This upset can take place:

If we have the courage to make the November midterm a big-choice election.

If we have the courage to campaign on issues that the American people support – even if the liberal media hates them and despises us for raising them.

If we are willing to go into every neighborhood and every precinct and appeal to every American of every background.

If we are willing to challenge liberal lies and distortions head-on and force the left to admit they are not true.

If we do this at the national level, in the media, and at the local level in each campaign.

If we pick up the big-choice themes that President Trump is beginning to lay out (note his recent rally speech in Montana).

These are the lessons of the great victory in the Texas State Senate District 19 special election. It is not based on a theory. It is based on real victories, in real elections.

Now, we must believe act and fight. Victory in November is there for the earning.

From Newt’s lips to God’s ears.

Maybe this is why Q keeps saying “You have more than you know.”

Sometimes I wonder if he thinks we don’t understand.

I mean… I understood this drop. I’ve just been waiting for the world to catch up, as I’m sure you’ve been, too.

I think my whitehat theory is officially dead with this drop. But I betchya Roddy was blindsided by this:

Rosenstein Suggested He Secretly Record Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment

WASHINGTON – The deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, and he discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.

WASHINGTON — The deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, and he discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.

Mr. Rosenstein made these suggestions in the spring of 2017 when Mr. Trump’s firing of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director plunged the White House into turmoil. Over the ensuing days, the president divulged classified intelligence to Russians in the Oval Office, and revelations emerged that Mr. Trump had asked Mr. Comey to pledge loyalty and end an investigation into a senior aide.

To Mr. Rosenstein, the hiring process was emblematic of broader dysfunction stemming from the White House. He said both the process and the administration itself were in disarray, according to two people familiar with the discussion.

Mr. Rosenstein then raised the idea of wearing a recording device, or “wire,” as he put it, to secretly tape the president when he visited the White House. One participant asked whether Mr. Rosenstein was serious, and he replied animatedly that he was.

If not him, then Mr. McCabe or other F.B.I. officials interviewing with Mr. Trump for the job could perhaps wear a wire or otherwise record the president, Mr. Rosenstein offered. White House officials never checked his phone when he arrived for meetings there, Mr. Rosenstein added, implying it would be easy to secretly record Mr. Trump.

Mr. Rosenstein mentioned the possibility of wearing a wire on at least one other occasion, the people said, though they did not provide details.

The suggestion itself was remarkable. While informants or undercover agents regularly use concealed listening devices to surreptitiously gather evidence for federal investigators, they are typically targeting drug kingpins and Mafia bosses in criminal investigations, not a president viewed as ineffectively conducting his duties.

In the end, the idea went nowhere, the officials said. But they called Mr. Rosenstein’s comments an example of how erratically he was behaving while he was taking part in the interviews for a replacement F.B.I. director, considering the appointment of a special counsel and otherwise running the day-to-day operations of the more than 100,000 people at the Justice Department.

I had a feeling at the time that Rosenstein might be the anonymous “Resistance” writer for the NYT a week ago – although, admittedly, I tried to suss out a “whitehat” angle from it:

Opinion | I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

The Times is taking the rare step of publishing an anonymous Op-Ed essay. We have done so at the request of the author, a senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is known to us and whose job would be jeopardized by its disclosure.

He did write another article around the same time, remember, possibly as a cover for any electronic communications he was having with the NYT:

Opinion | Time to Change Our Drug Policies

letters To the Editor: Decriminalizing drug use raises understandable fears, but these fears are not supported by evidence, readers say. Re ” The Dangers of ‘Safe Injection’ ” (Op-Ed, Aug. 28): We are the students who helped organize the mock safe injection site depicted alongside Deputy Attorney General Rod J.


Needless to say, it’s looking worse and worse for Roddy.

Oh, almost forgot. Here’s the Twitter cap, and one response I liked:

So Trump, because he has the “Democratic playbook,” (whatever that might be; I doubt it’s a literal book) can’t fire Rosenstein, outright. That would be playing into their hands. They’ve been waiting for him to do that, in fact, like a hunter waiting for their quarry to fall into a snare.

Trump has to work around it, and will work around it with declassing the FISA warrant.

I wonder how he’ll actually end up leaving, though. Will Sessions be the one to pull the trigger?

(Kinda hope so, because I don’t see RR stepping down).

Swamp in the killbox. I like that.

It’s always good practice to avoid meeting with those disloyal to you.

Loyalty is in very short supply these days.

I had heard reports of this before, but now Q confirmed it.

It’s also why he drew attention to VIP anon last night. He was someone they could quickly vet, and allow in with his QAnon shirt.

Omarosa plans another tape release next week: report

Omarosa Manigult Newman, the former White House official, will reportedly release another tape recording on Monday that includes multiple individuals “high up in the administration,” PageSix reported on Thursday. Manigult Newman will appear on “The View,” the report said. It is unclear who the individuals on the recording will be, the sources said.

Omarosa Manigult Newman, the former White House official, will reportedly release another tape recording on Monday that includes multiple individuals “high up in the administration,” PageSix reported on Thursday.

Manigult Newman will appear on “The View,” the report said. It is unclear who the individuals on the recording will be, the sources said.

Hard to tell with this one. #CDAN believes she killed Michael Clarke Duncan, but it’s hard for me to believe that, given she had a background check and worked in the White House. Yes, this is straight out of the Democratic playbook… but is she a strategic plant? Or a turncoat?

Once again, loyalty is in very short supply, these days, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was yet another #Resistard.


Bloomberg links never embed, so here’s a text link:




It was just all just joke! You know, one of those really funny ones! Can’t you see it?! Where’s your sense of humor?!

Hey Q, can you please remind Schumer what the White House bathroom looks like again?

I think old Schmuckie needs a reminder.

NSA is tracking his every move.

Come on, how can Roddy be so stupid? You would think he would at least try delivering a letter or something, before resorting to electronic communication.


Get smoked, Roddy, you traitor.

I would love to see Sneering Closet-Wahhabist Brennan get taken down by Lynch’s testimony.

Squeal, Cankles, squeal!

That’s the White House’s number:

I called. All I heard was someone pick up and say “The White House.”

(Sorry for bothering you Mister Late-Night-White-House-Phone-Attendant).

One anon did notice this from the rally, though:

At which point, I went, “Wait, there was another rally tonight?”

The man just doesn’t ever stop stumping:


But here is, I think, the ultimate correlation, spotted by an eagle-eyed anon:


This is what got me about the NYT story. Why would the NYT publish this just a few weeks after publishing that Anonymous Resistance Op-Ed?

Obviously, they caught a severe, chronic, and contagious case of “C.Y.A.”

It’s hard to redraw battle-lines on the fly. But that’s what an enemy does when it finds itself suddenly outflanked,

Oh wow. Is Q implicating McCabe in the Rosenstein-wire story.

That’s… profoundly demonstrative of a theme I’ve been hitting on tonight:

Loyalty is in very short supply, these days.

You’ve got to wonder what McCabe is thinking, though. Does he think that RR will be the fall-guy? That white hats won’t come for him if he throws Roddy under the bus?

Not gonna happen!

I sincerely hope so.

I’m glad Q chose 8bit to do this. It was a necessary move that cuts the baggage and allows people to start fresh.

You might want to consider beefing up Voat’s servers, somehow, Q. They can barely pay the bills, as is. I’m serious about that.


Warning: The subverse QRV is Not Safe For Work

a community platform where you can have your say. No censorship.

I agree, but I’ve got a problem I’m hoping you can help me out with.

There is a dedicated band of users on voat who systematically downvote everything I say and post, and because of that, they’re effectively silencing me.

Here’s a recently sampling – and trust me, it’s all like this:

The problem with this is, on Voat, downvotes mean you can’t comment freely.

If you downvote someone enough, you limit them to 10 comments a day.

This brigade has done that to me over the past few days. For instance, they erased over 50 comment points today, alone.

Moreover, I tried to contact the site’s admin about this brigade – who I think is actually using bots to now target my account and every comment I make – and I can’t even send a message because…

You guessed it! Not enough comment points.

Like, I would have loved to have been able to respond to BlessedToTeach directly on Voat… but I couldn’t, because of this limit tonight.

So now, I’m really left with no recourse.

Obviously, this is not an accurate representation of how the community feels about what I say, at large. This is a brigade of angry, disgruntled, #hatebrigade exploiting a broken system in an effort to silence me.

So, do me a favor.

Go to my Voat comments, and help me undo the damage the #hatebrigade did.

Doubtless, this will get me accused of farming votes, but it’s not. It’s just hitting back at a hatebrigade that has systematically targeted me for over a week now, and left me with no recourse.

(I really would like to see them blown out of the water).

8ch isn’t going anywhere.

I suggest you learn to drink from the source, ASAP, if you’re not already:

In case it wasn’t clear, /v/QRV is where you’ll find everyone.

You’ve got the same people running the show now, as those who helped create /v/TheAwakening.

It just took you 10 days and Q’s approval for you to realize it.

Guys, look.

I know we’re not always going to agree on everything, but I really do try my best. Maybe it was the shills that finally got to me. Maybe it was just exhaustion. I’m working on a lot right now.

I really tried to help, and it seemed it brought me nothing but headache and heartache. I’m not done fighting, but I’m definitely going to need some time to recharge from all this. Like I said throughout this article, loyalty is in very short supply these days.

I’m loyal to this movement – even when I have my moments, and I hope you’ll be patient with me.

Hey guys, thanks for reading and sharing my articles today.

By now you know about my Threadless store, where you can buy all my awesome t-shirt designs, including the excellent Where We Go One, We Go All – Tigerstripes shirt. This is a men’s tri-blend t-shirt in navy blue, but we’ve got this design and more on shirts for women, children, long sleeve, short sleeve, hoodie,  heck – even shower curtains (if you’re so inclined).

Got a Trump rally coming to your neck of the woods? I’d love to see if one my readers could get a call-out from Trump! Threadless is great; they’ll get your shirt printed and out to you in a jiffy, and you’ll be supporting my work, like the article above, here on the site.

You can check out some of the other designs available in the sidebar, here on the site, and the whole store can be found at https://neonrevolt.threadless.com/
Thanks so much.

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  1. have a nice break, you deserve it, and we really appreciate every article you decode, take care of yourself Neon and rest up, I think we are going to see some habbinings reach a crescendo soon, Kek

    • The Q 3 questions -i didnt take seriously. He already said disinformation is sometimes necessary. Q cant get into aliens, 911 details and flat earth right now. It would be food for the MSM to discredit him. Q needs to concentrate on the rule of law being restored – so be logical, as he always says.

  2. “pulling a corsi” aka dr. nocode hmm.. neon asks for little, gives all he can, helps the movement, provokes rationality, offers merch to help pay for costs, produces arguably some of the best Q reviews and decodes out there and if you disagree you can fuck off. =)

  3. Crazy, but I am holding out for RR as white hat and this is by design. We will see.
    Shills gonna Shill. Don’t let them get to you. Help on VOAT forthcoming!!!!

    • I’m not seeing how he could be a white hat if he’s signed that FISA request, and POTUS refusing to meet with him twice very recently, unless I’m missing something.

      However, I DID hear that in response to making the “wire” statement, he came out and said that in his many interactions with President Trump, he NEVER saw ANY behavior that would warrant a 25th-Amendment action against President Trump. Emphasis mine.

      That’s interesting, and blows the hell out of the MSM narrative that President Trump is ‘crazy.’

  4. A couple words of encouragement. Keep doing what you do best. Ignore the negative fags and don’t bother with trying to explain yourself. You’re an artist. What you do for the community is art. We come here for your honest analysis. Those that don’t like it can go elsewhere. But please stop wasting your energy with dickheads. You’re better than that and you know it.
    Ps. Voat sucks. No good for us mobilefags. Just sayin’

  5. Be careful not to burn out, Neon. I appreciate your take on Qposts and your sense of humor shines through. You obviously dedicate a great deal of time and care to sharing your thoughts in this blog, please remember to pace yourself. We don’t have to agree or think the same on everything – that’s mental slavery – just what we are to be awakening from. Wontons sprouting from ears…

    • “We don’t have to agree or think the same on everything…”
      EXACTLY! Idon’t agree with everything Neon says and I question a lot of things that Neon doesn’t “see” but I DO from reading other sources. Here’s an example: Neon doesn’t understand the “Democratic Playbook”. From reading anons and people like Thomas Wictor, Sundance etc. – I’m pretty sure the democratic playbook is leaking false info to the media – I mean it’s pretty obvious with the NYT Editorial and now the RR statements leaked by McCabe.

      Do I get absolutely everything I need to understand the Q drops from Neon? Nope – but he’s at the top of my list when the latest drops come in. Full disclosure here – I always check Lisa Mei Crowley FIRST because she responds to Q drops almost immediately via Twatter. Her analysis is rather sparse but she sometimes says a lot in very few words. I find Praying Medic a waste of time, but hey, whatever floats yer boat!

      Neon is very informative BUT he’s also a rollicking good time! Don’t lose yer sense of humor Neon – it’s what keeps me coming back!

      • Prayingmedic’s main contribution is through his videos. They are lengthy and informative. I would watch more if i had the time.

        Not for a second did I doubt NR. I’ve seen too much of his work and contributions to believe the accusations. It simply makes no sense. Put in all this work and effort simply to sell t-shirts? Nope

        I freely admit at times his writing annoys me…but I find him genuine and believe he comes from the right place. That’s far more important than a lockstep echo chamber. I found the attacks on voat surprising and disappointing. There is too much at stake to allow ego and personality to divide us.

  6. Neon, I’m still loyal. I have faith in you. Express yourself as you wish, don’t cave to the whining mob. I agree that it’s good to inject some doubt and dissonance. It keeps it real.

  7. Thank you for your wonderful site. I like the solitude of it. Other types of places (like voat) tend to make me feel like I’m wading through a pond a shabby scraple. With you, no matter what mood you may be in, it always feels like fine dining and CLOTH napkins

    Loyalty is indeed a rare treasure to find these days. My gratitude to you, friend .

  8. For what it is worth I to thought the last week has been a lot of ra ra and not much substance from Q. I kind of think the SC nom circus has been a spanner in the works. More effective than many of their false flags

  9. Now neon no one wants you to be silent, But with a page as big as yours and head to match. YOU have talent good writer knows where to go for info. Great things ahead. Q see more what’s in front of us sometimes we have to follow and then we can lead . Love you always

  10. I for one enjoy the decodes. Good, bad, and ugly. See, I have a brain. Well. Kinda one. But it thinks pretty independently of others i read lots and form my own personal opinions . Your opinions I value as I form my independent one. Thank you and dont let them get to you. Just keep doing you.

  11. Would love to upvoat you, but on the new sub, we are all numbers. Won’t know who you are. I hope you do get to post though. I read you for Q clarity/deciphering. WWG1WGA

  12. Please keep Soldiering on, Yours is the first “notification” I always open. This old guy follows Ipot, Pm, X22r, Dn2, Jit, Ph, even Bbob, and NR. Your honest and well thought out explanations are needed and necessary to round off the “GUNG HO” attitude so prevalent out there, My 9 months of lurking and listening and absorbing have enabled me to red pill several family and friends here in Rooster Poot, AR. I have been taught and always believed that patience was a “virtue”. Your work encourages that and causes me to think instead of jumping on the bandwagon. Thank you

  13. Neon Volt, great to hear it all and as usual you did an awesome job! Though I post my comments to you, I really have no idea where they go or whether you’re even seeing or getting them. I am a WP user through TCTH, but whenever I post on NR, it never shows up! I hope you’re seeing it by other means, glad to see you with your war face. Cheers!

  14. I was gonna pile on and scream MOSSAD until I read that bit about the chopsticks. I prefer my neck to be chopstick-free so…..

    WUZZZUP, my niggah!!??

    Neon: “DAYUM! Did NOT see THAT one coming!”

    All jokes aside, sticking with you to the end, friend. Don’t let ’em bug ya.
    Will do what I can over on voat as well.
    Keep up the good work.

  15. I sincerely apologize for doubting you Neon..you piss me off at times but Im ok with that …I dont know what happened to my senses…but click there it was..so I sat back and waited till I could sort my feelings out ..and realized that I was wrong to doubt you ..can I push reset?..

  16. I’m a great grandma homesteader that doesn’t contribute anything but watches intently what has happened to our country and now what is happening to fix it. I don’t have a smart pithy comment. But I felt the need to let you know that I appreciate your approach to Q. I had the same reaction you did to the recent Q & A. But then I reminded myself about disinformation and also that Q keeps in the frame of the plan. I believe there is a plan (obvious by now) and that sometimes Q says things important to keep the plan on track. The D’s are not about to deviate or question what their leaders are doing and saying. Patriots have brains and use them. When something doesn’t make sense, we need to say something. Keep on being who you are and doing what you do. After all we are still operating under the constitution and Bill of Rights…. or did that change and the D’s forgot to tell us deplorables.

  17. Thank you Neon for your great work. Want to thank you for pointing out the fact that is ok to agree to disagree with Q sometimes. Hoping to see the release of a kind of frequency energy that is found in space that can change our world.

  18. qfan is still an NRfan… Nowhere in the constitution are the snowflakes promised the right to not be offended.

    The special election in San Antone is a major deal. This means that that control mechanisms that the left has left are no longer effective. The vote counting/rigging is also no longer in place.

    The Cruz/Beto election in November is one to watch. My wife was with a group of female Limas yesterday and they were all Beto fans (except my wife). The subject came up that that one of their [hispanic] relatives in El Paso (and many of their relatives’ friends) were huge Trump supporters. The Limas were shocked and had a long discussion about how that could happen. Some thought they were losing because they were not getting enough immigrants to the polls, others thought it was because they are not registering enough immigrants. These are the Limas of the most dangerous kind – very wealthy and very educated Limas. They all suffer from TDR to some degree or another. Btw, I watched the debate between Cruz and Beto last night and Cruz won hands down (Beto managed to score a few points). The moderators asked tough questions for both sides. It was refreshing to watch a civilized debate like that. I am sure that it is on utube.

    I can’t wait until Novemeber. This is the first election that your vote will actually count. Please do not squander this opportunity. I firmly believe that they shut down the backdoors that were exposed in 2015 at http://www.blackboxvoting.org If you do not know how they skew the numbers – this is a great website to learn.

  19. I thought your last post on not following Q blindly without asking question when you have them was right on F’in target. Blind loyalty is not what Q or Trump are asking us for. That’s what sheep no more means. We are sheep to no one and when the next Deep State FF happens and it is easy to look for someone to change our diapers in the CHAOS and blindly follow WE DO NOT ALLOW IT. That’s what got our sorry asses in this mess to begin with. Keep it up you have more support than you can imagine!!! That post was next level shit!!!!

  20. there is more to the story about the phone number to the white house. If you call it – it specifically says that it is a white house line but it also says that you will NOT be recorded for training purposes – then it hangs up on you. Kind of a strange message.

  21. I’m with you NeonRevolt–persecution is par for the course, ask Jesus. ” } I have never read in any of your posts a doubt about Q, only very human frustration which I find REFRESHING. Prayers & blessings to you, friend and fellow patriot. WWG1WGA.

  22. Hey, I am quite new at this Q thing, and I do follow Blessed to Teach… I don’t know what to say.
    I take it that you are doing a phenominal job, because most everyone in Q commuity knows you, and I understand your stand in this.
    I guess what I wanted to say was to keep up the great work you are doing, ignore (as much as you can) the people who doesn’t have the guts to tell you what they think in a face to face situation.
    Also, Blessed to Teach opened a new site (http://blessed2teach.com/), so you could try to contact him there, if you feel like it.
    Anyways, good luck.

  23. Carry on, brave soldier. Your wound is painful, but not mortal. Your loyal comrades are lifting you up metaphorically and lovingly supporting you. WWG1WGA
    You are one of our most intelligent and valued sources of Q decode. The fair weathered “friends” and the shifty shills got nothin on you.

  24. I don’t mind when Neon gets a big frustrated with Q. I do too sometimes. But what did bother the hell out of me was a bunch of people on the Q-boards freaking out when Q didn’t validate their pet conspiracies during his recent Q&A. Has it ever dawned on them that they could gasp be wrong? That we really did go to the moon and that the many hours of video and radio recordings are real? And that a passenger plane really did hit the Pentagon? And whoever was trying to make them believe otherwise all these years are either stupid, evil liars, or both?

      • You quite literally do not know what you’re talking about. I mean, come on. The lunar lander development is something to be studied if you want to be an aerospace or aeronautical engineer, it was brilliant and actually the entire story behind it is fascinating. Von Braun was so impressed by the engineer that came up with the idea to begin with that he totally changed the direction of the Apollo program. And honestly, low resolution video cameras were all there was back then. Film was HD, video was really in its infancy.

  25. NR don’t let the haters and shills get to you! You were absolutely right about those Q posts. I didn’t even think you need to write an article on them. Let the shills shill if they want to follow anyone blindly so be it. People forget why and how this cabal got so much power. Sheep were following and not questioning. Anyway thanks for the link to Rageaholic. I needed that laugh!

  26. Neon, take heart brother. We know the attacks will intensify. Wear it like a badge of honor- if you weren’t helping, they’d ignore you. Your insights are valuable.

  27. Wow, I didn’t even know you published an article yesterday… and I wait breathlessly for your articles. I’m subscribing and I received this one in my inbox, but they skipped me on the last one. No worries, Neon, no groupthink allowed. I get frustrated too, although with POTUS and fave Twatters more often than Q. Thank you for all the work you put into this. You are appreciated.

  28. I never doubted you for a minute, because it is clear you were expressing frustration and not trying to say Q is a LARP, or whatever.

    I echo the post above that VOAT is a suboptimal forum. First of all, if you forget your password, tough luck. They have a thing that promises you can have an email sent to reset the pw, but it doesn’t seem to send the email.

    Second, it is difficult to navigate. There is no obvious search feature for the site. I intended to find Neon’s posts and upvote them, but…I didn’t succeed. Not yet, anyway.

    • I agree about VOAT, none of these sites seem happy to see us. Some same glitchy problems with Gab as well, I never get any notifications and they block the app in the playstore. I am sure it is by design right now with the internet lockdown and censorship. It is irritating 🙂

  29. Oh Neonrevolt reading the first part of your sharing was heart breaking.
    I feel your pain but you keep on going which I so admire, last Saturday while awaiting the storm to hit my area I was on twitter while reading an article that come along my timeline about the white power sign, I commented on it OMgosh let me tell you at the hell storm I caught, I was attacked for being white, being apart of the problem..lol because I was not aware there was such a thing as a white power sign. How I wrote seemed to be an issue. LOL I ended up blocking, deleting.
    I had enough my nerves could not take it. that being said.
    Thank you for carrying on with your blog, I have to admit my time is limited even though I have signed up on volt boards and I just visited it again I am going to have to try and figure out how this site works. I can’t even tell what you have written to give it a vote.
    I haven’t been following you but a few months,I have been following Q sense the first sharing almost a year ago. I have to say Your writing is clear for me to understand, Your Q breakdowns pulled up news articles, tweets really pull things all together to get a clear understanding of what Q is sharing with us.
    I enjoy the comments on the blog as well..

  30. What was that quote about attacks meaning you’re a threat? You’re drawing fire because you’re effective. It must be exhausting – between the decoding, fending off personal attacks and the admin aspects of migrating to new boards and keeping your own site going. You’re making history here, take heart! Sending you best wishes and prayers for strength.

  31. Neon – thanks for all you do.

    Jeff Sessions recused himself and handed RR carte blanche to use all federal government resources to investigate “Russian collusion”. Sessions then just sat back and watched to see what RR would do once he was handed the keys to the DOJ. RR chose to use his newfound authority to try to takedown PDJT and seems to have failed miserably.

    Until yesterday, I believed that RR and Mueller met with PDJT in May 2017 and agreed to participate in a sting operation on the deep state. They would be excused for any past crimes they committed while working with the prior administration.

    It now appears to me that Jeff Sessions has been running a sting on RR and Mueller. He has been quietly observing them continue an illegal counterintelligence investigation that began in the FBI. For months we have been wondering how they have been getting away with what they have been doing. Now they are trapped.

    If the above proves to be true, this will be one of the most remarkable things I have witnessed in my lifetime.

  32. Neon. Goodbye. Thanks for the memories.
    I thank you for yoir “leadership”. Your narcissistic tendencies are overwhelming your message. Q just denounced you- the V/ board you endorsed then quickly rebuked.

    You’re not a bad guy. You’re not a clown. You’re a seeker of fame. For that you’ve succeeded.

    You don’t really care. Good luck to you FameFag

    • Combusta, FU don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I would kick your ass, if you said that standing in front of me. but, coward that you are, you can only insult and snipe while you hide behind a computer keyboard.

  33. I appreciate you being transparent regarding your disappointment/disagreement with Q drops sometimes; I am, too. If people don’t find themselves similarly experiencing disparaging feelings at some point, then they aren’t thinking for themselves. Q doesn’t want us to be sheep, and that is why he uses Anons to decipher and get the word out! Not “yes”-men! That is much of what Trump is attempting to restore – We the People’s VOICE! No longer sheeple! Neon, thank you for your hard work. It is SO appreciated. I don’t always agree with you, but that is A-okay.

  34. First time poster here Neon. Seems to me that the haters that are jealous of you. Keep on keeping on and remember to take time for yourself 🙂

  35. I rarely post. Whether I agree with you or not is irrelevant. Your work is phenomenal and very much appreciated. It is readily apparent you spend a good portion of your life on this cause to educate those of us that cannot do it ourselves for whatever reason and it truly pisses me off when so called patriots whine about your selling t shirts to finance the work you do. Smells a lot like socialism.

    The attacks on you are designed to cause self doubt in an effort to shut you down. These people are evil and I would say I disagree with Q that these people are stupid. They are effective.

    Please don’t be a victim and sucomb to these bastards. I’ll help any way I can.

  36. NEON, you have captured my attention from the start of the awakening. You have also outlasted the fakes and proven so far to be trust worthy in my eyes. Keep it up!!!
    Follow your heart and mind, all you need to worry about is staying true to yourself. In the end our opinions should not matter to your work, truth will prevail.
    I would like to see a bit of Serialbrain2 decode work mixed in, because i think the 2 of you could do some real deepstate damage combined:)

  37. Neon! Keep on doing what you do brah! You are one of the most human humans out there. If normies can’t handle it that is their problem not yours. Being human at the level you are unavoidantly will shake sleeping robotic parts of some of your readers. We all have those issues since we have all been expose to society and its conforming tendencies to various degrees. The great awakening is not only political it is a great awakening of what it means to be a truly free human. And we all need to be first free ourselves and express this freedom if we want our society to follow suit! WWG1WGA !!!

  38. Neon, do not feel badly bc of morons. I can’t believe that you were treated so horribly. You are entitled to your opinion, and I agree with you, most of the time, and when I do not agree, I am happy to hear your POV bc you could be right, and I could be wrong.

    How dare they treat you this way. It makes me furious. Secondly, those people who blindly follow Q are just as brainwashed as the worst social justice warrior. You do not have to lose your brain, just bc you read Q.

    Q is wrong at least 3 times, and that means that Q may be using us all. To ignore that possibility is to be nothing short of propagandizing a political position.

    I read Q, and the research board on 8 chan, as soon as I get online in the morning, where before I used to read Drudge. I then go directly to your blog and read your articles. This is the only place that I post anything.

    I value your opinion. Also, I happen to agree with you more often than not.

    I have not thanked you in the past, for your hard work, mainly bc I did not want to feed your ego. After watching Jordan Sather go egotistical, and watching the fame go to his head, I did not want that to happen to you.

    However, I have to salute you and your work. You are a prolific writer and great at putting together the dots. Without you, I would not understand half of what Q says.

    Thank you so much. I really really love your work. Words cannot express enough, how much I appreciate your blog.

  39. The truth is probably more pedestrian. Many things are happening, so Q cannot drop this week, because how it plays out is messy to predict.

    Q is probably just hedging his bets, keeping the optionality of the strategy alive, hence nothing new. That is, to commit would be to reduce Q++’s options. Why would Q do that? This stuff is hard, and the cabal is nothing if not devious.

  40. Warning!

    The content of this subverse is Not Safe For Work!

    Your user preferences are set to hide adult content.

    Take me to the FrontPage

    I’ve tried this on both my browsers…until I can find my settings…”not safe for work” I am unable to subscribe to the new site in Voat. I was able to subscribe to the awakening but not the one Q posted.

  41. Neon you have too many supporters to worry about a few shills and concernfags. I’ve been reading your stuff now for quite a while and I get the sense your close to burning out. Don’t do it man. Do what you said. Walk away for a while. Unplug. Completely. The movement will still be here when you get back. Just stay off the bicycle this time :).

  42. Now don’t be watching for any Bathshebas, don’t stay out of the battle for long. I luvs ya, NR, you have got great insight, and a gift for writing clearly, concisely, and the best part interestingly. Do you know how many times I’ve been late for work, thinking I’ll just skim this latest drop…ha ha ha.

    I went to the new Voat and I had to re-do my setting to accept “NSFW” sites. I’m glad Q narrowed it down to one Voat, folks were migrating to several places. I wasn’t a big reddit fan but a lot of people like that sort of setting. I read Q and then head to Gab and here to see what it means, lol. This is war, no doubt, I was sick to my stomach at the threats towards Trump, this really is not a game. Stay sane and stay safe!!

  43. You can turn things around if you embrace humility. I commented and upvoted your recent post on Voat regarding Transparency. It would help if you replied to comments. I’ve commented nice things on your posts and have not received a reply. Everyone matters.

  44. Neon, I am just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. “Working hard to get my fill, everybody wants a thrill. Payin’ anything to roll the dice just one-more-time. Some will win, some will lose, some were born to sing the blues. Oh the movie never ends, it goes on and on and on and on. Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard. Their shadows searching in the night. Streetlights, people, living just to find emotion, hiding somewhere, in the niiiiiiight. Don’t stop believing. Hold on to that feeling!” –Journey

    Love your work. Love your opinion. Great minds. Hope this put a smile on yo face!

  45. Neon don’t second guess yourself or try to justify your thoughts. You have always been and continue to be thorough, articulate, thoughtful and well-informed in your articles. Having a platform means you get good vibes and BAD vibes. I’m sure the negativity stings and is frustrating for you. After all, you have been a loyal soldier in this movement and for anyone to doubt your intentions is counter-intuitive to all your efforts. It takes bravery to speak TRUTH. People don’t like it. Right now in this clusterf#$k we call politics, very few know who are the “good guy” and who are the “bad guy.” The vast majority of ppl have no clue what is happening under their noses and no one wants to look like a fool. Your role has been to provide information to your readers to the best of your abilities. It’s up to people to form their own conclusions about reality. Ppl need to critically think for themselves. The proper response isn’t to demean the person who speaks their truth, rather; contemplate the view and accept it or reject it. Or do neither and store it away for further consideration. Personally attacking you or calling you names says more about the person receiving the info. There are many, constructive ways to disagree with a person without demeaning them. Shades of a liberal playbook if you ask me.
    Let the negativity from others go, you have done AMAZING work and you WILL go down in history as being an important figure in this movement. And that, my friend, is truly a gift from God. PLEASE keep moving forward and continue to lead us down this path.

  46. Hello! Although I’ve passed your “Q Primer” on to some aspiring patriots in my sphere of influence, this is my first visit to your site. I’m puzzled by all the discussion concerning ‘community’ issues as I’m a bit of a latecomer to the party – my faithful wife is the lead researcher in our house and has been on the boards quite a while. I’m encouraged, however, by your thoughtfulness and the grace with which you handle opposition. Bless you brother, ALL those who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution! I was also pleased by your apologetic reference to embarrassing testimony as evidence of the veracity of the PHDs (Primary Historical Documents – i.e., Gospels). I’ll continue to log in and will join the Voat board to help support you and the others who are doing yeoman’s work to spread the news.

  47. BTW, I still dislike Voat. I won’t bother with it. The upvote situation is more than enough for me, plus I don’t need to be monitored by who likes what I write or not. I think that Q is now wrong 4 times, w Voat being the latest.

  48. I keep trying to leave comments but they don’t seem to show up… anyone seeing this? If so, I’ll take time to post what I’ve got to say…

    • I have the same problem. Yesterday, I left 5 different comments using 5 different usernames and not a single comment got through. Unfortunately, Akismet shadowbans, or automatically deletes certain people and I am definitely one of the victims even though I never write anything critical or outrageous to warrant the shadowban

  49. I’ve been watching BlessedToTeach and enjoying his commentary. I know he has shared many of your insights, so sometimes if it seems we’ve gone off the rails it’s particularly hard to fathom. Your post was no big deal, just a little venting, not like you’re a Cernovich or Posobiec or Corsi. Come on people, get a grip.

    Getting down in the flame wars has its blowbacks. Many so appreciate your efforts!

    On the NYT. Didn’t Trump have a rather long visit with them a couple of months ago? His comments at the rally last night seemed to say he expected them to turn and support him for 2020. Did he lay out what he might know about Mark Thompson and pedoworld? Were they informed of a newly scripted role for them in the Plan and Great Awakening?

  50. Hey, Neon! We don’t agree 100% sometimes but I’m right here reading your opinions every day. I appreciate what you do here. I have no-one to talk to about this stuff so I have to fetch what I can from the internet. Thank you!

  51. I think we’re on edge like the children of Israel wandering through the desert aimlessly. Our leaders pop in and out; they try to keep the band together, but we get up to all kinds of mischief because there is always this opportunity for doubt. Everyone’s doing the best they can but they get impatient, cranky, suspicious in this world because we have learned that nothing is as it seems. Too easy for rumors to get started, too many voices planting dark notions. Only occasionally does the boss step in and set things right. And he must be frustrated at the disloyalty at times, too.

    I keep coming back to your page because it’s apparent how hard you work at turning out your excellent content. At consolidating bits and pieces from everywhere into a convincing whole. You are “allowed” to have off days but it does impact the people who are always a little shaky anyway.

    I thought you handled this whole debacle with class considering how much flak you have been taking. Chin up. We value your efforts.

  52. You be you!!! May not agree with everything you say…but I rely on your articles and opinion… always looking forward to what you’re thinking in regards to a new Q post!!! Thank you for you being you!!!

  53. If my post in any way brought this on please forgive me I’m old. All of this is overwhelmingly new including trying to navigate new sites like voat. We oldies count too be patient with us it builds character. Hugs kid you’re awesome!

  54. Neon, I’ve read nothing from you that would steer me toward a “pied piper” judgement of you. You are an extremely bright fellow, and you have seen enough to understand this generation. The younger generation has been lied to for their entire existence and shit on by people who will stop at nothing to enslave them. As they wise up to the tactics they will fear their own shadow. They lack the good fortune of having spent any time learning how to have differences. In fact, they have been conditioned to fight these differences at all cost. It is understandable that defense (or should that be offense?) would be the reaction and overreaction to anything that contradicts the first thing to come along that offers them hope. While I failed to see anything from you that was different from anything else that you have offered, anything short of high praise smacks these folks in the face like a ton of bricks.

    Please, try not to take personal these attacks. Your time and efforts speak themselves. A great number of us look forward to the notifications that you have gifted us with another article. Your work stands out. Your delivery is flawless. You do you, and those of us lucky enough to appreciate hard work and fine wine will continue to enjoy those bright spots in our day. Either way, the truth will (finally) come out in the wash soon enough. Thank you for all you do. If I happen to be wrong, there will be plenty of time to harbor contempt for you later. To be fair, plenty of those aboard said the same of Q. I’ll be over at the threadless store if you need me.

  55. Neon – thanks for all you do.

    Jeff Sessions recused himself and handed RR carte blanche to use all federal government resources to investigate “Russian collusion”. Sessions then just sat back and watched to see what RR would do once he was handed the keys to the DOJ. RR chose to use his newfound authority to try to takedown PDJT and seems to have failed miserably.

    Until yesterday, I believed that RR and Mueller met with PDJT in May 2017 and agreed to participate in a sting operation on the deep state. They would be excused for any past crimes they committed while working with the prior administration.

    It now appears to me that Jeff Sessions has been running a sting on RR and Mueller. He has been quietly observing them continue an illegal counterintelligence investigation that began in the FBI. For months we have been wondering how they have been getting away with what they have been doing. Now they are trapped.

    If the above proves to be true, this will be one of the most remarkable things I have witnessed in my lifetime.

  56. You are a leader in this community with much influence. You don’t have the privilege of having a bad day. Imagine if Sarah Sanders had a bad day like yours. Either you support the movement or you don’t. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    • You are not the boss of NeonRevolt or anyone, other than yourself. Do not pretend to give orders. This is not a black or white issue, and you don’t have to mindlessly support “the movement”, esp if you disagree with points of it. Think for yourself, and leave everyone else to their own opinion.

  57. NR. buck up, Buttercup! Everybody has folks who don’t like us and everybody is free to have an opinion; Q should not be a cult; otherwise, the MSM wins.
    Take another vaca and step away for a while.
    We love you! Can you imagine how our President feels reading lies about him everyday. He gets up every day and does his best. So should you. So should I.
    It is a Patriot thing. It took George Washington 7 years to win the Am. Revolution and you are going to whine about haters on a stupid website. Seriously? shame on you.
    President of your fan club!

  58. First I want to say thanks for all of the effort you put in. It is really amazing the amount of content you get out. When I was reading your rant yesterday first I was offended, then angry, and then I just smiled. We are all frustrated and you are also probably on the edge of burnout so I understand where you are coming from.
    I look at it this way . . . Q is writing to 4 audiences, firstly to the Anons and the rest of the Red Pill people leaving us crumbs, showing where to dig, like a treasure map. Secondly to the Cabal and their Deep State henchmen esp. the MSM (Mockingbird Shill Media) taking that laser pointer and running them into the wall time after time. Creating panic and watching them make mistakes “Disinformation is necessary”. Third there are coded comms to White Hat operatives, this was common early on when before so many Black hats were eliminated.
    Lastly Q is talking with the Normies, that is who these Delta Proofs are for. Yes, I know Q has done these repeatedly but as Lionel says: “The American public has the attention span of a gnat” So would go you rather Q go silent if he had no Anon Comms or is it better to drop some simple Normie Proofs now that Q is going mainstream?

  59. Unfortunately in recent times, we have been lacking healthy leadership. People are starved for true experts that AREN’T infallible. Many confuse respect with worship now. It is a byproduct of the left trying to replace Christianity. It is a byproduct of replacing Angels with Scientists… Lol or Al Gore.
    The basic human desire to connect with a higher power is being manipulated and left to fester with a core of cognitive dissonance. Awakening isn’t just taking the correct hue of pill and seeing the world brand new… With a finger snap. Reality is no Matrix. We have decades of emotional memories (very strong) to overcome.
    In many ways, we are working against ourselves, against being human. It will take time for people to get past the blinding light of the new reality they see and begin to see the shades of a new existence. It will take time for individuals to remove all the shackles embedded in their flesh from “The Cave.” The “reality blind” will beat you down every time they are fearful. This is what we do to our parents as we learn to stand on our own. THIS is what we are trying to work against and still manage to overthrow systemic infiltration by people very much aware of how to manipulate these very things.
    All this to say… We are here for you still NeonRevolt. Thank you for letting us know what you need in order to help you… Help us. Much love are respect.
    Sorry that I don’t worship you.

  60. Hey, if you don’t get frustrated from all this from time to time then you aren’t human. I’m frustrated myself, I was expecting real carpet bombs and feel as though we haven’t advanced at all but the dems are. I think it’s all because of judge K. I don’t think people truly appreciate how many other people’s lives are getting destroyed in this chess game. And then we are all the sudden focused on aliens, UFOs, planes vs missles, and so on, when the real conspiracy facing us right now still isn’t fully uncovered. Your article yesterday resonated with me because I was feeling the same way, it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe Q though. It means I am an independent thinker and I’m allowed to be myself. You are too. If I see your posts I will try to help with some up likes. Keep doing what you do.

  61. Neon ur research has been a must-read for me. I support what u do.
    In all fairness, I would offer some advice, which u can take or dismiss:
    1) u had to realize w all the trolls on reddit/ga-that they also would b part of the stampede headin on over to voat.
    2)the sexism/racism..is warranted when u refer to ‘ll as cankles.
    These are “ad hominym” attacks that u need 2 check urself on, bc FACTS of the case (coup illegal/spying..)- not body parts.
    Iow-cheap shots trying to score points on “flair” vs actual SCORING of dact/logic points.
    Debate club would toss u, & logic is our rulebook.
    3) many on voat are newbs..read comments “someone plz explain this to me!!” “Help me!!”
    Anyone trying to co-opt q decodes (like corsi 4 ex)- got shown the door.
    People can give their own interpretations of q decodes-but it’s for the masses to interpret for self. Too many newbs are just “followers” caught n the herd-who are not doing the work to understand/decipher/decode by themselves.
    Not a fan of 8chan..have tried it-& the screens are literally jumping all over the place as I try 2 read something.

  62. Hey – I’m just a lurker, but I read a ton and research things for myself. I read everything you post, follow your research and am amazed at the threads you pull. Your last post bummed me out, but it’s because we are all so weary of living with corruption that goes unpunished when we follow the law, try to be fair and call ourselves out for injustice. I trust you. I think for myself but find our patterns of thought are very similar. Q gives up hope. So much hope. We have all tentatively stepped our foot in the Q waters and waded in. This type of vulnerability leads to fragile emotions. Some react with anger, some with confusion, some with fear and a complete pulling back. It’s a ride. I appreciate your efforts so much and I see all the time, hard work, humor and creativity you put into this beast. I’m here for the long haul. Thank Q!!!

  63. Neon, to still be standing and blogging after all these months is a testament of your bravery and honesty even if you’ve been getting so much crap. There are a lot of us who cheer you on and pray for you. Stay strong brother.

  64. It must feel like a thankless role you’re playing here, but I can assure you that you are appreciated more than you could know. You are my go to resource for interpreting Q drops and have been the main contributor to understanding what is going on and the reality behind those we are suppose to trust. Try to ignore the shills who leap at any crack you’ll show them. The best thing you can do is what you do best, we trust you, rely on you and appreciate you. One request, any chance you could expand the page numbering at the bottom of each page? I’m trying to read back through all your posts and it takes time to keep scrolling through each page hitting the next number. Cheers. Stay strong!

  65. Just Keep On & don’t let the internet terriers bother you.
    As long as we keep eyes on the ball & don’t get distracted by the Dividers the combination of applied Logic & Persistence Win.Out.Every.Time.

  66. Neon your meme with the frog is in the “Top” and in the “Hot” on QRV. And the people love it! The shills/LARPs have no idea that this is Neon Revolt “stapm”.

  67. It’s been a pleasure to read your posts for these last months.
    Frustrations arise at times. Understandable.
    Eyes on the prize.
    True Liberty for her citizens.
    REAL Justice for her Treasonous collaborators.
    Plain and Simple… U rock + Continue The Fight
    and… Thank-You

  68. I want to share three pieces of information about my background. First, I served as a Special Forces Green Beret medic in combat. Secondly, I have written nine books on the Bible. Thirdly, I owned my own business, which I started, and kept for my whole business career. All three require leadership, critical thinking, and a certain mental and physical toughness.
    I want to say thank you to Neon Revolt for his hard work and insightful analysis. When you are leading in battle there are always things someone can complain about…it goes with leadership. To those that are criticizing, remember that you may be having fun now during this time of winning and our new behind the scenes information, and this new era is exciting, but it is in these times, like neon revolt…and other thinkers, that you need to be the most vigilant and the most critical. Critical thinking requires just this type of questioning, or it is not critical thinking.
    Neon Revolt you are doing a great job. A great job requires your toughness…no need to stop and apologize now. It just slows you down.

  69. A comment on the Q & A. WTF We are in a fight for the future of freedom on planet Earth and Q is answering questions about ET. Unless they are going to turn us into Soylent Green then I don’t care right now. I am concerned about the Cabal turning me into a radioactive cinder.
    “Did a plane hit the Pentagon” Really. That is not THE question. THE question is: “Did THE plane hit the Pentagon” I am not a 911fag so I don’t know the Flight Number but you know what I am saying.
    What I want to know is weather Christine Blasey Ford is a Clown or Clown controlled.

      • I kind of doubt she is a full MK victim. If she was she would have been given a better script with at least some corroboration and she would have stuck with it. She may however be some kind of Clown asset. But at the least she is a result of the post-modernist neo-bohemian upper-middle-class nihilistic lifestyle. As the guy said who exposed her HS Yearbook “What were these parents thinking” After the damage done by her party-girl HS and her Psych degree (Total neo-Marxist feminist BS) and living in the Stanford academic bubble she “has done did it” and is now just another meat-sack to be exploited by her Dem handlers.

        • Hahahaha!! Yes you are probably right, the indoctrinated snowflakes are the real sheeple. Although she has those funky eyes (think Adam Shiffty). The left eye is always wonky! We know there is a healing going on because the MK Ultra programs are breaking down. Some of these people have been traumatized beyond belief and have since fragmented and compartmentalized their brains to handle it. These two links show that these people have been placed all over our government and in the media (one astronaut, an actress, sportscaster, athlete, General Petraeus and a news reporter). These two you tubes speak for themselves as you can see their mind programs break down or seize up. My heart goes out to Wendy as you see her witness something beyond traumatic in her brain before she collapses.



          What these people have done for power and control is so sick and evil, it is beyond anything we could ever have imagined. But we have to witness it to heal it. This generational abuse of pedophilia, satanic rituals, mind control and all the sickness is finally coming to an end! In my opinion it is because God is cleaning this all up and he is awakening inside each and everyone of us as we seek the light of truth! Onward we go warriors! Stay positive and know that we are witnessing and part of the greatest awakening and healing in human history! WWG1WGA!!

  70. Keep up the great work! At some time, when the storm will hit EU / GER i surely will do all i can to support the Awakening. And i will use everything i learned from you – esp. the 8ch boot camp 😀

    P.S. If you ever would like your book to be translated – pls get in contact. I would love to bring Q to the non-english speaking patriots

  71. Neon: Do not be disheartened by the words of the haters ( Soros paid shills, DS bots, AI al-GORE-isms,). We who come here to read your witticisms, humor, and even the fact that you get frustrated. But: the great takeaway form all this…Is that We-Come-Back to read and be edumakated ( ala Ricky Ricardo).
    Neon: We who read your words of Wisdom (which they are) stand ready to support you and the platform which you have chosen to Champion (TRUTH). Know in your Heart of Hearts that God holds a special place for those dedicated to speaking Truth to Power. To the snowflakes who want to throw darts and arrows at you, Aaaaa…Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck!. Be well Patriot.

  72. I rely on you very intelligent decoders, like yourself, to help me understand and sort it out. I(we) have been duped before. I read your criticism of Q and I could see your point( could it be that this was one on the Q team keeping the bench warm for the real Q?.) I rely on others to call out the disinformation players. When you were getting hit, and disavowed and just as Blessed to teach, was extremely disappointed and shocked with your scathing review. It scared me. As I said, I can be a sucker because I am a newbie to these boards. You are a true leader and in this environment you need to be aware of your influence on us newbies. This article did it for me. We are good again. I look forward to knowing who you really are some day. I would love to meet you. When this is all over, we need to have an “anon reveal” convention.

  73. Downvotes silence you!? I thought the purpose of migration was to battle censorship? Voat is trash and as it sits, you won’t find me there. It will be a shit show in no time.

  74. NR, I apologize if you think my analysis was unfair, but let me explain. First please see my email I left if you want to communicate at all.

    I have respected your posts and have driven many of my 40K subscribers to your site, but this is the 3rd time you have offended me and this last one was a MOAB to me personally. I personally was excited about the post on Thursday. The meme of the large Q board with a teacher and children was personally emotionally motivating for me. But you literally mocked it with “Maybe. We’ll see” and went on to tell me (and everyone else) that if we were not negative about the Thursday posts like you and were not questioning Q more than ever we were “sheep” and were not using “critical thinking”. That is disinformation techniques. Telling us how we should feel and think. And no, I read and studied and decoded those same posts and did a video Thursday night and I felt great about Q and WAS using critical thinking and am NOT a sheep. If you want my support, I am ok with you criticizing Q and thinking differently than me. However, I am not ok with you calling me (and my subscribers) a sheep and telling us how to feel and to think only like you. I read your post Thursday carefully and it was negative, offensive and read like a full on hit piece. Please consider your wording when your down on Q. Others may not be at that moment and we don’t deserve being disrespected by someone we respect. And don’t get me wrong, we have great respect for your decoding capabilities, so being called a sheep and lack of critical thinkers by you hurts. God Bless, Rick

    P.S. Great analogy about the Bible and showing the truth of the disciples and people of God vs. making them look great. I am not expecting you to always be positive on Q.

    • You’re right; maybe I should have found a better way to word that sentence. I don’t ever want to tell people what to think, and I hope you understand what a fine line it can be to straddle, especially once you get “big” in the Qommunity. I suppose I was trying to anticipate the backlash that would doubtless be coming my way once I hit “publish” on that article, and pre-empt that. In essence, I just wasn’t in the mood to hear what I knew would be coming my way.

      It’s funny though, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the opposite argument, too: where, because I’m “Neon Revolt,” everything I say has a sudden weight to it, and is now “Gospel of Q.” Again, it’s sort of damned if I do, damned if I don’t. In reality, I’m just one guy doing my best to explore the topics at hand. It really is a fine line here, and that’s something I’m understanding more and more.

      Anyway, look, I understand your concerns, and will try to do better in that regard moving forward. I hope that’s enough of a mea culpa, and look, if you have any future concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me. You know how to reach me.

      • Well since you are just one, of the very few I make the time to read, may I float this idea to you? I think Kavanaugh was never Trump’s 1st choice out of the four (Brett Kavanaugh), Thomas Hardiman, Amy Coney Barrett, & Raymond Kethledge. I think Trump knew the Dims would raise all hell & create a situation where Kavanaugh would then ask to be released from the nightmare of SC confirmation hearings. Certainly, nobody will blame him if he does. The Dims, Clowns, & MSM are certainly doing their part in making him & his family completely miserable for sure. Once Kavanaugh steps away & the Dims are standing with the proverbial egg on their faces, are ridiculed by the entire country/world for their outrageous (pre-school) behavior that many in their own party are disgusted by, Trump is then in the higher & superior position to pick his ‘real’ 1st choice. It’s the perfect trap! Since the elections will be only a month (or less) away, at that point, the Dims will be in a panic to recover some ‘face’ with the voters & will confirm that choice asap. I think Trump’s 1st choice all along — and the choice he’ll make IF Kavanaugh steps aside — is Amy Coney Barrett. Why?
        1. Because all the others, including Kavanaugh, are Bush appointees & not likely to be trusted by Trump’s solid base for various reasons.
        2. Barrett is a Trump appointee & a woman.
        The latter of which the Dims will likely not attack after just pulling the sex card on Kavanaugh & also because they’ve never fully recovered with Catholic Dims (many Hispanics voters are also Catholic) for shamelessly attacking her faith during her confirmation hearings to become the Circuit Judge in the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit — her present position.
        When Trump 1st named Kavanaugh for SC, my gut instinct said, “No. That’s not his 1st pick. He has a plan & is a master chess player.” If I’m wrong — totally possible — I’ll eat my hat… if I can smother it in cheese sauce 1st. 🙂
        Love you, Neon. Keep up the great work Patriot!

    • BTT: What? How egotistical and snowflakey. Seriously? Just bc you have 40K followers, that makes you something special? How dare you? Go hang out w some SJWs. They will protect your delicate feelings. Maybe you need a safe space? We have some nice coloring books w Q on the cover for you over there.

  75. Frankly, who is in this for the long term that has not gone angry, frustrated and many other emotions with Q?? Our reality is not what we were told, not what we understood and has been far darker and more sinister than most of us can imagine! And to boot, we are learning from this cryptic Q AND it is too damn slow getting all this fixed!! 😉 (Then again, it is MASSIVE)

    It is happening. It is like watching the ocean tide completely switching its flow. And yes, there are sea monsters in there and we are all in such little craft, mostly alone. Look I left Reddit before the blow hit; ole’ Toasty was doing a number on my email too. I hate VOAT. I cannot get logged in even tho I was registered there in May.

    Maybe Q will send a giant shipment of the essentials, hand delivered to whomever via a large, unmarked black van?? Big magical boxes of computer shit I’ve never even heard of! In the meantime, You are It for me. I want to know what you have to say, to depend on you to help when I cannot row through this crap alone anymore. I don’t want to chat; I want info and honesty.and informed opinion. And occasionally a side splitting guffaw!

    Stay the course and leave the monsters of the deep where they are and piss off the side of the boat should they surface. Oh, and No wontons for me!

    • Well said, Tracy. Neon is doing a fabulous job & I, too, am very grateful for his work. VOAT is a mess; full of far too many boasting, power hungry bullies. I never miss one of Neon’s posts. I also really enjoy the work of Sir Patrick Mack on You Tube @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VE2t1spq1w&t=0s He’s very insightful, wise, funny, & a gentleman! Check his work out. If you love Neon you’ll love Mack too. 🙂

  76. Shill’s be a’shillin’ as a means to try to marginalize the movement via divide and conquer tactics. They will fail. Keep up the good work, patriot.

  77. Great analysis Neon! It’s not easy fighting the battle, because it’s even within our own ranks. I want to help my normie friends/family but don’t know how when they just refuse to believe. Maybe it’s because they enjoy their comfortable lives and think this whole Cabal/Satanist/Pedo/Illuminati world domination thing too ridiculous. It’s disheartening, for sure. But I have faith in this movement, Q, our President and all the battle-hardened patriots. We’re fighting to WIN! The Swamp Rats are going to be exterminated. Stay together and stay salty.

  78. Thank you, NR. I don’t comment often but feel compelled in this instance. I have been a full fledged follower since May. In my travels to gather as much information as possible I happened upon you and now have you as my first resource check. I spend an inordinate amount of time getting my news. There are no less than 6 sources I go to regularly (you being one). That doesn’t include the deep dives down the rabbit hole when I find a topic interesting or need further clarification. Years ago I read a book (by of all things a French journalist) called The Flight from Truth. It summed up perfectly our current state – in this age of information, it is actually more difficult to get the truth. You have to work at it!

    More often than not I find myself agreeing with you, and that includes your so-called rants. I too, get frustrated and you put voice to that perfectly! The timestamps, enough. I realize there may be many new converts to this movement who need proof, but they should do their homework (as I did) and check out Q proofs. And I agree, arrows don’t clarify a connection to me either. I must confess, the whole alien and Pentagon/missile topic baffled me. Is it interesting? Yes. Is it necessary now? No. We are fighting for our country, can we focus folks? Just my opinion. All of this is to say, we should always question and inform our opinions with fact. After all, following blindly is what got us to this point in the first place.

    Anyway, this is my long-winded way of saying, I support you, I appreciate you and I value your insights. I’ll still do my homework, but appreciate the intelligent, thoughtful and insightful perspectives put forth by others who take the time to share their research. So, never give up, never give in – you make a difference!

  79. Honestly, Neon, I listen to and read other Q interpreters but you’re my favorite ‘go to’. You’re informative, easy to read and funny. I look forward to All your posts. Your honesty is Refreshing. If you have an idea you spill it, if you have doubts you let us know. Nine times out of ten we have the Same doubts or at the very least wonder if we’re missing something. I had higher hopes for Patriots but honestly, some are starting to act like liberals…unless those are shills. I’m not that good at sussing those out.
    What did Q just say? ‘Patriots PROTECT Patriots.’ Remember…there are many, Many out here you never hear from that Trust you and care about you. Dare I say..Depend on you? Without your red-pill skillz this would all be Very confusing to a whole lot of us.
    God Bless you, Neon. You may not feel it at the moment…but there are prayers going up for you and yours and there is a great amount of people who Appreciate you. Maybe we should tell you more often. More posivity would certainly help negate the negative onslaught.

    Headed for VOAT to upvote as many of your posts as I can find.

    Remember —
    “Sometimes you gotta stand your ground no matter who don’t like it and sometimes…you just gotta fade.”

  80. Thanks Neon…frankly I would question you praised Q for everything he posted. Thanks for keeping it real…that’s why I’m in this movement in the first place.

  81. Neon, I appreciate the feedback especially when it’s negative… I am about 75% believing Q team is legit and leading the country towards freedom. The other 25% fears the 51,000 sealed indictments are the most vocal patriots who will be the first rounded up and eliminated when the deep state factions are done fighting for control over us. I started out at 50/50 when Trump won and when Q started posting.

  82. Hi Neon:

    I was also surprised by BlessedtoTeach’s call-out against you. I had already read the post in question and did not think anything more of it than what you articulated above: varying opinions, obvious loyalty to the Q-verse.

    Keep doing You so that we normies can continue understanding Q!!

    PS – Ordered some merch from your site to emphasize my support

  83. Remember patriots fight, they sacrifice. Consider how much Trump gets shilled- and brow beaten every single dam day- and he does it for free. you Neon The Great are part of the biggest movement our lives will ever witness.
    There is loyalty ! Trust in that! Trust the the God all mighty will provide bc you, the autists, the Q team, the Trumpers, us readers the normies spreading what we can and Trump leading the way all are doing Gods work. This is the time where character of souls count in my opinion.

    We are fighting evil- Those who know can not sleep. We all play a part, you Neon the great deserve respect for all your hard work.

    Blessings ! Peace be with you!

    And prayers to our Military helping to win our own country back!

  84. NR – I appreciate all the hard work you do, as I am sure many other do. I particularly enjoyed the research you did with the S&B’s and Paysours (msp).

    I will say this about the hate-mob: they sound exactly like the Resist crowd that parrots the same garbage about Pres. Trump, Q or anyone connected with them. I have gotten so desensitized by this, that I have now habitually ignored what ever they have to say and anything negative they do say, I go look for myself; which we all should be doing instead of reading obvious ‘division’ posts (like meathead “Combusta”).

    I think both Q and 8chan said that when the attacks intensify you’re over the target. You’re over the target – smile evilly and continue writing.

  85. Neon, you are by far the best aggregator and analyst for Q info that I’ve seen. You always present everything in an easily digestible format even though the thread may be complex. I appreciate tremendously your honesty when you see something you don’t like, even if i may have a different opinion. Isn’t 1 of the main reasons we are all on board with Q is to fight against collectivist group think and the mob mentality of destroying those that disagree? Differences of opinion is how we learn and grow. Keep up the great work!

  86. Feeling a bit like Moses in Numbers 11:12 there, Neon?

    “Did I conceive all these people? Did I give them birth? Why do you tell me to carry them in my arms, as a nurse carries an infant, to the land you promised on oath to their ancestors?” -Moses, having a bad day

    For what it was worth, I was tickled you felt the same way about the last round of drops. I mean, after telling us “We are not alone”, almost anything is a let down.

  87. Hey Neon keep on truckin. Thanks for making me part of history. Obviously it’s up to you, but please consider the fact of how many you have helped wake up including me.

  88. Thanks, Neon! New follower (a few weeks) and very appreciative of what you do. Just bought a shirt, will wear it with pride! Weary not in well-doing – WWG1WGA!

  89. I have never doubted you Neon, if I did, then I wouldn’t be a paid subscriber. These whiney brats don’t know what “thinking for yourself” actually means. Keep up the good work, you are a soldier in the battle along with the rest of the patriots. Ignore the incoming fire; it’s mostly from idiots anyways.

  90. Hey Neon. Don’t worry. Yu’ve got more support than you’ll ever know. We’ve got your back and APPRECIATE everything you do.

  91. Neon, you are one of my first ports of call to gain some insight into the latest Q drops. I cannot believe some people dare to put you down after all the time and effort you expend on doing these posts (and much more behind the scenes I imagine). When the history of this movement comes to be written you will be up there with those recognised as one of the great patriots. Keep up the great work Neon and thanks for all you do.

  92. I listened to b2t last night and was sorely disappointed in him. I too don’t understand why he didn’t communicate with you first before dishing you on his show. I read your comments that day also and found nothing like he was saying. I was also dismayed at how many of his followers just went along with everything he was accusing you of. I usually don’t comment. I just listen, look , read and learn. I’m not very computer savey. But in this case I felt I couldn’t keep quiet. You are doing a great job and your commentary is easy to understand. So what if these people disagree. You just keep on with what you believe and let the others sort it out for themselves. Isn’ t that what Q encourages? Do not lose heart. We are with you. Thank you for all your hard work. Wwg1wga.

    • yes we will never be able to help those who believe what they are told without checking for themselves.

      Neon has given people a few reasons to be annoyed myself included, but the good work he has done outweighs his own personality flaws which he has not much control over anyway. I believe he is honest and trustworthy. He doesn’t have to always be right or always make the right choices. As long as he is honest, then we have something to work with.

  93. Don’t worry Neon, we who love love you! None of us are followers, we are truth seekers. We, the deplorables and dregs of society (thanks Biden hahahaha!) are all beat up on the internet too by the haters and shills with each and every comment and massive censorship. We take daily slander from the lame stream media. I think we are all so incredibly grateful for the Q Patriots in implementing this incredible multidimensional plan and communicating the hope and love of freedom that is in all our hearts. This is incredibly unifying and the movement is our bastion to weather the storm. So I don’t like to hear dissension and disrespect for Q in our ranks because of all the crap we have taken from the narcissists and psychopathic demons. However I totally understand your frustration as you work so hard and frankly on the deep dives into topics like S&B and the Illuminati you are awesome. You love the meaty stuff because you are great at that!! I listen to decodes from a number of people. Blessed to Teach and Praying Medic have the bulk of the Judeo Christians who are fighting this evil as extreme prayer warriors. We are all doing our part in this war and it is time we UNIFY. With Warm Regards, we are the Q Army, none more important than another, it’s about the whole. The light of truth needs no be(lie)f. This is how we use our inner divinity, the kingdom of heaven inside us all is where God resides and we are unifying this kingdom once again!!

  94. Hi Neon. I personally was wondering about you in these last few posts when you said that you were “starting to doubt Q”, but you weren’t really clear what you meant by that.

    Were you doubting that Q was legitimate? Were you thinking Q was legitimate, but you were doubting that Q knew what he/she was doing? Were you doubting Q’s intelligence?

    I'm fine with you saying that some of Q's posts are lame, or that they seem contradictory or something, but then you would say "this only makes me doubt Q more" (I may be paraphrasing you slightly wrong). It sounded like you were planting seeds of doubt about the whole operation. You were leaving it sort of vague about what exactly you were doubting...so I did start to wonder if you were about to pull a Corsi.

    I’m still sticking with you Neon as I find your analyses of Q-drops very helpful.

  95. Brother welcome from a patriot in the Uk..You analyse and are truthfull..In the midst of war there is chaos..Some hang onto Q as salvation…Q is the advanced party or in military terms the “Parthfinders”, Jesus Yeshua is the savior…Many are not good at combat bar the keyboard…those that are know the patterns…Keep up the good work and challenge every thing..Q is an advanced guard they are not cult….God bless you my brother and fellow patriots and keep you…WWG1WGA..Mark East London UK

  96. It’s funny, which in my 62, almost 63 years I’ve never had to hit anyone in self defense. I’ve considered myself a peaceful person (before the red pill.) I have said that with one caveat and my exact words were: “Touch my daughter and I will rip off your head and spit down your neck.” Don’t ask me how with all the arthritis and joint replacements, but I’d find a way. So your chopsticks comment did not shock me!

    Being little yes-yes bots is what us all in this mess in the first place. Your questioning, expressions of frustration and moments of “not going there” regarding aliens is WHY I am still here. Keeping doing you, honey and let the shills and sheeple exhaust themselves with it. You are in my prayers, along with POTUS, his family and our nation.

  97. Last night I had someone on Twitter claiming Q was doing this because you couldn’t be trusted. I was quick to say I think it has more to do with ending infighting than saying anything about you not being trustworthy. If he wanted to target you, he would like Corsi. IDK why anyone has any interest in infighting. Peace.

  98. There needs to be an update to Godwin’s law, which is: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler (and/or Mossad) approaches.”

  99. 100% behind you and totally agree with your comments (i think your humor leaves people baffled!) appreciate your hard work regardless of negative comments mostly from the shills or ignorant people, keep up the great work!…WWG1WGA

  100. Neon, I just found your site a few weeks ago, wish I had found it sooner, but didn’t know about it until someone on another site referred to you (Neon Revolt).

    Hang in there, don’t let the vocal minority get you down. What you said is true, you have to call it like you see it, and if it turns out you were wrong on some particular thing in hindsight (as we all are sometimes), just own it and move on.

    As you said, it doesn’t help anyone to be a Kool-aid chugging (unquestioning) follower.

    Stick to your guns (as you have been) and everything will be well.

    And thanks for the great website, glad I found it!

  101. I think your wrong about the Voat Hate Brigade, you seem to think they are just a bunch of internet pricks, They seem to use the exact playbook script as hundreds of others all across the net on various websites. I am fairly convinced 3/4 of these “Nazis” with their “Kike this and Goyim that” are black hat paid trolls or bots, put out there to silence legit patriot voices and two to make all right wing people look bad.

  102. It breaks my heart to see all this in-fighting going on. I visit several “Q interpreters” as I call you guys (you, Praying Medic, JustInformed Talk, Deception Bytes, etc.) because you all bring in different pieces to the puzzle. There’s no reason for anyone to feel jealous or superior or another. But I think right now people are getting spooked easily. Alex Jones being uncovered as “controlled opposition” and Q’s responses regarding the Pentagon, aliens, and the moon landing are not sitting well with many folks. I’ve heard several people even claiming that Q was hacked during the Q&A sessions, and “That was a fake Q who said those things!” Sigh. My guess is you’re getting some of the backlash with this – everything is suspicious to everyone now.

    In any event, I knew you were just suffering burn-out yesterday. It wouldn’t surprise me if you were likewise feeling affected by what Q dropped during the Q&A. That’s why I encouraged you to stop, rest, take some slow, deep breaths, relax. I pray all this passes and get back to “WWG1WGA.”

  103. Neon I don’t go to the boards or anything, you are the only place I read about Q and frankly I think that alien stuff is retarded. I was refreshed by your last post, it was honest and exactly how I was feeling. It’s ok to get jaded AF it doesn’t indicate lack of character, au contraire . Please don’t make me go to 8ch and do all the bs filtering you do for us- just keep it up my man.

  104. Neon
    Thank you. Read every post and comments
    Most important is the earlier comment: Give it to God and go to sleep.

    Defend yourself? Yes.
    But you use FAR too many words and FAR too much detail in replying to your critics.

    Your growth and reach will be limited if you take so much space talking about YOU and not what WE come here to learn about: Trump and Q.

    I do LOVE your work.

  105. Neon, the reason I read your commentary is because you think for yourself. Sometimes, the sycophants on 8ch who gush over Q’s every utterance, along with those who waste posts by saying ‘hi’ to Q every time he posts, are more than I can take. So, I’m grateful to those who have created aggregators where I can easily find all Q’s posts, and more, and for you, to make sense of them when I’m too lazy or tired to do it myself.

    ::ascends soap box::

    That said, I’d rather not read about all the drama with Microchip, voat bots, etc, etc… That’s not what I come here for. It’s your blog and you can write about whatever you want. But, you ask for feedback, so I’m giving it. I’m sorry you’re being unfairly targeted, but it won’t last forever and you’ll get over it. Asking Q to come to your emotional rescue is a bit myopic, in my view.

    Now, I hope we can all move on from the drama of reddit shutting down the GA board, as well as all the other ridiculous junior high-level posturing going on. Emotion and ego are ruling the day and it’s time for everyone to grow up. Act your age.

    ::descends soap box::

  106. Brother Neon, thank you for your exchange with Blessed to Teach. God’s Family endures all … to the end … His / our Victory. The enemy will loose, here on earth, be bound and discarded for eternity. Amen.

  107. Reposting as when I unsubscribed to keep every comment coming to my email, it looks like it deleted my comment:


    I apologize if you think my analysis was unfair, but let me explain. First please see my email I left if you want to communicate at all.I have respected your posts and have driven many of my 40K subscribers to your site, but this is the 3rd time you have offended me and this last one was a MOAB to me personally.

    I personally was excited about the post on Thursday. The meme of the large Q board with a teacher and children was personally emotionally motivating for me. But you literally mocked it with “Maybe. We’ll see” and went on to tell me (and everyone else) that if we were not negative about the Thursday posts like you and were not questioning Q more than ever we were “sheep” and were not using “critical thinking”. That is disinformation techniques. Telling us how we should feel and think. And no, I read and studied and decoded those same posts and did a video Thursday night and I felt great about Q and WAS using critical thinking and am NOT a sheep. If you want my support, I am ok with you criticizing Q and thinking differently than me. However, I am not ok with you calling me (and my subscribers) a sheep and telling us how to feel and to think only like you. I read your post Thursday carefully and it was negative, offensive and read like a full on hit piece. Please consider your wording when your down on Q. Others may not be at that moment and we don’t deserve being disrespected by someone we respect. And don’t get me wrong, we have great respect for your decoding capabilities, so being called a sheep and lack of critical thinkers by you hurts.

    God Bless,


    P.S. Great analogy about the Bible and showing the truth of the disciples and people of God vs. making them look great. I am not expecting you to always be positive on Q.

    • and, another thing, Rick, in my experience, people who say “God Bless” usually write rubber checks. Real Christians don’t parade around dressed in religion. That is why I NEVER watched ONE of your videos….your Screen name is enough to make one distrust you. Now, that I know what you are like, I will avoid you even more, no matter how badly youtube wants to suggest you. You forgot the Golden Rule. To know the nature of the Tree, consider it’s fruit. Your fruit is judging others, feeling superior, and acting out in public.

  108. Neon, I appreciate your unabashed, honest and no-approval-needed-from-others point of view. What a breath of fresh air! Your articles contain more truth than I have time to find on my own and come with a passion for knowing the truth, along with updated accuracy along the way. Because of your generosity, we get to go through the process of understanding with you!

    The reason others are so concerned, and you’re “attacked”, is because (and this always seems to be the case for truth-seekers and straight-shooters) what YOU think and say IS IMPORTANT to them – whether they’re your adversaries or friends. Keep doing what you do best.

    My point of view is that it’s okay for us not to understand everything all at once. It’s a process. We learn from each other.

  109. Totally with you on being able to disagree – I get a bit weary also sometimes. As for Voat, I’m not a fan. I’ll stick to lurking in 8Chan and keeping my fingers quiet 😉

  110. You’re out of jail now. Will continue to help as much as possible. Current CCP is 28. If you comment only in the QRV sub, they cannot downvote you. It’s anonymous but nothing says you can’t sign your name.

    Best of luck, friend. Hope to see you back on QRV soon.

  111. Neon, just keep doing what you’re doing. Yes-men are never good to have. Also, in a way, you’re helping Q fine-tune his drops when you push back a little. It’s a good way for Q to take the temperature of us patriots, and determine how well we are receiving his drops, what we can understand, and what we can handle.

    Do keep in mind that all of Q’s drops might not be exciting or earth-shattering like we all anticipate, but there are a lot of newbies who need to be brought along slowly.

    Keep up the good work Neon!

  112. Neon I am absolutely shocked at the idiotic behavior of people. Are they still in high school? First of all, let me say WWG1WGA means what it says!!!!!!! I prefer your adult writings! We’re all the same and I am ashamed of them. You had comments from the right and left bringing. Honestly If you want to pray do so. But your feelings/comments are your own and I appreciate them, especially since I was feeling the same way. I was never in the military but I’ve been around enough that i understand Q pretty well, except for the Gematria and coding. I get them but haven’t had time to study, and MI training is out. But you have my support 100%, so does Q and the Republic/Trump! I am a PATRIOT as YOU are and there is NO religion/color/country/sex or any type of division or amount of work anyone can do to separate us. You just have a different job than I do to drain the swamp. WWG1WGA.

  113. Dude, it’s all good. You’re not wrong there wasn’t anything worthwhile in Q’s post. I for one am glad you’ll push back on those types of posts. Give substance or don’t bother, we don’t need another time stamp. If you haven’t figured it out by now start from the beginning and get it down.. Carry on NR!

  114. katzenbootz ~ thanks for standing up for our good buddy NeonRevolt especially above here.

    But for the record ~ u have been wrong so many multiple times here & there in Neon’s various posts that for u to presume Q to be wrong now & then because of your so called expertise is rather laughable….imo

    Of course Q isn’t perfect…& NO ONE else is either ♩

    • Leland, I am never wrong. You are just going to have to get used to it. ROFLOL!!! 🙂 BTW, I have all kinds of evidence to back me up. I’ve been at it since 911. That was my red pill moment. Q obviously works for the government. That is why he tows the official line, as he does. (or she, or they)

  115. I came here on recommendation that you were very smart and good at analysis. So far you seem sarcastic and and act like a girl on the rag, If you want intelligent people to stick around you better quit your complaining,

  116. I am SO glad to hear the new QRV have the same mods as theawakening. I am not a fan of the NSFW of the new sub. Now that I know they are they are connected to the same people, I will put my filter back on and just hang out in cleaner enviros.

  117. When I read your words it’s like you’re inside my head… scary.. I know. And, with that being said, I too felt frustration with that particular Q post. I am thankful that it wasn’t just me feeling that way! thank you!!! So glad I found you.

  118. Good explanation NeonRevolt, you wear your heart on your sleeve. Such honesty and commitment to truth will win out in the end, and is why you have so many readers.

    However I did think your previous post was indicative of frustration (as we all have) at what to us on the outside sees as too slow a draining of The Swamp. Dave of X22 Report had another and better take on Q’s repetitive timestamp with POTUS tweets syncing as ‘Q-proofs’. Rather than redundant Dave sees the repetition as Q emphasis on proving validity beyond any question of doubt because a) there are thousands of not millions of newbies waking up who need to see proofs in real-time and b) fortifying the Q-followers as The Deep State strikes back.

    Good to know “Patriots in Control”.

  119. You are not alone Neon. You are putting yourself out there unlike a lot of others. You are in the arena. Q specifically told us to think critically and I do so everyday. They is faith and then blind faith. People just knee jerk to much nowadays. Keep up the great work dude. You are killing it. You expressing yourself in your last post shows the genuine side of yourself.

  120. IMO: During that recent series of Q drops that you found inane, he was simply making small talk to maintain contact with patriots rather than go dark as he has in the past during non-juicy periods. With the recent Reddit dump and scatter, Q was simply taking care to be there. That’s why he just requested another permanent board be set up — to keep everyone on track. If Q had simply stopped commenting as he has in the past, can you imagine the panic amongst the faithful?

  121. Neon! You gotta relax. Remember not everyone felt this way. I never wavered in my respect for you and what you do. I’m guessing the majority of your readers feels the same. You are an awesome decoder and incredible writer. I can read an article and never waver from the subject. Usually I gotta go get something to drink, eat a snack, watch tv, then go back and read but with you, I could read on and on and never get bored. Well, ok, sometimes maybe. But overall the job your doing is great. The work you do is great. Hell, I walk around in your loungy pants all day. The Q ones actually. But anyways, let the haters hate and remember we are out here rooting for you!

  122. Neon, just so you know, I’m really tired and exhausted too and I’ve only been following Q since March…plus I just lurk. I can’t imagine how tired you are. Just know I’m still here reading your articles and I still have faith, I hear your sincerity and trust your hard work and effort into this movement. It’s kinda like becoming a parent…it’s all fun and exciting in the beginning and everything is planned to a “T” until the baby gets here and then we realize the hardest job you’ll ever have. Do we give up? Never! We re-group and learn ways that are manageable, all the while these tiny little beings are looking up to us for direction. Inevitably there will be those that will ‘do what I want,’ and others that will ‘trust the plan.’ Long story short…these people are going through growing pangs and looking for direction. They need to understand that you’ve been on this rodeo ride a lot longer than 8 seconds… and for that I humbly thank you!! Keep up the good fight my good friend, if I knew you I’d give you a big ole granny hug! I ain’t that old, but I am a granny. ‍♀️

  123. I am very very intuitive and my first hit is always right, on that dark web shower video with the boy was not Wiener, it was Schumer. I think when you are very jacked up emotionally you default to your accent from your childhood he is from Brooklyn . I think it may have been the “insurance file” on Wieners laptop who worked for Schumer for quite a few years.
    Schumer has Mars in Capricorn (sexually playing the father, his own father related to him in a sexual way) in opposition to Uranus in Cancer (bizarre child experiences and with children) This is the pedophile signature, hands down. It sexualizes/perverts the parent child relationship.
    He has Mars 12th which means his sexuality needs to remain hidden. Uranus 5th, his idea of sex and fun is bizarre. Both Mars and Uranus are square to Neptune in Libra (relationships) 8th house of sex.
    His wife is a beard, this man is a pedophile/pervert/sadist.
    Trust me this is so clear and I am never wrong because I have 9 PHD’s in astrological interpretation. lol
    The video was made when he was about 47 yrs old-progressed Sun conjunct Mars in Capricorn playing out his fantasy of the sexual/dominate/abusive father. That’s why he looks so creepy because his trauma was pulled underground and not worked out by him. Things kept in the dark loom large.

    Hope this helps, it’s where to look for the truth.

    ~God Bless

    • If you’re referencing the recording where a man is yelling at a young boy and instructing him to call him father, it sounds like John Podesta to me. These people are soooooo evil. They must all die as there is no hope of ever saving them or trusting them with any living being or anything. God help us!

    • Good morning Marie. You may be right about Schumer, as far as his proclivities are concerned, but I believe that the man on the shower tape was John Podesta, aka Skippy. Call him “father”. I call him “Skippy”. Yep.

  124. Hang in there Patriot. Sadly, you’ve been hit with some friendly fire & the shills are ganging on too. Friendly fire – what an oxymoron – always hurts the most. We’ve got your back & love your work. Be kind to yourself; your heart has always been in the right place & I, for one, follow your posts BECAUSE you are a critical thinker & not a sheeple. As my Granny always told me, “People will stand 10 deep to criticize you; don’t help them.” Remember, what Jesus told the disciples to do when people reject His gospel, “Shake the dust from your sandals and move on to those who want the Truth.” I’m NOT saying you’re preaching the gospel here, but I do believe (like us) you are searching for truth. Peace & blessings, Bro.

  125. “Never wrong” using & having supposedly 9 phds somehow as backup to your perfect astrological intrepretations is extremely ‘creepy’ if u asked me Marie S

  126. I’ll admit I was a bit annoyed with your take on some of the last Q postings, but I’m not going to jump to conclusions and group you in with the likes of Corsi or AJ. That is a bridge too far. What separates from the lock step libtards is that we have differences in the way we see some things, which is great. One subject I have studied for quite some time is the UFO / SSP topic, so I was stoked to see Q’s response to that. Obviously not everyone was and that’s fine, not everyone has in depth knowledge on that topic either, it really doesn’t help that some in the UFO community were putting all their faith in HRC to disclose. That made those “researchers” look like a complete and utter joke. Richard Dolan didn’t fall for it, and to me that is all that matters, since he is one of the guys I follow closely and is the most credible out there imo.
    The work you have been doing stands on it’s own, the people that follow you know you are not a shill just because you are in disagreement with some of Q points. It proves you not to be just a blind follower, after all Q is group of people, and people make mistakes, they are not some higher entity. Although Q-team is amazing imo, they are not infallible.

    I gave you some upvotes on Voat to hopefully help you out. Keep up the good work Neon.

  127. Great analysis Neon, as always. Spot on gospels analogy. When police review eye witness accounts they look for minor inconsistencies as a key test of authenticity. If all accounts are exactly the same, they suspect collaboration to cook the story. Keep up the refreshingly good work!

  128. I agreed with your frustration on the dullness of some Q drops. Like someone above said, though, we need to remember there IS a plan being followed and it is important for us to remember that. I read Q drops first and then go to other sources to get their take. It is interesting to see everyone’s interpretation of the same words depending on where they are coming from in life. I know no one likes to be shilled, but don’t let them beat you down. I don’t care for sites like Voat/reddit etc.. I have accounts there and tried them but it seems more pertinent research comes out of 8ch itself.

    Keep up the good work/fight!

  129. NEON,

  130. NR, oh you big baby! Just kidding. I Love your posts. I Love your honesty. I wouldn’t miss one. My favorite for this post is the picture of little chucky’s scaredy-cat face.

  131. Neon I am concerned. Q says we have to go to a site called Voat and it just happens to calls the users a Goat? Look at the logo image of the goat on the posts. It cant get any more creepy. This site that makes you jump hurdles to post and its hard to navigate. It isnt a free posting site but rather it puts us in chains. I dont see any updated posts or breads on 8 Chan. I am having a non trust worthy moment. Please comment on this. Please. I am really uncomfortable of no arrests, no nothing going on except the democrats ruling the roost.

    • I agree with you about the Voat site! Too much info required to join, too much hassle to navigate, a lot of bullying, but mostly too many immature punks on power trips with depressed vocabulary skills. They make all Q watchers look like fools. I won’t play in their yard either.

  132. Sure, I don’t always agree with you and occasionally you annoy me. Q annoys me sometimes, too. There is not a person on this planet who doesn’t occasionally tick me off – and that includes my beloved husband who treats me as if I were made of gold! B2T annoys me FAR MORE OFTEN than you do. 😉 Keep up the good work! You are important as a member of the movement!!!

  133. Sounds like you’re in the firing line i read someone posting you’re not to be trusted i can’t believe that people are so fickle you’re all supposed to be on the same side fighting for the same thing don’t worry about it just keep posting i appreciate your work and enjoy reading your posts i only follow a couple of anons to keep the confusion down to a minimum can’t wait for the mother of all hammers to drop

  134. Neon: Dude…I wish I could send you a cream that I used as a kid in Jersey growing up. It gave you a thick skin and kept you from getting eaten. Just because I look like a Vogon, shouldn’t be too off putting! Laughter is a good sign of a balanced person. If I remember correctly the jar said SPF 2000. Apply liberal…ly. Be well Patriot.

  135. Hi Neon. I am truly of the blue rinse brigade. I don’t even know where to go for a browser and I’ve not long learned what a URL is anyway. All I know is, I love your Q decodes. Watched you for a while and you are right. We are not supposed to be sheep, especially with Q. He has kept telling us over and over, I don’t know how many times he can keep saying it without becoming monotonous, THINK FOR YOURSELVES. You do That! Lord love a duck! Some people will be sheep, no matter what. Best to ignore them. Go get out into nature, switch EVERYTHING off and relax. We’ll wait for you. Your loyal followers, whether we agree with everything you say or not. Shills are worthless.

  136. No sense to go on about who hates you. There will always be those who you will never please and others who are either mentally unfit that will attack you whether paid to or not. One thing I was clear on though, is the awakening on the Voat the new Qanon sight and not the other one you mentioned called the “Awoken” you sighted a number of articles ago because I gave that link to people who follow Qanon and wanted to know which site was the one to look into?

  137. We love ya Neon! The reason so many people follow you is because you speak from your heart – it’s so clear in your words. Real people can tell when someone is genuine – and we all can see that clearly. I would be so bummed if you stopped posting – even when we get past the “Awakening” and are at the “Woke”.. and everything is out, I truly hope you continue to write. Your articles always brighten my day.
    Big love from Philly !

  138. Keep up the great work, Neon. I love your analysis of the drops and am grateful for your hard work.

    Forget the detractors. People come here because they value your hard work.

    Some people are just negative. Others are envious. Others are paid shills and still others are larpers.

    The Q drops vary in quality because some of the Q team are better at it than others. Add in the need for disinformation and distraction and some posts will just not make sense.

    I am confident that the Q team is legit and connected at the highest levels.

    I am not confident that the president will prevail ultimately against this enemy, I hope he can.

    Stay strong and keep up the great work!

  139. Gratitude and admiration for your awesome site Neon!

    I am a down-under follower.

    YouTube ‘Stroppy me’ and
    ‘Neon Revolt’ are my main go to info sources.

    We have had 5 leaders in 6 years in our country!! Corruption?
    ‘ nothing to see here’ lol…

    We must all support the fight for truth and freedom. I am excited that our world is finally awakening!

    Thank you so much for exploring the ‘Rabbitholes’ that some of us just could not deal with and sharing the relevant details in such an articulate and sometimes humourous manner.
    Very much appreciated.

    Be kind to yourself – you are doing a great service to people world wide!!

    Prayers and Blessings

  140. NR, I don’t really care about your personal turmoil and travails with the migration to Voat and your participation there. You’re making yourself part of the Q story, and while I appreciate your analysis and commentary, you’re not the story. Not to mention, you’re also a newcomer to Voat and you helped create the chaos that occurred after the Great Migration. So please, please, stick to Q commentary and leave the drama and Sturm und Drang out of your posts. YOU are not the story.

  141. Hey Neon, don’t let the haters get you down. They are intentionally trying to dispirit you, just ignore them. Easier said than done, I know! Just look at the replies on any given Trump tweet. So much nastiness coming at him always, from all sides. He just ignores and keeps tweeting at his targets.

  142. Hi Neon – I am from the UK and please dont burn yourself out, I have drifted down other avenues but keep coming back to yours all the time, since I found you. It has to take a toll on you for sure – no one really knows how long this is going to go on for. Lots of praise amongst the comments and you are only human after all.

    Keep up the amazing work and I think I found something that may help you, you linked Art Galleries in one of your articles Arkansas!

    This article says they can use transportation of art – which could also be children

    Maybe helpful or not


  143. Those mods really are good people. I’ve been talking with them for a year, they are all normal hardworking people from around the world who just happened to use 8chan. But there are no coincidences. These people are godsend.

  144. Jeez. Just been on Voat and noticed some idiots not trusting Neon anymore because he had the temerity to question cue. Wow now you know why the world is in such a mess. Their stupidity is on a par with the leftist democrat idiocy. I am a Trump MAGA and been following Q since the start. I am not American, South African actually, but I am a total American Patriot. NEON I personally apologise for human stupidity. You have shown nothing else, but total Q support and have always watched for your decoding with anticipation.

  145. Hang in there Neon. You’ve done too much good work trying to breakdown the drops to this point to let the shills start to get to you when we are all entering the best part of the movie. Maybe have a little popcorn and sit back to take it all in for a moment and then get back to doing what you your inner self leads you to do. Whatever your true motivations are it is not relevant to me as I read everything with some skepticism. I take what my inner self believes to be accurate and form my own opinion. Your thought processes just give me another perspective to analyze and I am thankful for it., The reality is that neither you, or anyone else offering up their perspectives means a damn thing in regards to the ultimate effectiveness of Q teams plan. They are always ten steps ahead and the ending of the movie has already been written.

    • Hah! (RR) and the libs wanted to get him fired but the wiretapping article did not do the trick. Now he’s forced to resign amid the FISA scandal while blaming it on anticipation of getting fired for the wire tapping! Nice try swamp.

  146. Thank you for your great articles! Really appreciate your work. I’m new over there, but just went and hit every up-vote of yours I could find, hope it counted. #SheepNoMore #IAmTheGlitch #QAnon #ShineYourLight #WeThePeople #GreatAwakening #MAGA

  147. Stephen Bannon’s “Trump @War” documentary –
    Watch it for free here:

    This may not be your “thing,”

    Why The Illuminati May Have Donald Trump in Their Sights for March 2019 & Why Alex Jones May Be in Their Sights Now

    September 22, 2018

    First off, this article is not about Donald J. Trump and Alex Jones per se. It’s about exposing how the Illuminati use astrology to time their nefarious activities and demonstrating this through the astrology charts of Donald J. Trump, Alex Jones, and Ronald Reagan.

    Exposing the dark brings the light.

    Whether you believe in the validity of astrology or not, I can tell you after more than a decade of “forensically” tracking them, the Illuminati do believe in astrology. In fact, I daresay they are obsessed with it.

    Their obsession is their weakness.



    • BLACK MOON DAYS AUGUST 2018 – MAY 2019
      Aug 10-12
      Aug 23-25
      Sep 6-8
      Sep 19-22
      Oct 3-5
      Oct 17-19
      Oct 30- Nov 1
      Nov 13 – 15
      Nov 27-29
      Dec 10-13
      Dec 24-26
      Jan 7-9
      Jan 20-22
      Feb 3-5
      Feb 17-19
      Mar 2-5 (Venus enters Aquarius)
      Mar 17-19 (Venus conjunct Black Moon Mar 22)
      Mar 29-31
      Apr 13-15
      Apr 26-28
      Black Moon enters Pisces May 3, 2019 3:13 pm ET

  148. Don’t beat yourself up Neon. The whole universe is waiting in line to kick your ass. Don’t be an accessory to it.
    I love your whole hearted effort and none of us is right 100% of the time. We need Eyes Open at this critical moment in our history.
    My heart felt thanks to you!

  149. The problem with the Left, in my opinion, is that there is no room for a dissenting opinion; no room for debate; no room for discussion. I value your writings because you often offer up non-popular opinions….you make me think. Thinking is good. Be like Neonrevolt…think for yourself.

  150. Neon, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication, authentic research, honesty and relentless pursuit in spite of the onslaughts. Your work is A++++++! Supporting with gratitude.

  151. Hey Neon, long time “conspiracy” lurker here. Read your last two articles (good stuff as usual) but wanted to let you know that we’re here. And by that I mean, those of us who do indeed think for themselves, those who not only follow Q and yourself but also don’t take either of you as gospel. Says in Yoda voice Impartial we are. We’re out here, reading, learning, growing and figuring things out for ourselves and doing our own research. I’ve been following your work for a while and because of your sharp mind, witty humor, deep attention to detail, and not being shy about voicing dissenting opinions… you’ve earned my respect and loyalty.

    I will continue to follow Q and you, but I will not (and do not) get involved in any drama the blind-followers throw along the way…it’s just dumb and divisive for no reason (as you already know). Being in one of the spotlights of this movement; I can’t imagine the pressure, stress, and toll that it takes on you. So on behalf of those of us who care… try not to let it get to you. We’ve got your back man 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    • Neon is one of the best if not the best of decoders. I follow as many decoders as I could and he is the only one I subscribe to because he is real and logical. I cannot say the same for people like you who comes on here and give him flak. You can’t even give a decent criticism. A one-liner is all you got and a one-liner is all you will ever be in HIS WORLD.

  152. Thanks for all the work. I check out your page for a recap of everything. Between balancing work and family I don’t get much internet time and everything on your GAB, Archive and New to Q has been great.

  153. I’ve been following Q since early December. Following NR for months. For me, there is Praying Medic, lionelnation and NR. Thats where I go to match ideas and for encouragement. I don’t go to anyone to be told what and how to think and neither should you. We are in the shit, all of us. Make no mistake, if the Cabal gains control once again, they will be coming for everyone. I’m talking about once the constitution is revoked, they will come for anyone who has expressed support for Q and Trump. Education camps and internment or worse. We don’t need to think alike about everything, but we need to stick together. That is the essence of wwg1wga. I appreciate all Q Patriots and all those fighting to spread the message of Q. We are making history and saving our country one red pill at a time.

    • Excellent points! Where we gone one, to be certain, we will all go too! We need to close ranks, stop allowing shills to divide us, & focus on our mutual enemy! ThanQ!

  154. Neon,

    I hate to be a pest about the Rachel Brand thing–Q says she was ‘removed’, other reports say she resigned.
    What’s up? Blackhat, or /ourGal/?
    I have a hunch you know

  155. Neon, your response was probably the best I’ve seen after researching these subjects for years. Your gospel reference was especially good.

    The “internet conspiracy community” is probably the most paranoid one on planet earth. I’ve been part of it for 11 years. People are constantly looking for any mistake or inconsistency. Including (but not limited to):

    People’s hands falling into a “satanic position” during an hour long video, someone who ever talked to someone, who talked to another person who was comprimised, someone who had a Jewish relative, or a relative that once worked for the federal government, and… in your case, someone who expressed criticism of a aspects of a particular narrative.

    When people in this community find even one thing that doesn’t add up, they immediately become suspicious that you are a “paid asset” of some kind. It ‘s happened to every last major figure in the field without exception. You just handled it incredibly well.

    Just remember the paranoia comes from the betrayal people have felt after realizing the scope of how much they had been lied to their entire life.

    That is going to become especially relevant in the future when “normies” wake up. Nobody is going to trust anybody.

  156. Neon, do you know how absolutely BORING following the other decoders because they all sing the same songs? If and when I want some real and genuine decoding, I look to you. There will always be those who think they are better but all the criticism they can muster is a one-liner. Never you mind these insects. You are the best for normies and because of you, more people are curious of Q. Redpilling someone? I sent them YOUR article for newbies. YOUR ARTICLE. No one else. We that believe in you pray for you, everyday. The way we pray for POTUS and Q and all Patriots. Keep well, Patriot. WWG1WGA

  157. Neon, if you don’t mind me asking, would you be able to write a “catching the newbies up to speed” blog post? What I mean by this request – I came on board the end of May, and just trying to wrap my head around everything took a lot of time. I’m still finding out things I didn’t know about that Q had revealed previously. Knowing what has been revealed just over the summer I can’t imagine what new people coming on board are having to figure out! Now that we seem to be in a lull with Q’s drops (meaning, his focus seems to be less about new things and more about making sure people are on top of the FISA affair), it seems like a good time for someone of your expertise to put this together. It would be helpful to have a solid write-up of everything that we know – not just FISA, but the missile launches, the Peyseurs, the child sex trafficking, the swimming pool, the symbolism, No Name, the other acts of treason that have been going on, etc. I apologize if this is an imposing request, but it’s something I believe would be beneficial, and I believe that you would do a great job at it Regardless, thank-you for all your work!

    • Hi Deanna

      Just in case Neon doesn’t end up fulfilling your request, I thought I would give you a few recommendations to pass the time.

      Read Neon’s older posts which probably cover most everything you have mentioned. Including a “welcome to Q” type article he has done for beginners.
      I’m sure you know there are a few websites that publish Q Drops. I find this one https://qmap.pub to be the most comprehensive and what I would recommend is that you yourself start at drop #1 and get yourself caught up.

      Don’t take this the wrong way. You asked a question and that IS the best way to get an answer. So, you DID THE RIGHT THING. It doesn’t mean you have to feel Any particular way about the answer you receive. So, with that said…

      One big part of Qanon is getting people to dig for the truth on their own.

      We have gone our whole lives with the so called convenience of being able to turn on the TV or radio or pick up a newspaper or magazine and have experts explain to us the complexities of modern world issues in a language the common folk can digest. In other words we are used to having an “expert” spoon feed us the truth. In doing so, we have lost some of our own abilities to discern truth…

      We have to learn again.

      Neon Could keep making a new article every 2 or 3 months for the newcomers… I have no doubt he is capable.

      On the other hand, all the info is widely available. There are even YouTube videos that can explain it for you but just like with neons articles, you have to go back and watch the older videos and get caught up, or look for a newer version of a Q Beginners video that is more up to date… but honestly, being more updated could also mean they skip over some of the older, forgotten-yet-still-very-important (because much has yet to he decoded/revealed) stuff. So you still wouldn’t be “on the same level” as those of us who have been there since the beginning.

      So I would say a mixture of old and newer stuff would give you a more balanced perspective.

      My advice and again please don’t take this as an insult, I already said you did the right thing by asking, but:

      Don’t wait for Neon to come and hold your hand through all this.

      Alternately, if you intended this to be for other people even More new than you, to help Them get caught up… Don’t wait for Neon to come and hold their hand. Point them to Neons older articles. (suggest that they) Start from the beginning.

      Tell them: Read Qs drops with Your own eyes from drop #1. Absorb all the information on qmap website I posted. Here it is again


      There are so many places to start. I myself first discovered Q by being on a website called Abovetopsecret.com The moderators there have only allowed Q information to be discussed in one Multi Part thread. Here is the most recent page of the most recent thread


      Good luck! YOU are capable of more than you know! (but i do also understand that not everyone has a lot of extra time for this, which is why it’s been so tempting to just “trust the experts” to keep you up to speed…but that is what got us in this mess to begin with.

      I would say an incomplete understanding based on your own research is more valuable than a complete understanding of the whole picture spoon fed to you by an anonymous source.

  158. thanks for sharing all the ish you go through, really. always a reminder that you’re over the target, faithful followers just need to speak up. battle for humanity. thanks for being strong. we all know this is nothing short of world changing.

  159. Mr Neon, don’t worry about pleasing people. Its counter-intuitive because we’re tribal in nature.
    But give it your best. And, I miss why this site has to go down? I don’t do social media myself; why feed the monsters (no exaggeration, eh)?

    Don’t necessarily always agree, but then don’t know enough. I recall a while back some of your stuff about Q being total fake, My take is I hope its true. After all, free people aren’t stimulus/response prone too much. If its not, then let the ugliness begin.

    God help us (but why would he?)

  160. Good job, sticking to your guns. As much as I may criticize you sometimes, I actually respect you more because of this. And for the record I have never suspected you to be deep state, or comped. I believe you are genuine. Whether you are correct about every single thing matters less to me than you being an honest person who reaches your conclusions without deceit.

    because of this, I can follow along and make my own corrections as needed, without having to do mental gymnastics everytime to try to figure out what your angle is and how to deconstruct your posts based on the expectation that you are not being fully truthful.

    It saves a lot of time. It’s a lot easier and quicker to go back and fix someone’s mistakes than it is to have to first untangle the web of intentional deceit before you can even begin to wonder what mistakes they may have made along the way.

    Not that you make a ton of errors, it’s just that one of the benefits of honesty is that others can more easily discover and relate to the train of thought that led you to your conclusions.

  161. Neon

    Am I correct in saying you don’t have any idea where Q got that image? Someone else could’ve taken it off your site and posted on 8chan or Twitter and Q found it there or anywhere really.

  162. Does anyone know if Neon is coming back? Sites been inactive for a while, didn’t want to order something that got canceled or mishandled. Thanks!

  163. ;_; sniff-sniff :'(

    Neon, I check multiple times per day for a new article… and I read your Gab posts! But, dang it, I miss your articles!!!! I’m getting the shakes! Lol.

    Seriously, I was hoping perhaps you’d take this time to come out with an indepth article on one of the subjects you’ve said you would like to address when you had more time to work on them. I guess now is not that time.


    I hope you’re doing well and letting people’s ridiculous self-absorbed negativity roll off your back. Love you for what you do, for your patriotism and love for America, and for being a brother in the Lord.

    All the best,

  164. Keep up the good work! I look to your site several times a day for new posts!! Are you OK? We have not heard from you in the last few days. I pray all is well with you. Thanks, you are a true Patriot!

  165. NR, if you happen to see this, I had a memetastic idea. After 9/11, there was supposedly a camera found in the rubble, with the owner doing a selfie from the observation deck. Incoming plane just behind. (Look up 9/11 Tourist Guy) 1G memesters shopped him into pictures of all sorts of famous tragedies. You could place Kavenaugh at Dealey P!aza, Hindenburg crash, etc.

  166. Hey neonguy, I’m right there with you, if I feel like I am being herded by Q on what to think, and if they go over the top, I be dropping them like a hot potato.

  167. Neon please come back!
    I had visions of what is beginning in the world. You’re gonna be a war hero. Be straight in your faith.
    Lots of Neon lights all over the world in years ahead.
    If you need to heal, read this book, He will make you (or anyone on earth) feel better : https://www.thebookoflife.eu/table-of-contents.php
    No coincidences, everything is linked.
    I know you feel broken hearted by all the hatred, but you know, soldiers take bullets sometimes… Stay strong

  168. The N in NWO stands for Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung Order (German: Natural Economic Order)which a sub group of the Nazi ideology as it pertains to Q POST 936 & 938 on Mar 10. (I predict we will find out that if HRC had won there would’ve been a planned nuclear event against U.S.). Future Proves Past.

  169. Love your content. Tone your Vagus nerve. Trust the plan. Dis-information is necessary. Thanks for your work. I am voting you up on every VOAT comment. A link to your VOAT’s would be good for normies who love your stuff like I do. Peace.

  170. this off topic here . Wondering if there is any investigation into GOFUNDME ? It seems to me to be bringing in huge bucks for evil democrats , yet people who truly are in need can’t make their goals! Christine Ford has 376k in go fund me. Was she paid?


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