#NewQ – Snoozefest Edition. #QAnon

If you’re back and reading this, I’m assuming yesterday’s #QAnon posts about the Ayylmao’s didn’t scare you away (and neither did my meme-laden analysis).

That said, I’m… really disappointed with this next batch of drops. Possibly the most disappointed I’ve ever been. I’m just not seeing anything tremendous in these, and I’ve never said this in an article before, but I wouldn’t mind if you just skipped this article.  (I know! I know!) I express my frustration at more than one turn, and it’s not pretty.

Some people don’t like that. They think I’m getting pissy, and complain that it’s not my job and Q knows better, and yadda yadda yadda, cue the boring, trite, dead-horse boomer-logic.

Too bad. It’s my site; I do what I want. I say what I want, And I’m not a sheep.

I’m also not some QAnon cheerleader, endlessly trying to think up new cheer patterns in preparation for the “big game.” Frankly, I think these drops suck, and they really don’t say much at all. In fact, for the first time, they give me MORE reason to doubt Q, after last night.

So, literally for no other reason than completeness, here’s the most underwhelming #NewQ post I’ve ever written:

Grand Jury impaneled.

James Baker – cooperating.

And as I’m writing this, Fox “broke” this:

Republicans may ‘compel’ testimony from Fusion GPS researcher Nellie Ohr, ex-FBI official James Baker

Nellie Ohr, who worked as a contractor for the firm behind the anti-Trump dossier and whose Justice Department husband became a backchannel for passing along that information, has refused multiple requests to appear voluntarily before House committees, Fox News has learned.

Nellie Ohr, who worked as a contractor for the firm behind the anti-Trump dossier and whose Justice Department husband became a backchannel for passing along that information, has refused multiple requests to appear voluntarily before House committees, Fox News has learned.

Former FBI general counsel James Baker also has refused similar requests.

But with the committee unable to secure a commitment to appear from Nellie Ohr or Baker, a Republican House Judiciary Committee aide indicated subpoenas are an option.

“The Committee continues to seek the testimony of Ohr and Baker and will compel their testimony if necessary,” the aide said.

James Baker, as former FBI general counsel, also is a focus of the Republican investigation into alleged FISA abuse, and congressional sources believe Baker can explain why information about Steele’s bias, among other issues, was withheld from the national security court.

Baker, who has been teaching at Harvard Law School, has not responded to a request for comment. Lawyers for Fusion GPS said they are not representing Nellie Ohr. A message left at a number connected to an Ohr home address was not immediately returned.

The headline is more sensationalist than the actual story. I’d be willing to bet they’ll need to compel Ohr’s testimony, but not Baker’s, given everything Q has said.

NJ is a particularly vile swamp.

Not sure even Trump can help Jay out in that state, frankly.

Q… Come on.

#Anon took a screenshot of Qmap.pub.

He didn’t compose some chart himself.

He took a screenshot.

Unless this anon programmed Qmap.pub… taking a screenshot isn’t some major feat.

Frankly, it concerns me that you’re treating it like one.

Here’s a direct link to the analytics page so you can see for yourself:


QMap provides the latest Qanon posts, players, themes, resignations, exec orders, child trafficking arrests, sealed indictments and more.

Q has been trying to show us the Storch-connection for a few days, but I still don’t understand what he has to do with any of this.

He’s the IG for the NSA…

Not the FBI.

And Baker was FBI General Counsel….

So how does this work?!? Where does Storch fit in, here?

Sure, it’s great Baker’s flipped and is going to testify against Comey and McCabe and all those rats…

I just don’t see the organizational connection. And like I said yesterday, when I see anything to do with “organizational hierarchies,” I just glaze over – especially the particularly convoluted ones coming out of DC. I just… could not be any less interested.

But this still just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sure the answer lies buried in some obscure, thousand-page long governmental PDF, but it would be nice if Q could just speak plainly on this matter.


(FWIW, I’ve not seen anyone able to address this either, across any platform – so I know I’m not alone in my confusion here).

It tells me that you’re harping too much on this point, Q.

You can’t just tease us with Ayylmaos and then go back to saying “Hey, me and POTUS – we’re tweeting in the same room again cause we’re best buds!”

To remind us that you’re tweeting in the same room YET AGAIN, apparently.

Normies don’t care.

Normies will literally shrug every single one of those bloody [0] delta tweets away, then blink and go “it’s just a coincidence, bro,” before downing another round of shots.

It’s gonna take A LOT more than endless jpgs of simultweets to break that kind of conditioning.

Oh goodie. More timestamp stuff.

*40% of information, you mean.

Remember, you’re not disclosing everything, by your own admission, Q.

Sometimes I wonder if Q responding to these kinds of posts are veiled comms…

With all due respect, Q…


The question being asked was…

WTF does the FEMA alert have to do with Kavanaugh?!

Not Rosenstein and Kavanaugh.

FEMA and Kavanaugh.

Secret recording shows GOP’s Nunes saying Rosenstein impeachment would delay Supreme Court pick

Hard-line conservative Republicans in the House recently hit a roadblock in their effort to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein when Speaker Paul Ryan opposed the move. But one of those conservatives, Rep. Devin Nunes of California, gave a different explanation to donors recently when asked why the impeachment effort had stalled.

I get why you couldn’t have Rosenstein removed and Kavanaugh confirmed all at once.

I don’t get why you can’t just send 200-odd characters to people’s phones.

Are you planning on firing Rosenstein via nationwide FEMA Alert?!?

Yeah, I guess we’ll see.

Oh god, another unreadable “Sara Carticle.” Here we go.

FBI Memos Raise Deep Questions About Russia/Trump Intel Assessment – Sara A. Carter

The FBI had concerns with the intelligence community’s (IC) January 2017 assessment that the Kremlin interfered in the presidential election with the specific intent of electing President Trump over Hillary Clinton. In newly obtained emails, bureau officials noted there was not enough intelligence to support the January 2017 findings by the CIA which concluded Vladimir…

Honestly, don’t even bother reading it unless you want to be bored and have your time completely wasted. There’s nothing in there you don’t already know if you’ve been paying attention, and plus, I’m just gonna say it: she’s a terrible writer.

She makes the scoops of the century read like a #^%$&$ing technical manual for a ZX Spectrum.

You have to TRY to be that stale, that boring, and that unreadable.

I get mad just thinking about these stories get absolutely squandered and subsequently memoryholed on that website. And yes, my style is a bit more hyperbolic, and no, I’m not saying I personally would do a better job, but COME OOOOOOON.

I’m halfway through these drops and I just want to go to sleep already – not out of tiredness, but out of sheer boredom.

Trump had a rally in Vegas.

Full rally, in case you missed it:


Q wanted us to keep an eye on this guy:


Here’s the video:

And the link:

Jason on Twitter

@ColinSkow POTUS see’s Q people?!?! https://t.co/L3wLKROS9L

Got to be some kind of deeper meaning than just a photo of Vegas…

The photo looks like it was taken from the Bellagio, but you’ve got water… and you’ve got it in front of the Eiffel Tower…

Maybe a “warning” about “The Storm” landing in France?

Possibly a message to the Payseurs?

Hard to say…

Here’s the video Anon linked in his post:


But I think Q’s got the wrong timestamp. There’s no front-row footage at that time that I saw.

Wait, Q. I thought you had to deal with lag and such.

How is it that you’re able to perfectly time your posts sometimes, and other times have to blame it on lag?


I’m up to my ears in [0] deltas, guys. I never found them particularly convincing anyway – and I don’t think normies are really gonna care, either.

We just went another week kicking the DECLAS can down the road. Kavanaugh still isn’t confirmed. FEMA can’t even send out a simple text.

I know it’s all gonna happen at some point, but when you combine it with posts of such a boring and relatively-useless caliber, well…  you shouldn’t be surprised I don’t have anything positive to say.

If you’re angry that I’m reacting this way to the drops, you shouldn’t be.

Frankly, you should be asking the same questions I’m asking, and voicing your own concerns.

Anything less isn’t thinking critically.

It’s just being a different kind of sheep.


Sorry guys. That’s just where I’m at with these posts. I know you want the in-depth digs. I know you want the serious analysis. There was just… nothing, literally nothing here that I could work with tonight. I kept holding off on the article, hoping Q would post something substantial, but no, it was not to be.


No ad today. I’m too disappointed in the drops, not just from this day, but from the past few days.

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  1. Been feeling the same way for a while. Stop, go; stop, go. Everybody knows the deep dross cesspool is out there, just do something about it; time for shock snd awe!
    Yes, it’s going to be very messy, just as our Brexit is. We’ve put up with enough tease and hyperbole. Break the eggs and just make the omelette!.

  2. I’ve been a bit disappointed as well. That alien crap really threw me. No mention or knowledge of if that was actually Q doing the Q&A?

  3. Oh Neon..if you are bored then get out of your comfort zone about aliens and read some books or listen to whistleblowers on YT. Might I suggest the ones talking about SSP:
    Tony Rodrigues; Corey Goode; Randy Cramer; Micheal Christopher Gerloff; Penny Bradley; Lindsay Hooper, Elena Kapulnik etc.

    Love your work neon! Thinking about starting a gab just to keep up with u. Xx

    • Corey Goode is a joke. The rest I don’t know and don’t want to know. Most fairy stories are told by people like this.

    • Saw YT vids of Rodrigues and Corey Goode. Interesting and entertaining. I sure would love to bring a Blue Avian to my local pub! The others I don’t know of.

  4. I was also a bit let down. But on the other hand, Q has little to say because the plan is stalling. Kavanaugh was supposed to be confirmed yesterday, perfectly timed with the FEMA-alert. For many reasons, Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation is somehow vital for the plan to move forward. The Cabal knows this, and that’s why they’re going all in on Kavanaugh, which I see as a very positive sign. It tells us that when Kavanaugh is in, it’s game over for them.

    • Hello Edgar, Kavanaugh is a Bush appointee. Deep State. Bush, Karl Rove and Daddy likes him. He is not that great. Chief Justice Roberts got the job after he made a deal in Florida w W Bush, to be declared the winner in 2000. Remember Gore v Bush? Roberts was the judge. Then, after W flew down to Florida, and the decision went his way, Roberts was appointed to the Court. Kavanaugh is just next in line. Deep State. Tired of this circus, with this guy. He smiles too much for my taste. Seems slimed, and too smiley. I smell a deal made, and I am tired of the entire hearing deal. I’m sick of the Dems and the protestors, and the morons. The whole thing is stupid. This guy matters not to the bigger scheme of things, unless they plan on something later down the road…..and if they do, they can still count on Roberts. And, why is Helen Bader Ginsburg still alive? That crone is so old that she can’t stay awake for nothing.

      • You forgot his SES membership and therefore indirect compensation review by Bruce Ohr & the SES gang of 500 lawfare warriors. Why does the Federal Government bear the cost of all these so called ‘Union organizations’?

  5. Not a cheerleader but I wouldn’t be surprised if every single Q drops intels crafted for agents. Even the questions he picks and the answer he provides. I never really got Why he writes the way he does. It’s all encryption To me. And he congratulates those who fully or partially decipher those info and make it public for the rest of us To know even when we dont fully understand ( like the vanderbilt necklace Story).

    • We all get jaded, tired and anxious. We all want things to happen more quickly. Sometimes you have to remind yourself just how COMPLICATED this nest of vipers really is. Patriots are everywhere working hard to uncover the truth to bring justice to the evil ones. Just think where we were two years ago and how very far we have come. The point of Q is NOT to tell us everything but to get us to search out the answers for ourselves. In this, Q has been wildly successful! Just recently Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said there is an army of digital researchers out there leaving no stone unturned. We have the “autistic” anons at Q Research, Neon Revolt, Lisa Mei Crowley, Praying Medic, Imperator Rex, IntheMatrixxx, Thomas Wictor, Stealth Jeff, Sundance at The Conservative Tree House and the list goes on and on. Not all of those listed are Q followers but regardless, they are ALL doing yeoman’s work in unveiling the Deep State.

      Yes, it’s hard not to want all the bad actors in jail already. BUT the FBI and DOJ have mostly been cleaned out, over 51,000 sealed indictments, the stock markets and economy are on fire, unemployment across all sectors at historic lows and the military has been re-built – what’s not to like?

      Honestly, I thank God EVERYDAY and pray for the safety of President Trump, his administration, the White Hats everywhere and the army of anonymous Patriots who are fighting courageously to put America first and MAGA!
      We are making history each and every day. What a glorious time to be alive!

    • It’s called Socratic method and is done because: 1) He wants to make us think about the possibilities, and 2) he cannot just tell us classified information, but we can glean it from his questions. Well, the autists usually can! Not me. But I do understand why it’s done this way.

  6. I love you so much that you are bored of q. You work so hard. Have you ever heard the expression, politics is like a soap opera. They convince you you can’t miss a single day but then you leave for a year and come back and nothing happened.
    Honestly I’m continually amazed we even got this far. I remember like Ron Paul’s primary in Louisiana and it seemed like we had no chance ever. He got more donations than Obama for a while.
    I didn’t pay attention during the election bcuz I assumed Hilary would win and Trump has been almost giving me a heart attack for what 2 years now. It’s amazing what he’s done.

  7. We should define what we actually want from q but I think he has hillary under control and they will arrest people when they’re ready.

    • Hillary may already be dead. They are bring out body doubles for her, again. McCain may not be dead, as there is no proof that he is dead, closed casket.

      And the double for Hillary is all over the place, and not in jail. Worse, there is nothing going on about Bush Jr, or his group of JINSA/PNAC buds. They are getting away with 911 like crazy. …..and the wars on sovereign nations is now a norm.

  8. Sadly, you’re not alone Neon. It’s all starting to remind me, too much, of the deep frustration & extreme discomfort that comes with a difficult pregnancy & a long overdue birth. I get that POTUS & Q are trying to give us some hope that things are progressing well, while also stressing the need for carefully calculated patience, but after last week’s declaration of FISA & text releases I was hoping to see a lot more action then this. Where is it already? You’re POTUS; release the Kracken! Who cares what the MSM says about its release? Let the haters keep hating; they will no matter how much sugar you coat the medicine with! It’s like we’ve counted down the months, weeks, days, & hours until Christmas only to find out that Santa overslept. I believe we are battling Deep spiritual forces within the Dark State & much more prayer is needed, in order to bring this miracle birth to completion. Hang in there, Patriot. It’s always darkest just before dawn.

  9. Agreed – still struggling with the Mooin landings confo (false) and pentagon Plane (it was a missle) and it concerns me that I disagree so strongly with Q on this that Im now an official doubter. It’s going to turn Q’ers into really researching Q.

    • I would say don’t let that deflect you. I think there was a reason Q gave those false answers. Poor answers perhaps, as some patriots (like you) will not accept more lies, the more tragic coming from Q. But what we are fighting for together, is way bigger than our personal expectations.

      Q has constantly referred to ‘timing’ and I think as this information becomes digested by more and more people around the world (not just the US), more devastating revelations are coming. But it takes time. Unfortunately.
      As much as we’d like to see things just happen right now (‘Lock her up!’) a large slice of normies will just see ‘Nazis!’. We need to make sure that the majority of folk are at least partially on-board. It is frustrating. But if #WWG1WGA is true, this has to happen.

    • I agree with you completely
      It is not possible to go to the moon
      The Moon is a Light not Terra Firma – you can’t land on it
      Secondly, the entire periodic table is a liquid or gas at the temperature the spaceship would endure
      Thirdly, there is no way to thrust to the moon, there is nothing to push off of
      A flying craft has to always displace its weight to stay in the air and the air gets so thin that the magnetism (Not gravity, the entire concept of gravity is complete Nonsense) would pull the craft back down to earth which is the reason planes can only fly as high as the air is dense enough to support their weight
      There is No magical Floaty place in the sky
      People have been Brainwashed by Star Trek and Star Wars that they actually think things can float in the sky
      One look at the first lunar module dispels this entire fantasy as it is made out of cardboard and tape
      Anyone spending an hour watching youtube videos will find experts in many different fields of occupations that completely annihilate this fantasy from many different angles

      How can a Vacuum exist next to earth’s atmosphere and not suck it away?

      The Moon is a lot closer to the earth that the 200,000 miles that were told
      Simple Triangulation shows that it is within a few thousand miles
      Both The Bible and the Vedas say the Sun and the Moon are right above us circling the stationary earth

    • Somebody mentioned it yesterday in the comments section of the last NR article, but much is being inferred that Q did not say. The Russians landed a probe on the moon if I remember correctly. Q didn’t say men landed on the moon, or that it was in 1969. I don’t know what to make of the UFO stuff, but there is much inferred there as well that wasn’t spelled out by Q.

      The Q fatigue is real, however I think it might be due to theories posted by anons not coming to fruition (ex: Kavanaugh confirmation on the 20th, 333rd day etc.) rather than Q itself being wrong.

    • I can see how the moon landings could have been done if they had much more advanced tech than we knew of at the time. They are able to shield radiation from the ISS when it passes over the anomaly in Africa so that’s apparently been resolved. That was the biggest reason I didn’t believe it.

      As for the Pentagon, I concur with you. Many people said there was no plane and no debris from a plane. I’ve always believed it was a missile.

    • It doesn’t take much lead to provide the necessary shielding. And the Saturn V rocket system, without the launch booster, was already powerful enough to take MIRV (multiple!) nuclear warheads full of uranium or plutonium (even denser than lead) to ANY place on the planet.

    • To be honest, I had NEVER heard of the whole moon landing being a false made-up event until recently on the GA boards. Boy, people are SO SURE that it never happened and they use YouTube videos to prove it. Amazing. But Whatever. I really don’t care if people believe one way or the other–and If Q said there was a moon landing, then that’s fine, too. We should deal with it. He’s not God.

    • Q says disinformation is real. I think the moonlanding “confirmation” is disinformation. Imagine if he said the moon landing was a hoax? The MSM would be all over it and it would be so easy to bash Q and followers as “not believing in science” “denying one of the greatest American achievements” etc. Had Q denied the moon landing it would give the haters tons of fuel and main stream momentum against the movement. By confirming it, now if someone wants to “debunk” Q, they can go and prove that the moon landing was a hoax, that will never show up in the MSM and all of a sudden that person now becomes a conspiracy theorist their self! Genius! Same goes for the plane hitting the pentagon..

  10. I have lost interest in Q it’s becoming a circus and I totally agree with you. My last cherry was the plane hitting Pentagon, absurd. Impossible. Something wrong with Q drops of late.

  11. Well, Q’s big so-called alien/ufo “DISCLOSURE” was rather boring….. Maybe Q will tell us all some more sci-fi bread crumbs when the audacious effect of “Predator 3” truths wear off

  12. Q the music” it:s my party and i:ll cry if i wanna” neon you sound like a junkie who got a bad batch from his dealer and he wont give you your $$ back . yes it was a nothing burger but out of almost 2000 post maybe Q had a bad day,no disrespect neon , we all love you and think your very smart and a great writer. so with that said what about the e.t. stuff i mean that set off a shit storm on the net, that was worth something i mean that guy saying eisenhower met them etc. that shocked the hell out of me. Q the music” i cant get no satisfaction”

  13. Ok. I get it YOU. ARE. NOT. A SHEEP. I love 90% of what you write and the the presentation. But man sometimes it seems like you just have this personal quota of disagreement that has to be filled to prove to yourself you are keeping it real.

    Also a comment for the last article (efficient to post here), I don’t think Qs mention of the moon landing doesn’t contradict a Kubrick piece also being made.

  14. I was also expecting more, anyway, I think that Q got his answers mix up: did a plane hit the pentagon should have been – No; are we alone (aliens) yes, would make more sense, I think that his answers require a very large and very strong red pill.

      • Thank you Ginger Gril:)
        I am enjoying your commentary.
        Another resource is Richard Dolan’s book “UFOs for the 21st Century Mind: a Fresh Guide to an Ancient Mystery” It is a great orientation to the current conversation about UFO’s and doesn’t expect the reader to believe or not believe any thing. A well written and documented Who’s What and What’s What to begin (or end) inquiry.
        RD Is an academic historian who fell into the who UFO question by mistake. He research was (and is) on the American role in the Cold War. He noticed many documents of the time showing concern over the UFO phenomena and having some free time decided to spend a month further researching the documents and their context. His research continues to this day and his academic treatment of the subject: UFo’s and the National Security State is considered groundbreaking.
        He also coined the phrase: “Breakaway Civilization.”

      • “Go study the vastness of the Universe and you might change your answer. Q even said it. ”

        Yes, and that was disconcerting, because it’s not a logical argument.

        I have never understood the causation / correlation people try to draw between the vastness of space and other life being ‘out there’ somewhere.

        It’s not just bad logic, it’s not logic at all.

        It’s a logical fallacy.

        The size of the universe has no bearing, whatsoever, on whether life (besides on earth) exists.

        The two are simply not related.

        It’s like thinking that if you flip a coin and comes up ‘heads’ a hundred times in a row, the chances are that it will come up ‘tails’ next time.

        It doesn’t.

        Every single coin flip, there is a 50/50 chance, yet most people will think that more times it comes up one way, the higher the chance are that it MUST come up the other way.

        Size of universe has no bearing on Creation of Life.

        The problem with the “Big Bang” theory is, Who created the Big Bang? If the “Big Bang” caused the creation of the universe, WHO caused the Big Bang?

        Life does not create itself, just as the universe did not create itself. Something had to create it.

        Whatever that something was, the size of the universe has nothing to do with whether that something created life somewhere besides earth.

        Either that something DID create life somewhere besides earth, or that something did NOT create life somewhere besides earth.

        Whether the universe was only the size of the Milky Way or bigger than the furthest reaches of theoretical estimates of the size of the universe… the SIZE of the universe is not what causes LIFE.

        So when someone says ‘consider the vastness of space… therefore we cannot be alone’, that’s a classic non-sequitur.

  15. Neon, I am grateful for your articles. I am a female senior citizen coming to grips that history and my life was a big lie. Your posts really inform me. I want to challenge you with the idea that Q was telling the truth about ETs. I am not sure if this is mirroring but here goes. You are red pilling the sleeping masses and asking them to believe that there are people that run the world that murder babies and eat them. That is no different than Q saying that we are not alone in the universe and asking you to believe that statement and your reacting with disbelief. The shoe is on the other foot. I think the negativity in this last article is because you are angry at Q because you are questioning your faith in him. I can tell you from my experiences that Q is telling the truth. I know my belief is not your belief so why not do for yourself what you do for the sleeping masses. Investigate and uncover the truth with the integrity and wicked humor that you do so well. Two good places to research are Regina Meredith and Emery Smith. Remember, it is hard to wrap your mind around satanic rituals but you did it. You can do this too.

  16. Fellow Orthodox Christian here. Have you been part of the Divine Liturgy and taken communion lately? Have you read Schmemmans explanation of the liturgy? I ask because Ive followed you for some time and your energy has seemed more andvmore “off”. Tonight as I read your words the energy was powerful and NOT in a positive way. It was agitated, life blocking, my stomch is still in knots and Im shaking. There have been flashes of this before from you which had me concerned aboutvwhether you were in communion but its NEVER been like this. Naturally you are free to blow me off. Your choice. Final observation. Q has always been about asking questions that inspires research that over time helps understand whats going on. It requires work. The more I put in the more I get out. Are you getting physically burnt out as well as spiritually burnt out? I ask because you seem querolous lately. Rather than try to understand you seem to give up, dismiss what you dont get as stupid, turn on the “teacher”/guide or, surprisingly, demand to have the “answers” given without effort. These are usually, from my experience, signs of fatigue. Be well Neon. Your energy and attitude affect people who have let their gurd down around you. Yes, that was foolish ofvthem but yes, you are your brothers keeper. God bless you and give you His peace.

    • Why are you bringing religion into it? Organized Religion is a lie too. Don’t be so superior. I can’t stand brainwashed people thinking that they have all the answers and can lecture people, esp when they are way off base. And, just bc you end this screed with “God bless you and give you His peace”, does not make your post any less insulting.

      God bless you and keep you in warm denial for your own edification. May you stop thinking that you have all the answers and come to His light.

      (Whatever that means. Religion has lied to me way too many times, esp on the topic of human sacrifice and worse……..god sacrifice.)

      • You are confusing the myriad of false religions with the ones where truth is present. No one can explain these things to you, they have to be willingly and actively sought out. This, from someone who was almost killed by scientific consensus. Much of what passes off as science is provably false.

        • You are confusing the belief that religion is a trick or false with a belief in science. That comment said nothing about science. I do not belief in organized religion either but it has nothing to do with thinking science is superior. Science is not even a part of my reason. And, I do believe in a higher power. You cannot be in touch with reality and not know there is a higher power. It is part of us. But religion was created by Lucifer to divide us.

        • Having a father who was a Chaplain, and a mother who is a Holocaust survivor, I went along with the organized religion thing.

          I was turned off to organized religion when I read the books of Thomas, Mary and Judah. They focused on the words of the historical Jesus, and not creating in him a divinity. There was no human sacrifice. No one was tortured to death for me. It struck me during the communion ritual, just how horrid it was to eat the flesh of Jesus and the blood of Jesus, as normal. If you live your life according to the teachings of historical Jesus, you will be a good person. However, the Old Testament god was mean, nasty and I prefer to stay far away from him, or his cruel treatment of people like Job, and others.

          Then I found out that Amen was an ancient god, that I personally do not know or trust.

          I do think that if you call it, it will come and there is no doubt that there are at least 11 alternate universes in operation here at all time….prob more than that…..so, these entities exist and they feed off energy generated by living beings. in this one.

          That was my religious red pill moment. I refuse to call on someone that I do not know,

          and I do not believe that it is a matter of a god in heaven, controlling our fates.

          However, I am a classical sceptic Since I do not have all the information for the answers to these things, I refuse to form a solid opinion on the matter, and I realized that I do not have to.

          Happy Weekend.

      • I personally have a relationship with God. I experience God in my heart and my life every day. all the time. So its like you are saying my dads not real just cause you had problems with some crazy humans.

      • “(Whatever that means. Religion has lied to me way too many times, esp on the topic of human sacrifice and worse……..god sacrifice.)”

        Throughout my life, whenever I’ve found myself in a conversation about the existence of God, more often than not the disbelievers have focused on religion as their source for denying God. Many, many moons ago I happened to stumble across an interview with Rockin’ Ronnie Hawkins (he of the song “Mary Lou” fame). Somehow the interview wound around to Hawkin’s faith. The interviewer asked Ronnie, basically, if he believed in God. I’m paraphrasing here but Hawkin’s replied “There is no problem between me and the Big Fella. It’s the ground crew I’m a little frickin’ leery of.”

        I’ll leave you with this and you can make of it what you will.

        “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

        That statement tells me all I need to know of religion.
        God Bless!

      • Organized Religion is a lie too.

        “Organized” Christianity is one of the key building blocks of Western Civilization. It is not a lie. Where one goes, so goes the other.

      • I’m sure Cozette probably brought “religion” into it because a long-term reader of Neon would know his level of faith, if not certainly his detailed knowledge understanding of faith-based teachings. I’m sorry to hear your opinion that “organized religion is a lie”. This preacher’s daughter used to think the same thing, and in some cases “religion” is just that, a lie. It pains me to see “religion” bastardized by those that claim to preach it, but my “faith” remains in Christ and Christ alone. “Religion” can lie to you, and I’m sorry that it has, but Christ is the same yesterday, today and always and never lies.

      • Katzenboots

        If you seek truth, you’ll eventually find Christianity fulfills your need.
        Remember, the Scientific Method was created by devout Christians.
        Not only that, but in the modern era, several emminent scientists, even from the land of Physics, have set out to disprove the Bible, and came away from the experience as strong believers.

      • Hey Katzenbootz, Neon is a Christian. You say that “organized religion is a lie too”, but cozette wasn’t pushing “organized religion” and even if he/she was, so what? What’s it to you?! Just because you want to believe in science only (and yeah, THEY never lie…sarc), and discount anything spiritual doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to follow your limited understanding. We can allow you to NOT believe; and you can allow the rest of us TO believe. So don’t be a Brown Shirt. This is America and we all get Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion in that first Amendment.

      • “Why are you bringing religion into it? Organized Religion is a lie too.”

        Well see, that’s a fascinating subject, because in the large (almost total) majority of cases that may be true, but it only takes one to make it false.

        So it is easy to examine many, find them lacking in one way or another, and conclude that ALL are false, without actually having examined all of them.

        God either exists, or He doesn’t. From a Christian perspective, if God (and God’s Word) is true, then every other belief system is false, by definition.

        Was the church in the 1st century ‘organized’? Certainly it was.

        It was non-denominational.

        Every congregation chose qualified men to be deacons and elders (a.k.a. bishops).

        Those qualifications to be a bishop (a.k.a. elder) included (among other things) being a Man, being the husband of one wife, and the father of at least one child, and whose children were not ‘unruly’ but under his control.

        God is not obligated to tell us why He has such qualifications for bishops, but in this case, He did:

        “(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)” (1 Timothy 3:5)

        There are many things we can know from the pattern and example of the Lord’s church in the 1st century as it is recorded in Scripture, with regard to how it was ‘organized’.

        For example, there was on ‘umbrella structure’ or ‘synod’ or other controlling group overseeing many or all of the congregations; each congregation was autonomous, but in fellowship with other faithful congregations.

        There is a great advantage to this ‘decentralized’ organizational structure. If one congregation goes into error (apostasy), it does not drag down any other congregations with it. Conversely, if all of the congregations are under the control or authority of one group, what happens if (when!) that group becomes corrupt?

        How do all of the congregations underneath the ‘umbrella group’ avoid having the error or corruption forced upon them by the ‘leadership’?

        Having a ‘centralized’ bureaucracy overseeing all of the congregations is a human model… a human BUSINESS model, at that.

        The model God chose for His church, as revealed in Scripture, is ‘decentralized’. The highest Authority for every congregation is God’s Word, and every congregation which is faithfully following God’s Word will be in fellowship with other faithful congregations.

        Many people, having had a negative experience with one false/apostate church or another, conclude that ALL organized religion is false or somehow ‘wrong’.

        It is an understandable reaction, but it is not a logical conclusion, it is a generalization made to ‘all’ based on experience with only ‘one’ or maybe a ‘few’.

        There is God’s way, and then there is every other way — which by definition, is of men.

        There are many false churches in the world today, just as Scripture warns there would be, and there were false churches and churches (congregations) going into apostasy even in the 1st century.

        In Revelation chapters 2 & 3, Jesus directly addresses each of the seven churches (congregations) in Asia. Of those seven, FIVE were in error and in danger of apostasy. Five out of seven is 71% of the churches/congregations were in serious error.

        It is hard to imagine that percentage is lower today; if anything, I would expect it to be higher.

        The way we can know if a church/congregation is faithful is to compare everything that is done by the congregation (in practice, in belief or doctrine, in worship, etc.) to God’s Word. The members of any congregation who are faithful to God’s Word will be very conscious of doing things according to His Word, it is not the kind of thing that happens by accident. And they will be happy to show you book, chapter and verse for whatever they do in the name of the Lord.

        Just something to think about.

        • edit / correction: “For example, there was on NO ‘umbrella structure’ or ‘synod’ or other controlling group overseeing many or all of the congregations; “

        • This is the first lengthy post I actually enjoyed reading. It is discerning to me that the Spirit of the living God propelled you to write your post just as He did with all the authors of the books of the Bible. If this statement offends anyone, God bless you! And I don’t believe this is bringing “religion” into these communications because He has, is, and always will be involved whether we, created beings, recognize or believe it.
          Blessings and peace.

    • You do realize that “the more work you put in, the more you get out” is the key self-brainwashing feature that keeps cult organizations in operation, right? It’s the method by which charismatic leader-figures undermine the objectivity of their followers, wear them down, and have them use their own energies along with the phenomenon of confirmation bias to keep them reeled in deep without actually independently offering them anything substantive to validate your own newfound conclusions that always work to buttress that “belief system” anyway. For if you’re willing to go to great lengths to “prove” to yourself that everything the man says is valid, why should he bother corroborating anything himself when mere mantras will suffice? “Do The Work. Trust the Plan. Whatever You Come Up With in Response to My Cryptic Socratic Method Will Suffice. Choose your own adventure!”

  17. Neon… perhaps when Q says “we’re not alone” he is referring to the spiritual realm… not “aliens” of a natural kind. Someone said it better than I can, with scriptures and logic, but it made me stop and think harder b4 getting shitty and doubtful over the alien q and a. Don’t let your dissapointment overtake you. Keep working it out for us too, and sharing your understanding in our language. Love you and your work. Stay humble brother.

  18. Long time reader, and have never commented before until now.

    After the alien nonsense? combined with the false information regarding the pentagon? Cannot deny what I clearly see ATP. Q is a Larp. and a boomer larp at that. I have been seeing the cracks in the wall telling me this for awhile, last few days have confirmed it. lmao atp fully expecting to see Q providing “shocking” information regarding the Dems being “da real racist” and founding the KKK! .Neon I know you understand the language I am speaking. I’m not a boomer, I am an actual anon like you are. You have been seeing his boomer cluelessness for awhile too, regarding his ignorance of what fascism actually is among other things.

    Everyone still here with a modicum of rational sense knows it. Neon knows it now too. You can tell from this article.

    • “Q is a Larp. and a boomer larp at that.”

      That is necessarily a matter of opinion, and the problem is (always) that it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

      First, is it possible that military intelligence is behind the ‘Q’ phenomenon?

      If it is ‘possible’, if it is within the realm of ‘possibility’, then it is not possible to declare ‘Q’ a LARP with any certainty.

      But look at it from a practical standpoint.

      I’m not asking you to take my word for anything, I am simply asking you to engage your mind, ask yourself a few questions, do some basic deductive reasoning, and reach your own conclusion.

      That’s not unreasonable, is it?

      So far, the following basic ‘what if’ argument has proven unbeatable. By which I mean NOBODY I have presented it to can beat it.

      Can you beat it?

      You claimed that Q is a “LARP”.

      Could be… there are really only main 3 possibilities as to what Q could be, that I have been able to identify, with others just being derivatives of these main three:

      1) Q could be a friendly (pro-Trump) but independent LARP.

      2) Q could be a hostile LARP or psy-op masquerading as pro-Trump.

      3) Q could be what it claims to be, a group working for and on behalf of Trump and his administration

      So let’s look at those three main possibilities.

      1) What if Q is an independent but friendly (pro-Trump) LARP or psy-op?

      Any administration would have to shut it down, because Q is representing themselves as part of the administration — meaning whatever Q says will be associated with (and will reflect on) the administration, to the extent that a significant number of people believe Q is part of the DJT administration – which a significant number of people do.

      No administration could allow some group representing itself as part of the administration to continue if it was not true. Think about it. It’s a complete wildcard, potentially injurious and beyond their control, and which the administration would have to answer for if Q said or did something reprehensible while acting in the guise of a part of the administration.


      What if Q is a hostile LARP or psy-op masquerading as pro-Trump?

      All the reasons why a friendly LARP/psy-op could not be tolerated goes DOUBLE for a hostile psy-op masquerading as part of your administration.

      To allow a hostile group to represent itself as part of your administration would be insane.

      DJT is not insane.

      Think about it. What if Q sucked all of these people into reading those posts, claiming to be part of the Trump administration, and then started posting racist comments and obscene photos and videos? How would that reflect on the Trump administration, to the millions of people around the world who associate Q with the administration? That’s what I mean by a ‘wildcard’. No organization (public or private) could or would risk the harm to their ‘reputation’ or their ‘brand’ that an outside party poses when it represents itself as being part of YOUR organization when it is NOT, and over which you have NO control.

      Would YOU allow some group of people to represent themselves as part of YOUR administration (or your business), let it go on for 11+ MONTHS and counting, and remain SILENT about it, and never deny it?

      Trump clearly knows about Q, as does the entire administration, and most of the country (and incredibly, the world). They’d have to be blind not to know about Q by this point — if Q was an outside entity.

      Yet neither Trump nor anyone in his administration has disavowed Q or denied that Q was part of the administration.

      They could. It would be easy. It would take two seconds.

      But they haven’t.

      If Q was an outside entity, and the administration wanted to, the NSA or military intelligence could shut Q down in minutes. But for sake of argument, suppose they couldn’t. Suppose the NSA and military intelligence didn’t have the requisite computer skills and hardware to do anything about Q.

      What then?

      DJT could personally and completely destroy Q’s credibility in seconds, simply by tweeting that ‘Q is fake’, saying it’s ‘fake news’, and Q’s audience would instantly be gone.


      That has not happened.

      Why not?


      Ergo, if Q cannot be a friendly but independent LARP, and if Q could not be a hostile psy-op — for all of the obvious reasons mentioned above — what possibility does that leave?

      If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

      It’s elementary, my dear Watson.”

  19. Pick Yoar chin up bro
    Much need Your pied pipe for norms
    Like it or no. Yoar cog important.
    Remember what Peters uncie Benny say…it for you bro

  20. Red pill huh the BIGGEST red pill all of you might want to swallow (since I believe ) most on here are athests is that the so called alien invasion isn’t. WHAT?! No kind folks it’s a spiritual invasion. Swallow that then tell me how “enlightened and “woke” you are. Oh you say no no THAT is definatly being a “sheep” to belive in a book that can’t be proved YET it can. The thing is this Neon with all your high and mighty intellect you’re still in the dark about aliens. Because you refuse to SEE the writinghas been right in fron to you.The Bible clearly along with the book of Enoch tells the story.
    Most here will send you to sites that push the alien agenda OK go there if you must I did when I was ohhh 13.
    Then if you want some in depth research on mankinds history I would suggest an interesting read by Derek P Gilbert (SKYWATCHTV.COM)or for your veiwing pleasure his wife Sharon on Sci Friday youtube…not interested then may I point you to soemeone very fasinating on the Y tube…War drummer and his SerialBrain2 vids. HE seems to be able to figure out ALL the posts BORING or not!
    Oh and BTW every day cannot be a day full of “interesting ” drops the regular show(actual work) must go on. I suggest you red pill yourself from the “high” of these post you act like a coke addict for pity sake.

  21. Neon,
    I, too, was a bit let down over this week, which has come and gone. Here it is Friday morning and what do we actually have?? POTUS orders the declas….then the massive stalling and attacking. Since Q says that they are “in control” then there must be something else that we are unaware of that is going on? The cabal has caught them all by surprise and their tactics are working? With all that I have read, mostly with understanding from your writings, I find this difficult to believe. And if….that alert message is tied to confirmation of Kauvanaugh…then are we suppose to wait until Oct. 3??? This is the date in which the testing has been moved. So are we to expect nothing for another 12 days?
    As for the aliens?? Okay, you almost lost me on that one. I am not in a bubble and find it difficult to believe that the massive size of our universe, etc….that we are the only ones. What I do not agree with is that those aliens created us! There is only ONE GOD WHO IS CREATOR AND SITS UPON THE THRONE OF HEAVEN! To agree with the writings of Cooper, et al about being “seeded” by the aliens, thus they are our creators, is against the core of my faith. And then, if we are to believe THAT…..then why bother with Q stating….”for God and country.” Which God is he/they referring to? It could be a bit confusing to some perhaps?
    And by the way….”ayylmaos”…..does that last part mean….”laughing my a** off?”

    • The more Trump’s enemies stall, the more convinced the public will be (after the declass show that they were hiding their own illegal acts) that many of his opponents deserve nothing less than a noose and gallows.

  22. Good morning Neon, I am bored too. Q may be compromised , bc the last two drops were not good for various reasons.

    I am so sick of this FISA memo stuff, and this Russian collusion fairy story, and now this. lie about 911, and this lie about the moon landing, and the lie, sometime back, about when Bin Laden died. That is three strikes for Q, bc I don’t like being lied to. I hate being lied to. That is the main reason I am over the corruption. It has taken too long to get this done.

    They are dragging this out to the point where it is so boring that nobody cares anymore. However, now I am a lot more cynical. It is like when a person has a good friend, and you come to admire and love your friend, and all of a sudden you see that they lie, they stab you in the back, and you feel worse than if your worst enemy did it to you………….

    Hey Q: NO MORE LIES> WE ARE NOT THAT STUPID. Do not underestimate us. This government has NO RIGHT TO LIE TO US. We are not babies that need a nanny state.

  23. I agree. But i also think that many of us are just suffering from battle fatigue. Fight fight fight and no real tangible victories to hang our hat on. The slow walk is starting to be detrimental to the cause in many ways. Some one has to be perp walked soon if for nothing else than a morale boost. I understand its a war but lets unleash the hounds and finish this shit

  24. Why so hard on Q, dude? Tons of new people discover Q every day, OK. Not everyone has been into this 24/7 since the start…Zero deltas are convincing as fukk to me at least, and it will be to newcomers. Normies will never be convinced even if Q filmed himself doing zero deltas with Trump in the WH… It’s never about them, it’s about newcomers (a very fast increasing group)…

  25. Regarding the NSA AG, I think a high profile whistleblower is about to come forward and bring the house down on the past administration on how he was treated. I believe this person does not have legal ramifications but may help to sway public opinion as how O treated whistleblowers

  26. Again……. like I have written in previous replies to you: Sometimes disinformation is necessary. Timing is everything. The truth about all will be revealed. Planes/missiles/ E.B.E’S-(aliens) Etc.
    Be patient Neon. We love you and dont need you blowing a gasket/having a stroke or heart attack over any Q post whether he’s giving another anon credit for posting a screenshot from qmap.pub and not another of your well researched and time consuming charts/graphs/posts/etc.
    GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE THAT WAIT (without throwing a fit)
    Maybe the “KEEP CALM” message was intended just for you… They have reasons for every post good and bad. You of all know this but we all sometimes forget about the whole picture because we want more of that juicy drug: INFO.

    • Meh, CIA black op mass shootings are a dime a dozen. I think the public is desensitized to them. Apparently TPTB didn’t consider that the nation they are brainwashing to fight their wars might not see mass shootings as a reason to turn over their guns. These people really are stupid…

  27. If you look at the water display i see Q in the middle. Also as for being lame I feel they are more worried about protecting Postus. Think what happened the last time Potus was in vegas

  28. The only way I see Storch is essential to the mass arrest operations is that it will allow the NSA data to be freely accessed for the military tribunals. They probably want to make sure that there will be no obstructions to the evidence presented during the trials by having their “man” in charge of the NSA.

    I can only conclude that the FEMA test will actually be an announcement of mass arrests, and they need their Scotus (Kavanaugh) to be in position. Once he is, then RR will be fired and arrested, mass arrests will be announced and the military tribunals will move ahead with no further chance of obstruction from the DEMS.

  29. The people here who think the moon landings were faked and that there just can’t be aliens because they must be fallen angles from another dimension and despite dozens of witnesses actually seeing the plane hit the Pentagon, it was a missile because they just have to have it be a missile otherwise their pet conspiracy is less conspiracy-ee…they make my fillings hurt.

  30. NR, the Storch-connection is simple. We can not use FBI resources to investigate, that has to be an outside agency, therefore; NSA has everything. Simply stated, Storch is the face of the NSA for this particular investigation.

    • The DoJ’s National Security Group was allowing FBI contractors to perform ‘702’ queries on the NSA’s raw data. Then NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers caught this activity, shut it down, then initiated an investigation of this abuse. It is described in detail here:


      My guess is Storch may be investigating how the FBI allowed its contractors (Fusion GPS?) to access the NSA data to perform oppo research on Obama’s political opponents (think: the Steele dossier erroneously saying Michael Cohen went to Prague).

  31. My wife passed on your blog to me been telling me to read. You just said what me and others have screaming about. I thought it delegitimized Q a lot, was out of character. Thanks for saying what many of us are feeling.

  32. Hey Anon. Sounds tough. I know some of the digs you’ve done, i know you’ve put work into this. Yes, of course we should all be thinking critically, and we are. For me, the drops that disappointed you were the ones that confirmed authenticity for me, as they confirm my own research. There’s no easy way to say this, but I think that it may come close to ‘the end will not be for everyone’. There’s a remote viewer associated with the Stargate staff, an Irish guy, that does a good presentation on remote viewing of Mars. Mentions the ‘Beam of Light’ is a psychic function and has to do with ET stuff. Persinger as well.

    I gave up doing digs when JFK prayer came out as i felt i probably wouldn’t be uncovering what was best at that time.

    Either way, your input is acknowledged and appreciated. The plane thing is against my belief system. It will right itself in the end.


  33. Neo to the nth power, how about the deltas and lag fascinate intell techies, like toys for boys kinda. FEMA alert not to be until K is confirmed: might be that the alert will be non experimental, calling for a national legal scene like martial law which will require the judge to be on board.
    But hey, i am non american. BQER.

  34. NSA, surveillance source, unmasking, what did NSA find that caused Admiral Rogers to cut of access? What did they know and when did they know it? Does the NSA IG know?

  35. Michelle and Lowell Heinlein are SPOT ON about Storch!
    As far as the “disappointing Q drops”, and the “delays”, think of this;
    In war tactics, sometimes right before a major attack, it is wise to make your enemies think that you are confused and making mistakes (Q’s recent drops), and to have them think that they have gained ground that you’ve lost (delays).
    It’s all about The Art of War.
    Love and light to you all.

  36. I keep coming back for the skbanon coverage of the Hollywoodanon or some more info on Arkansas or any of the stuff that isn’t Q anymore.

  37. Neon this is the first article I started but couldn’t finish, too much whining! I love the work you do, but this was not your best. That being said, have you looked in to gematria – about the time stamps and delta differences? Might I recommend serialbrain2 on YT? Trump & Q code messages in their posts with gematria, if you’re not familiar I suggest you do some research because it is quite relevant to what is happening on a day to day basis with taking down the DS and beyond that, it’s fascinating how he is able to keep us abreast of what’s going on behind the scene. If for no other reason then helping you out of your state of boredom, look into it and judge for yourself!

  38. Neon, this is one time I easily agree with you. It seems that Q has been taken over by teeny boppers.
    If there isnt anything worth dropping then Q should not drop. Its becoming an endless, stay tuned, almost there, just wait and see. The Q and A was a big flop.

    My husband and I lived in a house with 2.5 acre tracts and saw in 1996, 100 feet from us on Christmas eve, outside our house at 11:30 at night, 3 colored huge orbs. We had put kids gifts under tree that night and went outside of our garage to have a cigarette before bed. They hovered near our shed no more than 100 feet from where we stood and about 30 feet from the ground. our house and had no sound, none. It was a foggy Colorado winter night and they didnt light up the moisture crystals in the air but they glowed within themselves. You could hear a pin drop that night but these were silent. One was green, one blue and one red and each the size of a VW Bug. They hovered for at least 5 minutes until we decided to climb our deck stairs to see if we could see more of what they were and as we did, each one individually flew off and away. My husband jumped in our car and drove our car to see if he could follow them because they went up and then down toward the ground over the next street.

    The Next morning I called a family member that had clearance in the military and told them what we experienced. He said, they, our military, government, have so much out there that we dont have a clue about and left it at that. I believe, It’s in their advantage to make us believe this technology comes from another world and not be guilty of spending our tax dollars on stuff and not sharing it with the rest of society. Blame the Aliens, not the government or military complex.

    Even after witnessing this, no one, not even Q will make me believe in aliens from outerspace or that an actual real plane with wings and all, flew into the pentagon. Sorry, that doesnt pass the smell test for me because I researched it all extensively. I was dissapointed that Q answered those kinds of questions and ignored the questions that mattered at this moment in time like I wonder why did Flynn praised Singlaub who was involved with, it seems a lot of deep state stuff and what was up with the Shlafly award. I wanted answered questions that were relevant to what is going on now. What Q dropped forced the reader to make excuses for Qs posts if it was factualmor another secretive mirror post.

    I am discerning now more than ever for the last 10 years and have never been a person to follow the band wagon. (Civics 101). How can I wake up family and friends, using Q, when I am dumbfounded at this myself. I love Trump and appreciate that he is working so hard to bring our country out of the pit it has been in. I will monitor Q. So much of the posts are too cryptic for me anymore and I don’t have a clue what it means. Hope Q pulls it out.

    I am a Christian and I believe in God’s word and literally therefore I believe in demons and fallen angels and that when God said Satan was cast to earth, he is still here. I believe one thing Q said in the beginning, this is a stuggle against Good and Evil.

    Thank you Neon for being here and giving us all your thoughts and concerns. We all have a right to this and we all have a right to an opinion. Where we go one, we go all in fighting the evil but we must not follow blindly anyone or anything because we want to ride the band wagon. We must help each other to question and discern continually, everything. Best to you Neon and thank you for giving me this forum to give my comment. Best to you always.

    PS. I agree with reading Sara Carters page. I too had to speed read through it. I absolutely appreciate her and what she has and is doing but watching her also and listening to her is difficult to follow often. Some people are good at expressing the information and some are good at getting it. She is a good getter, but not so much good at expressing it. Love her though!

  39. If you read “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper you would have already known that aliens were real and that Eisenhower met with one named Omnipotent Krill. Q didn’t disclose anything that hasnt already been disclosed.

  40. @Joe-I hear you about the moon landings in 1969 (a Disney fantasy) and the pentagon missile. My take on the moon landings is they have since sent military aircraft near/around the moon-and understand it is actually a light (per God in the Bible) and Q is determining that to be a “landing.” Thus, his qualifier about things not released to the public in the 2nd sentence in that post.

    Sadly, it was obvious the anon was wanting Q to confirm or deny the reality that Buzz and Neil, etc. landed in 1969 (from the footage I’ve seen, they were clearly always in earth’s low orbit). Even Buzz has admitted they did not go (fun youtube footage in this regard for the curious if it has not been scrubbed).

    The missile thing must be disinformation being necessary to throw the perpetrators off. This does not do much for the morale of the Q audience though.

    Let’s see how it plays out.

  41. I think you sound depressed and exhausted which doesn’t necessarily relate to the Drops. I agree it is is imperative to always Question. But you are quite frankly nit picking on a lot of irrelevant stuff. We are lucky to have POTUS and Q. It is like a miracle for those of us who suffered thru eight years of Obama, knowing in our hearts that he was corrupt as hell. Same with HRC. I was kind of shocked by the ‘Plane Hit the Pentagon’ drop because there is scant evidence. I don’t see how it could have been Flight 77, so I am thinking it was something else. Time will tell. Carry on Patriot and God Bless.These are great times and we are winning!

  42. Considering that the NSA has it all, they have all requests for unmasking, all searches, etc.. This is where Storch comes in, as all those are issues of concern to the NSA.

  43. Alls I’m saying is that this type of war has never been fought on this front like this before. In warfare there are wins and losses on both sides, albeit, I do agree with you about the underwhelming “drops”, but I’m going to look at it as, we are in a holding pattern, for now, and I’ll take that over a L any day. + It must be frustrating as hell to have to move within certain parameters, when your opponent can do whatever they want.
    Disinformation is necessary

  44. Obviously, the K avanaugh smear threw a monkey wrench in Trump’s venue. AND yeah, everything is stalled right now. He knows we’re all hanging onto a tight, thin line of tolerance, hence the Q&A. Wasting his time on Aliens and 9/11 conspiracies is not what he wanted to discuss. That’s like requesting the names of JFK’s killers.At some point we’ll get the truth but not like this. Yeah, we all get it. He was merely keeping us in the loop and since we’re not all stable genuises, we need that personal connection. Did Obama, Clinton, or Bush make any attempts to blog non-public info with you? Now, I know why Trump has to keep listing all his accomplishments at the rallies. So soon, we forget and start asking, what’s he really done? For me, I’m thrilled with every post because it’s not a part of his job and he really cares about us- unlike any other politician. AND yeah- his proofs ARE a big deal. It’s like getting a personal postcard from the POTUS. Q’s posts have kept us from revolting.in the streets. God knows we’ve had plenty of provocation. We all appreciate your work but we’ve had enough division so STOP IT! You wanna brainstorm negativity, remember ‘the movement’ and the Patriots who really need these comms. Appreciate you, dude, but you pull an AJ on us and we’ll drop you as fast as we dropped him. Blesslings.

  45. The fountain looks like the flaming Qs. I think that’s the message
    His post where he mentions the frustration if Q wasn’t around hints at my biggest concern and rant when Awan walked away. That is, my fear Q is a Deep State ploy exposing enough truth and puzzles to keep some of the brightest young minds in the country busy while the deep state worked its way out of a jamb. That fear will be with me until the end. I never turn off my critical thinking if I can help it.

  46. The funny thing to me about Q calling out AJ as MOS (something I was always suspicious and mindful of) is that pretty much every meaningful thing Q has dropped I learned about months if not years ago from Infowars. I was hoping Rand Paul would get the nomination early on and I have to think so was Neon. I supported Trump in large part due to AJ. It’s been a bizarre year.

    • I was!

      I was a big Ron Paul supporter back in the day for both his runs, and initially, I supported Rand.

      Soon, however, I flipped to Trump – and he’s basically doing everything I ever wanted a Libertarian president to do anyways.

  47. Boomers, lol. I guess you nailed it. Many of your readers never played Deus Ex. You sound decidedly GenX with this post, so fair is fair. Just don’t tell us that you muted the audio on your UFO vid because your voice hasn’t changed or you shrieked like a girl – not that there is anything wrong with that :0
    You do a lot of hard work and we appreciate it. I follow you on GAB because of it. I too am conflicted these last few days, but the Lord said that all things done in darkness will be outed… I am just wanting an earthly preview and this is the best chance I have seen since I awoke after 9/11.

  48. I’m with you. The Q&A felt like Q was the cat & we were his ball of string.
    And the latest drops? So give the newfags the boring delta crap and the oldfags some tasty morsels.
    My thoughts on the FEMA message is that it’s some sort of threat to confirm Kavanaugh.
    But why they delay over this fake & gay accusation…I was with a bunch of lefties last night & not one of them brought Kavanaugh up. They would if they were stirred up-they can’t help themselves. The whole Kavanaugh soap opera is a snooze fest.
    Storch? Is he the one to accidentally release all? Oops. I’m new. Hit the wrong button?

  49. Imperator Rex has a great post about the Kavanaugh accusers, and the FEMA alert. While they are not connected to the normies, they are connected if you know about Gesara. We must have a conservative majority on the Supreme Court in order to be Gesara compliant, which will bring about the new Republic. In the long run that is what this is all about. Changing us from a Democracy to a Republic. I got so upset with Q about the plane hitting the Pentagon, after hours of research it is just impossible. But I love the movement, and wont quit because the info is not to my liking. There was a key part of the drops that everyone has overlooked. Julian Assange, has the goods and even the letter from the Gorsuch hearings that Christine Blasey Ford wrote last year. If she shows, which I doubt, they have the goods. The words Someone is not where they are supposed to be?? These are key to understanding why the NSA is brought up, they need an agency to verify what Julian is going to reveal. Dont let the crap posts or the information from the idiot Dems dissade you, we are almost there.

    • Gesara is utter BS! Remember, POTUS Trump rejected the CRAZY Paris Climate Accord, which the nutty Gesara crap is based from. Seriously, what the heck are they smoking in France?

  50. Initially the replies bothered me too about the moon and the Pentagon, but the fascinating thing about comments in English is they can be read more than one way. Until more definite answers, I can just as easily say that Q’s answer can be interpreted as “no” NASA didn’t fake the moon landing and we have continued to go there, but the initial landing films were Kubrick because they were better quality. I think pictures show that a plane didn’t hit the Pentagon because of the size of the hole, etc, but a missile probably would have been shot by a plane. So technically a plane hit the Pentagon. We are not alone, but extra terrestrials seems a more PC term than aliens.

  51. Michelle and Lowell Heinlein are SPOT ON about Storch.
    As for the rest, maybe think of it this way;

    In warfare, sometimes right before making a major strike, it is wise to make your enemies think that you are off balance
    (Q’s recent drops).
    It is also a good move to have them thinking that they have gained ground that you’ve lost.
    (the delays).
    It’s about the Art of War.
    Love and light to you all.

  52. FWIW, I think this all is just a game to stall until just before the midterms and drop shit on the dems that will make it impossible for them to win, even with fraud. If more good stuff comes out just before the election, do you think normies will take accounts of dem vote fraud more or less seriously?

  53. Thanks, Neon! My 20-year-younger alter needed this because she was starting to have romantic fantasies about your intellect.
    …thus ends my attempt at humor.

    I had been hoping the Storch stuff was setting up an avenue to bring back Assange (or other NSA-related) back on stage… oh, well.
    Your comment on the qmap chart was helpful, not because of the graph but because I tend to filter out cool options the way I do Facebook ads, not fully realizing they exist. Now I do.

  54. After all these months I’m sure Q is not an individual and thus not all Q posters are as talented as others. I have chosen to read your blog because you make even the lame Q posts insightful and entertaining…but… I’m a Boomer what do I know!

  55. Maybe they’ll use the emergency broadcast system to read the declassified info into the congressional record. No one could stop that. The networks and CSPAN could ignore it, but not the emergency broadcast system.

  56. I understand your frustrations. It does seem to take forever. I should know.

    Born in 1961 you learn to have patience. While also ignoring the Boomer insults. And yes, I also have a pony tail.

  57. If a large commercial jet hit the pentagon then we would have seen it over and over and over. Drone airplane designed to penetrate target like a missile is a “plane”.
    wish the Anon had asked about a 757 or flight 77.

  58. Neon, the photos from Vegas reminded me of those taken by the Deep State in Korea but captured and published by Q, telling them “We have it all.” Perhaps Q is saying, “We know you were in the Bellagio, but not this time, buddy.”And the key to the importance of Storch is found in that long article about IGs across multiple agencies. It is daunting to log through, but it is important. And please don’t be so hard on us Boomers. We have a lot of smarts and wisdom. We didn’t get this far and raise successful families by being losers.

  59. Just wanted to point out that there may not be “news”, but there are lots of newbies around….maybe they’re just giving them some posts to look at; the links to past postings might be educational for the newly-red-pilled….Plus, we are ALL getting anxious. We all get frustrated with the wait for getting that “Justice”.

    We can complain about the amount of “meat” on last nights posts, but we got our “rush”, didn’t we? Our “fix”….
    WE are being managed as well. Maybe our impatience makes it necessary for a few non-productive drops every once in a while…that would be OUR fault.

  60. Sorry, but this article cracked me up. In your boredom you managed to amuse me immensely. Okay, not much exciting posts from Q, but give the guy (girl?0 a break. I would not want to be in his shoes. always says there is purpose to everything. And if you have the bigger picture then you can say that, but unfortunately we struggle to get even a part of the bigger picture.

  61. Hey Neon, your doing a good job, but I think by the sound of this article, you seem like your getting a bit burnt out. Take a break and come back ready for the fight.

    God speed patriot

  62. In coordination with the DoJ’s National Security Group, the FBI was performing ‘702’ queries on the NSA’s raw data for FISA. Then-NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers caught a huge spike in this activity, shut it down, and initiated an investigation into possible abuse of this ‘702’ query access. It is described in detail here:


    My guess is Storch may be further investigating how the FBI allowed its contractors (Fusion GPS?) to use the NSA data to perform oppo research on Obama’s political opponents (think: the Steele dossier erroneously saying Michael Cohen went to Prague).

  63. Sometimes, it’s good to have a little fluff in between the BIG stuff. It’s boring for you because you like the adrenaline of a deep dig. Normies can’t handle that constant stimulation. This is all ok. There are a lot of newbs watching and doing back reading.

  64. The only thing that I noticed was that the red t-shirt Q guy’s smile was forced. It didn’t extend to his eyes. I could just be seeing things that aren’t there but I’m a physician and I need to try to “read ” people every day. A real Q person given this attention would be smiling his ass off. One would think that a “cleaner” would be more physically fit and apparently nothing happened so who knows. Just “seeing Q people” would indeed be lame. I don’t know whether I should bother to try to figure out what drug was used in the illegal clinical trials that Apotex supposedly conducted in Canada or whether that’s somehow relevant to something. Although it makes no sense to me that clinical trials of a generic would even be needed (I’d need to check on that) or would cause harm if the trade drug didn’t. Easy to check on Clinicaltrials.gov though.
    We’re all frustrated about the delays. We still don’t have the unredacted IG report. I don’t know about Q’s veracity. I rely on Anon judgement for that but I trust Donald Trump implicitly and without reservation. Again that’s the “reading people” thing.

  65. The graph correlating Q’s posts with Trump’s tweets – OK, it may be a screen shot, but still the fact that someone actually pointed this out might be enough to impress Q. Sure, anyone could have clicked the link to see the graph, but how many of us have done this? How many of us even considered putting the two together? Q keeps saying we have more than we know. The fact that someone makes a point of what is right in front of us (that hasn’t been talked about by anyone before) is probably enough to make Q cheer. Keep in mind that the majority of Q followers at this point are not the computer geek/research guru types of the Chans. So, this is Q’s way of pointing out the majority of us that this little nugget has been hiding in plain site all along (even if we aren’t linked to the actual page – which I am glad you did for us!!).

  66. Harsh Reality:
    1. Q is lying about the moon landings
    2. Q is lying about the pentagon
    3. Q is lying about aliens (Flat Earth/Space is Fake)

    Every serious truther knows these things. If this does not get corrected soon, we have to admit that Q is nothing but a satanic trap to keep us in the affairs of this world. Learn flat earth and break as many people out of this prison as possible.

  67. Dear Neon. today from Germany a view to the topics of the last time.
    1. alien yes/no
    Yes, because we believe in God and Jesus. So we believe, inevitably, in Alien or is God a man from this planet? Hardly ever! I don’t know anybody who can multiply food or rise from the dead like Jesus did!
    Two. Are there moon landings?
    Here was not asked “were there moon landings in the 60s or were the pictures real”?
    In my opinion the answer says
    There are moon landings now<<. Q pushes us formally with the nose on it. Because it tells us that there are no public projects. Why add the sentence???? Because now we fly to the moon you understand!!!
    3rd plane Pentagon
    Did he say an airliner? How big does an airplane have to be to transport a rocket?
    An airplane has NOT made the hole. Airplanes are built in lightweight construction. On YT there are some videos about the stability of airplanes. The hole could not even have been made by a tank.
    Step back a few steps and look at topics where you are helpless, from a distance.

    PS: Here in Germany there are people who translate your articles into German every day. So I (like thousands of others) have only heard of you! Keep it up, you are really GOOD!

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator

  68. Neon,

    My heart broke a little reading this. Your discouragement affects me. FAITH my friend is the answer. I am as hard headed, strong minded as it gets. It has made my life different to say the least. But I get goosebumps over this Q stuff all the time. I break out into a few seconds of tears all the time. These things tell me….because I’ve lived in this body for 59 years, that what I’m reading and feeling is true and real.

    Thank you for all you do.

  69. The disclosure “thing” is SO important, not because of the aliens…its about the unbelievable amounts of technology that has been hidden from us as a result. Free energy, cures for all disease and illness, the capability of keeping everyone in the world from ever having to be without food and proper healthcare, these barely scratch the surface of the technologies that have been kept from people as a result. Its about all the unnecessary suffering in the world that has been happening for decades to keep certain people in power and to protect their secret.

  70. Or maybe it’s the opposite and he’s the Anti Christ and THAT where the damn goosebumps are coming from. ! Just letting you know that I’m always on the alert. But I actually had a thought about all that. If Q is bad, Trump is bad. RIGHT? I mean Lionel went to the White House. Trump has done NOTHING to discourage Q. Maybe Q is killing time. Even the soap operas lull out at times.

  71. Q is a team. Many unique writing styles exist in the drops.

    Socrates Q: Pronounced as in Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure. Our favorite poster. Socrates posts strings of questions.

    James Bond Q: posts all those spy pictures. Who is this guy crossing the street in Hong Kong? Another favorite.

    Stringer Q: Posts all those cryptic strings. Meh.

    Drudge Q: just posts links to news, twatter. Meh.

    Cheerleader Q: self referencing tweets, DJT timestamps. We have enough Q > DJT proofs. Yea, rah, rah. Barf. Need more Future proves Past proofs.

  72. damn Neon.. ur trippin!

    If Q wanted to execute a proper Q&A they would have answered the questions we already had prepared, questions that were crucial that we understand re: operation, timeline, etc.

    After answering the certain questions Q needed us to know then they could give us an opportunity to ask spontaneous questions related to current events, etc.

    It didn’t happen that way Q showed up said Q&A then drops the alien bomb out of no where.

    the alien drop by Qanon is about the same size as what would happen if they were to drop the video footage text messages pictures etc. this was a test run to not only let code monkey and 8ch know but also to let us know that the servers are not set up and ready yet for the amount of traffic needed for an operation that size.

    Those who can’t see this needs to take a closer look and think about the overall strategy and game plan of what it is at stake.

    Q could barely answer three or four questions before the entire site was practically shut down.. traffic was too much for the servers to hold seriously neon of all people I thought would understand this logic.

  73. Listen, I’m not a Q cheerleader who’s going to criticize you simply for calling out our “Lord and Savior” either, but those drop were not “underwhelming” and I’ll tell you why:

    First, the anon was pointing out a CORRELATION in that chart that, frankly, I hadn’t noticed despite looking at it dozens of times. I found it quite interesting, actually. It’s a direct correlation between POTUS tweets and Q drops. Pretty significant.

    Second, just because we don’t yet understand the Storch connection doesn’t mean there isn’t one. It’s a call to investigation. Imagine if it was a critical factor. Imagine how stupid/close-minded you would look when anons figured it out.

    Third, Q was posting proofs. Those are very important for two groups of people: 1. Posterity and 2. “Border normies” aka MAGA people who haven’t made the jump to Q yet. I thought the rally video was one of the most significant (and awesome) Q proofs yet. It helps build morale.

  74. I too was underwhelmed. I almost wanted to say “SO?”. What I want to hear is the platform drop
    on the gallows. Or if that’s not feasible, perp walks. We’ve strung this out a year and in reality no
    thrills. I’m almost waiting for Q to blowhard about 5000 MORE INDICTMENTS and I will yawn!

  75. I honestly think that Q is running out steam! We are now or have now been going in circles for a while. The drops do not have meat even if FUTURE is supposed to Prove Past! We seem to be Following the MSM Narrative and for us in the know, we should be at a point where we have concrete info of whats happening. Disinfo is Necessary? Maybe that is the card being played. Deltas have always been a waste of time for me. They really do not prove anything to a Normie. I would say its healthy to question everything and even to doubt because that’s what makes you a THINKER! Sheep just gobble everything!

  76. Half-jokingly, I predicted at another forum that Trump would nominate Barrett or he would nominate someone more Establishment-friendly, expecting a Borking, and just return with Barrett and woman-jurist imitation PC-speak to be a dick.

    When he did nominate Kavanaugh, my initial reaction, like many, was “fuck, Trump isn’t as smart as I thought – he’ll be a shoo-in with the corrupt back-slapping Dems in the Senate and the Yale feller will likely emerge as another Souter after a couple years.”

    I wouldn’t worry too much if Kavanaugh gets torpedoed. Absent staggering voting fraud, the Dems are not taking the frickin’ Senate. It’s statistically improbable even under their more optimistic projections.

    If I do turn out to be right, belatedly, I’m going to be a little freaked out. Like I have a Death Note for off-the-cuff, reflexively intuitive political prognostications or something.

    Barrett > Kavanaugh. She’s tuned into the stare decisis scam bought into by Establishment wolves in “originalist” robing. Seeing as how left-wing “progressive” constitutional functionalists who view the document as a “living document” couldn’t give a rat’s ass about long-lasting and well-reasoned judicial precedent when it’s not satisfactory to their nation-wrecking subjective preferences, why do so many “conservative” and “originalist” jurists who themselves recognize the objectively poor legal reasoning underlying revolutionary decisions like Roe or even Obergefell pay lip service to their purely imaginary “precedential value”?

    There’s a reason why so many public figure “conservatives” are little more than the leftists of a decade or two prior – it’s because of the long game, and bullshit self-defeating compromises made by “Establishment” conservatives in all branches of government pursuant to some warped sense of ‘cooperative amity’ laughed at by the other side of the aisle (see, e.g., Stockholm Syndrome).

  77. i could be wrong, but i think q changed the title of the post about aliens. i believe the original title was something like “look up we are not alone” but now the post is titled “alien life exists in outer space”

    • If you’re looking on QAnon.map, those titles are added by the owner of the site – not Q.

      They’re essentially non-canonical titles. They don’t come from Q.

  78. Neon, I appreciate the work you are doing here. It is obvious you’ve put a lot of work into this. All of this! Thus, I can feel your frustration as I am reading this particular blog post; I can feel your tension all throughout this thread. So I am asking you to please relax, take a slow deep breath in, hold it, and take a slow deep breath out. Settle your thoughts. It is quite noticeable that the emotional frustration you are feeling is clouding your logical thinking throughout this post. Please consider: as was pointed out by others, Q is posting to a vast array of people, not just the Anons who have been here from the beginning, but also many brand new curiosity seekers. These newbies are needing to see the confirmation that Q and POTUS are working together. Having to manage a classroom, I commend Q’s ability to be patient with and reach out to the newbies all the while he’s been moving full throttle forward with the advanced group!

    Now about the Kavanaugh hearings, I have no idea what the plan it, but the what I do pick up from Q’s drop regarding the FEMA alert and the Kavanaugh hearings is thus – 1) Q has pointed out the FEMA alert for a reason. Either this is going to be a “test” (aka, something more than just a test) or after the test has been confirmed to work right, POTUS is going to drop something through the system – maybe sooner rather than later. Either way, the Test has to be tied into the plan somehow or Q wouldn’t have made such a note on it. 2) Q has reasons to be cryptic. At this point it’s beyond obvious that Ford’s accusation is nothing more than a stall technique. The Deep State wants to stall the hearing as much as possible – anything that can keep Kavanaugh’s appointment from being elected on before the November elections, or as one person I read pointed out if Kavanaugh is not appointed before the month’s end, he won’t be on the bench when the Supreme Court’s next session starts. What I get from this, mixed with Q’s answer on the matter, is that the Deep State knows POTUS and Q are waiting on Kavanaugh’s appointment before dropping the hammer (even if the details and reasoning are unknown). Remember, the more Q reveals to us, the more he reveals to the Deep State (because they are reading these things, too!). That’s one of the reasons for being cryptic. Q and Deep State are playing cat and mouse with the Kavanaugh hearings. As much as we want to know the cat’s pounce plan for our satisfaction, imagine how much more the mouse (DS) wants to know the cat’s plan for its survival. We need to remember that the collective Q are the ones risking their physical lives in the “movie.” Our job is not to know the details of the script, but to bring people into the movie and helping newbies see the plot for what it is and why it has to be this way. I know you feel like you deserve to know all the answers for all the sacrifices you have made, but please remember it’s not about “you” or “me.” You are an awesome soldier, Neon. please don’t lose sight of the goal. Patience is a very hard discipline to practice. We all struggle with this, especially now that the plot seems thicker. Disciplining ourselves to patience is critical right now.

    Just pray for the Kavanaugh hearings, that the DS plt be uprooted, exposed, and demolished.

  79. Neon, I share your frustration, but remember, if Q is going at a good place for you, an intelligent and dedicated researcher, he’s going waaaaaaay too fast for 95%, and he needs those people on board too.

    Rather than seeing it as an insult, perhaps see it as a sign to back-link to some older articles of yours covering the topic? Choose to see yourself as part of the team rather than the target? Might help you feel better. Lots of people are new every day and they won’t, on average, just start reading the archives.

  80. Hi NeonRevolt,

    New ‘contributor’ here but on and off follower of your most interesting and mostly fun and excellent breakdowns of Q’s posts and a reader of Q’s posts (when I was able to) pretty much since the beginning. I think what is important to remember is that when we are disapppointed or feel let down it is because our expectations are not met. Like others here have said, just because you have been at this for so long and seem to know the ins and outs of Q’s style of communication, many do not or are completely new to this. I thought THIS anon’s post added a different angle to why Q’s Q&A was (apparently) so ‘lame’. They wrote:

    Anonymous 09/21/18 (Fri) 07:48:20 131e76 (12) No.3118431


    I am thinking Q/A was as much of a test to see how much capacity we will need once all other channels are shut down/censored. Consolidation of resources and boosting 8ch capacity is necessary to absorb influx of WW audience that will (is) occur.

    Whether that is so or not, is not for me to say. I also question whether Q’s (confirming?) saying that the Pentagon was struck by a plane (which I don’t think it was – but that’s just me – I’m not an airplane engineer expert) was part of them constantly telling us that “The world is watching”; i.e., the enemies are lurking on 8chan just as much as the Q ‘sheeple’. I am surprised that you were so bored by their (Q’s) posts. I think the ET angle and the mention of the SSP (particularly when considering that we know Trump has Tesla’s papers of his inventions as per his uncle) and Trump has hinted at some stage going for full disclosure, might have been not worth your time but it certainly has considerable significance if we take Paul Hellyer’s statements (Canada’s Foreign Minister) and countless other astronauts like Buzz Aldrin, who have repeatedly said that we are not alone, into account (see Kerry Cassidy’s excellent interviews with fomer astronauts and/or people in the SSP). You only got bored because you focus on the old and the familiar and maybe (I do not know what your stance on the whole extra-planetary species is) instead of that which might go against your belief system. To beLIEve that we are all alone in this big vast galaxy and space seems rather petulant and arrogant. Science has been compromised as much as any other area of our lives and I feel that the moon landings are no exception – as are our true origins. DNA and its complex decoding (there’s another challenge for ya in the future, should you be bored any time soon with Q’s posts again!) is a totally different can of worms all together and as with any subject matter, becomes more confusing and baffling the more you try to understand it. The decoding of DNA then, with your amazing abilities to decipher multiple threads (…), ought to be a different way to understand the RH and RH- chromosomes which are NOT of terrestrial origin. Thus, instead of complaining about Q’s lackluster ‘drops’, maybe just focus on some of the many other topics Q has touched upon in their intel, instead. There’s certainly more than enough to go into.

    Speaking of which, Fritz Springmeyer is not the be all and end all when it comes to mind control MK Ultra Monarch programming – it ALL depends on HOW long one has been delving into these subjects (Jeff Rense was insturmental in this even though I do not care for him nowadays). He’s certainly knowledgeable but far from the only ‘go to’ source in terms of mind control decoding. It is imperative to bear in mind that most of these so-called deprogrammers share their information without having a clean slate. In other words, their information is compromised with a specfic agenda in mind.

    My first source that explained Monarch Mind Control was a true insider by the name of Ron Patton (text only – http://whale.to/b/patton.html), not Fritz Springmeyer, who has a controversial reputation AT BEST within the MC circles, if one can call it that. Just because you stumbled upon FS doesn’t mean he has all the “true” knowledge. Just like Jordan Maxwell came with A LOT of insider symbology decoding information (think Bill Cooper with an even more religious bent), that does not therefore make Springmeyer the “best” or most “accurate” source when it comes to understanding mind control and Monarch Mind Control in particular. Revisit the various topics from a different angle and you will find out that there is always more than what you initially thought there was. And, I guarantee you, you’ll never again be bored by Q’s apparent “boring” drops.

  81. I have come to believe that Q, and therefore Trump, are not the white hats we would like them to be. It seems likely they are part of the conspiracy and that by simple observation we can see that the Illuminati is getting rid of some “assets” that have outlived their usefulness to them…even to the point of thinking they could dare challenge them for control. Like JFK and MLK before them…they are in the process of being corrected. And just as both of those incidents made the conspiracy stronger…this too will create an adoration that they will profit from nicely. The Trump administration has already made several Zion-centric moves…Biblical prophecy has been given an accelerant….as to why I believe this? I don’t believe in extra-terrestrials but I DO believe that the Illuminati thinks they have an “arrangement” with some. I do not believe in “space” as defined in our horrible school systems (or Star Trek)…and a certainly don’t believe that 4 airplanes vaporized without a trace on September 11, 2001. Alas…if the Illuminati are having something of a power struggle it must be a good thing…and I do want to see Obama and Hillary given the Napoleon treatment on Diego Garcia…

  82. Neon – just wanted to give you Kudo’s for being straight forward and blunt, STAY THAT WAY. I’ve learned over the years the best way to say something is straight and simple. I TOTALLY agree with you on Sara Carter and have NO idea why all the kudos for her as her articles would suffice in a few sentences and not drag us threw the dredges. IS she family or something because she is horrible, IMO. Q has really given us little of value but was able as you say “to kick the can down the road another week”. Maybe that was all he was trying to do, but should let us know better info – BECAUSE there is a hell of a lot going on and it would have been superb. I’ve been in this almost 10 years, and its been decades to regain our country. Talk about the changes that are coming, or just get it done. Honestly, here’s my take without revealing too much that hasn’t been brought forward – the Republic or new something or other ran into a snag or somebody isn’t in place for the final push so they moved the timing back 2 weeks. I’m not at all sure Ford isn’t another actor to help reveal the Dems for all the corruption. But aren’t you sick and tired of seeing it? Seen it too much too long, just get it done. Isn’t a SHOCK AND AWE Awakening what Q earlier this year promised??? Where is the Shock and Awe awakening? I’m with you bored and ready.

  83. To Katzenbootz, yes there a deal re. Kavanaugh. Justice Kennedy could have stayed on longer. He retired on the condition K would be the pick. To “Joe” who is disappointed that it wasn’t a missle that hit the Pentagon, and that we actually landed on the moon, you sir are just ridiculous.

  84. There, there, Neon (head pat). Everything will be all right.

    “By the time you finish that cookie, you’ll be right as rain”. – The Oracle.

    We’re lucky Q’s not dark. If he was we wouldn’t have had this article from you.

    “Timing is everything”. – Q

    We are all impatient.

    “But in the end, you will understand”. – Alejandro

  85. All I’m seeing is a “Writer’s Fatigue”, how long have you been up now Neon when you did this write up. over 72 hrs+? Go dark for a couple of days and recoup yourself, we’ll understand your absence. After your recoup, you’ll be back in your groove. Sometimes in Phuckery Ops, you cast a wide negative net and gauge where the ops stand, ID the real nuggets vs the shill nuggets before executing the next phase of the ops (Q has access to top of line comms then the private/public sector). Think back to pre/after elections, MSM was on full blast about HRC had all the numbers to a land slide victory, but actually being on the ground told a whole different story as you drive through communities in states after states (MAGA signs posted all over the Flyover states). Attention to Flyover States are never factored and that is being repeated again, Metro’s are all getting the attention via MSM! Look back into Q drop history pre September 17th, 2018 going back to day 1 of October, 2017 and a subtle pattern just might emerge, but get some R&R first Boss Deep Diver, Cheers Amigo!

  86. I am the Lord and when it is time I will make these things happpen quickly. Isaiah 60:22

    I’m sorry you’re feeling discouraged. Don’t give up!

  87. Neon, sometimes it’s important to let the boring stuff go by for the sake of the normies just showing up on the boards… we have thousands of new people showing up that just might need to have some of this repetitive stuff in their arsenal before going forward. Just a thought ?

  88. Neon,
    I get it you wanted more from the past post but look on the bright side of this. I / we (public) have come to know more, waaaay more about the things that’s been going on behind the scenes in our government more than ever.
    I get the impression that you view these events at times as if your putting a thriller novel together, c’mon bro this is real shit happening here, so what if you got nothing from the freaking post this time.
    If that wicked BITCH had won, right now we would all be FCUK’d. Who the hell knows what we’d be going through right now.
    Listen man, I come to your page for insight and direction into things I don’t fully understand which I think you have more insight on, when you have days like this just stay off the computer. Its OK if you have a bad day though, simply let me know your HUMAN. Just want you to know we appreciate the work you do so get off yo ass and get your head in the game…Damn IT. (that’s me being a coach..Lol.)

  89. Neon. I share in your frustration in the seeming regurgitation of info we already know. But what if Q is merely a NSA PR information campagin? As new people discover Q they have to be brought up to speed on what is happening and going on. Those of us who have been on it from the beginning are so far ahead of the game, but there are good people who just heard of Q and will need time to learn and digest the info. And thus we get the cycle of the same Qnews. At this point if Q was not real I woild assume Trump or one of his surrugates would’ve disavowed him. The other alternative is the deep state/cabal is Q and we are screwed…which we would’ce been screwed anyways.

  90. Think the significance of Storch is revealing that the 72 Inspector Generals are networked and can make a coordinated case against evildoers.

    Think Q know it is not their place at this time to reveal details about 911 and sticking to the Doubtful “official story” until such time as POTUS spills the beans to us all.

    Remember that Q team are not here to entertain us. They have calculated the order in which events must happen for maximum effectiveness.
    We are watching the gears of a massive mechanism mesh and grind slowly towards victory against evil.
    It may feel like we’re watching grass grow, but the existence of lawn mowers proves that grass does indeed grow.
    Enjoy the show!

  91. Either youre just trying to make sure that you dont get placed in the twilight zone by tooting the Q&As horns, or Qs Art of War tactics are so SHARP that YOU OF ALL PEOPLE got caught in the BAIT game that Q and Trump are playing for the DECLAS (RE: Drops 2247 & 2248).

    Your impatience is getting the best of you Neon and its great to see that youre a human with imperfections and not just a sheep following a herd. I cant wait for your next article, apologizing to Q for your impatience and falling into the trap he laid out for the shills and dems. All LOVE Neon!!!

  92. When Q drops “zingers” he seems to back off in his next few posts—sometimes for a while. It’s a pattern he/they have. He did it again after the alien post the other day and all the brouhaha that followed.

    Confusing to me:

    1) Older researchers will testify to the fact that we were taught to fear and dislike the military industrial complex that Eisenhower spoke about in his farewell speech. They were seriously the bad guys, spending black ops money in the trillions, lying about what they were really up to—-and! Maybe even involved in 911.

    I am a solid Q supporter but it’s been a reach for me to suddenly embrace the military industrial complex and the NSA. Once upon a time, in the truth community, they were our enemies. Now we’re all supposed to get on board with them after years of some of us trying to expose them.

    I’m not absolutely certain that the whole Q thing isn’t a way to convince a new generation of the goodness of the military, almost like a PR campaign. If you study our military’s involvement in many of this world’s biggest tragedies in the past 200 years, you’ll find the United States military right there, fully involved and cranking up the war machine.

    Many of us hated the NSA for years, housed as they are in their giant castle in Utah, able to spy on ordinary Americans under the guise of terrorism. They had a horrible reputation for a long time, and were despised by many.

    I’ve had to switch gears to embrace the Q thing, but I haven’t forgotten what I already know.

    I believe that a lot of young Q followers lack historical context. Everyone should be very familiar with the history of the American military before marching down the Q road, hook, line and sinker.

  93. I love love your work!!!! I opened a twatter acct in 2012 and could’ve cared less. Don’t know why peer pressure? I became fascinated that a 70yr old presidential candidate turned president used twitter. I had to get on board. Then the Q stuff started happening. I have truly learned so much by your work. I really don’t care that much about Q. But I do care about any way I can keep my freedom while still remaining alive on this planet. Lmao with the crazy turn with Q and the aliens. Seriously if you have a Q&A and some dipshit wants to know about aliens and Q responds that speaks volumes about Q and the Anons. If Q turns out to be 12yr in Finland at least we learned to look at some stuff we never would of given thought to. Especially the Catholics and their love of protecting their pedo priests. I know Q has asked us to look into the Clinton Foundation. If you have already posted thanks. I haven’t seen it. I will always remain disgusted that the left gets away with murder and the right is ok with it. Thanks again!

  94. I thought this was a great week. Q is several people and this week I think a female as she has a totally different style to ALL CAPS Q. We should remember how very little we would know without Q over the last year. Some weeks are a little game of slow walking chess. I thought it would be pretty massive if the unredacted documents and texts were released. It’s an international conspiracy. But Trump threatened to do it and he has every right. But the conspiracy includes 2 members of FVEY. There’s a lot going on in the background and then you’ve got the lunatic Dems wheeling out this stupid woman to delay the inevitable. Q told is they were trying to horse trade no DECLAS for Kav confirm. I wonder what intel and info is being shared in the background now that this is looming over the allies? They’re probably spilling all the beans. I have no doubt that when all is ready, it will happen. And the Horowitz speech at Whistleblowers – would we have even watched this or known the org structure without Q? And I’m slightly baffled that anyone could fail to see the importance of Storch…. Be patient folks. We have come a long way and we will get even further. With Q. Where we go one, we go all.

  95. You’re right Neon. For those of us that have been researching the swamp for a while (over 3 years for me) its hard to keep a high level of enthusiasm constantly. That ayylmao post of Q’s made me do a “Jazz music stops moment” too. But here’s the thing, IT WASN’T an Ayylmao post. Q only confirmed that no, we are NOT alone. Ppl ran with the Roswell part of the anons post but Q said nothing of that. Q is obviously a Christian from many many of his posts. I’ll go out on a limb here and assume you are as well. I am too. What are Christians to think of that post? First I thought (WTF!?) but then I thought HE’S RIGHT! Christians have always believed that we weren’t alone. The Bible mentions lots of times that we aren’t. Now stay with me here, if God saw fit to guide and communicate with the rulers of ancient times by different means (Dreams, interpretation, prophets, burning bush, sending an angel as a messenger etc.), then who is to say that He hasn’t communicated with Trumps ppl somehow? Does God change? The Bible says no he doesn’t. If he guided rulers back then he can do it now. He doesn’t love us any less than those ppl. My point is don’t assume that Q meant ayys when he could very well have meant God/Angels /Demons /heavenly creatures/ Evil spirits. Put a pin in what you know to be true about what God says, line it up with what we suspect Q team is trying to communicate to ppl and when confused go back to what you firmly know. For me its that: NO we are not alone, God is very real, so are Angels & demons. Q post didn’t change any of that and I get the feeling Q believes like I do. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I think. Keep up the good work Neon and try not to get battle weary. God Bless!

  96. I’m with you neon, i can’t even imagine how you are dealing with all of the hot air lately! I’m more frustrated and aggravated ever since the weird alien drop. what’s the point of all of this ? I’m a Jesus loving Patriot, Trump has my vote and full support – love him, his family and our military. I’m awake for 2 years – I’ve been patient with the slow walk- I try to wake up others, and even lost friends bc they think I’m nuts.
    But WTF !? I feel like I’m being played with by keeping my hopes up- all this crazy shit in the media doesn’t help. All this liberal none sense and stupidity- pizzagate- pedogate- fisagate- russiagate -mediagate –
    I’ll vote in November- I’ll support the right team
    But I don’t care enough anymore to know all of the worlds secrets- call me a deplorable normie
    Love your work Neon – keep up the faith

  97. Neon, I think you are bumping up against the limits of your comfort zone and personal limits in Q’s Q&A drops.

    Bureaucratic and organizational charts? I’m with you on that, but it’s also the reality that Q and POTUS have to deal with. And isn’t that a “future proves past” moment? Q knows about them and navigates through them – who else knew? (Certainly not Microchip or PamphletAnon.)

    In regards to the recent controversial issues, I’m very comfortable with Q’s drops because it seems I live in a near-constant state of suspension-of-belief. (By necessity, then, I’m forced to be in a constant state of “acting-as-if” certain “working hypotheses” were true.)

    Moon Landing? It happened; it was filmed; conspiracy fake films are untrue. It’s simple, don’t make it complicated, people. This is one of those cases where scoffing and conspiracy-thinking become lazy thinking.

    9/11 Pentagon? Dearth of evidence. There are eyewitnesses who saw the plane hit the Pentagon. OK, I can believe them. Why were all the security camera footage confiscated and hidden, then? There’s only one clip I can find that has only one frame with a blurry tip of something. My reaction: C’mon, stop hiding all the evidence for the public record! It’s a plane, but why hide stuff? (There’s A LOT of very important events where it only makes sense to preserve or make public recorded documentation, yet they go missing or are kept under wraps.)

    Aliens: Neon, this topic seems outside your interest and expertise, and this makes you resort to ridicule, which is unbecoming of you. As someone who has been fascinated with this topic since childhood, yet also (I hope) maintaining one foot in reality, you need some gentle introduction to this. You’ve gotten some suggestions in your comments of people to look into, and in my opinion they are ALL BAD. To start from where you are, I suggest looking into Richard Dolan. His first book (I believe) was “UFOs and the National Security State Vol. 1” which I highly recommend, as well as his podcast “The Richard Dolan Show” now available on iTunes.

    Now for Q’s recent ET-related drops: Anons try to parse it every which way, as they did with Moon Landing and 9/11 Pentagon, but I go with the simple reading. No, we are not alone; there IS extra-terrestrial life. The Roswell story has some kind of truth to it, and it is at the highest security classification. Q offers no proof, Neon? Suddenly you’re asking that? Q guides us, and points us to consider the vastness of the Universe, for starters. Please try it, Neon.

  98. Hahaha!! So funny… kinda in a bad mood, huh? But, I was wondering what the heck was in those posts that I wasn’t seeing too. I was hoping you would shed some light on them. The thing that has been irking me is the DECLAS situation!!! WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW and it just keeps getting drug out further and further and further. Now the UK and AUS are asking POTUS not to declassify it. How do they know what’s in it? Why would POTUS put UK/AUS ahead of ‘we the people’??? I hope you address this in your next article, Neon!

    • Tom, that right there IS the clincher! The UK and AUS governments should NOT know what is contained within our classified documents , yet the significance of the protest is that they somehow DO know! The “Gang of Eight” and their minions are trying to portray that POTUS is declassifying only the portions of FISC/FISA that are to his advantage. It is obvious then that the response will be to declassify all of it without redactions. POTUS is doing somersaults to prove he is going through all proper protocols and procedures leading up to the release, and although it seems a tad unnecessary at this point, perhaps it is a ploy aimed at getting more of the opposition to cross over, i.e.optics.
      On another note, I think it very possible that the Trump tweet mentioned in this article is being overlooked for clues it contains in the use of certain capitalizations used…B,M,V,…Barack, Michelle,Valerie? BIG CRIME. C, F…Clinton Foundation? et cetera….Yes, it would be repetitive, but perhaps there is something else there that has yet to be addressed? I think the people are already so aware of the numerous crimes committed by these creatures that adding another one, or ten, or a thousand more is not really necessary, depending upon what “it” is…Aaaargh! That sounds too similar to Billy Boy’s rant of defining what “is” is…so I’ll leave my post at that.

  99. Neon…oh my. Hate to hear from you like this and pray things change for the “much better” soon for you and U.S. But I certainly hope you don’t change who you have been!

  100. Love the zx spectrum ref. I remember the days of load “” and press play. Cautious too about the ET drop and the Pentagon, but I’m sure in time, we will have full disclosure one way or the other. We wouldn’t know the highs if we don’t experience the lows, thats life. Keep up the good work.

  101. I’m happy to see any Q post, and I hate it when he doesn’t post for days on end. Q is keeping the line of communication with us open even when there isn’t much he can say. I have no expectations of Q except to not abandon us. I do have expectations of Congress, that they will do the right thing regarding Kavanaugh, the budget, etc.

  102. Neon—praying for you every day now. For God’s protection and guidance. Thank you for being you, for being honest about your feelings, and for always persevering through the rough tides. ❤️

  103. The best way to defuse a messianic complex is to get the followers to scatter by crucifying their savior, and the key part is that the “savior” cannot ever return. You have to be able to visit the bones, see the ashes, etc. That’s how you know the movement was of men, and not of God.

    Teach folks how to find truth on their own, but then have them “grow up” and “move on” without you. This is critical. Have them treat you as the temporary guru or teacher you intended to be, and nothing more. This is difficult to do as the admiration, honor, and validation accrued for being in such a position will tempt many to keep those who follow them in a holding pattern, to keep them from actually growing, to instead leach off of them as long as possible, leading to all involved being stagnant and unwell.

    Like the cliche in so many films and books and such, some just people won’t let go. Some folks think their blind codependency is the “real relationship”, and they’ll cling on till they’ve actively been driven away. They have to be scared off because they won’t listen anymore, they ignorantly think their loyalty is being tested. What’s really being tested is their intelligence and their critical thinking, and frankly we’re half a century down the river of “critical thinking = bad”, and the results are plain to see.

    When Q has stopped being useful, when “the plan” has been acted out, what good is it for people to continue looking to Q? The nation won’t continue as a democratic republic if everyone is looking to a select few people to manage everything for them, especially if those people are cloaked behind anonymity and enigmatic communication patters.

    Q will serve a purpose and, when that purpose has been fulfilled, he’ll need to be killed off and the “faithful” will need to be driven away so that they use what they had learned in their own lives instead of waiting for another prompt.

    Will folks realize when they’ve gotten all they can and become self-sufficient again? Will people see the need for state sovereignty and individual responsibility, or like Israel will they demand a King?

    Only time will tell.

    • Excellent observations, Big Nate. We the people need to be weaned from brain-washed hero worship & become self-thinkers. I believe Q & POTUS Trump are White Hats & doing good things, at this time, however, let’s not forget that they are mere humans & absolute power always corrupts absolutely. A President is not a King & if one should step out of the authority given to them, by we the people, then that POTUS needs to be removed from the job. At this time, I don’t see Pres. Trump over-stepping his allowed authority, but if he ever does I’ll be ringing the warning bells & in hot rejection of him as POTUS.

      • Just asking, we’re you around during the last administration’s 2-term over stepping, out of pocket abuse of POTUS authority, ringing the warning signs then? Just curious!

  104. This batch of Q drops were mediocre, but they didn’t get under my skin. I’m still trying to decide what yesterday’s really said and then determine what they meant. My thoughts:

    Was the Pentagon hit by a plane on 911? “Yes.”
    This is not the same as Q endorsing the official story (that it was flight 77, that it came in from the south, etc.) It is, however, saying that what hit the Pentagon was A plane of some kind. I’m okay with that.
    Are we alone? Roswell. “No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space.”
    This is not the same as Q endorsing every UFO enthusiast’s wildest dreams and beliefs. Considering the UFO footage that the government released last December (and who knows what else he has seen?), I can understand why Q could honestly answer question “No” and equate what is on those videos as evidence of aliens. Those ships were clearly not made by any human beings alive today. But, the reality is, we don’t know WHAT their origin is. Outer space alien? Extra-dimensional alien? Time traveling human? Demonic hologram? We have no idea. We just know that WE aren’t capable of doing it. So Q, who has a worldview just like everyone else, thinks they have come from space. That said, there does seem to be some…tension between Q seemingly endorsing the idea of outer space alien visitors yesterday, while seeming to poo poo the idea of alien visitors in the past by saying, “How far away is the closest star? What do you think?” I don’t buy that he was referring to OUR star (the sun), and the answer to his question is that the nearest star is 40,208,000,000,000 km…or 4.25 LIGHT YEARS. That is farrrrrr.
    I don’t think Q’s endorsement of what Bill Cooper said in drop 782 was an endorsement of the UFO stuff, by the way. I think it was clearly just an endorsement of what Cooper said about school shootings.

    • Excellent points, Rick20033! Seems many readers, of Q’s posts, too often read only what they want to hear & are not reading carefully & thinking critically about what is actually said. I follow many different Anons on various platforms, to hear their thoughts & opinions, however, I also go directly to the horse’s mouth (Q) and make up my own mind too. I, too, do not think Q’s one word comment of, “BIG!” was an endorsement of Cooper’s entire book or all of his beliefs. As my kids would say, ‘BIG (mood) or ‘Wow! That’s interesting!’ Which really means, “I hear you, but choose to politely not agree nor disagree with you.” Just as I can comment here in agreement, with some of your thoughts, yet not necessarily agree with or endorse every thought you’ve written.

    • Rick20033 said:

      “Was the Pentagon hit by a plane on 911? “Yes.”
      This is not the same as Q endorsing the official story (that it was flight 77, that it came in from the south, etc.) It is, however, saying that what hit the Pentagon was A plane of some kind. I’m okay with that.”

      That was my first thought when I read that drop. There are many types of planes, some fighter sized jets that can be flown remotely. Which is a suspicion I have about “Sky King” and the Q400. I don’t and won’t believe it was a full sized Boeing that hit the Pentagon. Simply because of the skill it would have taken to fly a plane that size at grass top level to hit the building at the angle it did. Plus the measurements and the physics involved just don’t work for a full sized commercial jet. Not to mention the debris field, or lack there of. It was a plane, that I don’t doubt, but a full size commercial jet, I’ll never believe it.

  105. I think Q threw in the topics of 911, the moon landings and alien disclosure just to test the Q& A website to see if it could handle the traffic and also to see the general public response to those topics. On another note, I’m also sick of the zero deltas. It was interesting the first few times, but now it’s just annoying and doesn’t accomplish anything. If Trump wants to really drop a MOAB, then he should use the EAS emergency system to broadcast the Hillary/Huma pedovore rape tape and pixel out the kid’s face and show the world how sick these people truly are.

  106. Never underestimate Netanyahu’s Israel & his hateful minions to derail the ongoing ‘disclosure’ naratives as it unfolds. (Q’s ‘ Israel is last!’ )

    Perhaps Christianity, too, as we have known it will fall as well.

    Know that God is ultimately ALL about love in these wonderful & exciting times as the bigger & long suppressed truths continue to reveal themselves one way or another

  107. Neon this is by far your worst post on Q drops.

    Q was CELEBRATING before during and after the Vegas rally, keeping it light hearted, and your entire post was a depressing, negative, resentful, to the point of punitive rhetoric that is STRONGLY making me reconsider whether YOU are a sleeper cell who has waited months and months before being called up…

    Look at what you wrote and tell us how in the hell are we supposed to differentiate it from an AJ or Corsi type.


    What colors are you wearing and why the hell should anyone trust you at this point given your total lack of respect for all Q is going through.

    Are you starting to feel…ENTITLED?….as if…your interests are now more important than the billions of lives whose interests are Q’s interests?




  108. Yeah, I’m a critical thinker, too. Too many nut-jobs following Q because, hey, the Truth is out there, and 9-11 “never happened,” and now all sorts of flights of fancy on Alien BS.

    zero-Delta’s at sub-20 seconds are fine. Those are good. But you are right, “so effing what?” They aren’t hard proof of anything, and don’t stir anyone to action because there is no there there. Not in recent drops.

    Not sure a stalling plan is a plan to be trusted, assuming all this is real. It can be real, but come on, folks, people are fallible. All people are fallible. And some of this “decoding” BS is just BS, and needs to get substantial, quick.

    Not to say that there isn’t a ton of truth in the bigger picture, but it’s not looking good for the last few days since, supposedly, the big kick-off.

  109. Breaking news on Fox: New York Times claims Rosenstein suggested wearing a wire to record/entrap Trump and invoke the 25th Amendment. If Trump doesn’t force the declassified FISA now and fire Rosenstein, I think Trump will either be killed or arrested before the midterms even happen. Things are getting really serious and it’s time for Trump to get brutal.

  110. Hello Neon,

    Regarding: With all due respect, Q… THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE QUESTION BEING ASKED!!
    The question being asked was… WTF does the FEMA alert have to do with Kavanaugh?! Not Rosenstein and Kavanaugh. FEMA and Kavanaugh.

    FEMA test & Kavanaugh have/has EVERYTHING to do with each other. If you would like for me to elaborate, i can do so on a private phone call.

    Have a gr8 wknd all!

  111. Neon – regarding your question on how the NSA IG May fit in; perhaps it has something to do with the Five Eyes angle. I have no personal knowledge, but have read that Five Eye personnel are actually located in NSA facilities. If five eye nations (UK/AU) as Q mentions, were neck deep in this mess, why not the other two countries? If Five Eye intel. Personnel were bold enough to insert themselves into a U.S. election, where else might they have inserted themselves? Seems like the NSA IG May be in a pretty good position to peel this onion.

  112. Dude, you need a serious break. You can’t hit a topic this hard and this long without burning out.

    PLEASE rest and take a much deserved break. Your insight has been integral to the Q movement, and we are not done yet.

    We need you in top fighting form, Patriot. REST.

  113. As long as the coming purge (think FISA, Human Trafficking, etc.) is truly as portrayed, it is a good thing.

    But, if I understand things correctly, America is about to see over 50,000 people arrested for crimes that as they are revealed will obliterate doubts or calls for leniency.

    Most of the people are the “higher up’s”, which is needed, but what of their lesser minions? Are they going to just watch? Will they run or hide? Will they help or refuse to? How likely is it that they, if civilians, will fight and, if official/enforcement, will mutiny and fight?

    What would that mean for Patriots?
    Are you really prepared?

    Arresting over 50,000 people scattered across the entire country, some in every State, is a very large and complex operation. Complex logistics and security, yes, but consider the legal aspects involved. To do this whole thing in a Constitutional manner with minimum damage to innocents requires very precise logical thinking and tons of preparation, such as the Executive order re: military tribunals which takes effect first thing of 2019 or the declaration of a National Emergency on December 21, 2017 because of the damage these perps were/are doing, can do, and were about to do.

    Add to this the complexity of communications with the public, Q and his drops.

    How do we prepare the people for something like this?
    What do we tell them so as to minimize interference and maximize cooperation?
    When should what be released and how?
    Think about that. Information, propaganda, directions, successes.
    How well are the releases getting through? How well are they being accepted?
    Think penetration rate.
    What is the best approach to take, the most effective both in penetration and content?

    Lots of complexity. Lots of analysis.
    Think logically. Connect the dots.

    On top of all that, add (the fact?) that there are 50,000+ moving targets to keep track of so that when the time comes, mobilization and take down for all at each location can happen almost simultaneously.

    That is a very tall order, regardless of the (fact?) that this has been in the works for many years (even in the 1950’s).

    Q says, “we have it all”. Intelligence (NSA?) helps for sure. Great military minds and strategists, yep.
    Lots of impressive technology, uh huh.
    And of course the President!

    But is that really it?
    What if there’s more?
    What if the baker has a secret ingredient?

    Remember Jade Helm 15? — (App) Joint Assistance for Deployment Execution (for) Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.

    IMO, Jade Helm was partially a test of an AI to do pretty much this exact thing and lots more. Monitor and track people in real time via audio, analog, digital input and guide indiividual take-out teams on the ground. This while also guiding all the teams in the entire operation and while tracking/reporting their positions & progress, predicting and adjusting as situations require. One task of this AI is to, “Predict human behavior and act before it occurs.” [DJ at Level9News did an excellent job on this & it is worth the listen — https://www.level9news.com/caravan-to-midnight-episode-309-jade-helm-decoded/ … just separate the robot mechanics from the AI system. The latter is much further along than the former]

    It seems to me this operation has to be utilizing a military AI, similar to Jade Helm but improved. This may be a fascinating topic and certainly is a huge advantage as to how they can win the battle(s) before engaging. It is also why the op should succeed. Yay!

    Connect the dots. Think logically.

    Once the People have the government back (crooked politicians thrown out), where will the financial and corporate bigshots be? Are not some of these to go also? What happens when the leaders of large conglomerates lose their assets and go away? Is it ‘game over, let’s divide up the spoils’? Or is it the big reset? Or is it both?

    Don’t get me wrong, under the circumstances, I’m OK with all of that. Really I am. Grateful even. So long as I’m not one of the “spoils”.

    All of which underscores the main & most important fact that we the People, cannot afford to relax and drop back into letting anything like this happen again.

    Something big is coming out of all this, much more than you realize and even more powerful than before.

    [Q+ #2118]
    Are you really ready?

    September is Disaster Preparedness Month. The Emergency Broadcasting System test will be just that, a test. Would you advertise when you’re going to mount an operation of this scope? No, you’d test one of the main (and critical) systems first, and then deploy. It could be 10 minutes later, 1 day, or 10 days, but only after they assess the success of the test.

    Or, skip the test and deploy beforehand. Either way, the big hurdle, IMO, concerns the November elections. What if some of the perps are on the ballot? Unless they’ve resigned & are not running, which I doubt is the case, do you take them out before the elections? Or wait until after? If done before, along with timely revelations, the people should understand, but how will ballots be adjusted? Do it after, the people will wonder and there’ll be a need to re-do the elections and what happens as we wait for those? Does military fill-in?

    What about all the corporations and systems put in place by the perps?

    What is phase +2? Dissolve the Fed for a cashless society using cryptocurrency?

    What is phase +3? Total control? Think “Full Spectrum Dominance”.

    Mr X says: “Tell him the coming change defies all imagination. We are living through history.” https://divinecosmos.com/davids-blog/22005-stunning-new-briefings-spy-satellites-down-deep-state-arrests-finally-imminent/?showall=1

    Think logically. Connect the dots.

    If the country is truly given back to the people, can the people keep it? And if it is not given back, can the people use this opportunity to take it?

    If memory serves (but cannot find the docs at this time) it was Samuel Adams, who while at and participating in the Constitutional Convention, wrote home to his wife saying, (not exact quote but should be close enough to get the point accross), ‘The success of this “grand experiment” that we are embarking upon depends on every man putting the good of his country above his own.’

    Are you really ready?
    Be vigilant. Be prepared.
    In God We Trust

  114. Neon, I’m pretty tired of you questioning Q because it doesn’t fit YOUR narrative. Just report the facts and see where it takes you.

  115. What will happen with the Nunez ‘secret’ tape recording of that fund raiser for Kathy whatever her last name is. Anyway, why was this put on ? To let us know that Nunez is a traitor as well? I noticed he was somewhat careful in how he answered though you can tell he wanted to say more. About those emails that Trump had gotten from wikileaks…. Is that against the law? I guess I am not understanding the significance to this tape and all the poofra she was putting into it.

  116. Neon, I almost always commend you on your articles, this time…not so much. You’ve been at this a long time, I’ve been a non-believer of all “official stories” since my dad vaccinated me against government lies when I was 10 years old. My dad was my hero, a former Army Master Sergeant that earned his CIB in the Asian soil of Korea. I sat on the couch with him and watched Ruby shoot Oswald in the Dallas police staion live on TV. My dad said, “Oswald didn’t kill JFK, the CIA did.” That stuck with me, JFK was my 2nd president, Eisenhower for the first 8 years of my life. Later and many times since then dad and I discussed that event. Dad said he had heard (or heard about) the speech JFK had made threatening the CIA’s existence and he knew that if JFK was serious he best be very careful. So when he was killed it didn’t surprise my dad. Dad said in his time in Korea he had seen the power of the CIA and JFK simply underestimated their power. Since that day I have been a skeptic of every official story. So trust me, frustration is always near, you simply have to learn to deal with it and keep fighting.

    I too am tired of the zero delta posts and some of the other posts that seem redundant or less than important. But the Q movement is growing in leaps and bounds, a lot of the people reading the drops are new to them. Some may not be sold on the validity of Q. The time deltas are Q proofs to those people. They will excite and help convince the newbies that the Q movement isn’t some hoax or conspiracy theory. If you remember the confirmations excited us when we first got on the Q train. As a matter of fact the confirmations got more 8chan and later reddit time than any of his other drops. When people have been lied to their whole life, it takes more than just one Q proof to knock them out of their stupor. As you know their whole worldview has to change. That, my friend, is YUUUGE!

    Keep up the good work.


  117. Love your site! I didn’t have any issues with either the moon or 911 comments, but maybe it’s because I was interpreting the same way I interpret all of Q’s posts – with the assumption there may be a twist.

    In other words …
    ~ It’s likely we did land on the moon. Could one of the televised versions have been faked? Sure. The two dont have to be mutually exclusive.
    ~ Did a plane hit the Pentagon? Yes? I could argue a plane DID hit it, if it were to have launched a missile. Does a shooting still occur if the gun itself doesn’t hit the target? Yes, because it’s used as the medium to launch the bullet.
    ~ Are we alone? If not, then it could mean there’s a possibility we’ve never made direct contact. Or, it could be a supposition that it’s unlikely we’re alone due to the vastness of space.

    I’ve only followed Q since June, but sometimes have to step away and take a break or I can get overwhelmed and grouchy when the comms are repetitive or don’t meet my expectation. The fact of the matter is, we still likely don’t know more than a small fraction of what is actually happening. Take heart … and Trust the Plan.

  118. Sara Carter is much better speaking in-person. Her writing is so “journalism school formulaic” that it is almost unreadable. 1/10th of a paragraph will be interesting, the other 9/10ths reiterating who’s comment it is and their entire career-history, and… unless you want 20 “email-pushes” per day, 17 of which will be adds, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR HER EMAIL-PUSH. Honestly… her webmaster was pushing adds at me constantly! It reminded me of the spam nightmares on dial-up access back in the 90s.

    • I 100% agree on this. On TV, she’s great. But when writing, yes, it reeks of “journalism school formulaic,” as you say.

  119. Hey all, listen: Neon has done a TON of work and gone down rabbit holes that, frankly, I don’t ever want to dive into. That kind of stuff takes it’s toll on a person. He is catching flack from people who see any weakness and zoom in and attack ((the shills and other voat subs)). He is dealing with some information that has rocked his world–which is saying something since he is on the 8chan boards all the time. So, let’s have some grace for this friend of ours.

    Neon, please turn off the computer and go outside with your bible and do some spiritual cleansing–pray, listen to your favorite worship music, and read through Psalms. We all love you and care deeply for you (even though we have no idea who the heck you are, but still–we feel like we know you.). We appreciate all the work you do, so please, please, don’t burn out!!

    My family is in politics and let me tell you–it really sucks sometimes. People disappoint you. Stuff happens. I am fairly certain that Q is feeling the same way. Plans were made/ plans get changed / he can’t control everything / he is just trying to manage this circus and give us info that we may or may not always fully understand. The fact is: we have become insatiable for more and novel information.

    (Forgive me for being bossy–I am just trying to spread the Grace and Peace. Think of me as your older sister or mom–roll your eyes at me and then just do it. LOL)
    Take Care,

  120. I feel your frustration. Moabs, booms, BIG weeks, months to remember…
    For all I know, Q has already served a purpose: connecting us with great “indie” writers/diggers (“citizen journalists”) like yourself that weren’t around a year ago. This q thing will end (maybe around the year 2024) but I hope we still get to read you frequently. Like, the q coffee will eventually run dry BUT we get to keep a very cool NR mug.

  121. Neon, FWIW, my wife is a normie, and she finds the [0] Delta stuff particularly compelling.

    Beyond that, I’m reminded of the fact that Q seems to regularly work at onboarding new people, which means spelling out simple things again. As someone who’s only been following for a couple months, I can attest to the steep learning curve, and speak to the helpful nature of the pedantic drops.

    Beyond those thoughts, keep up the good work. I’m saying a prayer for you as I finish typing.

  122. Ok, I see you have been inundated with advice due to your admitted boredom. But if I could boldly request you research Coudenhove Kalergi Plan during the next Q lull, I would be grateful. It ties into Muslim immigration and Rothschilds. Go ahead and take a peek. You might be surprised at what you find. Thanks for all that you do for us normies. I would be thrilled to have your intellect and insight to Q drops. Sometimes it needs to be spelled out for me. Again, THANKS!!!

  123. Patience Neon…allow time for the remaining 95% (?) to catch on/up to what’s really happening on this amazing planet that we all share. In times of profound change some will always be at the front/crest of the wave of understanding, others a bit further back…however, the wave always breaks and makes it to the shore! Imagine the patience Q has had to apply. Hang in there, you’re an important cog in the countless moving wheels of this “Great Awakening”. Thanks for all you do…

  124. I’m new to commenting but I spend a lot of time “lurking” on several sites. I’m especially partial to you, Neon, both here and on Gab.

    I found I was frustrated with Q’s Q and A yesterday as well but I let it go while holding it in the thought in the back of my mind. Then earlier my son sent me an article about the Linux fiasco:

    Linux developers threaten to pull “kill switch”

    And then it occurred to me why Q did the Q and A. He did it to test the Chan’s traffic capability. And it was slammed, right? Major lag time?

    Q posted recently about other sites going down soon, right? Only 8 Chan will be available for anons to comm. I think this Linux fiasco plus the rest of the PC BS is going to get worse.

    I’m just an old Boomer, Grandma and maybe I’m way off, idk. I’m sorry if someone else already mentioned it and I missed it.

  125. Now Neon patience boy! Where would you be without Q? The truth is he does not have bombshells to post everyday. He is simply cheer leading and trying to keep us all engaged. The impromptu Q&A is a good example. We cannot draw any conclusions from the questions or answers given but what is clear is that Q was avoiding more probing questions about what is really happening. We are now over the target when the declass comes out all or most all with be revealed. I am sure Rod Rosenstein and Mueller would be gone by now if not for the Kavanough confirmation.

    Some posts are news and others are just information such as the NSA IG. The conclusion you should come to is that Trump is assembling audit reports from all agencies secret and non secret so that he can root out any and all corruption and efficiencies thus the storch info was just info to let us know all agencies are being looked at.

    Keep your faith in Q and don’t expect all posts to be earth shattering.

  126. The Dems would have LOVED for POTUS and the Republicans to pursue impeachment of RR. Then Congress would be tied up in procedure and debates for weeks. The midterms could come and go with no confirmation for Kavanaugh.. Congress can only do so much at once, and time grows short. Fortunately, Ryan would not endorse that strategy.
    Retired lawyer

  127. In the midst of folks being bored, I still trust the plan.
    I think a most of the posts make sense but who am I compared to all of you amazing folks……
    I’ve heard that Q is military; someone said Q is Flynn……
    too many ‘coincidences’, I think Q is Trump….

  128. Can I speculate on the Storch connection?
    Yes, he is the NSA IG now.
    And if Snowden is talking, Storch would be in the position to do all the ‘obtained-legally’ things at the NSA.
    So Snowden leads to Storch.
    Got a better guess?

    Spec #2: the FEMA alert was a red herring(something’s coming! I gotta do something/get with my co-defendant, etc.) designed to get the perps to 1) communicate & burp up corroborating information 2) conspire with each other, playing their information hole cards…which Huber et al want to acquire.

    Spec #3: one of these perps is going to glimpse the big picture, and talk on the condition that there is created a cover story that keep them from being arkancided. I have said over on CTH since January, these perps are looking at some dreadful choices.

  129. Patience Neon…with every wave (of change) there is a leading edge…allow time for the remaining 95% (?) to catch up. This wave is about to crest and when it does, I believe you will have more to write about than you can currently imagine! You’re an important cog in the countless moving wheels of this “Great Awakening”…Hang in there and perhaps think of how much patience Team Q has had to muster while giving all of us time to catch on to what has really been happening on this beautiful planet that we all share…Peace and Love!!

  130. I made a post and it did show up. Neon are you controlled opposition? Have you been paid off?. If my post does not show up then you are no better then the censoring libtards.

    • It’s called Akismet. It’s a spam filtering service WordPress uses.

      Your comments are getting caught in the filter because you’ve never commented here before. I’m working my way through the approval queue now.

  131. Neon
    By now you know you’re being called out. Patriot or Traitor. Those appear to be the dichotomous choices. You’ve chosen the public platform and the highly stylized writing style that has brought great praise and fierce derision. Where do you stand? Are you a professing Christian and if so it is time for a mea culpa or to go collect your 30pieces of silver.

    Matthew 19:16-22 New Living Translation (NLT)

    The Rich Man
    16 Someone came to Jesus with this question: “Teacher,[a] what good deed must I do to have eternal life?”

    17 “Why ask me about what is good?” Jesus replied. “There is only One who is good. But to answer your question—if you want to receive eternal life, keep[b] the commandments.”

    18 “Which ones?” the man asked.

    And Jesus replied: “‘You must not murder. You must not commit adultery. You must not steal. You must not testify falsely. 19 Honor your father and mother. Love your neighbor as yourself.’[c]”

    20 “I’ve obeyed all these commandments,” the young man replied. “What else must I do?”

    21 Jesus told him, “If you want to be perfect, go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

    22 But when the young man heard this, he went away sad, for he had many possessions.

  132. Hello folks, it saddens me, to say neon revolt may be controlled opposition,. The deep state is very powerful and very wealthy it would not take much to persuade somebody to be a little negative on Q, like Corsi, Jones, green, seamen, just to be a little negative on Q.. think carefully, we know they are trying devide us. God bless and pray for Neon Revolt

  133. Quick thought about the alien thing…. what did it do? It forced 8Chan to upgrade their server capacity. It was a good test for what would happen when the crap really hits the fan. Don’t give up Neon… you will be written into history for your efforts. I share your frustrations with how confusing, and seemingly weird these past few days have been, but when you look at what has happened, the 8chan servers have been upgraded and apparently, tonight the displaced Reddit users have a new home on Voat. All of that may be important in the next few weeks. We are in uncharted territory here for trying to communicate in a public, yet simultaneously underground manner. Not surprising that we are all simultaneously thrilled, confused, and feeling like WTF!!!

  134. Did Q slip up and give a clue to his/her identity in Q post 2103 when he wrote “”Jerome Corsi who I outed as a Mossad asset/agent in a 1997 sting operation in London”?????? Can this be back searched to find a story from back then about this “outing”?

  135. I am getting a little frustrated too. There are some things sitting in the back of my head that keep knawing at me and these drops didn’t help any. There are some things that just don’t seem right for some reason. Just a strange sense is all I can say.

  136. Here’s an uncomfortable observation. You want (as many of us) better than 60/40 yet you are coming across petulant with crumbs leading to secret space programs exposure. Despite the rhetoric, you are not exactly ready for 100% transparency are you, Neon? It’s an uncomfortable obsevation because it shows either a basic hypocrisy OR inauthentic opportunistic bandwagoning at this (late?) stage of the game I think you owe many of us an explanation.

  137. I hear you loud and clear Neon. I’m getting tired of re-hashing stuff we ALREADY KNOW. I know there is a PLAN, and I’m willing to WAIT for it to play out…but just HOW long can patriots wait until they say “Oh really, not this week either??” Sheesh…I think everyone has been patient. But the whole FISA/KAVANAUGH/RR/FEMA entanglement is not quite clear. DS is still kicking and screaming; and the Neo-cons are holding up everything with their pals on the left. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  138. You’re one of THE go to sources (please tell me you are aware of this, Neon…) for something so unimaginably infinite it understandably boggles the finite mind.

    That being said, you’re smarter than this.

    I’m disappointed that you haven’t fully come to terms with your role. I’d say Q would LOVE to rant about how slow some of us are to understand, how he wishes we’d just wake up already, and perhaps he does just that. We’re likely not privy to his frustrations and perhaps this is an excellent example to imitate. I don’t care that this your site. You have significant impact and many are hearing about Q for the very first time.

    Perspective please, Neon.

    I love you to pieces and support you in every way. Equally, I support the purchase of a journal for your nightstand. At least you’ll be fully rested for what’s to come. For that your boredom it isn’t a total loss, right?

  139. Neon,
    Yeah, plenty of times, I think this too. Exactly this. Other times, as it turns out – I am completely mistaken.

    Actually, MOST of all this IS & HAS been out there…. and more. If you care/bother to look.
    A lot is the same intel/info over & over. I get why.
    To a point.

    Maybe it’s intuition & being a weirdo individual while executing logical thinking. And ok – mostly intuition.
    Yes, I have DEEPER Questions and /thoughts/ observations also. I get bored too easy I guess.

    Is this all – To get us – as many as possible, TO as close to the same page; of a whole new book? Or Are we writing the new play book as we go or grow?

    There is a pattern-the Vagas rally was very different. Testing the water or KoolAid? Trying new verbiage? A secret message?
    Or just testing US ? Testing, just how much teasing we take before we don’t -or before we start to say so? How much do we care? And why or about what?

    Most of all – I LOVE love L O V E to read the COMMENTS. That is where it’s at. Neon Revolt are some of THE best comments or contributors in the business! ThankQ for this resource.

    I am beyond frustrated; •researching •attempting to learn/use (& new to me) platforms OR just follow/READ Voat & 8chan •navigate platforms/intel in general is overwhelming •a challenge in its own right; but TO pass on to Newbies is getting damn near impossible & they get lost in….

    All this WHILE try to hold my day job, raise damn great weirdo children AND have a family?!! maybe clean or leave the house. or maybe not.

    Mix in an EMERGENCY BOARD CAST….Maybe / Maybe Not. As I watch my children go off to school.

    This might be irrational- but I really, really do not use/like/enjoy social media. Don’t want to give blood to add research or ask a question or get some understanding, clarification? Anyone……….

    Too many times – to have hard work, passion, the momentum and research go dark, get lost or
    OPPS!!! Aliens seem to have taken your submission- please try again soon.
    Sooner then later or never?

    BUT like for sure “Thumbs up” because you desire your vote on my popularity contest and you check “Like” now, to make me feel worthy, yes, because I say so.

    “Up Vote” me so we get better funding or I get more street credit. Play along play along PLAY ALONG TWITTER – FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER….

    follow me on Twitter – #awake – do you appreciate this irony? Up Vote absolutely here.

    All while MSM, big businesses, politicians, satanists, pedo’s & who knows what else, WE pay, to fuck with real people & our lives AND what?!? What are you
    gonna do about it.

    only just no-one seems to notice?!? REALLY? How is this even possible? I do not seem panic. I see business as usual.

    Look what a hot mess Europe & Germany ARE. Because THEY DID NOT VOTE or ask a question or say HELL NO, we won’t do what you tell us evil queeny.

    Does anyone actually care. CARE….not because it’s popular or trending on…..or is it all just a #? A hashtag contest or hashtag race? Gender bender anyone?

    I don’t even know anymore.besides, no one actually responds anyway. Copy & Paste. Copy & Paste & Send. That’s at most. And while perhaps physically safer, I am still forgotten, and not happy or doing very well. You betcha!!! I do love ya Neon & Patriots.
    Thank Q you all, with all I am & will ever be.
    I do trust the plan. I appreciate. But above all, I am honest. #truth. That never has been popular – has it? #truth

  140. “Aliens” aren’t from space, they’re demons. They flee at the name of Jesus according to hundreds of eyewitness testimonies. Check out C4 Research.

  141. First of all : Thank You for your hard work Neon we know it can be tough , we also get frustrated sometimes and we appreciate everything you do ! Second of all : (sorry to be straight forward but ) Saddle up Bitch it’s no time for whining your country needs you ! We have a lot of newbies coming in and they need guidance , us normies count on you and all anons to lead ! WWG1WGA

  142. I believe: When Lindsay Graham asked Kavanaugh about treason, he was telling the Deep State that if K is confirmed you’ll all be tried in a military court for treason = death penalty. That is why they are doing all they can to stop his confirmation & that’s why the Emergency Alert is connected to it. JMO.

  143. Neon – I’m thinking the Storch connection like this. The Office of the IG can share documents and resources easier than going through other interdepartmental channels. Think Nunez trouble getting docs he needs. The IG department are all /our/ guys & on the same team working together to dig for the evidence we need.

  144. Thank God you’re NOT just another sheeple. And thank you for being so transparent. I march to my own set of values as well as respect and follow Q and other anons. But… and that’s a big “but” – if something is askew and seems to be leading us down a road that isn’t right, I will be vocal and unfortunately, that will taint my opinion of future drops. And I agree, the past few days the drops have been amiss – misleading and erroneous. Misinformation? Perhaps. For me the jury is still out, but I find it refreshing to read about a truth seeker who is truly awake and not just blindly following.

  145. Neon, I love your analysis so much, I subbed you on gab and I don’t do that for anyone! Like you said. This is your channel and you can say whatever you like. How true and if people don’t like it, they don’t have to stay and read it. Period. But, and there is always a but, isn’t there? Like most people who like yours Chan, I worry about you burning yourself out. I do agree that something is not right with Q posts the past few days. Just a bloomer here trusting my intuition.

  146. Q never actually stated that there was any moon landing. He was intentionally vague.

    It could be “False that there was a real moon landing”

    and it could be “False moon landings are real”.

    The comma was intentionally used to make the statement inconclusive.

  147. What did that big Q&A session and the discussion of aliens do??? It brought 8chan to a crawl, which resulted in increased hardware and power. We are going to need that soon – I hope. Clever way to get the needed upgarde IMHO. Neon, don’t get discouraged. I agree with almost everything you say, and they didn’t call this “The Storm” without a reason. I hope one day, there will be some sort of Goodbye Cabal celebration that we can all attend – like a big ComicCon except a big QAnonCon. I would stop by your booth and say ThankQ.


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