Absolute Qhaos #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

If you follow Q, I’m sure you all heard what’s happened.

And that should be no real surprise: the creators of that game were obsessed with the works of Springmeier and Cooper (IIRC).

With that in mind, there’s no way around this.

We’re going to need to cue up some #DeusEx music for this post’s theme:

And wouldn’t you know it, UNATCO special agent, JC Denton is joining me in this blog post to offer his commentary, along with mine.

Everyone, meet JC:

Let’s get into the #NewQ drops, starting off with this incredibly long drop that… I get annoyed with:

Guess what, guys! That marker, “Truth to Power” that Q has been using for months to associate with Snowden.


Focus on Storch instead, mkay?! (Which, by the way… has. been. known. FOR. MONTHS!!!!)

And then, as you can see, Q lists a bunch of moves and countermoves, and by this time, none of this should surprise you. I didn’t see a single thing listed that we didn’t already know.

But as a side-note, my brain doesn’t handle processing this kind of… I won’t say bureaucracy, but I will say “organizational hierarchy” stuff well, and I can’t stand when Q blasts this kind of minutia on repeat.

In short, I’m seeing a lot of words being used here to say very little.

I much prefer the inverse: using few words to say a whole lot.

Frankly, I didn’t see anons giving this drop much attention, either. It was one collective shrug from the boards.

So I just… I can’t even be bothered with this post. I apologize, but I completely glaze over reading this one. Despite its length, I don’t see much here, so I’m not the guy to break this particular one down for you.

And I hate to start on something of a downer, so I won’t linger here any longer.

What are your thoughts, JC?

Didn’t think so.



He’s right.

It didn’t have to end like this [Roddy].

Let’s watch the Left all rally behind Sessions one last time, though!

SARA CARTER: DOJ/FBI Colluding to Defy Trump Declassification Order – Will Deliver Docs Next Week WITH REDACTIONS (VIDEO)

Investigative reporter Sara Carter told Lou Dobbs Wednesday evening that sources told her the DOJ and FBI will defy President Trump’s declassification order and deliver the Carter Page FISA docs and other records related to the Russia probe to the White House next week WITH REDACTIONS.

“I’ve been told by sources that the documents will be turned over to the President next week. I hear that the FBI and the DOJ are redacting,” Sara Carter said. “What they’re gonna do is turn those documents over to the President and what they’re going to say is ‘now it’s up to you to declass’–I think they are going to figure ways to stall or maybe put pressure on the President,” Sara Carter continued.

Watch the blue checkmarks, the twitterati lose their minds over this. Watch, I guarantee you they’ll be fielding pet theories about how maybe Sessions is part of #TheResistance, and is the guy who wrote that NYT Op-Ed!

This is gonna be too fun to watch!

Covered this yesterday, too. Nice shout-out to intheMatrixx, though. He was the one who originally piqued my interest in the Payseurs, you’ll recall, and provided a substantial amount of sources to bounce off of. Worth giving him a follow on twitter/gab.

#POTUS is safe and secure, and announced as much on Twitter:


Where’s Johnny Rotten when you need him?

Seriously, between this and “Goodbye, Mister Rosenstein,” some enterprising artist out there could put together a wild Q-related album.

Now here’s something I realized got lost when my Facebook page was deleted (CURSE YOU, #CUCKERBERG!!). I thought I put it on Gab, too (and in truth, I didn’t check, so it may or may not be there), but yeah, we already know (at least two of) the Billionaires Q is talking about, thanks to #CDAN:

Major Canadian Pharma CEO. Ties in with Q’s drops around that time.

Pharma billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife found dead in their mansion

Lisa Rapaport | Bloomberg | Getty Images “I am beyond words right now,” Hoskins wrote in his tweet. “Incredible philanthropists, great leaders in health care. A very, very sad day.” Barry Sherman was the chairman of generic drug maker Apotex, which he founded in 1974 with two employees.

And the really scary part is this is part of #CDAN’s larger series on “The Church,” which I’m sure I’ve covered, either on here or on Gab at some point.

I’ve been wanting to do an important CDAN post for some time, collecting his biggest drops, but for now… this fills in Q’s blank nicely.

Flynn in a nutshell.

I think you’re going to see Kamala Harris and Cory Booker announcing their runs very shortly. Biden, too, possibly.

The boards started to shutter under the weight of all the Anons arriving at once, hoping to have their questions answered by Q.

(And for those who don’t know, /CM/ is Codemonkey – the guy who admins everything on 8ch. He was in charge of supercharging the servers, tonight).

One question that got answered during the Q and A:

A lot of anons had trouble with this answer (because it’s always been speculated that it was actually a missile).

I never had a problem believing that it was actually a plane, however. I was always more skeptical about claims made to the contrary, believe it or not.




The moment you’ve been waiting for!


Got your Area 51 clearance pass ready?


Please put on the hazmat suit, and step in to the airlock:

JC’s not alone. Around this time, a lot of Anons were shocked by Q’s response.

Aaaaaayyylmaos bloody confirmed, peeps!

And I’ll be honest… this would be a bridge too far for me… but for an experience I had several years ago driving home from the night shift at work.

Yes, yours truly saw a UFO.

What’s more, I captured in on my cell phone at the time.

Now, I’ll be sure to stress here that UFO means UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. I wasn’t about to subscribe to the idea of aliens at the time (and I’m still not ready to, frankly, for a number of reasons – even with Q’s latest post in mind), but I did see this trio of lights, they were zipping across the sky in this triangle formation, sort of softly pulsing (as you’ll see), and then they stopped, and just sort of hovered there – which is what you’ll see in the video I recorded:


Now, this was in a pretty suburban area I was driving through, and there are never really any planes in that direction. But again, as you can see, these lights just kind of hung there, hovering in space. It was odd; odd enough to make me pull over my car and reach for my camera.

I removed the audio here, so you won’t hear my voice and I can remain pseudo-anonymous. I wish I was able to get better footage, but I was just using my little cell phone camera at the time, it was pitch black, I was zooming in with the pinch-to-zoom feature used on so many phones, and this was several years ago, so the tech available wasn’t even as good as what’s available now. What you see if what I managed to capture at the time, in this very low-light scenario.

And after that, the lights sort of just… faded out and disappeared.

So even though while I’m tentatively open to listening to what Q has to say… and even with that video I took in mind… I’m just not… I’m at my limit right now.

It was one of the strangest experiences of my life.

And what to make of Q’s previous post along these lines?

You can either read that as Q contradicting himself (which I don’t think he is), or Q playing coy (which is the direction in which I tend lean to).

Heck, I’m still just trying to digest Springmeier.

I’m still going down that other rabbit hole I mentioned the other day, regarding that topic beginning with the letter-N.

I haven’t even had a proper chance to process anything by Bill Cooper yet, and that seems most related to this topic.

You’ll recall Q verifying something Cooper published, back in drop 782 in February:

Guys, there’s no bones about it. We’re in uncharted conspiracy waters here. This is so far beyond the pale, even for me.  It beggars belief.

And yet… I am still open to looking at what’s being presented, and I hope you will be, too.

This is from the book that same Bill Cooper Q recommended so long ago, Behold, a Pale Horse:

Sounds related to Q’s drops about the secret technology/cures that have been suppressed…

(Which also ties in to why he mentioned the Apotex assassinations).

Sounds like the stuff Deep State wars are made of…

Next, note the #SkullAndBones connection:

Cooper addresses the origins of #Majestic12 (who he refers to as “Majesty 12” here):

He also gives us a bit of “history,” which I’ve condensed here:

Close Encounters is a strange point to bring up, considering what we know about Spielberg…

And finally, we get a name for at least one of the species:


Here’s the logo of the Trilateral Commission, btw, the one Cooper claims was ripped directly from the uniform these “Etherians” wore.

Cooper would go on to write about different species of aliens, some humanoid, some not. He would talk about body counts from various crashes, suppressed technologies, and secret treaties. He would go on to say how some of these aliens claimed to have created us via a process called “transpermia” – a plot point featured heavily in the Ridley Scott movie Prometheus.

He would even talk about world religions:

And look, even Bill Cooper is approaching his limits, even as he writes this all in his own book.

Guys, believe me, I’m right there in the Twilight Zone with ya.

Separating fact from fiction is very challenging here, and frankly… I’ve never wanted to walk away from #QAnon more than I do right now.

And it’s not helped along by the fact that… it’s not at all clear what Q really meant when he answered. What I mean is: there’s a spectrum of conclusions you could arrive at here:

Was he saying that they’ve picked up radio waves from a far distant corner of the galaxy?

Or is he saying Bill Cooper is right, and First Contact was made 70-odd years ago?

The reason – the only reason – I’m not abandoning Q right now… is because of all the other hundreds of #QConfirmations we’ve had along the way.

And, of course, that video I took, years ago.

Amidst the uproar, #Anon noted this,

But in the end,  another #Anon asked the billion-dollar question:


We’re building a #SpaceForce, anon.

They’re all getting armed with battle rifles for a reason.

You tell me.

(That, more than anything, should speak volumes).

See, when Q talks like this, I often find it hard to follow the chain of causation..

I just don’t understand what delaying the FEMA alert has to do with Rosenstein standing down. I don’t see, logically, how the two are connected in any way.

Don’t get me wrong; I love that the Republicans have grown a spine and are calling the Dems’ bluff in all this.


But I don’t see how sending a text message to everyone’s phones would otherwise cause Rosenstein to continue to try and defy POTUS.

The logical question I have, is why can’t you do BOTH at the same time?? Push to confirm Kavanaugh AND send out the FEMA alert.

Doesn’t make sense to me.

Not mad, JC. Just confused.


Too few, tbqh.

Better have those servers upgraded before you go public, Q.

And this post actually prompted more than a few to wonder if Q’s prior posts had been disinformation – disinformation used to get as many eyeballs on the boards as possible and perform a kind of stress-test to see what the servers could handle.

Well, I think we found out.

Kubrick didn’t help fake the moon landings after all.

I’m slightly disappointed by that, actually.

At the same time, note how Q limited his response to just moon landings. He didn’t talk about probes or other photographs. And I’ve seen some stuff that’s made me go, “huh?” in the past in regards to all that.

I would like to know more about these secret space programs, however. I jokingly told Q on gab that I’d volunteer for the XCOM project equivalent.

OOF. Not enough horsepower. Q’s Q and A stuttered to a halt as all the IP’s overwhelmed the boards. He technically never ended his Q and A, but I think it’s clear that he didn’t want to take down the entire site.

We’re gonna need a bigger 8ch once this goes truly public.

And we’re gonna need a lot more in the way of disclosure, Q, once all this is wrapped up.

And mark my words, Q.

If you don’t tell us… We have other ways of drawing this kind of information out.

You don’t want me sending in my best man, believe me.


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271 thoughts on “Absolute Qhaos #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Thanks Neon…

    Like you that Q remark about not being alone etc really threw me and like you doubt did arise very strongly….

    However, I then started to think from the other way… Q isn’t looking to share everything with us, we still need to protect classified projects etc and the best way to do that is with a shield or beard if you like…

    We need to test and develop new technology, technology that in a lot of cases is at least 50 years ahead of what we think we know now…..

    That testing and development needs a cover and I think that’s all that Q is maintaining by keeping it ambiguous in those replies….

    There’s been a clear correlation since the 40s between current technology of the time and what we learned many years later…. consider flying discs or saucers with Known German technology then after that there was the Acorn or Bell which followed with V wing and then triangle…. then think stealth bomber or fighter…. now what’s being seen and reported is bigger faster more stealth like almost invisible etc…. so it’s important to keep that shield or beard alive ….

    Misinformation is not always about protecting what the bad guys do …. sometimes even the good guys need to use it to protect our security and knowledge …

      • Truth mixed with lies. The worst of all.
        Who benefits from keeping these lies?
        Snake tongue have 19 billion dollars annual budget.
        Think dome. Think belt.
        What is in Antarctica? Why no one can go there?
        Think terrain.
        Star Trek and alien deception?

        You want the truth?
        We will give you only the “truth” we want you to know.

        “Think for yourself”

        Do you see? I made myself credible?
        Dude, if all this Q shit turns to be a giant psy-op, we’re all fucked up.
        Hope not.

  2. Neon, the UFO you saw MAY have been man-made. Deep state, unacknowledged black-ops projects. They have had the technology for decades and if the whistle-blowers are to be believed, the triangular craft have been manufactured by us (not all though).
    I have too many unanswered questions about the moon landings. Which, if connected up, suggest it was all faked. But the one piece of evidence that convinced me that it was a hoax, is the human aspect of it. Watch the post-mission press conference with the 3 astronauts and tell me if you believe they had just achieved man’s most important modern accomplishment, walking on the moon. Here’s a 3 min clip of it:

    No. They are nervous and very uncomfortable. Stumbling over words, almost like they have been forced into a situation they didn’t want to be in. Neil Armstrong remained a recluse. Rarely gave interviews.

    Which leaves me thinking that Q’s mis-info drops are on purpose, probably to reign in the amount of devastating information to be released in one go, particularly as the Great Awakening gathers huge numbers. I guess there is a lot more to come…

    • One huge point to remember here – Q has not stated ALL that is inferred here – not by a long shot. That being said – “misinformation is necessary” or is it disinformation – I can never remember. Here’s my theories, starting with the weakest.
      Is it possible that too many of the left, the “Resistance”, the Globalists – the DEEP STATE are taking Q too seriously now and watching too closely? Like Neon, “The reason – the only reason – I’m not abandoning Q right now… is because of all the other hundreds of #QConfirmations we’ve had along the way.” These latest revelations are REALLY out there. Are they POSSIBLE? ANYTHING is possible – but is it probable? Maybe Q is just trying to shake some Deep Staters off his trail.
      But there is another possibility – one I think is quite probable. We know that commies (and Globalists) realize in order to infiltrate the USA (the West) THEY HAVE TO DESTROY THE PUBLIC’S FAITH IN RELIGION! So, if you state there are aliens who invented religion you are gonna immediately lose those whose faith is weak, and you’re even gonna make question those who’s faith is strong. If Bill Cooper wasn’t killed and actually allowed to write his books and deliver his conferences and speeches – were they purposely feeding HIM disinformation knowing he would go public with it? I mean, if this is the highest security clearance in the universe, lol, why would he not have been stopped? THAT doesn’t make any sense – unless it’s all bull feathers! THINK LOGICALLY

      Hold TIGHTLY to your faith. Truly, it is ALL we have!

      • I try to stay within Occam’s Razor (easiest/simplest) when it comes to explaining ‘big’ or existential type questions. Although, who would have guessed the unbelievable story unfolding infront of our eyes this last 2 years? If you’d have seen it on the back of a book we’d all think what a stupid and crazy made up story. It would sound just too unbelievable for a book plot.

        Yeah I agree that they want to destroy Christianity.
        I’m not so sure that extraterrestrials will negatively impact religion at all. In fact I think the reverse.

        I resonate with Biocentrism. At heart, that’s basically the same as religion but with all the dogma and man made stuff stripped away. Which I think was created to control people centuries ago.
        Some people’s accounts of conversations with ET have expressed a universal knowledge of an ultimate being. Some have had glimpses of this and written about it, (eg: Dr. Eben Alexander), although writing about it is trying to paint a masterpiece through a keyhole.

        I do think Christianity is very important for this time though. The horrific atrocities and corruption that is being revealed will challenge a lot of us. Many won’t want to know. But sharing beliefs and values of the ultimate Good and Love will help all of us.

      • After doing some reading and having had time to think, one of the postulated theories I liked was a bandwidth test. They absolutely had to stress the system so that /CM/ could have a baseline for 8chan breaking traffic. How better than 9/11, moon and aliens?

        Nothing was created (exists) that wasn’t created by God. There will be a time when “a powerful delusion” will be sent/allowed by God to deceive all but the very elect. Q says “Pray”, so I take that at face value to mean that he has no problem with either of those two sentences. Plan accordingly in all cases.

        • Excellent thinking Mark! You’re absolutely right – what better way to stress the system for a traffic test?
          “Nothing was created (exists) that wasn’t created by God.”
          God Bless!

      • Aliens do not exclude God, but they just confirm it. God is immense and its creation is infinite so that he can create aliens. We all forget that Q is choosing what questions to answer so I think Q has been confirmed aliens because soon they will be disclosure, possibly in the 2nd turn of Trump administration.

      • Well said nontroll…I am holding tightly to my faith in Christ Jesus…when Q says to pray, I take it to mean …pray to God…our Heavenly Father. Scripture does speak of nephalim…mabe their DNA was harvested by evil doers…i do not know…and that rabbit hole is far to deep for me to go down…2 Corinthians says that satan can masquerade as an angel of light…also scripture says, In this world you will have trouble, but be of good cheer because I have overcome the world.
        I’m still here…praying for our President, Q, Neon, our beloved country, and so much more….
        Thank you for your awesome work Neon….alien life, grey men…a bridge too far for me too.
        God bless you and all you Patriots out there ♡♡

        • Thank you! Isn’t it amazing that God is ALWAYS here to help us through the confusion, uncertainty and fear? Our faith is the most precious thing God gave us.

          “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

          God Bless!

    • Not sure what happened to my reply, but let me try again…

      It’s very obvious we’ve never been to the moon. NASA has even admitted as much…

      And really, you can take Q’s statement another way as well: “False – (that) moon landings are real”.

    • According to Joseph H Cater, the secret about the moonlanding is that it has a breathable atmosphere and earthlike conditions. The no moon landing thing is misdirection

      • After watching numerous videos done by a Canadian gentleman that crowdfunded for one heck of a telescope, I am inclined to think that the lunar surface and atmosphere is FAR different than what NASA has released. The videos show what appears to be structures, greenery and even cloud formations. I am not alarmed by extraterrestials, other Earth species, etc. If they exist now then it’s likely they have always existed, and yet humanity is still here. We humans have great gifts, that is, if we use them. Love. Acceptance. Compassion. Try and leave this world, or universe, better than one found it. In my limited understanding, I believe this to be a worthy aspiration.

        • Hello Lisa, Do you by chance have the name of this gentleman? I would be very interested in his findings!

          Thank you!


    • Nothing can surprise me anymore. If the people who just bought the house next door turn out to be Jesus and Mary I will remain calm. I kind of hope they are.

  3. Dear Neon!

    i appreciate your work absolutely. You´re doing a fantastic job! Thank you so much. We´re sharing your articles always immediately on our private blog on vk.

    I´m a german anon and maybe i can give you a hint about the Ufo´s and what Q means about the ET´s. Maybe this may close the gap to some related Q-themes concerning Germany:

    Did you ever hear about the so called “Dritte Macht”, the “Third Power”? THIS is the biggest secret on earth. Labeled as always as a conspiracy theorie.
    It´s about the german “Absetzbewegung” (Get away movement) in the year 1945.
    The Third Power are the descendants of the exilgermans, who hid all over the world but especially in Antarctica in the first years. They are more affiliated to the Black Sun as to the Nationalsocialism.
    Don´t have fear to touch this topics because this topics are the key to understand, WHY the situation in our world was as it was (AND IS!!) until TODAY!

    Search for example for Admiral Byrd and the battle in 1947 where he got defeated in Antarctica. I´ve got a whole lot of a bunch of literature and you can find everything about in the net.

    The Third Power works together with and protects in the background Potus, Putin and Xi and backs all operations in the recent events.

    You will really be absolutely surprised when you assume, that this power exists. And many pieces will fall into thier place. Believe me.

    -WHY did the Cia put out the Et-conspiracy theory? Put out the truth as a ct? No.
    =everybody who talks about ufo´s and Et´s was labeled a tinfoil after that. Cia goal reached.

    -there are hundreds tons of sightings and trustable sources that Ufos exist. But who sits in them, when the Cia says there are Et´s in them? ; )

    -Where there is smoke there must be fire!

    -did you ever read the book of Sajaha? This is the absolut basic stuff what happens now. And very very soon the end (positive!!) will arrive.

    When you have questions you can contact me!

    Maybe i could help a little bit because only a few people are openminded enough (increasingly!!! THX Q) to inform and understand this part of the game. The reason is the indoctrinated Nazi-hysteria all over the world.

    But think again:
    – nothing is what it seems
    – the opposite is true
    – truth IS always SIMPLE

    Best wishes for you and your family!
    German Anon

  4. Absolute jawdropper. I thought there is nothing that Q drops surprises me anymore. WRONG! Even my girlfriend went into WTF state. MSM will of course use this ‘alieeeens’ angle in their future smear articles. We sure need something concrete after these drops. Anyway, still on Q train!!

  5. I highly recommend Chuck Missler’s lecture on space aliens. Even if you have seen it before.

    Think of the vastness of space, indeed. I believe there are extraterrestrials, but I do not believe they are space aliens.

  6. This Q drop was disappointing to me. I don’t believe that a plane hit the Pentagon. I don’t believe that we ever went to the moon, due to the Van Allen belt which makes it impossible for anything living to pass thru it, due to intense radiation. This entire Q drop ruins my belief in Q’s information and belief. IMHO, this drop was a big mistake. With you, I share disbelief regarding any meeting or treaty with aliens. The only aliens that I am worried about are the illegal ones crossing the southern border.

    Too bad for Q. They went too far. Also, it appeared to me that Q was contradicting President Trump regarding Sessions. I suppose anyone is fallible.

    • Also……..if space is a vacuum, how do jet fuel powered engines work without oxygen? I always wondered how they can jet around in space, if there is nothing to apply forward thrust to???

      I don’t buy the theory of evolution either. I do think that homo sapiens is a lab created species. We are the only “animal” that is missing two chromosomes. The first and second position of our DNA are fused to the third and fourth positions, which is obviously manipulated DNA. I always wonder what we would be like without that genetic manipulation. Would we be hairy all over? Would we have ESP and communicate other ways than spoken language?

      • Katzenboots — The Apollo rocket system carried, in each stage, LOX (liquid oxygen) tanks which were much bigger than the fuel tanks. Even the Mercury project rockets and earlier carried liquid oxygen tanks. That’s why, during those early tests (typically Redstone), when a rocket failed to launch (losing stability after several a few feet, and then tipping over), they always blew up spectacularly on impact. That was due to the sudden loss of structural integrity followed by clouds fuel and PURE OXYGEN coming into contact with each other. All it takes is a couple momentarily high-energy molecules from each to run into each other, and the chain reaction happens very quickly (as each oxidation reaction, being exothermic, raises the temperature in the volume around it). Just like when a house with a gas leak suddenly goes BOOM because someone turned on a light, and a momentary spark in a wall-switch is enough to start the process going, with geometric growth.

        • That is interesting, Dirk. Thank you. However, once the rocket/or whatever space ship is launched, the oxygen tanks fall off. What then is the engine pushing against, if it is a void? I always wondered how Star Trek ships could move at fast speeds, in space. Also, how do they move along forward, if there are all kinds of debris and meteors in the way of their travel? None of that makes sense to me? How do they avoid the Van Allen Belt? Why are they able to live if the radiation is so great that it would kill any living being upon contact?

          • I realize that Star Trek is not real. However, I do think that the franchise was developed to introduce the idea of alternate intelligent life on other planets.

    • Agreed. If a B757 had hit the Pentagon the wings, vertical stabilizer, elevator and engines would have been sheared off and the debris would have been outside the walls. Look at the photo, nothing. Also, I have been in that parking lot the aircraft would have flown over to hit the Pentagon. It would have hit some of the light poles in the parking lot. None damaged.

    • Wrong question. If you read the definition of a plane, then Q is correct.
      The better question would have been, “Was the Pentagon hit by a commercial passenger plane on 9/11”.
      The same principle can be applied to the moon question. It’s all in HOW you ask the question.

    • I am wondering if it is disinfo where disinfo is needed. He can’t come out all conspiracy, or we’ll lose a lot of people. At least I hope that’s the case.

      As for the Pentagon, c’mon Q. It was a missile, we have a quote from Rumsfeld (? or Cheney?) saying it was a missile, we have film footage (1 stupid blinking film….) showing it’s a missile, we have “there is no way in life to fly the plane in a corkscrew turn” stated by numerous pro-pilots, it was too low to the ground, no engines on the ground, no building damage for wings, etc etc. If Q thinks that’s a plane, then he thinks remote control missiles with tiny wings are planes.

  7. Few things…

    I think Pentagon plane is deliberate disinfo from Q… Not right timing for 9/11 truth yet. The released frames does not show a plane with blue logo etc, and it’s an impossible maneuver to fly like that even for the most experienced pilots. Hitting that exact spot covered up the trillions lost and was especially reinforced to handle impact of plane.. Besides… a huge plane like that does not disappear into a building in a small hole…


    Moon landing can be real, but most/all of the footage faked (by Kubrick)… tons of reasons why this makes sense… If something went wrong they had cover, and god knows what they really saw up there… Lot of astronauts talking about UFOs etc.

    Regarding your UFO vid it’s quite impressive. Wish I had a sighting like that 🙂 Looks like classic triangle UFO…

    There is plenty of declassified UFO material these days… why would the governments take this so seriously if it was not real? Cases where military personnel have witnessed “UFO/spaceships” landing, and seen real ETs…

    • Maybe you are right. That would explain it. But, why bother to lie to us about it? It is not relevant to what is going on, anyway, so why would Q include something completely off topic? Maybe Q got hacked, and this is a fake post? Maybe they put in all that disinformation to defeat Q’s credibility? You know that the DS has plenty of hackers to do whatever they want them to do. Maybe this is the only way they could think of to undermine Q?

      I have seen plenty of UFO’s like you filmed here. In Texas, you can sit out any night and count them bc the sky is so big there that you can see for miles and miles. These “aliens” were probably here long before our species was developed. In fact, someone developed us. I often wonder if we are just a giant experiment, and whomever put together our DNA is watching to see if we blow ourselves up. The DS and it’s associated warlords, demons and hate mongers have done a lot of damage to the planet, and so far, nobody is stopping them. We are still dropping bombs on civilians.

        • I don’t think that God created homo sapiens. Maybe there was someone else? We are too dysfunctional to be created by a perfect being. Our flaws are too obvious. I do think that there are interdimensional beings. If you call them, they will come. But, some are very very dangerous, and thrive on misery, hatred, fear and negative emotions. They may try to trick you. There are also some that are kind, loving and concerned. The Tibetan Book of the Dead says that there are demons who try to trick you. It warns to be aware of them and their modus operandi. It also says that at some point, you get a choice to chose a reincarnation into the world of the gods, the world of the men, and the world of the animals. It says to pick carefully. It says that all three worlds are fallible. It also says that all three worlds are subject to instant death. The creator is not these gods and demons, it is a force far beyond all that.

          • This is MarkMarshall’s response to my initial comment.

            “Nothing was created (exists) that wasn’t created by God. There will be a time when “a powerful delusion” will be sent/allowed by God to deceive all but the very elect.”

            God Bless!

      • Good point. However, I don’t think Q is hacked. He would have said so very quickly. Remember, Q is backed by pretty advanced “hackers” himself. Why would he “lie” about Pentagon and 9/11? I really don’t know, but I just cannot see how a plane hit the Pentagon (unless it was a very small plane or some kind of drone).

        When it comes to ET’s I recommend checking out Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka). He’s been doing it since the early 80’s. Bashar predicted years in advance that “everything would change in the fall of 2016″… and a few years later it’s hard not to agree with that…

        The world is literally splitting apart into two main camps…something Bashar also has predicted would happen more and more towards 2020 and beyond…

        • About those very capable hackers. Why aren’t they busy wiping out the resources of the world’s crazy arsed billionaires? Why don’t they empty the FED? Why don’t they wreck the CCP? Why don’t they do some good for a change?

    • The astronauts came into contact with hostile aliens on the moon, that is why they were nervous.

      The Stanley Kubrick film was required due to the amount of film that they were not allowed to use from the hostile aliens. the dark side of the moon is filled with alien beings and structures for these beings- think United Nations of alien beings. the moon never shows its dark side,

      Suggested reading: earth moon matrix by David Icke

    • What I want to know is how fast this plane was traveling? Was it a small plan having an emergency landing? Taxiing? If it fired a missile, maybe a smaller plane hit the building, but didn’t do much damage. People assume big passenger plane which may be disinfo.

    • Agreed regarding real landing + fake footage (quite possibly Kubrick). I am surprised how much credence people give the Aliens Don’t Exist programming. The conditioned response runs deep with this one. No need to apologize for bringing the topic to light. At this point, it’s crazier to not have the discussion. Peace, Earthians.

      • I am surprised how much credence some people give the Aliens Exist programming.The conditioned response runs deep with this one. It goes both ways Bob. We don’t know who’s right at this point. What we need to do is stop calling each other stupid for believing one or the other. We do that more than enough about many things as it is

  8. Wow! I’d find this hard to believe if not for my own personal experience as a kid in the middle of a sunny day sometime near 1982. Outside with sibling in middle of day when a craft slowly moves over the trees about 100 feet above the ground and then hovers above a condo building in our condo complex. I can only describe the craft as looking similar to the X-File movie at the end of the movie. The thing was as big as two of our 3-story condo buildings combined. Strange humming noise. No visible propulsion exhaust. I was a kid, but I watched enough tv to know that this was no rocket, jet, or plane because no propulsion system would allow such a big craft to hover 100 feet above a building as it did. I remember telling my sibling to get the Polaroid and as soon as I said that, the craft took off and out of sight at a rapid rate. About a minute later, 5 military helicopters go in the same direction. This was in the middle of the day. No clouds. I wasn’t taking drugs. I was a street smart kid with a healthy dose of skepticism, but I knew this wasn’t technology our military had. Was it our own military or alien? Who knows.

    So this news of aliens didn’t crash my world, but it’s time Q. For normies to believe in alien life, we first need EVERYONE to believe that Q is an official insider first. As long as people still doubt Q’s political revelations, they’ll use this alien talk to discredit those very political revelations.

    • I believe you. Most people have seen them, but decide to ignore them. Your experience, in daylight is very impressive. Glad they were not looking to pick up specimens when they went by your house.

    • “As long as people still doubt Q’s political revelations, they’ll use this alien talk to discredit those very political revelations.”

      NA, maybe that was the point of that post (and a couple other posts)?

  9. Q&A now of all things… and Q goes and “confirms aliens” … somethings going on here… This would be a really dumb time to genuinely “disclose aliens” just as things are really heating up…

  10. World Business
    Facing Losses, Billionaire Takes His Own Life
    FRANKFURT — Adolf Merckle, the German billionaire whose speculation in volatile Volkswagen stock had pushed his sprawling business empire to the edge of ruin, has committed suicide, his family said Tuesday.
    Mr. Merckle, 74, was found dead on railroad tracks near his villa in the southern German hamlet of Blaubeuren on Monday evening. German authorities in the nearby city of Ulm confirmed the death and said there was no sign anyone else was involved.
    “The distress to his firms caused by the financial crisis and the related uncertainties of recent weeks, along with the helplessness of no longer being able to handle the situation, broke the passionate family businessman, and he ended his life,” the family said in a statement.
    The police said a suicide note had been found; its contents were not publicly released.
    More than any other single investment, Mr. Merckle’s poorly timed bet on Volkswagen shares caused the financial distress that led to his death.
    Last fall, Mr. Merckle lost hundreds of millions of euros when he was caught in a brief but ferocious speculative riptide linked to a campaign by Porsche, the sports car manufacturer, to seize control of Volkswagen. He was facing the dismantling of his empire and the sale of major holdings at the time of his death.

    Porsche announced late Monday — around the time Mr. Merckle was taking his own life — that it had acquired slightly more than 50 percent of Volkswagen shares, up from a 42.6 percent voting stake in October. Porsche has said it planned to buy 75 percent of Volkswagen during the course of the year, as it seeks more operating control of Europe’s biggest carmaker.
    A native of Dresden who made his way to Western Germany after World War II, Mr. Merckle parlayed a family business in chemicals into one of the biggest pharmaceutical concerns in the world. Ratiopharm, a maker of generic medicines that was a recognized brand itself, became the pride of the family.
    Other businesses included Phoenix, a pharmaceutical wholesaler; and HeidelbergCement, a building materials supplier that in 2007 acquired a British rival, Hanson, to become a leading global player.
    Forbes estimated Mr. Merckle’s fortune at $9.2 billion in 2008, making him No. 94 on its list of the world’s richest people.
    The financial crisis began taking its toll on HeidelbergCement last year as the debt incurred to buy Hanson became more burdensome.
    Standard & Poor’s lowered the company’s credit rating as liquidity became scarcer in global market turmoil.

    Adolf Merckle, 74, was ranked as the world’s 94th richest person in 2008, according to Forbes magazine.
    In November, it became clear that Mr. Merckle had lost an amount of money in the “low hundreds of millions” by wagering that shares in Volkswagen would fall, a financial transaction known as short-selling.
    The bet had put him up squarely against a celebrated family, the Porsches. The sports car manufacturer from nearby Stuttgart was in the process of taking over Volkswagen.
    On Oct. 26, Porsche announced it had secured stock and options equivalent to about 75 percent of Volkswagen shares. Short-sellers, who borrow shares and sell them, hoping to buy them back later at a lower cost, were caught in a bind, since the revelation implied a shortage of VW shares to cover the short-selling.

    Intense demand caused VW shares to skyrocket to just over 1,000 euros ($1,260), from 210 euros in two trading sessions. That briefly made the automaker the world’s most valuable company by market capitalization.
    Porsche subsequently sold some of its VW shares to ease the tension in the market, but not before the episode upset the weightings in Germany’s benchmark DAX index and injured the country’s reputation as a financial center, in the estimation of many investors.
    Volkswagen shares were up 12 percent on Tuesday, to close at 285 euros.
    For Mr. Merckle, the damage was more concrete.
    The last weeks of his life were spent wrangling with a consortium of banks for a bridge loan that would tide over his investment vehicle, VEM Vermögensverwaltung. It became increasingly clear that Mr. Merckle would have to sell part or all of Ratiopharm, widely regarded as his most attractive asset.
    The situation cost speculators in New York and London dearly, leading to a fair amount of schadenfreude in Germany, where financial trickery is looked upon with much disdain. Among the known short-sellers were two large hedge funds, Glenview Capital and Greenlight Capital.
    Germans were bewildered to discover that one of their own had also engaged in speculation, but their sympathy was not aroused.
    The Merckle family was based in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg, home to many privately held companies that are heavyweights in their field. The governor of the state, Günther Oettinger, briefly considered guaranteeing a loan for Mr. Merckle, but quickly pulled back amid a public outcry.
    Mr. Oettinger said in a statement on Tuesday that he was “deeply shaken” by the news of Mr. Merckle’s death. He lauded Mr. Merckle as a man who took his social responsibilities seriously while building up a family-owned business “of European significance.”
    Like many wealthy German families, the Merckles were well known, but avoided the limelight, especially recently as the patriarch’s financial distress deepened. Until recently, Mr. Merckle’s son, Philipp Daniel, one of his four children, ran Ratiopharm.

    Just posting this, bc this man owned the largest generic pharma company in EU. They found him dead on the railroad tracks behind his house. He was a billionaire. He was facing a short term cash crunch, but no one would give him a bridge loan to cover for it. After he died, the loan came thru, the company was sold (before he refused to sell), his son was forced to step down from the Board of directors, and the family went silent.

    I posted this bc it seems like the Canadian couple were murdered as well. Big Pharma wants all generic drugs. The Caryle Group has 1/3 of it’s members’ portfolio invested in Big Pharma. The Bushes, and others well know are investors in Caryle Group. PNAC/JINSA/OPEC owned and operated……..

  11. Have you heard of AR Bordon? https://www.scribd.com/document/110686604/A-Letter-to-Michael-Lee-Hill Did a little research on MLH because I too have seen those types of lights…but over Lake Erie. He started recording them a while back…and I ran into him shortly after I had seen them back in 2006 or 2007 I think. Then he resurfaced and I stumbled on him again as I was researching Edgar Cayce and the mound builder culture of Eastlake. And then I found this letter. AR Bordon is now dead. MLH said “they” killed him. He did something that “they” did not like.

  12. Laugh at me if you must BUT..”they” ugly ass reptoids (my name for them) are NOT aliens they are discribed in Gen 6:4 demon scum from the loins of fallen angels and human women.Nephilim.
    They want you to swallow the “we seeded you here” cool-aid. If you don’t want to belive the Bible the book of Enoch tells the story in depth.
    Dismiss this info @ your own peril. BTW …REBUKE them in the name of Jesus IF you are a true believer in HIM our true maker and just see them scurry like the cocroaches they are!

  13. This has to be the most disturbing NR I’ve read, EVER! Given Q drops, continuing to get confirmation on Bill Coopers books and being on a live stream with a You Tuber Tues night this week doing some star gazing via his infrared camera let’s me know that we are In the dark about so many important life altering things. While gazing at the stars with a You Tuber that lives in Indiana “ JonXArmy” we all saw at least 4 orbs in distant space, in fact by the 3rd or 4th one I can safely say we were all pretty calmly accepting them. Until, near the end of the view a transparent silvery snake like image materialized in view and slinked out of view, given how far his camera was zooming whatever we saw had to be HUGE. The You Tuber and all who were in the chat totally freaked out.
    I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but I do know who holds my future and it ain’t the government, aliens or demons. All any of us can do at this point is hold fast to our faith in the One who truly created us, cause in the end, He’s all we have or need.
    Thanks so much Neon for the hard work you always put into getting us the message even if it is an extremely difficult time to be the messenger. Know that you are so appreciated and needed. God Bless you always.

  14. I… Have no idea whatsoever what I should think about this.
    What does that make God? Is God the spiritual power of mankind?
    Are these Aliens effectively all powerful?
    So confused on so many levels

  15. FWIW, the UFO you saw is the good ole TR3-B. It’s human-made and has been spotted literally hundreds if not thousands of times. It likely uses some sort of advanced grav drive based on captured alien tech, and as you would guess is classified up the wazoo. It is space-capable too, at least some models supposedly are, as triangular craft have been sighted many kilometers up moving at tremendous speeds only possible in the absence of atmosphere. I do not think the TR3-B’s are capable of the tremendous in-atmosphere speeds seen by some UFO’s, which could indeed be other human-made craft – or not. Suffice it to say the UFO you saw is pretty much the most mundane/commonly one sighted over the last 20-30 years.

  16. Gd morning NEON!

    Clearly much has been hidden from us which also brings me to DESKO mountain in the Antarctic:

    What is really taking place there? I remember a short tweet by Buzz Aldrich where he attached a pic he called DESKO mountain tweeting these words: “This is beyond evil and God help us all”! He had been there.

    Having been researching for some time I do believe that somewhat some info may be correct although I tend to believe that the fallen Angels are indeed frozen in time at Antarctica. Adding into this Hadron Collider at Cern – together it is a very dark subject.

    I suppose the Lucerferians want to usher into the world their long desired antichrist.

    Seeing the opening ceremony in Cern was absolutely evil.

  17. Huh. After reading the Pale Horse excerpts, I feel like we truly are just an ant farm, here for the pleasure and experimentation at the behest of the elites. I mean, wtf is up with “yeah you can abduct people and run experiments on them, but make ’em forget”? Seriously makes the sex harassment claims (especially against Kavanaugh) seem so very, very insignificant.

    I must admit however, I have always been open to the existence of aliens. I became even more of a believer when my husband (who is a strict black and white, logical, computer/mathematical.engineer type–who does not believe in anything he can’t quantify) admitted to me (and nobody else-still won’t speak of it today) early on that when he was in high school, he went cat fishing with a cousin at 3am in a lake in the middle of nowhere in Georgia. It was a new moon, so pitch black. Then, a very bright light (projecting enough ambient light as a full moon) appeared with no noise. It stayed low in the sky and scared them enough to GTFO. As they trailered the boat and drove off, he says the bright light followed them at a constant speed for several minutes. Then at some point, sped up and disappeared. It spooked him enough to be affected by it to this day.

    • Same experience for me, west Central Georgia. Traveling home on a dark country road, bright light appeared above and behind us and followed so closely the back seat of the car was lit up. First thought was a helicopter, but no sound at all. It stayed with us until a car came towards us in the distance. Relief was the first emotion, until the car moved out of sight, then immediately the light came on again and followed us to the edge of a small town. Glad to know I’m not the only one with the experience.

  18. Ok, let’s hold horses.
    Q said that we aren’t alone. It could be cellular life. And pale horse could contain it as a way for discrediting itself to be labeled a tinfoil-hat tier book.

    • Also, confirmation doesn’t equal direct contact. And Trumps space force could be possibly used to gain leverage for regulations on outer space (such as C’s satellites). But, if Eisenhower really made contact with ET thanks what made them sign this treaty?

      • The Space Force is yet another reaction to a foreign nation’s (in this case China) claim to something the US wants. Like they did after the Russians went into space.

  19. Hell yes, we landed on the moon. And that was a plane that hit the Pentagon… I know people that saw it, both in flight and the crash itself. I love a good conspiracy as much as anyone, but don’t believe every bit of flotsam and jetsum that floats through the conspiracy world. Interesting stuff re. aliens…

  20. Im sorry but with Bill Cooper, this has gone completely off the rails. I tried reading Pale Horse but my BS meter was off the charts and I had to put it down. The last straw for me was when Billy made the mistake of confusing Adam Smith (father of capitalism) with Adam Weishaupt (founder of a group called illuminati). Every American high schooler is taugh who Adam Smith is but he doesnt know the difference–look it up for yourself in chapter 2. The man is a lier, or just gullible at best. Maybe some of what he says is credible but how can we know which parts?

    I started reading Neon Revolt bc you promised you would stick to the facts, what we can prove. All the deeper theories youve been doing long summaries of break that promise. It makes it so I cant share this blog with my normie friends and family. Bloodlime Families and all that may eventually be relevant but it doesnt help the normies–and i can find other websites dedicated to the topic. I came here for Q posts and summaries, thats it.

    • I started reading Neon Revolt bc you promised you would stick to the facts, what we can prove. All the deeper theories youve been doing long summaries of break that promise

      Uhh… I never promised that anywhere.

  21. I have a coworker who was in DC area for work on 9/11. She saw the plane flying low. Thousands did. There’s piles of consistent reports from ordinary people.

    I can maybe buy a theory that the hijackers were aided and abetted by the CIA or whatever, but when the theorists start trotting out “CGI planes added to every video after the fact” they lose all credibility. Not to mention how angry and insulting they get if you just ask a question.

  22. Eh, maybe there is mold on some planet like Mars. Q is pretty vague. What bugs me is the elite’s fascination with aliens. They adhere to it all. Podesta posted about aliens every time things got hot. Project blue beam. I pretty much feel that God made the universe for us and if there is ‘life’ out there we should be concerned with, He would of mentioned it in scripture. I also wonder about the 60% of stuff that Q won’t tell us, I mean the things discovered so far are mind blowing enough, what could possibly be left?

    Love the JC angle, Neon, great analysis, as usual 🙂

    • It’s because of the fallen angels they worship in satanism. Those sons of God who came to the earth, turned out to be a bunch of horny rapists and perverts. All occult religions are based on these guys, including all the Babylonian and Egyptian stuff (the Cabal are so into this). But in a very real way, those sons of God were alien to current humans.

  23. Awesome writeup. I really enjoyed your thought processes paralleling the majority of the Q community. Stay skeptical my friend

  24. Why keep the Fatima revelations secret ? what’s the purpose ? aliens ? don’t buy It not in the form mentioned in the article although Jesus did say my fathers mansion has many rooms i doubt whether he could have got his Disciples to understand today’s world back then he probably could have shown them but then Christianity would never have got off the ground people back then would have thought the Disciples nutters if they tried explaining the future or thought them to be witches or devils one would need to really study the Bible if it has not been manipulated to exclude the mention of aliens if there really is such a thing it might be an evil force now i sound like a medieval superstitious clergyman but it’s hard to swallow

    • I consider Earth a playpen for young Godlings. We are meant to be Sons of God when we mature properly, and the other Sons are not to interfere unless by request from God or us (barring their normal duties). Possibly there is a Prime Directive on cluing the little kids in, and some sort of species wide maturation has to take place before we get the whole truth. Sort of like The Talk.

      Interestingly, in Enoch, some other Sons of God came down in the early days of man, and taught us stuff, so aliens baring tech knowledge isn’t far fetched. These were not humans unless time is even weirder than I can conceive of. So yes, we have siblings per the Bible and Enoch

  25. I share your confusion, NR. I don’t buy the aliens. If there is anything, then it’s fallen angels posing as aliens. Maybe getting ready for a mass media hoax. My faith in God is fighting this one. Also, I think Q walked it back with “disinformation” and checking to see how the boards would react.

  26. well that sucks….until now i held out hope q was for real….im a christian,i do believe in extraterrestrials….but not from outer space,more like extra dimensionals…fallen angels if you will. moon landing real?you gotta be kidding me….total b.s. no plane hit the pentagon,sorry. god set limits….you can go this far,but no further. no one goes above low earth orbit….ever. this is looking more like a psyop. DAMMIT i so wanted it to be true.listen beware of the day when our govt. says “hey check it out here is an alien,we were planted here by THEM” that will be the great deception that god said he would allow….be very careful,use discernment. GOD is real…don”t buy the bullshit…no matter WHO is giving you the information.

    • I read a theory that demons/otherworldly beings would claim to be ETs so we don’t fear them and listen to their promises like Eisenhower did. Their existence does NOT mean all they claim to be true. However, existence if proven could not be denied. Their testimony is suspect until also proven.

  27. Yes Neon Revolt sometimes my brain looks like scrambled eggs after some of Q’s posts. Also still believe Kubrick filmed what we see as the moon landings even though apparently we did go.

    • I wonder if they couldn’t release the footage from the moon because they found things there they did not want people to see?

  28. P.S. The only logical way I can think that this is a strategic move on Q’s part to reveal ETs is if they think we’ll have a world-wide contact even with them soon – then it makes sense to prep people. I don’t know. Wait for the anti-Q people to go into nuclear overdrive over this though.

  29. Q made a simple dignified reply. He also has made it very clear he has a strong belief in God. Reconcile. Please don’t degrade his reply by taking it into the realm of comic book fiction of aliens

  30. Pentagon being hit by a plane, doesn’t necessarily means the plane flew into it, it could mean a plane sent off a missile.
    BTW, this was one of the best Q q&a so far.

  31. My mother in law and a few other family members worked for skunkworks ,Rockwell for many years and would not talk about things they had seen. But the one thing my mother in law told me that I never forgot was that when the aliens make there public appearance they will all be wearing Rockwell badges.

  32. In 1990, my husband and I attended a Boston Pops concert outside in Boston on the edge of the water, all types of Navy ships in the background. We were standing with many others, under light tree cover. I had a ‘feeling’ and looked up to see a large, silent black triangle craft hovering just above the tree tops. It was OURS. Now, I believe Bill Cooper. For those who really want to know the back story, you will have to take the black pill and read/view the secret sciences that are covered by David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Emory Smith. (Read the Sourcefield Investigations with over 1K of references!)

    Ask yourself about the things that have not been openly reported by MSM. And is that really a surprise? There is a reason that science and spirit were ‘separated’ because when brought into unity, there is a hell of a lot that answers many things, even all those damnable Feinman diagrams. For those who don’t know, let me tell you that we have bases on the moon, and on mars. There are mining facilites on some asteroids. There are bases underground all over the world, many that hold other world beings. Find Project Incention on the utube and look for March of 2016 with Air Force Sgt Patty Brassard. Stretch you minds. Find the book by William Tompkins, Navy whistleblower. Ask yourself who hacked the Government files in July of 2015 and obtained the entire listing of all military employees, including the space program? Find the article. I believe there was ONE mention of it. And how far back did the records go?

    Q is not trying to do more than drop a new rabbit hole for those who have the tenacity to go down and find out. The 13 Bloodlines have been using occult, magic and blood to accomplish their goals. One cannot just follow a religious teaching to ‘stay away from that stuff’….no one is asking us to participate, but it’s the next layer to understand how they have accomplished what they have. Money, secrecy, and magic. More secret societies. Suspend your disbelief and research it, just like we did SA, wonderland, keystone. Q has always encouraged us to look, research and think for ourselves. How far have we come in the last year from what we ‘thought’ was our reality?? How much further do we have to go? We are not there yet. The real big adventure is just beginning!!!!

  33. Neon, what you captured on camera is very similar to what my husband and I saw in myrtle beach a couple of years ago although it was 5 lights. Daughter was same thing in Michigan a short while later. When she posted to FACEBOOK, it auto filled UFO. Hmmmmmm

  34. The book lost all credibility when I got to the part that we were created by the aliens. We know we are dealing with Satanists. Demons can manifest themselves in various forms. This whole alien thing is Satan at his finest.

    Before I get to his comments about Mary appearing in Fatima, Portugal in 1917, we need to back up to 1884.

    Oct. 13, 1884, (that date is important) after just saying Mass, Pope Leo XIII collapsed as though dead. When he came to, he described a vision of a conversation he heard between God and Satan. It is very much like the story of the book of Job in the Bible. Satan boasts to God that he can destroy The Church. God asks him how long he needs and he replies 100 years. God shows Pope Leo XIIl what will occur in the 20th century….”wars, immorality, genocide, and apostasy on a grand scale”. Pope Leo XIII immediately writes the prayer to St. Michael, the Archangel, that was said at the end of mass until about 1970.

    Most people believe the 100 year reign of Satan began Oct. 13, 1917 with the last visitation of Mary to the three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, when the miracle of the sun occurred. That would mean that Oct. 13, 2017 was the beginning of the end of Satan’s reign. Q BEGAN POSTING IN NOVEMBER 2017!!! The truth about the Illuminati (whose goal was always to destroy the Catholic Church), Satanism, and the Cabal began to be exposed.

    What greater sin could there be to Our Lord than sexually abusing his children? “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

    The Pale Horse facts about Fatima are not entirely true, although there is still great speculation (and divisiveness) that the 3rd secret given to St. Lucia has never been totally revealed.


    On Oct. 13, 1973, Mary appeared in Akita, Japan. We are seeing this warning come true today with the McCarrick expose!!

    “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.

    “The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.”
    Sister Agnes Sasagawa

    I know that it is hard for some non-Catholics to understand the importance of Mary. I won’t get into it in depth here, but I want to say a couple of things. Mary was the Sacred Vessel that carried Jesus in her womb, the “New Arc of the Covenant”. The Bible tells us that as Jesus was dying on the cross, he made great effort to speak. It would have caused him incredible agony to even utter a sound because of his wounds. He spoke of his mother…our mother. “Woman, behold thy son. After that, he saith to the disciple: Behold thy mother. And from that hour, the disciple took her to his own”. John 19:26-27

    Mary ALWAYS, ALWAYS, points to her son!! She has appeared many times throughout history across the world. Depending upon the state of the times, her messages can vary somewhat. But they ALWAYS contain the same underlying theme, “Love my son! Repent and come back to my son! Do not be displeasing to my son!”

    We need to continue to pray for President Trump and those who are working with him! They are fighting Satan, and he’s not going to go without a fight! God’s got this! But he wants us to be a part of it, by offering our prayers for those fighting on the front lines. God bless.

  35. I believe in aliens, except that they are fallen angels. Biblical. But everyone is entitled to their beliefs, which is what makes this place so great!

    So, what is the “Church” you speak of. I’m an old Scientology watcher/critic from back in the day so that is the only thing that pops up in my mind. Besides the Catholic Church. I searched your archives and on GAB but didn’t see anything off hand. Can you point me in the right direction so I can go down the rabbit hole? Thanks!

    • CDAN, Crazy Days and Nights, has a fair bit on “The Church.” I apologize because I dont know what the blind is titled, perhaps searching ‘The Church” on its site will find it for you.

  36. Just imagine:
    If Q knows about the aliens, Trump knows about the aliens, and probably every living president, including Bill Clinton, that means Hillary knows, and probably John Podesta knows, who is obsessed with aliens.
    If Hillary had won, Podesta would have gotten the highest security clearance at Area 51, and probably made some type of ambassador to the galactic federation, how long until he rapes a some alien kid and starts a space war.

    Seriously though, this is no time to abandon Q because your own beliefs are questioned.
    Just wait and see what is being brought to light. There is still a long way to go with cleaning up the deep state mess, and the evil that the cabal has brought upon us for decades/centuries, and Q/Trump needs everyone in the midterms, this is far too important to all of humanity, than to say “fuck it, I believe the moonlanding was staged by Hollywood, and if Q says other vice, I’m out”

    If you have been with Q so far, why is this too much?

  37. This brings to mind 1 Corinthians 13:12…

    “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”

  38. This is all very interesting, but let’s focus on the fight at hand for a while. The aliens can wait.

    Regarding the FEMA alert and the it’s postponement, it would depend upon what the prez intends to broadcast. If his intent is just some basic, ‘This is a test of the broadcast system’, then the postponement makes no sense. But if his intent was to broadcast, ‘We are now in a national state of emergency. All national guard units will go to condition Red’ or something like that, then waiting until K is confirmed does make sense.

    We don’t know the entire plan, so let’s watch, read, listen and learn and stop criticizing.

  39. You guys do realize that the Q & A session was not posted on the /patriotsfight/ board, right? Didn’t Q say that all future comms will only come from that board? It was totally out of character and all the topics chosen to answer are the most polarizing in the community. When he confirms on his board it was him, then I’ll buy what’s being sold.

  40. The anon that asked the bottomline question,”friend or foe ?” cuts to the heart of the matter as concerns our relationship to these potential “others” ,and in turn leads to many other relevant questions that depend on the answer to anon’s primary inquiry.If they are friendly and they have no hidden agenda or ulterior motives,why are they being so secretive ?Why do they want to experiment on us like lab rats and to what ends,and why would our government officials agree to such a bizarre,agregious arrangement ?(and would they have agreed to these terms had they been personally called upon to volunteer as a subject to these experiments as aposed to a faceless U.S.citizen ?)And if they’re a hostile foe,why is it that with their advanced technology and abilities they don’t just openly invade and slaughter and/or enslave us without seeking an arrangement with our or any government ?And if they created us,why do they have a need to capture us to study us instead of merely creating more of us as needed where ever it is they call home ?And why do they seek the most sociopathic of our leaders to make these accords with? Here are some of my conclusions and considerations.First I think there IS something going on not of this world,and I think they are very hostile to us,but contrary to what they or the ‘elites’in league with them would have us believe,they are very evil AND very limited in what they can do.There is one thing they hate and are in mortal terror of and that is THE CREATOR GOD OF THE BIBLE AND HIS VASTLY SUPERIOR POWERS AND FORCES(INCLUDING POWERFUL WARRING ANGELS AND BELIEVING,PRAYING CHRISTIANS INCLUDING YOU IF YOU BELIEVE AND PRAY).IT’S THE ONLY MEANS OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE AND WITHOUT BELIEF IN GOD AND A PRAYING RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM YOU AND I ARE “EASY MEAT”FOR THESE SPIRITUAL THUGS HUMAN AND NONHUMAN.These “Outerspace Creatures”are just that.Creatures.Which means they like we were created by the same primary source and thus subject to the same spiritual laws,such as the law of reaping and sewing(karma if you will)So to effectively fight or oppose them and also evil humans, you call upon our just CREATOR AND FRIEND TO CAUSE THEM TO REAP ALL THE MISERY,SICKNESS,SORROW,RAGE,ANDEATH THEY HAVE CAUSED FOR CENTURIES,EVEN MILLENIA !!!ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.YOU HAVE NOT BECAUSE YOU ASK NOT.MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT?THE VAST LIMITLESS POWER GIVEN TO YOU TO USE AGAINST THE FORCES OF EVIL THAT ARE MADE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE WORD OF GOD THROUGH PRAYER AND RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AND THE COMMUNITY OF BELIEVERS.We are no match for these fallen angels without GOD,but they are no match for us who are with GOD.We have more than we know,indeed.As far as time travel goes,Iwouldn’t think they would want to travel forward,which would take them closer to their infernal,eternal fast approaching abode,but I would understand completely a STRONG DESIRE TO TRAVEL AS FAR BACK IN TIME AND AWAY FROM INEVITABLE JUDGEMENT AND DAMNATION AS THEY COULD GET.I suspect if the COULD time travel,they wouldn’t me be hanging around here so close to the end of things instead of hurtling farther and farther into the past and away from their DOOM!!!Sucks to be them ! WWGOWGA and WTGOTGA (where They go one They go ALL.

  41. The moon landings are real AND Kubrick also shot a re-creation.

    They weren’t certain the camera would work on the moon, and wanted video backup to justify public interest. What everyone has seen is most likely a combination of real and ‘fake’ video. Disney hired Kubrick on Von Braun’s suggestion.

    Cooper was an absolutely brilliant man. There are things outside our reality that exist. Keep in mind that mauch of what he found might have been deliberate planted disinfo. That said, his book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ is a must read if one has any interest in this, just like Malachi Martin does if you want to figure out the Church.

    Which right now is making Martin look eerily prescient…

  42. HIGHEST: uppermost, supreme
    CLASSIFICATION: a category into which.
    something is put.

    Call me a simpleton but, I believe Q was talking about God. Our highest classification, our Creator. Much higher than mankind’s knowledge even goes.

    Isaiah 45:12 I made the earth and created man on it; it was my hands that stretched out the heavens, and I commanded all their host.

    Christians have always believed that we weren’t alone.
    Perhaps Q is pacing and leading the Autists into belief that what is here on this planet isn’t all there is. (And some of them desperately need it) I remember even the earliest posts were pointing others toward Christianity so, I think the Autists are over thinking this one. Just because Q references the school shootings paragraph to disarm the citizens, it doesn’t give the Cooper book authority in other areas. Just my 2 cents.
    (Or he could have been testing the site capacity I guess!)

  43. I agree with Cybernetic. You saw a TR-3B. Nearly ALL triangular sightings are ours. And the TR-3B was 1970s tech released in the 80s. We’re WAY beyond that now.
    Do the math. On the low end, there are billions of stars with billions of planets in billions of galaxies. If only .00000001% of those planets have developed advanced life and technology, that still means there are at minimum millions of advanced civilizations out there. To think that a few (or more) haven’t visited us is just cognitive dissonance.
    If man evolved from apes, why are there still apes?
    If man is the cause of global warming, explain why the glaciers melted ~12,000 years ago.
    The Wright Brothers flew in 1905. By WW1 propeller planes were capable of dogfights. The first jet aircraft was flown in 1939. Commercial air travel by jet was common by the mid-1950s. The first space flight was Sputnik in 1957. We landed on the moon in 1969. So in 64 years we went from no flight to flying to the moon. And we’ve been stuck there technology-wise for the last 50 years??? No, it doesn’t work that way. Following that time line, we’re way out in space now, and if not capable of faster than light travel yet, we will be shortly. The real question is, why is this being hidden from mankind?
    I owned a Chevrolet Cavalier that got 42 MPG combined in 1985. Even in winter it got 40 MPG combined. And now we can’t build a car that gets even that mileage unless it’s some sort of hybrid? As with #5, 1970s tech is where we’ve been stuck for over 30 years? Sorry, no. We should be getting 200 MPG by now, or be powered by zero-point. Why is THIS being hidden from mankind?

    Use your critical thinking skills. Seriously.

  44. The moon landing by US was real but who they met there can not be shown to the public. Hence they had to film the moon landing on Earth for the public. Think Moon – a giant Space Ship covered with 70km thick earh matterial. I have a lot more to say but you are not ready yet. And also yes UFO are real (ET’s). In the 80’s at the Uni in Moscow I had a classmate. He gave me to read “The Blue Book” translated in russian from the famous investigation of UFO by the US Senate in the 60’s. And it showed 100% that UFO is real. This was the original book , top secret, not for the public. The report was huge 300 pages and it took me a week to read. Why this classmate had such report? He told me that his dad was one of the top Directors in the Soviet Union Space Program at the time and the russians had the True “Blue Book” report. So Q nothing new, at least for me…

  45. Neon, take a look at Charles Upton’s Cracks in the Great Wall/ TheUFO Phenomenon in the Light of Traditional Metaphysics. 80 pages. Sources include Seraphim Rose , Rene Guenon, Whitall Perry, at al.

  46. I was aware that some kind of alien/ET reveal would be coming out. I thought, at a particular time, for a particular reason.. It honestly never once occurred to me that Q would be the revelator..

  47. Count me among the logical, have to see it to believe it folks. In approx. 2005 or 2006, I was outside on the driveway around 2 or 3 in the morning with a new puppy, and noticed lights (lots of them in a horizontal line) on some kind of object just above the treeline at the horizon to the southeast of our rural property in Upstate South Carolina. I could see the object the lights were on, and it appeared to be a long oval shape that obscured the lighter sky behind it. I remember feeling only curiosity, not fear, and watched it for 3 or 4 minutes. There were also diffused circles of light coming from the bottom of the object, but I couldn’t tell if anything was entering or exiting those areas, or were just illuminating for some other reason. Suddenly, the object wasn’t there! I couldn’t hear any sound during this experience, or its disappearance. A good friend told me when I mentioned this, that she and her daughter had similar experiences. Still wondering to this day, if this was some kind of extraterrestrial spaceship or something from our own country’s arsenal.

  48. @NeonRevolt Note that Q neither confirmed nor denied the existence of aliens in those two responses…

    “Are we alone?” > “No.”

    Perfectly reasonable stance to take even without evidence of aliens, if you “consider the vastness of space” and assume Earth is not the only inhabited planet in the entire universe.

    “Highest classification.”

    Could be about whatever happened at Roswell to spark the whole UFO thing, particularly if it related to top secret Cold War espionage work, something nuclear, etc. Or just “what contact with aliens would be if it had ever happened”, or simply that the government has radio evidence of an alien civilisation, which is much more plausible than having them visit us in the flesh.

    By the way, here’s 3 little related factoids:

    The highest classification in the USA is “top secret”.
    Operation Mogul was a top secret project.
    Operation Mogul is the official story about what happened at Roswell.

    Just saying.

    = = =

    Compare to the other post about this from Dec 2017:

    “How far away is the closest star?”

    Close enough that we could pick up radio etc from any inhabitants, far away enough that travel to & from it is a pretty expensive project. Sites like “Atomic Rockets” (http://www.projectrho.com/rocket/index.html) go into crazy levels of detail about the requirements to build a realistic starship, and unless you’re willing to overturn an awful lot of well-established physics to get your wormhole/inertialess/warp/hyper/whatever -drive to work, it’s… unlikely. I mean, it’s one thing to doubt abiogenesis theories or speciation-by-evolution, but E=MC^2? Yeah… colour me sceptical.

    Oh, and don’t forget that this was in answer to “are UFOs a distraction?”.

    “What do you think?”

    What do I think? I think there are swamps to be drained and cabals to be dismantled.

    Speaking of aliens though, this comic has a point: https://xkcd.com/1235

    Final thought: it was a Q&A session, so I’d say almost by definition more prone to Q having a bit of fun than with the usual drops, which often have to be timed with DJT’s tweets and all kinds of similar stuff.

    = = =

    As to building a Space Force… yeah, no. The infrastructure we have to get into space is pathetic, so unless there’s plans to get a space elevator built (out of what?), and then scramble to build a veritable fleet up there, Earth is just a giant target for any well-equipped alien armada. They can drop rocks, shoot lasers, and all that fun stuff at us with more or less total impunity, given the pathetic specific impulses etc of even our best Earth-to-space rockets. Their own weapons overheating, or their spaceships running low on fuel/propellant/consumables will be a bigger threat than anything we can do to them.

    = = =

    As for Mr Cooper… interesting that whilst the aliens promise not to have a treaty with any other Earth nation, he later has the Soviets also help to confirm that prophecy (which incidentally attacks Christianity… no, that doesn’t smell like globalist cabal stuff at all). Curious, no?

    Frankly I’m inclined to pick one of the following:

    He’s crazy, and remembers, believes or even sees things that are not true.
    He’s been made crazy, perhaps to help discredit conspiracy theories (“the C_A killed JFK? Oh that’s just a conspiracy theory, like the fake moon landings or the UFO stuff”).
    He’s sane, but is working to discredit the idea of conspiracy theories, eg as a C_A plant.

    = = =

    TL;DR version: ignore the UFO stuff & get back to useful Qresearch stuff. Either it’s bunkum, in which case it’s a waste of time, or there’s literally nothing we can do, in which case it’s a waste of time.

  49. This looks like disinformation to me. I don’t buy all this aliens nonsense. As for the moon landings…come on – NASA says it lost the technology to go back! Nope this a distraction from something else.

  50. Dr. Michael Heiser, a highly credentialed Hebrew scholar who, unlike most ancient-language nerds, is very interested in studying UFOs too, thinks first contact was made in the Garden of Eden— not that the Serpent was a shape-shifting alien or anything. No, not inter-galactic, but rather inter-dimensional. He bases it (in part) on the Hebrew word nachash, which as a noun means serpent or snake, or one who practices divination; in it’s adjective form, it means bright or brazen. See where this is going? Eve saw a reptilian that was a shining one, lit up with the same science-y explanation as the face of Moses on Sinai or Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. He has an entire book, The Unseen Realm, and you can look up his Naked Bible podcast, but the nutshell version that applies to the recent Q postings is that we are not alone, there’s an unseen dimension where entities are at war with God, and that because God loves humans, these fallen entities will make themselves visible, tangible, audible, etc., and do all sorts of diabolical acts if they can turn God’s objects of love against Him.
    I’ve read Cooper’s A Pale Horse and think Heiser would have been able to help him out on what he was missing.

  51. Neon, if this is too big, delete it, please. I shortened all the URLs.
    #QAnon: there are no Coincidences.
    Yesterday morning I just happened to learn of the late J.Allen Hynek, Professor of Astronomy at Northwestern University, head of the Centre for UFO Studies and for twenty years was scientific consultant to Project Blue Book, the US Air Force’s UFO research project.
    & Jacques Vallee also involved with UFO research.
    I sourced some of their books available as Free PDFs.
    The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry
    by Allen J. Hynek, originally published in Enlandin 1972
    347-page PDF


    The Hynek UFO Report
    1977 by J. Allen Hynek,


    The Spectrum Of UFO Research
    J. Allen Hynek, Center For UFO Studies, Chicago 1988
    The Proceedings of the Second CU FO S Conference held September 2 5-2 7, 1 9 8 1, in Chicago, Illinois.
    Edited by Mimi Hynek
    245-page PDF


    Anatomy Of A Phenomenon: Latest findings On Unidentified Flying Objects
    by Jacques Vallee, 1965
    256-page PDF


    by Claude Poher and Jacques Vallee, 1975
    14-page PDF


    Confrontations: A Scientist’s Search Alien Contact
    by Jacques Vallee, 1990
    271-page PDF


    Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception (Alien Contact Trilogy Book 3) by Jacques F. Vallée, 1991
    292-page PDF


    Bonus #1
    UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities
    by John B. Alexander PhD, 1011
    491-page PDF


    Bonus #2
    UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record
    by Leslie Kean, 2010
    229-page PDF


    Bonus #3
    Messengers Of Deception
    -Author unknown


    Bonus #4
    Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis
    by Paul R. Hill, 1995
    507-page PDF


    Bonus #5
    1 ALIEN INTERVIEW 2008 by Lawrence R. Spencer.
    319 page PDF


    Bonus #6
    Introduction To the Alien Races
    93 page PDF


  52. Space aliens = disinformation.

    Q gives the impression of being a Christian. Christianity and space aliens are incompatible. For example, did Jesus die for any space aliens sins? Remember, Jesus is our kinsman/redeemer…

  53. If you believe a commercial jet plane hit the pentagon on 9/11, you are in complete denial of reality. It was a missile, there is no other possibility.

  54. My take on Q’s comments about aliens:

    “Consider the vastness of space” something was detected in that vastness which suggests other life. More likely transmissions in the EM spectrum but possibly something visible from the most powerful telescopes. Or it could be single cell life as has already been pointed out.

    With respect to the question of whether UFOs are a distraction…the answer is yes. “How far away is the closest star?” Too far to travel in a human lifetime by known physics, so any trip is one way where you plan to have your descendants complete the journey. So any alien life outside our solar system is unlikely to be relevant. We already know when Soviet tech dropped out of the sky into Latin America they had their local people flood the press with UFO claims to confuse everyone as to what really happened.

  55. JASON = Jason and the Argonauts, golden fleece

    The SR-71 was operational for more than a decade before the public became aware of its existence. It was retired in 1999, meaning a superior replacement craft was available by then.

  56. Frankly, I was more than a little disappointed that the crowd asking questions of Q “went there.” Asking about 9-11 and aliens always sidetracks the conversation. ALWAYS. Last night when I was reading through the threads I thought it was done deliberately for this purpose and now think that any Q&A is going to be useless for ephemeral discussions on the actual execution of the plan. And the damage photos from INSIDE the Pentagon do not support the “plane” scenario. It might have been a missile dressed up as one, but no aluminum nose on a plane is going to stay in shape enough to blow a perfect circle in a wall two or three layers into the building after impact.

    That being said, the whistleblower post, IMO, was the most troubling. Whistleblowers are treated like pariahs in this country. They are maligned, shouted down, sometimes turn up dead, etc. Before these posts, some of us out here were not aware that there were any inspectors’ general organizations that were supposed to be there for them. There has to be a message there that is being missed. Q makes it sound like the IGs were just another level of blockage rather than doing the job of being impartial ombudsman. Either that, or they talk amongst themselves, know where some of the bodies are buried, and that’s going to come out.

    Everything Q brings up is done so for a reason, sort of like he Gospel According to St. John where words are not wasted. Even the sequence of Kavanaugh being confirmed, then the DECLAS, then the Emergency Broadcast “test.” Whatever is in the DECLAS of the materials requested is relevant to the message we will receive. That’s what I understand from the drops.

    • What if the DECLAS brings about A need for an answer from the Supreme Court? And/Or A need for the Emergency Broadcast “test”?
      Not casting doubt on anything just saying I live in the Great State of Missouri also known as
      “The Show Me State” That said;
      I am gonna just keep

  57. I’m still hung up on the plane at the Pentagon. Really? I have a much easier time with “aliens” than I do with disappearing jet air liners, piloted by amatuers, flying perfectly at ground level, and leaving NO evidence of a crash. Huh? Someone needs to get to Q and level some hard questions about 911. Is the “official” story true? Will we get 911 disclosure?

  58. What a freakin waste of time – mine, yours, anons, and Q’s.

    Q opens a Q&A session – and these anons with (supposedly) 140+ IQ’s ask if we landed on the moon. Is that the best they can do? Is that their major concern?

    I mean shit, the Clinton’s and the associated crooks are still running loose stealing from us (our wealth and our freedoms) and killing people. Some of my relatives included.

    I care not that there are 50,000 sealed indictments – action is not productivity.

    Most of my friends quit Q 8 months ago. I now believe they were / are correct – Q is a larp. No results that can be seen at our level. Again, action is not the same as production. Reminds me of the military – let’s move pile A to pile B, then next week we will move pile B back to pile A – very, very busy but not productive. Oh wait, Q had mentioned that this was / is a military operation.

    I quit, I am done – with this board, 8 chan, Q; the whole shootin match. FINISHED.

    Gonna go drink beer with the rest of my friends that have already quit this fake shit.

  59. Neon: the choice of Music for this topic was epic. Bill Cooper was a True American Patriot. Called a spade a Spade. His tome “Behold a Pale Horse” has held a place in a deep state researchers library since it’s first printing. Those who wish to educate themselves in what lies beneath the surface of ” what passes as reality”, should read his well researched book. Those who speak “Truth to Power” end up dead. In this vein, another Patriot who paid the ultimate price was Phil Schneider. Watch his Youtube vids. Enlightening.
    Neon…The way you poke fun at HRC and LL, damn! Bursting colostomy bags, cankles! Had me rotfl! Keep up the great work! Oh before I forget, the other definition of UFO…Unidentified Fascistic Observatory ( aka: Nazi) Viktor Schauberger gave the Third Reich Implosion tech back in the 30’s(my time line might be off).
    Yes the rabbit hole is deep and Dark. There is much to be brought forth into the light of day. I do believe that POTUS will (God willing) do just that. Be well. Keep your powder dry (and your computer!)

  60. Literally fell down this rabbit hole last week:
    No idea if this ties into with what Q is possibly disclosing to us, or this group has been dis-proven as whack jobs… (or course most people already think we all are for even bothering to research these ideas, so I don’t discount any ideas these days). Another thought …. Donny Marshall used to speak out a lot on cloning of humans and how Vril could take over a person’s soul by piercing the eye …. lots of black eyes out there. If Q says that 99% would be shocked enough to require hospitalization, I am thinking it may be much worse than a little blooding sucking, organ stealing, ritual abuse, and abuse of power. Thank you, Neon Revolt, for all your research…. makes it much easier to navigate these crazy times and helps me to know that I am not the only one who has thought we have been lied to for years.

  61. Aliens,moon landings, Pentagon.
    These drops give me the same sinking feeling as the “Merkel is Hitler’s daughter” fiasco that was quickly disavowed by Q.

    Why muddy things up ?

  62. Neon,

    Based just on your video and not having had the benefit of seeing them in person, I’m 99% sure what you captured are military flares. Do an internet search for something like “military flares ufos” and see if you agree.

  63. William Cooper “Mystery Babylon” Hour [Episode] 3 start @ 14:25 Cooper stated the following: Aliens are part of Mystery Babylon to deceive people into their totalitarian world government.

    Cooper asked in his book: Is it disinfo or true? The answer, for Cooper, depended on whether aliens exist or not [Cooper’s book quoted above]. Cooper pointed out in his book, according to the government documents he disclosed, the aliens held forth a hologram and the aliens claimed the hologram was Christ crucified [quoted in Neon’s article above]. Cooper is a Christian. He believed in the resurrection of Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago, which happened on a cross NOT a hologram. Aliens exist or not: Answer: No, the documents Cooper disclosed were disinfo.

    Here is an article pushing the alien agenda. Notice the players involved in pushing the agenda. Also, the article fails to understand Christianity that well, but my purpose of posting it is to point out the names, e.g. Jesuits. Also notice the first statement I quoted. The article, like some alien agendas and unchristian attacks on Christianity, demands authority. The writer of the article believes he (or she) has the final authority on the subject: ‘For religions to survive they must embrace space’. As a Christian, my survival is based on God being Creator and Redeemer not ’embracing space’:

    “A combination of technological breakthroughs and, well, Elon Musk, has given these more immediacy than ever. As the study put it: “Religions must ensure their survival by embracing space.””

    “Pope Francis himself has even gone so far as to say he’d been willing to baptize aliens if they came a-knocking on the Vatican’s holy doors.

    “More than the broader, longterm benefits of opening people’s minds to the potential of space travel, Weintraub hopes the discussion could even lead to some positive benefits at home: “Once you think about this enough, it’s worth recognizing that if it’s OK for somebody in a different part of the universe to have a different religion, maybe it’s OK for somebody else in a different part of the Earth to have a different religion. Maybe we could figure something out down here that could make us get along a little better.” Which, be you Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Martian, is probably something we can all get behind.”


    Could the deep state be planning for an alien agenda long in advanced? Was the radio scare “War of the World’s” in the early 20th century a behavioral test? Yes, they said so themselves.

  64. Alright Neon, I admit I missed it, mea culpa. What is the topic you mentioned a few days ago that begins with the letter ‘N’?

  65. Point of logic: Just because the Apollo program actually sent men to the moon doesn’t mean the pics, films and video haven’t been doctored or fabricated. And if they encountered ETs, and policy was to keep that entire topic Cosmic Top Secret….

  66. @Neon,

    I’ve been watching 9/11 videos probably as much as most here, but I’ve recently seen a video about the Pentagon attack that brought up powerful points I’ve never heard before. It’s worth the long viewing time, and after watching it, you’ll know there’s no way a 757 (which has its engines 9 feet lower than where the fuselage is thus making it impossible to have hit where it hit next to ground level without gouging the ground in front of it) could have hit the building. When I saw the security cam vid of the supposed explosion, I thought it could have been a Cessna. A Cessna could have probably avoided the light poles – a 757 couldn’t have without blowing up all the fuel contained within the wings. Seriously, watch this one.

    (if you don’t allow direct video links, just visit youtime and search “Behind the Smoke Curtain – 2nd edition (2015)

  67. A bridge too far… But, similar to you, in 1978, while I was in bed at night, I watched a light come down from the sky and park behind a grove of trees about 500 yards from my window. The light stayed on for about 20 seconds and then went out. No sound! I wasn’t about to walk over there and see what it was…. I’m brave, but not THAT brave.. haha!! I’m like you in that my brain just can’t go there. Not yet, anyway!

  68. To you folks hung up on the plane, have you seen NRUN65 on YT? The taxi cab/light pole confession?

    We know the Pentagon hit was staged. Think about a hardened drone plane.

  69. Been following this page and Q for two or three months now. Started out very skeptical, but I am warming up to his message. These last posts really threw me. So out of character and off subject from previous posts I’ve seen. Aliens? Trying to keep an open mind, but last night’s posts were a unusual to say the least. Has Q had Q&A sessions before? Has he ever strayed this far off subject before? Could it be possible someone impersonated him and is trying to discredit him? At least I’m not the only one that has been thrown for a loop over these posts from last night. I just don’t see how this ties into bringing down the cabal. Please explain or give your best guess for this skeptical guy.

  70. Point of logic 2: Just because Q confirmed Bill Cooper with respect to false flaggy school shootings, does not imply he’s vouching for everything written or said by Cooper. Otherwise, we’d have to assume that everything Jordan Sather says (for example) is true, because Q’s linked him more than once. And that’s especially true, since Cooper and Sather (Wilcock, Goode, Thompkins, etc.) have different stories with respect to the “truth” about ETs. They can’t both be right.

  71. I was glad to see that Bill Cooper referred to the Fatima prophecy in his book and that it was confirmed. I posted a thread on the old Reddit board, asking Q if he ever reconciled recent world events with Fatima, and got a lot of flack. I still would like to see what Q says about Fatima.

  72. You’re still ignoring the child molesting & murdering Kabballist cult Neon. Will you ever be honest with yourself & your readers?

  73. I have no problem with the idea of aliens, just not from outer space (trans-dimensional is more like it). That corresponds to M-theory. Or we could be dealing with Nephilim who escaped the flood, checking back in. Some did survive Noah’s flood, as we see Goliath appears afterwards. So yes, bad guys here. Really bad. Cabal look like school kids in comparison.

    I personally adhere to the Nephilim theory of aliens, and that they’re a bunch of rapists sex addicts, which is why satanism is into evil kinky trash. I think folks miss that part of Christianity because they haven’t read the book of Enoch. Michael Heiser has a great book called the Unseen Realm that deals with what the heck was going on the early days of man. I can just see the smug bastards trying to claim that they made man. Sorry, God disagrees and has put His claim on us. Their daddies are just the help.

    One origin of demons is that they are the dead/disembodied spirits of the Nephilim. Consider heaven and it’s occupants exist outside of time as we know it.

    Now I think the Roswell crash was secret military tech, but I can believe that the military was getting tech ideas from half-breed demons.

  74. The closest star is 93 million miles away…our own sun. ET life is already here in our solar system. Lots of hiding places out there.

  75. To be charitable — “disinformation is necessary.”

    First, everyone tosses around the term UFO, immediately associating it with “extraterrestrials”. As noted in Q’s post and many other sources, there are military programs outside the public domain. What you’re seeing is our (or Russian, or other foreign country) technology.

    Q says moon landings “are” real and then in the next line associates them with secret technology. Note the use of the present tense — not “were” real, appropriate if they did happen in 1969-1972. Some writers have maintained the landings did happen in that period, but not by means of the absurd farce we saw on television. Please go back and observe NASA’s original footage and photographs, and it’s pretty horrifying to think we all fell for it.

    There’s no physical evidence that a plane hit the Pentagon. Some data show that there appears to have been a coordinated overflight at the same time whatever it was (some type of missile?) hit it. No wings or other major parts, a small hole, an unscuffed lawn, and undamaged parking lot. Yet the plane’s nose — one of its most delicate parts, which crumples easily — turned by magic into some sort of projectile that penetrated multiple rings of a hardened building?

    Pull the other leg, it’s got bells on it.

    Anyone with an ounce of Christian sense — which I hope Neon has, but looks like maybe Q and Bill Cooper do/did not have — can see from Cooper’s account that we are dealing not with extraterrestrials, but INTRAterrestrials. First, we were created by God. PERIOD. FULL STOP. Go ahead and argue the timeline if you want, but we were not created in some “laboratory” as playthings for evil forces. Then, the words about manipulating humans by means of the occult etc. tell you everything you need to know. Good grief, see that they have revealed their identity!! (Lots of blather about far-away stars etc. aside.)

    There are also misstatements about Fatima, but maybe not worth going into here (or at least at this point).

    The maxim I have developed over time is: Insofar as there is a nonhuman element involved, it is demonic. [Note **: I am not quantifying it.]

    I think this really irritating Q exchange shows two things: (1) 911 is still the flaming potato; and (2) better that the alien thing is disinfo rather than an indication that Q/Q team is one of the elements in the US military & government that have fallen for an absolutely diabolic deception.

  76. …and now the enemy can shout it. out loud and clear ‘Q is a conspiracy theory. They even believe in little green aliens’ Paints us ALL as ;conspircists; and not to be taken seriously. Set to the cabal.

  77. Neon, for the most part I’m with you on this post.

    Let’s stipulate for the sake of argument that the alien stuff is not disinformation, but actual information.

    Here’s an alternative for you: transdimensional. Avatars of demons, or embodied “fallen ones” also called nephilim or the Watchers. “As it was in the time of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be” (paraphrased, I did not look up the exact quote). This would tie in with all the tidbits you mentioned. Ancient cities under what is now ocean. Evidences of technology now long gone and not recorded (pyramids, henges, etc – maybe the South Pole too). Mucking about with religions. Interfering with the human genome (“perfect in his generations” used the same word for a physically flawless sacrificial animal, meaning Noah had an uncorrupted human genome) to create hybrids permanently exiled from heaven. Hostile? Oh, most definitely. They detest humanity with a deep loathing – and are happy to use us in their war against God. The best way is to persuade us that they are neutral, or even friendly and on our side. They taught the left their playbook.

    Mark Taylor keeps saying there is something that is going to rock the foundations of religion; are we ready? This would meet that bar as well.

    Dr Michael Heiser has a lot of good information about the topic of the fallen Watchers and how it opens a whole new view on the scriptures.

    Interesting side note: Bill Cooper’s book is listed on amazon’s site in kindle, paperback, audiobook and audio CD formats, with prices. Annotated “not currently available for purchase” in ANY format.

  78. I agree with you about that first post Neon. To me Q was essentially reassuring everyone that you can trust Sessions (even though Trump is still dissing him in public) and that all the lag time between drops and arrests have been so that White Hats could be surreptitiously moved into proper chess positions on the board. This will enable mass arrests to be processed in a legal and efficient manner when the time is ready.

    Now the drop confirming aliens and a Secret Space Program…way cool! Best Q drop evah!!!

  79. The Las Vegas shootings occurred very near to the Janet Airlines terminal that goes to Area 51. A proximity connection I always thought was curious. This post says that maybe it bears another look.

  80. I’m sorry guys, I’m not buying the aliens, moon landing, time travel, or the pentagon plane.

    We never went to the moon.

    We can’t leave low earth orbit.

    Not buying any of this stuff guys.

    Nikola Tesla showed we can created levitating vehicles using magnets and frequency.

    The threat of Alien invasion is definitely a programmed concept to unite humanity ushering in the New World Order.

  81. When “space aliens” tell us that they have manipulated us with what amounts to Luciferianism, that means that the Masons, Babylonian religions (including Luciferian/Babylonian Roman Catholicism), Skull & bones, the Theosophical occult society, etc. are all facets of the True Religion and we Christians are merely hairless baboons in relations to the True Believers. Not.

    Good Lord people, the aliens have identified themselves: their “philosophies” are the doctrines of devils; the very symbol tells us: at the center of the Trilateral symbol is the upside down broken cross. Just because devils and demons can manifest themselves – as anybody who reads the Bible knows – does not mean we are to deny Jesus Christ and follow after devils.

  82. Don’t get it twisted. The logo is 666 plain obvious. There are angels and devils. There may be – prolly are – aliens. “My Father’s House has many rooms.” – J C of Nazareth. Guardian angels have saved my life – twice. Old Nick is the Prince of the Air and the Father of Lies. Also a murderer. Eisenhower / JORDAN encountered / reported on minions. Our Lady is real. She is the Virgin who accepted God the Father’s will that she should bear His Son. Vatican inquiries into Fatima reveal a true prophecy and warning delivered by our Heavenly Mother. You filmed terrestrial phenomena, please don’t be deceived. Pray: “Father do what you said you would do. Father help me to be part of what you said you would do. Guardian Angel – interiorialy humiliate me so I may see myself as others do.” Thank you.

  83. There’s more proof for “UFO’s” and “ET’s” than most of the Q community seems to be able to grasp. We’re talking about tens of thousands of government documents, records, high-level credentialed whistle-blowers, physical evidence, photos/videos that cannot be faked, historical records, ETC.

    People who haven’t done their homework here are the only people having a hard time with it.

    Consider this document from the FBI on THEIR OFFICIAL WEBSITE stating that ET bodies were “recovered from a crashed craft in Roswell.” https://vault.fbi.gov/hottel_guy/Guy%20Hottel%20Part%201%20of%201/view

  84. Oh my goodness! My world will never be the same. Now I understand how those poor folks felt centuries ago when they realized that their world wasn’t flat. We are entering a new age. We have been living in darkness. Hard to comprehend. I am speechless.

    • Actually, that people believed the Earth was flat is disinformation. Ask any sailor the first part of a distant ship to appear on the sea, and he will say the mast. If the Earth were flat, the entire front of the ship should be visible at the same time.

      • Atmospheric distortion closest to water.
        Long distance (P900) photography shows straight for 140 miles.
        If Earth is a ball that object at 140 miles should be 12,000 feet BELOW (curvature) sight.
        No curve, no ball.
        Now Infra-red lasers are showing even further.
        Our natural eyes can only see about 3-4 miles (horizon).

        Our moon and sun, even stars are not so far away.
        No Motion of Earth has ever been detected, by any device.

        You know by now to NOT believe every thing you’re told.
        But We Were Deceived about Everything. For Evil’s gain.

        This is the Great Deception!

        • I am interested to hear more. Looking @ many proofs vs what we’re taught! How Can we believe these people have been around for centuries maybe millenniums and trust our school education? Much of what we thought was “reality”!

  85. NR, I have known about Beyond a Pale Horse and Bill Cooper since earlier in the yr. If you are just learning of that, then you may not have heard Cody Snodgress’ interview w/ John B. Wells. It will blow your skirt up. Ensure that you have one hour of uninterrupted time to digest it.

  86. Pity I our children. Who will never know the thrill of the discovery of a whole new world and of all the friends we never knew we had there. Pity I them for they will not live to see all we thought real, all we thought limitation, shattered. For the first light of dawn is ever sweetest.

  87. In Cooper’s book: Russia is requested to be consecrated to the Sacred Heart: WRONG. S/B The immaculate Heart of Mary. HUGE mistake. (Never done as requested, BTW.) Of course, Q (“Sisters leaking like crazy”) would know this about a CATHOLIC prophecy, wouldn’t he?

  88. Great article on plane at Pentagon here. https://isgp-studies.com/911-pentagon-flight-77-impact-hole-size-calculated. I’m actually over the mooooon (sorry!) that Q sided with little me on both plane and moon. After much research, and much gullibility in both conspiracy and anti-conspiracy directions, I eventually came to Q’s conclusions. There were simply too many people involved with NASA & moon landing (I knew one who recently passed), and someone would have spilled the beans on such a relatively un-national-security-related lie. Also, the Russians were too smart, and too motivated to expose such a lie. We don’t have to know why the tapes were destroyed and why we haven’t (officially) returned – there could be countless reasons. As for aliens, didn’t Q imply they were closer to demon-esque at some point? I’m sticking with Cooper’s later conclusion (?) that the aliens were disinfo – he warned us to be skeptical of the evil powers that be using the alien lie to bring us under totalitarian control.

  89. For the parent is too often tired of the child. Let the ants build their anthill, let the child play its childish games. Tell it stories to make it moral, help it walk, give it a language to remember by. But otherwise let it be free so that it may grow into whatever its nature may be.
    But when it grows strong enough to pick up an axe, then teach it responsibility. Induct it as one of the grownups.

  90. If a plane carrying a missile releases the missle – did the plane hit the pentagon? Yes the plane hit the pentagon with a missle. Truth here. Words used in incomplete format but still truth. Another personal event I as a 6 yr. old child in 1954. Father and me were waiting for the breadman – we were standing on a balcony off second floor of where we rented. Across the street was the public housing we called the tenement houses – they were painted dark green and made the perfect background for a spectacular object about 20 feet above the ground. I wanted so badly to go down and see it up close. My father kept looking at the sky because I was saying its in the air. But in reality it was about 20 ft. floating above the ground. It was probably 20 – 25 ft long and cylinder shaped. It had horizontal rainbow stripes along the length of it. \over about 15 – 20 minutes it began to “flow” over an invisible “table” and ended up moving toward the ground in perpendicular position. I watched in amazement as it entered the grass lawn and eventually disappeared into the ground. All silent and not a sound from it. The next morning was Sunday morning and we went to church. As soon as I was on the sidewalk I ran across the road to see what was there and found a dark circle “burned” in the grass but when I touched it the grass was soft not crispy as you would expect from being burned. The circle was about 12″ in diameter and had an oily feel to it but nothing came off on my hands. My dad was beside me looking at in wonder and he too was puzzled. This memory is as real in my mind as if it happened yesterday. I am 71 today.

  91. This entire thing from last night reminds me of a SIGINT procedural operation. Two of my kids were in a Signal Mos via the Army. Hubs was also an Army career soldier. My son also served 5 years.
    So to break it down a bit for easier understanding, SIGNAL is used to keep all military comms up and running. It is VITAL
    ( especially while deployed in theater), that communication be kept open and uninfiltrated.
    Typically, the military tests their capabilities often with near exactly this type of procedure.
    They’ll have a specific preplanned time where they have EVERYONE jump on all at once to test their systems, lines , etc and most importantly, capabilities. Then try again, wait 10 minutes, retest- you get the drift.
    Q can’t really announce something like this. That would be counter productive if bad actors used it. So instead, they ran their tests by foing a Q/A. Search Anons questions for a controversial one ( might have actually been a Q Anon’s ?), answer- wait 10 minutes. Evaluate responses, board and band width capabilities. Round two- answer another controversial ?- wait 10 minutes- evaluate responses, board and band width capabilities.
    Try one more time. Now it’s time to do your after action report. Check for weaknesses, shore those up, tweak and make corrections where needed.
    I expect, as we get closer and closer, for more of these “tests.”

  92. Pentagon being hit by a plane, doesn’t necessarily means the plane flew into it, it could mean a plane sent off a missile.

    Exactly what I was thinking.

  93. I’ve been awake since the late’90’s and since that time have dabbled in all kinds of strange topics. It was a lonely time to be awake. Most people weren’t even earnestly discussing JFK’s assasination back then.

    In a way, those lonely days gave truth searchers permission to peek into all sorts of topics. It was like the Wild West back then and many searchers knew Cooper’s work well, and were well acquainted with the idea of hidden government, black ops, aliens, the cabal, etc. And there weren’t as many distractions then—-no Twitter, no Facebook, no million voices talking at once….no chorus whatsoever. Most of us didn’t even tell our families what we were reading and considering. Us antiquated searchers ordered our books through the mail or poked through the shelves at book stores in the alternative sections labeled “occult.”

    But it gave us time to really consider and integrate ideas that so many find strange today, even in the strange times we’re living in. There are many of us out there who have had more than twenty years to mull over topics that have the ability to disturb or confuse people today.

    I was thrilled to see Q honestly answer the alien question. I don’t think we can be prepared enough for the truth. What is coming is going to change the paridigm of the earth so incredibly, that there must be people who “get it” already, who are far ahead of the rest of civilization in their understanding of truth.

    This is the way the evolution of ideas has always happened on earth—-people ahead of their time trying to get the rest of the pack to catch to new thinking and a new sense of reality. What you need to do is thank Q for dropping the truth here, and rather than trying to dismiss it because it doesn’t fit into your idea of reality, embrace it. Swim in it. Mull it over.

    I’ve got more than 20 years with these ideas, and trust me, once you put the time into understanding the nature of reality, the ideas will take root and help form your world view.

    Expand your thinking.

    These truths and many others are just little specks of dust on your glasses compared to what there is to know.

    You are all acting like you just heard The War of the World’s on your grandmother’s old radio. It’s time to embrace bigger and deeper truths so that humanity can grow up.

    Happy searching.

  94. Question for Q: if man really went to the moon, how did we get through the Van Allen radiation belts? Or survive the solar flares once past the Van Allen belts?

  95. if some other species has or is visiting from afar, they are utilizing things like non-locality an vorticular physics. Not just strapping into a big rocket an going the ‘speed of light’. Or they project their minds to us like phantoms. Like so much of the UFO phenomenon seems to be.

  96. This whole thing sounds like Fallen Angels/Demons appearing as aliens. Beware the Great Deception. Them saying they made us, that sounds just like Satan. Always jealous he can’t create, trying to deceive. I don’t care if they appear benevolent, wouldn’t trust them. And would never worship or bow down to them.

  97. Credibility in Pale Horse was gone when I got to the part that we were created by the aliens. We know we are dealing with Satanists. Demons can manifest themselves in various forms. This whole alien thing is Satan at his finest.

    Before I get to his comments about Mary appearing in Fatima, Portugal in 1917, we need to back up to 1884.

    Oct. 13, 1884, (that date is important) after just saying Mass, Pope Leo XIII collapsed as though dead. When he came to, he described a vision of a conversation he heard between God and Satan. It is very much like the story of the book of Job in the Bible. Satan boasts to God that he can destroy The Church. God asks him how long he needs and he replies 100 years. God shows Pope Leo XIIl what will occur in the 20th century….”wars, immorality, genocide, and apostasy on a grand scale”. Pope Leo XIII immediately writes the prayer to St. Michael, the Archangel, that was said at the end of mass until about 1970.

    Most people believe the 100 year reign of Satan began Oct. 13, 1917 with the last visitation of Mary to the three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, when the miracle of the sun occurred. That would mean that Oct. 13, 2017 was the beginning of the end of Satan’s reign. Q BEGAN POSTING IN NOVEMBER 2017!!! The truth about the Illuminati (whose goal was always to destroy the Catholic Church), Satanism, and the Cabal began to be exposed.

    What greater sin could there be to Our Lord than sexually abusing his children? “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

    The Pale Horse facts about Fatima are not entirely true, although there is still great speculation (and divisiveness) that the 3rd secret given to St. Lucia has never been totally revealed.


    On Oct. 13, 1973, Mary appeared in Akita, Japan. We are seeing this warning come true today with the McCarrick expose!!

    “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.

    “The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.”
    Sister Agnes Sasagawa

    I know that it is hard for some non-Catholics to understand the importance of Mary. I won’t get into it in depth here, but I want to say a couple of things. Mary was the Sacred Vessel that carried Jesus in her womb, the “New Arc of the Covenant”. The Bible tells us that as Jesus was dying on the cross, he made great effort to speak. It would have caused him incredible agony to even utter a sound because of his wounds. He spoke of his mother…our mother. “Woman, behold thy son. After that, he saith to the disciple: Behold thy mother. And from that hour, the disciple took her to his own”. John 19:26-27

    Mary ALWAYS, ALWAYS, points to her son!! She has appeared many times throughout history across the world. Depending upon the state of the times, her messages can vary somewhat. But they ALWAYS contain the same underlying theme, “Love my son! Repent and come back to my son! Do not be displeasing to my son!”

    We need to continue to pray for President Trump and those who are working with him! They are fighting Satan, and he’s not going to go without a fight! God’s got this! But he wants us to be a part of it, by offering our prayers for those fighting on the front lines. God bless.

  98. Dear Neon, I’m very confused now, do you think Q was saying not the label of Aliens but we are not alone as in alternative entities? Could this mean spiritual beings as in demons? Also was Bill Cooper saying believing in Christ was these entities manipulation of humankind, or it is the truth? When I have listened to Bill Cooper he as come across as a believer in Christ God. More worrying confusing for me Q saying this, is it leading us to believe in Aliens when they are truly demons, and a full on war ahead, maybe leading the antichrist coming on scene usher in false peace?

    • Yeah, Cooper in “Mystery Babylon”, which I linked above, stated the alien idea was false. He stated there are no aliens. Aliens are disinfo. The mention of aliens is a psyop to distract people into the world government system. I do not think Cooper’s video and his book are in disagreement. Cooper was a Christian, which I have no reason to think he was not, so his presentation style was to contrast between a Christian worldview and the Mystery Babylon worldview. The exposure Cooper provided in Pale Horse was the exposure of the classified documents themselves being a psyop. Some people believe the documents just because they were once classified material in a so-called secret government program. The program was secret, so now we know because the program is not secret anymore, so goes how some think. It’s disinfo planned from classified stage to declassified stage to lure people into a delusion.

    • There are millions and millions of planets bearing Human Life who travel space.. having earned the right to do so. There are also craft here from the worlds of Heaven that are NOT comprehended on this world… and on that I kinda suggest the Urantia Book.

  99. I can’t listen to you anymore, you don’t seem to understand that Q is lying when (they) say we really landed on the moon. And, while we may not be here alone, (they) did not specify who might be here with us. You must be another blind follower. Why hasn’t Q or you ever acknowledged the fact that the technology being used against the American people & all over the world, for that matter, is directly connected to Donald JOHN Trump, through his favorite uncle JOHN TRUMP? And that he has TESLA technology given to him from his (uncle/father) John Trump? COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!

  100. Reposted info below:

    The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors

    (Also book available as a free download)

    from ‘The Ancient Alien Question’ by Phillip Coppens

    page 115

    ‘A detailed study into the question of whether vimanas (ancient indian flying craft) and the related passages from the ancient Indian accounts are evidence of crafts with flight (if not spaceflight) capability was done by Richard L. Thompson, a scientist with a PhD in mathematics from Cornell University. He found that the numerous Indian texts gave accurate dimensions for the diameter of the Earth and even the plane of the ecliptic. The Puranas spoke of 400,000 humanlike races living on various planets and of 8 million other life-forms. Many of these races were said to possess siddhi, which humans could master, but were not born with. These siddhi were what in the West are labeled paranormal abilities, such as mental communication, but they also involved a number of techniques, such as changing the size or weight of objects, levitation, or moving objects through the ether without being impeded by physical obstacles, as well as entering another human being’s body and taking control of it

  101. About the Trump and the Aliens. I’m not from the USA, I have not watched MSM nor followed the politics for the last 15 years. I’m now a crazy “exterior” patriot. I came to Trump knowing that people had information about him via QHHT. Further research led me to the people who got it information in dreams, visions … Trump came to this Earth (his soul) just to do what he is doing now – turning Earth’s energy from negative to positive. If you want to know more about the world, the aliens and who we are actually researching Dolores Cannon (YT videos), and nothing will be strange anymore.

  102. Neonrevolt- get up to speed on the UFO/ET subject: watch ‘Unacknowledged’ on Netflix (Stephen Greer doco), listen to Richard Dolan on YouTube or his website and read his books. Watch the doco ‘UFOs and Nukes’ (yes, they are protecting us from blowing ourselves up). Check out David Wilcock, Emery Smith, Corey Goode, James Gilliland, Miriam Delicado.

    Just watch the Disclosure Project witnesses speak at the National Press Club on YouTube.

    See the work of Stephen Bassett, lobbyist in Washington DC for Disclosure- his organisation Paradigm Research and the Citizens Hearing on the Extraterrestrial Presence.

    There’s heaps of proof!

    The secrecy concerns a number of things, but a main one is interstellar supraluminal warp drive craft don’t run on gas, or nuclear fission for that matter.

  103. I myself have always had issues with Cooper’s “Behold a Pale Horse” for a variety of reasons. For the record, I enjoyed much of his radio analysis and thought him a good soul. But it’s not in my nature to kiss ass in response to shoddy workmanship, regardless of author. Perhaps he really did have loads of “secret information” (or was just prey to a bunch of disinfo hoaxes, as alleged by Jacques Vallee and others), but his actual research was balls. Numerous mistakes that flag him as less than credible or, worse, “dumb.” Even off the top of my head I can tell you that within the first 50 pages or so of “Behold a Pale Horse,” you will read Cooper convince Adam Weishaupt with Adam Smith, all so he can claim that Weishaupt not only started the Illuminati, but “invented capitalism” with “his work” “The Wealth of Nations.” Keep in mind that’s literally ex tempore with years of separation from reading the book, and I found all sorts of goofy historical errors (or attempted fabrications to lead astray the gullible with B.S. historical connections) that would only be considered “typical” for people with a basic high-school-level (North American) education in European / American / Western history.

    I know it’s not meant to be read this way, but I wouldn’t link him together with Springmeier. I’m not saying I necessarily consider Springmeier a serious scholar by any means, because I don’t. But he’s certainly more “scholarly” at least, with more depth, and though I admittedly have not been able to read every work he’s ever produced, from what I have read I don’t recall receiving the impression that he would completely make some shit up just to provide additional and arguably unnecessary substantiation to a point. Unlike Cooper.

    I hold Freemasonry and the Freemasonic role in modern Western history in outright contempt, but one shouldn’t strain credulity and even sacrifice credibility by either falsifying or stretching data to its limits so as to hold them responsible for every misdeed on the planet. It’s similar with those trumpeting Jesuit or even “NAZI”lol NWO theories. If you’re going to make like senile Freemasons exercise an iron grip over the mass media, allegedly evinced by the prevalence of symbolism in certain movies (tho if one cared to look one could also find interlaced swastikas all over art decor, architecture, and so forth), without even bothering going into the relatively brief history of the ownership and management of most of the major movie studios since Hollywood’s inception to determine which social or ethnological groups actually exercise such hegemony, you’re essentially a doofus. Long story short, there’s a convergence of multiple elite groups within this “Cabal” who coordinate with one another. If you’re trying to attribute everything to one group, or everything to “Mystery Religion” “Secret Societies,” you’re fudging somewhere. If you think it’s all Nazis, you just might be one of those morons who thinks that every German who lived within the Third Reich was a “Nazi,” or that everyone in the Wehrmacht was a Nazi party member (research actual history and you might be surprised), or that all of those scientists and technocrats smuggled over via Paperclip were fervent ideologues who went way back with Hitler to the Munich days and weren’t just a bunch of type-A genius Krauts who joined the Party after it became an extremely popular institution, or even when it was the only game in town. If you think everyone who ever attended a Jesuit university is somehow handled for the rest of his natural life by shadowy Jesuit priests or even the “Black Pope” himself, you just might be too stupid to breathe.

    I know I ranted for a bit there, but many of these notable “con$piracy theori$ts” focus far too much emphasis on one group or even try to make an insane case for historical groups who may have exercised power in the past but who are obvious contemporary non-entities today. And often the people who do so, curiously enough, don’t want to talk about (((them))), or minimize their role as much as humanly possible, which leads to hilarious results when it comes to the actual history of the construction of the traditional mass media and/or even the history of corporate consolidations within that sector of the economy.

    I don’t want to finish with that Voltaire quote, because it’s cliche now and everyone should know what that is.

    I do get it, though. Claiming that every child actor/actress who has remained famous/relevant throughout their adult years is under continuous CIA op-derivative MK sounds a lot sexier and sells way more books than the Occam’s Razor approach, which would suggest that so many publicly exhibit symptoms of disassociated identity disorder because they grew up being passed around by creepy pedophile (((agents))), (((directors))), and all those old creepy degenerate Adelson/Soros/Redstone/etc Skeletor-lookin’ mofos who are seemingly immune to just croaking of near-Biblical age because they “keep young.” There’s no denying that CIA intelligence operative consultants influence, inter alia, plenty of movies, but it’s a stretch to make the case that they control the major assets and exercise the predominant managerial or executive functions of the mass media because, one, they don’t, and two, they haven’t. Unless you want to try to make the case that the CIA is just somehow overflowing with elite Ashkenazi Jews, who, oddly enough, maintain a disproportionately low profile in the professional/non-political nat-sec world and defense industries, particularly when any military background (for America) may be required. Sure, there was once a clandestine CIA movie studio that produced Cold War agitprop, and there was even a time when Howard Hughes & his Mormons managed to accomplish diddly squat. There are also films that divulge CIA “secrets” and that even occasionally impugn the CIA. “Well, duh, that’s ‘them’ showing the sheeple how stupid they think they are in plain sight.” For some reason, there’s not a lot of Mezzizah b’peh or Brit milah in plain sight to, y’know, taunt the sleeping apathetic sheeple. There’s also that surely coincidence theorist Brando / Gibson / Sheen phenomenon where when one “drops” something into plain sight of the sheeple re: (((them))), there’s a rapid response career dumpstering. Funny. Shouldn’t the same response be in order for hip-hop dorks flashing purportedly “Illuminati” hand signals? Ba der derp erm well brrr ehh…

    • Kudos to a well written essay. IMHO, the criminals have names, addresses and apparently, they all have cell phones. Creating faceless groups as the perp, only allows the perps to get away, as they hide behind group affiliation. We let a lot of them get away, ever since we went to sleep over larger issues than paying the mortgage. It is easy to blame a group. It is even easier to demonize the enemy.

      That is all part of a limited hangout.

      The only issue that you bring up that I disagree with is the casting couch, the whores of Hollywood and their pimps who run it. The individuals running the circus’s moral degeneracy has caused our society to tolerate rapists and sadists. We are conditioned to violence and lawlessness, thanks to their agenda.

      Don’t think that there is not an agenda. The various factions all have in common, a general disrespect for anyone with less wealth than themselves. They wish the rest of dead, sooner than later.

      Even President Trump has to make friends with evil ones. Kavanough is a good example of this, as he is a Bush pick, and even the most disgusting Karl Rove likes this judge. I don’t believe that he attempted to rape this woman, bc I know that this is just circus for the plebs.

      But, they are not my monkeys.

  104. Ok, some things shall be understood about EVIL and extra-terrestrial from this point.

    First: Guys, this is just the beginning of the red-pilling and Anons must keep open minded to the ideas of Universal Intelligence and it’s hierarchies (Celestial creators, universal administrative beings, organised Galactic Fleet…) to be able to get closer to the full picture to understand the evil beings here, it’s influences on this planet, and all the deep transformations we are globally going through… not only in the US.

    Context intro: The Universe, also known as Creation, can be understood in a basic idea as a “platform” for the evolutive development of life-spirit, that works through individual ascension journeys of countless cycles experienced in different PLANETS. All the individualised beings, from this and ANY OTHER PLANET, are creations, sons of the same Universal Father, God, and carry a fragment of this Universal Father-God-Consciousness within them, you, me or any being out of this planet: ET. Each one in a different stage of awareness in their ever growing experiential journey. – It’s not about religion, it’s about universal reality. – We, here now, just in one of the trillions of inhabited planets of the whole cosmos, and billions of these civilisation are in a stage of development eons ahead of our imagination. // See: All sons of the same Source, universally ruled by the same Divine Laws, learning and growing through the same experiential process, under the same Free Will… you, me and the “ET”.

    Please, keep with me cause I’ll connect with Q and POTUS.

    While some people fear from Extra-Terrestrials malign intentions to invade and destroy our planet, be assured that the scenario is mostly the opposite, and all the organised Fleet of the most advanced civilisations out in the cosmos are around here right now “concerned” about what of evil can come out of this planet. Understand, that some of the worst of evil, is not out there… but HERE, not originally from here, but… well, the story of interference and manipulation on this planet come not only from within but from outer influence since before the era of the Lucifer Rebellion and so on, and that’s not where we need to go now.

    POTUS and Q are much aware of some Universal Administration and in DIRECT contact with the Celestials in charge of our local Master Plan. This is important to understand, Q, POTUS and crew, are not the head of the Master Plan, they are part of one of the most important teams of many teams forming the Ground Crew (those of us incarnated in service to the Plan). Cleaning the swamp to bring forward justice, truth, peace and prosperity is just one task of a much bigger scope of multi dimensional activities that are happening all at the same time, these include clearing and fine tuning the planetary energetic grids and also managing and monitoring the physical conditions of the planet while the Plan unfolds. One step at a time, nothing is out of it, everything is interconnected and influencing in each other.

    When Q says “DARK to LIGHT” and “GOOD vs EVIL”, it should always be understood with that other affirmation in mind: “This is MUCH BIGGER than even AUTISTS can imagine”. Because it really is MUCH BIGGER of what Q, POTUS and crew are in control.

    Be not afraid of revelations to come, the shit will increasingly hit the fan and it won’t look good, no one will be left untouched in the comfort zone of ignorance as the increasing awareness of truth will inevitably crack any old manipulated conception of reality. When you see uncontrolled chaos, trust that the perception of chaos is always a lack of vision from our limited perspective, as there’s always order and control over any chaos from those above in charge.

    Trust the Plan! And remember there are Plans within Plans, the Will of God is fractal, and alive through any of us in service for Truth. – And we are not here to be witness of the Plan, we are part of it.

    Where We Go One, We Go All… indeed, we are not alone, we are all-one.


  105. Space aliens = disinformation.

    Q often gives the impression of being a Christian, I know that Neon claims to be, too. Space aliens and Christianity are incompatible. If there were aliens, would they be sinners? They would not be descended from Adam, that’s for sure. Did Jesus die for alien sins? Remember, he is our kinsman redeemer. He would not be kin to them.

    Just food for thought.


  106. Ok I’ve figured out why Q is saying that a plane hit the pentagon when any logically thinking person would say it was a missile. This is Classic Trump Trolling MSM and the Left into biting… setting the trap for them. Think of how Trump is publicly trashing Sessions, it’s to get the left and msm to support, etc… same trap.

  107. Q did a Q&A on April 19 and then the next one was supposed to be June 23 TBD, and it never happened. It could be bait to get this into mainstream… if I had to guess; a ploy to go more mainstream. Answers do not matter so much as getting that IP count up and that is what Q was doing… ramping up resources to prepare and maintain the site for when the big event takes place.

  108. I believe there has to be other life forms. Its impossible to be just us.

    But, they travel at light speed to get here, navigate through the blackness of the universe and avoid collisions and black holes with all types of unmanned space debris and projectiles, survive through radiation belts, and communicate across the vastness and when they arrive….. they need to turn on lights on the outside of their craft? Yeah right!

    If ET’s communicate at dog whistle pitch and are infra red, we, the everyday human cannot see and hear them as we go about our everyday life…..

    But, they are out there.

  109. Believing in God and Jesus Christ as the Son of God does not preclude the existence of alien life. I don’t understand why Christians believe they are mutually exclusive. Nothing in Scripture denies that God only created creatures on earth. Man is the only creation that carries the image of Himself, yet that does not mean He didn’t create other forms of life throughout the cosmos. Looking at the minutia of diversity on earth as a reflection of a grander picture, would lead one to only infer existence beyond earth. As a Christian, I believe Jesus Christ came to earth and died for our sins and to restore ALL creation back to the Father. Does the Bible not say that ALL creation is groaning for the revelation of the sons of God? Why does creation only mean what we see on earth? We need to break those old religious boxes and understand that the God of the Bible is much larger, much more creative, and much more expansive than we can imagine.
    Some Alien life in the universe could be adherent to darkness and some could be adherent to the God of the Bible. Those that are claiming to have manufactured humanity are clearly aligned with darkness. It is important to keep Scripture as a plumb line. Humanity is created in His image, so any creature that speaks otherwise is not speaking truth. There could equally be benevolent alien life who are committed to the plan of the Father for humanity and are tasked with assisting humanity turn back to the God who made them. All things to consider before just assuming Q lost his marbles and disregarding him bc it doesn’t fit in the box we all are comfortable with.

  110. I have to say something about Q’s response to the “alien question” because this is the internet and I will insert my thoughts where people don’t care…because I can.

    Q was vague on purpose.
    Q is always vague on purpose.
    I can answer the question myself…
    No, “aliens” as in “greys,” “little green men,” or “Pleidians,” do not exist.
    However, fallen angels do exist and Biblical scripture is crystal clear on their capabilities.
    Fallen angels can disguise themselves.
    If fallen angels can disguise themselves logic would provide the answer that fallen angels can disguise themselves as “greys,” “little green men,” or “Pleidians.”

    And I haven’t even gotten into the topic of genetically modifying humans much in the same way Genesis 6 expresses.

  111. Oh, just thought I’d add Neon, the in the “electric universe” model, stars (including our sun) are actually sort-of inter dimensional portals that ships could use to traverse instantly from one point in the universe to another. So maybe that’s why Q coyly asked “how close is the nearest star?”.

  112. notice Q answered to one of the last posts on 8ch almost as if it was planted by Q team. A normal Anon would’ve asked about WTC not just Pentagon. Q is Military so is Pentagon. It’s a Trump Trashes Sessions type push to get MSM to bite.

  113. Neon, Q always says that Patriots never leak classified intel-it is illegal. And Q tells us, “think mirror”. So if Roswell/ETs are the Highest Classification, then saying yes to it is Q really saying no ETs? Same for the Pentagon and “it was a plane” is really, no plane or it was a missile?

  114. “Behold s Pale Horse” is filled with disinformation likely promoted by the deep state to see confusion. For one, the Ethereals don’t need to make any agreements with us because we can’t stop them. We also can’t reverse engineer their technology any more than a cave man can reverse engineer a smart phone. Maybe they stopped WWIII (for now) so I’m not sure they can be considered evil. Satan on the other would love to make the Earth uninhabitable with nukes if he could. So, I don’t believe that God would allow evil physical beings to do as they please here on the Earth. And those cooperating beings actually here cannot act without taking orders from God. This is especially true as God killed off the Nephilim who are now here as evil spirits only. There seem to be plenty enough people tempted into doing their bidding anyway! Also, as someone else mentioned: The closest star is 93 million miles away.

  115. Dear Neon,
    Could the deliberate insertion of a comma, ie after the word “False, moon landings were real,” be Q’s enigmatic key to the truth about the moon missions?
    Bill Cooper had long ago convincingly pulled apart the moon landing hoax in several excellent presentations.
    Remove Q’s comma, and you suddenly have a completely different meaning:
    ” False moon landings are real.”
    Thanks for your awesome work.

  116. No plane at Pentagon. Physical impossibility. So, possibly trolling those trying to convince us otherwise.
    Bill Cooper, after coming out with the alien existence, later recanted his story and stated that he had been led to believe they existed, and thus wrote about them.

  117. My dad used to be in the Air Force. Long after he retired and when he was quite drunk he told me that a lot of the UFO’s were Air Force test planes. They preferred that the public thought they were UFO’s. I remember living on one of the military bases as a child and a LOT of flights were done at night and I often was woken up by the noise.

    I asked him several times about aliens and he would laugh and said that aliens aren’t real and there are other things I should be worried/afraid of in the world and then he would get quiet. He worked on the Stealth Bomber when it was still under wraps.

  118. What a mish-mash of all kinds of weirdness this time, Neon! 9/11, moon landings, and especially Aliens and Catholic prophesies — kind of reminds me of South Park episode where Father Maxi confronts the child molestation coverup in the church, and gets to argue with an extraterrestrial pedophile bishop.

    Q answered a couple of big time questions with small-time answers.

    “Are we alone?” “No.” Whoopee. As a Catholic, I’d say that’s normal. God, angels, demons, etc. But to profess belief in extraterrestrials is the faith of the non-believer. It does not mean he who professes has special knowledge of the subject.

    Pentagon hit by a plane? “Yes.” Uhh, no. Since when do planes hit such big wide low targets on the SIDE? Even a missile is absurd. Any large plane hitting the Pentagon would do so in a dive. Maybe an ultralite could get away with striking the face.

    Whenever someone asks about 9/11 problems, it is the Pentagon and Pennsylvania field that I use to demonstrate the absurdity of the official story, NOT the twin towers. Having watched plenty of building demolition videos, there are none that look like the twin tower collapse. That was something different from both the official story and the conspiracy theory.

    Moon landings? “Yes.” Okay, whatever. I liked Kubrick’s “deathbed confession” video, where he states the reason he faked the first landing is because NASA ran out of time and needed a big win for America just as society seemed to be collapsing. Even though I believe the video was just a Kubrick stunt as a gift to his fans, it did make a very good point.

    I recall the Peary hoax of 1909, when the arctic explorer claimed to reach the North Pole. However, his journal and photographs and calculations suggest otherwise. The truth was, he ran out of time as the ice was beginning to break. Therefore, he made up the story as well as the calculations of star and solar positions.

    Makes one think: Did Peary and NASA have the same problem?

    This post also makes one think: Since Q is an intelligence operative, it means he has a stake in the preservation of his employer. He might be sickened by the Cabal’s horrible abuses, but to demolish key portions of America’s greatest achievements (Moon landings & the war on terror) would be self-defeating.

    I think that’s the most important take-away from this post. Q is reliable, but he is still part of The Company after all.

  119. Hey dog – I saw similar lights outside Fort Worth drinking beers at a lake back in the early 90’s.

    The triangular light signature you saw is very similar to a TR-3B.

    A vid from the respectable military.com, at the 46 second mark – you’ll see a very familiar light signature: http://www.military.com/video/aircraft/military-aircraft/tr-3b-aurora-anti-gravity-spacecrafts/2860314511001

    Semi-open source but still unofficial. Let your eyes be the judge.

  120. Takes two minutes to look up UFO images from the 1950s and see the design and materials used exactly match designs and materials used in the 1950s. Using image search do the same for photographs of UFOs through the decades. 1950s, 1960s and so on. Its plainly obvious UFOs have “advanced” in materials used and design coinciding with man-made designs and materials. Its almost laughable. Do it yourself, look up 1950s UFO photographs. Then look up photographs from decades later. UFOs themselves have “advanced” yet they travel the galaxy? Give me a break. People believe because they want to believe. Period!

    Q just lost a soldier. I don’t like being lied too. And I certainly don’t like being used.

  121. Quick thoughts here:
    * Q didn’t state there were aliens, but that we were not alone. Also earlier Q stated basically that this ET stuff was a distraction (post 376). How could we then be NOT alone and yet this does not mean aliens like in the movies. And again in both posts he refers to the immensity of space. Perhaps when he says we are not alone he is referring to something else/some one else beside greys or greens. Someone utterly Holy who created this vast space.
    * When you read all of Cooper’s book, toward the back he mentions options of how to take all that he saw and read. He lists the options and, if I remember right, the one he thinks right was that the alien connection were a ruse /charade by the illuminati. Right? Check me on this but I think this is what he stated.
    *I have seen many UFO over the years. Truly, I have. I also lived near palmdale, California and camped out in the desert. My fiends and I saw many weird shaped flying vehicles at different times-they ended up being not so new now stealth bomber and fighter.

  122. I hopped on 8 chan trying to follow Q. It is utterly astonishing what people ask him. I wanted to do a face palm half the time. I am so thankful they created a board for The Rest of Us. And I am so thankful for you, Neon–as always–a voice of reason, of wonder, of humor and a big BS antenna. Thank you!

  123. Hello Neon,
    When I read both of the Springmeier – “Formula” books back in the early 90’s, they were so upsetting, I had to lay them aside for a year, But I kept them in mind and started seeing confirmations and hints that this was true. So I read them again. I’m not saying i know for a fact that all the people named are participants, but the methods and results are showing up in shows, movies, and assassinations.
    I would also recommend “Transformation of America” by Cathy O’Brien. What I couldn’t understand was how this was passed through the generations and why the torture of children was so important to them. Then I heard the story of Jay Parker and now I get it. He has done a lot of interviews and explains that he grew up in a generational satanic family in Arden Delaware. This is an old religion practiced by doctors, lawyers, judges, insurance salesmen and police. There is no way to know who you are dealing with, they have protection. He says 10% of Americans are members of these secret interconnected groups.

    Search Jay Parker and Mark Passeo: Satanic Ritual Abuse

    Search #4 Jay Parker – Exposing the Global Pedophile Empire

  124. NR, do you remember when it was a handful of us commenting a couple of months back? At one point, I mentioned that the dark side still had 2 trump cards. The aliens and the diseases. I think that they are going to try to use them at some point. They have nothing left. Bill Gates keeps yammering on about disease X – why? They are talking about a mysterious force blocking the Mars Rover transmissions – why?

  125. I think the President announced a Space Fleet, because we already have a Secret Space Fleet. Remember the British hacker – Gary McKinnon. He was accused of hacking into 97 United States military and NASA computers. He found names of space ships and crew lists that no one would account for. The US tried to put him in jail.
    Dr. Michael Salla at Exopolitics.org has some very interesting testimonies of men who are remembering their time in the space force. Evidently memories can be erased and people can be time regressed. He covers American aerospace companies that are working in Antarctica with a breakaway civilization, building space ships and using slave labor. Is it true? I don’t know.
    Supposedly Wernher Von Braun before he died confided to his “right hand man” that there was an end game plan to fake an alien invasion in order to get the people of the world to submit to a world government. Bill Cooper said the same in Behold a Pale Horse. Earthmen will be pretending to be alien invaders.
    Thanks for reading! I don’t get many chances to “fly my freak flag”. KEK

  126. I just thought of something that might explain how the astronauts made it through the radiation of the Van Allen Belt in 1969. NASA basically hired all of the top German NAZI scientists, who were already making and reverse engineering UFO’s since the 1930’s. Plus, our Black Ops Secret Space Programs were working with technology that was at least 30 years ahead of what the public was using at the time. Therefore, NASA was using tech in 1969 that was already at the level of 1989 – 1999 like the Space Shuttle. So, logically, the spacecraft they used WOULD be able to withstand the radiation because it was most likely shielded with advanced Space Shuttle era shielding and tiles that minimized heat and electromagnetic radiation.

  127. The thing about confusion, is that it confuses and deception deceives. I think there is standards to work through the smoke screens and understand a foundation of truth. Maybe now we need to say, ‘All people are liars”, “All aliens are liars” .

    Project PLATO 151
    Jason 59
    President Eisenhower 231
    Original Hostage Krlll 225

  128. I know what I saw in the Arizona desert in 1979. It was like a movie their was a rocky hill and up came a huge disk with lights and a light below it rose straight up in the sky and hovered then one at a time 4 more smaller ships did the same and they were stacked hovering. It was really close and there was no sound and suddenly they shot across the sky, again with no sound, as fast as a shooting star. I was not afraid, I was elated my friend begging me to shut the sunroof, she then got on the floor of the car. We were driving from Florida to CA and often driving late into the night as it was. I drove maybe 20 miles and saw an air force base. I stopped at the guard gate and said to the guy “Im not asking if you’re testing anything but I saw flying saucers. Tell me, am I crazy?” He said “I’ve seen things out here that would curl your hair.”

    Since then I have seen UFOs maybe 15 times. Most recent my husband walking the dog at 5am saw a bright light disk and it was next to our house it came very low, no sound and a light so bright he said he had never seen any light that bright. He took a photo of it with his iphone. Why I see so much is I am an astrologer and often can be found looking into the night sky.

    Why I had Pluto transit conjunct the “finger of God” aspect in the chart that is angular and apex chart ruler at the top of my chart I had a lucid dream. I ran into a pack of dogs and they said “follow us” so I did we ran into a parking lot and they gave me a dog suit to put on (Furry in the 70s lol I am a visionary decades before my time) I zipped it up and they ran and I followed we came upon a building on a hill and it had an ancient door, I looked at them and they said “open it” so I did and there was a balcony with the entire universe. I asked the “where is God” they said “God is all of this” they jumped off the ledge and were floating in space, so I joined.
    Dogs were the guardians of Pluto’s domain that is the underworld were all wealth lies, where all truth is exposed. I was for that time an initiated member and allowed to witness and participate in the oneness. I have Pluto 12th I can see beyond the veil since birth.

    None of this scares me, my faith is unmovable. God has created the entire universe…

  129. Neon, please check out “Cosmic Disclosure” start with the episode titled “Secrets from the Deep State” Season 12, Episode 3.

    First post here, much love to you and all the great folks following.

  130. In addition to my previous recommendations for good info on the ET/UFO/Secret Space Program topics – I highly recommend Michael Salla’s website: https://michaelsalla.com/2018/09/20/q-confirms-secret-space-programs-real-extraterrestrial-life-exists/

    Salla was an academic at Princeton University with a PhD in International Relations, involved in fairly high level international conflict resolution projects with the U.N. when he became aware of the military whistleblowers of the Disclosure Project giving credence to the ET presence and coverup. He organised for Dr Stephen Greer to speak on the subject at Princeton. Just before the scheduled forum, the executive leadership of the University cancelled Greer’s talk and sacked Salla for organising it. Realising such drastic squelching of free speech at an Ivy League university meant the topic must be critically important, Salla turned his PhD level academic skills to researching the UFO topic.

  131. @ NEON– (off-topic)

    The “Warburgs” were a Jewish family that had controlled Venice, a major military and trading center for the Mediterranean and the world throughout the Middle Ages. The family, originally Anselmo and Abraham Ha Levi Kahana de Palenzuela, were Sephardic Spanish who took the name of Warburg, dropping the “Levi” name when they relocated their banking empire to the City of Warburg in the 16th Century.


  132. the Q and A was hard to read first I believe in the bible GODs word so in saying this aliens are not real but we have fallen angels who are much much worse than we can imagine oh wait we have seen there handy work against our children in everyway satanic way possible on top of that they are the rulers and authorities of this world and have no problem deceiving us with talk of aliens. Second I was an Ironworker and did high steal i also poured concrete commercially as an ironworker I refitted there hangar cranes at Boeing and I know for a fact that the damage on the pentagon was not a plane neither were the towers like Q would say do you believe in coincidence ? ALL THE CAMERAS DOWN AT THE SAME TIME FOR ONE OF THE MOST PROTECTED BUILDINGS IN THE U.S. COINCIDENCE ?
    I am just a knuckle head happy that GOD loves me you have done a great job Neon and May GOD bless you.

  133. Hmm. Just when I was starting to think aliens were a hoax this.

    Firstly, I would day to Christians, aliens didn’t need to negate your faith. Isn’t your god, god of the universe. Where dose god say that one life was on earth?

    I am not Christian, I am buddhist, and our teaching are completley compatible.

    Think of the vastness of space, it is mathematically impossible that intelligent life didn’t exist.

    It dose not negate our ability to trust in human virtues and develop worthy religions.

    I have gone 180 after q’s post and think likley at least ufo crash was real and reverse engineering brought new technology. The strange thing is that mkulra victims talk of alien disinformation.

    Or possible aliens are real, and disinformation, scare tactics also.

    I don’t belive Q would use disinformation. To much good work (the unwholesome players aren’t clever enough to use suchbreverse psychology and risk exposure). Put it this way, if aliens were real how would you ever tell the public? Sure it would shake people to the core, but wouldn’t it be better of to at least let the public know the truth during the biggest Intel drop.

    Think about it. What would q have to fain by doing this. Tesla said there were aliens and no one listened. Who would have to tell us or clshow us. Most people would not belive even if they saw with there own eyes. Because it would mean reajusting their would view.

    All I am staying is don’t pull out you pitch forks if they are real, abuse your universal world view to open your heart to them to.

    At least we know, didn’t stop us from being loving beings, who are viscous and respecctful.

    Wow. I could just be.

  134. Re: “The logical question I have, is why can’t you do BOTH at the same time?? Push to confirm Kavanaugh AND send out the FEMA alert.”

    Here is one explanation. I believe that the reason is related to the Q posts about the “football”

    In the Olden Days of Analog, the football didn’t just hold binders of information but was a secure, mobile communication device. It was called a football, after American football (It was Mid-Century, and folks in the US mostly played Baseball, Basketball and American Football for team sports. Futbol/soccer was nearly unheard of in those days.) The early Footballs were made of pigskin and were called “pigskins.” Luggage was made of pigskin too. The Communications bag, made of pigskin that was constantly “passed” from security personnel to security personnel, and went everywhere the President did got the nick name “Football” and it has stuck. There was also special line on his desk (phone) that served the same purpose.

    I recall reading about “the football” in one of Tom Clancy’s books back in the 80’s. Other spy novels of the 60’s and 70’s make reference to this kind of thing. (Len Deighton’s spy novels were epic)
    There was not just one football, but a network of people who needed to be connected. They had bags that went with them and “red phones” on their desks and in their homes too. I am sure the network is modernized but it certainly still exists.

    Another thing that Q has brought to our attention is the Presidential Daily Briefings. Anons researched that different presidents have shared the information of these classified briefings differently. Nixon for example only allowed himself and Kissinger to read them. Obama distributed his briefings to over 30 people. The Presidents also choose how often they receive briefings.

    So back to the subject of the Football Comm Network. Who exactly has their finger “on the button?” Ove the years, just like the PDB, it has varied. Oliver Stone’s Untold history of the United States (Netflix) described how in the 50’s (I don’t remember which administration – I was just listening in while Partner Anon watched) the authority to “press the button” got delegated until there were many people including some rather hawkish generals of the time who could launch a bomb without consulting anybody if they felt it was necessary. Wow. Makes you realize why after the Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy made a point of setting up a direct comm channel with Kruchev.

    So now I am thinking: What if the ability/authority to hit the button had been widely distributed during the last administration like the PDB? Or what if in the sharing of classified docs to say… China –or other… the codes/ way to hack had been disclosed? What if the Football was compromised?

    If it were compromised, I am sure that Trump and team would have gotten the heads up early on. I expect that there are procedures for if the system is down and redundant “lines” would have been discreetly set up. The danger would have been mitigated as soon as an audit showed a problem and the team had the authority to act. So, we are not at risk. At least not since Trump has been in office.

    Before Q even began posting about this all was taken care of and ready to go public on 8chan to begin giving the enemy heart burn.

    As Q has pointed out: The black hats are arrogant and “stupid” because of it. Maybe they have even been hoping that nobody noticed? Thought they got away with it? Hmm. Or at least until the activity near Hawaii didn’t go off like they hoped? Black Hats still thought their network was mostly intact? That it was just “bad luck” that there was a successful intercept? At least until the recent Q pokes at them? Or perhaps still imagining, thank s to Trump’s grand theater, that they have Trump on the ropes and that he dare not/ could not out them? Grin.

    What might a complete test of a nation-wide emergency broadcast system reveal? What If you test the Original system handed off by the previous administration? The test results would all be on the record.

    Remember that Q pointed out that a Presidential pardon would cover events up until the pardon is granted but not after. Only new actions could be prosecuted. A new event. New evidence. On the record, after the pardon. A test might be exactly the way to get the evidence. And of course, you have your nicely prepped Supreme Court ready to handle the case.

    Perhaps this is why the test must wait until Kavanaugh is confirmed.

  135. “Aliens” are inter-dimensional beings AKA fallen angels or demons. I will never believe they are extra-terrestrial beings. I don’t care who says what or what proof you supposedly have. The Holy Spirit has thoroughly taught me the only explanation is anti-Christ, demonic beings. These “aliens” and “higher consciences” being channeled are all against the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. People who have had abduction experiences and then get born again and trust in Jesus as their Savior have those experiences stop completely.

    While there may be something going on in space, it’s all localized activity. The inter-dimensional beings are as much a part of this Earth as we are. The Bible says so. The unseen realm is a part of this world. Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. The “aliens” always lie about our religion and want to seem superior to the Creator and claim his place, just like the enemy.

    Trust in Jesus, not in man or “aliens”. I think it’s getting way past time to consider if you are willing to die for Jesus like he died for us. The new Christians in the Middle East have to consider this when they are born again. How long until we have to consider it here? days, years, generations?

    It all comes down to we as a people are being manipulated, for good or bad, by good and bad, but in the end the only thing worth everything is God, our Creator, our Lord, Jesus Christ. He loves us and finds us important and there are powers who hate us because of that. Choose the side of Christ and you will always win, even if you lose this life.

  136. It’s surprising to me how many Q followers are surprised by the alien thing!

    It’s fascinating how people can stretch their minds extremely far in the direction of one “conspiratorial” area, but push back hard on another “conspiratorial” area without serious investigation. There is so much out there on the topic of aliens. I think one of the great starting points is the documentary “I Know What I Saw.” It scared the shit out of me when I first saw it because the reality hit me very deeply.

    If you really want to stretch your mind, dig into channeling. Yes, of course there are fakers and idiots and folks out to make a few bucks. But there is also some intriguing info there. Once you understand that time is an illusion and that all things exist in the now, it’s not so hard to open to the idea of tapping into other versions of yourself living in the past or the future… or on another planet. I recently spoke in person with a man who claims to channel an extraterrestrial named Bashar. He’s been doing this for 30 years. Bashar explains the mechanics of reality (it functions like a mirror of our subconscious), and whether you believe he’s really an extraterrestrial or not, his ideas are fascinating (at least to me).

  137. Normally I would say ‘follow the money’ could give us maybe a clear picture. The final audit of the Pentagon/DOD amounted to around 36 trillion dollars – monies that taxpayers submitted to the treasury. Adding into that amount is the massive black-op budget also adding up to billions of dollars.
    Knowing – as Q said – there are many more ‘slush funds’ that are ‘off the books or off record’.

    My career as CPA and auditor enables me to deduce that there are trillions more unaccounted for that the deep state and their black ops have spend.;

    Where did all this money go?

    Whether it was the OKC bombing, the Boston Marathon bombing, TWA 800, the first bombing of the World Trade Center and finally 9/11 were all FF and sacrifice to the psychotic Luciferians. The towers were controlled demolition. Then there is Bldg 7 which conveniently housed billions in Gold and accounting records. The gold bullions were trucked away in a convoy 2 days prior.

    Always look at the dates of these Luciferians ‘must’ deliver human sacrifices.

    Many ask what happened to the passengers seated in actual planes: These were indeed hijacked and assassinated but our own government and not so much by supposedly box-cutter-using Attas.

    Area 51 is the cabals most top secret and treacherous outfit where they have been involved in trans-human, hybrids together with non-gravity air-space crafts and more. From what I have learned researching this subject is that their final act against humanity involves technology to deceive peoples all over the globe by rolling our UFO’s and the Alien schtick.
    While I can’t momentarily remember exactly which book it was briefly mentioned nor the verse the Bible very briefly mentions that there are other inhabitants living on another planet.

    It is my belief that Q used disinformation regarding the plane and Pentagon. Going back to the 2017 drops by Q he also stated as fact ‘that not everything will be handled via clean hands’ (military code of using other methods and means to achieve a desired honest outcome.

    Based on the Buzz Aldrich’s tweet a while back he tweeted this: “This is pure evil – God helps us all”! He added a pic of Desko Mountain the pyramid shaped facilities. That was not long after he returned from the Antarctic top secret outfit. If that were not enough he needed medial care after his return.

    I am convinced that whatever project(s) and ops are taking place there is the most evil and barbaric inhuman outfit the world has ever known.
    Access in Antarctica is strictly for the deep state and elites ergo the Cabal/Luciferians.

    This is a subject we should dig, dig and dig some more while finding the answers about the fake UFO’s et al they intend to roll out.

    Then there is also the name of New World Order. The truth is that is nothing even close to that and the accurate name is “NAZI WORLD ORDER”!

    The Nazis were also very chummy with the Vatican and its pope.

  138. In your excerpt of Bill Cooper’s book where he mentions Fatima, he states that Russia was to supposed to be consecrated to the Sacred Heart. That’s incorrect. Our Lady asked that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. It’s a sloppy error, which leads me to believe there are more like it. It’s also highly unlikely that he was spilling real beans about projects the government wanted to keep under wraps. His book never would have seen the light of day if that were true.

    The Q&A obviously had another purpose than answering our questions, some of which are so off-the-wall I’m embarrassed for those asking. Seriously, do they think Q is God? But, the few questions Q chose to answer – and the answers that were given – point to the possibility that there was something else going on. A test of the site’s capacity makes good sense and is more believable than the answers Q was offering, or perhaps I should say, more believable than the inferences being drawn from Q’s answers. I can’t believe that alien disclosure happened in such unceremonious fashion as an offhand answer to a question in a spur-of-the-moment Q&A. Not after all the years of build up. That’s not how our government works.

  139. OK, I’ve tried posting this a couple times…

    Space aliens = disinformation.

    Q gives the impression of being a Christian. He should know that Christianity and space aliens are incompatible. If aliens were real, did Jesus die for their sins? Remember, Jesus is our kinsman/redeemer. He is the second Adam. He is not kinsman to some extraterrestrial. If you believe the bible, you are not going to believe in space aliens. Period.

    As an aside, Q has said that disinformation is necessary, yet most often Q info is reported uncritically.


  140. Just what did they find when they went to the moon? Can someone direct me? The moon landing press conference was chilling. Those guys achieved Superbowl, World Cup, World Series, etc rolled into one. They looked spooked for sure. Thanks in advance. I did try conventional searches but coming up with moon minerals, atmosphere, etc

  141. William Cooper Aliens UFO’s are a Government Hoax Created For Project Bluebeam Mirrorhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_g0NIBevWk

  142. There is also the hollow earth theory that being live further inside the Earth. I always found that theory fascinating. Another was WE are in the ‘Middle Earth’ and when we look at the sun we are looking at the center of the sphere. Rumor had it that Hitler would direct his scientists to ‘look up’ to see across the inside of the middle earth.

    I know there are demons and spirits manifest. I’ve seen possession of people, I know it’s possible. The ‘others’ probably don’t have a solid form and need us as vehicles.

  143. Thanks a lot. Very interesting thread.
    On the moon landings: Q does not say ALL of them are real. I still think Kubrick did fake the first one. There is too much evidence on that (or maybe I want to believe it was faked too LOL). I think people have been to the moon far more often without the world knowing. The 20-and-back programme BLEW me away. There is quite a bit to find on YouTube, for example Tony Rodrigues (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOtajZs3XPo)
    Another source of info on extrerrestials is the Law of One (I am Ra) channeled info: https://www.lawofone.info/. It states the Earth is in quarantine and that no aliens are allowed to make contact, but glitches in the quarantine can give them occasional access to the planet. They are fourth density service-to-self beings and not here to help us. Free will prohibits beings that are of service-to-others to intervene with us. The Hidden Hand interview of 2008 (http://www.illuminati-news.com/00363.html) confirmed the information in the Ra material was quite accurate.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  144. It.

    This was supposed to be the fixing.

    This was supposed to be a course correction for our civilization.

    Towards the light.

    Where I was once enthralled, now I am suspicious.

    Why not speak the truth?

    Why lie about the pentagon?

  145. i love your posts so much. the comedy is GOLD in these dark days. this article especially. that monkey’s face meme. the “sara carticle”. I look forward to meeting you on the other side. History will judge you well. 🙂 Love from a boomer.

  146. A couple of short points, as I’ve said before here I’m an older follower at 65 years old. I can state for a fact that Bill Cooper was the Q of our my time, a modern day Super Patriot if ever one lived. A lot of the things he read and released later have proven true. I read his books ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ years ago. I have read it again since and just recently downloaded it to read and pass around (free online). Do I think everything he said was true? Not at all, he wasn’t working with intel he still had on hand, he was working off of memory and some hurriedly scratched out notes. I do believe he translated his intel in a way he believed was true. He believed it so strongly that he was willing to die for it. Bill knew “they” were going to kill him, he told us it was coming in an interview shortly before they got him. Whether one believes Bill Cooper or not it would behoove everyone, especially those interested in Q, to read ‘Behold, A Pale Horse.’ I’m glad that I read the book when I was still a fairly young man (38).

    Next, the alien question. As soon as I saw the question I was pissed. The anon sloppily composed a question on a volatile subject. A written question of any importance should always be written crisply and to the point. Instead the anon asks two questions:

    “Are we alone?”


    There should have only been one question asked, “are we alone?” that’s really all that counts. Roswell is asinine to THE QUESTION of the ages. Why muddy the water with it? Bad form in my opinion. This made Q’s answer much less clear.


    “No”, what? “No”, we are not alone or “No”, Roswell didn’t happen?

    “Highest classification” helps confirm his “no.”

    “Consider the vastness of space” is confusing again. There could be many aliens or we could be so far away from any other potential “life” the vastness makes contact impossible.

    Good stuff again, thanks Neon.

  147. Neon. Look at Behold a Pale horse again. Specifically the prophecy: Antichrist -> Unite world in peace, and a false religion.

    North Korea and South Korea at peace. How nicely SA played along… Israel is last for “a very good reason. ”

    Are you awake yet?

  148. Kubrick did help fake the moon landings but not in the manner which most people believe or think. The NASA people running that “first man on the moon” event knew what those astronauts would find once they got to the moon so they devised a plan to create a separate studio with moon scapes and such to create a false feed linked to JPL. They used some of what was real in the actual landings but after that is was mostly the false moon scape created here on earth that took over from there. That’s why there are some movie films showing wind or lights falling on the astronauts. It was a combination of both real and fake telemetry coming from both locations that made up the moon landings we saw in “real time”. That’s why so many people today argue about those landings being either fake or real. It was both because if we knew what those astronauts actually saw we would have been in shock and perhaps some panic would ensue. The backside of the moon never reveals itself to us for an obvious reason. There is so much traffic coming and going from there it would be obvious. Many videos verify this that our moon is far closer to resembling an artificial construct than a natural satellite. All this info verification from Q is not a shock to someone who has been researching UFO’s and aliens for over 35 years. In fact it’s surprising
    to me that anyone today would be shocked to know that we have never been alone here on earth. There are far more species than what Bill Cooper alludes to on this planet and some of them have been here for tens of millions of years. Advanced species do not live on the surface of planets or moons. They live inside them where you are far safer from natural disasters as well as a threat from other species who lurk about from one system to the next.

  149. A side note. Can anyone give another example of a star, planet, or moon that does NOT spin on it’s axis? That’s because no such item exist in the known universe as far as we know. All galaxies, stars, planets and moons spin on their axis, no exceptions. There are what is known as gravitational Torsion waves that come from the centers of all galaxies as well as from stars and even planets which ensure all natural objects spin on their axis. Our moon should be spinning on it’s axis right now, but it’s not. Why is our moon the only object that doesn’t spin on it’s axis? Because if it did it would reveal the traffic coming from (both us and alien species), that is on the backside. All research on the moon will reveal to the researcher that it is not a natural satellite at all. Not unlike the satellites that we push into orbit around our earth if they spun on their axis they couldn’t work. Now you understand why our moon doesn’t spin on it’s axis. It needs to stay still in order to work as a satellite that watches not only our solar system but the entire galactic arm and beyond.

  150. If you want to open up that can of worms, try watching the first season of cosmic disclosure. I happen to know that extraterrestrials exist. I’ve known all my life. I’m an abductee as far back as my memories go. My first memory, I was still in diapers laying in a crib. I truly don’t care if people believe me or not. My daughter and granddaughters are also abductees. They tend to keep it in the bloodlines for reasons I’m not sure of. Anyway, cosmic disclosure is about whistleblowers that were in the secret space program. The first one to go public is Corey Goode. David Wilcock is the interviewer. I understand that the subject is a hard pill to swallow but on the other hand, it’s quite ignorant of us to think that we are the only species of intelligent life in this universe. Humans think they’re pretty intelligent, but in reality, we are like children intellectually considering how closed minded we actually are. It’s time for the blinders to come off. We already know we’ve been living a lie. This is just another piece of that lie. Our government kept it secret because if the real truth came out, we wouldn’t need them.

  151. Thank you, Neon,

    Re: “The logical question I have, is why can’t you do BOTH at the same time?? Push to confirm Kavanaugh AND send out the FEMA alert.”

    I might have an explanation: I believe that the reason is related to the Q posts about the “football”

    In the Olden Days of Analog, the football didn’t just hold binders of information but was a secure, mobile communication device. It was called a football, after American football (It was Mid-Century, and folks in the US mostly played Baseball, Basketball and American Football for team sports. Futbol/Soccer was nearly unheard of in the US in those days.) The early Footballs were made of pigskin and were called “pigskins.” Luggage was made of pigskin too. The Communications bag, made of pigskin that was constantly “passed” from security personnel to security personnel, and went everywhere the President did, got the nick name “Football” and it has stuck. There were also special phones on his desk and in the quarters that served the same purpose.

    I recall reading about “the football” in one of Tom Clancy’s books back in the 80’s. Other spy novels of the 60’s and 70’s make reference to this kind of thing. (Len Deighton’s spy novels were epic)

    There was not just one football, but a network of people who needed to be connected. (For example: think of our commitments to NATO.) They had bags that went with them and “red phones” on their desks and in their homes too. I am sure the network is modernized but it certainly still exists.

    Another thing that Q has brought to our attention is the Presidential Daily Briefings. Anons researched that different presidents have shared the information of these classified briefings differently. Nixon for example only allowed himself and Kissinger to read them. Obama distributed his briefings to over 30 people. The Presidents also choose how often they receive briefings.

    So back to the subject of the Football Comm Network. Who exactly has their finger “on the button?” Ove the years, just like the PDB, it has varied. Oliver Stone’s Untold history of the United States (Netflix) described how in the 50’s (I don’t remember which administration – I was just listening in while Partner Anon watched) the authority to “press the button” got delegated until there were many people including some rather hawkish generals of the time who could launch a bomb without consulting anybody if they felt it was necessary. Wow. Makes you realize why after the Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy made a point of setting up a direct channel with Khrushchev.

    So now I am thinking: What if the ability/authority to hit the button had been widely distributed during the last administration like the PDB? Or what if in the sharing of classified docs to say… China –or other… the codes/ way to hack had been disclosed? What if the Emergency Broadcast System was compromised? What if the Emergency Broadcast System is part of, or linked to, the Football Comm?

    Given Kennedy’s experience, I’m sure Trump’s team would have done an audit early on. I expect that there are procedures for if the system is down and redundant “lines” could have been discreetly set up. Any danger would have been mitigated as soon as tests showed a problem and the team had the authority to act. So, we are not at risk. At least not since Trump has been in office.

    Before Q even began posting about this, all was taken care of and ready to go public on 8chan and begin giving the enemy heart burn. (Yes, even Q’s most cryptic coms are public.)

    As Q has pointed out: The black hats are arrogant and “stupid” because of it. Maybe they hoped that nobody noticed? Thought they got away with it? Hmm…At least until the activity near Hawaii didn’t go off like they hoped? Then did Black Hats still think their network was mostly intact? That it was just “bad luck” that there was a successful intercept? Maybe they still imagine, thank s to Trump’s grand theater, that they have Trump on the ropes and that he dare not/ could not out them? Grin.

    What might a comprehensive, nation-wide test of the Emergency Broadcast System reveal? The original system handed off by the previous administration? The test results would all be on the current record.

    Q pointed out that a Presidential pardon would cover events up until the pardon is granted but not after. Only new actions could be prosecuted. A new event. New evidence. On the record, after the pardon. A test might be exactly the way to get the evidence. And of course, you have your Supreme Court ready to handle any case that might arise.

    Perhaps that is why the test must wait until Kavanaugh is confirmed.

  152. If we’re on the verge of nuclear annihilation why worry about the elections, or pedophilia, or human trafficking or the psychotic left or anything for that matter? Let’s just say our prayers and hope we don’t suffer too long. I’m sure Christ can’t wait to come back to a desolate wasteland.

  153. #MeToo in regards to seeing a UFO. I’ve seen 2. Both while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. The first one was up in the middle of the Bering Sea. I was on lookout, and saw a red light on the horizon. I reported it and watched it. After about 5 minutes, it had slowly risen from the horizon to about 30º above the horizon. I thought it was a helicopter, but there was nothing on radar (surface or air) and we had the only helicopter around for hundreds of miles, and it was sitting on our flight deck. A few minutes later, while everyone that was on watch was looking at it, it streaked off in a flash, similar to what a shooting star looks like. “Holy shit, did you see that, sir?” I asked the ensign down on the bridge wing. “Yep”, he replied “My first UFO. I hear there will be others.”

    The second one was 7 years later in the middle of Lake Superior at 3:00am. I remember the time, because I was standing quartermaster watch on the mid’s (midnight to 4am). This huge triangle slowly came from behind us on the same path we were taking (180 foot buoy tender). The lookout spotted it when it was about 2 miles behind us. Nothing on radar, but this thing was huge (much bigger than any plane) and appeared to be at about 5000 feet. Completely silent. Multi-colored lights rotating around the triangle. It appeared to be following us, but after a few minutes, it was directly over us, and then began traveling faster and faster and eventually it was out of sight. We watched it for about 25 minutes. Once the messenger stopped freaking out, he went and woke up the 4 to 8 watch folks, who got an extra hour of sleep that morning. I convinced myself that one was one of “ours”, mostly because K. I. Sawyer AFB was still active in Marquette, MI at that time and that’s the only way I could hope to get any sleep at night after seeing that. Completely silent and we would have never seen it if not for the rotating lights. I hope it was Air Force jockeys scaring the shit out of some puddle pirates.

  154. Neon.. those ugly pics you posted are NOT ETs… They are propaganda… The ET’s here and who did “return” in 1954 are all under the command of Jesus Christ and its all Good… Try to look at things different and google my name to reveal my website as I am partnered with Jesus quite directly. Calm down. Love Ya…

  155. I am not at all surprised we are not alone in the universe, nor that we have been visited many times. All one has to do is look at the plentiful evidence with an open mind. And as for whether the aliens are hostile? Well, they would have vaporized us long ago if that’s what they wanted. What we are is a very large zoo used for study. And their experiment is failing miserably. But there is hope if we can pull our heads out of our asses. That’s a darned big “if.”

  156. A face-palming number of people haven’t noticed 9/11 is the same as the emergency phone number.
    I wonder if the next DX game has a Q storyline. Playable character? ET DLC?
    A lot of the science we know is wrong (to cover classified) or at least patchy. We need the real story about WW2 too. Fake History is the first Fake News. Future generations need to know.
    If aliens Then pyramids, there I said it. Bright Insight on YT is interesting.
    Shortly after Manhattan began, N Tesla was murdered. Coincidence? Much is suppressed or stolen, I hope it won’t remain in the 60%.
    Mitre just reminded me of Mitre Square, famous Ripper site. There is a theory those were hits.
    Am I stupid for wanting an alien tape release, if it exists? I want to see what they look like. What if Tesla accidentally called them first? His “Martian” claims are still ridiculed.
    They take credit for too much though, unless the spiritual is real using witchcraft (pagan, not Satan) would be futile.
    I wonder if the crypto was named after the aliens.

  157. Hi. I am no expert on all this, butt am trying to keep up at least a little.

    For anyone with “ears to hear” I would like to share my take on the “aliens:”

    ..Think about the Sumerians and the “gods” that “came down” to give them technology (“just worship us”)

    …Think about the “serpent” in the Garden of Eden that brought “information/data” (“just disobey God and make yourself gods”}

    …Think about the Genesis 6 “mighty men” and Giants that were hybrid human/Fallen Angels…

    My point is that the Fallen Angels… and their genetic experiment offspring… HAVE been messing with the Earth and humanity for a long, long time. Offering “knowledge” for betraying the One True God.

    If you can see the pattern from the past, you can more easily see the Deception of the “space aliens” is Nothing New.

    Now the “aliens” (newest hybrid Fallen Angel/human hybrids) come down as “gods” to save humans. Just give up all that One True God stuff from the Bible.

    It is no more complicated than that. Just everything dressed up in new high-tech trappings. More sophisticaed, to be sure, than the old days. But really simple at heart.

    Why is this all a bad idea? The Fallen Angels mixed with humans with Disasterous Results. Reference the need to purge the Earth of “corrupted flesh” in the Bible with the Flood. Reference even the Greek Myths (about the Giants and hybrids!) which necessitated the flood to “cleans the Earth” from all the violence that dominated mankind after the “gods” camed down.

    Two final thoughts: Flying Saucers, etc. Oooh! Don’t you think that the Rebellious Angels had access to all sorts of groovy info before they made their tragic mistakes


    Would you really trust someone just because they have the shiniest, fastest Hot Rod (UFO) around?


  158. The version of events you reference above that places a Christian end time spin on ET contact is misleading. There have been made contacts by benevolent ET’s and none of these focus on submission to spiritual icons as a necessary precondition for our survival and advancement.

    A more basic, shared perspective that does arise from these contacts is that humanity is getting ready to reconnect with our full DNA complement that was intentionally disconnected thousands of years ago when the regressive ET’s first infiltrated our world. Their goal was to keep our frequency low in order to control and feed off of us. Apparently we have tremendous creative manifesting potential which they have hijacked to create a physicality for themselves. Once we wake up their game is over. At this point it can’t be stopped. All they can do is inflict pain in the hopes of hooking some of us into providing them a fall back position in a different time line. However we have also received tremendous assistance from benevolent ET’s and it is unlikely that the bad actors will be allowed to escape. “They had their run, now their done”.

    With respect to the Moon landing, we have a secret space program and advance technology both in terms of portal type technology and restorative medical interventions that can literally regrow the body from it’s original DNA blueprint. Numerous groups have permanent bases on the far side of the moon. Ditto for colonies on Mars, etc etc. Sightings of the TR 3B, a reverse engineered craft are increasing and it’s obvious that Trump is rolling out a soft disclosure in creating a “Space Force.”

    Spirituality and physics go hand in hand. We are actually approaching an upgrade which is often referred to as a dimensional shift. Once the political stuff gets sorted out a lot of this will come out into the open. Interesting times indeed.

  159. If you want more detailed info on Moon landings and airplanes at the Pentagon, maybe someone is brave enuf to ask him if:

    The astronauts of the Apollo missions did indeed land on the Moon and if they were the first humans there:

    If the plane that hit the Pentagon was the Commercial Airliner as claimed in the news.

    I dare ‘ya!

  160. Aliens are not extraterestrial they are in fact interdemensional.. Aliens do not come from other planets. What we call aliens are demonic. This is a fact, and the sooner people realize the deception the better of they are! They would love you to believe they created us! That’s the point! I think they are part of the great deception that even the elect would believe if it were possible.

  161. The “are we alone” Q&A: it is kind of arrogant to think we are It, in an infinite universe. Childish, imo. Along the lines of primitive cosmologies placing Earth as the center of ‘It All’. Even here on Earth there are non-carbon based organisms, and extremophiles. Even if you are limited in your imagination of what life must be made of there are still an estimated 8.8 billion Earth-like planets in our backwater galaxy alone. As for galaxies: “This led to an estimate that the observable universe contained about 200 billion galaxies. The new research shows that this estimate is at least 10 times too low.” – Hubble. As for propulsion… how funny to think you would have to burn something to get from here to there. Listen folkies, there are technologies even here on this earth, that beat that scenario. Anyway, I’m a retired RN, prolly old enough to be your Mum, and I’ve seen many types of ufo over the years and you can too. Actually I am quite certain you will. MSM has gotten into your head if you find this subject to be a bit too far out. Don’t be nincompoops :))

  162. I always have a hard time accepting when I read about aliens claiming they have created us, and therefore me. That might be true on a physical level, but that’s as far as it goes. (Ego-)I am an expression of one reality, as are they. They didn’t create my essence, their essence is mine, yours, of all of us. In essence “we” are that One.

    Though we are fully immersed in what is going on at the moment, as am I, I still keep in the back of my mind that all of this will in the end turn out to be just a dream without substance, once I/you/we fully wake up to what we really are.

    You may call that a belief system but then it’s the only one without a dogma, and one that I found myself naturally growing towards during my -now- 56 years.
    We talk about Jesus and Buddha, not realizing that another great rishi has lived here in our life time. Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950). And not only that, you had one in your midst in America as well, Robert Adams (1928-1997). They painted quite a different picture, mostly through silence.

    I’m not trying to use Neon’s platform to convey other forms of thinking/feeling, what I am saying doesn’t contradict that what we are living through right now. I just want to bring this forward to tone down some of the things I read, the do or die-scenario’s like Bill Cooper described. In the end, all of this is will turn out to be nothing more than a thought without substance, and we’ll be okay. We really will be. I check Q and Neon many times a day, hooked on it as everyone else, but always with this in the back of my mind.

    I apologize for any grammatical errors, as English is not my native language.

  163. Q used present tense when referencing the Moon Landings. Also, there is an opinion (that I also share) that the real Moon Landings were done with technology not shown to the public at that time. The Apollo missions that were presented to us via mass media, were theater.

  164. Q is right aliens do exist and they visit us everday. It is not the aliens that you see in the movies. These aliens are both angels and demons. Just like us humans we have different races and tribes. So do the angels, in fact they are made in tribes and each tribe of angels have specific purpose.

    One tribe of angels are the guardian angels. Humans are accompanied by at least 2 guardian angel. These guardian angels have been with us from the time when we were in our mother’s womb and will be with us when we die. They protect us from danger, help create “coincidence or random” events that benefits us and record everyday of our lives.


    Also Q is right about space programs outside public domain. I am they have seen spaceships and other UFO coming and going from Earth daily. Some of the spaceships are transports from Heaven. When a humans dies, a transport from heaven will come and pick the humans up to Heaven.

    Please watch youtube videos below, it is related to Trump and Q snowden drops a prophecy by late Kim Clement on 22/11/2014
    https://youtu.be/X6nTVc03Mo4 (Snowden)

    Kim Clement predicted Trump Presidency as early as 2006
    Compilations of Trump prophecies from 2006 – 2015 by Kim Clement

  165. Fascinating. I would not be opposed to the existence of aliens. It would only enrich our existence, I think. I’ve always adored the idea.

    That said, I do not believe in any extraterrestrials of any kind. Christ died for man. He was God’s only son. If God’s only Son was sent to die for mankind, and there were aliens, He’d have to die for all other species out there. There’s a good possibility that other sentient races would be damned.

    In fact, I think if there are other things out there, then they are likely demons. However, after viewing the tether experiment the U.S. pulled in orbit a few years ago, I also don’t rule out the possibility that there’s, uh, large petri-dish-like organisms that float around in orbit.

    Anyway, Q’s credibility goes down in my mind with this one. The only thing that would bring me back would for some sort of proof be brought to light for the entire world. He’s brought up a rabbit hole I do not believe is real.

  166. I got a giggle from your soundtrack which lasted almost exactly as long as it took to cover this entire post! Hang in there Neon! I appreciate all you do.

  167. A confirmation of the existence of the film of the hologram of Jesus’ crucifixion, as well as that there was also a hologram showing Jesus’ resurrection! If you do not accept the fact that God is talking about the Fallen Angels throughout the Bible, as well as their offspring (Genesis 6:1-6, Jude 1:6, Books of Enoch, Giants, Jasher, and Jubilees), are, in reality, the ‘aliens’ that our government is dealing with, then you’ll continue down the path that you would believe that these are the Annunaki returning. It can all be reconciled, when you realize that there is NO cosmic pluralism, which is what they want you to believe. If you’re a believer, like you claim you are, Neon, then you would be able to reconcile this. But keeping them separate, you’ll NEVER be able to reconcile and understand. It’s on the level of supernatural, and it’s why the New Agers embrace it so readily. Time for the Church to recognize it, too, for what it is.



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