Surviving the Onslaught, Fighting for Victory! #PatriotsAwoken #Voat #QAnon #GreatAwakening

To characterize the transition to Voat in the wake of /r/GreatAwakening being banned as “rocky” would be… putting it lightly.

Given the current situation, it’s become necessary to make the community at large aware of some of the larger goings-on that have lead us to this point, and to figure out how we can best proceed from here.

This post is going to be broken down into a few parts.

First, I want to address not just /v/TheAwakening, but the Voat community at large.

Guys, we have to pull a Mea Culpa here. And I hope you’ll extend to us the grace necessary to help course-correct.

Most of us are new to Voat, and as such, we didn’t do enough due-diligence to facilitate this move as best as we could have. We’d been under attack by Reddit admins for a long time, and when they finally pulled the trigger on us, we scrambled to find a viable solution for our community.

Admittedly, some of the systems put in place at Voat were foreign to us, and we didn’t understand the implications of every rule-set enforced by Voat.

Our intention was never to disrupt your beloved site, or your communities. We think it’s awesome that you stand for free speech, and are passionate about the communities you’re involved in – and that’s not just jerking your chain. Believe me, many of us come directly from the chans, so we really do share your sensibilities (and your sense of humor).

In a sign of good faith, going forward, EVERY SINGLE BAN handed out since the inception of the subverse will be reversed. 

An official announcement has already been made, and you can see it here:

Announcement: We are undoing all bans. | theawakening

Voat – have your say

We don’t want to censor people, and we don’t want to enrage the entire userbase of Voat. As such, we’re hoping to make things right, starting here.

But you’re going to have to be patient with us.

Due to some of the aforementioned restrictions, it’s going to take us a day or two to get make this happen. Here’s an explanation why:

I’m not saying you guys have to do anything for us, but in reality, any help you could give us in expediting this process (for instance, by turning off the downvote pings so our mods can actually function normally) would be helpful in expediting this process.

Please understand: Our goal was always to have a peaceful migration. We never wanted to interfere with the normal day-to-day operations of your site. We were just trying to hit the ground running.

And you have to understand, Reddit admins were even lying TO US by censoring the actual subscriber counts to the sub.

We thought we only had ~70k subscribers.

The reality was closer to 300k.

Had that fact not been hidden from us by the lying Reddit admins, we might have chosen a different course of action.

The truth is, we just want to integrate peacefully. We’re not here to take over or to tell you how to think. We just want a space where we, too, can enjoy our community and experience it, censorship-free.

And when it comes to Reddit, believe me, no one wants to see that god-forsaken site go down more than me. Many of our users have even expressed the desire to donate to Voat, if it means helping to keep the lights on.

Point is: we want to do right by you guys, and we hope you’ll give us the chance to prove it. 

It’s not every day a third-of-a-million people get displaced online. Normally, yes, you guys are absolutely right. We would have loved to handle things by going through the normal paces. This was really something of a Black-Swan event.

The bottom line is that Free speech is a precious commodity that’s in far too short supply these days, online. We want to both exercise it, and preserve it, same as you.

We hope you’ll extend us that opportunity, and bear with us as we course-correct.

Okay, second, I want address the #QArmy at large.

As much as some of the Voat locals may despise it, the simple fact is that /r/GreatAwakening was one of the most vital and important hubs of Q-related activity to date.

And now it is gone.

Part of the reason for its popularity was that it allowed relevant info to travel along a vector with tremendous velocity, carried along by a stream of upvotes. This mechanism, while not perfect (and while also exploitable) worked well enough most of the time for our purposes – and make no mistake; we were on target to surpass a million subscribers in short order – which is why they shut us down. We were a direct threat to their hegemony, so they had to shut it down.

Another reason it proved so popular was, unlike the chans (which are anarchic, at best) it also allowed for “Offensive content” to be filtered out – either by mods, or by the users through the use of downvotes. And if you’ve spent any time on the chans, you know that they’re often filled with porn, gore, and all sorts of offensive material.

Yes, even Q’s board.

It’s important to realize that not all this is organic. A lot of this noise is actually produced by bots attempting to derail the discussion.

That doesn’t make it any easier to pick through, but it’s an essential understanding to have.

So, roughly speaking, autists would be working on the official research boards, compiling all their knowledge, hashing things out – and then someone would repost the most vital pieces of info to /r/GreatAwakening, and usually, it would be upvoted very quickly – often within a half hour of it first appearing on the chans – because people generally recognize and spread valuable content.

And in truth, part of the way I’ve viewed my job here, writing on the site during this time, is as part translator/part filter.

In other words, I wade through rivers of excrement, dive in deep to pull out the gold nuggets, and leave the filth behind.

That level of endurance, that level of discernment is really what it takes to fight an information war.

The “weaponized autists?” That’s what we do at the highest possible level.

And that’s what you’re going to have to do in the coming weeks, too.

Voat is, at best, a stopgap solution.

Remember what Q said:

UNDERSTAND – EVERYTHING is going to go offline at some point, save 8ch.

You won’t be able to find news outside of it, very soon.

And when you’re there, there’s not going to be any vote tallies, or recognizable names to tell you how to think, or what’s important to pay attention to. You can’t see u/NeonRevolt, or u/SerialBrain2 or u/Whoever, because we will all ultimately be #Anons.

UNDERSTAND – There’s not going to be a Reddit, or a Voat, or a Gab, possibly even a Neon Revolt in the coming months.

There’s only going to be 8ch.

(Don’t get me wrong, I have backups of everything – but I’m anticipating the entire Internet going down for a bit, as per Q).

As such, it’s time for the training wheels to come off.

When Q says “Sheep no more,” he means it.

If you watched the clip above, you saw the Spartans talking with the Greek farmers, and potters, and blacksmiths. The Spartans were these warriors who spent their entire lives training. The farmers had just picked up a sword.

That was the #QArmy a year ago.

And as the tale goes, after hearing of the Spartans’ bravery at Thermopylae , the Greeks went back, started training, and came back a year later, a fully-functioning army 30,000 strong:

Do I need to point out to you that it’s been almost a year since Q started dropping?

Even during these early stages, you’ve learned how to fight.

You’ve learned to read the signals, suss out the battle-lines, and anticipate what’s coming.

You’ve learned the true nature of our enemies.

And most importantly, you’ve learned that we strike terror into their hearts.

Hillary Clinton?

You keep her awake at night.


He cries in the shower every day because of you.

The Rothschilds and the Payseurs?

They’re, for the first time, terrified that EVERYTHING is about to be taken from them.

And they’re right.

It is.

Sheep no more.

But to help speed this process along, 8ch moderators have gone and created a Safe-For-Work #QAnon board, for everyone to use in the wake of /r/GreatAwakening and the eventual transition away from Voat.

This new board can be found at:

/patriotsawoken/ – A Board for Patriots

Tinyboard + vichan + infinity + OpenIB – Tinyboard Copyright © 2010-2014 Tinyboard Development Group vichan Copyright © 2012-2014 vichan-devel infinity Copyright © 2013-2018 N.T. Technology, Inc. based on sources from Fredrick Brennan’s “Infinity Development Group” OpenIB by Code Monkey ★

It’s designed to basically be a heavily-moderated version of /QResearch/, so the moderators on this board will be removing all porn, gore, etc. as they are made aware of it.

Now, obviously, it is still a chan, so offensive stuff will probably still pop up, but it will be drastically reduced from what you would see on a board like /QResearch/.

Here’s a statement from the mods at /QResearch/.


Third, I want to address why we didn’t go with /v/GreatAwakening.

MANY have complained that we already had a preexisting subverse on Voat; that we weren’t integrating properly, and were in fact, attempting to divide the #QArmy.

I alluded to this in my previous articles, but now I intend to explain in full why we chose to create a new subverse.

Working with 8ch moderators, and r/GreatAwakening mods, we uncovered a trail of accounts that seem to be coordinating in a massive plan to subvert the Q across all platforms, at every turn.

We believe this group uses a number of sock-puppet accounts mask their efforts, but with a little bit of sleuthing, the patterns became quite clear to us.

And we believe that these deep state actors were ready and waiting for us to fall into their trap at /v/GreatAwakening.

And it all starts with the ridiculously-named redditor, u/FartOnToast.

If you go back a couple months ago, you’ll recall that u/FartOnToast was a moderator at /r/GreatAwakening who had come to heads with the rest of the mod team, accused them all of being comped, and started /r/The_GreatAwakening as an alternative.

Both subs existed for a time, often mirroring each others content (as the user-base tended to overlap).

But early on, I was suspicious…

It was about this time that #QAnon himself started to link directly to /r/GreatAwakening (and not, notably, /r/The_GreatAwakening). The thought did pass through my mind at the time that this might have been the big attempt to divide and control the Q community at large – by getting them to march into another, Cabal-controlled sub after feeding them the lie that the mods at GA were comped.

But I withheld judgement (and endorsement of either of these subs) during this time.

In private messages, FartOnToast (who I will only be referring to as FoT from this point forward, because it’s far too ridiculous to type his full name out every single time) tried to court me through several Private messages on reddit, in order to get me to bring my content over to his sub.

And then, there was this message; the first sockpuppet of his I became aware of – by his own admission:

Now, a sockpuppet account, for those who don’t know, is basically just an alt-account used to disguise or obfuscate your activity. Why would someone named (okay, I’ll type it out one more time) “FartOnToast” want to hide their activity?

Good question.

And note the not-so-subtle Matrix reference in the name.


So FoT uses sockpuppets. Big deal, right?


We started to dig deeper, starting with the lists of subreddits moderated by FoT:

Quite a few you need to pay attention now, too.

Notice, though – r/The_SwampWatch is not listed.

Important to note, however, is that r/The_SwampWatch was created right before r/CBTS was banned from reddit.

It, too, is now banned, as of yesterday:

So now we have a pattern of behavior.

u/FoT would create “alternative” subreddits utilizing sockpuppets (r/The_Swampwatch, by his own admission in the PM to me) under the guise of preserving its integrity, and this would usually happen a month or two before BOTH subs ended up getting banned entirely.

One of the reasons individuals use sockpuppets is to feign the appearance of user activity (or consensus of opinion). This is an old forum-breaking tactic called “consensus cracking.” We talked a bit about this in the Snow White post from a while back, but the idea is, say there are two people who disagree about something. One guy just argues his point on the forum. Another guy creates five sockpuppet accounts to make the one guy feel outnumbered. It’s essentially shouting people down with false numbers, and that’s hard to endure, because people tend to like the safety of groups.

So… with that in mind and given what we already knew… we started looking for likely user activity that FoT would want to obfuscate.

We did not expect what we would find.

Starting at r/AlternativeNews:

The very first post on this very small subreddit run by FoT was by an ELEVEN year old account named, simply, u/Orangutan.

It’s odd that such an account would post such a seemingly random story to a very small, relatively unknown sub… but upon seeing the age of the accounts, note:

This post was made six years ago…

And FoT’s account was created six years ago.

Leading us to believe that r/AlternativeNews was actually CREATED by u/Orangutan, who simply wanted to obfuscate his activities from the average user.

In other words, we believe FoT is one of Orangutan’s sockpuppets.

Now look at the network of subs controlled by Orangutan:

That’s almost HALF of the “Conspiracy” subreddits controlled by one person.

Odd, right?

Well, what about the other half?

The link comes from the Orangutan sub, r/ConspiracyFact:

We go to axoltol’s profile and find that he’s the mod of, well..

ALL of these:

So these two accounts control upwards of 90% of the “Conspiracy” talk on reddit alone.

Looking at all the mods on r/Conspiracy allows us to dive deeper:

Note the first account. Here’s the list of sub he moderates:

r/Tidder is a weird one. It’s literally just “Reddit” backwards.

Except… u/Tidder_Q used to run the wiki page for r/GreatAwakening.

He “left” the subreddit with FoT when all that fake drama erupted.

He ALSO mods one of FoT’s subreddits, r/DrainTheSwamp.

Are you beginning to get a sense of the bigger picture here yet??

What did I say in my previous article?

I know that /v/GreatAwakening already exists. I’m also aware of /v/PatriotsSoapbox, and others.

But I don’t really know those people.

Understand: that’s not an implication of their character. They could be very fine, upstanding people doing their best. But if we’re building something and I don’t know you, I don’t know if I can trust you, long term.

If you only knew the people behind the new /v/TheAwakening, there would be no issue. If you could see the countless hours of work they’ve been doing behind-the-scenes for months now, the thankless, dirty, day-to-day grind it takes to run the sites needed to keep this movement alive… well, I don’t think anyone would have any objections to the creation of this new subverse any more.

We had a suspicion at the time that something like this was going on, but we hadn’t had enough time to compile our findings.

We’ve had time now, and so we’re presenting these findings to you, the Q Community.

And believe me, the best is yet to come:

But do you want further proof?

r/The_GreatAwakening and r/ConspiracyFact use the exact same stylesheet to style the look of the subreddit (albeit, with obvious image changes):

But this isn’t limited to the “Conspiracy” space.

Let’s go even further, and look at another of FoT’s subs, r/Mandela_Effect. Who are the mods there?

Who is Ninjak777 and what does he run?

Oh, look at that:

The_Hannity and The_Vlad.

But it goes even further!

Look at who is posting on r/The_Hannity:

Some usual suspects, but also, a new name: u/happeningnowliveIRL.

Let’s check this one out.

Here are some older posts that had been capped by someone else prior to the r/GreatAwakening takedown:

These posts are about 3 months old.

Furthermore, what subs does this account control?



I think I’m seeing some patterns of my own here.

Guys, we’ve just spanned 7 different accounts aged 1 to 11 years old, and influencing hundreds of thousands of users across DOZENS of subreddits – some accounts which directly attempted to not just divide the Q community once – but TWICE.

And we’re pretty sure this all represents just a FRACTION of the sockpuppet accounts being used to sabotage us.

The best part?

Look who was waiting for us all to arrive at GreatAwakening on Voat:

Fartyshorts and lightlytoasted.

Yeah, looks like sockpuppets to me, too.

Whether Srayzie, who runs GreatAwakening on Voat knows it or not, she’s likely already been infiltrated.

So when you see posts like this:

Now you know the answer.

So when you see posts like this:

Send people this article and let them know that, no… we are not meeting at v/GreatAwakening.

The 8ch mods and the r/GreatAwakening mods teamed up to create v/TheAwakening for a reason.

And now you know the reason.

But like I said before, Voat is ultimately just a stopgap solution.

8ch is about to become known world-wide.

I advise you to get used to participating at:

/patriotsawoken/ – Catalog

From there, you can click on threads to enter them and read/post, or you can create your own thread. When creating your own thread, you need to fill out the Subject, which will be title of the thread as it is seen in the catalog. The Comment box is the actual content of the thread.

Trust me, the learning curve isn’t as steep as it might look, and we’re going to need to bring the lot of you up to fighting speed very quickly as things intensify.

Thanks for your continued readership, and your trust. I hope you understand; I may not always be able to explain the situation immediately, but I will always try to do what’s right by you guys.


Hey guys, thanks for reading and sharing my articles today.

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Thanks so much.

152 thoughts on “Surviving the Onslaught, Fighting for Victory! #PatriotsAwoken #Voat #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. Appreciate all you do Neon, you are my favorite Q-related read! The current drama reminds me of internet dramas of the past – 10 years ago. I’m not that young anymore and simply don’t have the energy for it. I am content to leave that up to young’ins like you (Jimmy Carter/peanut farmer reference) to sift through. I’m not easily offended so the chans/voat/reddit don’t shock me, however I do find it frustratingly similar to cr@p from the past. Think I’ll sit this one out and just continue to lurk like I have intermittantly over the last 10 years. I do find it inspiring that so many people are finally waking up and am thankful there are those of you with the energy, skill and fortitude to get the word out. Real or not, Q was the necessary cure for apathy in the world.

    • There is so much that EVERY patriot can do with minimal effort. President Trump has had our collective backs since day one. It’s time for EVERY patriot to pay him back and show en mass that WE have HIS back.
      1) Get off your butt and vote straight Republican in November.
      2) Convince every one of your family members, neighbors and friends to get out and vote.
      3) Spread this message far and wide on every public forum and social media application that you can.

      There are way more of us than them – but we gotta put up or shut up. This could very well be the MOST important election of our life time. Vote like your life depends on it – BECAUSE IT DOES!

    • Pheww-I also have a headache. It’s like my brain is sprained and needs an ice-pack. I am not NEARLY as smart as I thought I was.

  2. I’ve reached the STRONG conclusion that VOAT is not the proper forum. And that was BEFORE I read this post.

    Either there are moderators who can and will remove any content that could be used to discredit the movement, or the movement WILL be discredited.

    VOAT appears to be a pre-arranged ambush.

    • Agreed. And 8ch isn’t better because it’s so not normie friendly. But I sure don’t have a solution. I’m hoping the smart mods are working on it.

    • Agreed. VOAT is awful right now. All I see are posts using racial slurs against Jews and black people. It’s just not good at all. I’ve also noticed a huge uptick in the amount of anti Q videos I’m seeing in my YouTube feed. I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all.

      • Voat is one of the most interesting places on the internet. I go there to get a different opinion. It’s easy to ignore the crazies. I go everywhere. I even go to CNN. I feel I am intelligent enough to get a feel for what is propably truth, probably lies or probably diversion.

        If you don’t seek the truth on your own you will never develop an instinct for discernment.

        I go to places I hate, like Alex Jones and Facebook. I go to places I love.

        I think there’s enough good ideas on voat to overlook the racist N words. I am no snowflake. It’s your life and you’re free to think what you want, but why would you want to plug your ears to anyone’s ideas on the internet? Read everything. Believe nothing until you know in your heart that something sounds right.

        Absorb different people’s ideas and at some point patterns will emerge.

    • Agree, I came to that conclusion after just a few hours over on Voat. I’ve seen enough to know that no good will come of being there. None.

      I reckon we need to create our own space. I’ve posted below how I think it should be approached and I have built my own Qanon Forum demo this morning.

  3. This will be the only post I make and I doubt many, if any, will see this. But if you genuinely wish to be a part of Voat, this link to a thread, about the general idea of what happened and why over the past 2 days, should be read. Voat doesn’t hate newcomers, but far too many of them are so brainwashed to tolerate unwelcome mod actions on Voat that it threatens the core spirit of why the site even exists.

    If you truly wish to understand what the problem was and how to make everything work in cooperation, this long post should explain enough. As the OP states, anyone who has a problem with it is free to express their issues in the thread.

    • That’s a great explanation of voat.

      PS. I am not thrilled that my photo popped up with my comment, but it’s too late now. If the Powers That Be want to track us down, they already know how, so whatever.

      I’m still not sure if Q is real, but anything non-violent that knocks people out of the box and into thinking for themselves is welcomed in my book.

  4. Oh man. I’ve been following Q since day one. But always a lurker on reddit, chans. Guess I’d better start learning. Thank you for all your efforts

  5. Hi Neon..Thankyou for all that you do for us ..this not-very-good-on-the-puter-Nana appreciates your efforts to get the REAL word out there for us newly woken ones ..however ..Ive always liked Threadless Ts until…THIS DUDES SHIRTS..this is deeply offensive to me and can no longer support them .Take alook
    anyway…I LOVE YOUR WORK..and again THANKYOU
    Roslyn Hita

  6. I am a 54 year old Canadian women and so not a tech-y be any means and doing my best to keep up. I don’t subscribe to anyone yet follow many other who are awake. I watched a short video on sgt report (whom does not support or support Qanon) was advising Qanons to use steemit as their platform to use as a way to spread info. as it is a block chain and is the best way to not get shut down. Thoughts?

    • Beware of Steemit. There is a user there, @berniesanders (aptly named!) who randomly downvotes people into oblivion with his bot army.

      He drives many people, including myself, away from that site.

      It’s a great idea, with a really horrible implementation.

      Although the posts and comments of those “downvoted into oblivion” still exist on the blockchain, they require several clicks for readers to see them; meaning, most will skip on by, saying to themselves, “there’s a reason this was downvoted; not going to waste my time on it.”

      Like Neon’s article describes, Bernie also has many sock puppets.

      See the struggle the user @haejin has had there — tons of spam posted as comments to every article he creates, and downvotes by a raging army, most of whom are sock puppets (like @nijeah (haejin backwards), @baejin, etc).

      He has apparently been doxxed but I won’t share the name I’ve read; you can find it on your own — but you’ll need to click several times to get any of those articles to show up, as he has a raging grep script as well.

      I have no interest in doxxing him; karma finds a way, just as water finds a level.

  7. Thank you! I had a vision of the Q community as if it were a huge flock of birds. The flock got spooked and all flew off, like birds do, in a huge undulating mass eventually filling up a new set of trees. We may take flight because they shut down our “tree” but we will all eventually come together again.

  8. My mind is blown! SB2, I feel like I’m in the Twilight zone I belonged to GA, T-GA AND Swamp watch, I was communicating with FOT. I was reading this on voat, got booted out and couldn’t find it again on voat! Found it on Redditt. Of course your article is so deep, I’m going to have to read it 10 more times to totally absorb it! WOW! Your brain is a beautiful thing! WOW!

  9. Hey, Neon, what’s wrong with a simple phpBB forum to take the place of Reddit? It’s open source, and the organizers of the forum would essentially “own” it. It’s not as slick and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a plebbit-style platform, but it WORKS, has no interfering pre-existing community(ies), no unknown community standards, no pre-existing “culture” to spoil. And did I mention open source? So, why not?

  10. Just spent some time at the new 8chan board, and naw…Naw! This is NOT normie-friendly and NOT Q-centric, and it is HATE-filled. No fucking way this will ever replace what GA was doing for the movement. No way. Don’t even think about it. I mean, nice thought, but you MASSIVELY underestimate people’s aversion to the degeneracy and hate on 8-chan. People will take one look, and never come back.

    We need a normie platform, and we need it PDQ. I strongly suggest some open-source, community-owned forum.

    • How hate filled do you think a civil war will be?

      How do you expect to survive it, much less fight and win it, if you cannot withstand mere exposure to words you dislike?

      If normies are so averse to seeing things they dislike that they would prefer to give up and live under the heel of the cabal rather than learn to deal with actual freedom, perhaps they don’t deserve that freedom in the first place.

      Why risk you and yours to break them out of jail if they’re simply going to walk back into the cell and close the door behind themselves when you’re done?

      Hiding the truth because it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable for some people is how we got to into this mess in the first place, doing so again is not going to fix anything, whether the reasons for the lies and censorship are the same or not.

      • “If normies are so averse to seeing things they dislike that they would prefer to give up and live under the heel of the cabal rather than learn to deal with actual freedom, perhaps they don’t deserve that freedom in the first place.”

        Reminds me of the little creeps who tricked their Nanas into watching “Two Girls One Cup”. Yes, I watched a couple reaction videos and those were enough to make me ashamed. Shame is a commodity in short supply these days. We could use more of it. Just because you are free to say something doesn’t mean you should. Simple, really.

    • I agree, Solano. I was on both sites for most of the day/night yesterday, looking for any good “crumbs” to add to the body of knowledge. The porn and the hate just smacks you in the face on there. How does 8Chan avoid being shut down for porn? I am a 67 year old woman, not very tech-savvy (I understand very little of what Neon is talking about in this post)… I am NOT a prude, but I do not appreciate porn, and I resent being bombarded with all that T&A. Sure, I can click “hide”, but I first have to see it before I hide it. I felt sad all morning, thinking about the fact that Q-Team had enough respect for the Anons to choose the 8Chan board, and, to me, that is an HONOR. I just think that the behavior on that board is extremely disrespectful to Q-Team. I wish they could at least save their hate and porn for for Non-Q related threads, out of respect for Q and the honor that the Team has bestowed on them. They can call me a Snowflake if they like, but I’m not going back even to lurk.. nor would I recommend those sites to anyone that I know. If Q-Team sees something on there that they want to draw my attention to, they will leave a link and I will check it out. Other than that… forget it.

      • People want all of the rights of free speech without the consequences. They think they have a right NOT to be loathed and shunned by ordinary people who just think of people as people. They ridicule people with empathy for being hurt by terms that bullies use BECAUSE they hurt–then act like it’s OUR problem that we have enough humanity to care about the feelings of others. Yes, I WANT them to have the freedom to spew their hate–I also have the right not to have to enable it. I don’t want to read it. I don’t want to listen to it. So I’ll find places where good people congregate, who DON’T support all of that shit.

        • You do realize that it is the Deep State that’s posting the porn and the Jew hater stuff. They want you to run away aghast. The idea I proposed in this thread regarding a Verified Registered Voter badge would clear a lot of that up.

    • I am a Christian woman, mother, grandmother and as a normie I have been on the 8 chan boards lurking, for months. Yes. The boards can be vulgar, pornographic, sadistic and frankly just absurd at times. I skip that stuff… some of the vulgar photos you can’t avoid seeing, I know. But if you grit your teeth and lurk awhile, you will find some of the most fascinating, even funny material at times I am rofl’ing at what the anons and meme artists come up with.
      But mostly I am there for the research… these autists can DIG. YES IT GETS CONFUSING. Who is a shill who isn’t what info is true what isn’t but we need to hone our discernment skills, do we not? The bakers work their rushes off, some are better than others. Like life. The shills DON’T want us in there (and yeah, some of the anons don’t either, lol) and to me, that is a green light for go, read, lurk, expand my thinking.
      I’m tired of being spoon fed information. I’m tired of the corruption and lies and obfuscations. And I’m tired of political correctness. I don’t know what boards you’ve been on but you are here reading Neon, so you are also seeking what I would call an interpreter into this underground world of information.
      I say, be brave, small doses, (it took me a month just to figure out how to get to the 8 Chan Q contents page… I had been liking thru other posts…lol) and return to our interpreters for as long as we have them, to help you decipher what you will learn.
      First time I have ever responded to ANY ones post on any platform. The anons are working on a more normie palatable board, from what I understand, they don’t want to offend, but they have their own way.
      And if, as Neon alludes, it becomes the only available source, best to know the ropes. IMHO. Thank you for sharing your concerns.

  11. Hi there. Thanks for all your great information. Does 8chan work on Samsung mobiles I clicked on link you provided it took me to the board but I coukd t open anything.

    • Yes, it works, but not all browsers are made capable. I use Brave Browser. Standard browser won’t normally work. Firefox/Chrome/Opera have mixed results. Use the ‘view desktop version’ of the page.

  12. Thank you NeonRevolt for this clear explanation and all the hard work everyone has done to keep the Patriots and Q supporters together. WWG1WWA

  13. Great, outstanding, brilliant sleuthing. This article above is more important than pretty much anything you have written. I have one question / criticism: Where did you get the 300,000 number for the reddit refugees?
    I ask because I’m doing some research on polling numbers and twitter number fuckery as well.

  14. I agree that a easy to use normie site is an absolute necessity to attract and keep the majority of Q patriots engaged. The chans are not going to do it and the participation will be minuscule compared to r/ga. It has to be user friendly and safe or the Q movement will stall. Our strength was in the growth of participants who are just normal everyday people going about their lives and spending a half hour catching up on Q and the “community”. They are not going to go all anon and geek, they will just go.
    How can this be so difficult to accomplish. A free, easy, secure, place to exchange thoughts on Q.

  15. Quick question Neon: I have my FB puts. Ty for that. I know you have probably thought about this before — what do you think would be good puts for a “mass arrests before Christmas” event? What do you think might tank like nothing we’ve ever seen before based on a round-up and perhaps short-term martial law?

    • Read the Q drops. Once Twitter fell 20% or so, I saw Facebook going in a couple days and could have pulled the trigger on it; it followed like clockwork (or was it FB first, then Twitter? Faulty organic memory…).

      Google and Microsoft were named in the same drop as Twitter and Facebook, back in April. (Microsoft was mentioned via “Bing.”)

      It’s #1044, at least according to

      Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 03213a No.922237
      Apr 6 2018 14:22:28 (EST)

      Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 03213a No.922142
      Apr 6 2018 14:17:40 (EST)

      Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal attire.
      One of many.
      Net shut down.

      Fake pic push by MSM.
      Videos / backup.
      Google kill.
      YouTube kill.
      FB kill.
      Twitter kill.
      Yahoo kill.
      Bing kill.
      Instagram kill.
      Net will be paused.
      On the clock.

  16. Understood. Can’t wait for a more permanent solution. Been following you since you dropped the Payseur article. In fact I totally jive with most everything you drop save for the significance on Fascism/Communism that you have. So only like 99% :). I got to ask, do you really give any credence to SB2? The first time I read one of his “decode” I knew this was either a psyop or a dude who took too much LSD in highschool. As an aside FoT above, in one of his private messages to recruit me for the new group was talking up SB2 and how SB2 was coming over to the new GA group. I told him that it was probably not for me.

  17. Each person commenting here has their own opinion. Some seem innocent, some seem strongly subversive. Now IS the time to have to decide who, and “where” to place your trust. I feel my first comment EVER, should be to say, PRAY FIRST, AND FOREMOST! If you believe in God the Father, and his son our Savior Jesus, PRAY! Pray that the Holy Spirit is working on this Earth, for the better good, and that the will of our Father comes to pass.

  18. Thanks Neon! I went over to voat that evening after reddit ban us and I came here and read your post. OMG! That was a nightmare. I upvoted over 50and shout out to you, high val, sb2 and others and just when I couldn’t figure out why no one was responding to me I happen to wonder into GA and they were merciless and I read several talking about how they were going to shut us all down. What you just laid out is similar. I tried to warn several of our reddit refugees that landed in that v/GA cesspole that they were in the wrong sub and these people were hateful n anti Q but of course I had hit my 10 comments limit. By then I was so over it I deleted my account. Went home to 8chan and found Patriotswoken. Was up exploring until 4am.. lol
    Man, you are right, there’s a bunch of ugly boards over there. So happy and thankful the autist, anons and mods created a board for us.

  19. @Solano Jones: “We need a normie platform, and we need it PDQ.”
    Yes! I was so glad to read about a Safe For Work platform that doesn’t include porn and other junk. I have not been to the new platform, but if it is as unsuitable as you say, it s not going to help educate people about this movement, nor will it be a place they feel comfortable visiting or sending others to.

    There’s no reason to have pornographic pics on a Q board — zero. I rarely go there and am so thankful to Neon for wading through it and making sense of it. There’s no way I would tell even one person I know about that place. We sorely need a safe place for normies.

    And “safe” is not in the snowflake sense. It is for people who care about what they put before their eyes and brains and souls. It is for mature people who realize that not everyone agrees with others’ lack of sensibilities. It is for people who understand there is a place for everything, and such a board is not the place for porn. Those who are unfortunate enough to want porn in their lives can do it on their own, in places where those who don’t want to see it don’t have to.

    There is no way to avoid seeing it, either. I’ve tried. I have seen the beginnings of what I know to be a pornographic pic and blocked it and scrolled down, but even the small amount I saw is way more than I would ever choose to see. Neon said, “In other words, I wade through rivers of excrement, dive in deep to pull out the gold nuggets, and leave the filth behind.” Thank you, Neon. And thank you for a place I can trust in the midst of all the subterfuge, fakery, and deception.

    • @Anonymous, I like Neon Revolt in general, but trust no one. If you don’t know someone in real life, you should be wary.

      Even if Neon Revolt is a great guy, and he probably is, there are too many ways for evil people to:

      A. hack and take over a website
      B. blackmail or entice a person to write lies
      C. mislead a well-intentioned writer
      D. something similar I can’t think of

      So far, I like this place as a source, but I would never think any website is totally trustworthy for obvious reasons. Although, I have no reason to distrust anything NR has said. (NR, sorry for spamming the comments. If you think I’m overdoing it you don’t have to approve this.)


  20. I will say this for SB2. He is a decent human being, and was a friend to me at GA. I often didn’t understand everything he was doing (in some cases I understood the concept but not the application), and maybe he was full of shit 50% of the time. Could be. But you know what? He was harmless at worst. And at best, he was good enough for Q to link his posts. What he NEVER was was rude, demanding, hateful or proud. And tbh, after my experience with the goat-f*ckers at VOAT, I have to tell you that makes him all right in my book. Mighty fine, in fact. We could use a LOT more like him.

  21. Wow! Thanks for all of your hard work and explanation of what is going on to subvert this movement. This is all so amazing. Praying for all of you autists to have wisdom to make good decisions in moving all of us to the right platforms and to give us the info we need to stay together. Thank you again

  22. The 8ch mods and the r/GreatAwakening mods teamed up to create v/TheAwakening for a reason.

    And now you know the reason.

    I do my own thinking.

    I looked at how the mods at each site behaved. Lies are lies. Actions are truth. You know someone by how they act. Matthew 7:18

    The mod logs at v/GreatAwakening are clean. The modlogs at v/TheAwakening are full of cancer, control, and as Q put it, “Aggression, Suppression, Censorship.”

    Q told us what to look for, and the mods at v/TheAwakening brought it hard.

    Please reconsider. You’re refusing to believe (as Q warned us) because you don’t want to see the truth.

    This situation is damaging my trust of you.

  23. what is needed IS a few INDICTMENTS…to take away the stink of the msm….change the ops to ..ATTACK,,,,and maybe the ‘evil doers’ will be too busy defending themselves to have any time to throw shit in our faces,,,and we can start with JOHN KERRY in handcuffs tomorrow …the Logan Act is a FEDERAL CRIME …which requires INDICTMENT and not ‘conversations and dislike what he did’….imo

  24. Didn’t take long to spot Voat as a syop. I floundered around trying to get up my 10 points to be able to post, and then come across this guy saying this is his first experience of voat and he is showing 45 points. So I comment back saying how the fk does this happen? And my comment is taken down.

    Voat does not look to be on the up and up to me.

  25. Thanks for the post Neon. This clears up a lot, but the damage is done over there methinks. 8ch is banned on many devices I use, so I am only able to crawl intermittently (which is no way to really appreciate it). I left reddit after the conspiracy boards were obviously bunk, and this explains why. Thanks for spelling it all out and naming names.

    Look they banned MDE and a couple other dumpster fires right before they did you guys. That primed the regular voat immune system to go into overdrive. On top of that, even the non-hate voaters have seen enough trouble from voat farms to pounce hard, and hard they pounced. My point is, I don’t think it was an accident you guys landed where you did, when you did, and how you did. I think Q saw this too and warned everyone to buckle up. Also prolly knows its a clown front, which is oft accused by the same sockpuppet shill and never sufficiently refuted.

    Let me close with an idea that wwg1wgA means the voat deplorables as well. Not the shills and fakers heavily peppered in, but the real people encountering the q movement (for or against) via that medium. They are mostly cynical old farts who have been preaching this stuff for years and have smoked more hopium than we could guess and won’t be fooled again. They feel they have gotten to the core of the problem and just want you to shut up and listen to them. Bluntly, what Q want’s to save for last they want right now and they brought the rope. Q’s measured approach and Military planning at its finest may not suit them, but I believe it will allow the greatest possible number to be awoken from the sleepingpowder, even those cynical old farts. The newly awoken may not be ready for that last bit now, but the choice will soon cease to be an option. At that point these newly awoken will need to be leading their irl friends and family towards safety and will need to be prepared. Now I think they know that the enemies of Q do not only come from the left, but from [All Sides].


  26. They can’t stop us from talking to each other, and from voting in November. Everyone I know at work, my auto mechanic, my plumber, in my church, at the little league, even people I met at a campsite on a camping trip — they all are pissed at the Democrats and globalists. They all know what is going on. They all want The Wall. Everyone says: WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK. I know several who are “Walk Aways” from the Soros DNC. We are a nation of 350,000,000 people. The “Deep State” is just a few thousand people — yes, they are ruthless, key people in powerful positions, and they are centrally coordinated — but they are only a few thousand people. And the radical left, along with their useful idiots, are only, at most, 5% of our country. Antifa is only a few hundred people. Same with BLM. They are trying to intimidate us. They are trying to make is seem like it is huge and hopeless. But in reality it is just staged theatre by a small number of paid actors. It is just sound bites, that nobody believes, on the fake news, that nobody believes. We will deal with Google, etc after the election. WE ARE WINNING. And they know it. A lot of fireworks is going to happen between the election and January when the new Congress is sworn in — it is inevitable. After the election “they” will have nothing to lose, and it will be their last and only desperate best opportunity. Trump will have to defend himself from them. HELLO MILITARY TRIBUNALS! HELLO GITMO!

  27. Once everyone is corralled on 8ch, how do you keep 8ch from being compromised? For that matter, what keeps the clowns from attacking the servers directly?

    • It has happened, a few times, but it hasn’t lasted long enough to matter. the biggest concern into the future is the amount of traffic going on to 8chan when places like YT, Facebook and Twitter decide to do the same thing, and purge all mention of the QAnon movement.

  28. Disclaimer: This is not aimed at Neon, it is mostly aimed at Q, Q+, and whoever else does a lot of talking with no action. Ex: Trump complaining about Kerry and ending his tweet with the word “Bad”. Quit your bitchin’ and do something about all this bs, my God Trump, you’re the most powerful man on Earth – or is it Kerry, Obama, Clinton, Mueller, …. who????

    I’m about to check out on all of this. How many times do I read “next will be big” “enjoy the show”. All I ever see is Jim Jordan demanding the FBI give him the documents he asked for.

    We already “know everything” (and more, according to Q) and if we know it today, “they” knew it yesterday. Also, don’t repeat the tired old “these things take time”. Hilary Clinton has been a criminal for decades, Obama started his BS almost 10 years ago, Awan brothers, the Podestas, Lynch, Comey, good grief …even Mueller. Just how long are us patriots supposed to wait for justice?

    I don’t want to hear any more “next week” bs – orange jump suits and handcuffs or STFU. I’m sick of being jerked around – it’s been going on for the last 25 years. I get pretty hot under the collar when I read someone (Q) post a list of everyone that has been FIRED at the FBI – really? I’d have been jailed for what they did.

    I’m not some deep state agitator trying to infiltrate and cause trouble – I’m a 69 yr old retired Director of Radiology that worked my ass off since I was 14 years old and have watched the political criminals get away with everything (including murder) and NEVER be held accountable. And I’m not alone, there are millions of us with my attitude about this stuff.

    It’s time – put up or shut up because if you don’t start taking care of business we’re going to tune you out.

    I apologize for posting this here but I honestly don’t know where else to post it.

    • You might like Free Republic, great site for old coots that are fed up with the corruption. I’m impatient, too. But man, I am enjoying watching the mueller show outing all the corrupt FBI creeps. You think we would of seen any of this if hillary won?

      • I’ve had an account at FR for 18 years – not a bad site but not nearly the analysis and dedication like Neon does/has.

        I too have enjoyed watching this and no, we would not have seen this if Hillary had won but we’re edging up on 2 years with nothing but, using a Nancy Pelosism, crumbs.

        I think the point I’m trying to make is there are people from the Trump admin that have had their actions investigated and are GOING TO JAIL yet the REAL criminals are laughing at us. If we lose the House in November, Trump and Sessions need only look in the mirror. The morale of the left could have been destroyed 6 months ago instead, we’re approx 50 days out and they’re chomping at the bit.

        I know, “next week” …. “enjoy the show” – I’m not enjoying see Trump associates going to jail (deserved or not) and all these anti-Americans not going anywhere but to the beach. Q says they have it all – well then use it, damn it. It’s WAAAAAAYYYYY past time.

        • I hear ya, we are expecting a big boom and it turns out some revelation on hannity. Ok. The U1 witness. And then….nothing. The weiner laptop, crimes against children, what hillary did in haiti will turn all blacks republican…and then nothing. I get that DC courts are corrupt. I wish there was a bit more leaking, what are the crimes specifically, what are the haiti details specifically. I’m hoping it does eventually come out.

    • Great post. You are not alone. I’m a little younger than you but not by much and I’ve been dismayed and disturbed by what’s been going on virtually my whole life, since JFK was assassinated when I was in grade school.

      I think it’s a safe bet that your post would have been quickly downvoted in r/GA and not by shills. There was an intolerance there for anything critical of President Trump or Q, even when justified. And there is a stated intolerance for anyone who demands that the known criminals be arrested now. “Trust the Plan”, i.e., Q knows better and should followed without question. It’s no wonder the Q movement is seen as cult.

      The exodus from r/GA was poorly handled. Amateurish. We make memes to “drain the swap” but we were herded into the swamp that is Voat, where they claim as the right of free speech to verbally and visually assault anyone they please.

      The whole 8chan strategy is a mistake. Herd all the sheep into one pen, where they are easy prey. Any point of concentrated power or influence is a point of attack. Our world has been set up as a hierarchy for a reason. The whole system can be controlled by compromising a few critical points of power and influence. Our first principle of organization should be decentralization.

      Setting aside the grave error of centralizing the community, why choose 8 chan? I haven’t seen any good explanation. My own research raises serious concerns. Why associate with an operation believed by the public to be tolerating child pornography?

      There are four main components of an online forum: a server, a social software platform, the management and the users. We have the users and a few trusted identities (such as Neon) who can manage or endorse otheres as managers. Plenty of open-source software platforms are available, including the one used by 8 chan. That leaves the server.

      My question: why choose one server instead of a network of independent servers each supporting a robust network of quasi-independent forums? And why select as the one server, one with a shady reputation and which may already be compromised? Among the 300,000 of us, I’m sure there is more than enough wherewithal and willingness to do this right.

      I, for one, will not participate in either Voat or 8 chan.

    • RE: cootie

      amen, amen, amen – ad infinitum

      agree 100% with your comment. I am tired of waiting for the stars to be aligned. let’s get on with it and let the chips fall where the chips fall. there are alot of us that will grab a shovel and help cleanup. tired of the wait

    • Cootie is 100% right. In one of Q’s latest posts(2185), he says buckle up, the fight is real and the time is now. Really? Yeeeah Riiiiiight. The time for texting riddles and talking are over. The time for arresting and killing enemies foreign and domestic is now, so for the sake of the few remaining true American patriots, DO SOMETHING! Trump literally has the whole ball game right in his hands right now and he won’t even declassify the FISA report. The Satanic Libs are going to hate him anyway, so take out a few big dogs like Clinton, Obama & Soros and put the fear of God into these sick bastards because you can’t reason with these people anymore. Let’s Roll.

  29. I know the chans have a lot of nastiness and I am too old for most of that. I also understand they are trying to create a “safe space” for the refugees of the reddit group. I will watch and wait. I appreciate all you have done and hope this site does not go away. However…to quote you….

    “There’s not going to be a Reddit, or a Voat, or a Gab, possibly even a Neon Revolt in the coming months.”

    I will need to be informed because that is my nature, my duty and my calling.

  30. Zero surprise clowns using my tax dollars to run sock puppet accounts and disinfo campaigns, controlled opposition etc however 90% of all “conspiracy” subreddits! Seriously, these clowns need girlfriends

  31. I feel the loss of GA. Ten months ago, I opened a voat account, figuring that GA would be banned sooner than it was. The problem I found is that the Voat environment is not as user friendly as reddit. JMO. I mostly lurked on the pizzagate sub.
    I agree with those who believe we need a more permanent solution than Voat or 8ch.(I occassionally go there, eye bleach at the ready). Maybe a BB? Maybe a Qanon community funded site of our own? We desperately need a better replacement for GA.

  32. Please explain to me why everyone posts as anonymous, I don’t understand. If a person believes in what they want to say wouldn’t you want to own it?

    • Say that when there is a very real possibility of you being killed or otherwise severely damaged should your real life identity become known.

      It’s easy to make that statement when here where we’re not posting anything important or helping to harm anyone with real power. The same is not true for the folks doing the actual research on the Q boards.

      Hillary has in the past had people killed for far less than what the Q research folks are trying to do.

      Use your brain. This isn’t a game, and the people doing the work aren’t trying to strike a pose or build a brand, they’re engaged in a very real war that will inevitably lead to very real casualties (and likely already has). Maintaining anonymity is just one part of their critical op sec.

      • Are you sure that your IP address hasn’t been tracked? Remember, “they have it all” – how/where did they get it (NSA ring a bell?). And if we have it are you 100% sure they don’t? Is everyone at the NSA a white hat?

        I think the only at risk person here is Neon. If we got snuffed nobody would know why if they even knew about it. Neon? That’s a different story.

        • I’m certain that mine has, but I’m a random nobody.

          Not an autist, not an activist, etc. Sending someone to snuff me would be beyond pointless, and if they did, nobody would notice anyway.

          Thus, I’m not real concerned about it.

          Famous last words, I know, but there it is.

      • @LogicIndustries, I don’t believe there is true anonymity on the web. I think if they want to find you, they will. Even TOR (whatever that is) must have a back door of some kind. There are probably ways to dox you by analyzing your keystrokes and wording… just guessing… but my guesses often prove to be correct.

        If you’re afraid to tell the truth and everyone is afraid to tell the truth… well here we are.

        Use common sense when putting your ideas online. For everything else, trust in God or use paper and pencil to communicate your thoughts.

  33. Great post Neon. What a mess, but it’s to be expected. It’s almost like being in a Person of Interest episode, we don’t know who to trust, everyone keeps flipping, and our head is spinning. As I think and write, this is one of those moments that I believe Father warned us of years ago. There will come times (and they are getting more intense) where we will not know what to do unless we hear His voice, and listen. Now is the time family! Now is the time to make sure that you know what His voice sounds like! Listen, understand, obey. We’re not going to make it in our own wisdom.

    Neon, can you make a post about entering and navigating 8ch and 4ch? We need a primer I think. But also, as for me, I won’t make it in a site where I have to fight porno frequently. One part of me starts shaking, and the other part goes, c’mon, you can handle it. So no, that’s not a good solution for this warrior.

  34. I was the author of your mentioned 8chan post, firefox_2018-09-14_11-55-07
    While, admittedly, I am still angry that 8chan and you have refused to guide the reddit refugees to v/GreatAwakening and instead to v/theAwakening, I’ve decided to let it slide; I realize I am not always right and I don’t always understand things completely. Granted, your explanation did help some, but I admit I am still not satisfied with the explanation…but that’s okay.
    Wanna know why? Well, I feel like God has made me accept it even while I don’t completely understand it.
    How did God make me accept it?
    Well, before /r/GreatAwakening was toast, I fiercely tried to call out /u/FartsOnToast’s f*ckery. In return, I was banned, deleted, mocked…however, my feeling that this user was a bad guy…a wolf in sheep’s clothing…was even stronger than my opinion in the reddit migration debacle. I knew that user was a bad person, and that user has been a flame that burned me, while I had been well-meaning and innocent. I’ve been counting on my faith in God that even though I didn’t succeed in getting the truth out, that the truth would be revealed about that particular user.
    Now, I see, my favorite Q blogger, even though he/she disappointed me previously w the reddit migration alignment, has called this user out…so, I am satisfied. I thank you, and most importantly, God.

  35. This post has just been linked to by the friendly folks at r/Qult_Headquarters. Thanks @Reev, very interesting development. I’d love to see somebody take on that sub, and r/qproofsdebunked, with nothing but evidence and logic, keeping a very civil tone. Probably couldn’t be accomplished within their forum but this is the internet, who says we have to stay on one site?

    Thanks for all your hard work, Neon. This movie’s really starting to get interesting!

  36. Neon, you’re amazing! Thanks for all that you do – especially for digging in the places that I just can’t go. And then explaining it all in understandable terms – with warnings of content every now and then. It’s possible that by posting here again, I will lose more of my online sales (as has coincidentally happened for some reason), but you’re worth it!

  37. Necessity is the mother of invention. Uh huh, somebody will want 300k+ visitors, money money money. The CIA isn’t interested in making a profit but some enterprising individuals will jump on that train.

  38. You guys expect to fight an evil cabal trying to control the world, and you can’t muster up the gumption to face pornography and coarse language on an internet forum?



    If this be our army, we are so hosed.

    Toughen up Cupcake.

    You think it’s going to be pleasant or easy when the fighting starts in real life? You recon soldiers ever have to see things that unsettle them? Or hear course language?

    I fail to see how this mewling crap is different from the way SJW’s wail and clamor for their “Safe Spaces” when they hear someone say that men don’t have vaginas.

    The lack of real world coping ability is the same, it’s just the “triggering stimuli” that differ.

    • Well, it just so happened that /patriotsawoken have done just that: Removed the porn. As for the course language? Oh well… I guess we just have to teach them to filter. I personally, let loose on some of the chest-beaters on Voat, and they’re just human i.e. they don’t like being insulted and abused any more than their targets. Quite funny really. They’re not very smart like that. But I’ve got no time for those who are insensitive to others. Treat others how you would like to be treated seems to be a concept foreign to them.

      Not everybody is made out for the front line of a battlefield, but for the majority of Q followers, this is only an information war. Not a literal one. If it turns hot, then I’m sure the’ll cope eventually, and if not, then that’s War. War never changes.

    • “The gumption to face pornography”. 1) Great that you’re here, and we’re on the same side. 2) You don’t know what you’re talking about. David said, “I will set no unclean thing before my eyes that I might not sin against Thee. David should not have been up on that rooftop that one day. He should have been in the field with his men. Samson should not have kept wandering after women, but because he did, he fell. Four times he let Delilah ask him his secret.

      I druggie doesn’t start wandering downtown Amsterdam. A gambler stays away from casinos. I know my weakness. Go ahead – call it weak. I call it being obedient. More men in the west should do likewise.

    • Porn is bad for you, that’s why shills post it. Minimum, it saps your attention. And almost all porn is of the most degenerate stripes possible. Gore and CP can scar a normal person for life and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to avoid it.

  39. Well, that didn’t take long, oh well! I made one post asking if SB2 was there. @HST has banned you from v/theawakaning for the following reason: Rule Violation in v/theawakaning: Violation of community standards

  40. Yeah, I still can’t abide by Voat. Most people that wind up at 8chan are saying the same thing. I wound up using the nuclear option on an obvious shill who seems to consider himself a patriot, of all things, yet chooses to deny the same status to all and sundry. He most likely is blaming his butthurtiness on me right now but I simply don’t have time for his supposed snowflakiness. Quite unbecoming of me, but I don’t take too kindly to seeing my Reddit frens being castigated for no good reason. Good thing there’s only a 10 comment limit. I only have 6 left and will probably get banned to boot.


    Anyway, /patriotsawoken is so much better. Probably because it’s a place I know (8chan), so I’m doing my best to help others fit in. I’m very glad they made it into a Safe For Work version. Now it’s a matter of filtering.

    As an aside, I remember FoT giving me a PM about the new /TGA board, but I never really got into the alt-board. Mainly because, as you pointed out, Q never referred to it, and not a lot of people were there to discuss or share. So I didn’t really bother with it. But I can’t abide with Voat. I’m more than grateful that 8chan mods and Admin have allowed us to fit in this easily, so I’m happy to help there instead.

  41. Yikes! Thank you! Great sleuthing, and while it is chilling, it shouldn’t be surprising. AOL was doing this to us 15 yrs ago. It was Wiccan run and Western Patriots and traddies got booted repeatedly. They weren’t as slick at it, though. “Resembling Raven” said it well, but I still want to contribute. We gave up hope until POTUS + Q came along. It takes both to maintain hope.
    I am going to leave all the Q groups on FB, too. I’m sure it is the same thing.

    • I was thinking the same thing….regarding AOL. after 911, we were posting like mad that 911 was an inside job and about mossad, and the specific people who were doing the various things… first the message board was huge, with many posters, then when it got too big, they moved it to a topic board like “Israel”. Then, they moved that board…then they moved it to a smaller board…..then AOL dissolved and Myspace came into being…then Myspace fell apart and FB came to be….now FB took over, along w twitter and google and google bought youtube. youtube used to be much better than it is now. same w FB, when it started it was not about ads running down homepage at all. that is how public opinion is controlled. Voat is a joke. They track every comment you make, and put rules on what you can say… voat for me. I won’t even get a google account, why would I want voat or any that you have to register for?? forget that.

    • You sure told me, with your backwards spelling and whatnot.

      Are you nine? If you can’t even manage to type the mean words outright, maybe just don’t try to use them at all?

      Might has well have told me to “Go to H, E, double hockey sticks!”

  42. I find all of this too confusing and time consuming. You must remember most people get lost in all these sites with so many users. They just want to know what is going on. I enjoy a site like this much more than reddit or chans. Those places make me feel overwhelmed with so much chaos.
    Keep it simple, we are tired from working and all else.

  43. Hello, I was a mod at r/Greatawakening and recently commented this to srayzie’s post response to Neon Revolt’s recent post about infiltration.
    Thought I would share this here as I thought it would be of value that both parties saw it:

    I know I am intruder amongst you guys but would greatly appreciate it if you hear me out. There will be finger pointing. Everyone feels a sense of loss. r/Greatawakening might not have been your preferred sub, hell or even a sub you liked, but it still served as an indicator of how quickly our movement was growing and an overall sense of the direction.


    Guess what? The enemy is not shills or trolls. I especially believe people here on Voat can sniff that stuff out a lot more efficiently than us users from Reddit. Especially here in v/greatawakening, you guys would be the “fringe among the fringe” if the media was to give you guys a title.

    The enemy is division. And the corrupt consider us one of them when we are divided. They become happy and satisfied. When we are busy pointing fingers, allowing our resentment to grow unhindered.

    And srayzie, I have respect for you. Look at this shit. 3 mods and you guys held it down. Please don’t lower that respect by saying “You all do what you want, I’ll be at the finish line with the Q team.”

    I know you are speaking out of emotion at the time of this writing and rightfully so. The injustice probably left you speechless. Neon Revolt, a blogger you appreciated and followed, has accused you of intentionally creating division.

    Your faithful unified group of subscribers stands behind you as apparent here in this comment thread. Just as there are people that stand behind our decisions. Somewhere along the way, we came into disagreement and judgement. We all have a healthy dose of paranoia. That’s the reason why we are here in the first place. But that is exactly why we also have to be more careful of who we want to create conflicts with.

    I understand that us mods at r/Greatawakening have done this very thing indirectly.

    As Q stated, r/Greatawakening was not 71,000 subscribers. It was 297,000. And now that we understand this number, please know that the rate at which posts and users were storming in was unprecedented. Something we have to continually adapt as numbers doubled, sometimes by the day.

    If you ask me to trust you just as I ask all of you to trust me, that WWG1WGA is not just a catchy phrase, but something that I am allowing to inherently manifest within myself, I ask that you tell me where to go, and I will go. As we all shall.

    This is the bumpy part. This is the part before the peak. When your stomach turns. When friends turn to enemies. When enemies become invisible. When we go back to tribalistic methods of thinking. When we forget the big picture.

    One thing I would like to take this time to remind everyone and as Q has said as well.

    This is about the children.

    This is about our future.

    This is saving the world.

    Just as you might have become ostracized among family and friends, for following Q, for sprouting “conspiracy theories,” we were there with you. When you felt alone and overwhelmed with this information, we were there with you.

    Say it. Just tell me to believe you. To trust you. To love you. And I will do it without hesitance.

    Because even if you lie or trick me, it does not slow down the inevitable great future that is upon us all.

    I want to be able to see you all at the parade, put my arms around each and every one of you, and say, “HEY WE DID IT! WE DID IT! WE DID IT! WE MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

    I don’t want to have any resentment, any anger, any vengeance, any ill towards any of you.

    And I hope you want the same for yourself.

    Much love. And I don’t know about you guys, but it breaks my heart to see us do this. Cause I know if I was to ever spend in 5 minutes with you in real life, all would become okay as we recognize that our energies are one.

    Thanks for hearing me out.


    • Thank you! I really appreciate your comment. I never had a problem with you guys creating a new sub. I just had a problem with Neon Revolts misleading people to believe we were I filtrate because some subscribers had similar user names as FOT.

  44. There is an Irish anon called MadHatter involved in the Scientology critic movement. His trolling nearly destroyed a prominent Scientology critic I know. Just couldn’t help noticing the r/Scientology connection.

  45. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Patience is NOT a great American virtue. Unfortunately, it is needed in this fight because to just arrest the guilty and parade them around in orange jump suits would trigger the other side. The vast majority just aren’t ready for it. The more seasoned among us are sick of waiting. Well, those of us watching history unfold piece by piece are tired of the temper tantrums and impatience. Get a grip. Please. Many of us have been following the conspiracy and all of its rabbit holes for decades. The wait for us is over. We are enjoying ourselves.

    A few things.

    First off, I agree that 8chan is going to turn off the normies, and it’s not just the gore and porn that takes a strong stomach to scroll past. In a past life, I managed website content for orgs that dealt with the general public, and it has to have KISS and be pretty much idiot proof if you want growth. Something homegrown like what John Robinson did at Free Republic would work.

    Second, in that 8chan message from the sock puppet, there was a leftie, propaganda buzzword that jumped out. “Disappointed”. It is a word that carries with it the stigma of guilt and I have seen it used by all sorts of people to try to get their way by guilting the target into going along with a request. It’s amazingly passive aggressive, and amazingly effective or it would not be used since many humans have a natural urge to please.

    Third, I don’t think the concept of creating buzz and demand for the arrests, not from us, but the general public, is sinking in. Trump, Q, etc., are using classic marketing, public relations, and other communication techniques to get the public to demand that action be taken. Right now, there are no mobs with pitchforks marching down Constitution Avenue demanding arrests, or the breakup of Google. Just like impeachment won’t work without it, none of this is going to happen until the public demands it.

    We aren’t there yet because of the wall the MSM is maintaining. Several networks simply refuse to report on what Q is telling us is important. That is where the downstream blogs come in. We who do that as under the radar as possible since the social media algorithms have put most of the independent alternative media out of business, can keep the news cycle going on the issues Q and Trump and others want emphasized.

    This is where the Q army is effective. Don’t be overt about the conspiracy stuff, but when Jeff Sessions calls 24 state attorneys general to Washington to talk about breaking up Facebook and Google (Sept. 25 is the meeting), repost the articles. Spread the word. Help inform. Create demand. That’s our place in the food chain after the bakers take the crumbs and decode.

    This is a war. War is messy. It takes time, especially when artillary is not involved. It will happen, but no one is served well when balls and toys are gathered and taken home.

    Sorry for the lecture, but I see impatience from people in every aspect of my life, and people who rush always get bit by karma. Take your time, and the reward sticks and is far more sweet.

    Over 30 years in the workforce taught me that.

  46. The chans are chaotic and 8 out of 10 posts are not relevant to anything. A moderated chan for those of us with jobs and limited time, that weeds out the naked girls, pepe memes and drivel is welcome. I’ll be there.

  47. “And when you’re there, there’s not going to be any vote tallies, or recognizable names to tell you how to think, or what’s important to pay attention to. You can’t see u/NeonRevolt, or u/SerialBrain2 or u/Whoever, because we will all ultimately be #Anons.”
    The Deep State has been telling us “how to think” all our lives. And the solution is for us to just replace them with you and serialbrain?
    Can’t believe you actually said that. I prefer Anons, thank you. No egos.

    • Easier to do without Big Brother watching back in the day. Today, the satellites are watching, everyone’s cellphone is listening or watching. Doesn’t matter if you’re in an ale house or on a message board, sadly.

  48. Congratulations on being banned at v/theAwakening, Neon. Good thing you have “trusted” mods there.

    Rule Violation in v/theawakaning: Suspect homosexual person of color;
    Description: faggots are ok. nigger are ok. But nigger faggots! Ban!
    plankO 7.8 hours ago

    • Posted by “Phelps” at Vox Popoli

      “As a longtime voater, take everything NR is saying with a huge boulder of salt. The reddit cancer mods came in, fucked up the settings on their sub (so that it acted like a containment sub — no one could gain points, and the posts could never land on v/all — so they shadowbanned themselves) and then proceeded to ban and delete anyone who posted on their boards telling them this. They then went out to the rest of voat to explain how Very Important and Powerful they all were. Well, the voat reaction to a swinging dick to bite of off, like a goat.

      They’ve since tried to do a 180, revered all the bans, and have now doubled down to “we never wanted to be on voat anyway, it was just temporary until we got set up on 8chan” (where, coincidentally, you can’t see what they’ve been banning, which was their Achilles heel on voat.)

      The NR is 100% behind the reddit cancer mods tells me that he’s a “pay”triot at best hawking t-shirts, and a fully controlled Clown asset in all likelihood.”

  49. Neon, I have followed many over the past few months, but have narrowed down to you. Want you to know that this grandma checks your site several times each day to keep up on the truth. I trust you. Can you please write about the shutdown by the FBI of the observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico? I feel in my gut that something big is going down there. Could this have something to do with the Sky Event? And Space Force? My, my what a world we are living in. . .

  50. Mr. Revolt.

    I am going to post this on VOAT when I get the CCP count up but it would be appreciated if I could get your opinion of this directly.

    How to Clear the Board of Bots and Trolls – VRV

    Get a Verified Registered Voter (VRV) badge for your screen name.

    Tired of wasting your breath arguing with bots or Soros trolls paid to antagonize and disrupt? Americans come to boards seeking to engage other Americans in honest discourse but this is like having a picnic in a stockyard.

    If you cleared the comments of the noise made by those who are not registered to vote would you find that the remaining posters are far more civil to each other, even when they disagree? Is the trollbot noise hiding civility?

    I went to my mailbox and may have found a solution. I pulled out multiple copies of various campaign ads addressed to me as a registered voter. That sparked an idea.

    The registered voter rolls can be used in conjunction with a two or three dollar charge to a debit or credit card to validate that the name and billing address for the card match the name and address on the voter roll and just like that you have verified that the credit or debit card holder is a registered voter at that address. Pretty simple.

    To keep your identity disconnected from the posting history of your screen name, a physical randomization is necessary so the VRV badge when attached to a username on VOAT or Disqus, only identifies your user name as a VRV from a particular state or metro region within a state.

    The physical randomization could work like this. You would go online to purchase a VRV badge from some organization to be determined. The badge is a postcard that has a badge ID and password hidden underneath the blackout coating like you have on lottery scratchers.

    Sets of the badge ID postcards would be linked to a state or metro area. That set would be loaded into some kind of wind driven mixer, like those booths where people grab money blowing all around them.

    The registered voter could trigger the machine to grab one of the cards at will or it could be done automatically sending you the link to the moment in the video when your card was grabbed. The card would be dropped into an addresser which would label it for delivery to you and then you would watch it slide into the mail box where only postal employees can touch it. This way, it goes straight from the addresser into U.S. Postal Service custody. No tampering. The USPS mailing rate for postcards is 35 cents, so two or three dollars sounds feasible.

    If badges are not limited to one per registered voter per 90 days, then Soros would use Antifa types to order multiple badges and then we’d have the same mess we have now. I assume that Antifa types will sell their VRV to Soros for his troll farm but they can only sell their own eligibility once.

    The badge can be attached to only ONE username for each participating platform (e.g. VOAT, Disqus, etc.).

    Using this randomization method and assuming you use a VPN service, it would be impossible to associate a particular badge to a particular person. The user name can only be located down to the state or metro area level. There may be a better way of doing this but you get the idea.

    So what would this accomplish? You can be more selective about whose views you prioritize in your discussions and know whether you’re engaging a citizen who is registered to vote or something else.

    Registered voters are the players on the court; everyone else is yapping from the bleachers.

    What is interesting about this is that it is like invoking Voter ID because it uses a credit card or bank card which means the person signed a Patriot Act certification to enter our banking system. How many registered voters do you know that don’t have a bank card or credit card?

    By combining a credit or debit card with a voter roll check for a name and address match, you’ve turned the globalists’ stuff against them so we can quiet the noise and see and hear each other. You could still unblock non-badge holders at your discretion to add them to the VRV filter but the swarms of flies would disappear and our American picnic could be much more civil.

    What would the comment boards look like if you had such a button and pushed it?

    Now imagine taking polls this way. Maybe their polls have been lies the whole time.

    Aren’t you sick of being lied to about the opinions held by your fellow citizens? Has the media made you feel isolated and alone?

    I think if we did this we would be amazed at the result. The only trolls left would be real ones.

    Love your work.

    • I should add that the badges would gray out at 90 days. If it’s current it would be red, white and blue.

      This keeps the the citizen roster fresh and automatically times out account problems because the issuer does not know which badge ID number is associated with you. By refreshing every 90 days it would keep the view clear and current.

  51. Necessary post.
    Reddit/cbts then ga +voat/pizzagate have been required reading for over a yr now (4 me)-so voat isn’t so mysterious to me. The day reddit/ga down, went over to voat & it wasn’t pretty tho.
    Fwiw..i think the reader #s of reddit/ga were prolly near 6 mil-& THAT’S what freaked them out @ reddit/ga
    RIP reddit…was always just a lurker anyhow bc I learned about bots a LONG time ago..
    U were just an early casualty of war on freedom of speech (reddit=enemy)
    They’ll b more to come. Fb is already working on bots to go @ memers (this oughta b funny). While nets r down im sure an army of patriots will b unsealing THOUSANDS of indictments at once.
    Getting bad guys.
    Fighting for laws & justice.
    I think it necessary.
    Patience is a virtue.

  52. Neon: can’t get patriotsawoken by the address you provided; only thru the reg resbd. Also: if WE are the new media, won’t we need reporters? So far, we’re still relying on MSM’s reporters on the ground. Also: think of Henry V’s speech at Agincourt. You know, terrain is everything in battle. It’s often ignored by non-military people. Our terrain is different that normal battle grounds. That is proving challenging to adjust to, for us non-techies. You’re great. We do appreciate you. 8chan will be all? Oldfags (not me) need their FB to stay in touch.

  53. Hahaha! Battlefields don’t scare me. I’ve stood out on the front line for years protecting children, and their parents, from the horror of legalized abortion; dodged a car trying to run over me, looked down the barrel of a gun, and best of all – outsmarted Planned Parenthood’s quest to get me in court where they could try to put me away for good. I’ve seen enough aborted babies and body parts to make most people throw up – so who’s the “Cupcake”? Most people who try to intimidate me don’t have the BALLS to say it to my face. Just because I respect the sanctity of human life, doesn’t mean that I should watch innocent children, who I spend years protecting, be assaulted and then sacrificed for evil purposes or have that in my mind. Remember, it’s my “choice” as Planned Parenthood would say.

  54. I’m a tech savvy person, but don’t have time to disambiguate the sock puppets. Thank you Neon for guiding us, as I do trust your guidance (one of the few whom I trust). I had an account on VOAT, but went to TheAwakening, and was put off by the anti-semitic and racist comments – I prefer to call out people based on behavior vs race/ethnicity/identitiy. Thank you for the additional insights.

  55. @LogicIndustries: “You guys expect to fight an evil cabal trying to control the world, and you can’t muster up the gumption to face pornography and coarse language on an internet forum?”

    Strawman. You’re in an epic battle, and you can’t even argue your case truthfully.

    It’s not about “gumption.” It’s about desire, principle, and how I live my life. I don’t choose to look at such things, and there is no reason I or anyone else should have to wade through crap to find a few nuggets, especially when someone like Neon is doing it for us.

    If that’s supposed to be a board to educate people, it’s failing miserably.

    If you can’t support all patriots, what kind of patriot are you? You want teenaged patriots to be exposed to that? What about spiritual people of all religions who don’t agree with it and think it’s sinful to expose themselves to it? What about men who have had a problem with porn in the past and are trying to live differently now? How about a little support and empathy for others instead of condemnation and false assumptions?

    As I said, I don’t know anyone I could or would send to that site. It would take so much time to warn them that, in that context, “fag” has a different meaning, that they will see porn even though they have no desire to invite it into their lives, that they will see never-ending idiotic posts about Jews, etc. Why would I do that to them?

    Do you want to educate normies and grow this movement, or do you just want to act tough and criticize people you don’t know as somehow weak? People like me support Pres. Trump, believe in freedom (even to watch porn), want to restore America, educate others, and vote. We are every bit as much in this fight as you are, and are just as important to this movement as anyone else.

  56. Shiny happy people who live in well-manicured suburban communities might just have to grow the F up and learn to cope with bad words and stupid racist rants.

    If the rumours are true and children are indeed being abused or worse on a massive scale, you have the God-given duty to toughen yourself up. I suspect that many of those children (if what we’ve read is true) have had to deal with a lot worse than being called newfags or kikes. I am appalled.

  57. I went to Voat, but I left I didn’t like the vibes there. They seem to be trying to divide on purpose, It left a really bad taste in my mouth.

    I love you work Neon and will continue to read your posts. You are the only one that has a good grip on these posts. FartonToast was a complete idiot, and doesn’t do anything to help the movement. I’ll just keep watching to see if there is another platform like r/greatawakening and move there. Again thanks for all you do!

  58. Hey Neon, the whole Reddit Purge & Voat Transition was a flaming disaster. It’s interesting to see some of the background skullduggery that preceded it.

    Building off Solano’s post (above) about creating our own place, I would have to agree 10000%

    I dont think that Voat is something that the Q movement needs to be associated with at all. It’s not the random and useless profanity, but more so the complete lack of understanding by the locals as to what is going to be coming down the tube.

    When this stuff goes TRULY mainstream, the millions of normies that will be in need of red pilling dont need ridiculous name calling and hazing. They need help, guidance and assurance, just like most of us needed when we first stepped cautiously into the storm that is Q.

    If our house is not in order by then, then the movement is in some trouble IMO.

    If we do not, then the Media will seize upon ANY opportunity to portray the movement as violent, racist, misogynistic, whatever and as soon as that happens MILLIONS of potential red pills will be pushed away due to the DECADES and DECADES of social conditioning that they cannot see through.

    And then where are we? Back to square one, pushing sh*t uphill with a chopstick, that’s where.

    There are many layers involved here, not just in the riddles and lies from the Cabal but also in any Anons’ understanding and how this information needs to be disseminated so that it hits the target demographic in a way that is suitable for that group.

    This should not be hard to understand. This is BASIC digital strategy. Below is just a 5 second summary of how I see things but this could be expanded easily into a multi-tiered digital comms strategy.

    Information generally flows in one direction, from the top down and we are no different. Think about how memes filter down through our society.. this is almost the same concept.

    Top tier – Autists
    Characteristics – Immune (generally) to trolling and used to seeing gore, porn and whatever else. Rebels & misfits with intelligence.
    Environment – 8chan or anywhere they like really

    2nd tier – Younger Anons
    Characteristics – Web savvy, not too fussed by profanity or religion, grown up with internet, long time social users. GenX / Y / Z
    Environment – Reddit (pre-Purge), Chans, Voat (ergh)

    3rd tier – Boomer Anons
    Characteristics – Older anons who are not very web savvy – have trouble figuring out tech issues such as logging in or accessing systems, steep learning curve on non-curated / moderated / MSM platforms. Generally tend to be more religious. Think of your Mum or Nanna
    Environments – TY, FB, Twitter, Reddit

    If we force the 3rd tier users into the 1st or even 2nd tier environments, as history has shown, they will be eaten alive and they will be repulsed, mainly due to the extremely heavy conditioning that they have had to endure for decades and their general characteristics (see above). Again, this is not hard to understand or recognise, which is why the reaction by Voat was so hard to fathom.

    People don’t like being an outsider, they much prefer safety in numbers. They have been conditioned NOT to be free thinkers, not to stick your head up above the parapets, in fact you would be generally punished if you pushed back on the system, I know I was. That’s the whole point of social coercion – getting you to conform.

    Not everyone is bloody Rambo, charging through the jungle with a grenade launcher and explosive arrows, taking the fight to the enemy. Lots of us 1st tier and 2nd tier guys are a little like Rambo, I know that I am. I’ve been on the outside for decades so I have developed a thick skin and special skills.

    But if I want my mum, dad, sisters and bro-in-laws to come on board (which they must for us to be ultimately successful) then I am not going to throw them the explosive arrows straight off the bat. It’s more like, here… watch a few Praying Medic videos… nice and calm, measured and ultimately easily digestible.

    Then as they progress things, THEY themselves will determine when THEY are ready to step up to the next level. Gamify this bad boy and give people the stepping stones needed to reach the top levels of understanding by giving them the opportunity to grow and develop in lower, less threatening environments.

    So what I have done in the past few hours is to harness the disgust that was burning inside of me after the Purge & Hazing by creating a simple, yet effective demo version of what I think is needed to provide a suitable home for our community, free from others interference and rules.

    I have used Vanilla Forums, which is open source php based application, to set up a Qanon forum DEMO on a demo sub-domain on my personal server. I won’t post the URL here because I dont want to put my site at risk but pls DM me and I will provide you with the link to check out what I have built.

    – Moderation abilities (weed out the CP, gore etc)
    – Sticky posts
    – Rich content
    – Mentions (@username)
    – Threaded discussion (what made reddit so easy to use / 8chan so hard to use)
    – Category based sub-boards / threads (missing on Reddit but present on 8chan)
    – Upvotes (indication of quality based on community feelings – what is missing on 8chan)
    – Themes – create authentic visual indicators / brand

    Now there is still a lot of tweaking to do to get it working just right but if I can create a fully functional community forum in less than a half a day then surely we can pool our resource and talents to get our own place happening without much fuss.

    You have shown that you have the knowledge and connections to get things done but for us to be truly successful there needs to be many, many more people like you. I am ready to help. Perhaps there are others like me? We’ll never know if we never ask the question.

    DM me and I will share you the link to my demo Qanon Forum.

  59. I am in awe of the amount of work and time you put into this effort Neon. That said, it all this disruption makes my hair hurt. I’m quite old, but determined to remain a patriotic citizen of my beautiful country. At this point I’m just happy to find your analysis of the Q posts wherever they are, and I don’t really give a flip about the comments others make. The language on Voat is disturbing sometimes, but I also don’t have to read it or interact with those who are using it, those poor sick twits. Please pray for the protection of our President Trump, his staff, and mostly his family. And pray for favorable results for our side on the upcoming elections. Abba Father in heaven, please keep our country safe from those who would destroy us. Give us strength to overlook the insults and filthy language and names, and guide our eyes to that which you would have us know. Thank you.

  60. media matters bought /r politics and probably bought those usernames. their was a kid on pol talking about it (ex employee) to find it search on gulag for media matters paid reddit or keywords that’ match and the 4plebs archive will show up. he name drops and twitter drops employees and explain how mr.brock buys his opponents accounts that are mods in pro trump sub reddit’s so he can stir the narrative. it happened on t_d once and the mod was quickly removed

  61. Holy cow! I’ve been reading your posts and comments for a while now, but this post has brought out a ton of shills in your comments section!

    They start out complementing you but then criticize the the sites/chans you’re suggesting people go to, scaring people off with talk of pornography etc… I’m a female and I lurk on 8chan and I have no problem ignoring the nude pictures and any dumb racist comments. There’s a mechanism to easily filter those posters once you see them.

    Obviously the deep state sees this post by you as a real threat Neon. Excellent work! I hope some day after this is over, you and the other moderators behind the scenes will get some official acknowledgement from Potus and his team for all your amazing work. Truly un-sung heroes in this information/truth battle!

    • That should tell you something right there.

      But don’t worry about defending me. Let the shills shill and let people think what they want to think.

      • I just deleted my Voat account. Censorship by downvote is not free speech. You are right about that. They’ll never let you get your points, Neon. You’re never going to be able to be there as yourself.

  62. This piece is LEAD article on FB White Rabbit right now. I posted it there several times yesterday morning but they disappeared. As YK, the AG posted it on TWITTER yesterday. You are emerging as leader. Please keep ESPECIALLY CLOSE to HIM as you fulfill this role, in humility, so your work in this is always what HE would have it be, from the heart level up and out/ requested and received answer from 8Chan Admin last month — it was helpful, said tks and made suggestion/ chans not easy to use for those of us who are not anons/ Praying Medic says all will go down and 8Chan will be it/ Asked for simple USAGE training tool for us (KISS, for morons…) to enable us to function there/ you are a writer by trade and a leader, now. You could help them help us/ thank you for all you do/ we pray for all of you ceaselessly (1 Thessalonians 5:SEVENTEEN). Godspeed patriot….

  63. Am sure you can see how your website difficulties helped you to prepare for your role now. “ALL THING work together for good…” not for everyone. The end of that sentence qualifies and clarifies……

  64. @Michelle: “…scaring people off with talk of pornography etc…”
    First, I’m not trying to scare anyone. Second, if you think my stating the FACT that there is porn on the original 8Chan Qresearch board would scare people off, then you are admitting that the issue I address is valid. Third, Neon himself states in this article, “In other words, I wade through rivers of excrement, dive in deep to pull out the gold nuggets, and leave the filth behind.”

    I wouldn’t send any of my family or friends there. My point is that it’s not a good place for normies to learn about this movement. Do you think it is? If you were going to design a place to teach people, would you make it like that?

    @Michelle: “They start out complementing you but then criticize the sites/chans you’re suggesting people go to…”
    My comments are about the current 8Chan Qresearch board, not the new one Neon mentions.

    @Michelle: “There’s a mechanism to easily filter those posters once you see them.”
    Supporting my point. You’re going to send your grandmother or pastor or 16-year-old nephew there and “teach” them how to block out all the junk? When they have to see the junk first? Really? Some people have standards about what they put before their eyes, and having to see objectionable material first then filter it out doesn’t meet those standards.

    @Michelle: “Obviously the deep state sees this post by you as a real threat Neon.”
    No. You’re not helping by making false assumptions like this. Just because you are OK with encountering porn, it doesn’t mean everyone else is, and it doesn’t make them shills.

    I’m not advocating censorship; people like you who are OK with encountering porn or those who actively seek it can do what they want. I’m saying that there are millions of patriots who, more in keeping with the days of America’s founding, have principles and standards and who would take one look and never go back. I’m making a simple point: The current 8Chan Qresearch board is not the kind of place to attract and teach new people about this movement.

  65. UKanon here, have to agree with above poster ! I have been lurking on the Chan’s (first 4 then 8) main Q Boards for nearly a year now having been introduced by my go to site ATS and Dashen’s amazing White Rabbit Thread …
    I have never posted on 8 Chan – wouldn’t want to set foot in the Quagmire – but follow where I can, and I have never had a problem with it. Normies – you soon get to learn their ‘com’s’, unusual words and phrases and the particular writing styles of certain posters. I am amazed at the incredible depth of knowledge shown by the main Autists so it is worthwhile … remember read all the How To posts first then just ignore the sliders, and learn how to filter the shills, idiots and the ‘relatively’ little porn I’ve seen on the Q Boards … and you will be fine.
    Until you are a seasoned pro DO NOT attempt to investigate any of the other boards or you will find ‘the cess-pit of the internet’ – so good luck ! Personally I find that keeping abrest of the notables of each numbered thread and their links is enough, without having to read every post as this would take up 90% of your time. I also investigate some of the other main threads in the QResearch Catalog as there are some very good nuggets of info contained there …
    My problem at the moment is actually connecting – the page times out perpetually – and I haven’t even got onto the new SFW board yet to see what it is like ! I am going to try at a certain time today to see if that’s any better.
    Last a big shout out to Neon, thank you for this blog … it has helped me hugely to understand some of Q’s more cryptic drops, I know a lot of the big picture but the intricate details of USA politics has me puzzled at the best of times.

  66. Oppo Hdqtrs:

    They seem to have gotten the story backwards. And I don’t see how the info you provided proves that FoT is a bad guy. I was one of the people that moved away from GA because there was definitely something going wrong there. Shortly after I realized it, FoT reached out to me to tell me about the new board. I believe the people he contacted were all people with good standing. TGA was a safe place to be and we could post anything related to Q or the Swamp and I never had any issues with mods (unlike GA). The fact that there was a lot of related anonymous accounts linked to FoT and the conspiracy groups could just mean that the guy has a good marketing background and a zest for conspiracy. I certainly have absolutely nothing bad to say about FoT.

    And, over the last month or so since the new sub started. Every single day, people would post that they were moving over from GA because the mods were deleting perfectly legitimate posts. And, every time, I went over to GA (even just to read something), I would start getting automoderator messages telling me I had to turn on my flair and some other commandment I didn’t take lightly. If it was a way to divide us it only worked because GA was doing crappy stuff. We grew from a handful to over 4,000 in about a month.

    At any rate, you are just as guilty of division with this post. I don’t follow orders well and Voat is obviously not able to handle the traffic we would give it so I went to Gab instead. And, after the confusion of Voat stuff you just posted here, I will use Gab or 8chan

  67. PS to above post: The link I gave you there is the Opposition board on Reddit. It’s a very interesting board actually. I don’t believe any of FoT’s accounts are moderating there but I didn’t do a real cursory look. Maybe you have a list and can.

  68. Please PAY ATTENTION. Neon has told you that the mods have set up a safe space for you to continue on with the great awakening without being subjected to boobs so please stop spreading fear porn. The name of the site is patriotsawoken. Use it if you care to continue with a Q/POTUS inspired on line community or focus on prayer and face to face interactions exclusively. God bless.

  69. I weep as I read all the people who “can’t stand the hate & porn” on 8chan.
    Learn to filter.
    Learn to deal with things you don’t like.
    Learn to spot trolls and realize a lot of that ‘hate’ is fake.
    freedom isn’t free.

  70. Neon, I totally understand your cautiousness to v/GreatAwakening. But I have been on there since Spring and although they were a small group, they were a good group. Voat is very Free Speech, as you know, so there will always be the wolves and jackals coming in to hunt the weak, and say outrageous things. But I hope you can make amends with that group. We need to stick together.
    As always, I appreciate you immensely! You add so much depth to this whole movement!

  71. Neon,
    I follow your posts and comments and this particular one yells out to my spirit! Are you in need of confirmation from the Lord God? I believe that YOU are being called into a type of Joshua moment! I believe that you are to help lead and organize these people, including the normies! There is so much information out there and most do not understand the anons nor the autists, but this gift and call has been placed upon you. And as Joshua (and Caleb) were chosen to lead the people into the “rest of God” and to take the land for His glory…..lead away!! I shall continue to lift you up in prayers!

    • Oi, stop with all this “leader” talk. If anyone is a leader it would be Q, but Q doesn’t seem to want to be put above anyone else.

      I really enjoy and respect Neon’s hard work and insights, but everyone should use their gifts as best as they can. The Chan’s are notoriously leaderless.

  72. @cozette: “… please stop spreading fear porn…”
    I don’t know if you’re addressing me, but I ask you to heed your own advice: “PAY ATTENTION.” I made it crystal clear that I’m stating the FACT — not fear-mongering, not fear-porn, but fact — that there is porn on the original board and that I wasn’t talking about the new one. (Neon also alludes to the “excrement” on that board in this article, so if you don’t like its being criticized, you might want to take it up with him.)

    I hope the new site works out. We need a place to send people who want to know more.

  73. NR, great post! Like many, I’ll admit I got snookered by that pos fot & tidder (I was suspicious of tidder, sounded a lot like diddler)! Please expose all the moderators of FoT from the banned T_GA and his subs, if I had this information first hand, I would have never fallen for that SOB. In the back of my mind, some things didn’t sit right with me about the FoT as I toggled between GA and T_GA and I was starting to deep dive on them, but had to go on a road trip. When I got back, I booted up on Sat.15th and low and behold, Banned was balls to the walls. I knew where I needed to go to get my answers, thanks NR. Please expose FOT and everyone of the mods connected, something tells me him, Microdick and Jack Sowbitch are all connected! Thanks NR!

  74. For those who seem offended by my last comment…..
    What I was trying to point out…..NO not that one is above any other….but there are some who need a compass, if you will. One who leads….is one who directs others. We are all part of this QArmy! We are to think on our own and not be spoon-fed any more! But there has to be some sort of structure or else there is chaos. Even the angels of God have a structural format!


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