ANNOUNCEMENT: /r/GreatAwakening CENSORED! New Community INBOUND! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Reddit #Censorship #NeonRevolt

You may have noticed that Reddit censored /r/GreatAwakening today.

Shortly thereafter, /r/The_GreatAwakening was also banned.

While we may have uncovered some deliberate undermining to the sub (in order to sabotage and deliberately take the sub, down), the most important thing we can do right now is coordinate on a new site.

Reddit has shown itself time and time again to be a hostile platform, using any false pretense to censor subs the left-wing ideologues there wish to censors.

As such, the time has come to leave the platform entirely.

The mods of /qresearch/ and r/GreatAwakening have come together and coordinated to bring you a new platform – on a site dedicated to free speech.

Welcome, #QArmy, to The AWAKENING!


The Great Awakening.

a community platform where you can have your say. No censorship.


And yes, technically a subverse named v/TheGreatAwakening already existed on Voat, but frankly… we don’t know if we can trust the mods there.

I’d rather go with folks I do know and trust, than folks I don’t know anything about.

(Understand, it’s nothing personal, mods – so please don’t be insulted).

Why are we doing this?

Because Reddit hates you. They would rather have you muzzled, silenced, and dead than allow you to speak freely.

Voat works pretty much the same as Reddit, with user submissions and voting on said submissions, so most transplants should feel right at home. Get over there, create an account, reload the pages if things get a bit buggy, and hang on – because it’s going to be a wild ride from here on out!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the new Subverse.

You’ll find me there under my familiar moniker: NeonRevolt.


One caveat.

If you want to submit to the subverse, you need a minimum of 10 comment “karma” basically. In other words, your comments have to be upvoted 10 times.

I suggest leaving a comment in response to me about how Reddit censored us today:

107 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: /r/GreatAwakening CENSORED! New Community INBOUND! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Reddit #Censorship #NeonRevolt”

  1. Seemingly not allowed on that site. Been at this since early November. Maybe GLP’ers are not welcome. I tried. Or maybe it is Canadians? Dunno.

  2. Also want to add that not only are those subs banned from reddit, but all user comments are being deleted from each user’s account history.

  3. This exact situation happened back when T_D “shut down” a while back. Everyone tried to migrate to Voat, but the current users rejected the newcomers and frightened everyone off. This is the exact same situation, right down to the duplicate Voat subverse. What will prevent this from happening again?

    To add a minor complaint of my own, the Voat folks claim that their site is about freedom of speech, and as such, one should be allowed to say any racist/derogatory remark in any thread. While I do believe that as a whole a free speech site should not dictate what its users say, it should be fine for subverses to have their own subset of rules that may disallow certain remarks. (Otherwise, what is to prevent them from going off topic, for example. A subverse about Linux would turn into a conversation about how Hitler did nothing wrong.) Those that don’t agree with such subverse rules can set up competing subverses.

    In any case, perhaps this situation will be different, as it involves more folks from the chans, who can handle the attitude of the Voat folks, but the mod system in place certainly won’t help.

  4. Dear NeonRevolt: r/GreatAwakening has moved to VOAT.CO/v/TheAwakening We had no way to get in touch with the owners and mods of v/TheGreatAwakening And as it turns out… It looks like Fart is the creator of v/TheGreatAwakening.

  5. When i went to the new site:

    403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

    Also, the New Your Slimes is NOT owned by Mr. Slim, but by:

    Ochs-Sulzberger family. In 1896, Adolph Ochs bought The New York Times, a money-losing newspaper, and formed the New York Times Company. The Ochs-Sulzberger family, one of the United States’ newspaper dynasties, has owned The New York Times ever since

  6. Well it may be worse than nothing. was already registered but has been six hours since i asked for password refresh. took five tries just to get to that page. maybe clogged from Reddit refugees.

  7. Reddit just made 70,000 sworn enemies. I’m sure it doesn’t scare them, but the fact is, we’re all now cheering it’s imminent death. Even if we’re allowed back in (yes, I was one of them), I won’t be going back without a lot of misgivings.

    Although It’s having a hard time trying to deal with the influx of people over at Voat. I have an account already from a couple of years ago, but I don’t think it’s ready for this kind of activity! I can’t seem it get in over the last half hour. Must be panic stations.

    • r/The_Donald is boasting that they will not be shut down. Little do they know, because the mods won’t let Q talk in there, but when they get banned…..look out! As it stands now, the online gathering places for 50(?) million American patriots have been aborted. Other sites are getting slammed and it’s driving an angry migration that will, ironically, dwarf the illegal migration to our shores.

      Q posts today are brilliantly leveraging this anger toward social media and Silicon Valley to levels they will ultimately not be able to handle, by highlighting the smug pro-censorship articles by The Verge, etc. This will only help normies, who are generally against censorship, join the rest of us in the fight and ultimately understand when President Trump and the military drop the hammer. It also validates more than ever before the validity of Q in the eyes of people who weren’t really paying attention either way.

      It’s hard to not be flustered and angry by all this, but that is the only choice. It will make the vengeance sweeter, IMO. Thank you, Neon for being a bright shining, well, neon light of hope, freedom, and patriotism.

  8. The site is 403 right now. That happens sometimes. It is usually because something (like a sudden influx of users or shills) filled the server storage up with logs. @puttitout will go clean the logs out and it will be back in a little white.

    Voat has some self-protection built in. You’ll need to participate and build up some comment points (CCP) before you are allowed to make threads. You’ll have to do even more before you are allowed to downvoat stuff. If something gets enough downvoates, it loses prominence and may be hidden by default, but it isn’t censored directly.

    Nothing gets censored-censored on voat but patently illegal things like CP. When the mods remove something, you can see what was removed in the mod logs linked on the side of a subvoat. Ditto for user bans. It’s all there in the log, and you can see who did it and why they say they did it.

    Transparency kills the sort of germs you were infected with back at plebbit.

    Also, no one on voat cares that someone called you a niggerfaggot. Just get used to it. Harden up or get a helmet.

  9. You have to turn on adult content to even see this site. I won’t be doing that. I can get on the Great Awakening voat without doing that.

  10. Gotta tell you Vote is a mess. I’m being told it’s adult content, I can’t get into the forum, it’s ridiculous. Are they censoring already??

  11. To all new users trying to sign up for . LOT’S of server overload going on now. We are not unlike junkies needing our daily fix (or minute by minute to me). Comms have been compromised but it is not unexpected. Hell, I suprised GW lasted as long as it has.

    To be honest, these are the last ditch efforts, which will just make our fortitude stronger as now we are not only angry, but will become more intense. All this for a LARP. Yeah, right.

    Patience and keep trying. Later hours when traffic dies down, Say after 2100 PST will be better . IT IS going to be like this for a few days. PATIENCE and perseverance is called for here.

    One must have at least ten (10) up-votes of to post so let the up posts fly and be assured, we will up-vote you prodigiously as we can to get you back in the game.


    • Won’t work, because the mods have self-shadowbanned the sub by not allowing downvoats. So, it’s like “Who’s Line”, the points don’t count. You can’t gain CCP on that sub because there are not downvoats, and it won’t show up on v/all because it’s set up like a shill sub.

      Even @serialbrain2 can’t post, because your sub was set up like a Containment Sub.

      The mods have set things up so that no one can get any traction, no one outside the sub will ever see it on the front page, and they are banning anyone who mentions this for “calling out mods.”

      Does this sound trustworthy to you, or does it sound like comped controlled opposition?

  12. Must be getting hammered – can’t get on Voat – says “play pen broken” and shows a goat. WIll keep trying. Appreciate all you do, Neon. Blessings to you and all patriots of stout, good heart.

  13. Looks like you crashed VOAT, Neon. lol

    Don’t hold your breath about them being any less converged than Reddit.

    They’re a startup with a site in beta, they’d ban their grandmas if some VC descended upon them with great sacks of cash.

    Hell, they’d probably ban their grandmas if some VC just made disapproving noises about them.

    Silicon Valley is almost nothing but whores and leftists. If you don’t want to be deplatformed, you’re very likely going to have to build YOUR OWN platforms, likely from scratch, just like this site.

    I know it sucks and is a lot of work, but it’s the only way to be out from under their thumbs.

    • They’re a startup with a site in beta, they’d ban their grandmas if some VC descended upon them with great sacks of cash.

      Nope. Been there, told that to get stuffed. Instead of taking the sheckels, they rewrote the core of the code so that they could run it on hardware they could afford on donations with the same (and more) users.

      • That’d be a breath of fresh air if that trend continues, but as I said, I’m not going to hold my breath.

        Right now they’re getting monkeyhammered by all the exRedditors (and probably a bot army too, for good measure), so I’m not getting anything but a 404 every time I try to load the link, and it says it’s on fire when I try to load the root domain (which is as good an error landing page as any I’ve seen, well played there).

        Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That’s how you survive the shit storm and thrive in the aftermath.

  14. VOAT site is not working correctly or they are performing maintenance on the site. I was able to register and create an account but when trying to get subverse for v/TheGreatAwakening, I got an error message all 3 attempts. Hopefully this means that there is a lot of traffic based on your urging to move over from Reddit and NOT actual censorship or other clown activity.

  15. THANK YOU Neon Revolt! It is Great to have someone to tell us what is going on, and where to go, when they are going to start to bombast us every chance they get, to divide, and confuse us!

  16. Hi Neonrevolt! First time leaving a comment. I just tried to register for account & it gave me an error & said VOAT was being bad.!? Is there an issue with trying to set up an account that we are not aware of? I realize you don’t run VOAT just thought you might know something.

  17. Just to echo the other comments… yes, there are lots of 403 errors, but you WILL be able to register and get on to Voat if you simply retry it try a few times… or just wait until a while later when the surge settles down a bit. Thanks for all the folks working to make this happen in such rapid response.

  18. I was able to subscribe to the new subverse at Voat but now I can’t get back cause Voat is broke “or on fire”. lol I was already a Voat user, been there for well over a year, maybe two…heck who’s counting, time flies.

    I was at Reddit and in the conversation when the guy(s) that started Voat got pissed about Reddit censoring speech and said he was going to start a similar site that didn’t censor. A while later he did just that. I read there some when he started it but it was still small with not much going on. Then later I joined.

    All those wasted words to say this, I’ll call it a warning of sorts. Voat was created because of and for people who hated censoring. So if you wander out of the new subverse Neon led us to don’t be shocked if you see some things being said that you aren’t comfortable with seeing. Voat is not as open as 8chan or halfchan but there is still plenty of free speech there, that means cursing, “racist” statements, sexual statements…you name it. Basically the same kind of things you’d hear on a street corner or pool room. I’m sure some of you have become very good at blocking them out when they are spoken in your presence, learn to do the same when you see them. Just as the old schoolyard saying tells you “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

    • OK, thanks, I will give it a try..1st post on Gab was ” I’m not sure I belong here.” I’ll toughen up, after all, we Patriots are in a real WAR. Blessings.

  19. Subscribed✅- thanks! They fail to realize that we are great in number and even greater in resolve!!! We will find each other- even if it’s via ham radio. The Ohr’s aren’t the only one that have them.

  20. #1 – Vote cannot handle our traffic. #2 – Many of us left GW when we realized the mods had been compromised. One of the exGA mods then created The_GW. They also took our sub down today. Very coordinated. Now, they’ve also taken down our backup sub! There is a group at Gab called Qanon Research that I’ve joined but I’m wondering if that is part of the Posobiec group. Leader is Liz (from OAN?) and that J??Maga group was all over it. I think they muted me though cause I can’t see em anymore. Was not very nice to them! You tell me please. Check it out Neon.

  21. Talk about massive attacks everywhere, hard to keep up, but to silence 71,000 on reddit … wow … Luckily been following Neon and the outstanding work he does.. Must have something to hide if they can close down 71K followers just like that. John White at Aslans Army warned that Reddit was compromised. Good luck to everyone re grouping now.

  22. You know what? On second thoughts I don’t think I want to be amongst these knuckle-dragging f-wits.
    I have a think enough skin. So long as they don’t mind me hurling abuse back at them, but then what good is starting flame war after flame war with a bunch of imbeciles? I think the QAnon movement has a bad enough image right now, that this mass movement of Reddit refugees will be watched with hawk eyes from the clowns and shills that be.

    I think I’d rather stay at the chans. At least you know what you’re in for, and are able to know the difference between an Anon, and a shill a whole lot easier without having to wade through all the chest-beating “we welcome you with open arms but massive claws dragging down your back” attitudes that permeate through the hardcore cliquey regulars that reside there.

    • “Why, this trench is filthy! There’s brass all over the muddy bottom, none of those “soldiers” have showered in months, and they hardly ever say ‘sir!’. I have no desire to share their trench, and will in fact dig a new one over here, a few miles further from the enemy.”

      • “No “one at voat cares about your feels.”

        Yet they expect me to care about theirs when they’re offended? Cuts both ways, does it not? I’ve got better things to do than co-opt with a bunch of idiots. I’d rather ask for my old modding spot back on my former QAnon Facebook group – and I sure as eggs am not doing that.

    • This is what I’m looking for! Whilst people keep saying we shouldn’t doxx ourselves, I don’t see the harm in using our old screennames (on the proviso that we weren’t using a screename that doxxes). But it’s a far better idea to use the chans right now.

  23. Thank you soooooo much for the put info… esp so since you initially stated you would never ever ever no matter how much we whined and begged on our knees would you help any one of us…. but you helped thousands of us… and we are most ❤️grateful to you NR….

  24. Went to voat and registered. Signed up for /v/theawakening. Got permanently banned for “calling out the mods” because i pointed out the hypocracy in their censorship. How can you vouch for these people?

  25. Why go to VOAT and set up a subverse that is antithetical to what the site is all about with the censorship?

    Neon, its like you sent your kid to school in purple cordeuroy jeans cause you thought they looked cute. We are getting HAMMERED over there for being different. The banning has got to stop, it’s making us a target.

  26. Neon, I highly recommend you promote moving the research and group discussion to, it’s more normie friendly and the purpose of this movement is to spread the information to the moderate middle. Voat, like the Chan’s have their own culture that will be off putting to normies – it is also an echo chamber, Q needs to be spread around. Thanks for your work.

  27. I looked at the voat moderator log on /v/theawakening and every deletion and ban was definitely reasonable on the grounds of saying nothing constructive, having nothing to do with Q, being intentionally hostile and divisive, and contributing zero value. Basically it was all trolling/shilling. Anyone who disagrees, share a counterexample.

    Then the trolls and shills go around playing the victim when they were the aggressors. There’s a term for that, it’s called crybully, a tactic fond of SJWs too. I’ve never seen such an infantile lot. The stuck goats conflate getting moderated for legit reasons with getting censored for illegitimate reasons like what the Reddit admins did in removing /r/greatawakening. Well, too bad for them, they have every other sub to enjoy, but /v/theawakening is ours and will be cleaned up.


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