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Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get right into the latest Q drops, starting with post 2126:

VOTE VOTE VOTE! Election integrity is practically ENSURED this year. DON’T SIT ON YER BUTTS!

Vote for good people, or evil will prevail!

CBS CEO Les Moonves immediately springs to mind. But look how CBS itself credits this to the “#MeToo” movement:

Leslie Moonves departs as chief of CBS, financial package to be withheld pending investigation

CBS Corporation announced on Sunday that chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves is departing the company, effective immediately. Moonves’ exit comes hours after The New Yorker published accounts from six women with allegations of sexual assault or misconduct, following allegations by six other women in July.

A financial exit package for Moonves will be withheld pending the results of an ongoing investigation into the allegations against him. Moonves was eligible for as much as $180 million if fired without cause, according to an employment contract he signed in May 2017. Recent reports indicated a potential payout in the range of $100 million. A filing from CBS with the SEC on Monday morning said the potential payout is $120 million.

CBS will donate $20 million to one or more organizations that support the #MeToo movement and equality for women in the workplace. The donation will be made within 30 days, the SEC filing said. The company’s statement on Sunday indicated that the $20 million had been deducted from the amount Moonves could potentially receive. The SEC filing does not refer to a deduction.

That 20 Million dollar donation should set off alarm bells.

#CDAN said as much today, anyway:

Come on. Did you really think Hollywood would FUND a group dedicated to taking upwards of three-quarters of the power-players in Hollywood down? Pfft.

The full FISA release brings down the (Obama) White House.

Wew lad.

Stop it, Q, I can only take so much winning!

But along these lines, Imperator Rex had a really interesting thread about Mueller’s role in all this. Now, this takes a “black hat” stance on the issue (and if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I’ve gone back and forth on this particular issue forever).

Still, I thought it was really insightful, and wanted to include the whole thing here for you to review:


Bill Mitchell on Twitter

Tonight on YourVoice™ Steel Truth, @AnnVandersteel continues to expose #DeepState with an exclusive interview with BILL BINNEY, former Technical Director at NSA! This is explosive reporting folks! 8 ET on!


Bada-bing! Bada-#boom! See! I knew Bill Mitchell wasn’t a black hat. Looks like they got played by those Deep State in the video from the previous article, too!

Regardless, Bill Binney has had some interesting things to say regarding the classification of criminal information:

About this time, #Anons asked for a [0] delta tweet, and boy-oh-boy, did we got one:

Catch all the references?

In fact, he started tweeting about #TheStorm all day.

He’s got to be having fun with this, because you know – you just know – every time he tweets about the storm, Hillary pops another colostomy bag.

I’m sorry for that mental image.

(No, I’m not).

New Texts Reveal FBI Leaked Information to the Press to Damage Trump – Sara A. Carter

Newly released text messages and documents obtained by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee reveal that senior members of the FBI and Department of Justice led a coordinated effort to leak unverified information to the press regarding alleged collusion with Russia to damage President Donald Trump’s administration, according to a letter sent by the…

Newly released text messages and documents obtained by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee reveal that senior members of the FBI and Department of Justice led a coordinated effort to leak unverified information to the press regarding alleged collusion with Russia to damage President Donald Trump’s administration, according to a letter sent by the committee to the DOJ Monday.

Some new names to pay attention to here:

“In light of the new information, our task force is requesting to review text messages, emails, and written communication form FBI and DOJ officials Stu Evans, Mike Kortan, and Joe Pientka between June 2016 to June 2017,” said Meadows in the letter. “To be clear, we are not suggesting wrongdoing on the part of Evans, Kortan, and Pientka- and, in fact, previously reviewed documents suggest that some of these individuals may share the committees’ same concerns.”

“However, these additional documents, with an emphasis on communication between the aforementioned individuals and Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, and Andrew Weissmann, would provide critical insight into the backdrop of the Russia investigation.”

Pientka, a Special Agent in the FBI’s Russia division, interviewed former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in early 2017 with Strzok at the White House.

So far, the FBI has not granted the committee’s permission to subpoena Pientka, who was the only other FBI agent to interview Flynn. According to former FBI Director James Comey, neither Pientka or Strzok believed Flynn was lying during their interview with him.

Can I be honest for a second, though?

I just… I glaze over whenever I try to read Sara Carter’s articles. I don’t know what it is, and I guess I appreciate the service to our nation and all that… But I find them next to unreadable. I have to really hunker down and slog through them.

I’m a writer by trade, so I’m very anti-slog. In fact, I do whatever I can to make sure my readers never have to slog through anything I write – even when we dive deep and get into complex and heady stuff. Maybe it’s just the nature of what’s being reported on here, with all the names and the layers of bureaucracy being dissected… but I just have so much trouble with articles on this site specifically.

And I know Q is helping Sara Carter with these stories, but man…

I want to hammer pencils into the backs of my eyesockets after reading them.

Q then references this post, documenting the request for the [0] delta tweet.

Some people may not know what I mean when I say “[0] delta.” It just means that the time signatures of a #POTUS tweet and a #QAnon post are the same. So, the basic scenario is this: POTUS and Q put their heads together in the same room, and coordinate their posts to go out at the same minute. Here, they wanted to hit 12:35 EST.



The Meadows letter itself:

Click to access 9.10.18-Letter-from-MRM-to-DAG-Rosenstein.pdf


The last desperate cries of a dying Cabal.

I… don’t know why this had to be spelled out for some, but the lines are literally just connecting the [0] delta. (Anon’s screenshots of the boards are not in EST for whatever reason).

There’s the reference from the Trump tweet. “We are with you!”

Q asked for the graphic to have better, clearer timezones.

These proofs are important, especially when clowns like Posobiec and Microchip start tweeting.

This was the first attempt to make a better infographic. Q also explains the lag above – which is to be expected, frankly:

LOL, Q is finally learning our comms.

Shills gonna shill. They’ll complain about anything they can get a hold of.

Anon came back with a better version of the proof:

r/greatawakening – SHOWTIME!

r/greatawakening: Qanon or Q, are thought to be members of the American Military Intelligence that serve at the pleasure of the President. This is a pro-Q community. Please read and respect our rules before contributing.

Looks like Q is ready to start Movie #2!!!

Now this was weird:

This directly ties back into what #SKBAnon was saying, actually.

But what really disturbs me about all of this is that both of these stories are being published by News Corp companies – the same company that, if I recall correctly, owns Fox News.

Why is this company pushing this story, especially when you consider that one of its subsidiaries is working directly with #POTUS?

That said, one #Anon did notice this, also published today:

Q liked the memes that started being posted to this thread, starting with the video below the story itself:



(Or so the old rallying cry went! Ahhh, brings me right back).

And that would have been where we left off for the night, but for one last, late-night post from Q:

Anon offers a plausible explanation:

Full size:

And this made me realized I missed something last night.

Not only was OANN corrupted by Mossad and the Deep State…

They tried to/did do the exact same thing to JTFMAGA. While Bill Binney is a “patriot of the highest caliber,” consider JTFMAGA corrupt until Q says otherwise:

Full Size:

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40 thoughts on “BATTLESTATIONS! BATTLESTATIONS! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NeonRevolt”

  1. A lot of people are talking about how the delta, we are with you also verfies the Q clock. I am still trying to understand the clock. Hoping you can explain this sometime.

  2. Presidential order13526 = 17 section 1.7 just guessing =17 by now about 17,000 people would have also figured it.
    Thanks NR.
    Can you pick on UBER…somebody please.

  3. I am concerned the nonAnons folks will be alarmed when the time comes for the arrests. Wouldn’t it be good to begín periodic alarm practice so folks get use to it before the real thing?

  4. I find the same difficulty with Sara . Perhaps they are written keeping in mind people who may new to the truth therefore so for some its like adding words to a book that used to just have pictures idk. But thank you, saving me from the slog. Your style hooked me from jump . God Bless

  5. Sarah Carter is indeed pretty hard to wade through sometimes. All of the “he said, she said” stuff makes my head spin. It would be ideal to have a wall with pictures describing and linking all the actors, their connections, organizations and money flow. Maye a virtual wall could be made by a tech savvy individual?

  6. Thanks, Neon, as always.

    A couple observations…

    In drop #2134, Q mentions:

    “No. 198”

    He is referring to mega drop No. 198, dated 09/07/18 from the Patriots Fight board.

    (Which, btw, taken in conjunction with many other drops about RR, seem to indicate he and Mueller are (clean) actors in the movie, and it is simply time for [RR]’s departure to enable The Plan/The Movie to progress. From another Q drop: “Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein.” No derogatory initials or kill boxes. Back to a respectful name.)

    Also, I was hoping you’d address Drop #2128 more fully. It seems to EXPLOSIVELY indicate that, in a White House Situation Room (with Hussein), there was LIVE STREAMING and coordination of spying activities within the Trump campaign!! (???!!!???)

    Big intel and connections seem glossed over.

    Thanks, Neon!

    • I started reading it yesterday and then noticed a forum link, went there instead and read the meme thread, pretty funny. Never did get back to the article…

  7. Hussein is such a dirty dog, he started his political career by finding dirt on his opponent. Remember that last WH meeting where Susan Rice made notes ‘we do everything by the book’. I guess it depends on what book they are referring to!! Get ’em Q! I don’t want to see obama give another speech, I can’t stand the way he talks. Thanks for another great write up, Neon, you ROCK.

    • Which is what I think happened to Hillary Clinton in 2008. Obama pulled her into his campaign plane, where he knew there were no bugs for eavesdropping, and outdid her in showing the dirt on her, threatening to expose her, if she didn’t withdraw from the race. And immediately after that, she did withdraw. He rewarded her with the Secretary of State position.

      And I think that’s what Donald Trump has done on Rosenstein and Mueller, as well. Here’s the dirt we have on you. You’re going down, no matter what. Now, you can help us take everyone else down, and you get life in prison. Otherwise, you’ll be held up for all to see for the treasonous people you are, your families will suffer in humiliation, and you will be shot, publically. They chose to cooperate… hence, why I call them ‘grey hats’. They chose to cooperate… ‘cooperating witnesses’. Donald is using their very own playbook against them, and he’s outsmarting them, as he has a reputation of doing. The man even outsmarted Steve Winn and Winn’s intel team, when they were doing battle between territories… Atlantic City vs. Las Vegas.

  8. If I’m following everything correctly, NR, you consider Jack Prosobiec to be a black hat. Vox Day, unless I’m mistaken, considers him to be a good guy and a strong ally. You and Vox are on the same page across the board, so this one point is glaring. Do you have any idea why the two of you have such different opinions about this one man?

  9. If you youngsters would just listen to the old dog Larry Nichols, you could save a lot of trouble trying to figure out where Mueller and Rosenstien are coming from. They were part of the Clinton gang way back in the bad old Arkansas days, Larry was in on the dirt till he turned and became the Clintons’ detractor. Go to Nichols or the Clinton Chronicles, old but still up on YouTube. Tells about Vince foster in great detail and a lot of other dirt too.

    • So true. And Kauvnough covered up the Vince Foster murder, as an attorney. These men are bad, have done bad things, and can not be trusted to do good things. I understand that you have to make deals to get anything done, but I am hopeful that each dog gets his just reward.

  10. The blood ‘vampire’ articles has to do with Peter Thiel (who left the Trump administration’s technology council) and parabiosis research… his company, Ambrosia, based out of Monterrey, California. I read about all this, before Q posted the two tweets. It has to do with what has been going on, for thousands of years… pagan idol worship from ancient Babylonian times. It is how the Roman Catholic Church… substituting wine for the blood… gets away with the symbology of it. Sorry, David, but it’s the truth. I’m former Roman Catholic… you want to ignore the truth, in order to divert from your faithfulness in the Roman Catholic Church, but it is a falsely placed faithfulness. It is a counterfeit to Jesus Christ, done by Satan. You really need to wake up, like you are here, with Q. It’s ALL connected.

    • The Gen Y reply to Boomer’s insisting on Medicaid “what else do you want, blood?” was not meant to be taken literally. If you think this technology would be paid for and/or voluntary, you don’t know socialists.
      “Greater good” should make you reach for the sidearm. They’re about to steal something.
      There’s a secret to it, the research – the youth component is finite, it doesn’t ever fully replenish and harms the younger organism. They’ll never publish on this.
      And they already steal it with placental stem cells and cord blood. Eating children.

  11. I think part of the issue is Sara isn’t really just acting as a reporter but a documentarian – getting the nitty-gritty details documented for what comes later.

  12. The only 17 you should be worried about is Isaiah 17.
    The Burden of Damascus.
    Why is Trump still falling for chemical false flags attack and protecting ISIS in Idlib?
    Threatening to go to bomb Russians who are the ones actually destroying Obama and No Name’s islamic terrorists.

    Trump should be worried about what the Lord is going to do to the USA for allowing and continuing to allow tens of thousands of Christians to perish in Syria by ISIS..

    The Lord is stating now “You have forgotten the God of your salvation”.

    This seems all a charade. All it takes if for Trump to be removed and all the Swamp creatures return.
    Nothing is being done.
    If the public is not made aware of the Luciferians in power and their child sex trafficking then the Cabal will always be in power even if some of them sit in Quantanimo.
    All it takes if for Trump to be removed and they are back in power

    • I agree with Turin Reza. Trump should stop supporting ISIS in Syria and let Russia destroy ISIS once and for all. Also, Trump should stop being so gung-ho for Israel since they funded ISIS and were the biggest buyer of their black market oil. The sad part is Trump is probably compromised since Jared Kushner is his son-in-law and is basically Trump’s handler to make sure he maintains Israel’s agenda. That’s why I’m curious to see what Q means when he says Israel will be dealt with last. I honestly don’t see Trump ever going against Israel because they’ve infiltrated our government so deeply, plus he would never want to break up his daughter’s marriage and make her resent him forever.

    • lol. you are half way right. it IS a charade. but if Trump is removed then military is set to take over. Trump has been entrapping ALL the criminals. Leave one roach and in six months . .
      Be PATIENT. Enjoy the show. its all under control.

    • I was wondering about that too, but I think it’s a “movie”. Easier to stick with the false narrative, keep things quiet and get the job done than to break from the narrative, attract attention and start another MSM fire. I saw dos was praising the white helmets & I was like wtf, but I think POTUS just wants to clean up & go home. It’s foolish to push regime change at this point. (plus I don’t feel Assad has ever poisoned his people)

  13. Neon,

    the pic you have of DJT Tweet from Sept 10 says 12:35 pm… It says so on my laptop too, until I check this link:

    here it reads correct time of 3:35 pm. Please reconcile, is twitter messing with timestamps?

    Because if timestamp says 12:35 there is no way to reconcile since there is no +3 from eastern time in the world as far as I know.

    The proof is real but I’m getting a lot of flack from people who should know better but have knee jerk reactions when they can’t reconcile.

    Is @Jack changing time stamp for laptops vs iPhones?

    Please check what I’m saying to you thoroughly I’ve spent last three hours figuring it out.

    N.B. shows 2:35, but click on THEIR link, what do you see?

  14. Neon,

    Please take 2 minutes to reconcile the pic you have there with 12:35 pm, and the 3:35 pm you get when clicking here:

    I think twitter is messing with time stamp, cannot reconcile. shows 2:35 pm but if you click on their link it shows 12:35, whereas above link I gave you is 3:35… I don’t know of a timezone that is +3 hours from eastern standard so something rotten in state of Denmark


  15. Q has said that something ‘BIG’ will occur many times since January…yet nothing happens, no arrests, no prison (deep state is still alive). What decade will we see arrests and more? I have been waiting for SOMETHING so that i can benefit from Farm Lawsuits against the U.S. Incorporated since 1993. Tired of waiting!

  16. Just a thought. “No Outside Comms” means that Q is NOT providing information to Sara Carter or others. That doesn’t preclude the information (from Sara or others) being close to the target if Q links it…

  17. Still do not get why you believe that OANN is completely corrupted, comment by Q IMO says its not and they just got hoodwinked into the Posobiec BS

  18. Thank you..I can’t explain it, but August of 16 it hit me like a brick wall, a revelation as to what all was happening with our govt, no one around me wanted to hear it, I really think it is very over whelming to most people. Such a relief that I have found you all. Thank you and God Bless!


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