Breaking Microchip and the Deep State! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NeonRevolt

Guys, are you ready for this week?

Trump expected to declassify Carter Page, Bruce Ohr docs as early as this week: Report

President Trump is expected to declassify documents related to his onetime campaign aide Carter Page and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, according to a report Sunday. Allies close to the president told Axios the move could happen as early as this week.

This is the point of no-return. In screenwriting, you’ll sometimes hear these moments calls act breaks. It’s when a choice or a decision is made that is irreversible; it pushes the action along into the next act, and everyone changes forever as a result. History has quite a few of these, and believe me when I say history is about to be made again.

We always knew this day would come…


You know who that is.

What are the chances #POTUS already signed the order to DECLAS, and now we’re just waiting for it all to be announced to the public?

Still not sure what the flag markers mean, even after almost a year…

Yuuuuup… Behold!

Shills sowing division with deception along the boards. For those who don’t know, there are teams of people being paid to do this kind of thing – namely David Brock’s Shareblue group. They literally pay them to lie and disrupt all day.

Thomas Drake is a NSA whistleblower, and frankly, I don’t know what to make of him, one way or the other.

For a while, many #Anons thought he might be Q himself:

I… have problems with that theory. But instead of “telling you what to think,” (which I don’t ever want to do anyway), I’ll lead you to his wikispooks page, present what I’m going to present – and allow you to make up your mind.

Thomas Drake – Wikispooks

Drake reports that the NSA ere “In short, when confronted with the prospect of fessing up, NSA chose instead to obstruct the 9/11 congressional investigation, play dumb, and keep the truth buried, including the fact that it knew about all inbound and outbound calls to the safe house switchboard in Yemen.

The websites referenced in his tweets are:

JTFMAGA | Joint Task Force MAGA | Keeping America Great

No Description


Report for the President



JTFMaga was created by #FakeMAGA “Journalist” Jack Posobiec – the same one who has been pushing the “Microchip is #QAnon” hoax for some time now:

And in case it isn’t obvious from the page itself, JTFMAGA is one gigantic honeypot.

They goal is to get “Patriotic Americans” to sign up and “take the oath” presented below – and now… you’re on a Deep State list.

And not only is Posobiec involved…

But so is our old Mossad friend #NoNeck!

The second site is much the same, but with more of an “Intelligence community” spin to it. Call it “social proof” for smartie-pants if you want. It purports to be a run by a bunch of folks close to the Intelligence community, ones that claim to support Trump and want to give him Intelligence that…. he supposedly doesn’t already have – even sporting a super-special-mega-delux Login page for #POTUS himself (LOL).

Of course, this is all utter Clown nonsense, and they’ve been attempting to get us – especially the “QAnon influencers” among us (such as yours truly, mods at /r/GreatAwakening, and elsewhere) to jump on board, join their site, and hand over all our private info while leading followers into the very same trap.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sent this video this past week, advertising this group:

I can’t tell you why…

But when I was watching this video it just… didn’t feel right.

Something about it just didn’t sit well with me.

Which is the reason why you’re just seeing this from me now.

The last attempt to get me to connect with this was made a few hours before Q posted, and I censored the name above because… frankly, I can’t tell who was genuinely fooled by this video and trying to help me, and who was trying to fool me.

So I’ll consider that my first real warning – ostensibly being targeted by the CIA for some kind of psyop. Thank you for your prayers, those of you who pray for me. I think they helped here.

Before we move on, though, it’s important to know that the drama extended a bit further, and involved Bill “The Eternal Boomer” Mitchell – because that’s his group that made the video – YourVoice America.

TheLastRefuge, on twitter, accused him of running a scam after doing some independent investigation of his own:

I’ve never seen anything that would suggest that YourVoice America is deep-state affiliated (not that I’ve followed them very closely – because I haven’t, outside of catching a few of Bill’s zingers here and there on twitter)… but now they’re on my radar.

JTFMAGA did try to save face, however:

Well, at least they’re a polite honeypot, I guess?

Q linked to a very “special” video Posobiec linked today and told us to look at 21 seconds in:

And what did we find there?

Evidently, Microchip is a time traveler now!

I’ve recently met the guys who made this, and boy, we could really have some fun if we wanted.

You don’t have to take my word for it; just listen to the reader in the video. This stuff is pathetic. The ONLY way to prove this would be to invite an objective third party – such as yours truly – on to the server to see for themselves.

A point which I felt needed to be brought home again, because Microchip immediately started spinning things as soon as Q’s post dropped:

Oh, so this is the angle he wants to take, huh? Set up a (pathetic) false dichotomy and call anyone who says, “Hey, this doesn’t look right!” a retard, huh?

This was going to be too easy:

At this point, Microchip had been intermittently hooting at me like some kind of tree mammal for several days now, so I knew he’d been itching for a fight:

Weak arguments from a weak man. I have no problem reminding him he’s weak, even as his conscience sears itself. Because ultimately, he knows he’s lying. And that makes him angry and emotional:

Reminding him of his inconsistencies, and how he moved his own goalposts over the weekend was strategic. First, he said he was going to “end QAnon” in 48 hours. Then it became 72 hours. And then, I’m pretty sure at one point, it even ballooned to a week!

Either way, it was clear he needed more time to execute on whatever charade he was planning:

One of Microchip’s really transparent “tactics” (and I hesitate to relate his buffoonery to anything even remotely resembling “tactics)” is to try to control the “battlefield” and then get his foe to lose ground.

Here, he keeps insisting it was code – and then calling himself a great coder.

One problem: No code was necessary in order to perpetrate any part of this hoax – and I intended to prove it in short order:

Figured I’d have some fun with it at least:

I don’t take Microchip seriously, and neither should you. He’s the #Laughingstock of the Internet now.

But note how he’s intentionally missing the point.

Of course I could make a better fake if I wanted to sit down and spend multiple hours on it. I didn’t. I whipped this up in under five minutes as a proof-of-concept. And I kept whipping them up just to keep making fun of him:

For the record, I was glad he noticed the formatting “mistake.” Just something I picked up from the master himself; intentionally making a mistake to draw one’s enemy out so they can correct your “mistake” and expose themselves.

But see… now I know why Microchip won’t let me into his Discord server.

It’s his safe-space where he hashes out all his deepest, most vulnerable questions with his most trusted friends:

He wasn’t happy.

And that’s when he made his mistake. I almost couldn’t believe he fell for it:

He said the exact font needed to fake the screenshots.

This is like a counterfeiter telling you you’re using the wrong shade of green.

He then went FURTHER, not realizing his mistake, and repeatedly tried to discredit me by demonstrating how all my margins were wrong.

Which is, you know, exactly the kind of thing you would take into account… if you were trying to make convincing fakes!

For the record, I wasn’t.

I was just making fun of him.

And setting out some bait.

The best part of it all is he has to then use an image that has him saying “Pee is literally stored in the balls” to make his point.

And then, the delicious Morello cherry on top of this #QAnon Sundae is that he didn’t even spell “margins” correctly.


Micro spel gud.

Micro big geenyus.

I have to wonder now if he’s intentionally missing the point, or if that’s the drugs.

Ah, Adderall-addled brain at work.

At this point I had what I needed, so I decided to make my exit. Mission accomplished.

He’s totally not a counterfeiter!

He just knows all the particulars about counterfeiting screenshots for this very particular application and platform!

You’ll note, I was much nicer to him this time around. Why, I could even see us becoming great friends if he’d just give up this charade. But he’d need to admit it all first and come clean to everyone.

And oh my word, yes!

We’ve got to go over the rest of this drop!

First, Jack got caught in a lie. This is from today:

And here’s the archived thread where he actually claimed the opposite, six months ago! (I had a screenshot of this before, above).

Thread by @JackPosobiec: “Months ago I announced a task force of pro-Trump vets and IC was forming We never stopped working on it Many of the deep state stories you’v […]”

Thread by @JackPosobiec: “Months ago I announced a task force of pro-Trump vets and IC was forming We never stopped working on it Many of theries you’ve read lately came from these 80+ whistleblowers and American heroes Now we have a name JTF-MAGA is […]”

Secondly, it looks like Q is telling us that OANN is now comped by Mossad.

Lastly, Q references these a Tucker Carlson broadcast by directing our attention to his recent tweets:


Q shows us the discrepancy between the dates directly, in case we weren’t picking up what he was putting down.

But for the record…

I think I broke Microchip, guys:

And then he really spells it out.

I like my version, though. That face…

It just makes it perfect.





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85 thoughts on “Breaking Microchip and the Deep State! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NeonRevolt”

  1. Hey Neon,
    Just FYI, I clicked through on your notification and your server threw a 500 error. Waited a few secs and refreshed and it loaded fine.

  2. Hopefully DJT does not get cold feet and back out of taking down the deep state. Not sure that Donald has it in him to go for the kill.

    • You really don’t thin Donald J. ( Author of The Art of The Deal ) Trump is somehow missing the most important part of the deal? The Kill, aka Closing rhe Deal, is his God Given Specialty! !!! Fear not, he was BORN for his!!! WWG1WGA!!!

  3. Awe mate you had me rolling about laughing there with MicroFlip. Very kl bro very kl. Fick i’am a bit slow sometimes but he’s as slow as a week in the jail.

  4. You missed Microchip’s last post where he answered your last request to get on his server. He said “Why would I do that? I’m here to decimate Q anon while exposing the truth. It’s gonna be slow drips just like QAnon does. I’m cancer, it’s much worse than a gun.” Just further proving he isn’t QAnon, not like any was needed…lol

  5. How many times did POTUS refer to ‘Freedom’ during his SOTU in March? Six times. The flag represents ‘freedom’, does it not? Hence, why Donald insists that we respect it. It is a core fundamental foundation of our nation. Something he believes in. Freedom from the oppression and control, the slavery, of the NWO.

    • None? SOTU was Tuesday, January 30. Nevertheless, a freely flying US flag may represent American freedom, true. But I recently discovered that emojipedia has ZERØ matches for “freedom” (and the results for “liberty” are less than satisfying because the statue is heavily laden with “immigration” connotation). Humankind needs a universal freedom emoji, one that adapts easily to meme-ery.

      • Oh, crap… I meant to say January. Actually went and looked it up, to make sure, and then forgot to edit/change it before hitting ‘Post Comment’. My bad.

  6. Micro claims to be Q and claims he is ending the game, but why do the Q posts keep coming?

    Why would Micro post another Q drop showing discrepancies in Jack P’s statements about JTFMAGA if Jack P was the very person Micro chose to expose the truth that he was Q?

    • I knew instantly that Mico-appendage was a fraud as soon as he started arguing with Neon. He sounded EXACTLY like a butt-hurt teenage demonrat. Q has always sounded logical, confident, patriotic and well informed. If Q was Micro, why would he break character to prove he was Q by sounding like a spoiled, retarded adolescent? Micro is definitely not worth anyone wasting one more second on. MAGA on!

  7. I can’t believe Microchip took that bait, wow.

    The only way this can possibly be resolved (I.e. you end up convinced he was the origin-Q and he restores credibility) is if he invites you into the discord to see the first-hand evidence.

    There are only TWO reasons why he wouldn’t:
    1. He’s fake (and gay).
    2. He’s hiding something else.

  8. The attacks against Neon are similar to the attacks against Trump. And they both deflect them brilliantly. “The Art of War” displayed in it’s finest form. “Keep your friends close and keep your enemies even closer”!

  9. I loved it! A good laugh with my morning coffee as I could hear Microchippedbrain’s scream of frustrated rage. And yes, I do pray for you, Neon as you carry the banner.

  10. We heard about Norman the Psychopathic AI last spring, I think you drew it as your opponent. Either that, or you did an amygdala hijack, learning from Anonymous Conservative.

  11. Stopped reading midway, Microchip is just too pathetic, similar to Craig S. Wright.

    BTW, there is a method that is much easier and faster than Photoshop. With Google Chrome, right-click on the text you want to edit » Inspect Element » just edit the text of the page. You can request a mobile-sized page easily from there too.

  12. Since when is the affirmation of the military enlistment/ oath of service a means of entrapment ?
    That is one aspect of Military service that never ends; protecting the country from all enemies foreign and domestic.
    Remember when Janet Napolitano tried to designate veterans as domestic terrorists?
    Do you really think that anyone who has re-affirmed at JTF MAGA is worried about the “Deep State”?
    “Honeypot” was my first thought, even after watching Schiff’s video. Then, I said, Fuck-it, no fear. I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.
    Watch it Neon !
    This is the part where a movement gets bogged down in cynicism & paranoia.
    Do not forget that it is designed to be so.

    Don’t let that dickhead “microchip” waste too much of your time.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  13. Join nothing. Trust Noone. Verify everything The biggest threat to annonimity (safety) is ego. Credit is a bullet in disquise

  14. [Micromind] frankly would do well to stop the charade and go away quietly. Being in the camp of scenario number two myself, I’ll present two scenarios here:

    1) [Micromind] is indeed Q.

    In that case, he (and any friends helping along) have claimed to be a high ranking government official and have taken great pains to establish credibility of that claim. Even though we don’t know the exact identity of who Q was supposed to be, he has no out with that argument because he has also made similarly brazen statements impersonating the president himself. I’m not taking the time here to find the exact statute, but posing as a government official with the intent to mislead the public surely is a felony. It’s got to be, right? Surely it is one that, by coming out as its creator and continuing to insist as such, albeit so laughably poorly, [Micromind] has given a federal prosecutor all he or she needs to make very fast work of him / them.

    2) Q is indeed a government official, and Q+ is indeed our president.

    In this case, the explanation for #1 above isn’t any less true. After Mueller and [RR] finish eating their main courses, they can be the ones that have the privilege of sweeping up [Micromind] as dessert.

    Either way, do the courts sell popcorn? If they don’t, they could make an exception for this guy’s hearings and guilty plea.

    Keep up the good work! Your posts are a pleasure to read.

  15. Neon,
    Another great article! And release that FISA as Q has said that this is the “door” that will open it all!! And then it will lead to the true evil that has been running things! That is the most important thing! This is NOT a game! It is a true spiritual battle! As I have shared in previous posts, there has been many “puzzle pieces” which God has been giving to me and they all connect and point to this battle!
    I have been reading all that you write, as well as follow Q because I believe that these point us to God’s truth and this battle! If you will bear with me…..this was another one of those puzzle pieces which I have held up in prayer over the years!
    This dream was given to me in 2012!! I have been waiting for the move of God for quite a long time!! Pray over this and let God reveal His truth to this.

    "The Election Map" Dream - Given on Nov., 20, 2012

    This is the dream which was given to me on November 20, 2012 at 11:38 P.M.

    This dream was about an old map, election districts and a girl.

    The Spirit of God began to reveal some things to me after spending time in prayer with Him. I had fallen asleep and then was awakened by this dream.

    I saw in this dream our Constitutional Congress as it was at the beginning and some elections and their results. I saw an old map which seemed as though the which looked a bit like the Manhattan area. This map showed the election districts or areas. These districts seemed to form a type of letter "T" with the lower stem not being affected. It was as though all the districts were somehow marked to show which ones were.
    Then the scene changed and there was a young girl, not yet ten years old, but she seemed older, like 17 or perhaps 18 years old. She was acting wildly, uncontrollable, manipulative and cunning. Two men who looked like they were security or investigator-type men caught this girl. She tried to wriggle free, but one man held onto her very tightly and told his assistant to help. They ended up putting a type of claw or hook through her clothes as it looked like it was clamped on her shoulder so that she could not get free from them. Then it was like they were going through the districts and then, all of a sudden, some circus of sorts. I saw the old-time booths - like a carnival - where there was an announcer yelling out to the crowd and the girl was trying to get someone, anyone, to help her. There was a row of booths and they had a fortune teller, a false prophet/seer and other things and she was asking them for help.
    As the men took this girl from that scene, it showed that she was brought before two men and she was forced to tell them what she knew. The girl was standing behind a long bar and behind her were shelves of jars of various sized. In each jar were body parts of all sorts. She made a drink and gave it to these two men and then she began to talk. They were sitting in a room that looked like a library or den and they sat upon two wing-backed chairs made of dark wood and had red cloth on them.
    Then the scene showed her trying to explain that she had information - a type of control or power - over the two men from the Congress and was using it as blackmail over them for information that the elections were, and can be, changed. But the information was not being heeded. And then she revealed that she had information that there were fetuses, which she had access to, and those were being made into some sort of drink that the two men had drunk. She had lots and lots of jars of these things and they would be placed into a blender of sorts and made into a drink, like a smoothie, whereby these men drank. When they were told what it was from, they were disgusted and wanted NO part of it! But she had that over their heads and that is how she forced them to listen to how she got the information of the elections and districts - by blackmail.
    With this information, it causes almost all of the top 2/3 of those districts to be changed. The men who held the girl kept saying that this is just not possible!! There is no way this can be done! This entirely changes the election! And it will surely cause history to be changed!! Because something like this has NEVER happened before!! This will literally change history!!
    Then God woke me from this dream and told me to write it down.

    Then in March, 2017, you can imagine my surprise when I saw this article and….the picture! It was God’s confirmation to me!

    And not only were the elections of 2016 a type of circus…..we have this article from yesterday!

  16. Microchip sounds like a “not very bright” AI to me. When faced with a problem he can’t solve, his default mode is “angry ridiculing rant”.

    I feel kind-of sorry for him! But don’t stop trolling him Neon. It’s hilarious! : )

    P.S. Someone kept repeatedly posting that “Your Voice America” video on the 8 chan boards. It immediately made me suspicious so I never clicked on the video. They really should learn the art of subtlety, but I guess they’re in panic mode.

  17. I was reading Reddit, last week and came across a warning from some anons. I posted a roughly worded comment to you NeonRevolt about this email that someone posted. It said that the Q movement had no leadership and was organic, so they were comparing Q to cancer, always spreading. I see a cancer reference here, w this microchip person. They said on this IM back/forth that they were going to target the opinion leaders and somehow mess them up. I read that and thot of you, right away.

    I used to be an opinion leader after 911 on AOL message boards. I fought for at least 3 years, until AOL was marginalized and it was worthless to continue. I had threats of all kinds coming from all kinds of people, some of which were mossad.

    This is the new battle field. This is where the words are not censored and no one can stop ideas. These same tactics are old and well worn. Do not fall in their trap, and stay honest, and all will be well.

    They can’t control Q.

    • BTW, they tapped my phone back then. They stopped when I started laughing at them during conversation, esp bc they were not being paid enough to tap my phone, as I had some very hard to listen to clients who were crying and carrying on, bc of their divorce for hours. I finally turned some of them off me, bc I used heavy guilt. GUILT works. Try it. If they are Jewish, that is their Achilleas Heel. They like MAD and angry……they can’t deal with guilt. Try it, seriously. If you make him mad, that is what he can relate to, but guilt….they just fall apart.

      • I truly believe most of these psy-ops types are sociopaths, so how do you make them feel guilty? I used to argue with people about 9/11 on yahoo chat boards, lol. I just gave up in frustration. My own family is still in denial about it and it seems pretty obviously

        • You bring up all the things that victims suffer. If it is the occupation, the starving Palestinians, the dead children, the old people in wheelchairs that were smashed by Israeli tanks… bring up what the Torah says is a good Jew and how they are not. You use the evil of their actions, on the people who suffer, and how they suffer. You use reality, not euphemisms. You paint the real photo for them, to let them try to get redemption. You know this is a battle between good and evil. Not all evil actors want to be evil. Not all are sociopaths, they are just ideologues. Others, who are purposefully ignorant, need to look at the hard facts without their blinders on….guilt helps bc more and more people are hurt, murdered, destroyed……….they are destroyed, nation, house, children, parents, grandparents, economies, resources, water…..destroyed. The agenda is to destroy and reserve the resources for a few.
          The rest are expendable, and unnecessary. John Carpenter’s movie “They Live” had the famous fight scene, where the one man forced the other man to put on the sunglasses so that he could see reality, as it really is. It’s the same principle. You have to believe in redemption to do it. You have to give wrong thinkers a chance to redeem their own souls.

          • Just as a side note, in regard to resources, do you see how many people truly believe the world is over populated? Just bugs me to no end. Leads them to think abortion is a good thing.

  18. Microchip is a larp. Lets stop giving him, it, any air time and get on to what matters. Anyone in their right mind with even a little discernment can tell Microchip is and has always been a larp, fake, disinformation, change the narrative.
    Fighting with it doesnt make it go away. It needs to be ignored into obscurity actually.
    It, he has always written and sounded like a 3rd grader wannabe. Pretty obvious.

  19. For almost a year, anons have labored, dug and trusted Q. We’ve been ostracized and laughed at. We’re weary. We remain unacknowledged by POTUS except when we’re noticed at rallies. But yesterday, Q felt the need to trot out a fool, a paytriot carnival barker. An egoist who’s done zilch. His exalted guests are fed on the side, as post 283 (12/6/17) would indicate, in spite of “no outside coms.” But liddle Hannity has done nothing but be a lapdog for POTUS. Anons, and most particularly YOU, Neon, have done all the work. If things go sour, Hannity will quickly crawl off to his luxury hideaway. We’ll be toast. He’s a millionaire; we’re doing our patriotic duty for free.
    After all this time, we have loads of circumstantial evidence, tailor made to inflame and spur us on. None of which goes anywhere with normies. And when it’s time to divulge the juicy stuff, guess who will get the honor? We’ll still be shunned.
    Why would Q tell anons to watch that clown? We know more than he does (except his insider info). Q wants normies to watch him? Uninformed normies know better. This was an insult. Hannity is a fraud. He’s not on our side. He’s an easy bend-over for his betters. He’ll always go with the flow, while we stay tied to the mast, determined to prevail whatever the cost – and it’s been high.
    Q says enjoy the show. Sorry, but I’m not in this for entertainment. I’m tired of happy-face rally promises and self-congrats for glorious achievements, none of which trickle down to those of us most vulnerable to the corruption of the people who are benefiting. No one trusts a plan; it’s inanimate. You either trust the planner(s) or not. We don’t know where this plan leads to outside of supposed justice for the crooks. Then what?
    Q’s made a few missteps. This was a big one. All-cap tirades, satanic music videos, magical swords and now the putz-talkie. Never mind the continual hatred of Jews, and photo-shopped boobs on the research board. Enough’s enough. This knocked the wind out of my sail. Q is the one sowing division. I look forward to your book on this all.

    • If you “believe” in Q, and all that ideological stuff, you missed the point of Q. Q is a research board, director of intel that advises people, as to what to look at.

      You don’t believe in Q. Q is not God. We may not know who Q is, but it really doesn’t matter. It is the anons that matter, the People of this country. Some of us are better informed than others. Q is the Drudge Report of people who have realized that the corporate media is a propaganda arm of this Deep state.

      This is a battle for taking back our country from a bunch of power elites who own most of everything, at this point. It is David vs Goliath, and we are David, not Q, Q is the coach, sitting on the sidelines, calling the plays.

      You should relax more. You expect miracles without any effort on your part. If you think that all you have to do is sit back and be spoon fed and everything will happen the way that you want, you are spoiled by your mother.

      It is time to get on the ball and get off your rear end. Start telling people who talk to you about what is really going on. Don’t hide your information behind a computer screen. Talk to strangers over lunch about it. It is really interesting, and people love to hear stories about it. People know 911 was a lie. They know, even the common man on the street knows. They just don’t get to talk about it much, bc it is forbidden to speak of it.

      This is a power struggle between two groups. This time, you get to chose people who have a plan, and are willing to spend money and time on it.

      That is why it is glorious to live in these times. Before, we never got a choice.

  20. Funny reading Microencephaly have a narcissistic rage tantrum designed to use childish intimidation to justify his delusion and hope people will mistake his bloviating for genius. KEK!

  21. LOL!
    all you had to say is stfu
    you don’t know what you are talking about

    coming from neon would be enough said about this character
    no need for combat on a chat board
    you have bigger things to do neon like informing us with your research on q posts and news events

    i guess what i am getting at is no need for chat wars
    just telling the fraud that he is a fraud would be enough

    now lets get back to your analysis
    this microchip is toast and now we all know

    remember q said be careful of who you follow

  22. Not sure where your getting Q insinuated OANN was comped by Mossad, sounded more like he was saying they were a good organization, fooled by Jack P

  23. What a waste of time. Who cares? I’ve never believed any of these clowns. Thought it was obvious they were morons. More concerned about arrests and actual justice.
    Hannity makes $36 million a year but he’s a patriot? Trust fox news? Nah I’m good. Almost seems like the whole thing is falling apart.

  24. Neon, just simply give Mchip 5 minutes to post a specific message (something provided by you) from Q on the board. End of game

  25. Great job as always. Totally unrelated to your write-up but wondering your thoughts on SerialBrain2 decodes and the legitimacy of those. She/He/They are influential to many in Q movement.

  26. I also confronted microchip on Gab, he doesn’t seem to bright, to be a self-proclaimed genius. If I do remember correctly he said first that something to the likes of “why would I let a schitzo blah…blah…blah…on my server…” Nonsense, if he is such a great coder, I am sure he can find a way you can safely (for both parties) look in the server.
    Anyway Q is not a “person” and the whole context of the movement, is way beyond anything this jackass can fathom. Lol, he said he is going to “end” Q, I mean this is not even a thing that can be ended.

  27. You were never an anon, but you could be right about Hannity. As a rule I don’t trust Zionist or jlovers, so I am inclined to be as suspicious of SH….

    But The Trump white hats have access to dragnet surveillance, they probably know who is real and who’s a shill. That means Trump knows who’s real and who’s a shill. If Trump trust someone deplorables should give them the benefit of the doubt.

    None of which goes anywhere with normies. And when it’s time to divulge the juicy stuff, guess who will get the honor? We’ll still be shunned.

    Black pill much? Normies become redpilled every day.

    Never mind the continual hatred of Jews, and photo-shopped boobs on the research board.

    Never saw any hatered of Eskimos from Q. You must be talking about anons. Many people don’t like Eskimos. People didn’t like them for thousands of years. So what? SH loves them for what’s its worth.

  28. That video with those “intel” guys gave me the creeps. Go back and watch the man on the right, while the guy next to him does the talking he blinks every other second, literally. It is just bizarre.

  29. This microchip person doesn’t write very well at all, in fact he seems ignorant of basic writing skills and yet he claims to be Q? I’m embarrassed for him.

  30. The New Yorker reported that Trump talks to Hannity every night. I thought it was a good thing. I think Sean is like a lot of them. He’s having to play the game a BIT to stay on air and have a voice and not be suicided. I think he’s totally pro Trump. This whole deep state thing is so damn deep and has so many tentacles. I can’t IMAGINE trying to be an honest journalist right now. It’s so doggone sad. I remember as a small child, I would watch the old black and white DIVORCE COURT shows. lol. The wife would say one thing and the husband would say another and I came away from that (at 6 years of age) wondering how they could solve the problem when no one knew the truth? I try to FEEL the truth. I don’t really like Sean that much since he sold so many lobsters thru the mail but…..I trust him.

  31. Right out front, I read MicroChip’s twitter accounts (when I could find them) and to dismiss him would be stupid. It’s absolutely possible that he started Q. He’s scary smart. He went after assholes like Cernovich.
    Sorry, NEON I don’t think you’re winning here. Micro is not a quitter.

    MicroMagic Jingle
    Micro TurkeyLeaksPhD
    MicroBlacked DotCom
    Micro Chippy
    Micro Hour

    I will say that I don’t get the Posobiec thing. Posobiec is more suspect than Cernovich.

    Whistle blowers are a particular kind of obsessive type. They’re truth obsessive.
    Shit posters are probably an obsessive type, too. In Micro’s case, he’s one of the funniest and smartest shit posters I’ve ever come across. I also got the impression that he was good, I mean a really, really good soul.

    Why would Q go after Micro?
    What do you do when you are threatened?

    • Right out front, I read MicroChip’s twitter accounts (when I could find them) and to dismiss him would be stupid. It’s absolutely possible that he started Q.

      Possible but extremely unlikely. Did you not read qproofs? Shills and bots pretend like it doesn’t exist. There should be no question.

      Why would Q go after Micro?

      Because Mirco went after Q…

    • That’s a steaming present left on the doorstep here. “Why would Q go after Micro?”. How about because Micro & Jack POS went on OAN and foisted an intentional lie in front of viewers whom Q cares about. Which means I also agree with the above comment that is the gist of Qs msg re: OAN. Good people that got deceived by unscrupulous actors. As to your misguided accolades, the dude might be a good coder, but he is a bad liar and a narcissist, and his friend Defango needs to go back to doing Jeff Albertson LARPS.

  32. How in the world are we expected to trust Hannity? The man who shilled incessantly for George W’s fake wars that killed over a million civilians and injured scores of American servicemen? The man who railed against 9/11 Truth every chance that he got and endlessly supported the Deep State narrative? This is a patriot? Really?

    I’ve been following Q since the beginning and am still on board with Trump. There really is no alternative. But sometimes I worry that all we are seeing is one faction of the Deep State fighting another faction of the Deep State for the Ring of Power. And maybe the best we can hope for is that the faction we are rooting for is less insane and more America-centric than the other faction. That alone counts as a HUGE improvement should we win. But ultimately the Matrix of Lies is not going to be exposed. Q did not expose John McStain (because…REASONS) and the world saw NO NAME leave this earthly plain as a hero. If McStain was not exposed then I don’t expect 9/11 to ever be exposed nor Obama for that matter (could cause riots and we can’t have that. Some things need to be BURIED, blah, blah).

    Call me a shill all you want but certain things just aren’t moving in the direction they should be to truly bring Dark to Light, imho.

  33. Hmmm

    Proboscis is being published by Vox Day’s Castalia imprint, on the subject of 4G Warfare, disinfo, etc.

    So. Charade? Infotainment? Shepherd’s crooks?

    Dunno anymore. I don’t want that to become “don’t care.”

  34. Neon Revolt, are you implying that we should no longer trust listening to ex-NSA William (Bill) Binney and ex-CIA Kevin Shipp???? They are part of the whistleblower team who formed their task force JTF MAGA – there is a May 1, 2018 YouTube video titled: JTF Maga Bombshell Conference Part 1 where Bill Binney, Kevin Shipp and Robert Caron are being interviewed on forming this JTF Maga task force. Could it be possible that maybe Posobiec falsely attached himself to this group to get you and Q followers to think to discredit Bill Binney and his team of whistleblowers because you have analyzed it and now a lot of people won’t bother to look at JTFMAGA or…so theoretically, Posobiec’s possible” false “attachment to this task force has worked on you & Q followers…so now, no one will bother to actually look at the work the task force is doing, such as on their website’s front page, there is a video of Bill Binney discussing the topic of debunking Russia collusion with many more topics to follow…

  35. I happen to be a programmer and I can think of many ways to easily fake an app. There are plenty of cross-platform GUI tool-kits out there, for both mobile and desktop. For example, using Electron, which allows you to build a native looking desktop UI using HTML/CSS. You can then load your Photoshopped thread into the Electron app as an image, and it will look just like the native app, with scroll bars, etc. You could accomplish the same thing using Xcode by writing an app container that mimics the UI, then make it load your thread image. Seriously, there are literally dozens of application interface frameworks that could be used to mimic any other app. It’s very simple programming too, since all you’re doing is building a UI that mimics your target app, then having it display an image file with your photoshopped thread.

  36. Hey Neon,

    As everyone knows, tomorrow is the 17th anniversary of 9/11.

    On that evening, I was just as shocked and bewildered as everyone else. I saved an htm file to my computer (a few machines back, and before pdfs) from Rumor Mill News. Before the chans, there was RMN.

    It is a Q post dated 9/11/2001 at 5:35 p.m., titled “It Is Not Safe for the Q to Post,” signed “Q Solo for the Q.” If memory serves, this was the last of a long string of Q posts on this forum. It was #11334 on the site.

    Of course, I am not in any way suggesting that this poster is the same person(s) as the current Q; however, I believe it to be the same group, posting for similar reasons.

    I’ve followed current Q since the beginning in October 2017, but never have time to read everything on the boards. I felt sure that someone would bring up these posts from approx.1999-2001, but as far as I can tell that has not happened. Recently I went to RMN for the first time in years, and in searching for the post found that it was one of thousands of deleted (by “hackers”–from which side, I wonder?).

    So, I have this file. I thought it might provide the basis for an interesting post by you. I admire your work very much and also hate to see information lost. One of the better things about being older is MEMORY!

    If interested, I ask that you not publish this comment, but contact me about getting the post to you (and I know we both will need to figure out if the other is genuine). Note, I’ve been working on computers since before the IBM PC was invented, which likely means before you were born; however, I am not a programmer, coder, or techie type, and do not own Photoshop or anything similar.

    I think the value of the post is in showing just how difficult the “redpill” issue is now. People criticize Q for saying that so much can’t be revealed, but look at only the issue of 9/11 — it is disheartening to see how many still believe the official story, or some variant of it (e.g., Saudi Arabia or Israel did it, when they were two of several DS subcontractors).

    Let me know if interested. God Bless!

  37. I thoroughly enjoyed your banter with Microdotdick getting him to reveal the font; then, he just HAD to add the margins, and all the other type-setting considerations. HILARIOUS! He just kept disclosing his fakery with no self-perception at all. Microdotdick is simply not bright enough to be Q. I have been suspicious about OANN for awhile. Facebook pushes them. They have leads that are just a bit too good to be true. It’s the easiest way to discredit the patriots, set them up with trash news that is immediately Snoped by the Regressives. Glad to have my suspicions confirmed. I did not do the video site looked to creepy to me. Thanks for your perspectives and your research!

  38. No one gives an eff about microacorn, or whatever his handle is. Focus on the drops!! That’s what’s important to your readers. Thanks 🙂

  39. HAHA I needed that laugh, There is no way on gods earth that micropenis and Q are one and the same, The energy is all off. If I am wrong I will eat my hat.

  40. Hey neon, you don’t even need to have photoshop to make fake discord screenshots, if you press ctrl+shift+i you can open a console not unlike the debugging tools in chrome or Firefox and directly edit chat logs on your local machine

  41. It’s interesting that Q is separating the wheat from the chaff, endorsing some people like Hannity and Sara Carter, while rebuking paytriots like Alex Jones and Corsi. My question is… why isn’t Q endorsing Neon Revolt? Neon has done more to further Q’s cause than Hannity or Sara Carter. He even used Neon’s graphics in a couple of his latest posts. So, I think it would be nice if Q at least acknowledged Neon after all the work and research Neon’s done this past year. Just sayin’.

  42. Another great article. Thank you for all that you do. Wow Alex Jones has been busy today treating down the truth with everything he has. He’s quite the actor. He has managed to alienate everyone who ever had respect for him. I can’t say that was ever me though. Hold on tight, Dustin took a beating and you’ll likely be on the AJ list too. I think Dustin hit a nerve when he posed the question if AJ could be investigated and jailed. Sad that they portray good people like Dustin to ANTIFA rebels who are violent. I’ve seen no Q followers with any predilection forward violence. I send my best to you and all who dare to speak out. WWG1WGA

  43. I hope you didn’t break Micro, he’s way too entertaining! I haven’t had such a good laugh in a very long time, I know we shouldn’t make light of anyone’s mental disability, however, Micro’s brand of genius is a self inflicted wound. Neon, you have a gift…you burned the fool down, the “front hole” slam was awesome and a thing of beauty. Love your work!

  44. NR…I don’t know if this is a ghost writer for Sessions, or if it legit Sessions, or a parody Sessions but whomever it is..I put money on it that it’s ‘Q’. Read the posts: the common words, capitalizations, constant metaphor use etc. More
    What happens if the owner of @Apple has taken directions from MIL/ @realDonaldTrump? comply with ‘the plan’?

    We are taking back this GLORIOUS country,
    and giving it to YOU the #American people.
    you have more than you know.

  45. I still call it FAUX news. Hated the place during the bush admin. It MIGHT be a bit better these days but I’m still holding out judgement on that.

  46. Don’t goet into these wars, most people don’t even know who this micro is. It makes you look unhinged. I just blow off people I think are shills. It will ruin your site, we didn’t come here to fight or watch a fight. Trust me from the beginning of youtube I was very turned off on the fights and “I hate Alex Jones” then don’t go there. No conservative should visit sites that ban them. Go to the alt youtube, twitter sites help build them. Forget about those who you think are against us.

  47. False Flag attack in Australia. In the house next door five bodies were found on Sunday. A woman, her mother and 3 kids aged 3, and 2 twins 18 months old. Shot dead. All over the news. Is this are warning? May be, may be not. Q: Do you belive in coinsidents? No, but NO FEAR.

  48. Forgetting Hannity’s lack of 911 truth, How about his constant promotion of Trump hating Mark Levin? Endorsement of his ConCon, Convention of States movement? This is another reason I am thrilled with President Trump. We don’t need Levin’s Article V conv. It will die, as pres Trump solves the big govt problem. Levin HATED Ron Paul because he and his followers were demanding that we end the wars and bring the troops home. I guess Q thinks that Hannity has such a huge audience and so Hannity can be used to reach them. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but I’m holding my nose on Hannity and Levin and Rush, They are a package. What not use Tucker?

  49. Thanks Neon, I appreciate your work. Looking forward to next article.

    I don’t think Q said WATCH SH, trust SH. He just asked if we saw what happened on SH because it involved prev Q drops Re: Huber. I take Fox News with a grain of salt, it’s all pretty much entertainment anyways but at least they aren’t trashing POTUS.

    You can also kind of see the discord brewing by reading your comments. Hope everyone can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I personally gave up hope about 8 yrs ago because I would attempt to talk “conspiracy” and it was as if everyone knew but didn’t care, or it was “forbidden”. Mkultra, the cabal, SRA, Monsanto, vaccines, Agenda 21. How could we ever change the course against corruption if no one wanted to acknowledge it in the first place? Now we finally have a way to overthrow the evil in the world, come together, change history, and leave a better world for our children and for some reason that isn’t happening fast enough for some anons. I think any progress is still progress. People are still waking up. We just need to do our part and continue to discuss Q anon and educate others.

  50. NeonRevolt is my favorite read, I learn so much, thank you! I frantically went back and deleted any tweets referencing reportforthepresident. I had watched the Tracy video, and even though the interview seemed off, she was so excited by the whole thing, I put caution aside, my bad. Hard lesson learned. Verify everything before posting, it’s only going to get worse. Which brings me to my next possible big tweeting blunder…what’s your thoughts on GeorgeMNasif posts on Twitter? More of the same, clowns? :/

  51. I watched “Your Voice America” video and I have the same feeling as you, idk but something was not right with that guys.

    All re: Microchip was hillarious, thank you so much for this! lol

  52. Remembering the dead on 9/11…..Peace to the silent victims of war criminals. May the truth be uncovered, and their souls be vindicated. These innocent Americans died, and in their name, atrocities were committed. May the criminals be hanged, before the story is done. Rest in Peace.

  53. No, this does not have to do with Qanon…but it has to do with online communication, which is in the same ballpark.

    One of things that keeps people from following issues on the net is the constant use of homosexual /.sex acts / metaphors. Half the population does not seem to have the vocabulary to express themselves in a way that used to be considered normal for public spaces. It seems to have started with the snarky changing of the Tea Party members to “teabagger” and has gone completely out of control since then.

    Many of us will not continue to follow or pay attention to those who only know how to express contempt by accusing people (metaphorically) of homosexual acts, described in graphic detail. This has nothing to do with prudery, but is a matter of class. Reading about someone “licking so-and-so’s b–s” or “blow–g” someone is rank XXX porn language –it used to be looked down upon as classless by everyone. Now the left, esp,- like small children, delight in using what they consider disgusting descriptions of gay sex acts (which also displays more about their real opinion of gays more than any virtue-signaling can cancel out.)

    Okay. Rant over. But it is necessary. If no one speaks up about what has grown from late-night talk shows to “Palin is a c—” to “b—” as a disrespectful synonym for your sisters, mothers, and wives — to seeing posts like the ones above taken for granted is proof that cultural Marxism is alive and well – and something we need to speak up about. No wonder drag queen story hours for pre-schoolers is a routine thing now.

  54. Neon,

    I love your site and your insights. In regards to the flag picture and the title, FREEDOM, this does go back to The State of the Union speech as someone astutely observed. Q told us that that night the members of Congress that stood and cheered got their freedom from being blackmailed or corrupted. Like Gowdy and Lindsay Graham. I think someone has just been given FREEDOM.

  55. I am a no one in Twitter world. But I am a dedicated Q follower. Early this year, I followed Microcrap but something about his tweets were wrong and I contradicted him on some. He blocked me. So, I am no longer in the loop of his infamous miss-accomplishments. Lol. I keep saying, if you know what you stand for, you will know when something is wrong or right. Microcrap is just that. A Crapnado.


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