On Masons and their Lies


I’ve you’ve been following the site for the past few weeks, you know that we’ve been talking a lot about Freemasons, Skull and Bones, the Bloodlines, and more as we’ve as we’ve struggled to come to grips with the true nature and organization of #TheCabal. We’ve also seen a lot of of Albert Pike recently, and his Masonic influence which spread throughout the halls of power in Arkansas and the deep south.

Though I’ve mentioned this book before, I wanted to let you know that Michael Witcoff, the Orthodox Christian author of On The Masons And Their Lies, recently rewrote his book from the ground up, after studying nearly a thousand pages of Pike’s personal writings on philosophy, Kabbalah, gnosticism, and more. Witcoff was a very active Freemason before he left the Lodge to follow Christ, and wrote the book specifically to address both curious Christians and Masons who want a deeper understanding of why the two faiths are completely incompatible.

There are many Christian Masons in the United States who, deceived by their superiors, have no clue about what they’re truly involved in – and would probably leave the Lodge if they did know the truth. Though Freemasonry presents itself as nothing but a charitable fraternal organization that accepts “good men of all religions,” it ultimately turns out to be a religion unto itself – with its own theology, its own soteriology, its own philosophy, and even its own sacraments.

On The Masons And Their Lies is a point-by-point breakdown and comparison of Masonry and Christianity, and I wanted to drop a link on the site just in case any of you are curious to learn more about this topic. It’s been read and reviewed highly by laity and clergy alike, so hopefully those of you in the audience who follow Christ will get a ton of value from the book.

And just to be clear, I’m not getting paid for this. This is literally just a free recommendation because I like Michael and I think he’s a good writer with a lot of valuable things to say. He’s someone who has helped me sort through some of the misinfo that’s out there when writing my own articles, and avoid a few stumblings blocks on more than one occasion. This is a very important topic, and the guy’s level of knowledge and experience in this domain is serious. We’re lucky to have him on /ourteam/ and not the enemy’s.

Here’s the link if you’re curious to learn more, and Michael has also allowed me to include the introduction below as way to better understand his journey, and what the books is all about.

Definitely add it to your arsenal if you’re at all curious about this subject. Michael’s a worthy guide for navigating the darkness, which presents itself as light.

On The Masons And Their Lies: What Every Christian Needs To Know



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    • Sounds to me like an attention-seeking asshole. Join a club and then betray them by trying to “expose” them in public for profit.

  1. Their evil was exposed and fully explained in the mid 90’s by William Cooper. His “Mystery Babylon” series is the penultimate discourse on the origins and evolution of Free Masonry. I was redpilled because of Copper’s work.

    • Heart of Darkness is a very occult book(the basis for Apocalypse Now). Its interesting how the virtuous Marlowe was sent by the same people as the evil Kurtz. And it shows the strange connection between them.

    • Theosophy, The Jesuits & The Roman Catholic Church

      “We cast our gauntlet at the dogmatic theologians who would enslave both history and science; and especially at the Vatican, whose despotic pretensions have become hateful to the greater portion of enlightened Christendom.” – H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled

      “It [Roman Catholicism] not only obstructs the way to Theosophy and Occultism but threatens to throttle both.” – H.P. Blavatsky, Letter to A.P. Sinnett

      “The opposition represents enormous vested interests, and they have enthusiastic help from the Dugpas – in Bhootan and the Vatican!” – Letter from the Master K.H.

      “The Jesuits have practised not only Occultism, but BLACK MAGIC in its worst form, more than any other body of men; and to it they owe in large measure their power and influence.” – H.P. Blavatsky, Theosophy or Jesuitism?

      “The Society [was] founded to remedy the glaring evils of Christianity.” – H.P. Blavatsky, The Theosophical Mahatmas

      “The Theosophical Society … recognizes and knows of, and therefore avoids its representatives in its ranks – but one enemy – an enemy common to all, namely, Roman Catholicism.” – H.P. Blavatsky, Force of Prejudice


      One subject freely spoken and written about in the days of the original Theosophical Movement was that of the Jesuits, otherwise known as the Society of Jesus, a controversial religious order within the Roman Catholic Church and founded in 1540 by Ignatius of Loyola.

      Strangely – or perhaps not so strangely, when the facts are examined – nothing was ever said about them or against them by later leaders of the Adyar Theosophical Society such as Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater or by Adyar Theosophist Alice Bailey who went on to found her own organisation, the Lucis Trust.

      Indeed, these three even spoke favourably of Catholicism, with Leadbeater eventually co-founding a so-called Theosophical church known as the Liberal Catholic Church (complete with confession and absolution of sins by its priests and an affirmed belief in the apostolic succession of the Church of Rome!) and announcing the impending Second Coming of Christ and Alice Bailey informing her readers that the “Master Jesus” was planning to eventually travel to Rome in order to become the new Pope, whereupon a glorious new era could begin for the Catholic Church, not to mention the almost enforced Christianisation of the Adyar Society and its literature by Annie Besant under Leadbeater’s dominating influence.


  2. Thank you for this information! Like so many, I have relatives who are good Christian people but are involved with Masonry and the Eastern Star (for women). I also have a close relative who rejected their invitations to join because he didn’t like the secrecy and secret oaths.

    It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that good people are part of something evil. Most of them probably aren’t aware. I do think we will all be held accountable for what we choose to do — taking oaths, putting an organization on par with worship of God, etc. — and not listening when people warn you that something is wrong and that the organization is antithetical to Christian beliefs.

    • I would also say there are a lot of good people stuck in the liberal “religion”, thinking they are fighting the good fight; totally unaware that at the end of the path, if they get what they want, will be their own demise.

  3. I was raised a catholic and went to catholic school until 8th grade. I am now what I call creationist atheist who believes in a higher power and the miracle of creation. I can sum up my feelings while I was in religious class, when I asked how could it be that a mafia boss who was wicked his whole life and was repentit on his deathbed gets to go to heaven while the good person in remote siberia (or wherever) who has helped other people but never heard of Christ goes to hell? (This was right after my dad took me to see the godfather) The nun told me to sit down.
    So, I think that Christianity is a good path, but is it the only path? When I look at the stars in the night the skeptic in me thinks that perhaps we are just a species that happened to evolve on this small rock in this corner of the universe. But my heart tells me there is more than that. Maybe it’s the arrogance of man to think that he is or can be immortal and go to heaven, maybe when we die we are just dead. I hope for the former but can’t omit the latter. Thanks for all the great work neon.

    • I’m sorry my friend but you were poorly catechised.

      The mafia boss can indeed enter the Kingdom of Heaven if he is repentant on his deathbed. But he will first pay off his temporal debt in Purgatory.

      As for the people who have never heard of Christ but have lived a life in accordance with natural law – the Lord God Almighty may bestow His Grace upon any whom He sees fit. The Roman Catholic Church is the sure way to Heaven with the clearest early presence.

      This has always been traditional Catholic teaching.

      • Our Lady of Medjugorje has said the only people who go to hell (not counting the reprobate) are those who will choose to do so in their last encounter before Jesus @ the hour of their death. One has to ask what kind of a heart would hate so much to do that.

        • The last 100 years or so on the Earth has been the most evil. To that God has been responding with even greater mercy. However you have to first realize you are in need of forgiveness and ask for it. After this time of greatest mercy comes a time of justice.

    • N.S., the bible teaches us that Jesus is the one and only road to salvation, so how were the saints such as Noah saved before His birth? By their submission and belief in the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

      Man knows in his heart the world didn’t just “happen”. The secret is to repent of your sins, call on Jesus to forgive you and wash them away, and commit to becoming a Christian, a Christ follower

    • “When I look at the stars in the night the skeptic in me thinks that perhaps we are just a species that happened to evolve on this small rock in this corner of the universe.”

      There is an excellent video that addresses this very subject. This rock and this corner turn out to be very special indeed. Even the moon defies explanation beyond “being here for a night light and tide controller”.


      • Your comment reminded me of recent discussion w close friend while discussing the battle we find ourselves in between good & evil. Those people at the top of illuminati pyramid claim to have seen / been with those that control them: beings from another world/solar system, some refer to those beings as the reptilians, annunaki &/or nephilums(sp?). The point being that theyve seen them, they are here, they’ve been here & are calling the shots. When those representing / defending good have not literally seen God / Jesus. Will Jesus actually present himself in our lifetime? Are there really alien beings in control who the PTB take orders from?

    • What you should do is what Micheal did, start reading the writings of the early church fathers you will gain knowledge and it will help you understand a lot of things about Christianity that you didn’t know. I know what you mean when you say why can such an such repent on his or hers deathbed an go to heaven etc first of all you’re looking at everything from your own perspective and your mind tries to rationalize it in a way that makes sense to you but what you and many others don’t realize is God’s ways are not our ways. If you are interested in reading the writings of the early Church fathers I can send you a link that contains a lot of their writings in one place for you to study.

    • Somewhere you have been misled. If there is anyone that is doing good work but has never heard of Jesus Christ they will be like little children who die before the age of accountability. They would go to heaven. There is a hight being and the Bible is our handbook. The Bible tells us how things will play out in the end days which is obvious the time we are living in now. Just remember in all this confusion here on Earth, God is always in control. God Bless.

    • As Q says: Think, reasonably, for yourself … Question: Do you think, God regards the love of hearts higher or lesser than the thoughts of our beliefs? What is of higher value in God’s eyes, to act out of and with love or to think “righteous” thoughts of your beliefs? What is the “image” we were created in by the creator? The image of heart, the ability to love, the image of intellect, the ability to reason, the image of will, the ability to act fully free? Which of those do you think has primary status for God and which follow consequently?
      The answer to these questions will let us realize a great deal of truth. As we come to realize now, this is the time of truth, not just concepts, because truth needs to be lived, not just thought.

      • There was no Mafia before the Medici….
        criminal arm of the banks. Hiding behind a cross as they work for Satan. If they believed Thou Shalt Not Kill, they wouldn’t do it! It’s that simple! They are heavy-hearted.
        Plenty of Churchians/CHINOs are going to Hell, standing in a pew doesn’t make you a good person.
        Evangelism is Satanic, the idea you can sin and God will be like a codependent and forgive anything and enable evil when they don’t actually change, often they just get more arrogant. They still think and act like sinners. Reading comprehension in America is so abysmal (you push young adult crap on the kids instead of classics) that even if they read the Bible, they can’t understand the ideas.They literally cannot unpick various themes and concepts because “old books” are treated with an anti-intellectual contempt.

    • Repentance doesn’t get you a ticket to Heaven, that’s a modern conflation based on “sin eaters” and “confessional” money making scams. Either the spirit is heavy with sin or light. Making it light is a process and takes time. Those deathbed confessionals are burning in Hell because God sees the deceptive heart and doesn’t know them. Spiritual ties drag a person to Hell, also mentioned in the Bible. Ties that bind.
      People who think they can trick God are reprobates.

  4. I can’t keep up with you Neon.. :- ( Got a job, got to sleep every now and then, but don’t want to miss a word. I’m 1½ article behind.. slow down..! :-))

    • Ditto. Neon Revolts output is prolific. That I can’t keep up with his writing amazes me at what speed, and thoroughness he can research, and disgorge such a high volume of worthwhile information. Some speculate that Q are multiple people. I sometimes question if NR must be multiple people lol.

  5. I’am in. Definitely ordering that book and thank you big time. I’ve been struggling to pick a book up for a while but i can’t wait for that now. You’re heaven sent friend because i need this so badly right now. Honestly mate i really do.

  6. Thinking that tells of conspiracy evolving a society of Free Masons/Illuminati were a modern invention, I did not put much stock in them. In my ignorance, I my mind, Free Mason, Illuminati conspiracies were wild stories created in a time given to an explosion of conspiracies of all type and flavors. I was very surprised to find the below book on gutenberg.org, which is an excellent repository of old writings. That someone was writing a book so titled in 1789, has added much weight to the conspiracy claims made today.



  7. So we’re reading a guy who fell for freemasonry in 2015, got deep into it, wrote books, etc. and now has gotten deep into christianity, and again has written a book. What will be his next ‘drug of choice’….? Atheism ? Just being sceptical here.

  8. Here is one of the primary Catholic treatments, by Pope Leo XIII in the 19th century:


    The basic error is naturalism — denial of the supernatural life and end of man. You can’t get to Heaven through merely human efforts.

    Freemasonry was condemned by the Catholic Church unusually quickly. There is a large amount of Catholic material on it. For example, the documents of the Alta Vendita, discovered on a Masonic messenger struck by lightning in the Papal states in the 19th century, if I recall correctly.

    One of the most interesting comments is that of an editor of the Acts of the Apostolic See, the place where the Vatican publishes official documents, to the effect that condsidering the various aspects of Masonry, such as its undying hatred, it has Lucifer behind it.

  9. I was prepared to not like this post. During all the talk about freemasonry in recent years, I’ve remained silent on the subject, however this may just be the opportunity. I am not in the fraternity, my father was. My brothers were/are. Just about every male on my father’s side of the family was. My father also worked as an FBI Special Agent for 26 years in California. This may help explain my trepidation in discussin the subject, yet also my apparent need to defend it.
    My father was a patriot and a God- fearing Christian. I come from a long line of patriots and God-fearing Christians. These were good men, not the type of men involved in the news as of late.
    What I appreciate about the book’s excerpt is that the author stated the same.
    The main point I think we all need to keep in mind with the horrors coming to the surface in this day and age is that most people are not involved with these crimes. There are bad people in every walk of life, organization and special group. The sociopaths that have distorted, abused and damaged good groups only were able through control…which means they needed those they were able to control. I believe that is where faith in Christ strengthens us; our hearts, our lives, and especially our minds.
    Both sides of my family came to America to escape religious persecution. My Mom’s side landed here in 1635. My faith and family is most important to me, in fact they are at once all I have left and everything I need to navigate through this life.
    These are strange times. Amazing times for truth, and hopefully soon, justice. We as a country still require organizations made up of good people – organizations like the CIA, FBI and even fraternal organizations like freemasonry. As a widow, who has also lost my Dad and one of my brothers, I know what the loss of good men looks like. We all do on some level just by looking around at our culture. There is a need to encourage men to be men and not be ashamed. My ancestors would not understand our current culture. Honestly, I don’t either. As a Christian we are taught to believe we are in the world but not of the world. Some of us are still here in spite of the world. This Sunday marks my full first year as a widow. I have been blessed to have spent this year with my Mom, involved in Christian life and talking about the world we are currently in. To keep this Q related, she also follows Q. Mom just turned 80 last month.

  10. Thanks for letting people know this book is out there for them. As a man who has lived a very eventful life fraught with dangers and a man that has seen death f2f more than once I can tell you that when I was “under conviction” it scared me like nothing ever had before. The combined feelings of almost paralyzing fear, darkness and emptiness were beyond anything I ever imagined a human could experience. Yet I seemed to instinctively know there was something being held captive in the dark dungeons of my mind that could make all the fear and dread vanish. Once I had almost reached a breaking point I realize that to survive I must free that captive. That is when I called out in despair to a Living God and He instantly set me free. He had been there waiting all along. The forces of evil were keeping captive from me the understanding that the only thing I needed to do, the only thing I could do do to be free was to call on my God and He he would vanquish the evil that bound my mind. It’s an amazing feeling, I felt lighter than air and cleaner than the driven snow.

  11. Both sides of my family are generational Masons, with thirty, forty, and fifty year memberships. The local Masonic Lodges are full of good men who believe that they can be Christians and Masons without compromise and have no understanding of the true nature of the Masonic hierarchy.

    I was a Master Mason for nearly ten years and after taking the red pill about three years ago I discovered that Masonic membership wasn’t compatible with Christianity. I burned all traces of my Masonic membership and quit the Lodge. I had no great epiphany like Mr. Witcoff, I rationally chose to leave believing that any reasonable and awake Christian would make the same choice. I will read the book as soon as I finish Springmeir’s: Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

    • That’s good that you left the Freemasons. The Illuminati bloodlines oversee the freemasonic organization. The lower level blue lodges are mostly located in the West but the Illuminists attend the white lodges in the East.

      • Why don’t you troll back to your Lodge and leave the Christians alone…BTW this isn’t Mother Jones cupcake so be careful with the attitude because you are not as anonymous as you think.

  12. Thank you Neon, I really enjoyed this article as I do most of your others. I appreciate the time you dedicate to enlightening others. You’re a good person at the core, this I KNOW. I’m grateful to have found you and your messages and ask that the Lord Jesus Christ watch over and protect you.

    Thank you Neon


  13. That is an extremely compressed timeline. He claims to have gone from initiate (Nov 2014) to officer and expert book writer (mid 2016) in a year and a half! I would be extremely wary of taking this guy seriously. I would imagine the masons would have a better vetting process than that. This remains me of the Christian comedian Mike Warnke. He claimed to be an ex-Satanist high priest and we Christians of the 80’s were so eager to have an expert Satanist come over to our side that we didn’t do any fact checking. He was later disgraced when it turned out his college records indicated he would have had to go from initiate to high priest in less than a year.

  14. When I was confirmed in the Lutheran religion, I was taught that Lutherans could not be Masons. Apparently they pray to someone besides the same God.

    When I got older, I was curious about what they were hiding, and if there was anything of value in their system. I looked at it and it seemed wrong, esp their god. I thought about joining them as a business expense. However, the Masons are anti-women. They insist that women join the Eastern Star. The last thing that I want to do is hang around with a bunch of old women. Sorry boys, but the segregation by gender is unacceptable. They make deals and acknowledge each other in court, and they refuse to integrate women. That aint fair.

    That means Masons suck. Sorry, but I don’t like anyone who excludes me because I am a woman.

    • Katz, are you consistent enough to also oppose all women only groups (or sex segregated)? Sororities, LPGA, ‘women-in-X’ etc? Or is it you support women only spaces, but no men only spaces?

      (not suggesting masonry is good….I don’t how any can swear the oaths they ask while you know they are hiding secrets from you. That is pretty obviously a ‘deal with the devil’ which I will leave to the reader to determine literally or metaphorically)

      • Dear No, yes. I do not support women’s only groups either. sororities are ridiculous, IMHO, don’t know what is ‘women in X”, but the LPGA is mostly lesbians, I think? Sports should be set up as gender specific bc the physicality of women is different from men. I do however, support the idea that the women’s room or restroom, as the case may be. should not include men. I do not support men in women’s bathrooms, period, (dress or no dress). LOL!

    • Interesting. I grew up Catholic, but when I was 12 I was initiated into Rainbow – the “lighter” version of the Masons and far removed from Job’s Daughters. They could easily become Eastern Star, but we Rainbow girls had to be accepted in. I only stayed for four years – I had moved through the chairs and was about to become Worthy Advisor when I heard something in my heart and head that said GET OUT NOW!. I had already ceased my interest in the Catholic Church, but I think my love of Christ and God and the Word saved me.
      In those days you could not be in the Masons and be a Catholic. I was supposed to join CCD instead. Oh well, I never did follow directions.
      I took from my time in Rainbow only good things – Faith, Hope and Love, the greatest of these being Love. That God would never destroy the earth by water again and thus he gave us the Rainbow as His promise. Manners, professionalism, respect, so much more I gained from that organization. But I left those girls behind… only a few remained my friend. I am happy with my choice. I don’t need a lot of friends – I need God and Christ, my family, my country and my fellow Patriots. That is what moves me now.
      Thank you Neon for telling us about this book. I ordered the Kindle version straight away.

  15. Thank you Neon! I look forward to reading the Kindle version on a subject I have been wanting to learn for a few years.

  16. While I am no longer a freemason I was initiated into the York Rite and studied the works of Albert Pike’s Ancient and accepted Scottish Rite. I also was a member of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC for twenty two years and briefly associated with the OTO. Interestingly enough both the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and the OTO had their beginnings in John Yarker’s Freemasonic Rite of Memphis and Mizraim. What disturbs me is how people lump all of these various groups together under one roof without understanding much about them at all! Especially what makes each different and distinct from each other! Having said that I will offer that Crowley’s OTO does make use of red shoes in some of its initiations… Far as I know none of the others do. Far as I know the average members of any of these groups are not involved in what they are being accused of.

  17. You shouldn’t lump Gnostics in with Masons
    The Word Gnosis literally means Knowledge from Experience
    Spiritual Truths can only come from Experience
    Beliefs are a Mind Activity
    The Mind is only capable of Experiencing and Understanding the External World
    The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You
    And of Course Jesus had Secret Teachings that he only taught to his Disciples
    There are certain techniques that you have to practice to open the “7 Seals” that Jesus opens in Chapters 6 to 8 of The Book of Revelation
    It is not until Jesus opens the 6th Seal and His Eye is Single that his body becomes Full of the Light of GOD
    And of course when Jesus opens the 7th Seal, The Kingdom of Heaven opens up to him Just like the Kundalini Yoga Masters Teach
    After All as Jesus Taught “Just as Moses Lifted up The Serpent in The Wilderness, So Shall The Son of Man”

    The Book of Revelation with its 7 Seals is a Metaphor for the Spine and its 7 Chakras
    Jesus Taught what is today called Kundalini Yoga
    Kundalini Yoga is a Science
    It is Not a Belief System
    Jesus Taught a Scientific Way to Leave your physical body and by having your Spiritual Birth you Become Like the Wind
    Whatever you focus on you become
    The 7 Seals have trapped you into one body flowing over the same experiences so long that you have been tricked by the mind to think you are an individual
    You are the Force that powers up the physical body
    This is the same Force that powers up Everything
    You have No Content
    You are not your Personality (Time) or your Physical Body (Space)
    Time and Space are both illusions created by SENsations flowing over the experiences stored within the Nervous System of the Body that you are trapped in
    How can you be a Process?
    Consciousness needs a Physical Body to Experience Time
    You are the Ability to Be
    Anything you Become is part of Manifestation which you Ultimately are not part of

    • Crowley incorporated the word ‘gnostic’ into his Thelema system, which makes many Christians immediately see it as some kind of devil worship term. Gnosticism was deeply embedded in early Christianity but was suppressed when the Roman state decided to manufacture a version of Christianity that suited a totalitarian state. Look into the Gospel of Thomas, for instance. That one got left on the cutting room floor by Constantine’s people. It didn’t fit into the “render unto Caesar” ethos so well. A really devout Christian could easily come to the conclusion that the Nag Hammadi documents were found when they were found for a reason. If British archaeologists had got hold of this material during the Mandate period & the British occupation of Egypt, they would be sealed in a box in London someplace.

  18. Always remember that Lucifer is a deceiver, never to be believed or trusted. His dominion is earth, and all that dwell on it. His only desire is to take as many souls as possible before his time is through. Our only defense is faith in the Lord.

  19. I’m a Mason and a Shriner; I cannot accept these views. We are beer drinking, fun loving men that want to raise money for the Shriner’s Hospitals. No ulterior motive, what-so-ever.

    I’m a Trump supporter, a Reagan Conservative, and I’ve never heard anyone in the Masons or Shrine day one disparaging word about any Republican or Conservative.

    • Hi Tango Sierra – have you ever heard a Mason or Shriner say something positive about Lucifer? While they obviously would recoil from talk of an allegiance with Satan, Albert Pike in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry (I had a leather bound copy for a time) talks about Lucifer as the bringer of illumination. A being to be revered.

    • TS, have you reached the highest levels and there are no more secrets, or are there levels and secrets above? Assuming the latter (applicable at least at the start for everyone)….how do you know one of the secrets not yet revealed is that Satan sits atop the organization that you’ve already sworn some serious oaths to?

  20. Even though good people join Masonry, those at the bottom don’t know what’s worshipped at the top. That Baphomet, symbolizing the union of opposites, ie. Light and dark, male and female, good and evil. Duality. Sound familiar?

    What world are we living in? Good and evil? Didn’t “we” eat of that Tree to get here? Didn’t Jesus die and rise to free us from it and cleanse us of the stain? Who tempted “us” to eat of that Tree to degenerate God’s creation to the world we live in now? That same Baphomet, serpent, devil, satan. And that “prince of the world and of the power of the air” is who Masonry worships. As he can appear as an angel of light, those below are blinded, Christian Masons included. Isn’t Jesus enough? In Him are hidden all secrets and understanding of Creation that they seek to know in Masonry, and all of it is a lie because Jesus, the Truth, Life and Way is not there. Jesus is All Love beyond good and evil. This world is an illusion of duality of good and evil only. MASONRY COVERS ITS EVIL WITH THE “GOOD” IT PURPORTS TO DO, WHEN IT’S ALL THE SAME THING, AND IT ISN’T GOD.

    • There is NO such thing as a “Christian Mason” because they literally swore an oath to Satan. You don’t have to know that’s what it is when you swear, the Devil is in the details….
      People nowadays expect their stupidity to be coddled by the rest of us. Swearing an oath is serious, marriage is an oath. They don’t get to say “I swore an oath but it doesn’t count”. Ha! You did it, stop acting like you didn’t know there was something hinky going on.

  21. I have a similar experience with each of you, as well as the author. I was raised as very zealous fundamental independent Baptist. Church school, old school, and for 29 yrs. When my life crisis happened, I also cried out to God from the deepest anguished, and lifelong mollified pain of my existence. It was a miraculous personal rapture, something that would only be scoffed at, if heard by the “sane”. I lived in joyous constant prayer, and (as far as I knew at that time) a sinless life for 11 months. I know what you’re thinking, but to me; porn, alcohal, tobacco… were huge personal convictions, and especially pornagraphy/lack of “personal “holiness”… My repentance was accepted and acknowledged and allowed to be true by The Creator. It changed my life, and I began to study God with all my heart and mind. It also lead me to my next paradigm shift. The sickening feelings, the anger, the resentment of discovering that I was brainwashed by people I loved and trusted, that I was raised in a cult! And that I was programmed full of lies from my earliest awareness, and that somebody at some structure in the cult SURELY knew that my sworn oath to the pursuit of “Holy Scriptural Truth” could actually lead to full exposure of the lie… Jesus isn’t God. And, nobody even ever said he was. Jesus is a man like me. We are ONE with/God is ONE. And we do good because God is good, and sin is bad because it misses the point of good. God’s Presence is eternal and His good requests a recipient, us. And God’s greatest good is Him Himself. Idolotry is thinking you are an OTHER from God. He is the Only, we have the oportunty to be Him in this darkest world… and Eternity consoles us if we do. Hell is our profound shame otherwise. “Greater is Him who is in you, than he who is in the world”. This entire world is fake news. Yes, the Satan /upside down horror show. I HOPE WE CAN RECLAIM THE WORD FRATERNITY ! I pray for WWG1WGA. Jesus did, Truth.

  22. Thank you for posting this! I have purchased the book and am waiting to understand the truth of this cult. My daughter has recently married a Mason and I’m hoping and praying for information to help me help them know the truth.

  23. Just out of curiosity, how do you all KNOW for certain “what really goes on” at the supposed “secret upper levels” of Masonry? How do you even know that these “secret upper levels” exist?

    Where is your information coming from and where is the evidence?

  24. Neon Revolt: Q posted a link to reddit and an anon posted a chat that says that the Brock people are doxing the thought leaders. Be warned. They have posted how to avoid it. Apparently, they are able to us NSA software.

  25. Thank you Neon. I’ve been trying to understand the complexities of The Masons for some time. My beloved grandfather (a double war vet) was a dedicated Christian and a high ranking Mason. When I hear the whispers about Masons having a illuminati component I am stunned to silence. Surely, some of these good men who have been members of both have been unaware of this paradox? Perhaps the Mason religion (do I call it that?) has transformed over time much like other religions have experienced. This is where you see fringe sects that hold true to some basic principals but distort them to their own liking. Think Islam and Christianity. I’m speculating. Or justifying. Regardless, thank you for the book referral. I am anxious to read it!

  26. Awesome work and respect for what you do NR !

    As much as our illustrious “Q” is reporting/uncovering for us on a daily basis in the purely political arena, if we are going to be totally honest with ourselves, and be the only “adults in the room”, there are far bigger concerns out there…, things that NEED our immediate attention.

    The “Bigger Fish to Fry” is most certainly the “alien infestation” at the deep underground base near Dulce, New Mexico, but more interestingly the connection between that underground base, alien infestation, the deep state, Luciferian cults of Bavaria, 33rd degree freemasonry, Anton Pike, Greys, Draco’s, etc wtc have in common !!

    Send some LOVE to Bradley. He’s for years shouting in the dessert and deserves our utmost respect for his insane knowledge, and skill in connecting dots.

    Start reading here at this linked page: https://lovetruthsite.wordpress.com/2018/06/21/bigger-fish-to-fry-all-links-so-far/

  27. 11th hour repentance – Matthew 20: 1-16
    God can save who He wants and offer salvation to who He wants in any manner and at any time He wants, because you know, He’s God.

    Gnosticism – Genesis 3:4-5
    Thinking some great or secret knowledge can save us is literally the first lie.

    Gospel of Thomas always made me laugh, you’d have to literally redefine what the word ‘gospel’ means to even take it seriously.

  28. Hi Neon. This is in response to your post on Gab.

    I hope you will publish what you’ve written.

    And I hope you will do it for the children. Every last one of them. Tortured, souls destroyed, weeping in the dark with only evil faces of hate to laugh at their suffering.

    Do it for them.

    But not for vengeance.

    Do it for justice. Pure, fresh and clean, like the overflowing Spring of righteousness, which we are free to inherit from our sweet Lord. If only we choose to.

    Do it.

  29. If all these stories about Masonry are true, and I have no reason to believe they aren’t, then Masonry is especially insidious. I was a DeMolay as a teen (DeMolay is like the teen version of Freemasonry) I believe you have to be between 13 and 17. Can’t remember for sure. But the interesting thing is that to be a DeMolay, you had to be Christian. You have meetings, learn about Jacques DeMolay (I believe he was a Knight Templar who was executed in the the early 1300s), but we also prayed to God in Jesus name. Most of the members go on to be Masons when they are adults. Ever Mason I’ve ever known was a Christian. If the Masons are ultimately headed by Satan, then the order is intentionally trying to corrupt Christians over time, fooling them into thinking they are doing good (until they reach the higher levels and have replaced Christianity with Masonry).

  30. One of the reasons Michael hesitated leaving the Fraternity was because, as he put it, “I will have no awards, no honors, no titles, and no social circle.” That, to me, speaks volumes as to his motivation for being a Mason. While it is true that the Fraternity confers those things on Masons for meritorious service, it isn’t why we join or stay. Michael appears to have taken on too much responsibility in too short of a time, something he probably wasn’t prepared for mentally, given his addmissions of struggling with mental health issues. It’s too bad he left. Orthodox Christianity is not incompatible with Masonry – no religion is. He’s such an intelligent guy, but unfortunately he had(s) too many personal issues to deal with I guess.


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