Open Season for White Rabbits… #QAnon #GreatAwakening #MKUltra #Pizzagate #Pedogate #NOMORE #NeonRevolt

#QAnon asked us recently…

…Who are the White Rabbits?

Today, we’re going to find the answer:

A warning before we begin. You’ll recall this warning Springmeier has placed on at least one of his books. I originally posted this image in the article about the Payseurs. This is going to be a rough topic. This warning applies:

There is no shame in not reading what follows. I’d rather have you healthy and whole, than risk becoming a danger to yourself and others, so if this warning applies to you, turn back now.


Before we begin, we must first have a basic understanding of what exactly #MKUltra is, and what it’s designed to do.

At its most basic, MKUltra is a system of abuse (ritual Satanic abuse, to be specific) designed to fracture the mind.

The thing is, this is not like “normal” abuse in the way the average person might think of it. No, this is the “science” of abuse. It’s a focused system designed to inflict maximum pain upon a target in order to achieve a very specific end, whereas the common kind of abuse you hear about in police reports and on TV usually falls under the “crimes of passion” label.

Through heinous torture, the use of drugs and hypnosis, the mind of the victim is systematically broken – as a kind of survival reaction – and reshaped. The person going through the trauma dissociates in order to get through the pain and live. But in this broken state, the victim’s mind becomes pliant and to use #TheCabal’s own terminology, “programmable.”

The programmer(s), through a number of techniques, creates what are known as “alters” in the mind of the victim. These are dissociative identities that are effectively walled off from each other. One alter is in charge of the body at any given time, and these alters can be triggered – that is, to make a switch and take over – by different stimuli. This is where you’ve seen things like programmable assassins in popular media. But it goes beyond that, into things like sex slaves, and such – making them engage in behaviors they might not otherwise choose, but for the programming.

The term “Follow the white rabbit” obviously comes from Alice in Wonderland, but I don’t think many people realize the reality behind that book.

Alice was written by Lewis Carroll, real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Carroll was something of an English socialite and eccentric living in Oxford, and that’s about the time when he began hanging around the Liddell’s.

Well, the Liddells had a few daughters, one of which was named Alice… and Carroll soon became, frankly, obsessed.

Yup, that’s them, and yes, the parents knew about this:

That image comes to us from Artnet News, and it gets worse in their report:

Was Lewis Carroll a Pedophile? His Photographs Suggest So | artnet News

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, the wildly imaginative book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865). But the recent discovery of a shocking image within his photograph collection has upstaged the celebrations, suggesting that the English author’s interest in children might not have been so innocent after all.

Carroll—whose real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson—set up a photography studio in his rooms at Oxford, where he was a mathematics lecturer. There, he took self-portraits and portraits of famous artists of the era like Dante Gabriel Rossetti. But photographs of children dominate his production, and amongst the most troublesome pictures, there’s one that unnerved the BBC experts particularly.

It is an image of a pubescent girl called Lorina Liddell in the nude in a full-frontal pose, described in the documentary as an image that “no parent would ever have consented to,” the Telegraph reports. The controversial photograph was found in a French museum, with a note on the frame attributing it Carroll.

Lorina was the elder sister of Alice Liddell, the little girl who inspired the famous Alice character.

“My understanding is that he was in love with Alice, but he was so repressed that he never would have transgressed any boundaries,” says Vanessa Tait, great-granddaughter of Alice Liddell, in the documentary. She adds that the explicit photograph may explain the rift that made Carroll break contact with the Liddell girls in 1863, when Alice was 11 years old. Crucially, Carroll’s diaries from April 1858 to May 1862, a period which coincides with his friendship with the Liddell girls, are missing.

And this wasn’t the only time he would do this. After the falling out with the Liddells, he would move on to other young girls, such as Beatrice Hatch, whom he sketched nude in 1873:

Apologies if that link offends. I debated whether I should include that link or not, but ended up including it because 1) It’s an ancient sketch (not a photograph) that’s been in the public domain for almost 150 years now. 2) no genitals (or other sensitive areas) are shown, and 3) it’s on Wikipedia and has been for a very long time. Note: I did not make this link a visual card link, so there is no embedded image here. All content remains on Wikipedia, where it’s been since 2007.

But the excuse was that this was all just innocent and perfectly natural; like the admiration of cherubs or whatever. And again, this was all done with the knowledge of the parents:

Beatrice, along with her sisters, were introduced to Dodgson through mutual acquaintances. Dodgson cultivated “the friendship of many little girls”, often photographing them. Dodgson’s friendships with these children focused on upper-middle-class families, making sure “he did not seek very low-class children as friends.”

After their introduction, Beatrice was said to be “a long term favorite of Dodgson.” Dodgson referred to Beatrice as “Bee” sometimes and started photographing her naked around the age of 5. These sessions were undertaken with the permission from Mrs. Hatch, who was in full knowledge of the activities. Modern writers have speculated at the relationship Dodgson had with the girls, but during that time period photographing young girls was seen as innocent and free from sexual connotations.

But I think it’s perfectly clear to everyone here this was anything but innocent. There was a repeated pattern of behavior here that was very damning.

Therefore, we can not ignore the pedophilic undertones in Alice in Wonderland, which are clearly relevant to “the white rabbit.” The White Rabbit was a sort of “guide” for young Alice in the story; someone she followed around, into and through Wonderland.

Along those lines, I had a Legionary reach out to me this past week to discuss this topic, and he had some interesting things to say:

I started reading Our Life Beyond MKULTRA and found reference to the author’s experience to being systematically abused for control purposes. One of the personalities is referred to as “rabbit” and is associated with sexual acts performed at command.

The connect to Q’s White Rabbit posts seems obvious to me, and that the elite have psychological abuse down to a science. So they can manipulate children into ritual sex acts. The abusers blackmail each other into secrecy, and the memory is locked behind a trauma wall for the child.

Here are a few pages from that book, written by one “Elisa E,” who claims to be an MKUltra survivor working on reintegrating herself – a process which takes years, and which may never be complete.

Note, she often refers to herself with “plural” pronouns – to account for all the fractured alters she has inside her head. She will often describe the alters as talking to themselves, or having one alter reveal memories to the other alters – as she attempts to reintegrate:

WARNING: this page is rough, and describes incestuous abuse/trauma:

And yes – please realize… she might be talking about “alien” encounters here, but I think, at the very least, it’s clear such events were simulated in order to inflict trauma on the young mind. You’re dealing with the testimony of someone who has had their mind fractured in a way most of us can’t imagine and who is attempting to heal. Please don’t discard the whole testimony just because you read a line like that.


That legionary reached out again, and went on to explain that in fact the author, in other chapters, suspects that “alien” memories were deliberately implanted by the programmers in order to block out certain traumas and events.

She goes on in the chapter to give the names of a few alters:

And Rabbit.

I think you get the picture. If you want to read more, you’re going to have to get a copy of her book Our Life Beyond MKULTRA – which is free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

But I will point out here that “rabbit” is not exclusively subjected to sexual abuse. This alter is also subjected to horrors – watching the other man get tortured and die.

While many alters are sexually abused, it seems to me that “rabbit” is designed to be passive and timid, above all. It’s a supreme victim alter; not just a sexual alter (as opposed to “kitten,” which we’ll see in a bit).

The author also has a site where she’s written a number of articles and posted a number of collages she’s created, as part of her process of recovery:


Color Collages

To print any of the larger images that pop-up when thumbnail is clicked, Control-click the image and the pop-up contextual menu will offer a selection to Save Image As (it varies by browser and operating system). Then you can save the image on your hard drive and print it.

And this is not the first time I’ve seen this technique.

Notably, it was used in Springmeier and Wheeler’s book, They Know Not What They Do.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the book, which I previously covered in my article on the Payseurs – and you’ll recognize some of the terminology used here:

by Cisco Wheeler, Former Mother of Darkness

Written by a former occultist who has read these volumes

This is the first volume in a series of three which explains and exposes the methodologies and horrors of Monarch trauma- based mind control. In this book we see a series of colored collages and explanations which describe the inner worlds of mind control victim, Cisco Wheeler, who has spent the past twenty years recovering memories and coming out of the programming installed by her father (Dr. Black) who worked for the CIA and was an assistant to Josef Mengele, also known as (Dr. Green).

Cisco Wheeler comes from a multi-generational satanic family and was groomed with delta and beta alters to be a programmer of Monarch mind controlled slaves as well as a Mother of Darkness queen mother who was to be one of the brides of Lucifer in the New World Order. She was also part of the Illuminati functions within the British royal family during elite meetings. She personally suffered all of the traumas written about in these books and has lived to tell about it with these accurate and detailed volumes. Her father was a master programmer and an Illuminati grand master who sat on the Grand Druid council. Her great uncle was General Earl Grant Wheeler, head of the American military in the Vietnam war and was a direct descendant of Ulysses S Grant.

She brings to these three volumes on mind control a rare and detailed insight into the inner workings of the Illuminati. What we see here are victims with inner worlds created by fantasy scripts and multiple layers of reality. They are based on familiar themes and fairy tales which to the non-mind control victim would be just a collection of stories but to the victim is their actual reality – the story line of their life. These victims were never given a chance to experience the reality a non-victim knows and they are forced by various means of some of the worst torture imaginable to live in a tranced fantasy world from hell.

As the author gives her story and explanation behind each picture the reader begins to grasp visually and mentally the complexity and depth of this system of programming. In this volume we get our first glimpses of the various types of traumas used to create a mind controlled slave and the types of alters and controls in the system. Further details and explanations are given in volumes two and three but this first volume is very helpful in providing an initial visual base with explanations for the reader so that we can begin to grasp what is being said. What is most chilling is that many of the visuals appear to be quite beautiful; yet the methodoligies behind them are the blackest of evils. The victims trapped in these worlds are crying out for help.

Reading and understanding these books can help us deliver them out of their mind control hell.

And here’s the collage she created:

This was the image used for the chapter about the mixed symbology of “white rabbits.”

Full Text:

And here we see the programmer/victim dichotomy.

White Rabbits are the “guides,” the programmers who create rabbit alters in victims.

Do the images of the “art” by Alex Podesta that Q posted now make more sense?

Note the scissors on the ear of the stuffed rabbit.

Not the blindfolds, the baseball bat, and the rope.

Springmeier would continue in volume 2 of The Illuminati Formula to describe how these “White Rabbits” operate, and where they came from:

He would go on to make a list of all the different kinds of “alters” that he knew could be programmed into victims. He would talk about many of these at length, but here’s just the bulleted list of alters with their brief descriptions, for convenience sake:

Full text:



He would even then go on to list a number of known MKUltra programmers from his time:

And just to test this out, I just pulled one of the names at random and ran a search on it and…

Well… take a look:

Sidney Gottlieb (born Joseph Scheider; August 3, 1918 – March 7, 1999) was an American chemist and spymaster best known for his involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency’s 1950s and ’60s assassination attempts and mind control program, known as Project MKULTRA.

In 1951, aged 33, Gottlieb joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As a poison expert, he headed the chemical division of the Technical Services Staff (TSS). Gottlieb became known as the “Black Sorcerer” and the “Dirty Trickster.”[2] He supervised preparations of lethal poisons and drug experiments in mind control.

In April 1953 Gottlieb became head of the secret Project MKULTRA, which was activated on the order of CIA director Allen Dulles. In this capacity, he administered LSD and other psycho-active drugs to unwitting subjects and financed psychiatric research and development of “techniques that would crush the human psyche to the point that it would admit anything”.[citation needed] He sponsored physicians such as Ewen Cameron and Harris Isbell in controversial psychiatric research including nonconsensual human experiments.

That’s just a sample of that entry. Go read the entire thing. It’s a trip.

And this is the thing. People forget that MKUltra isn’t a “conspiracy theory.” It’s something that’s been disclosed on official reports and testimony.

The 1999 LA Times obituary for Gottlieb lists CIA scientist John Gittinger as Gottlieb’s “close friend.”

There is also the view of former CIA psychologist John Gittinger, who says his close friend was a gentle man whose actions were widely misunderstood. The agency’s LSD experiments bloomed in the era of Josef Stalin and Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and “during that time of Cold War,” Gittinger said recently from his home in Norman, Okla., “the attitude we had and the agency had was we were still fighting a war. And when you are fighting a war, you do things you might not ordinarily do.”

And notably, Fiona Barnett lists Gittinger as one of her abusers in her most recent article, along with Antony Kidman:


Billy Graham and Jim Rothstein

On 13/4/18 9.48 am, I spoke with James Rothstein. I asked whether he knew that Nixon was a pedophile. He said no he had not. I asked him whether he knew about Billy Graham being a pedophile. He responded emphatically that he and his colleagues had heard lots about that.


No one in Australia knows about this level of trafficking. No one understands the link between pedophilia, mind control, and ritual abuse, and this is what I am trying to expose. My book will be the first of its kind, if, God willing, I get it out there.

My VIP perpetrators included:

  • John Gittinger (CIA head psychologist)
  • Antony Kidman (Nicole Kidman’s father; he worked for the CIA under Gittinger)
  • Leonas Petrauskas (Lithuanian Nazi doctor who immigrated to Australia and worked on MK-NAIOMI research)
  • Kim Beazley Snr (Senior politician, ASIO’s child trafficking coordinator)
  • Prime Minister Gough Whitlam
  • Prime Minister Bob Hawke
  • Prime Minister Paul Keating (I witnessed his fondness for raping dead boys)
  • President Richard Nixon (at Fairbairn Airport, Canberra)
  • Rev. Billy Graham (Drugged and raped me at Bohemian Grove. Told me his buddy Richard Nixon recommended me to him)
  • Ted Turner (CNN founder, raped me at a Disneyland pedophile party)
  • Col. Michael Aquino (at Dulce military base)
  • John Overton (Australia’s top military physician)

This is not an extensive list, just the big names. I also witnessed a bunch of other VIPs attend ritual murders. I witnessed Queen Elizabeth preside over a Luciferian ritual at the main Church of England Cathedral in Sydney when I was 11 years old. I was involved at the higher level because of my bloodline etc and I was selected as Grande Dame of Sydney at age 14 years; but I became a Christian at 15 and that marked the beginning of my escape.

(For the record, a “grand dame” is a Mother of Darkness – something we’ve talked about previously as well).

Also on Springmeier’s list – Michael Aquino – founder of the Temple of Set. You might not recognize the name, but you’ll definitely recognize the eyebrows:

He was the one who allegedly abused Cathy O’Brien:

And that other name – Antony Kidman… yeah, that’s Nicole Kidman’s father.

This is a claim Barnett has consistently made many times over the years, catching a lot of flak for this claim, and once wrote of him:

Dr ANTONY KIDMAN was trained by Gittinger and others in the employment of torture, unethical hypnosis, and drugs to artificially induce a state of dissociation in children. He also was in a kiddie killing cult. His MK-Ultra programming was structured on a pentagram – the same emblem that featured in his inner Sydney City cult and Kidman’s local ‘Order of the Easter Star’ Freemason Lodge that burnt down immediately after I first went public.

And again, we see the theme of using art as a means of recovery and reintegration, because Barnett did a series of drawing depicting the abuse she suffered at the hands of Gittinger and Kidman, among many others:

Abuse Drawings

MK-ULTRA Psychologist John Gittinger Note – the Australian government continues to hack and remove my abuse drawings. I expect this is because I get up to 100,000 views per day of this page. Each time they disappear, alert me in the comments section to this page and I will restore them and let WordPress…

And this makes Nicole Kidman’s appearance in Eyes Wide Shut all the more striking (well, that, and the fact that she’s probably one of the Bloodlines, what with her family being one of the top 10 landowners in the world).

But then again… #CDAN did tell us this about Kubrick:

And again, remember Kubrick’s earlier film:

I no longer think Kubrick was disclosing anything to us with Eyes Wide Shut.

I think he was part of it all; that he reveled in it even – shoving it in our faces as much as he could.

Edging the world towards greater “acceptance.” Hiding their perversions in “art.”


Because the White Rabbits – the programmers, the masterminds behind all of this – are truly sick individuals.

They’re evil men drawing little kids down hellish paths.

Destroying their bodies.

Crippling their minds.

Traumatizing them for life.

All for their own sick gratification.

Q, please… I hope you let your operators declare “open season” on the “White Rabbits” very soon.

This kind of thing has to stop.

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  1. This is all so unbelievable. If true (which I believe is), it’s been warned about in the bible. I’d always wondered what could possibly happen to our world that would be so evil as to destroy humanity. Now it’s so very clear. I’m sorry to have to live through this although I’m thankful to be alive. It’s gut wrenching, almost impossible to accept. But needs to come out to everyone, the whole populous, so it can be stopped…

  2. Man this is really dark shit these are truly demons i don’t even want to refer to them as people because they’re not human at all i’d say spare a thought and a prayer for Q team and President Trump having to wade through all this muck and bring it to the public’s attention without causing serious anger by those still sleeping i was always under the impression R.Reagan was a good guy Rameses Rayes also put out an eye opening drop yesterday or today that covers another part of this but not the mind control rather the beginning it’s an FBI document that Senator Edward Kennedy asked them to compile back in the 80’s very interesting if you haven’t read it yet

    • That’s a good point that this goes beyond pedophilia. These people are murderphiles and torturephiles. They are truly psychotic! There is ZERO reason for this to have been funded, studied or used for national security.

    • I call BS on some of this information. Billy Graham was not a child molester. I’m not saying all of this is crap, but those who are programmed in one way, can be programmed to identify one person as another so they can seem to have a credible lever to use against them. Billy Graham throughout his life would never even get into an elevator with a woman alone. I think he new someone would try to claim things like this against him, so he made it impossible. The only saying is, “The best protection to reputation is to live above reproach”.

        • Just because Billy Graham wouldn’t get into an elevator with a woman doesn’t mean he isn’t a pedophile, maybe it was because he didn’t trust himself and she could protect herself if she had too, so to me he was covering his ass like they all do. However, it’s different with children as they can’t protect themselves and it’s always done where no one can see.

          Do you think it’s appropriate for a minister of God to be eating Voodoo doughnuts, especially when they have explicit sexual connotations on them? Where do you think Franklin gets it from, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree? Fiona Barnett went through hell and is exposing these monsters for the evil they are and if she says Mr Billy Graham forced her to have sex with him, I believe her, she has no reason to lie and as a matter of fact is a christian herself.

          Our Creator expects the truth to be revealed and it is being revealed, believe it. Those of you who refuse to see what our God is trying to tell you will, soon find out the real truth about your christian faith an it’s not all what it appears to be. Trust me, It isn’t pretty and it’s going to shake you to your core.

          “Let those with eyes, see and let those with ears, hear!”

          • We can’t go around convicting people because of one picture. It would never hold up in court, so it shouldn’t here either. Neither will Fiona’s story from Billy Graham. We don’t even have a second piece of circumstantial evidence! however, all the other evidence points in the opposite direction.

            Put it on the shelf, and see if something else turns up. until then, innocent until proven guilty. 1 Cor. 13 – Love believes all things (ie. expects the best – AMP)

        • Billy Graham was a good man on the outside, to the world looking on, but no one but God & Fiona knows for sure.
          But he was antichrist, he denied Christ, because he believed there was multiple ways to make it to heaven. Denying the very Blood that saves us.
          He was best friends with the Catholic church, and the Masons, which are both sinister.
          He agreed with what every other religion taught, and even the hate filled religion of Islam.
          I’m not lying, look it up.
          I watched a very good older interview with David Hunt, where he exposed Graham as a false teacher.
          So if he believed all these other things, why is it so hard to believe Graham was a monster behind the scenes?

  3. Thanks for this… The Great Awakening is about understanding both the physical and non-physical aspects of what is happening in our ‘reality’.

    There really are demonic forces unseen, as well as benevolent forces (relating to Q ‘team’). We have to learn to separate spiritual understandings from religious dogma to really understand what is going on.

    It will be quite shocking for the general public to learn that these satanists and pedophiles have infiltrated every part of our society and must be purged.

    • Yes. When all this is dragged to the Light, it cannot continue anymore. Not when everybody knows.
      Light will always win darkness, love is the greatest power of all.

  4. Man took me over three hours to read this. I stop at less three times just to reset my own piece of mind.
    Great post it is a must read but taske your time so you don’t fall into the holes

  5. My only hope right now is for Q to declassify ALL, without exceptions, data. Maybe after a year, five, twenty years. I will be waiting. If he ever does so, I hope they toss it to the darkest corner of web, where only boys occasionally visit.

    • I think it’s important to make distinctions. Pres. Trump would do the declassifications. The Q Team does not have that power and authority.

  6. Take them out, Q. How many people died horrific deaths as these handlers perfected the process. What a bunch of sick freaks. It is a time to gather stones (stonings). Time to invest in research on how to heal the victims. You keep hearing the elite chant, knowledge is power, like it is the ultimate goal. No, it isn’t. Some of us are very interested in the truth, we have a thirst to know. But it isn’t about power. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, making these elites a bunch of weaklings. Incapable of mercy, incapable of love, pathetic. Following Jesus is the answer. Fully God and fully man, He is the perfect example of mental health, He is a healer, He is the only One to worship.

    • Amen I agree Anonononon…I want them taken out too…goodness, they are everywhere…but Christ Jesus is everywhere too.
      And HE is greater.
      I prayed for the Lord to cover me before I read this…and glad I did.
      So glad Q and Neon is bringing this out in the open….
      I must admit I want Q to release the Hounds Of He’ll on these Evil people.
      Would love to see the BIG names exposed and held accountable.
      Kris Kristofferson ,Phi Beta Cappa grad, earned Rhodes scholarship to Oxford U,
      Army Airborne Ranger, actor and singer…his dad was military….
      Jerry Lee Lewis, singer, songwriter…and Married His 13 YEAR OLD COUSIN…
      In the movie Lolita, it stars Shelly Winters…she is the aunt of George Clooney.
      All connected, from the (previous) Presidents, Hollywood, military, and everywhere in between…and they will be in ETERNAL darkness, unless they repent.
      “Until You call me home, may I be found in You”
      Amen and amen
      Blessings to you in the Name Above all Names Christ Jesus♡

  7. the first casino royale movie was made as a farce against the james bond movies
    I recall as a kid because they threw a lot of crazy sexuality into it
    it starred david niven woody allen and peter sellers quite a few beautiful female stars were drawn in to it
    I am certain there is a lot of demonic references hidden in it

    • jerry lewis gives a whole new meaning to “jerry’s kids” & the entire Muscular Dystrophy fund raiser he spearheaded for decades. Im sure many here have a cabinet of movies (from classic Disney, to Kubrick classics, to numerous Hanks or Spielberg flicks), spanning 40-50 yrs, majority of them have these sickos in em/directed by em, makes one want to burn/trash all if them!

  8. So, are all the important players on all the levels programmed with alters? For example, was Billy Graham a “system” of alter personalities? That would explain a lot for me.

    I pity them all, even as I abhor their evil deeds. For the worst evil-doers, their humanity has been so corrupted, so broken, that the battle between good and evil no longer rages inside them as it does in normal humans. They revel in evildoing.

    Thinking of all this makes me shudder in revulsion, but also makes me understand the need to daily recommit myself to battle my own evil impulses, as well as to support the Q team and others who are in an a real physical battle against evil in the world.

  9. The reasons behind why I started researching the history of mind control I wouldn’t wish on anyone, however, I’m glad I began in 2010 – 2011. I quit working and was able to dedicate all day every day to research. I started not from its beginning but from present day and went back, back back, all the way back. I feel for those who haven’t already done the research. For them, trying to get up to speed will be like trying to drink from a fire hose.

    • Some of us have to actually go to work so there’s that. Not everyone can quit their jobs and spend all day every day “researching”……such an odd comment to make.

  10. A few decades ago defense attorneys began to use past traumatic abuse and multiple personality disorder as an insanity defense. It is no wonder then, that some scientists began to debunk MPD as quackery. Apparently, they wanted it to be their little secret.

  11. It was shocking to me as a teen anti-communist in the ’60s to see the portrait of Lenin on a wall in a fight scene in the first Pink Panther movie. I was always suspicious of Peter Sellers, because placing the portrait had to be so intentional. It was ‘no coincidence.’ I want to know the name of EVERY one of these wicked famous people. No longer do I want to enjoy their movies, etc.

    Cathy O’Brien is speaking at the Granada Forum in San Fernando Valley in that video. Alan Stang, my late husband, spoke there a few times on different subjects. It is a sentimental memory of the good patriots we met there.

    • janisatwood,

      I read your husband Alan Stang’s book many years ago, sometime in the 70’s and in my opinion it’s even more relevant today. It’s a very good book and should be read by every patriot. Easy to read, to the point and spot on. Personally I think it should be required reading in all schools.

      If anyone is interested you can get a look at Alan’s book here.

      ‘It’s Very Simple: True Story of Civil Rights’

      I was saddened to see that Alan passed away in 2009. I would have lost to have sat and talked at length with him. You have my belated condolences. God bless you for continuing the good fight.

  12. The whole pure blood/half blood stuff remind you of anything? Magical blood…imperius curse….sure sounds like J. K. Rowling borrowed heavily from the illuminati world.

    • Exactly. In my opinion, there is something extremely supernatural about a 500 page book that kids who have never seriously read before all of a sudden plough through.

  13. Luke 23:34 (KJV)

    34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

    It’s time we went to war, bloody, gory war on the bastards of demons and spawns of Satan. Their souls have long been sold, now it’s time to destroy their bodies and send them to Hell.

  14. I ask this seriously, if someone had quite a few of the life examples of being MK’d (like 4 or so real ties to this), is there a way to tell for sure? I don’t want to give any details on a public forum.. ty

  15. Didn’t that James Gunn guy have pictures of someone in a white rabbit costume at that gross party he went to? You can’t deny they love their imagery.

  16. This truly IS a war between good and EVIL, and Satan HAS been given domain of this planet! I do believe we are living in the Biblical last days. After reading NR’s latest article what worries me is that THEY WILL DO ANYTHING…a black flag to this [[[Country]]] to stop this from coming into the light, thus, stealing the rest of the world’s hope, making an opening for the anti-Christ supposedly having the right answers, solutions, order out of chaos. You add how much is coming out about the Catholic Church we could very well be seeing the last Pope, False Prophet so (If) the LORD GOD is willing to give us a reprieve and use Trump to beat, expose these EVIL Satanist, I see this setting Satan back, well who really knows…but how many years has it taken him to get to this point? Not trying to be negative here just keeping it real and if your born again these are truly exciting times we are living in and could be about ready to go be with our Lord and Savior which (IS) truly…The Good News!!!

    • You should watch the last video(3rd) on Simon Harris channel about the Illuminati.
      He makes a good case this Pope is the anti Christ.
      The addition to the Vatican with it’s symbolism is scary.

    • The thing that a lot of people are missing here is that this is Satan/Lucifers world. We are the aliens on this dead planet, trapped in this flesh suit – inside a dualistic cannibal system. Cain and Abel were twins and each had different father’s. Cain was of Satan’s lineage. Put their dualistic/twins name together and you have cannibal. This is why when Jesus was praying in the garden of Gethsemane -Satan approached him and showed him all the kingdom’s of the world and their glory. And he/Satan said to him/Jesus all these things I will give you if you fall down and worship me. They tell us what is up if you just read their symbolism. VV/W that they use = double you. A good you and a bad you are trapped inside this flesh – twins. Latin letter for U is V.

      These people are demon possessed – straight is the way and narrow is the gate. They have made their choice.

      Thank you neon for delving into the depths of this depravity. I love your articles. You are very wise.

      I realize you are busy but research the Vergina Sun. Count the points and then counts the points on the CIA logo. It goes back to the beginning of written history. Also please research Burning man. It all ties together.

  17. Gottlieb’s ‘work’ started well before it was publicly acknowledged. Forrestal, Byrd, Olson, JFK, Leary and even Hess have links to Gottlieb’s occult associates witchcraft / programming.

  18. I was a kid in the 70s, when ‘alien abductions’ and split personalities (MPD) were.coming into the public consciousness. It had been going on for a.couple of decades, but the general public.began to hear of these things. What if the ‘alien abductions’ were just the cover story, given under hypnosis? Maybe for touching up the control, getting a download of what the victim had learned, dunno. Give them a crazy story so no one will believe if they do start realizing the truth.

    • I think you are on to something. It always bugged me about the stories of alien abduction – the medical/sexual probing. If these little alien dudes had the technology to get here from another solar system or God knows where, wouldn’t they have the technology to simply scan a human and find out whatever they wanted to know about our physiology/chemical make-up? It’s pretty easy to fool a small child with alien bull feathers.

      • That has always been my argument against alien abductions. Do I believe there’s life out there? Yep. Visiting us, overtly or covertly, possible. But fer cryin’ out loud, we almost have tricorders and nanobots right now. Either the probings aren’t.happening, or the aliens are evil sob’s, and if so, then why don’t they just wipe us out? I would far sooner believe our own .gov doing, or implanting a memory, a wand up the hooyah for control, than actual aliens doing it just to learn our anatomy.

  19. The abuse of power is so widespread and deep. How can all these people be rooted out and exposed without bringing down the government? They cannot be allowed to stay.

  20. This subject reminded me of a book I read many years ago – When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase —
    “Successful, happily married Truddi Chase began therapy hoping to find the reasons behind her extreme anxiety, mood swings, and periodic blackouts. What emerged from her sessions was terrifying: Truddi’s mind and body were inhabited by the Troops—ninety-two individual voices that emerged to shield her from her traumatizing childhood.

    For years the Troops created a world where she could hide from the pain of the ritualized sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her own stepfather—abuse that began when she was only two years old. It was a past that Truddi didn’t even know existed, until she and her therapist took a journey to where the nightmare began…

    Written by the Troops themselves, When Rabbit Howls is told by the very alter-egos who stayed with Truddi Chase, watched over her, and protected her. What they reveal is a spellbinding descent into a personal hell—and an ultimate, triumphant deliverance for the woman they became.”

  21. Speaking of rabbits and abuse, I read “When Rabbit Howls”, many years ago (1987)

    “Successful, happily married Truddi Chase began therapy hoping to find the reasons behind her extreme anxiety, mood swings, and periodic blackouts. What emerged from her sessions was terrifying: Truddi’s mind and body were inhabited by the Troops—ninety-two individual voices that emerged to shield her from her traumatizing childhood.

    For years the Troops created a world where she could hide from the pain of the ritualized sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her own stepfather—abuse that began when she was only two years old. It was a past that Truddi didn’t even know existed, until she and her therapist took a journey to where the nightmare began…

    Written by the Troops themselves, When Rabbit Howls is told by the very alter-egos who stayed with Truddi Chase, watched over her, and protected her. What they reveal is a spellbinding descent into a personal hell—and an ultimate, triumphant deliverance for the woman they became.”

    (apologies if this is posted twice, didn’t see my original post in comments)

  22. After reading through the list of the alters – there is one that stands out – noname, or Mr. Nobody. I have to wonder if he was not programmed in some way by his military father or in VN.Maybe that is why Q calls him that.

    Also, I knew that there were a lot of connections to Nixon and Graham to the highest levels of Freemasonry – I do not doubt this woman’s story. I heard her testimony on SGT report not to long ago.

    • I learned that it is a common misconception that the 33rd degree is the highest level of masonry. From my reading it seems that the 33rd degree is the highest degree for entry level freemasons, people not in the loop of all this stuff. “Normal” average freemasons. But only after the 33rd degree does it get into occult luciferianism. So if you rise past the 33rd degree you are pretty damn powerful.

  23. When Christ was on the cross he said “forgive them for they know not what they do” How come you don’t know what you’re doing? They are under demonic mind control.
    Then there are those who make a conscious contract with Satan, emphasis is on conscious, you have to know what you’re doing and it can never be rescinded. They know they will be wealth and protected but they must keep up their end of the contract. That’s what all the signaling is, showing their love to their God which is part of the contract.
    They won’t back down now, because they can’t this will be a fight to the death.
    We must use every tool available to us.
    God Bless us all

  24. Two Things—
    1. Simulated Aliens? That is possible, but it is not the Occam’s Razor answer.
    These are luciferians at heart. (Or at least occultists, if you need to nit-pick that definition.) Even if they are self-deceived atheists who think they are doing “scientific stuff,” the underlying power is satanic. So, probably not aliens from across the galaxy, but spiritual entities from another dimension: in layman’s terms, demonic possession. The ‘soul’ is where the physical links to the spiritual, and it is the soul they are manipulating. This is the simplest answer; it explains why the personalities or alters are so compartmentalized (because they are separate demons), and it explains all the side effects of absent or partial memory. Some demons are shapeshifters; they can appear as angels of light, but also as aliens.
    This is “days of Noah” stuff—it is what was going on in the antediluvian world that eventually brought the judgment of Noah’s flood. Not much is deeper than a flood!
    2. We KNOW about the many vile and false things currently being said about Mr. Trump. Spiritual entities are behind much of this, and it gets parroted around the MSM. A correlation: In the mid-1990s, before internet at home, I probably read this in one of the political newsletters I subscribed to, or it may have been on Christian television news, I do not remember the source, but the topic was that Nixon (recently deceased at this point) had invited Billy Graham to Bohemian Grove. This was the first time I’d heard of Bohemian Grove, and the spin on it was that this was a secret place where the world’s power brokers met, and that this was sort of a “breakthrough” opportunity to witness Jesus to world leaders. That was the context at the time. Years later, via InfoWars, I found out what Bohemian Grove really was about. In hindsight, I now believe that was a demon-inspired attempt to set-up Graham and destroy his reputation; I don’t think he had a clue as to what really went on there when he accepted his friend’s invitation. Personally, I highly doubt he raped anyone, but find it easy to believe false memories were implanted in victims. That is just logical guessing, but of this I am sure: Some accusations are false in order to destroy the good.

    • Laurel! I am in complete agreement with you on all points. See my comments on the alien angle, and I don’t see how one can preach the things Graham preached and be involved in this dung. It simply doesn’t ring true.

    • Look up a guy named Anthony Patch, and his work on CERN and (quantum computing company) D-Wave. You’ll find information exactly in line with your thoughts. A common topic on his weekly show, but not the only one. Good stuff, plus his partner Kev Baker who has a daily show.

    • Laurel I too agree with you. What comes to mind is when the pharisees accused Christ of casting out demons by the power of the Prince of Demons-Baalzebub. What did he say? To paraphrase-well that’s stupid and doesn’t make sense.If I am casting out demons by the power of demons am I not dividing my own house? And what happens to a house divided? It falls. So to accuse Billy Graham of heinous acts is one thing. But to allow him to bring thousands upon thousands to Christ in that brand of Christianity-well wouldn’t that be essentially dividing Satan’s house? I mean how does the Prince of Darkness benefit from wave after wave of new believers? What occurred to me quickly was that it was more likely a screen memory of Billy Graham. Do I believe there are notables and celebrities engaging in this activity? You bet I do. But I am very careful about lodging an accusation like this upon most people without some evidence and for a man like Billy Graham who would not even counsel a woman in his office with the door closed because I believe he was quoted as saying that we must avoid “even the appearance of evil”. He well knew how scandal and even the hint of impropriety could destroy a reputation and he was not going to hurt the reputation of Christ if he could help it. We need to be careful not to fall into the type of hysteria that plagued Salem during the witch trials. Not even one innocent person falsely accused of such reprehensible acts is worth it. And before you jump to the conclusion that I am soft on these monsters. I am an abuse survivor. I am well acquainted with the mind numbing and nightmares and panic attacks. To me execution for most of them is too soft a punishment. But I am not willing to caste a stone at someone who may be innocent. The extent of this activity is almost impossible to believe but I trust my Lord Jesus and I know he will come and clean house and it will be amazing!!

  25. Neon,
    You don’t expect us to believe that you randomly chose Gottlieb? Come on that name is well know, and you oicked it because you new exactly what it would reveal… Gottlieb figures prominently in the movie “Wormwood” and the tale of the agent (Frank Olson) jumping from a hotel window in NYC after being dozed with LSD has been told over and over and over… this feels disingenuous and manipulative.. causing me to wonder about your ethics and motivation. Please own up to it. I can’t believe you did not know about Gottlieb before picking his name “at random” from you list

    • I’ve not heard the name before, I wasn’t familiar with him, and I’ve never seen the film you mention. Obviously, I have no way to prove a negative. So my best advice is: Think of it what you will.

      I’ve never lied to my readers, and it seems like a stupid point to start lying about now.

      That said, I’m always fine with whatever readers want to do, be it stay or leave. You are free to do as you choose.

    • I believe it. They don’t teach that stuff in school any longer. They are trying to dumb down the next generations.

  26. I understand your hope that “This has to stop.” But let’s be honest. It’s not going to stop, not until our Saviour returns. Perhaps though, we can shove it back underground, diminish it, as POTUS is doing. The fact that it has been covered up and mostly unknown for thousands of years, but just now is bubbling to the surface speaks volumes. I think it means two things: 1) It has grown to such a level that it can no longer be hidden and contained. 2) The Holy Spirit is revealing it to us so we can do something about it. That doing is first and foremost the action of sword wielding prayer.

    I was listening to Benjamin Baruch years ago, and he talks about a vision he has where Jesus asks him, “Pray for the children.” He thought it meant abortion, and so did I. Now I know it was definitely not just that.

    The depth and importance of this subject CANNOT be overstated. This practice is the secret of the elite’s power. It cements their connection with the dark side. Neon, you talk about the alien connection being likely fantasy. I can assure you it is not. It is the essential component. Review Dr. David Jacob’s work, where over 300 documented cases of alien abduction were STOPPED in the name of JESUS. It is the attachment of a demonic entity to the alter that is a main goal in this torture process. It is the obtaining of the strength of the human soul that is needed in the spread of iniquity in the earth. The latent power of the human soul is what is being tapped into and controlled, and the demonic entity is the rudder. (NOTE: Essential reading for the Christian today is Watchman Nee’s Latent Power of the Soul. This taps into every single important topic.)

    Revelation 18:13 shows us that Mystery Babylon trafficks not just in commodities, but also in the souls of mankind.

  27. First – I heard of all of this back in the late 90’s from a woman named Svali, who detailed quite explicitly what she did as a programmer. She had escaped and was in the process of deprograming herself and others she had met. When she described some of the techniques, I immediately thought about the Scientologists, and then thought about Tom Cruise’s little girl. (Lea Remini had said Tom would leave his little girl lying on a cold concrete floor from time to time. This was one of the techniques Svali detailed as the beginning of some trauma/mind control exercises.) I believe if you do a search you can find her writings.

    She gives a quite detailed outline of what colors and stones mean, how they use symbolism, how they “reward” the kids — diamond is the highest (think Rihanna and Beyonce.) How they will go after talented minorities and lift them high in the entertainment arena, but only in trade for their soul. Dave Chappell talked about how “No black man has been allowed to rise to prominence in Hollywood without agreeing to wear a dress and be humiliated on national TV.” I think about Cosby. All these guys are doing what Cosby did. He must have tried to wrest himself free, or he said something that pissed them off, so they got him as a warning to others…

    Second – Notice how prevalent certain mind programming words are used these days: Alter, Triggered, DID… and think about those “snowflakes” so many of us make fun of… it is HIGHLY possible these are all MK Ultra kids, or mind controlled to some point. Also highly possible that every single shooter of schools has been a mind-controlled kid. How else do you explain “You need to use the right pronoun for me!” And all the stuff about NOT KNOWING what gender they are. Of course you don’t know what gender you are if you’ve been programmed and have multiple personalities. I think we need to all take a step back and look closer at these poor souls on Tumblr and other sites.

    Look at the “Furries,” the “my little Pony” fetishes, the gender dysphoria, the increase in homosexual behaviors in the very young. Look at people like Angelina Jolie, who is most certainly messed up in this way – with all her kids, including her biological daughter who claims to be a boy (from age 4!)

    Finally — look up the woman in the video – on Wikipedia they call her a “conspiracy theorist.” Ahhh, project Mockingbird, you show your ugly face once again.

    So question — do we need to change our Money to take the eye and the pyramid off of it? Do we start wiping out the symbols that are right in our faces? Was Phoenix, AZ called that because ASU and Gammadge Auditorium are the headquarters of some of this crap outside H-wood & NYC?

    God Bless Q and Trump. Let’s hope this isn’t an act as well… I believe them… but after what she said about Reagan, I do have to pause and wonder.

  28. Thanks for filling in some of the blanks on on all of this. I’ve been researching for years, so I am quite familiar with the subject.

    When Nicole Kidman’s father died, there was an article in a New Zealand publication that revealed the charges against him at the university where he taught. I can’t remember all the details, but my first thought was that it appeared his life was about to unravel and he either killed himself or someone did it for him. And then I thought of Nicole and so much of her recent behavior made total sense.

    This is how it works – the more you know the more things fall into place. It’s not how I want the world to be, in fact I was depressed for over 6 months with my initial research, but I can at least make sense of it now because I know the “why.”

  29. One of the first people I followed to grasp and understand Q was Praying Medic. He says that before he began really getting serious about Q, that he had a dream in which God told him that this was primarily about the children. Neon, as hard as it is to read this stuff and try to fathom the horror, I believe that this horrific sin is what God is working to clean up. Thank you for your work! It will be a part of history.

  30. Just wanted to chime in about the “alien” aspect. Before the flood, according to Enoch, Watcher angels decided to mate with human women and made hybrid monsters. (Jesus referred to the Book of Enoch as scripture when He said, “You do err, not knowing the scriptures,” and then talks about how angels in heaven neither marry nor are given in marriage. The ONLY scripture that says this is the Book of Enoch.) They came as ‘gods’ back then. Jesus sais it would be as the days of Noah in the end times….I think they are coming as ‘aliens’ instead of gods this time. So, the reference to aliens doesn’t throw me off. Especially since I’ve heard that the ONLY thing that stops an ‘encounter’ is calling on the Name of Christ.

    I found this video very informative:

    • You are Clueless
      The Reason Angels don’t marry is because you don’t have a body
      You are Not the physical body (Space) nor your Personality (Time)
      You are the Force that Animates the physical body
      This is the Same Force that Animates Everything (GOD)
      When you have your Spiritual Birth, as Jesus taught you become like the Wind
      Whatever you focus on, you become
      The Entire Universe becomes your playground

      The Story of Noah is a Parable
      Noah went into a 40 day Meditation just like Jesus
      Noah balanced the male and female components within him and became enlightened just like Jesus The Christ
      The End of Times refers to You Becoming a Christ
      Jesus is not coming back
      The Second Coming of Christ refers to You opening up Your 7 Seals (Chakras) just like Jesus did in Chapters 6 to 8 of The Book of Revelation
      It will then be the End of Time and Space for you too as you Transcend the Mind which creates the False Concept of Individuality
      You are GOD playing a Game of Hide and Seek with yourself
      What you are experiencing is just a Play of Consciousness

    • They ‘violated’ the animals, and I think this is where the human/beast myths come from… Minotaur, Satyr, Chimeras, Griffins, and many more… Book of Jude includes references to Enoch…
      In order for God to keep the clean/pure bloodline of the Christ, he had to wipe all others out… hence the flood.

  31. Does anybody remember the book “When Rabbit Howls” by Truddi Chase? It was a bestselling book years ago by a woman who suffered from a disassociative disorder after a childhood of ritualized sexual abuse by her family. (Per the synopsis-I never had the stomach to read it). As I recall, “Rabbit” was one of her alters. Them rabbits sure get around

  32. You were right, this was a tough one to get through but so important for people to understand how deep this rabbit hole really goes. Wonderful work as always Neon! WWG1WGA!!!

  33. I’ve been following research on MK Ultra, MK Monarch, MK Artichoke and the rest since the Ace R. Hayes Secret Government Seminars of the early to mid 90s in Portland, Oregon. In those days before the intertubes were ubiquitous- you had to reach out and find the others and not just pop terms into a DARPA controlled search engine. Shout out to any other patriots who attended those long rap sessions.

  34. Cisco Wheeler believes some of these bloodlines, part fallen angel, came down through the Hittites, who moved into parts of Germany and Italy from Turkey. Wheeler said the Nazis tested some of the their dna (Iluminati bloodline) with the Hittites and they found that it matched.

  35. The documentary Three Identical Strangers relates a story that sounds like there was a high level experiment going on with studying adopted children which were intentionally separated by a well regarded adoption agency. It had government funding. It was very vague but sinister.

  36. Would love to read more of your page, but when I tune in, it works very slowly and with a lot of jerks. I have to wait so long sometimes for it to scroll up or down that I have to leave the whole page in frustration. Have any idea what’s going on? Don’t think it’s the set-up here; I don’t face this problem on any other sites, and it only comes close to this bad on one other site. Any ideas? Thanks! Will (TRY TO) check back to see if replies.

  37. Very happy to see mention of some outspoken MK victims. I listen to Holly Baglio on youtube and she is in the process of writing a book. She has mentioned several times that Josef Mengele was the one who programmed her, and states that even still today she has complex feelings about him due to stockholm syndrome type psychology. She also explains that “aliens” & “reptilians” that almost all MK survivors talk about experiencing, are a mixture of what you said— projected images in the mind, but also real, but not what they seem— fallen angels/nephilim, basically satan’s angels. Reading pilgrim777’s wordpress page also explains that these entities can take the form of anything or anyone they desire, and the way to defeat them is to rebuke them in the ame of the Lord.

  38. Hello! Back in the 90’s, I heard a story from a constable in Texas about the police in Harris County, Texas. The story goes that when the police in Harris County had a suspect, they would lock him in a room without windows, and a man in a rabbit suit, with a baton wrapped in a carrot looking costume, would come into the room and beat the heck out of the defendant, until they confessed. If they told the judge that a man in a rabbit suit beat them into confessing, and his carrot was his weapon, the judges just dismissed it as fantasy.
    After this went on, for a few years, the judges started hearing the same story over and over and got suspicious. They looked into it and found out that there were police officers doing this to get confessions.
    Harris county Texas has more people on death row there, than all the other states put together.

    Makes you think……I used to laugh it off as a funny story told by a friend who happened to be a constable. Of course I was never from Harris county. That is where Houston is.

  39. Singer Tom Petty (and the Heartbreakers) died suddenly on 2 October 2017. Q first appeared on 4chan days’ later.

    Check out Petty’s film clip for “Don’t Come Around Here No More”. It’s Alice in Wonderland on steroids.

    Petty is the Mad Hatter. No White Rabbit, but the last 30 seconds particularly is very disturbing, with Alice tied down and her body (transformed into cake) being eaten by everyone. Spirit cooking anyone?! Once you know the truth, symbolism is everywhere. The huge black & white checkerboard floor (and napkin Petty burps into at the end, after eating Alice) is apparently Masonic.

    Pizzagate researchers immediately also noticed that the Instagram etc of Petty’s daughter was laden with Satanic images, programming images + the very same Louis Carroll picture Neon has posted here, kissing the child Alice.

  40. As a committed Christian of 14 years and confessing Christian for over 30, I would like to encourage those of you who are seeking truth about God not to delve into the world of studying demonic spirits/Satanism, without a good foundation of knowing Christ as your Savior. Demons are created beings/persons without bodies, fallen angels. They know whether you know Christ or not. They are always looking for a way to enter your life to kill, steal, and destroy — the bidding of Satan. The best way to fight the darkness is with the full armor of God. But if you don’t know Christ, you are unsuited for battle. I HIGHLY recommend Derek Prince sermons available on YouTube. Excellent preaching about spiritual warfare and how he came to know Jesus. God bless you all, Patriots! God bless you, Q team and POTUS!

  41. The July interview Hannity did with Roseanne was on Hannity tonight. Listening to it the timing seemed oddly appropriate. She seemed to be implying at one point that she was controlled by a white rabbit as a youth. She has multiple personalities, says she is cured now, and was made to watch and do weird things as a child. Worth watching the rerun in light of what we’ve learned recently.

  42. Some more MKUltra information I came across recently was by Dr. Colin Ross – who started getting more and more patients claiming MKUltra experimentation… to prove them wrong, he did a FOIA request for MKUltra, and received over 15,000 documents detailing the sickest shit…

  43. For those that may suspect they, or a loved one is an SRA-DID (Satanically ritually abused-dissociative disorder) Russ Dizdar has been working this area, helping LEO, for.more than 40 yrs. His website is and.he has FAQ’s and training films to help victims.

    Frank Riggs has been working particularly with the 13 bloodline SRA/DID victims, who have.a whole other level of difficulties. Both Dizdar and Riggs have excellent YouTube videos to help people.

  44. The “crimes” of Dr. Mengele
    In 1997, Helena Kubica, researcher at the Auschwitz Museum, published a long article entitled “Dr. Mengele und seine Verbrechen im Konzentrationslager Auschwitz-Birkenau” (“Dr. Mengele and His Crimes in the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp”).[1] The author sifted through the numerous documents on Dr. Mengele’s activities at Birkenau preserved in the archives of the Museum in search of documentary proof of his presumed criminal medical experiments on twins. The situation is as follows.

    Dr. Josef Mengele entered service at Auschwitz on 30 May 1943. His direct superior, SS-Standortarzt (garrison doctor) Dr. Eduard Wirts, appointed him Lagerarzt (camp doctor) at the so-called “Zigeunerfamilienlager” (gypsy family camp), Sector BIIe of Birkenau.[2]

    Mengele’s “crimes” have long been refuted. Why does Springemeier wrote this? For protection, not to get shot as a Nazi?

  45. After reading this, I had my first sleepless night in which I dreamed of children being tortured, raped, and killed. We need a current list of programmers. I tell EVERYONE to keep a close eye on your kids. Anything can happen.

  46. Here’s what I believe to be two mind controlled girls trying to kill themselves that was accidentally caught on camera. Look how they change their personalities super fast. It’s very strange that such a strange event never had any follow up that I’ve seen.

    Madness in the Fast Lane – Swedish Sisters (full)

  47. I couldn’t read the whole thing. My ‘third mother’ was tortured in the Allen Memorial Hospital in the early 60’s by Ewan Cameron. She and a bunch of other survivors successfully sued the Canadian government AND the CIA. Now the family members are launching a Class Action to do the same. I won’t fill your comments sections with videos but you can go to youtube and put in The Fifth Estate, CIA, MKULTRA, and go to the latest of the 3 they have in total. My partner and I (Diane, you will see her and her mother being interviewed) got flown over last November to do the doc, its short. It was oddly why I was attracted to ‘Q’, I was watching it in real time. Keep up the awesome work.

  48. Excellent as usual! And part falls in line with a video I just finished watching the other day of a 2016 David Wilcox talking about the operation to bring down the Cabal, To Prepare as Q said. He also meantions who the First 007 was – the Wizard of Queen Elizabeth I. I would suggest people see this, since it ties into Q, Neon, what is happening and what is going to happen-soon.

    It’s only going to be up another 10 hours, before they pull it down.

  49. I’m sorry. I do not believe Fionna Barnette. I watched her documentary and was struck by how blaze she was about the whole thing. Many of her stories are about dead people who cannot defend themselves in court, or about places that cannot be checked for forensic science. This stuff has been around for so long, that it is easy to make up with some research.

  50. I am programmed for end times and all this is probably true. Not gonna read it cos it’ll trigger the crap out of me. Beast programming is something u should all be concerned about this week. September Oct is the worst time of year as well as April up to May 1st. Puke
    I know how to break the programs on the subjects.

  51. GREAT article! I have to say I respect your dot-connecting abilities.

    The Matrix has some obvious White Rabbit triggers in it..

    Also, someone mentioned them before, but this solves the Furries (and related things) conundrum, as far as WTF they are all about. Interestingly, the Furry “capital” of the world is said to be Pittsburgh, which holds a huge Furry convention, and Pittsburgh, according to Svali, is Illuminati spiritual headquarters. Pittsburgh is also mind-control central with Carnegie-Mellon at the center, doing all kinds of advanced research (and programming) in mind control and especially artificial intelligence.

    As for Kubrick, I’m not convinced by what CDAN wrote, if it actually is about Kubrick. I had never heard one negative thing about Kubrick before. To me, it seemed he was a genius with inside information and was tolerated and respected by the elite. His movies exposed what’s going on, but this doesn’t necessarily mean he was one of them. Remember what Renegade said about him? That he was hated by the Jews for being too WASPy and he was knocked off for revealing too much after he had already given away a lot through subliminals, symbolism, etc. After closely analyzing the Shining for a while, I came to the conclusion that he was absolutely trashing their Satanic religion by showing to what extremes and sick excesses their beliefs lead to. As for Eyes Wide Shut, assuming the story about the missing minutes is true, why would they remove them if he was actually one of them? I’ve always thought that what they removed was too incriminating to be released to the public and maybe pissed them off one last time.

  52. I am reposting this because it still says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” after 2 days like this. For some reason this keeps happening whenever I try to post something….

    GREAT article! I have to say I respect your dot-connecting abilities.

    The Matrix has some obvious White Rabbit triggers in it..

    Also, someone mentioned them before, but this solves the Furries (and related things) conundrum, as far as WTF they are all about. Interestingly, the Furry “capital” of the world is said to be Pittsburgh, which holds a huge Furry convention, and Pittsburgh, according to Svali, is Illuminati spiritual headquarters. Pittsburgh is also mind-control central with Carnegie-Mellon at the center, doing all kinds of advanced research (and programming) in mind control and especially artificial intelligence.

    As for Kubrick, I’m not convinced by what CDAN wrote, if it actually is about Kubrick. I had never heard one negative thing about Kubrick before. To me, it seemed he was a genius with inside information and was tolerated and respected by the elite. His movies exposed what’s going on, but this doesn’t necessarily mean he was one of them. Remember what Renegade said about him? That he was hated by the Jews for being too WASPy and he was knocked off for revealing too much after he had already given away a lot through subliminals, symbolism, etc. After closely analyzing the Shining for a while, I came to the conclusion that he was absolutely trashing their Satanic religion by showing to what extremes and sick excesses their beliefs lead to. As for Eyes Wide Shut, assuming the story about the missing minutes is true, why would they remove them if he was actually one of them? I’ve always thought that what they removed was too incriminating to be released to the public and maybe pissed them off one last time.

  53. I see Kubrick as two possible options 1. sudden regret from epiphany (possible) and/or 2. he knew they were after him anyway and that was his final FU.
    Lewis – I bet he sold them as postcards. You can still buy Victorian pornography in that form, it can be difficult to tell their ages. It’s even on ebay. Prostitutes often wore clothing inc. occult costumes or were only partially undressed.
    What people don’t understand about MKUltra is that anyone using such a person (especially raping them) should be tried for slavery, even if they claim to be married (more common than you think). Sex slaves were conditioned in similar ways in ancient times. The book Multiplicity points out we all naturally have interconnecting sectors of our psyche, what differs is memory and values. It is doubtful there is any such thing as a prostitute, it is likely they are all sex slaves with varying levels of awareness. They can be encouraged to take drugs to provide cover for why they “lose time”. It also makes them unreliable witnesses in court.
    What is pushed as sexy sadism (S&M) is really PR to suppress the truth coming out and shame victims for “kinkshaming”, classic victim blame. Psychopathia Sexualis is correct that there’s no such thing as healthy pain. That’s a sign of a mind in distress. They’re trying to normalize female pedos raping their students.
    Lust can be controlled, sexual tastes are mutable in studies. The idea of “you crave it so you want it” is pure Kinsey BS, he was an obvious pedo. The guy behind lovemaps might’ve helped them develop these systems too, wrote a lot on “infant sexuality”.
    Why would ETs care about anal probing? Hallucinations are a common way to deal with trauma.
    Every time I see a woman with a love of cuddly toys, especially posing with a white rabbit, she always turns out to be two-faced. Those ones can have moderate awareness because they like the power and feeling chosen. Lolita references are obvious.
    Calling people “baby” is part of programming. “Trauma Bond” replicates Pair Bond but revokes the ability to have the latter, too many walls.
    JLL was known to be physically involved with at least one teenager. “Too much love drives a man insane”. A connection to music would explain why all pop music sounds the same, priming effect. Swift mocked Miley’s bird cage.
    This guy talks about “spirit guides”:
    These alters have a lot in common with intentional glamours (facades used by witches).

  54. Fantastic post, Eleivana777! Today is September 11th and likely no one here will read this post, but I’ve thought a lot about this whole Billy Graham thing, and found Barnett’s accusation implausible. It’s the one part of her story that I can’t swallow. She was, what, five-years-old at the time? A child, and children’s memories aren’t always accurate–not to mention the fact that Barnett’s mind has been messed with. It’s very possible she has some false memories. It occurred to me, however, and especially after seeing the Voodoo Doughnut images, that it could have been Billy Graham’s son who was the abuser. He would have been in his twenties when Barnett was a young child. Perhaps it was him and she is mistaken. Is Franklin Graham a good person? Has he done a lot to bring people to Christ? Or is he someone working for Satan and who is, at the same time, dividing Satan’s house by doing God’s work? Just my thoughts.

  55. That last bit I wrote made no sense. What I meant is, if Franklin Graham has done as much as his father to bring people to Christ, then by working for Satan he would be dividing his house. If that’s the case, then he likely isn’t someone who would do something as evil as abusing a young child. On the other hand, if he isn’t very influential as far as promoting Christianity goes, then the idea of him being guilty isn’t very far-fetched, imo. Regardless, I’m suspicious of him because of the pictures of him at Voodoo Doughnuts–a clearly NON-Christian business.


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