America for Sale! 44 #NewQ’s. #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NeonRevolt

Well, Q did it. He officially tried to kill me.

40 posts in one day (plus the four he’s done so far today).


The most posts in a single day, EVER, and all while I’m still on vacation – with no mouse, a small laptop monitor, and no regular keyboard.

O O F.

(I’m thinking there might be something Q was trying to communicate with “40.” Something to pay attention to in the coming day and weeks, to see if we can pull out some kind of pattern or signal).


I saw the E-2 Hawkeye the other day, Q…

And the C-130 yesterday.

Stark reminders of what’s going on around us.

PS, dear readers – I got a cool photo today I’m hoping to share in the coming days/weeks. We’ll see when I can, but I can’t share it at the moment.

In the meantime, let’s get into #NewQ starting… with a point of contention:

First, Q’s four videos:




You know, I have trouble whenever Q brings up the Nazi subject – and it’s made all the more difficult because if you say something that could even be remotely construed as “support” for Nazism, well, that’s it! You’re now branded a “Nazi” forever and ever and ever.

But Q, I just don’t get your angle here (even with the photos you post subsequently).

Nazi ideology was a direct response TO Marxist ideology – and the US only “won” WWII because FDR partnered us with the Marxists. There’s no real moral high ground here, no matter what pedoberg’s many WWII films (read: propaganda) would suggest.

Listen to what these men had to say. Regardless of what you think of them, they believed they were fighting Bolshevism – a Marxist ideology that would eventually morph into Russian Communism.

Now, I have to be clear here: I’m not a fan of any ideology. Ideology has brought more pain and suffering to the world than almost anything else.

But in order to be accurate in our understanding – we have to fully understand what they believed, and not misrepresent it.

I simply don’t understand how Q can say that Nazism and Socialism are sub-divisions in a larger organization – fingers on the same hand.  One ideology was diametrically opposed to the other. Germany was going completely Socialist before the rise of the NSDAP. All the books the Nazis burned? Communist propaganda and vile pornography. Berlin was literally the child prostitution capital of the world until Hitler rolled around.

So why would he say something like this if he was really working on behalf of #TheCabal, who was advancing Socialism everywhere else in the world, when Socialism already had Germany pretty much locked down?

I think it’s incredibly clear that, when you study these ideologies, they are nowhere near to being the same thing.

But beyond that, 20 MILLION Russians died in WWII, on top of millions of Germans on the Western front.

If Hitler and Stalin were secretly on the same side… WHY?!

If you say the reason was to weaken both nations – that doesn’t make sense. Germany WAS the weakest Western nation, with its citizens starving, resorting to prostitution just to eat, before the rise of the NSDAP. They were already weak. Why build them up just to strike them back down?

Russia wasn’t exactly a gleaming Communist utopia, either.

Q keeps telling us to think for ourselves… Well, Q, I’m trying to, but what you’re saying just doesn’t make sense.

I just don’t understand this at all, and I said it on the boards today, but this all reads like so much #Boomerposting from Q. And I’m not the only #Anon who thinks so:

#Anons – especially the ones from /pol/ – are way beyond redpilled (bordering on blackpilled). And we’re not talking “redpilled” in the way boomers on youtube use it to redefine traditional Conservatism (which is really just a form of materialistic Progressivism that doesn’t know how to win at anything, and only serves as the perpetual punching bag for the Left).

Don’t get me wrong here; I don’t really have a dog in this race (other than the pursuit of truth). I’m open to any and all evidence Q has to present, and will adjust my view accordingly. But simply asserting that they’re the same over and over and over doesn’t prove anything. It is tempting to think that these were the tools of the Cabal used to destroy whatever remnants of Christian monarchies there were in the West (such as the Bolsheviks overthrowing the Romanov dynasty), but… weren’t most of the monarchies Cabal-affiliated anyway?

I need evidence, and frankly, without evidence, this viewpoint that they’re the same cause guns and uniforms and goosestepping and intimidation is entirely #plebian.

And that’s just where I’m at with this.

Is that okay with my readers if I express my points of contention, without being labelled a Nazi myself?

I certainly hope so.

Gibs me dat ebidence, Q. I’m open to whatever you present – but it has to be more substantial than showing the Pope getting a Communist sickle crucifix and looking uncomfortable. (Yeah, about that – he said “this is not okay” upon seeing it. COME ON, Q. We don’t need another “photoshopped flag” incident. We don’t need to misrepresent evil people here, just to make their belief system look bad).

To be honest, I don’t think I’m going to a satisfying answer on this front, and that’s more frustrating than anything else.

Hey, didn’t we talk about this last night?

This is mostly in regards to Rep. Meadow’s tweet last night, but it adds a name of a potential whistleblower: FBI analyst Jonathan Moffa.

Might be worth remembering that name in the future.

Rouhani problems:

Hopefully Qteam has a new “Shah” lined up for the people, if they would band together and support whoever it is.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see that kind of key player elevated on the global stage very soon. It’s not enough to oppose an evil system; you need a good system to fight for.

Anon gives us a solid line-by-line (and thank God, because I was really struggling with some of the details on this one).

(Oh, and sorry if my screenshots are a bit janky today. Still missing a mouse, and I only have a small laptop screen to work on, so I can’t take big, gorgeous, continuous screenshots. I have to get the bigger posts in chunks. Everything should still be very readable, though).:

LOL mockingbirds are trying to redefine “treason” to apply it to Trump, when they are the ones guilty of treason.

Anon gives us the actual legal definition of treason, and its penalties:


Here’s the attached image showing the XBOX live outage, following Q’s reveal that the system was used for Cabal communications:

Full size:

And here’s the reddit link, showing that all QAnon-related messages are now penalized on XBOX live.

Sad! Many such cases!

#POTUS has been poking at Google all day, in case you missed it:

And you’ve got Jack Dorsey testifying in front of congress on the 5th:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Will Be Questioned By Congress Committee

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will appear before the House Energy and Commerce Committee September 5 regarding his company’s practices. Dorsey and other social media outlets have been under fire for outright banning conservative voices from their platform, censoring comments, and instituting “shadowbanning,” in which a comment is visible to the poster but does not circulate to the following.


So how do you set a trap?

You have these people perjure themselves in front of the whole world, and then expose them for the liars they are, before hauling them off to jail.

They did it with Zuck, remember?

How long before they do the same thing with Google/Alphabet execs?

I think Trump is laying the groundwork for that right now, with his tweets. That’s my prediction. They’ll get Dorsey on the record next, and then demand some GOOG execs appear before Congress on some kind of panel or something.


Let’s do a line-by-line:

Iran parliament censures Rouhani in sign pragmatists losing sway

LONDON (Reuters) – Iran’s parliament voted on Tuesday to reject President Hassan Rouhani’s explanations for economic hardship after a dramatic grilling on live TV, a sign his pragmatic faction is losing sway to hardline rivals as new U.S. sanctions begin to bite.



[Hassan Rouhani]

In the killbox…



Who is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal?

House of Saud/Muslim Brotherhood investor/part owner of Twitter, and now Snapchat (and a bunch of other companies).

Why would Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (Saudi Royal) pay HUSSEIN to attend HARVARD LAW SCHOOL?

He was funding him as a subversive Muslim agent.

Was HUSSEIN a prominent political figure or a person of influence at the time?



Exactly what I said, Q.

Who is Valerie Jarrett?

Obama’s handler.

Where was she born?


When did Valerie Jarrett hire Michelle Robinson?



Is there an echo in here?


See the article:

Everything you need to know about Barack and Michelle Obama’s love story – from the law office to the Oval Office

Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama are a household name. And although you may be familiar with their strong marriage now, you may not know exactly how they got here. INSIDER rounded up the Obamas’ most notable and romantic moments throughout their 25-plus years together.

But where does Michelle’s “transition” fit into all this?

I mean, she had to turn that “outie” into an “innie” at some point, right?

Unless she just “tucks” I guess. You’ve all seen Silence of the Lambs, right?

I mean… unless she were just too lazy to tuck… But she couldn’t possibly be…



Okay, back to the line-by-line:

Who is Mayor (former) Richard Daley?

Mob-affiliated former mayor of Chicago whose brother was President Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff – and Valerie Jarrett’s former boss.


The Mob + the Daley Democratic Machine: It’s the Chicago Way

by Daniel T. Zanoza, Executive Director The city of Chicago is one of the few major metropolitan areas which runs away from its past at every opportunity. Yet, indeed, the very construction of the city led to the term “underworld.”…

Who is Mayor (current) Rahm Emanuel?

Swamp creature extraordinaire, and probably Mossad (or Mossad-affiliated). Former Obama White House Chief of Staff. Former national campaign director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Senior adviser/chief fund-raiser for Richard M. Daley’s mayoral campaign, and national finance director for the Clinton campaign.

HUSSEIN should be VERY nervous.
BRENNAN should be VERY nervous.
KERRY should be VERY nervous.
MERKEL should be VERY nervous.

Nervous Cabal about to be exposed. Many affiliated directly with the Muslim Brotherhood.

How were the pallets of cash divided?

It wasn’t just the 1.7 billion, you’ve seen thrown around:

Iran May Have Received as Much as $33.6 Billion in Cash From U.S.

Iran may have received an additional $33.6 billion in secret cash and gold payments facilitated by the Obama administration between 2014 and 2016, according to testimony provided before Congress by an expert on last summer’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

How many planes were used to transport?

4 routes, 5 planes, as per Qdrop 1345.

Who operated the planes?

No idea, and no idea where to find this out.

What ‘shadow’ agency directed operations?

Red Cross? (Just a guess).

Why wasn’t the money [simply] wire transferred?

They wanted to hide the deal, so that it couldn’t be traced.

US had AUTH to open bank-to-bank transfers.

Yes, thus the need for cash.

How do you prevent financial T logs?

By using cash and other commodities like gold and silver.

How were the cash withdrawals in EU categorized/labeled?

No idea.

Where did the cash originate from?

Netherlands and Switzerland.

What time of day did the withdrawals occur?


HOW is ANYONE supposed to find that out?!

Who provided SECURITY?

If it was Erik Prince’s guys, we’re lucky.

Why wasn’t Congress notified?

Because it was classified as a state secret.

Why was the U.S. Gov’t kept in the DARK?

Because this was illegal.

US law broken?

Yes. They tried to dress it up as 400 million in exchange for hostages after the fact, to cover it up.

Did ALL planes land in the same location (airport)?

No, because:

Why did [1] particular plane land outside of Iran?

To take a percentage of the money elsewhere…

Why was a helicopter involved?

To take a percentage of that percentage to someone else?

[WHO] did the money go to?

Merkel via ABVL Bank in Latvia?? (Again, just a shot in the dark here).


There’s just got to be some kind of vostro/nostro record keeping somewhere.

Either that, or you conduct a raid and seize the records.

Did Rouhani keep ‘unknown’ comms as insurance?

Like any smart Cabal member, he had to have had blackmail to leverage.

What agency collects ALL FORMS OF DATA?


What agency did @Snowden work for orig?


Did he train on THE FARM?


When did @Snowden join No Such Agency?

2013, but he worked for a private contractor based with the NSA as far back as 2009:

A timeline of Edward Snowden’s life

A timeline of the life of Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old who leaked NSA documents revealing a wide-reaching government surveillance program.

Define ‘Contractor’.

An independent entity that agrees to provide a good or service for a project owner or entity, for a certain price, within a certain timeframe.

Define the ‘PRISM’ program.

The big “vacuum” the NSA used to suck down everyone’s data in America, and world-wide.

What year did @Snowden release spec-details of PRISM?

June 6th, 2013.

Mid 2013?


IMPACT-LIMIT NSA‘s ability to utilize/collect?


FAKE NEWS push for Congressional restrictions?

Uhhh…. Not sure what Q is asking here.


I… suppose, but I’m too tired to find the specifics. Someone else do it. I’m on vacation still, and I’ve got like 30 more of these drops to get through.


Sure. No resistance with increased public scrutiny/outrage on the NSA.

When was the Joint Plan of Action (IRAN DEAL) executed?
Late 2013?
Do you believe in coincidences?
Nothing to See Here.

Okay, so Snowden leaked to pave the way for the CIA/Cabal/Obama Admin to work their Iran deal, and funnel billions into making nuclear bombs to destroy us.

Thanks Snowden, real patriotic of you.

Trump on #SiliconValley #Censorship:

Saagar Enjeti on Twitter

Trump: “Google has taken advantage of a lot of people…if you look at what is going on at Twitter, look at what is going on in Facebook, they better be careful..Google and Twitter and Facebook, they’re really treading on troubled territory”

Recipe for disaster…


Holy See

More information about the Holy See is available on the Holy See Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet. U.S.-HOLY SEE RELATIONS The Holy See is the universal government of the Catholic Church and operates from Vatican City State, a sovereign, independent territory.

Didn’t I tell ya back here?


As for the markers at the end – Snow White refers to the seven supercomputers run by the CIA, and Godfather III, in all likelihood, refers to the Vatican’s direct involvement in child trafficking, given this quote from the film:

“The only wealth in this world is children; more than all the money, power on earth, you are my treasure.” – Michael Corleone

Still not buying it, Q.

Yes, AntiFa are Marxist commie footsoldiers.

You still haven’t demonstrated a direct connection between Marxism and Nazi ideology.

Do that, and I’ll be onboard with this idea, and know you’re not just #Boomerposting.

Yup, that’s a May Day pin, Q.

Aka Labor Day.

Yes, the NSDAP was the National Socialist German WORKERS’ Party, after all.

Are we all suddenly Nazis now, too, because we have a Labor day here in the US?

Sorry, private ownership still remained in Nazi Germany, while the concept was practically erased in the USSR. See the AH quote above. and literally every history textbook ever written.

And again, that Pope Frankie pic?

Pope Francis apparently not amused by ‘communist crucifix’ (Updated)

When leftist Bolivian president Evo Morales on Thursday presented Pope Francis with a “communist crucifix” – a carving of Christ crucified on the hammer of a hammer and sickle – the Pope appeared to say, “This is not ok,” while shaking his head.

I’m not a fan of his by ANY stretch of the imagination, but saying this is an endorsement of Communism from the Pontifex is literally #FakeNews.

And Vanderbilt?

I’m sorry. While it is a cross on her neck, it’s not a Nazi Iron cross.

And besides, the Iron Cross itself predates Nazism, going back to the Prussian Army in the 1870’s.

Honestly, this is almost as bad as the photoshopped flag incident, Q.

Show us a REAL, definitive link between the ideologies, and I’ll be happy. Until then, this is Boomer-BS, and only serves to damage the movement.

Oh don’t worry, Q. I already lost all my friends when I came out in support of Trump in early 2016.


I agree, Commies are sick in the head. The ideology preys upon the weak, and tells them their failures in life are due to them being oppressed for being different in X, Y, or Z categories, while promising them a utopia once their oppressor is gone. This leads to hatred for their “oppressor” and a victim mentality.

But again, even this does not establish a link between Nazism and Socialism. (Unless, perhaps, you want to make the argument that the “oppressor” in Nazi ideology is “The Jew,” and that the only way to achieve an Aryan utopia is to overthrow “The Jew.” But even this doesn’t fit with your previous posts, Q – posts about how Hitler was a puppet, used to CREATE the state of Israel. And don’t even get /pol/lacks started about the Holocaust).

Yes, the hammer and the sickle were iconographic shorthand for worker’s rights in the 19th century. It was, for lack of a better term, the meme of its day – and a terribly unfunny one at that. More than one group used the symbol, but that, yet again, does not establish the kind if organizational link you’re suggesting exists here, Q. You keep repeating that “symbolism will be their downfall” but what about “worker’s rights” exactly is Satanic? Or Cabal affiliated?

Is wanting decent wages and working conditions somehow evil in your view? Obviously not.

But that’s the literal meaning of this symbol. We’re not talking the Eye of Providence here. We’re not talking red shoes.

We’re talking the pre-industrial equivalent of a lawnmower here.

And you want me to believe this is somehow intrinsically insidious?







Look, some people won’t like my attempt at sarcasm here, or my harping on about this point… but what did Q say literally two days ago, in drop 1935?

Well, I am – and no, photoshopped flags, misleading photographs, and one-offs of pins someone dug up somewhere on the internet are NOT going to cut it for me.

Don’t tell me to engage my brain, and then feed me mental slop and expect me to enjoy it.

I’m not trying to be flip here, either. Some people get really offended when I push back on Q, mistaking it for some kind of disrespect, when really, I’m just trying to communicate my current POV to a wider audience. If Q is our teacher, our guide, how can we truly learn unless we express our difficulties, and speak our questions?

And I’m trying to walk a really fine line here. Some people will read this as a defense of Nazi ideology (because they are stupid and want to project things onto me). It’s not! What it is, is critical thinking, and the pursuit of truth.

I genuinely want a real answer to these objections. I would LOVE for Q to come back with something substantial. But nothing listed on this topic today fits the bill so far.

Maybe I’m just the only one with the cojones to say it.

(Yes, even after that bike ride, I mentioned in my last article)!

Yup, the media is corrupt and complicit in all this. Got it the first time, Q.

I welcome a Red October, however.

Think Feinstein’s driver, only worse:

Reports: Dianne Feinstein’s Longtime Driver Was a Chinese Spy | Breitbart

Reports from Politico and the San Francisco Chronicle revealed the alleged Chinese government mole posed as a staffer in Feinstein’s San Francisco office- serving as the California Democrat’s driver, Asian-American community liaison, and stand-in for the senator at Chinese consulate events. Politico reported that the staffer allegedly delivered non-top-secret political intelligence to Chinese consulate officials in San Francisco.

Richard Pollock on Twitter

I’ll be on Sean Hannity’s @TheHannityShow at 5 pm Eastern today to talk about the Chinese penetration of Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State. @DailyCaller

Oh wow. And remember, Crowdstrike was the company that said that the DNC had been “hacked” and that it wasn’t Seth Rich who has leaked those emails to wikileaks.

Now we know why: Crowdstrike came down with an acute case of CYA.


Donor to Clinton Foundation, McAuliffe caught up in Chinese cash-for-votes scandal

Wang Wenliang, a Chinese billionaire and donor to the Clinton Foundation and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, has been expelled from China’s top legislature after being caught up in a widespread cash-for-votes scheme. On Tuesday, China’s national legislature expelled 45 of its nearly 2,900 members, all from the northeastern province of Liaoning, in a huge vote-buying scandal.

So my next questions is this: is Crowdstrike a Clown-operated shell company?

I know that feel, Anon. Stay strong. We’ve got this.

This post disappeared for some reason, but here’s the link referenced by anon:

Killing C.I.A. Informants, China Crippled U.S. Spying Operations

WASHINGTON – The Chinese government systematically dismantled C.I.A. spying operations in the country starting in 2010, killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources over two years and crippling intelligence gathering there for years afterward. Current and former American officials described the intelligence breach as one of the worst in decades.

A result of HRC selling access to China?

Feinstein was ‘mortified’ by FBI allegation that staffer was spy for China: report

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein fired a staffer a few years back who was allegedly part of an effort to spy and pass on political intelligence to the Chinese government. The staffer, based in the Democrat’s San Francisco office, was suspected of delivering political intelligence, though nothing top secret, to officials based at the local Chinese Consulate, Politico reported.

A bridge connects two points.

In this case, the bridge was her driver.

Q then answered this post:

Boo-hoo, QQ, anon.

Perspective is exactly what is needed.

Anons… honestly… stop whining. You’re not in this until you’re intentionally offending people and willfully, even gleefully burning bridges. Why? Because fitting in with the herd no longer interests you. Something else entirely takes over, and you become, obsessed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to burn bridges. I’m just saying… at a certain point, you know where your true values lie, and you’re not going to conform and give up those values just because of social pressure.

Besides, you’re still working, still living, still loving, so it’s not that bad. You’re not an operator risking your neck in some Cabal hellhole somewhere.

You’re /comfy/ by most standards. Get grateful and act like it.

They’ll be dead, that’s good, Amen.

Tribunals can start happening after the 1st of January, 2019.

Depending on how long we can hold people prisoner for these crimes before we start trials, arrests will probably happen around that time.


We can’t give all our secrets away, now, can we, Anon?

The Mockingbirds work for the Deep State.

The Deep State hates Q, and Trump.

But you know this already.



Major confirmation here. Wasn’t expecting this, but needless to say, I got pretty excited:

Catch up here if you haven’t already:

More digging on the subject has taken place in the past 15 or so hours on the subject of the Payseurs, so I’ll definitely be keeping my eye one what turns up from all that.

You might even say it was no coincidence.

It looks like, due to the perjury trap Qteam set, BO chose the path of least resistance and decided to squeal:

Bruce Ohr: FBI Knew About Bias Before Getting a FISA On Carter Page – Sara A. Carter

Senior Justice Department official, Bruce Ohr testified Tuesday that prior to obtaining the the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant on short-term Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page, the FBI was aware that former British spy and anti-Trump dossier author, Christopher Steele was biased against then-candidate Trump.

Here’s what JJ the Destroyer had to say about it all:

Likewise, it looks like some Congressional Staffer (or someone along those lines) leaked a TON of info about the Ohr testimony – though we have no way to confirm for certain:

Full size:

Some very interesting details in that – including questions about the IRS being a possible setup for RICO, and Rep Gaetz noticing discrepancies between Ohr’s and Page’s respective testimonies.

A possible preview of the immediate future?

Rep. Ratcliffe breaks down Bruce Ohr’s testimony

Bruce Ohr testifies to lawmakers on Capitol Hill behind closed doors. On ‘Hannity,’ Republican congressman from Texas and John Solomon discuss the double standard in the Russia collusion case.


And we know from the leaks above (if they’re accurate) that two of those names were Rosenstein and Yates. Rep. Ratcliffe says one of the names named signed one of the FISA warrants.

We’re one step closer to the 20 pages getting unredacted.

Also notable: Ohr was never interviewed by Mueller…

So what could Mueller possibly be up to, hmmmm????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

This only really makes sense if you take a Mueller/Black Hat view.

I know I’ve been the contrarian, speculating that Mueller and Rosenstein are really just white hats in disguise here, having been given the opportunity to flip, but on the surface it looks like Q is suggesting this is part of a larger “impeach Trump” operation…

However, that goes against what Q said in earlier drops about Trump being in total control, and asking do we really think he’d allow these positions to be occupied by bad actors.

The other alternative – though it looks less likely given what’s written here – is that Mueller is investigating those who are colluding to try and impeach Trump… but that seems like an unlikely reading, if you ask me. Possible, sure. But unlikely.

I hate this back-and-forth thing Q does with Mueller and RR.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Report just out: “China hacked Hillary Clinton’s private Email Server.” Are they sure it wasn’t Russia (just kidding!)? What are the odds that the FBI and DOJ are right on top of this? Actually, a very big story. Much classified information!

“Hacked” being the operative word.

3 links:

Click to access 2018-03-15%20CEG%20LG%20JC%20TT%20to%20AG%20DAG%20(Special%20Counsel).pdf

Important bits:

This one’s about Horowitz and Huber. Nothing new if you’ve been paying attention:

Click to access AG-Letter-Re-IG-and-Huber-Reviews.pdf

Repost for the newbies, I guess?

Turley: Sessions’ Using Utah Federal Prosecutor Much Better for Trump than 2nd Special Counsel

Turley is a law professor at George Washington University, who attained national fame during the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton as a top legal authority on special counsels and congressional investigations of government wrongdoing, including criminal wrongdoing.

Anon has a good point, though:

“Hacks” and how they were facilitated by Silicon Valley tech giants.

Weiner had access through Huma – who was doing her own CYA. All you have to do is show that the files were downloaded from that server, to Weiner’s laptop – and #Boom! It’s now entered into the case as evidence.

We’re talking an international blackmail scheme and worse. “Hacking” opens the door to it being revealed to not actually be hacks, but an intentional profit scheme.

It was all to subvert and destroy the US. Literal treason.

Q’s OIG report link:

I don’t quite get this one, and I don’t think any other anons did, either…

Those numbers are binary numbers… Is this a reference to election hacking, where certain votes count, and other don’t?

Hard to say. No idea how that fits into the OIG report.

I know that feel, Q.

Oh, you better believe it. NSA has it all.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Weiner was Mossad, in all this either.

Chinese company reportedly hacked Clinton’s server, got copy of every email in real-time

A Chinese state-owned company reportedly hacked then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server in 2015, then inserted code that forwarded them a copy of virtually every email she sent or received after that — a revelation President Trump is demanding be investigated.


Congressman Nunes sought meeting with UK spy chiefs in London

Congressman Devin Nunes, chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee and a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, sought unsuccessfully to meet chiefs of Britain’s three intelligence agencies on a recent visit to London, according to two sources familiar with his itinerary.

Hmmm… Not sure how the MSM is going to try to spin this one…

Killing C.I.A. Informants, China Crippled U.S. Spying Operations

WASHINGTON – The Chinese government systematically dismantled C.I.A. spying operations in the country starting in 2010, killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources over two years and crippling intelligence gathering there for years afterward. Current and former American officials described the intelligence breach as one of the worst in decades.

No coincidence. America for sale!

Time to regulate the search giant (and take down the rest of the scum in Silicon Valley).


No promo for my stuff today (though that free shipping promo on my shirts is still going on – check the bottom of the last article for the discount code). Instead, I’m gonna plug Vox-Day’s upcoming Q-related comic (and no, he’s not paying me for this. He doesn’t even know I’m doing this). I’m plugging this because I think it’s cool, and may interest you guys. Cheers!


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  1. hi and thx for your work
    perhaps Q want To prépare people about nazi from antartica.
    Do you know Mikeal sallah work ?

  2. I think Canadian intelligence officer William Guy Carr agreed with Q that Nazism and Socialism are sub-divisions in a larger organization: “Communists (such as Russia’s Vladimir Lenin) and Nazis (such as Germany’s Hitler) were enemies, but were simply two puppets of the Illuminati gang who controlled both sides.”

    “Pawns in the Game”, page 4, by William Guy Carr, 1958.

    Karl Marx is considered by most people to be the father of Communism. What most people don’t know is that Karl Ritter, who lived during the same time as Marx, was the father of the Nazi movement. Karl Ritter wrote his antithesis to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Interestingly, the Communists (followers of Marx) and Nazis (followers of Ritter) hated each other.

    It’s interesting, because BOTH ideologies had the same end goal… world domination! Communists (such as Russia’s Vladimir Lenin) and Nazis (such as Germany’s Hitler) were enemies, but were simply two puppets of the Illuminati gang who controlled both sides. With Hitler’s demise and the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union, it appeared that Nazism and Communism were dead. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Communism’s goal was to achieve World Government by stealth, incrementally, through trade deals and politics (this method has succeeded and is what we are witnessing in Europe and America today); whereas Nazism’s method to achieve World domination was through brute force, tyranny and war.

    • Great answer. I had to stop reading and comment when NR wrote of his confusion,t bc his understanding of both communism and fascism was so incorrect. Both “isms” are sides that increase horizontal aggression, i.e. infighting power groups to destroy each other, while they finance both sides. All wars are manufactured this way, and they all entail certain profit. All wars are based on lies, as famously said “War is a racket”.

      Besides both communism and fascism are repressive and authoritarian and power elite controlled.
      Both are evil. Both are excuses. Both are not at all practiced anywhere, in any good way.

      All consider personal economic enrichment the primary goal of the power elite.

      • You say that fascism is evil. Would you consider Franco’s Falangist party evil or Franco himself evil. How about Pinochet? He killed some commies, true, but was he evil? Was his ruling style a variant of Fascism, and was it overall evil?

    • Exactly right. It is even summarized at a very basic level in the Hitler quote above.

      Communism is everything owned by “the people,” the collective. Only the collective matters. Individuals hold no benefit for communism, except as members of the people, the collective. However, the collective requires administrators, to make sure everyone gets each according to their needs, from each according to their means. So the State run everything. They “own” nothing, but are in control of literally everything, as they are “dutiful representatives” of the will of the people.

      Nazism, as National Socialists, believed the individual mattered, as without the individual there’d be a mess of non-individuals. So they “valued” the individual and the individual’s efforts/initiative/intelligence. But they only valued the individual as long as it was working in harmony with the community’s desires. If the community believed things should go one way, and the individual wanted to go another way, that individual had better do what the community wants or he would be anathema to them. He would lose his freedom, and his property, and his means of production. So the State decided everything, and made sure the individuals did what the State wanted, or else. The State was looking out for the community. But you couldn’t retain your property and your individualism if you were using them for whatever the community/State decided was evil, or againts the common interests

      It is the same thing, and the outcome is the same. It becomes an argument over semantics and who’s will is being implemented. It is iterally “everyone owns everything” vs. “you own your own stuff, but you’ll do what we say with it, or it’ll be taken from you and used for the good of everyone else.”

    • Somewhere I saw recently–probably even from Neon– Gutle Rothschild quote, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” The WW’s were all about destroying people (population reduction) and transfer of wealth to certain families. The slight differences in ideologies are basically frameworks to get the factions to fight each other.

    • Agreed. The Nazis and Marxists looked at one another and saw one thing first and foremost – competition.
      Nazis and Bolshevists were basically rival sets vying for power in a gang. The goal of this unfinished game remains total domination of the biosphere with humans at the top of the list of species to be brought to heel.

      Look at the obsession with control – hiearchtical organizations, central banking, full spectrum surveillance, corporatization of food, water, energy, and healthcare, and of course consolidation of media to unify propaganda and thought control.

      They keep vying and trying and we keep evolving beyond their ability to cope and control. Peace.

  3. Great article. Appreciate your analysis on some difficult drops. Just a thought about the Nazism issue: Q wants us to think for ourselves and investigate. Maybe Q has done this on purpose to question him and not take everything at face value. A test … Enjoy your holiday.

  4. I’m gonna need a better sauce for that Hitler qoute on socialism:) I think nazis and white nationalist like Richard Spencer are just playing leftist identity politics with whites instead of minorities. Equality of outcome based on ones race is marxist.

  5. Socialism, communism and Nazism are all the same from a dictator’s point of view. People like hillary and barry clean up and the rest suffer.

  6. Where I think Q is going with Nazism references…

    It may be that “the Cabal” was behind the rise of Hitler and the Bolsheviks, not mind you that they controlled Hitler, or that Hitler took their orders, but that they helped position Hitler in the early days and assisted with financing the movement and the early days of the Reich.

    What the Cabal wanted from ww1 and 2 was these things: establishment of Israel, destruction of the traditional Western White elite, impoverishment of this class and break up of their colonial power, formation of a communist power block (which they controlled)in Russia (and the death of the Czar), establishment of the UN, sacrifice of millions of white lives and breaking of white strength with the establishment of the holocaust myth to further the breaking of whites to their ends, and the sinking of their tendrils further into the United States to complete their takeover of the nation.

    The wars accomplished all of these things, and only by lifting Germany up and lifting Bolshevism up beforehand and smashing them together could they accomplish all of these things. The destruction of western civilisation & laying of the grounds to further smash it in the century that followed could not have been better set up by the events of those two wars and the propaganda that followed. And in fact, looking at the state of the world then, there is no other way those things could have been accomplished and it has absolutely cemented Cabal control over the entire West. A total 110% victory, with zero losses on their side.

    Now I do think Hitler gave them a fright, they may have helped him rise but he certainly was no puppet and represented a real threat to them if they couldn’t get the US on side via their propaganda, bribes and threats (but they did). Hitler fought the same Cabal Trump & patriots fights today. We are brothers with the Nazis not their enemies.

    My hope is that Q is referring to the fact that the Nazis were unwitting tools of Cabal designs (a bit like ANTIFA & Communists), all helped to rise in the knowledge that the path they would follow would further Cabal goals even if those taking part did not see it that way and thought they were actually fighting against such things (from foot soldier to leader).

    At socialist feet I place a lot of blame, truly useful idiots, motivated in large part by envy and greed. For Hitler and the Nazis they had little choice. They (their people) were going to be truly destroyed by the Cabal (bankers or bolsheviks) if they didn’t fight back. So even though they may have been aided by the Cabal, and even though by losing their battle they effectively strengthen the Cabal, they really had zero choice.

    Nazis were fighting against the Cabal (leader to foot soldier), but they were also a finger of the glove of the Cabal, who wanted this force against them for what could be made of it.
    Communists were fighting against the Cabal in their own way too (or at least the foot-soldiers thought they were), in reality their leaders were part of the Cabal.
    The US, UK, EU, CIA, Mossad… all part of the Cabal with their agents in place.

    Think of the Nazis like North Korea prior to the summit, effectively a finger of the Cabal, this time unwillingly.

    They truly have most of the board, and most of the pieces on their side. Thank god for intelligent patriots, and the good souls in the US military and Trump.. the confluence has given this one chance to hit back.

    If failure comes I would expect the military top brass to be entirely replaced and very dark days for the West to descend along with the planned genocide of Whites everywhere.

    (Note I am not a racist, but THEY are, thats the point, they ARE the Nazis imagined by Hollywood propaganda but with the races inverted Jew/gentile, and it has always been that way (not ALL Jews)).

  7. I guess that Q meant that Naziism and communism are just 2 tools in Satan’s (the cabal’s) toolbox. They are both totalitarian systems that once in place exert total control over people. Total control over people is the enemy’s real goal. Once it is achieved, they can implement their true agenda.

  8. NeonRevolt you’re starting to piss me off with your eggshell walking over the concepts of fascism and nazism.

    “I think it’s incredibly clear that, when you study these ideologies, they are nowhere near to being the same thing.”

    You’re out of your mind if you can’t see the overwhelming overlapping between them.

    To clear everyone’s minds here:

    Socialism is collective/centralized/state ownership and/or control over the means of production.

    There are two main variants, the Bolshevik/Soviet pattern, i.e. communism, and the Nazi/German pattern, i.e. Fascism.

    The main difference is that in fascism the state does not own outright, but nevertheless exercises and enforces all substantive CONTROL over the means of production, telling producers what to produce, where, in what quantity, who to sell it to, for what price, under what terms, etc. In communism, the state both controls AND OWNS the means of production.

    They both are dictatorial.

    They are both collectivist.

    They both put groups and collectives as over the individual, individuals are to be sacrificed for the sake of what the state considers to be the interests of a group.

    Stop questioning Q on this as if you have a better understanding of the subject matter. You don’t. You are only making yourself look uneducated. You are an awesome source for Q analysis, don’t fuck it up!

  9. I’m wondering if your confusion regarding Nazism vs Socialism might best be understood by the relationships of the 3 superstates in Orwell’s 1984. In other words, the Cabal uses these dialectics to divide and conquer via controlled opposition. Global shadow government is here already and Q is trying to get you to understand how the game is played. Just a thought. I enjoy reading your blog; keep up the good work.

  10. The Google: QAnon post shows 3,850,000 results. Checking today shows 5,120,000 results.

    Could there have been over a million new results created in the last day, or is Q trying to tell us something else?

  11. There’s a well known treatise on communism, called the naked communist. The author, sometime afterwards wrote another book called the naked capitalist. While I’m sure you may be familiar with the first, if you haven’t – take a look at the second. It may give you some idea as to the irony of the hegelian ideology itself an antithesis.
    Second, I tend to think all of this stuff is just a reflection of a true good-evil spiritual battle, and not in a trite sense. The enemy is much more smarter and incomprehensible on many levels. We would have no chance without a higher power on our side to battle him. There’s a website called the avalon project that puts the entire transcripts of the Nuremberg trials at your fingertips, and if you’ve got the patience to wade through it there are many instances of those on trial being very matter of fact about the satanic nature of the third reich, and even parts of the transcript where the western prosecutors laughing about the testimony. One great part is a nazi on trial explaining how they wanted to bring the satanism to America and he was told (back then) it was already here.
    So if we can imagine that this is really not about dueling ideologies and communism/fascism, but actually an end game being played out by spiritual entities on human beings then it’s not that much of a stretch that somehow somewhere the two are linked.

    I’ve really been avoiding getting into discussing all the research I’ve done on this topic, preferring to do it one on one.

    I’m not working anymore. I’ve had three jobs turn me down in the last month, the last because I had a US flag in the background of the skype interview. No discussion of politics were made (a bank). The one before last week told me my social media was concerning (software tech firm). My 30 yr resume includes almost every one of these major software players.

    Values are everything, but do not doubt for a second this is a war and Trump is our last chance.

    • I was so thinking along the lines of what you are saying here. From what I’ve been learning, it seems a lot of really bad things have come out of the c_a, and it seems to turn out that a lot of former nazis ended up there.

      I’m thinking about the good vs. evil angle. Hitler tried to kill all the Jews – That’s evil. God said He would bless those who blessed them and curse those who curse them. And in Revelation John tells us that there will be 144,000 virgin Jews who preach the gospel. No doubt the holocaust was Satans attempt to thwart that – just like the giants before the flood was an attempt to destroy the possibility of the seed of a woman who God said would crush the head of the serpent.

      The ultamate goal of evil is to steal, kill and destroy. Communism and Nazism both do that.

    • Nuremberg trials were a sham…
      Defendants were not allowed legal representation…
      And pretty much ANY hearsay was allowed – like the Nazi’s made soaps and lampshades out of jews… now proven totally false… but, hey, if you have no evidence, and you just want to create a show trial for TV about the poor jews who had been in peril since 1870! The same 6 million! Finally someone to put the jewish blame and shame on…

      • So I just checked out that birdman link, and I can’t argue with the assertion that it was a ‘sham’ in the legal sense as compared to US law or even so called ‘human rights’ as the author asserts. Nor can I deny that Nazi accused were treated horribly or even in a way that amounts to ‘torture’ to get CONFESSIONS.
        But I’m still unclear how that discredits what I was pointing out about the testimony regarding the occult nature of the third reich. I’m not sure how adding the comparatively miniscule amount of testimony related to the occult to their crimes regarding the treatment of the jews would make a difference. If I accept that confessions were beat out of them (paraphrased) the luciferian occult testimony still doesn’t fit, and if I include the ‘conspiracy’ of forcing them to confess to pay for Israel through legal abuses in a tribunal then by a simple socratic reasoning forcing them to also include testimony that has no bearing about luciferian occult testimony – that’s regarded as even more fanciful today as the lampshades made of human skin – would require an even larger stretch of conspiracy minded reasoning.
        I did notice that the birdman site had a lot of interesting articles, that I can’t deny some validity of. But I was struck by how much of the site was made up of quotes by the birdman himself over and over again – taking large precedence over the quotations of anyone else he references or provides articles from. Not saying that’s an automatic ‘bad’ thing, but from my experience definitely a Charles Manson-esque caution.
        I did find this great article on his site that talks about the issue at hand regarding communism/capitalism:

        So thank you for that King Richard.

  12. Sorry for my poor English.

    I would like to share these Links with you.

    Goebbels 1931 wrote a book. In this book he says that their political direction was LEFT. The idea was to revolt the RIGHT!!! Establishment.
    NSDAP means National SOZIALITISCHE Deutsche Arbeiter Partei.

    National socialistic German Party of Workers.

    Is this what Q is telling us? The real NAZIS are the ANTIFA. Why do i think that.

    What did Hitler with the Swastika. He took the Symbol, and turned it around like a Medal from Front to rear.

    Q posted a Picture with Antifa flags one of them was turned around also.

  13. (Just for you, not for posting )
    I’m totally with you in your confusion about Q sometimes. As a white German / South African I’m about the most evil it can get nowadays, according to the current narrative. In Germany we have the EU. Honestly I can only see it as fashism with a nice Flag as a vail.
    In SA my older white friends all died at the border fighting communism. My grandfathers died as a sailer and policeman in the second war fighting the same. Today the commies in SA are now openly moving forward with their ideological goals. In the US, they have come a long way…. insane. My black friends in SA are clueless about what Communism ultimately means. My black friends from Zimbabwe now have a better idea. But sadly my white friends in SA and Germany are as uneducated. I was always curious, reading, learning; hard before the internet. I spoke with my grandmother a lot about the time the german Kaiser came to Hamburg, the 2 wars, what it meant for the population.
    In Germany in the 80’s I spent a lot of time watching East- and West German TV. Amazing, to watch 2 Narratives in a direkt propaganda war against another.
    What I have learnt is that all history is potential bullshit. You never know what’s true. Someone creates History after the fact, controls the narrative; As you know.
    I can’t believe how easy it is to manipulate people. But who ever manipulates is not a genius. It’s People who are so blind to Authority, because they automatically see ‘good parents’ in any Authority.
    My silly mom is an everyday reminder of the incredibile power of propaganda.

    I am fascinated by the intel Q drops, hoping it is true. Hoping to find out who runs this whole show.
    But sometimes, yes like with the wrong Antifa Flag, it’s like an illiterate posting. It’s like someone gives high intel to Q, but he is not in to it, all the way. Sometimes it does fell like he is on top of his game.; Confusing!
    Then he speaks about bagels … ok, good.
    It all scares me.
    I aways have the possibility that we’re all being played in the back of my mind.

    Q might give me hope, but your doubting, trusting your gut instinct, gives me security ; That I’m not the only one with the same mind set, trusting his gut instincts.

    thanks, Serven (not my name)

  14. Always amazing thank you Neon Revolt!
    Interesting to see the tweets Trump publishes @ 9:11…Hillary…

  15. “Who is Mayor (former) Richard Daley?
    Mob-affiliated former mayor of Chicago whose brother was President Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff – and Valerie Jarrett’s former boss.”

    brother –> son (1)
    Richard Joseph Daley (1902 -1976)
    William Michael Daley (1948-)
    24th White House Chief of Staff: January 13, 2011 – January 27, 2012 under Obama (2)
    32nd United States Secretary of Commerce: January 30, 1997 – July 19, 2000 under Clinton
    [all from Wiki]

  16. I think it is interesting that Q’s post “1984” (think George Orwell) contained the post about Google.

  17. Didn’t the Protestants and the Catholics worship the same God? And have the exact same holy book? Weren’t they both “Christian”?

    Didn’t they war with each other for centuries?

    Why do you assume the Cabal doesn’t have multiple factions?

    Couldn’t higher levels of the power hierarchy pit their subordinates against each other, so that they could promote whoever happens to win?

    If the banksters support both sides, don’t they always win, no matter who wins or loses on the battlefield?

    • What about the pedophile and orphanage abuse scandals leads you to think the Catholic church is Christian in character? These things go back centuries in the RCC. Satan co-opted that place over a millenia ago.

      • The Catholic church is Christian in the same way every person born in the United States is American. Even if they’re traitorous members of the Cabal, and seek to overthrow the US Constitution.

        The same logic applies to socialists: They’re socialist because they hold the collective above the individual, because they believe society owns those who live in it. All other “doctrinal” differences are irrelevant (e.g, “private” property versus state ownership of the means of production.)

    • They do NOT have the exact same holy book NOR do they worship the exact same God. Not for hundreds of years. The Catholics did try to destroy the Protestants from their inception, even founding the Jesuits for that very purpose.

      • Different translations don’t create a different Bible. Otherwise, Spanish Catholics couldn’t be said to be using the same Bible as Polish Catholics. Duh.

        Doctrinal differences are an invalid pretext for claiming it’s not the same God. For the same reason having different beliefs about what a political leader will or won’t do is not a valid reason for asserting that people aren’t voting for (or against) the same politician. Also duh.

        • It’s so much more than different translations. Jesus said that you are either for Him or against Him, many false christs would come, and by their fruits you will know them. When Catholics were murdering protestants for speaking the Bible in their native tongue instead of Latin, and they hated one of the men who translated it so bad that years after his death they dug up his bones and burned them because they were never able to catch him when he was alive – and Jesus said that the Gospel would be translated into every language – it becomes obvious the Catholic church was about power not Godliness. It’s absolutely nothing like people compromising to vote for or against a politician.

          Interesting note Catholics claim Jesus made Peter the first Pope when He told him, “on this rock I’ll build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (But The Rock is always Jesus! Not Peter.) Anyway, a few verses down Jesus calls Peter Satan…So, maybe they’re onto something.

          • Reply to Sam re: “On this rock I will build my church…”
            In addition to the pun of the name ‘Peter’ meaning ‘rock,’ the literal rock Jesus was standing on when He made that statement was the base of Mt Hermon. At that time, there were several temples and ritual courtyards, including the Grotto of Pan, a goat-horned satyr and companion of nymphs, (present-day Banias Nature Reserve) in the region. It is significant when you realize that Jesus was establishing His church, literally taking territory in a spiritual war, in the very place where children were being sacrificed as “acts of worship.” The Book of Enoch, which most literate Jews were familiar with at that time (near the end of their Second Temple period), claims that 200 Watchers (angelic-class entities) landed on Mt Hermon when they ‘fell’ to Earth. The point is, those who heard Jesus say that He was going to build his church there believed that was the geographical location of a spiritual (satanic) stronghold. The spiritual warfare parallels between then and the luciferian cabal of today ought to be obvious.

          • When Jesus said “And on this rock I will build my church.” He was referring to the statement Peter made that He (Jesus) was the Messiah, the Son of the Living God….not upon Peter. Peter is not/was not the head of the Catholic (meaning universal as in 1 world religion) church. That’s more lies from those who began the false religion of Roman Catholicism and I think we’ll learn that was the cabal.

            The Catholic bible is NOT the same as the King James Bible used by Christians all over the world. The KJV is the Word of God. Catholics believe many wrong doctrines, such as priests and nuns not being allowed to marry – clearly in contradiction to God’s World and established order. The call priests father, which God tell us not to do in His Word. God also says we, the body of Christ, are to pray directly to our Father in Heaven; Catholicism prays to “saints” which is again against God’s Word. A saint is a born again, saved believer in Christ Jesus – not a dead person venerated as a saint by Catholic higher ups. All things contrary to God’s Word are false and that includes Catholicism. Christians are told to confess their sins directly to God, no man involved and none is needed as being God’s children gives us direct access to our Heavenly Father through Jesus the Son.

            I believe the RCC and Jesuits were simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing ruse designed and used by satanists to practice their evil while making the blasphemous statement of it being Christian. It’s attributing the works of satan to the Lord Jesus Christ and that is blasphemy.

        • Duh? lol

          I apologize if my attempting to discuss with you seemed like a personal attack, maybe it was the word NOT in all caps? The only other option I can think of is that you don’t know how offensive duh is as a fighting word. Or that you are so insecure in your side of the conversation that you feel the need to attack someone disagreeing with you?
          Let me clarify. You are correct that different translations, meaning changing the original greek or aramaic into subsequent languages do not make it a different bible, notwithstanding some of the intentional attacks on christianity in recent translations such as the message.
          I was referring to intentional changes made by the roman catholic church as early as 300 AD. Some of these changes were made AFTER the entire church council worldwide agreed on the canon and doctrine, without consulting them. This resulted in the Great Schism between Roman and Eastern Orthodox. I don’t believe you are saying the difference in the ‘holy book’ between these ‘christian’ religions are simple translation problems, but if you are it simply ignores mountains of facts.
          Likewise, The Protestent reformation was started hundreds of years later by Martin Luther. Not Martin Luther King, although I am shocked by how many people, including christians, I meet today that don’t know the difference. 🙂 Like then, the Catholic Bible – which even today if you go to Barnes and Noble or any Catholic bookstore they will clearly tell you is different from the king james, is intentionally changed as blatantly as portions of the ten commandments – specifically to support Mary/Mother worship. You may know that this is a central tenant of Catholicism and something that is anathema to protestantism.
          And that brings us to the doctrinal differences. And the Mary worship (along with saint worship) is THE central problem between these two ‘religions’. Consequently, The Catholics were compelled from very early to make the requisite changes to support this doctrine that has so much biblical evidence against.

          That was all I meant, and I’m sorry if my passionate reply to your post made you feel like you needed to duh me.

          If you’re interested here’s a great book to explain this stuff:
          just cuz I hate when people post something contradictory without a source, and I dont want to be that person.

          I’m not gonna fight back or call you names, I’m not going to pray for your soul or any of that silly crap. I’m confident anyone that researches this stuff can come to the same conclusions.

    • Yes, I have. A long, but excellent expose of the true intentions of Adolph Hitler and the National Socialists.

  18. Thanks for the article, ESPECIALLY for the part clarifying so many things about the Third Reich in the beginning. It’s good to see that someone like you has such a background knowledge on that and actually dares to clarify it.

    • The Bolsheviks (Soviet) were run by Jews… and the Brits and US were tricked into war by jews…
      In 1933, Judea declares war on Germany… and Germany retaliates by making sure every store is marked (JUDEN) to tell Germans to buy their goods in German stores, and not support the jews.
      Allied & Soviet forces… against Germany… That’s jews on both sides…

      • King Richard, Looks like you and I have been traveling the same pathways, unlike the rest of the brain-dead monkeys on this site.

        I can’t believe I’m saying this, but wikipedia actually has a fairly comprehensive and well-rounded article regarding the NSDAP and its history. Also, if you refer to the ‘Etymology’ section, you will see the true origins of the term ‘Nazi.’

        I have been studying the truth about WWII since the early 80’s, and I am so very sick and tired of all this NAZI garbage. There’s not one iota of truth in any of it. All jew propaganda. What so many people don’t get is that when Hitler and his compatriots referred to ‘the big lie’, they were actually talking about the jews and how they practice ‘the big lie.’

        Oh oh! Now I’m an anti-semite. That’s ridiculous, for what is a semite, but one who speaks one of the semitic languages. I’m not anti language, but I am most certainly anti-talmudist! And, BTW, talmudists don’t generally speak any of the semitic languages (Yiddish is NOT semitic!).

      • Exactly right. Would you choose to be killed now along with them or killed later if you can put it off as long as you can.
        Maybe something will change and save you?
        The ones who stand up and fight are very heroic and admirable, but not very common. The reality is that if changes comes and people are liberated, historically speaking, it takes generations. Your grandkids might be free. If you live long enough to have them.

  19. Maybe this might helpl w/ the nazism vs communism…

    There are 2 polarities in our world: service to self and service to others. Service to self = narcissistic, self-promoting at any cost people that seek to control others for their own personal power and gain. Service to others are those that seek to help others based upon a sense of connection and love/compassion for fellow humans. The cabal folks are clearly service to self. They don’t pigeonhole themselves into any one particular label because they are about controlling through any means necessary. Research socialism and all that it entails; it’s not just one thing but a spectrum. In the end, all different forms of socialism are ALL about societal CONTROL. Nazis = one particular flavor of socialism that entails controling people. So too is communism yet another flavor of socialism that seeks to control people. Completely different from each other as you point out above, but the endgame of CONTROL is exactly the same.

    Now take into consideration the hegelian dialectic, which entails setting groups against each other to create polarization and conflict. Examples of this would be right vs left, christian vs muslim, and communist vs nazism (as seen in pre-WW2 Germany)

    All of this leads to more rabbit holes. I recommend the works of Antony C. Sutton. Specifically “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler,” and “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” (just for starters, LOL). It all ties together, as Q is trying to indicate. 😀

  20. Nazism is just socialism with stuff.

    Both totalitarian constructs with the addition of the occult; the Nazi’s were (are) a solar cult that goes back to Egypt; ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ wasn’t as much fiction as you think. Modern satanic beliefs also adopt fascism.

    They are different fingers of the same hand. That much is true. The communists like Stalin and their liberal useful idiots like FDR were all huge fans of Italy’s fascist government first and then Hitler’s Reich by 1936. It was the Nazi disaffection for the Jews that caused the schism because communism was a Jewish construct.

    Today’s Fascists were yesterday’s Marxists; they know inherently that socialism doesn’t work. But allowing a small,and controlled private sector guarantees material goods will be produced. Hitler had his Krupp, Porsche and Messerschmidt.

    The Previous Occupant had his GE, NBC, and Hollywood. All tightly controlled. There is very little difference between these ideologies other than practical application. The excesses of depraved Berlin before the war is mirrored by our own bastardized culture.

    The ‘past is present’ as Q has said, and this is why the comparison is apt…

  21. WOW! Definitely NOT clickbait Neon!!!!! Just routine info to you and anons, but it is literally MIND BLOWING to us newbies. Thank you and have a great vacation…when you can get to it!!!

  22. I’m also puzzled by the Nazi-thing. I’m not so sure if Nazism and Communism are so different; they share a lot of common ground (including a systemic hatred for Jews). And even though they might sound vastly different in theory, in practice it turns out both were fishing in the same pond. They were political competitors not because their views were so vastly different, but because they looked unassumingly similar —especially to the common man whose vote they pandered to.

    Either way, it still leaves open the question as to why the Cabal would do this? I cannot help but think of a scene in ‘1984’, in which Smith is explained that the future for the world will be “a soldier’s boot stomping on a human face for all eternity”…

    Maybe that’s it. Maybe, in the end, the Cabal doesn’t want a one-world government. Maybe this is just a pretext they keep dangling in the face of their minions to convince them that all these evil deeds will finally result into something eternally good in the end.

    Maybe the Cabal is only interested in power for power’s sake. So why bring to an end what has worked so well for aeons? Why risk losing everything by stepping out of the shadows, and suddenly become accountable as leader of your one world government?

    So this is what they do: keep stomping on that face, keep setting up man against man, reap the profits, stay in the dark, and live like a God amongst men.

    Better to rule in Hell, than to serve in Heaven.

    • I believe that you Edgar, are the closest to hitting the nail on the head than anyone else posting a comment here. The Cabal does not believe in nor serve God. Nazism, Socialism and Communism all embrace the absence of God. It is impossible to be a Christian and be an adherent of any of these ideologies. None of them believe in the personal freedom to choose your own path. The installation of any of the three ideologies upon a society is simply an excuse to remove God from that society. After all, they all believe in taking something from others that is not their’s to take. What Christian could endorse such behavior?

      Q believes in God – he is constantly tell us to pray!

      • “he Cabal does not believe in nor serve God. ” The Cabal are not Atheists. The Cabal have their belief System. Removing the Judeo-Christian God was step one. Atheism was just one tool to accomplish that goal. Islam & Satanism are just place holders.
        “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer.
        No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation.”
        – David Spangler Director of Planetary Initiative United Nations-
        The New World Order One World Religion: Luciferianism (not Atheism)

        • ” The New World Order One World Religion: Luciferianism (not Atheism)”

          I pray you’re wrong but I think you’re right.”

          The trouble is, you are right about those who will be running the NWO. The plebes who will blindly follow along will be in for the shock of their lives. So sad – so many lost souls.

  23. 40 days, eh?

    “And after seven days the floodwaters came upon the earth. In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month, all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. And the rain fell upon the earth forty days and forty nights.” – Genesis 7

    Sounds like our storm is arriving.

  24. I believe I can help you with the Communism/Socialism (Nazism, which stands for National Socialism, a coinjoining of the two words to make one)/Facism. They are ALL different levels of Communism… Socialism being the bottom of the three (and why we’re being indoctrinated into it, as a way of easing into Communism), and the weakest level that many people would follow it easily. Facism is the middle level (Italy’s Mussolini believed in this level). Communism is the worst, totalitarian level. ALL 3 levels of Communism are creations of the New World Order… the Deep State, the Cabal. They’re behind all 3 levels. Yes, they use all three to accomplish their goals… which, ultimately, is to bring us into the NWO, under the auspices of Communism. That’s the final world that Satan showed Jesus on the Temple parapet, when Satan promised Him the world, if He would only bow down, and worship Satan. Of course, we know Jesus refused to do this, and rejected the offer.

    The Antifa we know today, is nothing new under the sun. They formed PRIOR to Hitler running for office. They originated in the country we know today as Chechnya, or the Chechen Republic… and they were once a part of Russia (USSR). They formed from Communists who were against Hitler’s first attempt at running for the office of Chancellor of Germany. Hence, why, when Hitler took office as Chancellor, one of his first moves was to wipe out ALL of the Communists in Germany. Hence, today, why they call Donald Trump ‘Hitler’, because they think he’s going to do the same thing, here in America, against the Communists that are a HUGE part of the liberal left… the Democrats are now pretty much Communists, since many are members of the Communist Party USA. Hence, why many are doing #WalkAway because they’re waking up, and realizing that their party is no longer a party they believe in… it’s gone too far into Communism. Antifa has just reared its ugly head here, because George Soros knows all about them, from his childhood, since he was there when they were trying to defeat Hitler from winning the election for Chancellor (of which, btw, he didn’t… but was appointed to the position, post-election). So, George Soros is the one that revived them, here, in America.

  25. You are so close. The Payseurs paid Hitler and the USSR via their Wall Street Illuminati Satanic family proxy bankers. Check out Antony C. Sutton.

    Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution (1974, 1981, 1999) (Online version) (Online Russian version)
    Wall Street and FDR (1975, 1999) (Online version)
    Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (1976, 1999) (Online version)

  26. My thoughts on the Nazi angle is not about an ideology but all about a controlling power by installing their people in places of power, government, judicial system, police etc. population control with their narrative & propaganda and laws that were restrictive without being to tyrannical to cause dissent, i remember reading a book (can’t remember the name!) factually written and detailed how US Military Intelligence interviewed top German military & officials at the end of WW2 wanting to know how they (Nazi’s) were able to rise up and do what they did with public support and this seemed to be their main goal which at the time made me wonder why (30 yrs ago) they were interested in the manipulation of their citizens which was the main focus over everything else
    All those that spilled the beans were rewarded with money and passports – most ended up in America…

    The NAZI system of control is currently in use today exactly how you see it through Q post and the corruption through deep-state infiltration.
    Fantastic work you do! love reading your analysis (They mostly baffle me!) best wishes and many thanks

  27. It wasn’t that Hitler & Stalin were on the same side. The people funding them were the same people. Ultimately both Nazism & Communism have the same goal in the end, a strong centralized government ruling the world.

    Sure, Hitler said that he believed in the INDIVIDUAL. That would be the one distinction between Nazism & Socialism/Communism if there was one to pick out. But do the facts bear that out? Does Nazism believe in the individual? Germans lived in a police state (much like what we have now with social media) where things that were said, even in the privacy of ones own home, by the INDIVIDUAL could have them killed. there was not basic freedoms as laid down in the Constitution of the USA.

    The problem is that Communism & Fascism (Nazism) were created to portray a dichotomy to the world. It is not truth though. There is not just a RIGHT & LEFT. The point to to divide and to put us at odds with one another sop we do not realize that the ACTUAL NAZIS .. the Rothschilds & Rockefellers who use these tools against us:

    the Central Banking System (FED, BIS, IMF, World Bank),
    State Secrets & Intelligence Agencies (FIVE EYES & MOSSAD),
    Private/Public Partnerships (Corporate Welfare, Think Tanks, Foreign Aid, UN, etc)
    Blackmail of high level officials (Pedophilia or other crimes used as Omerta)

    The reason that the Communists are my enemy as a person who considers myself MAGA is that they want to centralize power. Centralization only leads to very Corporations the “leftists” and “liberals” claim to hate taking absolute power.

    Right now we have people on the left “speaking truth to power” by supporting the CIA & FBI; cheering US Citizens being tossed out of the public square by Corporations, etc.

    The Nazis are my enemy too, but the problem we have is that the “left” is simply too brainwashed to see who the Nazis are. Hint .. it is not the people who want FREEDOM.


    Vatican bank was started by the Nazis in 1942 to hide the wealth that they stole from all the countries they invaded
    hitler was not a good guy
    stalin was not a good guy
    these guys were all inhabited by demonic beings
    who get energy from death, violent deaths
    The Orthodox do believe in demonic beings
    communists and Nazis one and the same
    that’s what Q is saying
    the majority of human beings are lemmings who follow one group or the other
    p.s. ask me how they get infected

  29. “Well, Q did it. He officially tried to kill me.” – That’s what I meant by a big fat steamer on top of you, lol! Appreciate the work!

  30. “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper Rothschild

    This explains easily how any two organizations can be fingers on the same hand.

    Think about this for every war you can remember. The one that bothers me the most is WWI.

  31. Neon,

    I suspect you are being too details orientated and missing a wider view on the ideologies.

    National socialism, Communism and Fascism are indeed shades of the same colour – State led authoritarianism.
    At their core, the only significant difference lies in the supposed beneficiary of each system.
    In the case of national socialism and fascism it is the nationals of that country (identified in much simplified terms by pedigree for the former, nationality in the latter), for communism the worker.

    If the objective is absolute, authoritarian control of a country, it’s resources and it’s people then all 3 will get you there just the same.

    The accompanying noise and hoo haa around each system – command economy, role of the individual etc – may make each appear radically different; but that is to fail to grasp the raw system itself.

    For systems that are for commonly considered polar opposites, they sit so far apart on the circle of political views that they end up back round and almost on top of each other.
    If unconvinced, perhaps reflect that the antithesis of each is represented by liberal democracy.

  32. The American money sent by the Obama administration was first flown to Switzerland aboard an unmarked chartered aircraft, and then converted into euros, Swiss francs and other currencies. An Iranian transport aircraft flew the cash to Iran in January and February 2016 in three shipments. The first aircraft arrived in Tehran on Jan. 16, 2016, with $400 million piled on wooden pallets. Two other aircraft shipments of cash were sent on Jan. 22, 2016, and Feb. 5, 2016, totaling $1.3 billion.

  33. No one is infallible…even the Q team, and they are wrong on the Nazism angle; and so are you Neon Wolf.

  34. I appreciate the fact that you keep your skepticism in your analyzes, NeonRevolt ! For me (frenchfag here), Q is totally wrong about nazis stuff. I read a lot about this subject : Degrelle, Hitler, Goebbels, Faurisson, etc.
    I doubt Q has done this research work, and I fear that he too falls into this Jewish trap of the guilt of the European people and its values ​​(moral, ethnic and cultural).

  35. which part of your own postings have you not read? This is all gaming by the committee of 300 and the Illuminati crew. They create and fund both sides of all of these things so we will all kill each other. It’s not just USSR vs USA. It’s brother against brother. Religion against religion. Political affiliation against… well you get it.

    What WAS in WW2 is not necessarily translatable or understandable completely by us. First – our population is much less educated. And as the video said, we are global because of the internet. They can spread a “virus” – a meme – just by posting it to the Chans, reddit, imgur, FB, Twitter… done and done.

    I think you’re getting lost in the weeds. Definitions don’t matter. The players are all the same. The bloodline stuff and the disdain they have for us normies and our children is the same. That’s why they kill, maim, abuse, torture and suck the stem cells out of our progeny. We are nothing more than a corral full of cattle to them.

    THAT IS WHAT IS THE SAME – they don’t care about flyover country or the useful idiots around the world singing the praises of the like of no-name and hussein. They. Don’t. Care. They’d just as soon toss a pound of poison into every single water source, but they need us right now. They need a source for their fountain of youth – stem cells from our sweet babies and children. Evil incarnate. THAT is the enemy. Breathe.

    Stop worrying about this definition or that definition. Who gives a rat’s patootie about how hitler defined anything at this point. It’s Moot. (You know, like Joey Tribbiani said in “Friends” – Just a cow’s opinion. )

    Let’s do this – let’s find the real messages among the weeds of the disinformation. Let’s not fuss and fume over details. IMHO things are in motion and a lot of today has to do with distracting the Lefties who are starting to realize he may know something. If you are right about He whose name we do not say, and that dude is in Gitmo, he’s singing like the songbird he is. If ANYONE in H-wood or DC even guesses, let alone knows that to be a true fact, they are FREAKING OUT. So these 40 may have something to do with fogging. Make them work really really hard and go down the wrong path. Meanwhile, the song is being sung and the nooses are being prepared.

    Ya think?

  36. Couldn’t some of these posts be disinformation, as we know Q does. Specially because the cabal is all over the boards now

  37. “I simply don’t understand how Q can say that Nazism and Socialism are sub-divisions in a larger organization – fingers on the same hand. One ideology was diametrically opposed to the other.” Because the people who used Hitler don’t care about ideology either so long as it is an advancement of their agenda – complete control. I fact he, in the end, had to lose because he envisioned himself as world emperor… that is for one of them to achieve. So America got the bomb and they found another way forward. Right now it looks like they wanted either a world caliphate or Chinese-style communism. The ideologies are secondary – power and control is primary.

  38. Neon- I applaud your work, especially on vacation, but you have to break it up into shorter posts if you want newbies to better understand. It’s just too much to take in at one time. A handful of people have told me they just can’t absorb it all at once and stop reading halfway through.

  39. If I want an absolute guarantee that I’ll win the Kentucky Derby, I would own every horse entered in the race. The horses don’t know this, they’re competing with each other as if their performance mattered. To me, the only thing that matters is the outcome—where I win.

  40. Naziism, communism, socialism, fascism… all the same totalitarian control-freak schit, only the uniforms are different. Makes no difference that Hitler and Stalin went to war. The USSR and China hated each other for years even though they were both ostensibly communist. Hitler killed a lot of Soviet citizens? Big deal. Stalin killed even MORE Soviet citizens.

    The ideology is irrelevant. The “teams” are irrelevant. The players are irrelevant. It’s all about fear and control. There are no “sides” ultimately in this game when all the players are service to self. The old saying, there is no honor among theives… inarguably true for the control-freak power-hungry personality.

  41. In “The Big Lie” Dinesh D’Sousa shows how the fascists were marxists. The difference was that the fascists added nationalism and racism to the mix. They believed that their people were the proletariat and that the Jews and others were the burgoise. They also resented communism under Slavic i.e. Russian control.

  42. Hey NR,

    “Who operated the planes?”

    There is a good case to be made that it was Silk Way Airlines out of Azerbaijan. It’s believed they were the airline Clinton’s State Dept used to ferry Gaddafi weapons to Syrian Rebels. IIRC correctly one of their planes was tracked down to show it was part of the Iranian Deal, I believe flying Gaddafi gold to the Mullahs.

    Here’s a link:

  43. We are fairly new at all this. Trying to get to the truth of whats going on. Looks like im going to need a decoder for the decode. Does this mean Qanon is not to be trusted and is misleading everyone ? Is Qanon purposely mudding the waters ? Is there something in the drops that points to a loss of credibility ? Not sure what exactly to make of this. Is there any channels that are not as complicated or advanced for a couple of us who have very little time to research ? We are just trying to find the truth in all of this with such biased news networks.

    • Q is not misleading or purposely muddying the waters. Not everyone can undertsand every drop as it is posted. I think Neon is frustrted because he could not see any similiaties betweenCommunism and Nazism. Neon will have to speak for hismelf, but that is my take about his comments on the topic Others have explained why both are quite simlar. In simple terms, that I understand, both ideologies are similar in that their main goal is supreme control with little to no concern about human rights. I hope this makes some sense. You can also try “Qanon – Great Awakening” on reddit

      Try ‘Praying Medic’ on you tube.or twitter. He is less complex and will decode line for line.

    • yes! is easy to follow. He has a couple of youtube vids for beginners. Another place to check is Godspeed. WWG1WGA

    • Nah, Neon just wants some clarification from Q on why Q is lumping the two together when they have such obvious differences. Q is trying to educate us on so many different things, it can be a little dizzying and over whelming. You are right, the news is a bunch of nonsense. Q, Trump, Neon and others are a good counter balance to MSM in seeing what is truly going on.

    • Q can be trusted. This is a complex story that Neon, and many others are trying to unravel for themselves as well as for those who are following them. No single author will be able to be a complete source. If in this case Neon is describing something that he is confused by and frustrated with, here is one of the major differences between this and mainstream “news.” Here people are in discussion, and this is very obvious in the comment section – which is a very important part of this blog. If you read the comments to this report, for example, you will find many clarifying descriptions of the Nazi question. Neon would readily admit that he is trying to figure it out as he goes along.
      Other sites you might find informative; Commenting on Q posts General news collection in a narrative from many sources including NeonRevolt Non-Q centric info. Excellent source, excellent comment field.

  44. I simply don’t understand how Q can say that Nazism and Socialism are sub-divisions in a larger organization – fingers on the same hand. One ideology was diametrically opposed to the other. Germany was going completely Socialist before the rise of the NSDAP. All the books the Nazis burned? Communist propaganda and vile pornography. Berlin was literally the child prostitution capital of the world until Hitler rolled around.

    I prefer to go with (((Jonah Goldberg))) in his “Liberal Fascism” (aka “even NRO staff get some things right occasionally” 😛 ) – briefly, that the Germans, Italians & Russians (and the USA’s FDR if you want to go there) all had different variations of the same theme – socialism. None had much respect for property rights, the USA’s classical liberal tradition, or Christianity. So, the German nazis & Russian commies may not have been part of a larger organisation per se, but you could quite easily call them part of a larger (socialist) assault on Christendom.

    See also:

    To be honest, I don’t think I’m going to a satisfying answer on this front, and that’s more frustrating than anything else.

    Regardless of whether Q is right on this point or not, the God-Emperor is a civic nationalist remember, so you shouldn’t expect his administration (including whoever is behind Q) to be /pol/ tier redpilled on this or anything else.

  45. “Communism” is too simplistic if we are talking ideology. The Bolsheviks split after Lenin’s death, with Trotsky pushing for extreme no borders world revolution and Stalin pushing “Socialism in One Country”. Stalin still wanted world domination, but more on what became the Warsaw Pact lines – a totalitarian puppet empire with national divisions. This wasn’t simply a debate – Stalin purged millions of his “enemies”, including Trotsky who was assassinated in exile. The Stalin-Cabal relationship is an interesting one, since he liquidated so many of their assets.

    Nazism countered Trotskyite international socialism with national socialism – totalitarianism on race/nation lines with an economy planned around what we would call public-private partnerships. More like modern China than Maoist China. My take is that Q is telling us to rethink our historical and ideological preconceptions. Why trust the narrative pushed on you in school?

    The textbook drop points to this historical revisionism – specifically around the wars – as a way to demonize nationalism. It shouldn’t be a surprise that our “history” is as honest as our media or politics. This is a long article by a Jewish conservative that builds slowly and methodically to a complete blowtorching of modern Holocaust historiography. He raises the possibility that Stalin may have been behind much of the killing that did occur. It is a world-rocking read because it is so well written and researched, and whether or not true, a reminder that we have been lied to about that period from the start.

  46. Hi Neon, I think that the comparison should be made at a higher level. Who funded the Bolsheviks? Who funded the Nazi’s/hitler? Who funded the other Allies? All the same ultimate sources, no?
    Who was pro-freemason? Who was anti-freemason?
    Truman/Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin were all highest level Freemason.
    Hitler and Goring were publicly not and were actively hunting Freemasons in Germany and everywhere they conquered (even though they did use a lot of the Illuminati and Freemasonry symbols – both being highly occult).
    I think that Q’s point is this – Hitler was defeated as planned. But Nazism was not. Nazism is a leverage point/tool to get to another government. I believe that Communism, Capitalism, and Nazism were NOT the ultimate goals but a means to an end to get us to the final battle to determine the New World Order. They just transferred the mindset to the US and spread it worldwide with programs such as Operation Paperclip. The Nazi’s had the best technology and were the epitome of man at its most evil. Think about how they envisioned the end goal of the NWO – it has elements of all three.

    Think about it Biblically – this is a [deadly] game for Man’s free will. The same concept that starts Genesis and ends with Revelation. They must have Man’s free will to do this. That is why they have to tell us what they are doing before they do it. It does not matter if they twist the truth or have actors on the stage to sway the audience- they must have the free will no matter how they get it. Remember, GHWB speech on 9/11/91?

    • Interesting. Why do you say they must have Man’s free will to do so? I see it as we can either rule ourselves through the Holy Spirit or people need massive rules like in Islam that direct their every move. If the majority of Americans had the Holy Spirit, then we don’t need a kazillion laws to tell us what we better do. Now the cabal, I think about satan telling Jesus, bow down to me and I will give you the whole world. Showing us that it is satan’s to give. The cabal took him up on this offer. They didn’t need man’s ok. I thought the wars were the cabal stirring us around like ants in an anthill to make millions on the war machine. Ford parts in Nazi tanks. I agree we are eventually headed toward one world order, returning to the tower of Babel part 2, seems Trump and team has put a hold on the plan but it will happen just like prophecy tells us.

      • That’s the rub, isn’t it. A lot of conversation over here about that the past year. If it’s God’s will to have the revelations/apocalypse thing, are we fighting god’s will if we want the world to prosper?
        Funny how no one seemed to ask that the past 12 years. lol.

  47. Maybe the “we were Nazis all along” thing was a reference to Operation Paperclip? A lot of nazis came to the USA after WW2. Idk, just a thought. Doesn’t make us all nazis, but there are plenty in this country.

  48. antifa / nazi connection? George Soros? Soros handler? follow the money? Military industrial complex? Q Department of Energy security clearance? US Daylight savings adopted from Nazi’s? Project Paperclip a Cabal infiltration of US/Russia. Fake Friction between countries to strengthen military/government and weaken the people?

  49. Jewish bankers backed both sides of the war.
    Rothschild’s took over the bank of England by spreading false news that Napoleon won the battle of Waterloo. The market crashed and they bought everything in the two days before the truth came out, they ended up the winner.They took over America when Woodrow Wilson gave them the Federal (Private) No Reserves bank. Within a few years we were in WWl which the Zionists in Switzerland said to the English “We can bring in America young and strong and when you win you give us Palestine.’ Balfour Agreement. And their collection agency the IRS. WWll pushed German Jews into Palestine via the transfer agreement.
    Pax Britannia yielded to Pax Americana which yields to Pax Judaica.

    So yeah Q is right, its one big plan.

    • When you read the accounts of the first Jewish people to return to Israel, it was total HELL. They were pushed back, turned away, and it was a real battle to re-enter. Doesn’t sound like some grand plan to me.

  50. “FAKE NEWS push for Congressional restrictions?”

    Fake News push for congressional restrictions of the PRISM program so the CABAL could operate without the NSA watching their every move.

  51. I appreciate your honesty with the whole nazi thing. Personally, I mix all the various flavors of socialism together, but I’m lazy.

    What did you think of Dinesh’s movie? He gets into this.

    Jordan Peterson continues to put nazis on the right.

    People I respect (including you) are all over the map on how to classify this bit of history, and that is a GOOD Thing. We get to debate things without hating on each other.

    Here’s a question for a leftist. If hitler didn’t round up the jews, would there be anything you disagreed with him. He started off as the ‘benevolent dictator’ the left still wishes for.

    Now go work on your vacation

  52. About crosses – all ultimately mean one thing: The conjunction of what is divine and what is earthly. If you are well educated in symbolic language it is a declaration of personal divinity. Thus the Pope wears it and the witch Gloria V., and recall that Hitler was taken into the mysteries and became a bit obsessed with mysticism. This is because of the things they shared with him in building him up to be their agent.

  53. Back when I was in a college political science class, the professor argued that the left-right political spectrum was really a cylinder, with Bolshevism and Fascism blending into each other. An updated version is the Horseshoe Theory, which looks at the similarities of far left and right ideologies:

  54. I think that using not ideologies is no different than being on both sides of a war. They control and make money either way. They have one ideology for sure and that is who they worship. As long as each side is causing Mayhem then it serves their purpose. The more chaos the better for them. It’s what they do best.

  55. Hi All,

    It may pay to view the following to make some sense of Nazism, Communism, and Zionism.
    And remember that History is written by the Victors.

    The greatest lie ever told – The Holocaust – 2015 Documentary HD

  56. Hi Neon,

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now. Like it. But you seem to be stuck in your last post on what is going on with the Nazi’s. Since I’ve read YOUR BLOG…, maybe it’s time you started reading mine.

    Here is a link to a 24 part Series which dives so deep down the rabbit hole of the Nazi’s even YOUR head will spin!!

    Here is a link to most of the Series.
    It’s called Bigger Fish to Fry

    Start with Part Seven!

    Read all parts after it!

    YOU WILL BE AMAZED at what you did NOT KNOW about the Nazi’s!

    You can thank me on my blog!

  57. Brilliant work Neon! That screen cap of the Ohr hearing alone is gold. First rate. And I wear your pastel Q shirt with pride.
    As far as Nazi vs Communist/Antifa, it’s interesting to see this surface again when I thought it was common knowledge:
    The concept, from my researches many years ago, is that the Nazis were National Socialists and Communists were International Socialists. They were two sides of the same coin, with desires to match. They used a lot of the same brutalist iconography, they used much of the same tactics. The hatred of the Jews by the Nazis was mainly because they saw them as 5th column Bolshevists.
    The Communists won in Russia, the Nazis won in Germany.
    Now, the beginning of WW2 was, ostensibly, the invasion of Poland (areas that had been taken from Germany at the Treaty of Versailles). what most people don’t know, through the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, both Germany and Russia invaded Poland, not just Germany. The two “enemies” (the two Socialists) were working together to divide Poland between them.
    But Russia shafted Germany. They pulled back once they had achieved their own objectives and left Germany looking like the aggressor. It was much easier for Churchill (who had been banging the war against Hitler drum for a decade) to push for war with Germany rather than Russia and Germany. The rest is history.
    The bottom line is: “Don’t fight America and Russia, have America and Russia fight each other”.
    That’s the cabal doctrine. Have two sides that have grown powerful destroy each other and step in to organize the wreckage.
    Look at the PanEuropean Union. They are politically amorphous. Hated by hardline Communists and Fascists, they have now absorbed them both, and, through George Soros, fund Antifa, and through FBI stooges fund the neo-Nazis (such as they are).
    Bottom line, for organizational purposes Socialists are Socialists are Socialists. What badges they wear and what polemic they espouse is barely relevant. Red and black Antifa = red and black Nazis.
    Both sides are odious of course.
    My opinion.

  58. New to Q should follow Praying Medic….. Neon is more complicated.
    I will say that as a 71 yr old who has surround myself with libs to survive in the south (northern transplant) for over 30 yrs, what I tell my friends is that all the hate for Trump is a waste of time and energy and that what we thought was true is not…. we have all been fooled. So at least there is no more argument with old beloved friends. The older you get the more you need the support of people around you regardless of political pressure.

  59. Agree w other commenters y u don’t understand socialism/communism are the same 2 sides of a fascist(& OLIGARCH scam) OR BANKSTERS!!!
    Ya rhink???!!
    All wars are economic battles (banksters).
    The may start out “organic”..labor party..workers..ANTIFA..then it’s hijacked by olis/banksters..
    Banksters have BADLY effed up this world..derivative..child trafficking..oegan harvesting..theyve put a price on all our heads.
    The sooner u figure this out-the better off I’ll b

  60. Okay, been lurking here for some time and feel like I might have a concise thought to offer. Q mentions oceans razor often enough… sometimes we get so caught up in the “theology” of terminology that we lose sight of the image presented. Here goes, follow the wars and carnage. The most precious resource are our children. How does the cabal separate children from parents… war, carnage, displacement en masse. Now, think about the old Biltmore Mansion pool pics and the art pics of the pool. Think about the years they were painted or produced. What wars, carnage or mass displacement occurred at that time? Symbolism will be their downfall… just a thought. Anyway, love the content, very thought provoking.

  61. “at a certain point, you know where your true values lie, and you’re not going to conform and give up those values just because of social pressure.”

    I am in…I absolutely love making the Lima’s think and then melt.

    How about a yard sign in your store?!? My neighborhood is completely filled with Beto signs. I want a “Q” sign. Yesterday, my gay neighbors (whom I like as people) asked if they could put a Beto sign in my yard and I responded if I can put a Q sign in yours. Their smile transformed into a puzzled look – What is Q? I did not answer. They will find out in due time.

    I would buy something immediately for election season. Something that has WWG1WGA and a catchy phrase such as “Resistance is Futile” or “The Storm isn’t Coming, it is HERE”

  62. Since noone has pointed this out yet, in the drop above where it says “1 = 1? 1 = 0?” You say these are binary numbers, and they are (in the binary system, there are only 1’s and 0’s – in computer science, 1 is usually taken as “true” [or “on”] and 0 is usually taken as “false” [or “off”]), but I think it may be a reference to the principle of non-contradiction (one way to express this would be that something is either true or false; it can’t be both at the same time). So you could see those lines as “true = true?” and “true = false?” (see Don’t know if that’s useful or not; I haven’t read the document it apparently refers to.

  63. Regarding the Pope’s reaction to the hammer and sickle crucifix: In Q’s large photo you can see that the Pope is wearing a silver necklace that terminates in a cross featuring the same hammer and sickle crucifix in its center.

    In the second iteration of the photo in the Catholic News article, they have conveniently cropped the bottom of the photo so that you can’t see that part of the necklace. Go back and check it. Of course the Catholics are going to take the official position that the Pope didn’t approve of the hammer and sickle but he’s wearing the same thing around his own neck for crying out loud. Any expression of disapproval was only for the cameras.

  64. Hi, Neon. Thanks for all you do.

    I think there are many reasons for talking about the Nazis, but let me just discuss one: Hollywood.

    Hollywood, notoriously dominated by a cabal that is a subset of the Cabal, has demonized Nazis like no other group. Our uneducated masses (which include most college grads as uneducated, as they are merely credentialed) know Nazis are “bad”. Most don’t know Communists are “bad” or that socialism is a failure. But Nazis are bad. The archetype is set and heuristics are in place.

    So, one useful tool to help people is to show that the enemies of humanity, AKA the Cabal, are like the Nazis. Antifa is engaging in “Nazi” tactics. Tech oligarchs are engaging in “Nazi” tactics. The FBI/CIA/DOJ/Obama/Hillary et al are engaging in “Nazi” tactics.

    Most people don’t know the truth of the Nazis (bad as well good). They only know the propaganda version, the Hollywood version.

    The term “Nazi” is so stigmatized that it really can never be rehabilitated in any way. The 1488ers are very wrong to try (which is why I believe most of the leadership of them, like the KKK leadership are controlled opposition).

    I do suspect Q is also alleging the deeper connections of Nazism and Communism and the Cabal that used both to further its ends.

    Keep up the good work and remember that sometimes things have multiple meanings and purposes, symbols within symbols.

  65. Things people are not being told by historians today:

    The Communists and the Nazis both invaded Poland at the same time as per agreement between them.
    The original Antifa membership in Germany joined the Nazi Party after the Soviet/ Nazi agreement and the Polish invasion.
    Fascism and nazism are just other forms of communism and socialism, where an all powerful state controls the people amd limits their freedom.

    I look at it this way, Fascism, Nazism, Socialism, Communism, Islam, are all the same because they seek to put the world under one government, aka what I call the One World Order.

    The US is the real “New World” Order where the rights of man are more important than the control of Government. The One World Order has co-opted the New World order name as their own in an attempt to hide their true intentions, world domination over the masses.

    Our forefathers went to the New World (The American continent) because there was no way they could create this nation in Europe against the Old World Order. They needed a new world to create our country, and it was only here at that time in history that they could do so.

    Until now we have been blessed by our distance from the rest of the world, but now we find our selves at a crossroads again, we must destroy the One World Order before they destroy us by destroying our government from within.

    America will never be destroyed from the outside.
    If we falter and lose our freedoms,
    it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
    ….Abraham Lincoln

    What Q has said about history book has to do with how they are being corrupted to a new narrative for The One World Government.

  66. Neon,
    please know your efforts are tops and greatly appreciated

    some Qestions for the gang–

    Isnt there supposed to be some sort of Rachel Brand replacement/issue/event coming soon?
    what ever happened to Contreras re: FISA?

  67. ES most likely did not train at the place you indicated. his job as a spook would have had him train separate from the other officers. definitely cia, just not at that location.

    Wiener was most likely not mossad. He had too many vices. Too weak. If he can’t control himself with a 15 yr old 1000 miles away on a e device, he would not have been a candidate – they would have figured him out long before sending him out into the field.

    Will say no more.

  68. Neon I am just going to poke this wound of yours on the Nazi/Communist thing. I read that stuff on the 13 blodlines and his other stuff. I think Q is just trying to point to the common denominator…= Illuminsnotty….Hitler was a Rothschild and the Czars were killed by them to bring in communism…as always it leads back to them.

  69. NR, I understand how you feel about the Nazi stuff. The only reason that I’m telling you this is because your protests about it have sparked an interest in my mind about it.
    Perhaps what Q was trying to say when Q says nazism and communism are two fingers on the same hand, are because perhaps Q is trying to enlighten us to the similarities of the methods of the deep state they could possibly be trying to be playing on us now.

  70. You are overcomplicating the Nazi thing. It’s very simple. The Cabal wants division, not ideology. They create a problem and simultaneously offer the solution, making money on both ends of the stick. Voila! That’s it. And they do it over and over again. Every chance they get.

  71. Socialism is halfway toward Communism, it’s the Marxist halfway point. National businesses are socialist and they always suck, e.g. National Rail, there’s no incentive to run them well. Then look at the NHS “death pathways” for the fruits of socialist healthcare. Socialism fails for the same reasons Communism does, because the economic basis is partial Communism. It’s the spectrum of Marxism, it limits freedom. You oppose the EPA for example but Hitler had environmental policies. You’re confusing the economic production with nationalism, which is military e.g. borders, defense, culture. Socialism is as dysgenic as Communism because it sacrifices the stronger and punishes them for being stronger, resulting in everyone equal in misery.
    Your autism is causing you to miss the point. Hitler certainly worked with the Russians long enough that the leadership was dodgy whatever the truth about Der Volk. We knew about Red Army rapes but evidence would indeed be nice. Capitalism never requires usury, that’s socialistic, the cronies in crony capitalism because there’s no free exchange of any currency, inflation from fractional reserve banking is a socialist tax.
    As simply as humanly possible, who wants to take resources from others, from all workers? Statists! Communists and socialists – Marxists. Who wants to earn their resources and believe in property rights inc. meritocracy (inc. the right to fail)? Capitalists, the right wing. Socialism is just serfdom dressed up in un-Christian charity (it isn’t charity with somebody else’s money and it’s taken by force). Why should you have to pay the “Party”? For being born? Why do you owe (national) debt incurred by dead people? Everyone who lives under socialism hates it, here recently in the UK they’re making it so anyone buying energy drinks has to be over 18. Seriously, ID will be required to buy a non-alcoholic drink. That’s real socialism, with the state-sponsored “healthcare” blackhole of funding, they need to become more and more of a “nanny state” taxing the middle class into poverty and the poor into death. “It’s for your own good” should make you reach for the gun, their Parliament alcohol remains taxpayer funded. Look at how shit our schools have become under socialism, your Common Core is socialist. “Cthulhu swims Left” aka Communism always starts with socialism, historically. It always starts with halfway policies boiling the frog. Tall Poppy Syndrome! A little debt (supposedly for the vulnerable, emotional appeal) is addictive. Now you have the unfunded liabilities of a Pensions Ponzi (see Greece) because they were too lazy to save, since socialism Santa Claus would “bail them out”. Bailouts are socialist theft. At least the Communist admits the theft.
    The Vatican City isn’t the cheese, it’s the City of London for money.
    Cross could be the Rosicrucians or the Knights Templar. Former also has a rose, cross and an eye symbol in a pyramid.
    Unions (“worker’s rights” to hold others/ the economy to ransom) are always up to something and funded from unusual channels. “The Party” protects itself while The People starve.
    Sickle/hammer is a worker’s symbol but do we know any others? Stonemasons! Again, using the prole symbols to mock them.
    By killing spies in China, any war would already be lost.

  72. Love all you have to say and how you think Neon. I’m with you 100 % on the Nazi/Communism issue.

    Yes, both are Socialism – But, German Socialism was national while Soviet Communism was world-wide.
    Yes, Socialism controls the means of production – But, private property was allowed in Germany; none in the
    USSR. (Yes the government interfered with business in Germany, but, that is what Socialism does.)
    Read the book “The Chief Culprit” by Viktor Suvorov. It will lead to other books. Germany was propped up by
    the USSR intentionally; getting the money to do it from the Globalists in Europe and the US. Why?
    The Soviet plan – Allow the Germans to do just what they did, to rejoin the German people together, and the
    spin put on that was to show the Germans were invading and being bad people. The British and French
    would go to war with Germany and both sides would exhaust themselves fighting. Then in comes the Red
    Army to save the day and rescue Europe, oh wait, I mean enslave.
    This is the only reason why Germany broke its Treaty with the USSR and invaded Russia – It was a
    preemptive attack. The Germans found out that the Soviets were building up huge forces; right up to the
    Germans which could only be explained by the fact that the USSR was planning to attack the Germans first,
    but the Germans beat them to the punch. (Might explain why the Germans did not have winter gear the first
    year fighting with the Russians- no time!)
    The Germans, at the time, saw themselves as the front line between Soviet Communism and Western
    Christian Culture’s destruction.

    Does this make me a Nazi supporter? No, Nazis are still Socialist; I hate Socialism. Besides I am a National Capitalist – that is Capitalism with some honest safeguards added to stop corporations and Soros type people from selling out the country; but that is for another time.

  73. Hi

    I’m brazilian and I just want to leave this article from Olavo de Caravalho, Brazilian philosopher living in Richmond
    We have many problems in Brazil because communism has been quietly implemented using the method of Antonio Gramsci. He was an Italian Marxist philosopher and communist politician, a key of neo-marxist.
    Gramsci created the Theory of Cultural Hegemony. But this man, Olavo de Carvalho, is responsible for destroying communism in Brazil giving back hope, for the first time, the Right Wing can win this Presidential Election this year.
    So this the article Nazism x Communism. Please read, it will help you a lot!
    Thank you!

  74. The Commie/Nazi connection Q refers to, that you have a problem with, is a false choice. Both are totalitarian ideologies. We know historically Deep state actors have funded both sides of a conflict. It’s just good business for the Cabal to instigate hatred, distrust, bigotry, and violent ideologies. When the masses are fighting each other or trying to stave off actual starvation, they’re not looking up.

    This idea fits very nicely with Q’s WWG1WWGA theme. We, the people, are waking up, looking up, and realizing the magnitude of the corruption built into the system by the Cabal to control us.

    Don’t get caught up in the false dichotomy. The answer to 1984 is 1776.

  75. Calm down. world war 1 and world war 2 were controlled by the same families and their purpose was to decrease population. Socilasit might sound good but not when it puts the goverment in control of our corporations which is what socilasit would lead too. To much power in the hands of to few.

  76. To me, Nazism and Socialism are two sides of the same coin……just like Democrats and Republicans. They are different in their public platform, but behind the scenes they are cut from the same cloth! The cabal uses whichever one the people seem to be in the mood to swallow, and whichever way the winds in our country seem to be blowing. When they saw that people were REALLY sick of Clinton and the dems…..enter Bush…..when he had done what they wanted and the winds turned again….enter Hussein. It goes on and on! I believe they “know” where the populace stands on their leaders. At least they did until President Trump!

  77. Exactly Donna Clifton, I don’t think Q is saying Nazi and Communism are the same. I think he is showing it is like D v R or how there is the regular MSM propaganda, but also controlled opposition. Both sides are controlled by the same people. Cabal, governments, ABC agencies etc. often arm both sides of a conflict around the world regardless of whom they claim they back. It doesn’t mean that the differing ideologies are the same, but they are controlled by the same people. If you back both sides, you can never lose.

  78. A couple of prophecies from the appearance of the virgin Mary at La Salette in 1846.

    “The priests, ministers of my Son, the priests, by their wicked lives, by their irreverence and their impiety in the celebration of the holy mysteries, by their love of money, their love of honors and pleasures, and the priests have become cesspools of impurity. Yes, the priests are asking vengeance, and vengeance is hanging over their heads. Woe to the priests and to those dedicated to God who by their unfaithfulness and their wicked lives are crucifying my Son again! The sins of those dedicated to God cry out towards Heaven and call for vengeance, and now vengeance is at their door, for there is no one left to beg mercy and forgiveness for the people. There are no more generous souls; there is no one left worthy of offering a stainless sacrifice to the Eternal for the sake of the world.

    “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.

    What did the Pope just wonder about himself?

  79. NatSoc & Social Marxism are two contrarian ideologies that achieve the same collective objective.

    Communism was a ever-present threat to Christian Germany; Hitler was a pride piper that lured the German patriots to their demise.

    ▪️Hitler was tight with the Vatican (as we know, it was progressively getting more infiltrated by sodomites, occultists & Freemasons). He won over the Christian Germans, but we know he belonged to the secret society, Thule Society. Hitler & Himmler were hardcore occultists.

    ▪️UK would be at war with Germany in the 40’s, but there is video evidence of King Edwards & Princess Elizabeth throwing up the Heil Hitler arm gesture in a 1933 home video. King Edward was close to Hitler & even honeymooned in Germany & met with Hitler. He abdicated the thrown due to public pressure in 1937. Are we to believe that the (German) House of Windsor was really at odds with Germany?

    ▪️The “Business Plot” of 1933 was exposed by Marine General Smetly Butler. The facist overthrow of FDR by Skull & Bonesman, Senator Prescott Bush (NAZI banker). Perhaps two earring factions of the Mystery Babylonian cult?

  80. I think the lady in the Netherlands that is isolated with her husband and dogs is Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. !!

  81. Just a few more things that make me believe that Hitler was a Lucifarian puppet.

    ▪️33 Degree Freemason IBM founder, Jay Watson visited Hitler & provided him tech that would be used to identify Jews of the Torah that did not want to go along with the Zionist plan of establishing Israel. Jewish Historian & writer Edwin Black wrote a novel named “IBM & the Holocaust” that records this historic event.

    ▪️ 33 degree Freemason Henry Ford provided Material support to Hitler.

    ▪️33 degree Freemason FDR remained neutral while Freemason Stalin slaughtered Christian Russians in Eukraine & Russia.

    ▪️33 Degree Freemason Truman fire bombed Christian town of Dresden on Easter Sunday (Holocaust means burnt offering to these Talmudic Babylonian psychos).

    ▪️33 Degree Freemason dropped two atomic bombs over The two most heavily Christian populations in Japan.

    The war has been against Christians & the Jews of the Torah.

  82. Your missing Q’s point… different fingers of the same hand… it has nothing to do with ideologies, but with control (even if lost). who financed the Nazis? And why? Who financed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia? That makes the hand us. Prescott Bush, standard oil, etc. read illuminati for the Nazis. New York “Jews” were responsible for the revolution… once again ya, read the illuminati.
    Was nazism defeated? Secret history to ww2? Operation paper clip. Nazi takeover of the cia at its inception via ghelen. Cold War. Nazi secret saucers. Etc.
    Who invented nuclear weapons? It wasn’t us… the two bombs we dropped on Japan we got from a German sub delivery. Multiple books on it like “Reich of the black sun” etc, but no need for conjecture cause my grandpa confirmed it for me when I asked him, “we painted em, slapped some tail fins on, and dropped em.”-grandpa Henry. He even knew the sub number even though I hadn’t mentioned it. And he was one of the few who would of known, top of manhattan project, involved when there were less than 50 people, studied under Einstein, lived with Oppenheimer and Lawrence, UCB physics professor…
    Also track down and read a copy of “the devils chemists” by Dubois, lead prosecutor in the industrialists Nuremberg trials. Also, “rise of the fourth Reich” by Jim marrs
    Love your work!!

  83. The Eagle is a well used symbol in catholicism, has been used for centuries.

    Associated with the resurrection of Christ, and also with John the Baptist for example.

    The Nazi emblem shown by Q of the swastica and the eagle alludes to marriage between the two perhaps.

  84. Also, the Nazis and the soviets were allies at first. The German Air Force trained in Russia. They divided Poland… etc.
    If you study history, the bushes etc have all been Nazis. Bush’s speech introducing the homeland security act was the same speech as Hitler, etc etc… reichstag Fire (9/11), enabling act (patriot), invaded countries for economic reasons (ig farben), homelands security act (gestapo, same speech)… we have been the fourth Reich for awhile now. Silent Holocausts via vaccinations, chemtrails, fluoride, etc…

  85. I am glad to know the fate of the cabal/globalist bankers,etc.that is coming in the end. Rev.6:15-17.Then the kings of the earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16And they said to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. 17For the great day of Their wrath has come, and who is able to withstand it?”… And James 5″1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. It makes this movie a lot easier to watch.

  86. Neon, I think you’ll have to view the Nazi-Cabal relation in a bigger picture. In my opinion, the footprint for globalism was created by the Nazis, and you can see it being executed by the EU. This is part of a big, globalist plan. That’s why the EU is also so very upset with President Trump. To understand, you should read this excellent booklet from Dr. Rath here online :

    It’s a MUST READ!

    Ps : keep on the good work, I’m following you from the Netherlands.

  87. I’m also thinking how both idologies were implanted into the USA via the Frankfurt school establishing itself at Colombia U & Hollywood.

  88. Hi Neon. Thanks for all your tedious work!

    I want to cautiously timidly say something that has been knawing in the back of my mind. I say it to you because of things you say here – thinking for yourself, standing on principle.

    I only began following Q around March, and shortly after discovered you. I’ve known for a while that powers were running things unseen, and then the Podesta emails came out and I began to see a new layer of evil. Then all these things are beginning to come out about real true evil and it is horrific.

    So, the feel I’m getting from all the Q followers is that this “great awakening” is going to bring about this wonderful new world…Like I know of 3 cases where men invented a carburetor that got like 400 miles per gallon, and someone shows up and buys the patton for millions and it is never put on the market. And my husband worked with a man who went to college with a man who invented a solar panel that could power a whole city – and the same thing happened. So it seems that all these kinds of things will become accessible and it will be wonderful. And that sounds really really good. The best part will be that those poor babies will no longer be raped and murdered and those evil doers will finally meet justice!

    But – here’s the problem. I don’t know if you believe the Bible. But I do. And it seems like everyone’s forgotten the part about seven years – Daniel’s seventieth week – the last 3 and 1/2 being, according to Jesus, the worst the world will ever have known or ever will again.

    What if this is the beginning of that? Pull back the curtain and show the world real true evil – child rape, torture, sacrifice and cannibalism – drinking blood. Satan has no problem throwing whoever to the wolves if it serves his purpose. So what if this is to drive people away from that dark evil, straight into the arms of the “angel of light” Lucifer can appear as?

    No, I’m not saying Q or Trump or any of the white hats are actually bad guys. Not at all. I’m really glad and grateful for what they are risking everything to do.

    But we know that the tribulation has to happen. And the first 3 and 1/2 years are supposed to be really great. Good enough to deceive the very elect if possible. And wouldn’t that be the very best way to make it the most difficult for true Christians? “How could you not take this mark? Are you into raping babies? Maybe we should just cut your head off too!”

    I’m conflicted. I hope the pre-trib crowd is right. I hope it isn’t for hundreds of years and this nagging doubt is all wrong.

    But what if?

    • Stopping child trafficking is the best part of the plan. But if people don’t start returning to Jesus, then it will just return to same old, same old. Cut the head off the snake and another pops up. Maybe Trump is giving us a little more time for more to be saved, we sure were on a screaming train wreck with zero and hillary. Neon is a believer. 🙂 Maybe the prayer should be, Lord, choose your chosen and choose more. God bless!!

    • Wow. I like you. I’ve been afraid to ask some of those questions…. I’d like to hear more of your thoughts on these things. We can certainly use more open Christians in the movement. I’ve been afraid we win the country and lose the war against christianity for some time now. Good comment.

      • I like you too.

        The only other thing that gives me caution is how Q keeps saying, “These people are stupid.” They very well may be. But Satan is definitely not. I just don’t think these things have been ruling from the shadows for thousands of years just to allow their minions to make such sloppy stupid mistakes. If you’re a demon, you’ve been studying humankind for roughly 4000 years since your body died during or before the flood. (Book of Enoch) At this point, there’s nothing that would take them by surprise.

        So I can’t see how they aren’t planning to use this.

        I guess Trump has been a respite. I was sure HRC was the beginning of the end. Maybe this is a last chance to glean as many as we can….

        Just thoughts. Not sure about anything. Trying to be wise as serpents.

        • lol
          I just wrote you a big reply and I guess it was too big or something, it didn’t materialize on the comments here.
          You’re right on about how we are hopeless trying to out think this enemy on our own. I know first hand the situation is always manipulated where you are caught either way you turn. It takes practice to see below the surface on some of these things.
          I only seem to have any measure of success working one on one and leaving the results up to my boss. It’s nice to chat with someone capable of holding the conversation. Thanks.

        • Sam, I think Q’s phrase “These people are stupid” is more a description of their willful blindness to the tide turning against them with the rise of Trump. They really thought they could once again lie, cheat and steal their way through another presidential election – it would have been theirs whether Hillary had one or one of the other 12+ republican candidates. Maybe part of their blindness was due to the fact they couldn’t fathom NOT being in control.

  89. You are still young and are reading what the cabal wants you to read and understanding things TBE way they steer you. M6 92 year old neighbor who lived in Germany during the war will tell you nazism and socialism are the same thing. 2 sides of the same coin. 2 prongs on one plug. Sisters not cousins. National socialist party…communist party. One…nationality driven. The other communally driven. Both evil . both equal complete governmental control to bring their agenda to fruition. Same same.

    Foams razor. You guys are over thinking and intellectualizi g something very simply explained. Q is 100% right.

  90. I reread all the replies and at this point I think we can’t understand everything and what ideologies who has etc. so instead
    we need to focus on the big picture. We know for sure, none of what this cabal/cabals do is what is good for our children, our way of life, our health and safety.
    We have to stay together right now. By separating us always is how the satanists have controlled us. All of them worship evil that I know for sure and they have and are doing very evil acts to gain control over everything and everyone so the rest is too deep right now and not as important as the goal at hand. WWG1WGA

  91. I agree with many here. It’s the hand that rules all ism-s that plays those ism-s out against each other. Divide and rule..

    And indeed, beautiful confirmation on your Payseur-article, that one is a true beauty, one of the best things I’ve ever read, including that great youtube by Ryan Reeves. Great great stuff..
    I re-read David Icke’s “The biggest secret” and as always he had that subject covered a long time ago already.. 🙂

  92. Thanks for the info. I think talking about the Nazi stuff is important in the way it helps us to understand what the heck is going on. Dialog and information gives US the power back.

  93. Neon thank you for taking time during your vacation to help us all understand Q’s drops better. My wife is battling stage 4 lung cancer-never a smoker- so I am very busy and dont have the time to search for Q’s drop to reference regarding the Nazism/Socialism recent info that’s created confusion. But…. It was the one when he said something to the effect that DISINFORMATION IS SOMETIMES NECESSARY.


  94. Neon, I believe what Q was trying to say with Nazism/Bolshevism is that they were both Zionist creations. Go back to what you know about Albert Pike as well. The plan was always for this Cabal to finance and create these ideologies as false flag tools to manufacture consent for what they REALLY wanted to accomplish. We just call it “terrorism” now because it’s a blanket term that can be applied to any action that contradicts their narrative, which is even easier for them to fake. Doesn’t require the creation of entire governments, just requires arming fake rebels anywhere in the world. The Zionist faction of the Cabal (Rothschilds) where the sole catalyst for all the horrors of WW2, financed and staged to create a Zionist state in Palestine for their sole benefit. Balfour declaration. Look at their flag. It’s not a Jewish symbol, it’s a Rothschild Kabbalist symbol. The people of Israel wanted a more appropriate symbol, but Israel was never for the Jews. It was always a creation to serve only the worldwide death cult known as the Cabal…and they succeeded spectacularly, desecrating holy sites for multiple cultures by surrounding them with pain, violence, and death that feed their dark proclivities. Just saying. These people feed off death and hate. Don’t get caught up in specific ideologies. Follow the trail of death and you will find the hand of the death cult every time.

  95. @NeonRevolt in your article you say “Hopefully Qteam has a new “Shah” lined up for the people, if they would band together and support whoever it is.”

    The Shah was controlled by MI6 and CIA as a puppet. I hope the Iranians can be completely free of outside control.

  96. Marx and Lennon were German agents for the bankers. Obvious connection.

    Also you’re missing the connections Anthony Sutton made….bigly.

    Balfour declaration. Creation of the Jewish Stare. Read what Winston Churchill wrote about: differences between Zionism vs. Bolshevism.

    Make sense?

  97. Research how the fascist ideology permeated US society prior to WW2 breaking out. Many intellectual elites and professors were very favorable of it (as was FDR). I think the ideology didn’t die, it was re-branded (Progressivism). The ANTIFA movement though still ideologically in line with Communism, is being directed by essentially fascists.

  98. Thank you for attempting to lay out a fact-based analysis of the Nazi phenomenon. You have to be fair to the Commies also. The original “antifa” were in large part war WW1 veterans and factory workers who threw their lot in with what at that time seemed to be the rising ideological dominant (people thought global utopia was right around the corner0. They were not the pasty faced pink haired, chicken necked little freaks we see getting thumped by the Proud Boys (who are a religious outfit and not a nazi group anyway). In late 20s Berlin, the street fighting was no holds barred brawling like you see in western movies. Chairs, beer mugs, knives, chains – whatever came to hand. Next time you meet someone who calls themselves “antifa” now, ask them what cafe they pour coffee in and ask them to show you their callouses from all the production work they do. Or what unit they served in.
    Nazis were not dupes of the Jesuits (I met a guy who can’t shut up about how the Jesuits control the world) or the Masons, but there was and is a strong esoteric component. Look up Lanz von Liebenfels, Guido von List, Rene Guenon, and Julius Evola. You an find a lot of references to the Thule Society, most of it b-s having to do with video games.

  99. In “The Big Lie”, Dinesh D’Sousa shows how the fascists were Marxist. The difference was the addition of nationalism and racism. Fascists believed that their people were the proletariat and that the Jews were the bourgeoisie. They also didn’t like the Slavic, i.e. Russian influence in communism. So the fight between communism and fascism was a family feud.

  100. Regarding the Nazism vs Marxism dilemma:

    Obviously, Hitler did a lot of good for German people (kind of like Trump is doing now for Americans). But what matters is that there were 2 opposed ideologies. The “hidden hand” of the cabal can’t really control everything, they can just play the table they are dealt at any given time.

    And what they are good at is playing opposing forces against each other, while financing both sides, to create conflict (and staying above both sides as the “eye” watching over it all untouched). Divide and conquer. They wanted/needed a great war as a catalyst to further their NWO agenda.

    Did they “control” Hitler at a detailed level? No, don’t think so. But they did finance him (just like they surrounded and financed Churchill), that is a known fact (and as they financed the marxist/jewish coup of Soviet Russia that paved way for the Red plague in Europe). They just took advantage of the opposing forces at the time, and added gasoline to the fire for their own self-serving agenda.

    That, I believe, is what Q means about different fingers on same hand. Relatively speaking, German people were much better off with Hitler than the jews/marxists (really agents of the globalist cabal Hitler referred to as International Jewry) who controlled the majority of German media, banking and even a big part of German parliament (even though they were less than 2% of the population).

    They don’t teach this in history class, but it’s a fact that this international click declared war on Germany already in 1933:

    Their aim was to starve Germany and break down all morale. Hitler was therefore a very good solution. But they were all played by the hidden hand of the globalist cabal, and it ended it a big mess. After which the next big conflict was between the US and USSR. 2 superpowers now divided the world (instead of many different powers), which is a good “final step” towards a one world government.

    So, their plan worked so far… All they needed was WW3… and the NWO would rise from the ashes… Then came the truth movement and Trump etc… and the great awakening to change it all in the last moment, almost like a hollyweird movie scripted by God himself.

    Different is that the Truth movement is not opposed to any ideology. We have transcended that. It’s not really a “conservative” movement (not in the traditional sense). We are just for truth and goodness. That is a lot stronger than an ideology that is opposed to something else (which means they are “vibrationally aligned” even if they are seemingly opposites).

    This is why we will win this time, and why the cabal is going nuts. We are not opposing the leftist lunatics, we welcome them if they open their eyes. If not, they will sink into irrelevance soon enough. Just like conspiracy people used to be irrelevant before the internet.

    The cabal has no way of dividing a movement who only wants truth, as opposed to fighting for a certain belief system which is easy to divide and conquer.

  101. What if you switch from the political lens of Nazism vs communism to a religious lens.

    Hitler wanted his 3rd reich. The first Reich was the Holy Roman Empire.

    Now check out this Mark Taylor prophecies, Babylonian Prison and especially Shatter and Scatter ,of 6/12/16 here:

    If then, the religious lens is the correct one, then the Symbolism that Q keeps referring to should emerge from that line of inquiry .

    Vox’s site has a commenter named Laramie Hirsch who delves into such topics. Maybe he can see stuffwe do not.

    Also, thanks for your hard work!

  102. Let’s flip the narrative on that monstrous piece Evo Morales gave the Pope. Instead of considering Francis, think Morales.

    Can you imagine anyone giving that same thing to Ratzinger? Pius? JPII? If not, then something else is going on. Morales had to be comfortable enough with something in Francis to even think that would be an appropriate thing to do.

    So what else is going on? This was Francis’s return “home” after becoming Pope. Morales knows Francis by his words—likely since he was a priest. Francis is steeped in Argentina’s liberation theology, which is Socialism. Most of South America is. We know that theology well in the person of Jeremiah Wright.

    Morales was making a statement. He is a Socialist/Communist. He is saying, “You are our Pope.” Francis could recoil from that “artwork,” but he cannot from the consequences of his words. He is a Socialist. By his words is the Socialist Pope. Morales confirmed it by his gift. Francis was merely noting the traditional impropriety of the piece. Distinction duly noted. Francis has not been kind to RCC tradition since. He has been generous to the ideas of Socialism, though.

  103. Neon-

    Thanks for all the articles and work you do. I have to comment on your confusion on Q’s reference to the Nazi’s. I do not think it is about ideology by any name, but those who are moved by nothing but money and power.

    Let’s start with your work on the Illuminati. Great work! Fascinating stuff!! I think we can safely say that they will use whatever name/tactic to increase their money and power. The simple, most effective way to do that is to fund both sides of a war, divide and conquer. The Rothschild’s coming to mind specifically. I think if we look at who funded the Bolshevik’s and the Nazi’s, we will find it is the same source: Schiff, Morgan, Rockefeller, etc. I don’t have time to document all of the ties, and you don’t either, but needless to say it is a tangled web.

    So let’s go with American Money funded both. Look at the lack of outcry against Hitler in the U.S. for the most part until we got in the war. Let’s see some big names that had big money connections with Nazi Germany. The most obvious: Prescott Bush – Director and shareholder of Union Bank. Holding Nazi Gold. Trading with the Enemies Act…

    Next let’s look at the Dulles Brothers. Who did they work for on Wall Street? Sullivan and Cromwell. International Financial Lawyers. Large German Accounts…Allen Dulles happens to work for the OSS in Switzerland in WW2. It’s neutral, thus easy to meet with many German Officials…happens to help high ranking Nazi officials in the aftermath of WW2. Becomes first head of the C_A…oh, and his brother, John Foster happens to be Secretary of State at the same time. Huh, State and Clowns working together. There is truly nothing new under the sun.

    Let’s see. First successful Clown coup, Iran. Overthrows a nationalist that wants Iran to control its oil fields. Next. Belize. Overthrows a nationalist that wants land reform in support of United Fruit Company. Next. USA. JFK, a nationalist who supports the right of self-determination for people around the world. See a pattern?

    Who else becomes head of the C_A? Prescott’s son George…who becomes President, then the Clinton’s, then Jr., then Obama, then the other Clinton. Oops, they never thought she would lose…

    As far as the Sum of All Fears clip, pretty self explanatory. Get the U.S. and Russia to destroy each other. Instead of taking out each one, which would be extremely difficult, have them do your dirty work. Divide and Conquer. What world power would that leave unscathed? China. Who did the Clinton’s grant access to the server/honeypot? China. Who wore Mao pant suits during the campaign?

    As for my sources in all this, it’s my piecing together various books on the subject:

    The Devil’s Chessboard – David Talbot. All about Allen Dulles

    A bunch from F. William Engdahl:
    God’s of Money
    God’s of War
    Full Spectrum Dominance

    Liberal Fascism – Jonah Goldberg

    The Creature from Jekyll Island – G. Edward Griffin

    Yes, I realize that many of these guys are considered “Conspiracy Theorists”, but that was a term invented by the C_A under Dulles to discredit those that questioned the official narrative. Another interesting note, looking up both Prescott and the Dulles on wiki I noticed that the possibilities of their ties to Nazi Germany has been whitewashed/minimized, huh…

  104. Good job and thank you. I think it is helpful to consider the “isms,” facism, communism, socialism from an administrative point of view instead of an end user point of view. Select the “ism” that is most efficient to attain your (administrator) end goals. After 911, I took a seminar to better understand “the enemy.” I remember thinking local powers used the Crusades to dispose of rivals, potential and actual. I never could resolve the Commission’s report that one plane load of SA nationals were allowed to leave the country when the rest of the US was on groundstop. In the same manner, I suspect the alternative energy push is a struggle to wrest wealth away from existing energy sources. All said to infer the wealth transfers involved really never trickle down to the masses? Russia still had a tsar and Germany was a constitutional monarchy with an actual legislative body, although the end of WW1 effectively ended the Hapsburg Empire…aren’t there iron crosses on Gloria, Francis, and the AF apparel?

    Onwards and upwards: I have not seen a clear delineation between Internal Affairs (IA) and Inspector General (IG) investigations, but then again, the closest the FBI has come to IA are the ongoing Congressional hearings.

    There are a lot of good sources cited by you and in your comments section. But, “Finally brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.” Remember the 10th: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

    The US was the first to establish and ordain on 9.25.1789. It was ratified with the understanding a Bill of Rights would follow as occurred on 12.15.1791. The first is being attacked by social media platforms and msm (is corporate media a free press?); the second…well you know; the third most people don’t know which is to be free from having troops garrisoned in your home; the 4th is being undermined by FISA; the 5th has the Miranda prophylactic; the 6th…speedy trial(?), when is the last time you checked your local docket [and why do judges work in castles now when they used to have to ride a circuit]…All said to underscore the repeated references to our notice to King George in the Declaration.

    Fight the good fight, but realize in the fog of war there are unintended consequences. The adversary is beyond psychotic. Tactical confusion is strategy…hearings begin 1.19.19[?]

    So how many caps with just the white rabbit do I have to order to get an order placed?

  105. Hey Neonrevolt!

    First of all I want to apologize for my bad English. I am German, a real German (‘NAZI’).

    I read your article and I am very happy about it. He even brought tears to my eyes. I have always made the authenticity of the Q movement dependent on how the movement deals with WW2 and Hitler. I had to wait until QPost 1952 and now I am also confirmed by your article.

    QPost 111 and 142:

    “The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital.”

    You know now, why Q posted this? All parts of the world believe the fairy tale of the evil Nazi. Almost every Country have a Holocaust Museum, all official History Books and education (School) Books tell this Story. How many times Q Posted “History Books”?

    Q had to build trust for the truth. How many people would have followed him if he’d come out as a Nazi? The movement would have been destroyed within a week. He had to be very careful with it. Even now! Do you understand that?

    QPost 944:
    “We went too deep.
    Attempted a pullback.
    Not ready.”

    NOT READY! You are Ready now?

    Compare the INSCOM (United States Army Intelligence and Security Command) with the Logo from the Schutzstaffel (SS) and the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. (Use Wikipedia).

    QPost 936:
    The Nazi order.
    NWO [N does not refer to “New”].
    The Sum of All Fears.

    QPost 938:
    N does not refer to Nazi.
    The continued Nazi ideology is relevant.
    Events will clarify.
    Think subgroup.

    N refer to Natural – NWO= Natural World Order is the Nazi Order

    This is the Sum of all fears for the Cabal or the “Jews”.

    Years before 1939, the leadership of the German Reich had already had far-reaching plans with regard to the numerical threat posed by the armies of all directions standing against Germany. One plan was to depose Germany to restricted areas if it were to be overrun during the war. Various expeditions, e.g. the expeditions to Tibet, the Andes and the South Pole, served as preparation for a military deposition action.

    Adolf Hitler wrote that “the interests of lost territories must be put back recklessly” until the sword of the remaining rest state = New Swabia with the worldwide secret bases of the German Reich can make a correction, see “Mein Kampf”, vol. I + II, 1925 + 1927, 851st edition 1943, page 688.

    Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” has been taking place in the SECRET since 1945. US Secretary of State Colin Powell said in 2002 that the Second World War was not yet over. Therefore, many accidents, fires and catastrophes reported by the mass media as “cause unknown” or “cause not yet clear” are due to the secret war with the Third Power, the UFO power of the German Reich.

    Do you still remember…

    the water bomb hunt on phantom submarines off Sweden’s coast in the Baltic Sea
    from the early to mid-eighties of the last century?

    the five-day naval base of the Soviet Union’s Northern Sea Fleet in Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula from 13 to 18 May 1984?

    the exploded NASA space shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986?

    the nuclear reactor destruction in Chernobyl, Ukraine north of Kiev, on April 26, 1986?

    the fall of the Berlin Wall on 09.11.1989 (the German 9-11)?

    the fall of the Soviet Union 31.12.1991?

    the downfall of the KURSK? Murmansk: The Russian nuclear submarine “Kursk”, the pride of the Red Navy, sank with 118 men on board in the Barents Sea on 12 August 2000.

    September 11, 2001 (US 9-11), on the 60th anniversary of the Pentagon building?

    the exploded NASA space shuttle Columbia on February 1, 2003?

    During a Russian naval manoeuvre in the Barents Sea in the presence of President Putin, there were problems with test launches of intercontinental missiles. A control satellite stopped the launch of two atomically loaded missiles from the nuclear submarine “Novomoskovsk”. February 17, 2004.

    The tsunami in the Indian Ocean at Christmas 2004?
    Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl: “It looked like after a bomb attack”.

    September 15, 2008, when the collapse of Lehman Brothers triggered the banking crisis?

    June 6, 2013, when Edward Snowden began to destroy the Transatlantic Bridge?

    For a long time now, even the mass media have been reporting on some of the backgrounds.

    The PRAVDA wrote on 29 November 2002 about Aryan UFOs, South Pole bases and New Berlin in the article “Aryan UFOs and Antarctic Bases”.

    After the Russian State Television RTR broadcast the film Third Reich Company UFO on 25 May 2006, which is circulating in Germany in various translations, one must assume a completely new enlightenment about the New German Reich on behalf of President Vladimir Putin.

    t is quite possible, it is even highly probable, that at the end of this secret war historians will talk about the war of over a hundred years against the German Reich since 1914.

    Maybe you will laughing now. But Answer the following questions yourself:

    Why does Germany still not have a peace treaty?
    Why is Germany listed as an enemy state at the UN?
    What is the Federal Republic of Germany?

    The German Reich never surrendered. Only the Wehrmacht surrendered. The German Reich never perished. This was established by the Federal Constitutional Court (Germany) in 1973. Search about the last Chancellor of the Reich, Admiral Dönitz. He stated in a letter to the Allies that the German Reich did not surrender.

    Now the Tweet from Donald Trump from 22 Aug. 2018:

    “Thank you to Democrat Assemblyman Dov Hikind of New York for your very gracious remarks on @foxandfriends for our deporting a longtime resident Nazi back to Germany! Others worked on this for decades”

    “BACK TO GERMANY!” Why the exclamation point?

    Who was this Nazi? Jakiv Palij. Why Wikipedia delete this Informations about him? Why the German MSM dont report about that? Jakiv Palij was born in 1923 in Piadyki, formerly Eastern Poland, now Ukraine. As a Ukrainian, he was a Polish citizen until the outbreak of the war.

    POLISH CITIZEN! But why Trump wrote on Twitter “BACK TO GERMANY”? Who owned this part of Poland before the First World War? The German Reich?

    Now at last:

    QPost 1952:
    Stay LOCAL (U.S.)
    GLOBAL = reflection of LOCAL.
    Think MIRROR.
    Know your enemy.
    “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.”
    Knowledge is POWER.

    Know Your enemy (Mirror) is a Twitter Account!

    Its a Mirror Account from

    Best Regards!

    And good luck with this Fight – we fight together!

  106. In regard to any connection between Marxism and Nazi ideology… does it matter? I have heard ‘fascist’ misused so often that the term has become undefined for me—I have no clue as to how someone else will use it.
    At the end of things, there are only two ideologies: those who/that trust you with freedom, and those that do not.
    When I was a child, I saw the world as good/bad binary. In my youth I saw grayscale. Now I am going back to God-who-gave-us-true-choice/Evil-that-dictates-false-choice; binary again. (Oooh! Gray’s a fog, I should go blog—you many have broken my writer’s block, Neon! Thanks) And if Mueller does not interview Ohr, it’s likely because he does not want to be responsible for sticky wickets.

  107. I love your work! Read you all the time. I haven’t had a chance to completely finish this article yet (will in bed this evening) but wanted to suggest (if you haven’t already do so) watch or read Death of a Nation. There is a ton of info in it regarding WWII and ideologies that played a part. You may find the link you’re looking for with regards to Nazism. And then again maybe not. I just thought I’d throw it out there. Anyway thank you for all the work you do. I’m one of those people who’s extremely busy with everything life keeps throwing at me and your posts really keep me up to date with Q. Keep up the excellent work.

  108. The Emanuels are not Mossad. They harbor a long-lived animosity for Israel and for the Israeli government. And they learned it from their father, Benjamin. Daddy was Irgun / Etzel which was folded into / absorbed by / or disbanded by the IDF at the orders of Ben Gurion in 1948-1949. Benjamin always felt that he had been betrayed and cheated, especially after the sinking of the Altalena in which many of his Irgun comrades were killed , and that’s why he left Israel and immigrated to the US. Unlike other western intel agencies, the Israelis pay attention to family connections and behaviors.

    Wiener is also not Mossad. He’s just a Clinton acolyte and would do anything to curry favor, like marrying Huma Abedin – a suspected lesbian in a relationship with HRC. Abedin HAD to get married! She was either outed already or about to be outed. If her sexual orientation had become public knowledge, she would never be able to go “home”. Her family or someone else close to her would have killed her in an honor killing. HRC decided to protect her main squeeze and talked Wiener into marrying her. Wiener probably went so far as to convert to Islam as well in order to marry Huma, thus getting her off the hook. Yuck! Too compromised.

  109. I found a fascinating Doco which may shine light on the Nazism, Communism, and Zionism, called
    The greatest lie ever told – The Holocaust – 2015 Documentary HD , link below

  110. I’m sure someone smarter than me has said this already, but in response to your comments about Nazism… I think you’re right and that’s exactly Q’s point. He said think Mirror. Like, bad actors saw the following that the Nazi’s were able to reach, so they adopted the roots of that initial (not “Nazi” yet) group after WWII – but the adopted/ infiltrated group reflects an opposite image from the original (intended). The same way the cabal infultrates every once revered and trusted institution (church, education, healthcare, charity, journalism, etc.) and then rots in from the inside out while the average citizen is non-the-wiser. They saw the success the initial anti fascist group had w their message and tactics and ability to appeal to masses and that’s what they wanted to steal/place under new cabal ownership. Likewise, Q questioned the changes to history books – my guess is that overtime they’ve adapted the books to demonize the Nazi’s more and more, and remove any possible truth regarding its origins.

  111. I don’t think you are going back far enough when looking at the catholic church (holy roman empire), germania and the slovic countries. Their relationships go way back as do their symbols. Look at some of the symbols on the pope’s necklace. Appears to have same symbol as the guy is holding in his hand but also some of the symbols seem to have the same colors as the german flag.

  112. The Clinton’s have a long corrupt history with China. When Clinton was Pres he took millions from the ChiComs and sold them our supercomputing tech. I believe that his dealings with them were treasonous. IMO, Monica Lewinsky was the smokescreen to cover up all his dealing with them. China has tons of nukes (much more than is actually reported b/c the actual number is secret). One of the things they didn’t have until the 90s was the ability to deliver them with any accuracy. Here is an article recounting some of the corruption.

  113. I think what Q means about the five fingers of the same hand, are the five evil “ism” ‘s
    Communism, fascism, Islamism, Socialism, & Nazism. The one thing they have in common, all are anti-Christ. Oppressive, totalitarian, Authoritarian regimes.

    As for the Google screenshot, I think that was Q’s regular sarcasm, showing neatly 4 million hits for Qanon, “nothing to see here”
    Right? All forms Larp?

  114. There is no contradiction between Marxism and the Nazis. They both belong to the Fascists (Fascism -‘control from above’). They are the banker/industrialists. Consider this: At the treaty of Versailles conference, the German banker Max Warburg sat across the table from the American banker Paul Warburg. They were brothers but don’t think they didn’t get along. As Mike Rivero says, “All wars are bankers’ wars.” I live in Germany. When I ask Germans, “Do you really think Hitler was more powerful than Fritz Thyssen (Thyseen-Krupp Steel)? A light goes off in their heads. Miles Mathis has done an excellent job tracing the facist roots of both Marxism and the Nazis: Did anyone here know that the grandson of a rabbi married European royalty? What’s wrong with this picture? And this one on the Nazis: WARNING: Deep Rabbit Holes ahead

  115. About Nazism and Communism being fingers of a hand.

    It is interesting that Hitler was German Army Intelligence after WWI, and was sent by them to infiltrate and observe a fringe political party which he then took over and turned into the Nazi party. Plant?

    It is interesting that Hitler and the Nazis came to power only after the German economy tanked for a second time. Before this crash his political career was all but dead. How hard is it for a small economy to be tanked by high financiers? Soros has tanked a few all by himself in modern times. Cause/Effect? Engineered?

    It is interesting that Hitler first brought the wealthy and corporations on board with his agenda, before the military . The German military were the last to come on board. Like all politicians, he had to have financial backers to come to power..

    It is interesting that when WWII kicked off, Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia were Allies! Germany needed the raw materials for their war machine. Stalin had the raw materials, and supplied the Nazis. Stalin dutifully supplied and delivered the raw materials non stop and on time… all the way up until Operation Barbarossa was well under way. Stalin supposedly could not believe Hitler had double crossed him, even as his armies were being encircled and captured. He just kept waiting.

    Interesting that on the cusp of victory and toppling the USSR, Hitler made every war losing decision there was to make. Interesting that he preferred to lose entire army groups needlessly. No retreat no surrender orders. Stalingrad… a pointless objective.

    When you put it together, it’s possible it was all a staged war, guided by collusion at the very top.

    Communism and Lennon came to Russia via Germany.

  116. Really dig your work Neon. You do a great job.
    Been following Q since the beginning. Stumbled upon him while looking for answers on Vegas attack. Was sold on him when the Saudi purge happened.
    Think about this though, Q is dropping too much real info, stuff the MSM won’t cover. Yet sure enough, in time it comes out. Q is all over the coup deal, explaining it in detail, and dropping players names before anyone else even knows where to look. That’s an insider. Why would he lie or mislead about the true nature of Nazism.
    Hitler himself said, when asked what the difference between National Socialism and Communism was, he replied… That there is no difference.
    The only difference really, is in how they achieved their power. Different sell job for different markets. Different type governments which needed to be overthrown. A monarchy and the Wiemar Republic.

  117. I don’t have any problem at all with the Nazis = Socialist formula. To the Cabal, the great mass of humanity are simply herds to be farmed, literally in that kind of language and that kind of regard. We are livestock. The Socialists whether National or International are skull farmers, both of planting what’s growing within and for creating piles of them, depending on what the masters require. Socialism is a brand on the mind marking them as harvesters.

  118. I continually try to make sense of the trajectory of humanity. The beginning of this trajectory is illustrated in Genesis 1 and 2. The current sense that I make of those two chapters is that Genesis 2 is in the reverse order of 1. Genesis 1:1 starts with the creation of the heaven (singular) and earth. In Genesis 2, LORD God made the earth and heavens (plural). Genesis 1 ends with the creation of man and man;s purpose is to be fruitful and multiply. There is no mention of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. After making the earth and heavens, LORD God forms man and then the garden. Man’s purpose is to dress and keep the garden. He is told, Thou halt not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 2 is counter to 1.

    Across the centuries, the Apostle Paul echoes what Adam could have said, “When the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.” LORD God’s purpose for that commandment regarding the tree of knowldege of good and evil was to kill Adam. Which is consistent with his statement that that which was written and graven in stone is the ministration of death. The 10 commandments produce death.

    The LORD God (Jehovah) has opposed the true and wise God from the beginning at every turn, and has sought the destruction of man. His tools are instability (knowledge of good and evil), confusion (God, the true and wise one, is not the author of confusion), deception, war, famine, disease, division etc.The “Cabal” serves this same purpose and uses these same tactics (see Romans 1;29-32 for a longer list).

    Trumps’s MAGA is on the track of being fruitful, multiplying and replenishing. My evidence is his elimination of regulations, and the resulting economic growth and consumer confidence. Laws perpetrated by the Cabal even down to plastic straws are intended to choke mankind to death. The nomenclature of fascism, socialism, communism amounts to different vehicles to establish laws which take away liberty of, enslave, and destroy mankind. They are all the current face of opposition. GOOG, FB and TWTR are the purveyors of this evil.

    Now, it seems Hitler opposed the opposition. My evidence: All the hatred of Hitler by the Cabal and its associates the dem leadership (can you say projection?). Didn’t Patton want to finish what Hitler started? Why were we sold down the river at Yalta?

  119. The NatSocs wanted everything to be planned by the state.
    Not sure why you can’t see that’s leftist, hence just as bad as the commies.
    Also, demanding fair wages and working conditions is something a union would do: also leftist.

  120. I don’t know if it fits the narrative.
    I’ve watched every video on the Iran cash deal. Can’t find a decent photo of any plane to get it’s registration.
    So I’ll throw this out and see if it fits.
    What about the CIA using their shadow airline( Air America) to transfer the cash.

    A couple of anomalies I found while looking
    1) a business jet was titled being Iranian. But the writing was out of focus on the fuselage and it darned looked like it started and ended with an”I”. So I was thinking it spelt Iraqi airforce not Iran.
    2)why would you need to send 2 government
    B737 to pick up 4 freed hostages.

    Hey Q a nice high res picture of one of the planes side on would help.

  121. “Mental Slop”…?

    Love the blog and respect the thinking for yourself, but it comes across that you are overcompensating so as not to seem like a vacant Qciple
    to better “communicate my current POV to a wider audience”. IMO it’s just a tad too cringe and takes away from the vast majority of the good stuff.

  122. I agree with you that the Nazi stuff is confusing. I don’t believe that Communism and Nazis are exactly the same. If you look at the actual structure of the Nazi party and Japan they are exactly equal. All the things the Nazis did are presently being done in Japan. The workers have Unions represented in the companies and the banks, press and companies are all cross controlled by each other. So is Japan a Communist nation? Is there anyone here saying that it is? In Communism the State owns everything. In Nazism there is control of companies by the workers and government and the banks are controlled. Nazism provides old age insurance, regulation of business and banks. We have that in the US are we Communist? No.

    Serven Counter.”…I am fascinated by the intel Q drops, hoping it is true. Hoping to find out who runs this whole show.
    But sometimes, yes like with the wrong Antifa Flag, it’s like an illiterate posting. It’s like someone gives high intel to Q, but he is not in to it, all the way. Sometimes it does fell like he is on top of his game.; Confusing!
    Then he speaks about bagels … ok, good.
    It all scares me.
    I aways have the possibility that we’re all being played in the back of my mind…”

    Agree. Some of the stuff Q says doesn’t make good sense. It could be this is all an elaborate trap to keep us busy decripting messages…forever, while nothing changes at all. If Hillary won do you think it might have been the spark that turned the right violent like the antifa is today? Could the right have decided with a Hillary win it was do or die? So we get Trump???? I hope this is incorrect.

  123. Dr.Jelio Jelev (Bulgaria) wrote a book in the 70’s called “FASCISM”. The book was published and immediatly banned and confiscated. WHY? When you read the book about Fascism you realize it is the same as SOCIALISM system in Bulgaria at the time. The real life that we lived in that system. It was so OBVIOUS! They had to ban the book. Dr. Jelio Jelev become the first democratic president in Bulgaria in the 90’s. The point is it is all known FASCISM=SOCIALISM aka NAZI. No need for Q to explain. I know it as I lived half of my life in that system. NAZI is confusing? Than go – FASCISM and you have it all.

  124. Awesome work as usual!
    I can’t help but notice that correlation between the height of Nazi Germany and the drop about the Nazi’s – both are 1940. Coincidence …never mind. I also feel that both ideologies were mere pieces in the global game of chess that has been going on for way too long. Both were controlled and both were used as a controlling mechanism.
    I always look forward to your incredible analysis, I hope your vacation is able to continue. You certainly deserve some time off.

  125. I am wondering aloud why no one is adding the other finger to the hand – Islamism. The Mullahs and Hitler joined forces to exterminate the Jews during WWII.

  126. Hey, why don’t you go read Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Anthony Sutton. When your done, pick yourself up a copy of Wall Street and The Bolshevik Revolution by the same author. Then tell me that those two ideologies weren’t created by the same people.

    Republicans and Democrats SEEM really different, but they are (traditionally) controlled by the same deep state. That principle applies here.

    There are numerous examples of collaboration between the Nazi’s and the Soviets. Not least of which was that they invaded Poland together, and had joint military parades.

  127. “I simply don’t understand how Q can say that Nazism and Socialism are sub-divisions in a larger organization – fingers on the same hand.”

    Without getting too involved with history, let’s just simply note that the nidus for the ‘isms that have plagued and/or continue to exist in the world such as bolshevism, marxism, communism, socialism, nazism, capitalism and then muslimism or islamism, Christianism including Catholicism, Protestantism, etc., and surely other “societal” movements have indeed similar roots. With a more objective eagles’ view it is clear, feelings aside, that the strings of the puppet master’s hand is at play manipulating civilizations for eons due to the keen knowledge re:human behavior manipulation and persuasion irrespective of the means. With today’s knowledge and technology in mind, the objective appears to be the same, manipulation, exploitation, capitalization, deprivation and polarization of peoples, societies, and countries fomenting ideologies and movements such as nationalism and others that absent checks and balances can be/are destructive by nature.

    Given the audience, to whit note all the events surrounding POTUS’ election that follow the same prescription that has been practiced for eons by those that exercise “power” due to the purse. As our President begins to cut the strings that places humanity at risk, enslave, blinds, binds, polarizes, controls and limit our dignity as free and sovereign human beings in this United States of America (and I pray that he succeeds) the script will become clear. As soon as a critical mass of US citizens become enlightened and aware of what it means to be and become a sovereign citizen of the United States of America our country will change. But, absent the knowledge and awareness of how sovereignty is acquired, freedom will be slow and costly.


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