#McNoName is Dead!

Whether it was suicide, or whether he’s hiding in some underground CIA base somewhere – either way, we don’t have to deal with him any more.

There’s one thing we know, however: It certainly wasn’t brain cancer.

Thanks to the legionary who sent this clip in. Fits with my vacation theme very nicely right now, and I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I saw it. The absolute savage levels are off the charts with this one XD.

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121 thoughts on “#McNoName is Dead!”

  1. “There’s one thing we know, however: It certainly wasn’t brain cancer.”
    How do we know this? Anyone who thinks Q said this, please provide the proof. (And Q asking a question is not proof).

    A lot of people have abandoned logical thinking lately. Someone will post a story, like HRC’s medical handler having died, and most people take it as truth without investigating or even thinking. One person provided some reasonable evidence that it wasn’t that man who died, yet the majority of the posts ignored that. We need to be more vigilant.

    In Post 1850, Q says: “No Name – Republican [Departure Soon]”

    Post 1555: “No name absent.
    End near?

    Someone who wants to believe that no-name had a grand scheme to fake illness and death and that Q knew about it, might be inclined to read that into those posts. But they perfectly align with no-name’s terminal illness. The idea of a family patriarch faking such a major illness, then disappearing into another country while the family “grieves” and holds a funeral on the national scale, is preposterous. EVERYONE would have to be involved — every friend of the family, everyone in Congress no-name has ever known (both conservatives and libs), every family member, etc.

    Having lost several loved ones to serious illnesses, the glee and irreverence I see from so many are off-putting. I am every bit as happy as anyone else that he will no longer be influencing our politics, but he has a family who are profoundly affected by his passing. They have endured the shock of a horrible diagnosis and prognosis, as well as months of his treatments and wasting away. He has children and grandchildren who are innocent and grieving.

    The man was stricken with brain cancer and has died. He will face judgment without our input. Not everything is a conspiracy, and making everything into one does not serve our cause. Instead, it takes from the excellent, in-depth research that is being done on so many issues.

    • It’s not our job to maintain his family’s bubble. Expose him, and let the fallout happen. They can direct whatever emotions they have towards him. Any financial he gains he made while committing crimes should be ripped from his family’s coffers. They have no right to enjoy it.

    • I would need to see proof that it wasn’t brain cancer, and that he didn’t legitimately die in a hospital from an illness that took him away from the despicable, unpatriotic work he was willingly involved in.

      • On the other hand, given the claims, what is the logic that ‘white’ hats would give him a cyanide pill choice? Reduce the disruption? Somehow save McCain’s false honor, save face for all connected with referring to that false honor? It’s all going to come out, anyway, isn’t it? Or is there some logic to this that I’m not seeing? Is it not going to come out? What’s the point of that?

    • Q 0732:
      “We don’t say his name returning to prime time.
      Wonder if his so-called illness/condition will flare up.”

      “We don’t say his name.
      The protected flow into AZ is no more.
      Under the cover of his health, he will not be seeking another term.

    • Well now that you’ve explained that it’s preposterous that the “family patriarch” would fake his death as an alternative to facing the music because EVERYONE would of necessity been involved in the scheme I will reconsider accepting the official explanation for the collapse of Building 7.

    • Your point about disrespecting the family and the dead is well taken. However, there is good reason to believe that NoName faked his illness Q even suggested it in a couple of posts that I don’t have time to research now. But, they’re there.

      Besides that, his behavior and appearance were inconsistent with that of someone with his diagnosis who would have undergone the accompanying treatment protocol. He appeared healthy and robust, with no weight loss, hair loss, and general exhausted appearance of someone undergoing heavy chemo and radiation therapy. Medical professionals have weighed in on this on the boards, as have anons who’ve had relatives and friends with his diagnosis. They all agreed that he didn’t “look the part.”

      But, why is it so hard to believe that he would fake a terminal illness and even his own death? My opinion is that he was either executed at Gitmo or installed there as a prisoner. He knew what he had done and the punishment he was facing. Desperate people do desperate things, even extreme things. And, the only ones who would really have to know would be his immediate family. If he wanted to, he could even disappear without telling them.

      People are disappeared in the Witness Protection Program all the time. Some even undergo plastic surgery to change their appearance to avoid being identified. All of this is well within the realm of possibility, especially when you consider the type of person he was. He obviously believed himself to be above the law, entitled to the power, money, status, and influence he enjoyed, and I doubt very seriously he would give all that up without a fight of some kind.

      Just some food for thought. It’s not as far-fetched as you may think..Peace.

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      • ‘The ancients used darkness, not to contact the demons, but to contact the Higher Beings. One reason why the so-called air-shafts in the Great Pyramid are directed towards specific stars is to allow these stellar influences to pierce into the darkness where the initiations took place. ‘The ancients built their stone circles to enable them to use darkness for specific purposes. They knew that during an eclipse, when the Moon is thrown into darkness, the effect of the Moon is, to some extent, weakened.

        At such times, certain diabolical and evil influences which have been built up in the aura of the Earth can escape. It is as though a safety valve has been opened in the skies, pouring into the cosmos down the dark tunnel of the Black Moon, which hangs in the shadow of the Earth. This Black Moon – the Moon of snake-infested Hecate in the ancient mythology – is quite different from the Lighted Moon. In some of the ancient centers this Black Moon was even given a different name.

        The primeval terror of the Moon among the ancients was not entirely unrealistic: in those days, there was a different consciousness which allowed men to perceive cosmic realities that are now hidden from us. You will never understand why the ancient stone circles were built if you do not familiarize yourself with the Dark Moon.’ […]


    • POTUS Trump has a busy MAGA schedule fixing many probs that Songbird’s fingerprints are all over – no biggie NoName’s funeral not in his appt. book.

    • No Name takes parting shot at Trump in final message . . .

      Phoenix (AFP) –
      Late US senator No Name took a final swipe at President Donald Trump in his farewell message to the nation delivered posthumously Monday, denouncing “tribal rivalries,” as an aide confirmed the president will not attend the lawmaker’s funeral.
      Read More . . .


      No Names legacy could take a major hit if unredacted FISA warrant is released .

      I find the timing of the death of Senator John McCain on Saturday curious as his family stated he stopped treating the glioblastoma on Friday.

      Now I’m no expert on brain cancer admittedly, But McCain’s wife did say he died on his own terms, which could be taken to mean he passed by taking his life.
      Read More . . .


  2. I met No Name once. He was very funny. I thought that if he had entered the world of comedy, he would have been a better man, for it. I don’t know if he is really dead or not. However, I never speak ill of the dead, as a matter of personal decency. I’m not concerned with his family, bc I doubt he was. However, as a matter of personal propriety, I find it indecent to celebrate anyone’s death. This post is beneath you, Neon Revolt.

    • One more thing: He died of brain cancer. That is very painful. Ted Kennedy died of the same brain cancer. I believe that the increased rate of brain cancer, esp l left side brain cancer is caused by the use of cell phones. These men ride in limos and sit on their cell phones in the back seat, doing business. That creates a Faraday Cage in the car. That causes brain cancer. Beware of the cell phone, because it is not only a spying device, it is also the cause of left side brain cancer. Especially do not use a cell phone in the car, and do not use GPS in the car; disable it.

      • No, he didn’t.

        Read Q. We’ve been over this many times. The man was faking cancer.

        Q even just confirmed it AGAIN, this morning.

        He took the cyanide pill because he is a coward who would rather suicide himself than face the consequences for his treason.

        • Neon, are you getting that from post 1932? Suicide weekend? Was McCain the only death this weekend? That one death seems like a pretty scanty suicide weekend. Most of the suicides we’ve seen recently didn’t go through an elaborate, year-long charade of brain cancer – why did McCain?

          I surely want this to be true; McCain driven to suicide would be a good start on justice. I hope you will cover this in your next post.

          For those sayimg we shouldn’t speak ill of the dead: we should speak the truth about the dead. If that’s speaking ill of them, it’s on them, not us.

        • I doubt that he killed himself. I mostly doubt that he is dead. I was thinking that he faked it, and has gone underground, bc he is naming names, places and things. He may be dead, bc he already named names and the names are angry about it. Then again, he had skin cancer when I met him. He was white as a man just released from prison. He was probably a vampire and could not go out into the sun. Who knows? I do know that he was not as evil as people think, just corrupt. In person,, he was charming and funny. That is why they chose him for senator. Truth is, we really have no idea. And as for Q? Q says trust Sessions. President Trump says Sessions is not doing his job. Who is right?

          • Katzenbootz, remember that Trump has a long history in show business. Q has said many times “you are watching a movie” and “Enjoy the show.” Every time you see Trump criticizing Sessions, just smile and enjoy the show.

          • If Sessions was doing his job in spades, knowing PDJT, what do you suppose he would report about Sessions? My guess is that he would feign that Sessions is not doing his job. “When you are strong, appear weak”. “When you are near, appear far away”. Would it be more beneficial for Sessions to act from afar, or be front and center in DS prosecution efforts? The dog that does hot bark, is generally the one you must fear.

            I too think it is a little nutty to claim that McCain suicided himself, or is in hiding somewhere. But I also would like to hear NR give one timeline that if not met would be a deal breaker for the whole Q thing. For example we are told that the DS is going to be prosecuted. Last thing I saw indicated that sometime in September, heads should start rolling. Well what if the year passes and still thing are in reality as they appear, that no big DS dethroning has happened, do we still believe. What if 2019 comes and goes, and still nothing, do we still believe?

      • Right, Right, no talk about Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Vlad the Impaler, or any other wretched piece of filth who just happens to be dead today – nobody can speak ill of the dead no matter how horrible they are – let their fictitious lives be cast in stone as of the date they died never to be examined or vetted for truth. Again, kids are being raped by priest and other low lifes but please examine proprieties … Marques od Queensbury Rules you know .

        • According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, you must wait at least 32 days before you are clear to speak ill of them. I suppose that after that, it’s a free for all. Of course, I am not sure that NoName is dead. I’m also not sure that he would suicide himself, as he was not brave when he was a POW. I think a person has to be brave to commit suicide. Perhaps he was murdered and it was made to look like suicide? We really have no clue.

          • Not trying to be snarky (seriously), but we’re now following the Tibetan Book of the Dead when it comes to protocols involving death?

    • well I can understand your concern, but you fail to get the joke. If he gets a respectable naval burial, then this is actually quite a funny video!

      Concern on fren!

    • Yea it’s much better to bad mouth them when they’ve alive so their family, loved ones know, hear how corrupt their daddy, hubby, brother is, that’s being a better person 4sure 🙂

  3. It’s not true however. Some reddit user (CBS employee) had posted news about macstain’s death 5 days ago. Could you dig it a little more?

  4. I was a nurse at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston on the brain tumor unit. I treated many patients who had Glioblastomas, and not one of them lived past a few months. They were certainly not able to travel around the globe as Senator McCain has done in the past year or two. And they always had significant surgical scarring on their heads, and I saw no such scarring on his head. I do not believe he had glioblastoma brain cancer. And once patients decided to no longer pursue treatment, their death did not occur the very next day. It reminded me of Barbara Bush.

    • I had a friend die of that. He literally became incoherent. Had to spend his last two weeks in hospital being monitored because his behavior was so abnormal. So yeah brain cancer seems unlikely for this guy.

    • I questioned whether or not he had cancer too for similar reasons. I’m not a nurse though so thanks for weighing in. Also, I’ve noticed there is often a press release for famous people a day or two before they die (recent example, saw one for Aretha Franklin), presumably to prepare the public, media and others (in some cases it is not widely known the person is ill or near death). So I did not take the “stopping treatment” message literally, but rather as a pretext for letting everyone know the end was near.

      I spent weeks living in MDA Houston hospital rooms with my boyfriend, who succumbed to Ewing sarcoma in 2016 (we traveled back and forth from Dallas every 3 weeks, there for a week at at a time). Words can’t express how highly I regard you and your colleagues. The care and knowledge was simply excellent, MDA is top notch in every way. Both of my parents had died from more common cancers previously and I was primary caregiver for one of them so I had a basis of comparison. Thank you so much for all you do.

    • Cynthia,
      I’m a physician (not an oncologist). I saw a few glioblastoma patients when I was an intern (U.T., Houston with a couple of months at M.D. Anderson.) Those patients were all sick as hell and none lasted longer than six months. They certainly didn’t have the energy to make pests of themselves in D.C. until the “end.” Nor did they (as you’ve said) decline further treatment and then expire less than 24 hours later. If McCain had a glioblastoma then I’m George Washington. It annoys me to have to speak of the S.O.B. in the past tense because I don’t think that he’s dead. McCain isn’t (wasn’t?) the type to go into the library with his service revolver to end things like a gentleman and although he was a tumor I don’t believe he had a tumor.

  5. No Name chose execution PRIOR to worldwide exposure of cabal, watapussy. Q’s post today reveals Q had foreknowledge of agreed to execution date…He did NOT have brain cancer, simply a cover story to keep plan in motion. In my opinion, No Name’s execution is the first, once truth is revealed that a Republican was first, the Dems won’t be able to argue bias when the Dems start dropping, LOL

  6. Wish that NVA Sam7 team had a little better aim, would have saved lot of noname’s victims lives later. I for one am OVERJOYED to see him die. Yes, I’m speaking ill of the dead, deal with it. He was a traitor and a P.O.S.

  7. Sounds like someone’s bow tie is knotted too tight.

    When the wicked perish, there is rejoicing. McCain was wicked. I don’t care that he was a POW, I care that while we was supposed to be serving Republican constituents he time and again violated their wishes and voted “his conscience” in alliance with his political cronies. Our country and working people suffered because of his stance on immigration and the ACA to say the very least.

    Take that “This is beneath you” shit elsewhere. The man was a pestilence.

  8. Ted Kennedy along with Jacob Javits pushed the Open Immigration Act of 1965 on America. I remember it, we used to go the airport and watch planes take off in those days. All of a sudden you saw people from India in native dress with boxes and boxes of stuff they were bringing in. It changed the complexion of America forever and the culture. McCain was another open borders traitor and this will finish us off. We have every right to be happy that he is gone. He deserves no respect, no admiration, no lying in state because he betrayed this nation at every turn all of his life. His pain is just beginning, wouldn’t want to be him.

    I predicted 3 decades ago this time now where the evil powers that be come down like a house of cards. The Pope is going down too right now.
    This is not over, it’s just getting started. Run and hide you evil jokers, the unmasking is complete, the mocking is over now comes the chasing.

    • True they really open the floodgates in the 60’s but Some people assimilated pretty well. Dinesh D’Sousa for instance.

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  9. Q post # 6, Oct 29th, 2017
    What if John M never had surgery and that was a cover for a future out if needed against prosecution?

    Keep this in mind…….

    • He was diagnosed at Walter Reed Medical Center.
      Who is on the board?
      Laura Bush
      Dick Cheney
      Dan Rather

      He was never sick, remember the medical book switching from one foot to another in wheel chair.
      Sympathy play like Michael Jackson in wheel chair to court.

      • Hey, please leave Michael Jackson out of this. The poor guy was medically castrated to keep his voice high, thus, he never had any inclinations toward abusing children or anyone because he had NO sex drive. Prove me wrong please, I’ll eat my crow, but I knew them growing up, and yes, this was a very EARLY vicious attack on him by TPB and his father. He sold MJ for the first bid, not highest for sure. Sick man!

  10. A dear friend of mine died from the same brain cancer he claimed to have. There is no way he could have been talking coherently as long as he did if it were real. And who cares about politics when you are dying? I dont believe he had it. I’m with Q and Neon. And the crabs!

  11. Q posted pic 31 days prior w timeline timestamp of 7:28 & nonames Tod said 4:28.
    The pic was of noname w his hands up-eyes closed. Q said suicide weekend n 1445..& nonames in the news 1 mos prior.
    Recall when djt bombed syria(ammo depot blown up/isis)-nonames’ pic leaked all over the nets showing him meeting w is is 1 month prior to bombing of syrian is is depots.
    He had 2 know he was busted then..the hands up pic symbolizes “arrest”..closed eyes-death. (& yes I realize the pic was not really taken that day-just symbolism.
    What’s coming up this week..tues is it?
    BRUCE ORG testifies on DOSSIER.
    So not ONE person will ask our where he got doss?
    Who DID give Ohr the doss?
    So NO name waa in for a he’ll of a week..face life for treason or assisted suicide..
    He chose suicide , I believe, to preserve his “legacy”..in a few days we’ll ask “what legacy post testimony (ohr).
    Think I read post-wwii..jap general’s given this choice -firing squad or suicide.

  12. Neon: We need people more than ever to get out and VOTE WARD on Tuesday in the AZ primaries. IF NOT we will just replace two deep state operatives with two more. Ducey won’t appoint until wednesday mark my words. The establishment wants McSally, she is no name in a pantsuit and will do as she is told. She wins either way, but we lose if Ward does. There will be no counterbalance if Ward loses Tuesday…Please get out and VOTE WARD AZ….

    • I’m honestly torn between voting for Sheriff Joe and voting for Ward. They’re both great, but I’m leaning towards Sheriff Joe who almost single handedly ended the Opium trade from Turkey, has decades of top level experience in the DEA, Immigration, and knows this state like the back of his hand from a Law enforcement perspective. He seems the right man for the right time. Now that McCain’s seat has opened up for 2020 that gives Ward another shot at the Senate. Could have both.

      Then again, I suspect Ward’s chances of winning the general are better. Sheriff Joe is a lightening-rod and with him on the ticket opposite any Democrat there will be MAJOR fireworks. Whomever is on the ticket will be facing Kristin Sinema, a self-proclaimed lesbian. Anyone who opposes her will be labeled a homophobic bigot just by the fact they oppose her. I think attacking a qualified, woman candidate they might tone it down just a bit. I refused to let those considerations affect my vote or their tactics have won. I will do my research, listen to all sides, and go with what is in both my heart & my mind, my conscience.

      • Well thanks to the idiots our points don’t matter…As usual we and the rest of the country LOSE again…I am going to re-register as a Democrat, maybe I can reek more havok voting for the biggest IDIOT they put up rather than trusting the Republican idiots to pick someone who is not a swamp creature….then vote straight republican in the general election…

  13. I have always operated under the guise of “believing is seeing.”

    But, with these deep state F$%#s, I will never believe they are gone until I see it with my own eyes.

  14. is he dead rest in peace if he is
    and if their was evil in him
    his soul is now released
    p.s. the real truth you wouldn’t beleive

  15. Q post from June or July: One Annon tells Q “do not let NoName off the hook”. Q answers him: “Every Dog has it’s day”. Today is the National Dog’s Day in US! … Q predicted NoName day of death few months ago!!!

  16. There’s an attack against many prophets right now, but take heart,
    exponential freedom and fulfillment is upon you!!!!
    do not give up or retreat!!!


    “I have heard your cries and many of you have been crying out that breakthrough seems so far away. I say unto you “hold on! Things are going to suddenly turn around.” I know many of you are so battle weary, so discouraged, but know that My heart of love and encouragement is going to surround you, comfort you and empower you. I am sending the ravens to you! I am sending the ravens to you! I am sending the ravens to you! You will be provided for, you will be empowered and strengthened for the journey ahead. You will not be left caged in fear, trodden upon by the enemy and despaired. You will now rise 10 times stronger in the power of My Spirit than you have before. Hold on! Hold on! Things are going to SUDDENLY turn around. Many of you have felt like you have lost hope in My promises. The enemy is attempting to suffocate your faith and your hope, so be even more intentional in taking My promises and standing upon them refusing to move.”


    As I continued to sit with the Lord I saw many looking down at their promises and many were despaired and discouraged wondering what happened. What happened to what the Lord has spoken. As they sat reading, I saw this demonic spirit behind them whispering into their ears, lies and more lies. “God has let you down”, “You heard wrong”, “Nothing will ever change for you (breakthrough won’t happen)” when suddenly I heard the Lord decree:
    Read more –


    Thanks to Lakehouse @ Going Global, East Meets West for sharing . . .

  17. There are no coincidences, and when Q says every dog has his day, then No Name checks out on National Dog day, that’s a Q confirmation in my book and maybe even my favorite!

    Why not speak ill of the dead? That sounds like some superstition from the dark ages. What we need is free speech, and if you are being honest about this traitor who is responsible for innocent lives lost, then you have nothing but ill to say. Period.

  18. I’m grateful that this evil man is no longer able to do our Nation more harm. My sympathies lie with his victims, which probably number in the tens of thousands. He has done great harm to our country. Q team allowed him to go out with some decorum, but his high crimes will be revealed eventually. Big Week coming folks. There is fear, where there has never been fear before, in the minions and elite dark circles of this world. HOORAH! WWG1WGA

  19. I do believe Cindy McCain’s tweet that the decorated Arizona Senator is no longer with us; may he rest in peace. However, the events leading up to this announcement do not pass the smell test – for example, Q’s reference to dogs and today being National Dog Day, or still being alive after a couple of months of receiving a diagnosis of glioblastoma. I have seen too many coincidences to think that Q’s reference to dogs, No Name and National Dog Day is just another one. I did not know today is National Dog Day until someone informed me of such.

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  21. Really? He was 81 and he is dead of brain cancer. He has family and children and grandchildren that are grieving him.

    Maybe you didn’t like his politics, but he was an American hero and honored his fellow military men. He didn’t accept preferential treatment because he was the son of the guy in charge.

    Neon, your posts are usually informative. But to celebrate anyone’s passing, especially John McCain, is very low. You can disagree with someone’s politics without celebrating their death.

    It’s posts like this that give Q followers a really, really bad name.

    This is wrong.

  22. So… did Launchpad really crash??? Was his capture just a psyop??? Admiral Morrison’s son got to be a rock star for a few years and do LSD and shit… before they faked his death. Admiral McCain’s son got to be a fake POW… but then he got fast tracked into politics and the presidency…???

    • George Patton was murdered in Germany, all Europeans knew this. He was made governor of Bavaria after the war ended and he was told to fire anyone who ever did a “Heil Hitler” which was everyone because you had to. He said “they want me to replace the local government with Jews and communists with no experience running a government or anything else.” He also said “I am not going to move Germans out of their homes and put in displaced Jews in their place” he wanted to take the German army with him all the way to Moscow and end it now. This is why he was murdered because America was a communist nation with FDR.
      Patton came home to America and a ticker tape parade was held in Boston and 250,000 people lined the streets even though he was from California the San Gabriel Mountains above Los Angeles. Americans loved Patton, he was America’s General. This scared the powers that be because they planned to install puppet Eisenhower.

      MICcains father covered up the USS Liberty massacre by Israel.
      So yeah he is like Morrison.

    • If this is how you treat allies, I would hate to be your enemy Eddie Dennis……and no I won’t f_ck off and I don’t care what you do w yourself. It’s a free country, but I don’t like to be insulted w obscenity from someone who may or may not be on the side of the righteous. Speak ill of the Dead, that’s your monkey.

  23. I’d like to know what people think really happened.

    No-name was not sick at all. That means his entire family and a lot of other people have to be in on the scheme and that his family has been lying all this time.
    He was not sick, is not really dead, and has left the country. His family is faking the grieving, the funeral, etc. How many of his close associates from a lifetime in politics know? How many in Congress know?
    No-name was not sick but has died. Do people think he committed suicide? And that his family was on board with his telling the world he had brain cancer so he could choose when to die?
    He was not sick. So then why did he want to die? To avoid prosecution? We are a long way from that, it seems. Who here has a family that would agree to your kiling yourself over a yet-to-be-named prosecution that might not happen at all?
    He really was sick but, according to all the “experts” in comment sections on the internet, he could not possibly have survived this long — even though the median survival time for people who get treatment for glioblastoma is 15-16 months. So if it wasn’t glioblastoma, what was it? Why lie about it? So he could pretend he was dying and escape the country with his family in full cooperation as they plan his “funeral” before the entire world?
    He really was terminally ill but chose when he would die. Again, family on board. There are laws against assisted suicide, so this is dicey.
    He had glioblastoma and died from it on Saturday.

    Can someone provide a plausible scenario and flesh it out, please — the implications on his family, Congress, all his associates, everyone who “visited” him, physicians and medical personnel, funeral home personnel, etc. Because not one of the scenarios I’m seeing people assert as true, except #7, is logical or makes any sense.

    Q DID NOT SAY no-name committed suicide. Q uses the Socratic method of asking lots of questions. Not every question asked can be turned into a statement. Q Post 1932:
    Suicide weekend?
    Hands up?
    We are in control.
    BIG week ahead.

    Q mentions suicide (question mark). Q also asks if it is coincidence (question mark). People are choosing which words of Q they want to focus on to fit their narrative. People who think Q is saying no-name committed suicide, please walk us through the details of how it all went down.

  24. Fascinating read. Anyway you cut that cake. For another slice of Morrison, check out David McGowan (recently deceased) authour of Wierd scenes inside Laurel Canyon. Wild connections all over the place. Enjoy. Be well Neon.

  25. I am above the opinion that when a wicked person dies he or she goes to spirit prison, and spirit prison is a place where you experience every bit of pain and horror–every bit–you caused your victims to feel. You feel the pain of the immediate victims as well as the pain of the descendents of your victims. Anywhere there is someone who has experienced trauma due to your actions, you will live their pain, and God will not be there to strengthen you, either–you will be entirely alone. Therefore, I won’t rejoice at McCain’s death, rather, I will grieve at the chance for repentance that McCain threw away. He wasted his probationary period that is this life and that is a tragic thing, indeed.

  26. Considering that No-name was involved with funding and weapons for ISIS (photographed with their leaders) I would say he was responsible for the deaths of millions of people, not just 10’s of thousands. The world is a better place with him gone.

  27. As a physician who has been involved in the care of patients with glioblastoma multeforme, his appearance and speed of recovery after his surgery would have been inconsistent with an attempt at cure or debunking of a large tumor. Biopsy perhaps. Most with this diagnosis die in 6-24 months from diagnosis. Most patients are quite incapacitated towards the end.

    I have seen one good result who has done extremely well and us still,active, walking, talking, and fully functional years later. In such cases one is want to question the initial diagnosis. I have been in practice for 26 years.

    For these reasons, I have questioned his diagnosis as it did not fit with the clinical picture. That said he was 81. People at that age can die at any time. Not to be too technical, but we call it old age.

    Dead, alive and in GITMO, alive and in Hiding, executed. It is so hard to know what truth is these days, so hard.

    From a functional point of view, he has been declared dead and his senate seat is up for appointment. This could be good news for team Trump.

    If he is dead may God Rest his soul. May God bless us and our nation in these perilous time.

    Trigger warning: ‘“boomer post”

  28. As an aside, a few years ago I added the words ‘trigger warning’ to a Facebook post. That made Facebook go “ape shit”

    • Great find, Akronin! I went to it and found you’re right, if AZ time is adjusted for WA D.C. time (Q’s likely locale). Together with the bolded “[He did not depart on his own terms]” in # 1935 two days after death and the un-glioblastoma-like course of his behavior followed by death the day after stopping treatment, it looks like he decided to opt-out under duress. What would be a fate worse than faked or real death? This is encouraging.

  29. I got my first major clue in 1976 with Jeremiah Denton’s book WHEN HELL WAS IN SESSION this USN pilot and a Rear Admiral if I recall correctly chronicling life in the Hanoi Hilton. He did not excoriate No Name as he could have but solid clues. Then later I read, including books, about the Keating Five. Good, Grief, Gertrude!! I refused to vote for that jack ass coupled with Sarah Palin. I figured as a hockey player, etc. I was as qualified as she was. Three children were furious for my writing In Ron Paul. Unimpressed when I said it was a matter of conscience, They would not have believed the dirt I could have ladled. They are probably grieving over that pedigreed TRAITOR. The “dog” remarks interesting…His first mass murder and injuries inflicted on US Forces was his Wet Start to SHOW OFF and at that time he was referred to as a “hot-DOG”. Q Team word usage is often like Bible Scriptures – peel the layers for added understanding.

  30. I really don’t believe anything anymore, midterms safe?, trust sessions? global cabal? but I do know we have had a uniparty system for ages. I decided to vote TRUMP when he called out the CIA. I would start the swamp drain by putting a padlock on that agencies door. I wonder if Jimmy Carter faced retribution when he fired 5k CIA agents. Best thing he did but he was a Navy man so maybe he knew it was out of control back then.
    Never,ever,ever hear anything about how many elections the USA is involved in every year. Never ,ever,ever heard a POTUS tell NATO to pay up. This is how you know the MSM are FULL of shit. They now love Brennen,clapper,comey,etc. The left is supposed to not trust the alphabet agencies,now they love them.
    I would bet at least 50% of CIA,FBI etc are SJW’s. The FISA judges are all in on the deal too. All need to be rebuilt from the ground up.
    Stop “trusting” the plan and call and meet your representative and change one person’s mind.

  31. Different subject but found out last night that the father of Mollie Tibbetts, Iowa girl who was murdered, works for HOK in CA (VP for marketing) which designed the Bill Clinton Children’s Center in Haiti, an orphanage of sorts. I wonder if the young male illegal immigrant who led them to the body was used as a patsy for something much more complicated. He claims he passed out between trying to talk to her as she jogged and then waking up with her body in his trunk. He then hid the body. He had lived in the area of Mollie’s hometown, Brooklyn, Iowa, for 5+ years and had never been in trouble and had no record. This case got HUGE national attention and a large FBI presence in the state. Other missing young people do not get that kind of attention here. Something seems “off” about this whole thing.

  32. Ben Fulford (who is out there and leaves one to wonder WTF) reported Pentagon sources said that he was executed through a military Tribunal, no cancer…….. could be! perhaps some austists could do a little diggin…..

  33. Judicial Watch Obtains IRS Documents Revealing No Name’s Subcommittee Staff Director Urged IRS to Engage in “Financially Ruinous” Targeting

    No Name’s minority staff director Henry Kerner to IRS official Lois Lerner and other IRS

    officials: “the solution is to audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous”

    read more

    Published on Jun 25, 2018

    • State of the Nation had planned on staying perfectly silent as we always do when a notorious evildoer passes from the Earth realm. However, the Mockingbird Media’s completely incongruent and wholly misrepresentative reaction to McCain’s passing demanded a response. If for no other reason, the many souls whose lives were taken prematurely by his incessant warmongering warranted justice. The many innocents in Syria alone who experienced so much pain and suffering deserved the hard truth to be told about John McCain’s part.

      Senator John McCain Was Deep State’s Shadow Secretary of State.


  34. Momma always said always speak good of the dead. NoName is dead. Good.
    (Boosted from a commenter at Ace of Spades)

  35. I think that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of George Patton.
    If you look at both charts, Pluto 12th visionary. Trump Sun conjunct Patton MC.
    Mars conjunct which the Great America Eclipse of 2017 was a direct hit.

    “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first”,

    Patton was born in 1885 during the rare 500 yr conjunction of Neptune and Pisces which casts the chart of humanity in the town of San Gabriel, California.

    • Can’t believe it. Out of ‘nowhere’ two days ago, I thought, “POTUS reminds me of Patton.” Told my partner, and he just rolled his eyes. Now, I don’t know much about Gen. Patton, except that he was ferociously strong-willed, fearless, brilliant, and didn’t mince words (probably lacked POTUS’ Gemini ‘puckishness’…[“The whole world’s a stage.”] ? Absent the obstructions he faced, he would have loved to drain the swamp, as well. The ‘veils’ really have thinned! Your Sun conj MH , but I might have fainted if you’d said their PLs and N.Nodes were combust their Conj ASCs, or similar. I imagine most folks like it when verification pops up, that they’re not alone…that ‘no-where’ IS actually ‘yes-where.’

  36. I’m a nurse. Gliablastoma is deadly and Kills quickly. He couldn’t fight that crap for over a year. Impossible. Billion to one odds and the odds are NOT in his favor. I would need to research again to find the source (I don’t archive because I don’t know how- I’m a normie supporting you all) but the source I found stated he was having an eye operation: glia is obviously in the brain. I also had a family member die from it.
    Also question- the other messed up artwork from JP’s favorite artist (red shoes) anyone found other links from her other works? I was looking into the “construction” pieces and they look very similar to the AT&T field in San Francisco. The other two show what looks like the shipping yard next to the field (railroad, the loading cranes, etc) not exact but enough that when I looked at photos of the area it looked very similar. Possible connection to another site/house nearby would be my guess.
    Thanks for all you do Neon Revolt and all the other autists. Your work has paved the way for our understanding. And it’s not easy. Very appreciative.

    • Train tracks looks like Port of Oakland. The port workers are very political and shut down the port for progressive protests often.
      The construction looks Soviet style. The whole Marxist movement has moved from San Fran to Oakland due to cheaper rents. They loved how violent Occupy Oakland was and set up shop there. They were trying to bring in blacks via the unions for Occupy but it didn’t happen, so Trayvon Black Lives Matter.

  37. Q just clarified. Departure not on his own terms. Obvious. Suicide is on your own terms/ not scheduled to the minute/ funeral not planned like a dinner party/ maybe future drop will include transcript of troninal and conviction…..

    • I guess you’re right. Suicide would be on your own terms. I was wondering if his lying in state would be open casket and found this video: John McCain Funeral Service – Open Casket https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1FozYi7mao One commenter said “Reporting this video to the FBI.” to which uploader, NedaC, replied, “try me bitch”. NedaC has several copies of this same vid, some with the title “McSkillet Funeral Service – Open Casket”. “McSkillet” probably refers to a popular YouTuber who killed 2 people in an auto accident the same day McCain died, so I guess it’s a joke: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45308014 He was best known for playing Counter-Strike, the creators of which coincidentally made the news in May: https://www.dailywire.com/news/31207/disturbing-valve-set-releasing-school-shooter-paul-bois Is this video really of McCain? You’d have to check out the surroundings and funeral staff to verify.

    • Since his passing was announced, and not on his own terms, I am of the belief that he was given a lethal injection against his will, after being convicted for treason by a military tribunal.

  38. Think maybe McStain was given the Rommel option (either way, good riddance: Was a traitor responsible for loss of life of several hundred – if not thousands- of servicemen whose butts he wasn’t good enough to wipe on his best day)!

  39. Been fascinated by this…

    And in regard to wondering what the two overweight, shirtless men wearing dolphin masks, (fishy!) making lewd sexual gestures, and then pretending to make out has to do with McNoName’s “death… https://www.dailywire.com/news/35035/watch-nbc-news-reports-john-mccain-death-makes-ryan-saavedra

    Those guys are contestants on America’s got talent… Their act is about making realistic sounds using their bodies. It is very corny, stupid and kind of weird. When they finish making a sound they look out at the audience and in their Japanese accents they say “feels so goooood!” together. That is their catch phrase.

    This makes me think someone with a wicked sense of humor did this as a form of mockery towards old Junk McKunk (and fake news NBC). If you understand it, the humor of it all just absorbs into you. Rather genius play whoever came up with this shenanigans. Probably just couldn’t resist! Cudos for the pretty good chuckle. Knowing that rat bajoogle is gone… Feels so gooood!

  40. From an anon tonight:


    It always starts with that first drop of rain. You were that first drop. Thank you for being that “black sheep” who stood up while everyone was asleep. Many will join you next election! Before you know it, /we/ will flip the board, the red wave will sweep the nation, and the storm will destroy the enemy, the floor will be overbearing, the tsunami will be relentless…. But it always starts with that first drop of rain!

    You be that red dot!

  41. Pretty strange for McCain to be permitted to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda if 1) he’s not really dead or 2) he was executed after a Military trial.


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