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Just a quick preface before we begin: What follows is often disjointed, and I do get very frustrated at one point – but I think there are some really important nuggets here, and there is a lot of intrigue – so as always, I will do my best to present my best understanding to you now.

Now I originally wanted to get this article out the door sooner, but to be frank, I think I experienced some major burnout. The articles you see here are just a fraction of the work I do. Between reading everything I can on the boards, researching, handling store orders, and tending to a community across more than three platforms… Yeah, I burnt out pretty hard and took a few days off. Didn’t even check notifications for anything and I have about ~80 comments pending on my own site alone right now.

It’s not even just the amount of work, but the subject matter. This is often tough stuff we’re dealing with here: Satanic Ritual abuse, human trafficking, human sacrifice, cannibalism, etc.  That delay was also compounded by how much original research I had to compile here to make sense of these very cryptic drops. I’ve got stuff here you literally won’t read anywhere else, because no one else has dug up what I have, here, today.

And I hope you understand that I’m not complaining. I just needed a little balance in my life – and my upcoming vacation can’t come soon enough.

(And yes, I know there’ve been two #NewQ drops, but let’s face it: they were pretty simple to understand on their own. I’ll tack them on to a new post whenever #QAnon starts dropping again).

With all that in mind, get ready, because we’re about to go deep:

An intriguing #Anon came on the other night, and dropped crumbs for three days.

I had been keeping tabs on him, following along, and trying to capture everything I saw. Because he doesn’t have a secure tripcode, I had to go by style, tone, and content.

As with all so-called helpers, I’m not concerned so much with vetting them as much as I am concerned with examining the information they present. So this comes with the standard boilerplate disclaimers: YMMV, take it or leave it.

With that said, I’ve dubbed this particular anon #SkullAndBonesAnon, or #SKBAnon for short.

The background to all of this, the event that prompted SkullAndBonesAnon to start his drops, was the moving of 1 ton, bronze Baphomet Statue to Little Rock, Arkansas:

The Satanic Temple temporarily placed a bronze statue of a goat-headed, winged creature called Baphomet at the Arkansas State Capitol during a rally to call for the removal of a Ten Commandments monument already mounted on Capitol grounds.

About 150 Satanists, atheists and Christians attended the First Amendment rally Thursday. The Satanic Temple says the Ten Commandments monument violates constitutional freedom of religion rights and that the installation of their 7 ½-foot-tall (2.3-meter-tall) statue showing the 14th century idol seated and accompanied by smiling children would demonstrate religious tolerance.

And all this lead to the first appearance of SkullAndBonesAnon, on Friday night – here with the ID code of 27792a:

SKBAnon is hard to follow – especially as these are subject in which I am not as well versed as others… but I’ll try to organize what I can glean from the above posts.

  • There’s a Skull & Bones Affiliated organization that is being exposed. (Possibly related to that DOJ plane the other day?)
  • This S&B Organization is connected to the Clinton Foundation in some way.
  • It runs as a non-profit.
  • Moving the Baphomet statue there is a distraction to direct attention away from what is happening to this organization right now.
  • He talks about winners and losers from the farm bill…
  • And Mena shutting down.

The lines about the summit are the ones that confuse me the most. Summit and “No voices heard at summit” as well as “False claims” and “psychotropics dispensed” are… very vague. I have no reference point for these lines, and I think he thought Anons understood… when there was no evidence to indicate that they did.

Regardless, it looks like SKBAnon’s main contention is that this area around Little Rock is a major hub for Cabal-affiliated activity, and one group in particular is in the process of being exposed.

Let’s tackle the Farm Bill for a second.

The 2019 Farm Bill is gigantic. I’m talking hundreds of pages.

As for the “losers” in it, one stands out in particular:

– Kill the flagship international food aid program, Food for Peace, which is operated by the Agency for International Development AID), to save $1.6 billion in 2019.  AID has stated that The Food for Peace Program has provided food assistance around the world for more than 50 years. Approximately 3 billion people in 150 countries have benefited directly from U.S. food assistance.  The purpose of the Food for Peace Act is to:  (1) Combat world hunger (2) Promote sustainable agricultural development (3) Expand international trade (4) Foster the development of private enterprise and democracy in developing countries (5) Prevent conflicts.  The Food for Peace Act governs concessional sales of U.S. agricultural commodities to developing countries as well as providing for the direct donation of U.S. agricultural commodities for emergency relief and development programs.

USAID runs the Food for Peace program. And if I had to guess… I imagine they’re not helping people as much as they would like you or I to believe (though I don’t have any evidence to back up that bit of speculation, currently).

There’s also this bit:

– Eliminate not just Premium Subsidies but also Commodity Payments to farmers who have adjusted gross incomes of more than $500,000 which is to be determined by a means test.  Crop insurance is purchased by agricultural producers, including farmers, ranchers, and others to protect themselves against either the loss of their crops due to natural disasters, such as hail, drought, and floods, or the loss of revenue due to declines in the prices of agricultural commodities. The private companies are obligated to sell insurance to every eligible farmer who requests it and retain the risk of the policies written.  The USDA subsidizes the farmer-paid premiums to reduce their costs.

And Mena out of Business? Mena, Arkansas?

That would imply that there’s some kind of crime being carried out of that place…

And it just so happens… a 1995 issue of Penthouse (of all places) talked extensively about CIA operations out of Mena, Arkansas:

(Don’t worry, this isn’t a Penthouse link. This is someone who copied the text of the story. It’s all text):

The Crimes of Mena

Of the many stories emerging from the Arkansas of the 1980s that was crucible to the Clinton presidency, none has been more elusive than the charges surrounding Mena.

Barry Seal – gunrunner, drug trafficker, and covert C.I.A. operative extraordinaire – is hardly a familiar name in American politics. But nine years after he was murdered in a hail of bullets by Medellin cartel hit men outside a Salvation Army shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he has come back to haunt the reputations of three American presidents.

Seal’s legacy includes more than 2,000 newly discovered documents that now verify and quantify much of what previously had been only suspicion, conjecture, and legend. The documents confirm that from 1981 to his brutal death in 1986, Barry Seal carried on one of the most lucrative, extensive, and brazen operations in the history of the international drug trade, and that he did it with the evident complicity, if not collusion, of elements of the United States government, apparently with the acquiescence of Ronald Reagan’s administration, impunity from any subsequent exposure by George Bush’s administration, and under the usually acute political nose of then Arkansas governor Bill Clinton.

The newly unearthed papers show the real Seal as far more impressive and well-connected than the character played by Dennis Hopper in a made-for-TV movie some years ago, loosely based on the smuggler’s life. The film portrayed the pudgy pilot as a hapless victim, caught in a cross fire between bungling but benign government agencies and Latin drug lords. The truth sprinkled through the documents is a richer – and altogether more sinister – matter of national and individual corruption. It is a tale of massive, socially devastating crime, of what seems to have been an official cover-up to match, and, not least, of the strange reluctance of so-called mainstream American journalism to come to grips with the phenomenon and its ominous implications – even when the documentary evidence had appeared.

The trail winds back to another slightly bruited but obscure name – a small place in western Arkansas called Mena.

SKBAnon continued in the next thread, this time as ID 3c7cc0:

SKBAnon confirms, at the very least, that this organization he’s describing is involved in human trafficking, and gives what looks like a trafficking route.

To pull one post out of order, here’s a list of abbreviations he confirmed:

So that would, in turn, read:

Pine Bluff -> Little Rock -> Roland -> Conway -> Mena -> Fort Smith -> Fayetteville Express Pipeline.

Here’s what that route roughly looks like on a map:

Full Size:

WS will later be revealed to be Warren Stephens, of Stephens, Inc:


His wikipedia entry also notes:

During the 2016 election, Stephens and his brother Jackson Stephens were major financial supporters of the Stop Trump movement.

And we know he’s part of at least one secret society: Kappa Beta Phi.

Some of the performances seemed to skirt the edge of taste, as Warren Stephens, an investment banking CEO, went on stage in a Confederate flag hat and sang a song referencing the financial crisis, to the tune of ‘Dixie’.

So its not out of the question that he would be involved in, potentially, other organizations.

One anon ventures a guess at SKBAnon’s mysterious trafficking organization: HMA –

It’s very unclear what SKBAnon meant by “No real re-entry… because the anon he was talking to was just compiling links to his previous post. I have to speculate that he was responding to someone else, and made an error with the link, and my best guess is the anon above, because it carries the HMA thread.

But for those unfamiliar…



The Health Management Associates Scandal refers to the sale of tainted blood from HMA (a now defunct American company based in Arkansas) to Canadian blood banks.

HMA was contracted by the state of Arkansas to provide health care to prisoners in the state of Arkansas in the early to mid-1980s. This arrangement allowed HMA to collect blood from the prisoners. The blood, some of it proven to be infected with HIV and hepatitis C, was found in the Canadian blood supply. It was not found in American supplies because of a ban on prisoner blood use.

The president of HMA at that time was Leonard Dunn, a close friend of Bill Clinton and Vincent Foster. He chaired Clinton’s re-election campaign and was appointed by Clinton to the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission. Foster committed suicide on July 20, 1993. Conspiracy theorists have tried to link his death to HMA and the Whitewater Scandal to prove he was murdered.

Interesting that he says the company never shut down, and went into non-profit mode for the Clinton Foundation… Hmm…


So Stephens funded the moving of the Baphomet statue to Little Rock?

I’m thinking CW and DD are names of organizations (because SKBAnon here says WS used the membership fees of these organizations to fund the moving of this statue) – though no one has currently figured out what was meant by either:

Okay, so the pattern gets a bit clearer now.

Refer to the human trafficking pipeline mapped out above.

SKBAnon is alleging that there are Fraternal Lodges/Masonic Organizations along this route, which help facilitate human trafficking.

Back to WS. Mystery already solved. Moving on:


Anons had been digging on Heifer International earlier that day, and had turned up some unusual things. The short of it is, Heifer is a charity that purports to give cattle and livestock to the poor, overseas. So, for instance, they’ll track down a rural farmer who is struggle to feed his family, and give him a goat. The goat gives milk, eventually meat, and helps them out for a time.

Of course, empty livestock crates that you can move freely across borders would be an incredible cover for human trafficking operations.

Aaaaaaand they’re HQ’d in Little Rock:

Too many “coincidences,” if you ask me. It’s no wonder #Anons were paying attention to it.

But back to SKBAnon:

CSPS = Clinton School of Public Service, for the record.

And here’s a map that shows how close it is to Heifer international. I’ve highlighted a few points of interest, as well:

Full Size:

I’m not sure what WHBLS, is, however. I searched all over that area on various digital maps. I couldn’t find anything with those initials. Any guesses from anyone who lives near there?

Just to be clear, we jumped ahead a bit. This was when Anons were still trying to guess what WS meant. As you saw, it wasn’t “Wall Street.”

THE 1992 CAMPAIGN: Personal Finances; Wealthy Investment Family a Big Help to Clinton

Mrs. Clinton has had connections to the Stephenses, too. According to a Stephens official who asked not to be identified, Mrs. Clinton once represented them in litigation. Public records also show that her firm has represented a number of Stephens entities. Mrs. Clinton’s career has produced most of the family’s wealth.

Two days before Bill Clinton’s bitterly contested re-election in 1990, the Arkansas Governor grew concerned that his campaign was slipping. He placed calls to members of an influential Arkansas business group, asking them to raise $50,000 for his campaign, according to people involved in the effort.

Mr. Stephens and his associates quickly agreed to raise the money, providing the pledges that helped Mr. Clinton get $50,000 from a bank the next day. The money was used for last-minute television advertisements. Thus began an important financial alliance that has helped drive Mr. Clinton’s campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

In the last week of the 1990 campaign, the Clintons took out two personal loans totaling $100,000, to use in the 1990 campaign. The $100,000 notes are due on demand and have not yet been paid back. In its most recent state filings, Mr. Clinton’s committee reports that it still owes the money.

A review of Mr. Clinton’s personal and political finances shows that he has accumulated little personal wealth. He has spent most of his career in public service, and as Governor he earns only $35,000 a year, plus a little more than $5,000 in honorariums or speaking fees last year. As a result, he has accumlated (sic) far fewer assets than his wife, Hillary, a lawyer and senior partner in the Rose law firm in Little Rock.

No one is suggesting wrongdoing in the Stephens-Clinton connection. But it is a vivid example of the sorts of enduring political relationships that enable a small-state politician like Mr. Clinton to become a contender in the campaign for the nomination. Scores of $1,000 Donors

The Stephenses and their associates have raised more than $100,000 for Mr. Clinton’s Presidential campaign so far, soliciting donations from scores of business associates and friends who each contributed up to $1,000, the maximum allowed under Federal laws.

By the end of last summer, Mr. Clinton’s Presidential campaign had raised about $200,000, and Worthen Bank employees were the most frequently identified source of contributions, election records show.

Since then, the campaign’s fund-raising efforts have taken off. Mr. Clinton raised more than $3 million in the last quarter, about one-third of which cames from Arkansas, according to Rahm Emanuel, the national finance director for the Clinton campaign.

I don’t think the article SKBAnon linked really answered any of the questions, and apart from having the membership rolls of these orgs, I honestly don’t know how he expects anyone to answer his question.

That said, I didn’t realize Rahm had been with the Clintons that far back.

The bank used was actually listed in the article above: Worthen Bank and Trust Company.

CB was mentioned in the article, too: Curt Bradbury.

He still works for Stephen, Inc.

Full Size:

As this particular thread began to fill, this is where one Anon finally figured that WS = Warren Stephens – and

SKBAnon came back in the next thread, with a new ID (ca2457), and confirmed WS:

Note: this location IS along the route SKBAnon described above.

Also Note: it’s not just the 300 acres of land. It’s 300 acres of adjacent farmland.

Also Also Note: This is a “members only” club. As in, you can’t even buy membership. You have to know someone and be invited.

So there’s your Skull and Bones connection.

As for “Peanut Farmer,” I think SKBAnon might be pulling a bit of a misdirect here.

“Peanut” is an unincorporated town in Arkansas.

And yes, our proposed trafficking route cuts right through it.

You can see a couple of routes here:

See how close that cuts?

Of course, it could also be a literal peanut farmer. And to make matters more confusing, it could be a peanut farmer living in Peanut, Arkansas.

It’s hard to say without any direct local knowledge, so again, if any locals in the comments want to leave their input in the comments, that would be extremely helpful.

SKBAnon then offered this:

The Alotian Club has been described as the “Area 51 of Golf” by golf aficionados. There’s an air of mystery about the place, due to its exclusive nature. One thing that is known is that they hold a children’s golf clinic there every year.

And it’s an odd name for a golf club, no? Where did it come from?

The Alotian name comes from the annual golf trips Stephens once took with his buddies. He called it America’s Lights Out Tour, and they were the Alotians.


That’s… potentially very creepy.

As for who cut down the trees, well… that would happen during the construction of the course. Tom Fazio was the guy who designed the course. To date, he’s designed just shy of 30 courses around the world. That doesn’t mean this is who SKBAnon is referring to, but it’s a start.

And the member roster?

Well, these names are public:


Well, there are only two officially confirmed members: Warren Stephens, owner and self-described “benevolent dictator,” and Glen Day, the PGA golfer who now claims Alotian as his home course.

But the names of some of the members of the ultra-expensive, ultra-exclusive golf-only club off Highway 10 west of Little Rock have started to enter the public domain. The sources of this information are not going to be named, and they sure aren’t the members themselves, who are rumored to have been cowed by the summary dismissal of two members whose lips proved too loose.

Suffice to say that Arkansas Business believes all of the following individuals to be members of The Alotian.

* Curt Bradbury, chief operating officer of Stephens Inc., the investment bank that Warren Stephens heads.

* Ralph Bradbury, Curt’s brother and former president of Continental Express Inc.

* Bill Clark, chairman and CEO of CDI Contractors LLC, which is partially owned by Dillard’s Inc.

* William Dillard II, chairman and CEO of Dillard’s Inc., where Stephens is a member of the board of directors.

* Michael T. Flynn, who retired last year as assistant to Alltel Corp. CEO Scott Ford, who may also be an Alotian member.

* Joe Ford, chairman of Alltel and Scott’s father.

* Byron Freeland of the Mitchell Williams Selig Gates & Woodyard law firm in Little Rock.

* Dr. Bill Henry, a Little Rock radiologist.

* Stan Payne, an executive with Rebsamen Insurance Co. of Little Rock.

* Martin Rhodes, who sold his Rhodes & Associates instance agency to Brown & Brown in 2002 and was named president of Stephens Insurance Services in January.

* Gary Smith, former Arkansas president of Bank of America and owner of Glass Erectors of Little Rock.

Looking pretty Skull and Bonesy if you ask me…

As for yachts… I think SKBAnon is implying that they bring a yacht or two onto the main lake at the property, in order to partake in their more sinister deeds.

Maybe a map would help us visualize this…

Here’s the whole course:

And zooming in on the clubhouse, and the lake we see:

Full size:

That looks about a five minute walk.

(And for the record, that picture of the clubhouse was from pinterest, which saved that screenshot. The architect that did all that expensive work has actually scrubbed it from his own site. Archives don’t even exist, as far as I can tell. You have to wonder why someone would want pics of all their hard work taken down from the internet, right?)

There are, a few other, larger lakes on the property (with docks attached), but I think that’s the most accessible lake, when you consider the distance they’d have to haul the boat. What I mean is this:

They’re obviously not keeping the yacht in the lake. If I had to guess, they’re bringing it ashore through the landing area at that Jolly Roger’s Marina, across the highway. So they drive it up, cross back over the highway, through the access road, past the grounds-keeping area at the east of the compound, and follow the road over to the lake.

It looks like they have an area here, where they could back the boat up into the water:

But the other possibility is down here, at the southern lake. Note, all the tire tracks:

Southern lake might actually be the most likely candidate, here.

As for the farm bill… it now occurs to me that SKBAnon might not be talking about the 2019 farm bill, but the 2018 one… in which case, SKBAnon might be talking about people like the Waltons (the founders of Wal-Mart), the richest family in the United States.

The Waltons have their fingerprints allllll over Arkansas. From their HQ, to Arkansas University in Fayetteville (again, along the proposed trafficking route), they’ve got the money and influence to spread all over the state.

And about this time, anon had a realization:

And yup, SKBAnon confirms:

Now that is interesting. I had always suspected this, personally, but to connect it to the DOJ…

We talked about that mysterious DOJ plane here, if you need to catch up:

Duck capital – Stuttgart, AR.

All I have for Stuttgart right now is a list of all the 501(c)(3) orgs in the area:

This list may be incomplete, but nothing on it stands out at the moment for me.

However, my digging did lead me back to this story, which brings us all the way back to the last stop on our trafficking route, Fayetteville:


The Palladian Order of Skull and Bones…

Maybe this is what SKBAnon has been trying to point us to this whole time.

See, these secret societies, even this cult we collectively call #TheCabal, isn’t this monolithic thing. If you remember back to my [P] article, you’ll remember Springmeier’s structural diagrams:

Point is, there are many groups, many branches, and many offshoots.

Let’s listen in to some of “Michael’s” story:

I am a student at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Last Fall semester, I was mistaken for a student called “Michael”, and I was approached by an older student in an unforgettable way.

I was tapped very roughly on my left shoulder, spun around, and handed a black book with a tiny skull and bones pin stabbed into the front cover. Underneath the book was a parchment-colored scroll with a huge crimson colored wax seal on it. I couldn’t see the design. As I was spun around, the person asked me something like, “Palladian Order of the Bones…Accept the Light?”

It scared the hell out of me, naturally. Just as I was about to ask what this was about, a tall student yelled something at us, ran up to us and grabbed the stuff from me.

He and the other guy turned and walked away.

I went on to the student Union and had lunch with some friends. I told them what happened. About a week later, one of them came to me with some info.

At out college, one of the oldest Greek-letter fraternities is the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Their house is gorgeous; an old, ivy-covered brick 3-story house. I started my search by talking with a senior-year Kappa Sigma man.

In 1912, the Kappa Sigma house created a Tap-Society called “Skull and Key”; the purpose was to select the best and brightest of senior-year fraternity men and unite them into a nepotistic network of old money and new talent.

He told us that the “Keys” were an offshoot of another, much older group called “The Palladian Order of Skull and Bones”. The split – away happened because of newer pledges rebelling against the long-standing tradition of Bonesmen having to join the Masonic Lodge upon graduation. Skull and Key, on the other hand, only required that its men belong to a fraternity- any Greek-letter frat.

Fayetteville, Arkansas has the disctinction of having the first Masonic lodge in the state: “Washington 1 Lodge” (named after Washington County, I guess?)

Some of these University Alumni are former Freemasons, and they really filled in the holes in my search for answers about the Bonesmen.

Got all that so far? Because now comes the bombshell:

Shortly after its inception, the college became the University of Arkansas (1871) Not many people outside of Arkansas have ever heard of Albert Pike, but apparently he was a lot more than just a famous Arkansas lawyer and civil war general (the south).

Albert Pike, a very powerful and influential 33rd-Degree Scottish-Rite Freemason, created the “Palladian Order of Skull and Bones” at the University of Arkansas on May 1, 1876.

Albert Pike wrote the book on modern Masonry. Literally. The full title is: Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.


From what the former freemasons told me, this senior-year secret society was founded on the ideal that Pike could control Arkansas politics by producing class year after class year of loyal, educated men who were bound to later join the Masonic Order.

Many cities in Arkansas have memorials, highways, and statues of Albert Pike. Even the Scottish Rite temple (A HUGE, immaculate building) is named in his honor, complete with library and marble-tiled flooring. The wealth this organization has is just incredible.

ANYWAY….point being that this group that I unwittingly encountered is very old, very secretive, and very disagreeable to revelation.

Please forgive my lack of coherency as I type what I know… The University of Arkansas produced a once-powerful politician after whom many buildings and even a college has been named: Senator Fulbright.

Fulbright was a Rhodes Scholar who returned and was University President for a time.

Bonesmen tap seven college men each year, and may tap up to three faculty or area business men.

While University President, Fulbright was faculty-tapped in the Order of Skull and Bones. He later moved on to become a famous politician.

While teaching law at the University of Arkansas, a Rhodes Scholar named William was faculty-tapped into the Palladian Bonesmen: We later knew him as President Bill Clinton.

I have on good authority that the son of the head of the Federal D.E.A. (and former Arkansas congressman Hutchinson) was tapped.

It is strongly rumored that the son of a prominent Federal Judge in Arkansas was tapped in 1993; the son now works at a very prestigious Arkansas law firm.

Now here’s where it gets really crazy…


Now you know that “Why” of their existence.

We learned much more than we ever wanted to about the Skull and Bones of Arkansas, though!

It started with the founding of Chi Omega sorority. This large, national sorority was created at the University of Arkansas many years ago.

Part of the Chi Omega sisters’ Initiation Ritual include a coffin and a death-burial-rebirth kind of thing.

Each year, the initiation coincides with the Palladian Skull and Bone’s Initiation Ritual. The blindfolded pledge girls are brought before the pledge boys and are made to perform services upon them in order to complete their ceremony and join the sorority.

In exchange for this annual sexual event, the Bonesmen apparently swear to protect these young women, help them find work after college, get better grades or admission into graduate school, get them grant money,etc.

Now THAT is CREEPY stuff.

I have heard unsubstantiated rumors that the Bones Initiation is pretty gruesome. I hope to figure out where it’s held and maybe tape it or something.

And now something has stuck out in my brain.

Because going back to that list of non-profits in Stuttgart, we find this:

Ding ding ding! I think we have a winner!

I tried to grab these next bits in a sort of question-answer format. SKBAnon is ID ca2457 here:

Rachel Brand has a major Wal-Mart connection.

Does this imply she’s part of Chi Omega?

Interesting. So Augusta was the location for this branch of the cult, before Alotian…

But as for his questions, it’s the second time he’s asked this, and I have no idea how to find out who cut down the trees and sold the land.

Spoiler alert: neither did any other anons.

Look, this is a message to any future droppers who want to emulate Q. There’s nothing wrong with posting open-sourced links online. If you know of a directory where this kind of stuff is listed, POST IT. Don’t just expect us to always be able to find every piece of minutiae like this – especially when you don’t have the attention of the whole hivemind.

Yeah, your local shriners aren’t pulling this kind of stuff. They’re just having BBQ’s and fundraisers.

That said, SKBAnon continues with his biggest drop to date:

We’ll try to break some of this down over the next couple of posts, but as you can see… it’s going to get complicated real fast.

Anyway, I found the Jeannette McDonnell reference, and it’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Her last name isn’t really McDonnell.

He’s talking about a Rockefeller who got remarried:

Jeannette was married three times in her life, the last of which was to Winthrop Rockefeller – a third generation Rockefeller and the governor of Arkansas.

Winthrop was a Yale boy, so you can pretty much safely bet he was old-school Skull and Bones.

And Jeannette was the chairwoman of the Arkansas Arts Center for a time, and has a gallery named after her there…

And, as we should know by now… Modern Art is really a CIA front. And that’s not even “conspiracy” territory. That’s 100% Public info:


We talked about some specifics a LOOOONG time ago, and Oh.. look who appears again – Rockefellers:

There are some more weird coincidences in this drop, though. Let’s focus on the lines

Crystal or glass?
Bridge or pyramid?

First, Crystal Pyramid mine, in Montgomery, AR:

And yes, we cross by it again on our potential trafficking route, on our way to Mena, Arkansas.

What about Crystal Bridge?


Another modern art museum in Arkansas.

Guess who founded it.

Yup, the Waltons pop up yet again.

And that line about their imagery bring the downfall, and how the 13 bloodlines are so arrogant?


Look what I found:


This interview is filled with some weird lines, too – consider what we’ve learned from Q. Talk of “riding horses” and selling “children’s dresses.” It could be completely innocuous, or it could be double-speak. And then there’s stuff like this:

Collecting the artifacts of high culture with the proceeds of big business is a familiar progression for titans of industry. Henry Clay Frick was a coke-and-steel manufacturer and a railway financier before he became the founder of the jewel-box museum on the Upper East Side that bears his name. The core collection of American art at the de Young Museum, in San Francisco, was donated by John D. Rockefeller III, with wealth originally generated by his grandfather, the founder of Standard Oil. In 1903, Isabella Stewart Gardner used an inherited industrial fortune to build a Renaissance palace in the swamps outside Boston. Wilmerding says, “Alice absolutely belongs in that lineage of Isabella Stewart Gardner and Abby Aldrich Rockefeller”—the driving force behind the foundation of moma.

Read between the lines, people!

Anyway, that museum is in Bentonville, which puts it directly north of our potential trafficking route, Fayetteville, by some 20-odd miles:

Is this the ultimate terminus for children being trafficked along this route?

SKBAnon continues:

As you can see, #Anon was confused by the McDonnell reference, too – but he did find the OCSE, so credit where credit is due. Looks like SKBAnon is implying this is one way they obtain children to traffick.

Repeated references to “red” got Anons thinking of blood, which lead one Anon to post this:

Now this is where it gets even crazier, because this is the Health Management Blood Scandal.

Basically… in the late 80’s, Health Management Associates sold bad blood, harvested from prisoners in Arkansas, to Canada’s medical system. The blood was tainted with things like hepatitis and AIDS, and yeah, a LOT of people got sick:

The US never got infected because of laws that prevent the sale of blood from prisoners here, but yeah, THOUSANDS of Canadians got infected as a result of this program – and it wasn’t fully exposed until 1998.

Meanwhile, it was one of Clinton’s buddies running HMA, and yeah, this guy, Leonard Dunn… he also knew Vince Foster.

More potential Palladian Skull and Bones members?


In fact, a whole documentary has been made about the subject, and yes, you can watch it on Bitchute:

First line in the movie? A prisoner talking about a “River of blood.”

Guess that answers the line where SKBAnon says, “Yes, The River Knows.”

I have no idea what this organization turned into, after it was shut down. I looked, but I couldn’t find any information on that front.

But I have to wonder about his intel regarding Thiel and Vitalik Buterin (aka “Money Skelly” [look at a picture of him to see why he has that nickname, lol] aka, the creator of the cryptocurrency Etheruem).

If Thiel was in the process of being courted by #TheCabal, he’s totally flipped by now. He’s been #TeamTrump for quite some time, and the government has Palantir access out the wazoo now.

I mean, why do you think Trump took THIS picture in SA?

What Was That Glowing Orb Trump Touched in Saudi Arabia?

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – A mysterious glowing orb is exerting uncanny power over the world’s social media. President Trump, King Salman of Saudi Arabia and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt entered a darkened room filled with row after row of computers in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, on Sunday evening.

He was making a visual reference to a Palantir – one of the mythical seeing orbs from The Lord of the Rings. It was yet another signal to #TheCabal that he had access to, and knows everything about them.

So I’m not seeing the Thiel connection here, just yet, let alone the Vitalik/Ethereum connection. Thiel doesn’t need to launder money through ETH, into Palantir. He’s got billions of dollars in US Army contracts. So I have to wonder if SKBAnon is not mistaken on this point.

Regardless, Anon then somehow managed to dig up this reference:

More details follow:

So it looks like #TheCabal dropped this plane out of the sky to take New York Times Frankfurt Bureau Chief Nathaniel C. Nash (who SKBAnon referred to in his “Fake NYT Nazi Chief Pedophile takedown” line), and Former DNC chairman and Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown…

Lots of CEOs on that flight, too:

CNN – List of crash victims – Apr. 4, 1996

Also accompanying Brown on the economic development trip were Jim Lewek, a Central Intelligence Agency analyst; Lee Jackson of the Treasury Department; and Nathaniel Nash, The New York Times’ Frankfurt bureau chief.


Looking more and more like Arkancide to me, at any rate.

I can’t take the “river of blood” lines any more, though, so I’m going to jump ahead to when Anon finally figured it out:

SKBAnon’s response here makes very little sense to me, but I’ll try my best.

My tentative theory at this point regarding 1861 is that it is a reference to Albert Pike – that Mason granddaddy we talked about before. In 1861, he penned the lyrics to the Confederate war-song, Dixie to Arms!

Now think back to my article about [P].

Re-read this part:

#TheCabal’s tactics are the same back then, as they are today: divide and conquer. Instead of fighting the US and Russia – have the US and Russia fight each other.

Instead of fighting the North and the South, have the North and South fight each other!

Pike helped foment that with musical propaganda – and the sick thing is, it almost worked.

You may not recognize the title, but believe me, you’ve heard the song:


But he didn’t stop there. When SKBAnon says “follow the letters,” I think he means follow Albert Pike’s letters:

As for the “River of Blood” plaque, here’s a close-up:

And when searching for this, there are actually a TON of #FakeNews articles about this subject. It was like the media became obsessed with it at one point. Why? Even if the plaque is incorrect… so what?

I have to wonder if this isn’t yet another subtle signal to #TheCabal that Trump knows about what really went down with the prisons and everything in Arkansas – which would explain the media freakout, at the behest of Clown handlers.

Seriously, there were a ton of MSM articles about it.

Donald Trump’s ‘river of blood’ golf course claim is debunked by historians

At the base of a flag pole, beneath the Trump family crest, it concludes with a few words from the course’s owner: “It is my great honour to have preserved this important section of the Potomac River!” There is just one problem. Historians say no such event ever took place.


Donald Trump’s Golf Course Plaque Honors Fake Civil War Battle

Donald Trump challenged local historians in 2015, “How would they know that? Were they there?”


It even got it’s own Snopes page:


FACT CHECK: Trump Golf Course Commemorates a Civil War Battle That Never Happened

A plaque displayed on a golf course owned by President Trump commemorates a Civil War battle that never happened. In a May 2017 interview, President Trump hypothesized that President Andrew Jackson (1829-37) could have prevented the Civil War if he had been President at the time the war broke out (1861), and Trump went on to wonder aloud why the issues leading up to the war could not have been “worked out.”

This one was especially clever, attempting to link it to Enoch Powell’s famous speech:


(Enoch was right, BTW):


Anon had one potentially helpful answer:

Not sure what to make of it, just yet, though…

Oh wow. Cabal Beard.

He’s saying Jeannette Rockefeller was cover for Winthrop Rockefeller… who was actually homosexual.

And to answer his question, this guy runs the foundation, now:


I honestly don’t know how Anon hit on this, but he finds a story about Viva Rio being used to abduct children.

SKBAnon will call it a pipeline:

SKBAnon then gives another follow-up drop:


I’m sorry guys, I am doing my best here. SKBAnon isn’t as good at dropping as Q, and seems to have even less of an understanding of what we know and what we don’t know.

If he wants us to make connections, he needs to better understand what we actually know. We can’t connect an unknown to a known. It’s like trying to clap with one hand. No matter how hard you try, you’re not going to get the intended result. We need a point of reference.

Anyway, he’s talking tunnels now, which…. I thought was a given when dealing with traffickers, but okay.

Luke Dowdney? – CIA? MI6?

This looks like the recruiting funnel they used to find him:


1) IDENTIFY AND SUPPORT THE WORLD’S LEADING SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS:  We find and cultivate social entrepreneurs in every corner of the world, whose systems-changing innovations solve deep-rooted social problems.  We invite them into the Ashoka Fellowship – providing early stage financial support and a lifetime membership into an expansive network of peers and partners – enabling them to achieve their vision and have even greater impact. We then draw on the insights and patterns of these 3,500 Ashoka Fellows to understand what the future needs and how to create new solutions for building a better world.

2)  EQUIP EVERYONE TO BE A CHANGEMAKER:  We inspire and enable changemaking in the public at large and work to give all citizens the confidence and tools to solve problems for the good of all.  Specifically, we focus on preparing the next generation to navigate this rapidly-changing world by ensuring all young people have the critical skills they need.

3) ACCELERATE THE “EVERYONE A CHANGEMAKER” MOVEMENT:  We mobilize a network of organizations to join us in shifting mindsets and reshaping how we learn, work, and live together to catalyze changemaking for the good of society.  We partner with schools, universities, corporations, citizen sector organizations, media and other influencers to co-lead this movement with us.

Yeah, come on. That’s old-hat CIA. They do the same thing with shell companies in tech all the time.

Oh, and what a surprise. They’re HQ’s in Arlington, Virginia.

Totally not CIA, guys. Totally.

(I’m pulling these out of order, but basically, SKBAnon confirms and expands here):


The thing about the NRA no longer having to reporting donors… it was sold as this good thing, that Conservatives should LOVE and embrace.

(Ever think you’d read a CNN headline that put the NRA in a positive light? That should be your first clue something fishy is going on).

No, this new rule allows for “dark money” to circulate with no oversight, to all manner of organizations. The Dems and the Deep State benefit the most from this, because it lets them hide their dirty deeds.

Anon then reports more on Viva Rio:


Oh, now this is interesting. He’s saying that one of the guys who died in the crash, Ron Brown, was being groomed for the position of #POTUS before he was killed in that plane crash…

He was a Cabal-up-and-comer, and must have found himself at odds with Hillary Clinton, which is why he was Arkancided.

Of course, this was before ANY of the Monica Lewinsky stuff came to light, and ended up derailing the Clintons for about a decade. Meanwhile, the Cabal regrouped under Bush II. Obama came to prominence, and Hillary made a deal with the devil. “Her turn” would arrive- even if it was going to arrive late.

At least, that’s what she believed.



Honestly – I didn’t know this existed until now…


Is this the clubhouse he’s referencing, then?

I thought I read the word “Castles” in one of these drops – but for the life of me, I can’t find it now. I sincerely hope I didn’t accidentally delete a drop – I don’t think I did, but regardless of whether it’s there somewhere, or whether I’m just hallucinating at 5:30 AM, following the length of time I’ve spent looking at all the drops and research for this article, it’s worth noting that the Knights of Pythias refer to some of their lodges as “castles.”


As for “find the multiples…” again, SKBAnon, we have no reference point. Multiples of what exactly?

I must have missed those threads. I think I would remember Vanderbilt blood jewelry.

And before you ask, yes I searched /comms/.

Without that reference point, unfortunately I don’t know what to make of this.

…Unless he’s talking about that pendant Gloria Vanderbilt wore in that pic with her sons…

But why call it “blood jewelry?” I did extensive coverage on that pendant… There were no references to blood in any of the threads I saw…

Okay, wait, this is getting my attention now.

I expressed my doubts before about Ethereum, Vitalik, and Thiel, but this…

Okay, so SKBAnon is saying they’re selling political blackmail on all these bad actors on the dark web, using cryptocurrency…

And I do know for a fact that Vitalik has been talking to Putin, in regards to cryptocurrency and the Ruble.

(Why not use Monero, though? Eth can be tracked, albeit very difficultly, especially if you’re using different laundering services… or, you have a gigantic stockpile or clean coinsfrom a Initial Coin Offering).

This all certainly fits with SKBAnon’s story: he’s a tech guy, ran servers for the Skull and Bones’ affiliated organizations, held on to e-mails for protection, and knows a thing or two about crypto and the deep web…

I have to sit back, after reading this, and wonder what secrets about various Skull and Bones members might bubble up to the surface now, if any of this is true.

Maybe none. Maybe they’ll all be bought up by other bad actors looking for blackmail to protect themselves with.

Either way, I find this a really compelling way to explain the DOJ plane in Little Rock the other week. If any of this is true, it wasn’t directly affiliated with the Clinton Foundation, but with all the Skull and Bones’ organizations surrounding it. If you think of it all as a network, it’s like watching all the nodes surrounding the Clinton Foundation node flicker out and die.

Suffice it to say, that was the end of his drops, as far as I know.

If anyone knows of any I missed, please leave direct links the comments below.

And I realize I wasn’t as thorough as I normally like to be – but given the sheer number of drops, the amount of fresh research I was able to collect, the very specific nature of these drops, and the presence of a very real communication gap – I honestly did the best I could here. Please, if you guys can fill in any of the things I missed, go for it in the comments. There are plenty of lines to pick from here – but I hope, at the very least, you were able to walk away with a better sense of what’s going on. If you’re like me, SKBAnon filled some gaps in your knowledge and really challenged you to dig deep into the research.

Okay. It’s now 6AM at the time I’m done writing this, and I’ve spent hours upon hours across multiple days looking into this subject.

So I’m going to crash hard in bed now.

Hopefully this article will inspire SKBAnon to come back and clarify some of the points he attempted to make, because I really think we’re on to something here.

Hey guys, thanks for reading and sharing my articles today.

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  1. “Red and green are the only colors that matter” makes me think of this:

    23 Mar 2018 – 6:14:06 PM
    Clock activated.

    • Seriously look into Jimmy Carter. I’m not a digging anon, but he’s been known for his charitable work since leaving the presidency. Since by this point pretty much all charities are suspect I’d say Carter needs a thorough vetting.

    • My first thought, although I’m not sure how he would be connected. He was, however, a POTUS in the cabal period between JFK and DJT, so he’s not clean.

      • Great point! I used to like Jimmy Carter, bc he seems like a down home boy, but truthfully he continued to lie about the JFK murder. He lied about the MLK Jr. murder. He lied about the RFK murder. He did nothing to clean house.

      • At a huge event, i think it might have been the church service after 911 happened, i saw live coverage. At end when people got up from their seats, Chelsea Clinton got up and ran like an excited child and leaped into Jimmy Carter’s arms like a long lost grandfather. He was just as happy to see her. I always thought that odd until I considered they were closer than we were allowed to see meaning Clintons and Jimmy Carter. That seemed to indicate a lot of time spent at some point.

      • Yeah, exactly, and how does a 94 year old get cured of stage 4 melanoma in 3 or 4 months if there is no “cure”? There is a cure for cancer for the elite but not for us peons. When peanut farmer mentioned I immediately thought of him and he’s from Georgia.

    • That’s what I was thinking too, “peanut farmer from Georgia”, but other than being a member of the Tri-Lateral commission, his name doesn’t come up as associated with any of this satanic pedo shit.

    • Edgar that’s my feeling too. When Carter was president, peanut farmer was what he was called. Plus Georgia holds guidestones, Ted turner, tv broadcast.

      Children are trafficked as live art through modern art museums.

      Without digging that’s all I got.
      Great article Neon!

    • Who paid for Jimmy Carter’s presidential library? It almost didn’t come to be, except for a generous donation from a certain Saudi Arabian prince.

    • Peanut Farmer from GEORGIA, no less. Someone tired of going through Georgia?

      As an aside, I wonder how many connections are missed because anons refuse to dig on Republicans.

  2. Thanks Neon, very good work.

    J Orlin Grabbe was covering the Clintons back in the day. He died some years ago but wrote an article on the death of Ron Brown. It was called “Ron Brown’s Loose Lips Seal His Fate”:

    Orlin’s archived webpage is here:

    Orlin wrote a lot about the Clintons, Arkansas, Mena, cocaine shipments, witness deaths, etc. and lots of other. There is an entire section of his website titled, “Articles on The Criminal Presidency”.

    I think it would be good if the Anons at 8chan were introduced to his work.

    God speed.

    • I can not remember where I heard this, but someone reported that all of the people in the plane or some of them including Ron had bullet holes in their heads when found on crash site. I wish I could remember where the interview was, but I don’t. I did hear one other person say something similar too. Perhaps that is common knowledge by now, anyway.

  3. Wow I don’t know how your brain isn’t total mush after that, mine definitely is. Much respect. Enjoy your needed vacation!

  4. “Peanut Farmer”

    Jackson T. Stephens, (Warren Stephens’ father,) did the IPO for Alotian Golf Club.
    Jackson T. Stephens met Jimmy Carter (the “Peanut Farmer”) while attending the United States Naval Academy.
    Future President Jimmy Carter and WS’s father became close friends, (though J.T. was a “Republican.” Cabal connections, maybe? Red isn’t just for shoes…) CEO of Little Rock investment house Stephens Inc, (founded in ’33.)
    SKBAnon says Jackson T. Stephens also had CIA connections, became one of the biggest institutional shareholders in thirty large multinationals including the Arkansas-based Tyson Foods, Wal-Mart, and Alltel.
    Alotian Golf Club is modeled after Augusta National Golf Club, of which Warren Stephens’ father J.T. was chairman until 1998.

    There’s a ton of diggable information if you understand the “Peanut” reference.

    Great post, Neon!

  5. Don’t know if this was brought up but the “peanut farmer” line made me think about Jimmy Carter. The Georgian peanut farmer president.

  6. I found Viva Rio last week. My 1st ever dig. Being a newfag I don’t think anyone paid it any attention. Haiti. Only 3 degrees of separation from clinton foundation.

  7. Hey @NeonRevoltRocks thanks bigtime for all you do. You know the past few days i,ve been feeling Disheartened then i got my notification your latest article was in and boy did i need it. So i know it must knock your brain in but it goes a long way friend.
    By the way body heat is also red when applying the technology to look. Just a thought about the Red mention by SKBANON.

  8. Can the phrase “blood jewelry” be used in direct comparison to “blood money” or “blood diamonds”?

    • I think what Skull and Bones anon was referring to was the picture of the necklace Gloria Vanderbilt was wearing. She is on of the bloodline families. So to put what he said in a different term, “bloodline jewelry.”

    • That’s what I was thinking, too. G Vanderbilt wore that necklace as a trophy piece, but it was soaked in metaphorical blood.

  9. Wow. Neon, I am awed by your dedication and ability to sift through scads of information. Thank you for all you do. Such depth of research is exhausting and many of us appreciate all that you do to bring the info to us. Edgar, the first thing I thought of was Jimmy C for peanut farmer too. Keep up the good work, Neon. We are praying for your safety and ability to sort through all of this to find the truth and toss aside the deception or disinfo. 🙂

  10. Holy. Crap. On. A. Cracker.
    Started on this at 0400. Five hours later and eyes are crossed, brain is fried, mouth is hanging open and I’m still waiting for the Bazinga.
    There was supposed to be a Bazinga.

    • I know this may sound incredibly simple, but sometimes like Occam’s Razor, simple is the solution. The first thing I thought of when I saw 1861 was Qdrop #1861 – the Rainn Wilson tweets. Two in particular grabbed me:
      1) I drained the blood out of a goth kid. Does that make me a goth by proxy?
      2) Little concerned – this morning, found blood in my urine…

      I mean all through the SKBAnon posts – he’s talking about blood.
      Just a thought – hope it helps.

  11. Just to fill in a few details, and flesh out this excellent compilation.

    Feed the World – that was an advertising slogan used by Archer Daniels Midland. ADM is a grain company that used to sponsor the most BORING news shows offered for public consumption on PBS. Could be nothing, but in the farm bill subsidies for Monsanto disappeared in recent years. Remember, they developed Roundup ready seeds for soybeans and corn. Monsanto has been absorbed by Bayer. Just taking a stab. Also, one of the big poultry companies is in Arkansas, Tyson.

    Goat milk usually does not bother lactose intolerant humans (like me), so that can’t be the reason the animals were rejected.

    Crystal Bridges – I visited there along with a few thousand other Americans one day, and the museum is modern in architecture, but the collection is far more developed in the 18th and 19th centuries than any other time period. I suspect the reason for this is that Alice Walton had to buy what was available in the auction houses as so much of the famous stuff is either already in museums or private collections and not for sale. The modern art section has little that is really blockbuster quality. The impressionist section, OTOH, has better stuff. However, there are a couple points to make about the place that can add to this idea that Arkansas is a hotbed of cabal activity: there is ZERO religious art in the place, and the special exhibit hall curates a lot of modern exhibits. Currently, Georgia O’Keefe is highlighted. I saw a disturbing exhibit of a painter who used his daughter as a subject a lot. Don’t remember the artist off the top of my head.

    As for temples, pyramids, Paris, art – the Louvre. Originally, the Louvre was a fortress to protect the city, and later was used as the palace before Versailles was built. Now it is an art museum with a cutoff date of, IIRC, 1820. The impressionist paintings are all in the D’Orsey. However, someone decided that adding glass pyramids to the Bailey/courtyard/plaza in front of it would be a good idea. Doesn’t add to the architectural splendor of the original building at all, I will say that. There’s also a lot of Greek statues that were stolen from that country over the years.

    Funny now that I think about it, the number of art museums in the country that have that Greek/Roman temple look to them, including the Met.


  12. Very intriguing + thorough post. Been following, first comment to your site. I noticed Dave at X22 read a few of your reports verbatim on his show, but I found out about you somewhere else, the rabbit holes turn into a blur after awhile, Fellow Patriot. A couple of thoughts…

    “Peanut farmer” could be Jimmy Carter, also a S&B member. Gov of GA prior to Presidency=Augusta connection (wouldn’t it also fit the timeframe referenced… ‘before the cameras\women’)??

  13. Between WalMart, Tyson Foods and JB Hunt trucking, there’s a HUMUNGUS amount of wealth and power in the NW corner of Arkansas. Might be relevant…

    • HOW is it possible that it isn’t common knowledge that there is a pyramid 3 TIMES the size of the biggest one in Egypt that is CRYSTAL in the ocean around the Bermuda Triangle?? I can’t even believe this is real! I’m amazed!

  14. To add to my earlier submission re Crystal Bridges, the title of the exhibit I saw that day was “Angels and Tomboys: Girlhood in 19th-century American Art.” The artist who was featured was Abbott Henderson Thayer. For whatever reason, I bought the book that accompanied the exhibit, and looking at the plates with new eyes, yes much of the work curated for that particular exhibit could well be seen as sexualizing young girls. However, the text is all about how American girls became less feminine due to the time period. Baloney, but most history revisionism is,.

  15. “THE peanut farmer”? thats gotta be Jimmy Carter. President of the United States before Ronald “the Hollywoood star” Reagan.

  16. I so respect you and your diligent, detailed, and incredibly hard work. My response to your articles is often overwhelming, enlightening and depressing. I always need to process the information, deal with the emotional aspects of it and then share it with others. Thank you so much….because of you and your well written articles, all of the information that was once incredibly compartmentalized for me has finally come into sharper focus. I have known since the 80’s something was wrong. I couldn’t understand why no one else was seeing and feeling it. Suddenly, I understand. With a clearer understanding now, I can help facilitate the red pilling others. I have shared your articles for some time and will continue to do so. May God of the Most High keep you safe.

  17. Probably nothing at all, but I wonder if Ted Bundy chose Chi O sorority for his serial killing for a specific reason, albeit it was Florida and not AK.

    Also, I find it amazing that the cabal, through the left-sheeple have managed to vilify the confederacy (as well as so many other things they want vilified), when the real villains are Pike, the satanists and all related “club houses”, among all the other cabal affiliates. Opening everyone’s eyes to the real villains has certainly been an accomplishment of Q.

    • 1861, follow the letters, the heart of the nation= AHFA in Iowa? American Home Finding Association.
      A lot of young people have gone missing in IA in recent news:

      Looks fishy.

    • I know this is a bit esoteric but Arkansas and Brazil are the two largest crystal beds on the entire planet that date back to Atlantis when these technologies were fully used and it is no mistake that these are hubs of activity for the Illuminati. Crystal’s amplify everything and they use this energy in their rituals and dark magic. These bloodlines have retained this occult knowledge.

      Neon, please take your rest and do not burn out! You are doing God’s work and we love ya! Sending you prayers for strength, optimism and unlimited energy.

  18. Whew!! Great research as always, but of particular interest to me as an Arkansan, & have watched the Klinton Krime Kartel for far too many years, from their days in Arkansas and after. This definitely opened a lot of doors for me beyond just knowing names: Waltons, Rockefeller, Stephens, and more………. Am sure more will come, and could well be why the DOJ planes were in LR. Definitely have to read a couple of times, and can only imagine how difficult it was to put this together.

    • Jim Morrison’s father was a rear Admiral on a ship that President Johnson used to escalate he Vietnam War in 1964. Check out “Gulf of Tonkin Incident”
      George Stephen Morrison
      George Stephen Morrison was a United States Navy rear admiral and naval aviator. Morrison was commander of the U.S. naval forces in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Gulf of Tonkin Incident of August 1964, … Wikipedia
      Oliver Stone mentioned it in the movie “The Doors”. Morrison hated his mother, father and sister. Johnson was for sure following cabal orders after pulling off JFK’s assasinaation

  19. With regards to the “Vanderbilt Blood Jewellery”, if you look at the description of the charm that an Anon pulled from pinterest (the one that Q posted), you will see reference to “Milagro” and “Exvoto” as it relates to the charms. DO AN UNFILTERED IMAGE SEARCH OF “EXVOTO” AND “EX-VOTO”. PLENTY OF BLOOD AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. look at the jolly rogers marina across from the alothian golf club. THEY HAVE SKULL AND CROSS BONES ON THEIR SIGN!!!!!! ITS RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACE

  21. Much to unpack here, Neon is a researcher extraordinaire. But, 2 things, 1) when I think peanut farmer, I think Jimmy Carter. I’ve been to his family’s peanut farm in GA and they were dirt poor. Dirt poor does not get one elected to the White House, but connections and $$$$ can.
    2nd thing
    Peter Theil
    A few months ago, (March- April?) I read quite a long article about Peter Theil. Now, I don’t have the link to this article and I was not smart enough to save it, but it’s all open source.
    Evidently, Peter was interviewed because he was celebrating his brand new New Zealand citizenship. He had bought a large parcel of land, isolated of course, and became the proud owner of a dual citizenship along with the land. In the article, when asked why New Zealand, it was brought to the readers attention that, in the event of an accidental nuclear situation, NZ was furthest away from impact. I thought that was interesting. Anyway, still reading so…..

  22. Ron Browns plane crash killed a lot of bad actors. Donald Terner and Bridge Housing. When new BART stations were created on the new Dublin line private property was annexed. Much more then really needed. The excess property was sold cheaply and developed by Bridge housing. Original owners of these properties were furious. I remember many owners holding out and putting up banners saying they are being forced out. Investigations into Donald Turner and Ron Brown stopped after their deaths.

  23. “It’s 1 am and I need groceries so I go where?”
    In a lot of small and mid-size towns, it’s Walmart. They are open 24/7.

    Is 1861 a numeric-alphabet code? 1861 is AHFA in a simple 1:1 translation. The AHFA, from what I can find, is the American Home Furnishings Alliance. Several Arkansas members of the AHFA are located along the proposed smuggling route.

  24. Not sure about WHBLS, but there is a William H. Bowen law school at UALR located near the CSPS. And Back in the 80’s when Clinton was Gov. & sold the tainted prisoners blood/plasma to Canada–I heard Canada then transfered the blood/plasma to the Red Cross and was sent to countries throughout the world.–Sorry if you already mentioned these things in your piece. It was pretty long, and very well researched, I’m just getting a bit older and my memory isn’t all it used to be. But great Job!

  25. The more recent film American Made with Tom Cruise seems a better portrayal of Seal and, I seem to remember, also portrays a yacht in the golf course lake at one point.

  26. Mindblown. Like, Soilent Green is People is real only worse.

    I am no longer irritated at Q. I appreciate all very much WWG1WGA is said in pure gratitude. How can such evil exist!? That isrhetorical. I stayed up all night reading NR and then this! It brought Q home.

    OMG is he saying that the Civil War was won by Satanists? I must be hallucinating now.

    We are suddenly all living in an alternative world…. no, we were. Thank God, thank POTUS, thankQ and thank you, Neon with the IQ of 200+

  27. Great post, Neon!!

    I was thinking about the line “who cut down the trees” from s&banon’s post. Could he mean the site development company and/or construction company that the Alotian Golf Club hired to build it? Is there someone in Arkansas who can research the county records for the people who pulled the building permits?

  28. Posted this on another forum but curious to see what this group thinks:

    Starting to wonder about this…

    We all know there are some “alt-media” personalities that are controlled opposition or limited hangouts. They appear to be against the establishment but are really nothing more than pied pipers leading people away from the real truth under the guise of “fighting the system”. Intel agencies have been doing this forever.

    What if Trump and his Intel gang were to employ the same tactic against his enemies? It’s a very effective tactic so it would make sense they would do this. So what would it look like?

    It may be someone who came from nowhere and suddenly rose to national prominence. Someone who all the anti-trumpers could look to as a fearless crusader on a mission to take down Trump but who is not actually a real threat. A pied piper for the snowflakes to keep their hope alive that their team will prevail and Trump will be driven from office.

    Someone like Michael Avenatti?

    His arguments and attacks are completely absurd and he is smart enough to know it. It’s like he is a parody of the resistance, like he is intentionally throwing the game.

    Here he is criticizing Trump for his remarks on the Tibbetts murder which is a topic the left and MSM would rather not discuss at all – an innocent young girl killed by an illegal alien. Ostensibly it appears to be an attack on Trump but you could argue it only raises awareness of this case which will help Trump.…

    And then Avenatti awkwardly used the “Alice in Wonderland” phrase twice in a recent interview with Andersen Cooper. This is a reference Q has made in numerous drops so I found it curious that Avenatti is now throwing this into his rhetoric.

    With all the craziness going on anything is possible and I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually find out Avenatti is not at all what he appears to be, especially with the previous indications of Stormy Daniels NXIVM connection. Could MA be controlled opposition for Team Trump? Keep an eye on him…

    • If Avenatti is a white hat. Stormy is a white hat.
      Where have we heard this before?
      If Mueller is dirty, Rosenstein is dirty.


  29. This is it. Someone else has to take it from here – I am too tired to read this and I can’t decide these anons but the bullet points are all right.

    Seizure of the Federal Arsenal at Little Rock 1861.

  30. Thanks for all your work and insight. Wondering why in all of this no mention of Tyson – Some in that family were tight with B Clinton back in the beginning and they are too wealthy to not have some skeletons of their own.

    • Yep, I’m totally surprised that NO one has connected Mena, AR, with the cocaine drug smuggling that the Clintons and the CIA ran out of the airport there, back when Bill was governor of Arkansas, which was also connected to the Tysons of Tyson Foods. Perhaps they were also running child trafficking out of there, too, as well. Fiona Barrett says that this is also a mainstay of the CIA, with their drug running AND child trafficking, big money makers for them. This would be consistent with the Clintons honeymooning in Haiti, and their voodoo affinity while there.

    • AHFA= American Home Finding Association in Iowa? 1861, “the heart of the nation,”

      Look at “Iowa Opportunity Passport.” A lot of missing young people in IA in the news lately.

  31. If someone could pull the plat and property records to see who owns the land where the trees were cut down, and it could be available online, this would more-than-likely give the answers you seek.

    • Georgia Pacific was founded in Augusta Georgia – site of Augusta National Golf Club in 1927

      Georgia Pacific is owned by the Koch Brothers

      David Koch’s wife is Julia Flesher – from Central Arkansas. David Koch and Julia Flesher were ‘introduced by mutual friends’

  32. 12/31/2001 Alotian Club purchased 1,149.98 acres from DELTIC TIMBER CORP for development of the golf course. Thanks Neon

  33. Great article, Neon!

    I too, think Jimmy Carter = Peanut Farmer. Maybe some digging into his past would be fruitful .

    I’m thinking the “Who cut down rhe trees?” Crumb would reference the Alotian site developer/construction company. That information should be available on their county website; whoever pulled the building permits and the builder should be listed there.

    • I heard an interview w someone who used to work around Carter back in the day and seem to recall him telling about how Jimmy would insist on carrying his own luggage all humble in front of the cameras. Then when the cameras were off, he would throw the luggage down, swear and demand someone else take it where it needed to be. Always got a chuckle out of that.

  34. Check this out. She has a 501(c)3, CW Ministries International, Bentonville, AR. That’s by Fayetteville. Look at her @yahoo addy, the nations they go to.
    Only CW 501(c)3 in AR.
    Under DD all I get is DD Cooperative of Arkansas, which leads here: so I don’t think that’s much help.
    But it doesn’t seem Stephens would collect much from those folks. Unless… they are fronts.

    I dunno…

  35. “Yes the river knows” and “Summer’s almost gone” are obscure songs by The Doors.

    Talk of “Breathe underwater until the end” and ddrown myself in mystic heated wine” in “Yes the River Knows” (blood is mystic heated wine?)

    “Summer’s almost gone” snippet:
    Morning found us calmly unaware
    Noon burned gold into our hair
    At night, we swim the laughin’ sea
    When summer’s gone
    Where will we be

  36. Easily your most outstanding piece to date. This one really got my attention! Among other things, time to dig into the old Augusta National member lists. I always sensed there was more going on there than it seemed on the surface. Thanks for all you do, Neon!

  37. I was a alive and fuming during Bill Clinton’s term. You youngin’s need to go research that mess. Most of these names are known to me. All of this is old news honestly, but I’m glad it’s coming back up. Keep digging. All this stuff is tied together.

  38. As “lj” above pointed out, Blanche Lambert Lincoln was Chi Omega, so was she part of all this “Skull” stuff? She must have been if she wanted to run for office in Arkansas and actually win. Did she marry an outsider just to get away from it all?

  39. it may be a stretch but the nyt article (about alice walton) you linked to titled “alice’s wonderland” jogged a memory.

    when q first started posting he/they signed more than 20 posts with “alice & wonderland,” along with a few “hillary clinton & wonderland.”

    just a thought! thanks for the insane work/research neon!!

  40. Maybe everybody here already knows this, but the AR FBI has had an ongoing investigation going on regarding the Clinton cabal for over 3 years now. Last year, they joined it to a DC investigation. Remember, DC has already interviewed the witness to the U1 deal. Momentum is building.

  41. Peanut Farmer = Jimmy Carter (another southern Dem who came out of nowhere to become Pres.)

    Also Carter’s CIA started all the operations in Little Rock it seems as a hub for CIA business.

    Kevin Shipp, former CIA, indicates that Clinton, Rhodes scholar, was read in on all this activity as Gov, 1978 first term no? Therefore he’d have high CIA clearance and connections going back that far at least.

  42. Jimmy Carter was always referred to as a Peanut farmer. Could it possibly mean him? Also remember reading an article last year about Peter Theil going to get teenage blood transfusions every so often. He talked about the advantages of doing so, how it made him feel. Apparently he felt comfortable talking about it.

  43. Developments are an opportunity for moving money around or getting profit from a government contract.

    The farmer who sold the top soil land, the owners of the timber (likely a timber company, old money across the south), whoever logged off the timber after purchase (and potentially before flipping it to the final developer). The timber can be worth as much as the land.

    Land records are all public. May even be Internet accessible.

    Tunnel…. they often hide kids underground. Why do you need so much topsoil for a golf course? Sure it may be thin rocky soil, but irrigation + sod and who needs much soil. Unless you want to make radical changes to the land form; or you want to bury tunnels. Easier to build a structure and bury it than dig out a hole.

    Historically these tunnels would be impossible to find but now we have ground penetrating radar.

    Golf courses make sense for these places. Lots of land, easy to hide, easy to control, cover story for business people to visit. Cover story for private club. Good place for honey pot parties as you control everything.

    Look for other private golf courses / clubs.

    Besides the rich people collecting subsidies on farms they own/control, the grain and chemical companies benefit the most from farm subsidies. They control most of the farm inputs and soak up the value of federal subsidies through price controls. Oh and the rich collecting subsidies on farming; you don’t even have to be a good farmer; better if you’re not when it comes to collecting payments. Many farmers will plant crops they know will fail in order to collect. Make more money than on a good crop.

    Remember back when it was hot for celebrities to buy ranches out west. Big names and people like Ted Turner. That potentially ties into both the private club angle and the subsidies angle and the moving money around angle.

  44. The land was granted by Deltic Timber Corporation. I assume they cut down the trees. Their CEO is D. Mark Leland. Earlier this year they were acquired by Potlach Corp. One of Deltic’s subsidiaries is Chenal Country Club.

  45. 1861??? I’ve heard that both the executor/lawyer of John Brown (of Harper’s Ferry fame) and one of the main advisers of Jefferson Davis… were S&B’s.

  46. Re: blood jewelry
    The first thing I thought when I saw that photo w/ Gloria V’s necklace was that the red “beads” looked a lot like scrolls of red leather and my reaction was “I bet it’s not just shoes they make from them!”.

    Thank you for your tireless efforts to sort through the rapid and seemingly endless supply of info, I wouldn’t be half as informed without your efforts. Enjoy your rest, I pray it restores and re-energizes you fully to continue doing God’s work! <3

  47. So if their sacrificing people on yachts they would have a pond on 4 sides of the golf course. North , south, east, and west.

  48. Another possibility
    Albert Pike is also intimately related to the Knights of the Golden Circle, whose lodges were Castles, and who had specific geographic aims which may not have been abandoned. They do, along with the Know Nothing party and the KKK amongst others, represent an undercurrent in American politics coming from the South. I wonder if J William Fulbright – Bill Clinton’s mentor – merits examination

  49. Re: blood jewelry
    The first thing I thought when I saw that photo w/ Gloria V’s necklace was that the red “beads” looked more like scrolls of red leather and my reaction was, “I bet it’s not just shoes they make from them!!”.

    Thank you for your tireless efforts to sort through the rapid and seemingly endless streams of info, I wouldn’t know half as much without your help! Enjoy your rest, I pray it fully restores and re-energizes you to continue doing God’s work! <3

  50. Chi Omega was founded April 5, 1895…………..with the help of Dr. Charles Richardson (an initiate of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity). Note the skull & bones top left, owl on top right in their crest. Stood out that founding was with help of Kappa Sig. Search wiki Chi Omega for more.

  51. Lived in Nashville for 25 years. The Parthenon is well known among locals and was the main reason the Houston Oilers adopted the name TN Titans.

    Vanderbilt University is across the street from the Parthenon. I wonder if there is a connection to the Vanderbilt family?

  52. From above: “DELTIC merger w/ Potlach 2/2018. DELTIC offshoot real estate arm of Murphy Oil”
    El Dorado, AR, is home of Murphy Oil. Many, if not all WalMarts, have Murphy Oil gas stations at their stores.
    Murphy Oil:

    A little history of Murphy Oil Corp. and a bit about the family. I thought I remembered that the TEC Bishop Keller was married to a Murphy, so found this about them.

  53. Thanks for your great work and insights, Neon. Here’s a loyal follower.

    Some time ago, in one of Q’s crumbs, he wrote ‘Snowden’s Family’. Looking for this phrase, I found something that at first seemed to me a causality. But after this article about Little Rock and Albert Pike and ‘Dixie to arms!’ I think it’s not so:

    “The Snowden’s Family” was a 19th century band from a town called ‘Clinton’ (Knox County, Ohio). But the thing gets interesting, because in the article says that there is a rumor that they are co-authors of the song ‘Dixie to arms’!

    SNOWDEN from CLINTON, co-authors of the song that Pike used to promote the American Civil War … I think may be some coincidences?


  54. First time commenter, but i have a couple things that may be relevant to this post.
    Stuttgart, AR is home to Riceland Foods, this may be who feeds the people.
    There is also a Yacht Club on the Arkansas river that is only about 10 miles away from the Alotian Club. Maybe that is why he is asking why they need yachts in a land-locked state. AR River flows to the Mississippi, which flows into the ocean. Could be a trafficking route.
    I think that the peanut farmer is probably someone in Georgia, which is also home to Augusta National (Master’s). There is also happens to be a Skippy Peanut Butter factory in Little Rock, that is basically next door to the Little Rock Port Authority. Maybe this is a coincidence but thought i would throw that out there as well.
    As for Albert Pike. There is a gigantic Masonic Lodge in downtown Little Rock that is named after him, it also sits on Scott St. It is a very beautiful building that resembles the Parthenon with its massive columns that surround the building.
    Some other things of possible note that were not mentioned in Neon’s post:
    Rose Law Firm in Little Rock. There has got to be some incriminating stuff with these guys.
    Winthrop Rockefeller Institute on Petite Jean Mountain. This is the same mountain/ State Park where John Glasgow, CFO of CDI Contractors, was found dead of an apparent suicide.
    One last thing, guess who the state prosecutor for the Western District of Arkansas was during the time that Barry Seal was flying cocaine into Rich Mountain airport in Mena? Hint, he is our current governor.

    • What you wrote triggered a memory. Logically, if cannibals own food companies, could they be placing humans into the food, to make us develop a taste for it? Or get rid of bodies.
      Reminded me of a quickly buried outcry against Pepsi co for using aborted fetuses in its formulations. They said it didn’t count as cannibalism but….looking back…. using human cells at any part of the process would count.

      • Makes sense, didn’t Q say something about 90% of the people going to get checked at the hospital or something. I know many would be freaked out if what you say is true.

      • Pepsi is not the only company using fetal tissue as a Flavor enchantment, there are others…drinks, processed food, sweets.
        There was an article on human tissue being found in McDonald’s hamburgers.

        An old video of a Jewish rabbi calling into a Christian radio station talk show. The rabbi was saying we kidnap ‘your’ children to use their blood for our high holidays, to bake in our breads. Then we have pig farms to take care of the bodies. He brought up McDonald’s, saying..we watch you order your sausage breakfast and you eat your own children.
        The Christian radio personality scoffed at it and the rabbi said – we’ve been telling you we do this for years, yet you don’t want to believe.

    • There is a story I heard from a worker at the yacht club while I was there looking at buying a boat with my uncle: The worker told us of 2 old money sons that would buy a yacht, sail it to the gulf, sell it once they got there, and buy a speedboat to take to various islands. He gave more details, but this was 10 years ago. He stated that these two sons were somehow tied to Jack Daniels. I really can’t remember. I just checked wikipedia and they may have been the 2nd generation of Motlows that owned it in the 40s and 50s before selling to the Brown-Forman Corp?

      Jack Daniels never married or had kids. Lem Motlow and his brother (JD’s nephews) owned it next & Lem bought out the other nephew. Lem bequeathed it to his children Robert, Reagor, Dan, Conner, and Mary upon his death. So based on the ages, I’m guessing these two sons the yacht club worker spoke of are the kids of any of those 5 above.

      If you want some very in depth articles on minute pieces of Arkansas History, head over to

      Interesting bit related to “symbolism” – WRjr opened a asset holding company Theseus Hollings, LLC…

    • Bill Clark was a CEO for CDI Contractors and also a member of the Alotian Golf Club. Saw his name in another comment that listed some members of the club that had been identified. I believe he took over after Glasgow went missing.
      The company’s phone number is…. (501) 666-4300. 666 is an actual exchange in Little Rock. Seriously can’t make this stuff up.

  55. This may be a bit off course but it keeps playing through my head.
    Mark was a HUGE thorn in the side of those trying to cover up the Clintons AR stuff. He had sources all over AR who would come onto his show and update him on the Mena stuff… he had all this pegged long before anyone else did and he spent hours every day parading it over the Detroit airwaves. He was a healthy guy from what I could tell into martial Arts and always touted healthy living yet he died of CHF in 2005 and hardly a word was mentioned about it. I’m sure the Clintons enjoyed not having all there secrets blabbed over the metro Detroit airwaves every day. His death always seemed fishy to me.

  56. In the Bloodlines excerpt with the green highlighting, there may be an answer to the “Who cut the trees? Who sold the land?” questions. Weyerhaueser and Crown-Zellerbach are mentioned as Payseur holdings.

  57. As I posted over on Great Awakening:
    Lanny Davis who is Cohens lawyer and longtime Clinton fixer was Skull n Bones with George W. Bush.
    He was married to a woman his age (also Jewish like himself) and dumped her when he met a 20 yr old dancer. First wife almost died of cancer and he got custody of their children) He married the dancer Carolyn Atwell Davis.

    She began her career as a consultant, Legislative Affairs for Parents & Abducted Children Together in Washington, D.C. In 2001 she was named Director of Legislative Affairs at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The wife and mom currently serves as the Vice-president of Public Policy & Governmental Affairs at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

    Don’t forget Hot Springs Arkansas was a big hangout for the mafia bigs, it was Vegas before Vegas.

  58. I believe finding the multiples refers to the parthenon in Rome/Greece/Nashville/etc akin to the statue of liberty being in NY and 2 more in France. Symbolism will be their downfall.

  59. Some snooping that might or might not be helpful:

    Alotian Club LLC bought 875 acres from Deltic Lumber Corp. for $2,500/acre.

    Another article about buying from Deltic Timber and an adjacent farm (don’t know from whom).

    Alotian Club – Civil engineers, developers, surveying, planning, lakes/dams

    Alotian Club – Golf course design

    118 of the 300 members in 2015
    Also, “…acquired $55M in real estate surrounding (Alotian), creating a bigger buffer zone to insulate its members…”…-a0121076639

    Course Architect: Tom Fazio
    Fairways and Rough: El Toro Zoysia
    Teeing Areas and Collars: Cavalier Zoysia
    Greens: Bentgrass A-4
    “Other members of the foursome included Jon Zieske, Alotian’s head golf pro; Matt Fraser, assistant pro; and Bill Clark, president of CDI Contractors LLC of Little Rock.”
    “Real estate records indicate Stephens invested more than $6.2 million to buy the land south of Highway 10 from Deltic Timber Corp. of El Dorado, and he said last week that he is talking to Deltic about adding some more acreage. He spent nearly $1.2 million more to buy a 300-acre farm between Roland and Natural Steps to excavate top soil for the course.”
    “There’s the twin, wooded ridges shaped like Hershey kisses in the distance that frame the backdrop to the par-four third hole.
    Don’t forget the weird rock formation that emerges out of the rough along the right side of the fourth hole. It’s nicknamed “the sphinx” because, as Stephens explains, if you look at it at just the right angle it resembles a miniature version of the famous Egyptian landmark. “…-a0327989581> > Dan Snider, now COO of Alotian Club, formerly Director of Golf

    John Zieske, 2nd Director of Golf (deceased)

    Irrigation and Infrastructure; Golf construction

    Stephens Group Inc., Little Rock, AR (Warren Stephens’ company), relationship with HLSG (Huntingdon Life Sciences Group), a controversial company that performs pharmaceutical testing on animals.

    Stephens Group details

    • I find it suspect that Musk, Thiel’s friend, had a sudden compulsion to start a drilling company with all this talk of secret tunnels. Well, now he has special permissions and access. The company does nothing.

  60. Don’t know if posting this image will work… if not, PLEASE read post #2643208 on 8ch GA board. He, unfortunately, didn’t reference the original SKBAnon’s post or another relevant Anon’s response, but I think it’s very relevant… and it wasn’t brought up in this article. You very well may have missed it since it was unattached to any other post. (Relates to Downtown Little Rock businesses and cabal connections, including WalMart, child trafficking, Clintons, Tennessee, additional children’s foundations.)

    Thanks for all you do! I alternate multiple times a day between Q and your site to check for new drops!

    /Users/Holly/Desktop/Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 2.12.44 PM.png

  61. Peanut farmer= Jimmy Carter
    How the man is still alive with all of his brain cancer, etc. is beyond me! Perhaps he gets infusions as well?

  62. Red isn’t just for shoes — could this be referring to the Arkansas razorbacks’ red color? (University of Arkansas in Fayetteville; mascot-related clothing all in red..)? Arkansas also seceded from the Union in 1861.. not sure if that means something, but seemed worth mentioning

    • Yes. I think it is that simple. Consider it as symbology. How do you tell the difference between a true Arkansan and a transplant? A true Arkansan will still argue that Arkansas is the only state in the Union that can exist independent of the Federal Government.

      Now consider that in light of secession. Then roll that into mafioso style lawlessness. No federal interference. 1861. It’s not a date for a specific happening. It’s a symbol. Arkansas is to be left alone by the Feds.

  63. Deltic Timber Corporation Announces Resignations of Board of Directors and Officers
    Feb 23 18
    Deltic Timber Corporation announced that Deborah Cannon, Randolph Coley, John D. Enlow, Sr., Bert Jones, Rev. Dr. Christoph Keller III, D. Mark Leland, David Lemmon, Robert Madison Murphy, Robert Nolan, Robert Pierson, Jr., John Thurston Roach, Lenore Sullivan and Robert Tudor III, who were members of the board of directors of company were no longer members of the board of directors of company and the officers of company were no longer officers of company.

    • It appears that Deltic Timber has merged with Potlatch Corporation to become PotlatchDeltic Corporation. I guess we all need to invest in shovels.

  64. The Vanderbilt’s did own a piece considered to be “blood jewelry.” I’ve included a link. It was sold through Christie’s by Cornelius Vanderbilt.

    Try as I might, I can’t make a rose out of GV’s medallion in those photos. But perhaps there is a connection somehow. Perhaps by way of who the piece commemorated?

  65. Maybe your best yet Neon. Do not stop, go further down this rabbit hole. BIG AG is one of the key pieces of the cabal, billions in subsidies across the Western World, hardly a dime ever goes to the family farmer. Big $ to “feed” Africa etc to Big Ag companies. Why are we so often ill? autism rise? look at sperm counts and testosterone levels in Western men now vs 60 years ago. Dont stop!!! keep digging, Arkansas is the hub for much of Big Corporate Ag.

  66. Augusta National is in Georgia which would tie in with Jimmy Carter as the potential peanut farmer. Georgia of course is also home to Jekyll Island and the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank.

  67. Neon – Great digging, here. There are many layers to this, and you’ve peeled back a few.
    They do connect to many other layers, however, I do have a few suggestions for you on what this was potentially leading you to. This will help you connect everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING. You will understand how the forest helps cultivate and protest it’s trees.

    All the stock market crashes, the defense contracts, the C_A, the NSA, the control files, the trafficking of weapons and humans, the IRS, the DOJ, the subsidies, the secret clubs, crypto, 9/11, Iraq, Russia…all of it. It’s all about the money, and for some, the blood that the money buys them.

    *Control files supercede both law and economics. They are an essential building block of “managed markets” – whether it is the bubbling of the mortgage markets, trillions in collateral fraud, or interest rates that fall to zero.

    If you want to use your time and money effectively in this world, you are well served to understand the existence and power of control files. This includes understanding one of the primary methods used to create control files – sexual entrapment and addiction. Which means, understanding the most powerful and profitable dirty picture of all – pedophilia.

    If you have pictures of family men having sex with a child, they are yours for life. Such people can and will help you engineer the theft of trillions for modest compensation. You control them. They are slaves who are all the more effective as their slavery is invisible. It is secret. No one – not even their closest friends and family – can see who their real bosses are and where their true loyalties lie. No one can fathom that a bank CEO or a senator is, in fact, a slave.

    The organized, systemic use of pedophilia is far more common today and throughout history than most people can fathom.*

    One of the things that is most disturbing about the American tapeworm is that it has organized its leadership around private banks and defense contractors and its governance and intellectual air cover around think tanks and private universities and their tax-exempt endowments

    I’ve commented once before here about this, but I’ll repeat it. Here is a brief outline:

    MENA Ak: Drug/gun trafficking. Iran Contra scandal was all centered here. Did you know that Barry dropped a lot of the money off at Area 51 on his way back to AK? Did you also know that a new judge is looking into the FOIA information for a lawsuit pertaining to the “boys on the tracks”? I wonder how much the former pro wrestler really had to do with that? He says he has video footage of the murders..

    Bank MENAtep: Russian front bank created specifically for Russian asset laundering through BONY. This directly ties into 9/11, and was being investigated before the attack. Also, BILL BROWDER – who Putin was talking about during the press conference. That’s just 2 connections…there are many more. Menatep had it’s holdings transferred to TIB, a bank in Naples, FL. It was then laundered through the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF ATLANTA in 2010. In 2014 this happened…

    *CONWAY, Ark., Oct. 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Home BancShares, Inc. (Nasdaq:HOMB), parent company of Centennial Bank, announces the appointment of Thomas J. Longe to its Board of Directors. “We are proud to have Tom join our Board,” said John Allison, Chairman. “Home BancShares (Arkansas) has over one third of our assets in Florida, so adding additional representation from the area makes sense. Tom has over thirty years of banking and finance experience and will play a key role in our continued growth in Florida.

    Mr. Thomas J. Longe is Partner at Longe Co. and President & Chief Operating Officer at Trianon Cos. He is on the Board of Directors at NAPLES YACHT CLUB. Mr. Longe was previously employed as Chairman by TIB Bank and Vice Chairman & President by TIB Financial Corp.*

    Then there’s MENAsource. It’s a social media monitoring platform on the Atlantic Council.
    If you were to look into who and what the Atlantic Council is, you would never have questions about U1 or any of the current political battles that have been waged against Potus. It becomes very clear how this has played out.

    (I have all the documentation/source material mentioned above)

    Lastly, Neon…this panel is by the woman I linked from She worked for Bush Sr., has testified before congress and has seen first hand what’s going on behind the curtain. There’s no one out there that connects the fragments into definable dots like she does. I promise.

  68. Dude…who fucking cares? Honestly I don’t need to read this shit to know these people are garbage. Is there ever going to be justice?

    I believe it was you Neon who said u thought arrests would come before September because of the risk of school shootings.
    Well…here we are. Any arrests? Nope.
    Kids are going to get blown to shit and I’m supposed to sit here and “trust the plan?”
    I’m going to look at my phone in a couple weeks and see 36 dead in school massacre..and worst part is msm will be all over it. It will be chaos and all us morons will be running around saying Q said trust the plan…sad state of affairs. For the record I’m not voting either I don’t give a fuck. Praise jesus.

  69. To add to the Peter Theil conversation, about six months ago on the Patriot’s Soapbox forum there was a discussion on Peter Theil along with others (Hollywood Creeps) being adrinochrome addicts. That for sure would make him a pedophile for blood. I do not know where the information came from though. It would need better research from autists.

    I remember the conversation though because it was first time that I had heard of adrinochrome. I cried all night long praying to God to, “please Lord save those babies, please!” But, it still continues. That is the sickest thing that I ever heard. The level of depravity is monumental. They ALL need to hang!

  70. I am a Chi Omega. I do not remember anything unusual or sinister about my college experience or initiation. If there is connection to underworld I doubt it involves the college students. Have never continued in it since college. We had private meetings, secrets but nothing that made me scared or suspicious.

    • Ironically, I just attended a seminar today that dealt with freemasonry and bloodline curses. They had a section on sororities and fraternities. I was in a fraternity my wife was in a sorority. Upon reflection, the symbols and renunciations were all there in the ceremonies. I never got any favors that the guy described in the article. I would remember that part… But nonetheless, the secret societies are almost all satanic/occult related – some are more blatant than others. If you are a serious Christian, you should really look into renouncing the stuff your ancestors and you did to bind your soul. It follows you.

  71. You lost me at the Chi O pledges have to perform services on the S&B pledges. My daughter was a Chi O at U of A. My dear friend an alum attended her initiation. Trust me there was nothing evil about her initiation and no men were present-. And Sigma Chi is the fraternity that is linked to Chi O not Kappa Sigma.

    • too much about Thiel I don’t trust…. plus, he says himself he wants to live forever and has a hand in the young blood infusions… how do we know he “flipped”? I’m not sure about him

      • I agree, it is all very confusing and sometimes frightening. How do we know who to trust anymore? One thing is for sure, we sure have come a long way in a year!

  72. Agreed about Jimmy Carter–and I’m glad I’m the only one who didn’t think Ted Bundy when I was reading about Chi Omega. Wow. Great article Neon.

  73. On Oct 9th 2017 9:56AM @VitalikButerin posted on twitter an image/logo of a Triangle Mirror Image, which looks exactly like the copy of the images posted by an anon in reference to Health Management Associates.

  74. When I was trying to research Gloria Vanderbilt’s necklace, I found it very hard to find much research in English about the meaning of the coins/talismans that adorned it, except that they were meant to bring protection to the wearer.
    However the necklaces seemed to be linked to ancient Mayan traditions, and blood sacrifices were a major part of that culture (my apologies to current descendants of the Maya people). Perhaps that’s why the necklaces often have arms and legs as charms on them?

    Maybe that’s why he calls it “blood jewelry”?

    • I believe you are correct scrabble3. There was something that happened after the Mayan and Incan dynasties that manifested cannibalism and warring in the subsequent Aztec societies. It has to do with the usurpation and hijacking by team dark of the beautiful Mayan deity known as Quetzalcoatl. Who is represented by the OWL. Which ties to the feathered serpent representative of our ethereal lightbodies. Just like with Eqypt and all these other high consciousness societies that simply disappeared from the earth, these civilizations that were highly shamanic and high consciousness had the inner knowing of time travel and other multidimensional esoteric wisdom that left clues behind like the Mayan calendar and the Tzolkien. I know this because I have Mayan DNA and had a soul awakening in 2013 which opened up my pineal gland and I became aware there was much, much more to this reality that our awareness has been trapped in so to speak. Our so called “junk DNA” contains our full soul blueprint and our multidimensional aspect that we are all in the process of reconnecting with in the great awakening! This is the Illuminati’s worst fear that we (the sheep) awaken to our full magnificence that lies within our DNA. It’s a great time to be alive as all this darkness and insanity finally heals once and for all! We’re getting it figured out! WWG1WGA!!

      • Hi Cheri… you are on a similar vibration as me. I’ve been a bit nervous to ask, but there is a lot of talk on this thread about crystals… Arkansas, Brazil… Lots of energy. I’m wondering if there is an even darker, scarier need for all of this blood of children. MILLIONS of children every year. We KNOW we are not alone in the universe. Much of the deep occult black magic had to do with summoning “demons” and doing their bidding for exchange. Aleister Crowley had at least 2 of his books through “channeling” that he related. He drew one of the “demons” he was speaking to, I believe it was Aiwass. It looks eerily like the grey aliens that became popular way after his time. There is a definite question as to whether these summoned demons were really aliens (dark ones at that)? Could our childrens’ blood be being used for their energy? We have already woken up to the horrors of widespread pedophilia and even pedoVORES… the long seeded 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati…. I don’t want to come off as some crazy UFO theory person because I really am not. But, something is scratching deep down inside that this blood lust is so much more evil than we even know. However, I believe in the power God and Love. And either way, it ALL has to come out.

        • Hi Sherri, so great to hear from you! You know I have been trying to figure this out also with the blood and this sick desire of these dark ones to consume and violate innocence. Feed off the fear. It is an addiction with these people and obviously the “high” has to be constantly fed. So much to say on this subject that is the esoteric wisdom (which we are finally reconnecting with and changing back to a positive frequency restoring the energy here on earth back to the law of one). It seems they stole the ancient knowledge of time travel from the Mayans and were able to infiltrate multiple time fractals using MK Ultra which fragments the consciousness. They also used ancient knowledge of the priesthood to practice dark magic and bound these fragments in the astral plane feeding off the suffering which over time created tortured soul energy or demonic forces within the lightbodies of these victims which they kept recycling in endless reincarnation traps. They create these “altars” in the astral realm that collect this dark demonic energy from war, sacrifice and SRA blood rituals. Our DNA was also disconnected and scrambled by these dark ones back in Sumeria down to a 2 strand double helix which affected our memories and ability to connect with our higher consciousness. We are all awakening now as this is the end of a very dark cosmic cycle and we are reconnecting with our multidimensional aspect once again as our full 12 strand, triple helix DNA comes back online reconnecting us with God or the source of all that is. This is why w are all awakening and seeking the light of truth.

          Below is a video from a guy who talks from his higher soul monad and explains the recent death finally of the dark red vampire (which must be the elder Rothschild since he talks about the red shield) which was more like an undead entity that has been alive and feeding this darkness for generations and he is finally dead!!

          I feel this is accurate and now we can heal from all this dark magic and otherworldly vampiric energy that was very very ancient and sucking the life out of our beautiful world. This being using ancient wisdom was organizing these demons in the higher dimensions to give these dark ones here energy and youth in exchange for blood sacrifice.

          The good news is that God is back in town as the kingdom of heaven truly lies within our very DNA. We are all coming back into balance and ending this horror show as we reconnect with our ancient wisdom that is of the light which is far more powerful and self sustaining than the dark which was what they sacrificed and sold their souls for greed, power and immortality long ago.

          • Great post. String theory indicates that there must be no less than 11 alternant universes, in play at all times for this system to operate. Our DNA was obviously tampered with because we have two less chromosomes than all other animals. Further, it appears that the first and second chromosomes have been bent back and attached to positions three and four. That creates homo sapiens. I have always wondered what we would look like and be like if that tampering with our DNA was corrected, and positions one and two were disconnected from position three and four and straightened to it’s earlier position? Then there is the other matter of the crop circle answer to Carl Sagen’s radio signal that they sent out that stated that these other intelligent beings have three strands of DNA. I would conjecture that with three strands of DNA you could shift your vibration level and move between universes.

        • Sherri, this is moving slightly off-topic,but it’s on my mind right now. I see channeling mostly as a psychological phenomenon, indicating some of the capabilities of the human might (though just what, I’m not sure). I have to wonder about some of these names, though. “Aiwass” is maybe “I Was” not “I Am”? There was a channeler for “Abenda” and this sounded like a computer term ABEND as in Abnormal End of a program. Some these names don’t sound quite right.

        • PS Sherri, the alien stuff is interesting because all these MK Ultra victims have almost all had contact and been assaulted both genetically and had their consciousness infiltrated by these gray aliens. They all tell some of the same very credible stories with this “20 and back” secret space program. I don’t put it past these dark ones here to have kept all this stuff secret but it makes sense to me that we are not alone in this huge expanse of our universe but we have been very sheltered by our controllers as this planet was locked down so to speak. My thought is that there are many more benevolent aliens than dark ones. I think we are headed for a golden age of enlightenment on this planet , how long it will take for us to heal this darkness here I am not sure but we are awakening in mass at this point and the light has such incredible momentum it spreads like wildfire. Realy the only power they ever had was our ignorance of what was really going on. I wonder how much POTUS and Q know? Can we say Space Force hahaha!!
          Warm Regards to you, it is so fun to share!

  75. Grass pyramid + crossing the river = Memphis Pyramid?

    It’s a big pyramid on the other side of the Mississippi made of glass.

  76. How important is agriculture to the control of society? Go down this rabbit hole:

    That is the public plan that the industrial titans floated n the 60’s to drive millions of American farmers out of business in order to free up capital for investment and drive them or their wives into the workforce in order to reduce labor costs.

    And they did it. Destroying millions of American farms, hollowing out the heartland of America and causing the deaths of untold thousands of farmers.It was the final blow that killed rural America. They never recovered; not even during the boom times of the 90’s and 00’s.

    A lot of names in that document too.

    For an idea of how different things are now conciser; up through the Coolidge Presidency, the Ag lobby was the most influential in Washington.

    Another example… Re-upping the ’08 farm bill at 11pm on 1/1/13, 1 hour before expiration was one of the only things that got the D’s and R’s to come together and get something done during the BO administration. Bread and circuses. Keeping cheap food cheap, farmers from making money, and subsidies flowing is of the upmost priority. Had they not done that the parity system would have come back into law; forcing the USDA to ensure profitable prices for farmers. Not to mention the fraudulent food stamp program.

  77. Incredible work, as always! Thank you!

    I’ve linked to Sherman Skolnick’s stuff in your comments before. He has a 4-part series on Arkansas and the Tyson Food/Wal-Mart/JB Hunt trifecta of businesses headquartered there.

    Plenty of interesting Arkansas-related stuff in those links but in particular:
    “In the Northwest corner of the state, near Rogers, Arkansas, is the huge new Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. Clinton as President dedicated the new facility on November 7, 1998. Its runways can handle the largest current airplanes and the jumbo jets planned for the future. It has a Free Trade Zone. That means in-coming airfreight coming non-stop from overseas supposed to be trans-shipped to places not in the U.S., is NOT subject to inspection by the U.S. Customs and is not subject to Customs duties and fees.”

    Ship drugs/guns/human organs into the country via Tyson Foods, avoid inspection at the airport, and send it anywhere in the US via JB Hunt/Wal Mart shipping infrastructure.

  78. As usual, you have out done yourself! Still processing some of the areas.
    A couple of things came to mind while reading this:
    1. The WHBLS, in relation to Heifer International and Clintons. I read it as the WHITE BUILDING across the street.
    2. Peanut farmer – Jimmy Carter was known as the Peanut Farmer. There is a meme of him with Bush I & II, Clinton & BHO saying Traitors.
    3. Red & Green gets my attention, usually always, in conjunction with Muslims. Matches up with Enoch film. George Soros is behind this. Here is one article

    Read most of Pikes papers, but need to refresh on them, too long ago.
    SMH about the Heifer International, I have their phamlet they send out. Makes it seem so charitable, started by monks in the 16/1800’s. Grrrr.

    Once again fantastic job!

  79. I’ve got to tell you, I’m driving around my native Los Angeles with new eyes. I want to weep for the children. A friend of mine just had her 12/13 yr old trafficked, but only the beginning stages, Deo Gratius. The school let this child out to meet up with Snapchat perv!! At least the guy is headed to prison. He is from Lebanon. .

  80. Lots of good information in these comments. Also a lot of comments by people who didn’t read the previous comments. Lookin’ at all you Jimmy Carter people!

  81. Whenever Albert Pike and Masons are mentioned, especially in Arkansas, they usually lead to the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC). They were a group of Confederates who were well funded and well connected made up largely of old southern elites who wanted to expand their power. They wanted the confederacy to expand to a “golden circle” encompassing the American South, Mexico, and most of the carribbean where slavery would be legal and they would rule. The KGC had “castles” in Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. Lots of small Arkansas towns have legends of caches of gold buried out in the woods or mountains in a wooden box marked KGC.

  82. One thought about the “multiples”. It followed after multiple locations were mentioned. What if the multiples are other occult/symbolic areas that are not just emulating antiquity, but nexus points for Cabal activity? Paris and Rome are sufficiently old to have plenty.

  83. Rothschilds means red shields. So maybe red is not just for shoes means red is also for shields, which means Red Shields = Rothschilds.

  84. Thiel is a confusing actor in the Skull drops. He’s hard to pin down.

    He was a member of Trump’s transition team, and by some accounts, was looked at for a top intelligence advisory post in the Trump administration. We all know he’s a renegade: he takes human growth hormone to stave off the effects of aging. He has supported the Seasteading Institute, which seeks to build floating cities beyond the reach of traditional governance. And his Thiel Fellowship hands out $100,000 grants to budding entrepreneurs who agree not to go to college. And he taught a class in German at Stanford on the limits of globalization.

    He’s a free marketeer, capitalist and libertarian, which puts him in the line of fire of neo-liberals.

    He’s comfortably gay and comfortably Christian. He’s a paradox.

    But he has also attended Bilderberger meetings and is rumored to have had entree into Skull and Bones like other young incredibly successful people who get in through the back door without having attended Ivy League Universities or without having been tapped in college.

    The fact that he helped start Palantir is huge—-and please link to this Bloomberg article that has a diagram of Thiel’s connections. Interesting article in itself, too.

    Thought this post might be helpful to people who aren’t that familiar with Thiel.

  85. I live in Arkansas & am familiar with the route (self employed Arkansas illustrator, marketing & tourism related); some possible destinations–Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport…”It is perhaps one of the smallest airports in the U.S. to see year-round, daily nonstop jet service (with first class seats included) to major cities”.
    Driving north on Hwy 71……… “JANE, Mo. – Call it Area 71.
    Behind a fence topped with razor wire just off U.S. Highway 71 is a bunker of a building that Wal-Mart considers so secret that it won’t even let the county assessor inside without a nondisclosure agreement.
    The 125,000-square-foot building, tucked behind a new Wal-Mart Supercenter, is only a stone’s throw from the Arkansas line and about 15 miles from corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Ark.” The Joplin Globe …(heard it it was guarded by Wakenhut)

    Jimmy Carter was Jackson Stevens roommate at Naval War College. I know something of Warren Stevens & the Alotian. Would suggest you look into Alltel. It bought a company call Systematics with ties to Jackson Stevens and the PROMIS software,…Warren Stevens owns vast pulp wood holdings, he cuts down trees for Weyerhauser paper mills. I approached Warren Stevens in regards to marketing & the Alotian. I still have the proposal & sketches. He owns the tallest skyscraper in Little Rock… Search the words J. Orlin Grabbee, Systematics & Jackson Sevens, Grabbee was a Wharton College professor who was an expert in money laundering. has research on Steven’s Naples,Florida headquarters for Beverly Rest-Homes. (across from the airport where Mohammad Atta ‘trained’)

    I’ve lived in Arkansas since getting back from the war in 1975. These people don’t play nice. Another ‘international charity’ to look into is the Winrock Foundation, founded by Winthrop Rockefeller. I’ve attended parties for artists atop Winrock, hosted by Winthrop himself before he died, know the ‘Arkansas Arts Council’ & have visited Heifer Int to inspect their green technology. I am uncomfortable saying much more except this….to give you an idea how deep it really is, there are pictures of a young Barry Seals with Lee Harvey Oswald in the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol. ( I think) …….. Eyes open, no fear

  86. This is some mind blowing shit! I feel like I’m living in a different dimension, a matrix, damn…NEON, you are Amazing! My hat is off to you! I had to read some of this two or three times just to make sure I was reading was, what I was reading! Who is this “SKBAnon”??? I’m pretty good at deciphering Q’s drops, still need help sometimes, but not this Anon! It had a Q feel but so much of it was foreign, I’m seriously stunned stupid! How do you do what you do? I only hope Q will come on soon and address this in a “Q” way because Q is the only source I really trust and this makes me wonder if they know each other? I don’t know, I need to hear from Q! Neon, I subscribed because of you and just wanna say Thank You for YOUR service and insight and your hard work! You really are Amazing!!!

  87. Neon, thank you so much for the hard hitting, thought provoking work you and the other anons do! One question, has anyone contacted Larry Nichols about some of this stuff? He may be able to shed some light on some of this research.

  88. Not sure if any of this is helpful. They might be linked somehow. Winthrop Rockefeller – former Gov. of Ar.— Winthrop Rockefeller foundation, Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, Winrock International all located in Ar.

    Interesting article titled “The Arkansas Senate Situation”-mentions some big player names as Stephens Inc. Monsanto, etc. mentioned in article. LINK:

    There was also a fuss over a oil pipeline construction that would go through Arkansas called the Diamond Pipeline. LINK:

  89. Wow, we are all free-falling down the Rabbit Hole together, thanks to Neon. Who would ever have dreamed that little Arkansaw was freaking Hellmouth itself??

  90. Looking into Yale Skull and Bones, the list of influential people in every walk of life is eye-opening. So is the use if nicknames like Baal (Henry Luce) and Magog (GHW Bush).

    They appear to own a private island (!!!) in the Thousand Islands area of New York. On the map, this is a string of a huge number of tiny islands in the St. Lawrence River between the US and Canada. It’s hard to imagine an easier place to slip in and out of the country. It was once posh, but most of the buildings are derelict or destroyed. But apparently, all new “Bonesmen” still go there.

    The given excuse for restoration, lack of funds, seems odd, given the alumni. It is heavily wooded and with no service people on the island, nothing is really known.

  91. I’m new so I don’t know the difference between an annon and an autist so I hope I’m not demoting you with this comment. You are the Rainman of autists! You have a talent for ferreting out and verifying and reporting aspects of the Q info that nobody else sees! I can see how your brain would be fried, especially after this mind blowing dig. Thank you for what you do!

  92. As far as who cut down the trees and who sold the land, I would think that the deed transfers and construction permits would be public information regarding the golf course.

  93. I nearly got in burn-out simply by reading this wonderful work of yours. Take care of yourself. Very interesting.

  94. This appears in the “Crimes of Mena” article you referenced… Copied and pasted from the article at

    The insertion of Q is not a coincidence is it? Perhaps digging into these names/companies is necessary?

    “Additionally, Seal’s files suggest a grandiose scheme for building an empire. Papers in his office at the time of his death include references to dozens of companiesQall of which had names that began with Royale. Among them: Royale Sports, Royale Television Network, Royale Liquors, Royale Casino, S.A., Royale Pharmaceuticals, Royale Arabians, Royale Seafood, Royale Security, Royale Resorts … and on and on. ”

    My first thought when seeing “follow the letters” and “1861” was, of course, the Civil War, both because of the year and because that is the intention of the Cabal. So I dug a little.

    This one because it is a letter written in 1861 by a man named Stephens (I have not dug to find out if he is related to the Stephens referred to in your post), is identified as the “Corner Stone” speech, and includes the following:

    “Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth. This truth has been slow in the process of its development, like all other truths in the various departments of science. It has been so even amongst us. Many who hear me, perhaps, can recollect well, that this truth was not generally admitted, even within their day. The errors of the past generation still clung to many as late as twenty years ago. Those at the North, who still cling to these errors, with a zeal above knowledge, we justly denominate fanatics. All fanaticism springs from an aberration of the mind from a defect in reasoning. It is a species of insanity.”

  95. Red not just shoes: Communism. 1861 was a red scare during civil war. Some commies came to town.

    ” Another Communist associate of Marx and Engels, Joseph Weydemeyer, who served in the Prussian army and published revolutionary journals during the 1840s, fled to the United States after the failure of the 1848 revolutions. In America, he continued his career as a left-wing journalist and founded one of the first Marxist organizations in the United States, the Proletarierbund, whose work culminated in the establishment of the American Workers’ League.

    When the Civil War broke out, Weydemeyer joined the Union army and eventually became a colonel. Thousands of other Germans joined him in the Union ranks, many of them led to the field by such forty-eighters as Franz Sigel, Carl Schurz, and Friedrich Hecker.

    These radicals joined an already well-established progressive community, especially in the cities of the Eastern seaboard….”

  96. I am just in awe of your research and wanted you to know that I deeply appreciate all that you do. I research 6-8 hrs a day myself, but I’m a disabled RN and have the time because I don’t work anymore. You have one of the brightest voices out there and I always look first thing each morning (while drinking my coffee) to see if you have posted anything new. I share all your articles with my 8000+ Twitter followers and they often retweet them. Thanks against n for your hard work, Patriot! God Bless

  97. I read a MK-Ultra’s book about her life as a sex slave and mole. She said Nashville and the country music industry was a big CIA cover. She named many well-known singers as handlers. Her name is Cathy O’Brien and she has several videos on YouTube. The book is better it gives more details and is a quick readl I wasn’t sure about all that she had to say but the more I listed to others tell their stories they were all different but the same in many aspects. This information about Nashville ties in perfectly with what she had to say. This is the link to a free pdf of her book “Trance Formation of America”

  98. Centered around Memphis is “little Egypt”
    where they mimicked all the old egyptian cities and monuments.
    check this out.

  99. if the Mississippi is akin to the Nile river. there is a “little egypt” that was created.
    (Nile river that turned to blood during the Exodus of Moses)

    • I believe I just heard some info that indicated that Steve Quayle has research that show that Egypt actually did come to what we now know as US and use some resources as well as Solomon’s temple. I have not explored it yet, just heard the summary recently and have not had time to delve into it yet. Perhaps I misunderstood, but that is what it sounded like.

  100. WOW, just WOW!!! You are educating an entire population. Your effort is yielding so much knowledge for so many. Thank you!!!

  101. I know you got the peanut farmer now. You also wondered why there was so much press about Trump’s monument. You were just tired! It was another distraction. If you go back and read again, they were telling you that it was used as a distraction.

  102. Rose Law Firm – of course!
    “Shoes aren’t the only things that are red” – well…”Roses are red!”
    As was noted, HRC used to work for the Rose Law firm, so might that be it?

    Also, It was noted that two of the lines in the riddle are titles to Jim Morrison songs. This may be waaay off. But I searched Jim Morrison 1861, and found there was a James Morrison who was born in 1861. The throw off is that he was from Ontario, Canada. But he founded a farm advocacy organization called the United Farmers of Ontario (UFO) in 1914. “Follow the letters” – UFO?

  103. Thinking 1861 could be referring to Q’s post not a year. 1861 is a pic of Jeffery Epstein’s temple on top of a small mountain on his island. SKBAnon first mentions 1861 followed by islands and castles, secrets will come out.

  104. We can beat these guys.
    We have the technology and more modern sophistication.
    They are old tech, like trying to figure out how the first PC was built compared to what we know today.

  105. Possible Arkansas notable locations: Eureka Springs
    Cresent Hotel-see history. Also really creepy pics of old medical tools displayed on walls.
    Crownthorn chapel
    Little Red River map-Walton Branch-Owl Creek. Could all be totally unrelated. Creepy factor+locarions+architecture+names= connected somehow imho.
    Thank you for your dedication and amazing work. You deserve a Q medal of honor! TTP

  106. Another thought on the Croatia crash. There was a CIA analyst aboard as well. As for SKBanon’s posts, when he was talking about the crash he said follow the path, climb the mountain.

    The crash itself was on a mountain. They now call that pathway the Ronald Brown Pathway, and there’s a an old city up there with two old cathedrals. Wonder if something up there is what SKBanon wanted us to find…

  107. Hi NR. I’ve been following you and Q since Dec. I’ve never commented but may be able to help you and the anons on the question about “who cut down the trees?” I was a Realtor in Delaware and most states have the purchases of land as open source online through property tax records. I will check and see how AK is set up to see if they are like many other states. I hope this helps you and the brilliant anons.

  108. You deserve a long vacation, Neon. Your efforts are nothing short of heroic and we are so very grateful. I have nothing much to add, just thoughts prompted by the posts.

    In contrast to Bill Clinton’s “creepy response” to Michael Jackson’s plea after the death of his friend, Ryan White, is Trump’s response:

    1990 Michael Jackson & Donald Trump Visit Ryan White’s Family the Day Ryan Died

    Fritz Springmeier confirms your thought that the Civil War was a Cabal action to get North and South to fight each other:

    In 1837 August Belmont came to the U.S., during the Panic of 1837. August Belmont appears to have been a Rothschild proxy. Belmont bought up government bonds in this Panic and his success eventually led him to the White House where he became the “financial advisor to the President of the United States”. His policies helped pit the North against the South for the Civil War. Judah P. Benjamin, who according to A. Ralph Epperson was the Clvii War campaign strategist for the House of Rothschild held many key positions in the Confederacy. He was apparently connected to John Wilkes Booth. J.P. Morgan has been called a Rothschild agent. His father was one of the many elite who made their fortunes by shipping supplies past the North’s blockade and into the Confederacy.

    There’s a good six-part Youtube, “The Mena Connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA drug smuggling”:

    Speaking of Rio, I was thinking about your recent musing about abducted twins and genetic research and found that a Brazilian town where Joseph Mengele experimented has a high incidence of twins, though I found no stories of missing twins there. Most of the twins have a lot of immigrant German ancestry and appear to have a variant German gene that accounts for this:

    I also found that, as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton addressed a roundtable discussion in Rio on international child abduction:

    Volume 3 Issue 1 June 1, 2011
    International Child Abduction Roundtable

    To commemorate May 25th as National Missing Children‟s Day, the U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janeiro hosted a roundtable discussion about the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

    Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton Remarks for National Missing Children’s Day

    Secretary Clinton Delivers a Message for National Missing Children’s Day

    Regarding blood work, labs, and DNA testing, there’s this curiosity:

    Blood work/DNA testing:

    The Reason Why Rhesus Negative People Are Being Tracked
    Rhesus Negative and DNA Correlations

    “James was born into Project Mannequin, a mind control and genetic manipulation program run by the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United Kingdom. …

    Researchers first suspected genetic memories were possible when they began studying the migration of monarch butterflies. …

    Scientific research must have concluded humans have genetic memories because Rh negative people have been used by numerous intelligence agencies in a multitude of different classified projects because of their psychic genetic memories. …

    What is causing the constant blood shortages when Rh negative people are the only ones who need this blood? All other people can use O positive blood and people with O positive blood make up at least 40% of the overall population. It wouldn’t surprise me if O negative blood was ending up in research labs. … So it shouldn’t surprise you that Rh negative people are worth more dead than alive. Rh negative human tissue and organs are more than likely in high demand when it comes to black market organ sales. …

    People who have Rh negative blood especially O negative blood are highly valued for their genetic material in the medical community. Research being conducted on Rh negative blood is responsible for revolutionary medical breakthroughs. … The Advanced Cell Technology Centre in Massachusetts, US, and the University of Illinois have reported that they are currently extracting stem cells from 2 week old human embryos in order to make O negative blood. …

    If multibillionaires or their loved ones were faced with a debilitating illness or death, they will and can use their money and power to do whatever it takes to heal themselves or prolong their lives, even if what they’re doing could be considered crimes against humanity.”

    I don’t know how to evaluate James Casbolt’s claims about Project Mannequin, but his New Age beliefs I find pretty silly:

    “The huge child trafficking and Satanic ritual murder networks in the UK is heavily connected to Project Mannequin and very evil factions in the intelligence commuuinity centred around the NSA, CIA and British Intelligence. We know have over 25,000 children disseapring without a trace in the UK every year and are never seen or heard of again. …

    These groups are using thse desperate tactics to bloack the huge frequencies of of love and enlightement that increases by the day as our planet moves closer to the galactic centre as we appraoch 2012.”

    Knowing how the Cabal loves symbolism, the bizarreness of this mannequin-themed campaign stunt is intriguing (here’s farm subsidy recipient, Bon Jovi, again, with his satanic sidekick):

    Hillary Clinton, Jon Bon Jovi and Team Completes Mannequin Challenge

    Following a campaign event in Raleigh, North Carolina headlined by Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi, the Clinton campaign taped their version of the new internet challenge, the Mannequin Challenge – but with a get out the vote message.

    The challenge requires people to hold a dramatic pose as long as they can. The campaign at the end broke their poses with text appearing on the screen, “Don’t stand still. Vote today.”

    I notice that Nashville also features the Black Sun:


    … which reminded me of this book by Peter Moon:

    The Black Sun: Montauk’s Nazi-Tibetan Connection
    by Peter Moon (Author), Preston B. Nichols (Author), Nina Helms (Illustrator)

    The Black Sun probes deeper into the secrets of the Third Reich and its Tibetan contacts than any other previous attempt. Author Peter Moon ties all of these strange associations to Montauk Point, where an American military facility was used by the Nazis to further their own strange experiments and continue the agenda of the Third Reich.

  109. I learn so much from reading your post. You have the ability to go though so much info… It took me two days to finally finish reading this I of course had to stop several times to do my daily stuff, I am wondering about the Farm Bill, not sure what to look for, I is very concerning the poison they put on our food. Thank you again and all the people that are awake fighting the fight to shine the LIGHT on the dark.

  110. How come you mention Albert Pike and his letters about World War I and World War II but make no mention whatsoever that he also speaks of World War III …
    I think it is imperative that you give your readers this information as it correlates to todays geopolitical happens, to the letter …

  111. He said “cross the river” and then made comments about a crystal pyramid and crystal bridges. This thought may be a bit of a stretch, but which river are we talking about crossing? It’s surely either the Arkansas for local concerns to Little Rock or THE river, the Mississippi. Crossing the Mississippi from this direction puts you in downtown Memphis, TN, where the first thing you notice upon approach from the West is a 320 foot tall glass pyramid. The crystal bridges are a bit more of a reach, I admit, but both the I-40 and I-55 bridges are decoratively illuminated. I think maybe he’s really pointing toward three more hours of eastward driving (Nashville, Parthenon), but, as Memphis is a truly major transportation and shipping hub, perhaps it’s worth a look.

  112. rogue_kill on twitter just posted video from the kid that ran away that wants to assassinate Donald trump, the one that’s in the news right now. The video shows Donald trump saying, “One by one, one by one, one by one,” witch is similar to q’s post. I think that’s what q was referring too.

  113. I posted yesterday in defence of Chi Omega. My daughter was a Chi O at U of A and stated the initiation had nothing to do with what you described. My comment never appeared. I understand the concept of moderation but I do not understand the concept of censorship when it goes against the ideas you have woven together to make your case.

  114. Amazing analysis NR, and IMO exposes two other related dark rabbit holes to go down if you dare.

    The peanut farmer, aka Jimmy Carter. “It is clear that the Executive Branch of the U.S. was literally hijacked in 1976 by members of the [freshly minted in 1973] Trilateral Commission, upon the election of President Jimmy Carter. In total, Carter appointed no fewer than twenty Trilateral Commissioners to top government posts, including:

    – Zbigniew Brzezinski – National Security
    – Advisor Cyrus Vance – Secretary of State
    – Harold Brown – Secretary of Defense
    – W. Michael Blumenthal – Secretary of the Treasury
    – Warren Christopher – Deputy Secretary of State

    When you include Carter and Mondale, these Commission members represented almost one-third of the entire membership from the United States roster.”
    Ref: Patrick M. Wood, ‘Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation’

    Jim Morrison and his father US Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison is only the tip of that iceberg for two reasons. First, in the first week of August 1964, US warships that allegedly came under attack in the Gulf of Tonkin (later proven to be a 100% false flag) were under the command of who? You guessed it: Admiral Stephen Morrison. Second, to quote the teaser for the book ‘Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart Of The Hippie Dream,’

    “The very strange but nevertheless true story of the dark underbelly of a 1960s hippie utopia. Laurel Canyon in the 1960s and early 1970s was a magical place where a dizzying array of musical artists congregated to create much of the music that provided the soundtrack to those turbulent times. Members of bands like the Byrds, the Doors, Buffalo Springfield, the Monkees, the Beach Boys, the Turtles, the Eagles, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Steppenwolf, CSN, Three Dog Night and Love, along with such singer/songwriters as Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, James Taylor and Carole King, lived together and jammed together in the bucolic community nestled in the Hollywood Hills. But there was a dark side to that scene as well. Many didn’t make it out alive, and many of those deaths remain shrouded in mystery to this day. Far more integrated into the scene than most would like to admit was a guy by the name of Charles Manson, along with his murderous entourage. Also floating about the periphery were various political operatives, up-and-coming politicians and intelligence personnel – the same sort of people who gave birth to many of the rock stars populating the canyon. And all the canyon’s colorful characters – rock stars, hippies, murderers and politicos – happily coexisted alongside a covert military installation.” [Lookout Mountain Laboratory]

  115. Follow the letters…
    Does he mean Greek letters??
    The Beta becomes the Alpha…
    Frats, clubs – Greek letters

    Also look are Hot Springs – full of old money just like the rock
    The downtown Little Rock area has a street named after WJC it’s in an area called the river market. Clinton library very close. The river – Arkansas river runs right beside this area. Separates LR from NLR

    Great article Neon!! Keep it up!!

  116. Another first commenter:

    Wanted to echo Riceland Foods. Not only headquartered in Stuttgart, AR but is the top recipient of Farm Bill subsidies 1995-2016 by a huge margin ( despite not receiving a dime after 2006. The number 2 recipient? Also a rice company also headquartered in Stuttgart AR; also didn’t receive a dime after 2006. The number 3 recipient also is a rice company but in CA. There were quite a bit of subsidies paid into rice from 1999-2006 probably as payola to numbers 1&2.

  117. The timber industry is HUGE in Arkansas. Think Payseur- Weyerhaeuser-Deltic. All connected. The farm bill of 2018 basically blew all the regulations off the timber industry while allowing them to keep their same old established government subsidies. This is who sold the land, cut the trees, and who benefited from the farm bill.
    (Note who sponsored this bill.)

    Even the line about the hunters having a say fits here since Weyerhaeuser, like most timber companies, makes a tidy profit from leasing tracts of their timer land to hunters. Wildlife will take a huge hit from the bill since the environment will suffer. Loss of habitat, etc.

    I may be reaching here but the presidents recent remarks about the wildfire’s in CA might have been a dig at this since wildfire management is a major part of government regulations re the timber industry.

  118. Thinking out loud:

    I live near Hot Springs, Arkansas, which is about 1.5 hour’s drive East from Mena.

    I also travel on Highway 71, when I visit family in Minnesota. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen a State Trooper on that highway.

    In Hot Springs, they have a road named: Albert Pike Road.

    A couple of years ago, a young girl went missing in Stuttgart. Don’t recall that she was ever found.

    I know a guy who had dinner at the Alotian, said it was the fanciest place he’d ever been to.

  119. Left shoulder = Left hand path. Book = Satanic Bible, rare version of one (not Vey). Scroll = received “wisdom” and contract (later revealed with Satan).
    Modern Art is only a Thing because it’s a massive tax break. It’s basically a tax evasion scam and shouldn’t be exempt as a purchase, other investments aren’t. If they did that, the market would collapse, it’s a sham. Crypto is just another scheme, the people running it can take all the (tax-evading) money from regular people, convert it for real then crash the system (say, before taxes are applied) and the idiots who bought in can’t report it.
    Sometimes a blood drive is a cover for obtaining a DNA sample, especially in stupid students who think they’re helping. Coded as research but no specifics given.
    Setting your enemies against one another is triangulation i.e. “Let’s you and him fight”
    “Forced adoption” the modern PC term for kidnapping, is happening everywhere, including UK. Relocations of children are a form of genocide. They also don’t get arrested for child grooming if they call it “Sex Ed”.
    Anything that imitates an old building is suspect, it’s only for the particular geometry in the blues (which are never online). I once saw a Mason symbol above a University building (a University Hitler famously wanted) on a tour but never got a picture and it doesn’t exist online.
    The Parthenon has been in films, that’s Minerva/Athena, the owl chick.
    Double headed Roman Eagle on Pike’s chest necklace. Somewhat related, the EU symbol is a Crown of Immortality. A comic called From Hell was all about Masons and connecting certain points along the globe with cloned buildings to summon energy for time travel and world domination. There’s a London obelisk that’s dodgy, it mentioned it. There are ancient serpent cults but I don’t know much about them. Could be the necklace was paid for by blood? Could be the Crown Jewels? Famously blood diamonds.
    Owls are a psychopomp, like the Reaper.

  120. Wow..good stuff, long article! I was going to print it to verify a few things with a couple of people for you…until the computer said it was 110+ pages! Im in a unique position to verify with matter of THIS ARTICLE ONLY, but not publicly! As usual though great baking!
    Jethro Bodine

  121. Only thing I was able to find that coincides with the year 1861 was the start of the civil war and Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration.

    A very good read ‘re masons disinformation techniques.
    Albert pike was a kik founder and was found to be working for the crown and of war crimes like rape/murder/looting in missouri.
    It appears the ” crown”/$intetest has been very much working to undermine the us thru use of 2 techniques.
    -racial discourse (divide the country north/south..east/west..
    -“let’s you & Moscow fight”
    The “crown” knows the REAL if of us/Russia relations…bc russia actually helped us overthrow the crown in revlution.
    They helped us again by defeating Hitler on the Stalingrad side during ww2.
    If anyone is looking for further proof it’s still happening..look no further than ridiculous Steele dossier..
    But yeah..pike hx is is littered w all same mason sites mentioned n ur article.
    The UK seems to have wanted to foment war since the revolution-& VERY much want to keep us/Russia apart @ being defeated in revolution by both.

    Btw..arkansas is home to sina loa cartel too.

  123. As to Peanut Farmer Jimmy Carter, it’s always been a bit of a mystery to me how a farm boy could get that well connected, even as Georgia’s Governor. I stopped searching any Masonic link because the Sumter County (Plains, Americus, GA) masonic website was blocked as a “dangerous information-grabber” by my browsers. But, post-presidency, Carter was the face of Habitat for Humanity. There were a lot of celebrities swinging hammers for a day of photo-ops. Habitat does run some “building supply” outlets that maybe could be used for money laundering—no proof and no idea how to research that. Probably MORE IMPORTANT though, is that Habitat has an international arm called Global Village. If someone has the inclination to dig, that might render some results. They charge people to volunteer at rates close to what an average vacation to the same place would cost. Plus, Carter does like to be a world traveler when his health permits.

  124. SK&B talks about passing the crystal pyramid on crystal bridges = Interstate 40 out of AK over MS river bridges into pass the crystal pyramid (built in the 90’s as a sports complex..was suppose to be 3 as in Giza, Egypt but never completed..source Wikipedia) to Nashville to the Parthenon. Think he’s pointing out a trafficking route. There’s nothing in AK but tiny towns & pine trees & the Cabal Headquarters & the Clintons. Can you tell you have many southern anons here? No doubt peanut farmer is Jimmy Carter.. I-20 is a rat route also from TX to ATL.