SHOWTIME! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

First thing’s first, I want to show you a #QConfirmation I posted on Gab tonight – in case you missed it.

Remember Q’s post with the missing i in Russia?

And then Trump’s tweet with the missing i?

Here was my theory at the time:

Both Q and Trump posted on Wednesday.

Trump activated 160+ National Guard for deployment at #Gitmo on Thursday.

Did I call it, or what? Pretty cool, if you ask me.

And I tried to tell anons on the board, but a couple of shills yelled at me and the comment got ignored by the baker, even after I tried to notable it. What can I say? I try to be nice to everyone, but some people really just don’t like me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That’s okay, we still love the haters, even if they are stupid.

As for now, I’m gonna jump right into #NewQ:

There’s not a lot for me to decode here. Q is speaking pretty plainly – about Antifa, about the Media, and about Silicon Valley – three parts of the Democratic ARM.

But I will say for the record that I’m not a fan of Q’s definition of “fascism.” To just equate fascism with authoritarianism, or Marxism is… inaccurate, at best, and damaging, at worse.

I don’t want to get too academic, or too autistic about it…

And I know the dreaded “F-word” is terrifying to some…

But frankly, America was built on many classically fascist principles. And when I say that, I mean a fascism that’s distinctly Roman. (Remember our history here: the founders lived after Rome, but before seeing someone like Hitler or Mussolini enter the world stage).

For instance, we have the fasces all over our state iconography. Those gold columns adorning the senate? Yeah, those are fasces:

There are fasces underneath both of Lincoln’s hands at the Lincoln Memorial.

Why? Because he preserved the Union.

And the phrase E pluribus unum – out of many, one – is – genuinely – a verbal representation of fascism.

Think of the Roman Legion itself, back in the day. A Legionary, while a formidable force in and of himself, was nothing compared to the strength of the Legion. When the Legion interlocked its shields and formed a phalanx, they were nearly unstoppable.

And yeah, I know this is from 300, which would make it Greek instead of Roman, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better representation of a phalanx ever committed to celluloid:


E pluribus unum – out of many, one.

That… gasp collectivist idea is what’s at the heart of fascismo. It’s the idea that you owe something to society, to your fellow man – because they are part of you, and you are part of them. This is the essence of duty.

Is it so reprehensible to recognize that there are things that bind us together as a people and make us strong? Isn’t that exactly what Q is trying to do?!

Sure, I’ll definitely agree that the fascist ideology of the 21st century – or at least those that claimed to be representing the ideology –  have caused much damage upon the world (which, depending on how you understand history… and how you read Q – is a lot more complicated than simply saying “These people are the baddies.)”

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of ideology to begin with, and the organizing principles of fascism have been… dubious at best. (Perhaps something like Dugin’s dasien is more apropos these days – though such an organizing principle remains untested).

But come on, Q. What’s so wrong with correctly labeling these people MARXISTS, instead of Fascists?

Are we not advocating Nationalism and autarky here? Are we not striving to create a sense of unity among disparate groups? Are we not advocating for a return to tradition? (Family, religion, business, etc).

Are we so demoralized that we do not realize that death and misery was spread on an order of magnitude greater than anything Fascism every produced due to MARXISTS???

Go ahead: Compare the total number of dead at the hands of the Nazis, vs. the number of dead due to the Commies. Guess who killed FAR more! And guess who our Cabal-President at the time – FDR – allied himself with!

Are we so uneducated that we can’t distinguish between Marxism and Fascism… or realize that they were profound enemies of each other?

I get Q’s point.

I get the intention.

I get that the American people haven’t seen two-dozen Hollywood films apiece about Marxist death camps despite there being loads more source material to choose from (hmmm, ever wonder why that is??)

But just going, “muh Anteefa are duh reeeeaaaal FASCHHHISTS!!!” is just… I’m sorry Q, but it just feels profoundly ignorant.

Furthermore, do you really think labeling these people “fascists” will actually deter them?

No, you need far more clever labels. When #Gamergate labeled the Cultural Marxists invading their hobby as “Social Justice Warriors,” it was a stroke of genius. When they landed on the term “SJW,” game over, the gamers just won. They somehow managed to distill and encapsulate the narcissism, the rage, the disdain, the loathing, and the self-righteous perception down into three little letters. It was the kind of verbal-killshot that you rarely see, but when you do – it’s quite a thing to behold.

And speaking of Gamergate, they’ve actually managed to do it again. You may have heard about the sales nightmare that is Battlefield 5. The designers suddenly got “woke” and decided to include… not just women in combat roles in World War 2… but disabled women complete with prosthesis, navigating an explosive battlefield with devastating aplomb.

Why did they do this? To be more inclusive, they claimed! It was never about “realism” anyway, they protested! And all the critics of this choice were clearly just sexist manbabies who haven’t grown up yet.

Well, dear readers, let me introduce you to #GetWokeGoBroke:

No one is buying this game. The exec who “Got Woke” when he was in charge of this game was just forced to leave the company because of how poorly it’s selling (though no one will ever admit that on paper), and EA is learning a hard lesson here: MARXISTS DON’T BUY YOUR MEDIA! (What an amazing coincidence, considering their beliefs about capital and property. Who could have ever forseen such a turn of events?!)

No, SJW’s just whine and complain, and bully people on their Cabal-backed hugbox, twitter.

But they rarely do anything significant in the real world.

So… #GetWokeGoBroke, EA! It’s a great verbal killshot because it encapsulates a consequence for their actions – and other studios across all industries will take notice.

All that’s a really long-winded way of saying that Antifa, the Legacy Media, and the Internet Oligarchs don’t care what we think of them. They only care about avoiding consequences for their bad behavior. In the case of SJW, it was standing out, looking like a lone narcissistic maniac. With #GetWokeGoBroke, it implies devastating economic consequences.

Calling Jim Acosta a fascist?

He just shrugs and gets back to lying.

Calling Mark Zuckerberg a fascist?

He gives you a 30-day mute and funnels more money into his shell company.

Calling antifa fascists?

They just call you a Nazi, throw a brick in your face, burn your house down, and doxx your cat for good measure.

They all may very well be despicable, disingenuous authoritarians of the worst sort… But calling them fascists?

It’s incorrect, and worse…

It’s ineffectual.

Again, I get what Q is trying to do…

I just think he may be throwing out the baby with the bathwater here.


Again, not much for me to explain here. You’ve all seen the links. You’ve read the EOs. You know the new Courts Martial manual goes into effect in 2019.

We’re not getting trials before then. And why is this important?

Because you don’t want the Cabal wiggling out on a technicality. You want to sentence these people soundly – and to do that, you literally have to rewrite the rule-book.

Some may be disappointed by this timeline…

But that doesn’t mean we can’t get arrests before then.

Personally, I’m hoping they start soon. I don’t know how long, legally, we can hold someone before being forced to expedite their trial, but I’m confident that, as soon as possible, we’ll be seeing arrests.

Now, 169 and 170 were the same post – save for one error Q made on the link to the FBI doc. He deleted 169 and reposted it with the correct link as 170 – so I’ll only be including 170 here.

Looks like a communication chain, in Q’s top lines – showing how the Cabal communicated. It will be interesting to see what six names fall in those six empty killboxes.

Who instructed the DOJ to release ‘select’ text messages?

I don’t know how we could possibly know that, Q. One would assume POTUS, but there’s no way for us to verify.

When did [RR] learn of involvement [BO][NO]?

He always knew. Come on. He’s no fool.

What happens if [RR] knew PRIOR TO signing CP FISA?

He would need to step down immediately.

Why did [RR] under congressional testimony refuse to answer the question re: reading of FISA prior to execution?

Because it would implicate him in this Russian Collusion charade.

Rosenstein appointed Mueller.

If Rosenstein knows Mueller has been appointed under false pretenses, the entire Russian inquiry falls apart, and ends, then and there.

The twist to this is that Rosenstein might have been buying Mueller some time to investigate what he was actually investigating – his “witch hunt.”

Here’s Q’s link. It’s the redacted FISA doc.

FISA Surveillance Court Orders and Applications

Administrative Policy Procedures – Anti-War – Bureau Personnel – Civil Rights – Counterterrorism – Foreign Counterintelligence – Frequently Requested – Fugitives – Gangs Extremist Groups – Gangster Era – Miscellaneous – Organizations – Organized Crime – Political Figures Events – Popular Culture – Public Corruption – Supreme Court – Unexplained Phenomenon – World War II – Violent Crime

Who signed pg 380?

Looks like Strzok.

Who signed pg 389?

Definitely McCabe. It’s unredacted.

Who signed pg 390?

Uhhhhh… No one?

Was this page referenced in error, Q?

Who signed pg 391?

Rosenstein – unredacted.

Note the day is redacted, however.

Who signed pg 392?

A DOJ Attorney…

Sally Yates? Rachel Brand?

Anyway, let’s get those [20] pages already, Q. The people have waited long enough for this “movie” to start, and I just about finished my popcorn during the previews.

I also like #Anon’s speculation re: Revenge of the Nerds – if for nothing else than the entertainment value it brought me:

There’s actually two videos here in this link, so I linked both below:

Jeff Sessions on Twitter

PAY ATTENTION! #DrainTheSwamp #AmericaFirst @POTUS 1/2

No Title

No Description


Personally… I didn’t feel that this was quite as earth shattering as Anon thought it was, but that’s okay. We’ve got a good team, working hard to restore Justice in America.

Godspeed, Stealth Jeff.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read all that. Hope it was worth your time.

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99 thoughts on “SHOWTIME! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. Thanks as always Neon!

    Still loving my hat. 🙂

    Get some sleep.

    I get the feeling we are in for some interesting news this week.

  2. Thanks mate…:)

    For me Qs definition of fascism is more relevant to the whole context of Qs post rather than the definition of fascism itself….

    As you say fascism and it’s meaning is far more complex than what Qs definition says but when you consider that specific Q definition in context with transference and psychology of the DS Antifa etc then to me it makes more sense …..

    In its more simple modern form fascism was borne from Marxism In Mussolini’s Italy long before Hitler gained power… or before the term was used to define right wing ideology….

    I think if a reader considers Qs post in its simplest form then it makes more sense…. problem for you is I think that word triggers a much more complex response….

    • Marxism or fascism (hitler’s brand) matters little to me. They are inherently evil and are just tools for the left to take down good. Sift it down to the basics – it’s always the same story – good versus evil.

    • Dear Pete M.: Remark that follows is directed at article’s author – not Fascism, not Marxism/Leninism, in actuality, Luciferianism. The World Revolutionary Movement’s leader is the father of lies, and/or his commander. This struggle is supernatural.

  3. The Fascism as introduced by Mussolini was the combination of government and big business. Mussolini called fascism corporatism. I like to refer to it as banker socialism. This is what the tech giants represent when they are censoring opinions they don’t like. They are acting like fascists.

    • We here in America call it crony capitalism. Same thing, though. Real capitalism is the small businesses, the mom and pop types. And that’s where our REAL strength is, because they’re true patriots.

  4. I too have become frustrated with the length of time it is taking to release those 20 pages. But I feel there has to be a good reason for the delay. My President has never failed me yet, so I’m just going to be patient. My biggest concern is what is happening to all those children who may be in captivity or worse, deceased now because the perverts are destroying all the evidence, which would be those children. Too many people are dying and these evil people need to be locked up ASAP before they can do any more damage than they already have.

  5. Neon,
    Thank you for bringing Truth to those of us in the periphery. It’s almost physically painful sometimes to see that the greater part of the last hundred years – minimum – has been a lie, but that most choose to deliberately shut their eyes rather than face reality.
    I think most of us here don’t – can’t – understand that attitude. Just because you ignore reality doesn’t mean reality will ignore you.
    I probably would have continued to lurk rather than post, but after your major posts last week about the Cabal, the Illuminati, and the sheer existential horror of the cult activities they… celebrate, I wanted to contribute something small. One of my very favorite books is called The Everlasting Man, by GK Chesterton. It was written in the 1930s, so you can find it on Project Gutenberg:
    Two of the chapters speak very important truths about the psychology of our enemies. They are Chapter VI: The Demons and the Philosophers, and Chapter VII: The War of Gods and Demons.

    “But without dwelling much longer in these dark corners, it may be noted as not irrelevant here that certain anti-human antagonisms seem to recur in this tradition of black magic. There may be suspected as running through it everywhere, for instance, a mystical hatred of the idea of childhood. People would understand better the popular fury against the witches, if they remembered that the malice most commonly attributed to them was preventing the birth of children…This sense that the forces of evil especially threaten childhood is found again in the enormous popularity of the Child Martyr of the Middle Ages. Chaucer did but give another version of a very national English legend, when he conceived the wickedest of all possible witches as the dark alien woman watching behind her high lattice and heading, like the babble of a brook down the stony street, the singing of little St. Hugh.”

    “But the worshippers of Moloch were not gross or primitive. They were members of a mature and polished civilization, abounding in refinements and luxuries; they were probably far more civilised than the Romans. And Moloch was not a myth; or at any rate his meal was not a myth. These highly civilised people really met together to invoke the blessing of heaven on their empire by throwing hundreds of their infants into a large furnace. We can only realise the combination by imagining a number of Manchester merchants with chimney-pot hats and mutton-chop whiskers, going to church every Sunday at eleven o’clock to see a baby roasted alive.”

    Now we know that that tradition never ended.

    May God defend the Right, and take to Himself the souls of all those slain by the Enemy – especeially the innocent

  6. Great review NR! I must have listened to Sessions 4x. I feel that he did everything but confirm Q. They are really ramping up the arrest language. It has to happen soon as the school is back in session and mid terms are coming – a perfect time to have a false flag for the DS.

  7. Fascism not so bad? Coerced collectivism is ALWAYS evil. Voluntarily working together may produce bigger results, but without consent, it comes at the cost of liberty.

  8. NR, thanks for all that you do. So many dates have been missed now on the Q posts, I trust them like reading Nancy Drew as a kid–non-fiction but interesting. Mo. of May–bad mo. for Pope who is still in power; July, we were to learn of Seth Rich’s murder, nothing; I could go on but why bother?
    The construction contract for Gitmo is being “signed” in 2019 which means work will not BEGIN until after the contract is signed–do you know how long it takes to construct anything? Is it the beginning of 2019 or the end of 2019 for the signing? So, the earliest it will be ready is possibly 2021 to accept inmates. All blow and no go. Sad.

    • Think of it this way. Do you think Bill Maher is out doing his spirit cooking or whatever anymore? Mission accomplished. So much of Q is “we see what you are doing” to the cabal. Disinformation is necessary. If Q stops 99% of the evil and you never hear a thing about it, would you be ok with that?

    • It WAS a bad month for the Pope. That’s when the sex crimes against the priests started being levied, around the world.

  9. remember freind. when you come to work CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR!! other wise great work again NR i am greatly honored to be your supporter god speed wwg1..wga

  10. More about the international banking corporations
    “Note that the whole world is functioning on this “principle of the pyramid”. If someone already has the accumulated amount of a given “resource”, then in the future he will have this “resource” even more. It’s not just about money, it’s about knowledge, social skills, sex, and more. He who has little, because he was unlucky to be born under a dark star, will have even less and less over time. Such a person must make an almost superhuman effort to get even the “average center” of the pyramid.”

    • International or national, neither are representative of a free society, much less a sovereign state. No state can be sovereign, including America, when an outside entity (bank) owns and controls the treasure of that state. The country is a slave to the treasure holder and will do as it demands.
      ▬ ▬
      Thomas Jefferson got it right:

      I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground: That “all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people.” To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptible of any definition.

      The incorporation of a bank, and the powers assumed by this bill, have not, in my opinion, been delegated to the United States, by the Constitution… They are not among the powers specially enumerated… — Thomas Jefferson: Opinion against the constitutionality of a National Bank (1791)

  11. It’s like a big circle. Q educates. President confirms. Media does the octopus ink on truth. Brennan was the canary in the coal mine because the President is taking action against an evil leftist foe. They gauge the reaction. The last thing the President wants is innocent lives lost as they take down the cabal. Like taking a kid to the dentist, it is for the ultimate good but they sure can yell, we’ve all heard them. They do not want it, and they can be very vocal over it. The band aid is being ripped off millimeter by millimeter, when many of us just want it ripped off already.

    I enjoy how Neon brings a new light on Q, showing us different angles, that I just didn’t see. Job well done!!

  12. I’ve been having to tell people who think JS is a swamp creature: “Look. President Trump has NO PROBLEM firing anyone on his staff who isn’t getting the job done. The fact that JS is still in office shows that he’s doing exactly what PDT wants him to do. What? Why? We don’t know yet. Trust the plan.”

    Vindicated, bitches! 😉

  13. “But come on, Q. What’s so wrong with correctly labeling these people MARXISTS, instead of Fascists?”

    He is showing/proving their projection. They call us fascists – in the modern, totalitarian, genocidal, commonly currently understood sense – and he is showing by their actions, they are the ones closest to modern fascists (as defined by the actions of Hitler and Mussolini).

    If you start arguing what fascism really is/means and admit to fascistic ideas, you lose. That’s just reality today.

    “disabled women complete with prosthesis, navigating an explosive battlefield with devastating aplomb.”

    Inclusion or an open mock of the SJWs? A bad joke that backfired?

    Maybe now would be a good time to hit the restroom before the movie starts. I drank that whole 64oz coke guzzler that cost $8 and my bladder is about to explode!

  14. Q was going by the Merriam Webster definition of Fascism which contains the words “forcible suppression of opposition.” Did not Mussolini define it as “Everything in the State”, “Nothing outside the State” and “Nothing against the State”? I accept his point that Antifa is fascist while claiming to fight fascism. Overall, I agree with Jordan Peterson that this ideology is Neo Marxism and Marxism has killed far more than Fascist have.

  15. Neon, Neon, there is simply nobody else like you. There never has been and never will be, you are a one and only. So sober, so Trad and yet also so freaking funny. “That’s okay, we still love the haters, even if they are stupid.” I ROFLd literally, and I’m going to totally use that in RL.

    Anyway! Excellent defense of the way of Light, and I learned a lot about the word fascist. It never occurred to me to look into the deeper meaning of the word!

    I felt the same way about Q’s definition of dogma, as I mentioned on Gab. It’s the Communists who give it a bad name! Dogma is solid ground – a rock, if you will – and without it we would be lost in a sea of nonsensical half baked, ever-changing thoughts of our own and others, only to have the dark lies and false dogmas of Hell (the Cabal) forced upon us, until we drown. Dogmas cannot be manipulated, or perverted, only hidden from sight or be the subject of lies. Dogmas and doctrines are truth. While we may disagree on which of our various doctrines are true, basically good people can find enough to agree on to live peacefully and unite against a common enemy that wants us all dead or enslaved. Without them we have nothing but the Cabal’s “dogmas”, which is why they try to destroy all others via Communism. And Communism is merely a tool to enslave us while remaining hidden.

    Q means well, I know, and in context of the Cabal, I can agree – their dogma is censorship of truth, slavery and into the Darkness. The real dogmas lead to freedom, and Light, and keep America (and the world) safe and healthy. The Cabal has stolen and distorted good things, and good concepts then filthiest and perverted them.

  16. Hi Neon, I recommend checking out Frame Game Radio’s work on the Diversity Industry on youtube/twitter if you haven’t already. He’s a NYC based lawyer specializing in diversity and he gets into depth about why companies like EA & Starbucks are willing to bend over backwards to virtue signal. It may actually be a small price to pay to avoid multi-billion dollar racism lawsuits.

  17. Satan cannot create, he can only counterfeit that which already exists. Far, far leftism… Marxism – is the same action. Counterfeiting fascism into a Marxist currency and therefore soiling the better part of it, such as tradition, family, etc.

  18. SHOWTIME is right!
    We’ve reached a most exciting time.
    What time is it? It’s time to enjoy watching them run for cover and attack each other.

    Here’s Richard Burr going after John Brennan:

    Here’s James Clapper going after John Brennan:

    Here’s Philip Mudd becoming completely unhinged:

    They are freaking out. These leftists have spent so many decades playing offense, none of them can conceive of an effective defensive plan. So, what do they do? Well, so far their defensive plan is to save themselves by turning on each other. I think you’re going to see self-preservation moves all over the place. Enjoy.

  19. I came away from this one, irritated!! I didn’t even finish reading it!! It’s much better if you just report what you know/learn and leave out the attacks on Q. I love what you’ve been doing because it’s one place I could come and get it all wrapped up for me. Too bad…

  20. European Fascism:

    A form of political practice distinctive to the 20th century that arouses populist enthusiasm by sophisticated propaganda techniques for an anti-liberal, anti-Marxist, violently exclusionary, expansionist nationalist agenda offering social programs in return for service and loyalty to the single party state. Once in power, fascist dictatorships suppress individual liberties, imprisoned opponents, outlaw strikes, authorize unlimited police power in the name of national unity while celebrating the revival of committed military regimentation of the state.

    Economically, Fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer….Structurally it is an amalgamation of government and big business where private ownership of production is regulated in output and price controls but not profits…corporate party members received slave labor and national contracts.

    Americanism promoted the concept of commonwealth, where all had access to national resources to freely capitalize as individuals with minimal state interference in an individual’s private business…diametrically opposite of Fascism.

  21. “Come on Q…”

    Exactly. But since “Q” is a giant psyop, and since his handlers are ( at the top, commies ) then it makes perfect sense.

    • Did you catch his new Twitter account? Just as I said, Mueller ‘Russia Collusion’ investigation #WitchHunt is a cover for the investigation in HRC/COMEY/McCABE, per his account. And folks, take a look at the comments he made on the 23 photos and videos on his account. The syntax of those comments match Q. I think we know who Q is, now… and is it a coincidence that he only opened that account, this month? And now, it’s SHOWTIME! Don’t have to hide anymore. Jeff has been there, the WHOLE time, hiding as Q.

  22. NoSHOWTIME for high profile pedophile, Kevin Spacey!

    “Scandal-plagued actor Kevin Spacey’s latest film “Billionaire Boys Club” earned only $126 U.S. dollars in Friday’s debut, and only $618 for the entire weekend, marking a career low for the disgraced Hollywood star.”


  23. Words do have meanings, but don’t blame Q for the shifting of definitions. That is, and always has been, their game.

    “There is no such thing in America as an independent press, unless it is in the country towns. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write his honest opinions, and if you did you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150.00 a week for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with—others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things—and any of you who would be so foolish as to write his honest opinions would be out on the street looking for another job. The business of the New York journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to revile, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his race and his country for his daily bread. You know this and I know it, and what folly is this to be toasting an Independent Press. We are tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” (John Swinton, the then editor in chief of the New York Times, in a toast made at the annual dinner of the American Press Association in 1898)

    • The doctors are trying to find the cause of psychopathy and if they study the Bible, they may discover it. God did not write His laws on their hearts and their minds. “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them;” Hebrews 10:16 In other words, they are the non-elect. God had nothing to do with them and did not give them a conscience.

  24. i think its important to remember that Q did not define fascism, suppression etc…. but finished it with a question mark? asking us to consider it from the perspective of a question, with context taken from his statements.

    Also sometimes the definition of a thing matters less than the mass perception of the definition. Those of us who believe words matter, to fully communicate, are not necessarily facing an opponent who has that level of complexity, or can even understand subtlety on any level.

    Great job…keep on…we’re almost to the middle.

  25. Great analysis…however I must respectfully pfff your gripe against Q’s definition of “fascism”. Based on the realities of today, it’s a very applicable and accurate definition. Forget that it’s the exact definition taken from the MWD verbatim. Let us not forget, one of the Marxist’s most diabolical tools is the malicious warping of words. They routinely steal power words and mis-define them and twist facts to the opposite of reality, then continuously push those false definitions and lies until a critical mass of normies believe (or become so confused they relent). ie. Continuously saying the Nazis were far right despite the fact that they were totalitarian Socialists…ie2 Liberal used to be what Thomas Jefferson and John Jay represented…now it’s the complete opposite thanks to this Marxists mind trick. I personally have zero issue with it especially given the context…namely the utter ludicrous and absurd hypocrisy (projection) the ANTIFAscistas represent. We can never convince them of their hypocrisy because they know damn well what they do. We can never change their minds or reason with them because they know what they are doing. As stated, they represent the most virulent form of Marxist ideology once they employ violence to obtain power…they should most accurately be defined as the Neo-Bolsheviks and they are a malignancy on any society they are allowed to exist. Nevertheless, for purposes of simplicity, let’s call them what they are…COMMUNISTS. They deserve no more definition than that. History clearly shows us what happens once they allowed to achieve real political power…Hitler, Mao,Pol Pot, Soviet Russia for a few…and the systematic extermination of their political enemies. What these ANTIFA idiots fail to comprehend is that history also clearly shows us what becomes of their versions of ANTIFASCISTS who helped them gain power…they also get the bullet because Stalin and Mao recognized that anyone who would betray their own people could never be trusted. They are simply employing the tools which have worked so well for them in the past…but they are not working this time around and they don’t know what to do. They have nothing else. I fail to see them as victims of their Commie college professors. I reject the argument that they are victims or vulnerable pawns being used by the leftist agenda to destroy this Republic…they are adults, and they have free will. Therefore they are willing participants in waging war against their own countrymen. If they have indeed simply been radicalized and propagandized to such a degree that they are unable to discern reality and truth , they still have the culpability all American adults have. I’d sooner see them ground into dust and deposited into public urinals. We Patriots have exhibited superhuman restraint thus far, but our patience are wearing thin. Those twig-armed, genetic weaklings will rue the day when toxic American masculinity is loosed. Make no mistake, Q is preventing a civil war which was brewing. If there is one good result from the restraint shown by American Patriots, it’s allowing for the rest of America to get a good, nasty dose of Communists. Once the dust settles, the mere mention of ANTIFA, leftist, Socialist, Communist, etc will elicit a feelings of disgust within the America psyche for at least another 100 years…as long as we purge the educational institutions of these pinkos once and for all…else we forget and the entire cycle will repeat. Operation Paperclip is on its last leg.

  26. Stopping the cabal like bill maher from performing their rituals will only restart when Trump is gone from office. They have been doing this for thousands of years.

    It needs to be exposed for the world to see and for people to awaken.

    Arrest.need to be made.

    My biggest fear I that when the world sees what had been happening they accept it and accept luciferians and their practices and Pedophilia.

    The world is used to it as they have been participating in luciferian rituals through movies, sports and awards shows

    The world loves babylon .

    The time is now or never

  27. Nice summary, thank you. I appreciate your nuanced review of fascism and educated myself regarding Dugin and dasien.

    Small point of disagreement, it would seem that our current corporatist/Deep State government does have more in common with Mussolini than Stalin and in that respect Q’s attack on Antifa/fascism has intellectual merit in addition to popular utility. Personally I have little attachment to political theories or the models that emanate from them. Psycho paths have a chameleon’s ability to clothe themselves in the political language of the moment so the defining characteristic is really “Service to Self” verse “Service to Others”. Presumably there are differences in functional neurology and epigenetic expression that accompany both positions. Food for thought as we think about what an effective educational/value installation framework would look like.

    I remain most curious about the issue of timing and strategy particularly as it relates to the Nov mid term elections and the January 1 activation of the EO re: military jurisdiction over a relatively broad range of criminal prosecution.

    Questions in a nutshell.

    1) With respect to high profile arrests being made before the Nov elections. There is the opportunity to sway the outcome certainly but this would also give rise to counter claims of election interference. National Guard troops have been at Gitmo for some time and are always rotating in and out. Trump’s tweet is interesting and encouraging for sure, yet do we have an indication of something beyond normal MP rotation going on there?

    2) If someone is arrested and charged under the “old rules” can new charges be brought after January 1, 2019? Does this require that the “offending behavior” take place after the law is in effect?

    3) Was the strategy of postponing implementation of the new military code designed to pressure Deep State actors to seek deals before January 1, 2019? If yes, how does this affect high profile arrests that might occur before that time.

    Thank you,

  28. Great work NR, as always. Thanks for all that you do.

    It’s great that you brought up Dasein. I had never heard of Dugan in that context, but am a fan of Heidegger’s work. It seems Dugan used Hieddeger’s existential model of Dasein to help imagine his own “Fourth Political Theory.” In searching the connection between the two men, I found this very enjoyable and contextually relevant article on Dugan called, “Unthinking Liberalism.” They refer heavily to the differences between Marxism, Fascism/National Socialism, and liberalism.

    For anyone curious about the existential philosophy of Dasein:

  29. there will only be MILITARY tribunals….no TRIALS……..since the court system is corrupted , along will all other justice ABC agencies…..imo

  30. It’s interesting that the Italian word ‘Fascism,’ as a political movement, might be best translated as “Stronger-Togetherism.”

    Hillary’s campaign slogan was Stronger Together.

    There certainly is a case to be made that the real Fascists with their own ‘brownshirts’ are what we are fighting against.

    I don’t disagree about the points in favor of using “Marxists.”

  31. It was great to read your thoughts on fascism and Marxism. I agree and appreciate your nuance. Having said that, I believe Q was using the labels that they use to define us to turn it back and define them (to illustrate their Projection). Also, I consider much of what Q is writing is now directed more to the newbies coming on board. Few, if any, would be able to grasp those details and see it clearly yet. But the point he was making was these Antifa–are themselves forcibly suppressing opposition. Obvious to us, but to many of the searchers just learning, this is a lightning bolt of truth.

    Love love your blog!! Thank you!!

  32. If it’s the anon’s job to wake people up, I’m disappointed. I thought Q said everyone would be unable to deny what the deep state has been doing.

  33. Neon,

    I have to vehemently disagree with your assessment of Q’s use of the term “fascism”.

    The key here is psychological projection. The LEFT keeps using that term, they keep accusing patriots of being fascists, and Q is pointing out that the term they keep using applies to them!

    And from the correct definition of the term, what characterizes fascist states, e.g. censorship, suppression of free speech, using violence to achieve political ends, all of this is what the cabal are doing! It’s not wrong!

    So IF anyone are fascists, or spreading fascist ideology, it’s those Q is taking down.

    There is very little difference between communism and fascism. The main difference is that in communism the state both owns and controls all production, while in fascism the state does not own but nevertheless controls all production. They are both totalitarian, they are both anti-liberty.

    The way you wrote this piece suggests the ridiculous notion that nationalism is fascism. It isn’t. Nationalism is but a necessary but nowhere near sufficient prerequisite to fascism.

    A lone country, a constitutional republic, defending itself against a globalist dictatorship in the making, is not fascist. There needs to be total or near total economic control by the state for that to be the case…EXACTLY LIKE WHAT THE CABAL WANTS FROM A WORLD STATE POWER, THEIR OWN.

  34. I don’t even know what fascism means anymore. It’s like a slang word, “sick” means wonderful. Young people think fascism means those who enforce the law, like ICE. They don’t call the Soviet Union a communist country, they call it “Stalinist” meaning true communism has not yet been tried (so let’s try it). They are basically anarchists who want to tear everything down and then dictate to a police state.
    I’m getting tried of the BS, I want an end to it. 50% of the population is ignorant, uninformed and and delusional. I don’t see how they can be incorporated to a functioning republic going forward.

  35. I Too Believe that when the history is written it will reflect that President Trump appointed one of the finest Teams ever assembled………….


  36. Dude, we’re gonna need more popcorn than that! You be seriously underestimating your readership. Tractor trailers needed!

  37. Neon – I value your work highly and fully support what you are doing. I enjoyed reading your take here on Q and the ‘Antifa=Fascist’ issue, but I largely disagree with your conclusions. Here is why:

    I would argue that no State can be legitimately considered Sovereign – rather, the only legitimate State is that which is created by mutual consent from the Sovereign individuals who comprise it. This is at the heart of the concept of ‘limited government’, and why the powers of the State are legitimately curtailed by the inalienable Rights of those Sovereign individuals.

    Rights are inseparable from Duties, and the corresponding Duties inherent to the mutuality of those Rights delineate the contours of the consequent legitimate State and its proper powers. Both Fascism and Marxism elevate the power of State above the Rights of the Sovereign individuals comprising it – they claim an overriding Sovereignty for the State itself that trumps individual Rights, and hence they can ‘legitimately’ trample all over those Rights in the name of the Sovereignty of the State (The People). In this precise sense they are Authoritarian systems – and the legitimate State, mutually created by consenting Sovereign individuals, is by definition the Libertarian State.

    The proper discourse for political orientation should therefore be split along Authoritarian/Libertarian lines – not the traditional, obfuscating, and question-begging Left/Right divide. In this sense what Q is doing when he points out the ‘Fascism’ of Antifa is highlighting the irrationality and hypocrisy of their position – and explicitly, the projection involved. I believe this is perfectly apropos in this context, especially given the content of Q’s recent drops, and the wider context of the Q phenomenon. I think the attempt to distinguish Fascism/Communism in terms of ‘damage done’, whilst accurate to a degree in itself, is really irrelevant in this proper context.

    Antifa are Authoritarians, claiming to be fighting Authoritarians; they are moronic hypocrites of the highest order. Both Fascism and Communism are Authoritarian political narratives, they are contiguous, and their combined practical application has been utterly calamitous, with hundreds of millions of casualties (if not billions). Attempting to cleave some difference here, though possible (and you do it very well) looks pointless and irrelevant to me from this perspective, and it engenders further confusion in a complex situation that really demands clarification. I genuinely look forward to your next posting, we are lucky to have you.

    • @dharmapee It’s worse than that. To the true Communists, the State is not merely Sovereign, the State is God: “The State is the Divine Idea as it exists on earth…. We must therefore worship the State as the manifestation of the Divine on earth…. The State is the march of God through the world.” (Hegel, Philosophy of History)

  38. Q is clearly referencing the outcome of US corporcratic bureaucracy as oppression, not the simple connection to socialism. The drawback to fascism is the governing powers control every aspect of society, right down to how corporations conduct themselves. For instance how they interact with and market the public, and how they handle their contracts. It is government controlled and mandated.
    I believe his point is all aspects of thought are manufactured and controlled by politicians thru the media, and now internet platforms. That fascist element can create national policy thru Lobbyists, CEO’s, judges, and elected officials who further a sinister agenda. Corporate lobbyists pay politicians who pass laws to protect corporations.
    That does not address the corporations who by law; poison our foods water and skies, cripple minds thru vaccines, kill helpless people in hospitals, incarcerate innocent humans, modify weather, maintain a spurious bank system, hinder technological advancement, so on.
    If you contest the one world narrative and obvious collision course our government has obliged on us you will be located thru surveillance and silenced by poison, black mail, financial catastrophe, car or plane accident, suicide or now severe weather because they control our environment. You are the target, and you are paying for every single aspect of it right down to Anderson Coopers salary.
    I agree with Q, suppression of opposition drove George Washington to free the colonies.

  39. Hitler and Stalin both admired each other, and JFK admired Hitler.
    Germany was crawling with mostly Jewish Marxists so was Italy. Fascism was an answer to Marxism without giving the state total control of commerce/wealth. That’s why it was embraced.
    Let me tell ya, I live around Marxists and they are total losers and grifters. They avoid pet rent in their rent control apartments by making their pets service animals. They have handicap free parking placards because they have depression. They take big dogs on planes and have them at their feet because they are large and the seats are small which causes them anxiety. They try to be dog walkers for older wealthy people to get in on their wealth when they die. They never get real jobs or buy property, they sponge their whole lives.

    This is the key to this time.
    When Neptune rulers of Pisces comes home mass religious movements are spread vary far and wide in a short period of time, about 10 yrs.
    -Neptune home in Pisces when Paul traveled to Damascus and Christianity spread.
    Other times it was home in Pisces.
    -Buddhism spreads to Japan.
    -Islam spreads across the middle east
    -most recent Karl Marx “Communist Manifesto” is published (it is a religion)
    -2011-Neptune comes home and now is the time to spread a movement

    Coupled with the Great American Eclipse August 21,2017 that changes America I believe it is Christian Nationalism.
    Pluto/Saturn/soon Jupiter in Pisces conjunct the South Nodes of Pluto and Saturn the powers that be are burned to the ground, that which is healthy stands. The grand conjunction first hit is Jan 12, 2020
    There isn’t another time like this in history as we know it, 3000 yrs back, 3000 yrs forward.

      • the great chronocrator is the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn apx 20 yrs. The conjunction this time changes elements and will be in air sign Aquarius after this big conjunction Dec 21, 2020 at 00*29 Aquarius. The last time Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in AQ was in 1345 AD
        This is the rare conjunction of Pluto/Saturn conjunct in Capricorn on the south nodes of both planets, along with Jupiter in Capricorn. Neptune in Pisces.
        Only times Saturn/Pluto conj in Capricorn 1518 AD 783AD 47AD 549 AD 186BC
        The closest I can find is 47AD for Pluto/Saturn Cap Neptune Pisces but Jupiter was in Leo not joining the party. So we can look at that year for clues.
        Maybe it has happened before but not in any history we can see going back 3000 and forward 3000.
        Truth is the world won’t ever be the same again for humanity after this time.

      • The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction alone happens every 20 yrs, it is called “The Great Chronicator” and it is linked to the rise and fall of empires. This happens in 2020 at 0*29 Aquarius.
        This is wayyyyyyyy bigger.
        Can’t find anything like it, closest I found is 47ad but missing Jupiter and not on the nodes.
        btw I do know what I am talking about 50 yrs in deep study.

  40. I do not agree w your opinion regarding fascism, mainly bc that discussion is irrelevant. This is because criminals, esp war criminals are not allowed to hide behind any political philosophy or justification. They are CRIMINALs and they need to be tried before a jury of their peers and then hung by the neck until dead. Allowing them to make up terms of art, and hide behind them does no service to what is left of this nation.

      • Self preservation in this matter has enlarged the crimes of these criminals. It is too bad that they walk the streets and people still follow them like slaves. When I see any of them on TV or at events or on youtube, it surprises me how many people do not view them as the criminals that they are. If we are talking about child rape, or Ritual Abuse, or dropping bombs on unarmed civilians and then looting their resources, and lying to the People, we are talking about major criminals that have no political philosophy. They use words to hide their crimes like “collateral damage” or “Structural changes” while they loot. They looted the former Soviet Union back in Reagon’s time. They are in process of looting us and the rest of the world. Call it like it is. The British are our worst enemies and always have been. Meanwhile, people fawn at the feet of these “Royals” who are all running pedo rings and Satanic parties. They have the nerve to try to mainstream pedophilia and Satanism. Look at what they are doing to all of us? We have to endure Satanists requiring their child molesting statutes in public places like Arkansas. Other places, they have the nerve to be public and demand things from the rest of us, while they kidnap and murder our children after torturing them to death. I am not going to allow these criminals to hide behind a religion or behind their terms of art. They have no philosophy, they think that we are nothing and we should bow down to them. Worse, some people mince words and allow them to carry on, even after what they did on 911.

        • Our? I’m “British”, America’s been lost since you left the Empire, Weaker, more degenerate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cabal caused you to leave our protection. You started your war by refusing to pay your due taxes we incurred protecting you from invasion with our naval fleet, so your current invasion is ironic since our protection was white nationalist and much cheaper. The Royals are fake, German. Minors cannot consent, should be age of majority 18. Lowering age of majority to match includes the draft.
          America still has age of consent for minors (and “child brides”), so I don’t see how you can act superior.
          We need to hang the Satanic pedo traitors with a rope but America was founded on treason to your own blood so a few Jews could make more money and isolate you from powerful allies.

  41. Adorno F-scale – made up by a censoring leftie to poison the well of nationalism. Q is likely so old he’s a civnat. They don’t do HBD. They don’t think as long term and cultural dilution issues.
    They painted on the abs in 300. This is why I have trust issues. Mud-like paint, cold, one of the actors told me.
    Harrison Bergeron is our world. We need The Little Black Book of Communism on every school curriculum. The Nazis were socialist so they count as Left deaths too. The true name of the Beast here = r-types. Multiculturalism = cultural genocide. Method: mentacide and pathological altruism. All we’d need is a definitive list of predictions the Left wing made and how every one has proven false. And they all have. They’re selling snake oil. Name the control freaks and any time there’s a monstering mob, go after them for false light and incitement.
    I hope the history of this is taught in schools, damn. Academia funding needs a mention by Q.
    Their worst nightmare is poverty, stripping traitors of their ill-gotten gains is genius.
    I love memes but I also want parody songs. You know, you can buy Clinton masks….

  42. NO, NO, NO! I am interpreting this as political satire – perhaps to trick the new entries into American society. choose to interpret it this way because of the shallowness of the symbols identified within the article.

    The fascists began to morph E Pluribus Unum – into a collective of a many-chord bundle of national socialists, but what we were enslaved by crept in as Thomas Jefferson saidd it would: if we didn’t STRANGLE the growth of government, This SLOW death march was intended to cut us off from those things that we all had in common, because by making some of us victims, scapegoating the middle, and pretending to represent both slaves. Forgetting what the experiment in self-determination was about – cut-off from each other – it’s turned into a slow, determined & deliberate slouching, towards Gomorra.

    Do national socialists have a version of the Fabian Society? Because, yI don’t think you can make the case that TODAYS symbolism justifies the premise that the individualistic founders, were somehow secret national collectivists? Because:

    1) There were NO fasces in the halls of Congress during the FIRST 100 years of These United States,

    2) The Lincoln Memorial was begun in 1914 and completed in 1922 – D-U-R-I-N-G Woodrow’s (The American Fascist) “reign” (1913 – 1921), and at the HEIGHT of the progressive era (Progressive = Fascist), for BOTH parties. Wilson and Teddy had as much in common as Ike & Truman.

    In fact, those pesky Nuremberg Laws denying Jews…well, personhood…were modeled on the fascist Jim Crow Laws in America (implemented by white DEMOCRATS after the period of reconstruction, ol’ Woody Wilson…he DOUBLED DOWN on them by insisting on racial segregation of Federal Workspaces). The idea for fiat currency (printing money backed by debt), came from our Federal Reserve, and famed Nazionale Zocialist Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebells, studied the teachings & writings of American propagandist, Edward Bernays (Who actually wrote the BOOK called…PROPAGANDA)…it’s all there in our history, it’s just not all in one place, so you can’t really study it easily…hmmm…wonder why that is?

    Imagine NO federal Income tax, NO lands COULD be confiscated to erect TAXPAYER FUNDED NATIONAL PARKS, NO taxes n rental property, NO such thing as FICA, NO Federal Highway tax, NO SEVRET POLICE (i.e., FBI, IRS, CIA, DHS, etc.,).

    This is about the point where somebody inexorably mentions slavery…and where I say THAT was the birth of the DeepState in America – South Carolina insisting on the right to enslave SOME mean AHEAD of the freedom of ALL men, is a DeepState construct. It was done to synthesize evil…for the sake of expediency, it was not addressed – but it’s scars allow them to manipulate US still to this day.

    But, at the turn of the century, the cabal/deep state began to ramp up their efforts to organize US around new collectivist principles of corporatism (corporativism). In which a select few professional “experts” knew better than uneducated citizens how best to “manage” US. Woodrow Wilson called his experts “Dictators”, FDR called his “Czar’s” – mostly because Dictator had begun to take a decidedly militaristic form in the two main countries that COPIED Woodrow’s & Franklin’s ideas regarding corporatism – Italy & Germany.

    Then, Congress outsourced it’s JOB to coin money to the Federal Reserve, (((they))) created a currency based on units of government debt. (((They))) imposed an illegal Federal Income Tax – for the purpose of redistributing wealth. Sure it was small at first, only 1% of EVERY American’s paycheck (…of course AFTER that American citizen FIRST received his paycheck, because NO AMERICAN would have allowed ANY government to reach into his pocket BEFORE he collected his wage). There were many more “acts” since then, but those were the first bricks removed from the wall that DISALLOWED Government from doing certain things to the people…and I don’t want to bore you all with more details, many of you know them anyway.

    In PRE-FASCIST AMERICA – you worked hard, you made money, you bought land, you started your own business, and your motivation was for the only person you knew his earnestness, integrity: themselves! (and their family). WE were supposed to decide whom to help (and why)…not because someone told you it was right, but because you empathized with them. When you did help, they thanked YOU, not some government shill trying to keep them in near-poverty just to control their voting habits.

    In short – you kicked the idea in the head that not ALL the people are as smart as SOME of the people – which is the FOUNDATION of fascism & it’s sickly cousin, communism.

    If Q is taking us down the road to a somewhat slower form of national socialism – I’ll get off the bus just before we get to whomever’s idea of “nirvana” we’re headed in.

    Fascism asserts that combining the labor (managed by trade unions), together with a select few corporations (those who donate to the right politicians), and the government – create a managed economy that protects everyone. The government promises only certain politically correct workers get jobs at politically correct the corporations, who are ensured a market that will buy their goods – regardless of the quality or price – because the government protects it’s select few corporations from competition by making it unfair for NON-pliticially correct businesses to compete. Government gives tax benefits to their select corporations, and regulating the HECK out of any who dare to compete with the governments chosen few.

    The people are forced buy whatever the government sanctioned corporations produce – regardless of price/quality – because only two manufacturers make all the phones & computers…

    What’s even more cool for corporations: ANY mistakes the central planners make resulting in financial loss? Why, the government “nationalizes” all that BAD DEBT (making taxpayers responsible. The PROFITS, however, are only shared between the government & the corporations,

    Sound familiar?

    Prior to 1880’s NO POLITICIAN that feared re-election would have argued for letting THE Centralized power of the Federal Government to decide how much to TAKE from SOME in order to GIVE to their voters…!? Because the American people remembered that governments that grow, take the blood of their sons to fight wars, stole the dreams of entrepreneurship, by taking their wealth, and only a few elitists were in on the secret.

    Fascism is only hard to define, because (((they))) don’t want you to know what it is.

  43. Gene Wars eh!

    r Selected Commies/Liberals/Islamists/Satanists


    K Selected Patriots/Conservatives/Christians/Libertarians

    Cabal = r selected
    Qanon = K selected

    Epigenetic reproductive strategies

  44. You’re absolutely right: “antifa are fascists” is poor rhetoric. And rhetoric matters in a propaganda war. Q could benefit from someone creative helping him craft his rhetoric better. Vox Day is the king of rhetorical taxonomy. He takes something that is the secret wish or goal of the target, amplifies it to absurd proportions and juxtaposes it with the secret shame or fear of said target. The result is a label that is doubly humiliating to the target and highly memorable to the audience.

  45. My definition of fascism is (a merger between state and corporate powers). And that is what all these Soro funded NGO’s, Deep State and MSMedia minions are part of. A Fascist world which uses communism, socialism and Marxism to do their dirty work whenever it becomes convenient.

  46. Don’t know if someone has already pointed out, but if not, I’m going to say it. Under the NDAA, the federal government can hold anyone they want, indefinitely, when they’re being held for crimes against the nation and her people… i.e., treason, sedition, war crimes. And they don’t have to tell you were they are being held. They literally disappear into the system. Something the Demoncrats and the RINOs didn’t think about when they passed the NDAA and keep renewing it, I guess. Little do they realize that their own laws they meant to control the people with, are going to be used against them. ROFL! Isn’t revenge sweet?

    • Yes, it is God’s revenge. Psalms 35:8 “Let destruction come upon him at unawares; and let his net that he hath hid catch himself: into that very destruction let him fall.” Same as Haman, he was hung on the gallows he built to kill Mordecai. The traps the evil set for others, springs shut upon them. Praise God!


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