Under budget! And Ahead of Schedule! – #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #HumanTrafficking #Soros


Because I’m publishing multiple articles on the same day – make sure you didn’t miss the big bombshell article I had been promising for some time:

Okay, PSA over. I’m going to move through this one quickly – because frankly that other article was exhausting to write – but don’t worry, this will still be good!

Moving into #NEWQ:

What do I look like, Q?

Some kind of console pleasant?

Messing around with a potato tethered to my TV?


Glorious PC Gaming Master Race, Q.

In all seriousness, though – when I saw that article pop up in my newsfeed today – before I even saw Q’s post – I knew immediately. This was clean-up, following Q’s post about the Deep State using Xbox Live for comms.

And because I’m part of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race… I also noticed something else…

Guess what was on sale on Steam today:

So soon after the Q400 incident, too?

I wasn’t the only one who noticed:

Remember what “Beebo” said:

#NoCoincidences, Q.

Oh, they certainly do.

The final, intended destination for Edward Snowden was, obviously, Russia.

I tend to agree with what u/Oppoboycott wrote about Snowden, in response to this drop:


Just to be clear, that means Carter Page FISA.

I had to do a double-take myself.

But when the three-letter agencies are compromised, you better have an intelligence agency of your own, controlled by true patriots, in order to fight back:


Q, tell your tech guys to update the security certificate on the .mil domain.

Come on. You’re supposed to be professionals. Even I have a functioning security certificate.


INSCOM – U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command

No Description

Not that I want you guys to break my site just to mess with me.

Pls no.

It was clear. Clowns wanted some to think it meant Eric Schmidt (in this context) to sow confusion.

I… did not catch that there was a connection between the two before…

I’m still not quite sure what that could be, actually.


Lyin’ Comey, caught with his pants down by the NSA! Just a guess, but I think #QAnon has an extra level of disdain for Comey – judging by how he has addressed him both now, and before.

Look at how he was plotting AFTER the election, to subvert #POTUS, trying to make sure he was blinded by ineffective and misleading Presidential Daily Briefings.

Does that qualify as treason?

Yeah, pretty sure Comey just earned himself a “personal” 21 gun salute with that one.

Ah, the “missing” Q post – post 165 on /patriotsfight/.

This appeared and then disappeared real quick, but thankfully… the #Anon with the absolutely eye-bleedingly-terrible color scheme caught it and posted it very quickly:

(Seriously, dude… That’s almost as bad as the Microsoft “Hot Dog Stand” color scheme in, what was it? Windows 3.1?)

Looks like Q is telling us the media had access to that private Gmail server Comey used.

Thus…Making the media traitorous co-conspirators in a plot to subvert POTUS.

I’m really wondering as to why Q would post this, then delete, only to point us to an anon’s cap of it… Clearly he wanted to get the message out, still. He wasn’t hiding it…

So what’s the significance of the deletion? Any ideas?

Gonna Leslie-Nielson you whenever you say that, Q:

Very disturbing video.

It’s almost like the mask slipped and the true, evil face shone through – and it took a moment for the adults there to react because… this is a priest.

They should have pulled that kid away from him faster.

No! It’s not Joel Getz! What are you people, faceblind?

It’s this guy:

And that pic was taken from Podesta’s birthday party we covered in the article yesterday – the one where he asked everyone to wear red shoes:

Cogent Strategies – the company he works for – was basically the Podesta Group rebooted after it shut down. The CEO of the Podesta Group, Kimberly Fritts, packed her bags with Podesta, opened up a new corporation, and basically rebooted under a new corporate guise:


Anyway – Anon steers us back on point, by redirecting us to the Hong Kong Kindergarten issue – which was where that man and his associate were walking:

First, if you need a review of the top pic – start here:

But here’s Q’s pic, in a larger format. Ignore the Madeleine McCann thing – Q will say as much later:

It’s all red shoes again. You should know what that means – but if you don’t, catch up here:

And remember a couple of days ago when I “asked” on Gab, “Is Bill Maher the next Jimmy Savile?”

The answer was “YES. YES HE IS!”

Here are Q’s links:

Click to access 5926-Short-Form-20170817-348.pdf

Looks like he wants to draw our attention to this bit:

This next form confirms his activities, and adds some more details:


Such as his extensive history working with Sen. Menendez.

You know – the guy who somehow dodged underage prostitution charges during his corruption trial:


Note: that allegedly took place in the Dominican Republic.

Think those kids were smuggled across the border from Haiti?

But to get back to the European Center for a Modern Ukraine… That was, of course, a #Soros-backed group:


In addition to George Soros (identified as «GS» in the leaked OSF documents, others involved in the Ukrainian coup planning included US ambassador to Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt; David Meale (Economic Counselor to Pyatt); Lenny Benardo (OSF); Yevhen Bystrytsky (Executive Director, IRF); Oleksandr Sushko (Board Chair, IRF); Ivan Krastev (Chairman, Centre for Liberal Studies, a Soros- and US government-influenced operation in Sofia, Bulgaria); Sabine Freizer (OSF); and Deff Barton (Director, US Agency for International Development (USAID), Ukraine). USAID is a conduit for the Central Intelligence Agency. Soros was present at a post-coup meeting on March 21, 2014 that involved US support for the «New Ukraine». One document describes the «New Ukraine» as a key measure to «reshapes the European map by offering the opportunity to go back to the original essence of European integration».

Soros pushed for sanctions against Russia for refusing to recognize the coup-installed government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, which included neo-Nazis, and rejected a federalized Ukraine that would grant self-government to the Russian-speaking eastern Donbass region. In effect, Soros vetoed a proposal by Pyatt to negotiate a proposal made by Russian Foreign Minister that would grant autonomy to eastern Ukraine within a federalized Ukraine. Soros rejected the proposal because he believed it would grant Russia too much influence in Ukraine. Although Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland did not attend the March 21 meeting, she remained close to Pyatt and Yatsenyuk, who she affectionately called «Yats». In the end, the Obama administration rejected a federalized Ukraine and gave its full support to the unilateralism of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and his puppet master Soros.

And you’ll know Ukraine, if you’ve read #CDAN for any length of time, is a HOTBED of human trafficking. It’s really an epidemic over there, with Ukrainians being trafficked all over the world:


Ukraine remains one of Europe’s most notorious sources of human trafficking.

Since 1991, more than 160,000 men, women and children have been exploited for labor, sex, forced begging and organ removal, according to a mid-2015 report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

So just to review:

You have this lobbyist, Andrew Kauders.

He worked for a guy who was so corrupt, his corruption saved him from being charged with underage prostitution.

He also worked with Soros in order to destabilize a nation that’s one of the world’s biggest human trafficking hotbeds.

We have pictures of him outside a Chinese “Kindergarten.”

And we now have him exchanging emails directly with Tony “Red Shoes” Podesta:

Oh, and Podesta is talking about “cooking,” again.

Think Andrew was in charge of bringing the “ingredients?”

Think that’s maaaaaaaaybee what Q was trying to hint at?

Q reking the shills lol.

#FalseFlags to pin on Q.

This had to have been the response Q wanted, though.

1) He knew it was bound to happen. #TheCabal wasn’t just going to just sit back and ignore those booms. Q knew it was going to cause some kind of response.

2) Remember the [[[[Hunters]]]] becoming the Hunted. I have to wonder if some kind of sweep didn’t occur in the wake of this, rounding up saboteurs around the world.

Ohhhhh snap.


Click to access 5926-Exhibit-AB-20120313-15.pdf


Do you see it?


March 2012 approval.

Guess Andrew was their “man on the street;” the one tasked with the unenviable job of…ah- “procurement.”


Told ya’.

I’m shocked the Beeb put out such a low-quality, low-effort piece. They must have been rushed:

What’s striking is how similar it is to that Comedy Central piece Q linked to months ago: a guy imitating Morpheus from The Matrix, harping on about how ridiculous the “red pill” is.

Almost like they’re taking orders from the same people…

Either that or they’re just creatively bankrupt propagandists looking for a lazy analogy ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Lovely Lisa, telling all, presumably.

My-my. That’s quite the budget increase, no?

Come on, people! Trump and Q are MOCKING the Cabal now.

Don’t you just see the confidence? Q already told us at least they moved up the timetable! Then Q posts the BOOMS knowing full-well that the Deep State would take the opportunity to try and cause some chaos. And now, for the first time ever, Trump suddenly has a budget balloon 666%??

People… If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching Trump these past few years, it’s this:

Trump always comes in under budget and ahead of schedule!

If you were planning on going out there for the parade, I wouldn’t cancel your travel plans just yet.

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72 thoughts on “Under budget! And Ahead of Schedule! – #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #HumanTrafficking #Soros”

  1. OMG!!! as a combat vet i salute you brother!! this report was 1 of your best, now the puzzle is coming together, i hope the day comes when medals r being given out to people like you i wish you and your family the best !!! godspeed my friend!! all my respect and love. wwg1 wga

  2. Q, tell your tech guys to update the security certificate on the .mil domain.

    Mil uses own CA (Certification Authoroty). Very deliberate. Why might that be?

    • The CA is a server. Certs are created from it. If you trust the CA, you trust all certs signed by that CA. Why would inscom let Cabal run CA’s issue certs for their website? Its not INSCOM. Its your CA root store. The inscom website is just fine.

      Can you imagine if the cabal owned the root ca? They would own the private key and be able to unencrypt everything.

      If you want a deeper explanation, i can give one. Pretty much 99% of the IT folks don’t understand certificates either. I work for a fortune 5 company.

  3. Funny. When I first saw that picture of Andrew Kauders in Hong Kong, I didn’t even notice him in the pic. I thought the focus and point of the pic was on the small man right behind him – and I thought that person was Kim Jung-Un. I know “they all look alike” but it’s practically a match.

  4. marguerite thompson
    Of Washington dc

    Did they really have a spirit cooking dinner st her house ? During a fund raiser ?

    John was cooking, special ingredients?

    • A lot of Satanic spells are actually recipes, fluids are a better conduit or something. The imagery of a witch over a cauldron of children stew in fairytales has some basis but a bunch of old grimoire were “lost” – what’s the bet these sickos bought them? Vatican library would be perfect storage.
      You can find plenty of inoffensive spells online e.g.love potion drinks but even I have some dodgy spellbooks based off older records and it’s a lot of human bodily fluids, graveyard dirt, a lot of voodoo stuff with burying knives to summon a murderous demon. That last was the creepiest.

  5. Last night, I was exhausted from work, life, commuting to/from work. However, I could not fall asleep due to the faces of those girl children in the pool in the Podesta art. They are haunting my mind’s eye. This seriously needs to come to an end soon. My conscious self is having trouble dealing. I remember, it is our “choice to know”. Because there are so many people who choose not to know, I feel it is my “duty to know”. Someone has to be the adult in the room and be conscious.

    • I just toured the Biltmore house. Creepy AF! Estate has hundreds of acres of forest surrounding it as far as the eye can see…felt the hunger games there, my soul quaked for the children. In basement where pool is there is an area called the Halloween Room where Vanderbilt’s party guests were told to paint on the walls anything that came to mind. The satanic & chimera gargoyles on the facade makes it look like the most haunted house ever dreamed up, even in the light of a summer day. They have a ‘spectacular’ Christmas event. We all know what Christmas means to these cucks. I was told there that Anderson Coop & JFK Jr are cousins (???)

    • The first time I saw those paintings during the initial wikileaks I knew they were real. I knew it in my bones.it irritated the splinter in my mind – the sixth sense there’s something wrong with the world a lot of us are burdened with. I wanted to vomit

    • Yes totally agree DMWT, it is so difficult to comprehend the depths of this depravity and is heartbreaking at every level. Omg that pool and the nooses!! I feel that we are God’s army of warriors standing strong as the light of truth reveals all that was sick and hidden. We have to see it to heal it. This is the great awakening where the veil is lifted and we bear witness to all the horror, secrets and lies so we can love this world back into wholeness. The only power they ever had was our ignorance. We are strong enough to do this!! WWG1WGA!!

    • The psychic anguish of the ritual abuse apparently heightens the power of the ritual, although there is a lot of deliberate misinfo around this stuff. That said, the clear signs of the abuse combined with the expressions in the eyes make these more than documentary. They are stylized reenactments. The keep the experience fresh. It is a level of evil that hard to even think about. That’s part of how they stay hidden, because no one believes.

  6. 300 newspapers attack Trump at same time.
    How are.they synching attack?

    Do they all log into the same gmail account .
    [email protected]
    Someone leafing the attack creates a draft email with no send to address
    He just puts the attack message in the body of the email and start date of the attack campaign

    Then all the newspaper cronies log into same account to check for email draft…

    Is password “password” for.these accounts just like Podesta got used to using “password” for his personal email?

  7. NEON.. it is ESSENTIAL you keep your deep respect for this person Q whom you do not know who is… I KNOW the waiting is hard.. but to all here the goal is not the multiple arrests .. there are too many accused (and as to accused world wide well more than the claimed 50,000 in the US of A) and an entire world in sorry need of the really big healing.. that comes only after the full removal of these dark ones enmass from the planet. They are already judged by the courts of the Creator.. Let it be and stay in calm KNOWING that all will be taken care of. And have candles and flashlights on hand.. they will be needed.

  8. You and Q have taken this to another level. Great work. God Bless you, the anons and the Q team. I am enjoying this so much, I can’t wait until we get to see these evil mofos frog marched out of our sight!

  9. My thoughts re: the parade: What a convenient and timely way to get troops to DC near or during the Midterms. My guess is it will be necessary for them to arrive several days in advance of the actual parade…..say shortly before Nov. 6th (election day).

  10. Not to change the subject but Q400 “pilot” last name is Russell one of the Cabal families according the the long piece you linked. Shock to me as my family ancestors in part are Russells; looks like I have digging to do on Ancestry. I know they were Masons and not the brick layers. Jesus!

  11. Trumps tweet this AM. “…celebrating the end of the war on November 11th.”
    Also, wondering if Q is deleting his post showing how that is how the cabal communicates?

  12. Two great articles in the same day.
    One thing…. having seen a lot in my many years on this planet, I’m pretty certain that priest that struck the child is suffering from Alzheimers or similar. They do crazy stuff like that, and it increases as the disease progresses. The parishes keep the old priests as long as possible, then have to move them into nursing homes, with Alzheimers units. We had a couple priests go this route, although they didnt strike anyone. This priest surprised them. The child struck him and triggered his primitive brain response, then he weirdly tried to compensate. People are people and we all get old.

    That said, Q paints an accurate symbolic picture of the demonic priests at large who hurt children.

    • Jenna- I think you should know that people are leaving rude comments on this girls video page. You may want to delete the video address from your comment.

  13. I am a big fan of your work but I have to call out the narrative about Ukraine that is popular in our movement. I have many Ukrainian friends and co-workers, they freaking loath Yanukovich, remember this guy previously poisoned an oppnent and “won” an election that was universally condemned as fraudulent, there is no reason to believe his second “win” was not also a fraud, explain to me how a ethnic Russian gets elected in a country where ETHNIC Russians are 18% of the population considering their hatred towards Russia, not to mention the extraordinary corruption of Yanukovich. The People of Ukraine did not need a push from CIA, they DESPISED this guy.
    As for not allowing a vote in the Donbass, considering how the Russian side in Ukraine despite all odds seems to win votes shockingly why would they? besides the majority of the population of Donbass are ETHNICALLY Ukrainian NOT Russian, they just speak Russian due to decades of language oppression under the Soviet Union, that is like saying the Republic of Ireland should be UK territory because they speak English. I do not mean to anger you but Ukraine is NOT Russia they hate Russia with good reason and as nationalists we should not throw them under the bus or believe propaganda by Russia just because the situation did benefit the black hats.

    • Well I must call out Dean’s narrative. While it is true that many Ukrainians hate Russia and Russians, that Donbass is mostly Ukrainian, and that former President Leonid Kuchma likely tried to assassinate Viktor Yushchenko twice before the election of 2004 (once by bus and once by poison) to secure his successor Yanukovich, the situation in Ukraine is very challenging for even the easterners to understand. Ukraine looks both to Russia and the west. It does the most business with Russia even after the putsch of 2014, even though it wishes to be in business with the west. Viktor Yanukovich may have won the 2004 election, but there was grave violations on both sides (orange TAK! movement and Yanukovich’s blue Party of Regions) and Yanukovich was too much of a weak man to fight for it. Proof of Yanukovich’s popularity in Ukraine was proven by election victories by his Party of Regions in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012. His early victories were scored because of Yushchenko’s corruption and incompetence; his later victories because of a lack of opposition. Once he came into the Presidency, Yanukovich became more corrupt than any leader before him. When Maiden inevitably happened (both due to Mad Dog McCain’s interference and Yanukovich’s gross corruption), the 2-time President could not stand strong. He was horribly weak and cowardly. His flight in March 2014 signaled a total collapse of his ruling party. Not one governor stood up to the putschists. Pro-Russian Ukrainians dominated the oblasts of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhe, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, and Odessa, with big influence in Sumy, Chernigov, Kirovograd, and Kiev. But apart from a few waving flags and a terrible scene in Odessa, only small resistance was to be seen in the Donbass oblasts, whose business concerns with Russia exceeded 95% of all output. I have been to the rural Lugansk oblast. Its not Russia in sound or feel or culture. Its definitely Ukrainian. But the people are pro-Russia and despise the worshipers of Stepan Bandera and other Nazi collaborators. One of the places I visited, Starobelsk, was put under Ukrainian army occupation because someone raised a DPR flag over the local hotel. After that, they suffered three years of tanks ripping up their main street — as well as the loss of their freshly painted statue of Lenin. I remember a billboard sign of the Ukrainian communist party: Not a single word on it, just a big red map of the Soviet Union and a glowering head of Lenin! I bet that billboard was the first thing torn down when the tanks came to town! No, the eastern Ukraine has a different way of looking at life. They preferred their own pace and methods. It was a big mistake for Yats and Porno-shenko to use Nazi-style nationalism against a people who PREFER to look both to Russia and to Ukraine for inspiration.

      As for Neon’s remarks about Ukraine and human trafficking: Our word “Slave” comes from Slav, referring to the SKLAVOI of Ukraine, most favored slaves of Byzantium and the near east. After thousands of years, Ukrainians are still the most favored slaves around the world, be it for sex or for labor.

    • Ukrainians and Russians considered themselves the same until this war. I’ve met a Ukrainian soldier who had to fight against Russians who liked Putin to my surprise.

  14. That picture of Kimberly Fritts? Podesta’s ceo. Take a look at the Man Hands on that broad. Lady sure looks like a dude. (with apologies to Aerosmith)

  15. @Dean Regarding Ukraine you are very, very wrong! Do your own research. Donbass region was given to Ukraine in the 50’s by N Hruzchev who was from Ukrain it is 100% russian people. Ukrain is also100% russian. UKRAIN was created in 1920 by Lenin bolshevik com party. Such nation or country never existed before. Do not be silly. Do not listen to the brain washed “friends”. Do your own research before posting FAKE NEWS!

  16. Revelation is the ‘bridge’ between the Old Testament and the New Testament. The NT doesn’t start until Jesus takes his last breath and the Old is fulfilled… The entire process takes 40 years (just like the desert). In 70 AD it all ended and the New was fully in force. THIS is what the religious system doesn’t want us to know. IT IS FINISHED just as Jesus Christ said so. There is no ‘future’ anti-christ. Jesus fulfilled all and the beast in Revelation is King Solomon – the 3rd king of Israel. No one wants us to know we now have the second coming INSIDE of us…it is spiritual.. Jesus even says to the Pharasees, “The Kingdom of Heaven cometh not with observation” and He also says, “For those that LOOK for me, will I appear a second time.” We all have been lied to all our lives by the entire church system, not just Roman Catholicism. Satan has been conquered and thrown into the lake of fire and now we have the power, spiritually, to make this earth great again… MEGA… My name is @msholly.

  17. RE: Posobiec’s video trying to debunk Q

    Neon, Jack’s best “evidence” in his video that Q was fake was the Q post 1776 where it shows Trump’s signature obscured by the pen and under that was written “1776.” Jack said he did extensive handwriting investigating and came up with an example letter Trump wrote to someone else where Trump writes the 1 where the top of the 1 has the 45% line coming down from the top of the number (the more stylish form of writing the number 1), but Q’s 1 didn’t have the same style, so this was proof positive Q is fake.

    Several Tweeters brought it to his attention that there’s other examples of Trump writing the 1 like Q did in post 1776, but Posobiec hasn’t responded back yet.

    An Atlantic article shows trumps writing the 1 the same: https://twitter.com/Binkybam/status/1030613527038447616

    Recent Trump notes that the Press took a photo of show the 1 like Q’s post 1776 style:

    If that’s his best “evidence,” I know to discount him until proven wrong down the road.

  18. A Zero Punctuation fan, you know, I’m something of a connoisseur myself.
    Yes, either the media is dumbing down their portrayal or …some little troll is feeding them disinfo.
    Farage is safe to return to UK politics after multiple attempts on his life.
    Q started posting at the beginning of Scorpio, could be nothing or could be a signal to Cabal, who are big on significance of timings. Scorpio = house of death. Lol.

  19. The American people have now arrived at the point in time where matters have to be taken into their hands. Since Congress are no longer able to oversee the inner workings of alphabet agencies, the USA has devolved into nothing better than a banana republic. We are starting to see Veterans and Militia now massing in Tuscon AZ regarding what was recently discovered and revealed by Coyotes in the desert. We saw a similar movement with the Bundy Ranch. The clock has simply run down. It will be interesting to watch and see how M.I. adapt to the changing game play now starting. IF only they had moved more quickly. The American people do not deserve this i.e. the sedition in government that has been played out these last thirty years. They did not expect “her” to lose. May God have mercy on the Khazarian Mafia and the Sabatean Cabalists for they know not what is coming. They think the do, but in reality they know very little of the unseen realm in this part of space. Again I say to those who monitor all internet traffic packets, you are no match for the American people nor their allies, you are strongly out numbered. Surely you have seen this coming in secret government circles and even within the BIS? It is how we know you are collectively complicit and impotent. Your lack of action betrays you. Your chance for action has now passed. Your chance for revealing truth and light has also passed. A different mechanism will now be activated. They are legion. Expect them.

  20. They are acting far too slowly. The drip, drip, drip of information to the public with little or no action by Jeff Sessions is tantamount to being complicit. History will show that the inability to arrest and prosecute corrupt officials exacerbated severe delusion among the general american public. Moreover, the longer they take to act the more incredible any such actions may seem to the severely blue pilled public. One only has to read the comments on Trump’s Twitter feed to realize that any attempt to prosecute or educate the public regarding pizza gate, spy gate or even the murder of Seth Rich will fall upon deaf ears. God help us all. May HE have mercy on the children of this nation. The corruption and occult sacrifices run so deep the planet may never recover nor may it ever find its rightful place in the universe. The soul harvest continues. WE are perhaps locked here forever. Those who have knowledge of the darkest and most sinful acts of the Sabatean Cabalists appear to afraid to act. May God have mercy on their souls. For they know but they do nothing except allow the criminals to walk free while they laugh in the face of the Goyim! How much longer must the children suffer? Yeshua please help us. We need you now. The earth is in peril and it’s people cry out unto the Lord. Our elected leaders and those in high places are to afraid to act. Shame on their sponsorship of mass delusions among the public. They cry fake news yet they do nothing. The power of the pen and executive orders appear impotent. This is a spiritual problem needing a spiritual solution. Yeshua where are you?

  21. The ES link should be clear according to Q In my post below: ^^my comments^^
    Think Logically NeonRevolt. Putin is allowing Snow to stay in Russia. He could’ve easily handed him over to POTUS, but Snow cooperated. Snow wrote the code for the Clown Algorith. The LINK to Schmidt and Snow is
    The ‘Central’ or C_A Algorithm^^

    Shine the LIGHT BRIGHT [DOA]. ^^ @Snow cooperated^^
    Why is HUSSEIN traveling the world conducting high-level meetings? ^^trying to find a new handler but he is Dead on Arrival so to speak^^
    Use logic.

    We hear you. ^^Q trolling corrupted CEO’s of social media platforms^^
    We have the algorithm. ^^Good guys have evidence or source code^^
    Thank you @ Snowden. ^^Snow cooperated w/good guys^^

    The BRIDGE.
    The LINK. ^^Q tell us The link between the two ES’s is THE ‘CENTRAL’ Clown’s ALGORITHM^^
    Google/YT. ^^Schmidt is now cooperating so We have it All^^

    Think ‘Bridge’.
    ‘Central’ algorithm. ^^Clowns had Snow write algorithm to spy on everyone^^
    The stage had to be set.


  22. Wondering if you could change one of your settings. When you click on a link in your post OR someone else’s in the comments you have to remember to hit the BACK button. You can change that setting to OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW. Then it keeps the original post up while you go review the link. Makes it easier.

  23. Neon, I just found you a few weeks ago from twitter, which I am only on because of Trump. I found Q a few months back, did not get it at first, then I started finding You Tube videos, I searched it on DuckDuckGo, etc. I am so grateful to God that I found you! Your insight is astounding! I have been “awake” since 2008, when I got saved and red pilled. So, Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God Bless You!! PS, I am not computer savvy, so the chans are hard for me to follow, even though I have tried! I always have my 20 something children do my computer stuff for me! 🙂


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