Anderson Cooper’s Satanic Slaughterhouse #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Pizzagate #Pedogate #TheVatican #Podesta

Before we begin – a quick update regarding that Island I found and reported on yesterday, here:

I put this up on Gab, but an #Anon was able to confirm that – yes – Spieden Island would have been within the view field of one of the Whidbey Island webcams.

#Anons are wonderful creatures, aren’t they?

With that out of the way, let’s get into #NewQ..

#QAnon came back with a list of all the Child/Human trafficking routes that had been CLOSED! (Or were in the process of being closed!)

And note the missing “i” in “Russa.”

Out of this also comes a new #QConfirmation:

Trump’s tweet had a missing “i” as well. [9] minutes later, we get a correction, but if you read between the lines, GONG  reads as “GO NG.”

I speculated on Gab this meant GO NATIONAL GUARD.

Looking on the #QClock, a delta [9] gives you posts on 2/14, 4/15, 6/14, and 8/13.

The 4/15 posts are especially interesting because they basically all deal with the Tarmac tapes.

I have to wonder if this is in relation to them finally coming out, but I won’t hold my breath, and I’m not going to predict anything. I’m just hoping.



The best part of the video is at the end, when Sarah Sanders reads the names of the others who are about to lose their Security Clearances as well.


Good stuff, good stuff.

Not sure if there’s any deeper significance here. I’m sure there has to be – but those coded messages aren’t for us right now.

Sarah Carter’s link leads here, to this article:

UN Panel Warns of New Threat from Al Qaeda, Bin Laden’s Son – Sara A. Carter

A new report from the United Nations outlined the re-emerging threat from al Qaeda Wednesday, warning the terror network is poised to make a comeback under the leadership of Osama bin Laden’s son. According to Fox News, the group is now led by Hamza bin Laden and is actively recruiting new members to carry out…

A new report from the United Nations outlined the re-emerging threat from al Qaeda Wednesday, warning the terror network is poised to make a comeback under the leadership of Osama bin Laden’s son.

According to Fox News, the group is now led by Hamza bin Laden and is actively recruiting new members to carry out attacks in Europe, and North America.

Greeaaat. ISIS down, Al Qaeda trying to resurface.

Think the Deep State has anything to do with their sudden reappearance?

Oh, you better believe our government was infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Q has said as much many, many times.

And the White House, under Hussein, protected Muslim Terror groups across the globe, effectively sabotaging the efforts of patriots around the world. That alone is traitorous enough! How many soldiers have we lost, who willingly sacrificed themselves for American ideals and the American people, only to have their sacrifice spat upon by these Cabal fiends?

Trump’s war against ISIS has been nothing short of miraculous. He’s basically ERADICATED them in a year, where Obama let them fester for both his terms.

Of course… Obama couldn’t do it alone. No, it was a Brotherhood of Muslims, remember?

The tell-tale signs were always there. When John Owen Brennan, who had served as Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser was sworn in to head the Central Intelligence Agency, the Jesuit-educated former CIA officer opted to take the oath on a copy of the U.S. Constitution, not on the bible as every past CIA director, Christian and Jewish, had done. Brennan is also the highest-ranking U.S. official to have ever visited the Islamic holy city of Mecca, a privilege reserved only for pious Muslims and special guests of the Saudi King, who also serves as the “Guardian of the Two Shrines of Mecca and Medina.”

Brennan served as the CIA’s station chief in Riyadh in the mid-1990s and in 1999, he worked himself up to the position of chief of staff to CIA director George Tenet. Obama wanted to appoint Brennan CIA director in 2009, but there was internal CIA and congressional opposition to his nomination. The reasons for the nomination were said to be Brennan’s involvement in “enhanced interrogation” techniques used against detainees after 9/11, but the actual reasons for the initial opposition remains unclear to this day. However, when the Senate voted to confirm Brennan in 2013, 34 senators voted no. They included Rand Paul (R-KY), who attempted to filibuster the confirmation vote; Ted Cruz (R-TX); Charles Grassley (R-IA); Patrick Leahy (D-VT); Mike Lee (R-UT); Jeff Merkley (D-OR); Bernie Sanders (D-VT); and Richard Shelby (R-AL). Barbara Boxer (D-CA) did not vote. What did these senators actually know about Brennan, especially the Democrats, who decided Brennan was not fit for the job?

Brennan even enforced a major linguistic change while in power:

It is known that Brennan, both at the National Security Council and at the CIA, has forbid the use of the term “jihadist” to describe Islamist terrorists. He prefers the term “extremists.” There is now ample evidence to suggest that Brennan himself converted to Wahhabist Islam and considers himself a “jihadist,” or “holy warrior.”

Because we all know how important it is to use politically correct language when referring to murderers.

Here’s the Wikileaks E-mail Q referenced:

And if you navigate to the “Attachments” tab on the Wikileaks page, you’ll see two doc files you can download:

Inside, some very familiar names, such as:

I previously covered Vali (Nasr) Nassar when I (mistakenly) thought he was Obama’s Pakistani college friend:

Keith Ellison has been in the news lately, because he’s come under some serious abuse and assault allegations:

Yeah, willing to bet this was one of those rigged elections. Minnesota is a special case when it comes to Islam.

I know I’m mentioning him a lot lately, but #BlackListAnon actually mentioned Reza Aslan, when he was dropping:

In case it’s not clear, Reza Aslan was the cannibal BlackListAnon was referencing. And he did it while on CNN, no less.

Here’s the clip:


Now why on EARTH would they expose their audience to such a transgression?

Did they have a sense of what was coming?

Were they trying to condition people into “accepting” this kind of practice? A push to “normalize” cannibalism?

Any way you slice it, it’s SICK!

Then, on the Asian list you have names like:

Don’t worry too much about her. She’s not going to be a problem in the future LOL:

And, finally, for this short survey:

You’ll remember I wrote about his takedown here… and his replacement:

There were MANY other names in those lists – some others you’ll definitely recognize – but this was just meant to be a short survey to show how many of these bad actors are being exposed and routed.


Ah, u/Stonetear. Thank you for messing up so badly. Your incompetence inadvertently helped save the republic:

Here’s the link to the full story:

And the Oprah reference – I have to wonder if that’s not a reference to her Orcas Island estate.

Cause, yeah, by the way, Oprah has an estate on an island right by that island I found:

Literally, like… right next door:


So, we’ve got a bunch of billionaires in the area, with all their little private compounds.

What a coincidence then, that I also read somewhere that the area around Whidbey Island has some of the highest levels of human trafficking in the nation.

Crazy what a coincidence that is…

EXCLUSIVE: New Texts Reveal Steele Anxious Over Comey Testimony, Hopes “Firewalls Will Hold” – Sara A. Carter

In March, 2017, two days before former FBI Director James Comey testified to lawmakers that the bureau had an open counterintelligence investigation into President Trump’s campaign, former British spy Christopher Steele sent an urgent message to Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr hoping that “important firewalls will hold” when Comey testified.

In the text, Steele writes Ohr, “Hi! Just wondering if you had any news? Obviously, we’re a bit apprehensive given scheduled appearance at Congress on Monday. Hoping that important firewalls will hold. Many thanks.”

Ohr writes back later that day, saying “Sorry, no new news. I believe my earlier information is still accurate. I will let you know immediately if there is any change.”

It is not certain, based on the limited communications obtained by Congress between the pair, what Ohr was referring to when he discussed “earlier information” that he delivered to Steele.

The exchange raises questions, according to a government source who asked, “What did Steele mean by important firewalls before Comey testimony? And what did Ohr mean by earlier information he provided?” The source noted that the ‘firewall’ statement seemed raise similar questions posed by lawmakers after (now-fired) FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok sent the infamous “insurance policy” texts to his paramour, former FBI Attorney Lisa Page.

Looks like they were worried the Rosenstein would be taken out, and unable to cover for them.

They’re still worried about that, actually.

u/Maladaptivenomore had an interesting idea about all this:


That’s a very compelling idea. I’ve been struggling myself to understand RR’s roll in all this, but that makes perfect sense.

In fact, I would liken him more to a retaining wall, than a firewall.

This is… this is just hilarious. I can see Obama huddled over an XBox, microphone headset on, trying to type with the built-in onscreen keyboard.


I will buy an Xbox One just so I can have a chance at teabagging the-soon-to-be-disgraced-secret-Jihadi-ex-president in Halo:


And just for reference:

James Comey
Barack Obama
Chuck Schumer
Loretta Lynch
Andrew McCabe
Nellie Ohr
Sally Yates

We can invite all of them to the server.

Blood Gulch.



NO SUCH AGENCY (NSA) leaked this!

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, issued an extraordinary apology to leaders of the US Senate intelligence committee on Thursday, conceding that the agency employees spied on committee staff and reversing months of furious and public denials.

Brennan acknowledged that an internal investigation had found agency security personnel transgressed a firewall set up on a CIA network, which allowed Senate committee investigators to review agency documents for their landmark inquiry into CIA torture.

Among other things, it was revealed that agency officials conducted keyword searches and email searches on committee staff while they used the network.

CIA spokesman Dean Boyd acknowledged that agency staff had improperly monitored the computers of committee staff members, who were using a network the agency had set up, called RDINet. “Some CIA employees acted in a manner inconsistent with the common understanding reached between [the committee] and the CIA in 2009 regarding access to the RDINet,” he said.

Real heartfelt apology here. I’m sure he was really putting himself on the line with this one:

“If I did something wrong,” Brennan continued in March, “I will go to the president, and I will explain to him exactly what I did, and what the findings were. And he is the one who can ask me to stay or to go.”

How much do you want to bet that Zucker is a Mossad agent?

Trump has a particularly interesting relationship with Zucker, because, if you remember, Zucker was the one who originally commissioned The Apprentice.

You’ve got to wonder just what Trump knows about him, exactly.

Whatever it is – clearly it’s motivating the tone of the coverage over at CNN. Remember, Zucker managed NBC before moving on to CNN, so Trump has to know where the bodies are buried.

No, Zucker doesn’t has a heart problem.

…He was a bowel problem.

And remember our Cannibal friend, Reza Aslan, from before?

Here’s what he had to say about Zucker:

For those of you asking, Zucker refused to pay me by citing the morality clause in my contract. Yup, you read that correctly.

Yup. Imagine that. Cannibalism violates a contractual morality clause. Whodathunk?! Guess Mossad told him to pull back on that front of the culture war.

With all that in mind, Q references the Clint Eastwood film, In the Line of Fire last. I highlighted what I believe are the relevant sections of the synopsis (since I haven’t actually seen this film).

Is Q implicating Zucker in a Presidential assassination plot?

Ah, Gloria Vanderbilt and her son… Anderson Cooper. She was a spy in her own right, and Cooper, as we all know by now, spent quite a bit of time at McLean – though he denies any Clown affiliation to this day:

We talked a little bit about this picture previously, here, in this article

The relevant section is here, where we examined how the “icon” behind her might actually be a reference to the Phoenician fertility goddess Tanit – which is really just a proxy for Ashera/Ba’al worship:

Full size:

That said, an Anon came in today and said this is Our Lady of Solitude:

I suppose I see it, but I seriously doubt it was used as any object of reverence. If I had to guess, it looks more like it was used as a mockery of Mary by the Vanderbilts, than anything else. (They certainly didn’t follow anything resembling the Christian religion – which you’ll see in the subsequent posts).

But you may be wondering who the other boy is, next to young Anderson Cooper. Why, that’s his brother, Carter Cooper…

The same brother who committed suicide at age 23 by jumping from his mother’s 14 story Manhattan penthouse.

It was a “suicide.”


But we’re not talking about that, or the icon, today:

Oh jeez.  If you saw the drops already, you know where this is going…

“Red Shoes” was the hint.

Below the boy’s hand, just to clarify:

This is a major revelation coming up:

I took a better screenshot of the medallion:

The “red shoes” painting comes from Podesta’s personal “art collection,” which was the subject of incredibly scrutiny following the #Wikileaks #Pizzagate disclosure.

Namely, these pictures:

All these paintings were composed by “artist” Biljana Djurdjevic, and yes… there are more of these horrid things:

Now we know, thanks to WikiLeaks. Two batches of documents — one leaked this month, one in August — show that top-level Democrats and their allies have successfully infiltrated the Catholic Church in order to advance their social agenda. The two key players are John Podesta, chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign, who is an extremely liberal Catholic, and George Soros, the left-wing billionaire philanthropist, who is an atheist.

In August, WikiLeaks published a report by Soros’s US Opportunities Fund on the $650,000 it spent on Pope Francis’s 2015 visit to the United States. Working through left-wing faith groups, the Fund planned a ‘buy-in of individual bishops to more publicly voice support of economic and racial justice messages in order to begin to create a critical mass of bishops who are aligned with the Pope’. For ‘aligned with the Pope’, read ‘Democrat-friendly’. The Fund wants to tilt the balance of power against conservative prelates such as Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia. Chaput is indeed out of favour with Francis — but he’s even more disliked by Democrats, having just denounced Hillary Clinton as a ‘scheming, robotic liar’ and Podesta’s Catholics United as ‘creatures of a political machine’.

Catholics… how does that make you feel right now, reading that?

Q’s timeline specified 2015/2016 – but it should be noted that Obama sent him there as early as 2014:

White House Special Advisor John Podesta, the chairman of a progressive pro-abortion group, is leading the U.S. delegation for the dual papal canonizations in the Vatican.

Great pick, right? Perfect candidate to send. Nothing suspicious about that at all.

WARNING: The subject of the article gets very rough from this point on, and involves images that depict abuse, and ritual sacrifice:

Anon expressed what we’re all thinking:

And here it is:

This is the pool in the Biltmore Estate – built in North Carolina by none other than… George Washington Vanderbilt.

We learn from #FritzSpringmeier that The Vanderbilts are an Illuminati legacy family – with direct ties to the Collins line: one of the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines.

The Vanderbilts, much like the Carnegies, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, all made their fortunes by working for [P].

But is the CNN opposition to Trump suddenly coming in to clearer focus now?

Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt.

This isn’t a normal swimming pool.

This is a satanic slaughterhouse.

Some other things anon noticed:

Another anon noticed this, from another painting:

This was not a painting from some artist’s imagination.

This was something this artist – and I don’t even want to call her an artist because of the depravity of it all – witnessed in real life.

The red shoes are important.

And notice the hands:

They look… bruised.


But the connection Q wants us to make, I believe, is between the red shoes, and what’s going on here:

The Pope – all the Popes – wears red shoes.

And Tony Podesta once requested everyone wear red shoes to his birthday party:

If you’ve ever investigated Pizzagate to any degree, you’ve probably run in to this, and similar images. It’s long been theorized that the red shoes were originally made from the skin of children who had been ritually sacrificed. Were these shoes in these pictures made from the skin of dead children? Probably not – but it’s the symbolism that’s important here.

The ritual murders are still happening, to this very day – and these are the scum participating.

Anon comes back with a lead on the necklace, which Q confirms:

Another Anon finds higher-res images of the same kind of necklace:

Sounds almost like voodoo, in the sense that it’s a binding charm.

Anons make more connections:

Anon theorizes that Pan-Am was supporting human trafficking, back in the day.

It makes sense. After all, you have a family deeply affiliated with the Clowns, and who, back in the day, was associated with Clown drug running:


Lester Knox Coleman, formerly with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is a key witness behind allegations that negligence on the part of the US government led to the placing of a bomb on board Pan Am flight 103 which exploded over Lockerbie in Scotland on December 21, 1988, killing 270 people.

Mr. Coleman, aged 47, worked until May 1990 with the secret unit Middle East Collection 10 (MC10). For most of his six years with the DIA he was in Cyprus, running a network of agents in Beirut, whose mission was to find American hostages held by extremists. Two senior MC10 members, were Matthew Kevin Gannon and Major Charles Dennis McKee. Both were on flight 103 and had just returned from a mission in Beirut. Also on board was Khaled Nazir Jaafar, a Lebanese agent for the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Mr. Coleman was a unique insight into DIA and DEA operations in the Middle East because he worked for both organizations in Cyprus. While still a DIA agent — usually paid in travelers cheques sent from the Luxembourg branch of the now collapsed Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) — he was seconded twice to the DEA, from February to September 1987 and April to May 1988.

According to an affidavit by Mr. Coleman given to Pan Am lawyers in Brussels on April 17 this year [1991], the DEA, with the narcotics squad of the Cypriot national police, the German BKA police and British customs, ran a “drugs sting operation” through Cyprus and airports in Europe including Frankfurt. It involved delivering heroin from the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon to the United States, particularly to Detroit, Houston and Los Angeles, where there are large Lebanese communities.

The explanation for this operation, which was officially codenamed Khourah, was provided by Ronald Caffrey, acting assistant administrator of the operational division of the DEA, in a US government submission dated March 20 this year [1991]. He said the drugs operation was “a controlled delivery”.

His statement said: “In a controlled delivery, a law enforcement agency permits and monitors shipment of contraband, including drugs, to move from a source or transit location to its intended destination. Use of this technique is sometimes essential to enable law enforcement agencies to identify and arrest high-ranking members of trafficking organizations, rather than simply arrest low level couriers.”

Mr. Coleman, with his knowledge of this type of operation, believes that flight 103 was being used by the DEA as a “controlled” flight in which Khaled Jaafar, a DEA courier, was allowed to carry his luggage through Frankfurt without being subject to normal security checks. He knew Jaafar was one of many agents involved in drug operations.

The Cabal has always had ratlines… And the Vanderbilts were monetizing it for decades.

The conclusion of this:

Remember all this the next time you hear Anderson Cooper on the TV lecturing you about Trump’s supposed moral failings.

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132 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper’s Satanic Slaughterhouse #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Pizzagate #Pedogate #TheVatican #Podesta”

  1. “What a coincidence then, that I also read somewhere that the area around Whidbey Island has some of the highest levels of human trafficking in the nation.” Have you ever read the piece by the late Dave McGowan on the cop massacre at Forza coffee shop near Seattle just before the Vancouver Olympics? All about trafficking.
    The Forza bit is about 2/3 of the way down the page. He was a great writer and he’d probably be all into Q. He wrote the book about Laurel Canyon.
    Now, back to your post! LOL

  2. I am so glad Gitmo is open for business. These evil people could all be burned at the stake and if people find out what has been going on, no one would shed a tear.

  3. Anderson Cooper’s life is a road map – Vanderbilt, Yale and Skull and Bones, CIA, CNN.

    Art collectors are like authors. They always reveal themselves in their collections. Individuals may own edgy or ironic pieces, but collectors collect themselves. Art communicates more through rhetoric than dialectic, and if you are pulled to an art scene, it is because it feels “right”. This is beyond extreme though.

    • Way beyond extreme. I remember watching Cooper during school. We had to watch this news for kids thing everyday during homeroom in Junior High, and Anderson was the rising star. I was shocked during one of his recent tirades over the atrocities he’s witnessed while growing up covering Middle East ‘affairs’ in response to his condescending Trump supporters. Confused me to no end that with that level of anger he’d be in on the hoax we call MSM…never knew he was a Vanderbilt… mind blowing the things that are connecting in my mind now, as a middle aged adult who saw, but didn’t pay attention to before, when the world & life revolved around… well, lol, me.

    • Sexual sadism is basically the only sexual pathology. It’s more common than you think, wires crossed.
      Nobody has referenced the well-known BBC Sherlock meme.
      In this clip a man threatens to skin a woman on the phone but in the full scene also turn her into shoes. Everyone says it’s a joke but that’s a weird item to think of.

    • Way beyond. My comment soft-peddled how disturbing this is. I thought I’d try and figure out the symbolism of Gloria’s piece because I have a knack for that sort of thing, but I can’t stand looking at it. It stinks of wrongness. The pool pictures are hideous, but in a different way. I can’t put it into words – I just know I don’t want anything to do with it.

      @disenchantedscholar – that sort of weird specificity is often a tell.

  4. One other thing about Gloria’s art. It’s an inversion of the Madonna – same concept as an upside down cross or black Mass, though the iconography will have some specific set of references. Occultists believe imagery has real power in the world as a conduit to dark forces – like an Orthodox icon, inverted.

  5. not sure if it’s significant, but the 1st verse is actually I Corinthians 13:12 only, although Q writes Corinthians 13:4-13. The left out verses are about love. Also Q leaves out the I for 1st Corinthians. The Ephesians passages are all there.

  6. OMG! Bells just went off, back in the 90s I had a roommate from Guatemala and another great friend from their. They told me that many old people from there hated and were terrified of Americans. “Crazy” elders used to actually teach that Americans came down to Guatemala and stole their babies and children. We all laughed about how ridiculous that sounded. But now…

  7. About the Democrats infiltrating the Catholic Church, informed Catholics, that is those who go out of their way to find out what the heck is really going on, know that stuff like this has been going on for decades. It is a divide and conquer strategy combined with a lack of accurate catechesis to destroy Christ’s Bride. Most people in the pews don’t know much about the Faith or the history of it. Like the red shoes. It’s a symbol of walking in the trails blazed by the blood of martyrs. Since most Catholics don’t know that man, the lion, the dumb ox and the eagle are symbols of the Gospels, they aren’t going to know that, either. (We were woefully under educated in the Faith in the 80s.)

    Take a sky high look, and see that to bring the Catholic Church to Her knees, the strongest parts had to be destroyed: the priesthood, and the Jesuits (who are still coasting on a reputation that was wrecked among the informed decades ago). The Vatican, and subsequently the seminaries in many places, were seeded with sleeper homosexuals and those of a liberal mindset before WWII. The result isn’t just the Scandal that is still unfolding, but a wholesale disaster in Liturgy and what is now considered acceptable architecture and art (it’s really watered down pap, not inspiring as high art is supposed to be). That was a communist operation and the records were found when the Berlin Wall fell. It was a plot to destroy the Church, and we are now seeing a much needed purge.

    In addition, there is evidence, although not airtight, that Pope Paul VI was more or less held prisoner in the Vatican after Humana Vitae was published. That particular encyclical stymied the Cabal. Naturally, very few people read it or realize that Paul VI made a prophesy that came true. All anyone cared about was that artificial birth control was still not allowed. Few saw the objectification of women as an outcome of the practice of avoiding parenthood, but Paul VI did. For this, he was supposedly drugged and pulled out for official business like canonization Masses. One witness account bears this out.

    So, the truth is that the Church is and always has been a target in the war. If this is a true battle of good vs. evil in the spiritual realm, why is it the author of the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, Pope Leo XIII, not in line for canonization when so many of his successors have been already? I’’m guessing the answer to that is all wrapped up in the Cabal taking aim at the Vatican to bring down the Church.

    • Excellent comment, Deplorable Patriot!

      Have you heard of BELLA DODD? A Catholic born in Italy in 1904, she moved to the US and became a high profile member of the Communist Party of America in the 1930s & 1940s, crucial in encouraging young radical Communsts to enter American Catholic seminaries.

      Disillusioned, she defected from Communism in 1949 after being expelled as the Head of the New York State Teachers Union (yes, really) to return to Catholism.

      Interestingly, in 1953 she testified before the US Senate, stating that she, personally:
      * “put some 1,200 men in Catholic seminaries”, in accordance with Moscow directives sent to all Communist organisations in the late 1920s & 1930s, “in order to destroy the Catholic Church from within”, and;
      * she “had dealt with no fewer than 4 Cardinals within the Vatican” working for the Communist Party.

    • I don’t mean to be funny but Catholicism is basically the same in practice to modern witchcraft.
      There are many occult connections that, if you don’t read up on the occult, you’d never see. Alas, there’s the idolatry of Mary most prominently, a “virgin” Goddess mother figure (with three roles,like Hecate, all at once just like Hecate) connected to Aphrodite’s roses, the ruling that priests can’t marry (by men, not Jesus, 1000+ years later to take their family inheritance from unborn heirs) and many other additions to the Bible which Rev cautions against. I saw a documentary once years ago that showed a hidden mosaic in an underground tomb in Rome of a female priest from around or just after the time of Jesus. The Catholic Church has hidden it and many other facts of faith to build its one-language Empire from which to rule over the world (dominus cult). The Orthodox church, while ornamental and big on the ritual too, has the best claim as original church and nobody wants to say it, much less ask them how they remained free of this moral plague. Papal scriptures have been mistranslated or omitted and not by accident. We should look to Orthodox sources. The Serbian genocide about 3 decades ago was about this! Kill the truth.

      • Everything you mentioned is nothing but lies, misconceptions and bad ideas about the Church passed down through generations. If you want to really know what has been going on an still continues to go on then type this in your YouTube search engine “Goy guide to world history” I can’t share the link because YouTube won’t allow it to be copied an shared you can’t even like the video and before the video will start you have to click a “confirm” link. Truth is always buried under piles of controversy.

    • Have you noticed that the New England states tend to be blue…and heavily Catholic?

      Catholicism is not, nor has ever been, Christianity. The Catholic church wants you to obey the pope, jump through hoops, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll make it to heaven.

      Christianity, on the other hand…once you receive Jesus as Saviour, you are on your way to heaven. No fine print.

      Time to #walkaway from Catholicism too. Communism is Jesuitism. Marx was educated by Jesuits.

  8. Do they remove the skin from children’s feet and palms to make red shoes?

    Tony Podesta wore red shoes for his birthday. Were his shoes from.the kids in the artist painting who I can assume saw.the harvesting of skin from the children in order to do her painting.

    Remember, Tony Podesta loves performance artists like Marina Abhromovic so this artist of the kids in the pool saw it happen, de-skinning of children.

    • I don’t think the palms and feet are where the leather is taken from. I am speculating somewhat, but the areas depicted as being red are the areas of the body that have the highest concentration of nerve endings. They are probably torturing them to get their adrenaline flowing to harvest the adrenochrome.

      Now that I write this, it has dawned on me that the shock has worn off for me. But the hatred for these monsters still resides. I want them off this planet.

      Do you think that any of these monsters will pull a Saul and follow Jesus? How do you pray for that?!?

      • Saul was redeemed as Paul, but I have a feeling that taking the innocence of a child is the one unforgivable sin and it’s basically blaspheming the Holy Spirit (since ‘she’ is the brooder over the oceans, eggs, gives intuition and is given at reBIRTH. God gives them over to their perversions because they’ve gone too far to turn back. However, nothing is impossible for God, and the turning of someone like Killery into a TRUE born again Christian would lead multitudes to Christ. Do they have Prison Ministries at GITMO? LOL!

      • We need a biochem or organic chemistry post on how this adrenochrome s%£& is supposed to work. I’m normally the science and I’m confused so Lord help normies. Is it a chemical, transmitter or what?
        In leathercraft, the best is very fine and used in small parts for watch straps, key rings etc but I think hands and feet would be too lined to be viable and we have too many sweat glands. It’s likely they’re using torso especially flank (natural curve, extra fat) and use a lot of layers bound together, high quality reared cow leather is thicker so maybe they feed them a special diet for thicker hide?
        I think they’d keep it under calf hide (to account for the youth and suppleness) and have images burned into it (pyrography), common in leather work. The Vatican love vellum… how much is secretly human? They have tons of secret books.
        I’m rarely horrified anymore, it strengthens my bloodlust for justice.

        • Poster on Voat pizzagate quoted from 1970s study on Adrenochrome.
          Not much official research as human studies highly unethical.

          Related, for people with high end tools …
          Another voat poster said he saw discoloration on the bottom loops of poolside ropes that suspended the children under their arms.
          If blood actually flowed into that fibrous material multiple times, sadly, it would be near impossible to completely remove it.
          If present, it would be a heck of a smoking gun.

    • Also note that Tony Podesta’s shoes were old…worn in… showing that he has had them for a long time. I think that is important.

  9. Lock them all the F up! Seriously need to do this yesterday!

    “This was something this artist – and I don’t even want to call her an artist because of the depravity of it all – witnessed in real life.”

    Not only is she a sick F, I woundn’t call her an artist ’cause she’s too lazy to stagger the brick pattern.

  10. That photo of Podesta’s ‘artist’ shows some paintings behind her on her left of figures in gardens. Remember Obama’s portrait in the garden with the horns, 6 fingers and a serpent.

  11. Kamala Harris
    Mother is from India father from Jamaica.
    She is a secret muslim. Lefty told me she was sworn in on the Koran in San Francisco said “its from her family”
    Youtube shows it, her mother holding the blue book. When she was sworn in for Senate Jewish husband holding book with leather book cover. Her name is Arabic
    Lefty told me “very few people know this, I was at her swearing in.”
    I am behind enemy lines so I hear and see alot.

      • Willie Brown owns the past 4 mayors in San Francisco, plus Harris. Newsom now Dem candidate for Governor. CA term limits put into place due to Willie Brown’s domination of the entire state of CA. He now runs a consulting company and is running everything behind the scenes.

        Brown as mayor appoints Gavin Newsom to board of Supervisors not elected. He serves 2 terms runs for Mayor and wins. Newsom is hooked since childhood to the Getty family same house Obama went several times once “bitter clingers” once during the oil spill in the gulf to raise money for Barbara Boxer.
        Newsom runs for Lt. Gov and wins he does not leave office but stalls and puts Ed Lee in office as a placeholder. Ed Lee says he won’t run for office. Lee then hires DC PR firm to push “Draft Ed Lee ” campaign. So he is now an incumbent and wins. Ed Lee orders Kate Stenile memorial taken down on the Embarcadero after her killer was acquitted. One week later Lee has a heart attack while grocery shopping at Safeway, what I found out was he was taken to the hospital was joking with his family and doctors then he dies in the hospital. He has another 1.5 yrs to serve in his final term, but like Newsom trick he didn’t finish.
        London Breed (black woman) from the projects is made interim mayor again. Supervisors fight back and refuse to approve it. New guy comes in and starts to clean up the city, he is wealthy and white.
        She in special election is seen with Willie Brown at a lunch where all the Chinese elites show up to kiss the ring of Willie Brown and give money to her . She runs on the race/woman card and how white men tried to stop her. She wins. Willie Brown says “I see her like Dianne Feinstein and she could run for her seat someday.” By the way Feinstein became mayor due to murder of Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk. Her track record not good.
        In 1985, at a press conference, Feinstein revealed details about the hunt for satanic serial killer Richard Ramírez known as the Night Stalker, and in so doing angered detectives by giving away details of his crimes.

        Brown has been investigated by the FBI a couple of times but never indicted. He is a consultant and his speciaty is former US military bases like Mare Island Shipyard, Treasure Island, Hunters Point, Naval Weapons station in Concord CA.
        His client is builder Lenar which was cleaning up Mare Island (former nuclear navy site) and building homes etc. Lenar gave up and declared bankruptcy after selling a bunch of homes when the market crashed in 2008. Regrouped and went onto Hunters Point as if nothing happened. Later Naval Weapons station in Concord. One of their competitors found collusion between Willie Brown and the mayor of Concord, Willie Browns people gave money to this Concord mayors campaign. So there were all these meetings about this in front of the public. The city tasked the City Attorney to investigate he did. When his report was finished and he was going to submit it later that day he was emailing with his college friends about their college sports team playfully. He was married to a San Francisco Attorney and had two young children. He left his computer and drove to a 3 story parking garage (not high ceilings) and jumped to his death.
        Lennar got the billions dollars contract, the other guys pulled out.

        • Dianne Feinstein’s house is at Vallejo and Lyon streets if you play around with google maps you find it because someone added a photo. It is not included in Google maps streets. She has a view of that building near the cemetery. The building is a church with the Christian cross removed. She has a view of that cemetery.
          Hope this helps.

        • I might be risking my life with what I am posting here, but my family has been here since 1630 and we are playing for keeps. America is my everything and now is the time to roll the dice.
          I am 100% sure I saw Gorbachev on Bay Street heading to the Presidio summer 1990. I was driving home from work and all of a sudden a cops on motorcycles appeared and one stopped in front of my car and halted me. Then came more bikes and a limo inside I see a man with a map on his head, I stood up in my Jeep with top down and waved, his wife waved back. Few years before I had the same thing with the Pope visiting in a whole different neighborhood. My son was 9 days old my husband held him up and he blessed him, 1987. I stumble into big places with Pluto Leo 12 and Saturn Scorpio.
          Take Willie Brown down you take California down. Trust me.

    • I have no idea as to how to download a youtube vid. This will be gone soon. If you can then do please.
      Feinstein swearing Kamala Harris in on the koran in San Francisco as District Attorney where she let cop killer off death penalty.Cops quit working in protest, then they were fired for being racist via their personal phone texts, including the chief later.

  12. Thanks for all you do. I consider myself a semi-educated individual but this stuff is…. HARD… hard to understand and hard to digest… then the anger comes when things start to add up (at them for being so evil, and myself for being so dumb)… then you see the stupidity; the LAZINESS that will bring them all down and I am extremely thankful.

  13. Q seems to be OCD on this post. He/She/They are all over the place–jumping from topic to topic unless their is some connection I am not seeing other than the Cabal.
    NR said: “I have to wonder if this is in relation to them finally coming out, but I won’t hold my breath, and I’m not going to predict anything. I’m just hoping.” There are so many dates, BOOMs, etc. that have come and gone, I don’t count on anything anymore. I read this as fiction based on snippets of truth. It is interesting.

  14. The closure of trafficking routes is one of the very best of Q posts. Do you suppose the cabal is going through ‘withdrawals’ as they run out of supply? Great digging on all the Q posts, Neon. 🙂

    • Yes, they ARE going through withdrawals… but we are also seeing more domestic kidnappings…. looking for alternate sources???

  15. The xbox is funny, I wonder if anons can figure out his handle. I wonder how they are communicating now with each other with everyone watching. Carrier pigeon?

  16. Hi Neon. My first time posting. I’ve followed Q since the beginning on 4chan. Stumbled on you a few months ago, and you’ve become a vital daily go-to! Brilliant articles.

    Q’s post about Podesta/Hillary/the Pope was interesting. I always thought it strange Pope Benedict was the first Pope in 700 years to abdicate, in 2013. It was equally strange the new Pope Francis advocated a radical Leftist view aligned with the Democrats/Globalists. So I dug into it 18 months ago.

    Check out this article.

    On 20 January 2017 (date of Trump inauguration), a group of concerned American Catholics wrote an open letter to President Trump asking POTUS to investigate Benedict’s suspicious removal (they believe it was by Obama/Soros) to advance the Globalist agenda. Heaps of interesting questions + facts in the letter, referencing Wikileaks docs.

    The letter was referenced in this Breitbart article.

    Last year I also researched deliberate Communist infiltration into the Vatican (with US Communists playing a key part in Catholic seminaries) since at least 1950’s, but I’ll have to dig it up again!

  17. There’s a significant difference between the “Our Lady of solace” the painting posted, and the Vanderbilt wall decor – the Vanderbilt one is on fire, the ‘Lady’ is demonic looking down at the man roasting in the coffin. This is a purposeful demonic bastardization of the real thing.

  18. Did no one read between the lines about the group home/shelter in Guatemala? That was no ‘shelter’… that was a human trafficking location! Tattooing of the children = NXIVM tattooing of sex slaves. Overcrowding? No. Why would so many try to be escaping, and the authorities went in, to stop their escaping? If it was a shelter, they would WANT to stay there, to be sheltered from the gangs, outside of the shelter, wouldn’t you think? No, they were trying to escape the sexual ritualistic abuse that was going on… the Satanic practices. The one mother said her 12-yo son had been raped there!

  19. Charms are important.
    From descriptions of the necklace each charm represents a sacrifice to the gods.
    These sickos are wearing the evidence.

  20. Note on Melagro – Robert Redford’s 1988 film, The Milagro Beanfield War. Redford knew it was time to disappear – just retired.

    • I agree. There are times when CS is Chuckie, but in the case of the Dossier and this group, CS would be Chrisopher Steele.

  21. Interesting. I usually search for this site on Google but it’s not showing in my results today so I try searching with duckduckgo and it’s the first thing that pops up. Over the target? Absolutely.

  22. I’ve been reading your articles a few months now: I appreciate what you do, it’s been hugely helpful!
    So I live in NC and I’ve been to the Biltmore Estate a couple of times (years ago). I’ve been wanting to go back (especially now to have a closer look), but tickets are fairly pricey. I’m honestly having a hard time with the Biltmore swimming pool connection. I don’t doubt the Vanderbilts are part of the cabal but I’m trying to think logically. The Biltmore house has been open to the public since 1930 (closing briefly during the war). The last family member to actually live there moved out in 1956. I’m not saying it’s not possible that such evil has been (and possibly is) being carried out right there in the swimming pool, but I have a hard time with the ‘why?’. The pool is part of the tour. They have hundreds of people visiting every day (open hours vary per season). So they’d have to do it at night. It still seems pretty damn ballsy to be doing this kind of evil in a place that is gonna be open to the public the next day. (I did find an interesting fact that the swimming pool is said to be the most haunted place in the estate, so that’s something).
    If you read this, I’d appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks

  23. Neon Revolt…always wait with anticipation for your posts, but this one and the last one really connected for me. Especially given your direct mention of the Hegelian dialectic and the Catholic Church. For your enlightenment I suggest you review the works of Professor Walter J. Veith, whom I am currently studying. He has an outstanding video presentation(complete with documentary evidence)regarding the Holy Roman Empire(Catholic Church), the Jesuits, Albert Pike, Freemasonary, etc. and how it all relates directly to world history and what is transpiring today.
    There is no doubt in my mind that a selected cabal are carrying out the final preplanned and coordinated components of a plan to usher in a new world order under the leadership of Satan and that it is all being directed out of the Vatican.

  24. I am from Asheville. Grew up with the Cecil (Vanderbilt) kids.My mother and grandmother knew the parents. We all ran in the same group. Hard for me to believe they are all into this horror. They have concerts on the lawn at the Estate. Christian ones now and then. Chris Tomlin played there. Hopefully, the Lord has protected some of them and truly saved some! I will be praying for them. He is able to save those in the pits of hell. Saves to the uttermost! That’s how good our God is.

  25. Catholic Church has been involved in Satanism since it’s conception. They kept the Book of Enoch out of the Bible that tells of the fallen angels who had sex with the “children of men” and created giants that ate people. If you’ve never read it, it’s quite interesting. Also look into the origin of the star of David the icon brought back by the Hebrews that the Lord condemned. See: The same “star” on the Pope’s hat and found in repeated in many occult examples. See:

  26. Washington State’s ‘Child Study & Treatment Center’ is hq’d in Lakewood, and has been evaluating, deprogramming, reprograming, reperping MK victims & operatives since before Ted Bundy.

  27. made the mistake of looking at her “art” last night
    i’m thinking she probably works off of photographs given her subjects may not … last very long
    so me thinks there’s a trove of compromising pics someplace someone needs to release

  28. I don’t think that’s a coin in Gloria’s medallion. But, I do see a face. A man with a mustache wearing a white hat. Not positive, but perhaps it’s her father, Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt seen here:

    Other tidbits. Gloria’s mother (also named Gloria) had an identical twin sister, Thelma Furness, Viscountess Furness. Who was Thelma? She was the mistress of the Duke of Windsor and was supplanted by her friend Wallis Warfield Simpson. There’s been plenty written about Edward and Wallis, but this was the most direct sexual accusation I’ve seen, made by Hollywood “pimp to the stars” Scottie Bowers:
    Bowers claims he also set up the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (pictured in 1936) with other people, Edward with men and Wallis with women.

  29. Isn’t “BO” Bruce Ohr? Also, Ephesians verse corresponds with the Missle Stoped launch date. Maybe significant?

  30. The biltmore house pool is preceeded by the “Halloween Room” on the tour. Also look at the movies filmed at the Biltmore house. A scene from Forrest Gump. Richie Rich with Macaulay Culkin and in 2001 Hannibal

  31. The current Pope, Francis, does NOT wear red shoes which at the time of his appointment was viewed positively by liberal Catholics. CINO Catholics LOVE superficial displays and so does this Pope, imo. Liberal Catholics LOVE this Pope because he insults and smears obedient, faithful (to teachings) and orthodox Catholics. Beyond that I do not disagree with anything Deplorable Patriot has said regarding the Church.

  32. Excellent digs Neon.

    My feelings on the shoes, I believe they ARE made with murdered children skin; a trophy to always have the children with them – like most psychopaths.

    Let’s think along the lines of Hwood, “Silence of the Lambs” (coming into focus a lot more now), the dry well scene where the girl is trapped in the well while her capture is ‘sewing an outfit out of his victims skin.’ How many times has Hwood been imitating life? Or the Nazis with lampshades made of Jewish skin.
    In some gangs, you do not get a teardrop on your first murder; you get it after whatever the number is set by the gang.
    Same with the shoes. Since skin from one person is not thick enough to make the ‘leather’ which takes a good size piece to just make 1 shoe.

    The International Common Law Court of Justice in Canada on May 30, 2018; put out a arrest for “Pope Francis”, Jorge Bergoglio. He was convicted of Crimes against Humanity and Complicity in a Criminal Conspiracy, including the trafficking and death of children. There was a YT video about him and Queen Elizabeth taking 10 (I believe), Native Indian children from an ophanage on a picnic by the lake on the property. Each had returned without the children. They made numerous trips to THIS ophanage.
    The video has been taken down. It had a husband giving a detailed account of the horrors his wife lived through at this ophanage. And other historical documents .

    • Please remember… Nazis never made lamp shades of Jewish skin, nor soaps, or anything else… it was all made up… and the 6 million Jews number has been used and published since the 1870’s…

      • Glad someone else has caught up with the lie. It’s our “friends” at the NYT & WaPo that magical came up with the 6 million figure; been at disinformation a long time. There was just over 3 million Jews in Europe just before the war – and more amazing there were just over 3 million After the war according to the census.
        Shkes, clothes and hair discarded was due to lice. Given clean clothes and new shoes after having a shower.
        Strange that Stalin was never charged with war crimes for all the German citizens he lined up in trenches and killed, blamed it on the Germans. When it was Stalin who went into Poland first and started killing the German Jews; Hitler rolled in to get them out and bring them to Germany.

  33. re: “What a coincidence then, that I also read somewhere that the area around Whidbey Island has some of the highest levels of human trafficking in the nation.”

    Since the Puget Sound missile launch, I’ve been thinking about the movie, ‘The Last Mimsy,’ set primarily on Whidbey Island.
    An antique white rabbit doll, named Mimsy, that belonged to the original, Alice, the daughter of the Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a key character element in the story.
    In the movie, contact with the white rabbit doll and other space tech toys that wash up on the beach cause a young brother and sister to take on magical powers.
    Monarch Project child trauma bonding is portrayed as what saves the future world from extinction, when the little girl cries at the prospect of being separated from her white rabbit doll companion that is dying.

    re: Vanderbilt Estate, I recommend rewatching Peter Seller’s final film, ‘Being There,’ in which the Biltmore House and Estate was used for several key scenes. Heavy Freemason/Illuminati symbolism here.

    • Just FYI, Alice was not his daughter, but a young girl that he fell in love with… Carroll highly suspected of being a pedophile. Thanks for the movie ideas… I look for the symbolism that is right in our faces.

  34. I wrote this before when I saw the photo of Tom Hanks with a child’s shoe asking if someone lost it.

    My mothers cousin (male/child) was kidnapped, raped, murdered in Minot North Dakota in the 1930s. Years later his killer was arrested because he kept his shoe as a trophy.

  35. To Deplorable Patriot: I adore you. Dulia not Latvia! 🙂
    Will you explain the tradition of the papal red shoes? I can’t find my books. In a nut shell, it symbolizes walking in the blood of Christ and the martyrs: Christians must take the same road. Now, the Cabal is mocking Christians, martyrs and Christ himself! They did away with the red slippers around VII because the cabal hated humility (they refuse to take the same road – “I will not serve!”) but trot them out as a sign of being a murderer, gloating about causing martyrdoms of the innocent. The Devil is called “The Ape of God”, among other things. The mockery of holiness is diabolical.

    • Frie12da and Deplorable Patriot – sisters in Christ! I, too, assist at the Mass of all time, and am so happy to see other faithful Catholics here. About the red shoes, they have been worn by all the recent popes until Bergoglio did away with them. Look at pics of Pope Benedict, JP II, etc. They wore red shoes.

      Also, Cardinal Ottaviani is widely believed to have been the true author of Humanae Vitae. Paul VI was a raging homosexual (read Franco Bellegrande (sp?) Nikita Roncalli. FB was a member of the Swiss Guard back then.) and he had a redheaded Swiss lover who came and went freely at the Vatican. They also had a man pose as his double, which is very obvious in old photos. Back then, with no internet and popes who stayed put in the Vatican, rarely photographed, it was easy to get away with such things. Things like this and others have caused many to leave the Church.

      Since Vatican II, evil men have taken over and corrupted Holy Mother Church in Her liturgy, sacraments, and discipline, but the gates of hell will not prevail and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph! Remember Fatima and the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success. These are for our times.

      I will pray for you – pray for me and the Church!

      • AA-1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle

        “In the 1960s, a French nurse, Marie Carré, attended an auto-crash victim who was brought into her hospital in a city she purposely does not name. The man lingered there near death for a few hours and then died. He had no identification on him, but he had a briefcase in which there was a set of quasi-autobiographical notes. She kept these notes and read them, and because of their extraordinary content, decided to publish them.

        The result is this little book, AA-1025 Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into the Church, a strange and fascinating account of a Communist who purposely entered the Catholic priesthood along with many others, with the intent to subvert and destroy the Church from within.”

  36. “John Podesta, the chairman of a progressive pro-abortion group” you can buy aborted fetuses online for medical research, the whole thing or parts… maybe it’s like their form of takeout? If you look it up, they show photos. You’ve been warned.
    Blood (DNA) soak into the tile lining grout, could be evidence? It used in MASONRY. Would be curious about the specs of the room, they have precise measures. Those tiles don’t look waterproof to me, personally. Water is heavy, swimming pool tiles are precise things. Gap in ladder could be the pass them up… or parts of them.
    Anon is partially wrong, peacocks are royalty, god-given power. So if they think they’re royalty and there’s two, a pair, that would be King and Queen. They roam around royal properties freely and the Tudors were fond of them, legally protected.
    You need a dictionary page for terms like FISH.
    Bible doesn’t allow tattoos because it’s the way Satanists brand people as belonging to someone other than God.
    I’d look at the supposed gay lovers of various TV personalities. Anyone with reach.

    • Just a note on tattoos…. many God loving people have tattoos these days. Trust me, I love God AND I have 2 tattoos. Certainly NOT a Satanist here!!!

    • A pool only needs the top few steps because you float…
      Have you ever seen a pool that has steps to the bottom?
      We may be overthinking the steps part… it continues down, because it is on an angle, and the bottom part is held together by board, like a step…

  37. The CIA helped Google and Facebook to track children for their pedophile Child Sex Trafficking Network.

    Eric Schmidt helped Hillary in her election by supplying Google DRAFTS to help her run her child sex trafficking.
    Also, Eric Schmidt had a custom API that allows him to see all information about GMAIL users and see their document DRAFTS.
    Google Employers cannot see the high level access of the Custom API.

    Facebook tracks location regardless if you turn it off. This includes Google most likely on Android.

    Facebook Zuckerberg also has a high level Custom API for allowing Child Predators to view all images of children that they are interested in. They can see the cutest kids and their custom location information,
    track the daily schedule of the care person (mother, father) of that child and know where the child is.

    This helps kidnapping and access to video camera on smart phone to time the kidnapping of children for Child Sex trafficking.

    • This is older .
      This woman stole children from the poor to give to the rich
      Babies were snatched off the streets by strangers in passing cars. Or taken from day-care centers or church basements where they played. Or stolen from hospitals, right after birth, passed from doctor to nurse to a uniformed “social worker” — before vanishing in an instant.

      It was the dark handiwork of the Memphis branch of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society, a supposedly charitable organization, led by a woman named Georgia Tann.

      Tann was a pied piper without scruple; she was the mastermind behind a black market for white babies (especially blond, blue-eyed ones)

      read more . . .

      The Hillary Child-Sex Tape Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

  38. Hi neon, just wanted to get this info to you, I think it’s a connection a lot of tools have missed. I stopped digging on the chans long ago (pre exodus), so I’m not sure if I’m the first to break this.

    Child sex ring on the island of Cartagena. Tattoos used to mark slaves… I’m not sure which bar was busted but I’d be shocked if the major ones weren’t all dirty.

    I bring it up because Hillary famously partied there with hubby in 2012 while she was sec of state, at Cafe Havana to be exact. Pictures everywhere. It’s funny how wherever she goes these things follow, or is it the other way around?

  39. If that artist witnessed the crimes she painted, then those children were at Biltmore estate within her professional lifetime.

    The Biltmore Estate is a tourist attraction, so how do you get the kids there and hidden from the public?

    Vanderbilt was a re tycoon, no?

    Railroads nearby .

    If you feel like it please ask Chan’s to investigate, thx

  40. Can anyone explain the significance of the plants at the top of the pool and what kind of plants they are? Also, what are the lights on the bottom of the pool for? Too many questions and no answers thus far.

  41. I think everybody already knows this . . .

    Barbara Bush was conceived in a Sex Magick ritual between Crowley and Barbara’s mother in Sicily at the Temple of Thelema. William Pierce wasn’t Barbara’s real father. These people are generational black magicians, Freemasons, Illuminated Ones, and generational Satanists/Luciferians! Aleister Crowley worked as an M15 agent for British Intelligence and George Bush was the head of the CIA.

    White House Ball on Saturday, May 4, 2002,

  42. Lance Wallnau was live.Like Page
    August 2 at 11:38 PM ·
    Hard to believe! They stood with us. They stood with Israel. And now the devil is on track to take them out and is using the same tactics of intimidation by activist LAWYERS, Mad Cow MEDIA manipulation in press and threat of JAIL cells to silence Christians and conservatives in public service.

    Ever wonder what Deep State is? I JUST FOUND OUT. Its Progressives appointed by Obama who are still in the Intelligence Community and State Department. Once they are employees – you can’t get them out. They outlast Presidents.

    When it comes to our key partner Guatemala, Deep State progressives are at war with those conservatives as if it were a proxy war against Trump. It’s the same spirit- literally. And they are targeting the President’s sons in both nations as the next target. Uncanny.

    I PERSONALLY JUST MET with this nations PRESIDENT and key leaders in his party 3 days ago. The conservative leadership of this nation is UNDER SIEGE – in large part because of U.S. (Deep State) State Department and U.N. and even Soros collusion! That’s right, Georgie is here too.

    Good people in President Morales government are stunned by U.S. betrayal thru CICIG – a corrupt U.S. funded U.N. committee tasked with dealing with corruption. (I think Joe Biden’s sister runs the whole CICIG operation out of NY.)

    People get killed or locked up in Guatemala like it’s the Wild West (or a Hillary Presidency.) Good people are intimidated by political arrests especially focused on destroying Christian and conservative members in office AND any business that dares back them. Imagine, knowing you are likely to be jailed for supporting a conservative! I met people who told me this first hand.

    And did I say U.S. funding the opposition is a HUGE part of the problem? Did I mention Soros? If President Trump knew the facts he’d put the smack down on the whole operation.

    And our media is of course- SILENT. (Busy looking for Russians embedded in Paul Mannaforts Ostrich skin dry cleaning and expensive shrubbery.)

    So I am sounding the trumpet!

    WE NEED MORE ENLIGHTENED JOURNALISTS, CONSULTANTS, SPEAKERS and social media WARRIORS IN OUR RANKS! Has God put a call on your life? Do you long a great adventure? Join me! And join meet a Wild new tribe of friends. The battle for America is raging. In fact, it’s a battle for entire nations. Join me and a select group of special forces believers by “livestream” in D.C.

    That’s right. We’re SOLD OUT for our event in less than 2 weeks but you can be with us “AS ONE” via “livestream” video at this year’s Washington D.C. Trump Hotel action-packed “Manifest the Dream” Dream Trip 2018!

    Move fast and sign up this week and you’ll get access to my pre-event bonus material:


  43. The necklace is a hybrid Mayan “chachal” (Google says), but some are updated or whitewashed by adding “milagros”. I wouldnt touch anything with Satanic Mayan roots! GV obviously likes the human sacrifice aspect of Mayans

  44. Btw, those paintings are haunting me. This has to stop. Also, that CNN cannibal party was so incredibly vile and yet stupid, I almost got sick. Can any of this get worse??

  45. I only watched a couple episodes of tv series so I don’t know…Sorry for the incomplete previous reply(if you even received it) it was a reply to your saying that Patch Adams was filmed at the Biltmore estate.The real Patch Adams has a medical institute near Droop mtn.,W.Va.and according to a Youtuber’s site I watched about a month back(sorry-dont remember whose it was,but their guest was scandinavian Ole Dammegard and they were discussing Droop mtn. AND Patch Adams’s establishment a few minutes away from Droop mtn.state park and C.W.battlefield and both places were alleged to have suspicious things going on .Both these places are within an hour and a halfs drive of Biltmore.Lastly you might want to research a Maccauley Calken interview from about a year ago where he tells the interviewer that when he was 11,an exec.producer attempted to give him cocaine and to seduce him in an office in N.Y.C.Mac said he kept telling the man,”dude ! I’m 11!”which Mac said that it didn’t seem to matter to this exec,who then went on to show the boy his expensive shoes which he told Mac that they were made of human skin.Mac told the interviewer that consequently threw up on the mans shoe. True? I don’t know but Mac stated plainly that he was eleven at the time.He didn’t name the exec.,but if I’m not mistaken,he was about 11 or so when he made RICHIE RICH…..wha da ya think???

  46. I’m missing the connection on the necklace being a binding charm, and a gift from satan. It being an occult thing doesn’t surprise me – but I can’t connect those two to the other info. Can anyone help me out?

  47. What is the chance that the hands in that painting are actually photographic? They look photorealistic to me. It wouldn’t suprise me if these sickos hid the evidence of their wrongdoing in plain sight.

  48. Why did Hillary have a separate email server if she could have used GMAIL after talking to Eric Schmidt? It was just not about ranking her search results and suppressing her rivals.

    Why does she need Google Email drafts to communicate and not send over the wire as email?
    She used her private server and used Google Email drafts to operate what?

    • She had her private server to sell “Special Access Programs” to the highest bidder. She would leave it unprotected and easy to hack.

  49. Dear Neon,

    I’m a huge fan of your writings, but one thing I have been struggling with is connection between the red shoes and leather from children.
    How and why do people draw a connection there ? Everybody just seems to repeat that these shoes are made of skin leather. But how come ?

    A normie.

    • It’s long been “the story” about the red shoes. It comes from an apocryphal Mckauley Culkin interview, IIRC – but I can’t confirm whether its’ a real interview or not.

  50. Q directed us to look below the little boy’s hand. Have we confirmed the specific milagro he meant? Could it be the goat? As in, Baphomet?

  51. Living just over the mountains where Biltmore is located, I’ve visited that place several times. The walk-through tour does include a walk around of the pool.

    Even not knowing the darker aspect of that pool room, it was definitely the creepiest part of that tour. Something you couldnt put a finger on exactly, but something just seemed “off” about it

    • I toured (well, started the tour) last week. I began shaking for no reason when I entered the House, and it got worse the farther in I got. Up the second flight of stairs I felt EVIL surround me, but nobody else seemed shook, nor my husband, but he had to follow me as I turned around and ran down the stairs (against traffic) and flew out the front door. It took 5 minutes in a tour bus to stop shaking. I’ve posted a lot about it (& PICTURES) on my twitter feed. I didn’t know what I was walking into. The 30k square acres of forest encompassing it reminded me of Hunger Games. I’ll never go back.

  52. Hi Neon, enjoy your work, it seems that another sight also enjoys your work because it looks like when he (Dave at does his ‘reporting’ on Q he is reading from your posts and using your same graphics as screen shots. The latest example of this is his episode 1640-b, Deep, Deep Down The Rabbit Hole…. ( For example it is the exact same Orcas Island graphic, and then later states word for word ‘We learn from #FritzSpringmeier that The Vanderbilts are an Illuminati legacy family – with direct ties to the Collins line: one of the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines.’ starting at about the 35:40 mark. There are many other examples of him using your work throughout this video and others. Just thought you would like to know, and if he is going to take your work he should at least give you credit for the work.

  53. Human trafficking presents the problem of transportation. Railroads and sealed boxcars with control of the right of way by the railroad’s own police force with police powers the same as any other police force provides an ideal land transport solution. Biltmore like other grand sites had private rail access.

    Another technological transport solution was provided by the creation of seaplanes. Whereas a ship was slow and required a large crew, a sea plane was much faster, required only a small crew and could access anywhere a ship could and of course required little infrastructure. Pan Am started as a seaplane transport company.

    The Pan Am ticket price was prohibitively expensive limiting travel to the rich. As well, the seaplanes were very limited in production and lacking economy of scale were themselves very expensive. Pan Am named their planes clippers. The original clippers carried limited cargo and were built for speed in order to be first in port with the new opium harvest and thus command the highest price,

    So too the Pan Am clippers. The ultra valuable cargo would be fresh and healthy upon arrival at the delivery point. Or, if the consumers were interested in a bit of adventure to an exotic island and wanted the freshest product with complete anonymity, there was travel by seaplane.

    The seaplane pilot and crew were the astronauts of their day. Indeed, the pilots were trained to repair engines.

    Much the same systems are used today with private jets, more modern seaplanes, fast container ships and trucking. For the elite however, mass transportation has brought down dramatically the price of entry to their peculiar control apparatus of mutual blackmail. Worse yet, they have lost the luster of exclusivity.

  54. Red shoes, from Wizard of Oz, were not originally red (Ruby). They were silver. Which was to have coincided with the theft of the gold (follow the yellow brick road).

  55. I have only recently started getting more into Q and watching different videos by several people. I have read, researched and found out a lot about paedophilia and associated issues, for a number of years. I have found all your infoo on here, including the comments, very interesting and informative Neon.

    I too am sickened at the extent of wickedness..But as a devout believer in Jesus Christ for many years – I’m not surprised. I think many people live in a bubble and would rather pretend none of this goes on. Because it is hard for decent people to comprehend. But silence has only made things worse.Evil needs to be exposed. I don’t put my trust in men, but I do believe God uses people to expose evil.

    To the lady who said tattoos are not wrong, that’s not true. The bible specifically says not to cut and ink our skin. If you are saved after having tattoos, you should have them removed or cover them. Christians are not to conform in ANY way to this world.

    I also heard that interview with MacCauley Caulkin about the director and his shoes. I have seen a video of a real shop where accessories are made from human skin. Then there is that Cannibal Restaurant (not sure where) in America. It’s real. And the ‘chef’ they spoke to said the meat is sourced legally but they cannot give sources or details. Vomit inducing stuff. I think there was even a human head on a platter.

    We are definitely living in the last days before the rapture of true Christians and the anti Christ being revealed, and the seven year Tribulation. Humans have been practicing witchcraft and pagan religions for thousands of years. Thus the Ark and the flood, Sodom and Gomorrah. We’ve reached the final stage of God being patient with human rebellion and sin.

    All these things with the pool, the ‘art’, pizzagate..the Clinton and friends and all these associations are being or if they will be brought to earthly justice is another thing. But I’m comforted in knowing each innocent child, raped, abused, murdered, and murdered by abortion, are now safe and well in heaven. And God will give them justice, and He will bring severe judgement on these awful sadistic satanists. I can’t see anyone who has got to the point of evil that these people have, will ever seek or find redemption.
    God will have given them over to their own wicked hearts. As for Paul, yes he murdered Christians, but I doubt he was like these sadistic cannibals. And in the end, after serving God faithfully, he paid the price. We all do and all will.

    As for Catholicism, I’m not meaning to hurt or offend, but it’s a cult, a pagan sun god religion. It’s a cult of death worship. Mary is not divine, she can’t help or save anyone, and anyway, the Catholic Mary, is not the mother of Jesus. Talking about cannibalism, the Eucharist is about actually eating the flesh of Christ and drinking His blood. That is not what Jesus said to do or intended. Sadly Catholics are deceived. If you truly want to serve Christ, you need to find another church – and not one of those huge apostate evangelical churches. You need one that is bible based, and using the King James version..not all these other per versions, incidentally printed by all these wicked media moguls.I

    When reading all this info and the comments, I do feel such heart ache, righteous anger at the wicked people involved! But they will pay and pay a high price for all eternity. They will be tortured and wanting death, but it will never come. Nothing they did, as horrible as it was and is, will ever be as awful as what they will go through in hell and finally the Lake of Fire.

    I have prayed for years that God will expose this evil, and I’m trusting Him to do so. But I don’t put my trust in Q or Trump..only my Lord Jesus.

  56. the ex cia agent trying to kill president trump erased most of his video’s off youtube and has not posted a video in a while. YOu can tell its him because he has a video that’s 1x1x1x1x1x1 or one by one by one by one by one. check out @kill_rogue on twitter.

  57. Being there was NOT sellers last film., And his daughter was in cahoots with Heidi Fleiss.
    the last hollywood film I recall seeing was ‘Last Mimsy’ as I knew a jew in the biz who had some hand in working w the writers of LM.


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