The [[[[Hunters]]]] Become the Hunted! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Haiti #NBC

Note to the reader: posts 1860 until 1864 are all review. They’re for the newbies. If you’re not new, and want to get into the meatier stuff right way, click here.

Second note to the reader: this is not the the article I promised on Gab. That’s still coming. But Q dropped a TON of things tonight, so I have to cover that first.

So… for the newbies:

Forget everything you know. The level of evil out there is almost incomprehensible. People you think you “know” as good people, are anything but:

NBC is in panic mode – and we talked quite a bit about this not that long ago, but they’ve actually hired Media Matters to comb through all their people’s accounts and delete “questionable content.”

NBC News on Twitter

How to delete old tweets.

Newbies – Look in to Epstein’s island, please. I have numerous articles about this den of depravity on this site:


Here’s where you can start:


AntiFa are degenerate commies being exploited as foot-soldiers by the Left.

Look at the recent “Unite-the-Right” rally… where no one but AntiFa showed up.

What did they do?

They proceeded to trash the place anyway.

But, this is cool.  You get a #QConfirmation out of this drop:

Full Size:

I also noted, in a small article yesterday, that CNN violated the law when they aided domestic terrorist group Antifa by offering them “material support” by way of their media coverage:

Yup, major double-standard.

The Left doesn’t fight fair.

Stop expecting them to.

2016 Trump Tower Meeting Looks Increasingly Like a Setup by Russian and Clinton Operatives – Sara A. Carter

The June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between high-ranking members of the Republican presidential campaign staff and a Russian lawyer with Kremlin ties remains the cornerstone of claims that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election.

Now who could have seen such a turn in events!? Hmmm, I wonder…

Okay with that out of the way…

Let’s get into the New Stuff!

Reminder that Alex Jones have lots of CIA and Stratfor connections.

Jones plays the role of what a “Conspiracy Theorist” is supposed to look like. It was even stated by his lawyers in his recent divorce case: he’s not actually crazy – this is just a character he plays.

Although… Q, I think you’re forgetting something potentially YUUUUGE:

NBC actually first started fighting back first after #BlackListAnon dropped some YUUUGE intel on NBC News President Noah Oppenheim.

Here’s a sampling:

There was quite a bit about NBC in those BlackListAnon drops (most of which can be found in this Imgur album), but the very next day, NBC dropped their first Anti-Q article:

And then BlackListAnon came back with more:


Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to take credit away from QAnon and everything QTeam is doing. And I’m very glad NBC is being targeted by QTeam. But NBC wrote that first article the day after those drops came out.

This reads like Trump already knew about the spying before Admiral Rogers came to him and officially blew the whistle.

This would imply that Trump Team was feeding bad actors bad intel the whole time. They hesitated when told, when you think they would clear out immediately. They also didn’t make a huge deal of it at the time. They just… shifted operations.

So one would suspect that even Admiral Rogers’ disclosure was pre-planned, on some kind of schedule. He would take the “bullet” in the view of the public in order to make sure this all came to light in an official capacity.

Thank you, Admiral Rogers!

Reaction Gifs take up a lot of server processing power.

Sometimes, it’s worth it:

That said, one Anon thought he spotted a coded message in Q’s drop:

And almost immediately, the site went down:

It soon came back online, however.

Okay, now this is interesting…

We talked about that DOJ plane in Little Rock loading up those boxes just a short while ago in this article:

Q is telling us that had nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation… which is a surprising twist.

So what was the DOJ doing, loading boxes of (presumably) evidence, down in Little Rock?

Remember the Sky King?

How could you forget?

Q here confirms that the #SkyKing event was indeed a white hat event, as I heavily suspected given everything we had. And he fills in some of the blank spaces we had in our story.

And I did suspect some kind of Surface-to-Air Missile site (SAM, for those who read the original story).

So… this prompted me to go on a dig… And boy, did I dig up some interesting things:

So yeah, this guy has that whooooole island to himself:

The island was owned by a group of investors who shipped a ton of exotic animals to the island, for hunting purposes. (Which immediately screamed old money, and things like the Rothschilds Black Forest Bavarian estate)

(Note: This article was written in 94, before he purchased the island in 97).

Here’s that map, just to help you visualize how my theory played out. (Note: Locations are approximate).

And the icing on the cake is this guy’s connection to Fiji. Come on! Not one, but TWO islands?

Guy has to be Cabal-connected.

One Anon responded:

Here’s the video he links:

And here was my response:

Personally, I think this is a really strong lead – but I’m totally open to it being another island.

There was heavy speculation that it could also be Allen Island, which was previously owned my billionaire Microsoft-cofounder Paul Allen, which is riiiiiight here:

Not too far away from Spieden island, actually. But it is closer to the area the webcam would have seen that launch from:

There’s also the guy who owns that island now – Eric C. Anderson. He’s the chairman of Space Adventures Ltd… So yeah, you’ve got a possible rocket connection there, too.

So I’m thinking it’s got to be one of the two.

It’s also entirely possible that BOTH islands are Cabal-affiliated – albeit in different ways. We’ll leave it to Q to verify.

The things I still don’t understand:

  • Why the plane crashed.
  • Why the plane crashed where it did.
  • The significance of Ketron Island (if any).
  • The reports by the media that a body was found in the wreckage…


…You NSA guys just have extra bodies lying around now, do you?

I mean, I know you’re called spooks for a reason…

But that’s extra spooky.

Moving on:

Q responds to this post by an #Anon, who responded to Q’s post about the DOJ plane:

Anon has a pretty good line-by-line here. He didn’t differentiate with > though, but I know you’re smart enough to parse it out and follow along at home:

But yeah, Q… I saw it.

Message received. Many newbies onboarding.

I’ll keep the whining to a minimum.

Mossad again. They’re at the top. Q has previously talked about the 4AM SecureDrop system they have, but that was CIA, if I remember correctly.

So… is Q confirming that the CIA is controlled by Mossad?

The thing that might surprise some, however, is how not just the media, but the Alt-media is controlled. Outlets like Infowars?

You better believe it.

Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media?

Yeah, controlled.

This is the Hegelian Dialectic in action, folks. The elites control the Thesis and the Antithesis – in order to get everyone to arrive at a predetermined Synthesis – their true goal all along.

As for those dots, if you’re counting, you have 23 on the left and 25 on the right.

I’m not sure of the significance yet (if there is any).

And when I see “AffiliateA>>AffiliateB>>Etc” I think of news station affiliates, scattered across the country… all getting their marching orders from the central HQ.

Anon has a good thought on the 1:1:1:1 line, too:

Q references the post where they tried to blame the airplane explosions on Q:

So now, they’re trying to pin the fires THEY STARTED on QAnon.


Hoover-Dam guy was a false Q follower, too. Remember, the one who stopped traffic and demanded the release of the OIG report?

X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)

And I’m just realizing who this “exclusive video” was posted by…

None other than Rebel Media contributor Laura Loomer!

You might remember the stunt she pulled at Shakespeare in the Park, with fellow Rebel Media contributor, Jack Posobiec:

You know – the attention-whoring, I mean, the attention-grabbing stunt they organized. The one where they had donation-sites ready to go for beforehand.

Yes, America – here is your controlled opposi- I mean, modern Millennial voice of Conservatism:

You’ll also recall Jack Posobiec, who now works for One American News Network, was working all last week… on debunking Q! So much so that The Daily Beast took notice!


The internal GOP pushback even included an attempt to debunk Q. Jack Posobiec, a reporter for the conservative One American News Network, claimed without much evidence that he had found the originator of QAnon and was working on a piece “debunking” the whole conspiracy theory. Like Flynn, Posobiec was soon awash in hundreds of disappointed QAnon believers accusing him of being part of a deep-state plot.

Q is right when he says [Fake MAGA]. I think that definitely applied to folks like Loomer and Posobiec.

Hmmm… No word on what this stringer means yet.

Maybe it will be disclosed in time.

1873 had two Q’s at the end.

Just a typo, according to Q.

Wait… “Play dates?”


So Google were the ones providing the technical know-how for not just Obama and Hillary and those types – but ALL of the Deep State, world-wide.

That’s insidious!

And, read the Qdrop, they used these Google channels for everything they wanted to hide.

And notice how Q puts ‘elected’ in quotation marks.

The XKeyscore and PRISM tools, spying tools built by the NSA, were kept from these people because white hats were actively trying to surveil them. When the existence of these programs was suddenly exposed by Edward Snowden, it set the NSA back… well… I want to say at least one Obama term.

Think about it = Obama might have been OUT after ONE TERM, but for Snowden. Gah!

AP Exclusive: Google tracks your movements, like it or not

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to. An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you’ve used a privacy setting that says it will prevent Google from doing so.


This should be common knowledge by now, though. We’ve talked about this kind of thing a lot, and so has Q. These tech companies are NOT your friends. They’re intrusive oligarchs.

And I’ll just say this: If you’re a parent – make sure your kids don’t have Snapchat or anything like that. Those apps are complete honeypots, full of degenerate material. Make sure your kids aren’t using them.

You all have heard this bit of news by now. There was an Islamic compound raided in New Mexico, where they were training a number of children to become school shooters.

Buried under the compound were the remains of a three-year-old boy, which the article acknowledges when it says:

3-year-old Abdul-ghani Wahhaj, who had been missing since December, allegedly died amid a ritualistic religious ceremony held on the grounds in an effort to “cast out demonic spirits,” Reuters reported.

“It was a religious ritual carried out… a ritual intended to cast out demonic spirits from Abdul-ghani Wahhaj,” Taos County Prosecutor John Lovelace said.

Public defenders argued the boy’s father was trying to heal the child by reading passages from the Koran but prosecutors claimed he was denying the boy medication. One of the children taken into custody claimed that the boy had died in February.

The children said they were told the boy would be resurrected as Jesus and guide them on which “corrupt institutions” to attack, NBC reported citing investigators.

Q highlights the judge in this case, Sarah Backus:

Jany Leveille, one of the five suspects arrested at the “extremist Muslim” compound in northern New Mexico, has been transferred to the custody of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said Tuesday.

News of Leveille’s transfer comes a day after a judge ruled against the request of prosecutors to keep the five suspects imprisoned. Judge Sarah Backus said although she was concerned by “troubling facts,” prosecutors failed to articulate any specific threats to the community.

Why is this judge allowing the transfer of this particular individual – and the release of the others on bail?

Remember what Q said about the border states: they’re special cases.

Remember how difficult it was for this raid to even occur in the first place. Cops couldn’t get a warrant for the longest time, and the owners of the land couldn’t kick these people off their land (the Islamists were squatting on the property).

Make no mistake: this is a real-life terror cell, not a homestead – with familiar connections to a World Trade Center Co-conspirator.

These people are being protected by higher-ups looking to cause chaos.

Hmmm… Maybe I’ll have someone really qualified I know step in and do a feature about the way these Muslim compounds have cropped up, all around the nation. Most don’t even know they’re there. Once you see the full extent – you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for Q when he talks about infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is heart-rending stuff.

A few years back, when this stuff was starting to bubble up to the surface, it was waved away as isolated cases. Q is telling us it’s anything but. It’s systematic.

Are there good Catholics? Sure. Just like there are good Orthodox, and good Protestants.

My hope is that Christians of all stripes will re-unify into one true church, a church that actually loves each other and serves God, instead of some sick Cabal.

This is Laura Silsby. If you’re not familiar, catch up here:

Here’s Q’s next link. It’s more awful stuff:

‘These are the world’s forgotten children’

“WHO is afraid of the water?” The question, from a former special agent with the US Department of Homeland Security, is directed at a group of children being held against their will in a rusted home hidden in the hills of Petion-Ville, in the republic of Haiti.

With us are a dozen children, who’ve been released by their captors from locked rooms at the back of the property. They are aged between eight and 14 years old.

They are sex slaves.

Child trafficking victims who’ve spent their formative years servicing the carnal desires of men, often foreigners, who are three, four, five or six times their age.

Their madam tells me that many of their customers are western humanitarian workers who’ve come here to help rebuild Haiti after the recent run of natural disasters.

“Every day, every day, every day,’’ she says, after being asked if the kids have experience with westerners.

The children are told that we are a planning an underage sex party for a group of wealthy Americans and Australians.

This should sound very familiar, if you read my article above about Silsby and d’Adesky

Many of them are traded, as though commodities, to rival gangs, and put up for sale or rent in filthy, underground Haitian brothels. Some are loaded into trucks or buses and smuggled across the border to be used by tourists in the Dominican Republic.

“The problem in Haiti is an international crisis,” Ballard explains. “With so many children displaced or orphaned during the recent earthquake and hurricane, recruiters moved quickly to sweep these children up. And the worst part of it all is that in many cases the clients are the foreigners who’ve come here to help, the NGO workers and the so-called humanitarians.”

It’s exactly Silsby’s game-plan.

I promise – I didn’t read ahead when I chose the quote above. Q thinks its notable, too, so it’s good we’re on the same wavelength.

I’m suspicious of this Tim Ballard character, simply because he is a Clown, but that doesn’t mean he was one of the rotten insiders.

And “The More You Know” – omg, he’s been signalling it since July 1st!

I take it back, Q. You were first on the NBC drops! Not BlackListAnon!

And just in case you’re still not getting it, The More You Know are those PSAs that run on NBC!

I know you’ve seen ’em!

I do believe Q is linking NBC to human trafficking. I just went back and looked at all the drops where it’s mentioned.

Here are a list of all the program’s supporters… because apparently 20 second corporate PSA’s need supporters like this:

No wonder they’re in total panic mode!

That said, four brackets is the most Q has ever used. They’re coming for the traffickers.

The Hunters become the hunted…

Reminds me of this:

First, before we read – I think it’s important to review – because this event slipped by a lot of people (but not yours-truly).

Now, this is a feed captured from a satellite, so it cuts out at times, but it’s still worth watching:

Trump had a major campaign stop in Little Haiti back in 2016. I remember watching this, and subsequently watching it get NO coverage in the press, and being amazed at the testimonies like the one above. And that gentleman didn’t even get in to anything related to human-trafficking!

But to get into Q’s article:

The Clintons’ history with the world’s first black republic dates back to their 1975 honeymoon, when they met a voodoo priest and visited a hotel where Ernest Hemingway once stayed.

I think it’s safe to say that Hemingway was an “elite” of his day. Remember how he died, too – he committed suicide after being convinced the FBI was wiretapping him… which, they were.

Mrs Clinton was Secretary of State and Mr Clinton was UN Special Envoy to Haiti when the January 2010 earthquake struck, killing an estimated 220,000 people.

Some $13.3bn (£10.9bn) was pledged by international donors for Haiti’s recovery.

A US Government Accountability Office report discovered no hint of wrongdoing, but concluded the IHRC’s decisions were “not necessarily aligned with Haitian priorities”.

Mr Clinton’s own office at the UN found 9% of the foreign aid cash went to the Haitian government and 0.6% to local organisations.

I bet it’s much less than that, actually.

After the earthquake, disaster capitalists flocked to the nation of 10 million people, which is about the size of the US state of Massachusetts.

Private contractors were eager to sell services, in what one US envoy described in a Wikileaks-disclosed diplomatic cable as a “gold rush”.

In email exchanges with top Clinton Foundation officials, a senior aide to Mrs Clinton, who was then-secretary of state, kept an eye out for those identified by the abbreviations “FOB” (friends of Bill Clinton) or “WJC VIPs” (William Jefferson Clinton VIPs).

The emails, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the Republican National Committee, have fuelled claims the Clintons were running a pay-to-play operation, though no hard evidence of this has emerged.

No evidence. How convenient.

Possibly the most enduring criticism of the Clinton Foundation’s work in Haiti stems from its signature project, a garment factory known as the Caracol Industrial Park.

The foundation, working with the Clinton State Department, helped arrange a US-subsidised deal with the Haitian government to build the $300m factory complex in 2012.

Several hundred farmers were evicted from their land to make way for the 600-acre manufacturing site, which produces clothes for retailers such as Old Navy, Walmart and Target.

South Korean textile giant Sae-A Trading Co, which is the main employer at the facility, subsequently donated between $50,000 to $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Think that facility is being used for as much “production” as they claim?


Ah, the classics:



Q is counting again…

As he should.

After all, it’s almost time for the entire world to wake up.

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81 thoughts on “The [[[[Hunters]]]] Become the Hunted! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Haiti #NBC”

  1. NAS Whidbey Island does not have F-15s, it has P-3s and P-8s, large anti-sup and patrol planes, and it has EA-18Gs, modified F-18F models which have no guns and does not have alert aircraft standing by loaded with missiles. Portland International Airport does, however, the 142nd Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard. That ANG unit stands interception alert, and It would not take them long to scramble 2 jets and send them up to that area, its less than 200 miles.

    • I have to agree with you about the F-15s. I don’t believe they came from NAS Whidbey either. The report I read said “FCC contacted NORAD who in turn scramble the F-15s with permission to fly supersonic”. That seemed a bit convoluted to me. So reading that statement while knowing how the media reports the only thing I think is true is that the F-15 did go supersonic. A retired veteran friend who lives in Washington State emailed me saying he heard two sonic booms over his house. He isn’t on the Q train but he knew something serious was going down. And he and I both know what a sonic boom sounds like.

      That makes Unknownsailor’s theory much more feasible.

      • Had lunch with my old boss yesterday, he said there are some dam good simulators out there that are pretty close to the real thing, but then I showed him the flight paths and the audio recording, instantly he said that it would have switched to a military channel for communications, when talking to the military pilots, he did not know the guy pushed it out to taxi himself, he said that would have been strange, he did not however the length of time to start could have been 5 minutes, you start one engine then the other, and you can go, very minimal stuff you have to engage to do that. Then I told him of the Portland launch of the F15s, he knew there was a closer airfield just outside Seattle or something, so now he is fishy about the whole thing too. He is not ready quite yet for disclosure, I dropped a few things here and there, just to gauge his reaction and nope not yet, having lunch in a couple weeks, see where we are.

    • The jets came from Portland. We heard them as we live nearby and are familiar with the sound of the jets taking off. They are like clockwork so when we heard them take off while we were eating dinner (in the back yard) it seemed strange so we remarked on it. We waited to catch a glimpse of them – they always thrill – as they headed west (their normal trajectory) and instead saw nothing. We then figured they must have headed North which is not usual for a variety of reasons the military knowledgable can explain.

  2. What is the coded message referred to here?

    “That said, one Anon thought he spotted a coded message in Q’s drop:”

    Three underlined letters (T, P, W), “military grade,” and “attack”?

  3. Blame your enemy for your mistakes so he can’t blame you in return.
    Classic Marxist tactics.
    You see this everywhere from. White genocide claims, whites blamed for slavery despite ending it, so on and forth.

    They blamed trump for Russia, despite them colluding Russia.
    They wanted to warmonger, and then tried to blame Trump for war mongering.

    Now You See that they were blaming NO SUCH AGENCY for the SEE YIA ‘S work too.

    (christian whites often were less murdery relatively given the weapons they had. In India once the British left the Hindus and Muslims killed millions of each other, just one example – although to be fair Churchill did accidentally on purpose starve them through grain procurement for the war, but still. The whites ended the slave trade)

  4. Jack Posobiec always seemed a bit off – the quick prominence without offering much – but I can’t claim to have suspected him of being controlled to this degree. Another twist of the lens.

    Thinking about the controlled opposition right, there does seem to be a pattern where one or two “splashy” events that look more like one-offs over time, followed by sudden acclaim as a person of influence. An actual activist like Sabo keeps doing stuff. But the bigger tell is the avoidance of certain third rails. You’re either committed to the whole truth or part of the smokescreen.

    Happy hunting.

  5. Rahm Emanuel and his brother’s father is a founder of Mossad, as he was a part of Irgur, which is the equivalent of the OSS (America’s predecessor to our present day CIA). Are you beginning to see the connections here?

  6. I did not want to argue or speculate at the time about the CF/Arkansas jet. But there is an ex-CIA officer, Cody Snodgress, that described his involvement with the OKC bombing. In that description, he gives the reason why the building was blown up – the docs on the Clinton drug trafficking (and probably kids too) dating back to pre-governor days, were in the top floor of the Murrow building. Plus they were housing the data from the studies of the Gulf War syndrome. Since the CF was HQ’d in NYC, if the OKC is true, then the Clinton dirt in LR was long gone. Cody gives a great interview on X22 report about 7 months ago. I hope and pray that man is still alive and is a white hat. At this point, the DOJ plane in the LR airport is all speculation as to its contents – the Clinton docs had long since been moved.

  7. I have spent time around antifa personally, and the less said about it the better. However, they rely on local coach companies to bus in and out of locations. Rely heavily. This makes or breaks the question of whether they actually turn up. All you’d need to do is make an example of one such coach company for transporting domestic terrorists, easily done.

    • Brilliant observation! You couldn’t be that overt about it though because they’d make the argument the gov was interfering with their 1st amendment rights to free assembly and easily find a judge that agreed. So, you’d have to be clever about how you cut off their transportation.

        • once Antifa is declared a terrorist organization all buses, business, etc that gives any aid or comfort to them will be prosecuted. this is apparently either in the works, now, or filed to be considered? not sure of the status.

        • also, as to Antifa, the members who got paid the 20 per hour to do these shows, and the taggers on who believe the tripe that is fed to them and show up for free will end up on a “NO FLY LIST” and will have all kinds of trouble at the airport. this is a small show that will really make me laugh out loud at all these stupid people who join up w Antifa. LOL

  8. I’m glad you mentioned Posobiec. I’ve been following him before he came out against Q. Watching his mannerisms while he did his recent videos about Q, he seems to be filled with more angst and perhaps cognitive dissonance while putting Q down. His language has even shifted. He started saying, “…ain’t got no this,” and “I ain’t this or that.” He never talked that way before that I know of. Very noticeable, odd shift.

    It would be funny if a meme artist made a meme with a picture of Q as the scary Darth Vader and Jack as Luke with the text, “Jack, I am your better.”

  9. First of all thanks a lot again to Neon for his hard work.

    The more you know…

    …A few years ago when i saw the movie “Hostel” i was absolutely shocked about the perverted plot. Now its more than imaginable to me that “Elite Hunting” already became reality a long time ago :-O

    And i am sure, whatever mankind is able to do – someone will do it.

    It’s absolutely sickening

  10. #NeonRevoltRocks. Hey did you see the Weather Monitoring Device that NASA released that fell from the sky in New Jersey that mentions Trump?The note read, NASA Atmospheric Research Instrument. NOT A BOMB, if this lands near the President, we at NASA wish him a great round of golf.It
    You think this is a message? WMD, ATOM BOMB or something??
    Take a looksy bro.

  11. Hey Neon,

    Grey haired oldfag mod here. I’ve been a lurker about Q since late last year. I don’t care if I get namefagged. Been anon since 2008, with the fight against Scilons. I can provide you with dox if you wish.

    This week, as the primary moderator on the most active Oil & Gas forum on the internet, it seems I’m now shadowbannned.

    W. T. F.


    I have been following rules of decorum, but this week, Google and LinkedIn seem to take issue with my words.

    And I’m peeved they are now block banning my innocuous words.

    My comments about this (delete this if you feel I am out of line here).

  12. Two thirds of Ketron island is owned by Gary Lundgren, a man with recent bad blood with Trump, who has sued him for 75 million.

    This blogger has done extensive research into Lundgren, delving into his South American doings, which may tie into drugs and trafficking

  13. I just want neons take on infowars/rebel etc… controlled opp. If this is controlled I still think they raise awareness about things that the MSM never cover. For instance, libertarian ideas like David Knight promotes who I do listen too and he articulates these ideas in an excellent manner. And I would never know about William Binney and others if not for AJ. But again, would like neons view…

  14. Tim Ballard is not a clown. He’s a white hat, rescuing sex trafficking victims, all over the world. One of the first on the job. BECAUSE of his connections while in DHS, he felt he could accomplish more outside of the government, than being in it… just like Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, et al. So, he resigned, and established Operation Underground Railroad. You can look him up.

  15. Great article as usual brother, the textile company could be a good place to look at, are they the same company that has been set up in the Mariana Islands, and sell made in the USA clothing because of treaty, the Chinese companies would recruit poor and hungry children and families and forced to work in sweat shops, the treaty ran out in 2009 I believe, pissed a lot of people off! Also with the plane guy, I believe those aircraft are supposed to be running on the new 8.33mHz or something frequency band for communication with other aircraft, so it would be a private channel not available to outside hindrance, did this captured broadcast give a channel and frequency? I can’t find it anywhere. Love the T shirts, waiting on payday to get the hat. I am need of some advice on exposing the org that I am currently working at? There is some dirt, I feel it in my bones, very limited access, the superintendent was among the meeting at White House about suspensions and arrests and it was implemented here also, they have let a African american nationalist organization in, moving them in before elected board approval and just forcing it down there throat, members of this nationalist movement were contractors and fired for misappropriation of funds and other offenses. Anyone out there that can help, let me know. If not this system will be destroyed and bankrupt, there is millions missing that no one is talking about, working with the mayors office, which is a separate entity, taxation without representation by turning these school into innovation schools. It is outright fraud going on and none in the local media will say anything about it. Anyone with thoughts, Let me know, comment below with a message of contact info. Sorry Neon if I am stepping on toes, you know I love your decodes and reports! Keep it coming

  16. Neon….Just a short blurb bout Alex Jones bashing….this is what our enemies do…this is what THEY want,… they want us divided. Now personally I don’t give a pinch of Sorors snuff what sleepwalkers think of Jones, but it’s really a disservice to the newly woke to slag the guy and write him off as a tard. Jones is responsible for why many of us are here in the truth/MAGA movement.

    Jones is one of the godfathers of the awakening, he was out there sounding the alarm about the deep state and the global tentacles of the NWO when most of us were watching Transformers and slurping on pudding pops….when the truth media landscape was a desert. Yes, he’s been successful but only the last few years…..mostly he’s had to fight to get and keep anything he has and he build his media platform himself working 16 hr days…he could always be relied upon to get the word out about the degenerate global elite and their control networks. That deserves some respect.

    A whole new generation is being woke/deprogrammed and Jones (like it or not) is partially responsible for that … he embraced and popularized many other truth warriors and gave them their star/inspirationt, selflessly sharing his platform with them and promoting them to go on to build their own info platforms. We see him defamed, attacked, banned, de-platformed, de-monetized and virtually assassinated daily by cabal puppets and cabal king pins…they have tried to take his kids away, he is physically attacked by raving cabal zombies on the street, the enemy has placed a bounty on him….believe your eyes, not some shitlord slander.

    Those who defame or dismiss Jones are to be questioned….including Q. Q did not take a crap on Jones but he dismissed him as “an actor” in much the same way rival teleprompter readers dismiss their rivals — my opinion of Q has been damaged (not broken, but damaged)…just as my opinion of others in the truth movement who would foolishly dismiss the body of work Jones is responsible for. I’m not a Jones groupie, there are many alternative sources of forbidden deep state information now, but that does not lessen Jones’s contribution. Show some respect where its due.

    • AJ and Corsi went way out of their way to disrespect Q anon. They lost credibility. People realized what others had said all along about AJ and Corsi. They needed to relegitimize their bad reputations. It did not work though. They got a lot of traffic on their site, but Q anon exposed them again. It looks like their banning is just a LARP. They claimed that they were under attack and the site was down, but the page directed viewers to all their other sites. Sorry, I don’t buy it, and I don’t like a liar. Thanks to them, nothing was done about 911 bc they looked like crazy people and discredited the people who smelled a rat w the legacy media at that time.

      • Stop it, your Q fanboy reflex is showing, Qanon isn’t a cult…Q always says think logically…in a PR war for “followers” who benefits by slagging these guys?

    • I agree. Alex Jones has already thoroughly established what his lawyer meant by him being an “actor.” His unhinged ex-wife was using Infowars skits in which he dressed up like the Joker and such as “proof” that he was crazy. His lawyer stated that it is an act. Yes, Jones does put on an act, shouting at Brian “Pennywise” Stelter (cracks me up every time) and yes, he may be lying about his server going down. But to say “ooh, he has CIA connections” makes little point to me. It shows that he has inside connections. But I think Q may have a bone to pick with Jones for wanting to be the gatekeeper of political conspiracy and intrigue, and for siding with stupid Corsi. I know that Jones will only back what he knows for sure he can go on, and he is now in such a harsh spotlight that he has no choice. I’ve seen his show become safer and safer and honestly, I liked it when he was edgier. But the sheer amount of lawfare thrown his way and to see the likes of Podesta and Hillary sneering about him (as well as the mockingbird media) tells me that Jones is on the right side. I would not have known about the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, the Tavistock Institute, the CFR, Illuminati families such as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, etc if it wasn’t for Jones. When Q calls out Mossad directing talking points towards the “alt media,” the likes of Daily Wire and Breitbart come first to my mind, as they appeal more to the normies who are scared to realize that 9/11 was obviously a controlled demolition. Jones has disappointed me by backing away from Sandy Hook (obvious hoax) and Comet Pizza (obviously evil), but he is a big cheerleader for Trump and taking down the NWO.

  17. Some thoughts about a couple of things Tony R. mentioned. The disposal of ‘ritual’ murdered children via ‘butcher setup’ and ‘a farm’ lends to the possibility of pig farm. Hmm, who else had a pig farm that was Q worthy ([P])? Also, kids that were taken to the ‘army’ would not likely be the military we all know; think DARPA. Just spit-balling based upon the information presented.

    Also, Laura Loomer is has always came across to me as one of those gals that thinks she a popular, hot chick because she gets drunk and someone takes her home. She suffers from pure hubris; I can’t imagine she is thoughtfully part of any system or plan–just used.

  18. So many things…. Posobiec, Loomer, yep. But they are nobodies. But AJ? Questions. Insincere or Compromised. What he says in court to retain his kids (think, cabal court), doesnt have much weight. While I was never a die-hard AJ follower, I did listen a bit. AJ brought awareness to many, although granted, he made “us” look crazy. AJ was there supporting Bundy Ranch. AJ helped Trump get elected! Some I know are upset about AJ and love him. All this said, he was always suspiciously weak on Israel (Can I even say that?). Now, Rush Limbaugh had to be a bad actor. He was all about George Bush and jumping into the wars.

    • I’m suspicious of any attempt to divide this resurgence of populist cynicism in big government. Q and everyone else who wants to put voice to this movement doen’t need to gain credibility by slaging those in the trenches for decades…negativism is so much wasted energy better spent in extolling the positives of seeking truth above manipulative narratives.

  19. “Spy den” Island. REALLY. Hunters of exotic animals usually want to torture them alive, usually by skinning. Serial killers used to get chalked up as bear or wolf attacks. McCann, any relation to the doctors?
    DNA match in the car boot.
    The parents lied about the resort, I know.
    Populism is freedom.
    Body could just be teeth. Forensics.
    Diagram looks like a hydra, the octopus tentacles influence idea.
    They’ve been called an octopus a lot.
    Big Tech buys up, bankrupts by ripping off or corporate espionages competition before they can actually “start up”.
    There was a Muslim infiltration of schools here, UK, it’s ongoing.
    The Vatican’s archives must be released to the public for any unity.
    I wonder if Haitian blood relates to melanin theory (tldr: they have magic).
    Surprised nobody has discussed Jolie’s connection to Cambodia. She bought massive historical land.
    Random but the Guardian (Media Group) pleads poverty after stashing away profits from the sale of Autotrader.
    “600-acre manufacturing site” it’s called fast fashion and it’s a cover for trafficking often, happens in Cambodia too. Widespread.

  20. No need to reinvent the religious wheel! We have One True Church and the gates of Hell will never prevail, even if it isn’t looking good at the moment. It is more complex than Q but very real. Of course it would be under attack, from an early time. This is why leftists hate dogmas and Tradition. It is still the ONLY thing holding us up. Who else hasn’t officially caved on abortion, for instance?

  21. (Please don’t flame me for being obtuse.)

    This is my go-to site for Q decodes, and I appreciate all your hard work, Neon! I still have questions, though, that I know newbies would have. I sometimes forget who the initials stand for, and I think more detailed descriptions of what Q is saying would help. For example:
    “Lace” = Jackie Kennedy
    ML = Matt Lauer
    NO = Noah Oppenheim

    It’s impossible to understand the post about “Lace” without knowing whom those refer to. Including the post in the article without explanation doesn’t help.

    I don’t understand the post about Oppenheim, Harvard, Co-Founder’s sister, etc. Even when I open the “Well done, anons!” post in a new tab, I can’t read it.

    Are people thinking Alex Jones hacked his own site for publicity?

    What is “tpw”? I need more explanation to understand what the alleged coded message is. Thank you.

  22. We are at war. It’s good against evil. If the Alliance fails, which it won’t, the world and anyone who has raised their voices in support of Q team would be in jeopardy. Deep doo doo. The only option is winning. Keep up the good work everyone. So looking forward to the beginning of mass arrests. 11/11/18 will be glorious. wwg1wga

  23. Responding to Bill Elder’s post in defense of Alex Jones:

    What you say about AJ is true; however, I can’t get past the fact that he blatantly lied about having talked with Q, when all the while Q was saying there are no outside communications. Because of that and some other things, I don’t trust AJ, and I can certainly see why Q would be upset with him. It appears that AJ was trying to profit off Q and the movement. AJ even got Jerome Corsi involved. They are the ones Q warned us about: “Be careful whom you follow.”

    Yes, AJ has opened a lot of people’s eyes, but I can’t stand his yelling (which looks substance-induced to me) and in no way do I condone his lying to make people think he’s a Q insider. I now question everything he says about his sources and wonder how much of that is hyperbole to make AJ look important. Character matters.

    • Q is correct that much of AJ’s current tac is showbiz oriented…an “act” if you will, the furious outrage is part of that…a natural product of having to commercialize his operation to keep it going…not saying it’s the right direction, now the movement seeks mainstream popular appeal. He does often attract undue attention and play into his detractor’s hands with these unhinged rants.

      That said, on the whole he has done the movement much good in the past…in the future, well, maybe not so much….but more damage is done by isolating or estranging his large following with a slagging war….I think he realizes this in that he seems to have cut himself lose of Corsi.

    • BTW – he said that he had talked with people who said they knew Q, not that he personally talked with him. Jone has been misquoted and taken out of context so much we needn’t add to that false narrative.

      • Not true.

        Alex is the snake-oil salesman he’s always been. I can say this because I’ve known that about him long before Q came along. Some people insist that we give him respect for the people he brought to the truth movement, but I deny that. He’s a classic dark troll, and play it to a tee.

        I don’t normally pay much attention to SB2, but I have to admit, he nails AJ to the wall with this post. I’ve witnessed this from him over and over when it comes to being truthful about subjects he doesn’t like. If he knows that a narrative from a particular guest is going where he doesn’t want it to, he’ll shut you down. He’s the classic controlled opposition, and I’ve noticed it ever since 9/11.

      • That is false Bill Elder. I have the clip of him stating that he talked to Q. I have the link below. Alex Jones may have had a part in all of our partial awakening, but he is controlled opposition. He purposefully acts the way he does to make all of it sound like a giant conspiracy theory so that no one would take anything that is claimed as taken seriously. This is why a lot of this stuff hasn’t been exposed, because all they could do is link it to Alex Jones and bam slide it under. The human trafficking and disgusting raping of children would just be laughed off as another conspiracy theory peddled by him.

  24. Had to just chime in to say Admiral Rogers isn’t the one who lost his house, it’s General Flynn. Love your site though, keep up the good work.

  25. William Mount claims Alex J and few others like him get paid $50 M per year to run a dis info line. Find out who is paying him and you will find out who he truly is!

    • He files income returns like every one else…easy to check. est not to take unfounded statements as gospel when we are focused on seeking truth.

  26. I knew it, and I called it! AJ a Mossad asset, inserted, then withdrawn. That’s why I’ve been urging people not to cry over him too much, because all we’ve lost is a YUGE source of disinformation!

  27. The one word that stands out to me is [PING]. Q has used movie references several times and ‘The a hunt for Red October’ has been bugging me for a long time. That and the repeats. It’s like we keep missing something staring at us, the the big W.

  28. Q lately showing some larpest tendencies by promoting bogus Bin Ladin nonsensical death in Pakistan. Anyone with a brain knows Bin died in 2002 or so…

    AJ being a Mossad operation is right on imo, though♩

    • Bin Laden died of kidney failure in December 2001. HIs Clown name was “Tim Osmond”. The head of the Clowns in America visited him in the hospital at Walter Reed in May or June of 2001. BL’s obituary was in the Pakistani newspaper. A famous woman politician was interviewed, who attended his funeral. She was assassinated shortly thereafter. None of the so called “terrorists” were on any of the plane’s manifests. Six of the men on the produced list of suspects were alive and well. There were many obvious inconsistencies afterwards, but the biggest obvious vector of truth is that since 911, there have been unending illegal wars of aggression in various nations, by various war mongering PNAC/JINSA/APAC/JDL/JTL members and associated persons within the Deep State. These wars violate the US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8 which states explicitly that ONLY CONGRESS CAN DECLARE WAR. AND THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE AFTER A FULL AND COMPLETE DEBATE. The Bush cartel previously alluded to violated Congressional Resolution 1443, which stated that aggression would be allowed, if the UN Security Council approved. Instead they sent Colin Powell to present a plagiarized Master’s thesis that stated that Iraq had WMD, from the 1980’s. The UN Security Council did not approve, but the Cartel attacked anyway. Post SCRIPT: no oil well leases went to US companies….all went to Britain. So, we paid the tab, and go moral and financial bankruptcy and unending wars of aggression that spread like fire.

      • Meanwhile, they stripped out the manufacturing sector, including steel, and sold us out economically via NAFTA and various other ridiculous trade agreements that sapped us of all savings and financial security. They allowed inflation to increase the cost of living, and increased taxes and regulations. They poisoned our food supply, after they stole the land from the family farmers. GMO, toxic weed killers, Big Pharma, insurance driven medical care……..all to take the life blood from this nation.

  29. I read Q and then head here for the details. Neon, you have a very real gift. Amazing post. This is big, like all time in history big. Folks, this is so huge. Praying for all, go GOOD!!

  30. Neon the newest Q drops about podesta art. The pool with the nooses I think looks similar to the Vatican also in the pic the girls are missing their finger nails now look at coopers moms charm it looks like skull bone in the middle with children sized fingernails all around it to look like a sun or something

  31. Regarding Bill Elder’s claim that AJ didn’t say he had talked with Q:

    AJ said he had talked to Q. He said it clearly and directly. In the beginning of the video, AJ talks about how his sources are the elite of the elite, patriots who (of course) turn to AJ.

    Then he says Corsi was told by the White House six months ago that they liked Q, “but now that’s not the case.” So AJ wants his audience to believe Corsi had inside knowledge that Q was no longer Q.

    AJ then says he was playing golf with people who have been involved with Q who said, “Hey, that’s been taken over. We’re unable to even post anymore. That’s not us anymore.” So we’re supposed to believe that AJ has sources in the inner circle of Q.

    At :50, AJ says, “I was separately told this by Q Anon. I’m going to say it again: I’ve talked to Q Anon. There are only about 5 or 6 people that have actually been posting. I’ve talked to Q Anon. And they’re saying Q Anon is no longer Q Anon.”

    Then he talks about how Q’s message used to be one of hope and truth and positivity, but that it has changed to infighting and destruction. So AJ thinks “we should recap what’s happened, given the latest, and then basically stick a fork in the avatar of Q Anon. It is now an overrun disinformation fount.” Then AJ interviews Corsi, which I couldn’t stomach, and I stopped listening.

    No wonder Q had to put a stop to this! People can give AJ all the leeway they want, but he was 1) trying to make the Q movement his own, then 2) actively working against Q. AJ was lying, straight to our faces.

    Anyone who believes Q is in the inner circle of Pres. Trump and that Q is working to MAGA, should be appalled at this behavior by AJ. He spoke exactly like an enemy of Q, the President, and the country, not like a patriot who is on our side. When I see and hear something so destructive from his own lips, I can’t give the benefit of the doubt anymore.

  32. If OBL died of kidney failure than why was Robert O’Neil telling a story to everyone who would listen about how he fired the fatal bullets that took OBL life? From his lips to my ears I heard the entire story. Furthermore, the government has allowed him to perpetuate his idea. Isn’t that a little risky considering the other story claims he died in a hospital? Why would Robert O’Neil draw attention to himself if it was a complete fabrication?

  33. A couple other posters pointed this out also, no F-15’s at Whidbey, nearest are Portland, I live just north of the AB, I can confirm at least one flew over about that time, its been years since they flew that direction over my house, they were still gaining altitude (I am real close to base). As for Anti aircraft missiles on island you mentioned in the North San Juans, the Q400 never came more than 60 miles if that close to them, why would an anti aircraft missile be fired under these conditions that far away? I am sorry not nitpicking but it makes no sense to me.

  34. Very curious about the lack of government action against those terrorist cells. Looking at the photo it would seem a fairly straitforward thing to clean up.

  35. Great job as always Neon. Some things coming out of twatter & my research .

    Twatter – Found the RABBIT. Look at your map of Whidbey Island south portion, East side – Langley, Clinton to Everett…the Bay IS the Rabbit with a small island for the eye. I haven’t checked out the “eye” island, but Whidbey has some very interesting names [Luciferian/ Pedophilia people] for roads and bays/harbors when you blow it up.

    There is also a company opposite side of the rabbit, about midway up. Pictures were posted in twatter of stainless steel kegs stamped in the metal of “Adrenochrome.” There are other pictures with bags collecting what appears to be blood, running down the tubes. They says they are 100% Canadian company that process the product to high standards. They have a product line in different flavors for vapors cigs.

    Someone used a little bit closer map of Whidbey and the surrounding area (rabbit side) where 14 human feet inside of sneakers have been found in the area and traced back through DNA to missing boys.

    I was able to trace the kegs shown in the pictures of collecting to the Alibaba company. They are the 50 liter kegs. More digging is needed, since this connects up to so many Q post and happenings, along with your research.

  36. Thanks, Neon.

    Interesting about Rebel Media being controlled opposition. I am uneasy with Ezra Levant because he comes across as insincere and condescending. I tried to shrug off those vibes, but it never crossed my mind they might be controlled opposition. Ezra has been a conservative voice for many years dating back to the Alberta Report. Canada has so few anti-liberal news outlets.

    I also think The Canadian Conference of Bishop’s charity, Peace, and Development, have been involved, and I hope exposed for nefarious activities. Right-wing Catholics stopped donating to them years ago and have spoken out against Bishops who continued to fund them. A few good Bishops did stop soliciting donations for them during Lent, but the majority did not.

    As horrible as it is I am so relieved that everything is finally being exposed. Many of us conservative Catholics, “nut jobs” to the mainstream for many years, knew something was very wrong. We could not have imagined the depths of the depravity.

  37. Re: B720-1A

    A B720 may refer to a Boeing 720, which is the same family as the B707 and the C-135 which is a communications platform. The “1A” may “speak” for itself.

    Wonder if this platform is going to keep us informed if/when the MSM goes offline.


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