#CNN aids Domestic Terrorist Group AntiFa. #FakeNews

CNN is backing AntiFa now.

No surprise there.

But they probably didn’t realize they’d be violating federal law by aiding a domestic terrorist group:

U.S. Code § 2339A (1) the term “material support or resources” means any property, tangible or intangible, or service, including currency or monetary instruments or financial securities, financial services, lodging, training, expert advice or assistance, safehouses, false documentation or identification, communications equipment, facilities, weapons, lethal substances, explosives, personnel (1 or more individuals who may be or include oneself), and transportation, except medicine or religious materials.


18 U.S. Code § 2339A – Providing material support to terrorists

Pub. L. 104-132 amended section generally, reenacting section catchline without change and redesignating provisions which detailed what constitutes offense, formerly contained in subsec. (b), as subsec. (a), inserting references to sections 37, 81, 175, 831, 842, 956, 1362, 1366, 2155, 2156, 2332, 2332a, 2332b, and 2340A of this title, striking out references to sections 36, 2331, and 2339 of this title, redesignating provisions which define “material support or resource”, formerly contained in subsec.

Here’s the re-cough-agitprop-cough-port CNN issued today:



The DHS has classified AntiFa as a “domestic terrorist organization” since 2016:


The feds reportedly have formally classified antifa activities as “domestic terrorist violence”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has formally classified the activities of anti-fascist groups (antifa) as “domestic terrorist violence” since early 2016, according to confidential law enforcement documents obtained by Politico and interviews. Federal authorities have reportedly warned state and local officials the antifa has become “increasingly confrontational” in efforts to thwart white supremacist groups.


Hey guys. Just experimenting with some shorter-form content here.

I wanted a place to put stuff that I might normally not be able to fit anywhere into a larger article – but which is still relevant to the larger discussion.

Normally, I’d put them on Gab or something, but I thought, “Eh, why not?” I can post them here just as easily – and that way, those who aren’t subbed to me on Gab will get to see it, too.

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  1. I like this form for a quick and timely update which you may determine later needs a more thorough examination. Besides I don’t like it when you tarry too long between posts. These are like intelellmotional snacks.


    • And that site is down this morning.. I hope it stays Down… there have been at least 4 Ben Fulfords and far as I know… no new pictures of whoever is doing it now… its CIA people and carries a significant amount of propaganda.

  2. I really like the long posts because I get off work and have some downtime to read (or even late at night) because the more info I can get into my head, the better. That being said, these short posts are awesome too as I’ll be seeing more of them.

    Clicking “Notify me of new posts via email.” below always lets me know when a post is made.

    Thanks for all you do.

  3. I also like these shorter posts. I like how you include so many links and your own summary. I can spend as long as I want to following links and digging around, or just grabbing the main gist when I’m in a hurry. v awesome.

  4. ALL reports from you are good. I realize I’d better start checking you here and on Gab regularly because I’ve been relying on notifications. As for this post, how is it CNN over looked this?: “Antifa Vows “Bullets” For Political Enemies; Media Ignores Threat” https://www.infowars.com/antifa-vows-bullets-for-political-enemies-media-ignores-threat/ with a photo of Antifa with a big banner saying “It Takes a Bullet to Bash Fash”, which, apparently, none of the legacy media covered. This is extremely serious. Our media are now domestic terrorists.

    Here’s a quote from James O’Keefe’s “American Pravda” about Antifa (looks like Reagan adapted Huey Long’s quote):

    “There is a quote often attributed to legendary Louisiana governor Huey Long that goes, ‘When Fascism comes to America, it will be called anti-Fascism!’ Long could have predicted the names of the groups that rallied under the DisruptJ20 banner — Refuse Fascism, Smash Fascism, DC Anti-Fascist Coalition, etc. For the record, ‘anti-fascism’ as a movement has a long and distinctive pedigree. In the mid-to-late 1930s, the Soviet propaganda arm, the Cominterm, sought to coalesce various left-wing groups and parties worldwide. Since many of them were reluctant to be labeled ‘communist,’ Soviet propagandists used the term ‘anti-fascist’ to unite them in a broader ‘Popular Front.’ The apparent goal in the 1930s was to stop Hitler. The apparent goal in 2017 was to stop Trump. The larger goal in both cases was to advance the progressive imperium. On a more personal level, activists then and now gained an identity and a sense of belonging.

    In 1939, the Soviets and Nazis made life emotionally difficult for anti-fascists when they threw in together to divvy up Poland. If, however, the liberals with conscience were taken aback, the serious leftists kept pushing forward. The hardcore understood the Popular Front to be a propaganda fraud from the beginning. The hardcore radicals our reporters met were using Trump the way the Soviets used Hitler, namely to rally support for their progressive/anarchist agenda. As their conversations revealed, they resembled Hitler’s Brown Shirts much more closely than did the Trump supporters they tiresomely called ‘Nazis.'”

    James O’Keefe, “American Pravda: “My Fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News”, p. 226

  5. All you do is good, but he little posts and tidbits on Gab were a good incentive to try Gab! I’m getting used to it and may leave FB, or use it less.

  6. Hey neon. Can you remake a article about that Malaysian plane that disappeared ? And the important people that were on that flight.

    • I’ll admit I never really followed the whole Malaysian flight thing, but after just 10 minutes of just looking at the manifest, I saw there was only one American on the flight and his girlfriend received death threats, pornographic text messages & had someone break into her house all in 2 weeks after the crash. They tried to get into her safe because the combo was changed, something that happens after 3 attempts to get in fail. All this was news to me, but probably old news to those that were paying attention at the time.

    • I just looked more into that girlfriend. She runs a facebook page, something about “remembering Philip Wood”, her boyfriend that was on the flight. Now she seems to have a new boyfriend and is living in Panama. She’s an English teacher. She seems to be really fixated on Robert Reich, reposting stories and videos of his anti-Republican, anti-Trump stuff, seems into hemp and environmentalism, Bernie Sanders & income inequality, and banning fossil fuels. Her twitter hasn’t been active since October 2016. And in June, her personal facebook page has an interesting restaurant review of a family run restaurant in Russia where she suggests people try the chicken with ground walnut sauce. FWIW

  7. This does not pertain to Antifa, but to Trump and Putin at Helsinki. I can’t recall the last Neon topic dealing with that, so I’m putting my question here. Does anyone know someone who understands Russian and can tell exactly what Putin said about Bill Browder’s contribution to Hillary’s campaign? Putin said it was $400 million and later I read that this was wrong, it was $400 thousand. Then I read that Putin’s translator got it wrong. I ask because I just watched the excellent “The Magnitsky Act–Behind the Scenes” on DTube (thanks, Neon!) and in it I learned that Browder claimed $400 million was stolen from an account, but under interrogation, admitted there were no assets in that account. Just a coincidence? I learned, also, from that movie how easy it is for people to not know the facts simply because they don’t know another language (Russian). Here’s the Putin passage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U95AmR3t6iU

  8. P.S. Neon, thanks, also, for Vox Day. Amazing guy! I just ordered one of his books on dealing with SJWs and am watching a video of him discussing atheists.

  9. I hope you will reconsider and post these newest ‘Q’ drops. So many people are just hearing about Q for the first time! Remember all those smear articles were just last week. Most people know the MSM is bunk, but they need a bit of the ‘realness’. This is where you come in.

    I just found out about Q two weeks ago and have nearly spent my entire vacation on your site, catching up. Its very user friendly.

    Please, we need you to keep connecting those dots!


    • I included a whole bunch of past articles in relation to those Q posts in the newest article, so you may want to check it out.

  10. I like the shorter posts – you might add a “related posts” widget at the bottom, so people, especially newcomers, can go ever deeper into the rabbit hole. Or out of it, as the case may be.

  11. Like the short updates; these can always be expanded later. I also like the long posts. There is just so much info still out there! The deep state has been building since post WWII. Going to require continued work & research! Thank you for all you do to keep us informed! God bless you! Stay safe & strong. WWG1WGA!

  12. Love this short post! Very relevant and easy to use to red pill in small doses. Some who are asleep may not have a good attention span or background knowledge to understand your bigger ones.

  13. Antifa or KLANtifa–using violence to promote peace.
    Guy running southern poverty law center (promotes KKKlantifa)was just accused of rape by his daughter

  14. Moar! Seriously. I was on vox’s blog and it was mentioned in the comments to link you to the blog but wasnt because if no daily updates, just fyi

  15. The short posts are a good way to leverage your platform quickly, but the long posts are fantastic.

    The surface arguments for not moving on Antifa seem to be: monitoring their coms, their self-destructive optics’ and uncertain courts and LE. Is there more to this though?

  16. “And that site is down this morning.. I hope it stays Down… there have been at least 4 Ben Fulfords and far as I know… no new pictures of whoever is doing it now… its CIA people and carries a significant amount of propaganda.” Ka Dek

    No proof whatsoever in general of any of your bogus assertions Ka…other than BenjaminFulford.net site is down

    Ben’s a known Qanon supporter as well. Perhaps that is why his site is down, too♩

    Perhaps u need to take red pill today:D

  17. Maybe make a post called “Daily Info Dump – 15/08/2018” and keep adding to it throughout the day. This way you can add more and even smaller bits of info without adding tons of little posts.

  18. Neon, as a normie, I believe Q needs to have another more simple, confirmable “Tippy Top” reveal soon. You guys understand the boards and why the latest pamphlet-whatever anon accusation is bunk, but we don’t. All we see is the Scott Adams and Jack Posobiec types banging their counter message. I just think it’s F#cking time, man. From my chair, morale is low (even with the latest Strozk firing and WV Supreme Court thing). Thoughts. Perhaps I just need to step away for a few days.

  19. CNN and the other Democrat Press also aided terrorist Weather Underground member Bill Ayers by lying and covering up Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers ! CNN and the other Democrat Press have zero credibility !!! Obama is either a Domestic terrorist ,inciting violence or a Foreign Terrorist, all depends what his citizenship status has been !!

  20. @Kathy I checked your link – it’s no use. Putin’s voice drowned by translator, so I couldn’t hear him. Fortunately I found Russian TV Helsinki summit video embedded here https://www.discred.ru/2018/07/16/putin-opasno-pereigral-trampa-v-helsinki/ 😀 So now translation. From 28:25 Generally Putin is more direct and brutal in his response to US press than the translator passes on. He calls their questions “stupid” regarding Russia “meddling” in US elections, asks for at least 1 fact corroborating this mental construction and waits for it… (of course they aren’t answering), calls the whole idea a nonsense and in few other places trolls them.
    Here he mentions his readiness to involve Russian prosecutors in interrogation of the latest 12 Russians of the day as pointed by Muller. Asks for reciprocity in chasing wrongdoears currently in US. At 31:23 Putin mentions Ermitage Capital first, and names Mr Browder together with a group of others who ILLEGALLY gained $1.5 BILLION in Russia. Confirms they had not paid taxes nor in Russia, neither in US, but they transferred the money out from Russia to US and at 31:47 he tells us: They donated to Clinton campaign fund $400 million – and this number is confirmed and taken from their official statements.
    I hope this helps 🙂

    • Lurk, thank you so much for going to all that trouble! It’s a big help. It’s just very curious. I wonder if Putin was signaling Browder and maybe any associates. I know Hermitage Capital was part of HSBC. Politifact and others are saying there’s no evidence Browder contributed $400 million to Hillary and, at most, through another company, maybe donated $315,000 to her and the DNC. Browder’s theft of Russian money, which he tried to pin on Russian police, was based, in part, on a supposed theft of his companies’ assets. He said two companies (not accounts; I got that wrong) had $400 million ripped off, but, under oath in a U.S. court, admitted those companies had no assets at the time. So, I’m wondering if Putin was letting Browder, et al. know that Putin and Trump know that Browder perjured himself and his story doesn’t hold up.

      It’s very hard to find a copy of “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes”. Youtube’s copy sounds like the Tower of Babel after it fell, with the Russian and English almost overlapping, so it’s unwatchable. And I just read an author’s complaint that his book unmasking Browder was dropped by Amazon because Browder’s lawyer challenged it.

      An article I read said that Browder needed to launder his ill-gotten gains through the Clinton campaign, so the $400 million figure may be legit. The rest of the article pins the funding for Russiagate on Browder, so that may be why Putin mentioned Browder and Hillary in the same breath.

      They conclude: http://themillenniumreport.com/2018/07/bill-browder-hillarys-bagman-and-ex-american-oligarch-wanted-by-russia-for-stolen-400-million-that-went-to-clinton-campaign/

      “Can it get any bigger than this?! Browder quite purposefully positioned himself at the very nexus of the U.S. and U.K. Intelligence Communities so that he would enjoy the full protection and cover of those intelligence agencies and secret services while conducting his numerous black ops.

      What this really means is that Browder was also quite likely the elusive bagman who funded the whole Russiagate false flag operation. … It’s important to note that BROWDERGATE is much, much bigger than an illegal campaign contribution ($400mil) to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It actually concerns a highly classified CIA plan to destroy Putin’s Russia. …

      The best that patriots everywhere can do is sit back, prop your feet up and enjoy the show. The current CIA-sponsored movie brought to US by Bill Browder is going to get VERY interesting indeed. The more we learn about BROWDERGATE and share with fellow patriots, the quicker we can take back the country from those who have stolen it.

      This guy Bill Browder — super-agent of Deep State — needs to be outed like there’s no tomorrow. If his many schemes are not exposed, there just may be no tomorrow in America … or Russia … or anywhere in between. The following hashtag should be disseminated far and wide so that it goes as viral as the #MeToo movement.

    • Thank you! Excellent post and translation. I heard part of this and it was shocking. I was surprised that nobody seemed to pick up on this Browder and Co. scam.

      • katzenbootz, it went under my radar, too, until I saw the film. Yes, many thanks to Lurk. Here’s more on the banned book about Browder, which can be ordered. It looks like this story is a very big deal. Deep State wants to take down Russia and the U.S. and possibly start another war. No wonder Trump and Putin are allying and DS is acting like their alliance, not what Browder & Co. did, is the crime of the century. I copy/pasted an email I just sent out:

        Andrei Nekrasov’s blurb for Krainer’s book is below. He is the director of the banned film, “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes”. https://d.tube/#!/v/doessteemitwork/ukz5f8zh

        Amazon banned this book of Krainer’s. Like Krainer, Nekrasov initially bought into Browder’s story, but, upon looking further, the scales fell from his eyes and he discovered Browder’s enormous scam.


        Back cover of the book:

        In 2015, Bill Browder published “Red Notice” – purportedly a true story about his experience in Russia between 1996 and 2005. Upon closer scrutiny however, his story doesn’t add up and demonstrably fails to stand up in a court of law. Nonetheless, on the dubious strength of that story, Browder has been able to lobby the U.S. Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act in 2012 which needlessly damaged the relations between the U.S. and Russia. Mark Twain warned us long ago about the “loud little handful,” shouting for war. Bill Browder has been one of the loudest and most effective among that loud little handful clamoring for a new Cold War with Russia. Where he failed in courts of law, his campaign of relentless demonization of Russia and of Vladimir Putin has been successful in the court of public opinion in the West. As humanity finds itself on the precipice of yet another great war, what we need are bridges of mutual understanding and constructive engagement, not demonization. This book’s modest hope is to contribute to the construction of those bridges for I believe that the people of the United States and Russia, to whom this book is dedicated, hold the keys to the future of humanity.

        Praise for the book:

        Author and film maker Roman Latkovic: “I am extremely impressed,… if you kept this up you’ll be the new F. William Engdahl. And more. Your background is different, you have more heart in it and you could be more powerful. Congratulations from the heart, I’m jealous of the energy you invested in this book. Absolutely monumental work.”

        Andrei Nekrasov today wrote: “once again, congratulations on your extraordinary achievement. I will continue to praise you over time, because, I am certain, your book will be very influential and pivotal in the process of exposing one of the century’s biggest hoaxes. Moreover, it puts it into the essential historic and even philosophical context. And that’s how I’ve come to see the Browder phenomenon.”

        Inside title page:

        Bill Browder, the false crusader for justice and human rights and the self-styled No. 1 enemy of Vladimir Putin has perpetrated a brazen and dangerous deception upon the Western world. This book traces the anatomy of this deception, unmasking the powerful forces that are pushing the Western world toward yet another great war with Russia.


        To the people of Russia and of the United States who together, hold the keys to the future of humanity.

  21. P.S. Lurk. I forgot this: “Tuesday July 17: Trump says he made a error in his speech and blamed it on a double negative meaning he believed Russia had interfered in the election. Little reported is that afterwards, Putin comes forth and says he made a mistake, it wasn’t $400,000,000, but $400,000.”

    Did they really make a mistake or did they plan to walk back what they said after they got their message out?

  22. I think the shorter, one-topic-per-article is easier to share to answer specific questions. As always, your articles are insightful and appreciated.

  23. @Kathy I found TASS page in English with their official statement (TASS is Russian state-run official news agency) you can read it here http://tass.com/world/1013707 Also, it’s worth mentioning that Russia put Bowder on the Interpol’s Most Wanted list in 2014 – it must cramp his style a little….

  24. Kathy: Regarding Putin’s speach in Helssinky. I know russian language very well. He did say $400 million. The rest is fake news…

    • Hi Total Victory. Yes, that’s what Lurk said. TASS wasn’t saying he didn’t, just that he asked for it to be changed to 400 thousand.

  25. Thanks yet again, Lurk! Awkward phrasing, but it looks like Putin told them to correct the figure to 400 thousand. It still makes me wonder if his “mistake” was intentional, but I guess it’s no biggie. Looking for the answer led me to discover how big a deal #Browdrgate is and to the Alex Krainer book, which I just downloaded for $11.59. Reader reviews say it’s very entertaining, not dry, so I’m looking forward to checking it out. I really appreciate the trouble you went to. I envy your knowing Russian. I love the literature and the sound of the language, but I’m not very good at languages, especially anything outside the romance languages. Strangelove still walks among us and we must defeat him!

  26. Love the short posts; brevity is underrated. Still like the long posts for deep delving where warranted. Keep both, please.


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