NOW THEY ALL LOSE! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Things just got serious.

For those who don’t know, #QAnon’s tripcode got cracked today, and while we’ll get into the details of that in a bit, I think this is important, just so we can understand the scale of this #InvisibleWar raging around us:

Doomsday planes? What are those??

O-oh… T-thanks, planefags…

This planefag showed up after Q had started dropping

Ah, the “Red Dinner.”

I never get tired of watching these “elites” sweat.

That said, read this drop in light of some details that emerged about last night’s Clinton Foundation drop, which had the National Human Trafficking Hotline number attached to it:

#Anons speculated that the National Human Trafficking Hotline was actually being used as a honeypot to find and hunt down whistleblowers – which would explain, for instance, how so many of these individuals have died. They discover something, call the “appropriate” authorities, only to find that the authorities here are the actual bad guys.

The good news is – it looks like Trump has since flipped the Polaris Project and Peter Theil (Polaris utilizes Palantir technology), and are now making sure the hotline is being used for good ends.

You’ll remember the ire Thiel drew when he came out and publicly supported Trump:

Regarding Haiti – it should be very clear what POTUS is insinuating here. And we know the Clintons have a particular “fondness” for Haiti. We’ve talked about that extensively, so catch up on these posts if you haven’t read them yet:

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Oh, how far we’ve come in such a short time!

Still, #Anons expand, starting with scrutinizing the relationship between HRC and then-President of Haiti, Rene Preval:

#Anon thinks he sees a connection between the Wikileaks and “Watch the Water.”

Haiti is a total trafficking hub:

And yes, the foster care system is royally messed up:

Regarding Hillary’s removal from the Watergate commission:

I’ve been working on an article for a bit, and frankly… it’d be really controversial and I don’t have enough evidence to really say one way or the other…

But this kind of plays into that subject.

See… my understanding is that Hillary didn’t actually want Nixon impeached.

Kind of… odd, for a Democrat, right? You catch the President committing a crime, and as the opposition party, you would think you would leap on the opportunity, right?

Well, no. Not in Hillary’s case. See the, story is she wanted him to stay in, so that Ted Kennedy could run a successful Presidential campaign for the next election.

But that doesn’t make too much sense, either.

Bill and Hillary got married in 1975. Watergate was in 1972. So she’s a single DC staffer at this point, doing whatever it took to climb the ranks. She earned a reputation as dishonest and cutthroat.

What if she was involved with all this human trafficking stuff way back then?

See, that article that I told you I was working on – the controversial one – it’s regarding Fiona Barnett and some of the claim she’s been making for years, frankly.

The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing – the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters.

– Det. James Rothstein, NYPD, Retired

Pedogate reached the public via social media. YouTube featured interviews with credible witnesses who testified to the existence of an international child sex trafficking operation involving US politicians and the CIA. That was when I noticed retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein. The Pedogate ring, he explained, was the same network he investigated for 35 years. Rothstein observed, the perpetrators were doing everything in their power to shut the Pedogate story down. He predicted the perpetrators would successfully bury it, like every other time their network was almost exposed.

Rothstein explained that the NYPD was no ordinary state police force, but a leading investigative agency with national and international offices. Back in 1966, Rothstein became the first police detective assigned to investigate the prostitution industry. He soon discovered the underground sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes. ‘Human Compromise’ is the term he uses for this honey-trap process. Rothstein and his colleagues found that up to 70 percent of top US government leaders had been compromised. The CIA conducted the human compromise operation, while the FBI’s task was to cover it up.

In 1972, Rothstein arrested one of the five Watergate burglars, CIA operative Frank Sturgis. During a subsequent two-hour interrogation, he discovered the truth about Watergate. The burglars sought something they nicknamed “The Book” which listed the Democrat and Republican politicians who accessed child prostitutes, their sexual proclivities, the amounts they paid to rape kids, and such.

What if Hillary was actually trying to protect Nixon, in order to keep the whole house of cards from falling down?

Now, I know the above linked article is going to be very hard for many to process, let alone believe, but I’m not going to go in to the whole Fiona Barnett stuff today. Believe me; that needs a whole article unto itself – which is what I’ve been attempting to write for some time – albeit, I need more evidence supporting some of her assertions before I publish anything along those lines.

I mean, doing so would be attacking Billy Graham – a man who’s not even around to defend himself any more. That’s what publishing such an article would mean.

I don’t take that lightly, so I’ve held off. But I will say… I don’t like what I’ve been seeing and reading so far.

For the record – I tend to believe Fiona Barnett.

But let’s get back to Q for the time being:

So many are literal Luciferians.

If I publish that Fiona Barnett/Billy Graham article, I’ll go into more detail.

But until then… yeah, there are TONS.

California, in particular, is not like other states.

They have a “Top-Two” Primary, where – it doesn’t matter what your party affiliation is – the only people who get on the State-wide primary are the two individuals with the most votes. Doesn’t matter if both candidates are from the same party. It’s a sheer numbers game – and a rigged game at that.

After all, how better to ensure your party keeps winning elections than by disqualifying any opponents, while simultaneously stuffing the ballot box?

Voter ID would mean the END of the Democratic party, nationwide. They literally can’t win unless the cheat – so they’re going to do everything they can to make sure they can keep on cheating.

Note, from Q’s article:

And still others work for another new type of startup that Orange County hasn’t seen in recent years: A serious and professionally run Democratic congressional campaign.
For generations, Orange County has been the bastion of Western conservatism, the foundation on which Republicans such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Pete Wilson built their statewide campaigns. As recently as 2000, the Republican presidential nominee, George W. Bush, spent precious time campaigning here.
But after Hillary Clinton became the first Democrat to win Orange County since Franklin Roosevelt, Democrats now believe several congressional seats in the Los Angeles suburbs and exurbs are critical to their hopes of reclaiming the House of Representatives this November.
They just have to learn how to run a campaign here, in districts where the party has not been seriously competitive for decades — and how to overcome roadblocks Republicans have erected in the lead-up to the midterm elections.
Democrats are trying to learn how to build their capacity, and fast. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee opened a satellite office at another suburban office park about 15 minutes away from Porter’s headquarters, from which it coordinates field programs aimed at knocking on doors in critical districts.
As evidence that their strategy is working, Democrats point to markedly higher turnout in June’s primary election, when thousands more people than usual voted for Democratic candidates — though many were likely driven to the polls by a competitive race for governor.
Suuuuuuure, that must be it. The Dems are just really super ultra mega good at campaigning in a state they’ve never had to campaign in before.
Pft. Come on. It’s a cover for their aggressive voter fraud. When questioned, they’ll explain it away as “Oh, we campaigned hard this year, see?”
Lies, lies, lies!



And now here is where things got spicy today because Q’s tripcode got compromised.

That little symbol in front of the Q? That means “not” or “negation.” In other words, this is “Not Q” posting.

And here is the content of that pastebin link, saved for posterity:

An Appeal to Patriots
I’m scared for my country, and I am especially scared for you good people who look to this space for guidance.  I have seen how my folks are suffering.  No one has money.   Half of my family is suffering from issues relating to drug abuse.  Honest work is getting hard to find for the ill-connected.  I see the accomplishments of my parents and grandparents and wonder how so many of my generation are barely holding on, fighting hard to stay in the middle class.
Ways of life that have existed for a century are vanishing, often because of decisions made via algorithms whose inner workings cannot be comprehended by any single living human being.  The world is shifting away under our feet, largely due to inscrutable forces with no historical parallel.   Change is everywhere and can be sourced to nowhere.  Sneering elites in government and the media look down on us and assure us that this is all our fault.  It is difficult to know who to trust.
In times like these, we reach out for any comfort we can find.  We want to help, we want to put our meager power together with others and fix it all. There are people out there in the world who will take advantage of this powerful need.  Politicians, business leaders, religions…and others.
I firmly believe that all of you love the United States of America, and revere the work of our Founding Fathers, mighty men who led the world in skill and learning.  Men like Jefferson and Madison, Washington and Hamilton.  Men who revered reason and the exploration of natural law.  Over and over again in their writings, they expound the world view of the Enlightenment, among whose core values is that there is a singular, true natural order established by our Creator, and that all things must obey that law, and that this natural law is fundamentally knowable by human kind.  That from that order flows the equality of men, and the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
On this basis our Fathers forged our great nation.  They did not always agree on what should be built upon that firm foundation, but through conflict and struggle with one another they built the great compromise that is embodied by our Constitution, whose fruit has been unparalleled freedom.
It is my belief that anyone who betrays those founding values by asking us to suspend trust in well-constructed arguments and the knowable is betraying the foundation of our law, our history, and our civilization.  I believe that exhortations to abandon friends and family in favor of numerology and cryptic messages are the products of charlatans, not patriots.
It is my belief that Q is a charlatan.
It is my belief that Q is a young, untrained American man who is playing games with your faith, your hope, and your love of country, mostly because he finds it amusing.  I believe he may call you to violence, not to save our home, but merely for entertainment.
There are many arguments for this, but I will name a few that Q has been gleefully rubbing our noses in since the beginning.
Firstly, his name itself.  “Q”, after the Department of Energy’s Q clearance.  I have had the opportunity to work in our country’s national labs, and have worked with some of those clever, hard-working folks that hold Q clearance.  A Q clearance grants access to carefully compartmentalized nuclear weapons information.  One who holds a Q clearance is a scientist, engineer, or manager who is deemed trustworthy by classifying authorities.  Q clearance holders are people who employ our nation’s most dangerous technical secrets to manufacture and maintain weaponry than can end the world in a flash of baleful fire.
They are not experts in spycraft and combat operations.
If, for some curious reason, our President put a Q clearance individual in charge of such an operation, it is not believable that anyone would issue commands and share national security information with strangers via a cobbled-together web site of uncertain security…particularly if said website’s claim to fame was a loud public argument about about video games.
If that catastrophic chain of events were to take place somehow, this nuclear/black ops guru would not stoop so low as to secure this essential line of communication with a DES/crypt(3) based tripcode hash, with the excuse that it is necessary in order to maintain portability between 4chan-style image boards.  This is not a concern of a serious man.  Plus, DES has been considered extremely insecure for a quarter-century and can be cracked in hours on commodity hardware, as has been demonstrated here.  That presumptive hero would, under no circumstances, embed an insult and a lie into that very cryptographic signature (see technical discussion that follows for details).
The person who would do that is not a patriot, not an operator, and not a hero.  This person is a vain child.
It is hard as hell for me to admit when I’ve been fooled. I have been in that place.  It is humiliating.
I beg you not to turn away from this message, and to absorb the short-term suffering that recognition and repentance entails.  I don’t think that you will find it impossible, because you are tough.  If you have trusted Q, you have lived a hard existence these last months.  The world is hard enough as it is without shouldering the responsibility of fighting a hyper-competent, irredeemably evil enemy on your own.  It is a terribly isolating thing.
To escape and survive, you’ve likely made friends with others who believe, and you’ve endured this difficult world-view together.  Embrace that friendship and camaraderie, because it is a rare thing in our lonely age!  Take that energy, together, and go out and use it as our Founders intended.  Register each other to vote, canvas, run for office, persuade your fellows, read everything, and trust only that which is worth your heart, your effort, your blood and treasure.  Most of all, do not be discouraged for long, because your country still needs you.  Our foes are merely human, and can be overcome by you and me and others with true faith and sincere human effort.
Technical discussion:
I am not a infosec expert, so please feel view this analysis with a skeptical eye, and as always, do your own research!
Q verifies his identity via a cryptographic signature, or “tripcodes.”  These tripcode hashes (e.g. CbboFOtcZs ) are based on the DES/crypt(3) encryption algorithm.  DES (Digital Encryption Standard) was standardized in 1977 and has been largely deprecated due to widely-known weaknesses.  A good primer on these weaknesses from way back in 1997 can be found here: .   Tripcodes are created via the algorithm described here:  I suspect that if such an operation were carried out, the coordinator would at least sign messages using an algorithm from the NSA Suite B, such as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) — or even a PGP signature — so that an opponent couldn’t hijack his identity as easily as has been done here.  He may upgrade his standards after reading this, but frankly, it is a far too late to matter.
Using an open source password cracker (hashcat), publicly available information, and a little guess work about Q’s favored key space, a user can successfully recover all of the passwords that correspond to Q tripcodes. These are posted below in chronological order of use:
Tripcode:  ITPb.qbhqo  ->  Password:  Matlock
Tripcode:  UW.yye1fxo  ->  Password:  [email protected]!
Tripcode:  xowAT4Z3VQ  ->  Password:  [email protected]
Tripcode:  2jsTvXXmXs  ->  Password:  F!ghtF!g
Tripcode:  4pRcUA0lBE  ->  Password:  [email protected]
Tripcode:  CbboFOtcZs  ->  Password:  StoRMkiL
Tripcode:  A6yxsPKia.  ->  Password:  [email protected]
Note that Q seems to be unaware that the algorithm only takes the first 8 characters of the password and ignores the rest.  In the past, Q has claimed to have baked meaning and foreknowledge of future events into these passwords, in particular, the 4pRcUA0lBE:[email protected] tripcode-password pair.  If I understand correctly, Q claims that the full password was “[email protected]@in—23,” with 23 signifying the date of an important event, but anything beginning with “[email protected]” would yield the same tripcode signature.  This weakness severely undercuts any claimed predictive power and indicates a possible intent to mislead.  For example, all of the following passwords should yield the same tripcode, 4pRcUA0lBE:
[email protected]      — Q is Snoop Dogg
[email protected]       — Q is Ringo Starr
[email protected] — Q is Douglas Adams
These can all be tested at at minichan’s tripcode test page. .
To directly test all of these examples with a DES cypher, go to , paste the password in, and use the second and third characters of the password as the salt.  The tripcode will be the final ten characters of the resulting DES hash.
Most concerning to me is the penultimate password, which contains the word “StoRM,” which is Q’s prophesied calamity which will sweep away those Q calls out as enemies and may involve mass arrests, executions, and institution of martial law in the worst case.  The second part, “kiL”, is self-explanatory.  Both of these are especially concerning since Q has been ramping of his rhetoric of late.  I urge everyone to be VERY careful before taking action which could injure anyone, especially yourself, your family, and your fellow patriots, at Q’s direction.  I do not believe he has our values or best interests at heart.
Finally, many of you know someone who has handled highly classified information, worked in SCIFs, and communicated securely in a professional context.  I urge you to seek their wisdom in this matter, to evaluate to feasibility of Q’s claims.  I also urge you to study the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), which covers handling and protection of national security information in exhaustive detail, then contrast its instructions with what “Q” is doing.

It is my hope that I am blowing this all out of proportion, and I apologize if I am making mountains out of molehills. However, I feel that it is my duty to pass this on to you all, just in case.  God bless you, and thank you again for your time and all your hard work.

See this right here?

This is a Clown Operation.

Some pretty transparent COINTELPRO shenanigans going on here.

Nice try, though.

Still, Q’s tripcode had been compromised, which lead to a flood of posts like, well:

Nonsense, gibberish, and general foolishness.

Finally, the board owner took control of the compromised tripcode and blacklisted it:

Now, if you know anything about tripcodes, you know that the tripcodes that begin with one exclamation point aren’t very secure.

There are reasons for this that are beyond the scope of the article, but yeah… I echo Board Owner’s sentiments here:

Surprised it took the Clowns so long. I wrote this on Gab at the time:

I should note here that “Not Q” has posted on the boards before.

Although, I will admit – this seems like it would have been a better course of action for the Clowns:

If they missed that opportunity, then they truly are spectacularly stupid.

Anon spells the whole thing out for people who may still be having trouble following along:

This post popped up but has since been removed, as far as I can tell. It’s post 132 on /PatriotsFight/ and this is the only cap I have of it:

Q seemingly confims that this was a CIA-based attack.

Q then changed his trip, this time finally instituting the very secure !! version:

He would then reiterate:

Q stringers. I have to wonder if this was related to tracking whoever “broke” Q’s tripcode:

This post was deleted as well:

But anon noticed a connection between the timestamps of these posts:


Something was transmitted… Something related to all these elites losing.

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but… Was this the transmission of the HRC vid?

And this was Q’s last post, as of this writing:

You catch fish with bait.

What could [Fish] possibly mean?

Anon speculates:

And then, well, there’s also this:

Like I said in the beginning… Things just got serious.

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  1. I know of someone who was raped by Nixon’s successor, Gerald Ford, while he was in the US House of Representatives. She was the daughter of one of the donors to his campaign, in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. I know her testimony, as she gave it to me, personally, in 2009, while I was staying with her and her husband, a former ICE senior management officer, in Tennessee. So, yea, I believe this has been going on for decades, if not a hundred+ years.

    • If she’d be willing to share it, I’d be willing to take a look at the testimony. I mean, I have a platform.

  2. What actual evidence does Fiona Barnett have beyond her say-so? I don’t trust people whose brains have been mucked with. How do we know things weren’t planted in there? How can we know the actual truth? In the meantime she can damage reputations willy nilly.

  3. Thank you. I’m lost on the US Navy plane. Don’t understand where you where going with that. Is it planes of the black hats or white hats?

    • Those planes control nuclear launch capabilities… sounds like som serious s#!t is going down…
      they either kept them moving to make sure they did not get into clown control, or for a defensive posture against a possible clown attack… that was my reading of it, at least… but yes, there was no real conclusion of why that was reported…

  4. A good book to read is Dr. Cathy Burns’ “Billy Graham and His Friends.” Graham had some pretty interesting connections, including 33rd-degree Freemason Robert Schuller (Crystal Cathedral). Graham also denied that Christ is the only way to salvation (big no-no for Christians). Keep in mind that William Randolph Hearst used his newspaper to push Graham to fame. Tract publisher Jack Chick called him out back in the early 80s.

    Isn’t it interesting how the MSM hates Christians as a rule but they fawned over Graham?

    Then there was Franklin Graham’s picture on Twitter in front of Voodoo Doughnuts–which is apparently connected to human trafficking.

    Also the time stamps–one is 11:44:55 and the other 13:44:55. 11 and 13. I find that interesting.

    See you on Gab!

    Snooze Button

    Well, it’s just another song
    Talkin’ about how you let them take your rights
    Another redundant verse about how you refused to fight & lost
    What cost? Your cause has got no champion

    How could you hope to win? By just complaining
    Now it’s raining on your parade
    Decisions made could cost you dearly
    Not just your money but your freedom

    Are you wealthy improper choices could be deadly
    They took your so-called rights
    You didn’t even fight
    Well, here’s your motherfuckin’ wake up call

    And there just ain’t no way around it
    Caught you asleep once again & we ain’t havin’ it
    Got freedumb for you to do just what they tell you
    You missed that train of thought

    You refuse to be taught a lesson
    Now this is what I’m guessing
    You’ll be held accountable
    The things you didn’t want to know

    You’re stressin’
    Now with your mind they keep messin’
    They took your so-called rights, you didn’t even fight
    While you were busy fuckin’ sleepin’

    You know your government was creepin’
    Somebody left the door unlocked while you were asleep
    Your life was bought & sold, yes, to the highest bidder
    Left you in sitcom hell

    So convinced you’re doing well
    You sit back synapses are attacked
    American gladiators are the only thing they’re given’ back
    You’re dying & in your mind, while they keep lying,

    They took your so-called rights
    You didn’t even fight
    Now that we’ve given you this message you’ve got a mess
    But you can salvage, continue to grow

    And soon you’ll know that little things in life can make a difference
    You don’t got to be some politician
    Take back those given rights
    Stand up and join the fight

    (Parental Guidance Suggested) per Tipper Gore

    For safety reasons, if any viewers are epileptic or not,
    This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

    • Reminder :
      August 10, 2018:
      Head Rushes, don’t rush, keep the Faith
      (Moon opposes Black Moon and Mars) – – another huge day – –

      A caveat is clear cut: a New Moon in opposition to Pluto and both in square to the Eris Point brings the Winds of Revolution. This is why the cabal is going full-throttle with the divide and conquer right now. This month is their best chance to get people to fight with each other (which only keeps the pressure and focus off of THEM). They want to control the energy of revolution that is natural to the astrology this month.

      This, also, isn’t going to work. More people are putting together the pieces of the control hierarchy (at all levels) than people who are acting out. INSTINCTS are being triggered. People who are awake or awakening are seeing new levels of the matrix and, in the process, freeing themselves. People who are not awake and not showing signs of rousing are reacting impulsively from the lower chakras, trying to maintain some sense of control or stem the freefall of soul sleep.

      • We also have the Venus retrograde starting in early October; historically Venus retrogrades correlate to major “civil rights” issues/protests in the USA. If, this time, we are armed with the truth of what’s actually going on, perhaps this Venus retrograde can serve to bring us together and unite us in our genuine values to restore our nation to its Constitution.

  6. Love this site, but the Barnett article is not credible at all. The NYPD is not a “state police force” – its only jurisdiction is New York City – a city police force. Can’t take anything else in it seriously when she’d flub such a simple yet major fact.

    • Considering the NYPD is a “Deep State Police Force” controlled by the Cabal, and it’s very plausible. How could a diabolical matrix of political criminality and human rights abuses exist on such a global scale, if not for the participation, complicity or extortion of key players? How else did Attorney General Loretta Lynch suppress the release of those 650,000 emails (control files) NYPD detectives seized on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in a file Huma Abedin labeled “Life Insurance”? Do you think it’s all just a coincidence that Anthony Bourdain’s girlfriend, Asia Argento was one of Harvey Weinstein‘s first NYC based accusers? Is it just another coincidence that ALLISON MACK + KEITH RANIERE + NXIVM + STORMY DANIELS = “NY Attorney General ERIC SCHNEIDERMAN resigns over allegations: #MeToo + HARVEY WEINSTEIN’S very public arrest immediately followed? Think again. Their House of Cards is falling. The stage is set. Those who were compromised have been replaced. Justice will be served. Why else has POTUS Trump replaced more judges than any other president in U.S. history?

  7. NeonRevolt, you never cease to amaze me. I found you about half way into the Q drops and I’m still catching up. With this newest article, it looks like I’ll be spending most of my weekend down the rabbit hole. Thanks for all you do to help us normies understand!

      • years ago, I tried to run the Billy Graham stuff up the flag pole – starting with the 33rd degree free masonry membership (you do not ascend to that level without knowing and accepting everything that Morals and Dogma/Albert Pike alludes to for the beginner FMs). If you pursue this, it will be like one of those things that takes years for people to accept – all the while, you will be considered a heretic. As for me, I want the truth no matter the consequences.

  8. Agree with ChpLvr . I was a young adult at the time of Watergate. Knowing what we now know about Nixon’s personality and paranoia, he could have authorized the break-in to get that book, to use against his political opponents. Wether it be to ensure his re-election, or ensure their cooperation at some point in the future.
    I don’t for a moment believe that Billy Graham was involved in a nefarious way, nor do I believe that Hillary was out to protect President Nixon. She lied, presented a fraudulent brief and attempted to deny the President representation. Hillary has only EVER been out for her own interests. There is a body count attached to her , and although she didn’t literally kill former President Nixon, she did help to get the impeachment which effectively killed his presidency. Billy Graham learned his lesson about being too close to a sitting president and endorsing one or mixing political relationships with his ministry. He wrote about it. Please read what he had to say . You are right, he is not here to defend himself.

    • in navigating the rabbit hole, you have to first let go of any assumptions you have about the world and the people in it. Don’t go in if you cannot handle what you find. Truth is stranger than fiction. Some things are hard to accept, some things are hard to comprehend that a human being is capable of such horror.

      For example, put yourself in the shoes of a black christian baby boomer. Would your assumptions of MLK change the truth of what he was really like in his personal life – despite overwhelming evidence that the public image did not match?

      The programming runs deep.

    • Considering Hillary Clinton’s known penchant for using Control Files, it’s very plausible that she didn’t want Nixon impeached. After all, Nixon would have been “controllable.” Remember, long before NYPD detectives seized Anthony Weiner’s laptop and discovered Huma Abedin’s “Insurance File” containing 650,000 emails, First Lady Hillary Clinton became the FIRST First Lady in U.S. history to be criminally investigated by a special counsel for her role in FILE GATE. True to form, Hillary refused to comply with SSCI subpoenas. She refused to testify under oath, and those files mysteriously “disappeared.” Why else would Hillary collect 700+ classified personnel files, if not for extortion purposes? That’s her M.O.

  9. That video of Hillary and Huma will never be released to the public, if it actually exists. That would not help Q. Too many would not believe it, and turn away, from that, the subject of child trafficking, and from Q.

    • I believe, the video would actually be seen by very few… but there would be posting about it…
      There would be people writing about it…
      And skeptics could always be referred back to “the source”…
      But even if 99.9% never saw the released video, they would all agree to the, being pure evil and having to be wiped out…
      I think an HBO special for $99.99 would sell quite well…

  10. Fiona Barnet is not trustworthy as many have found out. She is also best friends with 3 time child rapist David Shurter who made a video bragging about molesting and beating a 3 yr old. search “shurter confession” on youtube

  11. In around 2004 I came across articles about Det. James Rothstein arrest and info. No mention was made of pedos bu t I do remember mentioning of the book. I believe these articles were by his daughter. It makes me believe this has direct connections to Franklin Omaha debacle ( The allegations of political folks involved made front page of Washington Post. I always thought before I read this that the book meant information on who had killed JFK because Nixon was heard on tapes talking about it as “that funny business “ I believe. Well someone (Mafia) was blackmailing Hoover and many many others. Remember when that porno star turned up in the Bush White House briefing, that was hushed up but rumors had it he was a missing child from years ago in Omaha. Very long winded, but at my age I’ve read and lived thru a lo.

  12. I’ve seen the name Fiona Barnett mentioned several times lately. I think caution is in order. Peter Hyatt of Statement Analysis Blogspot has analyzed Fiona’s allegations that she was raped by a female instructor, and he concludes that Fiona was deceptive in her statements and that she is in need of professional intervention. The sad truth is that she likely has endured sexual trauma, but that her past experiences color her perception of and description of current ones in a way that is not always truthful. For this reason, I can’t take any allegations Fiona makes about Billy Graham or Richard Nixon or anyone else at face value. Someone likely violated her, but there is no evidence of it being those men, just as there is no evidence of her teacher violating her either.

    It is easy to become zealous to find and reveal all sexual predators, and one wants to believe every victim. But sometimes victims are so traumatized by some experiences that they project trauma onto other encounters, or even invent encounters. Again, caution is warranted.

    Statement analysis is used by law enforcement, those interviewing job applicants, etc., as a means of determining whether a subject is being truthful. It has proven highly reliable, and reading the analysis of various statements on the blog, some from high-profile cases, is eye-opening.

    • In this narrative, I would assume its white to protect against any missile launch shenanegans, but its just how I read it.

  13. Neon, I am so glad you are working on an article about Fiona Barnett. After the Wikileaks emails on Pizzagate were released I began looking into it. My red pill initiation was Fiona Barnett’s Candy Girl video. Fortunately for me my son is an Anon. So I kept stopping the video and sending him “did you know this about so-in-so” texts. Of course he did. After the section on Billy Graham I was in shock. Then I saw a list of people who had participated at Bohemian Grove, which included many well known pastors and actors. Of course my son already knew. The most heart breaking part was her drawings. All the blood she tried to illustrate from her encounter with Nixon absolutely broke my heart. From there I just kept going down the rabbit hole learning about MK ultra. My son tried to warn me about telling people before they were ready, but I made the mistake of telling my hair stylist about President H. W. Bush when he was praising him. He got mad and to!d me he was a Christian. Then I told him about Billy Graham. Big mistake. Whoo boy. He is so good at coloring and styling my hair that I still see him, but I never comment on politics anymore, which is hard because the television is almost always on Fox and he believes every word. Also, I think the reason the clowns used the not Q is because they believe they can turn us away from Q by pretending to be one of us – patriots that believe in God and are having hard times financially that want their country to once again be the Republic our Founding Fathers started. One mistake they made was to think Q was causing us distress when it is quite the opposite. Not only is Q leading us to research and find out the truth, he (they) is giving us the only hope we have had to see the truth exposed and our country them back to its foundations. The beautiful thing is we are being encouraged to be a part of it. Another mistake was insinuating that Q would lead us to violence. They do not know anything about the Anons. They should lurk moar the dummyfags. Thank you Neon for all your tireless work helping us understand everything.

    • I made the same mistake several times over. You cannot tell people things that they are not ready to accept without serious blowback in relationships. They have to be ready to learn the truth.

  14. ‘Plane fag’ just means people who are very interested in airplane flights, keep track of them and analyze them.

  15. Billy Graham will be a bitter pill for many who can believe this evil of the globalist left, but not one of their guys, especially one this beloved by the boomer “right.”

    A thought about the timing. It makes sense to have Kavanaugh in place before anything goes down, because SCOTUS will definitely be involved.

  16. I glanced through the pastebin document, reading the 1st sentence of each paragraph.

    When I read the “get out and vote to affect change” part at the end I literally laughed out loud.

    Agree 100% with your assessment, pastebin 100% spook psyops and amateurish at that IMHO, like it was written by 21 year olds.

  17. Just a FYI, I remember reading a post on one of my subreddit groups which sounded very much like the Pastbin post. Ill have to go back and see if i can find this comment just to confirm that the two do indeed match.

  18. Looks like a sophisticated self-head-punch to me. Possibly aimed at achieving a variety of results. One of them being hardening Qanons resolve and hardiness. Closing down all potential heart string pulling operations in the future.

  19. Here is what happened. It is an elaborate ruse by Q himself to show how he supposedly averted danger by faking the entire attack in order to further maintain his credibility.

  20. Btw Neon I want to reiterate how appreciative i am of you holding such a tight ship here on your sweet little platform.

    One suggestion would be to add a simple Q shirt if time allows. Just a simple bold calligraphic Q in front and maybe a small anon in the back under the neck. I would be the first to order it.

  21. Since I started reading you Neon.. this is without a doubt your most stunning piece.. amongst the many stunning ones. I was birthing children into this world at the time of WATER GATE and never heard about most of what you have posted in here.. This makes Hillary and Bill perhaps the worst criminals this world has seen since these “modern” times.. with greater communications available. I didn’t even know Hillary had been on the Warren Commission.. we had a little tiny black and white TV which was not on alot back then…and details sparse.. of course. I had the book.. but I suppose I donated it to the library or something a number of years ago when I cleared out a lot of my books.

    I will work on comprehending it in greater detail today as I have only skimmed it..


  22. When I’m reading through the links you provide with your narrative I can’t help but think, “how much is too much?” I ask this question in the context of sharing the information with others. The truth is so surreal it can be divisive. This is only the beginning, I’m sure. Horrible truths will be uncovered in the days ahead. I’m fearful people will refuse to believe the realities of our world, especially if the mainstream media denies or IGNORES the facts. Although, sometimes I think people purposefully remain ignorant. Ignorance requires much less responsibility and action.

  23. Coul someone elaborate on the time stamp part, please as I can’t seem to understand (it’s 5am and been up for 2 days straight…..guess I should head to bed)
    great Job as always nein 😉

  24. A couple thoughts; First, thanks for all your efforts. Then, Voudou centers around inviting spirits into oneself in order to become an oracle. Any occultist will tell you that this is an incredibly dangerous thing to do. You might get the attention of benevolent ancestors who you are hoping to contact. Or you might play host for an Elder Thing from the Dimension of Pure Madness. This is why western occultism is so loaded with banishing rituals and protective circles and sigils. Lastly, when discussing the operations and motivations of the Clowns, it’s very useful to bear in mind who founded that operation, how and why. CIA was put together by old OSS adventurers and old ‘China hands’ from the Army-veteran officers sometime from the teens and twenties, who loved the romance of British Imperialism, where ten guys with a Gatling gun could take over entire nations. Alongside these guys were the white shoe law firms like Sullivan and Cromwell. In fact, anytime you see evil in America in the mid 20th century, there is almost always a Sullivan and Cromwell connection. Then lastly the collection of bankers and brokerage houses and the nascent technocratic class that rode into power during WW2 with their ability to ‘scientifically’ manage the war insustrial effort. This amalgamation of rogues, kleptocratic financiers and social engineers was supposed to serve the country, but as had happened in Germany and the USSR, they took over the state from the inside.

  25. I sort of wish people wouldn’t use that phrase “They never thought she’d lose” but would instead use “They were sure she’d be able to cheat enough to win”.

    Any serious and honest look at the polling leading up to the election showed that Trump was ahead. Not just at moments here and there but consistently. Bill Mitchell, on twitter, did a fantastic job of showing how primary turnout has a consistent correlation with general election turnout and how republican primary turnout was extremely strong while democratic turnout was just so-so. And yet, all the polls were comprised of samples that presumed that democratic turnout would be extremely strong and republican turnout just so-so like 2008.

    He also showed how pollsters were doing laughable things to the composition of their polls to try to say that Hillary was in the lead. They would include way too many women or they would include way too many people with masters degrees or they would simply oversample from college towns or they would oversample young people.

    Everyone who cared to look into it for even just a few minutes knew that Trump was winning. He was always winning. He and HRC consistently got the votes of their own party’s members by about the same percentages and he was always winning the independents. He was always winning.

    The pollsters all went in the tank for HRC. It wouldn’t have worked if a couple of them hadn’t. If Nate Silver and Zogby and another had been honest and consistently had Trump ahead by 4-5 points the others couldn’t have played their suppress the republican turnout, give a backdrop to make her upcoming vote fraud plausible game.

    He was always winning. They just thought she’d get away with enough cheating to be officially anointed the winner.

  26. I have a great deal of time invested in the research you all talk about, so if I can learn something from your blog that’s good, and I have.

    My specialty is here:

    I have been writing about this day for a long time, 11 years publicly; I call it The Great Scandal. It is much deeper and older than Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Haiti and Voodoo.

    Nostradamus called the International Control Group the Pagan Sect of New Infidels. It is a play on The New World Order and the Infidel/Muslim/ ISIS/al-Qaeda terrorist agents hired to deliver the necessary chaos.

    Readers can find their history here:

    Skepticism, criticism, and doubt don’t faze me; I turned down A TV gig to sell my view because it’s a hard sell, and putting a face to my views is dangerous in my line of work.

    Q is real for sure. A senior Executive NSA whistleblower wearing a Q pin is encouraging. Anything is better than the Pagan Sect, but beware a NeoCon agenda. Everybody will lose if a war with Iran starts.

  27. Boys Town, a Catholic church-run charity.

    Major documentary on highest-level child sex-abuse is suppressed

    “For many, [Larry] King and Boys Town are synonymous with the scandal involving child sex and drug abuse that officials in Lincoln, Nebraska were able to suppress and effectively cover up. It is among the most blatant of all of the mostly ignored stories in this country that have been buried because they affected a large number of children; many under the age of 10, who were viciously raped by important men, so-called ‘pillars of their communities’. The coverup appears to involve the police and courts in Nebraska and also the FBI.”

    Billy Graham’s 1964 Omaha crusade

  28. “How do you do, fellow anons?”

    Well, that was cringey as fuck. The scorn is almost palpable throughout.

    “…particularly if said website’s claim to fame was a loud public argument about about video games.”

    Wow, Gamergate made these people real salty. Whoever wrote this just couldn’t help themselves, could they? They just can’t let it go. Video games and these meddling kids, man!

    I’m starting to understand why these people hate video games so much. It seems gamers were the only people left who wouldn’t buy the narrative. I think it’s hilarious that this, of all things, would be the rock on which the giant tripped.

  29. Before your final edit on the Fiona Barnett story, consider the era. DNA evidence was not yet welcomed in courtrooms, a blackmail-level accusation is often more useful than a conviction, and if the goal was to control Graham by threats of destroying his reputation… a doppelganger raping a mind-controlled child might get the job done without a lot of messy lawyering. A casting call for a Graham-look preacher would not raise eyebrows in Hollywood.
    Anyway, that’s my hunch based on mostly nothing more than a hunch, but also on having read Graham’s “Just As I Am” autobiography and being a bit creeped out by how much name-dropping there was in it. Graham was around so many powerful people that there are sure to be stories both true and deceptive. And since he liked being a counselor to celebrities, that would be an easy trap to set.

  30. About UNIROCK . Just when A.Jones and Corsi turned on Q a payment of $100,00 was given to unirock. I think thats a nice Donation eh?. UniRock = Money bends his view. =Whore for deep state,

    • I’ve been saying there’s something wrong with this guy, Alex Jones. Everyone’s distracted with how wrong it is that he was banned, regardless of what he says. It’s all “You may not agree with what he says, but he has a right to say it in the public square like anyone else”. I don’t disagree, but his and Corsi’s involvement in the dialogue had more to do with spreading disinfo and misleading than presenting an alternative viewpoint.

      He was removed from the ‘public square’ at his own request, probably.

  31. If times become tough for you, go outside.
    Take a walk.
    Observe the signs of the natural world and reset your compass.

    L W

    • Drumming is used to raise spirits, which is why they do that at every protest.
      It is Plutonian energy which is all destructive they are summoning.

      • It’s worse than that.

        Rehash: You get bitten by a zombie and turn into one yourself.

        Real world implications: Zombism is simply a medical condition.

        Pop culture: has made zombies cool. Violent tv, movies and video games assure us that it is permissible to kill zombies on sight so that we don’t become them ourselves.

        1984: People with medical problems may be shot on sight by government agents or any concerned civilian.

        Conspiracy theory……..Not so fast……..

        “In an unclassified document titled “CONOP 8888,” officials from U.S. Strategic Command used the specter of a planet-wide attack by the walking dead as a training template for how to plan for real-life, large-scale operations, emergencies and catastrophes.”

        What a crock of shyte. There is a huge difference between peacefully corralling people, and slaughtering them on sight. Why zombies? Why not a plan to combat Big Foot or Unicorn stampedes?

        Link to CONOP 8888 per the wikipedia entry:

        At the beginning of the document, they claim they didn’t want to create a fictional plan of attack for Tunisia or Nigeria for example. They claim they created the Zombie attack so it could not possibly be confused as a real plan!!!!

        Here’s the problem: the military creates fictional real-world scenarios all the time!!! They are called exercises. This is how they look for vulnerabilities and train for real life possibilities. Why now is there a concern that a military document for such training would be taken as real? There is a possibility that some of these scenarios were designed by nefarious people for nefarious reasons, and that some of that has leaked into public awareness. We have the right to ask if they created a plan to bomb New York, in order to plan for 9/11, or else to protect New York from attack.

        But to say that our military must now create fictional scenarios filled with mythical creatures is absurd.

        More than that, this is troubling in that zombies are humans. They could have designed a dragon attack or a giant spider attack. They chose something with real world medical implications, and with a real world solution of mass extermination.

  32. Just wanted to thank you for the Q tab above, with the latest posts! It’s wonderful getting them in real time, thanks heaps!!!!! xxx

  33. Guy on Gab posted this:

    [FISH]ing is fun. fish is an acronym for an program that catches internet criminals. google it. Like Q said “these people are stupid” now they know who’s hacking their system. it was a trap Lololol !!!!

    Here you go folks; Forensic Information Scanning Hub (criminal investigation software)


  34. Neon, have you read the book “Trance, Formation of America” by Cathy O’Brien? She writes about her MK Ultra experiences with U.S. elite politicians.

  35. There is enough evil and monumental crimes committed in the last 10 years involving people still alive and in positions of power to keep my attention for now. Once the living start being brought to justice I may become curious about the long dead

  36. That knot program that embeds messages in pictures.. could those passwords unlock messages in memes passed around?

  37. Lucifer isn’t Satan, look it up. They’re Satanists and worship the Devil. Wording is important. Luciferianism is actually Promethean fire mythos.
    The HIV law in CA might be interesting, if Cabal has treatment, infecting the scumbags also keeps them on the hook.

    • NO and More NO on your post disenchangedscholar.. huge errors. It is true Satan and Lucifer are not the same being.. but I am not going to educate on this one today. The new age stuff is horrid that is being put out there..

  38. Have you seen this article? First person account – WARNING describes torture/rape/murder. He also names, names – Larry King, Johnny Depp, William Casey, 2 Presidents, Bohemian Grove and more.

    Neon, have you came across the name Freedom House dot org?
    Caught it on this past Saturday on a Fox News morning program talking about a Clown, the country of Montenegro wants back, to answer to charges, of trying to Overthrow the government. Fox brought a “retired” Clown in to talk about it & he dropped the name.

    Which peeked my curiosity – Clowns, overthrow, country in Africa…
    Their landing page touts the connections to G.W. Bush Institute, Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and the Global Engagement.
    I don’t see how I can post a screenshot of it. Too many connections there to ignore.

    • Looks like this took place on wed – the 8th
      Presented Without Comment . . .

      August 7, 2018: manipulation or sincerity (Moon oppose Pluto)

      August 8, 2018: 4:18 pm ET transference of light (Venus opposition Chiron)

  39. Patricia Cornwell said, iirc, that she was raped, at a young age, by a very prominent person she would not name, while a guest at Billy Graham’s estate.

  40. There has been a parallel world of nefarious evil-doers posing as trusted leaders for hundreds of years. However, some of the leaders have been deceived and fooled just as we have all been betrayed and deceived. Some are awakening. The still un-awakened (yes, there are some), are going to be blind-sided and we are to be the strength and way-showers. We are needed now in peaceful assembly to help preserve our rights and freedoms. The can connect you with your state assembly to be an integral part of this history making process and time. The peaceful pathway was laid out in our Founding Documents and just as Q is doing his/their part, we must also do ours. Is Q’s mantra, “Stay strong, stay together” a message to peacefully assemble? There is strength in numbers and that is exactly what is needed in every state, county by county. See: we the people, we are the assembly, we are America, all of us and all are needed. This, we, are what they truly fear!


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