Anatomy of a Democratic Conspiracy – #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Q’s back! And I’m happy to say the archive at worked just fine, updating with the posts and all. It’s a little slow – but hey, it works in a pinch!

Gotta cover an older Qdrop first before I get into #NewQ though, because I held off on covering it before. Don’t worry, we’ll move quickly:

All of you should have seen this by now, and we went over this in the last Q article (because… frankly, this should have been pretty obvious to anyone who read the PDFs Q posted) – but yeah, that Center for Information Analysis gets million upon millions of dollars to prop up #FakeNews.

How’s it feel to know your tax dollars are financing the efforts of those who want to destroy you?

But yeah, Dems are desperate. They’re pulling out all the stops and trying to use all their dirty tricks to win whatever seats in the Congress they can.

Primarily… voter fraud.

How convenient. They “discovered” more votes.

Expect to see more of this.

Moving on:

Don’t worry. I’m not posting all those links. I think you get the point. #MockingbirdMedia is leveling an all-out assault on Nunes.

The precision line at the end is… strange, though. It seems unconnected to the major thrust of the drop.

#Anon dug up this:

But, I don’t think Q is literally talking about that. That article is from back in February, and it’s… just not on topic.

No, I think this has to do with, well… this:

I got a message from a Legionary on Tuesday. After I saw it, I took it to the boards almost immediately:

Nothing came of it at the time. Planefags weren’t able to spot any 757s on the flight records.

But this came out the next day:

And lookie here at who liked this post (highlighted in green, in case it isn’t obvious).


(EDIT: I don’t use Twitter that much… because it’s a cesspool, and also I’m banned. Apparently those are tags, not likes. Oh well).

But to put it all together for you kind folks playing along at home:

Full Size:

I think he’s saying what’s about to drop – between things like this, the 20 FISA warrant pages, declassifying, well… what we’re about to see in a moment – these are like waves of precision strikes that will destroy the enemies of the United States.

One can only hope.

I nearly lost it when I read this post (in a good way). I read it with this in mind:

And that was dropped on the 1st. It’s now the 10th. That’s day 9 out of 10.

Think POTUS is going to confirm #QAnon today?

I mean, okay, he has to confirm at some point. The question is when? I took the [less than 10] to mean less than 10 days before Trump would confirm Q as real. I have to temper that suggestion with the very unfortunate truth that I could be wrong. This could be something to do with a marker on the clock, or perhaps something else entirely but…


YASSSSSS!!! I got so excited when I saw this.

So excited, in fact, that I made an infographic decoding it all.

But before I show you – just let me explain my logic.

Q was basically creating a flowchart here, showing the origins of the Russian Collusion story, and tracking them all throughout the deep state. He even used arrows to show the flow of information and causation. And he did it in reverse order.

With that in mind, I basically filled in all the initials and abbreviations, flipped it from top to bottom, and created an “expanded” flowchart, readable in plain text.

(Now, one note: I did miss one PS (who may be Peter Strzok – but the initials being listed under the DOJ threw me. We all know thet Strzok is FBI. So I’m thinking PS is someone else, but I couldn’t find anyone. Still, one out of all these ain’t bad. And I left it as PS in the decode. If I find the right name at a later date, I’ll fill it in).

Full Size:


Let me know in the comments below if I missed any, or am otherwise off-base.

The #FakeNews won’t cover it, though, because, if he Citizen Trump had multiple deep state spies actively sabotaging his campaign, it lends credence to the idea that “Russian Collusion” isn’t real and he was being framed. And we can’t have the public thinking that now, can we?

As for BM…



Good ole’ whitehat Bob enters the picture once again. You know, “Bob” Mueller! We’re on a first-name-basis again – like we were waaaaaaay back in the first drops.

And here, Q drops that Nellie Ohr is actually CIA, too (which helps explain her proficiency with Ham radio).

And now here’s the kicker:

That’s not the phone number for the Clinton Foundation.

That’s the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

I know, because I called it myself to check (from a burner).

(Come on. I’m not gonna call a strange number from my regular phone).

Anyway, it was a nice jab at Chelsea, don’t you think?

These people are SICK!

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read all that. Hope it was worth your while, and that you walked away a little more excited about the future.

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111 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Democratic Conspiracy – #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. Doesn’t anyone find it odd that Chelsea admits Pizzagate is real? Maybe she is actually trying to reach out, horrified about the truth of her mom…

    • She wears satanic jewelry (upside down cross for one), follows the church of satan and has mentioned satan/satanic holidays on her social media. She’s another satan follower and cabal member.

    • We would like to entertain the concept that Chelsea has no idea about her mother’s pedo and homosexual proclivities, but I have to surmise Chelsea is what they call a ‘generational’ monarch programmed satanic follower. Interesting how readers see things differently: I saw her comments about pizzagate as being sarcastic toward those in the deep state. I could be wrong

    • AG…..nah she says “or have suspicions of Actual trafficking”… she is calling out Pizzagate as not real, or a loony fable. She is as EVIL as they come…just like her mama…imho… WWG1WGA
      Blessings on your house, and GOD bless America 🙂

  2. NeonRevolt, getting 404 error on your flow chart graphic man, can you look into it please mate. WWG1WGA !!

  3. An alternative interpretation for post 1788. The [10] could be the less than 10 who know who know who Q is and could verify his/her/their existence. :o)

      • I know believe that the anons are Q. I will be happy, and pleased to believe that Q is a Trump insider if someone could just debunk what UNIRocks says here: (you have to watch entire vid). I am a huge Trump supporter, and really want to believe Q is authentic. I would expect the anons including Neon Revolt to debunk UNIRock but so far as I can tell they will have not. What does that tell you.

        If Trump knows this is a scam, be chooses to let tons of his ardent admires continue to be fooled, it will look bad on him. All I want is the truth.

        • OMFG dude, stop. Stop harassing me with the same $#@%@#$ comment.

          No, I’m not going to watch your 45 minute video only to find out UNIRock is saying Q was pamphletanon yet again, when anons have been through this over and over and over.

          There’s no other way to say it other than it’s just not true. It’s based on a misunderstanding of how the boards work, and no, I’m not going to comb through his specific arguments and debunk them one-by-one. It’s not my job, and I have a LOT of other more important stuff to be doing and researching. I’m not going to spoonfeed you, just because you’re too can’t or won’t seek out the actual, real, relevant information.

          And if you think I’m being mean – ask the THOUSANDS of anons on the boards directly. See how they react. This is such a dead-horse topic, it’s ridiculous. It’s only harped on by people who literally don’t understand how the boards work.

          God, CBTS and Beanz aren’t even relevant any more. I don’t even pay attention to anything they do.

          • Did not see this till now. Thanks for at least replying. I’m sorry if it seemed I was spamming you. That was not my intent.

            Can you imagine the feeling of believing that the country that I love has a saving force at work, and then have some present compelling evidence that it’s all a hoax. To have all that hope jerked away all of a sudden is not easy to deal with.

            The Reveal email from a supposed ex-baker was tough to blow off, and saying it is not true simply because you don’t want to go to 28:15 in the vid does not cut it.

            That being said, I will leave this alone. I was not trying to hurt you, I was just seeking to believe again.

    • I am positive that the Q reference is about the number of people who actually know the plan. In a much earlier post Q stated that those that know the plan can be counted on the fingers of two hands of which only 3 are non military. Q was replying to a post asking if Sarah Sanders was on board with Q.

      Also I’ve started to think that many of the times that Q suggests that “something big is going to drop” he is doing it for the Cabal instead of us. My rational is that this is put out and the big drop rarely happens or happens some time later. Q has stated many times that disinformation is necessary. If Q is “for real” then the Cabal know “We have it all”, their only defense is to muddy the waters and create a false narrative. My feeling is that Q is trying to get them to “shoot first” before the target is clear. Doing damage limitation without knowing fully what part is going to be damaged. Look at the attack on Nunes suggesting that his actions in the house intelligence committee are basically just covering for Trump, however that narrative gets blown out of the water once the FISA document is declassified.

      • What is your opinion as to why Q did not drop a hint prior to Peter Strozk firing. With one of the biggest stories in the news summer cycle, I sort of expected him to drop something.

  4. OMG! That was the “best of the best”
    “Qposts”. You… Mr. NEON REVOLT are absolutely a treasure! Excellent decodes and your writing style is WITTY, SMART and PERFECTLY WORDED.
    Thank you for doing an EXCELLENT job.

    • I can’t keep responding to everyone’s dumb posts, but whoever made this video is a retard who doesn’t understand how websites work.

    • Tarmac tapes in contact with NSA. And of course they’ve been saying Q is a larp for a long time.way too many proofs to accept that. These people are frightened, as they should be by now, and as a result will do and say anything to sow doubt. It’s showtime

    • Sorry if double post TT I believe is tarmac tapes, in context with NSA. And of course they have been calling Q a larp for a long time These people are frightened, as they should be by now, for what they have done, cand why they’ve done it. As a result they are fighting hard to sow doubt, and ridicule, and will even use false flags if they have to to keep this hidden. A bit too little too late

  5. Not sure Ohr’s being an amateur radio operator is significant. She holds the lowest class of license (Technician) which is limited on the bands one is allowed to operate. FCC regs also will not allow coded messages (any that can’t be readily decoded with standard, published algorithms) and the bands are monitored by volunteers who are almost as tenacious at monitoring traffic as Anons are on the webz. I’m not sure that using the amateur bands would provide any more security from surveillance than a burner phone.

    • Is your argument that the woman who plotted with the cabal to over throw the government, thereby committing treason with the most despicable cohorts imaginable is going to follow FCC regs that don’t allow coded messages? Are you kidding? What she did was a hanging offense, but she would never, ever misuse her FCC license.

      • Nope, you’re willfully missing my point … if she needed to communicate with other assets or a handler in a manner intended to avoid detection, using the amateur bands is probably the least-effective way to do it. After all, if she’s going to break the law, why should she limit herself to the least-effective class of amateur operator (or even bother with a federal license in the first place)?

        Now HAVING a ham license might be a good cover to explain communication equipment that didn’t look ‘normal’, but I don’t believe she became a ham in order to facilitate clandestine communications.

  6. Hey Neon,
    Thanks for your excellent analysis.
    I believe “less than 10” relates to earlier Q posts about the total number of people who can actually confirm Q exists.

    QPOST# 60
    “You can count the people who have the full picture on two hands.
    Of those (less than 10 people) only three are non-military.”

    QPOST# 244
    “Less than 10 can confirm me.”

  7. I was under the impression that when Q mentions less then 10, it referred to Q, less then 10, all but three military.

  8. I don’t believe PDJT will ever confirm Q. Q’s confirmation is his drops will start coming true-in the form of arrests and unsealed indictments. Also, the link to the larger graphic of your flow chart didn’t come up. Says page doesn’t exist.

  9. I also agree w/some other commenters that the “less than 10” means less than 10 ppl know about it, and is why not just anyone can confirm. That makes better sense in the context, and was my first thought.

  10. Excellent synopsis! Thank you for your work! Question, why if TG listed on the Q drop? Trey Gowdy?
    Wonder what’s up with that?

  11. “Boeing 757-223”
    B-52 from above leaves
    oeing 7 7-2 3
    Could remainder numbers and maybe the letters be a code?

  12. If it comes out that the clinton foundation was also running the national human trafficking hotline? There will be literal heads rolling!!! (And no, I would not be surprised in the least if this comes to be true)

  13. Always thought the less than 10 meant less than 10 people know of the plan, 3 of which are civilians. From an earlier drop, also fits with who can answer.

  14. You can feel pressure building – the tech purge, the increasing derangement on the left, the odd lack of surface action by Trump or DOJ – it has to blow at some point.

    The Saudi-Canada conflict is interesting, with Salman a Trump ally vs. the Deep State, and Trudeau a globalist leftist and Soros boy. The story appears to be that the idiot Canadians tried to trigger an Arab Spring type uprising, under cover of aiding Muslim Brotherhood “human rights activists”, but it could easily be a proxy clash in the larger war.

  15. Less than ten could also refer to the number of people who know The Plan. Less than ten people can answer who is Q? Just a thought.

  16. If you want to view the full size image, right click on it, and select “View Image” (at least using Firefox on Windows).

  17. I do think PS refers to strzok. He’s the only one left out of the syndicate here, and we know he was a point man. I do believe Q is a group, and only a couple are authorized to speak as Q. This to too planned out to risk one only going down for whatever reason That makes no sense Always a backup.

    • BTW, if you make some cheaper Trump Hollywood Stars for around town, and a good one for laminating in front of my house, I would buy both of those. I love your hat, but I don’t wear hats.

    • Yeah, I noticed that, too. Another mystery to be solved. Hard to fathom him as a turned white hat but truth is always stranger than fiction and God does absolutely work in mysterious ways. The big reveals will now begin.

  18. Kept flow-chart as a picture. so I can take it with me, to the beach, to the lake, to work, etc, and so everyone can see this GEM.

    Thank you Mr. Revolt ; )

  19. Neon
    Thank you for spending your time making the flow chart!
    Very informative.
    Great information as always.
    Much appreciation!

  20. Beautiful job as always, but your graphic analysis does not come up. Looks great but please fix connection so we can read it.

  21. I firmly believe PS is Strzok and he is NOT fbi. Dude is one of those super secret SPOOKS who can blend and be whomever. Maybe darpa pays him or the queen. Who knows.

  22. TT is the only one I don’t have figured out. It is either Pen Register Trap & Trace or Trump Towers or Tarmac Tapes. Are there tarmac tapes? Is it NSA using wiretaps? Or is it referencing Trump Towers when they were spying on POTUS?
    The PS under DOJ I believe is Peter Strzok since he was in the FBI Chief Counterespinage section and thereby was a go between DOJ and FBI

  23. “Turkey On The Brink” Judgement As Currency Crashes . . .

    Turkish President Erdogan refuses to allow an American Pastor
    to go free as his Currency Crashes today . . .

  24. Wow! You really think Theresa May is implicated in the British participation? This seems huge and new news for me anyway. I guess we can lump in the head of NZ and AUS too. Trudeau is obvious. Wow all five eyes corrupted? Thanks Neon, keep up the great work!

    • IMHO, Britain is our worst enemy, always has been and always will be. They used us to fight WW1 and 2, and then other wars of aggression, and even after 2 wars on Iraq, with all associated costs in dollars and people, all the oil leases went to the Crown. All. Not one went to the last American oil company, Exxon. We paid the price, they took the spoils, as they have world wide, everywhere they go. The British have been and are the worst evil Satanist nation on the planet. We would be better off to write them off forever.

  25. Did anyone else just saw that on Q???
    Heavy attack from 3 alphabet agencies, 2 domestic one foreign, most likely FBI/CIA/MI6.
    Shit is going down right now, Q is pissed!

    • Most of it is gone now, but man that was intense, and it happened right in front of my eyes!
      too bad i forgot to save it before I came here to post about it :p

    • I think it was the MI6,Mossad,CIA.

      Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.134
      Aug 10 2018 13:35:30 (EST)
      We are under [extreme] heavy attack by [3] intel agencies [Foreign & Domestic].
      We are in comm/coordination w/ necessary division(s).

  26. Is it possible that the JC in the text org chart line that starts with “Hillary Clinton, John Podesta” Isn’t James Comey, but is DNI James Clapper? I think Clapper is more of a world class spook than Comey.

  27. Question: What do Mena, Ak and Bank Menatep have in common…?
    Oh, and there’s Menasource on the Atlantic council, too.

    The more you know…

  28. I don’t think the timeline works for RB to Be Rachel Brand she was only at DOJ From May 22, 2017, until February 20, 2018

    I think RB is Rebecca Bond

    U.S. Embassies Around World Still Refuse to Hang Trump Portrait, Swamp Still in Control

    Let’s meet them. Rebecca Bond was elevated from the career swamp ranks to manage the Education Section and Disability Rights Section, a section she used to manage

    Rebecca Bond
    Chief at Disability Rights Section, Civil Rights Division, US Department of Justice

    Washington D.C. Metro AreaLaw Enforcement
    Disability Rights Section, Civil Rights Division, US Department of Justice
    U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Housing and Civil Enforcement Section, Civil Rights Division, United States Department of Justice, United States Attorney’s Office
    Harvard Law School

    • Oh shoot. I think I meant to switch that name out, but I forget who was supposed to take that place now. Crap.

  29. “Why are children from Haiti so sought after?”
    Do we know why?
    Back in 2016 I did Chelsea Clinton’s chart and I saw/posted that she has the chance of losing both parents and that Neptune is either disappear or prison.
    I stand by that still.

  30. Awan had a Ham radio antenna on his Sprayer house where he also had a room under lock from his tenant.

  31. @uncle johns band..
    Interesting. Had also read a weapons deal announced w Canada to saudis. Perhaps kaput? Perhaps not supposed to b “public” knowledge of ds/Soros shennanigans?

  32. Can anyone confirm if this is true. A guy on FB claims he discovered another Q affirmation on Trump’s photo of him doing a tumbs up with a circle of people with him. Yash Sharma claims that when he went to save that photo from Trump’s twitter account Nov. 8th 2017 the address code that pops up says (DO IT Q) at the front of that address. Brackets are mine. I tried to go back into Trump’s twitter account but it only went back as far as Dec. 15th so I couldn locate that photo. Can anyone tell me if this photo’s address is true and that Trump was confirming Q in that phot’s address? Here’s Yash Sharma’s Facebook homepage.

  33. I forgot to mention you can scroll down on Yash’s facebook homepage and find that post he made that shows the address he’s talking about that he claims confirms Trump is acknowledging Q in that photo’s address.

  34. Neon, I read every word you write, but somehow this post got past me. This was like finding an unopened package under the tree the day after Christmas! Excellent post, as usual.

  35. Just a small point but Theresa May only became Prime Minister in the UK on July 13th 2016. Before that David Cameron was PM from 11th May 2010.


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