You’ve been chomping at the bit for it, so here it is – the lastest #NewQ article!

Some of you will have seen bits and pieces of this scattered across various Gab posts, but stay tuned, because I think there are still some real incredible finds in here for everyone.

But I want to start out here by saying that I was accused of just dismissing the FISA stuff in my old article, where I pushed back on Q.

Not so.

I was surprised by how many people just… totally took what I wrote out of context, and even completely manufactured entire quotes and just misrepresented what I wrote.

After all, what are you supposed to say when someone accuses you of saying something you didn’t say?

Take that intellectual homunculus 0hour, for instance. He did a whole attempted take-down on me, but the thing is… he’s just completely manufacturing quotes I never said.

And then he tries to position himself as some compassionate hero, when he says things like “I feel bad for [Neon].”

Evidently not bad enough to stop lying about what I said.

Let me set the record straight. I absolutely still believe and trust QAnon. My article was never about that. The whole point of that rant was me expressing some frustration with some of the cryptic markers Q was using, and questioning whether Normies would care about FISA at all.

It was never about whether I believed Q or not. I was very clear in the article that I did and I was still on-board.

At the time of that writing, my gut instinct was telling me “no, the normies would not care,” but in truth, I’ve warmed up to the idea recently. Maybe it’s just because my understanding has expanded somewhat, but now I’m thinking this might really flip the national narrative. I’m really starting to see the way this could work, and getting excited for it.

But there’s got to be a very public hell to pay for the perps who attempted this cover-up. They need to be given perp walks or something. People need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this was all a massive lie.

In other words – I’m not so much concerned that the truth isn’t effective. It is.

I’m afraid the media will just memory-hole it before it even gets off the ground. We can’t give them that option.

Which is why I guess Q has built all this up, first. We’re the ones who are really going to have to boost the signal here.

And let me address one more thing:

Yes, I have a very hyperbolic style of writing. I don’t believe in wasting my readers’ time with extraneous prose, or beating around the bush to make myself look smart or special in any way.

I want to present the info as clearly, as succinctly, and as engagingly as possible.

It’s why I don’t even use proper paragraphs when I write here.

Sure, I could make these all long, boring essays, and make your eyes drift and lose their place while you’re trying to read. I could dress it up in flowery prose and make you think “Oh what a tremendous writer.” But that’s not the point of why I write.

(And to be fair, Q’s posts did get a bit easier to understand after I went on my rant, IMHO. So there’s that 😛😛😛).

Understand, I just want this message to go as far and wide as possible, as fast as possible, and I don’t want to get in the way of that. So without any further delay, let’s talk about FISA!

Starting with #QAnon drop 1816:

We talked previously (I think it was on Gab) about the [20] being the 20 pages of the FISA memo Devin Nunes wants declassified:

But Paul Sperry is telling us to get ready for a looooot more:

And I’m so happy to see this today (and I posted this earlier on Gab), but it looks like /u/DontR3cordMeBrother actually, finally figured out of the meaning of #D5.


That makes a LOT of sense to me. Here’s the FBI link itself:

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you saw those 20 pages declassified this week. We’re on a timetable here, when you consider midterms.

Lots still has to happen before then, and the ball gets rolling when #POTUS starts declassifying.

Be smart out there, folks. #Anons have been following a number of really strange incidents around the globe, including a number of aircraft crashing into the ground over the past few days. It’s been really bizarre to watch that happen.

https://www.foxcarolina.com https://www.foxcarolina.com


https://www.fox10tv.com https://www.fox10tv.com

And this is just a sampling from the past week or so.

To be clear, this is not normal.

An animal is most desperate and dangerous when it’s cornered, and we’ve definitely got #TheCabal cornered. There’s no telling what they’ll try, so be smart, be aware, and don’t be afraid to speak out if you see something suspicious.


Well, we anons definitely tried to.

This was my first attempt at trying to figure it out. We talk about the “Democrat plantation,” and to a certain extent, you can expand the metaphor:

(Warning: Violent)

Now obviously, I’m not suggesting that Lebron is killing other men in one v one fights. No, I’m talking about him being a money-maker for his politically-connected bosses due to his superior size, strength, and skill on the court.

But then I saw Anon’s video:

And to be honest, while I knew he had a foundation, I wasn’t aware of the size or scope of its activities until this came to pass.

#Anon then introduced some heavy speculation:

Thats… quite a bit.

And that got me digging along these lines (and yes, when you see the “(You)” in brackets, that’s how you know it was my post and that I took the screenshot myself).

See, I’m not just shirking my duty to write these articles. I’m actually in the trenches on a daily basis, trying to dig with the rest of the anons. Amazing how you never know who you might be talking to on the chans!

The link I included was to the Ohio Attorney General’s database of missing kids in Akron. And there are a LOT.

Right now, I have no way of seeing if any of them were involved with any of the programs funded by the LeBron James Family Foundation, but I would not be surprised to see overlap between the two.

Another Anon then came back with this:

And here’s a reformatted screenshot of that list:

So, yeah. Looking pretty Cabal-Affiliated to me. I think you get what Q is implying, and it’s not good in the least. It’s actually incredibly awful.

If these suspicions prove to be true, let’s pray justice is swift.

Q then updates his tripcode, which he has to do from time-to-time. Standard operating procedure, especially as we move into this next phase:

And finally, he comes back with this:

And, oh! I just discovered I can embed these PDFs directly now, thanks to a new plugin. That’s really helpful and I’m really impressed right now, because that saves me a lot of screenshot bandwidth and storage!

Click to access hpsci_memo_key_points.pdf

Click to access fisa_title_i_summary.pdf


Read these. It’s less than four pages. It’s worth your time. I especially like the bit about Schiff at the end. Nunes is putting him squarely in the [killbox] with that section at the end.

But I want to focus on this dig I had with some anons earlier today, because, frankly, anons are amazing.

I start out with a question: Help me find these media companies:

The media loves to paint this as “just Yahoo!” when really, all these firms knew about and were complicit in the ongoing FISA scandal cover-up.

Trump isn’t lying when he calls the media the enemy of the people. They committed literal treason.

No surprise they’ve been going all in against Q.

Their lives depend on it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the angry guy with the breathing tube – that’s Hector Salamanca, from the TV show Breaking Bad. He can’t talk any more, and only has his little bell to talk with. He’s often posted whenever anons find something, well…

(Warning: Violent. And spoilers. Definitely spoilers).


Q came back with three more drops:

You don’t need me to add anything to that.

This… is evil.


It was hidden in the National Defense Authorization Act, passed December 8th, before Trump took office. One last “present” from Hussein, it seems. #ThanksObama.

And what this “Defense” bill did was create a Center for Information Analysis and Response that was ostensibly there for counteracting foreign propaganda and political messaging…

(a) Establishment.—Not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State shall, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, and other relevant departments and agencies, establish a Center for Information Analysis and Response (in this section referred to as the “Center”).

But which also allowed the US government to funnel taxpayer dollars to media companies, NGOs, and political activist groups:

(1) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.—There is authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary of State for fiscal years 2017 and 2018 $20,000,000 to support the Center and provide grants or contracts of financial support to civil society groups, journalists, nongovernmental organizations, federally funded research and development centers, private companies, or academic institutions for the following purposes:

You can read more about this legal abomination here:


Why would they do that?

Because they were all part of the Cult, and in on the 16 year plan.  You want to know what happened to American Exceptionalism? It was systematically sabotaged by every president from Johnson to Hussein (save, perhaps Reagan).

You think 4.1% GDP is big?

Pfft. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Get ready for 10, 12, even 15% GDP, once #TheCabal is purged from this land and we have sound money once again.

Trump is positioned to unleash a torrent of prosperity the likes of which the world has never seen. Get ready, folks, because all this and more is headed our way.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today. My regular readers will know that I recently launched a QAnon Hat, which you can read about here and order in the newly launched Neon Revolt Shop! I’m really proud to be able to present these to the world, and think the hats are just great. I’m working with a great manufacturer, and we can send them world-wide, so no matter when you are, you can show your #QArmy Pride.

Oh, and shirts and everything else? Don’t worry; those aren’t going anywhere. Check the sidebar; they’re all still available at https://neonrevolt.threadless.com/

Thanks so much!

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  1. NEON REVOLT – best source for REAL TRUTHFUL NEWS anywhere. Thank you for all your hard work and patriotism. I’m usually listening to #wethepeople Patriots Soapbox most of the day and NEON REVOLT comes up a lot and they always read your articles to the masses.

  2. Ah, yes–The Anons have pieced it together brilliantly–THIS is exactly why the media is freaking out! Wow–they are implicated. We always knew but there is the proof! Nice work, Neon!

    BTW, this is a minor correction, but I think Trump uses the term, “Fake News” to describe the enemy of the people, not “media”. The MSM keeps saying that he says, “media” and that paints Trump as a control freak, nazi, etc. When in truth, he obviously loves much of the media and believes in a free press, etc. But CNN, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, Mother Jones, WAPO, and all their little spin-offs and cronies–they are FAKE NEWS!

    • They generally fall into a few categories:

      1) Comped Deep State Agents. Think Mossad, and controlled opposition.
      2) Fame whores who are too late to the party, and who will look dumb for not knowing earlier.
      3) Genuinely stupid people you probably shouldn’t be listening to anyway.
      4) The Genuinely misinformed.

  3. Maybe this is why Apple, Youtube, and Facebook all just banned Infowars: to lower the amount of traffic on this story.

    • Infowars pinkpilled a lot of people. After some time they get that feeling that something is missing from there info and start searching for the missing info. They find out about infowars, what it is, and go deeper. They find Q. They get redpilled… Infowars is a Mossad-snooze-button.

  4. These new-fangled InstaPots are marvels. I have one. But my mom used the old-style one. The whole point of letting off steam in cooking to get rid what doesn’t belong there so that what should happen happens. In the case of the above style cooking, too much steam and you’ll blow the pot; not enough and you just won’t cook the contents correctly. In the older pots the skilled user had to every now and again manually release steam from the pot. Meanwhile the pot cooked along and jiggled, letting off some of its own steam.

    Rants serve the same purpose. Yours had a logical and cohesive thread to it. How do you respond to those who can’t follow it? You don’t. Let it be as vapor trails.

    It is what follows after that matters. That’s where the real meat of the issue is. That’s what was really cooking. Since then you’ve built on that. And it’s been a multi-course gourmet meal for us since then.

  5. Thank you, Neon, for all that you do!
    That said….and what you have just posted about all those missing children and the LeBron Foundation…..I am certain that there will be some connecting dots to this recent law passed in France (Aug. 3), which is what they are preparing to bring here! Pray people!!

    or if you prefer it from the French news – http://www.lefigaro.fr/actualite-france/2018/08/03/01016-20180803ARTFIG00271-consentement-sexuel-la-loi-ne-pose-pas-de-limite-d-age.php

  6. PILOT of santa ana PLANE CRASH was CEO of “CATEGORY III” (real estate development business) in San Fran.

  7. Newby here. Recently discovered your site.

    Love your writings. I have gone back and read all of them since Jul 24 Q postings – several times. Best stuff on Q that I have found. I am very thankful for your work and your articles.

    And yes, monetary policy gets me excited also – just ask my wife of 25 years. I think she may be tired of hearing about it. We are both on the Trump train for life.

    Appreciate all of the work and effort, but I also think that your little rant RE Q drops is spot on. I have no idea what Q is talking about. Just not the brightest light in the harbor. Just simply cannot make heads or tails of the drops. he is correct that we have more than we know, because I do not know anything pertaining to his drops.

    Hope and pray we all start seeing results that affect our lives at our level.

    • There is no such thing as coincidence. I found this site ON that day. I went back a little and began following this “Q stuff” since the Renegade postings. Ive been digging through this shit for coming on 10 years now. Its amazing seeing it all get pieced together in the way that I always imagined it. Never did I think the truth would ever get mainstream attention. I thought Occupy Wallstreet was it, until i dug deeper and found george soros funding it. Thats when I knew (((they))) were beginning to be afraid. When (((THEY))) were trying to hijack a movement that they saw coming.. I assumed we would never see the truth really emerge.
      I had heard rumors of Q, but really only started following since The post about Renegade. Ive got my eyes open for green socks!

  8. “But there’s got to be a very public hell to pay for the perps…”

    I’ve been saying this for a while now and I’ll reiterate it here for good measure.

    If Mark Taylor is to be believed, Military Tribunals will commence due to the sheer magnitude of the corruption. This must be done in such a way that the entire public MUST hear about them and SEE the ferocious spankings these treasonous mobsters will have to face!

    I’ve also been saying that Hillary (and those around her), have been getting away with political crimes for too long and I don’t think the public would give a rats ass unless Hillary (& Co.), are tried for a crime outside the political realm.

    The only criminal act that I can imagine that would force your average normie into utter world shattering attention, would be child rape / child sacrifice / literal Satanic practices.

    In short; I believe the only thing that would wake normies up is for the normies to see a crime so heinous that even they won’t be able to defend it…they may even demand justice be served!

    It has to be something outside the political realm; this is why I STRONGLY URGE Q and the rest of the gang, to release the video!

    • They won’t go public with everything 100% and I think they’ll regret that. I do wonder why he haven’t heard about Comic Con – tons of unsupervised children and nothing? Nothing happens? I don’t buy it.

    • If 911 or JFK did not wake them up, nothing will, bc they are PURPOSEFULLY IGNORANT AND SELF CENTERED. What most people miss is the stupidity and mendacity of the public. If people cared, 911 would never have happened, or the numerous wars of aggression, in violation of the US Constitution Article 1, Section 8 and International law, and the 4th Geneva Conventions. All that obvious horror was inflicted, and yet the public continued to pursue its ignorance and stupidity.

      • BTW, the perps are even more ignorant and stupid to pursue child rape, murder and torture in the disgusting belief that it will somehow allow them to collude in criminal activity and increase their power while they pray to a fake god that either does not exist, or does exist and if so doesn’t give a damn about them or their little rituals. How stupid are they? Just the sheer stupidity of their beliefs is enough to have them locked up for life, just to get them out of the gene pool.

  9. Also, you are correct in that the release of documents (FISA, etc) mean nothing to the average person. I could care less, and will not spend my time reading them. I can’t change any of what went on and I can’t do anything about what went on. That is the job of Jeff Sessions.

    I just want a job and to be able to provide for my family. I have now been out of work for 18 months – I want to see something at my level for me and my family. Tired of the walk – sore feet.

  10. Hello: I just wanted to let you know I ordered one of the hats and my husband just loves it! I looked it over very well, and it has quality stitching and materials, this is a very well made item.

    Thanks for putting them on the market, and next purchase will be a t-shirt for me! Hubby can’t get ALL the presents after all!

    Thanks again.

  11. Just so you know, we know what you said and what you didn’t. Not to be concerned about people who gaskets a part of what you say and twist it into something completely different. We know what you say and what you don’t.
    BTW, my husband has one of your Q hats…red/white letters. He loves it & he’s very particular about his hats [his many hats]…not fond of all his hats. But this one has sentimental meaning because we are in this special time in our lives like no other. If anyone doesn’t think God is with us and this is His plan, they are missing the point.! My popcorn is popping now and I’m all in. Thank you for all the hard work you do…WWG1WGA

  12. (And to be fair, Q’s posts did get a bit easier to understand after I went on my rant, IMHO. So there’s that ).

    I was thinking the same thing!

  13. GREAT article. It all makes sense after reading this. But one thing on the D5 interpretation: civil suits generally mean no one goes to jail unless they follow criminal cases. Does this mean they’re getting away with their crimes, and just have to pay some money? Maybe I misunderstood.

  14. Love you Neon But you are off base that there are an extraordinary amount of aircraft crashes I am in aviation and have had FAA incident reports emailed to me daily for more than a decade there are anywhere from 3-6 aircraft crashes everyday, and that is just counting real private and passenger aircraft (not balloons or ultralights or experimental aircraft) there are more than 15,000 private runways in the USA and another 5,000+ public runways that are paved and long enough to land a small jet.
    here is the FAA site with crashes by month https://www.ntsb.gov/_layouts/ntsb.aviation/month.aspx
    And here is the number of runways data

    • Before reading Edzo’s comment, I admit I too probably rushed in too quickly.

      For what it’s worth I made a list of the more serious accidents from Neon’s text (sorted by date):

      Jul 3 2018 Embraer 190 Durango, Mexico. No fatalities
      Jul 29 2018 Searey amphibious experimental. Haverhill, NH, USA. 2 injured.
      Aug 4 2018 EA-400 Ponca City, north of Oklahoma City, USA
      Aug 4 2018 8GCBC Scout. Baldwin County, AL, USA
      Aug 5 2018 JU-52 above Flims, Switzerland
      Aug 5 2018 1973 Cessna 414. John Wayne Airport, Orange County, CA, USA

      I then attempted to draw a baseline to compare with (and failed).

      The following site looks very useful if someone else is better up to the task:


  15. Neon… you need to check your GAB sign up as I have email now from others who also have problems and cannot sign up. We would like to provide this regular small support. Again… they cannot create a user name using any characters whatsoever. Could you have somebody you know test it? Dark shits have a way of preventing registrations in almost any kind of software.. they got one of my own forums in that manner and we have yet to comprehend WHERE the problem is to fix it. Nobody can register. They get a JUNK page.

  16. “After all, what are you supposed to say when someone accuses you of saying something you didn’t say?”

    You say:

    Stop concern trolling, bitch, you’re not fooling anybody.

  17. It’s one thing to know that those you trust will be revealed as monstrous in an abstract sense; it takes a minute to process the downstream implications of such a public figure. But the evidence is damning, and to echo another poster, that logo! Holy cats, that’s blatant. His childhood was odd – controlling single mom seeking meal ticket, big-time fame in mid-teens, travel and media, polished beyond his years – just a lot of places where he would be vulnerable. It’s interesting to see Carmelo Anthony on that board, since his wife, La La Vasquez has (C-list) Pedowood connections.

    Makes you wonder about pro sports in general. Obama was quite the jock sniffer.

  18. We need to think RMC or rose mary collier, the FISA judge, My opinion is that the judges are probably in on the whole mess. If not, she could hold comey,rosenstein, etc in contempt. So maybe the house should ask the FISA judges a few questions. Almost all FISA warrants are granted, like the old rubber stamp system…

  19. since Q has also used D5 when talking about a snowball rolling downhill that can’t be stopped, he may also be referring to the size and destructive force of an avalanche. D5 is the highest and most devastating rating (like an F5 tornado). It’s so massive and destructive that it can completely gouge the landscape permanently. https://utahavalanchecenter.org/blog-danger-danger-ratings (about 1/4 way down the page is the chart.

  20. Another big time CEO resigned yesterday. Guess who? Alex Jones and Info Wars. He was just terminated from YT and cancelled from every other major platform yesterday. Media collusion? Definitely, but that’s not the point.

    I’ve suspected for some time that AJ was working for one of the Deep State entities, and not a member of the “America First” crowd at all. It’s been pointed out that, not only was he strongly suspected of being the comedian Bill Hicks, but was also employed by Stratfor, some private security company with ties to the CIA and Mossad.
    People were noticing, that among all the so-called conservative channels that had been banned from these same platforms, Alex Jones was allowed to continue, as long as he was willing to backtrack or throw out an apology once in a while (Pizzagate, Sandy Hook). It was noticed, over and over again, that when he interviewed certain people with what could have been considered “explosive” or “revelatory” content, he would interrupt, then lead the conversation away before they could make their intended point. Alex decided that Q was a hoax, and he and Jerome Corsi set out to discredit Q-team with their rumors and claims of “insider information”, which everyone knew they didn’t have! Then Corsi was outed as a Mossad asset. Should AJ then be painted with the same dirty brush? YES!!

    I unsubscribed months ago. When I left, he had 3.1 million subscribers. I checked 2 weeks ago, and it was down to 2.4 million. That’s not shadow banning, that’s people unsubscribing. Now he’s gone. Coincidence?

    I don’t think so. I think AJ was told by his handlers he was going to, in effect, resign from his company by their instructing the corrupt heads of these platforms to kick him out, so no one would suspect what it is that he has been doing all these years. Seems a strange time for them to decide to do this, when Congressional scrutiny is looming and lawmakers talking of regulating their sites. AJ part of Mockingbird?

    AJ was becoming a liability. Solution? Terminate him, because there’s no way he can just up and quit. Still, I’m not seeing this as being any different than any of the other corporate CEO’s who have resigned recently.

    • What I don’t under stand is, if AJ is a part of the deep state, than why would they allow him to talk about 911, Bohemian Grove, Hussein being born in Nigeria etc…
      One thing that struck me though, and this could just be a coincidence, why did he suddenly decide to grow a beard?
      Kimmel, Letterman, Conan, after years of being clean shaven for TV, they all grows full beards.
      Could this be a message, or is it just me over thinking this? (I am unshaven myself, but thats just me being lazy)

      • I’ve noticed the trend of more and more bearded or half-shaved men in commercials for quite a few years now. It’s way out of proportion to the population. There’s always an agenda behind stuff like this, but I couldn’t figure this one out, until I realized – Nearly ALL Muslim men wear beards!! It’s a psyop to get the public used to Muslims. They did the same thing with transgenders, remember?

      • most people would not have started the wake up without ALEX who in my opinion plays many different roles notice how many bad characters he allows on his show ON PURPOSE
        similar to PRESIDENT TRUMP and his bad actors tillotson and mcmaster

      • I thought the beard was strange too, but he does look a lot better with it. Puts some angle on that big ol’ round head of his. Do you know about the ‘left eye’ injury thing? His left eye was recently injured, and he was wearing sunglasses on the show. I don’t know about the beards, but the left eye means something to the Cabal, apparently.

    • I was thinking the same thing; that AJ was controlled opposition and a limited hangout. I became convinced of that after his attack on Q. Corsi is mossad and I never liked him. The fact that both are on the same network makes them both suspect. I never like Roger Stone either, as I get a very creepy vibe from him. I would normally think that RS is a pedophile, bc of the vibe that he puts out. The three of them are creepy. I was initially thinking that because they shot themselves in the foot bc of Q anon, they needed to be attacked in order to regain their trusted position with those who refused to buy into their BS about Q. So, this was engineered to make them into victims, and get everyone back on their side. I tend to leave AJ alone, and allow his presence in some things bc he did question 911, however he forgot to mention mossad’s part in the crime against humanity.

  21. The people who attack Trump the most are hiding pedo stuff in my opinion.
    LaBron James made a complaint to LAPD saying his front gate had been tagged with racist messages.
    Cops came out and there was nothing, he or his people said they quickly painted it over. They had no pics of it. Then he calls the press. Seems extreme for a rich and famous guy to hoax a racist attack on his house.
    Labron Hoaxer

  22. Alex Jones psyop to keep focus off pedophilia
    It is all a psyop, part of the plan.

    Tom Hanks with ritual illuminati LEFT black eye holding a sign “I am not allowed to talk” next to the queen witch Oprah.. But Alex Jones (the guy you would think would be all over this) hasn’t said a word about Tom Hanks outed as a Pedophile nor Isaac Kappy. Is he also not allowed to say a word?… Tom Hanks ritual black eye…

    Alex Jones left eye is wounded… ritual ceremony?
    He hasn’t talked about Tom Hanks and a poor interview with Isaac Kappy.

  23. brother Neon – another much appreciated post of your brilliant & clear analyses!! yay, us!! WRWY
    and, yes, the anons are truly amazing…so are you! MAGA->KAG!! WWG1WGA!
    have a great day/night/week/life!!

  24. I know and understood what you said in your frustrations with Q, Neon. I was feeling much the same way at the time, and truth be told, if it wasn’t for Clapper spilling the beans on Obama, I would have been losing it. But in no way would I have considered you unpatriotic for saying it. Quite the opposite.

    I guess I have to keep reminding myself to not be so stir-crazy in my wanting for things to move along the timeline, because the fact is, being mainstream means that we have to go take the fight to those websites with ignorant talking points and lay waste to the territorial, sycophantic ideologues that reside within. It’s quite gratifying watching random Anons appearing on bombing raids of truth.

    Even just a little bit of logic is making them quite worried. It’s an unfair advantage when you’ve spend 10 months cramming information into your skull, but it becomes quite apparent that you’ve got it at your fingertips, and that even in their spoonfed narratives that the lefties have, very few of them took notes, and even less of them can reference them in a cogent manner.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for keeping on keeping on, and don’t worry about the knockers. They’ll change their tune soon enough.

  25. Thank you Neon..you are my first go to guy for Q information.
    I was overcome with joy to read what you posted on gab…”if you left the grave behind you, so will I” …beautifully expressed Neon. That is my Fav song right now btw 🙂
    Sadly the things about LeBron…make sense…helping Hillary, AND he has a children’s foundation….
    Would love your input on this Neon:
    The DoE is having the Liberty Eclipse exercise (a test crashing the electrical grid) on November 1st…Right Before National Elections????? White hat or Black hat?
    Hummmmm? It is supposed to be conducted in a secured area in New York?
    Seems awfully fishy …
    Any input would be helpful.
    God bless you abundantly

  26. Thanks Neon,,,,
    Btw I would love to have a T-shirt with
    “ a time will come when it won’t be safe for these people to walk the streers”

    Maybe with “ thanks Q now the pain “ on front and above on the back

  27. To AJ blasters, If AJ is fake, then why are some of his supplements truly high quality and remarkable? I do not ask this lightly. It is a question NO ONE seems willing to explore when they knock AJ. Also, I am sorry, but Kappy has the earmarks also of a put up job. Druggie behavior and sudden meteoric rise in notoriety are suspect to me.

    Neon, really enjoy the articles. I like you changed the way I write to keep people from zoning out. It is amazing the weird stuff the haters will pick on to persecute you for too. Press on! You are not alone. You are appreciated.

  28. Every day, several times a day I check for your updates. I do a LOT of reading (chans, blogs etc..) and Neon, you are a class act. You are the perfect intermediary between the chans and the public. Many of us are desperate for honest ideas and logical viewpoints. I believe, collectively, Patriots share the same end goal that good WILL triumph evil. Some, like you, are instrumental in exposing said evil but at the same time giving the rest of us HOPE. Their is a strength contained in that hope that keeps faith alive. You are a warrior for our country and our people. Thank you NR for your bravery and for allowing your tenacious soul the opportunity to shine. I wish I knew what my calling was in this whole movement and maybe time will reveal it to me. I’m thankful you have discovered yours and your willingness to share it with the rest of us!

  29. FYI – I normally find this site using a Google search. Normally the first result, as of this weekend, your official site is now the 4th or 5th result in my search results.


  30. Neon, you rule. Thank you for the work that you do. I have been aware of the cabal and their doings in some form or other for over 20 years, and have been fully ‘woke’ for at least 15…so these days are very exciting for a guy like me who was once resigned to living in a broken world.

    PS, it’s ‘champing at the bit’, not ‘chomping’. Sorry; I have a problem…lol.

  31. Was reading last nite on rosham (rothsham?) uk, where the rape of kids by pakistani men has gone on for close to 20 yrs. Their Islam teaches that Mohammad married a 7 yr old-so it’s perfectly ok to rape kids. It’s also big business too-more lucrative than drugs. It’s a billion dollar industry. Trials reveal politicians there will pay big $ to see kiddie-porn ending in kids dissolved in acid. Parts of this trial reveal some kids ended up as hamburger meat fed to paki friends.
    Now both UK(see maye comments) & French are lowering the age of consent.
    The paki/Muslim infiltration n2 eu was no accident. Soros paid them to..to destabilize eh nations and to inflict rape/death on younger generations..sick


  32. Thanks, NR. My primary concern is that schools start next week and nothing “BIG” has happened yet.I expect many FFs up until the Nov. elections now.How many children have to die in school shootings before this ends?

  33. Discovered this site relatively recently, and you are doing a great job. There is one tiny, almost completely insignificant grammatical adjustment I would recommend. When we put a bit in a horses mouth, it works to not just better control movement, but keeps the horse from chomping. The horse then is said to be champing at the bit, a truncated or obstruction to chomping caused by the bit. The meaning is the same, that the horse is ready to go.

  34. Even if AJ was part of the cabal, he should be allowed to post his videos and share his viewpoints.

    At the end of the day, in capitalism, those closest to the truth should theoretically be rewarded with more eyeballs. Of course, we don’t live in capitalism, but the point still stands.

    I’m happy to see multiple viewpoints and make up my mind to what is real and what is not.

    All points – minus violence inciting ones – should have their say. They should be no sacred cows anywhere – because sacred cows tend to go the route of Vatican.

  35. “At the time of that writing, my gut instinct was telling me “no, the normies would not care,” but in truth, I’ve warmed up to the idea recently. Maybe it’s just because my understanding has expanded somewhat, but now I’m thinking this might really flip the national narrative. I’m really starting to see the way this could work, and getting excited for it.”

    So many folks are getting restless. Arrest the traitors! But, what is FISA really? It’s the bomb under the table.
    What makes a movie good? Well, in addition to good actors, it takes a great director. Listen to Hitchcock talking about suspense.

    2 very short videos that explain suspense and tension.


    And of course there’s this:
    “The suspense is terrible. I hope it’ll last.” Willy Wonka

    How do you think Hillary feels? There are bombs everywhere. We know it, they know it. Enjoy the show.

    Every time I see a BOOM, I’ve got to smile.

    • it is ironic that both men that you feature in the above youtube videos are rumored to be pedophiles and Satanists. No wonder they love anxiety…they are adrenalin junkies.

  36. If you look on the homepage of LJ’s foundation, on one of the pics there is a young girl making the devil’s horns sign and a young boy doing the all knowing eye. The symbolism will be their demise.

    I love this website Neon. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • Very interesting. TY. Those tshirts are ugly. I also notice that the group picture of the kids makes them look all unhappy, and all wearing these shirts which make them all look poor and pathetic. You would think that LJ would not have to mark all the kids with this ugly tshirt uniform, if he was interested in doing more than take pictures and have poor kids line up to worship him in his ugly tshirt. Sorry, I’m a fashion fag.

  37. Hey, for the record. Your article about Q and your frustration with his over the top cryptic messaging made total sense to me. And most importantly it showed how much you actually CARE , enough so as to give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I believe almost everyone if not everyone that cannot see the above is simply weaponizing that article in order to sow discord amongst the movement. Most likely paid shills which If I was them (cabal) would be spewing out in the millions all over the web in order to somehow try to gain a grip on thigs. I will tell you what! AINT GONNA HAPPEN. TRUTH STRENGTH AND INTELLIGENCE WILL RESTORE THE RULE OF LAW AND ORDER AND ENSURE FREEDOM FOR ALL.

  38. I finally signed up to comment on here.. I don’t know what took me so long, I think I was afraid of my information being out there (as I know many people that follow you are very tech savvy).. Anyway!.. I’m here now, and thrilled about it!
    This might not be completely connected to this article, if even at all, but Neon you should know how helpful your articles are. They’re so funny, and very well written (even if it’s not in the traditional manner). How you care about America, and this movement really shows through in your writing. I thank you for all you do.
    Quick Question: Are you going to make any Q hats for girls? I really want one! lol I can’t fit my pony tail through the tight fit. They’re amazing quality~!
    Lex 🙂

    • DEad CAnary check out 39th minute what is in black and whitehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX6dPBBh94U&index=14&list=PLjk2drywEBQ_N8COu6lV0X1ZeTMKDh4fP

    • There were powder burns on Vince Foster’s hands….as if he reached for the gun and was shot at point blank range. IMHO, HRC murdered him in broad daylight. He probably thought she was kidding and started to say “Hillary give me that gun.”, and she gave it to him, point blank. Then he was rolled up in a carpet and taken out by a guy who looked like Abramovtiz in the composite picture of the man where the body was dumped. There had to be a lot of blood to clean up. There were long blond hairs all over his suit, when they found his body. HRC had a long bob hair cut with long blond hairs. It was her carpet, most likely that he was rolled up in. Someone had to do a lot of scrubbing after that. Plus the witness at the Park was gang stalked after that and was scared to be murdered on the street, like Seth Rich.

  39. https://youtu.be/npYE7wswEAk The song is from 1986.
    I think it is very true, especially now, especially in US. Translation of the lyrics:
    You talk about peace, but can’t you see that there are those, who want us to kill each other? So that I will kill you and you will kill me. So that we will be living in fear all nights and all days. You talk about love, but can’t you see that there are those, who want us to hate each other ? And you talk about freedom, you need to know that every one of us is a slave, whether you want it or not. I am telling you this, I am telling you this, I am telling you this, the only way out is to wake up.

  40. Hey Neon, I had a thought I’d like to share with you because I’m not good at the digging of stuff as you and other Anons are, but I think its worth looking into the Anti-Human Trafficking organisations in the UK, Europe and Elsewhere. I saw a load of billboards about contacting them if any member of the public suspect human trafficking is afoot and came to the horrifying realisation that the cabal and its pedophile mafias might be utilising anti-human trafficking organisations to find and seal leaks in their organisations and tie up ;loose ends’ and find escapees. Maybe I am just being extra paranoid, I hope I am but its an unnerving thought and I wouldn’t put it past the cabal. Maybe mention this next time you’re on the chans and some anon who knows his way around the block could sniff this out.

  41. Many blessings from the Good God for your article. America has fallen very hard and fast, inhabited by legions of demons, etc. The only hope is that great, perfect eternal spirit takes control, and works its benevolent power from within the lost soul. Once the True Light activates the conscience, the chaos and evil will abate. Without the inner working of the Spirit of God within, political solutions without will fail. Of course, practical measures to eliminate the peddlers of (((luciferian))) fraud (talmud, kabbalah) from taking any role in banking, media, education, courts and education would really help too 🙂

  42. Truth Frequency Radio
    Please welcome Phoenix !

    EPISODE #452
    AIRED: 08-07-2018

    People all over the internet and blogs are pressing a negative
    information war on Q-Anon and other alternative information sources.
    We are seeing an assault on our freedom of speech and assembly.
    Why is this happening? Who is behind it?
    What is about to happen and has this happened before?
    I answer all of these questions plus more.

    [scroll down & click on the LOW QUALITY PLAYER >> TFR button] . . .


  43. I don’t think the [20] refers to the FISA pages. FISA means FISA, but the [20] refers to the 4,10, 20 Q always uses, meaning DJT. POTUS. 20 is the 20th letter in the alphabet, so it means T, or Trump. Q & T… leading us out of the dark and into the light.

    • I would assume the site was controlled by Q, and if Q is real, it would take more than a request from CNN/Zuck to take it down.
      Q most likely took it down himself, maybe this is the 10 days of darkness, or the reason for “save everything offline.”

  44. The 8-8-18 Lions Gate Activation . . .

    Integrating the Cosmic Light Codes of Awakening with the 8-8 Gateway!

    Every year on the 8th day of the 8th month of the year (August 8th), there is a cosmic alignment called “the Lions Gateway”. The Lions Gate is a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms.

    It’s called the Lions Gate, or Lions Gateway because it occurs in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion). Leo as a Zodiac Sign is associated with the heart center and represents the individualized expression of the Divine.

    This gateway is marked by an alignment between the Earth, the star Sirius and the Galactic Center.

    The star Sirius lines up directly with the pyramids of Giza, and from our perspective on Earth it appears that Sirius (the brightest star we can see) comes closer to the Earth.

    When this alignment happens, there is an intense surge of light which awakens DNA, activates the human energy field, and transmits high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening.

    Light codes of ascension, mastery, and evolution from Sirius pour towards Earth as well, aligning yet another level of activation and opportunity for progression on the ascension path.

    The Lions Gateway energy is all about more fully awakening each of our unique Divine Light and embodying Divinity within our physical form.

    Leo is also associated with royalty, and so this alignment can be seen as awakening the royal codes of higher living which are available for all.

    This gateway creates an incredible period of accelerated ascension… This year, it’s supercharged… And the Lions Gate energy of accelerated ascension energy is already here!


  45. Neon, I have a question – or anyone on here might be able to answer. I want to keep getting notifications for new posts by Neon, but I don’t want to get an email every time there is a comment added. How do I do that?

    • Lex , I think that the ” Pink Bell ” to the bottom right on the site
      is what I used.

      What is it like to get 1000 E-mails ?

    • You must have clicked the checkbox when leaving a comment that subscribed you to those notifications. There should be an unsubscribe option in the comment emails themselves. Check at the bottom of the e-mail.

  46. @ScottyShopUSMC
    A Department of Justice 747 is being loaded with documents by federal agents from Little Rock’s FBI Office at LIT. Clinton Foundation??? @prayingmedic @IPOT1776 @Real_Bill_Smith @Justin_Formed …
    Show this thread

  47. Neon: me, I’m one person you need not explain yourself to ever. I can ‘see’ your heart on all things Q and know you ARE totally sunk into the Q phenomenon. The word for this is PatriQt.

  48. A play on a song from the 70s….feel free to use:

    Clowns to the Left of me, Jokers to the Right, here I am, stuck in the middle with “Q”

    Song: Stuck in the Middle with You…kind of a goofy diddy popped into my squash the other day, go ahead Neon, you will find some way to work into the cultural meme…WWG1WGA….Q Fan from Canada….


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