The Media’s False Flag Setup and Hillary’s SECOND Server. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

I want to lead off with “Chunk Yoghurt” and The Young Turks here, because this report… this report is particularly amazing.

Not only does Cenk conflate Coppola with Kubrick, but Ana shows her ignorance about tripcodes, by thinking just anyone can log in and post as Q. This is how stupid these people are.

And I post this in particular because this video is going to be so exploitable in the very near future. Remember the election night video I posted a couple days ago? Where Cenk is just laying out all these points, and he’s getting smacked down mere minutes later by reality?

Yes, this is that video, but for QAnon.

He doesn’t even realize the gift he’s giving us by making this video. He goes, point-by-point, through all these various claims made by the #QArmy, and basically concludes his point with his trademark incredulity and little more than a “What are you kidding me?”

That’s going to be perfect for another video, highlighting media ignorance.

But that’s for the future.

Right now, we have more #NewQ to get into, so let’s do it.

This is a funny post – not because of anything Q posted – but because of how CNN reacted to this all last night:

I don’t have a clip of it available, but Chris Cuomo was on last night criticizing Trump for saying that it was a “good thing” he had a “great meeting” with Putin at the #TrumpRally last night, even as Trump’s administration officials were talking about Russian meddling.

MSNBC has a similar clip available, which I’m posting here just so you can understand the angle of attack the #MockingbirdMedia is attempting to take:

The media wants to you to believe that these two things are at odds with each other, when really, there’s no logical conflict or real overlap between the two. Having a good meeting with Putin doesn’t negate the fact that there are forces (possibly even renegade, Cabal-affiliated forces) within the Russian government who wanted to undermine US election integrity.

Again, the key to understanding Putin is this: He’s a staunch nationalist who is only trying to do what is best for the Russian people. He’s not trying to do what’s best for America, or Europe, or the rest of the world. He’s a Russian, for Russians – and this makes him wildly popular over there.

And while he is ex-KGB, I do believe that’s made him savvy enough to survive for so long over there. Think about the Bolsheviks, the Communist Party, the overthrow of the Tsar, and the history of #TheCabal over there in Russia. Oh yes, they operate there, too.

Putin’s been fighting his own battles for a very long time, and he’s been winning (which is why the Cabal hates him so much). Believe me; he’s more than happy to have an ally in Trump.

But to get to Q’s questions:

How do you safeguard the integrity of our elections from domestic & foreign criminal actors?
How do you utilize the Russia Russia narrative to knock out decades old election corruption?

You need to do at least two things:

  • Get rid of the exploitable voting machines
  • Establish a paper trail
  • Secure the integrity of the election by limiting it to living citizens, of voting age through a voter ID program.

It’s #NoCoincidence that this was recently disclosed:

Many have been howling about this for years, only to have been met with cries of “conspiracy theorists!”

And yet, it’s been true the whole time.

But to get to the Tweet Q linked:

That links to this page:

West Wing Reads

Vice President Pence Hails ‘Tangible Progress’ with North Korea as Remains of Presumed Korean War Dead Arrive in Hawaii “Today, they are known but to God. But soon we will know their names and we will tell their stories of courage,” Vice President Mike Pence said yesterday in Hawaii, commemorating the return of 55 U.S.


And if you read through that page, you’ll eventually end up here:

Now, pay attention to these lines:

The officials said their foremost concern at the moment is protecting the November midterm elections and deterring other potential hostile actors from committing cyber crimes against U.S. election infrastructure.

“We know there are others and we know that there are others that are considering making attempts in 2018, which is what our focus is moving forward,” Sanders said, adding that current intelligence shows other countries are actively “considering engaging” in the midterms.

Pay attention now:

At the state and local level, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said her department is working with leaders to strengthen election infrastructure and provide technical advice to those dealing with computer intrustions, malware, and other devices.

These orders are coming from Trump, directly – even as he says he had a good meeting with Putin.

But U.S. Cyber Command Chief Paul Nakasone said Thursday he and others have received explicit instructions from the president to combat the threat of election meddling.

“My guidance and the direction from the president and Secretary of Defense is very clear: We’re not going to accept meddling in elections. It’s very unambiguous,” Nakasone told reporters.

Again, the media would have you believe these are mutually exclusive topics. They’re not:

President Trump called Thursday for new “Voter I.D.” laws, just hours after dissolving his presidential commission on voter fraud.

The president disbanded the controversial panel focused on “election integrity,” blaming a refusal by more than a dozen states to provide what he called “basic information.”

The commission was led by Vice President Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. They asked all 50 states and the District of Columbia to hand over personal voter data including voters’ names, voting histories and party affiliations.

During the panel’s first meeting, Trump questioned the motives of states refusing to comply with the commission’s requests, suggesting they had something to hide. Trump months earlier had alleged, without evidence, that 3 million to 5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election, delivering the popular vote to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday, Trump turned his attention to stronger voter ID laws.

Voter ID is coming. And once it does, the Cabal will lose whatever grip it has left over this nation.

Next Q:

This post bewildered autists for some time. In fact, we’re still arguing over it:


This is in regards to the foiled assassination plot before the rally yesterday. I covered that in this article here:

And yes, I know it was a femanon, but I couldn’t make the “Bad enough dude” joke/reference if I pointed that out at the time:

(Besides, the biological sex of the anon wasn’t that important to the story).

The woman in question, Kate, was at first suspected by anons to be the actual assassin in the mix (once this Qdrop landed):

In other words, it was theorized to be a sort of bait-and-switch. The “fake” assassin would be stopped (much to the praise of anons everywhere), Kate would be rewarded with a meeting with Trump in the VIP section, and that’s when she would strike. After all, she did want to hug #POTUS.

One #Anon tried to put the pieces together:

So #Anons were struggling with this. Some details just didn’t jibe with some of that things we were seeing, and that’s when Q came back to clarify:

Remember the Capital Gazette shooting? Remember the odd psychotherapy background of the shooter, and the way he marked his targets on social media?

(I covered that back here if you need to catch up):

Yeah, that guy was MKUltra’d.

And I’ll pull that image I posted from yesterday’s article about what this most recent attacker had said about his motivation:

So what I believe Q is trying to tell us is that the Deep State is using all sorts of tactics to try and get MKUltra-conditioned would-be assassins to gain access to the rallies and not only try to hurt #POTUS, but make the #QArmy look violent and deadly as well.

Which makes sense, when you consider how many articles there have been in the past few days trying to link Q followers to, for instance, the Pizzagate shooter, and the guy who held up traffic demanding the release of the OIG report.

One Anon weighed in:

So, yeah guys. They’re trying to frame us as violent, fringe lunatics.

We are not! We condemn all violence – especially towards the members of the #FakeNews media – even though they engage in psychological violence and psychological warfare against the American people every single day.

Here’s the QAnon Code of Ethics, in case we need to make this point even more clear:

I can never read any Washington Compost articles, because they require a sign-in, and want money from me.

And I’m not paying to read their crap.

Anyway, I don’t think you really need to read it to get the point of Q’s message: WaPo’s coming out full-force against Q.

As for Q’s questions:

Who owns the Washington Post?
What ABC agency is heavily tied to Amazon?

Jeff Bezos – the owner of Amazon – through his holding company, Nash Holdings.

And it’s the C_A.

It’s always been the C_A.

I had some fun on Gab with that subject a long while back, even before I started this site:

Anyway, Amazon was smarter than FB and TWTR in regards to this. Amazon filed their government funds under the guise of a contract for cloud computing services:

Contrast that to Zuck and Dorsey, who just filed their backchannel money under “user growth,” so that when they had those funds cut off – they now have to report it as a drastic reduction in users, in order to continue to hide their theft and deep state collusion.

See, Bezos is smarter than that – and that’s what makes him more dangerous. He had the foresight to set up a whole contract that really appears above-board.

Without mentioning the Defense Department’s cloud project or the criticism from Amazon’s rivals, Roche offered a counter to that idea.

The CIA “cannot be locked into proprietary data structures and proprietary databases” with “licensing agreements that make timeshare condos in Florida look good,” he said.

The Pentagon has indefinitely delayed releasing a final request for proposals for its cloud project, known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI.

really, really hope Trump cancels that contract, and soon, just to twist the knife that bit more:

And what is Amazon, really, but a tool of the Globalists to circumvent taxes and put local stores and jobs out of business?

Now with all that in mind, some of you may be wondering why I chose Amazon payments for my hat store.

The simple fact is this: if I wanted to remain pseudo-anonymous online, they were my only choice.

The Deep State knows who I am. Make no mistake. I started on Facebook two+ years ago, so they have all my information, no doubt. So pretending like they couldn’t find me isn’t the real goal here.

No, it’s to really stop the crazies and the weirdos out there from finding my home and coming up to my doorstep with a shotgun or something.

Right now, the only other way for me to stay pseudo-anonymous online would be to literally open up a corporate identity, and LLC.

That would enable me to accept payments with any number of payment processors and still remain pseudo-anonymous, to be sure.

But that’s also cost and time prohibitive, and then you get into all sorts of regulatory nonsense.

So yeah, unfortunately, for the time being, Amazon is the only payment processor I can utilize that will meet my needs. I know it’s not ideal. I’m keeping my eyes open for another solution, and just know, their fee isn’t much at all. It’s pennies – and it’s not like the other payment processors are much better anyway.

@Jack owns Square, for instance. The others are all tied to the Cabal in other ways.

And that’s how the Cabal does it; they dominate banking infrastructure. If money changes hands, they want their piece of the action. For now, one way or another, no matter what system I choose, as long as money is involved, we’re working within the Cabal’s structure.

The only other option would literally be to not participate in any economic activity, altogether. I don’t think that’s very practical.

Until Trump radically changes things and starts arresting these jokers, this is what we have to deal with.

Q then came back with this:

These diagrams, remember, are from the OIG report. And look at the file names: “WeKnow(123).jpg.”

Think Q is trying to make the media panic?

I’ll tie all this together in a minute, but first, you need to take another look at this old Qdrop Q reposted:

Here’s Anon’s hot take:

So go back. Look at the list of “new” names Q included:

Michael Steinbach?
John Glacalone?
Randy Coleman?
Trisha Anderson?
Kevin Clinesmith?
Tashina Gauhar?
Sally Moyer?

And actually, we covered some of this way back in the middle of June – specifically Tashina Gauhar:

So first you have Nunes asking about this person on Twitter…

And now, well… you want to see something cool?

You know how certain Coke bottles have names printed on the side?

This photo is from Pompeo’s recent Congressional Testimony.

Now, to be clear, that bottle says Tanisha.

But come on! Think that was about as close as they could get to Tashina, off-the-shelf?

You know what we always say, #NoCoincidences.

No wonder some #LunaticLeftists freaked out about the Coke drinking:

This Might Be The Dumbest Thing The #Resistance Has Obsessed Over Yet

Hannah Bleau Secretary of State Mike Pompeo testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and it was a little wild. In a particularly dramatic moment, Corker pressed Pompeo to explain what he characterized as Trump’s “purposeful” efforts to sow misinformation and discord. “That shocks people,” Corker said.

Now to be clear: all those names are dig-worthy – but that’s going to have to happen at another time. I’m just highlighting the one that they seem to be signalling the loudest about for the time being.

And of course we can’t forget the sealed indictments.

Again, it’s no coincidence that Q includes this, right after he gives us a list of media figureheads, and the government officials they colluded with in an attempt to create the biggest cover-up in US history.

Make no mistake: many of those names are in these sealed indictments, just waiting to be unsealed:


The Washington Compost just shovels $#*% to the “flies.”

Why even buy a dying newspaper like The Washington Post, when you’re one of the biggest businessmen in the world?

Simple: to hold DC hostage.

Politicians not doing what you want them to do? Make sure you publish a steady stream of negative articles about them, control the narrative surrounding them, and get them voted out of office.

But it’s also nice to have yet another #QConfirmation from Eric Trump, following him liking the WWG1WGA tweet from the other night:

Q just highlighting the #QConfirmation here.

Q then verifies yet another #QConfirmation here, with the “Oath of office:”

While it was nice for all the Anons to make their own oath, that wasn’t the ultimate point of the drop.

Now, Q’s link didn’t work for me (I suspect github is overloaded), but Anon captured a screenshot:

Ah, so it’s just mirroring a reddit page.

That brings us back to here:

It’s a locked thread, but the original link included leads to a Twitter thread, which has been unrolled here, for reading ease:

It’s the typical nonsense you’ve read over the past few months claiming that QAnon is an elaborate LARP by a bunch of anons. Yadda yadda yadda.

Q calls it infiltration.

I would just re-advise you to take his words seriously, and… be careful who you follow.

Okay, so this looks almost like a copy>paste of an article I read on another antagonistic site. Given what we know about Fox, they must have been given the go-ahead to publish a story like this – which, as Q says, is for full visibility.

You’ve got all networks talking about Q now.

No avoiding it any more, American Public.

Judicial Watch got their hands on a LOT more documents:

Here are the links to everything:

Click to access JW-v.-DOJ-02046-Hillary-R.-Clinton-Part-24-of-24.pdf

300 Multiple Choices

archived 3 Aug 2018 21:58:59 UTC

Here’s what Stealth Jeff had to say on the issue:

Here’s how I predict the world will react to this news:

Make no mistake:

Things just got really interesting.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today. My regular readers will know that I recently launched a QAnon Hat, which you can read about here and order in the newly launched Neon Revolt Shop! I’m really proud to be able to present these to the world, and think the hats are just great. I’m working with a great manufacturer, and we can send them world-wide, so no matter when you are, you can show your #QArmy Pride.

Oh, and shirts and everything else? Don’t worry; those aren’t going anywhere. Check the sidebar; they’re all still available at

Thanks so much!

103 thoughts on “The Media’s False Flag Setup and Hillary’s SECOND Server. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. I haven’t even gotten a third of the way through TYT video and already I’m pissed.
    Twice, that called DJT Trump, no respect. It’s President Trump! Ok, I feel calmer. Isn’t it better for us if they don’t think Q is real? At least until Q team is finished?

    • During my time in Iraq working for the State Department, a time that I initially was a red, white and blue government official, I frequently lied to the media. I lied to them about how things were going, I lied to them about how successful we were. My colleagues and I were contemptuous of them, most of the people we talked to in the media didn’t know enough to ask important questions, most of them didn’t care enough to ask questions and simply jotted down whatever we told them, and it was just remarkably easy to fool them. It’s almost as if they wanted to play along with us.

      At one point I described it as they weren’t looking for “the story,” just “a story.” I made some remarks about how many of them were more concerned about looking good in their stand-ups, getting their makeup on straight than looking for details or questioning the lies that the government put forward.

      Must Watch Interview –

      Iraq War Whistleblower Banned from Twitter Tells His Story . . .

  2. I wonder if we will be seeing some carefully worded/ double meaning drops now that we are mainstream.
    Such posts will be delved through by all media now. I expect some interesting future posts. Some of which will be meant for specific outlets, OR specific people.
    Just My 2 Cents

  3. Just so you all know, Kate was not in the VIP section at the rally. She was down on the floor where Everyone have access to. I was at that rally last night.

    • It’s the mirror server (of Hillary’s) run by a connected couple in Colorado. In their apartment. In the bathroom. With zero security for top secret info.

  4. Just a quick note. I’m pretty sure the link to was so anons can see how all the posts trying to unite people / promote open dialogs were being actively deleted. snew lets you see those deleted posts. Also, for some reason snew wouldn’t work in Firefox for me. I had to use Chrome.

    As for not being able to read the WPO articles, I have no problem viewing them in a new “private” window. Unlimited 5 free articles.

    • Yes, you are right. I was able to get on it this afternoon and it would show the deleted posts by the mods. They were from anons trying to be really nice to T_D people and saying things like, “they are trying to divide us,” or “WWG1WGA”, etc. The posts getting deleted were totally fine, it was really very weird . So what Q was saying is that T_D got infiltrated. Someone on /greatawakening said that he used to be a mod on T_D and he kept getting banned for no reason, having weird problems, and then finally he gave up, deleted his account and started over.

  5. And . . .
    “We Say Merry Christmas”
    For King & Country . . .

    Saw them on [ Fox & Friends ] courtyard this morning .

  6. So, that Kate chick’s story sounded off from the get-go to me…. a guy she meets on the internet shows up on her driveway, and then they end up having dinner somewhere, and he tells her he has a story to tell her, and it ends up being about voices in his head that are telling him to kill POTUS and his family, and she takes a picture and video of him as he walks away from dinner. That information is actually all information I have learned after the fact, the first red-alarm for me was her capital letters, and how she wanted to “HUG” the president. Something not right with her from the get-go, and a proof to me that I need to trust my instincts. Love you Neon… you are doing great work here! Thank you!!!

    • Even her last name Mazz– means “to kill” in Italian. Weird, too, that her name is Kate–same as PS’s Coke can. Also, I heard she had 2-3 other Twitter accounts. I am sure there is a lot more to this story…

    • I had the same uneasiness when I read about her. It just doesn’t add up and isn’t kosher as my Jewish friend would say. Check out War Drummer’s YT video for SerialBrain2’s interpretation on Kate. It’s mind blowing.
      Also interesting that 3 Kates have been involved in all this lately – Kate Spade, Kate Brown (OR govnr) and Kate Mazz.

  7. The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. JB

    August 2, 2018

    Nuclear Armed “Dirty Bomb” Alert For US Intended To Cripple President Trump
    Linked To Soros-Clinton Terror Cell

  8. One other thing… why has no one anywhere that I have seen, mentioned the “Santa” that showed up at the Pennsylvania rally? My husband saw it live on TV and said “There is a Santa”. In any case, the “Santa” who was there appears to have a badge on that the average attendee did not have:

  9. It’s brilliant. Reel MSM in (fishing is fun). Get them all laser focused on Q drops. Then drop something BIG. Watch the show. I wonder if rally attendees will be asked to go dark with their Q gear for immediate future? Interesting…”Where did they all go? They were here a minute ago.”

  10. They’re scared alright. This site comes up middle of second page instead of the very first hit on Google search now

    • Laz… Yes! You are spot on…right after Q goes mainstream…SUDDENLY Neons site/ homepage you have to search for on second page… Yep they (cabal/ media-nites) have huge brown stains in their drawers….as Q says “they are stupid”…they tip their hand bigly.
      Thanks for all you do Neon. Psalm 91 surround you and all of us. WWG1WGA

  11. Not to mention maneuvering the crooked states to refuse voter ID, which will expose their culpability in election rigging. Ha! So cool to see this unfold.

  12. All instances of the word Special and Legal are missing an “L” in WeKnow2.png – not the case in the other graphics. So I set out to look for a reporter in our list that might…. well whaddaya know, that didn’t take long, Ms. Lisa Lerer of AP. Could this diagram be for you??

  13. I use either firefox or chrome browsers and I can view washington compost articles by opening an incognito or private browsing window. It doesn’t make the articles more palatable though. 😉

    • You also put the url in the search box on startpage search page and browse in proxy mode or use reader mode in iOS or Mac

  14. Neon, love you man! I’m from Canada and have been following you for months.

    Just gotta say that last GIF seriously made my night. It’s been over a decade for me getting involved with pretty much everything (did you know from here you can liquidate American officials through the I_S?) and it’s nice to see us making it through this mess. They never expected us to make it as a race let alone HRC winning an election.

    Thank you for all you do.

  15. Thank you for your hard work and awesome writing ability..I have red pilled a few people successfully because not of me but because of your articles.

    One word of advice that I would like to give.. Your MAGA hat…..the brim is too flat..We patriots like the brim folded or curved..Most liberal ball caps have the brim solid flat and it’s a different meaning to a traditional ball cap that has a curved or folded brim…

    Thank you
    Martini and Cigar

    • You bend the brim yourself. I’m not joking, they’re made for that.

      I thought most people know that.

  16. Jannick13– I know how you feel!
    The NYSlime had a recent article, and they kept saying, “Mr. Trump” and “President Obama”
    NO RESPECT. And Obama wasn’t even a kegitimate President, and the NYSlime KNOWS IT.

  17. I fear nothing will come of any of this except a lot of talk. We will never see anyone big do the perp walk. The people that did the grunt work for HRC and BHO may pay the price or may walk too. Mueller too is closing in on some big stuff. We will ultimately see the President brought down with obstruction charges and maybe even money laundering – no collusion. They want him out and the Cabal always gets their way. Nothing will stop them. They will do what they have to do and even if people have to die, they will not care. They always win in the end. Trump has won some battles, but the war is about to go nuclear and the fix is in.

    I want to believe the President can ultimately win, but I don’t see how. He does not have all the right cards and the game is rigged anyway. It will be over in a year and then the real pain will begin with civil unrest. It might be time to move… out of the US. Once the smoke clears, we will see what’s left.

    How ever this plays out, it will not be pretty.

  18. As all the pieces come into focus, it becomes more obvious why such a patient approach has been necessary. So many layers to this. But the cognitive dissonance between seeing where this inevitably leads and imagining actual arrests is understandable given how all-pervasive the globalist matrix has been. What is the media obsession with “retro” but endless reinforcement that the status quo never substantively changes?

    Re. respecting the president – it is a typical leftist tactic to debase respected institutions than rub your face in it by making you meticulously observe all the forms. But it is Alinsky stuff – they only care about “reverence for the office” as a tool to destroy its integrity. See: presidential respect for a perverse crypto-Muslim fraud. Orwell described something similar in 1984, and cults also require commitment to unreality, but there is a undercurrent of sadism in the way the left attacks patriotism. You can see it in the venom they spit since a real President has torn the masks off. It’s a good reminder of the viciousness of our enemies (if anyone needed another).

    • I’ve often wondered where the end game leads. Given the hysteria we’ve experienced to date, can you imagine the riots if the guilty were to face real justice? And they know that. I just want order established so we can move on to peace and prosperity. Unfortunately there are too many people and institutions that won’t allow that to happen.


  19. Always great work and much appreciated Neon! I have a few random questions that I cannot shake that maybe the community may have insight? 1. Why is Soros still free to cause havoc on our country, why aren’t his assets seized? 2. I love King & Country and other mainstream Christian bands but I wonder, as I do my research. The music industry from what I understand is tied to the Luciferian elite. Do you think these popular bands had to sell their souls to get into the mainstream pop culture? I hope not. Love them and others but it’s something always in the back of my mind when I see them gain popularity. Thank you for all you do and allowing me to share some random thoughts. God Bless.

    • Its my understanding that the ” Devil ” has tunes that he gives and us the people respond to the tune with favor. I belive this is how it’s done and my question is how do you get the devil to give you tunes ?
      These people make a deal with something !
      What it is i have never met the entity

  20. Can’t wait for the show! KEK, indeed. @Feisty Cat has actually had DM comms with Kate, but she would not reveal content. And, rightfully so. Like Q said, she’s not the person. Thanks for the good work, Neon.

  21. If you want to accept payments and be anon… crypto is a good solution 🙂 Crypto can defeat the cabal banking system… the more patriots who get in now, the better. When the big money comes in the price will skyrocket..

  22. First Trump is in real danger due to this eclipse on the 27th till November when Reps win the midterms. He has to be really careful. I got a horrible hit on this Kate woman from the moment I looked at her.
    Second: NYTimes is trolling Trump with this woman, I was hoping he would not weigh in, he did by retweeting a Drudge article about here. This is where the media false flag will be done, at the NY Times that Trump has gone after for a couple years.
    Just sayin~

    • President Trump will be fine. He has gotten this far, and it has not been alone in the past, and it is not alone, in the present, nor the future. We have witnessed acts of G0d. The prayers of the suffering People of this country have been heard. We have been crying for justice for decades, and forced to sit by and watch. If you want to live in fear, remember FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Continue to pray and work towards a better day when People mean more than corporations and foreign entities.

  23. Neon, when I google “Neon Revolt”, a link to this site is no longer on the first page of results. Hmmmm…..

      • Is there an article or list somewhere that says all these type of things which we should be doing? For example, should we be backing up our memos, bookmarks, and pictures on Google’s cloud, and if not, how can we get out of it?

  24. regarding the assassin and the voices/CIA connection. Do you remember the Navy ship yard shooter? He engraved “My EMF Weapon” in the butt stock of his gun or something like that. If I remember correctly – he was going through a similar top secret program. The EMF frequencies have long been suspected to transmit “voices” to trigger these people to kill large amounts of people. The Navy guy supposedly revolted against the very people that were experimenting on him.

    Now that I am thinking about it – Q has alluded to it but never said they have ID’d the MK Ultra trainers/psychologists that are connected to the CIA or other ABC orgs. I would think that it would have been a priority to ID them and watch closely/round up all their patients and sort out who is a potential threat.

    I also remember, I think that it was you, NR, that was showing a map of the shooters and the relation to Dr. in Maryland. This could take away/seriously damage their FF capabilities.

  25. Of course there is a 2nd server… its a continuous process and all the servers of every major player have been hacked by professionals serving the light and there is multiple backup of ALL OF IT in various places around the world.. RUSSIA INCLUDED as to redundant copies. Why the surprise on a Hilary 2nd server?

  26. Another great job, but I think it would be a great idea, in light of the latest Q posts (not that anyone here didn’t already know) to change the nickname of the Washington Compost. Yes it IS a stinking pile of garbage but it is not really much of an insult and isn’t informative. I propose we call it . . .
    The Washington ClownPost.
    Not only are they a complete joke journalisticly but are now exposed by Q as a propaganda outlet for the Clowns_In_America a/k/a C_A,

    • Great idea! Us gardeners / farmers know compost is call “black gold” for many good reasons.
      Another awesome article, Neon. Thanks for all you do in this good fight!

  27. If the NSA has EVERYTHING, what difference does it make that there is a 2nd server? Comey, et al, have been caught in lie after lie. What is one more? Nothing is happening to them. McCabe was referred by IG for criminal prosecution and that was months ago. He is still walking free.
    I have been following this intently since Jan., and I am seriously emotionally exhausted waiting for a Boom, waiting for the truth to be revealed in July, waiting for justice to be served.

    • There were some serious MOAB’s yesterday. Did you really miss it? Judicial Watch has them. And your exhaustion only has 3 more months to go. Buck up little camper.
      In 3 months we’ll have, sweater weather, pumpkin lattes, and Orange jumpsuits. Just in time for 11/11

    • It took us decades to get here. It is going to take a little time to dig ourselves out. Nothing this big can happen overnight. You have to fight the combined forces of several billionaires, corporate media, several foreign entities, and several secretive self funding, and unaudited government agencies that really should be disbanded and restructured. Additionally, the Bell Curve of Public Opinion has to catch up so the middle flows along the same path as the influencers.

  28. Surprise, surprise, surprise!! Hat tip to Gomer Pyle. Can you imagine if Hillary won, what would be in the news? “More US casualities to report in the ongoing Russia conflict” “Refugees from US cities nuked pouring into xyz towns …” Thank the Lord for Trump and our military. Stay safe Patriots, who knows what the Cabal might try to pull.

  29. At ~12:40 in the TYT vid above, Cenk starts talking about ‘fighting back’ by wearing ‘V’ shirts, ‘outnumber’ them… V can stand for ‘I dunno, V for Vendetta’…. Dig

  30. It’s kinda ‘rich’ how they criticize others for making money (of which- Q actually sells nothing) while offering their ‘V’ shirts

  31. Seriously tho, why does anyone still use Google if you follow Q?
    Brave is where it’s at, it doesn’t track you, AND it filters ads. So why would you ever use anything else to search?

  32. Thank you so much for all you do. Even though I’m a Canadian, I’ve added POTUS & Q & folks like you & Praying Medic to my prayer list. This is a war on earth, but it also involves spiritual good & evil conflict, too. As The Cabal & their minions get more desperate, this will get uglier. Pray hard, stay safe.

    Here in Canada, our current federal leader, two major Banks & many wealthy & powerful people have been backing the Clintons financially and morally, along with the Deep State behind them. As POTUS proceeds, things will get better in Canada, and around the world. Cheers from one of the growing crowd of awake people here in Soviet Canuckistan!

    • August 5, 2018
      Saudi Arabia Suspends Diplomatic, Trade Ties With Canada Over “Blatant Interference”

      In a world turned upside down by Trump’s unorthodox approach to, well, everything, replete with trade wars and diplomatic scandals, we now have one more, and this one was out of the blue. Late on Sunday, Saudi Arabia unexpectedly unleashed diplomatic hell against Canada when it announced it had suspended diplomatic ties and halted new trade and investment dealings with Canada in a dramatic escalation of a dispute over the kingdom’s arrest of a women’s rights activist.

      Saudi Arabia also recalled its ambassador to Ottawa and ordered the Canadian envoy to the capital Riyadh to leave within 24 hours, according to a foreign ministry statement cited by the Saudi Press Agency.

      Read more –

  33. wondering if your junk filter is removing my comments or “they” are, or maybe you are ? – I don’t blame any of ya’s 🙂 I am deeper anon than even deep anons 🙂

    lets drop some pills – meke em happy eh 🙂

    What would this attempted ultra deep state q de ta look like if the hildabeast was actually head of the American Mafia and bildo boy was accordingly 2nd in command ? AKs yorself the question ; what if all these bad actors are foot soldiers of the Mafia (Old Guard) – Legions if you will…

    Legions of Rothschild’s ?

    avingnatti is a mafia man… Does that make stormy a gangstars mol ?

    is not chicago synonymous with Mmafiosa ?

    Do not sooooo many of these “bad actors” have the deepest connections with chicagee and illinois ?

    Is not the pope” the head of the roman army ? Rroman army – german army whats the difference ? Historically, germany has been the “home” of the roman army 4eva


    roddams and clintons have been a plague on our beautiful america since even 1776 (look up roddam house wiki, i think there are no co-incidences….

    Same shit different day 🙂

    bildo boy was recruited at oxford while on a cecil rhodes meal ticket…. Rhodes/Roths what’s the difference ? Let’s throw Rockerfeller in the too… Rocking Rroth Rhodes 1 idealogy – Supremism – Ffascism

    spelling errors are quite purposeful 🙂

    I so enjoy reading this blog you are a most entertanging – ty

    WWG1WGA – some went on ahead 🙂

  34. successor server is typically doubtless parallel construct

    Longer lived Q’s (not that i am one in any other way besides spiritually) (same energy) (all same energy 🙂

    Do not unnecessarily make themselves a visible target, Some are being exceptionally brave and are preforming a stunning job ( i am truly impressed, as i was iformed i would be :-)))

    Clever work by Q very very clever – truly, impressive. God Bless these wonderful beings. Surely “the beam of light” shines bright there, and i personally think we are very lucky to have such super hero’s on our side.

    The “show” has barely yet begun, ya’ll don’t think this is for fun huh 🙂

    Stay alert and out of confrontation for it is naught but a bait.. and stay in the light of truth

  35. “So what I believe Q is trying to tell us is that the Deep State is using all sorts of tactics to try and get MKUltra-conditioned would-be assassins to gain access to the rallies and not only try to hurt #POTUS, but make the #QArmy look violent and deadly as well.”

    Exactly what I’ve been suspecting was their plans for months, I’m even shocked at myself how accurate my instincts have been on a lot of stuff and I’ve only got to know about Q and your site these last two weeks, so it’s good to know my thoughts haven’t been way off. Yeah no doubt they’ve got some loonies well conditioned to do their dirty work. We however have to stay 50 steps ahead to thwart their diabolical plans.

  36. August 5, 2018

    Prophetic Words


    Lana Vawser

    Today I have had a strong sense of this prophetic word for many in the body of Christ who have been facing intense battle right now.

    The enemy may have come against you violently and there is such a violent attack of discouragement, despair and other things to move you AWAY from the promises of God for your life.

    I saw many who have become “heartsick” and really feeling like the battle over the promises God has spoken to them in this season has ramped up, but I want to encourage you today.

    The enemy has come against you violently to attempt to shake your faith, cause you to doubt and let go of your promise, because of the RADICAL recompense and explosive power of God that is meeting your circumstances, landing on the promise He has given you to bring great and significant breakthrough.

    Many have been feeling like there’s something significantly wrong because of the intense battle over the promise, but I want to encourage you, the battle has come, because of the imminent breakthrough.

    You must hold on, hold on tight to His promises and don’t let go.

    I heard the words “This week, violently grab hold of the promises of God”.

    There is something very significant for many of you this week and it’s crucial that you violently decree the Word of God. Grab hold with authority and conviction what is yours, what He has spoken and what is yours in Christ. I felt strongly this week to take a stand and decree and don’t let go. There is a shift coming for many this week that will bring significant breakthrough and turnaround and the enemy will be reminded again that he is defeated and the power of God in that will break through into your circumstances releasing the divine turnaround, recompense, justice and breakthrough of God will make the enemy sorry he ever came against you. There is significant increase and turnaround this week, but go after what is yours! Don’t allow the attacks of the enemy, the discouragement and despair to sway you from the promises of God. Go after them! Pick them up again if you’ve laid them down and go after what is yours.

    The time is now & significant shift, turnaround and breakthrough await you. Don’t believe the lie the enemy is trying to tell you that it is about to get ‘dark’ again. Many of you need to hear this..

    THE NIGHT IS OVER and the SON is rising on your circumstances!!! Jesus is interceding for you and you are going to see a significant shift. The SUN of a new day, hope, grace and turnaround is imminent!

    Watch things come into accelerated alignment this week!!

    Thank You Lakehouse !

    Reminder :
    August 5, 2018:
    watch communications; Divine Inspiration;
    Mercury retrograde day (Moon square Mercury)

    Thank You Laura !

  37. 2018/08/05 14:52 Baghdad today –
    Nineveh BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Ali Al-Alak, arrived in Mosul on Sunday (5 August 2018) to open a branch of the Central Bank. The correspondent said that the links arrived in Mosul for the opening of the Central Bank / Mosul Branch.
    link – [Translate Top Right]

    NEW :
    Inside the company that makes the cash for more than 140 countries

    Long Lost Sean Hannity Clip From 2010 Is About To Rock Our Nation and The World

    • Welcome to Iraq Finance 2018 –

      2018 a decisive year for Iraq’s strategic efforts to sustain economic progress and develop new financing opportunities.

      Huge investments are flooding in to rebuild the badly damaged infrastructure of the country. Long-awaited structural and administrative reforms have now been implemented, revealing the immense investment potential in an economy poised for expansion. Iraq’s government is committed to continuing this prosperous path by providing security and promoting transparency.

      Iraq is opening up for privatisation and is offering new opportunities for foreign direct investment across the industries. In particular, the country is seeking international partners to modernise its financial services infrastructure. Being less dependent on oil revenues, Iraq continues to seek new partnerships to address a number of urgent fiscal and political issues and fund numerous multi-billion dollar O&G, electricity and transportation projects.

      Connecting Iraq with global decision-makers, Iraq Finance 2018 is an event too important to miss. Under the Patronage of , Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Iraq Finance 2018 will gather key Iraqi officials, over 200 international investors, global corporate leaders, bankers, financial and legal professionals, as well as the most influential personalities on the banking sector in the region, in a way that no other event can.

      Iraq Finance 2018 gathers all major stakeholders involved in directing the economic development of Iraq. Make sure you don’t miss out.
      November 4th & 5th 2018
      Baghdad Iraq


      When Baghdad Was Beautiful !

  38. Neon.. exactly none of your methods of subscribing or making single one time donations work for ME.. I don’t know about others. I cannot register to Gab.. every time touching even a single key on my keyboard to fill in a USER NAME.. says the user name is already taken. I can type anything.. doesn’t matter… it is taken. ! is taken.. K is taken… 7 is taken and so on and so forth.

    Your method here to going to any of your movies on Gab will not finish loading when I click on “appreciate”.. on several movies.. yes I tried several. Just a frozen screen that goes no where.

    I don’t know if I am being targeted directly by thugs inside my computer who are there and often change what I am trying to do all over the net.. or YOU are.. This is flat the only place I can post to you. Please excuse my effort at contact here. In fact I couldn’t post here without using my twitter to log in.

    You can reply here OR send me an email I provide for public contact on my website, [email protected]

  39. robert david steele(decorated united states marine veteran,high level intelligence officer)-quote—–

    what i have been told is that putin handed trump a treasure trove of russian signals

    intelligence.identifying specific elite american traitors,and specific elite american pedophiles.the

    common enemy of russia and the united states is the deep state and the shadow,


  40. I have to admit, the future side-by-sides of Cenk Uygar going off about Tom Hanks, Mueller, et al, next to the perp walks of these creeps is going to be priceless.

    Man, I cannot wait. The “I told you so’s” will be something to laugh over for decades to come.

    As long as these allegations are true, of course…

  41. 2 Things:
    1) The DNC has already been caught on camera by James O’Keefe and project veritable for paying DNC trolls to incite violence at Trump rallies

    2) UTAH passed a Law to Allow death penalty by firing squad!!!

    • Sorcha Faal in the early years was valuable and after the creator died of I think it was cancer.. it turned into a serious disinformation site. It seems to have righted itself now.. this last piece on it seems quite detailed and has some decent stuff in it.. far as I explored it anyway. I was basically pleased.

    • Leland.. your post shows here.. takes time for them to get approval and not all of mine show up. Just for information your personal computers can be blocked by thugs watching you within your computers and they often change my posts different places on me even on my own websites… You can be attacked thru your browsers when you go to certain sites too. My computer occasionally is seriously attacked when I visit my own sites and also on occasion others.

      I don’t know the source of why I can’t make a gab account.. I thought I did because I posted ONCE there. Our dark thugs can also modify the GAB software or this software to affect who can post and NEON would in such a case have exactly nothing to do with it. Remember some of what came thru wiki leaks for example on what is possible to do. You have no privacy at all.

  42. The Spoon Lady would like to “chime-in” / join in harmoniously –
    This Sunday Afternoon w
    “Angels in Heaven”

  43. The picture you posted on gab yesterday, the kid about to burst a vein? I have zero idea about any relevance to “they have no idea about what we’re doing” , but it’s at Northwest HS in Tarrant County. Fort Worth area, formerly rural and mostly suburbs now. Might be relevant to the posting of the picture, who took it, who posted it, or if the pictured kid is involved in any way. Pretty solid Trump country, maybe tech savvy kids are posting or even working on their own fun and games.

  44. I wrote a comment, and it immediately disappeared. I supposed it was perhaps because I’ve never posted here before, and was put in moderation, but it hasn’t appeared yet. Should I rewrite it, or is there some other problem?

  45. Completely OT, but Neon might be interested:

    15mins, about halfway through… guess which anon they get around to discussing…

  46. There is so much raw meat in this article to digest that I fear the artistry of the header photograph may have gone without sufficient mention (!). Suffice it to say…this photo appears to me to be a masterful mashup of the ending photo from “The Shining” giving a nod to the cryptic album cover to The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s. Needless to say, both of these cultural texts are now essential reading in light of current events, as they indeed signify each other against the wider surround of a cultural landscape undergoing increasing exposure with each passing day.

    Orthodox Christian and cultural analyst Jay Dyer offers his understated analysis of the former here:

    While those interested may appreciate Sage of Quay’s podcast in regards to the latter here:


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