The Curious Case of the Vanishing Q’s. BONUS #QAnon! #NewQ #GreatAwakening

You know, I was wondering about this…

Compared to Tampa, Wilkes-Barre was a veritable Q ghost-town.

One user gives us some background:

#Anon gives us some more (potential) intel about the situation on the ground:


“Just the plan?”




Anyway, now you know the media’s setup: they’re attempting to frame the #QArmy as violent and dangerous, and then air that footage nonstop across the nation to try to get the normies all riled up.

Let it be known that all true Q followers RENOUNCE VIGILANTE VIOLENCE!

No true Q follower will pursue any violent actions, or issue threats against anyone – no matter how vile and repugnant they may actually be.

All true Q followers will allow the Trump administration, law enforcement, and the military to rightfully pursue JUSTICE.

Yuuuup. #QAnon had more important things to attend to.

That said, this post was posted and then deleted from /patriotsfight/

More bad news for Silicon Valley/Social Media?

Oh please let it be so.

#Cuckerberg has continued his dumping spree:

And I read about a trade last night (though I’m trying to find a source for it), where Zuck even sold a ton of shares around ~$166 – which was well below the market price at the time. I comment on Gab that this looked like a very desperate move.

But he’s cashing out hundreds of millions of dollars every week.

He must be terrified.


And I regret to say – I forgot to fit this bit of news in elsewhere.

Yeah, the #Pope just changed the Catechism of the Catholic church.

Like, a complete 180 on this position, seemingly out of the blue.

And you know, for some reason, today I came across the TED talk he gave last year. I decided to give it a listen to see if I could decipher any hidden meaning and messages in it.

Lo and behold, the signalling was everywhere, including the codeword Q told us about, “concrete.”

I mean, I know Romans are famous for their concrete and all… but this guy ain’t repaving the Appian way.

No, he’s just another scumbag looking to protect all his sick Cabal buddies using guilt and manipulation of the masses.

Can’t wait to see him gone.

And that’s all I’ve got for the moment. Three short Q posts and a quick Papal update. I think we’re going to have a very interesting weekend as things continue to heat up!

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Thanks so much!

45 thoughts on “The Curious Case of the Vanishing Q’s. BONUS #QAnon! #NewQ #GreatAwakening”

  1. Hi Neon, sry to be a pain, but could you enlighten me regarding ‘concrete’? I did a search on and couldn’t find a ref (unless I’m really a lame duck!). Could you expand, or explain what you were alluding to? Thanks in advance.

    • Look into Cemex – a world wide concrete cabal owned company. It was also involved in the AZ episode recently where a camp was discovered on abandoned Cemex property that’s believed to have been used for child sex trafficking. It’s also tied to the Clintons. Lots on the web and YT videos.

    • I think PDJT and team will also make it apply for pedophilia and drug traffickers. Pope is guilty of both as well as child sacrifice/torture/murder. The Roman Catholic Church is a man-made religion that was used as a cover for the satanists. Look into how much of their “doctrines” are contrary to God’s Holy Word.

  2. Maybe this is why Acosta was pressing Sanders so hard today to state that the Press is NOT ‘The enemy of the State” . Acosta knew that there would be 2 Q plants holding signs that would possibly attack Acosta as a set up to verify the MSM narrative that QAnon supporters are violent etc. – was just a thought.

  3. I wonder if it ever occurred to the Main Stream Morons that if they did honest reporting there would not be so many conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories are born when people become aware that they are being lied to.

  4. The media telegraphed their strategy when that cloud of synced articles kept talking about the potential for violence. Acosta pressing Sanders was part of the set-up. It’s just gaslighting, and it was very effective when the broadcast vectors were one way and centrally controlled. Now, there’s running commentary on what they are trying as they are trying it.

    They are stupid – they can’t adapt – as well as evil. And think of their soul-sold drones. If an “act of violence” is going to be committed against the media, one of them will be the sacrificed pawn. The question becomes how long will criminal conspirators be tolerated in positions of such influence?

    The situation where a country accepts a media that actively seeks its destruction really is odd.

  5. If the pope is saying no death penalty ever, they must really be crapping their pants over in the cabal! Getting closer!

  6. Will there ever be a point where people are actually held responsible for their crimes? Instead of high fives and moral victories? Who gives a fuck about these stupid ass rallies if Diane feinstein can have a Chinese spy for 20 years and doesn’t even have to fucking address it?

  7. I know that Hillary has several doubles. If she is brought to trial, who to say which double will stand up for her? I know that the man they murdered after a kangaroo court in Iraq was not S.H. It was obviously a double. Same thing w the second death of OBL, via BHO. We all knew that OBL died in Dec 2001, as his obituary was posted and several high ranking officials discussed his death. A few years later W said that he was not “worried ” about OBL, mainly bc they knew he was already dead. BTW, don’t forget that Tim Osmond was OBL and worked for the Clowns in America. However, considering the crimes that have been committed, just starting with the murders of so many Patriots, and moving into 911 and the subsequent wars of aggression that slaughtered entire nations, the death penalty would be too little to pay. I still think that seizure of all their funds would help pay off the national debt that they stole from the US taxpayers.

    • Also, I am still looking for a Jubilee, to forgive all debts for all Citizens. If they tell the Central Banks to go F themselves, and grant a total debt forgiveness, the school debts, the mortgages and the credit cards would all be forgiven and we could have a fresh start. Then America would be the greatest nation in the world, in history bc if we clear all debt, we can focus on new technology, manufacturing, natural resources and free energy.

    • Two things:
      1) biometrics never lie so, even if she were to surgically alter her prints, the real HRC can be identified easily;
      2) Concrete . . . what of it? Did I miss something insofar as what the word depicts?

  8. About that conspiracy stuff, on June 19th 1953 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were put to death for conspiracy to commit espionage. They “conspired” to pass U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviets. So yeah, conspiracy are in the law therefore they exist. That said, just because they are conspiracies doesn’t mean they can’t be for good or evil reasons.

  9. criminal conspiracy requires a plan with more than one actor, to commit a crime. It cannot be for a good reason, it must be to commit a crime. War crimes and crimes against humanity would count towards that crime.

  10. The situation gets curiouser and curiouser! PS Facebook is no longer available on my PC. (All other websites seem fine!)

  11. It’s strange to like a Jesuit pope, but I have actually liked everything this pope has said. I think he’s purposefully a monkey wrench in the church.

  12. If the pedo stuff is real, and a part of all this treason, then people will want blood. Disclosure appears to be close if they’ve decided this narrative has to be kicked off.

  13. Sent to me from The Culligan Man .

    CIA – Mockingbird Anderson Cooper:
    QAnon conspiracy cult leaps from web to Trump’s rally

  14. I’ve got your WWG1WGA shirt and I can’t wait to wear it out tonight. Sure hope I get some positive feedback. I have 2 other Q shirts that I have worn out multiple times since May and not 1 person (stranger) has said a single thing. 🙁

    • Justin Hayworth, I know how you feel…I wrnt out today with my big beautiful 18×18 “Q Tigerstripes” tote bag!! Went to Redondo Beach California (where david hogg had the big anti gun rally awhile back) went shopping…got some looks, to be sure… BUT no one approached.
      Hey, I’m prayerful, cool, calm, and collected…and can agree to disagree agreeabley with anybody…Neon is right, the cabal wants us at each others throat, fighting each other…that is why im staying prayerful, and always remembering Ephesians 6:12 !
      God bless America. WWG1WGA

  15. Look up “Police take Vatican laptops”. Been at it since June I believe.
    Is THAT, is the sudden change of heart about the death penalty?

    • I can’t say for sure 100% ….BUT I think it is a REALLY good guess friend.
      “dope francis” is in cya mode…it is so plain to see… Ephesians 6:12. WWG1WGA

  16. You just knew the false flags were coming. That was fast! Great job by the SS to root out the Clowns. We are getting very close to disclosure folks. Cabal is panicking. The pope, what an evil pos, that puppet is. Can’t blame em for trying. but to quote our man Q, “No deals, No escape”. Stay Frosty Q Patriots, these are the days to keep your head on a swivel. wwg1wga

  17. You would think that with all the analytical power of Q, the Cabal and the families supporting it would be name dropped by now. All we have – and this is from other people, mind you – are the Saudis, Rothschilds, Soros, Rockefellers, and a few Chinese families. They were outlined in ‘Bloodlines of the Illuminati’. Despite massive information allegedly at Q’s hands, the group cannot dump any information that would legitimately threaten them. I am told that, thanks to Q, North Korea is now ‘free’, despite it still being under Communist rule and a closed country.

    Now I am told that the Secret Service is in on the whole Q scenario. Here is the thing that Q folks don’t get: if you are a group going against the most evil of people, who’ll do nothing but destroy you, and you plan to get the word out by selling T-shirts and merchandise on the very platforms they control, you aren’t threatening the Cabal. Q doesn’t want impersonators and says that folks wearing Q shirts acting violence aren’t part of the Q army. Since you admit you abhor violence, it is safe to say you will never fight back or life a finger when push comes to shove. It’ll be easy to find out who’s who.

  18. So if I’m not mistaken, your intro photo is a understated mashup of the closing still from “The Shining” and a Neon rendering of Sgt. Pepper’s discretely placed for those with eyes to see.

  19. Has anyone considered the possibility that Pope Francis is a patsy who was selected by handlers? The man has had a therapist when he was 42. Many Catholics were also upset that he is not living in the usual papal quarters, but the official story may have been put out smooth over the fact that he may have been pressured to move. I also would not assume that the Pope is writing many of his own speeches (what’s the point of adding all of those codewords other than to incriminate him? It’s just the word “concrete” several times). I also do not understand why everyone assumes that he manages his twitter accounts. The ITCCS does not seem to be an actual legal body as they also: supposedly charged Pope Benedict XVI of many of the same crimes they supposedly charged Francis and supposedly replaced the state of Canada with that of the state of Kanata.


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