They Never Thought She Would Lose #MOAN #QAnon #GreatAwakening

It’s rare that I make posts this “short” these days, but I thought this infographic was so important, I wanted to make sure it had its own post.

Full Size:

I think the #anons who put this together are right on the money.

I remember that DDOS. It was bizarre, at the time. But viewing it through this lens, it now looks like the kind of move you’d see in a martial arts movie, where an old kung-fu master would avoid the blows while simultaneously tapping his opponents pressure points, causing them to seize up and collapse.

If they went after ALL the voter fraud simultaneously, that might have tipped the opposition off (and given them time to respond). All the white hats had to do to stop the election from being stolen was tap the biggest “pressure point” counties in these “purple” states, and prevent the fraud from occurring in them. That would tilt those states in Trump’s favor, giving him the win.

I mean – don’t you remember Cenk Uygur’s reactions, on a state-by-state basis?

Folks, there are #NoCoincidences.

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37 thoughts on “They Never Thought She Would Lose #MOAN #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. They aren’t the only ones. I refused to watch the returns. I could not bare to see her gloat…Then I turned into YouTube at 1 am and found out she didn’t win. If I had fireworks that night I would have set them off!

  2. Can the stop the rigging of CA machines now, please? We need to get rid of these Cali commies in charge, please, please, please!

  3. Can’t stand that jerk smug know it all good fun watching him when that carrot was shoved up his rear end

  4. So, are you stating or the author of this map, that Julian Asagge is not in the Ecuador embassy, London, England ? (Black print right side)
    That would be fantastic news! Especially with the current news of turning him over to MI6.

  5. Read up on Larry Nichols. He was the reason why those counties beat the voter fraud. He told everyone voting for Trump to use paper ballots. Hes dying of lung cancer now and very well maybe gone already. He used to work for Hillary Clinton. Look him up.

  6. Just a thank you note for all you do, I’m still learning to decipher the chan boards, so your letter helps SO much and is spot on, I share it on the 2 FB Q boards to which I belong, Follow the White Rabbit and Q Delta. It REALLY helps newcomers, are you in the UK? I’m Scots-Irish (a writer) and from some of your wording I thought I detected UK, which I pray for every day. Not prying, just curious. We were talking, last night about the men of old in England, their bravery listening to The Battle of Evermore (Zeppelin), and man does that fit, that song could be a battle cry for Q’s and Anons. If you have time, would you tell me if can I post on the chan boards if I have relevant information, in other words, how do you get to be an “autist”? I do have the IQ (169) am disabled and have the time, some of the worst things turn to blessings! Oh love the white shirt, saving up for it.

    • I don’t know how to get to the chans other than the links via That will put you in a thread of 751 comments. Scroll to top or bottom and look for “catalog”… good luck after that. It’s old school chat and hard to navigate. It took me a while to find my grounding/understanding. The humor in the chans is hilarious, off color, racist, and raunchy. You’ve been warned. Oh, yeah, and not just a few people trying to convince you the earth is flat.

  7. I realize voter fraud wins the D’s elections and seriously doubted that Trump could overcome the “fix” to install HRC. I’ve almost never been so anxious as election night. Drank wine until I couldn’t take the suspense anymore, knots in my stomach so that I thought I might be sick. I was asleep by 11 and woke at 3 am eastern to turn on the TV, with terror in my heart. The shock of hearing he won caused me to sink to my knees in tears of joy and praise of God. I think back to that morning and still can’t believe it. There were a lot of good forces working together. Thankfully they still have his back and his army of patriots has grown. WWG1WGA!

  8. Thanks- that was fun! Of course, I was watching a different station that night/morning and missed them.
    God is so gracious! He heard his peoples’ cries. I am grateful for efforts behind the scenes that thwarted their efforts to steal the election. WWG1WGA
    God is sovereign!

  9. Best night ever – Election night 2016. I’m watching our POTUS in Tampa right now and cannot believe the change in our country. It is horrifying thinking it could be HRC standing there… telling us lies as she sells our dear country out from under us with the deep state hiding her crimes. We live in the best of interesting times! God Bless us All!

  10. It will be shown later that Trump won the popular vote too.. and it was NOT Russia who did vote change.. vote changes was done by good ole American people at the polls in an attempt to take away popular vote. Its really easy to change every 3 rd vote for example.

  11. I love this graphic and theory.
    Around election time I found Steve Pieczenich on InfoWars. ( I didn’t even know what InfoWars was all about!!) But I saw the video that there was a coup planned by the white hats, in the FBI to stop Hillary. I was intrigued. I believed him immediately. People thought I was crazy. In the video he named, Obama, “this administration”, Hillary, Comey and Loretta Lynch. Steve said they were trying to pull a coup to get Hillary elected, but the white hats were countering with a coup of their own. The coup and counter coup were all on the internet, and were all safe.
    So that caught my attention and I waited, so excited that Trump would be president! When the first returns came in on election day just like 7-12% in a few places and they were going for Trump I was ecstatic and never doubted not once that Trump would win.

    But after the election Steve put out another video, one that is gone and has been gone for a long time. In the video Steve made the claim that during the hour or so when all the numbers of returns came to a halt, something behind the scenes was going on.
    He said, something like…. Did you notice that all night long the returns were being updated every 5 to 10 minutes and then at one point they just stopped? And they stopped for about an hour? Did you notice? Well, it was around that time that the white hats were monitoring the results and they saw the rigging (internally). They called them/black hats and said, “we see you, we see what you are doing. ” And “There’s military jets in the air right now, above your head, do you hear them?” “If you do not cease and desist we are going to blow you up”. And then Steve went on to say that the returns started coming in again. And the election went to Trump.

    I don’t know if Steve has been discussed here. But the first video regarding the coup/counter-coup to this day has been spot on. Steve’s video was nearly a year before Q.
    My family tells me I’m silly to believe that the military was going to blow up some election rigging site, but that’s mild compared to what Q has exposed.

    So… anyway, I thought I’d throw this out there. Did anyone else see that video?

  12. Thank you, Neon. I’m gonna to go back and watch all the 2016 MSM election meltdowns all over again with WIDE open eyes! I think I’m gonna love it even more. God bless you.

  13. @catalinafresh, I too was fascinated and heartened by Steve’s videos just prior to the election though I never saw that last video. Let’s ask the anons to find that lost video you refer to and get it posted here and elsewhere. That would be like ice cream on the chocolate icing on the chocolate cake. Thanks.

  14. Oh yeah, in the Steve Pieczenich video that’s still available (re: the coup and counter-coup) that Julian Assange was/is a patriot and he was involved in the counter-coup.

  15. The upcoming midterm elections are SO IMPORTANT! We must get out and vote, and get everyone that we know, to do the same. Even more importantly, WE MUST ALL PRAY!!! I truly believe that if the Conservatives can take the midterms, and take them hard, MUCH good will be done in our country. God bless our Patriots, God bless our President, and GOD BLESS THE USA!

  16. On election night I started calling my friends at around 7:30pm (PST) and said Trump won. None of them believed me. It wasn’t until around 9:30pm that I started to get text messages that something was wrong and they were asking my why they had not called the election yet. I said it must be that the MSM was told to hold off while they tried to steal the election for Hillary. I was told that there is no way the election could be hacked…. I hate it when I am right… So glad the white hats won this round!

  17. KATE MAZZ … says Oklahoma guys said CIA was telling him to kill Potus … reverse the initials and you have MK … plus she had 5 accts … and she’s messaged Brennan on twitter … was she the HANDLER for Okie guy? MK Ultra … she also wanted to get close to Trump to hug him … NOT BUYING IT. The guys name was JB = Jamie Boyd … same initials as John Brennan. Check out this anon’s video.


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