The “Sprawling Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory” Known as #QAnon. Time to Bring the FUZZ. #NewQ #GreatAwakening #WhoPaysAvenatti

I’ve realized something recently…

We’re basically living the plot of the movie Hot Fuzz.

If you’ve never seen it, a London police officer named Nicholas Angel gets moved to a small English suburb, where he basically gets to do nothing. It’s this perfect, picturesque village in the countryside with no real crime. That is, until a mysterious cloaked murderer starts taking out village residents one-by-one. He teams up with Danny, the Chief Inspector’s son, and ends up uncovering a Hooded Cabal made up of town leaders, secretly running everything behind the scenes.

It’s one of my favorite movies of all time, and if you haven’t seen it, you definitely should. Here’s the trailer:

And yes, I’m going to be spoiling the movie all throughout this review – but even then, it’s still worth watching, because it’s funnier than anything Hollywood has produced in the past 30 years. And I don’t say that lightly.

Much like Q’s drop here, the members of Hot Fuzz’s cabal started attacking their own citizens and neighbors – the joke in the movie being that they did it for relatively trivial reasons:


Of course, CA’s motives are anything but trivial.

Still, I have to wonder what Q meant when he said “CA is special,” back in drop 1072.

I know he meant it’s a special case… but sometimes, you have to wonder if he meant “short-bus special.”


Hands down, the absolute funniest part of the article has to be this:

The Justice Department’s suing states over their laws is uncommon but not unheard of. Toward the end of President Barack Obama’s tenure, his administration sued North Carolina over what came to be known as the “bathroom bill,” which barred transgender people from using restrooms that did not correspond with the sex on their birth certificates. The state ultimately repealed and replaced the measure, and the Trump Justice Department said that meant the case should be dropped.
The Justice Department during the Obama administration also sued North Carolina and Texas over their voter ID laws, and it sued Arizona over a law designed to crack down on illegal immigration. That case ultimately made it to the Supreme Court, which struck down portions of the law but let stand the provision requiring police officers to check the immigration status of people they detained and suspected were in the country without legal documentation.
Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, CA is about to get Judicially rekt.
Despite that, they’re churning up chaos by starting these fires, which only serve to hurt its own citizenry:


California is like a petulant child throwing a tantrum because they’re not getting what they want.

Only that tantrum involves setting massively-destructive wildfires, essentially holding your own citizens hostage under the guise of “natural disasters.”

But keep banning straws, and handing out needles to the homeless, CA.

Real sustainable, future-oriented growth policies you’ve got going here.

Between Pedowood, San Fran, and the infernos raging everywhere in between, why, it’s no wonder they have to import a replacement population from Mexico!



This is what the Cabal wants us reduced to.

At the climax of the film, Angel has to confront the Cabal in the streets. This takes the form of a Michael-Bay-styled shootout, where, of course, the Church is represented in the character of Fr. Shooter (yes, that’s his name):

(And as a side-note, I like how Joyce Cooper calls Angel a “Fascist!” for wanting to do the right thing. Amazing how true that rings today).

But sadly, real life isn’t quite so funny:


United States Department of Justice United States Department of Justice

Project Safe Childhood is a nationwide initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice. Led by the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS), Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state and local resources to better locate, apprehend and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the Internet, as well as to identify and rescue victims.

Think this effort got supercharged by Sessions and Trump? Yeah, I hope so.

But I feel really bad for the good Catholics I know. I know this isn’t limited to Catholicism (why, just look at the Prot who founded the “Creation” concert, who just got arrested for molestation):

But it seems particularly acute within Catholicism. I mean, come on, there’s this is in Pennsylvania:



These are the guys you’re supposed to be confessing to. The ones who are supposed to advise you in your spiritual walk, and grant absolution.

Between everything we know about Bergoglio now, the Vatican, and the extent of these abuse crimes… I don’t know how Catholics just don’t walk away.

I was talking about this the other night with a Legionary; about why I became Orthodox (admittedly, not a very good one), and not Catholic – and it was largely down to not only having Apostolic succession, but 4-out-of-5 Primarchs. And as far as Peter being the “rock” – well, he did also rule out of Antioch, so that Primarch has just as much claim as Rome.

Even still, I can’t help but think that there are far too many within Orthodoxy also wrapped up in this evil system. Why, just search Patriarch Bartholomew (basically, the Greek equivalent of the Pope) on Wikileaks.

And I can’t help but reflect on Mark Taylor’s word from earlier this year entitled All Roads Lead to Rome – which many consider prophetic, (but which I’ll leave for you to decide for yourself):

The Spirit of God says, “The Pope and the Vatican, that’s right the Pope and the Vatican are not furthering my kingdom but are aiding the kingdom of darkness. Many are saying that this is the last Pope, but it’s not for the reasons they think. This will be the last Pope, for what I the Lord God am about to do. I will expose this Pope and all those under his command for all the corruption he and the Vatican have been involved in for centuries.

“The Spirit of God says, “There is a shaking and a quaking coming to this Pope and the Vatican, for I will split the Vatican and it’s leadership wide open for the entire world to see the inner workings of this ancient beast. This Pope, the Vatican and all it’s leadership, will come crumbling down. I will pull back the veil to show how deep and dark the deception has been. You whisper in your inner chambers ‘we answer to no one. No one is above us; No one can hold us accountable.’ I the Lord God see it all and the time has come when I will now hold you accountable for your darkness. This exposure will be of such magnitude that the people will say. ‘What do we do now? Where do we go now? We want nothing to do with this. We have no religion now.’ Millions will walk away from their religion, as this will affect other religions as well.

“The Spirit of God says, “ls my Army ready? Are you ready to receive these people?Are you ready to receive my harvest that’s going to take place from this exposure? Prepare yourselves for the tsunami of people that will be starving for me and have no place to turn. Prepare now! All roads lead to Rome.”

The Spirit of God says, “There is a dig, an archaeological find that is coming in an underground vault, which will be so cataclysmic that it will ROCK the Christian world. The answer lies between Jerusalem and Vatican city.”

You can read more of Mark Taylor’s words here but they echo a lot of what I’ve been thinking and feeling for some time now. I haven’t been to church in a while because, frankly… I’m just not sure where I belong in all this, and I don’t have all the information I need. I’ve noticed some disturbing trends, as well – such as this statement from some Ukrainian Orthodox Hierarchs:

From the statement:

We can describe this situation in no other way than inhumane and sinful. Our Holy Orthodox Faith very clearly teaches the value and sanctity of human life—that each and EVERY human being is created in the Image of God—to image God in the world where they live. When we hear the words spoken that “if we have no zero tolerance effort such as the separation of children from parents who are being charged with illegal entry into the USA, then we will have an ‘infestation’ of illegal immigrants,” we are confronted with the destruction of that image describing human beings in terms used for rodents or insects that must be made to disappear before they destroy us.

These were the Hierarchs who signed that whole letter:

Thing is… we know that there was human trafficking going on across the border here… so I have to wonder…

It’s tempting to attribute as malice what could just be attributed to stupidity…

But I think it’s going to be very important to have a critical eye moving forward.

EDIT: I don’t know how, but I originally missed post 1764. I mean, I saw it at the time, but for some reason, I just didn’t include it in the article. Here is is:

One thing I will say is that the links didn’t work when I saw them originally, and they’re still not working now. I wasn’t able to find archives of the PDF anywhere, but I did find an archive of the second link.



John Brennan, CIA chief under the Obama administration, used Twitter to appeal for her confirmation by sceptical Democrats.

“Senators,” Brennan wrote, “show that you put country above politics. Gina Haspel is a competent, experienced and highly qualified intelligence professional. Ask her tough questions, listen to her answers and then decide but don’t penalize her for previous policy decisions or because [Donald Trump] picked her.”

Brennan thought he was getting a friend in power. Someone who would protect him.

He wasn’t.


In case you missed it, Avenatti was freaking out today:


I had this to say on Gab at the time:

I ended up calling it the “Mother of All #QConfirmations” at the time.

Nice to know we had the Saudi bit right, yesterday, though. I detailed allllll that, in this article:

Of course, we should have made the Clinton Foundation connection. Where the Saudis are involved, so too, the Clintons. Duh.

#Anon brings his decode to the table:

But when Q asks, “Who supplied the FEED?” I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s not just talking about finances, here… but specifically News Feeds.

Go back to Q’s drops. He’s mentioned FEED and FEEDERS numerous times, but pay attention to this one particular:

To answer Q’s question here, to keep people blind, you have to feed them lies, disinfo, and propaganda.

That’s the media’s job.

Go back to 1745:


Picture clearer now?

But go back even further:

Flies and Feeders… hmmm…

I’ll put 2 and 2 together for you:

What do flies eat?

(Whatever **** they feed you)!

Avenatti’s statement today wasn’t one of panic. Oh sure, he’s still terrified, but he wasn’t panicking. I can guarantee you, he knew about all this yesterday.

He was setting up a narrative to feed us (well, not us, but everyone else  – in conjunction with the Deep State). It just took a day to get everyone coordinated.

This is Mockingbird Media 101. Avenatti is trying to play the victim, attempting to garner sympathy and set up a narrative where he’s being bullied by big, mean, ol’ Mister Trump.

I have a feeling that Mr. Avenatti’s usefulness to the Cabal is nearing its nadir… After all, there’s no telling what they’ll do once we find out #WhoPaysButtercu- I mean… #WhoPaysAvenatti.

Hey Avenatti! You know who else was extremely successful, with a nice house and loads of money – but who also got summarily disposed of by the Cabal?

And here’s the narrative they want to feed you.  The **** they’ve rolled between their filthy hands and presented for you to consume:

QAnon believers claim that a series of cryptic clues posted to internet forums 4Chan and 8Chan are coming from a high-level Trump administration insider, describing a world where Trump has teamed up with the military to take on a global cabal of powerful elites, celebrities, and pedophiles…

If the man outside Avenatti’s office is linked to QAnon, it won’t be the first time one of the conspiracy theory’s believers have taken action in the real world. In June, an armed QAnon adherent allegedly blocked a bridge near the Hoover Dam with an improvised armored truck. Now facing a terrorism charge, the man has attempted to send Trump and other politicians letters filled with QAnon slogans from jail.

This isn’t the first time #FakeNews has tried to psychologically anchor the #QArmy with crazies.

It’s little more than trying to kill the messenger… in this case, Tim Messenger – the one honest journalist in the whole town (even if he does make a lot of typos):

(Warning: Gore. Like excessive gore. Intentionally over-the-top-for-comedic-effect by a guy who previously directed a Zombie movie).


If you happened to be watching YouTube videos on Monday morning and were struck by an urge to check in on one of America’s most beloved movie stars, you were likely in for a nasty surprise.

“Sarah Ruth Ashcraft says Tom Hanks is a pedophile”, read the title of the top video search result for the actor’s name. “Tom Hanks’ Alleged ‘Sex Slave’ Speaks Out”, read another top search result.

Indeed, the top five results – and eight out of the top 14 – were variations on the pedophilia theme, interspersed with the hashtags #QAnon, #Pizzagate and #Pedogate.

These bizarre results, first spotted by the NBC reporter Ben Collins, are not the result of the latest #MeToo era investigation reporting. Instead, they are the entirely unsubstantiated manifestation of a sprawling rightwing conspiracy theory known as QAnon.

The “sprawling rightwing conspiracy known as QAnon.”

Well, thanks for (half) my title, Guardian.

But really, there are no patterns here! Nothing to see, folks! This is all just CRAZY CONSPIRACY talk! Arkancide?? What’s that!? Pfft! Sounds like you’ve been visiting too many radical right-wing forums, buddy.


These are the ****-rollers.

They want to force-feed you their ****.

If you eat their ****, you can’t wake up, and you can’t fight back. Like Q said, the greatest thing they fear is a global awakening. And that’s exactly what we’re achieving.

There comes a point in the movie when Sgt. Angel takes the fight back to his local Cabal, by attacking Skinner (the physical embodiment of “big business” in the film). But he can only do this after convincing those who were previously asleep, those who had previously mocked him by saying he was just believing in crackpot conspiracy theories. Once they’re on his side, they operate as an effective unit together, landing their first real blow against the Cabal, taking down some heavy-hitters in the process:


Well, Giuliani, for starters, with Mockingbirds even comparing him to Smeagol, from Lord of the Rings:

But you’ve got it all wrong, Mockingbirds.

Giuliani isn’t Smeagol…

He’s the Punisher.

It’s true, we do all work together to find and catalog the evidence we need… Though it can be a bit of a process.

Sometimes we think we’ve found something explosive…

And sometimes, it feels like a wild goose chase:


But in the end, we usually hit pretty close to the mark.

Speaking of which, we’ve got a [0] Delta between Q’s post and Trump’s tweet:

X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)

And what does he say in the video?

Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, by we will never be stopped.

Never stop fighting for what you believe in and for the people that care about you. Carry yourself with dignity and pride. Relish the opportunity to be an outsider. Embrace that label, because its the outsiders that change the world, and who make a real and lasting difference! Treat the word impossible as nothing more than motivation.

Anyone who is here, reading this article right now is, in a sense, an outsider.

POTUS is speaking directly to you.

It’s not all fun and games, of course.

Sometimes, there’s a lot of paperwork involved:

But seriously – read this carefully:

Now read Q’s next post:

Let me connect:

Julian Assange leaked Vault 7 early last year, in March of 2017. Vault 7 really exposed the clowns, really hurt their operational capacity.

After he did that, the Clowns struck back. They cut off Assange’s internet, and took over the Wikileaks site (yes). Q said as much himself in 1595:

Well… someone in the CIA had to leak that stuff… And it turns out, Schulte has long been the prime suspect.

Who is Joshua Adam Schulte? Ex-CIA programmer facing child porn charges is suspect in Vault 7 leak

Federal investigators suspect a former CIA employer is responsible for giving top-secret CIA documents to Wikileaks last year, resulting in the agency’s biggest leak of classified information. Joshua Adam Schulte, 30, was arrested last August-not for the leak, but on child pornography charges, after he was accused of taking photos of a “passed-out” friend as he sexually assaulted her on his bathroom floor.

Notably, he says he’s innocent:

But don’t jump on the “good guy” bandwagon just yet…

But in their finally successful motion to revoke Schulte’s bail, the government revealed that Schulte had not only accessed his email (via his roommate, Schulte’s lawyer would later claim), but had accessed Tor five times in the previous month, on November 16, 17, 26, and 30, and on December 5, 2017, which appears to be when the government nudged Virginia to get NYPD to arrest him on a sexual assault charge tied to raping a passed out acquaintance at his home in VA in 2015.

So it looks like we have a whistleblower/possibly-underage-rapist combo… though it’s hard to say. One #Anon brings up something to consider:

Like that kind of move… for a supposed “computer expert…” is just inexplicably dumb. You would need to lobotomize someone like him with an apple-corer to get him to do that. It’s just not good OPSEC, especially if you’re trying to leak classified intel.

Another #Anon thinks he’s a whitehat, but posted his theory before some of this info was found by other #Anons. (And of course, he still could be, I suppose… but like I said, it doesn’t look good).

Still, his references are interesting to consider:

Here are the #FBIAnon and #PDAnon screencaps.

For those who may not be familiar, FBIAnon was before Q, and PDAnon was back in February:


Language warning – which I only put in, because some people got mad at me for the Renegade post (even though I warned them upfront there, too).

PDAnon’s video never came out (to my knowledge), nor could it, really. It’s just not legal. While I believe FBIAnon, I find PDAnon much more suspect. I only include it because Anon above did.

Either way, it’s nice to see that no matter what route #TheCabal takes, no matter what choice they make, they lose every time.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to getting the Cabal out of my village!


(Seriously. Go rent Hot Fuzz if you haven’t seen it).

Hey guys, thanks for reading and sharing my articles today.

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No, today… I’m going to drop a little hint at something that I’ll (hopefully) have for you to see very shortly.

I’m just clearing some logistical things out of the way… but I’m hoping I can have the full reveal ready in a couple of days.

That’s it for now. Let’s hope I can get this up and running, because but if I’m able to get this done… this is gonna be YUUUUGE!

53 thoughts on “The “Sprawling Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory” Known as #QAnon. Time to Bring the FUZZ. #NewQ #GreatAwakening #WhoPaysAvenatti”

  1. Thanks for another one Neon!
    Love that movie and your comparisons.
    Hot Fuzz has been on my favorites list since it came out!
    We are doing Everyone!
    (((THEY))) are truly afraid!!!!!

    The only thing it seems like they have left up their sleeves, if all else fails, (on their part)
    would be to openly come out with the Hard To Swallow truth and watch as the entire US falls into chaos and loss of faith in the American Government, The Justice System, and all that keeps us remaining a civil society.

    I have been waiting for this kind of awakening for 10 years.

    It feels like a dream that everyday seems closer and closer to arriving at the truth!

    Thanks as always Neon!

  2. The Catholics forbid their popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, and nuns to marry. The Bible says to forbid marriage is a doctrine from demons. See 1 Timothy 4:1, 3.

    Mat 15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

    The Catholics forbid their popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, and nuns to marry. The Bible says to forbid marriage is a doctrine from demons. See 1 Timothy 4:1, 3.

    This is an interesting thought, but since nobody has to become a pope, cardinal, bishop, priest or nun in the Catholic Church, do you think this is what it is refering to? I personally don’t know why they have those rules? It seems like it opens the ministers up to unecessary temptations.

    I am simply a christian like thoes in Acts ch. 2 nothing more nothing ledd. I wear no other title, ie baptist, catholic, morman.

    Thanks for your time and all your post.

    • Sorry, Wayne, but respectfully you’re taking scripture out of context here, as there is no indication of priestly celibacy being a “doctrine from demons.” The discipline of priestly celibacy in the Catholic Church really started in 1139 after a ruling was made at the Second Lateran Council in Rome, which stated that priests were no longer allowed to marry.

      In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul speaks of those who are unmarried and widows, and that it would be better for them to remain so (in other words, like him). There is nothing wrong with priestly celibacy. It is a practice that has been done by countless people in the church for centuries. Heck, Jesus was a celibate man.

  3. In regards to Schulte, they did the same thing to William “Bill” Binney, but he’s a super genius and proved every time to the judged directly that they “framed” him and his 4 colleagues that blew the whistle on the NSA, same exact playbook (I don’t know if Schulte is guilty or innocent, but these people perform parallel construction and can seed computers with whatever they choose). They also tried the same thing with Julian Assange; Fake rape charges, then other stuff.

    On another note: FBI Anon stated that Jared and Ivanka are “practicing Satanists”, which corroborates the David Ike forums (11yrs ago some guy claiming to be from the illuminati claimed that there was a young guy trying to take over: Jared Kushner “The man behind the mask”) Jared and Ivanka were the one’s that flooded Trumps cabinet with globalists: Dina “muslim brotherhood” powell and Gary “globalist” Cohen and could you believe they actually brought in gruber (ACA architect that said people are stupid, that’s why they were able to pass the ACA obama care) and the architect of the TPP. Now Jared has brought in the director/producer of “the purge” films, it gives me a clue where he wants to take the country. References below:

    FBIAnon archive:

    Posts 11yrs ago about Jared Kushner:

    The man himself: Bill Binney

    Neon, you may block my post, but I challenge you to do some research with an open mind, JK is dangerous because he’s exactly what Q is supposed to be fighting “Satanists”, otherwise, it’s just one cabal overthrowing another and the same crap will repeat again and again.

  4. I have not read this one yet, but I wanted to say something in general about the whole #Qanon and the #greatawakening thing. There seems to be this idea floating around that “all normies” must wake up for this “project” to succeed…

    Why did the Hollyweird elite think that if they could get (what was it?) 15% of the population to accept pedophelia, that would be enough for them to come out into the open? It’s something called the 100th monkey effect… once a critical mass is reached… boom!

    The same goes for the #greatawakening (in fact, much more so because this is a positive and integrative movement). Not that many people need to wake up hard core for this to movement succeed.

    In fact, the whole #Walkaway movement indicates that we have already reached “critical mass”, and that the 100th monkey effect is in full swing. That is a very powerful momentum, because it’s based on truth, not on lies. It’s based on integration, not segregation/compartmentalization.

    This is why there is no need to be frustrated with friends, family and “the people” not waking up fast enough or big enough. A lot of people don’t need the full red pill experience at this time. They are still woke enough that when the hammer drops, they will see what is truth/good, and what is not. Especially when this movement and all the collected evidence is there to guide them.

    We have all been disappointed in the past, and many are anxious that “nothing will come of this either”. Look at what is going on. It’s unprecedented. Trump and his white hat team is changing the world faster than anyone thought possible. This time around everything is different… this time the swamp will be drained for good, and true change, prosperity and peace will follow…

  5. “Peter being the rock” In other contexts throughout the Bible Jesus is the rock. The Greek word for “father” is P’ter. So it is more reasonable that Peter was the first “Father” of the church and that is why priests are called Father. I never understood the whole Petra thing equating to Peter but p’ter makes perfect sense to me. BTW in Greek “zues” means god so “zues p’ter” to the Romans, “Jupiter” is godfather .

    • Beloved. JESUS STARTED NO CHURCH… PETER WAS NOT THE FIRST POPE. Jesus did not tell him to start this church that exists. Peter was more than a bit confused at some times in fact from the teaching just as ignorant people today are confused by teachings now.

      Mohammed started no church either.. nor as any Christed being acting in knowingness of who they be started a church. Mohammed was a Christed Being yes and IT IS THE GOAL IN FACT for HUMAN BEINGS who never stop the search to become Christs and thus “sit at the right hand of the Father.” Did not Jesus suggest on the cross that one of those other two would sup with him someday in Paradise? The evolution of human mind and soul is LONG. But if persisted in it will eventually lead to living on Paradise and to being a full SON OF GOD servant to the FATHER. THIS IS FACT and NOT TAUGHT and it will be taught and Jesus taught it.. but it all got changed out. Little of his teachings are in the NT in fact and many of them in it are CORRUPT and changed.

      WHEN CATHOLICS fully comprehend what their church is.. they will stop attending it in droves. It is a mind control entity from the UNHOLY POPES downward. YOU NEED NOBODY BETWEEN YOU and YOUR INNER FATHER. Jesus taught that RELIGION IS THE PERSONAL COMMUNICATION BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR FATHER.. every moral being has INNER FATHER Guidance… And the dark shits /cabal/Swamp creatures do NOT want you RED PILLERS or anyone else to discover that MORAL HUMAN BEINGS ARE SONS OF THE FATHER… discovering such by the masses will destroy evil…And not another thing will.

  6. Hi there i’m new to your posts but have been following Q drops and trying to understand how they relate to events around the globe not just in the U.S.although i’m aware that the the most important element of this global nightmare to resolve first before moving on to the rest of the countries and their part of the infiltration by these commie rats what i’d like to draw your attention to is the slow burn creep of the chicom military build up or acquisition of strategic areas in Africa and Antarctica i’m domiciled in South Africa and some months ago i read a news report about how the chicoms are revamping or expanding Simons Town naval base which together with their base in Djibouti and a recent report stating that they intend building another base in Antarctica should be of serious concern to your military/navy as i see it poses a serious threat to the security of the sea lanes around the Cape should conflict occur which imo is inevitable since the chicoms are definitely trying to dominate the entire globe as i see it take the one belt one road b.s story disguised as a financial initiative to have a means to place forces in strategic areas around the far east near east middle east and africa thereby denying free movement of any and all shipping and trade that isn’t controlled by them they could easily cut off access to the suez from their base in djibouti and by controlling the cape sea route cut the only other alternative which would isolate aus nz and japan via this route with the help of the south african government they are slowly putting all the pieces in place however there are many patriots in this country who are opposed to this but they are fractured and don’t cooperate with each other in a unified way making it difficult to organise a competent organised opposition to them so i’m hoping that by explaining this to you you might be in a position to inform the patriotic authorities of my concerns thereby helping with info they may not be aware of due to the ongoing battle with the cabalists which i hold responsible for our current situation in this country we have always opposed the communist ideology since we were founded on Christian principles and have always stood with the west throughout every major conflict in the 20th century and to move on to another topic you covered as a Catholic i understand your concerns about our faith and have adopted a similar approach to you with regards to it although i do go to mass on a regular basis but avoid taking the sacrament of reconciliation or communion because i can’t be sure that i’m in a state of grace since i can’t be sure of the priests being ordained by an untainted bishop it’s a sad state of affairs which i’m sure afflicts most if not all religions with varying degrees of impurity as we have been warned would occur by the Virgin Mary on many occasions most notably at Fatima i take immense comfort in the fact that i’m not the only one that has these concerns about the faith as no one here seems to be aware of it everyone here just plods along as usual i haven’t heard anyone even mention it in fact my family says i’m nuts for thinking this way but i woke up thanks to Fr Malachi Martins interviews with Art Bell before he passed on i will definitely try support your efforts with a donation but i can’t guarantee a regular donation since our currency is so weak and i’m a pensioner these days and i’m not a computer whizz i barely get by with it sorry if iv’e rambled on but hey what can i say just letting you know there are lots of patriots that believe in POTUS all over the world God Bless

  7. Wonderful amazing article and Hot Fuzz was the cherry on the top ! Helps to remember to enjoy the show, as reminded by Q , keeping our spirits high whilst we watch the death throws of the Cabal !
    Thank you for your hard work and creativity in making this
    WWG1WGA !!!!!

  8. Neon, you are an astute person and I love how you understand things and connect dots, however, you are missing the point on Catholics. Devout Catholics myself know that the fullness of Truth is in the Catholic Church and her dogma. I’m amazed and disappointed that you have not realized that the deep state infiltrated the seminaries in the 60s and 70s and crowded them with homosexuals to take down the Church from the inside and they have done a great job at it but they cannot and will not succeed. Also as a Truth seeker, how or why would I walk away from the Truth because of the sinful nature of bad men who are trying to take it down? Have you walked away from America? Have you walked away from the Constitution? Bad politicians have infiltrated the government and have tried to destroy the Constitution and America from the inside but you fight? Why? Because of the truth that is America and the Constitution. Just like devout Catholics do for the Truth that is Jesus’ church.

  9. Can you please email me @ [email protected]? I stumbled across something that may answer a lot of your confusion on your last post. I’d like to give you the link and explain outside of this comment box because I’d rather you take a look before throwing it out to anyone publicly. Hope to hear from you.

  10. The Catholic Church has been hijacked by these creeps the same as governments have. This sexual infiltration was deliberate, read the book “Goodbye Goodmen” by Michael Rose. He presents evidence that major seminaries in the sevenites and eighties deliberately refused orthodox men and infused seminaries with the gay culture. We are reaping what they sewed because most were sleeping. My parents were not among the ones sleeping. In fact they were quite prophetic as to what would happen within the church. I dont think they understood how evil this would look.

    This time around real Catholics are angry these evil perpetrators have hijacked the Church. She wll be reduced to a fraction of her size, but that is a good thing because she has become to big and many in her ranks are corrupt.

    Of course she is worse than other denominations because her priests are in the hundreds of thousands. It is not so rampant as it looks among priest when the number is juxtaposed beside the number of orthodox/decent priests. Having said that one is too many!

  11. In the bible God calls out israel/Jews for being false prophets.
    Same situation

    Diff day (&age)
    They never learn

  12. Neon it is not good to stop worshiping all together. Evil wins when we do that! We cannot combat this level of eveil without propre protection . There is no greater protecton than the Eucharist. Take away all of the human elements and strip the Church down to its official teachings. I dont know if the Orthodox have a catechism? That is what you learn and move forward from there.

    You write you dont understand why Catholics dont walk away? I pray to God I have fortidue and do not walk away. I undertsand my Church’s teachings and how it is usppose to be. Read John 6:53 when Christ told the aostles to eact of his body. you have no life in you…many left then and there . Jesus did not call them back because he meant what he said literally. He looked to the disciples and asked will you leave too, to which they answered but where would we go?

    Catholic life is supposed to be centred on the Holy Eucharist. I imagine Orthodox is similar. When I was young I was taught to respect the Orthodox. I was told if I needed a priest and a Catholic wasn’t available I was to get an Orthodox priest. I was also taught the Orthodox eucharist is validly consecrated. No Church will be perfect because they are run by humans. The smoke of Satan entered inside the Church a long time ago but he will not prevail because Christ said “The gates of hell shall not prevail against her.” Now if Christ had to say “the gates will not prevail” that must mean he knew the gates of hell were going to try real hard to take her down.

    As for prophets they too filter the Spirit through personal bias and worldview. A good prophet will make mistakes. Sometimes the devil is the prohet. In this case 95% will be spot on, but the 5% is where he wants to tempt people away. Always discern the spirits and never take prohecies as gospel truth.

  13. On the RENEGADE language postings… understand its important to be completely authentic in language use and the various forms and words in SLANG within all societies and groups allow for that authenticity… and thus greater comprehension of what is being said. Slang always arises because the conventional language fails in some areas. Therefore I do not object to it and I have my own favorite words I too use.. some of what you have seen here in my several posts. I do not apologize for them ever. But mine are amongst the blander ones. They are not against the laws of God.. they are not taking the Lord’s name in vain.. a much misunderstand law of God within religions that KEEPS PEOPLE FROM BEING AUTHENTIC IN FACT. The interpretation in at least Christianity.. keeps these people OUT OF THE LOOP and finding those who do effectively use it.. as “SINNERS”…

    It is never taking God’s name in vain to accurately express a situation. Look in the English language alone all the meanings associated with “fuck” and “shit”…. and there is the wonderful BULLSHIT…which is sometimes the only authentic word to use per the understanding of HOW TO USE IT.

    Over the years I have been introduced to slang in other languages because of the people I know around the world and some of them have no equivalent in English and others should be accurately translated into English use. LANGUAGE IS HOLY. That is why Human’s have it and animals do not. It is an expression of free will and free will simply means the human being can think and determine behavior and grow wisdom. If slang helps that along it becomes HOLY too.

    I do realize some slang is pretty disgusting.. but in the circles of PEDO’s for example.. it will express what pedos engage in far better than clean proper English.. Learn it… If you are not a Pedo of course don’t use it as they use it.. but it helps YOU comprehend their sick miserable fucked up thinking.. does it not?

  14. I have a different take on this section of your posts and what was actually happening:

    “But when Q asks, “Who supplied the FEED?” I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s not just talking about finances, here… but specifically News Feeds.

    Go back to Q’s drops. He’s mentioned FEED and FEEDERS numerous times, but pay attention to this one particular:”………

    I think what Q was saying is that the entire MA guy following him and photos of his building (the Q crazy story) was coordinated in advance by CF and SA ….they supplied the FEED (so the photos and the guy in the Photo were all set up by “the FEED”) Q knew about the upcoming Q crazy FEED and was there to photo and broadcast it as it was happening (wt 2-5 min delay). IMHO that is why as the MA posts from Q were happening you had the back and forth between questions Q’s about if the posts/pictures asking if were Live….additionally last week Q tested 4 Q devices to make sure they were “synched”. The testing of the Q devices was part of setting up this live Q FEED by Q of the FEED set up by MA , CF, and SA. It was all staged by DS and Q knew it was coming and was there help us “enjoy the show”. Further proof of the MA twitter photo staged event by DS is the “bad guy” in photo is a known FBI informant coincidence?

  15. When Benedict changed the Profession of Faith (Nicene Creed), one word made me quit- “Consubstantiation”.
    Christmas eve 2011, I watched almost 1000 people fumble for their cue cards when saying a prayer that had been used for what, 50 years?
    I said, that’s it !, and I haven’t returned.
    I think of it as being a “journeyman” Catholic, as in no longer “practicing”.
    I considered Orthodoxy, and find its tenents ‘fitting and just”, but my Greek is lousy, so I figure that it’s better to have a religion without a church, than a church without a religion.
    It was not a decision made lightly. My family is traceable to 6th century Ireland.
    The Mass turns like a wheel inside of us .
    Kind of like the line in “Hotel California”; “You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.”
    Thanks for the work that you do for all of us.

  16. If you want to drain the swamp, get into what really occurred on 911. I have been saying for years, 911 is the Sword of Damocles which hangs over the criminals’ heads. Each criminal has a name, an address and a telephone number……….and even a cell phone. If the NSA is so smart, where are the phone records? Where are the arrests? Who even believes that only 3,000 people died that day???? Each Tower held 50,000 people and this “EVENT” occurred during office hours. Half of one building died, and a third of the other Tower were murdered. The remains were shipped to CHINA. So, solve that, and you got all the criminals you need to clean out the debris and find Justice for the dead. May they rest in peace, including those I have known and loved.

  17. I wonder… Is this whole Avenatti picture thing a way to “force Q into the mainstream”? Remember, a while back Q talked about nobody in the press asking POTUS about Q… and the issue might have to be “forced”…

  18. One more thing: ISIS or as I have called it the “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”, NEVER attacks Israeli sites. That proves who it is, and what it is for. NEVER EVER attacks Israel. And, Hamas was created by the MOSSAD. “By way of deception, we shall do war” is the Mossad motto. I read that book too. They are trained to be liars and assassins. APAC, JDL, etc support their work. They hide behind decent Jewish skirts, but they are not from the Middle East, they are from Eastern Europe.

  19. Regarding the Catholic thing, as a practicing, traditional Catholic, I’d like to point out that we follow Christ, first and foremost. So, when we discover that priests in the Church have sinned, and egregiously so, we do not lose our faith because our faith is not in men. Therefore, I would not lose faith should I discover that our Pope is untrue to his calling, or that there is any kind of sin hidden away in the Vatican. To lose the Pope or the Vatican would be sad, but nothing more than that.

    This was an excellent post, as are they all. Thank you, Neon, for all you do.

    • I think the problem there is identifying more with a Church, earthly, than Christ, heavenly.
      When I ask, they claim to be “Catholic”, not Christian.
      That is a sin.
      When I ask anyone else they say Christian first.

  20. Born and raised here San Francisco was ruined in 2000 we are not all that bad. 35yrs in bay area worked @ apple dts, nat semi, symantec, alot of famil names. stories i can tell……….people.

  21. As always another good post, Neon.

    Would like to delve a little deeper into part of the Mark Taylor prophecy:

    ▬ The Spirit of God says, “There is a dig, an archaeological find that is coming in an underground vault, which will be so cataclysmic that it will ROCK the Christian world. The answer lies between Jerusalem and Vatican city.” ▬

    Some years back one summer while relaxing at a beach house I had rented I came across a book some articles by Ron Wyatt. Ron was an anesthesiology nurse by trade but his hobby was traveling the Middle East in search of archeological proof of the Old and New Testament. Ron was a believer and he felt God wanted him to do this, “called” if you will.

    In 1993 while on site outside Jerusalem where Christ was crucified Ron and his team uncovered square holes carved into a ledge. There were 3 of these and each had a pyramidal shaped carved rock turned upside down in each, a plug to keep the holes from filling with gravel, dirt, ect. They surmised the holes were carved to hold crosses. The center hole has a crack in it.

    After removing tons of material they found a small opening in the rock wall below. They enlarged it enough for Ron to crawl into and once he got inside there was a chamber. He immediately recognized the Table of Shewbread (Bread of the Presence). The Table of Shewbread was always in the physical presence of the “Holy of Holies” aka Ark of the Covenant.

    Against another wall was a stone box or container but the stone lid was cracked. When Ron looked inside he could see the Mercy Seat with the two golden cherubs on each side. A few days later when he was again in the chamber he noticed some blackish material on the Mercy Seat and he looked up and saw a crack in the rock above with the same material around it. Later he scratched some off and had it tested, turned out it was human blood. The lab wanted to know where he got this ancient human blood but for the time being he was not ready to tell because of the political consequences that would come from finding the Ark. Ron simply asked the lab about the analysis of the blood. They said it had 24 chromosomes 23 female and only one Y – male chromosome.

    Later at the site he and some of his team did the calculations and the crack in the ceiling was connected to the crack in the center hole above. That’s when the realized it was Christ’s blood that had pooled in the hole as it ran down the cross.

    Around 670 years before Christ was crucified God told Jeremiah to take the Ark from the Temple and hide it outside the walls of the city. He did this because he was going to let Jerusalem fall to the enemy in battle.

    Jesus was the perfect sacrificial Lamb, the Lamb of God. As he said in Matthew 5:17 (I come to fulfill the prophecy). The last sacrifice, a perfect Lamb of God.

  22. It seems that the timeline is still in the midst of falling into place, the people must first be woke to pedophilia by the left trying to normalize it, then the truth can come out about it. As of prior to this month pediphilia accusations could still be written off to the majority of normies as conspiracy theories, but by the left bringing it into the public consciousness it goes from conspiracy theory to something concrete and more prevalent than any normie once considered, that’s the time to strike the blow and out the truth about pediphilia!!!

  23. Look, let’s face it. Until bigger fish start getting indictments and are rolled in handcuffs – and Dolt mentions their name on teletub – this is just parts of deep state getting cleansed.

    For all we know, FB take down is just part of deep state punishment for Zuck not doing enough. TWTR and FB have tightened their algos to exclude even more conservative views – along with government steered contract economy and regulations – doesn’t this sound to anyone like communism part II?

    Until the bigger fish get exposed and marched in front of cameras, this is just Clintonite part of deep state getting excercised. Beware.

  24. 2112:
    Overture / The Temples Of Syrinx / Discovery / Presentation / Oracle: The Dream / Soliloquy / Grand Finale

    • Reminder July 31, 2018:
      maintain pure thoughts and intentions, aim high !!!
      (Moon conjunct Neptune and Moon oppose Venus)

  25. To give you some insight and consolation about the paedophilia in the Church thing, the Pope knew the Church had been infiltrated by Masons, communists and atheists over a century ago, its why Pope Leo XIII ordered priests to swear an ‘oath against modernism’ which he considered the synthesis of all heresies. Many did with lying tongues, showing their true colours later. Look up the history of the St. Michael Prayer and the vision Pope Leo XIII Had of Satan speaking with God near the tabernacle, boasting how he could destroy His Church, but that he’d need a 100 years and more power over those who give themselves to him, which God allowed, presumably so God could humiliate Satan later. It was this vision that caused Pope Leo to pen the St.Michael prayer, urging all Catholics to pray it after every mass for spiritual defence and protection. If you take this vision seriously, then the last 100 years makes a great deal of sense.

    The problem is what happened to Catholicism is the same thing that happened to every other institution, gradual infiltration, infestation of intermediary positions (they didn’t usurp bishops, but rather, became the teachers of seminarians, shaping the priests and bishops that were to come in the future) only it happened far earlier, and the Church had just as much difficulty noticing and routing out this heresy as other institutions today have. Now that things are coming out, there’s a wealth of literature on this. One convert from communism told how she aided in the recruitment of many communists into seminarians in America alone. And its not just the Catholic church, all the Churches are absolutely compromised, because if the Catholics could not resist infestation, the other Churches of the West have no chance, (example, Anglicanism, was an early victim) which is one of the reasons I am not impressed with Taylor’s prophecy about Rome. What army of God? You mean the disaffected hundreds of thousands of protestant denominations with conflicting dogmas and doctrines? The Orthodox who are still recovering from the scars of communism and showing some signs of progressive rot here and there? Perhaps its is meant to refer to the Miaphysites around the world, or the Mormons, or just a select group of chosen ‘elect’ who can only ever be self proclaimed without God Himself making them obvious. Yes a reckoning is coming to the Church, but not the one the Taylor prophecy predicts, indeed, not what many of us think it will be, and I am often at a loss at how many of my fellow conspiratards tie conspiracy after conspiracy about and around the Catholic church yet are so ignorant of what is actually going on inside of it and how easy it would be for them to find out if, you know, they bothered to look. Yes I am starting to think Francis might be an Antipope, but if that is true, that means Benedict XVI is the true Pope and he is a pope in captivity. (I also read somewhere Benedict was Trump’s favourite Pope, not sure if true, but if I were you, I’d look into exactly why Trump went out of his way to have Melania were a veil while meeting Pope Francis, a distinctively traditional touch for a decidedly untraditional Pope, might be worth looking into that some more) If there is ever a coup in the Catholic Church, we already have things in place to wipe out the current hierarchy.

    • The vision of John Bosco says a lot. As for Francis, he already wants to leave. Like several popes installed by deep state actors, they always ultimately refuse to cooperate. This will get Francis killed. He had a premonition of his own death. This will lead to another election during a chaotic time. The one who claims to be pope will be the one who killed the actual newly elected pope. This false pope will wreak havoc, but Benedict will outlive him and return.

  26. I’m catholic man. Basically, if you believe Christ idd found a church, you have to assume Satan will do all he can to infiltrate it. I seriously pray that this Q thing is the beginning of a great purge that will cleanse Holy Mother Church.

    Beyond that, there are LOTS of traditional catholic organizations that keep up the good fight against the globalists. SSPX comes to mind.

    You asked why we don’t ‘just leave’ the church – Well, why don’t American patriots just give up on America? Our entire system is rife with the purest evil imaginable, yet we still love our country and want to drain the swamp.

  27. As ever, I read your analysis as soon as I am able. ThanQ for your excellent work. Will get Hot Fuzz and watch it soon.

    @RealJamesWoods had a disturbing tweet today. I suspect this is how the MSM will run with the coverage. “He had pedo stuff? So what? He was blackmailed with it? Poor victim. No pedo bashing. He can’t help who he is.” These people are beyond sick.

  28. Mate you should be writing a diary/book , that would be so cool brother.
    My favourite time is #NeonRevolt drop article time. A book on this adventure would be a dream.

  29. Hoping NeonRevolt will comment!

    Been following Q since Halloween/the Start… This Post about the California fires being deliberately started (by State officials?) to obtain Federal disaster money to replace Federal funds lost from supporting Sanctuary Cities — haunts me. Probably THE most disturbing one I’ve read.

    Q posted July 30, 2018:
    #1762 07/30/18 12:11 PM Q !CbboFOtcZs
    What happens when CA is in serious debt and lost priority aid from the FED gov due to sanctuary status (illegal)?
    Light fires.
    Declare State of Emergency and req billions from FED.
    Why did POTUS reject in the past?
    Sick people!
    The more you know.

    Terrible tragedy in Redding CA Carr fire- Grandfather listens helplessly on cellphone as his wife and two young great-grandchildren burn to death…

    Here’s what upsets me:
    I’m a MAJOR POTUS Fan — BUT…
    IF President Trump KNOWS about deliberate fire starting (possibly from high-tech airplanes or satellites) AND is failing to stop/prevent it — allowing AMERICAN (and other) DEATHS and massive scorched-earth property damage ON AMERICAN SOIL (!) — wouldn’t that be TREASON on his part ?!?!?

  30. Gonna watch “Hot Fuzz” tonight! Hope Neon recommends some more movies, too, because everything from Hollywood is now so tainted.

    Love you, Neon! Thanks for staying up so late and working for us.

  31. The demographic of men with the lowest incidence of pedo problems is men who have taken a vow of celibacy. Yes, even if it’s 1% its bad. That adds up to a large number when you have 1 billion people in one organization. But why the concerted effort of the purple mafia to get members who will corrupt the organizations? To distract from the far greater percentage of pedos in Hollywood, amongst the deep state and in the public school system.

  32. Neon, great work with all that you are doing! Thank you! I hope you take some time to refresh and reset. This is heavy stuff and can really tax your brain. Here are some words of encouragement for you, and all fighting the good fight:

    When you’re tempted to give up and settle, it’s because you’re close to a breakthrough. You always face the greatest struggle, the greatest opposition, the greatest discouragement right before the breakthrough.

    Also, many things tie together…Q’s messages, other proven prophecies. It’s good to see the entire picture. I posted a link below. Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s religious in nature, but important nonetheless. You can see exactly where we are in history, and understand the “why” of it all by consulting this source. It’s all connected and all seems to confirm each other. In short 1917-2017 are the 75-100 years God gave the devil, at his request to try to destroy the church and as many souls as possible. No wonder things started changing with the election in 2016.

  33. Here’s one we need to spread… ‘We are Q. R U 2?” Fox News covering the Florida rally today… sign being held up by someone in the audience, for the cameras to see… ‘We are Q’

  34. I don’t think I’d enjoy that movie, Hot Fuzz. I think our situation is nearer the movie V for Vengeance. My favorite movie. For more “pun-ish” comedy, only Leslie Nielsen will do.

  35. You do a fantastic job putting these articles together, you clearly have a high I.Q. I love your analogies. Know you are much appreciated and that YOU make it easier for many of us to share QAnon’s message because of your high quality work. Thank you.


    In only days, a dozen villages in Nigeria’s Plateau state were wiped out. The affected communities surround the city of Jos—known as the epicenter of Christianity in northern Nigeria’s Middle Belt.

    As many as 200 Christians had been killed, however, some residents fear the death toll may be even higher, as more bodies are yet to be recovered, while others were burned beyond recognition. On Sunday, 75 of the victims were buried in a mass grave.

  37. The anti Catholic rhetoric here is very disheartening. First of all, the percentage of priests that sexually abuse people and the percentage of religious leaders of non Catholic denominations are not much different. It’s called press priorities, they hate the Catholic Church and want to see it fall. Do you know a good way to prove it’s not different for Catholic clergy? Go ask any insurance company that sells risk insurance for abuse cases and they will tell you that the premiums paid are the same no matter which denomination it is because the numbers are very similar. If you don’t think they stay on top of the numbers then you are naive at best. Secondly, the Catholic Church is holy, not because of its members, they are all sinners, but because of its Head, which is Jesus Christ. Satan wants to destroy the Catholic Church because it is the Bride of Christ. What does satan do with anything he gets his hands on? He twists it and turns it 180 degrees. Up is down, down is up, good is evil and evil is good. Why do you think the satanists have a black mass? They don’t have a black Sunday service.
    I will admit the Church needs a cleansing and it will come, the gates of hell will not prevail against it and She will be clothed in glory once again.


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