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Manafort’s always been a huge question mark to me.

There’s no doubt that he was a plant in Trump campaign… The Podestas wanted to link the Trump campaign to the Russians…

But there’s a huge question as to whether Trump knew he was a plant and got him to flip.

He’s been locked in solitary for so long now, but the distinguishing factor is… he hasn’t said a peep. Against Trump or otherwise.

So Manafort’s lawyers want to bring RR up to testify first, which is a hilarious plot twist. Like the Judge says, you could sell pay-per-view tickets for this.

You have to sit up and wonder, “What’s RR gonna say?”



President Donald Trump’s No. 2 appointee at the Justice Department, Rod Rosenstein, specifically authorized special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate former Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and approved his indictment, prosecutors said in a court filing late Monday night.

You could argue that it’s malicious prosecution on RR’s part, but that would just end up making Rosenstein look really stupid, with the case ending in simple Double Jeopardy. Do you really think he’s forgotten what he did for Manafort just 10 years ago?

Not likely.

But what if RR was acting on Trump’s orders. What if he’s doing this as a way to get his testimony entered as evidence in the public record, and to ultimately get this to lead back to the Podestas?

You have to remember, the Podestas don’t have immunity for this case.

The five individuals who have immunity right now are:

  • James Brennan
  • Donna Duggan
  • Conor O’Brien
  • Cindy Laporta
  • Dennis Raico

So I’m going to reiterate my Mueller/RR whitehat theory from before and refer you back to this older Qdrop:

know you want to hate him. I know you do. But all this time, I’m just not seeing the logic behind that.

If RR talks (and yes, it remains to be seen what he’ll actually say), but if RR talks – this could spell the real beginning of the end of the Russian Collusion narrative.

Of course, he’d have to step down after that. There’s no way he could be seen as unbiased after his testimony, so he’d just have to…

The bonus to that is Trump can appear completely uninvolved. RR would be stepping down of his own volition; not getting fired by Trump.

Which is why I think Q gives us the RR countdown.

3 RR’s

2 RR’s

1 RR…

I’m always willing to look at the evidence and be proven wrong, but yeah, I’m leaning heavily white hat now.

We’ve got the best honkers, folks!


Gotta throw the pen on the clock though, like we’ve done in the past.

#Anon connects it to [18] on the #QClock – which brings us to CHRISTMAS!

We’ll look at Q’s “gift” in just a moment here.


Next, Q cites two posts from different #Anons:

1st anon is referring to Trump repeating “17 times” multiple times during his speech from the rally in Tampa tonight:

Second anon posts a link to a Hill report:


And now to look at the “gift” Q gave us, earlier:


Federal prosecutors are investigating former lobbyist Tony Podesta, former Rep. Vin Weber, R-Minn., and former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig, NBC News confirmed, citing multiple sources familiar with the matter.

Prosecutors for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York opened the investigation following a referral from the office of special counsel Robert Mueller, the sources told NBC.

And would you look at that referral? Just more ammo for my Mueller/RR white-hat theory, that so many have so much trouble with.

Did the Central Intelligence Agency lead the Federal Bureau of Investigation down a rabbit hole in the counterintelligence investigation of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign?

Although the FBI’s case officially began July 31, 2016, there had been investigative activity before that date. John Brennan’s CIA might have directed activity in Britain, which could be a problem because of longstanding agreements that the U.S. will not conduct intelligence operations there. It would explain why the FBI continues to stonewall Congress as to the inquiry’s origin.

Further, what we know about the case’s origin does not meet the threshold required by the attorney general guidelines for opening a counterintelligence case. That standard requires “predicate information,” or “articulable facts.”

From what has been made public, all that passes for predicate information in this matter originated in Britain. Stefan Halper, an American who ran the Centre of International Studies at Cambridge, had been a CIA source in the past. Recent press reports describe him as an FBI informant. Joseph Mifsud, another U.K.-based academic with ties to Western intelligence, met with Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos on April 26, 2016. Mr. Mifsud reportedly mentioned “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. Then, on May 10, Mr. Papadopoulos met with Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer in London, to whom he relayed the claim about “dirt” on Mrs. Clinton.

Don’t ignore the article. Read read read the whole thing, please.

Although Mr. Brennan has exposed himself as a biased actor, the CIA has escaped criticism for using only thinly sourced information from British intelligence to snooker the FBI. Most damaging is the possibility that the CIA violated agreements with Britain by spying there rather than asking MI5 or MI6 to do so. And that may be what is really being withheld from Congress.

UK in the killbox!!

Closest Q has gotten to finding a source for that video, he wanted:



This anon gets bonus points for creative and contextually correct usage of the word “snookered.” Both he, and the anon below, are talking about Q’s WSJ article.

Our media’s valiant efforts to distract us notwithstanding, information continues to seep out that underscores how badly a housecleaning is needed in Washington, D.C.

Last week saw the release of the applications used to obtain warrants from the FISA court to spy on Carter Page, an adviser to the Trump presidential campaign. Obtained by Judicial Watch, the 400-plus pages of (heavily redacted) documents support the conclusions earlier drawn by the House Intelligence Committee (and denounced by Democrats as hysteria): the FISA warrants were obtained through obfuscation and deceit.

As various commentators predicted would be proven, the bulk of the information that formed the basis for the FISA warrant applications was the “dossier” of allegations about Donald Trump’s activities in Russia. This dossier was provided to the FBI by British spy Christopher Steele. Steele was hired during the 2016 presidential campaign by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, who was paid by Hillary Clinton’s law firm Perkins Coie, who was paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The allegations were scandalous and completely unverified, in violation of federal statutes and FISA court rules.

In other words, the FBI used oppo research paid for by the Democrats as justification for government spying on a political opponent and other Americans.

But there’s more. In another incredible coincidence, Fusion GPS had hired scholar and professor Nellie Ohr as a “paid Russian expert.” Nellie Ohr happens to be married to Bruce Ohr, deputy attorney general in the Justice Department. Bruce Ohr is alleged to have passed his wife’s anti-Trump research to the FBI. He was demoted for failing to disclose not only his wife’s employment with Fusion GPS, but also his own meetings with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson.

The FISA court was never told any of that. They were never supposed to know. None of us was ever supposed to know.

As usual, please – read the whole thing. It’s well worth your time.



Good job, guys!


No T-shirt ad, yet again. (They’re up on the sidebar if you want them). I dropped a hint the other night, and I’m dropping another one tonight.

Hmmm… what could this be? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

I can’t say just yet, but I will say that much progress has been made, and if things go to plan (pray!), I’ll be able to do a full reveal in short order!

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    • Let’s drink to the hard working people
      Let’s drink to the lowly of birth
      Raise your glass to the good and the evil
      Let’s drink to the salt of the earth

      Say a prayer for the common foot soldier
      Spare a thought for his back breaking work
      Say a prayer for his wife and his children
      Who burn the fires and who still till the earth

      When I search a faceless crowd
      Swirling mass of grey, black and white
      They don’t look real to me
      In fact they look so strange

      Raise your glass to the hard working people
      Let’s drink to the uncounted head
      Let’s think of the wavering millions
      Who want leaders but get gamblers instead

      Spare a thought for the stay-at-home voter
      His empty eyes gaze at strange beauty shows
      And a parade of gray suited grafters
      A choice of cancer or polio

      And when I search a faceless crowd
      Swirling mass of grey, black and white
      They don’t look real to me
      In fact they look so strange

      Let’s drink to the hard working people
      Let’s think of the lowly of birth
      Spare a thought for the ragtaggy people
      Let’s drink to the salt of the earth

      Let’s drink to the hard working people
      Let’s drink to the salt of the earth
      Let’s think of the three thousand million
      Let’s think of the humble of birth

      Salt Of The Earth – –

      Reminder – August 1, 2018:
      Spirit of Renaissance, false flag potential higher .
      (Moon conjunct Chiron, Moon square Saturn)

      • President Trump Meets/Prays with Pastors From Inner Cities .

        [Less than 10] – 4:30 mark ?

        Published on Aug 1, 2018

        Trump Will End “17” Year Afghan War to Boost Economy – Gerald Celente
        Published on Jul 31, 2018

  1. Love the speed neon. thanks!
    I was watching all this unfold live.
    I agree with your perspective on everything so. far.
    This entire week has, since Sunday, has been amazing.

  2. Keep up the good work! I want a red wave in November and I want the Cabal exposed and brought down. I hope to see it happen

  3. About your theory that Manafort was a plant, but turned for Trump. His silence lends credence to your theory. Perhaps, that is why the Obama appointed judge jailed him. He won’t talk so they threw him in jail hoping to squeeze him to talk.

  4. Honestly, I have to admit some days I wish the military coup had happened instead. This is dragging on too long and I don’t see the knowledge of all this really making it mainstream yet. They have to destroy the Democrats before the midterms.

  5. Ok, Neon, I have the WWG1WGA T-Shirt, and the Q lounge pant, so, am I going to have a follow the white rabbit hat to complete the outfit? If not, that’s ok, I have both a MAGA cap and KAG cap I can wear. ; o)

  6. I used to think RR/RM were white hats and just stirring up trouble while secretly collecting scalps, but now I believe they are true black hats. Blackest of black. Reasons 1) RR’s wife. 2) RM’s shady past (and culture is set at the top. He was the top for a long time, so therefore, he is the dirtiest and slimiest), 3) Trump and team are spending a LOT on legal fees to combat these guys, 4) Q and team POTUS are still in a lot of danger. Nope–Q wants us to enjoy the show, but I don’t think it has gone as planned. RR is causing problems cause he is Black black black….

  7. Pls read PRAYING MEDIC latest re: FISA. Also, pls listen to all SerialBrain2 videos on YouTube in July. You will gain insight. An ongoing interaction that you may not be aware of/ We can all humble ourselves and take in what has been missed/ you are one of the best out there and we all appreciate your work and your heart. Bottom line: we must FINISH well. A good start does not get the job done. Solomon started well but missed the mark. Judas Iscariot started well, but he did NOT agree with the direction things were going in…../ We walk by faith, NOT by sight/ Let NOT your heart BE troubled, He said. Not a gentle suggestion. THIS IS A COMMAND!/ We can only learn to do this ON the battlefield and then, only because He lives IN US/ Take a break. Read from John 13 to the end IN ONE SITTING, AMPLIFIED CLASSIC.Bible Gateway, like it was a short story./ He gave them HIS peace and joy, staring at the Cross/ Let Him fill you with HIS life./ ……..chill……

  8. Post #1774 looks like a reflection to me.

    What I don’t get is how they can give Brennan immunity and have the evidence the C_A was behind the U.K. set up (wsj article) That’s burning me up right now cuz JB is such an SOB & the 7/10 twat post is making me angry!

    Great article Neon! I really can feel a shift of truth coming out.

  9. It was a Good Day For All Americans, even though they may not know it. Thanks to Neon for his thoughts. We are deeply indebted. We are awoken to a new reality. I joined Twatter for the first time today. The red pills were flying.
    I couldn’t link to Neon yet because he operates on a different plain. I don’t troll the left, I just offer them a different path- the one that leads to self awareness. SB2 and Neon are advanced courses. Thank God you do what you do NeonRevolt! Sleep well tonight Patriot.You’ve earned it!

  10. The “17” video leads me to believe Q has been working on this plan for a long time…a very long time.

  11. A white rabbit-logo polo shirt? Great way to cut out the yahud, m8. Or maybe I’m just projecting my preppy-vision everywhere.

  12. Neon, you see the pic with all those people in the Q shirts. The design is simple and high contrast between the white letter and the red shirt. Make one of those simple ones and I’ll buy it from you rather than so place else.

    Thanks for all you do.

  13. I’ve gone back and forth on the RM/RR hat color. Cases can be made for both sides. It’s not hard to see a long-term swamp creature like RM taking a deal where he shanks his former “allies” to skate on his own crimes.

  14. @NR…Thank you very much! I have been saying for a very long time now (mostly on CTH) that, when investigators present their case to the prosecutor, his very first question is “Have we obtained the evidence legally?”. Because he isn’t going to court with some procedural liability hanging over his head.
    When those Mueller raids were publicized, I said that legalized the evidence of anything, any crime, that prosecutor found as a result.
    Consequently, Mueller could very well be a white hat. When there was that hub-bub that Trump was going to fire Mueller, and all the Democrats screamed to make a law that POTUS couldn’t fire Mueller, that smelled of a sting. After Mueller comes out with damning evidence against the cabal, how would Schiff, Schumer, et al. deal with it? How could they rail against Mueller, after unanimously supporting him? Plus, some of Mueller’s actions would embarrass an L1, so what was his thinking here? I think it was theater, for the perps.

  15. Such Evil as we are confronting now has old & deep roots, back into the 1700s (anti-God revolution), and the Deep State back into the 1900s, and 1940s. We’ve been trained by TV and movies and digital media to expect instant gratification, and quick neat resolutions of problems.

    Getting impatient over the Swamp Draining, wanting instant victory? Jesus warned about this in the Parable of the Wheat & the Tares. Man’s wrath is not like unto God’s judgment & payback. We don’t want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    New Q-er, watching from deepest darkest Canuckistan, where the Clintons get welcome & loot, and No Name also gets his drops.

    Q-Anon: Take The Red Pill, Neo!

    • Actually – I never mix my branding and Q-related imagery – and that’s intentional. I don’t want people to accuse me of hooking my “brand” into his, or trying to somehow elevate my own status through association. There’s Neon, and he’s separate from Q. It kind of has to be that way.

  16. Q: Your expectation for full revelation . . . (1) prior to mid-terms? or (2) after mid-terms? I’m beginning to sense the reveals will become more and more obvious and that they will become more and more damning. However, I’m also feeling that the hammer won’t drop until well into year three of the Presidency (expectation that it is actually best for 2018 Ds to control house and allow articles of impeachment to be drawn). In essence, that this is being set up for the 2020 election with a far broader mandate by the electorate to “drain the swamp.”

    Just a thought. Appreciate your work.

  17. Small problem, Neon. The “Honkers” video was taken on I-35 north of Kansas City, not in Tampa. You can see the exit sign early in the video for “KCI ~ 3 1/2 miles”. I’ve been down that road many times, it is NOT Florida. Look at the highway, small hills, (2 story) homes, and the hotel, not to mention the MO license tags on the front of the vehicle by the crowd. Florida doesn’t have front plates.

    Was this intended to reflect the “honk to the crowd” yesterday, or last week in KC? I’m confused.


    • It was just a repost of last week. All Q is saying is that the Presidential motorcade doesn’t typically honk at passersby. The honk was an intentional signal.

  18. Thanks for this theory, Neon. It’s the first I’ve read that makes sense from start to finish even for a normie, like me.
    I do have a question. Included in your article is a Q drop that reads, “if POTUS is in a weakened position….would ‘they’ resign? Is the ‘they’, John Dowd? If so, what’s the significance? If not, who IS ‘they’?
    BTY: Bought one of your tees. Love it!

  19. I love when I wear my WWG1WGA shirt from your store Neon & see people’s heads swivel around to get a double take. And I tell anyone who asks where to get it. Now…..are you darning me some matching warm socks for the winter??

  20. Mueller and Rosenstein are ‘grey’ hats… they were black hats, and are facing redemption, by helping the Trump administration and the Q Circle, in cleaning up the swamp, so bridging to white hats… hence… ‘grey’.

  21. No prosecutor with any experience would make the stupid mistake of indicting someone of a crime who was found not guilty of that crime already! Especially if it is the very same prosecutor, which it is, RR.
    Why would they put Manafort in jail? Nobody has access to him except them. For all we know he could be in a comfortable cell and helping them quietly while they use the case to get critical testimony and evidence on record that can be used in other upcoming cases! Whatever it is, the deep state is mostly ignorant about while they dig their graves politically.

  22. I can’t find the Q message now, but he says “If Mueller is dirty, RR is dirty” or vice versa. To me, that means they are both white hats, though Rosenstein, reluctantly so. If not, he would have said this in a completely different way.

  23. if mueller is dirty then rr is dirty. they are both Whitehats. Manafort was placed into Trump’s camp (as well as others). The corruption that will come out is so serious that deals must be cut for people to walk away otherwise 70% of elected politicians would be in jail (you are seeing it already begin).

  24. Q1318 may 7 If RR is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.
    If Mueller is dirty, RR must also be dirty.
    Common denominator.
    Why did Sessions pick RR?
    Everyone has an opinion.
    Few have the facts.
    Few know the plan.
    Midterms [save & push]?

  25. If RR is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.
    If Mueller is dirty, RR must also be dirty.
    Common denominator.
    Why did Sessions pick RR?
    Everyone has an opinion.
    Few have the facts.
    Few know the plan.
    Midterms [save & push]?

  26. In Defense of Paul Manafort

    I thought Manafort might be a plant as well so I did some research into past articles about him. If you recall, there was a serious threat at the 2016 GOP convention that candidate Trump might be denied the nomination by a floor fight. There was a serious and organized effort to get pledged delegates to dump Trump and vote for a more palatable candidate. Paul Manafort was an experienced floor manager having been in that role for many previous Republican presidential candidates.. He worked tirelessly in the weeks prior to the convention to secure the votes to nominate Trump. If he wanted to sandbag Trump he could have sabotaged him quietly prior to the convention.


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