Furious Q! #QAnon’s Communication Gap. #NewQ #GreatAwakening

Q is mad today. And I’m mad at Q, in return.

But more on that later.

Here’s the start of today’s drops:

This photo came out a while ago, as part of a Mike Cernovich protest, but did ya catch it?

“No Pedo Bashing” – NAMBLA.

Need I say more?

It’s that attempt at normalization I’ve been telling you about… like in this article:

The next #QAnon post requires the conversation between #Anons that took place before it, just to understand the context, so we pick up the conversation here (talking about the #Facebook and #Twitter stock plunges, as well as the broader #FANG rut that seems to be in the works), and go in response order:

And this is where Q steps in, and disabuses us of any illusions we may have had:

I’ll admit, I forgot about Melissa Hodgman being top dog at the SEC. I was hoping for an SEC investigation into #FB, but with her still in place, I don’t think we’ll get one, because she was put there specifically to protect the #DeepState and the Deep State’s interests.

Anon references an older Q post to help us dig deeper:

#Anon correlates the date with the happening of the day:

#And another anon sums it up for us:

But don’t miss that last line from Q’s post, though.

“The Circle.”

I think we’re getting a double reference here – one to the #TomHanks movie, The Circle – which is basically about a dystopian Facebook-like company, that becomes all-encompassing, and basically ends up engaging in mass surveillance and population control… you know, exactly like the real thing:

But the deeper reference, I believe, is a connection that was made some months ago, which I covered back in March.

That is the connection to Le Cercle, aka The Pinay group. At the time, anon’s speculated that [P] = Pinay, and that this was the group from whom #Soros was taking his marching orders:

This is the major takeaway:

(Full size: https://www.neonrevolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/firefox_2018-03-03_22-42-55.png)

No, the full truth is still redacted.

If the “Important marker” Q is referring to is D5…

Golly, I don’t have a clue what Q is trying to communicate here.

D5, AFAIK, is the final chess move in that game we’ve talked about previously. Others saw it as an avalanche rating (which was stupid, if you ask me, but whatever).

Some anons thought it was a reference to the “Digital 5,” which honestly, looks like nothing more than a bunch of GNU-geeks getting together to shill FOSS software Linux and Open Office to governments, so whatever there. I think that’s off-the-mark, too.

The only other thing I can think of…

Oh jeez, Q, is it Dauair?

Are you telling us that it was Germany and Frau Merkel/Hitler telling the UK what to do with the Dossier? Is that who’s pulling the strings here?


That connection – UK Fairford… That’s an RAF base, if I’m not mistaken:

It says they shut down operations in 2006… But what if they didn’t?

Just spitballing here, because I’m drawing a blank on everything else.

If none of these are it, D5 remains completely meaningless to me.

Q references the same older Q post as Anon above, so we won’t rehash it.

Here’s where Q starts to get mad, and I, in return, get mad back:

I don’t understand why Q does this.

It reads like he’s frustrated with us, but I don’t get why he then chooses to focus on rehashed information we already know.

THIS is the stuff we already understand. This is actually the really obvious stuff, understood by pretty much all the anons who visit the boards regularly. So why the shift in tone and why waste everyone’s time (yes, waste) going over it YET AGAIN?

ALL of this is understood already, multiple times over. NO new intel is in this drop, despite the ANGRY ALL CAPS.

This isn’t the stuff we’re not getting, Q.

There’s plenty we don’t understand, but this, all of this, is already understood.


And I realize all you operators are in a lot of danger. I pray for you guys regularly. And I do what I can here to help speed up and spread awareness every day.

Honestly, I’m basically one of the only intermediate “translators” you’ve got, Q, because frankly, it takes someone with an IQ over 140+ and a ton of time, technical ability AND creative skills, to not only understand your COMPLETELY CRYPTIC AND OFTEN INDECIPHERABLE posts (let alone keep up with them), but to then turn around quickly and (attempt to) communicate their intended meaning to the normie-sphere in a way the masses can understand. (Sure, there are others. And I don’t mean to discount them and their work at all. And yes, I owe a huge debt to other anons, and yes, your reach is huge, Q, but when it comes to approachable, understandable, up-to-date Q translations – Q, I’m getting 100,000+ hits a day now, and it’s only going to keep growing. Surely you know this already. And surely you know all about me and my background – so you know everything I just said is true, and you know what I’ve already accomplished on the boards – let alone the influence this page has on the boards. Was it any coincidence, for instance, that I quoted Andrew Jackson here on the site when explaining the Fed situation in my recent article, and then that same quote appears in the notables the next day? Of course not. And that’s fine; I’m not looking for credit or anything so shallow. I just want a country free of #TheCabal. I’ve already had a decade+ stolen from me; I don’t want the next 4, 5, 6 decades+ to be the same).

(And really, why do you think so many people even call it “The Cabal” to begin with? I popularized that name. And I’m not trying to hang on this or toot my own horn here – but just trying to highlight the communication gap we have going on here).

Information will spread – but only if it’s understood. Am I better at communicating with the masses than you, even with all your military expertise and resources? I’m just one guy with a WordPress blog. Sure, you “know” everything. But that doesn’t mean you’re understood.

I’m not saying I’m not grateful, Q. I really am, and I’m doing everything in my power to help. I’m with you in this.

But if you’re reading this, we really understand all of this already. What you just wrote – none of that is a problem to our understanding.

It’s the markers, the double-meanings, the clock, the map, the keystone (god, the @#$$%@#ing map and keystone) – those are the things we don’t understand.

Saying things like we “have more than we know” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over doesn’t help anyone. That’s like telling us there’s oil underground somewhere in the state of Texas, and that we should start drilling if we want to get to it.

(Oh, there are signs planted strategically along the way that point to where this oil reserve is… but they’re written in Klingon, so good luck).

Sure, I see your “markers.” Sometimes, I think I have an idea what they’re pointing to. But mostly I look at it and go, “Yup. That’s a big ol’ sign written in Klingon” and move on (see: the D5 section above – which, btw, is a distillation of all the major thoughts Anons have had on the subject, and an original thought by yours truly, but which is probably still wrong because there will be something you’ll say we missed).

Greeeeeeeeaat… but we still don’t know where to drill, let alone know how to build a big enough drill to tap it.

And you get frustrated with us?

If we’re not picking up what you’re putting down, it’s because you and all your military friends haven’t figured out a way to communicate competently with the masses. YOU’VE GOT SIGNAL, MEDIUM, AND RECEIVER – AND THE PROBLEM ISN’T WITH THE MEDIUM OR THE RECEIVER. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large mass of humanity cling to someone’s words as much as they cling to yours, Q.

No, what YOU have is a COMMUNICATION GAP, Q.

I mean, you’re not even trying to communicate with normies here. You’re communicating with the Autists – and if WE’RE ALL NOT GETTING IT, the normies don’t stand a snowball’s chance of ever understanding.

And WHY is that so important?

I’ll show you why, and I’ll show you using your own words:

It’s July 28th as of this writing. I don’t think we’ve really gotten much closer to the “TRUTH,” as it were, but I’ve been sitting with these drops for hours, reflecting on the state of the “Q movement” because of these last two recent posts. And I realized something during all that reflection…

You keep making allusions to all these films, Q. Trump’s pen is the Mont Blanc Screenwriter, and you keep telling us to “enjoy the movie.”

Well I’m an actual screenwriter. I’ve been read in some of the biggest production companies in the world (though, as I’ve said before, what I wrote did not sell – a fact I used to begrudge, but now for which I’m supremely grateful given who runs the studios). And while your “story” has had MAJOR pacing and logic problems this whole time, those would be excusable.

But you violated the number one rule of storytelling, Q.

It’s not enough to introduce us to the characters, settings, problems, subtext, and themes of the story, Q.

You actually have to make the audience care.

And right now, even if the full FISA truth came out – the biggest problem you have is that the majority of the world DOES NOT CARE and WILL NOT CARE. 

No, most will just glaze over and get mad and dismissive if you try to explain it to them.

Half of my job as a “Q translator” (if I you’ll allow me the indulgence of calling myself that) has been trying to make people care. I employ a number of techniques to make that possible. Believe me, it’s not easy. (Not with what you’ve been giving me to work with, anyway).

But even if all the facts re: FISA came out tomorrow, most people would still think Hillary “won the popular vote” and that Trump colluded with the Russians.

Most people would think this was just some dirty Republican trick, and get mad, possibly violent.


Because, frankly, The Cabal is better at manipulating people’s emotions and getting them to care.

I realize some of that is down to owning pretty much every single media outlet, but your riddles; your frustration stemming from the fact that we’re not deriving the correct information from the Alphabet-soup you present us with on a daily basis, actually serves to get in the way of connecting with people’s hearts.

In a strange way, Q, you’ve actually made YOURSELF the primary obstacle to our understanding.

Honestly, I’m at a point where I wish you all would just go full-on Pinochet in this country; where you and the generals opted for Plan-B (military coup) instead of Plan-A (Trump and the bloodless coup).

Screw due process.

Screw Habeus Corpus.

We’re already under Martial Law.

Just roll out the tanks already.

I’m tired of being among the anons blamed for the communication gap we’re experiencing, and frankly, my heart – and the hearts of so many others – would be 100% behind a revolt like that.

I would literally get down in the trenches with a rifle and start racking up Cabal corpses with you, if I could.

(UPDATE: Some people evidently don’t understand hyperbole and/or Pinochet Memes. See: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/free-helicopter-rides. I do not endorse violence or vigilantism. I endorse Justice, carried out legally).

I’m sorry if you’ve lost more good people, IRL. I know you all make great sacrifices. Again, I pray for you guys. But if you feel like you’re losing, there’s a reason for that.

You write in constant riddles, and then get mad at us?

Q, you need to grasp this if this is to have ANY hope of succeeding:



If you’re going to keep up with the riddles, we autists will still be here, TRYING to figure it out…

But if that’s your approach, don’t get mad at US when NO ONE ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET has managed to solve your riddles during the past 9 months!

So there’s oil in the ground somewhere in Texas… 


It’s inaccessible to us autists (and by proxy, everyone else on planet earth).

Might as well tell me that the core of Jupiter is made of gold, and the entire surface of the planet is populated exclusively by attractive 20-something female virgins, for all the good it does me.

I don’t care how mad you are, Q, you need to hear this:

If you can’t make people care, you will fail.

I wish I could end there, but I’ve got one more drop to address in this article:

Yet again, more rehashing. Why, Q, why? Because you don’t think we won’t recognize when the MSM levels its next salvo? Because the entire autistic hivemind of the internet is too stupid to solve your indecipherable riddles, so we’ll somehow miss the really obvious Mockingbird attacks when they happen this week?

We know it’s coming, and we’ll recognize it when it pops up. Believe me, it’s much easier than understanding your riddles.

You want us to care, Q?

You’ve got to increase our understanding.

Angrily rehashing old information in ALL CAPS doesn’t do that.

Creating new impossible riddles doesn’t do that.

There’s just no other way around it. We’re at an impasse until you decide to step down from your silicon throne and give us more understandable intel, instead of getting mad at us because no one in the world has solved your impossible, dare I say, even nonsensical riddles, yet.

I hope you have a good weekend, Q. I’ll be praying for you and the Trump team, and we’ll all still be here when you decide to drop again.

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280 thoughts on “Furious Q! #QAnon’s Communication Gap. #NewQ #GreatAwakening”

  1. Yeah, D5 is not an airline. I don’t remember who it was, but they suggested that D5 referred to a collection of countries that wanted to use FB like data collection to “improve governance”. Israel was one of the countries. The problem with that theory is that two more countries join them so now it is called D7. So we are back to the chess square. Anyways, good luck trying to get Q to be a little less opaque.

    By the way I think that the big drop was Facebook’s stock drop. And I think the evil guy that we all trust will turn out to be Tom Hanks, just my $0.02

  2. Q wrote “hummanity.” Then he wrote there are no intended spelling errors. Yet that word is misspelled. I don’t have the coding skills to work it out. He said to reference back to other drops. What if these all caps posts were put into a 5:5 grid and decoded (that T-thing?)? Is that too off-based to think of? I’m fishing. I know. I don’t want anyone to give up.

    • ‘Q wrote “hummanity.” Then he wrote there are no intended spelling errors. Yet that word is misspelled.’

      THIS. This is the key right here. I don’t know how, but it is.

      • It’s humanity, its us. Our world, our country our families & friends. This is why WE have to care. This is what we have to save.

        Everyone gets frustrated. Clearly even Q. The force of the MSM 24/7 so much negative press, flogging the Russia story so we don’t care & tune out. Same as with HRC emails. MSM knows normies will tune out from the truth if they strongly push the BS lie. Keeps them sleeping. Keeps the crimes covered up.

        Even GDP was bad press. No wins were treated like wins.

        Then we get oversight testomonies & either they are classified or Dems turn it into a circus with their grandstanding & off narrative segueways into “more current MSM fear mongering issues”

        And D.C. Moves at a snails pace. It’s like pushing your car in a traffic jam while you’re late for work on a hot day.

        Everyone gets frustrated

        Stay strong & pray for everyone

        Trust the plan.

    • No No No! You’re on the wrong track… “No intentional spelling errors” means don’t bother looking for codes because he didn’t purposely misspell anything. He didn’t intentionally spell something wrong in order to hide a clue.

      I hope this helps. I hate to see good people who have a good heart and want to do good things for the world, wasting your time.

      I too, was unsure of the meaning at first. But I am certain that he said there are no intentional errors. So any error had to be a mistake.

      He was typing angrily and on a mobile device, so it makes sense that he would put that note at the end since he didn’t have time or desire to fix errors.

    • That’s the Best suggestion. Especially if you have a world view. I know that everything we need to know is between those pages. Yes, we as a people need to continue to expose darkness and be thankful that we have been given a window in time to find out that we do not live in a just world. However, our history proves that mankind is capable of regarding humanity as rejected and therefore taking whatever means necessary to murder is the massive numbers
      imaginable. The real war has already been declared and foretold from the End to the Beginning.
      The only way for ALL of the innocent blood that’s been shed in every Nation is for God to decide and that He has promised to do. If God does not shorten the days no mankind will be saved.
      We around the world are able to see and read to understand now more than ever before according to world events that those dusty scriptures are more accurate than any new new News.
      Right now more than ever our Truth should include God’s Word because the Churches have been infiltrated, and a major genocide on Christians in the millions has been taking place across Soo many nation’s and most of these Christians were given the Gospel by the Western Nation’s, especially from America and Britain
      Gatestone Institute has the numbers if you are interested. What’s more important here too is the percentage of the Christians that were not allowed to escape percecution intentionally.

  3. Really enjoyed reading this. And glad you expressed all.
    Agree, my fear is that no one cares, no one cares if there was no collusion.
    Neon, you KNOW they are reading your material. Would it be so hard for them to add one more to the Q Team? (You)

    • Agreed. I had posted two youtube videos about this all caps nonsense from Q and, at or around the same time, Neon Revolt was saying roughly the same thing. I felt vindicated, since Neon Revolt is a top notch analyst whose posts I never miss. Here’s the first of my videos on this subject.

  4. hmmmm. yes. I’ve lurked since the very beginning. In fact I was following “Storm Clouds Gathering” before Trump used his Calm Before the Storm thingy. I have only recently got into responding. (Went to share this to Twat and found my account suspended. Lol. Second one to go down.) I’ve gotten used to the chans and the stuff that goes on there. Its bigger than BIG.

    I’m living in New Zealand. I have very recently tried to talk about the possibility that Trump is not an “Orange Idiot” as everyone I know here calls him. But their buy-in to their perspective is complete. They mock me. They ignore me. They brush me off. The ‘proofs’ are by and large very problematic, I think Q even said that they are ‘just for you’. There is nothing I can take out to the public that is convincing in any way. Just like I’ve learned how to keep quiet about 911 – I have learned to keep quiet about Q. I thought it was my failing. I thought I was stupid and gullible. Interesting to see your reaction.

    I have seen people comment on your other posts, and thought some of those comments were extremely hostile. Chan-style hostile. It is not how we can take the message out. I wonder if we are not meant to take the message out? Is it just to keep us doing busy-work as cover for the real work? Is it just another propaganda tool? Is it bored rich people talking to each other in code? WTF is this? I have been ready to walk away form Q for a month. Almost did. Came back for the new drops. But its just the same as when they came back from their 10 day break and started posting bland rehashes.

    So, as a normie, who has an ‘autist’ son who introduced me to the chans, I really am experiencing everything you mention in the article above. I’m nothing but a lurker, not into it all like you, and just wanted to confirm that your thinking is dead on. Why am I continuing to bother with this? I don’t have time to spend if this is just an ‘undercover’ millitary op. Maybe I’ll go see the movie in 8 years time. But for now – meh

  5. Well said. We love you Q, but please take this article seriously. I have been around since the first week of November, and I am more frustrated now then I was then.

  6. Goodness Neon, I think you might be taking this way too personal. There are huge amounts of new people joining the group and I like the rehashing personally.

    I think the FISA was huge!!!! Unlocks the whole plot to overthrow our President and pulls all the players out in the open as they out themselves via MSM, those on Congress yelling and thrashing about. The stock markets reacting. Everybody is digging into this now and it just became mainstream not just off the boards. Anyone in media not cabal, Judicial Watch, Bongino and people like him are on it via podcast as it was hugely eye opening for the public, just huge to general public awareness and NO ONE CAN DENY it anymore, totally blew up the narrative.

    I know you guys get frustrated as you work hard digging all this stuff up and your heart and soul is in it. You want to see results but you know this is a plan and layer upon layer. So I get that, but many new people are coming over now, so don’t give up hope or diss Q. We are all one family in love with each other.

    I send you financial support for all your hard work. This is our part in it all. What they know and are dealing with is far beyond our comprehension.

      • TBH, I think we are about to see a LOT go down. I get the feeling the grand juries are wrapped up, the indictments are ready and they are setting the stage. This is so exciting. What a ride it’s been, and you have been a great guide, Neon. As soon as Q posts, I rush to see your take. So keep heartened, it’s all coming and we trust the plan. 😀 I can’t wait for justice but I do believe she’s coming. MAGA! WWG1WGA!

    • I agree that things are beginning to emerge more and more, not less. Overall, suspicions over this matter continue to increase. It just so happens that most of us are surrounded in our day-to-day lives by people completely under the spell of Trump is a boogie man, Hillary should’ve won, etc. What id like to see is simplified proofs in forms of memes or translations from neon’s already simplified version into bite size portions that are easy to share. I think the 20 day absence of Q proved how important it is for the community to stay proactive and generate content/awareness of our own. That’s where the organic growth comes from.

  7. I understand your frustration and disappointment. I find myself not watching for Q as much as I used to. It seems like it’s been time to hit back for awhile now. People that support the president are getting attacked on the streets of America and getting away with it for the most part. I’d like to see MSM brought down a leg or two. It seems even worse than before. Midterms are close and no one has a solution to vote rigging. DJT can’t do it alone. I’ll pray for you tonight. I

  8. God bless you Neon.. god bless you Q… we are GASLIGHTED everyday.. every dam day.. every single muther loving day… it never ends..
    I care… i care every second of every GASLIGHTEDGODAM DAY…

    NEON is right… until something happens… and i mean SOMETHING.. we will be gaslighted into 2019..

    And noone will care…

    Until 1 or all the media is completely overtaken.. noone will BE ABLE TO CARE…

    Fox news is Corrupt for gods sakes.. lol.

    I love you both more than words can say.. ty ty ty for your time and sacrifice

    • I agree 100%. No need for me to make my comment now, lol. You’ve said it ALL. I think pretty much all Trump supporters (and their are millions in the closet) are angry over the constant lies the MSM keep harping about. We are ANGRY and FRUSTRATED ALSO. I’m kinda leaning with NEON about the military coup. I don’t see how it’s possible to route this deep state cabal using the already corrupted systems. What can we do? I guess just keep talking about it to everyone no matter how dismissive they are, my family has come around and keep praying for a positive outcome to all this mess.

  9. Good stuff… I am not a anon, but a concerned Patriot, I agree with you 100%.
    Q needs to make a move, I feel the momentum slowing down. Don’t worry about the technicalities and let the blades fly.
    Appreciate your efforts God bless you brother.

  10. Mueller catching a plane to spartansburg, SC. District 5, (D5) school district. Chairman of the schoolboard > also VP of Duar/Carolina coil. what do planes, trains and automobiles have in common? just an observation. ThankYou Neon for all that you do. Q, STAY SAFE!

  11. You’ve got more than you know…i.e your not digging hard enough. Could be wrong but i get the impression folks are getting adicted to the drip feed of drops rather than digging and discovering things.

  12. He wrote there were no spelling errors right after he misspelled humanity. Why? Did he need that extra “m”? What for? Does the entire message belong on a grid? Say 5:5?

  13. Uhhh, yeah……I think you just fucked yourself in the ass, drama queen, I’m so big and important to the cause now, fag. Good luck with all that. I just hope you haven’t screwed the rest of us with this swollen headed piece of self aggrandizing drivel.

  14. Well. After reading your post I am a little angry myself. No e-goo. Seriously? Are you seeing yourself? Today you sound about as clueless and impatient as any green “normie”! No wonder Q has to keep rehashing if such monumental minds as yours are STILL asking idiotic questions like, “So what have you done for me lately?” Ingrate! Think logically. The “enemy” is also reading the boards every day, looking for intel. You expect Q to give away the store just to keep you, lesser minds and lazy folks happy? Are Military Intelligence protocols ringing any bells here? Being cryptic and using disinfo is necessary. One more point if I may. If there is only one thing we can say Q has done in the last eight months it has been to get us all to THINK, to get off our comfortable lazy asses and dig deep for our freedom. Or did you think you should have precious liberty handed to you on a silver platter? Q has helped us to unify and help each other, to work on finding our collective way out of this mess. That has been the greatest gift of all. For that alone I give humble thanks, but there is so much more to be grateful for. As Q says, people are dying. Every day. Patriots unnamed and unsung are giving all that can be given. Sheesh, get a grip, buddy. No one is asking you to lay down your life. Now I thank you for the opportunity to have a rant and call you and the others out who are putting on a similar whine. And now, you can ban me if you want to.

    • You’re not “calling me out.” You’re being an idiot.

      I didn’t ask any of those questions. I have over 400 articles here dedicated to dissecting Q posts, and have spent countless hours working, analyzing, writing, and spending quite a bit, and taking more than a few risks to spread his message. If there’s anyone who doesn’t feel entitled to anything, it’s me.

      I didn’t ask anything even remotely resembling “what have you done for me lately?”

      If that’s literally all you took away from what I wrote, you need to go back to 2nd grade and work on your reading comprehension skills, because that was not even close to my point.

      And I’m SO SORRY to upset you, because I’m not going to be a mindless cheerleader for anyone, ever.

      • Not only will MSM NOT come out with “Truth”.. neither will Fox which is more MSM than ever before. Mankind has not the courage to stand.. true numbers are too low and most don’t want to be suicided… fact is Neon.. the best truths are not coming out and you chose to not write me where I suggested to do so…There is a celestial plan. Q can only educate.. He can’t make the changes and mankind lies incapable yet.

      • Neon, most appreciate your efforts and especially giving us insight into your thought process. It takes a lot of resolve to speak openly and honestly in an open forum, thinking out-loud so many can understand your process and since your site is being monitored it also serves to send a message to those running the operation. Your instincts have been spot on and I know you will continue your focused efforts. (as an aside, I love those who say “they are not going to be mindless cheerleaders for anyone, ever” they are too daft to realize that they expose themselves as the “Never Trumpers” under the guise of feigned obtectivity) WWG1WGA Patriot.

  15. Wow…thanks for saying it Neon. I emphatically DO NOT have a 140+ IQ and I depend on anons like yourself to make Q more understandable (and even then sometimes the details are too complex and convoluted for me to really understand in more than a general way. F##k my dumb brain). If the MSM is untouchable, and the success of The Plan depends on us conveying this insanely-complex-to-the-point-of-indecipherable information to normies (who haven’t the slightest earthly idea what any of this really points to and are staunchly against even considering what it points to) in a way that could break the cLenched iron fist of the MSM spell, then for the first time since October I’m feeling the cold jabs of despair.

    However I don’t think that is the case. I think Q team fumbled the ball a bit with the hype and are expecting more than what is reasonable considering they DO understand the depth of the brainwashing we are dealing with. I think major, unmistakable disclosures are coming out of necessity (and maybe it will have to ruffle the feathers of the snowflakes and that’s okay with me. I fully understand and agree with the effort to keep things smooth, but we cannot fail in the plan to save the planet because we don’t want to upset the babies. They will survive and we will help them through). Q has also stated that we hired them to do the heavy lifting and we get to enjoy the show. Things ARE happening at a pace I’ve never seen before, but the MSM blackout still remains more powerful than the truth. If July passes without an epic smack down to shock the world awake, yeah I’ll be a bit disappointed but by no means will I believe that’s all she wrote. Servers. 9/11. Pedogate. Julian. Seth. Any of these silver bullets in the chamber could be used to blast a fatal hole through the heart of the deep state. I continue to trust the plan and trust we WILL be a country united come November. If not…well…it was worth every shot.

    Thanks again.

    • this. I agree with this and most of your article – re: the frustration aspect. But for me its not just that – we awaken everyone and we the people are pissed now – I’m especially pissed about children suffering. There are real life consequences happening now and its not the military I’m referring to – its horrible and disturbing and needs to be vaporized QUICKLY. Yeah rule of law… well the freaking rule of law failed us for over 60 yrs and maybe we need a non rule of law solution.

      I’ve been wondering if we would know when a mistake has been made and the cabal hits a shot in. Odds are the cabal will get a few no matter how gr8 the plan is. No idea what – but pretty certain something.

      So proof it didnt quite work out how they were expecting? (they meaning POTUS/military). Every time Q is gone from the boards, I’m convinced there is a seal team 6 mission somewhere fighting for their lives.

  16. Great article Neon Revolt! My feelings exactly! I rack my brain every day trying to figure out what we are missing from Q. Most of the great researchers I know online don’t and won’t follow Q unfortunately. They are so mad because they don’t see justice happening. I tell my friends and family that justice will be coming. They don’t belive it because the media is so horrible. When I try to explain to family and friends the real deal with the cabal, they don’t believe most of it. How do we get most people to care? The only thing I can think of is to show them video footage of their crimes. I understand agencies are being gutted but justice is life in prison for some and hopefully most get a firing squad. I wish POTUS would just send in the Marshalls or Marines and get it over with. I think our government is so corrupt every employee needs to be reevaluated for ties to HRC, Soros, or Obama and if so fire them and investigate them for crimes. My son and I pray every day together morning and night for POTUS, his family, Q team, and our military. The other day when Q said to pray I called my mom and we prayed over the phone together. I feel helpless and frustrated also. I don’t think the public will ever care until the media is exposed and the cabal crimes are witnessed publicly. I will keep praying for everyone’s safety and infinite wisdom.

  17. We’re not the only ones reading/understanding the Q drops. What we’re not getting, they are. So much has happened in a short time. We would not let the advances dry up and be forgotten. They’re sticking to the plan, have dedicated their lives to the plan, so I will too. Don’t underestimate the power and force of truth. As hard as they try they’re unable to put a lid on this. When the Fed gets refitted they’re cut off. We’ll see fireworks then. I know I speak for all of us normies when I say thank you for the tireless work you do. We’re all tethered together because of you/autis. The track was built long before we knew the train was even coming. It’s chugging along almost in sight. So many are waiting, cheering, please take heart we are with you. This is our time our destiny. WWG1WGA

  18. People have come and gone. Spectators, who want to be entertained or feel as they are contributing in some way. People have lost faith that a Savior is going to handle this mess. Corsi has moved on with his large following, was he legit? Or furthering his own ego based self serving model? IDK. but if his agenda was to divide and split the People, it sure has worked. So many people ridiculing the Movement. People attacking each other loosing focus and taking sides (sometimes with the wrong intention?) Again IDK. Merely observing.

    As always. what is the typical attention span of the human race these days>that of a goldfish?! So I agree Neon; things have to be ‘dumbed’ down just enough to get everyone on the bandwagon to roll with “it/Q” again. When easier to decipher, people will think for themselves, thinking they are making change or least of all thinking they are contributing to save humanity. Time is ticking like ‘sand in the hourglass’. People are lazy, they are over exerted and extended financially, spiritually, physically and mentally in every way imaginable. Time to throw us a bone, a big meaty bone to chew on.

    Prayers for all humanity for peace and freedom. God Bless Q and the front line workers, the Autists and the communicators. Sorry to rant but I feel it needed to be said, short, sweet and to the point.

  19. Think Neon……..he was on a mobile……isn’t it easier to post without hitting the shift key?…plus it would look shitty in all lower case.
    Just thinking out loud.

    • Yes–that was exactly my take on it, too. I read his post and saw all the caps, read it to my spouse in a normal tone of voice, and it was powerful to someone who does not follow any of this.

      However, I totally agree with Neon about the constant puzzles–no resolution. I get the sense Q is frustrated–not so much with the autists but with how slow DC is moving.

  20. Uh…he did make me care when he got mad. Just be patient. We should be so lucky to have a pilot like Q. Calm down, what you wanted to say about making us care could have been said in one sentence. 🙂 Love you both.

  21. This often happens. You get confused about the metrics. A hundred thousand in a sea of a billion worldwide. Pewdiepie gets a million in a few hours, but he isn’t talking about anything of value. You see? You overvalue a small amount of dedicated troops, and like a frothing horse champing at the bit you charge too early.

    Your job is to swell the ranks. To think of ways to expose more people to the movement. Perhaps instead of throwback shirts sold on a website that sees a tiny fraction of the traffic Twitter, Facebook, imgur, Reddit, etc sees, some white hats sold at cost /at/ Trump rallies? Maybe embossed on the front, “WWG1WGA,” and on the back, “qanon.pub/neonrevolt.com”

    Maybe instead of simple reposts from bread…you go over the resignations, firings, and retirements; then connect the dots for people that will never have 140 IQs, or ever believe such an event was occurring /because it only exists on the internet./

    How many times do I have to repost pictures of billboards and people in Q gear?

    How about a simple bumper sticker, black on white:
    “Who is Qanon?”

    It worked for Galt.

  22. Thank you for working so hard to help us understand these things that I am not smart enough to figure out for myself. I am going to make a point of praying for you every day as I already do for Trump and his family etc. I will pray that there can be some way that something can help with a break through in communication and a way to get the truth out to people who have no clue that there is so much going on behind the scenes. Even before I heard of Q I read many people who said with what is going on in the world they don’t know if they could stand it if they didn’t know how the Book ends. Anyway I look forward to your posts and hoping you get the answers you are looking for.

  23. Neon,
    You are a True Autist! I think the troops have to hash out their grievances with those in charge to bake a better bread. I have experience with making sure we are listening to the troops on the ground. Good on you sir (or madam??, nahhh)! I saw mad Q posting and I thought that we must be close to all of this breaking out in the open, hence the tension. I do hope that is the case.

    Q needs to understand that all of our families and many friends are part of this cause but still are uneasy about what is going on with this war. Our family and friends may not heed everything we are saying, but us red pillers do keep them informed in our own way. If President Trump said to Patriots “Get your guns and meet me here”, he would have 100,000 + within 24 hours.

    So Neon, thank you for speaking up for us. I know we are winning and soon because we need to blow off steam for the greatest battle for humanity is about to be fought. Q is fighting the battle among powers right now. The anons are fighting the battle to win over people’s minds and hearts to accept the TRUTH once the war becomes Public. We will welcome the innocent defeated people because our TRUTH is a higher one.

    My response to this, Neon, is we thank God everyday for what you and all the anons are doing. We are grateful for what you endure right now to try to seek TRUTH. So many of us want to make sure you are safe and secure. I refer to the example of Paul Revere. One brave Patriot that can alert an Army of People with just a notification. I am not speaking of Q here. It’s not worship. It’s the devotion to knowing the Plan and your part in helping us know. I think there is a reason why Q respects your opinion, because it is an informed one.

  24. I understand your frustration, Neon. That said, I took Q’s frustration to be at people DISCOUNTING the major things that have already happened — the things you say people already know.

    This post (yours? I don’t know.)…

    “No, the truth was not revealed (yet). FISA didn’t have much impact to be honest or there is still something missing to it, which reveals the whole truth.”

    …basically says, meh, nothing’s happening. And Q is saying, “Oh, yes it is. Can’t you see this, this, and this? You think that is nothing?” That is why Q lists the things you say we already know.

    I understand the frustration on both sides, but Q is right: There has been major movement this month.

    I think nothing short of Hillary being led out in handcuffs will satisfy people. But instead of that, we have a difficult, drawn-out investigation and more than that — a game of chess or cat and mouse or whatever one wants to call it, with Pres. Trump outwitting people long before they realize what’s happening. So things are going to happen in “small” increments that lead to a bigger result.

    I think Q is very frustrated for people to be saying, ho-hum, nothing’s happening, when the things he listed in all caps are MAJOR events that will lead to even more. I’ve seen this pattern over and over: Something happens, but it’s never good enough. We are all frustrated and angry, but I appreciate both the difficulty of draining the swamp and the progress that is being made.

  25. Maybe Q is a Washington insider who, like all Washington insiders, is so insulated from how outside-the-beltway thinks that, despite being important inside, can’t grasp how unimportant it is to everyone else.

    Local politics. Everything in DC is “local” politics. Very important to the locals, inconsequential to the outsiders. But DC is the Capital City of our American Empire, so we’re required to pay attention as whatever they’re doing over there, “WE” are doing as citizens of this nation. They represent us, even if they hate us and are actively trying to destroy our People.

    Maybe this is local politics writ large.

    Another idea is that this really is the big reveal, and future criminal trials will all point back to this. Maybe we can’t see it yet because we’ve been made cynical, but maybe this is the foundation for the Treason trials.

    We all want to see them jailed. Most of us would prefer to see them swing. Treason leads to swinging. Maybe what we’re missing is how important this is “local politics” style, and this foundation leads directly to Treason trials.

    Nevertheless, it’s all speculation until the arrests begin.

  26. Q you may be the A TEAM that doesn’t mean your the entire alphabet. WWG1WGA needs to true. JFK was right you know. You think real hard about his secret society speech.
    Use Logic.

  27. Important marker.
    Think connections.
    Railway Signals, Signs, Marks, Markers
    Amtrak Train Station Spartanburg, SC
    Duer/Carolina Coil, Inc. develops and manufactures engineered springs for the rail and mining industries.
    Have a Rally coming to Tampa Fl. July 31
    Worried about FF’s happening the closer we get to the elections.
    Why did Mueller go to Spartansburg, SC
    RRNA Depart 1:52PM Terminal C Gate 35X
    Greenville/Spartansburg International Arrive 3:31PM
    Don’t know why but this has been tugging at my mind all day.

  28. Neon, I’ve been feeling the same way about Q. The best I can describe It, is that it seems Q’s post don’t always match what I am seeing going on in the REAL world, and I don’t watch the MSM, etc, and very little of Fox anymore. It’s like your watching your Home Team in a Football game, and the announcer is saying the Home team is winning, but the Score says otherwise! I find myself getting so Frustrated at times, that I have to step away from it all for a few days.

  29. I wholeheartedly agree with what you wrote, Neon. I know, I will be deeply disappointed, if nothing clear is revealed from July 2018 – the month the world discovered the TRUTH. I have seen posts on social media by others feeling the same way.

    I wish Q, Potus would just drop the mic.

  30. As always Neon, such a great an insightful article…and some verry good points you make also.
    I wish I could “beam” down some homemade vegetable chicken soup with butter bread on the side, and a big piece of Italian ricotta cheese, cheesecake with piping hot espresso for dessert…I am old brother Neon, and can cook (when I feel like it)!!
    PRAYERS for you Neon that the Mighty Hand of God give you comfort, much joy, wisdom, and sweet deep sleep.
    Psalm 91 surround you…. WWG1WGA

  31. I just wanted to say thank you for speaking for all of us. It’s a tough and I’ll bet thankless job (even though) we are all very grateful to all of you. Please keep heart and keep up your Very Good Work. If I knew who you were I would totally take you out to dinner and buy you a beer or beverage of your choice. You are AWESOME!

  32. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yes, you have lost a decade, but I have lost 5 decades. Yes, after the coup that officially started on 11/22/63. I cry daily reading what is going on — tears of joy and fear that it is all some sort of horrible mockingbird delusion. Bring it on already! We, the People, are ready.

    • @Poka Gal – Yes. 11/22/63 was the turning point. Fear not. This is no delusion. Truth is unfolding before out eyes. We will win.

  33. When I turn on the TV now and some Hollywood “star” comes on the screen, the first thing that goes through my mind is “What despicable act did you do in order to get to your position?” Q and sites such as Neon Revolt have forever changed my view. I knew the world had turned perverse, I just didn’t know how far we had fallen. Years ago Billy Graham’s wife made the following statement, “If God doesn’t judge America he might owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology”. Once you start down this path you can’t unsee what is going/gone on.

  34. Nicely said, Neon. Ive said as much on other blogs, but not nearly as eloquently as you. Q, stop with the riddles, already. If people like Heon cant figure them out, how do you expect an average dumbass like me to do it?

  35. Feeling your frustration NR and I don’t really know if this will help…clue you in, but you might want to check out Project Weeping Angel site on Youtube. She claims to be able to decode Q from following some of SerialBrain2 posts. Not sure if claim is the right word or not just started watching some of her videos. She does seem to be onto how the spooks talk to each other using there hidden language right out in the open.

  36. 🙂 love ya Neon. And we ALL have had our days where we just want to tell how ya feel! Then we wake up tomorrow and Carry on! We are A great Big family depending on each other. And Caring for each other and family STAYS together. Thank you for all you do and family is always there for each other. Soooo I’ll be here tomorrow. Goodnight hon 🙂

  37. I doubt if Q would have the time to read this diatribe if he knows that you exist. Regardless, reading this will be discouraging for anybody who follows Q.

  38. I know Q team is reading this site. Why? The articles are just too good. The best of the best. I visit many other sites and I’ve watched 10s of thousans of videos. Nothing can compare with Neon Revolt. Read the peaces published in the past here, go back many months. The info is mindblowing. I take my hat off and bow to the power of TRUTH called NEON REVOLT!

  39. To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Q. The comms are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of military intelligence most of the drops will go over a typical autist’s head.

    In all seriousness though, you’re bang on about Q’s temper tantrum. Here’s hoping he clears it up, or at least we start getting some catharsis on this whole mess with the Cabal.

    • Or its a David Lynch movie. Throw a bunch of bullshit at the screen and if anyone doesn’t like it talk about how they just don’t get it. U need a high IQ to follow David Lynch movies…. actually u don’t. David Lynch is a shit writer who relies on shock value bullshit to cover up the fact that he is a shit writer. Fuck him.

  40. Everyday thousands more join. Wanting more info. Wanting to understand. Wanting to believe. Constant rehashing is essential to get them up to speed. Constant rehashing is essential to keep us “normies” tuned in and ready hit the trenches. You do a great job of translating, but I wonder how many newbies just got turned off by your little self centered rant. How many turned around and walked away? How many more were lost who would have followed them in?

    What are you expecting? Is the whole plan supposed to change to satisfy the impatience of one translator?

    We ALL want to see the conclusion of the battle, but it won’t be the conclusion we want unless no one fires until we can see the whites of their eyes.

    Be patient my friend, and keep up the good work!

    • This is a shitty argument. Anyone should be able to call anything about Q into question without getting barraged with this “lay back and enjoy it” horseshit

  41. So, you’re upset? Do you really think Q would let anyone know when he is frustrated? Q drops are followed by many incl Cabal. Neon, I hope its not your EGO, if that’s the case, you’ll find a way to master that beast. A true warrior manages to supress his emotions and to hide his thoughts. You may not care what I have to say, I am one of those millions of deplorables who’s decades of life were robbed. You’ve grown so much since I’ve started following you. Lead by example. Cheers

  42. I’m new to the board but not new to human predilections.

    You’re in a silo. Think big picture.

    Have any knowledge of statistics? Consider the likelihood of accurately guessing the outcome of a formula with 3 variables. Consider a formula with hundreds of variables. Add the additional variant of instability – human reaction to stimuli – and you can see it’s almost impossible.

    That’s what this plan entails… dovetailing hundreds of variables at multiple levels within shifting phases.

    Be certain what/how much you’re being told is by design.

    Arte et Marte

  43. wow. some fully hardcore responses here. so interesting to see the whole spectrum of us. I have been thinking about this all day since I first posted a reply, and now reading all these comments, I have something more i’d like to add.

    the main thing I took from your blog this morning NR is that the communicating of this complex message to the outer world is fully difficult. as I have mentioned I have only been met with mockery everywhere I have tried to Redpill. and it is that failure that is so disheartening.

    I see what the Q are doing. I see the level of deep communication. I cannot understand it, but I see the patterns.

    Are we meant to be trying to take this message out there to the others? Or is it a message only for the in-group? My confusion at this stage stems from the possibly that I have misinterpreted the messages and that taking the message to ‘normies’ is actually a mistake.

    I would really appreciate some feedback from Q, hopefully via you NEON.

    Also another thing taht I’ve been wondering. All the computer guys that I know in my life (very many in total) have quite poor social skills but magnificent logic etc skills. Is this what we are perceiving?

    Anyhoo, keep fighting the good fight, and dreaming the impossible dream friend

  44. I am new. And I don’t understand. Still trying to catch up. I didn’t think Q was yelling, I just thought it was important but don’t be frustrated, new people are waking up daily, we haven’t been reading these post over and over. We do appreciate all the help we can get to understand

  45. Here are a few points for you to consider:

    First, you say that “we” already know about these things, but this is only half true. You know. Some anons know. Some of your followers know. But not everyone does. Remember that there are many new people currently flocking to the chans and other places, trying to understand what the hell is going on. If Q wants us to focus on information that is “already known” (that is, to us), it seems reasonable to me that we should immediately undertake to spread the word about it as much as possible instead of digging about something new. We (and you) already have enough to deal with, and enough material now.

    Second, I understand you being frustrated with this state of affairs, what with you having invested so much in decrypting all this information (with great success, I’ll say too!), but in my experience, frustration of this kind tends to come from a perception of helplessness. You see, we “autists” have a problem. We don’t mobilize. We’re a tad too solitary. The chans are extraordinary in analysis capacity, but comes a point where you have to stop looking up to other people as “saviors” and start going out into the world yourself. I think we’re starting to get to the point where we have more than enough data, and it’s time to start thinking about ways to act on it.

    And besides, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of this being purely a spectator “movie”. Like it or not, we’re all actors in this production, the moment we start thinking of ourselves about being spectators is the moment we lose. You say the audience has to care. I say we already do and we should stop being so passive and start acting on it, in whatever way we can. Let’s engage our communities in person. Let’s go out in the streets (as peacefully as possible, for now). Let’s build groups. Let’s create something to express our desire for change. Bring the fight to them. Do something, anything.

    Remember that something seemingly as trivial as Gamergate had quite an impact on people, and was part of what managed to bring Gawker down and the beginning of so many of these things to light. And we didn’t even get out of our living rooms! Imagine what we could accomplish if we actually did this time.

    The internet is great for communicating and analysing raw data, but it’s useless at putting boots on the ground. Let’s do that. Act in the material world on what we already know. Forget the Net, even if just for a little bit, and let’s bring the Storm to life. Build what’s supposed to come afterwards, a new social contract. Most people don’t react to cryptic data, you’re right about that. But most people truly do care when they see movement. They don’t necessarily have the mental faculties to understand the things we do, but they see passion, they see action, they see someone who cares enough to get off their ass and do something and it can inspire them to change.

    And finally… have you ever dealt with narcissists? Because this is what the Cabal are. Narcissists writ large, they think themselves gods and us pawns under their power. Do you know what narcissists hate most? The threat of being revealed for the pathetic worthless little retards they truly are. Frankly, without anyone else to do their dirty work, believe them, engage them, whatever, narcissists are mostly non-functional and incapable of the most basic tasks. But they thrive on attention. They thrive on anger and frustration. It might seem cathartic to you to want to start the revolution immediately, but the reality of it is that they see our anger as impotent, and as proof of their own omnipotence.

    I think Q is focusing on attacking that. It doesn’t matter what you or I feel about it. The weapons that we have to use to fight these people are not emotionnally satisfying, and that’s the tough reality of it. It matters not what we think about it. It deeply matters what the Cabal thinks is happening right now. The threat of being exposed terrifies them, even if it doesn’t feel like much to you, and that is quite often more than enough. It destabilizes them by putting to the question their own false narrative (why do you think they spend so much resources on maintaining it?), and a destabilized opponent is an opponent that makes mistakes, crucial ones at that. It’s time to exploit that for all it’s worth.

    Read about “duper’s delight”. Go back and look at Peter Strzok’s little victory dance. Understand that someone like that cannot be emotionnally attacked through conventional means. I think the Q team are actually doing the right thing currently. They’re hitting them where it counts, and very hard at that. So what if it’s not “satisfying” for us? It’s their call, not ours.

    Never forget that Q is not the Storm. The Storm is all of us. Time to bring it down on the Cabal.

    Oh, and Neon? Don’t give up. Seriously. You’ve already done more, much more than you know. Thank you for all your hard work.


    Too many idiots actually don’t know or don’t want to know this. Otherwise they wouldn’t be saying “FISA didn’t have much impact”. It’s almost as these mindless zombies are unable to process information.

    FFS, we just had official evidence last week that the Hussein admin spied on the Trump campaign using Russian propaganda as an excuse that was funded by the Hillary campaign (the FISA application was declassified). That’s a huge milestone in the discovery of the Russia Russia Russia scheme.

    Q gets frustrated because too many imbeciles, which include people who claim to “know this”, keep saying “this is no big deal, give us something, Q”.

    • “You actually have to make the audience care.”

      If some people don’t care that a President spied on his successor using oppo research which was financed by his own party, NOTHING will make them care.

  47. Wow. What a superb post. I always appreciate your commentary and explanations b/c when I can’t understand Q’s messages you are my go to person.

    At first I attributed the capitalized message to military style communication. Reading your portion about your frustration, you nailed it.

    Thank you for your hard work. The only thing I’d like to add is, that if it was up to me, I’d put you away for breeding purposes. We need more people like you.

  48. applause Thank you! What you write is so true! I could not comprehend Q if not for you. I look forward to your articles as much as Q drops, so I can understand them more fully. My family and I learn so much from you, and even fun.

    I may be a normie, but bottom line is that I’m a mother, and an American and…. I am scared. We are scared. We are scared because we believe. Potus’ election was a miracle, and Q was another gift: Q gives us hope things will change, are changing, otherwise our only info would be the MSM. Without you, Neon, we’d be even more scared. You’re a fantastic, Grade A communicator, and it is Hollywood’s great lost they didnt utilize your great talent. Once the cabal turds twirl down into the toilet bowl once and for all, there will be room for actual talent again.

  49. uh, how long has it been since JFK faked his assassination ? don’t get me started about delays – the Alliance has had to take all these decades to get to where we are now to the brink of freedom and abundance for all – time for any whining to stop – the Alliance has always been much more powerful than the dark, but how does an inferior force keep a stronger force at bay ? – as all criminals with their backs against the wall, they employ a hostage tactic – now finally the lives of everyone are no longer at risk as that tactic has been diffused – however the Alliance is trying to roll really great things out step by step in a way that appears like normal progress but the dark keeps trying TO FORCE THEIR HAND as it is their last strategy to put the public at large into a state of shock that they could possibly use to their advantage

  50. Possibly time for the white hats to adopt the Abel Danger motto of ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’.
    Get it done, worry later. Do what you can to protect the public, but don’t waste valuable time and opportunity fretting / aiming/ preparing.

    We’ll pick up the pieces and move on.

    But if they get the drop on the white hats because they’ve spent too much time preparing…then tables might turn and that benefits us not.

    If nothing public occurs that slaps the general public in the face with a wet fish…then the Q momentum may end up fizzling and people will start believing those who warn that Q is a psyop. Lots of energy and time expended, lots of apparent victories. but nothing to wake the public up. All those retiring congressmen and CEO’s may simply be playing their role, taking their payout for a job well done in bringing the financial system to the brink, now they can head off to their retirement bunkers / fav fishing spots whilst they bring the system down. Just part of the game. Whilst all those following the psyop will have simply wasted volumes of time and effort that could best have been spent elsewhere, doing more constructive things.
    Best wishes to all involved.

  51. Your frustration is justified and I think your missing script element analogy is spot-on. The public’s mind will follow its heart, but only if it’s clearly informed. You’re the best translator there is, but making people care requires less obscurity from the authentic government. Robert David Steele feels this urgency, also and wants to see a Trump truth channel connecting directly to U.S. citizens: https://tinyurl.com/yaud6fnz
    Open Source Agency. The means by which [Trump] secures direct access to the larger public is quite straight-forward. Although he has 47 million followers on Twitter, he needs to both connect to 150 million out of 200 million eligible voters … and have at his disposal a post-Google Internet that displaces #GoogleGestapo which is known to censor, manipulate, and digitally assassinate conservative voices — as well as the honest progressives — with impunity. … A new “truth channel” consisting of protected social networks and protected television and radio broadcasts that cannot be censored or manipulated, is included as a core deliverable from the OSA.

  52. I am a huge fan of your writing and research on Q,
    you’ve been a huge help…. very informative and
    very insightful. However, in this instance, I think
    you are off. You are approaching Q’s words like
    a researcher, and even more so, like a screenwriter,
    (by your own admission) not as a warrior in war.
    Having trained in Martial Arts for 45 years, and
    with a dad who was a screenwriter, and having
    written several screenplays myself, I get your
    mindset, but respectfully, you are entirely wrong.

    #1. Q doesn’t need to get us to care. We already care.

    #2. Q doesn’t need to get us to understand,
    not everything at least,
    because not everything is for us.
    remember Q is IN WAR,
    in the CENTER OF THE WAR.

    #3. You cited an old Q post referencing
    the month of July being the month the
    world discovered the truth.
    Conspiracy no more
    Time to FEED.

    but July is almost over,
    so are impatient,

    well, how do you know that message
    by Q was meant for us, maybe it was
    meant to smoke out the Cabal,
    get them to jump.


    Did I mention that THIS IS WAR.

    which leads me to…

    #4. you advocate for tanks and
    Martial Law, etc, but again, you
    are speaking like a screenwriter,
    like a nerdy researcher,
    not like a warrior,
    in a war,

    did i mention Q is in war?

    do you grasp the gravity of this,

    you understand that a warrior
    repeats things,

    because the repetition,
    the cadence,
    awakens something in our bones,


    consider the cadence of repetition
    and what that does to your psyche,

    did I mention that Q IS IN WAR?

    why am i mentioning this?

    i will spell it out.

    You have not considered the full
    ramifications and repercussions
    of the actions you are advocating,

    “Law of unintended consequences”

    Do you serious not believe that the Cabal
    doesn’t have their own Dead Man Switches?


    #5. And no, Q’s all cap rant did not
    reveal any intel you (ANON/autist)
    did not already know,

    that wasn’t the point,

    the point was,


    rethink that stuff

    dont be stupid

    read between the lines

    you don’t read KLINGON?

    well, learn it,
    there is a Klingon dictionary online,

    are there connections we have not made,

    means that there will be FUTURE
    events that UNLOCKS those things,

    so, NO….. you will need to keep looking
    over and over and over and over and over
    and over and over and over and over
    and over and over and over and over
    and over and over and over and over

    never stop

    that’s the path of the warrior

    Do you know the word NINJA?

    do you know what it means?

    doesn’t mean warrior or killer
    or assassin.


    JA means “person”
    NIN means “perseverance”

    so NINJA means “one who perseveres”

    that is the true essence of the warrior


    did i mention this is war?

    you anger at Q’s rant is,
    with all due respect,

    or more to the point,
    it is presumptuous,

    you are speaking as if you know
    the mindset of a warrior,

    a writer tells stories,

    the warrior is in war
    to win, to survive,

    the rules of engagement
    and the needs of battle
    dictate the timing and terms,

    everything else, is meaningless,

    Q ranted because that stuff is important,
    more important than those who are not
    in the war realize,

    did I mention that Q is in war?

  53. Neon.. All day today I can feel that emotions are high. Not just with Q and the anons but even the anons have been arguing amongst yourselves. On top of that, its just everywhere! It’s like nails on a chalkboard out there!! Maybe it’s the full moon. Idk… but I can see both sides to this, yours and Q’s. If Q could just come out and tell us what’s happening, he would. If he could make it simpler, he would. He can’t for nat security reasons. You know this and I know this. Neon, I get exhausted just trying to do what little research I do let alone the amount of research you anons do! I honestly don’t know how you guys do it. It’s exhausting work. I want to personally thank you and the others for all your time and efforts. You guys do a great job and have helped us learn and understand in so many ways and so has Q. God Bless you all!! The thing is though.. we can never begin to truly understand what Q is going through. I can’t even imagine waking up every day working and living in that lower negative satanic energy day in and day out. Do you have any idea how unhealthy of an environment that would be? It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I’d check myself into a mental hospital having to work in that environment with all the hate they have to deal with day in and day out. Not only at work but from the media and the normies too. That energy literally effects the body down to the cellular level. Having to be around those people every single day, the long endless hours of work, sometimes with little or no sleep, trying to make this world a better place for us all. That’s a lot of responsibility. That’s a lot of negativity to absorb. He’s allowed to have a bad day. He’s allowed to express his anger. Let him vent cause he lets you guys vent all the time and doesn’t say a word. He can’t take a break, you anons can’t take a break, none of us can, cause he’s right.. humanity is at stake. I get angry and frustrated too cause I look around and speak to people and you’re right, they don’t care. They wont. They wont till they realize what is really fucking happening here and what is really at stake. I see people waking up every day but they still don’t fully understand what they are seeing. The only ones that care are the ones that see and understand the big picture. There’s days where I feel desperate, days I want to scream cause its all so clear to me but people are zombified. We have to just let it be. It is what it is for the moment. We are all doing our best and I’m always telling myself.. trust the plan. Q is in control, not us. Q is front line, not us. Q is in the fox hole, not us. Things can change at any moment and do. Just know there are people that love you guys and my thoughts and prayers all with you all. God be with you, Q, and our beautiful world.

  54. Great idea. And to drive them completely crazy, I’ll name it “Pravda USA”… how’s that for collusion…

  55. Thanks for writing this.

    So far there’s been nothing from Q that I can take and show English normies I know, who are still posting LOL Drumf memes on social media. Thiese are people who think reading The Guardian makes them well-informed.

    I think the Q team maybe overestimates how much the MSM’s message is understood by the masses. Most people don’t pay much attention, don’t really remember any details, and just kind of absorb the overall message that bombards them from all angles. This is how the MSM can keep getting caught in lies and twisting their narrative and nobody cares.

    Another thing is, most of the Qproofs at qproofs.com evidence don’t help you win any debates even online.

  56. You should be pissed Neon. You have to be having those little pangs of realization going on right now. You’re too smart. You guys are driving yourselves NUTS over nothing. Thank God above I stopped in the Spring. I can tell you this… I’m not as smart as you Neon, but I’m no complete idiot. Once you step away from Q… and start being RATIONAL and entertaining the idea that “maybe it’s not real…. maybe the shift in tone is actually different posters/LARPs”… it all crumbles. SO many things you guys have said are “proofs” really aren’t. The days of Q blowing your mind are OVER. It’s done all it can do. It’s actually sad watching you all work this hard to come up with these complex clocks and things that even you admit don’t make sense. Hmmm… why might that be??? BECAUSE YOU CREATED THEM OVERTHINKING SOMETHING THAT WASN’T REAL TO BEGIN WITH!!!

    Ummm… dude… this is embarrassing, but it has to be said. THE PIC OF OBAMA IN DRAG HAS BEEN DEBUNKED A MILLION TIMES, 250%, NO DEBATING IT!!! Q is mad because he’s been exposed a million times over now. You’re mad because you’re starting to see things you don’t like. The clock doesn’t make sense because your brilliant minds have made it up trying to make something super complex out of something that really isn’t.

    My theory??? Q has changed hands so many times. It was proven on 4Chan he was ran off. Why does no one talk about that? Then on 8Chan there’s a chance it was legit milint… someone from Flynn’s group. Then that got hijacked by most likely Pamphlet and Jerome Corsi. Then when the PAYtriot BS started, it was a split between Corsi and Pam. Notice how it was more intelligent with Corsi posing as Q? He might be a shill, but he’s a smart shill. The content of Q around that time mirrored his book, killing the deep state… Then Pam took over, OUTED HIMSELF POSTING UNDER Q’S TRIPCODE LIVE ON AIR…. once again, non debatable. The content went to crap, and here we are now….. with you getting frustrated because you’re one of the smart ones left. Most of Q is just gullible low IQ people now. Dude, c’mon!!!! Sign language Q by Trump’s hands??? Him pointing at some fat dude in the audience for a millisecond, and in all honesty, just in his vicinity… AS A PROOF???? This sea to shining sea stuff…. which Trump plays all the time!!!!

    Fact is…. Q has more than likely been outed a million times over (I reserve a tiny bit of my insanity that it may still be real mainly because I used to adore it when it smart). Some of it WAS brilliant… but you anons are brilliant sometimes. You guys can find the needle in the haystack, BUT, you can also OVERTHINK SO BADLY, you make something out of thin air… aka, nothing. It’s a blessing and a curse to be that brilliant. Check your heart…. pray about it dude. Q uses God themes to keep us hooked. The stuff now is stuff WE ALREADY KNOW!!! You’re outing yourself Neon, and I for one am thankful. I don’t think you’re in on it… you wouldn’t be this honest… but people like Praying Medic and Patriot’s Cat Litter Box and Jerome Corsi ARE/WERE. Jordan Sather bro??? You think a real milint guy is gonna pay homage to that little puke??? C’mon man. Use your wonderful brain… but more importantly…. who cares if the fun goes away, your page will survive… USE YOUR HEART!!!!!!!!!! Q is not GOD.

    In the words of almighty Q…. be careful who you follow. Your crazy days and nights posts will do just fine. They still mean something. This is a kick ass website regardless. Honestly though, it doesn’t matter to me what you do. I’m not trying to convince you really…. I’ll sleep at night either way. I love President Trump and this has gone on too far. You guys are STILL going back and forth over this childish white hat/black hat shit??????? Shit dude… c’mon.

    • You troll, if you think we’re going to buy your LARPing, you’re terrible at this and gave yourself away. I’m no autist and even I can smell your BS from here. You’re FIRED.

  57. Great article Neon. I love the frustration – you’re being very real, and communicating. Dialogue – keep it rolling.

    As a teacher, I would like to point out that there is nothing wrong with the rehashing. For those with the 140+ IQ, ya, that’s frustrating. You got it, let’s move on. But for most, rehashing is needed. Repetition is one of the axioms needed for learning for most people. So let Q rehash. It helps most. I may take one of Q’s posts today, and actually send it out to some friends. It summarizes so well what has gone on over the last two years.

    As for the cryptic parts, ya, it’s hard to be decoding all the time. We can’t all be doing a Suduko-Expert level every day. After awhile, we’re done.

    My understanding is the Nov 11 will be a big victory parade. Let’s pray for that, and keep being salt and light.

    • Oh man John, I so hope you are right. I think the thing which is really difficult for me to cope with – emotionally, at this stage – is that I have only recently gotten Hope back. After decades of misery hoplessness and aimlessness, I finally believe that there may be a purpose after all. A reason to try.
      As the mother of 4 (now adult) children I have viewed working as a type of enslavement that destroys family life. (I have had severe PTSD and Depression. Same old story.) Following the Q is extraordinary for me because it has given me back my Life. However, I’m not firing on all cylinders yet. So many of the people hanging out in the chans are so full of belief, optimism, and purpose. Things that I have not encountered for years. I would love to say that I Believe wholeheartedly, but in truth I am still just limping along. The disconnect between what happens in the chans (where I lurk) and what is released through the “decoders” triggers all of my insecurities. And there is no place to share this anywhere online that I have found. Responding to this post by NEON is possibly the first time that I am prepared to come right out and admit that I don’t know where I fit, or what I’m doing, or if I’m just being sucked into yet another scam. Reading your encouraging words above reminds me that the battle is real and everyday counts. Thank you

  58. D5 = Trident Missile that the US and the Royal Navy use.
    D5 = Chess move meant to trap opponent

    FISA = Exposes the same group of people/orgs/think tanks/countries(the circle) complicit in financial fraud, wars, theft of resources, crimes against humanity and schemes to cover their crimes via msm/fb/google/twitter subversion. The most recent and notable names start at Iran/Contra and 9/11 but continue and include the same group in every scandal, black op & FF. Putin blew it wide open in Helsinki.

    Today, in a court of law, sm followers/friends are considered non-monetary assets. The more you have, the more powerful your influence. Let’s also not forget that Hussein made propaganda legal.

    For example: bots and hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of fake accounts were used to sway public opinion, were used as leverage to make backroom deals with other countries (based on fake likes/shares/retweets), launch propaganda campaigns against white hats and conservatives, were most likely used to prove rigged election results, etc…
    Thing is, these same security groups/think tanks that call out the fake bots & Russia Russia Russia are the very ones complicit in the creation and manipulation of those bot armies.

    That’s the redpill light version, but still significant, nonetheless.

    I’ve found a C_A front name that has been central in Iran/Contra, 9/11 and now sm meddling. Lmk if you want it.

  59. Frustrated as well but shake it off and ..go back:
    Strotz represents Iranian connected father (CIA gun running?) and he used Hillary tapes to blackmail (?) who to get wife’s promotion? WHO had the power to make wife’s promotion happen?

    Or was that just a reward from Hussein for blocking any investigation into Weiner’s laptop. Are there factions in the Cabal that are at war or maneuvering for power:
    The Circle vs Clintons vs Iran/Strotz/Hussein/Talal/Jarrett/Muslim Bro vs Bush Crime Family (Fourth Reich) vs Payseur family.

    Spartanburg is BMW plant. Foreign automakers are ganging up on Trump tariffs. Is Mueller included (another violation of Logan act?)

  60. Well said Neon Revolt.

    Whilst I understand the demolition of the deep state is a monumental task and may take a while to execute,to think logically is also to NOT have faith and question everything like you have here.
    I accept things have moved on at an unprecidented pace in some regards yet the only thing that matters in the end is CHANGE and change is yet to occur.(In the total subversion of pseudo democracy by propaganda and corrupt representation),Change in the supremacy of the military industrial complex.etc etc.
    My personal marker is 911 truth, and I do not believe the world will have any more humanity in it until the depths of deception are exposed,and yet I fear that this will fall under the catagory of things that can never be exposed, so we will vulnerable to such big les and misdirection again in future again , and again no change.

    Surely a logical position to take is that sure Q might be what we all hope he is , but he could also be a psyop to trap all the impetus the people have for change in never ending faith that something is happening and it is not. To be logical we must hold both these possibilities (and others) simultaneously that is what you have done here and I am reassured that all the bind faith we see in this movement is not the last word.

    One thing I must question you on th Neon Revolt is your suggestion of Pinochet like coup. In no way was the world a better place after the removal of the worlds first genuinely popular
    socialist goverment led by Salvador Allende.To think logically another possible function of Q could also be to frustrate the popular movement so much for unfullfilled change that they do allow a militarty coup and it was a plan all along to impliment the neutralisation of the internet & free speech because the cabal can not survive if it exists (ie that things have to change to stay the same and the new superfical twist was Trump, because the people did not trust HRC’ cabal any more.
    Personally I still believe that that is not the case and we are on track for change, but we must always consider the alternatives, and I applaud your position here- not to delegitamise Q but to realistically question his effectiveness vs an entrenched MSM.

  61. I know it gets frustrating for folks who already know. Most of what Q has been dropping I knew big picture…details not necessarily but I’ve known “what is” for some time now. Do you think normies are coming to Q drops more and more each week? Do you think that perhaps some of the stuff needs to be repeated given news events so that normies make the connection? I’ve been WAITING FOR A DECADE for everyone else to catch up. It’s a real lonely place to be let me tell you. And, frankly, I have given up on humanity ever giving enough of a crap to do anything about it. Apathy is the worst possible thing…indifference. At any rate, I feel your frustration…been there for some time. Patience is not one of my virtues…Irish woman. However, Q is teaching me patience. We will get there…

  62. I get what you’re saying and I share your frustration to a degree. Q certainly aren’t making this easy for us and a lot of their drops seem not particularly helpful or relevant. While I generally trust The Plan™, it’s not getting easier.

    Being a long time Anon, I love the chans and am frequently amazed at what we Autists can accomplish when we really put our mind to it. However, most of the time I get as frustrated at the Anons as Q seems to be. While often brilliant, a lot of the time we are running around and around in circles, getting hung up on insignificant details, false trails or the outrage of the day. For example as soon as somebody mentions pizza, we all start chasing that rabbit exclusively disregarding everything else, no matter how urgent or relevant. It’s so predictable. And once things eventually start to get productive – end of bread, let’s start over. And back to running circles.

    I get why Q chose the chans as his medium and it makes sense in a lot of ways. Objectively speaking, though, the chan format is terrible for handling, organizing and linking intel. It’s very hard to keep track of relevant information and even harder to present it concisely. Are huge pngs of screenshots the best we can do? Really? Reddit and blogs (no offense) aren’t that much better. We need a better platform. Urgently.

    Neon, you and other decoders do a phenomenal job at dissecting and presenting that whole mess of (dis)/(mis)/(genuine) information and I for one very much appreciate it. I am getting impatient, too, while increasingly having to fight the feeling of being strung along. And I very much get your point about the people not caring. FISA stuff isn’t going to cut it. As scandalous as it might have been under normal circumstances, a third of the country simply doesn’t give a shit and the entire lunatic left feverishly applauds any action against POTUS, never mind how illegal or treasonous. I wish there was at least one major, tangible thing to hold onto. One yuge redpill. I realise, I’m making an ass of myself, being a keyboard warrior stewing in his own sweat over in Europe, advising/lecturing Q, but here we go. I feel one of two things need to happen for this whole Q movement to really pick up.

    One would be the takedown of at least one of the really big players. I get that Trump & Q want to play by the books and I respect that and very much support the whole bloodless revolution thing. But why can’t Soros have a helicopter accident? Why doesn’t Hussein disappear suddenly without a trace? He’s doing his very best to undermine Trump as we speak. Why doesn’t Prince Philip or David de Rothschild suffer a heart attack? Fear of retaliation? According to Q, they already tried nuking Hawaii and shooting down AF1 via missiles from rogue subs. They are doing their very best to start WW3, Mockingbird is firing from all barrels incessantly. What more can they do that they haven’t tried already? It would send such a strong message that nobody is safe and out of reach. Q have been telling us over and over that they have everything, know everything, are in control and winning. Prove it. Not just to us but to the cabal as well.

    That’s the other thing that could/should happen right now: Dropping a real redpill. If you truly have everything, why not leak at least one undeniable proof of heinous crimes and the big shots involved. Surely you’ve got plenty of interesting stuff. Give us something and we’ll make sure the normies get to see and comprehend it. Right now the smaller redpills we’ve been trying to shove down people’s throats for months are starting to fade and we are very much at risk of losing what little progress we’ve made so far. Just give us something big. We’ll take it from there.

    Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. I feel that as long as we keep up serious discussion, we’re on the right track regardless. Thanks for reading.

    • Agreed, give us another big fat red pill, like Soros having an “accident ” LOL or give us a timeline on when the sealed indictments will be revealed? The suspense is killing us.

  63. I wrote this on an other youtube site about three hours earlier. It’s MY version of your rant:

    Stroppy, obviously this is not a slam at you. You are merely the messenger and the audience merely
    the receivers of this information. I think what the ANON was getting at was all of the congressional
    hearings where both sides are spewing out a lot of verbiage trying to look good or concerned.

    What we are NOT seeing is actual charges and arrests along with perp walks. Yes, we understand
    that there is A LOT of prep work required. But certainly we’ve dealt with enough hearings over the years
    where there’s been a lot of smoke and ash and in the end…nothing. Think Benghazi for example. As
    far as Q is concerned, I use only two points of reference. Your site and one other (Praying Medic).

    These two are the only ones providing FACTUAL info as best as I can discern. Perhaps Horowitz and
    Huber as well as Sessions need to pick up the pace. This steady drip, drip, drip of hints becomes
    boring without drama. And you know how the public (including me) is – We Want Bread and Circuses!

    As Gertrude Stein was alleged to have said about Oakland CA. “There’s no there, there.” Or when Wendy’s
    Hamburger chain advertised (some years ago) “Where’s The Beef?”
    Again, many thanks, sir

    Looks like I’ll have to return to your site as well since we seem to be tracking closely.
    Thank you.

  64. I understand the frustration too. And things might look like they’re moving too slow, and “no one cares”… The majority of US citizens now believe the media spreads fake news on purpose. Trumps real approval rating is probably 60-70% and increasing… #walkaway is redpilling hundreds, if not thousands, of former mind slaves daily.

    A lot IS happening, and a lot of people DO care. It just does not seem like it. The truth did come out with the FISA-app. Like Q said. It’s the START. Cause now white hats in the system (all over the place) have actual official proof of the coup attempt by the cabal aka deep state.

    When major arrests happen, people will be forced to pick a side. There will be no “grey area” anymore once the likes of Hillary and Obama goes down. You’re either with the brainwashed zombie hordes, or with the redpilled MAGA patriots.

    It’s vital that as many people as possible has been “softened” and redpilled until the hammer drops. This is what is going on right now. It’s frustrating for us who have been in the know for a long time… A lot of people are just waking up and having their whole world view collapse like the twin towers in front of their eyes.

    As long as #Walkaway is happening in a big way… and people are waking up… the more time they have before the hammer needs to drop, the better. Our side is growing by the day, and winning… Once the hammer drops, it will be our job to educate all the newly woke people who are still just half awake or less, but have broken the trance…

    Keep up the good work, brother! It’s all moving along perfectly…

    • spot on, things ARE happening but since we are all in our own little bubble, at ground level, it’s impossible to get a birds eye view! We may get glimpses but cannot possibly know what is really going on, nor controll it in any way. That does lead to frustration and anxiety, buckle up! enjoy the ride!

  65. Hi Neon,

    Love the stuff you write, and I can imagine your frustration at this point. I follow Q marginally, and I leave it to the “autists” (and you!) to come up with possible explanations of Q’s messages — I just lack the time and energy to properly tackle this all by myself.

    I still would like to make a case for Q, because it seems “he” is frustrated as well with the way “the plan” is going, and the fact that the echo of all his big drops and achievements are simply not heard in the public narrative. Yes, the FISA warrant is huge, but the slow-grinding wheels of DC justice take all the oomph out of it. If his dedicated followers then are also unable to appreciate the scope of what he’s doing, I can imagine his irateness.

    Having read everything there is to read on conspiracies, occultism, freemasonry, the Templars etc. etc. and not having gone stark raving mad, I pride myself on being able to discern between the plausible and the implausible, providing me with the ability to get into the depth of any rabbithole without fully commiting all my synapses. It’s what keeps me sane.

    One thing that always turned me “off” from many conspiracy theories, is the fact that the “Great Plans” involved always seem too elaborate, and too much relying on chance. Having worked in IT for half my life, and having experienced how even the simplest projects can spirel off into chaos in an instant, I have developed a healthy dose of scepticism of plans that seem all too elaborate. Escpecially if these plans rely on lots of different people doing things exactly by the book; people are generally stupid, unreliable and full of shit.

    Now we have Q, asking us to “trust the plan”. This plan obviously involves gaining leverage over a whole bunch of “black hats” ie. “the bad guys”. If I turn off my sceptical mindset, I can imagine a team of highly dedicated nerdy intelligence people (ie. Q-team), working dilligently for decades to formalize and map out ALL the connections between ALL the players, and even building AI models of this network to run simulations and predict possible outcomes of all possible scenarios.

    You see, “The Plan” involves a lot of people — stupid, irrational, full-of-shit-people — who the plan requires to act a certain way within a certain timespan. This is a huge problem for the proper execution of a plan. Too many variables!

    The white hats that are on Q-team’s side will simply and gladly follow the orders; they just do what they have to do. And many of the black hat puppets are also easily manipulated, as they are scared, vain, greedy and stupid, and they have already proven to be susceptible to blackmail — this explains the exodus of career politicians and CEO’s that have suddenly left their positions. No biggy.

    But there is also a group of black/grey hats that are not so easily manipulated, but are still required to perform some form of action within a set timeframe in order for the plan to work. If you would try to predict their behavior, Q-team is stuck with thousands of possible scenario’s, all with a different set of outcomes and success-estimations.

    And the smartest black hats will understand that this is the game, decided they’re not going down without a fight (as they, literally, have the world to lose) and may even have started working on similar systems to try and save their hides. Don’t forget the black hats HAVE enormous AI resources at their disposal as well, and they are JUST as well versed in the use of predictive analytics as any white hat.

    So what we’re seeing IS a game of chess, in which every move is made based on the highest probability of it being a winning move. And as much as Q-team would like to give us definitive answers and definitive timeframes: these just simply cannot be provided, as the success-factors are too numerous and too elusive to properly control.

    So, in short, we need patience, hope and good faith that “the plan” WILL deliver in the end. And that means waiting, fruitlessly running over the same information to find missing clues, restating the obvious for newcomers, and, basically, keeping the flame burning. That’s our job, and it’s moments like this that show us why it is a hard job, and why it is an important job.

    It’s what you said: we need to keep on caring. Because the moment we (as in: we, the prophets of Q, ho-hum) stop caring, all this will have been in vain.

    • Thank you, I agree. None of this is a game, but it IS a game, a 5-D chess game, and the stakes are the highest ever in recent history. This is bottom line the end game in the EPIC battle between good and evil. Never doubt what we are engaged in, we are the last line of defense and Must NOT give in to the fatigue of battle, for we are not on the front lines, yet. perhaps our role as small as it seems, to red pill the normies, to KEEP the faith is not insignificant in the battle. Perhaps the battle is also playing out on the energetic plane, and our combined hopes, prayers, WILL make a significant difference. We must be the Ninja, Never give p, Never give in. WWG1WGA

  66. Pray God will give discernment to all people through his Holy Spirit. That is what will make people care!!!
    I think everyone, even those that don’t know about Q, are frustrated and feeling hurt that this world is becoming a Sodom and Gamorah. It is so evil that it is killing people from the inside out. Libraries are putting evil looking drag queens out to read books to toddlers, pedo crap is everywhere you look now and it takes so much effort to just get through a day of labor because our minds and emotions are in so much pain for the future.
    We can’t blame the messenger but we need to do more research. Prayer can move mountains and we have to really pray, not just say we do.

  67. I feel your pain, Neon. Most people I have tried to talk to want nothing to do with hearing about it. The ones who are interested were already interested not having a change of heart.

    The #walkaway movement is good to see and maybe will lead to more minds opening, but to go deep most are not interested and I can’t understand why.

  68. Anonymous, I agree with your take on what Q is saying.

    Neon, I am so grateful for all your hard work. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. You spend so much time working so hard to enlighten us. Now take sometime to rest and refresh. God bless you.

  69. NR, I made a little intro for you a while back and you gave me a small pat on the back, and told me it was cool. That meant a lot to me…. you are kicking a$$ and taking initials, because you don’t have time to take their full names.

    I worked with LTG Flynn’s brother in Afg. Actually shared a tent with the man. He was the finest officer and soldier I ever served under. He is also one of the s,aren’t people I have ever met. I once told him so…. his response, “if you think I am smart, you should met my brother (LTG Michael Flynn), he is 5 times smarter than me.”

    I have know doubt in your intelligence, dedication, selfless service, research prowess and ability to break it down for us 8th graders to understand. I tell you this like I told Commamder Flynn…. you are one of the smartest people I know of….. and I consider myself less than dumb, if you get my drift, but I am secure enough to tip my hat to more talented, educated and intelligent people than myself.

    The fact is, you are probably just out gunned by superior intelligence, assets, and manpower / hours available to you. You know damn well when you are a major player in the greatest story in human history (don’t be in such a rush for it to wrap up NR….. you failure as a screen writer (sorry) damn sure isn’t diminishing your legend as a code breaker in this earth (as we know it / been force feed us) shaking event unfolding time.

    100% Q knows who the hell you are and he/she/they/it is happy…… damn happy to have you. They count on you more than you realize. One day you will be shaking the hand that has been feeding you. Stick with it, stay the course, trust the plan.

    A lot of people, myself included depend on you and your analysis. Maybe you just need to push away from the keyboard for a couple of days…. clear your head, spend time with friends and family and recharge your batteries. Take a look around at all the sheep you are helping to free and feel great inside knowing that you are helping to change the world (for the better). Look now, because what you will see will go down in history as the enslavement of humans. We are tenants in a zoo right now…. you are the too smart security guard finding the keys to unlock all of the cages…..

    Pep talk over…. recharge. You are too important to the mechanism to burn out. The other anon and autist can pick up the slack for a few days.

    Good. Bless you and your family NR
    I hope some day I can shake the hand of the man who shook the hand of Q… that’s you.

  70. Man, your interpretations are very good. i think people are frustrated because Q strongly implied a revelation to the normies this month and so far it’s mostly backstage manoeuverings that may or may not lead to arrests. So far we’ve seen a lot of seemingly unconnected events (firings, resignings, sex scandal arrests, suicides, a false nuclear alarm, an accidental missile launch) but it’s like seeing bits of a jigsaw that don’t quite cohere. The FISA stuff is meaningless to the normies. Although Q has said we must be spared most of the revelations, it could be necessary to leak e.g. JFK or 9/11 or whatever is on Hillary’s laptop to get through to the blockhead normies.

  71. Q is not a savior, and how better to dismantle a messianic complex (intentional or not) than to have your followers realize your faults and proceed on with what truths you gave them, without you? Look into the “Golden Path” that Herbert imagined in “Dune”. How does one genuinely prepare to face greater struggles?

    In stark contrast, we live in an r-selected era of human history. Resource abundance twists our priorities, capacities, corrupts us. In a material sense, it eliminates the selective pressures that emphasize our need to survive at the individual level. Wolves care for one another in the pack, but what does a rabbit or cow care for any other in the herd?

    You simply can’t get an r-strategist to care about anything they don’t need to. Care, or don’t care, they’ll still find a patch of grass to nibble, so why waste time worrying? It’s not till their hide is on the line that a change occurs, and then their response is to escape, not to fight. That is, until escape is not an option, and then they lash out uncontrollably in a fit of rage. No control, no plan, no thought, just instinct.

    Do we find our humanity by surrendering to instincts?

    Instead, God described K-selection to Adam as the consequence for sin. Struggle, pain, and ultimately death.

    The deceit of WWG1WGA is not much different than the Civic Nationalist, or the Libertarian. They all place ideals before reality. We can so easily imagine that which cannot ever be. We can imagine the impossible, and deceive ourselves into thinking we can manifest it at a price we can pay.

    We make deals with the devil thinking we can come out on top.

    Jesus Christ went on to prepare a place for those who put their faith in his sacrifice, but not all will. The heresy of universal salvation is popular these days, care to wonder why?

    If Jesus does not save the eternally stubborn and hard heart, those who die in rebellion against God, how many will man save of that lot?

    In other words, WWG1WGA is not compatible with “the choice will always be yours to know”.

    Some do not choose salvation, but will avert their eyes from the light.

    I do hope that Q is not trying to point to changes in r-selection dynamics and wondering why the remaining K-selected, who have been mocked, ostracized, and destroyed by r-strategists through the passive means of social and legislative manipulation for over a century, are not happier.

    K-strategists will never be happy in r-selection. The same corrupted soils remain, even if all the weeds are plucked, and K-strategists are constantly restrained from tending to their own gardens. Resource abundance perverts the mind and distracts the soul from understanding truth. When men can act like gods, wield great power with no seeming limit, how are we reminded of our need of the one true God? What opportunities are left to humble us?

    The same rot at the heart of the globalism that Q fights also lies at the heart of all ideologies which deny reality.

    It will manifest the same in all, given enough time.

    Q is “frustrated” because they reflect the “last try”. They think it can all still work. That it can be fixed. That the problem was who was at the helm, not the final destination. That things were broken by bad people, not merely the inevitable manifestations of bad designs. That all can be saved if we just recite the correct spell.

    The final roster in the ongoing conflict between fantasy and reality, between the creator and the ungrateful created, between truth and lies, is not set till we stop breathing.

    We will always be surprised and disappointed by who we fight with and against. Read the book of Job and understand the parallels.

    Only God doesn’t change in any of this. People have been placing too much faith in dust.

    • Thank you very much for sewing the Truth here in this thread. I know that alot of people are finding out life is not as it seems. I know the tendency for the people to want a king. Thank God in His Grace, we were given The King of Kings !!! It’s very uplifting to see that the Gospel is going out to many people on these message board’s.
      Blessings to you !!!

  72. When we are in an information vacuum, the best posts are the ones that open discussion, and this does that. The thing that is difficult is that the criminality of the globalists was evident to those with eyes to see, even before the election. What has come out is confirmation and details, but the big picture has been constant. Our enemies are known, and it would be nice to see something concrete, even if only a token action. Removing Hodgman, for example, would be the sort of small move with great optics. I realize that the corruption is endemic and that ladders need to be worked up. But there is morale value in burning a pawn from time to time. How about appointing a task force to investigate Pedowood? There is plenty of #metoo cover for rhetorical jiu jitsu there.

    A couple of thoughts: I think Trump, rightly or wrongly, thinks that Congress, and by extension the electorate, needs to take the open lead against the Deep State. I suspect he is concerned about the optics of top-down action given the extent of the brainwashing. There has to be a reason not to bulk declassify. I can’t shake the image of a reality tv showrunner building to a season finale in November. But who knows?

    It has been my belief for a while that Q is looking for intel as well as providing it. The autists have proven to be able to generate insights and connections from bread crumbs, and I think the Q team will sometimes float things that they are unclear on. And there is an element of catching up the newcomers. But I agree that it is time to see something concrete.

  73. Maybe do a steganography analysis on all of the images that Q has dropped. I have been thinking of that going back to Cicada.

  74. Thanks for this article, NR. I watch and wait, and try to reach normies. Examples: One guy – scary brilliant in most regards, staunch conservative – was utterly uninterested, mainly because he thinks Trump is a buffoon. Another, conservative and history buff, immediately claimed this was some (WW1? WW2? Russian Revolution?) tactic to get all autists to come out so they could be rounded up when #TheCabal takes over. And these are guys theoretically OPEN to Q’s message!

    Yeah, there’s a problem.

    And we see the mid-terms coming on full throttle. We have NOTHING to derail the left’s narrative (rammed down our throats hourly by msm) that the normies will take seriously. We see what FISA (and the rest of it) means. So bleeping what?! It means jack if no normies will listen (to us)/no normies can hear (msm). The President needs much broader congressional support for part 2 of his first term; just holding to the slim margin he’s got isn’t gonna be enough.

    Yes, the balance is gonna be tough. Disclosures have to be HUGE, and late enough breaking that the msm can’t bury them before elections, with continual additional disclosures to keep it in the front of news – all without wrecking Huber’s cases. But it’s got to start SOON. Primaries are five weeks out, and the msm will do everything they can to minimize and derail those disclosures. But it’s got to happen.

    Else there will be NO other choice left but Plan B.

  75. D5
    “The first event of the D5 was held in London on 9 and 10 December 2014 with delegates from the five founding nations attending, as well as the United States, who were there as observers; ”

    Part of D5 stated goal
    “The focus of open markets is to open bidding on government IT contracts to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the use of digital marketplaces such as the UK Government’s G-cloud.”

    UK D5 initiative:
    “The UK Government G-Cloud is an initiative targeted at easing procurement by public-sector bodies in departments of the United Kingdom Government of commodity information technology services that use cloud computing.[1] The G-Cloud consists of:

    A series of framework agreements with suppliers, from which public sector organisations can buy services without needing to run a full tender or competition procurement process
    An online store – the “Digital Marketplace” (previously “CloudStore”) that allows public sector bodies to search for services that are covered by the G-Cloud frameworks”

    “G-Cloud established framework agreements with a large number of service providers; and lists those services on a publicly accessible portal known as the Digital Marketplace. Public Sector organisations can call off the services listed on the Digital Marketplace without needing to go through a full tender process.”

    So reading the above got me thinking is something in the UK D5 offshoot public accessible market place “Digital Marketplace ” that ties into the FISA issue. In other posts it references U k’s role in creating The fisa warrants. Is it possible they posted in the digital market place to procure money to pay the former MI5 agent CS to create the dossier?

    Also a stated goal of the D5 countries is to teach children as young as 5 to code which seems Very unusual to me. What’s of cloud computing talk which ties in directly with what’s been going on with F9 algorithm type .stuff at Facebook

  76. Right on #NeonRevolt i,ve been wondering the same. Its also leaving us wide open to trolls who know what their doing after all its in there wee Deep State propaganda playbooks. We need to see these Traitors being dragged out in chains weeping like babies. A few of the MSM are calling for military action against #Trump for F_ck sake , deal with them because that is Treason in any law.

  77. If there is one thing that is certainly true, it is that the wheels of justice and bureaucracy grind slowly. Trump, Q and their team have chosen to work this problem within the system that we have, rather than using the more expedient method of armed force against the bad guys. It’s less emotionally satisfying and takes a lot more effort and time, but it makes any victory valid and legitimate. A government such as ours cannot be sustained if the people do not see it as having that validity. The win has to be clean beyond reproach if it’s going to stick.

  78. Wow ,nail on the head there Neon! The normies will need something a lot bigger than a 20% drop in fb to truly wake up to the deception. Hang in there man, keep up the good work.

  79. Neon, thank you once again. After reading the comments, know you have many who do appreciate your work and articles, and keeping us informed. Also, since anyone can access your site, there MUST be trolls here trying to discourage and distract both us and you. Keep up the good work!

  80. Neon…..I have an IQ of 139, 50 something years old, Intelligent and IT engineer for 20+ years (plus may other career choices prior)…..I struggle to break down 25% of what Q’s drops mean….so you are so correct in saying it need to be simplified, unless reasons required to keep it complex…..jeez, it took 3 years to get my wife (who’s quite dumb, sorry dear, I’m leagues ahead of her and she knows it) to even acknowledge what those long white persistent lines in the sky were behind aircraft (one day, the trails were so bad she mentioned it to me as a ‘joke’ so I asked her if she remembered them being like that lasting all day and spreading when she was a kid……at that point she ‘awoke’ from her slumber)….so if I struggle, imagine how she would struggle with even your deciphering of the drops?

  81. thank you NEON for all you do keep up the work we are all frustrated because we can see so much that we did not know before and we want something done Well its not going to happen that way the CABAL which is real is EVERYWHERE remember the CRAIG Bond movie where one of the agents turns on his comrades and tries to shoot M that has happened how many times with Trump so far I count at least 4 times and I don’t count all the vicious attacks online and on tv by the likes of BRENNAN et al
    Q has given us a lot TO ME I am waiting for the FED appointments and with that a worldwide change
    the question what does the dark side lets call them alien reptiles from a different dimension have left
    how many weapons in their arsenal remain ?
    once we have disarmed them then we take their money the media will collapse no money no reason to keep up the lie imho

  82. Some thoughts …
    I was researching the “royal and reptilian” blood DNA … D5 came up, as Fifth Dimension … taping into information stored in our DNA; there has been a LOT of talk about blood and the attraction of it by the Illuminati, sex cults, etc.
    Also, I did not take the caps as shouting or anger … I recalled the Presidents “caps” warning to Iran … and I felt it was more of an absolute … “make no mistake” … “this is the truth” words. There have been many posting that “nothing has happened” … perhaps he/they were reiterating the truth of what has occurred. JMHO

  83. Neon,
    You do not have to post this….it is for you. Perhaps you can find out more and get “credit”?? This was just passed onto me this morning. (1.) Hollywood must truly be scared. As I was told this morning….my friend’s friend works on movie sets in the NYC area and she was told that NOW….at the end of movies, in the disclaimer….they state something like: “No children have been abused in the making of this movie.” If true…hmmm…
    (2.) We have been looking for “road signs” from the Lord to confirm things which have been given to me. One came to her mind/spirit and she passed this on to me. Two dreams were given to me years ago and so with all the reading which she and I, both, do….she came across this. Last year it was a huge thing and seemed as though everyone was putting in something about the Oroville Dam in northern CA. Most were saying the elites/cabal were planning to do some satanic ritual of a “birthing,” which some thought would be the destruction of the Hoover Dam and others saying the Oroville. The latter is the nation’s tallest dam, by the way. One such person had a youtube video where he explained that if….they destroyed that dam, then it would cause such destruction and the flooding would wash away so much! And with it, it would uncover tons of gold from the 1800s gold rush?? What she was thinking and asked me to hold up in prayer was this….what if the president did not allow the elites to get the gold but he used it instead for some sort of “jubilee” for the destruction of the dollar??? He did just declare a national state of emergency yesterday?? Does all this play into anything? I am certain that you would be able to check into both of these. Be blessed, brother! You are in my prayers!

  84. Thanks Neon, another great article and I believe you speak for all of us when you ask Q to just move on to plan B and wipe out these people. Every revolution has been created by illuminati and this feels the same. If they have incriminating evidence I highly doubt we need the stage set like this, especially if missiles are being averted. NSA has everything. Huge fan of Q but MK Ultra is still in effect and everyone is under DARPA’s wand, including Trump. Feels like we are being played by higher forces that will never go down. Hegelian dialectic once again / controlled opposition. A.I. has been around from time built by the nazis after WWII. And weren’t the punisher seal team behind the Boston bombing??? Prodigal son? God bless. Stay safe.

  85. War Drummer asked Serial Brain 2 if anything happened on July 27 re: BIG DROP – you will find the response at about 18:48 of the video below:

    Food for thought…..I’m not well informed – just hunting and fishing like most of the normies. You are my first “go to” for Q.

  86. Like it or not, most people will not believe in Q without someone of importance being held to account. It’s also likely people who follow Q, have been looking @ the crimes of these people for years. The acts of the elite are not new information to them, therefore, frustration is not new to them. Make the charges, prosecute the guilty, punish the guilty, force the MSM to take note. This is the only action that will awaken the majority IMO.

  87. Neon, I think many Americans are tired of the games. Tired of seeing the guilty go free. Tired of excuses for why things can’t happen right now. Tired of promises that things will happen tomorrow, a day which never really seems to come.

    If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I’d do much more than occasionally skim Q’s posts and move on. Your decoding/summarization of the 8 chan discussions is what makes Q worth following for many of us.

    I’ve found your non-Q related posts to be even more interesting and instructive (especially the Hollywood stuff).

    We all need to realize we are never more vulnerable than when we stop questioning what we think we know.

  88. You did NOT coin or popularize the term Cabal. My friends and I have been using that term to describe the cryptocracy since the late 90’s. I’ve seen it used prior to Q ever posting on /pol.

    You seem to think that your reach and influence is far greater than it is. Anons watched as you tried to namefag over at /qresearch. That didn’t go very well did it? When the anons read this article it won’t go well either.

    You did not distill all of the possible definitions of D5, D5 is a type of TRIDENT missile. Many have speculated that it was a D5 missile that was launched as an attempted false flag.

    That said, you have done a lot great work, and maybe you are frustrated with the progress or apparent lack thereof, but you might want to dial back a bit. Your contributions, while welcome and many times excellent, are not as crucial as you apparently think they are.

    • Re-read: I never said I coined the term. But I did popularize it among the Q movement.

      And yes, I got shilled to death the one time I namefagged on /qresearch (when I had to, in order to defend myself).

      Believe me, you see a lot of my anonymous work in the notables.

      And this isn’t my first rodeo. Not by any stretch of the imagination. LOL, for instance, who do you think introduced the chans to CDAN?

      And you think this is my only operation right now?

      You’ll learn about that stuff at a later date.

  89. Trust the plan. Regardless of how Q has helped your “Hit count”, they will stay the course.

    To think your inability to cope with their timing or comms is relative is a bit big headed. Grow up.

    Allow me to translate the english you obviously failed in high school:

    We have everything, now comes the pain.


  90. Thank you for the honesty, I was feeling the same frustration of not being able to tell the haters something concrete. I would like to say to them, look out for the following news story or the arrest of Hanks etc… Similar to the FB info, I told them to watch out for news breaking about FB and a day or two later it dropped, that sort of info holds credence and the doubters start asking for more info and so we are able to reach more people and the tide will turn. Looking forward to the updates.

  91. I appreciate all you do. I keep my focus on you, Praying Medic and War Drummer. I pray every day and night for Trump, Q and you all. You’re doing a great work.

    I know what the Bible says about the end times that people won’t care, will be cold with no empathy toward their fellow man. They will be given over to abominations. They minds will be turned to everything evil. It seems to me that is what is going on with all worldwide societies. This has never happened worldwide before only in pockets so we must be getting close to the 2nd coming.

    There are things that have to happen in a systematic pattern that the Bible foretells.These things have to go down. There are no shortcuts. The Bible makes this clear. So it seems there will be a remnant of believers. Do not get discouraged! There have always been a remnant throughout Biblical history, i.e. 8 people were saved from the WW flood; 7000 were saved when Elijah complained that there was no one left: God said I’ve saved 7000 for myself. and there are multiple examples throughout the Holy Scriptures of only a chosen remnant that survives. God is watching what we’re doing as much as the DS is watching.

    God helps the ones who have faith by responding to him. All throughout history there have always been a remnant. Be grateful that we understand what you and Q are trying to unfold even though it gets frustrating at times. Not everyone is going to make it out. We are that sacred remnant. Just as in the Biblical accounts we are not going to convince everyone. Far from it. Do not take lightly that we have been chosen to come forward to recognize and understand that always good will overcome evil. Many do not have this wisdom. This is the Divine hand on us as well as Trump and Q.



  93. God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time;
    enjoying one moment at a time;
    accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
    taking, as He did, this sinful world
    as it is, not as I would have it;
    trusting that He will make all things right
    if I surrender to His Will;
    that I may be reasonably happy in this life
    and supremely happy with Him
    forever in the next.

    • What does Q, you, me, the cabal (debatable) have in common?
      Was our DNA code planned or merely happenstance?
      Where you not told where we are headed?
      Will the Word play out as promised and described?
      Will it be in our lifetime, our children’s, or our remote descendants?
      What is the difference between the pause button and the stop button?
      Does that mean Q will be able to round em all up?
      Why are we here?
      You have more than you know…

  94. You sound like you need a break. This sh*t consumes us all and it can mess up your head/heart and daily life. I take breaks every few weeks. It really helps. If you can, step away from the Q posts for a bit.

    As for D5, I am not even close to being a brainy smarty pants nor autist (i score higher in the intuitive/energy sphere), and perhaps i’m sharing with you what you have already found, but it stinks a bit of Open Society Foundation by dickhead soros. It’s D5 Coalition:


    their Twitter page: https://twitter.com/D5Coalition

    And this opened up upon clicking on a link on their twitter page – The Center for Effective Philanthropy (hardy har har):

    And dig this creepy little survey you can fill out/peruse from the CEP page: http://cep.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Grantee-Voice-Survey-FINAL-2018-07-241.pdf

    Take a break, go out and laugh, go for a run, play with animals, see your friends, drink some beer and recharge your batteries. As they say on the airplane: please put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.

  95. If anyone has time to fact check this, I would appreciate it. This came to me in an email. Thanks.

    Who is Lisa Barsoomian?

    Let’s learn a little about Mrs. Lisa H. Barsoomian’s background. She is a U.S. Attorney that graduated from Georgetown Law, and a protege of James Comey and Robert Muller.

    Barsoomian, with her boss R. Craig Lawrence, represented Bill Clinton in 1998 and Robert Muller three times, James Comey five times, Barack Obama 45 times, Kathleen Sebelius 56 times, Bill Clinton 40 times and Hillary Clinton 17 times.

    You may be saying to yourself, okay who cares, who cares about the work history of this Barsoomian woman? Apparently, someone does BECAUSE: Someone out there cares so much that they’ve “purged” all of the Barsoomian court documents for her Clinton representation in Hamburg vs. Clinton in 1998 and its appeal in 1999 from the DC District and Appeals court dockets.

    Someone out there (insiders at Google, Facebook and Twitter?) is terrified so much that the Internet has been “purged” of all information pertaining to Barsoomian.

    Historically this indicates that the individual is a protected CIA operative.

    Additionally Lisa Barsoomian has specialized in ‘Opposing Freedom of Information Act requests’ on behalf of the intelligence community. And although Barsoomian has been involved in hundreds of cases representing the DC Office of the U.S. Attorney, her email address is Lisa Barsoomian at NIH gov. The NIH stands for National Institutes of Health. Why?

    This is a tactic routinely used by the CIA to protect an operative by using another government organization to shield their activities. It’s a cover, so big deal right, I mean what does one more attorney with ties to the US intelligence community really matter.

    It deals with Trump and his recent tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum imports, the border wall, DACA, everything coming out of California, the Uni-party unrelenting opposition to President Trump, the Clapper leaks, the Comey leaks, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal. And last, but not least, Muller’s never-ending investigation into collusion between the Trump team and the Russians.

    Why does Barsoomian, CIA operative, merit any mention?

    BECAUSE she is Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s wife … that’s why! Now you know how deeply the “Deep State’s” tentacles penetrate.

  96. I blame that dang big blood full moon, everyone gets out of sorts on a full moon. Here’s what gets me out of sorts. The one person to start talking Seth Rich gets threats from all sides and gets shut down (Hannity). And then to see Fox pick up the russia baton. I can’t even watch them anymore. Didn’t meganon say Brierbart was going to buy them out? Disney is now buying Fox since comcast dropped out. Well that’s just great. We need media sources to combat operation mockingbird, just like Neon said, we need to reach those that only hear the MSM and now Fox with some alternatives. Does Trump have to start dropping everything in his tweets? Even Operation M is forced to acknowledge them.

  97. p.s.check out Center for Effective Philanthropy’s Board – a lot of Northern California muckety mucks involved with the Gates Foundation and diversity in the workplace crap as well as working with children or “saving the children” type of sh*t…..this directly from a retweet off of the D5 Coalition Twitter page. I could be way off track but, it stinks a bit to me…..Check it out: http://cep.org/about/people/board/

  98. I think the purpose of all this — ALL of this — is for DECLAS.
    That’s the trigger. That’s the nuke. THAT is what makes normies wake up.

  99. Minor note, but pretty sure that the “no pedo bashing” banner was something a troll brought along and persuaded them to unfurl & use. Ie, someone on our side making fools of Antifa goons.

  100. I think most people following Q feel the same frustrations. But I have to wonder if we have passed the “First they ignore you…” stage and are now at the “…then they make fun of you…” stage. Things NEED to be vague and difficult to prove in order for the MSM to feel safe enough publicly writing and ridiculing the Q movement and thereby spreading the word. After all, if we had the ammo to “out” the real, scary and provable evil, MSM would keep this buried and the general population would have no clue WTF was happening.

    Once the public is aware of the theories of what is going on for a while (and laughing at the absurd Q conspiracy), then later the MOABs of truth and transparent proofs will come out with a public version of “future proves past”. I think people need to have the info first whether they believe it or not in order to process the bombs about to drop. At least that is my hope.

    Besides, as frustrating as this process is, remember Q team has worked for YEARS (dare I say DECADES) to get to the point of MSM public acknowledgement/ridicule. We’ve only been onboard for less than a year. So, take a break, do something in the real world, then get back to Q when you can.

  101. After thinking more… “Follow the wives…” “Hummanity…” “We have it all…” Does that refer only to servers? Who carried HRC’s laptops? Whose laptop had her husband’s kiddie porn on it? Has the location of that group email account ever been disclosed? What else is on HA’s laptop besides her husband’s kiddie porn?

  102. OK anons. I am a lurker and have been since the beginning. This is my first post.

    This is my recurring nightmare – This Q phenomenon is eerily similar in nature to what I consider to be the greatest fraud ever committed. That great fraud is the zionist promoted Darby/Scofield heresy of premillennialism. That heresy has been accepted by the evangelical church, especially the southern church, as dogma. The modern hucksters of this fraud are Hal Lindsey, Tim Lahaye, John Hagee and their many brethren – each of them sporting a ridiculously coiffed head of hair, a sign for sure. No, the rapture is not just around the corner and Jesus is not about to return soon and rapture you out of the great tribulation. And you premees have no special knowledge that sets you apart, as you think you do. Jesus will not return to rule the world from Jerusalem for a thousand years – the millennium. Jesus’ Kingdom began some two thousand years ago and we are still in it.

    I really want to believe that a true cleansing is just around the corner – Q keeps telling us it is. But it has been thus for month after month now – next week, June, now July, certainly by November. Is the Q phenomenon the rapture fraud’s offspring? It sure seems to be looking that way.

    I’m beginning to think that nothing is going to happen, at least not publicly. We are going to be Q’ed.

    I think I’m going to take a break from Q for a while, at least until I start seeing or hearing the saws and hammers of the gallowsmen.

    • Thank God. So sick of the “this is evidence of the end times”. but DONT point out the church didn’t believe this muck for over 1500 years and the “rapture” was thought of as heresy when introduced. but I digress

      I’m getting tired of it too. If not for the global picture but the little picture too. i.e. JA eta June. … but when questioned Q said “ETA” as in, it was estimated… not confirmed. OK. Well now July is almost over so? JA is in the news, but there’s nothing to report, not really, the embassy has been making noise about eviction for years.
      As for your observation that Q is borderline cultish in personality. Yeah, for sure. He promises salvation, and asks for faith in return.
      Man oh man, do I hope it’s all real! I hope everything he’s saying turns out to be true. But right now it feels a little like waiting for the rapture.

    • Bye bye Thomas. We are to live as if He is returning any day. The early church believed he was returning soon. We should always do the same since we do not know the day nor the hour. God works in his own time.

  103. Neon, as a fellow Orthodox Christian I urge you to pray, attend the Liturgy and take communion. As Jesus said “Let not your heart be troubled.” When mine is I now take it as my cue to pray. If I ignore the cue then I go to anger and become toxic. Evil feeds off that energy and it infects others who had let their guard down around me. PLEASE be more cautious about the energy you put out. As to the Q being mad drop, I was mad too and so glad he blasted back. His summary of what has occured was an amazing reminder of all thats been achieved and hopefully it will get people to step back, get a grip and celebrate instead of demanding everything to happen now. Q NEVER said that ALL of the truth would be revealed in July and in fact alluded to something that had been considered a conspiracy before would be proven true and that this revelation would be a turning point. That happened. We now know Trump was spied on illegally by the Obama WH and that the UK was involved. I swim between the chans, reddit T_D and rantingly.com to monitor whats making it to the surface. What Q listed has broken through and its huge mainly because keeping the House and Senate is OUR job and it is VITAL. I use Q summaries like tonights to show that corruption is being addressed and how justice is being handled LEGALLY. It’s amazing the number of people who don’t even know about Huber! Anyway, people who understand chess can watch a game and see decisive moves, turning point moves, moves that the opponent can’t recover from although the game goes on. Other observers just see pieces being moved and fail to grasp the significance. Q is trying to help us grasp the significance. The same is true in war btw. Remember the Battle of Midway? The war continued but because we won that battle we won the war. It was a turning point although many didn’t realize it at the time. Bottom line pray so Christ fills your heart, campaign so Trump wins on November 6th and uplift everyone you encounter. God bless you and God bless Q.

  104. There are some great comments, and a couple lame ones. ” Thinks like a woman”?? That was meant as an insult? Wow.
    Anyway, Joy solved the D5! Q is military, so Q knows what D5 it s whereas we civilians did not. It is all Klingon() to us! I laughed pretty hard when you suggested the messages are in Klingon. I had just read that their shop was a D5. But it’s our anti-Nuke missile. Which means they are trying to nuke us!! Not just blow up a chunk here and there of uninhabited land for show. They are psychopathic killers, worse than Klingons because they devour their own. They feed off fear and hate, and as someone else mentioned, they are also narcissists of the most dangerous kind who got a taste of blood and power and will do anything not to lose it, clearly.

    Someone also mentioned boots on the ground… but where? Who sees it? If there is a rally, yes. But since we will be physically attacked by Demtards, and aren’t permitted to fully defend ourselves (pow), I dont think it is quite time. And not all of us can get out easily (I have children – I dont want them hurt). The Internet is our best defense, and best way to safely spread the good news. If we can arm ourselves, yes, but if Q is talking D5 missiles, we better just hunker down for now. Rifles in trenches sound great against the Nazi mobs, but it’s not time for that.

  105. The anon linking Soros to the Habspurgs and that all the royal families of Old Europe are trying to regain their monarchical power is so beyond a stretch of disbelief its almost comical. Even a surface scratching of the French revolution would reveal the Revolutionaries were on the side of the Masons and the illuminati. And if the royals were power players in the illuminati, why does every indication show them to be the victims of illuminati chicanery during the causing and progression of the first world war? The illumanati is responsible for removing the monarchies of the West and instituting Republics with the necessary obfuscating bureaucracies (The Deep State) republics need to function from regime to regime every election. Sure, perhaps some royals of Europe today are puppets of the Deep State, so was the Kim Dynasty before Trump set him free, there is an awful lot of wishful thinking directed at destroying whats left of the old monarchies that isn’t based in logical thinking about the evidence we already have to hand. For one reason or another, the Illuminati wanted to get rid of the Christian kings of Europe and institute secular republics in their stead, there’s no need to go backwards on this.

  106. By the way, I love your graphics and would buy a poster, T or mug of your “Remember what we have to save” work. It made me tear up. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Q made with a hang man’s noose, either! I’d wear that happily!

  107. If it wasnt for you & some others, I wouldnt know what Q was saying. Q needs to stop mentioning dates they cant commit to. Really…July 2018 the whole world will know. Not here in my world, unfortunately. Bless you and thank you for all you do. It is greatly appreciated.

  108. Tom Hanks and the shoe.
    My mothers cousin (male) was raped and murdered in the1930s in Minot, North Dakota. Years later they arrested the guy. How did they know it was him, he kept his shoe as a trophy.

  109. What I urge people to do is pray, campaign to give Trump a big win on November 6th even if it means electing RINOs and even if it means voting in a hopelessly blue state. Numbers matter. I find Qs summaries invaluable btw. I use them to uplift people on non Q sites who are being intentionally manipulated to feel hopeless and defeated. That is what the enemy wants us to feel. You’d be amazed at the number of people who don’t know about Huber. My sense is some Q people are too in the weeds to see that the war is going REALLY well. Know wonder Q was irked that we of all people don’t see it. BTW Q never said that ALL of the truth would be revealed this month. That would be silly. He said a conspiracy would be proven true and that this would prove to be pivotal as things unfolded. We’re at war. War involves winning a series of skirmishes and battles. #RedWave2018 is our chance to say thankQ to POTUS and his team. God bless us all. Jesus said “Let not your heart be troubled.” If mine starts to feel that way I pray and then carry on.

  110. I’m with Neon. People are frustrated for a very good reason. It’s not JUST that enough people don’t get it. There is a much more fundamental problem. People have things to lose. You step out on your own, you get suicided, or have your reputation ruined. You step out in a small group, you get arrested and bankrupted in the courts. Typing on keyboards and “trusting the plan” ain’t gonna change shite. It’s human nature – there has to be a reason to risk family/possessions/etc. Change doesn’t happen because people “understand”, it happens because people have nothing to lose/starving/outrage/etc. Emotions drive change, not logic. There has to be a large group ready to go all at once, and everybody has to know it. Just my 2 cents – nothing will happen until something really major breaks, something that will cause enough outrage and immediate mobilization before change will happen. ….we’re gonna need to see some handcuffs, or something at a similar level. Thanks both to Q and team, as well as Neon, for your efforts.

  111. The people I trust the most/was taught to trust the most are religious leaders. Yes, even when corruption has been exposed.

    I wonder if someone close to Q was killed in this operation. I think I remember an outburst of emotion from Q previously when he mentioned people are dying.

    Yes, Neon you know everything that Q has reiterated but there are a lot of new eyes. And rehashing things you’ve already said is tedious and gets irritating.

    I have a theory on Q going mainstream. Or the President saying, “My fellow American’s the storm is upon us …. ” or the tarmac film getting released, or Obama with an AK47. (Geez, just listing these few things one starts to get disheartened) I think Q going mainstream is a partnership with anons. If Q has the ability to “listen in”, track email, texts, etc… (which I believe Q does) then they also have a handle on how much of America/the world is woke. I believe that Qteam monitors this stuff. >>> which is why FB, Twitter, etc… is aggressively suppressing content of conservatives <<< to downplay the numbers of woke people.
    Example, the President has (only) 53 million followers on Twitter. He gets less than 100K retweets/likes. However 90% of the comments on his Twitter, posts mock him. (Twitter doesn’t shadowban at all… yeah right) As an aside I WISH POTUS would get on Gab. His very presence on Twitter is what is keeping Jacks stock afloat, if POTUS left, Twitter would fail over night.
    Anyhow, back to the partnership of anons and Q.
    I believe that Q is waiting to push the above mentioned video, pics, etc… until the majority of the population is aware of/ on board with Q. That is our part.
    Q’s part is to round up the bad guys/collect intel behind the scenes and get us somewhat organized.
    The aggressive shadow-banning is making our part harder, but we have to keep pushing to wake America up. This is why I don’t really talk to anyone about cannibalism, or other “out there” stuff. 9/11, it doesn’t have to do with Trump… We need “now” things like McCain funding ISIS, which is FAR more palatable. NOT crap like “Angela Merkle is Hitler’s secret daughter” you/I/we sound like a bloody lunatic. And even if she is… so what? Does she have to be Hitlers daughter to understand she’s completely sold out the Germans? Does she have to have the blood line to be a demonstratively bad leader?

    I want to believe Q and team are going to fix the mess we are in, but I swear somethings Q says (and wants us to repeat?) or the things that the Anons say make the whole movement look like loons.

    And the last thing, Q seems different since the weeks of silence. I can’t put my finger on it. It feels “off”.

  112. Please do not get frustrated folks. We love you Q. We love you Neon. We MUST stick together. It is critical. We are fighting against a cabal that has been at this this for a very,very long time. There was a major shift this weekend. This is gaining some major steam.

    Stand together. I love you all.

    • If you talk to the normies out there, the mass populous, you will find it is NOT gaining steam. These people are in a mental coma and until something big comes along that they cannot possibly deny, that MSM has to report on, there will be no change. In fact, it’s worse… they continue to put their collective heads farther and farther in the sand while plugging their ears (instead of down the rabbit hole to seek the truth). No matter how much we keep stalling with “trust the plan” the world is turning. The elections are coming. Time is running out. We need an emotional response from the voters. We need momentum.

      Nothing short of a full on counter attack using MOAB style news and events is going to wake anyone up. More are going to sleep every day in fact. In CA, they are oblivious. Believe me I am literally stunned at the stupidity every single day.

      Declassify it all. Unseal enough indictments to force MSM to report on it. Take down some key players. Fire everyone in key positions that has participated in this crapshow against a duly elected POTUS. Get the documents, unredacted to congress and let Nunes and the rest do their job while they are still Chairman of their committees. If the House falls to blue in November, it’s over. If we gain, those who worship the altar of the DS and have fought POSTUS will crap their pants and realize the jig is up. They lost control. Publicly.

      But the time is now. Later won’t work. I trust the plan but I don’t trust it blindly. We need YUUUGE, jaw-dropping, MOAB, Shock and Awe ACTION and we need it now, not later.

  113. Alan Moore put forth an interesting theory in one of his speaking engagements that may be relevant here. It basically says that man has to first invent the language before truly addressing a concept. He used pedophia as an example – that the things he experienced as a child in public scbool wasn’t defined as such because at the time society didn’t define it as such; it was only considered ‘affection or ‘discipline.’

    Using this theory, controlling the narrative is the stage where are now, fighting against mass media, education system, customs and ignorance.

  114. Well, there is an “amazing coincidence” in regard to “D5” and the time stamp, although given the somewhat, um, less than fondness for the Jewish people displayed on certain posts on this site, there are those amongst us who might not care for it.

    Anyway, the Biblical comments, first by cavalier973, then by others put me in mind of it. “D5” would in many contexts simply refer to “Deuteronomy 5,” which would be no big deal in this context, except for the fact that in that yesterday’s–that is July 28th, same day as the post–Torah portion included Deuteronomy 5, which actually is the centerpiece of the reading, as everyone stands for it when the 10 Commandments are read. Furthermore, the post seems to be timed–if I understand it correctly–at around 12:45 p.m. , just about the time a Jew would be arriving home after service in the Eastern time zone.

    Perhaps Q was simply in a reflective state of mind after services that morning. D5 is a repetition of the 10 Commandments with an urgent reminder from Moses to hew to the Commandments and keep faith with the Lord, concluding: “Ye shall walk in all the ways which the Lord your God hath commanded you, that ye may live, and that it may be well with you, and that ye may prolong your days in the land which ye shall possess.”

    Or it may be just a coincidence.

  115. I have recently been hoping that Q or someone else create a summary of everything that has transpired so far. Q did a great job of that here, but we need this expanded upon with more detail, while not writing it in all caps. BTW – where would we be without Q? I know for sure that it would be impossible to sort out what is really going on.


    Do you see a comparison. I have been praying for this country for years and years (USA). God has been educating me all along. I ask for knowledge and he gives it, often I regret having received it because it is so bad. As my payers changed or matured I would ask for different things than I did before.

    I asked for more knowledge, he provided, I sometimes regretted. The most important thing is my PRAYERS kept changing. When my prayers were “right” or mature enough, God showed me DJT and revealed Q.

    My recent prayers are for God to expose the evil of these people publicly, as part of their punishment, Yes, but also as a lesson and a warning to us and all people. God please use this as a teaching opportunity, which is far more profitable than merely as punishment for evil only.

    I too am frustrated by Q. Frustrated by not seeing arrests and executions. Frustrated by not being able to get on with my peaceful, quite life, right now!!! But God’s, way is the best way. After all it is the way that I was finally praying for our countries salvation to work out.

    Every one of us, Our Biggest Most Responsible Task is to pray about all this every day. As Daniel is my favorite hero of the Bible we need to pray three times a day about all of this, even if it is only a few minutes each prayer.

    May “I AM THAT I AM” protect DJT, Q, NR, PM and all of you anons, and the innocents of this land.

    • Yes Brother, you are so right, it is all according to God’s Plan. As in every family, we have, as you say, to mature, to take on more and more responsibilities for the family, that is the family of the Creator, to let the image He created us in grow into it’s fullness, for us to become truly co-creators of the lives He envisioned for us, within our families and societies, ultimately for the whole world. God bless you.

  117. “Full Pinochet” ?
    You obviously are not acquainted with any Argentinians who were adults during that period.
    Perhaps mass inclination toward such a play-out is part of the “PLAN”.
    140+, my ass.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  118. Neon, your work on this and other subjects is valued and appreciated. I sense the frustration and worry about burnout. Take a day and leave the computer off, we’ll get by without posts or comments. If your personal situation allows, turn the phone off (no loved ones traveling, elderly parents, etc that you need it on). Take a walk in the woods, beach or plains depending on your area. Read a book. Open The Book randomly and read. Have some covfefe and watch the world wake up. Have a glass of Scotch and watch it wind down. Contemplate the wonders of the universe, our planet, life consciousness. Take a break, not for our sake (though we’ll benefit too) but yours. Unplugging can be refreshing, and even essential. I rather suspect worse days are ahead, so be in a state of mind and spirit to deal with them. Many thanks for your work.

  119. The cryptic bullshit has to go, as does the “HERE IT COMES” after which nothing happens. Who are we sneaking up on at this point, that this enterprise requires playing these games? Produce results or GTFO. It’s bad enough I have to read

  120. Wax on, wax off. You are not ready for the Crane Move Neon-san and neither are we. Patience is a virtue earned with time.

  121. Thank you, Neon, for this article.
    I’m a Normie who has been lurking your site and others for months. I read all the Q drops but wouldn’t understand word one without your(and others) help. To my frustration, I have tried to redpill others (my husband included) but to no avail. Up to this point, I thought it was just my own ineptness that kept people”asleep” but now I see that your own frustration mirrors mine except on a much grander scale.
    Thank you, thank you for breaching that abyss that lies between Q and the general American public.

  122. Maybe the capitolization is the clue and the email I sent in response to this article may be the answer, I do not know, i followed a trail, but I think there could be hundreds of thousands trails of the cabal, A Hydra, that fucks us ten ways to Sunday and it is not going to be easy, everything under GOD happens for a reason. Check it out! Let me know, it ran up a trail that could have thousands of reaches, in my opinion, think LOGIC, do not know if that is old school logic problems wear occums razor is used, or is it programming, NO CLUE tried both and it could go on forever. But I will not loose faith, this is the first time in this crappy life that I believe we can see right from wrong. Common sense, and real reach of knowledge.

    The Dude Abides…The Dark Knight Rises

  123. I have to agree with just about everything you have said. No matter what we “want” to believe in, the clock is ticking. It’s no longer about educating the normies through coding, decoding and drop analysis. It is about getting this into the mainstream everywhere (before the election) in some irrefutable way that causes everyone on every side of the isle to stop, listen and take notice. No, HRC does not have to be put in jail yet. But how about some indictments? How about some of these key people getting arrested, processed and the indictments publicized so that even MSM has to stand up and take notice? As long as this is all secret, coded communications, you are never going to get anywhere.

    Furthermore, the demoralization of the MAGA tribe if the elections are lost cannot possibly be underestimated. Now is the time for there to be an incredible emotional response triggered to make damned sure that everyone gets out to vote in November to counter the known fraud and continue to get real MAGA people into congress and not lose the tiny advantage we have.

    We are out of time. Soon, no matter what you do, you won’t affect the midterms. If BLUE takes over the house, kiss your chairpersons on the key committees goodbye. Kiss the little pushback we have seen to the DS agenda goodbye. Resignations of politicians, those not running again, corporate resignations, all if it doesn’t mean anything to the normies out there. They can’t put two and two together without a smartphone app. All this talk makes for some great theater but our populous has the attention span of a gnat, few posess any6 critical thinking skills (don’t even think to ask why or who is benefiting from this to anything they read or hear from MSM) and just to get them to look in the direction of the truth is going to take something real and as POTUS likes to say, “YUUUUUGE!”

    1) Unseal some indictments. Even if the case is not fully ready for trial, get some news coverage and arrest some key players while you wrap up. It takes forever to get from indictment to court. If you have it all (info) as you say, then keep building the case and evidence you know is already there. You can act from a position of extreme confidence. Throw some gas on the fire and give the people something real to starting believing that the horseshit that is MSM news has been lying about. An indictment is much harder to “not accept as real” than some allegation that instantly gets dismissed as conspiracy theory.

    Get some GD momentum going and dominate the news. Make it YUUUUUGE for God’s sake. And I mean that literally.

    2) Declassify it all. Stop this crap with the redactions. Enough being driven over by underlings. You are the Boss. Why are you putting up with this crap! What in the HELL does POTUS have to lose at this point anyway? If the truth is in there and it’s what we waste all this time guessing about, then there is zero risk. One signature and he wipes out all the redactions, all the classified status of anything related to the FISA, the HRC emails, the Fed Bureau of Corruption, etc. Blow it wide open. F*ck the consequences! What are they (DS, Dems, Rinos, etc.) going to do? Impeach him? Good! Try it! THINK LOGICALLY! That will require a nice evidence laden endless amount of hearings where the truth comes out all over the place. If they have all the info, blow it open. Publicize it all. Pedo to corruption to weaponizing law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Five Eyes. All of it. Blow up the Patriot Act and the FISA court. Disband it all and start over. Let the chips fall where they may.

    Why would you fear an impeachment hearing? Why would you fear the political fall out if the truth is going to show you were right and expose it all. If we really have the truth. If they really know it all. Then release it all. Don’t tell me crap like “the public cannot handle it.” I call Bullshit. WHO CARES? At this point, it is all about winning. The endless foot dragging, Trust in the Plan is NOT going to win over the normies and especially those who can blindly avoid considering any fact that can possibly show POTUS in a good light, dedicated to the mission of MAGA.

    This must stop. Time for talk is over. You have the marines at your disposal. You are the boss of the Executive Branch. Congress could not possibly get more hostile to you and your cabinet. Same is true with the MSM. Every day they downplay if not ignore or misrepresent, anything good you accomplish. Every day they work themselves deeper into the minds (mush) of the foolish, distracted electorate who are too busy watching the Kardashians to worry about the national debt or HRC’s U1 deal. How could anyone think we have to worry about POTUS and the Ruskies with all the CF pay to play, U1. etc.? I will tell you. Because most don’t even know about all that. They just hear MSM harping on endlessly about POTUS and ma russia.

    It’s time for shock and awe baby. Just say F*CK IT! That is the only thing that is going to work. We are losing people that are starting to believe this is all BS. Or those that simply cannot force themselves to pay attention this long. You want to keep feeding us breadcrumbs, fine. But show who is in charge. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead! Go for it. Indict. Perp walk. Show that the evidence is there, at least to get these A-Holes into court to defend themselves. Worry about court when the time comes. JHC they are already trying Flynn, POTUS, you name it in the court of public opinion while indicting nameless Russians who somehow caused HRC to lose the election. What a laugh.

    There is nothing more to lose people. Flip the tables on the MSM. If this is all true, from the Awan to HRC emails, Podesta’s, U1, election rigging, RR, Mueller, all of it, then bring it on. If the Fed Bureau of Bullshit won’t release the docs, go in and take them by force. Fire RR. Fire Mueller and heck with the consequences. Do everything in your power that you can legally do and let them try to impeach. Get the facts out there. One signature by POTUS, its all public (DECLASSIFY) and no denying anything. Forcibly get the docs for congress and let Nunes and the rest of those poor guys who get stonewalled and bullshitted over and over, get the public on board with the facts. They will be interviewed by MSM and get the word out. Congress must return to power thus giving it to the people. No agency that works for the people should be above its oversight. Period.

    This Shit Show has to stop and we have to take control now or its bye bye after November.

    Thank you for having the courage to say what you did. Most of us WWG1WGA are thinking it. Q and POTUS must act now. Keep making moves behind the scenes but throw some meat to the wolves and get their appetite whet. Show who is in charge, act decisively and fire those deceptive creatures that are still employed. Start some momentum on this stuff. Take over the narrative. Pull the security clearances of those no longer employed. Take over the buildings with marines from military police and intelligence if they refuse to supply the docs. Get it done. Show confidence. Take over the narrative and hold it. The negativity against you could not possibly get worse and now only facts, action and proof are going to get through to the remaining populous of the USA and it needs to be done before we lose the election window and before we start losing the attention of the more fringe MAGA / WWG1WGO followers.

    That’s my take. Spot on my man. Thank you. I hope Q reads your post and the comments and understands. Time is almost up. We need to make the news instead of reacting to it now. One word. ACT.

    Be well. God Bless you all for what you do.

  124. What are your thoughts on QAnon follower Ximena Barreto being escorted from her office at Dept of Health & Human Services on Friday? She’s a Trump supporter and was appointed as Deputy Director of Comms for HHS after he took office. Why didn’t Trump save her?

  125. Q keeps dropping all day, I can’t finish reading one before the next comes.
    And it seems like he heard your frustration NEON.

  126. Your frustration is something that is completely understandable given all that you do here. And you do something essential.

    I imagine Q is like the deeply embedded French underground in some WW II film. They have two problems. They need to pass info to the outside, to the allies, and so that real force can be taken against the entrenched Nazi invaders, but they are trying to do this while not also totally wrecking the country, the infrastructure in the process. Something the bad guys don’t give a shit about. So the Q-team’s measurement of progress is going to include how much is NOT being broken. You are sitting on the outside edges of the deep resistance, like those patriots of the underground laying out temporary flares in a makeshift field so that allied planes can land in the middle of the night and valuable information can be passed through.

    Q’s rant was not about you or your actions, but made to and about those people you are informing, and educating and all with what seems to me to be a balance of intelligence and humility. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do to try to make those necessarily cryptic missives into a narrative that then not only makes sense but can importantly be cared about by a broader under-informed audience. You are not only right about that being what is needed, you are actually accomplishing it.

    What is really needed is for your readers, people like me, informed by Q and by you, to stop being impatient and instead do something constructive like take this information into the comment sections, for example, of various postings online where normies might, in what is misconstrued as blissful ignorance, wander. Being asleep in this way is not easy. It takes a near constant vigilant intention to not look, and so as to not start accepting some crazy conspiracy theory, goddam it.

    It is becoming a world where the official story is cluttered with inconstancy. Many are starting to feel an odd restlessness. They are beginning to wonder if something might not be quite right, given how anxious Wolf Blitzer always seems to be to insure that people he is interviewing agree with him, or just how plainly arrogant and untrustworthy that Peter Strzok character seemed (not) giving testimony, or just how weirdly shocked Mark Zuckerburg appeared while being accused of selling FaceBook user’s personal data to the highest bidder. And maybe this wild assortment of suspicious inconsistencies suddenly starts to form into a bigger picture for our unsuspecting normie when the article they are scanning declares, with the usual MSM “nothing to see here” placating tone, that the SEC is going to look into those FacePlant insider trading allegations and straighten it all out, so don’t give it another thought. Following their nascent urges toward more information, our protagonist on the verge of waking up could readily encounter in the comments an explanation of how the woman heading up said SEC investigation is actually married to Peter Strzok. Say what? They might find not only a link to the SEC description of how Peter’s wife is an amazing super-SEC-sleuth for arresting an expat Chinese clan for insider trading …
    This info will be offered up as explanation for why she was bumped up the ladder into such an important spot but looking further our intrepid sleepwalker may also (thanks to the clever posting of the Q/Neon reader finally getting off their fat ass) find and follow a second almost buried link wherein the SEC quietly admits that somehow all of the super-sleuthing the good Mrs gone and done, was quietly and at a later date thrown out, and so that no charges were ever laid whatsoever.

    What the …? And maybe right then, or maybe after (in similar fashion) the case against FB is likewise tossed, this normie may find themselves slowly realizing that a cabal by any other name will smell as foul. They may never know what role Q played in their waking up. They will also almost certainly not know what Q meant by D5. They won’t have needed to.

    When this has all come to its long awaited conclusion and the dust is clearing there will be many thousands, stumbling out of the wreckage, who will never know how extraordinarily important the work of people like you, Neon, has been, in both waking them up and (music swells) saving the world from tyranny.

    But there will be many people who will know, and who will remain grateful that you bothered to help them to understand. That may not seem like much, in the thick of it as we are, but hopefully it will be enough. Here’s to ya, mate.

    Roll credits.

  127. Dear Mr NR
    I can’t help but feeling the mysteries of Q and the mysteries of the shadow/deep state are not somehow connected to the “Mystery Schools” of ancient times. Just a feeling.

    All this code, the symbolic language and the symbols themselves, that enjoin us to expand our thinking has a very Freemasonic, Theosophic, secret society, mystery school feel about the whole thing.

    I sometimes wonder if Q is somehow bound by the rules of engagement for the ancient battle to only be able to revel so much and is by contract forced to make us find ourselves in this war. Just saying.

  128. ^^What Felix G says. It is SO hard to remember all that has transpired. I’ve tried to list events and people but can’t. There are so many twists and turns that I throw my hands up

  129. I was glad an anon posed the question (because I was actually hoping for something Friday–Blood Moon and all) for the something to “drop.” And then, nothing did…and Q came out what what looked like a yelling, all caps rant, and I was like, “Whoa….”

    But you know what, IF Q had, instead, just posted: “FISA is big. Think [redactions]. July is not over yet.”

    Then we’d be all over it. Either way, I still hope that next week will be huge in some way, especially given that it’s the last full week in session before Congress takes off for the rest of the summer before the elections.

  130. I understand the frustration, too, and maybe also understand the hurt feelings from Q’s use of all caps. Lots of hard work bein’ done by a lot of good patriots, and there seems to be no reason for Q to “holler at” us! However, I try to bear in mind that Q is a team, and I had noticed a while back that there were Q posts that similarly dressed-down the autists…. and boy, were they ticked about it! My take on it is that there is a Q team member that suffers from some major attitude.

    The other thought I have is that Q team must always be conscious of not directly giving out any classified information. Q directs us to dig, dig, dig, giving only the barest (obscure) hints as to where to dig. I understand the frustration, but I accept that it might be necessary. Also that some of the initials and codes are not for us.

    Praying for POTUS, Q-Team, all autists and patriots, including you, Mr. Revolt. YOU help bring dark to light every single day… and for that, we are truly grateful!

  131. Everyone has a bit of battle fatigue, but that will pass if we stay the course. I think a lot of stuff is repeated because it is helpful to newbies that have just found Q and have to ‘learn the lingo’. The stuff can be so complicated, it is sometimes helpful to review the analysis again. Anyways, let’s stick together and support each other rather than creating infighting. I still think it is an amazing time to be alive and aware. Here is something to remember: A successful revolution can often be won with around 3% of the population. Tried to find some information about that, and found this article, which ironically, was written about the “Resistance” movement against Trump/us. Kind of funny to think we may be the 3.5% that ends up successful. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/feb/01/worried-american-democracy-study-activist-techniques

  132. You cannot imagine how much I look forward to your deciphering Q. Many of your thoughts you expressed I have also expressed when reading prophesy in the New Testament. I have wondered why the NT wasn’t laid out in a more precise manner that would shut down all the various interpretations of what a verse actually meant. I am not a theologian and I certainly do not have a 140+ IQ, but if nothing else, the obscure/cryptic style of the prophetic verses certainly stimulates the readers to think and discuss the issues.

    I look forward to the Q posts because they let me know that finally, something is being done to protect those of us who have no voice and no platform to defend ourselves. They (the Q army) are fighting for us and I consider you a key member of the Q army.

    God Bless.

  133. Within the Q Mad rid seismic zone is where we find the Q Mad rid fault.
    No one cares about deep earthquakes that they can’t sense; that cause no damage.
    Its the near surface, discernible quakes that capture mass attention and destroy rigid structures.
    Along fault lines, Maganitude matters…yet, structure destruction depends on Epicenter, Epicenter, Epicenter.

  134. Everybody is frustrated. I’ve been following Q since late November. Look at the timeline: 11/11/18 is the absolute finish line. We are told the world will be united and celebrating freedom from the #Cabal. If that line is to hold, major [Major] shit has to go down in the next 2 months. If we are still getting the “it’s all happening routine” by the end of September and HRC is still waddling around giving speeches, well than something is amiss, to say the least. I give the Q team all the benefit of the doubt. They know what they are doing and we don’t know, what we don’t know. As DJT says, we will see. Even if there ultimately is no great Deep State take down and we are left with just business as usual and Q was just a beautiful dream and only parts true, we still have a great POTUS and the evidence of real revival under MAGA. HRC will never be president and America First is real. Patience and perseverance. We are almost there kids.

  135. I was reading the drops off the Redditt /greatawakening site and saw a bunch of comments complaining about how nothing is happening. Then Q came back with the all caps blast. My take is: A) He was on a mobile and didn’t want to cap some things and have a different meaning attached to it. And B) He was tal so frustrated at how slow DC is moving, that the plan probably keeps getting moved back and it makes him look bad, and they realize the stakes involved–people risking their life, children in danger, bad guys still walking, MSM still lying, etc.

    So Neon is right. Q is right. And it is totally normal to feel this way when evil is involved. We all gotta pray more, Patriots. Because the fact of the matter is–we are not battling flesh and blood, but against the rulers of the darkness. So strap on your armor! WWG1WGA

  136. Is Q getting battle worn, taking it out on us, because perhaps he lost some good people? So true how you feeling Neon I trust you to decipher for me because it all goes over my head at times. I know Q is truth but I would love now just a real snippet I could say to my husband,he likes Trump abit and my brother who is anti Trump, to show them to say ‘See I told you Trump is sorting out the world!’ My brother calls me deluded.

  137. I’m tired.
    You know Q was talking to anons at first, but then he started talking to the cabal. He said as much. We know he was talking to “UK” , which turned out to be Haspel.
    Maybe “something BIG is about to drop” is personally directed at an individual.

    And the White/Black hats of Muller/Rosenstein? Those drops are 100% intended to blur the line (like, duh, the cabal is watching) , Q is talking about M & R the same way he talked about Snowden.

  138. Q was responding to criticsms.
    CAPS may have been just to highlight the importance of the statements.
    As stated above, easier to leave caps lock on.
    Facts are independent of emotion.
    Passion can taint interpretations.
    Keep it up, and please keep a level, logical head. You have an impact on the message.

  139. huMManity – eMMa watson
    Tom Hanks outed as a Pedo
    BIG drop (BIG movie about pedophilia)
    eMMA watson doing move “the Circle”
    the FB real life social circle dropped big friday (stock market)

    eMMa watson a big proponent of humanity and equality.”
    Together for the 2030 Agenda: Partnering for Women, Children and Adolescents, to Thrive and Transform the World”

  140. Neon I read every single article you post.

    I am going into mother mode here,not that you need one I am sure you have one of your own. It is my default position.

    You expect more from Q because you believe you deserve more because you do more. You probably do more than most that is not in dispute. Your mission is from God, not Q. He requires that we proceed with heroic virtue and humility. God wants from you humilty and silent sacrifice so your reward is from Him and not from the world. That is what I kept reading between the lines of your frustration. On the other hand I understand it is much easier said than done.

  141. With so many comments I doubt you will even see this but I do not think he is mad at autists for not deciphering clues, he is mad at people like me who bitch non stop about wanting real progress (people hanging) or at least some BIG name arrests etc. This war with the radical left is real personal for me, I live just outside maybe the most violent leftist nuthouse in America, Portland. I can no longer even take my daughter downtown to do the things we have enjoyed together for years, its like we are prisoners in our own home thanks to these leftist thugs, I carry but in Portland if I shoot in self defense I guarantee a liberal prosecutor will destroy my life. Honestly I really think the leftist media barrage is starting to wear on all of us, they fill us with rage. Like you I think many of us are just DONE, bring on the civil war they want, we know we will win,consequences be damned. I do think Q/President etc needs to understand we are just a final straw type incident from all out civil war, if they want to prevent that they need to give us what we demand now, justice. Put a couple BIG time heads (RR?) on pike poles in the next week or so, if not I think it may be too late to prevent that civil war sadly.

  142. Re: today’s Q drops

    I think he’s talking to you, Neon! It’s Q’s version of “Sorry, let me explain better…..” He seems to be saying WE ALMOST GOT KILLED! Maybe Q is afraid, or at least has an adrenaline surge because of the gravity of it all. That would be hard to get past, plus the fear of the consequences if something happened. I’m sure the White Hats are tempted to just take them out since they are so dangerous, but they believe its best to avoid war and have MSM blabbing their false narrative. Only we play by the rules of allowing others free speech, so it’s not a fair playing field. But to us and normies nothing is happening! We want Hillary and Podesta in cuffs… and Brennan and and and. I’ll be patient only because Q is our only hope.

  143. Haha, just saw the Time article to 25 most influential people, with Q listed. I’m pretty sure Q would not have been listed without your decoding!

  144. I understand the frustration. Remember all the haggling over the Nuenes memo, and how it was going to expose the truth? Then the testimonies. Now FISA?

    We have it all… Enjoy the show… The choice to know will be yours….No deals…There’s a Wolf…!

    If these people are truly sick… then CRUSH THEM!!! Put on the FAOG. Praise God and pass the ammunition!

    At your call Q. WWG1WGA

  145. Thank you for your great work and in Germany we say “keep a stiff upper lip” Perhaps it will take a while for people to come to their senses because of the massive amount of radiation? I simply throw this into the room because I am personally affected by severe electrohypersensitivity and have therefore dealt with the topic of electromagnetic influences on our brain etc.. In addition, there is the possibility of intentional psychotronic mental paralysis, because other frequencies can be “placed on” the frequencies used for mobile phone communication or others, in order to mentally restrict people.
    With this background knowledge, I can now see that mankind is becoming increasingly stupid. And the whole distraction and the running in the hamster wheel, if the power doesn’t go out even at times, then the people don’t come out of their film. There will be sacrifices, but if this is militarily secured, it will hopefully be limited. I’m afraid not everyone is able to wake up anymore.

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator

  146. Neon, simply ask and you shall receive, somewhere in the anon comments. One example in this section. He buries the clarity in responses, not as Q. You sharp enough and intuitive enough to find those. That why you have more than you know. Get it now?

  147. UNTIL the first named criminal is INDICTED…no one will care….same old BS waiting for JUSTICE….which no matter what …NEVER comes inside the ‘beltway’….NEVER….TRUMP needs to get a hard core HONEST outside the beltway AG..and INDICT….NOW…imo

  148. I can only trust you on your IQ. I do understand your frustration! Some others solve things that you don’t. You are fallible. You aren’t required to solve all hints, either. There are many anons who can. I see that you now feel you have gained some sort of prominence from your number of viewers. I caution you on this. Q is passing what she can to us, and as she can. Be patient!! WWG1WGA!! MAGA!!

  149. I think November 11th (11/11) is going to serve as the final showdown or point of no return for the Q Team. If there are no arrests by then and/ or the Demonrats won the majority of the House, then Trump, Q-Team and America are basically finished. I think the Demonrats/Deep State will be emboldened enough to either impeach Trump or outwardly pull off a bloody coup whereby they kill Trump, his family, his Cabinet and hunt down all Trump supporters to usher in their Luciferian Communist Islamo-fascist New World Order. I don’t want to scare people but that is the dystopian nightmare that most Liberals are hoping for and are capable of. So, let’s hope Trump and Q smoke most of these traitors by then because if that Anon was right, then there are at least 7-10 million Illuminati that need to be dealt with in the next 4 months and I just don’t see that happening at this pace.

    • Whoa, there Angel_Of_Vengeance_777…
      “…the dystopian nightmare most Liberals are hoping for”…NO, NOT AT ALL.
      Most liberals are not bad or evil people (and neither are most conservatives), and they are certainly not Satanists.
      Luciferians are beyond politics – they are both Republican/Conservative and Democrat/Liberal.
      THIS IS A REALLY IMPORTANT POINT BECAUSE IT IS ONE OF THE PERCEPTIONS/BELIEFS DIVIDING US!!! This is what Q is trying to get across to us in his posts today.
      Most liberals, and most people – conservatives included – have NO IDEA what is really going on in the world, or the magnitude of evil that is operating. The Elites have us all fighting with each other and scared of each other to keep us divided, and therefore controllable. I don’t know a single Liberal who would condone or support ANYTHING that is really going on in the world. The many Liberals I know are naive and deceived (and way overly optimistic about how they think the world works), but they are definitely not evil. They have good hearts and they are well-intentioned, and they have been temporarily confused and deceived by the MSM, and their own naivete.
      When the truth comes out, they will not tolerate it.
      I believe that all the anti-NRA/gun rallies/BLM etc. are, in the long-run, a great thing, because people are MAD about perceived injustice and they are protesting and organizing and speaking up for the first time in their lives…which is GREAT because they’re overcoming their fear of doing so…so when they finally understand what’s really going on, those muscles of fight/protest/rebel/organize are primed and ready for action.

      • I believe Trump and his team even do & say things to encourage protest so that people overcome their fear of rebelling/speaking out. Trump tweeted about protest being ‘healing’.

        It’s incredibly important to acknowledge that while Trump is not evil, he has lied a lot, cheated on his wives, cheated in business, and behaved like an entitled, misogynistic buffoon in his life. (None of that by itself makes him evil, it means he was immature. There’s a massive difference between Trump’s behavior and Luciferian evil.)

        We have to acknowledge the truth of Trump’s past behavior because by pretending it never happened (when it clearly did) or saying it’s a ‘Liberal conspiracy’ it – understandably – creates cognitive dissonance, distrust, and confusion in a lot of Liberals and makes it harder for them to see the truth of what’s going on.

        Trump is not some perfect, messianic demigod; he’s a man who’s flawed with a good heart, and he’s doing his best to stand up to and eradicate extraordinary evil.

  150. i understand your frustration. people don’t pay attention. they don’t remember. they don’t question. i mean, the sky went dark in siberia for three hours and it’s barely gotten any news coverage and i haven’t heard a single person i know mention it. no explanation. so we are the watchers, and for others the son will return like a thief in the night. but we will be awake and watching. keep doing what you’re doing. some are paying attention. but if they don’t have eyes to see and ears to hear, there’s nothing you can do for them. we need to continue to help make the environment right for his return, otherwise we will fail again. don’t quit, neon. don’t quit Q.

  151. Neon thanks for analysis great work. Please be understanding of Q anger is likely due to Q losing many friends in battle against cabal
    Hope that Q can communicate in simpler terms without violating the nation security laws and without risking lives of those in active operations against cabal. Thanks and hope we remain unite.


  153. Neon, I get your frustration. And I love your work. But you need to understand we’re playing the long game here. Not my President? Before President Trump was elected, I had Not MY President for 28 years. Frustrated? Yeah, I know frustration. 9-11, Sandy Hook, Boston marathon bombing, and on and on and on and on. Watching my Constitutional Rights eroded day after day. Watching the Bush and Clinton gangs get away with everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING year after year. At this point my hope is merely to live long enough to see it all come crumbling down.

    You have to remember, Neon. You’re basically a journalist. You need to keep your feelings out of your writing. Frankly, you’re demeaning yourself when you don’t. If deciphering Q were easy, the bad guys would have done so already, and not to our or our President’s benefit. As Q says, disinformation is necessary. This could all have happened behind the scenes, and we’d know nothing of it. The Q-Team takes a great risk by posting in public. I for one am grateful. Think where we’d be if the witch had been elected. We’re far better off now.

    I think in the end, should all go according to plan, we’ll look back and say “Oh, THAT’S what Q meant with that reference!”. All will be clear in retrospect.

    Someone somewhere had the theory that only 15% of the population will EVER become awake to the truth, whatever the event is. Cognitive dissonance you know. I’ve come to believe that theory is correct.

    Hang in there, Neon, Be dis-passionate. Don’t let emotion get in the way of reason. Were you happier when Q was off for 20 days? I wasn’t. Remember the alternatives, Neon.

  154. NeonR, man, that really needed to be said, thanks. I love YESHUA, Abba Father, this beautiful Country, the fact that Father PUT Trump in the position he’s in, and I love the annons, the chans and I love Q.

    But, everyone is frustrated and, no one is above being “taken to task”, including Q.

    It seems like Q is kind of, stuck in “verification-mode” like he’s still trying to show everyone he’s an insider, rather than a commander in the wheelhouse, whom everyone already accepts as their Captain. Lead us, Captain, show us a clear path.

    I’m a realist and I believe no arrests of biggies like Brennan, Clapper, etc, will happen until sometime in late 2019. Federal investigations usually take 18 – 24 months in normal circumstances but, these are certainly NOT normal circumstances.

    But it becomes odd that our “man on the inside” hasn’t drawn us closer to the harbor but, is freewheeling around the North Sea, expecting us to know where we are… well, we’re in the galley, we’re in the engine room, we’re in the infirmary… some have fallen off the ship entirely.

    In the end, and I know this won’t help everyone, it does soothe me though… Our beautiful Abba Father is in complete control and He will lead us, Q, and the world to the destination of HIS Choice. I just hope, as an older guy, with multiple health issues, I am able to see the plan come to fruition in the next couple years.


  155. neon
    we appreciate greatly what you do, and share in your frustration.
    Every day the CabalNewsNetwork hands every DemLibLefty their daily baseball bat to be used to bludgeon us with. We have taken so many beatings we have practically gone numb or punch-drunk.
    Our team RARELY gets anything to fight back with, yet we know there is a storehouse of ‘ammo’ we can use, along with knowing truth is on our side.
    Especially w Q, since we are often told ‘we have it all’ and it’s ‘time to feed’ and ‘this week the truth comes out’
    Give us this day our daily bread!! or …our daily “baseball bat” and we will take down the Cabal ourselves from the ground up!
    All we need to hang on IS JUST ONE ‘SCALP’ or ONE JUICY PIECE OF VERIFIABLE “SILVER BULLET” intel to punch back with.
    We all feel to one degree or another like we are hung out to dry as we go out onto the playing field. Even tho we are in the majority, we are unarmed, and our opponent gets fresh supplies “every 4 am”.
    thanks again

  156. Sorry, Neon. I’m a little disappointed in you. I get it that you are very bright. However. “Q” did say PRAY.
    If there is one thing to understand, it is that we may do everything perfectly, but without the help of the Almighty, everything is doomed.
    Read the Bhagavad Gita.
    Read the Bible.
    Without Divine intervention, we are nothing. all the Plans in the world are meaningless
    PRAY. Chant hare Krsna.

  157. D5 = Avalanche, as per Twitter user “Swampy”, who noted Q used “D5” 3 times in May in reference to snow…
    D5 meaning avalanche makes the most sense. (Possibly a missile reference as well?)

  158. Like so many others (IMHO) I wish I coulddo what you do or help Q and our President in a more tangible way, since I can’t I will pray harder, longer and more often.

    I agree with what you’re saying that unless more people care things will get excused and poo poo’d away as fake. I honestly wish I were rich right now, so rich that I could buy out a major network and bring the truth to the masses daily as each thing happens. Wishful thinking, but that’s what I’d be glad to do if I could. So, because I can’t (yet- still hoping to be a heir to some unknown masses fortune) I can and will continue to share in social media and to keep talking to those around me.

    God bless you all

  159. I am with you. Let’s just get on with it. If they have all, then bring it. Two more days left in July. Month of Truth? then declassify already. “Something big about to drop”. I assume we will hear and be able to say, that was it. When I hear Q say this, I expect to see if come. If it doesn’t it’s frustrating.

  160. AF9 says, “Yeah rule of law… well the freaking rule of law failed us for over 60 yrs and maybe we need a non rule of law solution.”

    Man’s Law has failed us, God’s Law has not, and will not.

    • Quinon says, “have you ever dealt with narcissists? Because this is what the Cabal are. Narcissists writ large, they think themselves gods and us pawns under their power.”

      Their time is over. Their purpose was to bring us to repentance [ change mind ].

      A g-o-d is one who makes rules for others. We are pawns under their power because we have forsaken the True God. Submit yourselves to God and the devil [ and his minions ] will flee from you.

      Unto whom much is given much is expected. You [ all ] have used your gifts well, redemption is drawing near.

  161. From my understanding D5 refers to POTUS. D is the 4th letter of the alphabet and 5…45. DJT is our 45th POTUS.

  162. Here all this time I thought maybe you used the term “Cabal” because of Mark Gorton and his work on the deep state… major early redpill for me.

    For my part, I’ve been feeling quite the opposite of despair lately: in fact, I’ve been feeling as FISA-giddy (in all caps) as Q. FISA-awareness (basically the darned obvious fact that Crooked HILLARY & her crooked cronies ordered and paid for the fakity fake non-Russia-involving dossier to get Trump, à la that Amazon # 1 bestseller Trump tweeted about (see? The people are waking up!!), is hitting critical mass among people who read…. like, maybe even people who don’t (yet) like Trump. The MSM hasn’t cornered the market on the effective repetition, after all. FISA, FISA, FISA based on lies, lies, lies. How could this happen in America? I can feel the cognitive dissonance blasting some more normies, can’t you? People are hearing this. The huge Wall Street Journal recap of all this by Nunes via Kimberly Strassel on Sunday, with talk of how one political party owns media and intelligence in bad countries…wait, and HERE? Yup! It was powerful.

    The #WalkAway movement is powerful, Kanye is powerful, Tucker, Roseanne, even Bret Easton Ellis; random twitterers and youtubers are powerful, your blog is powerful, and everyone affects a different swath of the population. And more people are waking up and getting brave and speaking up.. the HOLLYWOOD whistleblower Isaac Kappy is HUGE – not getting the attention he needs to yet, but at least the James Gunn thing is making people think….hmmmm, maybe the supposedly intolerant right wingers actually have the right idea about who you punish and who you forgive. Maybe pizzgate wasn’t sooo dumb… hmmmmm…. The facade is cracking… I feel it! I’ve sent Kappy’s periscope rant around to people who wouldn’t have listened to someone else. Everyone is necessary – and a lot of this is truly about REPETITION. Same stuff, from a different mouth. Same stuff, different day. Critical mass.

    And watching the MSM not give Trump his due, it’s got to be getting people clued in to the media. The tired Russia overreach, the stubborn failure to notice jobs, economy, Trump’s admirable holding of American business to account to put the American worker first (cf. Our Kids by Robert Putnam – an amazing book about how the rich must be invested in the poor, must care as locally as possible, or the free market system fails all, devolves into extreme wealth and poverty and loss of community: he’s bringing the “Our” back to this country, he’s calling to the conscience of the wealthy), his effective negotiation on trade, on war, his sheer energy at working on the agenda he ran, all while on under constant fire – it’s unlike any president in living memory.

    All he has to do, when the time is ripe, is take over that emergency broadcast system, and give us the fireside chat of a lifetime — kids? Let me tell you a story, a story of how you’ve ALL been told a fairy story for your entire lives. Remember that movie, the Truman Show? Well…

    The thing is, Trump is charming and charismatic, and the media can’t take that away. People when not told what to think, tend to like him and will listen to him when he is ready.

    I’m waiting – and maybe I’m crazy, but in the past week I’ve felt it come a lot closer.

  163. You are the guy who intervenes between Q, the autists and the rest of the world. Not an easy job but you do it amazingly WELL! Everyone is frustrated. My gosh, most people have been programed by the mainstream propaganda machine to do as we are told. Critical thinking has disappeared. The American People has trusted our Congress to be responsible in their five main functions: lawmaking, representing the people, performing oversight, helping constituents, and educating the public. Where are they NOW??? Crickets. We read humanity is as stake yet there is nothing we can do about it except tune in to your decipher and keep our fingers crossed we make it to the next one. At this point, I’m completely disappointed in our government yet remain surprisingly optimistic. I am lifted up: emotionally, spiritually and psychologically by people like you Neon. A TRUE PATRIOT. You are brave enough to speculate the truth (and back it up with examples) therefore; allowing yourself to be vulnerable to attacks. And holy cow…people can be disgraceful! Please continue your resolve to bring light to others. It IS working. Even when it seems like it’s not. I applaud you. Many Blessings!

  164. NR: Your statements are well founded. I’ve considered myself to be observant and “above average” at connecting dots with accurate discernment; but you Anons take it to a new level. Frustration levels are high, and we all lose our grace. My hardest part in reconciling this Q movement is with the Bible. Does Jesus come back because there are more good people than bad? Perhaps Q knows EXACTLY what’s about to take place. Perhaps this is what it means when God says He will pour out His spirit in the last days. While I don’t know all that’s going on, I am awake. I am watching. He is coming. Stay encouraged. Be blessed.

  165. I like the comment from the man wrote, this is war. Q’s post said the media will never print the truth. (So don’t look for it there). My thought, if this is a war, who is fighting for my life, liberty and happiness? Pick a side. Stay loyal. You would not want to be known as a fair weather friend.

  166. 200+comments that Id love to read through but need to get moving on intel and think tanking. Just want to add to the others that you are so very appreciated! I, too, have become extremely frustrated waiting for BIG. Yesterday’s drops are a prime example. Not to mention the (inner circle) sheep Im desperately trying to educate and redpill laugh and walk away. GIVE US SOMETHING. nothing after nothing keeps happening to nothing. July 30 and still NO ONE knows NOTHING of any truth nor cares. but still I fight. I will not leave this battle!! I will not leave this heinous world to my children and grandchildren. I fight to my death. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON warriors. Much love and blessings!

  167. I appreciate your frustration but I have a different take.
    Sometimes communication is far less important than access to raw info.
    When people have access to source material there are enough smart people to put it together, we don’t all like putting together riddles.

    When Wikileaks dumps (in the past) I jump in and read a couple hundred docs and look at what other people pull out. For Q material I read your column, I read the Q posts, and browse through Twitter and Gab comments on the material.

    Whatever Q says, or whatever you guys put together remains theory.
    When someone posts classified military or diplomatic docs we see reality.

    Whatever intelligence group Q is a part of should just start releasing documents. Get the stuff out to the public.
    There won’t be mass panic, you know why? Plausible deniability.. until US Govt or Military intel state the documents are legitimate the broader public is not going to be on board, heck even if they were legitimised the majority are not going to be board (no trust).

    Best you get anyway you slice it is 50% of the US and perhaps a majority in Eastern Europe /Russia believing the legitimacy of what is released.

    Majority of Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, England etc are not going to buy anything, even a live feed confession from Hillary that she eats children (it will just be assumed she was coerced to say such things by the evil Trump, wannabe god emperor and dictator).

    For heavens sake Europe is being genocided at present right in front of their faces and 70% of their citizens won’t admit it – don’t expect much from them!

    Trump starts executing/imprisoning look for Europe/EU retaliation, global financial attacks, Deep State doing deals with China to get aid to murder the USA before they let it be free. No one in the Middle East can be trusted.

    Trump on the world stage wanting to hold Hillary to account? The whole of the EU, + Anglo nations + China + Deep State + Middle East + 90% of global media saying he has gone insane no matter the evidence.

    No. The civil war is here, all that matters is the bad guys get bullets. Release the raw intel, engage the military, put Trump beyond legal pushback. Get airborne and drop marines on every billionaire mansion, TV executive & banker lawn in the West. Execute. Empty bank accounts, jubilee the debts. If any of the enemy are to live have them do it as paupers on the street. BIS, IMF, etc beyond legal jurisdiction? Who gives a rats, when they have been blown up they are not in a position to argue their case.

    Deliver the executions first, extra-judicial executions and then with global communications (at least Western) under control have the generals on tv explaining the situation and offering the people free elections (remember the bad guys are dead so these should be safe now). When people are scared they will want to trust what the powerful men say. When someone in power hands back the reigns to the people it shows honourable action in retrospect. The hour of conflict subsides, we can finally march into a future that is free.

    The idea that there is any good future achieved by keeping things “clean” is false. Humanity without struggle & conflict is a path to dysgenics and the death of liberty & good times under the boot of population growth & liberalism.

    Better 4 billion humans living well and free than 9 billion enslaved, impoverished and mentally controlled.

    The future of the US without such an upheaval is Mexico/Brazil or Yugoslavia.
    If suffering doesn’t come from severe action, the people will bring on their own suffering by importing it into the country & electing the leaders to deliver it.

  168. There is a historiographer who died just a few years ago named Jacques Barzun. He wrote a great big book called 500 Years of Western Civilization.

    The point of it was that revolution was a vicious cycle – revolution, unfulfilled expectations, frustration, then more revolution. Nothing really improves.

    The point of frustration in that Q post feels like these operators are being kept on a very strict timeline and the people meeting those milestones are feeling the heat. Subs trying to launch nuclear missiles at their own citizens, and staying one step ahead of that?

    So, the trick here is to upend decades, maybe centuries of planning and money and resource and personnel placement with a handful of patriots before the right loses Congress in November – oh, and while you are at it trying to keep the historical bowling ball out of the vicious-cycle gutter of continuous revolution at the same time.

    I think ,even with what we know now, if Melania Trump, who I am convinced is a good woman, sat and patiently explained to us the breadth and scope of what was going on, so that we all knew everything in a way that we absolutely believed her – unless what is necessary within our current system of government to deal with all of that WITHOUT causing injury to the average joe six-pack who is trying to raise a family, the entire yarn is without any merit at all.

    Setting that up is taking more time than they anticipated, it appears. On the other end of it, we must have been given something and not run with it far enough it seems.

    I just had this conversation this weekend with my teenage boys – you’ve been sheltered, and you are almost out of time before you have to step up and have what it takes to live out in the world alone on your own.

    When I read that angry Q post, I felt like what one of my teenage boys must have felt like: ‘OK, Pop, what am I missing? What should I be doing?’

    In their estimation, they can’t go any further with us than they have so far, and we have more than we know. Maybe we need to go back and look at it all again, because I don’t think we are going to get any more than we’ve got now.

    I can’t imagine what it must be like having all the knowledge. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  169. Of course all that relies on having a military/intelligence service prepared to follow such orders which maybe they aren’t.

    Ideal would be a military coup such as experienced by Thailand which would be perceived as much less partisan than a Trump led government. Coup>military trials>executions. Military communications and release of documents to people overseas showing the corruption of their own governments, offering them US military support & protection to overthrow their own illegitimate governments (e.g. the sellout govts of Australia, Germany, France…).

    If the global network is not taken out no gains will be held by Trump & Q. Oh control of the supreme court? What about when 3 Trump elected judges die in a car accident, drown, die in a plane crash? Supreme court control gone in a second. Federal Reserve bank control likewise. There is no sustainable path to a free future without wholesale destruction because without the destruction people will not be uncomfortable enough to change (e.g. Democrats will elect the next deep state candidate first chance they get).

  170. First, thank you for all that you do. I def appreciate it and find your information extremely valuable. I def would not be able to figure out a majority of whats posted. I agree that things need to pick up because while we ‘normies’ 🙂 can do our part of speaking truth to others but, the problem like you mention is most people don’t care. When you continue to speak anything positive about trump or real info people just begin to write you off and then don’t want to hear anything that is said. They are so reliant on the media even though they will like and comment on posts about how MSM is bullshit they still go back to the hand that feeds them. I so very grateful for this movement but I sure as hell hope this plan is foolproof because the people I interact with don’t care. They are even more checked out than they ever have been.

  171. Break Stuff – 7/24/1999

    July 29, 2018: rely on experiences, sober and noble choices; see also July 28 as there is a repeat (Moon opposition Mercury)

    July 30, 2018: things happen that put other things in place but we often don’t see it until a later date (Moon sextile Saturn and Uranus)

    July 31, 2018: maintain pure thoughts and intentions, aim high (Moon conjunct Neptune and Moon oppose Venus)

    August 1, 2018: spirit of Renaissance, false flag potential higher (Moon conjunct Chiron, Moon square Saturn)

    August 2, 2018: fiery — take care with words and actions, use nourishing words (Moon trine Sun, Moon square Pluto) LW

    • “Surpassing”

      July 12 – August 11, 2018
      The Cancer cycle enters with the New Moon at 10:48 pm ET at 21 Cancer and the Sabian symbol (energetic illustration) of “a prima donna singing.”

      What imagery does this symbol bring to your mind’s eye?

      The Sabian symbols are an efficient yet highly creative and individualized opportunity for the archetypal mind to reconnect with soul. The astrology of the Sabian symbols offers us the key to rising above seemingly random and uncontrollable outside forces that shape perceptions (and thus our experience of life). In so doing, we make order out of the chaos of the matrix in which we are awakening. Our consciousness turns to something else — something beyond.

      The energetic of “a prima donna singing” is the energy for SURPASSING. A prima donna surpasses the norm. She takes the tune to a new level. She brings the soul up from the depths. The prima donna is the principal singer of the opera because she has experienced things; she has feared, risked, lost, and won, and in the process of them all has found the Depths of the Heart. She sings from the True Place – from the soul.

      We find that what comes from the voice first comes from the gut.

      Here are the main themes/opportunities for the month, along with brief highlights for some of the days (I will keep this post on the homepage for reference throughout the month – our understanding of the report will grow):


      When we have cardinal cycles (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn), our collective and individual perceptions shift. Things begin to move in new directions. We see and feel things differently. This occurs over the course of the cycle, but is often felt in a pronounced way during the first three days of the New Moon. It can be disconcerting and destabilizing, but this is just a natural part of the way energy rolls and evolution unfolds. We adjust, knowing that essentially an upgrade is in process

      The Cancer cycle takes us to the SOUTH direction of the Wheel. (Suggestion: search engine via the internet or books “south on the medicine wheel” or such and see what you find and what resonates for you about the south direction and also search engine via nature – focus on what you see in the southerly direction anytime or place)


      Venus, Saturn, and Uranus will be in a Grand Trine configuration at the New Moon. This Grand Trine is in the element of Earth and activates the Chiron Point. The Chiron Point is 4 degrees of Taurus, the degree of zodiac where the planetary body Chiron was located when it was “discovered” or brought into consciousness. This degree in the zodiac can be considered a “critical” degree. The energetic of 4 Taurus is exceptionally strong and outwardly visible when one understands the pattern.

      That is not to imply that the Chiron Point energy is simple; it is not. It’s gift is only found after intense “initiatory” types of experiences — rough times in life, various quests, heartbreak, anything hard won. Chiron is the great Wounded Healer and Teacher. He runs the spectrum from the Hero to the Teacher. Chiron is Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi, Arthur and Merlin, Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea, Hercules and Chiron. With the Chiron energetic, the Hero becomes the Master after an inordinate amount of suffering, effort, perseverance and usually self-sabotage.

      The Grand Trine at the New Moon indicates a month of tremendous healing of issues and a necessary integration of what we have learned on our travels (through our ordeals) to date. This is the Gnosis of Chiron — the gift of Chiron.

      Heroes and Masters rise this cycle to counter the way the archons will exploit the lower-octave divide and conquer, aggressive energetics of the Grand Trine all month. At the time of the New Moon (which sets the energetic imprint for the month), Venus will be discharging “black and white children playing happily together.” Saturn will be discharging “Indians – some rowing a canoe, others dancing a war dance in it.” The lowest expression of these is division and polarity — choice energetic fluff for trying to incite civil wars.

      It won’t work because that system of hierarchy and control is in a larger cycle of dissolution. The other planet in the Grand Trine, Uranus, contributes by discharging “steps up to a lawn blooming with clover.” We reach a peak, a high point, a vantage point, a pinnacle, an understanding, an insight, a guide. With this energetic, hierarchies end. This month, the process of dissolution takes surprising turns and reveals the unexpected. This is the way of Uranus.


      The New Moon is in tight opposition to Pluto. This is a very big deal in and of itself because it amps up the level of intensity and the degree of transformation that will occur this month. It usually comes on hard and strong and can produce deep emotions and swings of emotions. This is a Cancer cycle. Cancer energy is emotional. Pluto can turn those emotions toward darker places.

      The energetic of “a prima donna singing” will naturally bring up what people want to say. Pluto’s influence tempts people to do this in ugly ways and then rationalize their behavior. It only gives the archons a field day to siphon energy.

      Pluto’s higher octave teaches that sometimes we need to go to a “darker” place in order to find Siege – the Silence and the Stillness of the Void. In the Gnostic tradition, the aeon Siege is the mother of the aeon Sophia (Wisdom). The Silence and the Stillness of the Void is a source of creativity. We find it by going inward. Pluto takes us within to transform. We bring something to light or back to light. This is a beautiful thing.


      A caveat is clear cut: a New Moon in opposition to Pluto and both in square to the Eris Point brings the Winds of Revolution. This is why the cabal is going full-throttle with the divide and conquer right now. This month is their best chance to get people to fight with each other (which only keeps the pressure and focus off of THEM). They want to control the energy of revolution that is natural to the astrology this month.

      This, also, isn’t going to work. More people are putting together the pieces of the control hierarchy (at all levels) than people who are acting out. INSTINCTS are being triggered. People who are awake or awakening are seeing new levels of the matrix and, in the process, freeing themselves. People who are not awake and not showing signs of rousing are reacting impulsively from the lower chakras, trying to maintain some sense of control or stem the freefall of soul sleep.


      When a planet is retrograde, it re-works and revises things relative to the planet. Mars rules our energy, what we do with our time, action, initiation, impetus, and the masculine principle. Mars is currently retrograde and heading backward toward the Black Moon (which will leave Capricorn on August 6, 2018). Mars is thoroughly working over our energy levels, hitting the refresh button. We are inclined to step out and take action during Cancer cycles, but with Mars retrograde, these new starts are being polished and refined before they are moving forward. Mars will station direct on August 27, 2018 at 10:05 am ET, and refreshment comes to the world.

      Mercury is going to station retrograde on July 26, 2018 at 1:03 am ET. It will be retrograde until August 19, 2018 at 12:24 am ET. This Mercury retrograde focuses on our physical body and the expansion of our psyches to hold and decode more light/information. Mercury stations retrograde at 24 Leo, “totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a man is sitting in a state of complete neglect of his body.” It will be very important to practice self care during the retrograde period. Mercury directly affects the mind, and the activations can cause headaches. The physical symptoms that are being experienced en masse will be amplified by Mercury’s retrograde in combination with Mars’ retrograde.

      6 – FIVE WATER

      The New Moon occurs on the day 5 Water in the Tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar. 5 Water is The Offering of Love. It’s a wonderful tone of energy to have with us all month long, and we want to make sure we are expressing it each day.

      To help, here is a brief summary of highlighted days for “heads up” and knowledge; I will update periodically as needed through the month:

      July 12, 2018: New Moon at 10:48 pm ET

      July 13, 2018: heightened anger (Moon conjunct Mars), communications highlighted (Moon conjunct Mercury), control issues – especially in relationships, taking responsibility, financial markets highlighted (Venus trine Saturn)

      July 15, 2018: critical of self others (Moon conjunct Venus), beginning of Sun transiting opposite the Black Moon through July 20 (shadow sides, Black Moon Days)

      July 18, 2018: destiny, finding purpose (Mars conjunct South Node)

      (CORRECTION 07-18-18: I mistakenly wrote July 19 when I meant to write July 16 – the day of the Summit. This happened because I have been trying to understand the energy of July 19 for over two months now, so it is prominent in my mind. ) July 19, 2018: excellent energetics for the US-Russia summit

      July 20, 2018: repairs, repairs to communications, hyper emotional, welling up from the underworld, exaggeration (Moon conjunct Jupiter)

      July 21, 2018: Venus begins transit opposite Neptune through July 24 with heights of creativity and beauty but also potential for “volcanic explosions” of various types

      July 22, 2018: Sun enters Leo and begins to conjunct Mars – anger rises, potential for narcissistic behavior, creativity, fun

      July 24, 2018: war/warpath/aggressiveness, archons on parade (Moon conjunct Saturn); love (Venus opposition Neptune)

      July 25, 2018: spiritual assistance for transformation and change, Black Moon Day (Moon conjuncts Pluto)

      July 26, 2018: glimpse of future, wanting to be heard, rebellion and revolution (Moon conjunct Black Moon for the last time in Capricorn); Mercury stations retrograde

      July 27, 2018: Full Moon conjunct Mars and South Node – judgment of past, surprises, take extra care to drive safely, turn off appliances, and extinguish flames; the ancestors speak

      July 28, 2018: potential for issues with communications, electronics, travel; trains and tunnels (Moon square Jupiter)

      July 29, 2018: rely on experiences, sober and noble choices; see also July 28 as there is a repeat (Moon opposition Mercury)

      July 30, 2018: things happen that put other things in place but we often don’t see it until a later date (Moon sextile Saturn and Uranus)

      July 31, 2018: maintain pure thoughts and intentions, aim high (Moon conjunct Neptune and Moon oppose Venus)

      August 1, 2018: spirit of Renaissance, false flag potential higher (Moon conjunct Chiron, Moon square Saturn)

      August 2, 2018: fiery — take care with words and actions, use nourishing words (Moon trine Sun, Moon square Pluto)

      August 3, 2018: global(ist)moves (Moon square Black Moon); wounding, healing, teaching, changes, alignments, accidents (Moon conjunct Uranus)

      August 4, 2018: storm may be strong (Moon opposition Jupiter)

      August 5, 2018: watch communications; Divine Inspiration; Mercury retrograde day (Moon square Mercury)

      August 6, 2018: 2:54 am ET – Black Moon enters Aquarius and begins conjunction with Mars; 7:28 pm ET Venus enters Libra and begins transit opposite Chiron – huge day, strong energy

      August 7, 2018: manipulation or sincerity (Moon oppose Pluto)

      August 8, 2018: 4:18 pm ET transference of light (Venus opposition Chiron)

      August 10, 2018: head rushes, don’t rush, keep the faith (Moon opposes Black Moon and Mars) – another huge day

      August 11, 2018: New Moon in Leo

      I have been in deep instruction with the Mahavidyas and have been keeping notes to share what I am learning. At this point, the several incomplete books I have been working on seem to be coming together into one. I am also completing the backlog of readings I have, and will let everyone know when I am caught up and ready to schedule again.

      Happy New Moon, everyone! It’s time to surpass!


  172. D5, as others have pointed out is the missile launched from the submarine at AF1 decoy. Exploded view of the main parts line up with the picture taken inside the plane of the object comjng at it.
    WE, also let the British have them. During a test firing of one off the coast of Florida, around Key West, a British sub was test fired a D5 missile from Florida, to off the coast of Africa. Instead, the missile “went off course” and headed Back to Florida!
    In this article of the Guardian I find grievance areas very disturbing. One I live in Florida, although it didn’t have a nuclear warhead on it, it did have explosives; I’ve never been in a sub, but pretty sure it takes More than 1 person to plot the trajectory & another to confirm – 2 people got it wrong!
    The Russians knew about it going to Florida. Yet, PM May would NOT come clean an inform Parliament nor verify it happened. These are our “Friends?” I don’t think so! https://amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jan/23/how-did-the-trident-test-fail-and-what-did-theresa-may-know?__twitter_impression=true

    Neon, you do a great job & service to the Q movement. My take on Q and the caps, where to point to the naysayers Things Are Happening.
    When Q goes dark – Everyone jumps on the bandwagon of the arrest. CHILL, you don’t go to the movies and tell the protectionist to “jump to the end of the movie.” We also have added so many more who are waking up; never mind the shills busting in to divide us. Plus, the Cabal has had a hundred or so years here, but a thousand in Europe to weave us in this spiders web. And the Q team & POTUS ARE Saving the World, with most of the population unaware of things going on – No shooting in the streets. Out of sight = out of mind – its not happening.

    You also make a valid point – Caring & decoding. When we are in industries that uses words/terms not normally found outside, people have not clue what you’re talking about, even though its normal to you. Same as Intel, dealing in hard core facts; while not breaking any laws, trying to convey it to us. Plus, having 2/3 meanings for each. No one said this was going to be easy. I’m sure the Q team gets just as frustrated, hence the caps. WE must have been Missing something BIG. They are trying to Teach the World Their Comms, while WE are on a huge learning curve, since they perceive – they have dumbed it down enough for us to learn.

    Caring IS A KEY. I cannot even talk to my family. Yesterday I tried to get in touch with a family member about the pedophilia in Hollywood. Before I could explain why I wanted to talk to this person about it, mind you the person I want to talk to is 32 years old; I was screamed at about ” you’re not going to talk to them about Crazy Q stuff or the President.” I feel this was probably the last time I talk to my family, until the Great Awakening happens and the “other side” being affected by the Deep Sleep has been deprogrammed; and is told of this coup attempt by our Rouge Government and what we had/almost lost.

    Q team – God Bless you all and keep you safe. No one else came to the World’s rescue. Thank you will NEVER be enough.

  173. People are starting to wane in their care bc Q has not delivered. The truth has not been revealed, and frankly until we see some of the deep state in handcuffs or Gitmo, the intel drops are just intel. And ppl will interpret it any way they want, without remedy. The remedy is some arrests.

  174. D5 implies 5D chess (5 dimensional) chess which is a game Team Trump incl Q excells at playing in.

    This could, for example mean that ‘July 2018 the day the world learnt the truth’ was just a fake move to force cabal to show it’s hand.

  175. Here’s your ‘D5’… a Trident missile.

    65 Second Burn – First Stage
    Length – 534.6 Inches / 44 Feet 6.6 Inches / 13.579 Meters
    First Stage Diameter – 83 Inches / 6 Feet 11 Inches / 2.1 Meters
    Length/Diameter = 6.44
    JUNE 10, 2018 – SkunkBayWeather.com 3:56 AM – Cam4 (Same DIR Cam2)
    Canon T-3 Rebel – f/3.5 Aperture 20 Second Exposure
    TRIDENT D5? Q December 22, 2017
    When do pilots say FOX THREE?
    1. Authority to launch resides with POTUS.
    2. National Military Command Center (War Room) receives and verifies order from POTUS.
    3. Order is encoded and encrypted. Sent to launch crew.
    4. Launch crew compares sealed-authentication system codes with codes from safe.
    5. BOOM.
    Was message system compromised by alphabet club?
    The Real Sum of All Fears
    High Treason Indeed.


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