Missions Forward! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Is America ready for Enron 2: Silicon Valley Boogaloo?

The flow of Government money has been cut off. At least Amazon was “smart” about it by ostensibly selling the CIA server power. They have a cover. Twitter and Facebook? They just filed it under “User growth.”

Now that flow of illicit taxpayer money is gone, so they have to report that user growth is declining, because they have to disguise the fact that they’re no longer able to suckle from the state’s teat.

And there’s that killbox marker again: [DC moves slow].

Sounds like unstoppable impending doom to me.



Check this out:

We all know that Lisa Page agreed to play ball from an earlier #QAnon drop. Sounds like she was trying to delay and wriggle her way out of things:

Hahahahahahahahaha! Come on Page, redeem your sad soul. Maybe you’ll escape the jaws of perdition if you try to make things right.


Can’t wait to see little demon boy squirm in the hot-seat again, when he can’t hide behind lies:

The way I read this is that that this was not a warning to the UK specifically, but one of our guys on the ground in the UK.

Someone who was investigating Clinton/Russia…

So the question is… who would have been there at the time?

One anon has a theory:

More on this in a bit.

Odd timing of this post, just to place a random image of a QAnon sticker slapped on a utility box somewhere…

No location info given

No context.

No followup.

Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s steg info hidden in this image… But if there is, we don’t have the password.

Strzok probably thought he was going away with it; that they wouldn’t call him back to testify again, or that his own testimony would come back to haunt him.

Ahhh, okay.

So the #Anon Q references here figured it out. Gina Haspel was stationed over at the CIA base in the UK. That warning message was for her.

Another anon updates Q’s earlier pic:

The thing I don’t get is… once they saw Gina appointed to head of the CIA by Trump, why keep fighting? It was over, then. She knows everything. She knows where the bodies are buried.




He’s right, you know. There was no real MSM investigation after either of these missile-related events. It just kind of got memory-holed.

Remember, the “Biggest threat to the American people!” is the MSM.

Now here’s where things get good.

We had a talk about this in the comments here at the time of the original missile posting, and one commenter said that there was no way a F16 could shoot down a missile barring some kind of classified weapon package. They just couldn’t catch up, and nothing they fired would take it down… unless they had some kind of weapons system that was classified…

Well, dear commenter, you just got your answer.

The F16’s do have a way to take down these missiles that we previously did not know about.

That’s some serious disclosure right there. I mean, obviously there were missiles fired that never ended up anywhere, so they had to have been taken down somehow. So there had to be some kind of classified system at play here. But now we have confirmation, and that’s pretty cool.

It means the missile(s) were ordered by someone in Washington. Someone who got $#*%-canned mere moments later.

Hope they’re rotting in Gitmo, whoever it was.

CHINA! They pulled out! And this is SO FUNNY to me because lil’ Zuckie was planning on running to China and escaping, after MONTHS of selling off stock with all his insider pals, and funneling the profits from his own sales into his CZI shell company!

And to make matters even better, it looks like the SEC might get involved now!

Sorry, #Cuckerberg! You’re trapped!

We Autists understand, Q.


Ha! Didn’t know Q was a #metalhead \m/

I’m not a huge Slayer fan (the lead singer is “Catholic,” but he dresses up his performance in all this dark stuff for, well ostensibly, the look and such. But it’s always made me uncomfortable so I never really followed them).

No, I prefer me some Sabaton, and some Turisas.

Speaking of which…


But wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, I was not expecting to read this today. AMAZING!

You’ve got to understand HOW YUUUUUGE this is by first understanding the corporate structure of things.

CBS is owned by Paramount. Paramount is owned by Viacom.

So is Nickelodeon (think Dan Schneider).

Sumner Redstone owns of Viacom.

With that in mind, read this #CDAN from earlier in the year:

What’s huge about this new story coming out is that 1) it’s by Ronan Farrow, the guy who exposed Harvey Weinstein, and 2) this could (and should!) go all the way back to Sumner Redstone.

It’s no coincidence that Shari Redstone is calling for a “full and thorough investigation” into Moonves:

You might see the total and utter collapse of Viacom in the next six months – and that would be a good thing!

And like Q says, we are with all who want to speak up. It’s why I wrote this guide to help any potential whistleblowers to stay safe, last night:


BIG HMMMM…  🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

The boards have been HEAVILY shilled all day. #TheCabal’s robots don’t like whatever Q is posting, and are attempting to stop him.

Stay safe, Q.

It’s the Blood Moon, tonight, after all.


Some details have come to my attention, and I wanted to share them with you.

Q signaled 3 letters in his last four drops: E, X, and C.

If you put those together, you get EXC, or Exelon Corp.



Unbelievable stuff. Surprised Anons had uncovered any of this stuff organically, but then again, these people operate in the shadows.

And like we always say, #NoCoincidences.

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    • In early 2008, EliteXC had reached an agreement with CBS to broadcast EliteXC shows on prime time. The arrangement was that CBS would broadcast EliteXC specials every other month on Saturday nights – Wikipedia

      is everything connected??? CBS? Coincidence? I just don’t know what to believe

  1. Missions Forward! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

    President Donald Trump Most EXPLOSIVE weekly Address to the nation Ever . . .

    You are not alone in this fight.
    God bless.

  2. Missions Forward!
    continue to return money smuggled from abroad !

    All Credit To Lakehouse @ Going Global East Meets West . . .


    The Central Bank announces the lifting of all global barriers imposed

    Al-Hadithi: continue to return money smuggled from abroad

    Baghdad – The Central Bank of Iraq revealed that its measures against currency smuggling, money laundering and terrorism financing have been praised by international financial organizations and the International Monetary Fund, calling for lifting all barriers previously imposed on Iraq.

    The director of financial operations and debt management at the Central Bank of Iraq Mohammad Dagher told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar is stable for the past six months,” denying what some media reported an increase in demand to buy the dollar During the current year to smuggle to some neighboring countries, noting that «in the month of June, sales of the dollar in the Central Bank of Iraq to half of monthly sales for the months preceding (April, March and February)», also confirming the decline in sales of the dollar in the first half of this year 2018 to w Last year’s sales of 2017.

    Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi’s media office, confirmed that the government is continuing its work to recover the smuggled money, in addition to the financial assets found in international banks.

    Al-Hadithi said in a press statement: “The government is seeking to recover all the Iraqi funds that are in the international banks, both under the former regime and in the current period.” He added that “there has been ongoing work and discussions since last years with governments of countries with financial assets for Iraq before 2003 “He explained that« the government is also seeking to recover money smuggled by corrupt officials, where there is cooperation between Interpol and the World Bank in terms of money smuggled and money laundering


  3. More Missions Forward!
    Abadi discusses with Trump envoy political developments

    All Credit To Lakehouse @ Going Global East Meets West . . .


    Abadi discusses with Trump envoy political developments

    Najafi and Hakim meet

    Baghdad – Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi discussed with the envoy of the US President for International Alliance Affairs, Brett McGurk, the promotion of bilateral relations between the two countries and political developments. While Vice President Osama Najafi discussed with US envoy dialogues and alliances between the political blocs to form a new government, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, during his meeting with MacGurke, the importance of producing a government in accordance with the Iraqi interest away from external interventions.

    The statement of the Prime Minister’s Office, received «morning» a copy of it, «Abadi met MacGork, A statement issued by the Office of the Vice President of the Republic, Osama Abdul Aziz Nujaifi, received «morning», a copy of it, that «Najafi received McGork and discussed with him files of common interest and most prominent, dialogues and alliances between the political blocs to form a new government, And the events, as well as the international and regional situation and its impact on the situation in Iraq ».

    The statement added that« Nujaifi presented his assessment of the general situation and vision of the dismantling of crises and to form a government able to carry out its duties in an unconventional way, while emphasizing the main axes, the most important: Results The legislative elections and completion of the issue of appeals with a view to the ratification of the winning candidates by the Federal Court, with the convening of the House of Representatives and the announcement of the largest bloc and the continuation of the implementation of a government program responds to the challenges and meet the demands of the angry masses of government performance.

    The statement quoted Hakim as saying: “Iraq is in the challenge of providing services to be capped for the victories achieved by Iraq in the military, community and political.” He pointed to “the next stage waiting for Iraq and the file of the new government,” stressing the importance of producing a government in the interest of Iraq away From external interventions and able to provide a decent life for Iraqis ».

  4. The pic of Mueller in the airport…i couldn’t figure out who in the picture could be DJTjr then it hit me – junior took the pic – Mueller is following him around!

  5. In #1708 Q said: “Creation of fake intel dossier using ex spy.”

    Q never wastes words! Why does he say ‘creation’ and ‘ex spy’? He has directly named Steele – if he meant Steele he would have said Steele!

    That is not a reference to Steele – he ‘sold’ the dossier he didn’t ‘create’ it.

    The dossier was ‘created’ by the ‘ex spy’ Sergei Skripal!

    • Well, shorting is one thing. Buying puts is another. YMMV and you do all this at your own risk, natch.

  6. Has anyone pointed out that Ronan Farrow is Mia Farrow and Woody Allen’s son? Although, imho, he looks a lot like Mia Farrow’s lifelong lover, Frank Sinatra. Interesting connection to Pedowood, though.

  7. london fag here: FYI the #QANAON sticker location is in London – there’s a prominent london underground logo on another sticker. Also the phone number starts with “0800” which is the UK wide freephone number prefix

  8. Actor Isaac Kappy has come out exposing sex abuse in Hollywood. Any thoughts about his credibility? Could he be connected to Sumner Redstone and Viacom (If they go down, they’re all going down) or just a random coincedence. There are no coincedences right but maybe just this once?

  9. Bill Ayers father used to be head of Commonwealth Edison (now Exelon) for what that’s worth. He (the father) was a long time friend of Valerie Jarrett’s mother. For what that’s worth. Tangled web. Complicated business.

    • Looks like the cabal owns all energy supply in the US – electric, natural gas, petroleum. Family member has done some sleuthing on this and so far, it’s proving correct. Another way to control us, limit us and make big $$$ off us. Evil, rotten bastards. They backed Thomas Edison and destroyed Tesla cuz Edison could be bought and they saw another way to make $$$ and control us. Tesla was for free energy and information for the good of all mankind.

    • At first i thought it could be Murdoch, but I left that thought because he is selling off almost all his assets to Disney, why would A good guy who could make a different in Hollywood, sell to them of all people.

  10. And WOW, the DWP ( Dept of Water and Power) in LA is so disgustingly corrupt I dont know where to begin. We left LA because of them. Utilities were as much as a mortgage. They rob people blind, especially families. Then they lie about where the money went, and fund Democrat candidates. I’m not surprised to see them mentioned. Edison us slightly better. Slightly.

  11. Thinking about the missile launch. Cryptic.

    If this was a ballistic missile, the whole thing still makes little sense, for numerous reasons.

    If it was an anti-aircraft missile aimed as AF1, on the other hand, the whole thing would make a LOT more sense. And yes, it’s plausible that (a) you could shoot down an incoming AAM – think Iron Dome; and (b) F-16s flying escort for AF1 might have that onboard.

    Guess we’ll only find out much later, if at all.

  12. Stuff Ronan saw as a kid must be driving him now.

    An interesting connection with Viacom – Edgar Bronfman Jr., idiot scion of a Cabal family, had adversarial legal dealings with Redstone while trying to push into Pedowood.


    Edgar’s sister Clare was just arrested with NXIVM. His aunt was a key player in pushing modernism in architecture. But I didn’t know about the Rothschild links. Not surprising though.

  13. OMG!!! Do you remember the same night as the missile was launched, there was a high speed chase through Washington, D.C. ending in a head-on crash. There was someone involved in that crash that had White House credentials. Could this be related to the missile launch and your comment that someone was immediately found out????

  14. Clarification: CBS is a publicly traded compay. Its majority shareholder is Sumner Redstone just the same as Viacom. CBS and Redstone are suing each other over Sumner wanting CBS to merge again with Viacom. Moonves is fighting Redstone all the way with his board taking away Redstone’s majority stake in a dividend play, which will decided by Delaware court in the fall perhaps. This is dirty pool of the best kind here.

  15. A couple things.
    1- I would be interested to find a link between EXc and Acorn given their locatino and common motive(s). I’ve been warning for 8 yrs or more about Acorn’s role in our situation and the Dem’s corruption of the system.
    2 – I work in the industry and AWS, Amazon Web Services, a cloud and distributed app platform, is a major issue. I’ve been worried about it since the Q phenom started. It is the most clear cut case of a public utility out of all the FANG company’s. Not only do they have the norma AWS, but they have a GovNet segregated network, and an even greater segregated cloud network specifically for the Intel Community (IC). It’s so secret I worked with them, was a tech/business partner for years, including certification and working for the fed gov, before I even heard about this network. I found out doing work for some Fed and mil agencies that were thinking of using it, and I was told by the AWS Channel VP that I needed to be SPONSORED by someone in the IC to even hear about that net or talk about that net. I was involved in providing the technical sales to a number of Agencies thinking of migrating to this net in the past year. Even if you already have a TSSI they won’t talk to you about it unless sponsored by a amember of the IC. This is hugely different from FB or TWTR where it’s, yes, severely damaging to our society propaganda in the public sphere – or even meta analysis for nefarious purposes. AWS is the infrastructure for too much of our day to day nefarious AND innocent fed gov services. I’m all for it being cleaned up, I think it’s the biggest threat to national security than any of the other FANG by far, but it can’t be simply shut down – the only thing I can see is to make it public, force majeur, etc. Amazon definitely needs to be broke up.
    All this stuff should be on my LinkedIn.
    3- 15 yrs ago I worked for some def corps like Lockheed and Hughes Satellite. And more recent with UTC and the DOD’s DCMA as a tech contractor. I never had to sign an NDA for these positions as the IT world is kinda shady in this regard. Think about it – The air weapons system, F16’s themselves, and avionics haven’t changed substantially in close to half a century? Of course they can do thing se have no idea about it. I think the motivation can be two fold: 1) of course to not telegraph our capabilities to our eney (Thank you Sun Tzu or Clausiwitz), and; 2) to avoid an ‘arms race’ in this arena.

    I know I sometimes post things that seem out there, and it would be an honor to be one of Neon’s caricature of idiotic commentors. lol.

    hey neon, I recently saw something about a production company named Neon. Are you related to that? Or can y9ou even say? My daughters bf (she’s 26) is an entertainment lawyer from Glendale who works for Disney/Dreamworks and says he never heard of them, but there’s ‘NEON’ bumpers on a a couple full length features I recently seen (from 5-10+ yrs ago).

    Once you truly trust Christ as FIRST in your life, a lot of the worries about this kind of disclosure evaporates. IMHO.

    Being from SoCal, do you remember Gene Scot?


  16. Good Lord I don’t know how I could keep up with you.. Thank you so much .. PS Of course I am going to buy some T’s, its the least I can do..

  17. neon please contact me. 40yrs exp floor algo trdr. tsla move was made months ago….prems reflect this. not 2006-8 when algos kept puts cheap. done on purpose……iwas there. can help

  18. K, it has to he Murdoch. The CDAN blind item doesn’t say the nemesis is a good guy, it says he’s going to make sure the message is spread far and wide so the victim is heard.
    My question is who is the producer. Weinstein, Dan Schneider or both? I Googled and see Weinstein mentioned here. And Waco!
    Clean up for Deep State atrocity. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.indiewire.com/2017/10/harvey-weinstein-scandal-paramount-network-waco-1201884516/amp/

  19. Brother, there is much more to all of this. How all of this connects to Iran/Contra, 9/11, Bernie Madoff, nxivm, Imelda Marcos (CDAN stuff), Middle Eastern countries, Hussein’s Chicago connections, social media, Putin throwing down the gauntlet in Helsinki, Montenegro…it goes on and on in circles. I’ve compiled a ton of info, but it’s seems to be too dense and macro for the micro eyes on GA – and I lurk on full chan but never post. If you want it, it’s yours. I just want it out there.

  20. Re: 1725

    “Odd timing of this post, just to place a random image of a QAnon sticker slapped on a utility box somewhere…

    No location info given

    No context.”

    The picture shows the logo of a bus stop in London.

    No wonder Q gets frustrated.

  21. Hi Neon

    That black utility box is the control mechanism for a gate or barrier.

    When opening or closing the two orange lights on top flash and oscillate.

    Typically found in the UK at official buildings.

    I’m in and out of them all the time in course of my job.

    Hope that helps.

  22. Hi everyone, I’m still mostly a newbie with all this Q stuff, it’s getting more amazing and more scary the more I find out. Thankyou Neon for your summary and explanation posts, really helpful and I’m working my way back through them.

    This has probably all been figured out already, but I’m in the UK and used to work in London, though not since 2006, anyway I can confirm that the photo of Lisa Page and the other people crossing the road is definitely in London. They’re crossing Victoria Embankment towards Whitehall Gardens at the junction with Northumberland Avenue. The Bazalgette monument is in the lower left of the photo with the RS Hispaniola (floating restaurant) immediately behind it, and the London Eye across the river (Thames) all lit up in blue. The partially lit up building to its right is County Hall. Westminster Bridge is visible behind the trees. In the upper right, there’s a peaked tower with a green band above a circle of light just below the start of the peak. That’s Big Ben, on the Houses of Parliament.

    Unfortunately it’s too fuzzy to see the time on Big Ben. But it’s full dark and there’s still a lot of traffic and a lot of lights on in County Hall. I’d estimate this as about 6pm in the evening on a week day (i.e. Monday to Friday) in late October, maybe early November. The trees still have plenty of leaves and the leaves still look mostly green, so it can’t be too late in the year, but it’s definitely autumn (fall) if my time estimate is correct because of the sunset times. Of course, I could be way out and it’s late at night in the middle of summer which can still be quite chilly in the UK so coats are not unexpected. Anyway, just throwing my 2c in 🙂

    One thing I’ll add, Lisa and her fellow conspirators are heading right into the heart of UK government, Westminster and Whitehall. I’m convinced the UK government was and most likely is still in the middle of all this up to its filthy necks. I hope this all comes out and brings the whole sorry lot crashing down.


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