Isaac Kappy Blows the Whistle on the #PartyMonsters. #Hollyweird #GreatAwakening #Pizzagate #Pedogate #NOMORE

To follow up on my Whistleblower article, let’s look at an actual whistleblower who has been talking for the past few days.

For those who missed it, Isaac Kappy is an actor who is blowing the whistle on #Hollyweird, just out in the open…

Like some kind of madman.

If you haven’t seen it, start here:

After that, he started dropping on Twitter, but decided that it was time to move to 8ch, because Twitter was censoring him, limiting his reach, etc. The usual cuckery.

And thus, “Honeycomb” was born and his drops started. Now, these aren’t very cryptic – which is good because it means there’s not much decoding required. In fact, I’m kind of shocked at how straightforward he’s being, but maybe that will be the key to his success; going SO public, SO wide that no one can touch him because everyone will be watching.

I’m not going to say whether or not that will work… but I will boost his signal with my platform (and keep my commentary to the barebones essentials in the meantime):

Sup, fam.

This is Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant.

Seth is recognized for his work on the Austin Powers series and his tv show, Robot Chicken.

Clare Grant is just some actress, I don’t know. I’ve never seen any of her stuff.

This was #Kappy’s first real drop:

I captured most of these in tree view, so you could see these drops in a sort of Question-Response format. Kappy’s drops are all labelled Honeycomb:

Those captchas can be a pain man, I know.

Always have to have a PLAN if you’re going to drop. This can not be overstated.

He’s got a deadman’s switch in place, too, which is exactly what I advised all other whistleblowers to have, just in case:

And finally, he gets into it. He had a buddy working with him, who added the annotations in the brackets:


Now, keep in mind, Kappy has made these claims several times, very publicly now. If he was lying, he could really be destroyed in a lawsuit. The fact that he keeps repeating this, and keeps reinforcing this story lends credence to what he’s saying.

The whole Macaulay Culkin/Paris Jackson thing is…. weird. Especially given the ages.

And remember, Culkin and Green were in that degenerate film together in 2003 – which almost looks tame by 2018 standards – Party Monster:



Cabal imagery all over the place in that, just so you can know how long this stuff has been going on.


I will say, it’s good he’s posting all this supporting evidence in the form of screenshots from his phone. Really bolsters his credibility.

Honestly, this is a pretty normal reaction to Pizzagate-related stuff. I’ve told you many times how I would involuntarily weep and shake from it all. I have more than a few gray hairs as a result from the days when that all came spilling out in the wikileaks.

And it’s also good he didn’t go to LAPD.

I’ll trust you know enough by now to know what these symbols mean:


Good move.

Wow. They got John Brennan involved.

Be careful who you trust.


UPDATE: I’ve been corrected. This is just Kappy having some fun with his drops. He DID post this, and confirmed it at the end of his Periscope broadcast, which is linked below.

He also kept tweeting during all of this:


And he also made a Periscope broadcast, which I suggest you spend some time with, because he not only verifies what #Renegade was saying (and asks him to come out), but names some serious names.

Project 4 a Rad American Century @IsaacKappy

Project 4 a Rad American Century (@IsaacKappy). Break the fuckin matrix!


All I can say to what Kappy is doing is this:


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48 thoughts on “Isaac Kappy Blows the Whistle on the #PartyMonsters. #Hollyweird #GreatAwakening #Pizzagate #Pedogate #NOMORE”

  1. You are awesome @Neon, thanks for compiling so much info. I had missed reading you during Q’s… working vaQation…

  2. I hate to be THAT GUY but… has Kappy explained why he needs to go back and forth to Clare’s to pick up/drop off “crystals” and “crystal guy?”

    That + his self confessed trip to the mental hospital ring some LOUD bells for me that these are meth delusions. Trust me, I’ve known about pedowood for a decade maybe longer, and redpilled since a young teen in the 90s. I want to believe. But I also don’t want to be deceived any more…

    • Clare was a hippy in her youth. Once a hippie always a hippie. They’re into crystals and gemstones btw. Also, meth heads never refer to meth as “meth” or “crystal.” They just don’t.

  3. Isaac does not look well. I have to think he’s either lying or so overcome with guilt but which ever it is he’s not long for this earth.

  4. he clarified the trump comment on 8ch was him, he was shitposting not IP compd around the 45 minute mark on the periscope.

  5. This just seems fake. Like he is making up stuff that can easily be disproven, throwing doubt on the whole Hollywood pedo investigations. Does Green even have a bookcase like that in his home? Are here any spots in his home that could have a void large enough to hide a kiddie room? Stuff like that. He passed her a note about a dead mans switch but then they were still semi chummy via texts? I smell disinfo.

  6. Wouldn’t it be easier to just tell us who is NOT a Pedophile ? Who is not into satanic rituals ? Who we can look at without giving the stink eye because at this point everyone in Hollywood is suspect as well as DC except the WH and POTUS of course

    • Yes I’m sorry but after listening 2 this:

      I’ve got even bigger doubts then I 1st had, I had my doubts, then I liked him, now I’m more suspicious & pretty worried.
      why the hell can’t POTUS stop the attack on free speech damn it he can assure us of our 2nd amend right staying but what now not the 1st?!
      And of course now were all “Q cult
      Crazies” any idea when something true & that all normie’s will have 2 face will be “dropping” cause I’m not sure how much longer I can last & I’m sorry I’ve heard it all, plz don’t get mad at me & or lecture……how long is anyone else gonna stick this out….what if nothing EVER happens?
      Does it feel like a civil war is being very steadily pushed at us…..
      Has that been the goal all along?!…..idk but I do know….
      I don’t need 2 see 1 more Hillary meme shit wer’re the only ones who even bother reading them!
      I’m sorry I didn’t mean 2 come on & vent it just happened, I’m overtired ….but I’d really like 2 know if anyone else is in this same state of mind thanx & May God protect & bless all good people everywhere.

    • Thank you for the correction. I watched most of the video at hyperspeed, and missed that part. That’s what I get for just believing anon.

  7. Good grief, he is grave danger. Because he spilled maybe they’ll just work at discrediting him, which won’t be hard. “That guy had a psychotic break.
    He’s a paranoid schizo drug addict, you know.” That may save him.

  8. A Slippery slope here Neon.
    These nutballs will compromise your work.
    I am usually hesitant to call LARP !, but this really stinks- even worse than “Renegade”.
    Don’t let yourself be used like this.
    Thanks for all of the work that you do.

  9. By: Jay Greenberg @NeonNettle on 27th July 2018

    Leader of ‘Abolish ICE’ Protests Arrested on Pedophile Charges . . .

    The leader of the violent anti-Trump ‘Abolish ICE’ protests has been arrested for raping children.The 24-year-old head of the leftist group “Portland’s Resistance,” Micah Rhodes, has been charged with sexually abusing minors.This isn’t Rhodes’s first arrest for pedophilia as he was previously charged with sexually abusing a young boy and a young girl on separate occasions.Despite being found guilty on previous charges, Rhodes was set free by a judge on probation, allowing him to re-offend.
    Read more link

    Chester Bennington’s Friend: ‘He was Murdered by Elite Pedophiles’

    He states that both men were killed because they had information about high-level Elites that were connected to child trafficking and pedophile networks.Keene says that Chris Cornell had acquired evidence connecting the Clintons to human trafficking and that several journalists that had been privy to the same information had also died in suspicious circumstances.

    Comfortably Numb . . .

  10. Title Suggestion for next Neon expose’ article highlighting sexual misconduct of CBS head, Leslie Moonves:

    • And I’m not missin’ a thing,
      Watchin’ the full moon crossing the range
      Ridin’ The Storm Out,

  11. Kappy openly admitted in his periscope yesterday that he DID post the Donald Trump thing, called it a shitpost.

  12. Sooo, ppl in 8 chan said they could get fbi to check out seth green’s malibu House to see the ” bookshelves” secret basement door. If an address could be provided.

    This is what isaac kappy said,, ” the phone that contain the malibu address has mysteriously dissappear” something like that


    IDK MAN im glad he could help to get more information coming out but something smells fishy

  13. Ben Szemkus reported missing, family and friends now fear he’s been killed .

    Whistleblower Who Exposed Hillary Clinton’s Child Trafficking Ties, Feared Dead
    This is the story that may have put Ben in harm’s way
    .Ben Szemkus says he saw Huma Abedin, Eric Schneiderman. Stormy Daniels and Anthony Weiner at an NXIVM “women’s empowerment” recruitment mixer, all in support of a sex slave cult with a guru known for pedophilia and seeking children for a children’s program.

    Read more at:

  14. YARVO’s still have their wedding instagram up. hashtag meettheyarvos James Gunn, Penelope Cruz, and a few others. other social media has been deleted or put on private.

  15. This kind of reminds me of when they said the Huma and Hillary video was on the dark web. It may or may not be based on factual information even though we know this goes on. I concur it is someone trying to discredit Q (more and more I believe this) and Q even warned us to be careful who you follow. Nonetheless, I think people watching iIsaac’s video and talking about it will help to get people’s cognitive dissonance churning.

  16. Racine, WI the root of all evil? How far is that from Lake Geneva, the birthplace of Dungeons and Dragons? WTF

  17. Isaac looks an awfully lot like Sacha Baron Cohen. He should be regarded with a great deal of skepticism. I smell a trap.

  18. I used to know Clare, before she went to LA. She was a cool, hippie pothead. Stunningly beautiful, but down to earth. I dropped a gelcap with her once…smoked weed with her many times… She’s a recreational drug user (“nug hunt,” hello). The room with stuffed animals is prob for friends who are rolling or shrooming or on other designer drugs. Prob the beds too. Look at the “evidence.” Isaac was UNCLEAR about the hidden room. He didn’t say specifically what was in that room. Then he bases his whole theory on (1) there’s a hidden room!, (2) there’s a room with a lot of beds, (3)stuffed animals-kid themed, (4) awful smell, (5) Seth’s statement, or “admission.” Dude, Seth is funny. He’s the type of guy who jokes around a the time. JUST CONSIDER for a moment that these are potheads who probably do Molly or shrooms at times, who make cartoons and silly stuff for a living, who are comedians, who hang out with weird people as a rule….and Isaac actually sounds like a paranoid on the verge of schiz-ing out cuz he can’t handle the recreational drugs, ave now he’s gone and done this.

  19. Was Kappy’s “friend” Seth Green abused as a child actor? I’ve started looking, but am so far batting 0’s. Not that I am overly concerned, because it’s Seth Green…an apparent pedo. I’d just like to know if he’s just doing it out of conditioning.

  20. NOTHING this guy has said can really be proven. A bookshelf pic. That’s it. I think he’s on hard drugs. He’s seen nodding in one of the vids. Plus, the guy is an actor… and not a very good one at that. I think he’s trying to cash in on pedogate. Someone made an excellent point…. if he passed a dead man’s switch to Clare, why is he all chummy with her on text message after??? He’s either trying to cash in or deeply disturbed. Oh, and the toys at Seth’s house??? ROBOT CHICKEN… HELLO!!! Seth is into toys.

  21. Everything Kappy has said is open source. Tom Hanks from Sara Ruth… the rest from Pizzagate/pedogate. The people “following him” sounds delusional from an intense high. The guy might be telling the truth… but he lost the phone??? Everything is just open source stuff that truthers have already known about FOREVER NOW?? Sitting back and watching this one…. we’d be ignorant to commit and jump in with both feet. I do feel sorry for him though, for some reason. He is obviously not well…. look at those bags around the eyes.

  22. Ben’s radio interview regarding him walking into a NEXIVM party confirms Neon’s theory Stormy was there in 2007 getting introduced to the cult. (see in the links above in the coments)

  23. I remember during 9/11 right when those towers blew up, there were like 4 or 5 people that all stated the same thing on television: “Mostly due to structural failure because the fire was too intense” and it’s happening here:

    People having a whole script about: Larp, fake, drugs, is the house even big enough to have a hidden book case.

    Knowing what we know about sick Hollyweird, we have the crisis actors here trying to discredit a guy that’s putting it all on the line, his life, his reputation, even naming Bill Clinton in one drop, people that name the Clintons don’t live long.

    Now there’s “sabrosita” that’s doing mental gymnastics to dismiss it all as just a joke, cause Seth’s funny, yeah girl, let’s forget about the bunk beds, kids toys (even though they don’t have children)and the smell of death as just a joke.

    I hope Kappy makes it, may GOD help him expose the cabal!

  24. NEON – I know you’re on 8chan and just a request for you to suggest an angle that I think is simple and makes since to wake up normies. Kappy, who committed and witnessed no crimes could easily be “protected” by powers that be. Even though he isn’t an A lister….I guarantee having him continuing to get this type info out will lead to a few more (who may or may not be more famous). It’s unfortunate that hollywood/celeb types are better able to red-pill normies but it’s just factual. Having a few B-listers safe to drop info to public will significantly raise topic of Pedogate and the bigger fish not in hollywood will all come to light. We know they are all connected. Yes, I realize that there is hard evidence collected and hopefully a large number of the sealed indictments are pedo creeps but I think getting general public more aware from insiders will 100% help the redpill ball rolling.

    Just a thought.

  25. YouTuber Jeff C. is not buying Kappy:

    Jeff Censored!
    Jeff C breaks down the whole SHIT SHOW!

  26. Presented Without Comment :
    – I Promise School –
    It’s a joint effort between Akron Public Schools and James’s Family Foundation
    Inside LeBron James’ incredible ‘I Promise’ School in his hometown of Akron: NBA legend opens the doors for start of term and calls it ‘one of the greatest moments of my life’

  27. Kappy is dead so now what!!!! I came here after not knowing who he is and googling him after hearing he died. I am so sorry for him. I know he was murdered 🙁

  28. Yes Kappy is dead. Kappy names Tom Hanks, Hanks posts a picture of a glove with a caption “Rt.66 Roadkill” Kappy is found dead on rt.40 in Arizona, that section is Rt.66. The day his death was announced Hanks posts picture of red handkerchief.


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