Goldenhair #Trump

I needed to lighten up the mood a little. All work and no play, or so they say.

This is too good!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

Hey guys, thanks for reading and sharing my articles today.

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27 thoughts on “Goldenhair #Trump”

  1. @Neon, not surprised the amount of articles you’ve posted this week! Certainly kept me busy, what with all the other stuff out there demanding some attention. Have a good weekend brother. @WishThirteen

  2. SO much is going on…and so FAST….My head is spinning a bit…BUT Neon you are a master at putting all together, just amazing…This “Goldenhair 007” has me cracking UP 🙂 🙂 I needed a good laugh, thank you my dear Christian brother.
    Became aware of you on Gateway Pundit appx 6 to 8 weeks ago. Told my Christian friend about you…and in turn she told her friend…and that is how this works 🙂
    Have been deep prayer for you, Q, anons…and now for Renegade, and Kappy…I actually live not far from where Kappys is…. I struggle with wanting this evil to be dealt with…and when it is I want it to be Earth Shattering.
    God bless our Awesome President….and all you Patriots out there.
    NEON, I know you are busy, but question.
    Do you think we will hear from Renegade again???
    I will understand if you can’t answer…. God Bless

  3. Your work is amazing! Not sure how to navigate 4chan but was wondering if you were going to write about the arrests of the NXIVM cult and the Wakaya island in Fiji? After Trump was showing off his Fiji water bottle on screen, Clare Bronfman got arrested for involvement in human trafficking who happens to own this Wakaya island (that conveniently has blurred out places on google maps) together with David Gilmour, the owner of, guess what, the Fiji Water brand. He is complicit for sure. Anyway, keep up the good work!!

  4. Neon,
    My prayers are with you and with Q, Q+ and all anons and autists! For you, my brother,……Joshua 1:9!

  5. Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep us informed. Greatly appreciated! And the video Goldenhair was very enjoyable. God bless.

  6. I don’t think many people realize the original impetus behind the Hanbali school of Islamic jurisprudence was the stupendous corruption and liscentiousness of the caliphate back in the 7th century or so. Having set themselves up in Baghdad at the heart of a huge empire after defeating both Byzantium and Persia and then the Shiite revolt, the Caliph and his pals behaved exactly like they behave in Hollywood. The public became increasingly outraged and a group of Islamic scholars began to urge a return to the austere ways of the desert tribes. The Caliph was not so down with this idea, but in time, the rulers learned to hide behind a facade of purity. Fast forward to today.

  7. Thanks!! This is so much fun.

    “We only dare to laugh at our enemies when we are assured of victory, even before the battle ensues.” – the Art of Warfare – by me. This could be the 1st entry of a book I might write when nations are free, children are safe and our enemies are paying the penalty for their crimes and allegiances to a fallen angel.

  8. Created by the SJWs at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Well, that explains the high quality. Ugh. I’d be angry that my taxes paid for this, but then I remembered that it’s been nearly a decade since I’ve paid any taxes.

  9. Copied from /ga, thought it might be up your alley. Can’t take credit for it, just want to get it in the right hands:

    Go here:

    Paste this link into the search box:

    Click submit….
    Two English files are available to see the closed captions text embedded in the video…

    Any cryptologists out there to evaluate if these files are some sort of coded messages?

  10. Exactly what we needed – LOVE it! TY, Neon. God bless our wonderful Prez, his family and the entire white hat patriots team. Read the Bible – GOD always wins!


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