Sarah Silverman’s Secrets #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

If you follow me on Gab, you know that I almost didn’t post this article.

So you’ll allow me the indulgence of starting off by quoting myself from yesterday, just to get things rolling:

Okay, that settles it. Dirty boys they be.

The thing is… I may have been too hasty in conceding that point. The thing that’s been bothering me for months has been this next post, combined with all the hours of meetings Trump has had with Mueller and Rosenstein. Were they really black hats, or were they just forced to do bad things by #TheCabal?

Was Trump now offering them a chance at redemption?

There’s also this:

Now read Q’s latest:

Q’s pdf link:

It’s nearly 50 pages chronicling all of Mueller’s bad deeds.

And I’ll let #Anon give a quick line-by-line for Q:

And now you have to also account for Jim Jordan running for Speaker of the House.

And remember, this comes up after Paul Ryan said he will be leaving as Speaker. And who just spiked RR’s impeachment?

So if you want the “Full Weight of the House” to come against RR, you need Jim Jordan as speaker.

Despite this, Meadows and Jordan backed off the impeachment for the time being:

Meadows, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus and fierce DOJ critic, said his decision to table impeachment comes after he had “very good, good conversations with the leadership team [and] with Chairman [of the Judiciary Committee Rep. Bob] Goodlatte [R-Va.] on a path forward.”

This, he added, would be the DOJ’s and FBI’s “one last chance to comply.”

“I hope we can avoid impeachment and hopefully avoid contempt and get the documents, but certainly both those things are on the table and remain on the table to have more of a contempt process,” he added. “Both options remain there.”

Meadows said pursuing contempt, if the DOJ does not cooperate, could “unite” leadership and some of the House Republicans who “have been more frustrated,” rather than going for the more nuclear impeachment option.

So… I’m now back to where I was before, kind of leaning towards what I was leaning to before; with Mueller and RR being just actors playing their role in this movie. But then, why would Q lead his post with a fifty page document listing all of Mueller’s wrongdoings? Is that to show us he’s a black-hat? Or to show us that he was coerced?

And this has been a MAJOR point of frustration for me; so much so that I thought I should maybe skip writing this article altogether and take a break. I’m still that frustrated. It’s not enough for me to try and read everything Q-related on a daily basis, but then Q has to throw in a 50 page document that says how horrible Mueller is on top of that, only to follow it up with a drop that contradicts that pdf by seemingly indicating that RR is working with Trump and Sessions, for the sake of optics (which is a whole ‘nother ball of wax that’s got me miffed right now).

So I did what any good anon would do.

I tried to seek out input from the boards:

2 #RetardAnons couldn’t help themselves, and had to post their inane and useless replies:

(Seriously, go neck yourselves. What kind of retarded comments are these? You should be forced to eat the you-know-what sandwich you made when you take a dump in the bread like that).

But thankfully (because I was about to punch my monitor if I kept getting responses like the ones the RetardAnons gave) one #anon was helpful.

Here’s our conversation:

While helpful, I don’t think I ended up agreeing with Anon. There seem to be too many variables that could go wrong in that setup. Too many wildcards to account for in “the plan.”

As much as I may not want to say it, I still think RR and Mueller are White Hats pretending to be Black Hats.

This thread by @StealthJeff echoes a lot of my own thinking on all this, but really lays it all out very clearly:

The bonus of having RR act like a black hat is that it helps with garnering the full weight of the house. You get to replace Ryan (compromised) with Jordan (uncompromised), sort of like moving a piece into position on a chess board. From there, /ourguy/ Jordan can really steer things and shift the MAGA-agenda into high gear.

So, it might not be a popular opinion, but consider my pre-emptive declaration yesterday concerning RR and Mueller to be just a momentary lapse in confidence. I’m back to believing that they’re both white hats pretending to be black hats.

Uh… I think.


Okay, moving on because if I spend any more time on the black hat/white hat issue, I’m going to have aneurysms in my eyeballs, on top of the ones I already have in my brain:

Nice verse. Good stuff to live by. Slaying the passions is difficult work.

But, uh, not to detract from what Q is saying… but Q used the screenshot I took for my Hollywood #Renegade article.

See, I resize posts so that they fit within the design of my site. If I just took regular screenshots, they would be suuuuper wide, and end up squashed and unreadable once they scale down for my site, like this:

It’s easier for everyone if I scrunch things up, and post a “condensed” version of what I’m screenshotting. Which is how you end up with this:

The side effect of this is it’s really convenient for people to just grab and share the images everywhere. They just fit on most social media platforms as well, like facebook and twitter. This screenshot went viral after I posted it in my article.

So… all that is a roundabout way of saying Senpai noticed me ^_^

I want to update people on this image, though – because I originally said Anons found no evidence of photoshop. That has changed. This is just a really good photoshop, and anons found the source pic:


So the question then was… who would photoshop such a thing and why?

So someone was speaking to someone else, using that photo. It’s a direct comm, as Q says.

Steganography. The practice of hiding a message in an image. It’s been done before on /pol/ many times.

I planned to talk at length about this elsewhere, but I’ll give you guys a quick demonstration from a while back:

Take this boiling Pepe that was posted on /pol/ a few years ago.

Download it to your desktop.

Go to an online Steganography page (or use some other Steg software). I like this one here:

Upload that boiling Pepe image and hit “Submit Query.”

You’ll get a bunch of text back that reads:

ALL compromised by.. use HOM.. HIT-2000# ..
ONCE confirmed

Sorry Hoops due
HIT-2 , get jumpy :|

13 34 34 144 55 28
35 44 55 139 20 55

SO MM bayat to.. use SYN.. One 16 December 2016 ..
ECIWT confirmed

I know. These are the times. Calm patriot.

precom? Not try chat. Many liableness.

So yeah, some of us Anons have been aware of this for a while, but we’ve only caught glimpses of this in action.  This image was part of a larger thread, and I plan to get into all the details elsewhere, but for now, just know… a LOT of state actors are communicating this way across the imageboards.

Which would explain all the repeat crap threads we see:

This is an open-source steg program, ostensibly programmed by White Hats, developed with funding from Google’s Eric Schmidt, that will allow anyone to hide messages inside images, and set passwords to unlock those images, using a steganographic tool like the one I linked above.

The kicker in all of this is that Q is saying there was Steganographic data hidden in that Sara Silverman image, and that it was from one black hat, to another black hat.

And think about it; one black hat went to all the trouble of photoshopping this and LARPing around as Sarah Silverman, only to deliver a hidden message to someone… But to whom?

Some Anons think it was intended for none other than John Podesta – given the original poster’s ID, and the string of characters that appear in the wikileaks emails (both highlighted here):

It very well may be, but the big problem we have right now is unlocking any data hidden in this image. See, when hiding data inside an image, you can choose to either use a password, or to not use a password.

We don’t have the password right now for this image.

If anything is found, I will update you guys immediately, but right now, all we have is Q’s word to go on.

Q posted an older article that’s now locked behind a paywall. Why? I don’t know.

It’s about Sessions appointing Huber, and how that’s a great idea.

I don’t see the point of going over this again, because frankly, it’s information we all should know by now, and I didn’t see anything new or worth talking about, given how things have progressed (or rather, how they seemingly haven’t) over the past few months.

We talked about this earlier, but the only optics-related thing I can really understand in this scenario is to get all the Dems demanding Rosenstein stay, only to have him turn around and give all the unredacted IG reports before stepping down (thus allowing POTUS to remain objective). And that only works if he’s a white hat, willing to commit sepukku in front of the whole nation.

Try as I might, I just can’t see a scenario where “optics” works as a justification for anything if he’s a black hat.

Even then, I can’t help but feel like all of this is so unnecessary at this point. How long does the Kabuki theater have to be drawn out?

If this were a screenplay, we’ve been stuck in act 4 for the past six months, retreading the same ground, over and over and over.

Q, I’m bored with this “movie” and confused as to why we’re still watching this scene.

I just want to see the whole thing collapse. I’m talking Enron-level destruction, stock price cratering as fast and as far as you can imagine, Zuck thrown in jail for his crimes, and the whole infernal thing dismantled.

But Q…

Tell DC to hurry up.

We’re sick of waiting.

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62 thoughts on “Sarah Silverman’s Secrets #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. Maybe the password to the Silverman photo is “password”. Hee hee.

    Maybe RR and RM are Snapes. Former black hats given a reprieve and working as white hats, while still appearing as black hats. (For those who don’t know, that’s a Harry Potter reference.)

    • Could it be that just like the pedo stuff, RM and RR have been forced into “bad” situations and it’s all on tape? So they have to continue with the ruse of black hat, while they seriously want the cabal and all it’s players to be imprisoned so they, themselves, can finally be free? Can it be as simple as that?

  2. I’m sure someone smarter than me has tried this, but has anyone tried using the stringer Q posted (B8028-Z-KDHYQ-M5-ZAF1aT9) as the password for the image?

  3. I am planning on going to the Trump rally in Tampa next week and yes I have a Q shirt. What I would like to know from someone that has gone to one is, how early do I need to get there to get a seat. I do have tickets, but know they are over “passed out.”

    • Tickets mean nothing. It let’s you through the door IF you can make it to the door due to the fact that the line is so long.
      Hire a teenager to get in line at 7 a.m. Get another teenager to relieve them at 11 a.m. Then, you show up at 2 and wait 2 hours for the doors to open. Depending on the venue, you may not be able to sit inside.
      Take a large styro cup of bite size ice; take an old bath rag you can throw away; when someone comes by wanting to sell you water that you don’t buy, ask if you can put your clean rag down in their cooler to get it wet; put it on the back of your neck. Wear sunscreen, long sleeves, and a big hat–man or woman.
      You will love every minute of it. A high of a lifetime. Carry on Patriot.

  4. awesome thoughts. what if they are both Black Hats, and there is nothing to find, and they are being slowly out-manoeuvred? What if everything is not set in stone and The Plan has to be flexible and adaptable? I’m wondering if we are not seeing the movie in its final cut, but the movie BEING SHOT in real time. i have to admit, the whole thing has me swinging between jubilation and exasperation. thanks for your awesome leads

  5. Well Mr. NEON you are incredibly excellent at what you do. I did laugh at the aneurysm/eyeball comment and do enjoy your narrative. I follow very few but I’ve picked the best. I was going to let you know that although im subscribed i do not always receive your emails. Thankfully i was able to pick up the link on GA so its all good.
    Congrats on the Q notice, i had no doubt that he follows your work. Kudos!!!
    I am pretty active on Reddit (posting, etc) and just a lurker on 8chan. I look forward to your emails because they summarize what would take me hours to find on 8chan.
    I also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that Im working on a archival project to document notable individuals within the Q movement.
    I have spoken with Nemos, Dilley and yes SB2 and others regarding this. I am painting portraits for a project called “Truth to Power”. I wish to include you as well. Is your Neon Revolt logo a fair representation?
    If not would you happen to have a photograph that you use for publicity purposes? I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and would consider it an honor to paint your portrait. All the signed portraits will be given to each individual painted. I believe you have my email.
    Best Regards,
    Grace Zerby-Lempka

  6. Just a thought we know that disinformation is necessary and we know that the black hats are watching as well. Don’t you think that it’s just as important for them to not know if Mueller and RR is their guy or our guy? If we can’t figure it out I’m sure they can’t either.

  7. Ughhh it too makes my head spin with RR &JM and what hat they are wearing. Just when I think I have my mind made up, something blows open . I am staying “Switzerland ” on this one for now. I so glad I found your site. Excellent work!!

  8. If the movie is Groundhog Day… we are stuck til they get it right.

    I’ve long thought that Mueller was a grey hat, as dirty as he was, he also knew of others’ dirt, and as a result of that early-on meeting with Trump, he’d be allowed to retire after he played his role.

  9. RR and RM are both black hats and swamp creatures. Therefore Trump has tons of dirt on them (as Q just linked to), so they took Trumps offer (he met with RM the day before the whole shitshow started). They will play their roles, and not go down with the rest… Very simple really.

    The reason it’s “dragging out”, is because they are following a strict time table for maximum effect towards midterms. Right now you have the viral #Walkaway movement, which is an outlet/platform for “normies” who have woken up to be redpilled and leave the Democratic insane asylum.

    Every day thousands of former democratic voters are now waking up and walking away… The more, the better before the hammer drops and the real truth bombs starts to explode all over the place… We need as many sane and woke people as possible before the shitstorm hits for real.

    Keep up the good work brother! Any news on Renegade btw?

  10. Peace I leave with you. Where was He going when He said that? He spoke peace AND joy over them. Let not YOUR heart be troubled! He’s riding the storm. You are not. All POTUS is asking YOU to do is TRUST him. Faith is the EVIDENCE of things UNSEEN. How long from the bottom of a well to second in command in EGYPT, the superpower of the day/ What country was first to declare itself CHRISTIAN? How did THAT happen? Who was Gregory and WHERE WAS HE (under what conditions) waiting for chapter NEXT. What kind of faith was required OF HIM. How is that even possible? (John 14:23) Read Hebrews 12:12, AMPLIFIED Classic (AMC) Bible Gateway: ……trust the plan…..// thanks for ANON oaths. You made me weep……

  11. If you ever want to read an article from the WSJ or another paid news site, just enter the full article title in your google search bar and you get free access. Works like a charm.

  12. Don’t you know better by now? Clearly you think you know better than the plan. You don’t. Get some sleep, and stop telling the hardworking anons that YOU asked for help, to be patient. It is you who needs some patience, bud. Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean its stupid, it means you just don’t understand it.

  13. Interesting. I have RR as a Black hat, long before he was in the kill boxes. Gives credence to Muller. Haven’t read the 50 pages yet, but what IF Q is showing us everything (((They))) had him do against his will. Giving us the scope of just 1 person. Never mind the World.
    Sort of like, Them accusing POTUS of everything They did.
    I know, everyone is on screech about arresting them. Chill. We are talking Worldwide crimes. As it is, they are doing things quite fast. I heard, and don’t hold me on this, but arrest will be made within 2 months. You have to understand, the arrest will be happening all at once and all over the World, so no one escapes. THAT is Massive!
    Enjoy the show.

  14. Anon is right. Stay calm. The swamp is deep but it is man-made, so it has a big plug at the bottom that will be pulled when the ever growing list of indictments are unsealed. Q has confirmed they are real. Talk about a MOAB! The decisive middle must be conditioned to accept what will be revealed. Their support is critical. Too much too fast and they will blink in disbelief and run in fear to the status quo. It is a human instinct. The public, though, is daily walking away from the Cabal”s msm because it is obviously lying and vindictive. (And yes, the Founders were quite familiar with cabals, crooks, foreign intrigue, division and election “dark arts.”) They wrote about it all in the Federalist Papers. (See link)

    How long does one keep inviting nasty TV people into one’s life? Election Day = Eviction Day. Believe what you are seeing. Dems have no reason to vote and DHS is hip to Voter fraud, and under POTUS control. It is only a matter of time until RR must recuse because he signed a FISA warrant. Stay thirsty, my friend, but drink filtered water instead. The Democrat Party may not exist in 2020.

    MSM will lie to the end, as will most bad actors. It’s what bad actors do for a living. Truth telling leads to cyanide or Arkancide. Lying appears the only life option for some.

    This is no 30-60-25 script. It is Q’s script, an epic broader than a David Lean film. At times one might fall asleep, but then be roused to excitement with 70 mm action.

    It is simply stunning to watch the Constutution at work under the guidance of Patriots. Restoring the Republic with minimal bloodshed to date. Brilliant plan for rebuilding a unified Unites States, the Founder’s would doubtless agree.

    And Hamilton of rapier wit would just LOVE the tweeting.

  15. Thank you! Received my Q shirt and Love it! Love the quality of the t shirt, awesome cotton! thats always a concern ordering online, but yours are really high quality cotton, so thank you so much!

  16. One of the best articles I’ve read regarding Q and being frustrated. I think all of us would love to draw this to an end, but when it ends, have you thought, “What next”? No need for Q posts and no need for you wonderful anons. I personally would miss all of you.

  17. As soon as I saw the image on the boards – I highly suspected it was yours. I am sure that someday Q will thank you! I am sure that you did a mini pepe dance when you saw it!
    I agree with you – I think that the [RR] kill boxes were LARPS. They cannot take the risk of having a fox in the hen house. It is way too big of a risk. I just can’t get passed the Mueller being an ex-Marine part. I am sure that they are out there but I have never met a Lima Marine.
    I cannot believe that I have never thought of the coded messages in the images. Weren’t the Russian spies that got rounded up with Anna Chapman doing that? I think so.
    Didn’t a code just get published by Q?

  18. Today Feinstein was requesting all of Kavanaugh cases be released for review!
    I think rm & rr are both black hats turned white right now & rm team is helping to unravel the HRC, cf cgi etc web.

  19. The white or grey mueller has a list of his missdeeds all deliverable in court or in msm. if he was forced to do some or all you need it in public. the perception can change later or not. also re fb every spook related co had its funding cut off .qteam and mi have captured the markets algos bloodbath for every one of them . fb trading on l2 is classic hang them slow…masterful

  20. Hey, can you hear me can you see
    There’s a storm on the edge of the sky
    Does it matter
    Well it does to me, and I can tell you why
    You know when there’s thunder, there should be rain
    But it don’t always follow the rule, no
    And is the wise man always right?
    No he can play the fool
    It’s always a mystery, not what it seems to be . . .

    • Get ready for a celestial double feature unlike anything seen in decades: Mars is about to make its closest approach to Earth in 15 years—just as the full moon blushes red in the longest “blood moon”
      eclipse of the century.

      Both the moon and Mars will dominate the overnight hours on July 27 and into the morning of July 28, traveling across the sky beside each other while appearing to be separated by only five degrees, equal to the width of three middle fingers held at arm’s length.

      On the 27th, the red planet will swing the closest it has come to Earth since August 2003, allowing sky-watchers around the world to see our neighboring world about as big and bright it can ever get in our skies.

      Virtual Telescope will show the July 27 total lunar eclipse live online above the stunning skyline of Rome.

      July 26, 2018: glimpse of future, wanting to be heard, rebellion and revolution (Moon conjunct Black Moon for the last time in Capricorn); Mercury stations retrograde

      July 27, 2018: Full Moon conjunct Mars and South Node – judgment of past, surprises, take extra care to drive safely, turn off appliances, and extinguish flames; the ancestors speak

      July 28, 2018: potential for issues with communications, electronics, travel; trains and tunnels (Moon square Jupiter)

      July 29, 2018: rely on experiences, sober and noble choices; see also July 28 as there is a repeat (Moon opposition Mercury)

      July 30, 2018: things happen that put other things in place but we often don’t see it until a later date (Moon sextile Saturn and Uranus)

      July 31, 2018: maintain pure thoughts and intentions, aim high . . .


      More Q drops and a heads up on the MAJOR blood moon lunar eclipse and how to deal with it! The lunar eclipse July 2018 astrology is mainly influenced by Mars, making this an emotionally challenging eclipse. Mars anger and frustration could easily turn to reckless actions because of a harsh aspect to Uranus. A more gentle influence from Saturn will make it a little easier to calm down, and some fixed stars give patience and decisiveness in a crisis. However, these same stars can also cause aggression and emotional problems.

      Remaining calm in a crisis is the key to dealing with this overly emotional lunar eclipse. This is particularly important for the next two weeks while the July 12 solar eclipse is still active. It brings the potential for a crisis with your self-esteem, a relationship or an event, and for neurotic distress triggered by a deeply buried subconscious fear of disaster.

      Truth Frequency Radio.

  21. Thanks Neon I was bummed when I read on gab you weren’t going to write an article on today’s post. I kept thinking to myself I don’t know what the hell to think anymore! Is RR and RM acting to work for Trump or maybe they are just saying that but really are planning on working for the cabal again! So thanks for the insight. I am with you though on loosing patience. Can we just get on with it already! I am sick of telling people to trust the plan and nothing ever happens. What is with the #2 in brackets from yesterday’s post now that they arent going to impeach RR? On another note I was listening to a phone town hall with my congressmen the other night who is 8 hours across the state from me and has a very large area to cover but I kept hearing from other constiuiets say ” Trump needs to resign he is a horrible person”! I was so frustrated alot of these were elderly people who are just blinded by the main stream media and probably can’t afford cable TV. I wanted to voice my opinion but they don’t give me the opportunity to even ask questions anymore. I guess if you call their office and present facts and demand action you get silenced on the town hall calls! Anyway thanks again for all your hard work and insight. You and the other anons are so appreciated!

  22. I have to agree that they are undercover white hats, but walking a fine line between following the plan & carrying out their other masters instructions… no wonder they are stressed !
    Any thoughts on the ‘Barron’s Fortune’ line ? That has me pickled…

    May 18, 2017 // “Deep State” War Against President Trump Takes Bizarre Turn Down China Road
    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    What did you make of this // this was my intro to Mueller //

    An interesting Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the “Deep State” war against President Donald Trump has taken a bizarre and radical turn after The State Council of The People’s Republic of China moved swiftly yesterday to protect Trump whom they (and Russia too) believe holds the best hope for preventing a full neo-con takeover of the US government—…………………….

    As Robert Novick was personally hired in 2006 by then ExxonMobil CEO, and now US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson to manage this global energy giant’s legal interests, this report details, his Wilmer Hale law firm is, also, among the top law firms in China—and who after communicating with China’s State Council yesterday quickly approved his firms releasing from duty one of its top attorney’s, named Robert Mueller, to oversee a US Department of Justice investigation into the Trump administrations “links” with Russia.

    The negotiations to have Robert Mueller oversee this investigation of the Trump administrations “links” with Russia, this report explains, were conducted by another Wilmer Hale attorney named Jamie Gorelick—who was well positioned for this task as she is the personal lawyer for President Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, both of whom are Trump’s most trusted advisors.

    The Wilmer Hale law firms links to President Trump further extend, this report says, to his former campaign manager Paul Manafort—whose personal attorney is another top Wilmer Hale partner named Reginald Brown.
    Being released by Wilmer Hale to join Robert Muller in his investigation of the Trump administration too, this report continues, are another two of their top attorneys named Aaron Zebley and James Quarles.
    With Wilmer Hale lawyers now firmly in control of the Trump-Russian “link” investigation, and their, also, having close, personal and longstanding ties with the Trump family and their associates, this report says, this global law firm now, actually, controls the fate of not just President Trump, but that of world peace too…………….

    Hope the link works, so you can read the entire article, if you did not see it last spring.

  24. If the Mueller investigation isn’t brought to a close by November, Dems will flood the voting booths in the hope that Trump will be impeached, but if Trump is cleared before the midterm elections, many libs will be so discouraged they won’t bother voting.

    One way to end the “Witch Hunt” I would think is for Trump to replace Sessions ASAP, but there hasn’t been any outcry from Trump’s base to do so, in part, because of Q’s “Trust Sessions” posts.
    Any thoughts?

    Also, if Sessions had resigned last December and asked people to write-in his name after the Roy Moore fiasco, Republicans wouldn’t have lost that all important AL Senate seat.

  25. NR, it’s a bit disappointing that you didn’t make a very obvious remark about the PDF Q posted on #1711:

    1) As an anon remarked, that’s Hannity’s website. is redirected to

    2) The properties of the PDF even confirms this: the author of the PDF is The Sean Hannity Show

  26. “Q, I’m bored with this “movie” and confused as to why we’re still watching this scene.”

    This is nothing but concern-trolling. If the movie you’re getting bored of ended today, you wouldn’t have much of a website, would you, NR?

    Let’s see if this post goes through, since the previous one didn’t go through or was blocked.

  27. I’m frustrated, too. If this is all real, then children are dying, not to mention other atrocities, while we wait for “optics”. I dont want civil war but I do want peace. Peace for the victims of the cabal as well as for society. I would love to trust The Plan 100% but we’ve been screwed over time and time again for the last 50 (?) + years. This is our last chance, the way I see it. It is not just frustration for me, it’s fear. These people are so evil, and vile, they just can’t go on. I love Trump, I love Q because they give us hope that our children and grandchildren will have a future as free Americans.

    My take on RR, kill box or not, is that since Guiliani greeted him affectionately at the announcement of the Supreme Court nominee (driving fake news MSM crazy), he must be a white hat on some level, but maybe a cowardly one.that might back peddle. Q and Trump wouldn’t tolerate that. He looks cowardly.

  28. The Game is being tested.
    Normies are congesting the road
    Qs over being rested
    I feel our victory, the Lion has roared.
    The Eagle has out foxed the Toad.
    Thank God
    No More Bored.

  29. I fully understand that some are getting impatient. But if you’ve been red-pilled for 15 years, it does realy develop with godspeed. I remember times of complete hopelessness. Brainwashed mutants everywhere. Here in Germany total madness is spreading, but people are slowly waking up. Man, I’m really jealous of you. You have Trump, the greatest president of all time, and we have Merkel, the worst disaster of all time.

    Very few can even imagine how powerful the enemy is.
    For hundreds of years they have been turning people against each other. Responsible for billions of deaths. I dug very, very deep. What I found is so incredible, no one would buy it. The sources are up to 300 years old.

    Anything is/was staged. ANYTHING!!! Our history is totally fake.

    People are not yet ready for the full trues. It would blow their mind.

    I remember Q said that too.

    There is one rule:
    Everything that is constantly addressed in films, books, shows, documentaries etc. is either fictional or the opposite is true.

    A quotation from Orwell is a good match:
    “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

    Keep up your great work und thank you very much.

  30. RR and RM are both EVIL. I don’t see them any other way. Perhaps they are saving their skin by assisting the drain? I can only imagine why they would turn, like Stzk and Page apparently have. So many are now coming out. Meanwhile, the corporate media continues to spread old stories about old hookers and tape recordings of client/attorney phone conversations leading nowhere but slinging MUD all the same.
    What I am tired of is the corruption and games.
    But, I thought a long time ago, that there was no hope, esp after 911. RM’s role in covering 911 should be considered, as that is the ultimate CRIME.
    We shall see. Q has created Hope, where there was none.

  31. Yes, I would agree with another poster that while we who have been on top of all these for months may be getting board, the vast majority of the country has had no clue what’s really going on, so the speed needs to move slow to gradually “wake them up.”

    So far, most everything seems to be playing out fine, so I’ll be patient.

  32. I certainly understand “…tell DC to hurry up…”. But I think there are several reasons, strategic and logistical, why we are waiting.
    The Flynn sentencing has been postponed twice. Why is that, do you suppose? If RM is a black hat, and he has the goods, he gets his first meaty conviction and a week a screaming headlines.
    But it isn’t happening. I will speculate that John Huber et al (all the Huber analogs prosecuting U1, CF, FISA abuse, some other high crimes) needed more time. And RM, possible Snape, is cooperating.
    They need to delay the Flynn finale because Flynn will be exonerated. And when that is announced, major Cat 5 radioactive shit will hit the fan. The perps will scramble, and a lot of things, many bad, will happen. Some will manage FF events to distract, some will succumb to their inevitable conviction and commit seppuku, some will try to flee, hrc and bho will call in all the cards they have left, it will be messy.
    A RICO case is a long investigation, gathering evidence, corroborating evidence, presenting to a grand jury, getting indictments. This one involves highly placed perps located around the country, and possibly out of the country. You have to consider all that when you are assembling all the U.S. Marshals for that wonderful early morning when they haul off several perps simultaneously.
    I would bet that several junior fed prosecutors were impatient when the Gotti case was being built, and didn’t understand when someone with the global view told them to just be patient.
    Now, you don’t delay justice because the public is at the beach and not paying attention, but if there is still work to be done by Huber et al., that’s OK. If every perp was hauled off tomorrow most Americans would forget by election day. Right after Labor Day, registers are cleared and memory buffers are restored. We have time.
    2018 is going to be a glorious year.

  33. the sooner, the better. end the circus. the talking heads, the BS, and mendacity. plus, if they are convicted of fraud, or anything to do w sexual slavery, or human trafficking, all their assets can be seized……….and I keep thinking that if the US Government seized the Clinton Foundation and assorted entities, and the McCain Foundation, and the Soros Funds, and associated holdings, they could pay off the national debt. then, if they took over the Federal Reserve Bank, they could print Gold backed money and have a Jubilee with the money that they saved from having to pay Iran. I heard today that by not paying Iran the Obama cash payments, they could pay every US citizen 250;000.00 per person. That could clear everyone’s credit, and put that wealth back into the country. then if we could get some real borders, we could provide free university and medical care. we could develop zero point energy projects and free ourselves from oil and nuclear power. energy would be free and the environment would be cleaned of these toxins. we could work to eliminate GMOs and plant fruit and nut trees in all parks. we could live in Nirvana. it could be.

  34. In SS pre-cropped ‘bigger picture.’ the clip art Phonograph = Stenograph in code legend.
    There are 2 Phonographs with SS inbetween. Could be 2-way or 3-way call, or Pedo Amber Alert?

    Going forward (and backward)… look for -what’s hidden cropped…but in plain sight in pub domain ‘bigger picture.’
    Is SS a one off? Investigate (match) cropped images (esp tweets) w/ original pic to see if additional ‘graph’ or ‘phone’ symbols emerge.

    Phon/graph symbols indicating a Stenographed message could include: RCA dog(s), megaphones, horns, paper cup telegraph, the lotus ended boat of Osiris/Ra etc., and any item whose compound name includes the prefix, root, or suffix, ‘graph.’

  35. If the movie ends today I don’t think Neon would care about his web site but about moving into a better world ASAP, saving thousands of children and babies. This is our fight. Thats why we are here for. Nothing else matters (Metalica).

  36. Web sites do not matter. We are here for the WIN and moving into a better world ASAP. This is our fight and our purpouse. The web is just a tool.

  37. Thank god Neon is getting tired of the games. Wanna know what this whole article really says??? You answered it a million times without coming out and saying it…. Q is being sloppy as hell… BECAUSE IT’S MORE THAN LIKELY NOT REAL. You guys really think that Silverman photoshop is a blackhat sending a message to another blackhat, maybe Podesta??? You guys are reaching so hard. That was Q being sloppy and making something up on the fly. Neon is a super smart dude, and it’s refreshing to see him growing tired of this. Most of us woke up to Q back in the Spring… and I promise you Neon can produce QUALITY content when (and if) this garbage keeps on and he finally gets sick of it. Bottom line… Q has changed hands so many times you can’t trust one ounce of it now. Pamphlet Anon alone was devastating. This long break of no drops??? Wanna know what that was??? Q IS RUNNING OUT OF MATERIAL!!! Q saw the James Gunn/Dan Harmon pedo stuff and decided he could cash in again…. and what you’re seeing now is halfassed SLOP and some of you damn well know it.

    I think there’s maybe a 10% chance at this point Q is really someone close to Trump and military intel. Most of it is rehashed stuff…. “something big’s gonna drop.” Oh yeah… MOAB again huh? If it doesn’t, you’ll just say “Q had his reasons, disinfo is necessary.” If it does, you never consider the possibility that IT MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED ANYWAY. Big things drop every week in the Trump era…. c’mon Q. Too many men have given their LIVES to defend this country. STEP OUT OF THE SHADOWS IF YOU’RE REAL…. and if not, let’s stop playing this stupid white hat, black hat crap. I’m stunned to see you guys still struggling with that this many months later. At what point does your brain not go “ummmmmm…. this is getting tedious, most of it’s rehashed or open source… ummmmm, maybe Q isn’t who he says.”

    The truther movement is supposed to be about FREE THINKERS…. so many pop a gasket when Q’s validity is called into question. Why??? There’s been more than enough Q got wrong…. Q isn’t Christ…. Trump is winning regardless. Honestly, Q is just making MAGA look bad at this point. And before you say “you’re paid off,” BS… I’m a nobody but I’m also not gullible like a 60 year old cat lady on her smart phone all day. Say your worst, but I GUARANTEE the smarter ones here are thinking in the back of their heads “ohh man… am I just spinning my wheels here.” Only problem is, they’ve invested so much time (like I once did) they can’t walk away from it.

    FOR FUCKS SAKE…. Q JUST SHOWED YOU MUELLER’S CRIMES AGAINST THIS COUNTRY BUT YOU’RE STILL DEBATING THIS WHITE HAT/BLACK HAT SHIT??? “Just wait till the IG Report guys…. just wait.” Oh… like Awan walking??? Like Tony Podesta getting immunity in the DC-Manafort case? Like Hillary still waddling around and most likely going to run again??? Like Little Rock FBI getting exposed for not REALLY investigating the CF??? God bless I KNOW some of you people are smarter than that. Quit forcing yourselves to fit round pegs into square holes. Trump made a mistake with SES Sessions. Huber is SES too. Trump made a mistake with Tillerson and McMaster.

    Neon, if this BS keeps up, just know you’re fascinating enough to have a stellar website without catering to Q. You’re above trying to rationalize Trump’s hand gestures and pointing near a dude with a Q T-shirt on for a millisecond as PROOF!!!!!!!!!

    • Hope you got everything off your chest. So, let’s look at a couple of FACTS: Search for Pixelknot developed by the Guardian Project, in both app stores. Eric Schmidt (ES) from Google helped fund them in 2014.

      POTUS told us, Q was going to post again soon. Its in this video

      Mueller is working WITH POTUS and will get a Presidential Pardon for his efforts in keeping the Cabal off Sessions and Huber. Looks like the sealed indictments will be around 50k when the figures come out after tomorrow.
      Rosenstein IS a Black hat.
      Met with Comey, Lynch, May, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau & Lynn de Rothschild in Canada; where Rosenstein was giving a speech at the Conference of Montreal – A New Globalization: Managing Uncertainty 11>14 June 2018 Hotel Bonaventure. Funny, after POTUS left for Shanghai and Rosenstein finished his speech, ALL met at a train car, behind a building under heavy guard where key passes let them into the coach.
      He is also named in the OIG report of going to the FISA Court, Twice; for extending the surveillance on Trump.

      • But Rosenstein appointed Huber, in whom we are placing our trust and hope. I’m not so convinced that Rosenstein is a black hat. He’s stalling for time and if you’ve read that Stealth Sessions article linked above, it makes sense.Like I can brush my daughter’s teeth, but it’s best if I can get her to do it herself. Trump and Sessions are letting this play out without coming off as “fascist” and “authoritarian” or whatever the hell the Dummycraps can come up with.

        • Rosenstein is indeed a black hat. Remember Q’s post – Trust Sessions, Trust Huber, Trust Wray & Trust Kansas.
          Q has also told us – You’re watching a movie and Enjoy the show.

          THIS team has pretty much thought of everything. Rosenstein IS caught, he just doesn’t realize it yet. Manafort case, he is the First one called! Treating 2 people being charged with the same crime, how does a DOJ Offical answer that? The Law is supposed to be blind. Plus, destruction of the 4th Amendment.

          POTUS can not be seen as bias. That’s why it was left up to him, when to acknowledge Q people in the crowds at the rallies. Which today, a day after the Tampa rally, a reporter in the presser with Sarah Huckabee Sanders asked about the Qanons in Tampa. Boom!

          Session’s finishing his work. Acknowledgment of signal given to wrap it up. DoD Offical Tweet page yesterday. Picture of a huge Army cannon pointing at you, with the caption of – Boom in 3, 2, … Sound familiar? Q posted the same thing with Rosentein, Muller and Sessions .

  38. Sorry about that Neon. It just makes me mad to see super fucking intelligent guys like you struggle with this. It’s maddening isn’t it???? Rosenstein and Mueller are NOT white hats. They’re also not going to win. Yes, I do admit there are things going on behind the scenes, but that doesn’t make them white hats. Maybe Trump does have some leverage on RR…. but Mueller??? The guy has been an establishment fixer for decades now!!! I know you believe in Christ Neon…. look at that SOB’s face and tell me in your heart he’s a white hat??? Sessions cemented himself when he recused. How many times can Q keep posting this before you get so sick of it you start holding Q to task??? I promise on my life this website would be kick ass with or without Q.


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