Something BIG is about to DROP! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Do you even know how long I’ve been waiting to type out the hashtag #NewQ again?

It’s good to have him back. Let’s get into it:

[Directly]? Despite what you might be reading in an abundance of misunderstanding and misinformation… Huber reports directly to [Rod Rosenstein]. Oh sure, Sessions is the ultimate authority here, but Huber’s boss? That’s [RR].

(Come on, people, did you really think Sessions was going to be in the killbox?)

“So I don’t know why the attorney general keeps postponing this,” Jordan continued.  “Everyone in town knows we need a second special counsel to get to the bottom of this. How can Mr. Huber – he’s probably a great lawyer, I don’t know much about Mr. Huber from Utah – but how can he investigate his boss, Rod Rosenstein?  That’s who he reports to.

And Q is specifically talking about the DNC server here, which Trump has been keeping in the news via Twitter:

But just know… that’s not the only server in the possession of the White Hats:

When Q says “Fake news [prop arm of D/DS] failing,” I believe #Anon is correct, and that in this case, the intended meaning is Democrats/Democratic Socialists:

Q also used the two phrases, “Sea to Shining Sea” and “Silence is Golden” on two separate occasions… and both are related to SEALS:

And we all know Q’s love for movies. I have to thank a Legionary for bringing this to my attention:

Well, let’s take a look…

Ah, Roman Polanski and Johnny Depp:

So when you combine what we know about Hollywood, Roman Polanski and such, with Q’s reference to BIG… Just recall for a moment the items I posted to Gab the other day…

Yeah, I think “something BIG is about to drop” is a reference to Hollywood being completely and utterly exposed in the immediate future. Who could be more representative of Hollywood’s shining, every-man veneer than Tom Hanks?

After all, he does tend to run in Cabal circles:

And to just go back to “Sea to Shining Sea” for a moment… think about it: it implies an East-to-West motif; Atlantic to Pacific. Draining the Swamp is nationwide; it starts in the East Coast and spreads to the West Coast.

Yeah, there’s no doubt about it in my mind now: this is all related to cleaning out the Cabal from Left-Coast America.


Here’s the link Q provided:

And it lists all the usual suspects. Anon edited a handy list for us:

And as for the specific violations, it’s worth skimming over the specific code violations, to see exactly what the legal grounds are for going after these Deep State fiends.

For instance, with HRC, you’ve got:


Reading these stories is like staring into a parallel bizarro dimension.

As he blocked traffic, he held up a sign. “Release the OIG report,” it read. He wanted the same thing that so many others that subscribe to the all-encompassing QAnon conspiracy theory want: some sort of proof of a “deep state” conspiracy, run by the liberal elite and Hollywood, to commit and then cover up an array of atrocities, from child sex trafficking to false-flag shootings. And they thought they would find at least some damning evidence in the Department of Justice’s inspector general report on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The report he was looking for had actually been released the day before, and it didn’t have any of the information he and the rest of the QAnon followers sought. Of course, the theory’s adherents believe there’s inspector general’s report they haven’t seen, one with all the “true” information, and they’ll fight to get it.

And this is the angle I’ve seen repeated across several news stories: they cling to the the idea that QAnon is creating madmen, so everyone would be better off if no one paid attention to Q and just let the story die.

And the devious genius of this setup is that everyone will focus on the gun-wielding madman, because that’s the psychological anchor, and no one will call them out on their disinfo when an unredacted OIG report is actually released (which is something we’re steadily marching towards every day, especially as the Carter Paige stuff progresses and the public begin to make the connection between all that and Rod Rosenstein’s role in signing off on the FISA warrants).

What follows in the article is the usual gaslighting, mockery, and character assassination. They would have you believe that James Gunn didn’t say wildly inappropriate things, no! It was those “alt-right” trolls who got him fired! And listen to how they end the article, reinforcing their anchor from the beginning:

“Q” hasn’t posted anything since July 4, leaving those followers frantic for something to do. If the unhinged LARPing of Wright and Meyer is any indication, that something could easily tip over into violence.

Violent Unhinged LARPing. That’s the angle they’re going with.

Wonder if they ever heard about the Streisand Effect…

I know Q has said that extended periods of silence make our enemies make mistakes and panic. And I know these past few weeks have been very important in the grand scheme of things…  But the closest I’ve got to understanding this particular drop (I think) is that 20 days of silence are now over.

But I’m not sure what that 20 days of silence has to do with mirrors or disinformation. Heck, I’m not sure anyone has rightly ever figured out what “mirrors” means – especially in the context of this HuffPo article. We’ve tried flipping the text of the drops around, looking 180 degrees across on the #QClock, and all sorts of other tricks… but I’m not sure anyone has quite sussed out the true meaning yet.

There’s also this, with periods of silence equaling 4, 10, and 20, respectively.

In case the pattern isn’t clear:

I hope this anon is right:

But as for that is/are error…

The R-believers are going to have a field day with that one. Guys. PSA: The Anon who started the R-LARP confessed when he saw it getting out of hand.

Even if you want to believe that JFK Jr. is alive and is actually Q, the R-posts are fake.

Now this is interesting… I hadn’t considered that…

Okay, so background:

Actually, even before background – some definitions:

FISA = Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. These are the documents/warrants (that RR signed) allowing the Obama Administration to spy on Citizen Trump’s Presidential campaign using the Five Eyes Intelligence agencies. It involved that secret, rubber-stamp court that basically violates the 4th Amendment and allows domestic spying on anyone, and I previously wrote about it here:

FOIA = Freedom of Information Act. Basically, you can file requests with the government to hand over whatever information you want, so long as it isn’t classified. Lots of disclosure about a number of topics has happened this way. It’s a lengthy process, and you need to be very specific in your requests, and you don’t always know what you’ll get back – for instance, the government papers on mind control that were “accidentally” included in a FOIA request a while back, which I talked about here:

But to get to the subject at hand – Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch were recently successful in obtaining a bunch of Carter Page FISA documents. #GEOTUS even tweeted about it:

What Q is saying is that FOIA requests can’t apply to FISA, because FISA documents are the highest level of classified.

So… in order for them to be released, they would need to be declassified.

And the only person with the power to do that is Trump himself.

The caveat is that Huber had to redact certain sections of those documents because he’s got an ongoing investigation going on!

Here is the 412 page document Judicial Watch obtained:

Judicial Watch is now following up its successful FOIA request with a motion in the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court seeking the transcripts of all hearings related to the surveillance of Carter Page.

Something tells me they’ll be successful in this endeavor, too.

Here’s the image that Q included with that drop:

Here are all of Q’s links, in order (and an archive of RWW, because that site went down hard):

X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)

Q repeats his marker here again: Something BIG is about to DROP. Add that to the [2] at the beginning of the drop, and I think he’s showing us a countdown. Give it two days. Let’s see.

LOL I couldn’t resist injecting a little  into the mix:

And remember the reaction he got for asking that question, including all the accusations of antisemitism that were hurled his way (even though his question had nothing to do with that subject)?

In all seriousness, it’s #TheCabal.

#Renegade gave us a bit of insight into this the other day, when he talked about Carlos Slim (owner of the NYT) and George Soros. Recall:

The media is (an increasingly ineffective) tool of this evil hierarchy. Its returns diminish by the hour.

But if you want to get more specific, here’s a great infographic to help you visualize the connections:

Full Size:


Ah, interesting. Anon refers to “Sea to Shining Sea” in this video:

(Video should land queue up for you, but it’s at 21:33 in case it doesn’t).



Roadside Q-spottin’! God Bless!

#NoCoincidences, Q.

Here’s a quick timeline, for those who may just be joining us:

And it is also no coincidence that Enty linked (I think) ALL of his previous #NXIVM drops this morning:

Normally, I’d give you an unrolled version of this thread and an archive, but both sites are acting up for me right now. Still, it’s worth reading all of this, so you can understand the scope of what’s going on, and for how long:

X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)

Have to wonder if the BIG thing that’s about to DROP ties back to the likes of Tom Hanks…

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised. Not one bit.

#QAnon #GreatAwakening

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61 thoughts on “Something BIG is about to DROP! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”


    SGTreport2: BACK UP channel
    Published on Jul 24, 2018

  2. Epic again, so thankful your sorted with Cloud as i was sucking my thumb looking out the window waiting on my #NeonRevolt redpill top up.. Hey hanks again man. opps Thanks.

  3. Great decode, as usual, NR.
    I assume we have not heard from #Renegade since his post Sun p.m.? I am anxious to hear from him again.

  4. I think mirror means there are controlled setups by/of trump’s supporters released that enrage the left and end up being nothing burgers compared to the follow-up of real releases of the left. Examples: Trump’s grab em remark and then Weinstein. Rosanne tweet, getting fired and then Gunn’s. Etc etc. The left and msm are being played.

  5. Again, great work, Neon.

    I too was being nudged by the 4,10,20. As a matter of fact I commented on it at Great Awakening and got downvoted. It seem everyone wanted to tell me the 4,10,20 was the alpha-numerical value of DJT, and I didn’t disagree. But alas. I also posted it in the comments on your article titled “What to Say When #QAnon is Away.” As such:

    “My brain has been getting nudged by something Q posted several times in the past. So at the risk of looking dumb I’m going to share it here.

    Q has posted “4,10,20” on several occasions. The anons say it’s the numerical value of DJT. I accept that but Q’s Qlues often have double meanings. If you think back the first time Q went dark it was for 4 days, the next time was for 10 days…following that logic I think Q may stay dark for 20 days this time, which would be the 24th of July.”

    But who cares, I’m just glad Q is back and dropping those delicious bread crumbs, manna from heaven. I was beginning to starve out here in the wilderness. 🙂

  6. Man, that Asia Argento post fucked me up. I always hated her but Bordain always bugged me. I’m glad he’s dead.

  7. That is really unfortunate news about Hanks. I had considered him a modern-day Jimmy Stewart–a very charismatic performer,who seemed to have his act together. Not a hint of scandal.

    Such interesting roles, too, from a cartoon toy cowboy to an all-American WW2 everyman hero G.I. One of my favorites is “That Thing You Do”.

    Yes, I only saw “Big” once, and didn’t like it because of the implication of (unknowing) child molesting. It is a function of a society that condones unmarried sex. Any and every movie about a wedding MUST have a scene where the future bride has sex before she gets married. Hollywood can’t abide a virgin bride.

  8. People including yourself are tying the movie Big into this q post. What about the movie the DROP? Watch the trailer, if not the movie. I can easily see the money aspect tying into this qpost without making a crazy stretch. It still might be a stretch but I figured it’s worth looking into.

  9. Mirrors are often double-binds in MK-ULTRA programming, a loop…it can signify the coming of something full circle. Speculation ???

  10. Very similar to when Neo was caught in the Train Station in the Matrix:Revolution. I’m just spit-balling, but I see what Q is trying to say…

  11. The concept of propagandizing Qanon is creating murderous monsters is a typical 5th coumn left projection strategy…always accuse your enemy of that which they themselves are guilty…no one has created more murdous madmen than the hate-Trump MSM

    • My counter is to keep pointing out through social media every time TheCabal tries to incite their unhinged useful idiot army to violence and the acts of violence they commit. I share by every form of social media I can as often as I can and I recommend others do the same. It’s breaking through.

  12. I was so happy and really crying when Q posted today!! I thought “Independence Day” meant get along !RE_reread posts… You’re smart and savvy ppl! Connect the dots! They came back and I am so grateful:) So humbled and so thankful for Neon to pull it all together so quickly hard work…so appreciated by your followers! Love you Neon!!

  13. the DS in D/DS obviously stands for Deep State, not Democratic Socialists. It’s the Deep State that is the enemy here. The Democratic Socialists are barely in the game, if at all.

  14. OMG!!!!! Maybe I missed it!! Maybe I’m old or whatever, but Q put information in the trip codes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m almost hyperventilating!!!!

  15. How a red pilled person watches Tom Hanks in the HBO series “From the Earth to the Moon”:

    You notice Tom seems to talk from the side of his mouth and you wonder if he suffered a stroke at any time.
    You notice when Tom introduces the episodes, he spends the entire time with one hand shoved in his pocket. Is this to hide the symptoms of an illness or is he giving the HIDDEN HAND symbol?
    You ask how Tom became so powerful in Hollywood. How did he get these stories from the government and from NASA and all involved? How did he write the episodes based on NASA transcripts (sealed or unsealed) and gain permission from the astronauts and their families?
    You notice we now have Hollywood recreations of the footage of moon landings. Or were the purported moon landings merely hollywood creation all along, and we now we simply have remakes that can’t possibly be linked to Kubrik? People will look to Tom Hanks’s series to tell them how the moon landings happened, instead of examining the actual footage for themselves.
    Somehow despite Tom being a nice guy, his series still does not tell the story of the women in NASA, black or white. The only women in “From the Earth to the Moon” are the astronaut’s wives, bit part secretaries in the background, and a single stereotypical nurse.
    And then you wonder if Tom Hanks is being used to reinforce the official NASA story of the moon landings for this generation.
    Has Tom Hanks been compromised, and if so, what else has he been co-opted to do?

  16. Ya know. When I read the Q post with the word BIG in it today, my mind went to the movie BIG. And then to Hanks. This was before, later in the day, I became aware of all the Sarah Ashcraft stuff for the first time. Weird. Maybe Hanks is gonna go down. wwg1wga

  17. Quick/ long theory (sorry on iPhone but please hear me out lol) for you neon, and thank you for all your hard work in case you didn’t already know you help and bring hope to everyone even those who are asleep currently. Now to my theory.

    Q says future proves past and you have all you need multiple times throughout the time q has posted. Both statements can be applied to almost anything that happens except he also says NO COINCIDENCES. What if in one scenario the future could have been the jet blue incident on June 26th. After q brought it to our attention it was interpreted by anons as a deep state false flag attempt foiled by potus and the q team/ military intelligence thus proving they are one step ahead of the powers that be. That’s cool and we all felt good about that translation and became hungry for more. But what if it wasn’t what it seemed? Instead of being cut and dry this is what happened this is what it means boom, the q post/ reference to the event was more like the Sarah sanders red hen incident? Meaning it wasn’t about what happened that day at all it was all
    About the location and what it represents. The red hen represented another pizza gate type deal where the owners are connected to the deep state etc, even though most people took it as an example of how that congresswoman’s comments about make them uncomfortable to walk the streets came to fruition.

    Well the location of the deep state false flag that wasn’t what it seemed was at jfk airport. As I’m sure you know many think q and or r is jfk jr due to crumbs that anons have put together. Something i haven’t seen mentioned tho is what I have been rambling about lol. The past would be that Jfk jr faked his death during a deep state false flag plot meant to take his life as well as his wife and other loved ones. He/ we/ they learned about it and used it as An opportunity to go under ground only to resurface after a v for vendetta style plan had been meticulously organized and executed to take out those who not only targeted him, and his love but his father and uncle as well.

    Recently q has returned and his/ her posts as well as potus himself have referenced the number 20 and anons have keyed in on it but haven’t yet confidently come up with what it could mean. It could represent the number of years between the two events involving deep state false flags that aren’t what they seemed on the surface involving the name JFK. They have gone to great lengths to talk about mirror in their posts and if looked at in the way I described above the Jfk theory would apply. I am not very eligent in my writing and for this I apologize. I am new to politics for the most part and imo represent those who have always loved sports and movies and hanging out with friends after working hard each day. This past election tore apart my relationship and has devided my blood relatives 50/ 50 and i eventually came across the q anon deal on YouTube. Which is wear I heard about you through tru reporting channel. Once you take the red pill there is no going back, that much is for sure 100 percent true lol! I try to do my part in my life on my level but wouldn’t have a chance without people like you there to help show us the way. I usually leave the deciphering to y’all and repeat what I can to my loved ones without much of my own opinion in there because it’s tough to really know what’s going other than it’s obvious that trump and q are legit connected in a very direct fashion. They are coordinated and communicate with everyone if they are willing to take that leap. This is the first time I think I actually see something in the minutia that I haven’t seen posted anywhere else I frequent. I straight up got goosebumps when I was doing the rounds on YouTube last night at work as I tried to catch up on all the q anon material from the past week. My little theory combined with the whole Vincent fusca/ jfk comparisons truly took me to a new level of interest/ belief/ hope in q anon that I pray is/ was the intent of those who are making the posts in the first place. Anyways that’s my piece like I said I apologize for the sloppy post but I did my best pecking away on my phone spit balling the energy that flows through me now that i can’t help but think about the possibility of what jfk jr could do for us as a people. Talk about bringing people together.

    Ps q also has said you won’t believe who had been talking to you this whole time. Most believe that means trump. But to me that wouldn’t be that surprising at all. Hell I thought that after less than a month of q around April or so. But jfk jr would qualify 100 percent as something you couldn’t believe. Thanks again for everything you do and have a blessed day.

  18. NR you are far, far better at this than me….my comments for your consideration:

    D/DS = Democrats/Deep State

    I saw info re: Huber reporting to RR that you linked to….are you sure this is correct? Huber racking up 41,000+ unsealed indictments does not compute with RR in the loop. FWIW, as I recall it was Sessions who announced Huber’s assignment, not RR.

    My first inclination re: something BIG about to drop…..was IG Report Part III…..but, I understand where you are coming from. We shall see.

    tks for all you do.

  19. Enjoyed the article. Gotta correct one point, though. Normally, Huber WOULD report directly to Rosenstein, but…read foot note #17 in the criminal referral letter from Congress that Q references in his second 7/24 drop. It states clearly that because Rosenstein signed the FISA application, he should be “recused from any examination of FISA abuse. Accordingly…U.S. Attorney John Huber…should (not) report to Rosenstein.”

    When Q says, “You have more than you know” he wasn’t kidding.

  20. Re: “Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary? Logical thinking.”

    I might be thinking to lightly, but it actually says “Logical thinking”.
    To me it seems quite obvious that in their disinformation campaign the cabal is mirroring the moves made by Q against us. You basically spelled it out yourself with “Violent Unhinged LARPing” that’s what they are doing, but in their disinformation campaign they are trying to play that card on us. Probably just to create more confusion for new eyes. I already came across many more examples of this. I could sum some of them up for you but I guess you see my point?

  21. Thank you so much for being so much smarter than I am! I always look forward to reading your comments

    Just a thought, at work when we schedule our hours, two of us will MIRROR each others schedule. Which means you do the opposite of one another.

  22. I’m wondering if Hllary is feeling extra insecure these days. Recall the rumors of her back brace two months ago? Image search “Hillary back brace”and see a very pronounced ridge just above armpit level along her back. Daily Mail pointed out that after the rumor went viral, Hillary topped it off with a big, gathered scarf. My husband opined that it was not a back brace, but a bulletproof vest. I searched images for military-grade bulletproof vests and saw many images that could correspond to Hillary’s back bulge. These vests are bulky. It was noted that the bulge was under heavy coats, with big scarves, in warm weather. That was in May and now it’s obviously too warm for such apparel. But now someone thinks they’ve spied a “Life Alert” type of pendant around Hillary’s neck while wearing a big, blousy muu-muu at Ozyfest last weekend. The muu-muu drew much scorn on Twitter. There’s obviously no Kevlar vest under it.The tweeters also mentioned how haggard Hillary looked. Would that explain the need for a medical emergency alert button or is it her fear of being without her bulletproof vest? If she was wearing a vest, qui bono if she were killed? Would it stop investigations into Hillary and, thus, those more important people associated with her? Is the muu-muu to cover weight gain from anxious over-eating?
    At 24 seconds, compare the pendant in this Life Alert video to Hillary’s in the article, below:
    MYSTERY: Was Hillary wearing ‘Life Alert’ emergency device during NYC appearance?
    I did, however, find stories from Hillary’s 2016 campaign where writers wondered why she wore a winter coat in August in Nantucket.

  23. one comment Neon (great article, btw) — Renegade said that CDAN / ENT LAWYER was a “she”, not a “he”

    Do you believe Renegade or do you believe CDAN? Or did you misquote the “he” in this article that should have been a “she”?

  24. The meaning of Mirrors; Cracked!! Disk mirroring, also known as RAID 1, is the replication of data to two or more disks. Disk mirroring is a good choice for applications that require high performance and high availability, such as transactional applications, “EMAIL” and operating systems. You ask, what does this mean? It means that in a typical server computer ‘backup’ configuration, this is the type of ‘backup’ employed. I believe the [20] in kill brackets will bring us to 8/13/18.

    2263659 Q POST 1685
    Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary?
    Logical thinking.

  25. One more Q confirmation. Review the video of 45’s motorcade rolling by. The Presidential Limo honked the following: _ _ ._

    This is morse code for Q.

  26. mirroring is a narcissistic manipulation trait, same as gas-lighting. This is where the narcissist takes on the characteristics of his/her victim. That’s why people in a narcissistic relationship believe they are with “The One.” You have everything in common! Why? Because the narcissist is becoming you….for now.

    • I have to agree with your analysis and opinion. Say… you’re not mirroring me are you? Because I’m starting to feel like you are. LOL Excellent contribution Margaret Robertson and I believe you ARE correct here.

  27. Ninth Gate movie seems very Q relevant, whether or not ‘BIG’ was pizza Gate related.
    One thing that sticks out is all the focus on those multiple real and fake copies the Satanic book image plates.
    Depp character exudes a definiteTom Hanks Da Vinci Code vibe.
    But in a Hollywood honey trap twist, the climax scene reveals a COMPLICIT code cracker that could only succeed in his quest by joining the inner circle of this Satanic sex magic cult that he had hoped to expose.

  28. THE NINTH GATE: (You aren’t going to believe this)
    The movie The Ninth Gate is based off a book called The Club Dumas by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. Dumas is the Arthur who wrote The 3 Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Black Tulip (and my favorite) The Count of Monte Cristo. The book, The Club Dumas, references a huge list of other literary stories but is centered around a fictional book called “The Nine Doors to the Kingdom of Shadows”. Q references in association with these works (that come to mind immediately) include:

    Silence is Golden – as mentioned above

    WWG1WGA – All for one, and one for all – The Three Musketeers

    Here comes the pain – Max Payne – Video game that references the Nine Doors to the Kingdom of Shadows

    From Dark to Light – One of the existing books is Asclemandres, the book that enables one to “face the light”. This is worked into the story on the opening page of the Nine Gates, where the inscription reads SIC LUCEAT LUX. In the book, this is translated as “Thus shines the Light”, in the movie as “Thus let the Light shine”.

    AND…it is very interesting that in The Club Dumas, Herman Melville’s, Moby-Dick forms the initial basis of the friendship between Lucas Corso and Flavio La Ponte. In Moby Dick where the whale is first seen he is described as “But soon the fore part of him slowly rose from the water; for an instant his whole marbleized body formed a high arch, like Virginia’s Natural Bridge” – Rockbridge County is named for Natural Bridge. Lexington, VA is the county seat of Rockbridge – The Red Hen is in Lexington. (the restaurant who refused to serve the White House Press Secretary)

    We also have an allusion to the Knights Templar’s – Like many movies, the movie made use of elegant locations, such as the Parisian Hotel Cayre and the Château de Ferrieres, or the Ville de Pontoise, all in the general vicinity of Paris. But it is the castle of Puivert that is the castle where Balkan will try to raise the devil – and where Corso will enter through the Ninth Gate.

    The fortress exists and is recorded at the start of Cathar crusade, the onslaught of the Catholic Church as the heretics in the South of France. Puivert sits close to the Pyrenees, in the region of the other Cathar castles, including the famous Montségur. Whereas Montségur became the last stronghold of the Cathars, Puivert fell in 1210 after a siege of only three days. Simon de Montfort then gave it to his companion, Lambert de Thury, who held it until at least 1213. As a Cathar castle, it sits within an esoteric tradition, which is linked with both the Grail and Lucifer. In the 1930s, the German author Otto Rahn wrote a book about the Cathars, entitled “Lucifer’s Court”. The Church saw the Cathars as heretics – devil worshippers. The Cathars saw the material world as the world created by Lucifer. Each side thus identified the other with evil – which was nothing new at the time and has not changed since. R

    Are we living in a huge conspiracy theory?

    • Er…. haven’t Americans heard of the Hellfire Club in England? Nowadays people would just call it a nightclub, we’re so degenerate in these times but it’s deeply anti-Christ rumoured stuff. It’s a tourist location, I’ve been there. It’s a creepy place to stand.

  29. It’s literally called the gun focus effect. Rational brain clicks off to focus on threat.
    They don’t know what a LARP is – doing nothing. They have to gaslight and appeal to normalcy bias.
    Q speculation videos need to be mirrored across platforms and key ones ideally available for torrent. For example that video you linked is now a dead link. Not everything is complicated, this guy was in a pizza advert. Shocked there isn’t a meme, actually.
    What might be useful is a post on how we should react and conduct ourselves during a 10-day internet blackout.
    Ask the chans for advice, I don’t know what to tell people. Everyone I know would panic at two days (yes, fellow Millennial) i.e. What will change, what won’t change and what to expect. Don’t make their job harder controlling food riots or something stupid.

  30. hey all, what’s the best way to read uncensored media reporting now? is it dtube? want to get off relying on youtube as it can be taken so easily.


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