#HollywoodRenegades – How Hollywood Insiders Are Taking Down #TheCabal from the Inside-Out. #Hollyweird #GreatAwakening

You see this image?

As far as anyone can tell, this image is genuine.

And it looks a whole like like  “Comedienne” Sarah Silverman issuing a “Stand Down” order to the chans.

Yes, you read that right: “the” Sarah Silverman who at one time not only dated Jimmy Kimmel, but once said:

“I hope the Jews did kill Christ. I’d do it again. I’d f*cking do it again, I don’t care.” – Sarah Silverman

And now, here she was, trying to get the chans to “stand the f*** down.”

As far as Anons could tell, the only editing used on the photo was, ironically, to mask some wrinkles (because you’ve got to maintain that illusion of perpetual… well, I hesitate to say “beauty” but we’ll run with “youth” for the time being). The image on the phone was, evidently, not photoshopped, nor was this simply a case of someone slapping a hand holding a phone over Sarah Silverman’s dimly-lit face.

No, this was Sarah legitimately thinking she could intimidate the “Internet Hate Machine” by taking a selfie with some text on it.

It went over about as well as you would expect.

Here’s a sampling of Anon’s responses:

And how can you not love the attitude:

But why?

Why would Sarah want to embark on such a foolish course of action, and think she could hold sway over the vast army of #Anons who are out there, every day, doing God’s work and exposing the cancerous rot in the heart of the nation?

Well, let’s back up and set the stage a bit.

A little under a week ago, someone who the Anons would eventually dub #BlackListAnon came online and started dropping breadcrumbs. This, in all honesty, deserves a full article in and of itself, and while I won’t be focusing on that today, the main gist of those drops was that #TheCabal has traceable economic and political ties to Hollywood, and uses a particular mechanisms to promote and protect insiders; insiders like Graham Moore (son of Michelle Obama’s former Chief of Staff Susan Sher) who wrote the Imitation Game and eventually won the Oscar for it, and Noah Oppenheim, who wrote Jackie and who, as President of NBC news, spiked the Harvey Weinstein story well in advance of it eventually appearing in the New York times.

And again, while this really deserves a whole article, one post from BlackListAnon in particular stands out:

And it’s true. After BlackListAnon started dropping on Noah Oppenheim, NBC turned on the propaganda machine against #QAnon:


So the heat was turning up in Hollywood, and as all this was unfolding, Anons were simultaneously digging into the social media history of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. What they discovered was a TON of disturbing pedophile-related messaging, just sitting out-in-the-open for years. I covered that story here:


Those diggs went viral, and lead to the swift removal of James Gunn from the Guardians franchise, leading the likes of Yahoo! to call this the diabolical work of “white supremacists.”


Yes, that’s right. They called Jewish Lawyer Mike Cernovich a “white supremacist” because he helped expose these tweets.

Because everyone who opposes the Left’s tyrannical collectivism is automatically a Nazi these days.

This, despite the fact that, what was it, something like three weeks ago, every single leftie in the universe was cheering the firing of Roseanne Barr.

And if you ever wondered what the mental gymnastic equivalent of a quadruple pike dismount looked like, you now have your answer:


For some reason, this firing really enraged the left. Even with the overwhelming quantity of evidence, this… struck at the heart of the #CancerousLeft that we haven’t seen since… frankly, the defeat of Hillary.

Why? You would think with all the #MeToo posturing, the constant lecturing about “secular” sex ethics, they’d be on-board.

So why weren’t they?

I’ll tell you exactly why: because James Gunn? He’s no different from 95% of the power-brokers in Hollywood. They’re all scumbags, and if he could be taken down and exposed, they all could.

Hollywood is in total freak-out mode right now, and it was made all the worse by the appearance of a new anon, who first dropped in on 7/19, in a James Gunn thread on /pol/, and who would later become known as #Renegade.

Now, I’m going to present this first by pulling from an infographic that was assembled by an anon, compiling all of Renegade’s posts from the first night, to try and make this as readable on the site as possible. I’ll then include the big infographic at the end.

Also note: Renegade uses some language I, personally, would never use. He also describes some graphic things. If you’re a regular /pol/ user, this won’t affect you, but if you’re a normie, it might upset you.

That said, here he is in the original James Gunn threads on 7/19, answering anons’ questions:


And as promised, here’s the mega-infographic containing all of those posts:

(Source: https://www.neonrevolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Renegade_compressed.jpg)

But as you can imagine, the drops did not stop there. No-ho-ho-ho! Not in the least!

He came back the next day, with more. MUCH more. And the way this will work is similar to the above, because I was able to cap these drops myself. Renegade’s ID here is HcffYvjg. He’s answering Anon’s questions, which will be quoted as part of his responses (and some minor commentary from yours truly in between). You’ll see. It flow.

The NSO. Wow. Those guys are wicked!

Reminds me of how Harvey Weinstein hired former Mossad operatives, Black Cube, to stalk and harass actresses, journalists, etc:

Note, also, the ties between Hollywood and Israeli Intelligence agencies. That will become a trend in these drops.

PnP, for the record, usually refers to drug-fueled sex.

Note how he says “the whole metoo movement exploded in their faces haha.”

This jives very clearly with everything I’ve read about #TimesUp, which was invented by CAA to subvert MeToo, which has somewhat more organic roots. It was a campaign to shake up the halls of power in Hollywood, and advance players who would have otherwise been kept out, but they lost control of it.

As for Stallone, #CDAN has some bad drops on him, but nothing along those lines. Oof.

It’s okay, Renegage; we all make typos.

It’s long been a pet-theory of /pol/ that rap music was a psyop pushed by Jewish-owned/controlled record labels in Hollywood. Renegade seems to be confirming the theory here, as well as outlining the next few steps in their plan.

As for the term JQ, for those unfamiliar, it refers to the “Jewish Question,” which might be stated as: “How does 1.7% of the population control so much of the media (and/or academia)?”

Now, I want to be clear – this is contentious territory, and easily twisted around by critics as “anti-semetic racism,” in order to shut down any kind of resulting conversation. That’s not free speech.

I also want to remind people that there’s a difference between reporting on a subject, and endorsing what you’re reporting on.

And while this chart is a bit out-of-date, it’s still very representative of the answer those asking the Jewish Question would have people see. According to Renegade, you could add a few more blue boxes to the chart:

And while, as a Christian, I disagree with the Jewish religion, I harbor no hate for someone by virtue of their birth.  No, in my mind, this kind of chart is more indicative of an Israeli psyop on the United States, which has been allowed to exist and operate freely for many, many years.

And remember what QAnon himself said about Israel:

So we have something of a common thread here: Mossad, Black Cube, NSO…

What other Israeli agencies are involved in all this?

Hollywood is a depraved meat-market that needs to be gutted.

I think Renegade is giving too much info away about himself, but that’s his choice. But to build a profile: we have a totally redpilled black man who was A+ level in the 80’s, who was friends with Red Foxx, and who will be wearing green socks at the Grammys in February of 2019.

I have an idea of who this might be, but I’ll be keeping an eye out.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: the chans are like distributed intelligence agencies with more manpower and reach than any “professional” intelligence agency. The chans can spread information with so much speed, with so much force, it boggles the mind. James Gunn can go from working one day, to completely blacklisted, because the chans have the power of the people.

That’s literally all it is: it allows THE PEOPLE to connect, share information, and organize on a global scale.

Hollywood should be terrified.

HOLY COW the intel about Mel’s dad LOL.

I actually disagree with the top anon post here. Renegade and others should ONLY be going to 8ch, and not 4chan, since 4chan is compromised, and 8ch is most likely under control of the US Gov’t at this point.

Add “tennis player” to Renegade’s profile.

As for “Gia,” I’m not sure who he’s specifically referring to. I have some ideas, but without further extrapolation, I can’t say for sure. (I’m pretty confident, however, that it’s NOT Angelina Jolie).

And yeah, guys, please stop thinking Corey Feldman is a good guy. Read the CDAN blinds on him. He is anything but!

Those were all the drops he left on the 20th, but he would come back on the 21st, this time with a tripcode identity of his own: Renegade!

And BOY did he come back in a big way! Not only is he letting you in on the inside stats driving the subversive plan of these Hollywood moguls (15% before emerging), he’s naming names:

  • Sumner Redstone
  • Mortimer “Tim” Buckley
  • Yoram Globus, and-
  • Menahem Golan

He specifically accuses the latter two of trafficking arms to the Palestine Liberation Organization to state False Flag attacks! Wooooow.

With full respect for the amount of knowledge Renegade has, I have to respectfully disagree. If Geffen doesn’t go down, nothing changes.. If you read the CDAN blinds, you know what a monster Geffen is. You know of his involvement with “The Church,” and how the NXIVM raid was a real shot across the bow for him.

He’s going to go down. It’s not a matter of if, but when – because he cannot be allowed to operate in the future.

Also, regarding AGC Blind Items… they’re just sort of reposting Blinds from around the web and linking back to the source. CDAN isn’t the only person who drops blinds, though CDAN’s drops are archived there. I wish Renegade would get more specific with which sites in particular are controlled opposition.


I’m sorry, I know that’s not much in the way of commentary, but really, you have to understand the implications of all this.

If you take down Sumner Redstone, you take down Dan Schneider.

And this Haim Saban drop coming up is HUGE!

Can’t forget the OTO, or Ordo Templi Orientis.

Aleister Crowley was probably its most famous member, and today, Hollywood elites swell its ranks:

Note: Peaches Geldof died of an “overdose” in 2014.

And I mention Jay-Z here specifically, because, well… look at his shirt:

Talk about wearing your membership on your sleeve.

This is huge.

I’m not sure how  much digging has occurred along these lines, but if I find anything, I’ll update the article here.

Willis is compromised, according to CDAN.

But if I can expand on what Renegade is trying to say here, it’s that modern Hollywood is little more than the propaganda-wing of #TheCabal.

Studio-operated grey-rooms. That’s terrifying.

I hope Renegade stays safe, but I also hope he decides to leak some of these recorded conversations.

I’d like to see a few more Hollywood heads roll before the end of the year.

Anon compiles some profiles here, but he get Tim wrong. It’s Mortimer Buckley, not Tim Burke. Sumner Redstone and Yoram Globus are correct, though.

Ah, so like with NXIVM, branding is standard practice is Hollywood.

Makes it more understandable how they sold it to all those actresses, then.

This is the first time in history this Cabal has faced organized opposition. They’re terrified of the #GreatAwakening.

For the record, Jeff Robinov is a former Warners exec, and now the founder of Studio-8. You’ve seen his films:

Crazy to think this guy dates Abramovic… but it makes a sick kind of sense. Now, pay attention closely to what Renegade’s about to say about her:

I always knew Abramovic was from Eastern Europe, and operated there for the longest time… but I had no idea she was a Soviet asset. That’s insane! She worked on degenerating them there, and then was tasked with doing the same over here! SICK!

I think he’s right, here. It would be deeply divisive if all this became public right now… but give it six months to a year for things to play out with Trump and Q.

The general public will be more prepared than you think.

Again, the studio operated grey room concept should terrify most of my readers here.

There is a strange tension right now between Hollywood and China. It’s been getting harder for Studios to finance their pictures, so they run to Chinese investors looking for money. That’s why you’ve seen, for instance, Chinese subliminal advertising all over the recent Transformers movies, and why you’re seeing Chinese production companies listed in the credits of ostensibly “American” movies.

As for Anton Yelchin’s death, see Peaches Geldof above.

Yeah, Mamma-K controls I think all of Kanye’s music right now. I don’t know the exact percentages. He’s been looking for a way out.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but if you want to know why they killed Brietbart, read his book Righteous Indignation. It’s downright prophetic.

I’ve had a hard time reconciling Eyes Wide Shut with CDAN’s recent drop on Kubrick. I have to wonder if he was part of this Cabal, and then tried to expose it once he felt he was in too deep. It’s hard to say, but people can be mixes of good and bad, especially at different stages in their life.

But he didn’t make a new thread the next day. He couldn’t wait that long. He came back within a few hours and continued dropping bombs:

I’ve talked about this before, how /pol/ can “break” people. /pol/ is a “hurtbox.” If you’re feeling something akin to this… especially when reading all this… that’s good.

(Source: https://www.neonrevolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/D5D-5YZha-6w9SFEx1vvUfaOY778fBaOHBb2WiF2ZDQ.png)

It shows you still have a soul.

Now get up; we’ve got a job to do. The world is counting on us.

This is ancient history. This is how you know Renegade is who he says he is. He’s citing stories that happened back in the 1950’s and 60’s:

Wild stuff, and it lines up perfectly with the kind of intel Q has dropped – about them wanting to keep us divided, about them wanting to keep the black population totally demoralized.

I look forward to the day when the Cabal’s influence over these populations is destroyed!

Benicia is by San Fran, for the record.

Think Silicon Valley.

Think Pelosi’s back yard.

And that name is something to dig on; a Dr. O’Rourke, who died in 2012. Again, I will update here if I see anything along these lines.

I’ve read many such stories like this. It’s another Open Secret in Hollywood. Utterly disgusting.

I so wish Renegade would dish out the goods on ol’ Moonbeam.

And now we get to possibly the biggest drop of all:

SNCTM advertises itself as a sex club for elites, but, well… it seems to be more than just that.

Think Eyes Wide Shut, where everyone wears masks and such. In fact, the founder said he was “inspired” by that scene in the movie.

Wonder who the “King Maker” and the “Texas politican” are.


Anon then gives us some help with some abbreviations:

And that was Renegade’s last post in that thread.

Notables from Anons included:

But Renegade still wasn’t done that evening, and hopped into another thread to drop some more bombs:

So, just to be clear, Renegade is accusing Allen Daviau – one of Spielberg’s right-hand-men – of raping the then-teenage Margaret Langrick on the set of Harry and the Hendersons.

As for Gabriel Katzka, he’s dead, and there’s no Harry and the Hendersons connection that I can see from here, so I think Renegade is just listing names of abusers he knows.

Now this is pretty huge, if for no other reason than it outlines a specific Cabal-related hierarchy:

Sad to hear that about Belafonte, though. I always liked his music.

Now this… this is huge, because that Hannibal-Lechter-Smoothskin-Wannabe is David Geffen.

If Renegade comes back and drops anything about him… Wow.  Just know that I will DEFINITELY be updating the articles if that materializes.

And it’s funny that the last anon here that Renegade responded to mentioned The Oakwood, because that’s exactly the place BlackListAnon mentioned needed more scrutiny in two drops just before Renegade’s answer appeared:

Guys, make no mistake: we’re working to bring down Babylon here. They wanted you to think Harvey Weinstein was the EXCEPTION, when really, he was the RULE. We can’t allow this evil to continue; it needs to be COMPLETELY PURGED.

I HIGHLY encourage any and all insiders who want to speak to take the necessary steps to get on 8ch, and start dropping intel as fast as they can. I may even have to make an OPSEC guide on how to keep safe and do this, for anyone who may have the desire, but lack the technical know-how. (And if there are any anons out there who want to help me with this daunting tast, please – get in contact with me. Thanks).

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    • I have to wonder whether Russia has its own Deep State.

      I often wonder whether captured or surrendered Nazis worked in both countries to continue the war, becoming their respective Deep States.

      I am reminded of the bunker scene in “Dr. Strangelove” and wonder whether we are to understand that a similar scenario was taking place in Moscow.

  1. Neon, Blacklist anon is getting shilled pretty hard on Reddit. That’s the tactic these days, everyone’s a larp. Check it out.

  2. Here is a list of top box office (male) stars of 80’s. I think you can cross out the last few names.

    Burt Reynolds
    Robert Redford
    Clint Eastwood
    John Travolta
    Dudley Moore
    Bill Murray
    Sylvester Stallone
    Richard Gere
    Eddie Murphy
    Chevy Chase
    Dan Aykroyd
    Michael J. Fox
    Chuck Norris
    Micahel Douglas
    Paul Hogan
    Tom Selleck
    Jack Nicholson
    Tom Cruise
    Tom Hanks

      • Eddie. Can’t get a major feature made for years. His black comment could also be disinfo although I’m unsure. Eddie/Foxx where very very big together. I actually am close to one of Eddie’s close childhood friends and am investigating.

      • Demond Wilson is from GA, and he was associated with Redd Foxx,
        and he’s black, and he is a pastor, and he’s 71yo, and he’s no longer
        ‘active’ in Hwood…?? mebbe?

        • Demond Wilson has also written a book that deals with Illuminati and One world govt. Check his website. The book is called The Millenium: A New Age Expose.

        • Plus, he mentioned how he was getting ready to go play tennis;

          from PEOPLE MAGAZINE:

          “In May 1982 Wilson experienced his spiritual epiphany, which came, of all places, on his TENNIS court. He was waiting for guests who never showed. His wife was in the hospital. His closest neighbors lived half a mile away. In the midst of all his wealth, Wilson felt totally alone. “Lord Jesus,” he prayed, “if you put my family back together, if you give me my mind back, I’ll turn it around.” Over the next six months Wilson became obsessed with his newfound beliefs. He lost 35 pounds but eventually he found peace, and after immersing himself in the Bible and ministerial counseling, he became an evangelist. “The old Demond Wilson is dead,” asserts the new Demond Wilson.”

        • Sanford and son was a big show but was he considered an A-list actor of the 80s? if I’m not mistaken I think that’s what renegade said he was. As soon as renegade gave some details of himself Eddie Murphy immediately came to mind, that’s who I’m leaning towards right now.

      • I like Sidney Poitier, A very powerful black voice and extremely intelligent. But I can’t put the foul language with with the man. I’m thinking maybe his son or grandson is ghost writing for confusion. Well, yeah I know that is quite a stretch.

        • Sidney Poitier is 91 now…. not 71. And he only had daughters, so that eliminates a ‘son’. Grandson wouldn’t be old enough… would likely be in their 50s by now, IF it is one of the daughters’ sons writing, so wouldn’t fit the 71 year old time frame.

    • My guess is Danny Glover. I know he was an Obama fan, but he didn’t say how long he had been based.

      • As I mentioned earlier – there are only 2 “A+” list black stars in the 80’s. So either this is a larp, intentional misinformation to protect himself, or a less well known celeb from that time period trying to be more important than he was.

    • Actually you can cross them all out except for Eddie Murphy, according to renegade he’s a A-list actor of the 80s and was good friends with Redd Fox. Eddie Murphy definitely seems to fit the description.

  3. holy fuck. been off doing the diyfag on the house & car last few days, and miss the MOAD. Thank you compilefag! God bless & wwg1wga

  4. So much info, wow! I’m going to try and process. Because I don’t really know who many of the people are, the names don’t affect me as much as the actions do. I’m going to try to help investigate. Any names in particular I should start with, Neon??
    Love your work, btw.

  5. Dude thank you so much and all the anons. I worked in LE and worked at a FBI field office as part of a multi agency task force in a metro area that is a hub of human trafficking, those “massage” parlors are half full of underage girls from Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe, most came right across the Mexican border along with many of the guns used in crime. People have to wake up to how bad this is!

  6. Thanks for all you do Neon.
    This scripture comes to mind in all this, especially the last verse: “Worse yet, they encourage others to do them, too.”

    Romans 1:18-32 New Living Translation (NLT)

    God’s Anger at Sin
    18 But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who suppress the truth by their wickedness.[a] 19 They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them. 20 For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.

    21 Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn’t worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused. 22 Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools. 23 And instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living God, they worshiped idols made to look like mere people and birds and animals and reptiles.

    24 So God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other’s bodies. 25 They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen. 26 That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other. 27 And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved.

    28 Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done. 29 Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip. 30 They are backstabbers, haters of God, insolent, proud, and boastful. They invent new ways of sinning, and they disobey their parents. 31 They refuse to understand, break their promises, are heartless, and have no mercy. 32 They know God’s justice requires that those who do these things deserve to die, yet they do them anyway. Worse yet, they encourage others to do them, too.

    • Surrounded?

      “They’re got us surrounded on all sides. The bastards won’t get away this time!”

      Gen. Lewis B. Puller, USMC

    • I’m pretty sure that it’s Cindy Crawford. Her nickname is Gia as well & she was in a previous Neon article re: traitor George Clooney & the gun running.
      Also, there were some questionable pictures of her daughter shown in that article. She & her husband, Randy Gerber are deep in it.

  7. Abramovic is born in Serbia, but she has Jewish origin – easily recognizable there by the last name. I would not say she is a Soviet asset but rather Bolshevik one, Based on some pictures online, she is so raedy for the mental institution

  8. I’m feeling like I’m reading the last days of someone’s life. I hope that they’ll be able to take down the SOBs before, but I don’t think they will.

    Personally I’m ready for the SHTF on all this. Let LA burn. I’d be willing to go be a part of the burning. This whole thing just makes me sick.

  9. WOW ,,AMAZING..JUST BOOM..LOVE YOUR SITE KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.could you get renegade to comment on may fave>>>> ( Elvis /jimmy Stewart) real story on brad and jolie????,,bourdain/robin williams..health./river p. death, i feel they where offed???

    i dont know how to use the chan,s so im a lurker. BIG Q fan, i tell anybody who wants the truth and your site !!!!..im in my 50,s and known for along time that hlywood has been evil , been seeing the changes for many years now t,v/movies.music sucks now too!! etc..it has a hidden agenda that wasn,t there before.the innocence godliness fun loving air is gone..to much blood darkness scary shitte,,……cdan say they use their own kids too!! sad
    and they adopt so many kids and u never c them again???
    i havent been to the theater in 10 yrs or more,dont rent either..just look at the box office,
    all bombing its cool that we can change the ppl view point by sending out the truth
    & redpilling them i love it..

    the elites underestimate us… cant wait for Q/TRUMP TO UNLEASH MORE TRUTHS

    • As to R.Williams aka Mork; look into how he died accidentally of “(auto) erotic asphyxiation” (see wikipedia article). Several celebs died this way over the decades, some listed @ that wiki article. See RW’s 2009 sleeper movie “Worlds Greatest Dad”. Ironically, real life RW died the same way his “son” died in that movie. Whitewashed as “suicide” for public, for obvious embarrassment/dignity reason.
      Think Bourdain may have died the same way. Only a couple weeks b4 his Paris death; he even tweeted a troll tweet to someone, joking about their being found dead in a public restroom, from autoerotic asphyxiation! So Bourdain plainly knew of the practice!

  10. My first attempt at a comment was vaporized.

    What you are doing here in interfacing between the chans and the public is invaluable. Breaking the illusion is the first stage in cleansing this filth from our society. Work like yours is how the public will be ready to face the awful truth and do what is necessary.

    It was obvious #metoo and Weinstein were an attempt to distract from the truth with something less outrageous, but is is interesting to get the details. For what is’s worth Renegade rings true, but the important thing is that he is dropping info that will be verifiable.

  11. My issue with this Hollywood insider is his wording when he talks about Americans rioting after games, he called it sport, not really a term used too much here. More European sounding. We call them sports but not sport like some Englishman. IDK what to think. Time will tell.

  12. Why saying “I can’t drop clues since I still receive money from said films. I don’t want to ruin my passive income” and then shortly after that dropping clues and saying that he invests in crypto, gold and whatnot? That was a bit weird to me to be honest but otherwise great article and very interesting information!

    • Why is that weird?

      -has an passive income
      -this passive income kept him in line
      -looked in the mirror
      -realizes that he doesn’t need/ want that passive income
      -has enough of the evil
      -starts helping to destroy Hollywood

      • Yes, but it was from his first post at the 19th of July. And just a few moments later he changes his mind, that’s what I meant.

  13. my thought on Gia was Mila Kunis I think she played young Gia in movie and she was in one of those 90’s sitcom, That 70’s show? and in family guy. And she is married to Ashton Kutcher. Great work Neon. Lots of info to digest. Thinking Demond Wilson played Lamont on Sanford & Son! Which starred Redd Foxx! Off to work but I want to help dig so will re-read after work and see what to do! Thank you Again Neon, I don’t think you know how much You mean to The History we are unfolding.

  14. The Gia part is a little confusing. He calls her Gia, but then says he is not referring to Gia Carangi who died from AIDS. Our next two suspects are Angelina who played Gia in the movie about Gia’s life, and Cindy Crawford. Cindy was nicknamed “baby Gia” due to being similar to her (a brunette in an industry filled with blonde skeletons). My only caveat to this is that perhaps anyone in the modeling world could be given this nickname, just like gymnastics is now filled with Baby Nadia’s.

  15. Amazing, ambitious article Neon. I sure wish I didn’t have to know about this stuff, but that’s how it has prospered all these years. For those with a Christian bent, just yesterday this word was delivered by prophet Johnny Enlow. (pasting it in) Something big is about to happen in the natural and in the supernatural. Delete if this is not appropriate here:

    Johnny Enlow
    Yesterday at 12:35 AM ·
    The Lord touched me deeply today and He told me to begin to write in the first person from Him. This is what He said:

    “My Roar of Justice is now coming with its next wave. What was able to resist my last wave will not be able to resist this wave. I am coming in stronger, harder and higher- and it is going to be disruptive. There is no mountain I won’t climb nor wall I won’t tear down coming to rescue those who need My Justice. I wait, and wait, and wait- because I look to arise WITH My People. However, there comes a time that I can hold back no longer and that time has come now. I am coming in like a crimson tide tsunami and I will be greater than every human or demonic resistance. You will see how I laugh at those who conspire against Me. Exposures, exposures, exposures. I am going to expose the very root systems of deep darkness. I am pulling the cloak off the sex trade industry’s “untouchables”. I will shine my unrelenting spotlight on every pedophile ring on the planet. Yes, EVERY pedophile ring. The deeper darkness has been facilitating the lesser darkness and I am about to expose the deeper darkness.

    I am coming in waves, because what I am ultimately uprooting, if done all at once, would not just be disruptive but catastrophic. However, be assured that My waves of Justice will not stop until I have changed the direction of your nation and the direction of the world. This is now MY TIME and I will not be held back. I have predetermined that this is the time I go after nations with their appointed destinies. You will do so with Me. We are just beginning. As I begin, I am busting up rings of darkness in your justice systems, I am busting up rings of darkness in Hollywood, I am busting up rings of darkness in DC, I am busting up rings of darkness in what is called MY Church, I am busting up rings of darkness in Media.

    Justice, Justice, Justice- that is My present cry. My Justice comes in so “the least of these” can experience mercy and love. I have seen the cries of My little ones and their sobs were drowned out by My sobs which now have seeded a Roar of Justice from within Me. You have known that the bowl of your tears overflows and I respond- but there is also the bowl of My tears that overflows and it demands a response. That time is now, and the response is a Roar that precipitates a wave of Justice. Hold on tight to Me in the midst of it all because the exposures will seem to threaten everything. Hold on to Me and feel My safety and My security. Hold on to your political party, your denomination, your favorite public figures, or your pet assumptions and you may shake, rattle and roll. Instead let your worship and praise to Me rise another level and it will secure your heart. Let your confidence be in Me. I am in fact coming to your rescue and you will better know that in the coming days.

    The nations are raging and the wicked are plotting against Me, against those that are Mine, and My scroll for the nations- but I laugh at them because I am 10 steps ahead of them. Hamans will hang on their own nooses. Goliaths will be beheaded with their own swords, Jezebels will be tossed from their own porches. I am sowing discord into the organized resistance against me and they will now fracture, fight and expose one another. I have placed key people in positions of power- beginning in the White House- who will act as agents of My Justice, for I do have hearts of justice among you that I am partnering with. I am exposing the injustice that is in your justice systems and through that enabling you to upgrade your justice systems which have been greatly compromised. You will progressively feel your atmosphere change as I do this thing and it will greatly secure your heart. Know that this is not the enemy’s day, nor the day I am coming FOR you- but it is the day I am coming TO you. We have much to do together and accelerated days of destiny are straight ahead for everyone. Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice.”

    • Lynda, while on a national prayer call two weeks ago, i saw in the spirit a VERY similar vision and described it to the others praying on the line. Jesus was emitting a guttural roar was embarking on this mission with intensity and was about to bring a wave of justice and deal with all of this with a depth I found hard to put into words. It appears that was just prior to this word you shared! Thank you for sharing this. It is confirmation.

  16. Sumner Redgrave who I had know idea who he was but look up in google images and the guy is damn creepy.. The old pervs never seem to die, he must be 90. Same with Geffen is he the guy from Studio 54 back in the 70’s ? They are really hard on the eyes

  17. Hey Neon,
    First off, thanks for all of the work that you do.
    I took the time to read this entire post, and while it offers a compelling range of possibilities, it left me considering the probability that it is a dis-traction, a literal “pulling apart” of what we are really supposed to be looking at.
    Why Americans are so easily led with prurient and salacious details, however vile, has been an on-going mystery to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing this “Renegade” guy, or his message, but I do have a problem with the timing ( no Q since 04JUL2018), and the volume of the posts.
    What are we REALLY supposed to be paying attention to ?
    Hollywood simply fulfilling its usual role of distractor, while we should all be watching MSM, and D.C. ?

  18. I read this and found I has to go for a walk. I’ve read about similar in politics, I follow Q and use Neon and a couple of others to get a deciphered version. It must be sinking in for me, as it’s getting to me, the sheer breadth of the problem, the immense ruining of lives, the pain the children go through. I do not think we are inherently corrupt, well, not most of us. But we are corruptible. I find I’m a mixture of sad and angry. I think the poeople who perpetrated all this should publically go down. Also those who were happy to follow and join in the depravity. If Hollywood or the political establishment suffer, so be it. But, a lesson must be learned by everyone, never, never again… We need to look st how to reorganise ourselves such that corruption can be exposed far easier than it has been. Religion and Politics especially, but any power base that attracts these type of people. Winning the peace will be as important as winning the war.

  19. Monkey Business


    The Freaks come out at nine and it’s twenty to ten . . .

    • I think the anons are mistaken. I believe this is to the cabal minion horde… In other words, ‘stand down’ and don’t give yourself a high profile because things are dangerous right now. Don’t attack Trump, etc…

      Just a guess – but no way SS thinks her post would actually be heeded by anyone there.

      • SS is a moron. This is the same brain who was calling for a military coup to be lead by Hollywood a few months ago. This is not a smart (or funny, or talented) person.

  20. Didn’t Q relay that the 4 chans were controlled by clowns. Why would clowns permit this? In the hopes that we’ll bite? There are people that are thinking JFK jr is alive and been hiding for what 20 years? I am thinking disinformation trap.

    • I’m in the business and have never heard that term. “Green room” is where celebs hang out prior to TV appearances etc… Another reason to be cautious about this source, although it might very well have some meaning I’m not aware of.

  21. “Late July/Early August Events” by Sierra (NZ) – 7.22.18

    Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 3:44 AM EDT on July 22, 2018

    What an extraordinary time it will be in the next two weeks. We will have the longest lunar eclipse on 27th July…the Full Moon on 28th July…Uranus goes Direct on 7th August…the powerful Lions Gate is on 8th August…and all the planets are lined up on one side of the sun until mid-August. Any one of these events is profound – FIVE is amazing.

    Lunar eclipses are always life-changing on a personal and global level – and their effect can be felt for months afterwards.

    The 27th July eclipse lasts for nearly four hours. Its timing is no accident when you consider what is taking place globally…
    ​Aquarius. Uranus goes stationary (or Direct) on 7th of August. When a big planet like Uranus goes Direct, BIG things happen. The effect can be felt a week either side of the planet going Direct.

    Uranus has just entered Taurus – this is what Lynn Hayes says…https://eraoflight.com/2018/07/22/centurys-longest-lunar-eclipse-july-27/#more-73380

    Uranus is a big powerful outer planet: when it comes out to play, everyone notices. Uranus is associated with unexpected events, electricity, systems-busting, new technology and the future. It is the planet of

    ‘Taurus is associated with material security and wealth…With Uranus in Taurus, we could see something radical occur that would change the pattern of increasing disparity of wealth in the world…We are also likely to see radical changes in the way money is handled….and perhaps the breakdown of our currency systems.’ Hmmm…


    Finally, there is the Lions Gate on 8th August, the effect of which can be felt for a week on either side. The Lions Gate is a deeply spiritual event celebrated every year around the world. Crystal Wind describes it in the link…’On 8th August every year there is a huge influx of energy through this portal, the infinity portal or Lions Gate.’


    The number 8 in numerology represents abundance, prosperity, inner wisdom and karma. Therefore the month of August is auspicious timing for creating permanent abundance on planet Earth.

    All in all, this time period around the first week in August is the PERFECT TIME FOR THE GCR.

    Where We Go One We Go All.

    Love and Light
    Sierra (NZ)


    “Pivot Point in The Pivotal Year: Review of the Cancer 2018 Cycle To Date”


  22. This info sure makes the things David Chappelle said much more clear. I never quite understood what he was trying to say after he just walked away from the fame and fortune at the peak of his career. I think he moved to Africa for a while then came back and bought a ranch. Heck “Renegade” could almost be Dave except for the timeline. Now I’m going to have to go back and watch some of Chappelle’s interviews on YT with a different eye.

    • Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle are good friends. Either could wear green socks and not draw attention. Shrek much?

      • Read the bottom of the article:


        Note how they shut his Tweeter. He does not use email or own a computer. I think that they might have set him up with a Tranny. The tranny dies a mysterious death…

        Notice the People cover.

        It took me less than 30 minutes to figure this out. He is a dead man if he does not listen to the Anons that are trying to help him…

      • He says he was an A+ (list) star in the 80’s. If he is indeed black – there are only 2 that fit that. Murphy and Pryor. Chappelle doesn’t fit that bill. Cosby, Bill Dee and Carl Weathers were never A list movie stars, although Cosby certainly was an A list celeb. I can’t imagine any scenario (especially the tennis or age references) that fits BC.

        Also, few realize Eddie had a very short lived music career but it’s one of his greatest loves. It makes sense he would still attend the Grammy’s.

        there are a number of things he said that DON’T make sense, so I take all these with a grain of salt until there is overwhelming evidence. The style of writing (especially the unbalanced “jews” continually screed) makes it sound like Mel Gibson’s rumored anti-Jewish persona. Perhaps he isn’t really black. Perhaps he wasn’t really an “A” star (except in his mind).

        The jewish diatribe bothers me and I see at en masse on the 4/8chan boards and libertarian leaning sites. It is NOT Israelite but Mossad controlled jews (much like those controlled here through our CIA) that is the cabal link. It no doubt is severe, but it is idiotic (imho) for people to not make this distinction. Because the real satanists ARE anti-semetic (even the Jewish ones), it makes me wonder if it’s a larp to stir up anti-Jewish sentiment.

        For me the jury is out on this particular “anon” although the extent of control is very real.

        • Agreed with your viewpoint of the Jewish anti-Semitism that is blatant on these sites. NOT all Jews are Communists. If you research their backgrounds, and find out that they, or their families, came from places like the Soviet Union, when it was the USSR, not Russia as it is today, a single nation, since the USSR was broken up in the ’80s, and the Jewish pogroms that Josef Stalin, and his successors, Nikita Khrushchev and Mikhail Gorbachov, imposed upon the Jews, which caused many of them to emigrate out of the USSR, and brought their Communist ideologies with them, then you would understand why these Jews that are in Hollywood and in control, have always been accused of Communism, as why Joe McCarthy tried to expose, in the ’50s. Turns out, McCarthy was 100% correct in his assessment of Hollywood, but he was totally discredited at the time. So, NOT all Jews are Communists, but are innocent. People need to get educated as to true history, in order to put that aside, and realize this.

          As to your first observation… Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. Pryor is deceased (12/10/2005), so that eliminates him. He died from multiple sclerosis, having suffered for many years. Process of elimination is then, Eddie Murphy. But here’s the rub… Eddie Murphy (57) isn’t old enough, and doesn’t have grandchildren, so that eliminates him, as well. Renegade says he’s 71. Back to the drawing board.

          • I’m not certain that Eric and Christian don’t have children, although I agree – the dates (among other things) don’t fit perfectly. I’m leaning disinfo (too embarass the Q community) but not sold either way.

        • Perhaps Dick Gregory? During this interview, he claims Prince was murdered. Something about Warren Buffet flying Prince home to Minneapolis from Atlanta on his private jet, when Prince began feeling unwell and cut his tour short. DG sounds very awake in this segment.

        • I think it might possibly any of the following: Billy Dee Williams Lou Gossett Jr Clarence Williams III Richard Roundtree Philip Michael Thomas James Earl Jones Fred Williamson Ernie Hudson Blair Underwood Danny Glover
          Not Sure what A+ list actor means anymore! But these guys were all working regularly in the 1980s…….

    • Eddie’s brother who dies of leukemia at 57. was one the big actors on the Dave Chappelle show. One of the big skits that they did was to reenact the time when Prince and Eddy played basketball and he then cooked pancakes. Wait – they were good friends with Prince?!? Trivia – One of the items that Prince had in his suit case was a Steve Quayle book on the night he died…


    • I was thinking -picturing Chappell the whole time reading this. Close to Foxx, made abpro trump statement- walked it back — but the sentiment and strong emotions in the latter post about crying … this is more like Demond Wilson, but can’t see him as a movie guy collecting residuals at the awards either….

  23. Could you guys please go after Taika Waititi next before he makes more horrible movies? There must be dirt, he’s too creepy for there not to be.

  24. thank you, brother Neon…once again, you have collected, organized and synthesized a TON of information so the rest of us can simply read & try to absorb (mostly with disgust of the subject matter…) what you have offered to us. you rock, dear brother. stay safe!!

  25. Guys, be careful here. This all looks too good to be true. Renegade has offered nothing that can be verified either way. I dare say that anyone who follows CDAN could pull off this larp.
    Funny how 4chan scores a hit with their work regarding Gunn, Hollywood shits itself and then this guy pops up. It’s nothing but a distract and discredit operation.

  26. My guess is the actor KEITH DAVID… he’s black, 62 years old, worked in Hollywood since the 70’s, been in some big hits and worked with a plethora of directors… movies, TV, stage… graduated from Juilliard… won a Grammy for voice over work so that would explain him being at the Grammys (winners have lifetime tickets)…

  27. My guess is the actor KEITH DAVID. He has been in Hollywood since the 70’s… black, 62 years old… been in some big hits and worked with a plethora of directors… movies, TV, stage… graduated from Juilliard… he won a Grammy for voice over work so that would explain why he will be at the Grammys (winners have lifetime tickets)…

  28. Quincy Delight Jones Jr., also known as “Q”, is an American musician and record producer. His career spans six decades in the entertainment industry, a record 79 Grammy Award nominations, and 27 Grammys, including a Grammy Legend Award in 1991.

    Sounds about right.

  29. The personality type Jews call kike comes in all religions and races. In every relationship, figure out whether the other side is a kike or not. Great time saver.
    Out President is not a kike. He made sure we got a tax cut.

    • Keep in mind…if legit, he gave a few clues, which, if he were not intending for anyone to try to follow them, he would NOT have left them.

      The REVEAL is at the Grammy’s…for the official outing. Otherwise, he provides us clues, for good reason.
      Q does the same. Not saying it is Q…just saying they leave a trail of crumbs to follow.

      1. Grew up in the 60’s…
      2. A+ list in 80’s
      3. Last work was in the 90’s and been away from it since
      4. Plays tennis (so he must be in some shape to do this, unless it was ‘table tennis’) 🙂
      5. Friends with Redd Foxx and dropped several other names
      6. Uses foul language and certain ‘descriptive’ words…than can rule out other suspects (Desmond Wilson is a strong contender, but he is now an Evangelist…the language does not fit)
      7. Look at IMDB and other ‘Hollywood” related work when dropping names…most of the suspects listed here, with the exception of a few, are ALL currently working on films and have had very little interruption time between work. This rules out quite a few more.
      8. Consider what Renegade may ‘qualify’ as “work”….minor voice overs and side jobs may not be considered “In Hollywood”…when looking at the recent work by some of the ‘suspects’, consider this as some suspects may be back in play.
      9. Consider the ages…growing up years would be 7-10 years old on through the teens-twenties. If Renegade did grow up in the 60’s, this will help to be a marker for that.

      • I was just thinking Arsenio Hall was A+ list in the 80’s. Wonder if he and Redd Fox were friends. They were both comedians, so maybe.

  30. FWIW, while Mel G and his dad are clean living, good people and even badass in many ways (for just withstanding and resisting the Cabal), that bit about arming natives in South America doesn’t sound accurate. Not a bit. Wtf lol

  31. Brilliant as always. I doxed myself on GLP so I don’t really care anymore. My specialty lies more along the lines of MKULTRA and what happened to my family. But your OTO stuff is interesting. I’m an ex 3rd degree OTO member (I got out before it got to weird). Thank you and God Bless you for your work. Keep it up! This in an amazingly crafted piece of research. I salute you.

  32. Wonderful article as always, “but give it six months to a year for things to play out with Trump and Q.” – NO. This is called appeasement (remember the Allies V Hitler?) and the battle is too hot. Renegade is correct; let it burn. NOW.

  33. We must out every one of these sick sons-a-bitches – BTW: I do NOT believe in the “God” of the bible (old testament), a book written by the same sick bastards who run Hollywood. They use “Money”, and “Politics”, and “Entertainment” to enslave you. You didn’t think they would forget “religion” now did you? I DO believe in a Divine Creator, who gives to each and every man, woman, and child their Natural Rights upon conception. The rest of what I believe I will keep to myself… Did want to mention that though..

    • It was NOT written by those those Jews. The Jews of hollywood are NOT jews they are of the synagogue of satan. They are those Yeshua was referring to in Revelations as those who call themselves Jews but are not they are NOT tribe of Judah

  34. Demond Wilson was a HUGE drug addict & messed with all the sketchy ladies.
    Somewhere online, I want to say it was a Smoking Gun piece, is a long story about Wilson and the drug use. It was a long time ago when I read about it, people should try to find it as it might have some info relevant now. Another interesting story that was on the old Gawker back in the day was about an ugly skank who seduced Tarantino at a party with a bunch of big shots and it GRAPHICALLY described the weird Weinstein-esque sex acts they in which they partook. Something interesting might be there.
    Steven Spielberg supposedly molested the young girl from original Jurassic Park. She refuses to attend any of the reunions.

    This guy could be a number of ppl, maybe
    Billy Dee Williams, Louis Gossett, Jr, Mario Van Pebbles, Robert Townsend, or he said he’d be at the Grammys, maybe he was more famous for music? I think one post said no, but I think of ppl like MC Hammer, Chuck D, Sir Mix a Lot…
    Wonder if he was a movie or tv guy?

    First time poster here, but I’ve been following pedophilia in Hwood for decades. I have stacks of spiral notebooks somewhere with notes scribbled in them. Will try & dig them out and see if any old stuff there adds to what we just learned.
    A lot of what the person posted rings VERY true for me & what I’ve learned over the many yrs.
    The Gary Goddard-Brian Singer-David Geffen-Michael Huffington-Marty Weiss-Marc Collins-Rector-Brock Pierce-Chad Shackle, etc., rings that run through Hollywood get broken up, maybe some jail time for the lower rung players, and boom! They’re out again & back to their old tricks. They have extremely powerful ppl protecting them.
    Anyway, great post, I’ve made copies of it all for future reference.
    Keep up the good work.

  35. Delroy Lindo? He’s British born, which could account for the “sport” comment.
    Also wondering about Lou Gossett, Jr. But he’s been working consistently over the years.
    I love your work, neon. God bless you.

  36. Amazing! O’m speechless! I hope “Renegade” comes back with some knowledge abour HRC, HA, JP…seems like a great guy who’s just as sick of the bullshit as we all are! TY Neon Revolt!

  37. I can vouch for Geffen. I lived in Hollywood for a few years and was friends with screenwrters and agents. One by the name of Tad Hamilton, (managed Eliza Cuthbert) told me that Geffen would fly in young boys from Europe, drug them up, rape them and send em back .

    Free man in Paris by Joni Mitchell is about Geffen as well

    I was also up in the Hollywood hills last weekend at an old friends house (screenwriter) and noticed a Kabbalah string around his wrist, and seething hatred of Trump. It’s worth noting this friend is VERY into daddy/son roleplay

  38. Neon, I agree with you 100% that it needs to be completely purged. Any tiny bit of this putrefaction left will grow and spread once again. I don’t care if people “need” Hollywood as a way of escape. We can all read or get active. This hypnotic power that the entertainment industry has over us needs to be broken. The constant implanting of immorality has turned is into mindless zombies gobbling up the latest lies and trying to imitate these degenerate “celebrities” . Nothing good will come from trying to save Hollywood. We need to save our society. We need to save the children and adults who are being trafficked, tortured and sacrificed. God bless Renegade and God bless you and all the Anons.

  39. Great Post! These are the days. The Storm is heating up. My Guess for Renegade is Mr.T. Huge in the 80s and than disappeared. Just a hunch. The more one learns about this world, the more one understands the meaning of “to be in the world, but not of the world” .

  40. One other thought to those who want to “purge” Hollywood. Q made it clear that there are many who are victims – compromised at one point and then blackmailed – who remain part of the evil side. We know for certain that there are some who have been mind controlled from infancy (read Mariah Caray’s story for instance) who literally have had had their brains rewired from exerting any independent will in certain areas. (The book Broken Children Grown Up Pain explains how children who are traumatized before puberty literally lose the ability to reason in certain areas.) This has been very heavy on my heart since being ‘woke.’ After the demonic structures are destroyed – these people – many forced to witness, or do despicable acts – will likely feel suicidal without hope, but really were just manipulated from the beginning. I’m very new to Neo Revolt but it seems this author understands salvation well, and there is NO ONE who is lost that can’t be redeemed.

    Just like Seth Rich (a Democrat!) turned out to be someone unwilling to let corruption stand, not every person in Hollywood is corrupt or anti-Christian. There are a very very large number of Christians operating even in some executive positions (not CEO/CIO/COO – but directly underneath that) who DO have some power and input. The former head of Sony’s Production (friend of mine) now tries to make independent Christian films but without the distribution power hasn’t had much success. Another former studio head – faithful Christian – was kicked out for not refusing to go along with the studio’s darker direction about 15 years ago and now just serves as an Executive Producer doing individual projects. Frank Yablans – former Paramount head who died – spent a great deal of his last years helping Christians on purely Christian, family friendly and/or virtuous films. The idea that the entire Hollywood system is corrupt from top to bottom – and that it always has been – is BS.

    Just as it is taking years to regain control of the power structures in Washington the same will be true with Hollywood – although there are many talented creative and business people who merely serve as operational cogs in the machine – who can easily step into leadership roles. There are many former heads who were NOT corrupt but had very short tenures running studios. Some of these folks are still around.

    Don’t forget movies like I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN and even some not as well films still DO get made. Fox Faith division has some really really good people. Some areas of Sony also.

    It makes me think however that places like Netflix – almost totally corrupt on their creative side it would seem – may not survive once the purge starts since there will be literally no one left. (With the power Netflix has it would be nearly impossible for it to just be killed off).

    The great news is like DC, God is working to prepare for the Joseph’s and Daniel’s (biblical character analogies) to be ready to make use of the enormous platforms for good. The great news is that as this centralized control is liberated – there will be (eventually) decades of great films that were never greenlit ready to be developed and made.

    I urge all believing Christians to pray expectantly (and fearlessly) for these transitions and the victims, and future leaders as well.

  41. This has all brought to mind a Harrison Ford interview I recall reading in the newspaper years ago, I think coinciding with the release of The Fugitive. They commented on how down-to-earth he seems in contrast to the typical Hollywood excess and debauchery, and his response began with something like “Well, first of all, I don’t think that Hollywood even really exists”, as if it were just all overblown tabloid exaggeration and snowballed hearsay, etc. But now I’m thinking, with all the blockbuster films he’s done and with all the A-list directors he’s worked with, how on earth had he not been exposed to any of the horrid freaky stuff to where he can claim to be doubtful that any of it is for real?! Yikes. That is one big can of worms.

  42. I can’t say for sure of course, but the cadence, the choice of words (and where he uses them), and what we know of his awareness from soundbites …. right now my pick is Denzel Washington.

  43. When I first saw Book of Eli….I knew there was something more to him. Look at the message, the theme

  44. So, what do you guys think of him saying hes lurked for years but never posted, then came back and said he used to shitpost /b/ ?

    Also, with rap being targeted does this shed light on new implications concerning XXXTentacion? Or Just conincidence?

  45. Dedicated to Sarah Silverman

    Sing these lyrics with this music
    (Someone send this to Mr. Bond)

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  46. One comment. Years ago I met some Navy F-14 pilots who had flown some of the scenes in Top Gun. I asked them if they had met Tom Cruise. They said they were on the set and commented about how “the little f@g always had his ass in the air for the movie director”. It all makes sense.

  47. No one mentioned Arsenio Hall? He had his own talk show and was Eddie Murphy’s co-star for many feature films. That would make him A list at that time.

  48. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday chuckled along as a group of high school students he spoke to chanted “lock her up.”

    The chant, a reference among President Trump’s supporters to Hillary Clinton, began after Sessions lamented the spread of “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” on college campuses around the country during remarks at Turning Point USA’s High School Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C., where hundreds of high school students were in attendance.

    link with video

  49. I don’t know if was mentioned yet but I was thinking Mr T he was pretty big in the 80s. Movies, TV, wrestling, sat morning cartoons I think he even had his own breakfast cereal. lol. He mentioned that he was talking different than he usually does (pity the fool) and he also mentioned going to a gym.

  50. What could Silverman hope to accomplish? Insults us, threatens us, and we’re supposed to just “stand the fuck down.” What a loathsome loser. I keep thinking of how she said, when she was with Kimmel, that she could “sniff a room full of men’s balls and know which one was him.” Like that is a good thing, Who even THINKS like that? Oh, that’s right, “comedians.”

  51. Sarah Silverman pic on 4Chan
    /quote “You see this image? – As far as anyone can tell, this image is genuine.”

    Did you bother to check the date on the phone against the actual 4Chan post? – so what date “was” Sunday???

  52. I really think it’s Eddie Murphy. Saw an interview with him about a year ago and the interviewer actually called him out on the low quality of his movies over the last few years. He smirked and said that he was planning his retirement. He was setting himself up to get out of Hollywood. That all he was doing at this point was bringing in enough bank to stop and he no longer cared about the art.

    He was so jaded. So freaking done with it all. He said that he just wanted to spend the rest of his life focusing on his family.

  53. WOW….As Yeshua said,” There shall be NOTHING hidden that will not be exposed” ALL things are being brought into the light as the separation of the sheep and goats continues…

  54. #RENEGADE has commented, over and over, that JEWS are the bad guys in Hollywood. Likewise, JEWS have been and continue to be blamed for many things NOT in accordance to Judaism. I am not a Jew, but a lowly WASP, you might say. I gladly proclaim, I am a Christian and a follower of no man or denomination. I have no ax to grind wholesale with Jews. These so-called JEWS in Hollywood who have so severely damaged the careers and lives of so many are not JEWS at all, THEY ARE SATANISTS masquerading as JEWS. Paul wrote in Romans 9:6-8, “6 But it is not as though the Word of God has failed. For they are not all Israel (JEWS) who are descended from Israel; 7 nor are they all children because they are Abraham’s descendants,…. 8 That is, it is not the children of the flesh who are children of God, but the children of the Promise are regarded as descendants.” JESUS, in John 8:44, said to the self-righteous, religious Jews of His day, “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the Truth because there is no Truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Let’s get our facts straight and our cross-hairs on the correct targets, the SATANISTS, lest we miss the real culprits and their leader/father, SATAN. Whether you want to call them LUCIFERIANS or SATANISTS, they are the enemy. They masquerade as JEWS, CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS, PRIESTS, PASTORS, DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS, ACTORS, MUSICIANS, TEACHERS, JOURNALISTS, PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS and those we least expect. Q said in Post #587 (Jan. 22, 2018), “THOSE YOU TRUST ARE THE MOST GUILTY OF SIN.” The whole idea behind the Great Awakening was to avoid the collateral damage of a bloody military coup in this PATRIOTIC revolution to reclaim AMERICA for WE THE PEOPLE. Remember, this is GOOD versus EVIL!!

  55. SO SARAH….got a question for you…if you saw an infant about to get cut in half by a saw blade, and next to that, a check made out to YOU for ONE HUNDRED MILLION.. what would you grab First… save the infant, or grab the check and let the baby DIE???????? Yeah….. thought so……..
    LOVE your site Neon… More will be revealed…and STAYING in prayer about this brother.
    WWG1WGA…in the Name of Yeshua..Jesus of Nazareth.

  56. 2nd attempt at commenting:
    Guys, be careful here. This all looks too good to be true. Renegade has offered nothing that can be verified either way. I dare say that anyone who follows CDAN could pull off this larp.
    Funny how 4chan scores a hit with their work regarding Gunn, Hollywood shits itself and then this guy pops up. It’s nothing but a distract and discredit operation.

    If Renegade is legit, the personal information he has given might be bogus, to put enemies off the scent.

  57. Hey Neon. Would like to hear what your opinion on Michael Jackson is. Whoever Renegade is, he seems to think MJ was innocent. My view is, he was a very disturbed pedo. I won’t list all the evidence for this, but there is a lot, including MJ talking on video of sleeping with little kids in his bed. Renegade may be legit, but as with all anonymous sources, people should be very cautious. Ask questions and never just take anything at face value.

    • If I may toss in my opinion, I believe Jackson was a pervert and kids were not safe with him. . .BUT, he was initially a victim. These kinds of warped inclinations don’t emerge from a vacuum. His predator tendencies were largely the product of his own disturbing experiences as prey – these things usually repeat. It doesn’t absolve him of his offenses, but I’m convinced we have to factor in all such circumstances if we’re going to learn to break the cycles and eradicate these types of behaviors.

  58. FYI – Some cucks are calling you and SR2 out on the boards, bro. Multiple posts on 8ch/qres:

    “R isnt JKF jr ketzal 07/24/18 (Tue) 11:56:53 dcb9df (2) No.2262784

    Serialbrain2 and neonrevolt!

    Profitting from their blogs….. Q says BE careful with these guys!!”

    No bites on troll bait, tho. Keep up the great work!

  59. Renegades identity
    Philip Michael Thomas from miami vice. In the 80s that was the hit show. Loves music made 2 albums but not in the business of music. Why wouldnt he be at the grammys. Has like 12 kids so could be a grandfather. Was born in 1950 so age is right there. Black man. Dont know if he was connected to redd fox though someone could dig. Im limited to my phone right now. On twitter but first time on here. Joined gab. Also. First time. Q follower. Want to see these pedo freaks go down !!!

  60. New here but wanted to post. Renegades possible id. Philip michael thomas from miami vice. 80S hit show. Black male born 1950 so 68. Said to be in great physical shape for age. May not have named his exact age for a reason. He is said to love music and made 2 albums so why wouldnt he attend grammys. Has 12 kids so def could be a grandfather. Not active in hollywood since 90s.. Access from phone only for now so cant look up much research. Maybe others could find redd foxx link.

  61. Look for the NXIVM connection to blow up — IF hollywood can’t pay the FBI to leave it alone. The Bronfman Sister have been running that show for years. I was practically kidnapped off the streets near NYU by Allison Mack and her friends. They wanted me to travel upstate with them that day…. What a sorded freakshow that was. I hope Keith Raniere AND ESPECIALLY the Bronfmans rot in prison and then in hell. These people are scary. And, yes they have killed women. Keith had even bragged about it.

  62. I know who he is. I won’t give his name here though only hints to follow. He wasn’t an “A” list actor but an “A” list celebrity. He had mostly supporting roles with A” list actors in various films during the late 80’s and early 90’s. He is white and in his early 70’s. He is a father and a grandfather now. He has recorded music and sung in films, hence his attending the 2019 Grammy’s. He is considered a rebel or a renegade in the Hollywood community. Finally the last piece of this hint is a paraphrased quote of his. The definition of TEAM ~Together Everyone Achieves More. Which sounds like “Where We Go One We Go All”. And yes he is a Trump supporter. BTW his new wife has gotten him into playing tennis. Any guesses?

  63. Mr T is my guess. He’s done some shady things in his past. He was nearly a hired asssassin for example. It’s out there from his own mouth. A list in the 80s. Doesn’t do hollywood films anymore. Doesn’t appear to have done TV since 2014, so could be retired now like he says. Born again Christian. Has children were born in the 1970s, so likely to be a grandad. Unique dress sense hence why he might wear bright green socks. Appears to be confident about himself physically – used to be a body guard and wrestler, so if they come after him – well, I pity the fool. Sorry couldn’t resist that last line. I can’t find anything that links him to Red Fox though.

  64. I’ve long believed peaches geldorf was killed for, “doxxing,” the mother’s setting up their infants to get raped by Ian Watkins.

  65. Eddie Murphy makes the most sense by far of any other option. No one can be 100% person is genuine but sure comes across that way to me. He was def. friends with Red Foxx and knew Sidney Poitier. Funny enough, his old home from Sacramento just went on the market and…it has a tennis court. Small, small thing but still think he’s the only real option if none of the hints were intended to throw us of true identity.


      • I’m still very skeptical this is Murphy but just a note. There are various forms of being “Blacklisted.” It doesn’t mean you can’t get movies made. It can also be ONLY being stopped from being featured with STUDIO movies with the entire publicity and funding of A list movies. His last film, Mr. Church – couldn’t even attract a major studio distributor which is odd – since Eddie’s Q rating (an internal industry rating that measures popularity and interest among the public) is still very very high.

        Eddie intentionally focused on making more family friendly movies (Dr. Doolittle, Shrek, etc) as his children were growing up, but was also turned down for many many premier features he wanted to do. Except for Shrek voice overs he hasn’t had a feature role since Norbit which did exceptionally well at $95 Million just in the USA.

        That’s odd. What stars that can open a $100 Million movie have ZERO studio roles in over 10 years? It leaves the door open for me on the possibility but I’m leaning that this is a fake anon – possible LARP – loosely modeling himself on Murphy, although I’m still not sure.

        The underlying issue remains with the Gunn, Cordan, Seth Green and now Rick & Morty director revelations. The pedo network is crumbling. Soon we won’t need anyone to be anonymous as, I suspect, the indictments will be public.

  66. Martin Lawrence as renegade? I’ve read unsavory blinds alluding to Eddie Murphy recently on cdan, which could also just be the Hollywood slander machine. Nonetheless, I’m going w Martin Lawrence as renegade.

    **the Morgan Freeman tea wasn’t a surprise. It’s why they cast him as God. An, “FU the jokes on you,” to us.

  67. This is the list I compiled regarding who Renegade could be:

    Black man
    Big in the 80s
    Hasn’t worked much since about the 90s
    Plays tennis thus in good shape
    Grew up in the 60s
    Friends with Redd Fox
    Used to use drugs (PnP)
    Grew up in the gutter
    Is a father and grandfather

    I have looked and looked but can’t see where he said he’s 71 years old. Help? Also, where did he say he has a grandson?

  68. Hwood kikes. I kept reading this as hoodwinks, lol. I don’t know how you pull this info together so fast, this is massive!!! Thanks, Neon.

    • Sorry to make light, to be honest, I wasn’t shocked by this. I was shocked at pizzagate and the podesta emails. The darkness hates the light, well guess what, the light hates what is done in darkness. I am so thankful to have a President that hates it, too, and is doing something about it. Those who want to shut down ICE are complete morons. Go Trump!!! Save the children from this!!!

  69. http://magaimg.net/img/5t54.png

    Just wanted to notify you that the Sarah Silverman “threat” to 4chan is fake. They took a picture from the Grammys. mirror flipped it and photoshopped a phone and hand. The hair is identical + you can see the edge of one of the watermarks they did not remove

  70. I am glad to see this posting and the continued exposing of Hollyweird’s elite hypocrites. Thanks NEON!!

    There is one thing of importance about which I want to comment regarding #Renegade’s posts, and many like his, concerning Hollywood, Washington DC and other power centers around the world, and the people of power who are running them while ruining the lives of so many. The term “JEW” has often been used. Please allow me to add some perspective here but first let me state that I am NOT a JEW. I might be considered a WASP, but we in the South do not so identify with that term. I am a Christian and I am not taking up for anyone here, but I have a valid and extremely important point to make concerning those we see as the current enemies of our Country and our children.
    We are in a real war, a bloodless coup and revolution, at present. Yes, Q has stated that some have been and some will be lost in the fight, but the intent is to AWAKEN others first so that we do NOT have the collateral damage of a military coup. And yes, WE ARE WINNING!!
    Q has told us that the vast majority of members in Congress are highly-compromised and need to GO, but we can’t do so all at once or the government would shut down. I know; that sounds like a good idea, but we are reminded to TRUST THE PLAN. Q has often said that it is NOT Republican versus Democrat, but GOOD versus EVIL!! This is SO important to remember, now and going forward. So, when JEWS are mentioned, exposed and targeted as those behind the heinous crimes of rape, pedophilia, blacklisting and financial crimes in Hollywood and around the world, let me offer you the REAL, the TRUE term for these low-life creeps: they are SATANISTS masquerading as JEWS!!!
    PAUL wrote in Romans 9:6-8, “6 But it is not as though the Word of God has failed. For they are not all Israel (JEWS) who are descended from Israel (JEWS); 7 nor are they all children because they are Abraham’s descendants….., 8 That is, it is not the children of the flesh (natural-born) who are children of God, but the children of the Promise are regarded as descendants.”
    JESUS spoke of the self-serving, EVIL, religious leaders (JEWS) of His day in John 8:44 saying, “You are of your father the DEVIL, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Additionally, He also said in John 10:10, “The thief (SATAN) comes only to STEAL and KILL and DESTROY; I came that they may have LIFE, and have it abundantly.” Finally, in Matthew 7:20, JESUS advises, “So then, you will know them by their fruits.”
    Q post #587 from 1/22/18 reads, “Those you TRUST are the most-guilty of sin. WHO are we taught to trust? If you are religious; PRAY.” Answer the question for yourselves. When I fully-AWOKE, I had to totally-abandon my “good and trusted” paradigm and stand on the ONLY solid foundation I could find, which was, is and shall remain my unwavering FAITH and TRUST in the LORD MY GOD. ALL ELSE HAS FAILED ME!! My poor parents didn’t know any better than to teach me what they were taught. My teachers were brain-washed. Government is overwhelmingly corrupt and has surely failed us all. I am most disgusted, however, with the CHURCH, which has done almost NOTHING to inform and awaken us to the hidden (now in plain view) EVIL that is being practiced by our leaders, including them, for centuries. We are kept docile, comfortable and happy in our idyllic little worlds, built for us on the lies of others for their benefits. Sadly, those who must work long hours, raise a family and navigate the difficulties of life have little or no time to research for themselves and have instead turned to the Mainstream Media and Mr. Hypnotize, who never lies, for their daily information briefs. Before awakening, we had all abdicated our responsibilities to ourselves, our families and our nation and given others, the GLOBALIST and the SATANISTS, authority to serve themselves in our name and at our expense. But now, almost everyone, everywhere, has the weapon of truth in their hand, their cell phone, meant to spy on us but now turned against the very ones who mean to enslave and eventually eliminate us.
    Most of these top, ELITIST people (if they can be called people), have gone far beyond the point of being redeemable. Therefore, let us give them NO QUARTER!! They hold others in bondage to themselves, even as SATAN holds them in bondage to himself, through intimidation and the threat of exposure. Certainly, the lust for money, power, glamour and fame overwhelm the naive candidates who are willing to do most anything as a short-cut to attain their dreams and fantasies. Pedophilia becomes the shameful glue which holds them all together and provides the insurance that no one will rat out the other. Of course, there remains the ultimate, final and ever-present threat of “Arkancide”, whether to their person or their loved ones. As Q often reminds us, “These people are SICK!!” Also that “At some point the streets (for them) will NOT BE SAFE.” He was NOT implying that we should pity them.
    So, let us correct our overuse of inclusive, descriptive adjectives and labels which can further serve our ENEMY through mass divisiveness in favor of EXPOSING our ENEMY for who he is and who his followers are. These SATANIST and LUCIFERIANS are all members of secret societies, Cabals and orders through which they exclude the unenlightened masses who, to them, are but “useless eaters” and can, at best, temporarily serve their needs until it is time to eliminate them. Their plan is to take over the world, making it a SOCIALISTIC DICTATORSHIP controlled by and for the ELITE. The current POPULIST and NATIONALIST movements around the world, sparked and enflamed by TRUMP, are the enemy of GLOBALISM. They are terrified that we shall all AWAKEN because there are MORE OF US than them!!
    I have never been so bold as to validate war by saying, “GOD is on our side.” However, what we are experiencing is nothing short of a MIRACLE and DIVINE INTERVENTION. “They never thought she would lose.” Heck, most of us thought that TRUMP couldn’t win a rigged election…., BUT GOD!!!! Yes, GOD stepped in and is aiding us, giving us a reprieve in which we can overcome the EVIL which is destroying our world, nations, families and values, ALL FOR THE BENEFIT OF EVIL SATANISTS!! They care not for us. We are cattle and even our CHILDREN are no more than sex toys, slaves and useless bodies which carry in them spare parts for their personal needs. We, on the other hand, must ensure that these people are removed from power and are fully-prosecuted for their crimes while their amassed, ill-gotten wealth is returned to the people and nations from which it was STOLEN.
    Remember what Q said in post #1259, “This is about taking back our FREEDOM and SAVING OUR CHILDREN/people from the EVIL that has plagued our country/world for so long.” UNITE!! STAY THE COURSE!! TRUST THE PLAN!! WE THE PEOPLE!! WWG1WGA!!

    • You’re close, Circumspectator, but Paul is speaking about the Edomite Jews, not the Pharisees/Sadducees and their ilk… the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, which make up the House of Judah… and today, are considered the Orthodox Jews in Israel. Go back and read Romans 9:6-8, and think about who this might be that he’s talking about, with the perspective that Jacob/Israel had a brother, also born of Isaac, son of Abraham. It is Esau. He was also raised in the teachings of his fathers… Isaac and Abraham. He is also Jewish, but he is not the father of the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel… he is the father of the Edomites, of which the Idumeans were descendants of… King Herod was an Idumean. Haman, of the Book of Esther, was an Edomite Jew. The Jews who are still in denial of Jesus Christ as the Messiah, already come, but are looking for Him today (not the ones that you correctly define as Satanists, because that’s what they are) will not accept anyone but a Jew as their Messiah, and that is keeping with Scriptures. That is how the Antichrist will deceive them, saying he is a Jew. Yes, he will be, but not a descendant of the lineage through Jacob/Israel. This is how he fits the scripture of Daniel 11:37… “Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.” The God of his fathers, Isaac and Abraham… God the Most High. This ties the Antichrist into the descendants of Esau.

      People who use anti-Semitism as attacks, truly do not understand what the Bible is saying here… lumping the Jews of two houses of Israel, Israel and Judah, into a boiling pot, by misunderstanding that there is a THIRD branch of Jews that is in the picture, as well. NOT all Jews are the same!

  71. The one thing I don’t get, if Israel is financing so much of Hollywood, why are the people of Hollywood so against Israel? They don’t bite the other hands that feed them.

  72. Renegade says he’s 71. Demond Wilson was born Oct 13, 1946… so he’s 71 right now.
    Renegade brought up Georgia several times… Demond Wilson was born in Georgia.
    Renegade left to play tennis… Demond Wilson plays tennis and “experienced his spiritual epiphany, which came, of all places, on his tennis court” in 1982.
    Demond Wilson wasn’t big in movies but he was very, very well known on TV.
    Renegade talks about god… Demond Wilson became a preacher.
    Renegade is going to the grammys… Maybe Demond Wilson has been involved with gospel music?
    Renegade has insider info about Redd Foxx… which of course Demond Wilson would know.
    Check out this interview in the Washington Times where he talks about freemasonry and the illuminati, and that he’s not worried about Trump…

  73. Be careful which “astrologers” one listens to, because many don’t even know basic astrology.

    “What an extraordinary time it will be in the next two weeks. We will have the longest lunar eclipse on 27th July…the Full Moon on 28th July…Uranus goes Direct on 7th August…the powerful Lions Gate is on 8th August…and all the planets are lined up on one side of the sun until mid-August. Any one of these events is profound – FIVE is amazing.”

    The lunar eclipse IS the full moon, by definition. And Uranus turns retrograde NOT direct August 7.

  74. Initially, I thought it was Demond Wilson, but now I think it’s Jimmie Walker.

    In any case, glad you archived this because it’s gone from 4chan. Wonder if he’s coming back or if he shows up on 8ch.net/ews

  75. Could Renegade be John Amos? He knew Red Foxx, and his son is a grammy nominated director. His character of the dad in Good Times was killed off because he was sick of the show focusing on black stereotypes with the JJ character, etc. Just a thought.

  76. Al matthews died today in spain. he was 75. was in aliens and bunch of other movies, musician and former marine, loved america, my guess is renegade was him

    • The Grammys had just occurred when this Anon had started posting, so it’s obviously the next Grammys, which isn’t until January of next year.

  77. just a question… could any of this have anything to do with certain files being allowed to be released in 2021?


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