But-but-but… I thought #Pizzagate Wasn’t Real! #GunnControl

Something big started to unfold late last night/early this morning across the #chans regarding Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn , and #Anons took to immediately archiving everything they could find.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Got all that?

So what were some of these tweets?

Well, that’s disturbing.

Of course, Gunn tried to say it was all a joke; that these were just some kind of edgy comedy he was partaking in… He has since deleted his twitter, and shut down his personal website, but not before tweeting out this:

“Many people who have followed my career know when I started, I viewed myself as a provocateur, making movies and telling jokes that were outrageous and taboo,”

“As I have discussed publicly many times, as I’ve developed as a person, so has my work and my humor.”

But was he really just being a provocateur?

Let’s look at some of the tweets compiled and archived by anons as part of Operation #GunnControl:

(Note: I’m cutting up a much larger infographic here for readability purposes).

Not looking too good, Gunn.



And we can’t forget his other social media accounts:

Not good. Not good at all.

But the kicker comes from James Gunn’s own website:


Now, I haven’t gone to this link, and I will not be going to this link. Other anons said that it’s “just” a lewd song sung by these girls, with no pornographic content. It’s hosted on Youtube, and is supposedly really just that, a bawdy, lewd song sung by young girls for that extra dose of shock. It’s in bad taste, but it’s not a crime.

No, the story gets interesting here because of where James Gunn found the video in the first place; more specifically, who shared the video with him.

Turns out, it was a convicted pedophile:


But guys, really, James Gunn was just joking with all of us. He said so himself.

Years of tweets like this, and hanging in social circles with pedophiles – that’s not indicative of a pattern of behavior, no! It’s just… comedy!

Or so he would have us believe.

And then, according to Anon, this happened on the chans:

(Full size: https://www.neonrevolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/12c20c2b0be2e82f471822e62f85cd913af6025013f192d99ba0064a99b1a882_compressed.jpg)

Damage control much?

Could be a LARP, but a hilarious one at that.

Gunn is going to get thrown under the bus by the highers ups, because make no mistake, MANY are involved in the exact same kind of thing. They’re just not vocal about it.

But the really shocking thing about all of this is that it was public for years – almost a DECADE. It wasn’t hidden. It wasn’t relegated to some darkened corner. Disney HR could (and probably did) check Gunn’s social media before giving the higher-ups the greenlight to have him helm their mega-projects.

But this is the sickened culture of #Hollywood, and it really is just another #OpenSecret.



#Pizzagate #Anons #Chans #QAnon

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43 thoughts on “But-but-but… I thought #Pizzagate Wasn’t Real! #GunnControl”

  1. it would not matter what i prev typed beyond what the q ~ jj whatever typed seth ja the snow and the girly wanta be~!. it is happening god speed all .

  2. Right above the 100 girls shit on his site is that creepy Podesta-style Piccinni art… These people are sick

  3. White Hat Anons! Great job. I started out the day w/ the identification of the perv and by nightfall, he was released from him job. Winning!

  4. In the article Disney is mentioned. When the truth on Disney comes out people will not believe it. James Gunn will be just the first of many more. When the sickness of Disney is exposed the house will come down. What a cesspool.

  5. Just as a side note, Great Wolf Lodge always gave me the creeps, I was voluntold to go for a function in the Army to stay there for a few nights on the government’s dime of course and the place in Grapevine had the dreaded 30.06 signage up, Even though I wasn’t a CCW holder it still pissed me off. In retrospect I’m not surprised since they likely have all sorts of pedophilic things going on there!

  6. Great job as always NR! I can’t wait to see all these sick pedophiles hang! I wanted to ask you your thoughts on the whole JFK Jr. and his wife are alive theory floating around on twitter, youtube, and the chans. Do you think he is alive and is posting as R? I would love to see a post on that. Thanks again.

  7. His physiognomy is telling.

    Pedophilia has to be an industry norm for his perversion to so blatant and the excuse so flimsy. They’re legitimately shocked to be called out.

    People claiming Weinstein was a pedo smokescreen are probably right.

  8. I literally feel nauseous looking at this piece of shit. I will be glad to touch him in his ‘silly place’… with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch! Disney acts shocked as expected. .. They have been working on sexualization of children for years. Time to pack it in.

  9. Don’t dare even begin to imagine the sort of filth that depraved degenerate has on his pc if he willingly posts this shit on twitter. It’s as though he’s begging to be caught. Chemical castration for the cunt.

  10. When I saw Gunn in the news and read that he had tweeted about sick pedo stuff, I hadn’t actually read what he wrote until Neon published it. Really, it is even more disturbing than I had imagined. And, the fact that Glenn Beck has publicly defended this monster is, quite honestly, even more disturbing.

  11. Know by now, when you attack him he will punch back 10 times harder. MT

    Trump signs E.O. to Extend Special Powers under a National Emergency…
    Checkmate on Criminals and . . .

    July 20, 2018.
    Notice Regarding the
    National Emergency with
    Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations…
    read more


  12. Sign of the Southern Cross . . .

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  13. The Above Removed Video can be see at – Boropolis You Tube Channel
    under Black Sabbath – The Sign of The Southern Cross (Lyrics + Subs)

  14. And for all those organizations infiltrated and converged (think Southern Baptists as a more recent example, a Glasgow college firing a priest because he condemned the LGBT cabal), the next stage really needs to be laws with teeth and lawyers who’ll do the dirty work in clearing the SJWs out of them.

    This one-shot takedown approach has to morph into a broader method of de-infestation and prevention).

  15. This woman’s daughter has been medically kidnapped. The woman has a child ritual abuse history and fears her daughter faces the same. Here is one of her videos recounting, as a child, comforting a senator blackmailed into reluctantly raping a boy — in a pizza parlor. She asks that, if punishment for these crimes is ever meted out, to separate the willing from unwilling participants.

    Kidnapping and plea for help: https://medicalkidnap.com/2018/07/11/mother-who-was-sexually-trafficked-as-a-child-in-foster-care-has-her-own-baby-medically-kidnapped-fears-for-her-safety/

    Other videos of hers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwzZMGCTHbiOBHgcPeXAcsw


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