“Rigor-Mortis” Ruth? Rowdy over on the #SCOTUS? The Absolute State of the Democratic Party! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

I am SO HYPED to get into these drops today. I was bouncing up and down in my chair as each new drop was coming in. It may be the caffeine talking, but #QAnon is spitting straight FIRE today!

Q started his drops around lunchtime, this time with an ominous message for #TheCabal.

Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! #WhiteSquall!


And Q continues with the movie references!

How do we know this? #Anon found the line in the script:

With that in mind, show us the way through the storm, “SQipper!”

#BOOM! Bolton just met with Putin, and arranged a time and date for a summit between Trump and Putin.


“There will be an announcement on that tomorrow, simultaneous in Washington and Moscow,” Bolton told reporters after meeting with Putin.

Russian foreign affairs adviser Yuri Ushakov told news outlets earlier that Bolton and Putin decided on a time and place to hold the high-stakes meeting and that details would be announced on Thursday.

Trump and Putin are expected to meet next month, when the U.S. president will be in Europe for a summit with NATO allies and a visit to the United Kingdom. Officials are planning to hold the Trump-Putin summit in a third country. Media outlets have named Helsinki, Finland, as a potential location.


I like Putin. I’ve always liked Putin. He seems like a man dedicated to helping his people and his country, and this has always put him at odds with The Cabal. He knows the true nature and tactics of the evil forces in the world, having, for instance, called out Pope Bergoglio a long time ago. He’s also an Orthodox Christian, so that curries favor with me, and was invited by the monks at Mt. Athos to sit in the seat of the Byzantine Emperor (a seat typically reserved for those seen as the “defender of Orthodoxy” in the world).

I mean, just listen to the man. When was the last time you heard a world leader speak like this?

(Protip: This is why they hate him. This is why they vilify him).

Furthermore, he’s been doing things that the central bankers do not like one bit, and while he’s certainly not perfect (by any stretch of the imagination), he’s consistently shown himself to be anti-degeneracy and anti-Cabal for a very long time, now. You might even call him downright redpilled.

But my point is it would make perfect sense for #TheCabal to want to keep Trump and Putin apart. These two are a deadly combo:

Because now you have to massively influential world leaders united against these evildoers.

And once again, the memes are manifesting themselves in reality:

(Oh, and if you’re confused about the abbreviations in this drop, it’s just “Good vs Evil, Right vs Wrong.”

This is awesome.

Buh-bye Ali Khamenei!

Buh-bye Hassan Rouhani!

Out! Out! Out with the clowns!

Strzok on defense. Guessing this is from his testimony, which is not yet public.

And for the record, Kennedy said the public should see the testimony (before handing in his notice today… OH BUT I’M GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF).

When the testimony does come out, I think it will go down as a major #QConfirmation.

I’m also interested in seeing who it was who interviewed Strzok.

I have a hunch… but we’ll see.

And now… Now we get to the #MOAB:

Folks, are you ready for the #salt mines?

The internet is exploding in saltiness over this. I can only describe it as sheer and utter panic.

I had to go on Twitter when the news broke, and just… just look at the trending section:

It’s a salt volcano, fueled by sheer terror:

Look at what Vox:

Anon gathered a pile of salt from reddit:

Here, have some more:

Leftie politicians were up to their typical tricks, fielding the idea that this Supreme Court nomination should be different than the 113 before it, for… reasons:


And then there was this, from that bastion of Leftist journalism, Splinter.com:

And the salt just keeps getting saltier:


Oh no! His spark! Someone, quick! Rekindle this estronaut!

All I can say is…


Play ’em out, Ivanka!

But ooooooh, in one respect they are oh-so right.

We are coming for Roe v. Wade next, because we are going to stop heinous bloodshed of the unborn in this nation. No more baby-blood for Ba’al! It was terrible Constitutional law at the time, and it can be overturned quite easily; all the legal scholars know and admit this.

The only thing that has protected it all this time has been activist judges, and now… they’re dropping like flies.

And like Q says…

“Rigor-Mortis” Ruth is next!

And if you follow Mark Taylor, you’ll know he’s now saying that Trump will get to assign FIVE supreme court justices during his tenure, and he’s been saying that for at least a few weeks now.

Which is notable, because Trump has alluded to as much himself, now:


He already has Gorsuch, and now Kennedy is down. So that just leaves…


As far as I’m concerned, quints called it a couple days ago. Time to go ya decrepit old crone!

And who knows what else falls after that? Gay marriage? Let’s overturn it! Time to re-enshrine the biological nuclear family as the cornerstone of society!

2nd Amendment cuckery? Let’s make sure every American has the right to arm themselves.

This is how everything changes.

And this is the absolute state of the Democratic Party right now:

But who would take Kennedy’s place? That was the million dollar question:

What list, pray tell?

This list:


S… Supreme Court Justice TREY GOWDY!?


It’s the only move the Cabal has at this point – Impeach, impeach, impeach. It’s the only card they can even attempt to play.

Which makes this old parody tweet that much funnier:

Here’s the link: https://saraacarter.com/grilled-strzok-questioned-by-lawmakers/

House Judiciary and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee members grilled embattled, anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok behind closed doors on Capitol Hill Wednesday, as he attempted to explain his vehement bias against President Donald Trump, his senior role in the alleged Trump-Russia collusion investigation, and the exoneration of Hillary Clinton for her use of a private server while she was Secretary of State.

Strzok, who evaded a subpoena from House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), voluntarily appeared at the hearing. Thousands of Strzok’s anti-Trump text messages, which he exchanged with former FBI lawyer and his paramour, Lisa Page, sparked anger from Republicans (and criticism from some Democrats) who contend that senior members of the FBI utilized their power and political leanings to target Trump both before and after the 2016 election.

Freedom Caucus & Judiciary Committee member, Matt Gaetz (R-FL) attended today’s deposition and reacted to Strzok’s testimony, telling the Sean Hannity Radio Show, “… I am shocked at the lack of curiosity with Robert Mueller. I mean Sean, if you were in Mueller’s shoes, and you had found these text messages, I would think that you would want to ask whether or not they impacted the investigative decisions that were made, whether there was bias, whether there was contact with other members of the FBI regarding the investigation and where it was going and who was making the critical judgment calls,” the Florida Congressman said. “I just cannot believe the lack of curiosity on the part of Robert Mueller. It was the strongest reaction I had today from Peter Strzok’s testimony.”

Freedom Caucus member, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL)-who was also in attendance- told SaraACarter.com, “It was a waste—Strzok is full of it and he kept hiding behind [the] classified information excuse.”

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton investigation noted Strzok’s bias against Trump in the Russia investigation, but didn’t state whether or not it affected the outcome of the investigation. Horowitz is expected to release a third report on Strzok (along with other senior FBI officials) and his role in the Russia investigation and the bureau’s use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants to target short-term Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page.

LOL. Not every day Q bantz back.

But he’s making a point, too. Q is travelling with the President to the rally in North Dakota:

Strzok’s basically stonewalling by pleading the Fifth, over and over.

It doesn’t matter. He’s only delaying the inevitable.


But perhaps more importantly…

Oh man.

This is so great. This is what “We the People” looks like.

And what a profound difference from the shrieking, unhinged #LunaticLeftists.

Come back from the dark side, Lefties. There’s room here for all.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read today.

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64 thoughts on ““Rigor-Mortis” Ruth? Rowdy over on the #SCOTUS? The Absolute State of the Democratic Party! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. The time has come for the roll that we are playing , is meant for you to find out ! LW


    • This will only be up for a short time to the public . . .

      Phoenix Welcomes Laura Walker of the Oracle Report shares important information about the current and up coming astrological energetics. Mars goes retrograde from June 26-August 27, 2018 in the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.
      Mars is the planet of action and motivation, so when it shifts into retrograde we feel the effects strongly. Things appear to slow down and we may lose momentum or our motivation to move forward. Even though this may seem like a hinderance, it really is a gift.

      Truth Frequency Radio Link ( click the TFR play button )

  2. the lefties have completely dropped the mask of pretending to be civil Americans.
    they don’t like ANYTHING about what makes REAL America work!! they want to kill:
    Electoral College, SCOTUS appointment/confirmation process, SCOTUS rulings (they
    don’t like), Executive Branch authorities (travel ban), RULE OF LAW (in general), the
    PRIVACY of Americans, the US Constitution & Bill of Rights – inc. #1A & #2A, …

    they have been expertly forced to expose their anti-American hatred & venom.
    follow the money – then, take it & make them get REAL jobs. they can thank POTUS
    for making so many jobs available. such asshats. i want them ALL humiliated and
    perp-walked, wherever possible. airtight cases against the Cabal. popcorn, anyone? 😉

    btw – thanQ, Neon, for another well-written summary/decode/explanation/exploration
    of WTH is going on!! ;D

  3. My “Q”-shirt you designed, just arrived this afternoon! Can’t wait to wear it next week when I will be in Lexington, VA for a riding competition… I’ve been a follower of Q since October and of yours for several months now. I like the way you interpret the drops and gather and analyze pertinent info. Thank You, Neon Revolt!

  4. The Trump-Putin alliance spells a potential checkmate to the EU cabal which is militarizing its authority with an EU armed force set to invade, occupy and regime change any EU nation resistant to the migrant invasion, open borders and cultural genocide agenda….that can be countered by US/Russian military taking sides with the EU break away states…damn rights the globalists are soiling their depends over this eventuality.

  5. I am an old lady, but as I was reading Q drops today and reading them out loud to get everything exact, I started sounding more and more like a wrestler making manly grunting noises. I was getting so loud that I woke my poor husband sleeping in the other room!!! I kept screaming “YEAH” with the testosterone of a football player!!! LOVE THIS POST and I LOVE todays Q DROPS!!! Then……… Mad Max meme had me in tears on the floor!!

    • I love you, Daisy! I have competition (who am I fooling, never was competition), but you have my respect. Makes me think of me dear ol’ mum. May you and your husband have many years together.

  6. From watching Hannity tonight Jim Jordan might be the one who was questioning Stzork from what he said most of his answers were. Great article. Thanks.

  7. Neon do you really think Gowdy will be Supreme Court Justice? What about Goodlatte? Is he going to be deputy attorney general? What I hate about congress is they have been saying for months they were going to impeach RR just do it! I personally think Q is army or navy intelligence. They can pull pics from any phone! The reference to white squall, watch the water, the calm before the storm, and the storm is upon us sounds like something a navy man would say. Will POTUS still tweet out “the storm is upon us” like one of the first Q drops said he would? Anyway great decode. I will purchase some shirts as soon as my pc gets fixed! Thanks again!

  8. NR one more question did you see the tall mob like dude walking next to Strokz on Capital Hill? That must have been Strozk lawyer from the FBI and I saw him sitting behind Wray and Comey at hearings. Who is this guy and why is this guy protecting the American people and congress from learning the truth? We need to figure who that is and investigate him! He seems like a big block wall to justice.

  9. Forgot to say that Mark Taylor is also a believer in Q. Was asked in an interview a few weeks ago by Shelia Zilinsky and his answer was WWG1WGA!!

  10. Another awesome post, NR! Like you, I’m thinking Rowdy Gowdy may be the man for SCOTUS. He’d be an amazing choice if that’s who our stable genius President selects. Thanks for all your hard work and part in this Divinely appointed adventure. Love that Q wrote this…”Read the BIBLE. GOD WINS.” Amen, amen, amen!

  11. Gowdy took money from the Podesta’s for his campaign. He was all bluster and Neve got anything done. Trump would have to be out of his mind to choose someone who was easily bought

    • Impossible to do anything under the Obammy corrupt administration. He didn’t have the power to do so and Holder, Lynch, etc certainly weren’t going to. As for Podesta money, Idk about that. It would have to be proven. Anyone can donate to any campaign. Doesn’t make the recipient guilty of something or sold out. Evidence and proof are required. Gowdy’s record as a prosecutor speaks for itself. The man is a patriot, loves America and follows the LAW – all are needed for a good SCOTUS justice.

  12. Neon –

    What is happening is beyond the scope of most. It is astounding to those of us who get, or half-way get it. Q has done a remarkable job keeping us informed. You, of all the other sites out there purporting to translate Q, are “hands-down” the best. You have so many times reinforced what I was thinking I was getting from Q, but you always have some “extra stuff” I missed.

    CW2 may be involved before all is said and done with. But as Q said a few days back –

    We stand.
    We fight.
    Organized riots being planned.
    Counter measures in place.
    Resistance far smaller than portrayed by MSM.
    Attacks will intensify.
    You, collectively, are a massive threat.
    Censorship applied to scale down impact/reach.
    It’s failing.
    Trust yourself.
    Public awakening.

    All of this in our lifetime. It is amazing.


  13. Macron had a meeting with the Pope today, said it was very intense….scared shitless is more like it! The cabal is on the run and we America is winning!! Great article as always Neon!!!

  14. Oh man.. Get your Popcorn makers out and get your toppings in order because July is going to be glorious!

  15. Just ordered my T Shirt too from your store!! As POTUS said today in ND, we’re bringing both God and love back into our country!! MAGA and MALA (Making America Loving Again). That Lion hearted POTUS of ours never ceases to amaze me!

  16. Following Q from the start and living as mid ager in Germany. So true, last resort for the “cbl” could only be europe and it is already. America, Russia and even China will get along with each other for the first time in history an this will be big. But my prayers actually go only to avoid a third time huge war all across over europe..this blood we gave 2 times in the last century and during all centuries before should be enough.

  17. (Ps love your Q shirts Neon!)

    By Anna Von Reitz

    I was having dinner with a very elite group of academics and high rent businessmen. Doctors, lawyers, and literally–Indian Chiefs, business moguls, heirs of great fortunes, clergymen of renown— and suddenly, there was a brief silence.
    Into that silence I heard my own voice tossing this innocent-sounding question: “Who or what do you think controls the Federal Government?”
    Since the “Federal Government” has become a vast mish-mash of separate corporate interests and privatized agencies and foreign mostly British and French commercial conglomerates, this is a somewhat disingenuous question. I was asking it almost as a rhetorical query to see what they would all say.
    The President, according to more than half of our experts, controls the Federal Government.
    The Congress, according to about a quarter of the pundits.
    Political Parties split the rest of the vote with “Private Business Interests”.
    Not one single person in that whole assembly came up with the actual correct answer, which is —- the States.
    Not the States of States. The States.

    (From a 6/27/18 post in Paul Stramer’s website)

  18. Thanks for the very entertaining salty-whiny posts from freaked out liberals. Since I only read conservative news, posts, and blogs, it was so much fun to read with morning caffeine. What a wonderful 24 hours this has been.

  19. The guy behind the (circled) man with the beard with Q shirt on, he totally looks out of place within the crowd. Can anyone recognize / identify him? I think there’s more to this photo than we know. Just a hunch.

    • You’re right, he doesn’t look like he is a part of the crowd. Maybe that is who Q is saying “we see you” to?

      • Saved by Grace and RisingSun…very interesting, and I agree. In Neons previous post to this one I clicked on the “Rice Queen article…there is a picture of President Trump in Puerto Rico sitting in a hanger with plane behind him…there is a guy (under the word Force written on the plane) with a black short sleeve shirt that looks Very similar to the guy sitting behind the guy in crowd with the Q shirt on in this article…when I enlarge the pic face is a bit blurred, but still….hummmmm??
        NEON love this site. God richly bless and cover you, Q, our Awesome President and all on the right side of this.

  20. Neon great work as always/ I wanted to mention that I believe the picture of obama holding an AK-47 with be him aiming it at American Hostages during the Iranian hostage crisis. Obama has been molded by deep state since childhood..

  21. Do you know that in all other dimentions HRC won the 2016 US elections? Here on Earth is the only place where she lost and Trump won. So you are witnessing something truly amazing that has never been done before. Be proud to be part of it!

    • Total Victory makes a good point about looking at Trump and Q from a metaphysical standpoint. It’s quite fascinating to see how some psychics and channelers support the way Trump, Q and Neon are trying to awaken the masses. A few notable ones to check out are: psychicfocus.blogspot.com and its Psychic Focus Youtube channel, Ivan Teller’s Youtube channel, eraoflight.com, Mark Taylor( whom Neon actually referenced in this article and Kim Clement’s prophecies about Trump. Kim Clement passed away a while ago but it’s amazing how he saw this all around 5 or 10 years in advance. So. check these people and websites out. You will not be disappointed. Also. keep up the great work, Neon.

  22. Why do they care the country is effed? THEY HATE THIS COUNTRY!! Even with gay marriage and infanticide and 67 genders they still hate this country. It’s still USKKK to them, so spare me that they care. They only care that their agenda to tear it all down is stalled.

    The ones crying about it being effed for generations are my favorite – if they have human offspring that will actually be impacted, I will eat a p—- hat.

    MAGA mothereffers!!!!

  23. If Strzock is still employed by the FBI, he is still covered under the “This is secret, so I can’t tell ya”, right? This is pushing Congress, and the public to demand declassification by the President! ON BOTH SIDES!!! Democrats want the proof that FBI did NOT collude… Republicans want the proof that FBI DID collude… it’s utter genius!
    I am not sure I have ever lived in an environment where such utter genius has ever been evident – for good!
    I am just in awe of how well this is being played… not reactionary… it’s all been planned out… and the movie is playing… And holy cow is it a blockbuster! (For the good guys at least!)

  24. I was at the North Dakota Rally last night! I was actually typing in NEONREVOLT.COM into little old ladies phones so they could learn about “Q” and my husband, kids and I told about 30 other groups to go to this website. On another note, I posted a pic of my kids on twitter and people are asking where I got the shirts that I had made. I would love for Mr. Neon to contact me so they could be sold in his store to help keep this wonderful site going. I always look forward to sitting and being able to enjoy my morning read and get really excited when one pops up in the afternoon too! Thanks for all you are doing!

  25. Obama was a usurper president. He does not fulfill the requirement of “natural born citizen”. As such, as soon as Trump declassifies Trump’s school records (by rescinding Barry’s first EO) and it is found that he went to Occidental as a “foreign student”, his whole legacy can be declared “null and void.
    “Quo warranto” finding can lead to nullification of all Obama’s legislation.

  26. The FIVE Supreme appointments I have for the God-Emperor are:

    Scalia (deceased)
    Kennedy (81, retiring)
    Ginsburg (85)
    Breyer (79)

    Clarence Thomas (I bet he will retire sometime in Trump’s 6th year so as to confirm his seat as conservative for decades to come).

    • My guess is Scalia, Kennedy, Ginsburg and then Kagan and Sotomayor after Odumbo is proven to have been an illegitmate president. Prez Trump will be appointing 5 new justices to SCOTUS. Wonderful!

  27. This entire process is taking far too long for my liking. Trump has been in power for 17 months and yet not a single person from the FBI, DOJ, CIA or the political arena has been officially arrested and charged with the crimes they have committed. This reflects upon the Trump administration just how incompetent they are. We watch one stone walling after another and yet no one is charged with obstruction? This is completely unacceptable. Even the Q posts lack anything really relatavtory because it’s all part of some long strung out game the white hats are playing with the dark ones and we the peons continue to pay for this game with our lives.

    • I go back to my analogy of a few posts ago….you wouldn’t hire an architect and contractor to build your dream home by the sea and then the next day go out there and stomp your feet when you see it isn’t standing there gleaming in the sunlight, would you? No, you’d expect the architect to design it and plan for every outcome, design it to withstand a hurricane, the sea salt winds, etc. Then you’d expect your contractor to hire people to build a sturdy foundation, plumbers, electricians, etc. Your dream house has to be built right or it’ll collapse. This case is so complex it has to be built right or it will collapse. And then they all go free, when they all need to go to hell.

    • there is a strong hint all along of 8 months… you can’t hurry this up. White Squall pointed to the time line. Again.. as others said.. done wrong and the dark shits walk… You don’t want that. Unoatience has killed many a project. A prominent one in the distant past of some 38,000 years ago was the Adam and Eve mission to this planet.. done in by impatience.

  28. Ever since I first saw that speech by Putin, I had a sense of peace. Not that anything would be easy, mind you, but that we aren’t going to necessarily be dragged willy-nilly into WWIII with Russia. I first saw the speech around December 2016, I think. Anyway… it was after the election and before Jan. 20. There was this “holding your breath” vibe in the air, waiting to see if what we had voted to have happen would be able to happen without the incoming administration being strangled in its cradle.

    I grew up Catholic, and seriously investigated the Fatima prophecies, etc. years ago. One thing that stuck out to me was that most of the disaster predicted could be avoided when Russia’s heart was consecrated to God. Various Popes over the years tried consecrating Russia from afar, hoping it would “count” and getting “signs” that it didn’t. The consecration needed to come from within Russia, in my view (which… not being a Pope, I didn’t bother trying to tell anyone other than my parents and husband.) So when I saw Putin openly and passionately defending Christ, my heart sang in response. Here was Russia’s consecration. I had a warm feeling of “all will be well”, and began to actually trust that God’s got this. My fear for the well-being of the incoming administration eased, and I prayed a tearful Thank You. All through this storm, we have a lifeline extended, taut in our hands. We’ve only to trust that He will pull us safely through the raging waters.

    I do think we’re on our last Pope. It was prophesied that the Church would be infiltrated, then destroyed, and I believe that will happen. I’m not one to suggest that vengeance should be based on our preferences rather than God’s, but I have a hard time believing that God would be ok with seeing his Church perverted. It will grieve me a bit to see it go, as I do still have a love for the great Mysteries, but that love tastes more like ash these days, as I delve further and further into the things our “holy” men have done. The Mysteries will remain. The edifice will probably have to fall. And that’s ok. Being Catholic isn’t about the edifice anyway. You can be Catholic without the Pope and the Cardinals. And when the Pope is no longer Catholic, then you’re just left with all the glitz and buildings, emptied of God.

    Anyway. I appreciate your site, Neon. I’ve been following the Q phenomenon since around November, and it has definitely been an emotional roller coaster. I just keep coming back to “God’s got this.”

  29. Sorry not related to this post but how is this possible. Just read this on wiki about Maryland shooting and finding nothin in the news.

    2018 Mass Shooting Edit

    On the afternoon of June 28th 2018 deranged gunmen Fabian Acevedo and Rory Meacham of Hemet California entered the building and opened fire on the editing staff killing 7 and wounding 45 before being apprehended by authorities.

  30. The “White squall” post was ominous. “If you continue down this dangerous path… Our rights to secure and protect AT ALL COSTS then becomes justified.”

  31. This is from the sordrescue.com 02-24-16 Do Not Fear America PDF

    The Spirit of God says, “5, that’s right, 5 Supreme Court Justices will be appointed by
    my new president, my anointed. I will choose 5 through my anointed to keep those
    alive. I will stack the court with those that I choose, to send a clear message to the
    enemy, that you lose! This is the miracle that I will perform, so that MY COURT will be

    The Spirit of God says, “The cries, the cries that I have heard from the womb, have
    reached my eyes and ears like a sonic boom! The five I appoint and the reform that
    shall take place, the great I AM shall take on this case! For it is my will and my way for
    all those that have prayed, that MY COURT SHALL OVERTURN ROE VS WADE!

  32. jeff sessions for SCOTUS. Trey Gowdy for attorney general. then, let the trials begin. serve the indictments.

  33. trump already has 25 some SCOTUS choices. Sessions must be doing fine as possible, or OGE would have canned him. Gowdy? not trustworthy. Not always happy with Mike Lee but i’d leave him in the senate since it looks like mittens will win. cant take a chance on having 2 ubercuck senators from utah.

  34. Man, these drops get better an better. Agreed that Q is on fire right now. The whole tone of his drops has changed. They had been very matter of fact. He’s obviously agitated. Tells me shits about to go down. Hard.
    Also nice to see the Q followers getting some recognition. Wonder what POTUS thinks about how the Q phenomenon has caught on. I wonder if he really expected it would. Seems we’re cropping up everywhere. @WWG1WGA
    July 4th is coming up, and Q’s repeatedly referenced fireworks, so maybe we’ll all get a nice Independence Day surprise. Sure hope so. I know all the pieces have to be in place and it may be a while yet but damn ….patience isn’t my strong suit. Ready for the BOOM!
    As always thanx to Neon for his diligence in all this. This is always the first place I go after a Q drop. Sorry about all the site trouble you’ve had but it seems to be working great now. Here’s to hoping it stays that way.

  35. Neon, it took me three days to read this. So it is totally fine with me if you break up these big novels and make a couple of shorter posts. There is SO much!! I don’t know how you do it! Plus the DMV?! Dang! Do you sleep?! LOL


  36. When I read the PS interview … I hear Trey GOWDY!!! … I’ve been on a “Gowdy binge” on my YouTube lately! The man is a laser! Yes Q … add him to the list!

  37. Hi Neon – tried to read your 6/30 article today and the link seems to be compromised. It took me to Amazon ebook on Lies of Freemasonry. I saw text of your article briefly when I tried to go in via comments, but 5hen link switched me back to amazon ebook before I could leave comments or read anything. Am accessing via iPad. Got same result when accessing your website via dolphin, safari and chrome. Also same result when I tried to access link through Gab.

    Love your work!

    John R

    • I don’t know what you pressed, but I actually did link that book in the body of my article. I would clear your browser cache and reload.

  38. Seems that T would have a lot to do with the whole concept of Q communication with the troops. He is the stable branding genius and something like this would be right up his alley….to help draw people in, as well as for info, to make it the “cool” thing to go with..

    About Gowdy. No. I will not support or believe anyone who stands up for the Mueller investigation — not on a legal basis, but a personal one — saying what a fine man he is and all. No. That is not the act of a White Hat.

    Agree. Uniparty.

  39. There’s room for all.

    And that more than anything defines the actions of Trump that discredit his opponents. He has never tried to destroy the FBI, or others, he targets individuals and ALWAYS offers people a chance to ‘rejoin’ (if I may be so bold) America.

    Gorky to Rubin: Donald Trump cares above all else about every American being safe and prosperous. Even those that voted against him. And the left will never believe that. (Paraphrase)


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