The Nationwide Narrative Switch. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

I was hoping for more #QAnon posts before I got into these drops, but we’ve actually got a lot to talk about today, so let’s tackle the existing drops real quick first, and then delve into a very important related subject right after:

Remember, 17 = Q. And that video link that’s not showing up? I backed it up here:

Proofs are going to be very important not for us, the “True Q Believers,” but for the huge swath of the population that’s going to be encountering Q for the first time in the very near future. The “new eyes” as Q calls them. The parallel construction is pretty much complete at this point. It’s time for the nation to switch narratives.

I don’t know about you, but in real life I’ve started to confront Leftists with some of the information Q has dropped – and it’s like watching their minds short-circuit in slow motion. You can almost see the sparks shooting from their ears.

Because what are they going to say? What are they doing to say when they’ve gone on and on and on about Trump separating children from families, only to be confronted with a picture of Hussein and “Wendy?”

What are they going to do when they talk about these so-called “detention camps” when you suddenly confront them on the child trafficking being perpetrated by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti?

The average, everyday lefty-pleb thrives on a sense of moral superiority, which then “justifies” their outrage and any subsequent actions they take (at least in their own minds).

Take that away from them, expose their ignorance,  shame their ignorance, and they have nothing.

Because if it’s one thing that doesn’t deserve outrage, it’s ignorance.

What I’m talking about here is a simple pressure flip. Flat out tell them that they don’t know what they’re talking about; that they’re poorly informed, and easily manipulated. Yes, make them feel stupid AND ashamed for their stupidity. You’re not being “mean” by doing this. You’re being honest, and you’re fighting for the country. For too long, anyone remotely “Conservative,” anyone remotely on the “Right” has been told they must always play defense. Not so! You are better informed, better educated, and can fight back. I’d argue you have a moral imperative to go on the offensive, and leave your target a blubbering, incoherent mess, riddled with cognitive dissonance and self-doubt. That’s exactly where you want them right now. You want to burst their hugbox bubble, because that’s the only way to get them to reflect upon their errors and correct it. You don’t want them marching down the streets, participating in some Mockingbird-driven riot, causing more chaos.

And at the end of this article, I’m going to go into some talking points that may help you go on the offensive.

Trump literally changes the policy, and they still want to march.

This is why it’s important to BE LOUD right now. Harp on the EO. Harp on the human trafficking issue (more on that in a moment).

Think about what you’d like to ask Q on Saturday. I’ve got a few questions in mind. We’ll see if he answers them.

But what I want to propose, to help facilitate this Nationwide Narrative shift, is getting Qpeeps to start talking, very publicly, and very loudly about the situation at the border Trump is trying to resolve; namely, the human trafficking loopholes that have long been exploited by organized crime and predators.

I talked about this a bit with this #CDAN from the other day; that’s it’s not even just illegal immigrants coming on their own, but evil individuals in the US as well, bringing these minors across the border in order to abuse them:

But Trump launched a salvo in this direction today, too:

X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)

[The Democrats] have created, and they’ve let it happen, a massive child smuggling industry. That’s exactly what it’s become. Traffickers. Now you think about this: Human traffickers are making a fortune. It’s a disgrace. These loopholes force the release of alien families and minors into the country when the illegally cross the border. Since 2014 alone, nearly 200,000 unaccompanied alien minors have been released into the United States as a result of Democrat-backed loopholes, including “Catch and release” which is one of the worst.

These echo the sentiments of AG Sessions, from just two days ago:

And these children are well cared for. In fact, they get better care than a lot of American kids do. They are provided plenty of food, education in their language, health and dental care, and transported to their destination city — all at taxpayer expense.

In total, HHS is spending more than one billion taxpayer dollars a year providing quality care.

Separations are temporary and rare. The vast majority of children in custody came to this country by themselves.

Many unaccompanied children have been abused by smugglers or recruited by criminal gangs such as MS-13. There is nothing humane about encouraging human trafficking — but that is what open borders policies do. Everything the Trump administration is doing is helping put traffickers out of business.

But the situation has gotten so bad, some parents are sending their young daughters – as young as 12 – over the border with a “Plan B” prescription.

Rape is no longer just a threat; it’s the norm:

“We see these kids getting abused on the Mexican side,” Agent Hector Garza (shown above, center) told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday night. “We know that some of these female children that come across — their parents send them with Plan B medication because they are expected to be raped along the journey coming through Mexico and Central America.”

How utterly horrifying is that?

The situation is so bad, Sessions has proposed using DNA tests to determine the familial status of all these immigrants coming over. After all, if you’re a trafficker posing with a minor, claiming them as your “child” when they’re really not, the only way to find out is something like DNA:

“Sessions is talking to congressional members and is hoping for a legislative fix. The AG wants an immigration policy that is just, fair and enforceable. They talked about making sure that these really are the parents of these kids,” Perkins said.

He continued, “They are looking at how to use DNA tests in the field to verify they are parents and not traffickers. The reality is if American parents put their kids through what these immigrant parents have done to their kids — they would be charged with child abuse.”

Around 12,000 children are currently in the custody of Health and Human Services after entering the United States. According to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirsten Nielsen, 10,000 of the 12,000 children in the care of HHS arrived in the U.S. as unaccompanied minors.

“We know for a fact that a lot of adults taking children along are not related to them. [They] could be muggers. They could be human traffickers. It’s a very unhealthy dangerous thing and it needs to end. We need to return to a good lawful system,” Sessions told Perkins on his broadcast.

#Anon has this to add to the subject today:

Connecting to that, the Obama Administration was actually being sued for the conditions in which they left the children and invaders:


The American Immigration Council published photos of the conditions in the Obama-era facilities. The images show dozens of illegal immigrants being held in crowded, filthy cells. There are no beds or mats for sleeping, with many of the migrants sleeping on a packed floor in a head-to-toe arrangement. Other images show mothers changing the diapers of their children on the cold concrete floor. Others show garbage piling up in the cells. Many images picture children living in these conditions.

Amazing how no Leftie was complaining about this when Obamessiah was in office.

On top of all that, RightSideNews identified the connection between Southwest Key Programs Inc. and La Raza years ago, going so far as to call it “the Hispanic ACORN.”

Their specialty is reunifying illegal minors with their families. They are the underground railroad for the American invasion from the South. They are nationalistic in their connections and leadership. Heavily connected to the La Raza Roundtable, don’t be fooled by the charitable facade. This is a radical breeding ground. They are militant, Latino community organizers.

And let’s not forget that recent incident, involving a “mother” and her down-syndrome child.

U.S. officials set the record straight by stating Wednesday that the family was separated because the mother might be a criminal smuggler.

“This smuggler has a criminal history including a flight, escape, aiding and abetting making it important that we prosecute,” the Customs and Border Patrol statement reads.

Whoops! Did I say “mother?” I meant criminal smuggler.

So yeah, point is, the border is all about child trafficking.

And if you need more evidence, Anon linked this story today:

Of course, I have to repost the story I posted just yesterday:

Guys, this isn’t some accident. These conditions aren’t just some unfortunate twist of fate that would simply resolve itself if we just pretended the border didn’t exist, and handed our homes over to every third-world invader.

No, this is systematic and intentional. The Democratic Party (and many corrupt Republicans) facilitated child trafficking and abuses for years – for their own nefarious purposes. This all leads back to them, and their sick perversions.

And these sick mongoloid maggots want to rape children, and have the audacity to call you a “racist” for standing in the way, and send their oh-so-not-bigoted, brainwashed footsoldiers to your cities and towns to cause destruction to show… how much more progressive and open-minded they are than you “bigots.”

This is why the Lefties are in panic mode. They know this leads right back to them and their crimes, and they are desperate to escape justice. They’re sending the #MockingbirdMedia into propaganda overdrive. They’re planning protests and riots nationwide. They’re pulling out all the stops and why? All to cover up their crimes and maintain their insidious status quo.

But did you catch Melania rejecting a deal today?

That’s right; she visited an Immigration center and refused to be photographed until that water bottle was in front of her, with the cup on top of it.


We’re cutting off the traffickers, building the wall, and by the end of it, we’ll be tagging and bagging you scum. Don’t be afraid of these evildoers. You don’t have to fear them. They have to fear us! Thunder and roar for REAL JUSTICE! SPEAK OUT, UNAFRAID! The time to stand up is NOW! The Narrative Shift happens when YOU say it happens!

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64 thoughts on “The Nationwide Narrative Switch. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

    • Yup, I think they are going to be 1 united country. Such wonderful things happening! Thank you LORD God, Pres Trump and team! It’s an exciting time to be alive.

  1. Neon… Once again you nailed it! Thank you❤️ Many liberal friends that I encounter everyday who are misinformed. Not thinking, just listening to the news in the morning, with coffee to the MSM. Following what we learned as children.., the world has changed and they’re blind and it’s so difficult to penetrate that rock solid mind set! That’s my humble, but hopefully positive, contribution to my Country… just slowly, slowly love them and enlighten them! So much great news! I burst with excitement! You are a true Patriot!

  2. “parallel construction is pretty much complete at this point”

    This helps explain why most if not all Q-related comments at The_Donald are skeptical, e.g., “lol stupid larper.” I suspect the mods are under orders not to over-strengthen the red pill, lest they OD any normies passing through. So if the narrative is merging (or will soon), I would expect the shift to be reflected in The_Donald. An alternate theory is that the mods are compromised in some fashion, but if that were the case, I doubt Team Trump would farm memes and talking points from the pedes over there.

  3. Another great one Neon. ThanQ for all you do.
    Zero hour fast approaches for all these sleezbags.
    Saw the pic of SJL with her pedo-ring brazenly displayed during IG testimony. Some really think they’re untouchable. And why wouldn’t they (besides just being stupid)?
    “They never thought she would lose.”
    Only she did. And now they have no plan for being confronted, exposed and (hopefully) prosecuted. So, it seems a lot of them are just ignoring reality and pretending they have nothing to fear. They think they can rely on their old standby’s. Righteous indignation, rhetoric and MSM support.
    The smarter ones know better. They’re trying to cut deals because they know whats coming. They know they’ve been played. But too bad.
    Time to pay the piper.

  4. This is so exciting. Yes, we’ve started talking more to friends; your talking points are very helpful!

    Now, OT, but I was trying to buy at shirt and I couldn’t click to select. Help. I need a Q shirt!!

  5. I wonder what Q meant by “countermeasures in place” regarding the planned protests. I hope it’s some head-bashing cops! Or some ass-kicking Kekistanis!

    • The President doesn’t like violence. I think he would arrest ringleaders before they could carry out their plans.

  6. Great job NR! I have a couple questions for Q but have no clue how the chans work plus I wouldn’t want to interfere with the anons who are the true autists there so if you could post these questions for me I would be appreciative. First why were Major General John Rossi and Molly Macauley murdered. Second was the Fat Leonard scandal planned by the Obama administration as part of America for sale or just more corruption? Third is naval intelligence cleaned up after that scandal especially with the navy ship crashes, air plane crashes, and missles launched? Lastly why weren’t the Admirals in charge at the time (Lovelace and crap I forgot the other Admirals name) not charged. It sounded like those guys knew the were ripping off the American taxpayers. Anyway thanks for all you do!

  7. Okay I checked on the Admirals names Vice Admiral Ted “Twig” Branch and Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless. Everything I read about that scandal sounded like they were actively involved in the Fat Leonard scandal. Thanks NR.

  8. I really think that this is a thorough job. I like your work. I have been around here for a while. So what I am about to say please do not take the wrong way but I think that not everybody identified above is guilty of child trafficking in the way that is is being presented.

    I live in an area with a LOT of misinformed liberals. I love chatting them up and running circles around their logic and self indignant perspectives. Before they figure out that I am no liberal like they are, they are already trapped in their logic, I love exposing their group think. I kinda do it for fun (i.e. like wearing my NR “Q” shirt around town just waiting for one of them to ask “What is Q?”). I like the sparks flying from the ears analogy…

    However, this may shock some of you here – there is one person that I have known for over the past decade that runs one of the organizations that was funded by the Obama administration that is noted above. It has been in the news lately at the center of this issue. I could post a long narrative about some of the conversations that I have had with him – but it comes down to this. He is not the monster that he is being portrayed to be. Given, he may be indoctrinated as a liberal but not an obnoxious liberal. I have periodically been working on opening his eyes to the lucifierian agenda. I would ask simple questions about his knowledge of socialism and communism and how they employed strategies such as Richard Cloward and Francis Piven. I would talk with him about Hillary and her relation to Saul Alinsky (i.e., Who did he dedicate Rules for Radicals to?). He was clueless about that stuff. I took it easy on him because I did and still do believe that he was a good person (misinformed maybe, but still a good person).

    He was providing housing for these kids many years before the 2014 invasion when there was very little money or reward for it for him or his family. The Obama admin did send several grants their way – but this does not make him part of the cabal.

    Only until recently did I know how much money was granted to his one organization in the 2012-2016 years. What do you do when the govt shows up and offers you 1B to just keep doing what you are doing but in a bigger way?!? But again, the guy is no pedophile he is no evil conspirator. I have not spoken with him in a couple of months but I am pretty sure that this has turned his life upside down. I would and have trusted my kids in his care and vise versa. I will refrain from mentioning his or the company’s name above for fear of giving out to much information. I can only speak to that one company at the center of the firestorm – but I promise – it is not as everything has been portrayed.

    The liberals have recently demonized him locally and, ironically, Brietbart did a piece on the company in the last week that was fairly honest. That is about all the love he will receive from the right.

    Please take this as a lesson – because we are separated from the players, it is easy to throw stones at every one affiliated with this terrible problem/event. Some of the people involved are patsies – their lives are going to be ruined by this – but they do not ALL deserve what they receive. There are some well deserving evil people to draw the national ire – just not everyone involved.

    • As I am reading your well-articulated thoughts on this, I am also thinking about the power people with nefarious intentions would stake out an agency run by a well-meaning trusting administrator. The reputable name provides cover for those with evil plans. Far too often well-meaning people are also naive and easy to manipulate. The last thing such a person would think is the worst evil occurring under their nose. Even the most jaded amongst us did not see what was happening before our very eyes not so long ago, How many of us considered we human trafficking was unfolding before our very eyes when the trains full of unaccompanied minors headed to the border? We watched it live!

      You bring to the forefront a genuine possibility that innocent people and agencies have been used for cover so fewer questions were asked. How though did such abuse occur under this guys nose. It is possible he became so distracted by the sudden surge in money and kids he was not correctly inspecting the actual facilities. The ones who are guiltiest are very crafty and so evil they would set someone up with an iota of feeling. If they can do what they are doing to innocent children, they are capable of anything. We should be careful not to get caught up in believing every presentation. We are just awakening from that long nightmare. I also understand how researching and ferreting out every nuance in every story is becoming almost impossible because the rot is so thick and deep.

  9. Yes!!! Time to get loud and be heard!!! Sitting around saying trust the plan isn’t going to wake anybody up. Liberalism is a very difficult disease to cure and these people have had a lifetime of being brainwashed by Soros education, followed by years of watching lamestream media lies.

  10. Is the Father story above (actress’ dad) true? Do you have that in a location I can link back to?

  11. About the whole “resistance is far smaller…,” I saw an article shortly after that big anti-gun rally right after the Parkland shooting in Florida–and this was a lefty news source, by the way–that said that a majority of the people at this rally were middle-aged, college-educated, Hillary supporters. NOT high school kids like the MSM would have you believe. Nope, the youth aren’t against gun rights; crazy Hillaryites are.

    • I live where they protested. I can tell you for a fact that the school superintendent gave kids the day off, bused them to the protest and even gave a very impassioned speech to “his” kids at the event.

  12. I know it’s silly to ask help in this regard, but I can not be around for the Q&A, nor do I know where or how to post to it. But I had an epiphany on the phrase “You have forgotten how to play” that Q keeps mentioning, and since you are the person that caused this to click in with a HUGE answer, I wanted to ask you, sir, for that assistance if it so clicks with you. Perhaps Q can confirm or other Anons can go farther.

    “We’ve forgotten how to play.” Connect this to two of the following concepts.
    1. the attack on DHS Sec Kirstjen Nielsen by a DOJ staffer among others (and several other riots of SJW useful idiot snowflakes)

    Dr Jordan Peterson’s lectures on how humans become socialized through unsupervised play.

    You’ve mentioned you started confronting these liberals on their arguments and having good success because they are only reacting emotionally, screaming slogans and cannot argue or defend their position. I’ve been saying to friends for a few months now that we, the civilized must take back control of the public square against these hooligans and vandals that desire to trash it like the Biff Future of Hill Valley… which is where we’re at.

    Dr. Peterson lectures that when children are given unsupervised play, they use shame and shunning to control bad behaviors. If a child cannot play according to the rules that the children set for themselves to facilitate fun play for everyone, they are ostracized and shamed out of play and forced to the edges of the self designed society till they learn to play by the rules or are removed permanently. This is the risk/reward of the right of association. If you can’t play well with others, we will not play with you.

    In the last 25 years, we do not allow children to have this unsupervised play for fear of fights, scrapes, booboos and abductions. Then again, we have a generation and a half of children without moral centers and act like they have no souls, so murder is also a possibility in these feral places because we’ve abandoned objective truth and reality for convenient post-modernist tripe and relativism to the point of we can’t conceive that there are only 2 genders and everything else is a neurosis or birth defect. There is a good chance that this is by design of the globalists because this produces a dependent slave class always looking to someone else for protection and guidance with an utter inability to solve societal issues on their own by negotiation and play.

    Without the ability to shun and shame, the two biggest tools of polite society and a proper civilization have vanished, and those with no morals or concept of civility now rule the public spaces through violence and intimidation. Amplified by the hellish shills in the MSM it seems they are a majority, when they are a fraction of a minority thanks to the megaphone effect they provide to these agitators. These Snowflakes may be a lost cause, but those of us who still believe in a civil society (and possibly a majority of Gen Z) need to fight and take it back. With civility and legally of course… till it is time to respond in kind to defend ourselves and the property and personages of others in danger by them as a concerned and upright moral citizen should do and has done for two centuries in this nation. Remember how we all felt when Laura Loomer and Jack Poscobiac stood up against the Effigy murders of Trump in 2017’s Shakespeare in the Park productions of “Julius Caesar”? We may not have agreed with all they said or their methods, but seriously, is this not the kind of shame we need to bring to these bad actors? (hah… unintentional double meaning)

    So if those of you who bother to read this or if you yourself wish to try and ask Q if this is what is meant by “You have forgotten to play”. For as a culture we have. Play and get everyone to play by the rules or shun and shame till they either choose to join in or leave completely. I hope I’m not just blowing this out my derriere here, but it hit me with such force I had to risk the conversation here.

    In a nutshell I’d ask “When you say we have forgotten to play, does this mean taking back the public square narrative by refusing them to use it as a safe space in ‘playground/unsupervised play’ fashion of shunning and shaming into right behavior?”

    May this idea about what play means be beneficial, and the time of Tar and Feathers for the leftists (possibly literally at some point) come about soon. Thank you to anyone/everyone who helps ask this question.

    God bless you and all in the Autistic Army of Anon for keeping up the pressure.

    WWG1WGA (Which in this light means more than ever before to me)


    • I just wanted you to know that I read this and I think you have really hit on something here. It “resonates”! Big time!

  13. Middle-aged, college-educated, Hillary supporting WOMEN, I meant to say. Couldn’t edit my earlier post so I thought I’d post again and clarify.

  14. IMO, the most efficient way to counter phony narratives is to expose the falsehood of its main theme. Destroy a movie poster, and the movie no longer has an appeal.

    The photo of the girl Time magazine used on the cover was staged. That girl was never separated from her mother at a detention center. In fact, the mother smuggled her into the US without authorization from her father.

    Send this link to anybody who fell for the “cheeeeeeeldren” phony trap. Simple facts can destroy the most corrupt narrative. Occam’s razor.

    • Ya gotta love that MSM is getting caught in their bold lies – every time they publish another lying story, they become less credible to those sheeple who want to use them to destroy the Trump Train. Soon MSM won’t be a viable option to them – rather just a scipted reality show that belongs on BRAVO. The quick destruction of the publishing hacks (by quick, I mean under Trump, as these hacks have been pushing their false diatribe for $$ for millenium) is a show in itself – on top of all the other #losing the Cabal is enjoying. Yep, sit back and enjoy the show. It is a great time to be alive! #MAGA #ThankQ

  15. My question for the Q&A would be are we going to see the perpetrators of 911 prosecuted , I believe we must to right the ship for starters ! Thank You Neon for all you do !

  16. “That’s right; she visited an Immigration center and refused to be photographed until that water bottle was in front of her, with the cup on top of it.”

    Can somebody explain the meaning of the cup on top of the bottle…? I don’t get the point.

    • Q keeps saying to “watch the water”. We have many instances of water bottles being used to communicate whether things are a deal or no deal. Placing a cup over the water bottle implies “no deal”. There’s another Neon article that shows several pics of this communication tactic…

  17. Neon, Thanks I agree with your take on how to effectively take back our power in these conversations. The biggest obstacle will be to have facts, proofs available to validate what we say. Otherwise they use the “C” word. I know this from experience. Personally, I tell people they should be OUTRAGED that the media has created a false reality for them. There are NO excuses for false information when all that is required is a bit of digging. It’s a personal responsibility we have as citizens, to be well-informed; especially if we are publicly taking a stance on something ie: marching, demonstrating, VOTING. Otherwise you do more damage and look like a fool. Screaming liberals look like fools right now.

  18. Neon, did you notice Melania’s hat, in back, has WWG1WGA? Just spied that out. THAT’s what counts for us. They are so with us!

  19. Hello, I’m new here. Still a novice on the Q front. So I have some questions about things mentioned. Who is “Wendy” and why is Hussein’s [as Q loves to call him!] picture with her significant? How does the water bottles with Styrofoam cups over them signal anything? With that, not mentioned, but how can I make a statement to the people on the Left about Melania’s trip to the Immigration Center knowing that all they will talk about is the “I don’t care” jacket? Thank-you!

    • Too many questions for me to address individually. Search the terms on the site. You’ll get your answers.

      I’m also hoping to develop a Q “Beginners” article, soon, so stay tuned for that.

      • Yeaa, glad you are back up and running…about 3 hours ago I kept getting 500 Internal Server Error…God bless you for what you are doing Neon. I am in California and it is not good here…I just keep praying, and I am voting too…even though I feel outnumbered here…I am near the port of Long Beach… ahhhhhhhgh!
        Thank you for your commitment to the truth. Looking forward to the Q beginners article…Blessings on you, Q, all the anons, and our Awesome President!

    • Wendy referred to as “My pet” by Obama, believed to be his child lover. Capped bottle feeds into Q saying “watch the water: open deal,closed no deal.

  20. Awesome, as usual. Did I miss the talking points?
    I’ve been harassed by TopMinds/Reddit for posting a comment about introducing Q info to normies. Now I’m banned. It’s hard not to get mad and not shitpost just like they do.

  21. Neon, since you posted this new article revealing at least 3 additional methods THE TRAITORS have as methods for robbing the wealth of our country…and surely a chunk of that 1 BILLION is getting kicked back to them for their agenda of destroying our country, would you please ask Q one question…..
    Ask if they have uncovered any info while following the money if they have intel on how much of the billions the CF and the Obamessiah CON-GREGATION may have spent on weaponry and ammo to arm and equip their Islamic radical sleeper cells that they plan to use against US when they believe/imagine their “MAHDI” returns? Most are not aware of the tons of arms and ammo that disappeared during the largest decline of Western civilization in history which occurred during the 8 years of the Hussein administration. I can only imagine how much more has been stockpiled that was funded by the stolen/swindled money the corrupt cabal drained from The United States of America during this period. It would certainly be good to know what kind of force we will face if/when that day ever comes. It would definitely be a good incentive for those of us prepared to fight to invest more cubic dollars in taking up additional arms and counter measure assets.


  22. I have a question for Q – Where does General David Petraeus fit into the Cabal and/or the 16 Year Plan? Maybe I missed it but I haven’t seen his name come up anywhere with regards to Q. I thought he was tight with the Clintons, giving them strategic advise on ransacking the ME and forming/directing ISIS.

  23. We need a graphic to lefties along the lines of “Your World Is About To Be Rocked and You Don’t Even Know It!” ….
    Something like “Your Regressive Politics Are Your Mind’s Prison. What is Coming Around The Corner Will Shake You Down To Your Roots Because You Have Closed Your Mind To The World.”

  24. The question begs to be investigated: What is the role played in all this by Arizona Congressman, open-borders advocate, Progressive Caucus member, Raúl Grijalva?

  25. Melania “…refused to be photographed until that water bottle was in front of her, with the cup on top of it.”

    Where did you find that little tidbit?

  26. Neon, please consider asking Q some form of these 4 questions:

    1) Are you aware of the Awan Pak spy ring in congress and will you prevent a wrist slap deal and expose the truth?

    2) IG Report reinforced a sense by normies that Deep State criminals are getting away with it yet again. It’s demoralizing. When will people see tangible application of justice?

    3) It took Pearl Harbor and 9/11 to shock the nation into reality. Are you prepared shock normies into reality by releasing the truth?

    4) If, GOD FORBID, something happens to POTUS do you have contingency plan?

  27. I’d like to know if there’s weather modification going on, and is it being used to attack Americans to put pressure on the administration, i.e. declare state of emergency, send FEMA, National Guard, allocate funds/supplies.

    • Weather modification has been happening for quite awhile. Look into DARPA, HARP and geo-engineering. The evil ones created Hurircane Katrina, the terrible TX floods and more. It’s another thing our wonderful President has stopped/is stopping.

      • Danon, I could wish the geoengineering is stopping. Just checked out the front window and found 2 spray trails. Rear window currently has one trail. Sunny day going to be dimmed a bit, again and as usual.

  28. I agree with most of your observations, but Q also states many times: They want to keep us divided. Unity NOT Division is very important. The kneeling pro athletes are a good analogy for understanding. It is ironic that when kneeling, it is creating the division that the elitist seek. We must all stand to be united because certainly we shall not all kneel, especially for the lies the lefts have spun around this false narrative, etc… United We Stand Divided We Fall. Please refrain from making the left feel stupid or pointing out they’re easily manipulated because I am sure we can all look back to a time when we were not awake. It is simply that you awoke before they did. Leftist usually react based off of emotions, and then logic. So you must first appeal to their emotions in order to reach them from a logical standpoint. Some or many can not be reached because of all the MSCorpM and University indoctrination. Remember, WWG1WGA… not WWG1WGS, We Need ALL not SOME.

  29. Hi Neon,

    I wasn’t sure where else to leave my comment, because I’m not on Gab. I know you’ve been having some site issues recently and have asked for reader response to your ongoing fixes.

    The site works for me … but the most recent article that shows up today (June 24th) is the above one from three days ago (June 21st). And I know you’ve posted an article or two since then. I use Firefox, but not sure if that’s the problem.

    Anyway, thank for all your hard work!! Your analytical research and writing is amazing. Love it!!

  30. This is for Neon Revolt especially but anyone can read it as it could affect everyone. THERE ARE NUKES PLANTED IN SEVERAL CITIES AND POTUS IS BEING BLACKMAILED TO STOP THE PLANNED EXPOSURE OF THE DEEP STATE.

    Below is a message I just received from a trusted source. A woman who has been hearing from The Lord for several years now, received a message from a high level military source in the US and she immediately sought The Lord for confirmation and he confirmed it. Some of you may not want to believe that Jesus actually speaks to that person but it’s the message she initially received from her source which should concern everybody. Everyone who has high level intelligence sources should try to confirm this. Here is the full message she received and make what you wish with it.

    Today’s Message:
    Nukes Planted by Deep State to Blackmail POTUS
    June 24, 2018

    My dear Heartdwellers. This is a serious call to prayer again. May the Lord give you strength and courage.

    We have just been given news of a tragic plot to keep President Trump from disclosing, arresting and executing the hundreds of traitors in this country. The Deep State is trying to blackmail the President with suitcase nukes planted in different cities, threatening him that they will detonate them if he continues to disclose the guilty. This information comes from a highly trusted, military intelligence source.

    I felt a heaviness during my communion service. And I couldn’t wait to ask the Lord, “Lord? Is this true??”

    Jesus began, “It is. And I am calling everyone who has taken My Name and calls themselves a Christian to pray and fast as they can to prevent this tragedy of all tragedies. I cannot say America will go unscathed, but I can say that your prayers will make the decisive difference. This is is why I have called your husband into suffering prayer.”

    Yeah, he was called in to that yesterday. And it’s been pretty rough. Arrow in the back, in the shoulder blades. Through the heart. Just…really rough.

    “My people, there are those who will stop at nothing to cover their trail in the public eye. To escape incarceration and disclosure of the network that has had this country by the throat for decades. They have worked too hard to see it destroyed. At least, that is what they think. My thoughts are not theirs. I am defending this Nation, which has done an about-face and is now listening to Me and working towards My goals for America.

    “What you are dealing with is an evil regime that will devour every man, woman and child to achieve its ends.”

    Wow. That reminds me of Daniel’s prophecy of the statue. Nebuchadnezzar’s statue about the kingdom that will arise and devour the whole planet.

    Jesus continued, “Many of them think they have the survival of the nation in mind and do not realize how mistaken they are. As I told you many months ago, some will leave the ruling elite, because their eyes have been opened and they realize how wrong their methods are.

    “So, again I come to you, My People. I ask you to go to your knees and pray that the bombs will not be detonated; that they will fail, be discovered and disarmed. Pray for those who are working to stop this, that they will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and receive from Him the information they need to stop this.

    “Pray for the safety of all involved. I want to see this plan totally destroyed and disarmed, but it will take a great deal of prayer and suffering for some. Fast as much as you can, My faithful ones. Do not collapse in fatigue, but make it count. And do not feel condemned if you can’t fast for longer times. Do what you can. Wrap your heart around this. It’s desperately important to Me.

    “I will move and intervene on behalf of My people, because they prayed. This Deep State is desperate and in their death throes in this country. And yet many will be arrested outside of America for their complicity. This is why they have devised such a despicable plan.

    “Pray, pray, pray that they fail. My Father is watching over you, America, and this is not what He wants for you. My Spirit will travail from within you against this insidious and wicked destruction of all that is right.”

  31. Yes, I love your new T-shirt design so much that I just placed my order! Also, because I was super satisfied with the one I ordered a few weeks ago. Thank you so much for all the hard work!

  32. The QAnon proof regarding the man with the Q-Shirt in my opinion is not an evidence.
    If you look the whole clip you will notice that Trump also points to three other people.
    Moreover the man wearing the Q-Shirt shouts out load “Best President ever” before Trump points with his finger to him.
    Don’t misunderstand me! i am an absolutely Q-Believer from Germany but there are much more better proofs.

  33. Once again the bible is the blueprint or user manual for life. The moral outrage born of superiority is the dictionary definition of self-righteous. To them they are made righteous by their self ‘measuring stick’ or ‘works’ – which is dubious at best. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, He is not going away and he made the game board and the rules.
    I have been having the same kind of problems talking to them and trying to lift the scales from eyes. I’ve had a number of successes as well, and some of them have gone on to lift the scales from some on their own. I would say never stop, like talking to an alcoholic, don’t give anyone to the monster and don’t let anyone get by without at least hearing about it.
    Prepare a 3 minute ‘elevator pitch’, and I don’t start with Q. Just facts.
    A great story is that one of those I talked to about this that has been very receptive is my own estranged mother, who I haven’t spoken to in a couple decades since I ran away from home. By a coincidence of events we started talking, while she was recovering from surgery and ‘trapped’ with nothing to do but read books. Her whole household is now on board with the truth.

    Another great story: Every single one of the ones that have ‘converted’ read neonrevolt now. You are a ‘prophet’ of this stuff and we need you to keep it up.

    Thank you.

  34. Just watching Trump tonight making two Q signs in quick succession, while saying “We’ve never been doing better”; and “We are the super-elite”.
    It’s not enough to hear this or believe it – we have to act like it.
    You know the media will be equating ‘super-elite’ with white supremacy and nazi-ism.

  35. On 6/24/18 Timothy Shea of Patriot Uprising made a post where he stated: “9/11 was not an inside job.” Really? I posted in the comment section: “What?” Then, added a link to a one-hour documentary (“PBS-9/11”), then another link with 3,000+ signatures from the Architects and Engineers from the 9/11 Truth movement. I had a woman like my link and comment “YES.” I added another very short video of the Building Seven controlled demolition, and added the comment: “It’s so fcken obvious.” I woke up this morning and noticed my posts were deleted. I reposted the “PBS 9/11” video and the link for the 3,000+ Architects and Engineer signatures, and asked Timothy Shea of Patriot Uprising why he deleted my posts? Today when I got home, I was blocked by Timothy Shea of Patriot Uprising and all his videos which I had post on my Facebook wall were removed. I had probably posted at least 15-20 of his videos over the last two months. However not only did he remove his videos, all my comments and Q postings I added when originally posting the videos and all the comments added by others and myself were also removed as a result to Timothy Shea’s of Patriot Uprisings actions. I am totally bewildered. For a man who claims to only want to share Truth and who claims to allow others opposing views, why block me and remove my videos. Additionally, I have been researching Conspiracy Theories and Alt News topics for many years, and I have never met anyone within the Truth movement who did not believe that 9/11 was a False Flag/controlled demolition. Actually, the Golden Jackass stated it was a False Flag, satanic ritual, and bank robbery. How does Timothy Shea of Patriot Uprising believe 9/11 was not an inside job? This blows my mind. He seems like a bright guy? What’s up? Also, he has been bashing Zuckerberg and Dorsey for removing content, blocking people and labeling them as fascists, then Timothy Shea of Patriot Uprising does the same exact thing. I am totally befuddled. Is Timothy Shea of Patriot Uprising a government shill? What could be the possible logical explanation for someone removing 9/11 Truth videos and 9/11 information from their Truth page? Furthermore, there were many posts by individuals within the comment section disagreeing with Timothy. He responded to numerous people’s posts, almost like he was trying to persuade them otherwise. He even added a multiple paragraph post explaining how Building Seven collapsed, how many people he talked to, and how bright he is, then included a short lame video offering a bullsht explanation about the collapse of Building Seven. I have been following Timothy Shea of Patriot Uprising for months and he normally does not respond to comments. Is Timothy Shea of Patriot Uprising intentionally trying to turn people away from Truth concerning the biggest False Flag in the history of mankind? Or, is Timothy Shea of Patriot Uprising just another foolish egomaniac? Be careful Anons.


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